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College Campus Captivates Visi
tors and Division Meetings
Are Abandoned
Although an extensive program was
planned by the members of the Ameri
can chemical society for their division
meetings which wereHo have been held
In the different buildings of the Uni»
versity of California yesterday, the at
tractions of tho campus and. the sur
rounding points of interest proved too
much for the Fcientists. With the ex
ception of a demonstration by Profes
sor Cottrell of his method of eliminat
ing smelter smoke, which he explained
f"lly at the session of the day before.
n.o formal meet in k of the delegates was
held on the grounds.
: The chemists were shown around the
rampus by a committee composed of
Professors F. G. Cottrell. William C.
Morgan. George W. Shaw, George C.
Colby. K. U r . Hilgard. H. C. Booth. Ed
mund ON'cill. John & Burd and other
members of the faculty. Considerable
time was spent in the laboratories of
the chemistry building and in the
Greek theater, which greatly interested
the scientists. About noQji the visitors
ftarted for the helby snft'lting plant.
Tomorrow the chemists will dispense
v*!th all work and will spend the en
tire day at Asti. where they will be the
frosts of the Italian-Swiss colony.
The.y will make the trip in a special
train, leaving San Francisco at 7:45
a.- nj., and will be tl riven over the 1,500
acres of choice vineyard land. One of
the features of the trip will be the in
spection of the sreat winery and. the
n<=v.- concrete champagne vaults, where
250,000 bottles of sparkling wines are
fermenting naturally.
After the chenrlsts have made the
"i-ounds of the plant luncheon will be
served in the vine covered arbor over
looking the Russian river and adjoin
ing the Villa Pompeii, the summer home
\u25a0<:1. Andrea Sbarboro. The visitors will
return to Sa:i Francisco at 6:30 p. m.
Pianola Song
* Recital
Pianola and Orchestra
; : >o Card* of Admission Required.
X This Afternoon
At 3 OTlock,
.? 3li*s Bern ire Van Gelder, Soprano,
j" .Miss Alice Davies, Violin.
Mr. F. IV. Weems, orchestrelle.
; :Mr. U. 31. Marks, at (be Pianola
i Piano.
S: : 26 O'farrell St.
U .". , >'ear Market.
k\ fA7AD Suttcr and Stcincr
:\u25a0 /ILI/ii£.AK \-Zl S &
BELASCO & MATES. Owners and Managers.
Jq$ 9 matikee today
And Tom«rrnw— Touipht and Toraor-
Krr.a Nishl— LAST TIMES •' «f MR".
• lIACKETTS Tremendous Success—
Bj Henri Bmtstitin. Author of
\u25a0^» C Prtowi: Nipht— 2-"«- t<» $1. Mati-
' sir aw* 'SSc to WJe. • Seats selling at
«m 'J'!]<-iitfr and Emporium.
* Monday Ni-lit— Mß. HACKETT
f^^^^M^^ Gfi J2i Mason
•^'•\u25a0.MATINEE TODAY
In the W'nitneical Comedy.
•if? ID OR A
In a Ma«T.iSeent Production of "FAUST."
Matinee Knndnr. 2 p. ra. Er*>nln;r IVrf<»rni-
fln^p S:JS «>Vl<x-k. •K«*rT«l Si»Bts 3.V. WV. "5c
and 51 tinclndlng ' admission to the grounds).
lifkptf ar Sherman, VUy & O.V, Oakland, or
\u25a0• Mora Park. ..
Eug^nlo IJatiain will appear »t- F«u« in the
£und*.r afternoon performs nee and I'mherto
fsjtc'-hf'tti in the eTfiiiac and alternating through
. fJ| -* r«n<^>r«s Afternoon* and - ETenlngs
; im' Shn rrmxl^o Take K«>r P.odte.
: TfflrXGBArH at xrrn. oaklani*
• F*f*Et and Most Macnlflcent Theater In America.
" l£at. Today and ETery Day. ETery ETe % at 8:15.
\u25a0 M«rion Murray & Co. in their screaming farce
"The Prim a Donna's Honeymoon ; Jolly r*J»ny
. EUp In "The Miniature Mimic Stage ; Prlnple
& Whitin?. prrs«»ntlnK "Breaking into ' jaude-
vili*"; Si|nor Travato. "The Eccentric \ lolla-
i«"; W«wk Will M. Creßgy and Blanche
' Parne. nrf«>ntinß for the first time here Mr.
Cri-f^'f UtPFt 'sketch. "One Nijrht Only": Cap-
tain Maximilian Uruber & Mixs Adelina's Equet-
triaa Hrview ; New Orpbeum Motion I lctnree ,
la ft week Loie Fuller* "Ballet of Ught and
Li!r Lfas. the -dainty English einger of dainty
story sonps. _ ' ' ,
Evening prices: 10c. 25c. 50c, 75c. Box «*ats 91.
•' • Mxtinee price* (except Sunday" and .Holiday*!.
. 3ft-. 25c. 50c. Phone Douglas 70; Home CISiO.
' ( \u25a0 " "~"
Swimming and Tub Baths *\u25a0 :;': ;'
Bait water direct from the ocean! Open
ertry day and eTenlng. Including Snndaya
• na'boHdsys. from 6 a. m. to 10 p. m. Spec-
tator*' gallery free.
N»tatorium reserved Tdesday and Friday
mornings from 8 o'clock to noon for women
i "Filtered Ocean Water Plnnge"
Comfortably heated. PORCELAIN TTTBS,
tritb hot. cold, salt and fresh water. Each
room fitted with hot and cold salt and fresh
Branch Tub Baths. 2151 Geary at. near
Dei ifcafitro. . , - *
r^TRAXGE customs arc creeping into society, and rules ;of 'etiquette; are
lax. Social requirements are . being overlooked and an in-;
creasing leniency toward and toleration of some unusual modes of enterr
taming only encourage the pretensions of those who assume: too much
in their endeavors to be enrolled among the hostesses of the smart set.''; V
To be asked to act as bridesmaid, best man or usher at'a wedding _Js
considered a mutual compliment, although -the accepted service; involves, a
certain amount of expense, whether the affair be large or small.
large wedding is generally followed by a reception, arid the'/invitatiqn 'list
is governed by the circumstances or inclinations of the families concerned,
rather an unusual precedent was established a few weeks- ago, when invi
tations to a church wedding were sent broadcast and every preparation^ was
made for an important event.-
The ushers reserved the appointed evening, •appeared early in immacu
late attire and faithfully seated a large assemblage of guests who had come
to see the fair and beautiful bride. It was well -.understood.' that:; there, was
to.be no reception, but that the small bridal party was invited to the usual
happy supper was the natural supposition of those who did not observe,
later in the evening, the ushers entertaining themselves at. a downtown cafe.
This recalls a'similar incident of a year ago, when a fashionable and
brilliant wedding of .considerable ostentation and newspaper heraldry was
given at one of the hotels. After the ceremony, which took- place in the
ballroom, the bridal part 3', relatives and a number of friendslsat down to
artisticalty decorated tables where an elaborate repast was' served. It was
truly an embarrassing situation Ay lien the remaining guests' divided into
parties, some going to their homes>nd the rest seating themselves at ad
joining tables, apparently enjoying the refreshments which they ordered —
at their own expense. - : .-.\u25a0-..\u25a0 '
Miss Emma Turner
will become the bride,
of Lieutenant George
Ruhlen Jr! this evening
in the chapel at the Pre
sidio, and the ceremony
will be witnessed by a
large number of army
people and friends of the
bride from town. The
only attendant for the
bride will be Miss Ma
rie ,Lundeen, and the
bridegroom will be sup
ported by Lieutenant'
Harry Stephenson. There
are" to "be five or six^
ushers, and the wedding
is to be a' brilliant al
fair. The reception aft
er the ceremony will fo«
held at the home of
Captain and Mrs. Fred
erick Stopford. The
bride # is a sister of Mrs.
Stopford. The young
couple are going away
on a wedding journey,
but will return to reside
at the Presidio. |
, * • •
Mrs. L. L. Baker and
her two daughters. Miss
Dorothy Baker and Mrs.
Drummond MacGavln,
who- was' Miss Helen
Baker, will be in town
within r a few days and
will remain here.' Miss
Dorothy Baker has had
a delightful outing at
the country home of the
Wakefleld. Bakers near
Shasta and has taken an
active part in the, sum
mer entertainments at
that retreat.
C* • *
Mrs. A. L. Bancroft
and her daughter, Mrs.
James Steel Reid, are in
London, where they are
enjoying the season and
will remain for an in
definite stay.
*" . • •
Mrs. Arthur Geissler,
who was Miss Carol
Moore, is behig -enter
tained in an informal*
-way by the Ross Val
ley set as well as in
town. - She Is the guest
of her = mother, • Mrs.
G«org«? MooVe, at Ross
and will remain for a
few weeks longer be
fore returning to - her
home In the east.
Asks Court to Grant Her $200 a
Month Pending Outcome v
of Appeal
"Dodie" Valencia yesterday applied
to Judgf Seawell for $200^ month for:
her maintenance pending determination
of her appeal from the decision an
nulling her marriage with "Jimmie"
Dunphy, the wealthy cattleman. Be- :
fore the case was tried Dunphy paid
her that sum for nearly a year. In
annulling the marriage Judge Seawell
cut off the maintenance, but without
prejudice to "Dodie's" right to apply
for an allowance if she took an appeal.
Judge Seawell took her petition under
submission. -
August Clapham, the moving picture
man, was not irf court yesterday when
Judge Seawell announced he was ready
to hear Clapham's motion to. vacate the
order committing him to -the county
jail for failure to pay his wife. Mrs.
Frances Cl*pham, $150 a month ali
money. As Frank Gould. Clapham's at
torney, was 111, the hearing was _ put
over to *his morning.
On the application of Alice H. Walms
ley her marriage with: William, J.
Walmsley was annulled yesterday by
Judge Van Nost rand. She, believed she
had obtained a. decree of divorce from
her first husband at the time she'mar
ried Walmsley, but, her lawyer after
ward informed her^she was not really
divorced.'. " - \u25a0'" . ' '\u25a0\u25a0'-\u25a0 ' .
*• Jacob H. Conter, proprietoriof a bar
ber store, was'suediyesterday' by his
wife, Florence Conter, for $50 a' month
separate , maintenance.- Coriter. 'is
charged' with cruelty.- ; ", ..
Suit for divorce was begunyesterday
by Blanche A. .Williams against W. Leo
Williariis on the. ground of desertion. ;;
Divorces were granted yesterday as
follows: v. , . : - . ' , ; . .." -
By Judge Van Nostrand — Marguerite
Phyllis Hastings from^SanfordUDewitt
Hastings, desertion ; . Nellie" T.j Brickey,
from R.B.Brickey,, desertion.
Into the rwWcnce f", of .; John *M;:- Ihu»«,i 1506
Jackson strwt. Thnrpdaxinltrht duriiut thc^iib
ppnee of the family, . ransacked : all -of the
rocms aod carried away Jewelry valued at $57?.
The army set is re
gretful over the depart
ure of Mrs. Thomas B.
Barry and her daughter,
Miss Ellen Barry, who
leave the last day of the
month for the east.
They will visit relatives
In Asheville before going
to West Point, wher*
their home is to be es
tablished. Mrs: Barry's
home was formerly ia
the east and she will be
greeted by a large cir
cle of friends in society
as well as in. the army
set. . There. will be sev
eral x informal farewell
parties given for Mrs.
Barry and Mies Barry
they leave for
New York. General Bar
ry is to remain here for
a - brief time, but will
join /them later in the
year. . Miss Ellen Barry
recently returned from
a visit in Portland,
'where she has . many
friends, and has been
entertaining Miss Lisa
Wood of the northern
city. Miss Wood left a
few days *go for her
home. ,
•** , '
Isaac Upham has re
ceived a cordial greeting
from his friends since
his return from the
orient.. He was the
feted guest at- v one of the
elaborate .dinner parties
of the week at the Se
quoia club. .
•* • •
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Weller Sefton, who was
Miss Helen Thomas, will
be in town early next
month for a brief visit
before their departure
for the orient. They are
at their San Diego home
at present, but expect to
sail for ' Honolulu late in
September ancl may con
tinue their trip around
the world. Mr. and Mrs.
Sefton. expect to be
away for several months.
Mr. ' and Mrs. John
Breuner entertained sev
eral friends .at : one of
the Informal luncheons
given yesterday at the
St. Francis.
Secretary Yoell Writes to Immi
gration Commissioner Re= .
/ garding Polygamy
Having learned that the immigration
officers at -Seattle had under the; im
migration laws bafred^from thiscoun
try 50 out of 52 Hindus on vthe ground
that they were, Mohammedans be
lievers in polygamy, the ex
clusiQn league^ at its last meeting . di
rected Secre tary;. Yoell 'to writey to D.J.
Keef at Washington, general" commis
sioner of immigration. In :. the V letter,"
which has been , forwarded, 'the atten-;
tion of the comTtiissioner was drawn^.to
the number of Hindus .barred for;' the
reason stated , and he was ! asked If ; the
irfimigration commissioner in .this "city
Included In hls^ ''examination 1 ' questions
relative to polygamy. .'. :*S \u25a0
Keef's' attention was - drawn to the
law, which declares tllat any; alien who
isa polygamlst^or a. believer in polyg
amy shall be; denied :admisßlbn;.to; this
country. > The letter ?- also -stated; that
many of the Hindus already here^ were
becoming vagrants^all\ over the \ state
and would j soon become, public* charges.'
The league proposes'to take steffe to
opposo_ the; admission v of Hindus on- the
same \ ground -. as . the Seattle ofricials.
The matter : was taken .to^the r federal
court at Seattle in behalf^of. the. Hindus
and the 'Immigration • officers : were sus
tained.. ' \u25a0' '\u25a0 \u25a0 ' '\u25a0 y -"•:[" ;..-':,\u25a0\u25a0 :-.--. \u25a0•:;\u25a0
;•'; Attorney John O'Gara -has been re
tained by .Attorney .General 'Webb •to
write _the briefs" in • behalf 'of i the ' state
in the ; appeal /of t Abe \ Ruef % from % con 1 -'
vlctlon l of bribery. 1 - ; O'Gara,;: who at \ that
time swas "assistant district attorriey^un
der : Langdon, assisted In 'r.the:'; trial ; of
Ruef. Ruef's' attorneys .fare i how , pre
paring a long briet in support of :the
appeal./ .;'-.. ' -. . ;>"-,'V .;> . .-- .. ';..
TWO . NEW • BAKE BRANCHES— Perm isslon . hiY
, i been granted by> the superintendent. of; banks
\u25a0...-" to ' the \u25a0 Home * savings > bank of • Los i Angeles i to
open a ' branch : in • that city % and I to : the I Bank ' of.
. Newman ' to open a branch -at Crows ' Landing.
><SfljjJfeggg>' ix.;i 'x. ; \u25a0 .A : communication to
'€S^^^^^^^iy : the labor ,Y council
Jr; :^SJSSSB3^V : . - ; was read* last night
from.the navy. department, at Washingf
ton, 'in which It was stated that thVee
submarine boats would be built on this
coast,, either at "the : Union iron works
or. at the Morari works in Seattle. , The
department claims it; has Jno authority,
to have these vessels built-in this city.
/ Delegate John D'Connell stated to the
council that his* union, teamsters* No.
i 85/ at its last", meeting ; had voted; to
take, $50,000 worth.^of ; i;Geary street
bonds .when i again thrown on the mar
: ket:- ; \u0084' v '>.:^ : ; . v '.-\u25a0\u25a0,. '>r:' m ~ .%;• \.- rj£;
1 .The 'barbers* presented"* their" new
wa^e scale, and it was 'referred to the
executive;committee.v> ;£:;, >;'. v
• ; The council ; ; . voted to send two dele
gates; to the : Los Angeles convention
of the state '.f eder^atibn^ of labor.
festival committee
asked the £ council : f or~?i a ; subscription
to celebrate, the: sixtieths anniversary
of the state,"; The executive committee
was instructed to send a\- reply Uo the
communication.' • , '"i£
»It .''- was .stated that the crackers
bakers* union" had -voted to- disregard
the advice of .the council's executive
committee in changing 'the^ wage '•.'-. scale,
and ameeting has been* ? called'; in : the
LaborHemple for tomorrow, at-which
the' union will< be , addressed; by .the
following I committee from the council :
A:i J. 'Gallagher,- B. B.'. Rosenthal* an'fl
John O'Connell.v If t,the. union' should
strike it is^ evident itwill not have the
support of tl^e council. * : .'
,- 'Encouraging^, reports were -read -from
Los Angeles. Nineteen shops had signed
the union agreement, and .several : more
are arrangingto; hire union men. \u25a0» The
general campaign strike-committee is
sendlnglabout 16,000 per week to" Los
Angeles.. ' .\u25a0 -\.L-..-- :: "\u25a0\u25a0 '" . '.'\u25a0-:''\u25a0 : " : - \u25a0"\u25a0•\u25a0
: Th.® 'jurisdictiorial v dispute between
pavers',' union "'No. .18 .and ' the "granite
cutters*- union .was referred to the exec
.utive; committee. - r^" 1 ,-^'
Several former 'members of the mu
sicians' union complained' to the council
of the action taken by the union in'
their cases and the _ difficulty will .be
settled at the next riieeting of the ex
ecutive committee. ;.
.The council indorsed ;the resolutions
recently passed by the varnishers' and.
'polishers* union' urging labor unions to
'Withdraw .their funds; from the banks
and place them in ; Geary street bonds.
The, delegate -from the pile drivers',
union announced that his: organization
would purchase' $2,000 worth of Geary
street bonds.. ; , : : ;A '"\u25a0 \u25a0-'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 >•'.- _..
The following . nominations were
made: President, John A: Kelly; vice
president, B. B. ; Rosenthal; recording
secretary, A. J. Gallagher; financial
secretary, J. J. Kinny; treasurer, James
McTlernan; sergeant tat arms, . P.
O'Brien; executive committee, John
O'Connell, Charles FVFleischmann. Miss
Rose Meyers, K.J. Doyle, A. L. Hollls,
J. J. Murphy, S. T. Dixon, TV. H; Urmy,
W. F. Dwyer, P. Latour, S. Shulberg, B.
B. Rosenthal. M. E. Decker, Michael
Casey, J. Brbwn.N.F. Smith and Her
man Lay; directors of Labor Clarion,
M. A.. Lomasney, R. I. Wlsler, -"- M.". H.
Canny Vand G. W. Radebold; law and
legislative committee. M. J. Roche.
Theodore. Johnson, C?H. Parker. M. E.
Decker and F.~ Zimmermann; for or
ganizing committee, J. Keran, E. Ford.
C. Erickson, S. Shulberg, TV. I. Flagler,
S. Selig,"Joseph v Ault, .7: Tauser.vD.' P.
Hagerty. J.^ Despte and L-f Flaherty;
trustees. J. W. Spencer, Charles Schu
bert and John' McLaughlin. v ' ,
The executive committee of cooks'
union -No. . 44 , has recommended to the
local that it change its \u25a0 present head
quarters at Fourth and Howard streets
to 135 Hayes street. The proposed new
quarters will give the cooks one of the
best homes occupied by a labor organi
zation in the city.The presant quarters
have grown altogether too small for the
organization. The matter will be 'dis
cussed before, the union ..at -the" meeting
next Thiirsdayinight.' ;' <.--.^.V
. \u25a0\u25a0. • . \u25a0 * "•" •._.-.•'\u25a0-."\u25a0
The district council of painters at. its
last session elected J. Tuite a delegate
on the arbitration board suggested by.
the Coriimonwealth club. : - - '\u25a0 ;
-Today the committee having charge
of the subject- will- sign up a yearly #
agreement for ,:the';'council. : • .;. >
Several '\u25a0\u25a0 resolutions were introduced
at thei last meeting :lof) painters'^ union
No. 19, bearing upon the salaries of the
officers. This matter will be • taken up
and settled -at meeting next Mon
day night. ~/ C ' '
. \u25a0 ... . ; »;\u25a0: \u25a0. •._,-\u25a0• •' .-"
J. J. Kingston, organizer, for the in
ternational hoisting and portable engi
neers, has just returned from the
northwest. He finds that In Portland
the teamsters • are making a good fight
and. he believes they . will eventually
, win out. In Seattle; Spokane and other
places conditions are:. improving, ;, but
much cheap- labor' has : been imported,
and , it will be i a hard .fight: for organ
ized labor. He is hopeful, however; of
a successful outcome throughout^ the
northwest. " :Z h \u25a0' ' -. ' ;
- Mrs. Edward "Eberle
has been the compli
mented guest at several
parties during her stay
in town, but she will
leave within; a week or
10 days for Santa Bar
bara. One of the fare
well parties of next
week .to be; given for
Mrs. ,Eberle will be the
luncheon at which Mrs.
J. F. Sullivan, will .pre
side. • . ;
Miss "Amy. Bowles has
invited several of the
younger girls to a week
end party at her home
in Piedmont, The Pines.
The house party is a«fa
vored diversion for the
debutante set and sev
eral of . the most enjoy
able reunions this sea
son have been given at
the. Philip Bowles home
across the 1 bay. ;
Mrs. Clara Wadsworth,
her mother, Mrs. Reeves
Atkinson, and Harry
Wadsworth have • been
recent visitors in Rome,
where they were ac
corded v the privilege of
an audience with Pope
Pius X. : They . left the
Eternal .City early this
month and are traveling
on the continent for an
indefinite time. ' ,
'.« ' .*. * \u25a0.' • • '.
Since her return last
week from an extended
visit in the east Miss
Helen Sullivan has been
visiting?'- in Monterey.
She returned yesterday
to her home in Pacific
avenue. Miss Sullivan
was in New York and
Washington during the
early summer "and: en-
Joyed a, round of gayety
• \u25a0'. ' -" • -.'•\u25a0 '•.-\u25a0 '
Mrs. v Eugene Bresse
will leave this morning
for the northern part of
the £tate, where she will
remain for?, 'several
weeks. She will pass
part of the time at Ta
hoe and will be j accom
panied on the trip by
her two daughters, Miss
Metha McMahon" and
Miss Lucile Bresse. ':t*~
The local unions 'are 'sending,' ml.don
ations' to the" general /Labor day.- coni
mittee 4 for prizes ; on ">that, day. -Among
the latest' to'; subscribe are;woo'J:carv
ers and molders.No. ! ;l, |5; amalgamat
ed sheet metal workers, $20; steam:eri
gineers-No.:A64;YSIO; vlaundry wagon
drlvers'No. 256, $15. ; ; f-.
\u25a0\ JPresident Clasby was in the chair, at
the last me^tlng'of fgas workers', union
No.- 98 40." JAs : it Tw'as a quart erly; meet.
ing a^rlafgef- attendance ' .was present.
The installationCof officers'; was effect
ed with ) little : ceremony^ iThe local;or
dered" the fsecond v installment "of <$300
paid to- the\ T Los: Angeles strikers.! One
death- claim, of $100 "was ordered*: paid
to the heirs \u25a0. of Fred -W.'--r Jenkins, '\u25a0-: who
was"; buried ;\last:Sunday.i Two
dates were "placed on the membership
roll." Business Agent -Bell reported busi
ness good. '\u25a0'-; ' :.[\u25a0. ."•';'.'\u25a0•' : ' i\ ' - ':'-\u25a0 - : .
P Women's auxiliary. No. -26 ito Oakland
typographical; union N0. ": 36 -will give an
entertainment; arid' ball; on- Wednesdayr
July 20,'atRiceVInstitute hali;>in:hprior
of Mrs." Dilse 'Hopkins," who c will '\u25a0 repre
sent Oakland; at the international^ Con
vention* to be held l in Minneapolis 'next
month., ;J.'* Matthews and; Dilse Hopkins
of.' Oakland Tarid! Dave 1 Frank
WandresslandiEugene Donovan: of San
Fran cisco,^ delegates to? c t he : ' : } : Interna
tional .typographical;;unlorr' convention,
wlll^ represent? theibay cities-arid win
use i every ; endeavor Ito bring*: the * next
annual f meeting; of \u25a0 the; printers to San
Francisco:' 1 ; ; .'.;. ;TV; : .\u25a0' : -'.',.-\u25a0', ' . >V" ; ' ;--\
: \u25a0\u25a0'.-\u25a0 Secretary lUllrie'r" of "cement, workers'
union : No. -hi .states/,that> there .will^be
a" specially; calledi meeting; of- the local
next;? Wednesday,^ for r \:nominatlng|^and
electirigJdelegates':to?the convention; of
the -American^ brotherhood • of & cement
workers^to-^be ;held in v Newl/Torkjcity;
next September.;;; Several; otharUrhpor
tantimatters'wilircome up ; f orf solution
and I all V members * are - requested I to j be
present. % „ .;\u25a0;.: \u25a0\u25a0'- '• - ~ J,- -;, v ~ '
V-Presidenti Fields was in: the chair at
the last riieeting of elevator conductors'
and -?starters' f^ union. i;*.FourV candidates
were : obligated £ arid j three
f 6r : " 'membership -3 received;-; \ The ; local
voted^toApay^the^ 25 ; cent : assessment
levied * upon ''it each member, \ for, thej Los
Angeles) strikers.;?^ The busiriessiagent
stated UhatHthereCwere^someibuildirigs
no t i payin g - the Suniori j scale, V and r this
wilU be referred tp the building trades
'council.-- .' *" .'* ... • ; ° ' ...
• The charter • from the American fed
eration.;of. labor t has arrived and .Or*
ganlzerj. Walsh will ';' /offl'ciate at : the
meetihgi'next "Wednesday night in , the
Buildirijßr r Trades \u25a0 temple. All 'members
are ; requested '"- to : be \u25a0. present. : v ;.'; ; ;
.. A call has . been issued fontne-elev
enth :annuai; convention of the Califor
nia "state federation, 'of, labor to be held
inithe '.Los rAngreles-; labor temple, be
ginnins; Monday; October .3. The" ses
sions ;will; probably, last 10 1 days or two
weeks.'<i Some 3(70 delegates areexpect
ed; to be present.' During "the last; year
many, local unions have affiliated with
the federation and will be represented
at this- convention.; Labor .unions are
entitled |to - two \ delegates' for the,* first
100/membersTor \u25a0 less and - one delegate
for each succeeding' 100 members or ma
jor '-portion i thereof ; :but . no -'union Js
entitled \u25a0 ta " more ; than -six delegates.
Central labor bodies will be represented
by two 'delegats each; and j each wiil t be
entitled^to*' one -Vote.' : No -organization
can; be >repfesen£ed at ".the
.unless** it " has applied .for- affiliation;- at
least three months pjior to' the meeting
of; the convention.? ~i • r .u : . ,
; Arrangements . : have . ; • been made
whereby: railroad rates fare reduced to
ohe\aridv one-third :. first class \ fare for
the round -trip, i Steamship '\u25a0, round. trip
rates from San Francisco .will be ?15.50,
good for 90 'days.;; 'All;propbsed amend
ments to r the '\u25a0-. constitution >. should. ;; be
forwarded to. Secretary, Scharrenberg's
'office one -.week^before the- opening;. of
the convention.; \ '.."
\u25a0 . The following officers j have " been
elected by- electrical workets* union 'No.
'.fit .President, 'George M. : Flske;";Vice
president, 7 R. G." ; Alexander; recording
secretary, E." C. I»oomis ; foreman, Philip
Dunn; inspectors, Frank Allen and
Thomas Smith. The candidacy of "Wil
liam H.Bemiss for clerk of "the:, su
preme court was unanimously, indorsed.
'Supervisor. John O.i Walsh- andi Sec
retary Gallagher of the ; labor council
addressed the last; ; meeting' of .. the
cooks helpers' union No. 110 upon the
vital importance to organized labor of
winning the struggle now; goingon in
Los- Angeles. 'The local voted to levy
the 25 : ' cents assessment "for. theistrik
ers "in the" southern' city. ~ Six, : can :
didates were obligated and 15 applica
tions for memberships received; ".The
local will- give, a* smoker tonight.V; -
-; At 'yast-\ Wednesday night's. .meeting
of - pile v drivers' and structural \u25a0 \u25a0 iron
?workers\ union N0.:77; at the hall, 457
Bryant street, thY following delegates
to the Syracuse, N. vY., international
convention to convene Yin September
were ; elected: James Curran, -J. P. B.
Jones and Frank -Horstman. The local
took- up the subject of buying. Geary
street : bonds and .decided s tp. invest
when -the next bonds were. placed upon
the market. The regular donation was
.made to the Los Angeles strikers.
At a recent f meeting of sailors' union
of i; the Pacific ia contribution of $090
was made' to the' strikers in Los- An
geles.. The sum of |50 was sent to the
striking teamsters Portland. The
quarterly finance ! committee reported
having examined the union's accounts
for the last three months and found
everything correct. \ Secretary Ellison
reported, that shipping wat; medium.
A committee on shipwreck benefit was
elected to look into the, claims of mem
bersi on. the wrecked schooner Annie
E/Smale.: * '
:';;<The -following', officers - Jiave. been
elected; V)y ,; : riggers' -and .stevedores'
• union: President, " Thomas. F. Bryant;
first vice president, Daniel J. O'Neill;
second vice president, H. Langley; . re
"cording and corresponding 'secretary,
Edward' H. Foley; financial secretary,
John ,D. ' Mahoney; - treasurer, P. J.
Noone; business agent, M. T." Doyle;
trustees, P. J. : Connlf. P. C. Green.
George Kramer. Horace J. Jackson-and
Frank McKenna; janitor, Eugene! Hayes;
sergeant; at arms, M. Hogan; delegates
city front .federation, John D. Ma
honey,' M.T. Doyle and Thomas F.,Bry
ant.'" After, along discusslpn the rmo
tion toaffiiiate s with the international
longshoremen's union was defeated. 'At
the next meeting the local will take up
the question of, buying Geary street
bonds. . .. ;
;At the last meeting a donation of an-,
other. sloo ".was 'made to^the Los Ange
les strikers.. This union is not iden
tified with\the labor."counciVb.ut it has
sent "S4OO- to help .? the/ men. in the
south who are struggling for a shorter
work day. t
-•Installation: of officers took place
'at'bar tenders' league meeting Monday
night. Four* candidates were obli
gatedand 10 applications for^member
ship received^ 1 The 'editor of the? white
Man^niagazine addressed the local and
many subscribed. ;The ?25 [cent? assess
ment :for : Los 'Angeles metal work
strikers .was .-levied." The union -in
dorsed' the candidacy ;, of Dan P.'Regan
for "senator \u25a0 from'.thie' eighteenth dis
trict. Reganis secretary of the league
and the members; are; working hard for
his nomination.." -i*^
If /You Have Scalp or Hair
Trouble, Take Advantage; $
7,We .could not afford r : .to-' so '\u25a0\u25a0 strongly
indorse^ Rexall 'V93",? Hair,- Tonic ;« and
continue^tosell.lt as we;do if we. were
not certain that It > would do; all we
claim - it j ; Should our. enthusiasm
carry ; us"? away, and .Rexall''. "93"- Hair
Tonic?; riot I: give"- entire: satisfaction to
the users, the"y would* lose? falth ; 'in]us
and our statements, and in consequence
our business~!prestige would^ suffer. ;
. Therefore, -when- we- assure you? that
If your, hair is beginning to. unnaturally
fall* out Tor,/, if you .- have;* any^ : scalp
trouble, vßexall~V93'\' Hair Tonic ; will
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hairVgrowthViahd;:- prevent; -premature
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ness i had 'notVexisted-forjsollohg a time
that t the'follicles, vwhich;arej,the : roots
of : . the? hair, had not jbecome absolutely
\u25a0lifeless.^r-^ •-"?\u25a0" \u25a0'?\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 :"\: "\ ''\u25a0' s ' :".\u25a0'. '- \u25a0 ' '-" '\u25a0 - \u25a0-'.
•<\u25a0 Rexall ' V 93". > Hair? .Tonic ..; is ;; vastly,
different r from Mother, similar,-. prepara-'
tions.;-"W'e ?i believe'. that ;it 'will; do? more
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It jis?as> pleasant J i to use -as -pure;; cold
"water.'T ; )r '\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0"'*< ::%-v.?"^ -'-"\u25a0' '^.-~ ::*\u25a0:. 'r-,*- -^:',:
\u25a0i'r Our, faith in Rexall,- "93^- ! Hairf.To'nic
is;so:'strong..that \u25a0 we' ask' you -to/try ,it
ont^our . J positive ~>i that % your
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jWUhout.:. question' qriquibblei if^itidoes
not !dolas>weTclaim. s o* Certainly |we. ; can
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Bernerriber f f,you jTcan* obtainV it'; only ;; at
ourVstore-VrThe I Rexall ? Store, y; The ; Owl
D rug li Co.; '-: I n cr, ?,' 77B ?? Ma r ke t \Js t.l , \7 l o
Market ; st. : r& Post i and * Grant v aye.;* 94 3
Kearny, St.; Sixteenth and Misision sts.
| Notable Deaths
. : CUSE^Syracuw, ; N. - V., < July -13.— James B.
--" .Faulkes , Jr.', •-' professor .".of v experimental j en-
• I gingering, ; Syracuse - uniTerslty. 38 ; years old,
' died of typhoid' fever. here today., i
W.\ C. ALT 'BK. ;of ?• BAN MATEO— San .Mateo.
July 15. — William C: Alt Sr.. a pioneer resi-
dent 'of : San ' Mateo and well' known on' the
' peninsula, * died .at bis -home here today. Alt
had- IWed: In- San Mateo >lnce 1869. He was
born In -Germany :. February 13. 1539, and
came to America; at' the age of 14. He was a
.member of the committee tbat Incorporated the
city: of San Mateo. He \oKies .two-son» and
a , 'laughter. '.He. will be ; Interred c at Cypress
I.*wn cemetery tomorrow - (Sunday) . afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock. '"\u25a0'\u25a0." •"'•-'\u25a0 "^
1 1 .;. v Marriage Licenses j
'\u25a0 The '\u25a0 following^ marriage • licenses wer» issued
in San \ Francisco Friday. July 15. 1910; t '; ; -
BOETTCHER— WIE^EHAN— Edward E.* Bc*tt-
cher^72s, and Gertrude .Wlesehan, • 21, both o£
San Lorenzo. \ . -
fISRDES— BLOOMGOLD— Jacob Hordes; 2t. and
Ida Blobmgold, 28, both of 1526 Post st. -
JAKSA— BORICH-^-Jweph Jaksa, 22. and Lillie
, Borich, . 22, . both of 675 Kansas st.
MONAGHAN— McGRATH— Thomas P. Mona-
ghan. 26. 1212 Noe Bt.V and Sadie McGrath,
21, 28 Prosper st. ;\u25a0 . .
SCO,TT— BETTS— Howard A. Scott, So. Ked-
laml, -and Lois M.-Betts, 81,' Los Angeles.
TABATA— OKUSU— Hachiro Tabata. SO. and
! Yori.Okusu. 19, both of Skykomish. Wash.
Birth, marriage and death -notices *ent by mail
will not be 'lnserted. They mast be banded In at
either of the publication offices and be Indorsed
with the name -and residence of persons autnor-
lied to hare the, game published. Notices re-
stricted simply to the announcement of the erent
are published once in this column free oi charge.
AXDERSOX— In this'" city, "July 10. 1910. to the
wife of George 'Anderson (nee Spurr), a daugh-
•\t*r. : . -\u25a0•./.-
DE PREFONTAINK— To the wife of George W.
de'Prefontalne,-a daughter. \u25a0
FEIGHERY— In this city. July 4, 1010, > to' the
• wife of W. J. Felghery (nee Kilgore), a
; daughter. ':' • , i , •
MEIERDIERKS— In this 'city, 1 July 3. 1910, to
. the : wife •of George W. Meierdierks (nee
'. Schafer). a son.; .' . ., ., -*./,"-.; •\u25a0-•'•..
Abraham, ' Henrietta — I Kahn. Solomon .....'. —
Alt. WmT~ Carl ... 71 j Kane,- John F. . . .... 37
Barnard, ffm. ' E.. 70 Lawton. Zepbanlab... S5
Beet. Mary T. .... 52 McEnanr. Ellen —
Blnnie. Robert .... TO McGahey, Wm. A... Si
Black, Adrienne •.. 50 McHugb. Daniel J...51
Chenoweth, \u25a0 Mrs. Offer, Charles .59
.Margaret F.*... 62 Palmer. Jane" Olivia.. —
Clark. Albert S 32 Pein. William 82
Cllsham, Thos. J..43 Perkins. Mrs. A .83
Dapelo. : Joseph. .... 2S Rattenberry. Cora. .. —
DeaYen," Mary A... — Richards, Annie M.. SO
Uoyle, \ Geo. Henry -45 Sullivan, Kate .....; 77
Dyer. Ebenezer H.. — Wray 56
Eastland. Josephine. — Wells, Joseph - A.'... 75
Elsenbardt. Adolph. 67 Wolander, A. J S2
Toulkes. Margaret.". SO '
Gitaa, Harry . SO Lanigan (Card)
Granuccl, ESrsllla.. 40 Meyer, -E (Dedication)
Jenkins, Alfred E..65
ABRAHAM— In this city, July 14, 1010. Hen-
. - rietta, dearly " belored wife of Carl Abraham,
.taring mother of Mrs.' - Hugo Reich. Lena,'
. Simon and Albert Abraham, and dearly be-
lored cousin of Mrs. R. Goeliner, a natlre of
Rogrusen. \u25a0 Germany. -^
, ' \ Friends ami acquaintances are respectfully '
Invited to attend the fnneral tomorrow (Sun-
day). July 17. at 10 o'clock, from her late
residence. 353 Presidio avenue near Sacra-
mento Street. Interment Salem cemetery, by
electric funeral . car from Twenty-eighth and
Valencia streets. —
ALT~In San Matpo. Cal., July 15. 1910. Wll-
— Ham Carl Alt. beloved father of William, C«?'.
Henry j and Ernest Alt and Annie Gertrude
Wlegerson. grandfather of Frank, Chartes,
-Harold, Elmer and- Leslie Alt, and great-
- ' grandfather of Gertrude " Emily Alt, a native
of Hessen-Cassel, Germany, • aged 71 years
- and 5 months. A member of San Mateo lodge
No. 265, I. O. 0.F.; San Mateo lodge No.
102, A. O. U. W., and Gennanla stamm No.
S3, U. O. K. M., of San Francisco.
. 'Friends and are respectfully
Invited to. attend the funeral services tomor-
row (Sunday), July. 17. 1910. at 2:30 o'clock
, p.m., ; at I.;O. (>. F.. hall. B : street. San
i Alateo. * thence to Cypress '\u25a0 Lawn cemetery, by
electric car.
BARNARD — On steamship Mongolia (near
Japan). July 11. 1910, William Edward Bar-
. - nard. father, of Mr*.- A. L. Hobson of Ven-'
-'. tura. Grace E. Barnard and William C. Bar-
nard of Oakland, a native of Boston. Ma—.,
3 aged 78 yearg and. 25 days. "
Xotlce of funeral her»«fter. >•
BECK— In this city, July.' 14. 1910. Mary T..
dearly beloved wife of William T.- Beck, loving
mother of Mrs. Minnie Slgg*, Mrs. Emma Lom-
bardl and William Jr.. Henry T.. Bella T..
George T., EtU. Herman, Gertrude and Alfred
Beck." and sister of Mrs. J. Lawrence, Mrs.
M. F. Barclay and W. Flnkeldey. a native
'of Baltimore, aged 52 years 5 months and 21
\ days. 1 - ,
\u25a0 Friends . and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Sun-
day), July 17. at 1:30 p. m.. from her late
/residence. 7.">3 Devisadero street corner of
Fulton. Interment Moont Olivet cemetery, by
' carriage.
BINNIE— In this city. July 12. 1910, Robert
Blnnie, a' native of Scotland, aged 70 yean..
Friends 'and acquaintances arc respectfully
inTited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Sun-
day), July 17. 1910, at 1:30 p. m.. from
; the mortuary chapel of the Golden Gate un-
dertaking company, 2473 Mission street near
BLACK— In San Francisco, July ,13. 1910.
* ' x '•
I Adrienne, beloved wife of the late Henry
Clay Black, and lories: mother of P. C. Black.
- Earl V. Black »nd Mrs. Adrienne Henry.- a na-
tive of Oregon.'aged 59 years. '• .
."•"\u25a0-. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
lnritpfi to attend the funeral services today
(Saturday). July 16, 1010. at 2:30 o'clock
p. ra.. at the funeral; chapel of E. James Fia-
ney, 528 Eighteenth street, between Telegraph
and Sun tfablo avenues, Oakland. Cal. Inter-
ment (private). Mountain View cemetery.^ :
CHENOWETH— In this city, July* 14, 1010. Mar-
garet F. Chenoweth. beloved wife of A. W.
"— Chenoweth, • and . mother of F. Byron, " Arthur
Roy ' and Lawrence Everett Cbenoweth and.
.Mrs. Effles Marie Baer, - a native of Indiana,
aged 62 years 6 months and 21 days. 1 *
Friends ami acquaintances are respectfully
"-.invited "to attend the .:=. funeral serriees to-
"; day . (Saturday), at 10 o'clock, at the chapel
;or N. Gray, & Co.; 2106 Geary street corner cf
, Derisadero. . Interment prtyate.
\u25a0 - i \u0084- . \u25a0 •\u25a0-..-• t
CLARK— In thi* city,'. July 15, IJ>lO, Albert S.,
, beloxed husband of Vernie Clark, and father
of VlolettaClark", anatiTe of Ventura county,
Cal., aged 32 years.' "
\ Notice of \u25a0 funeral hereafter.
CLIBHAM— in this city, July 14, 1010, Thomas
J.. belored husband of Kate Cllsham, luTing
..; father -of Thomas. Marie.' Leslie and Joanlta
- Cllsbam, son ;of .'.Margaret, and the . late Eu-
I gene i Cllsham. , and brother of Mrs. tiainerme
'. Treanor, -,. Mrs. • J.: E. ' Casey ana .'lames t.
v Clisham, a native of Illinois, aged 4Z years 2
months and 14 days.. .• ...
. a The fonenl : will take place today (Sat-
urday),, at 12:43 p. m., from the residence of
his sister, Mrs. Catherine Treanor, 751 Baker
- • street, , thence to. Holy. Cross church for serT-
! ices at l:8o p.m. Interment Holy Cross c?iu*-
: tery.
\- \u25a0 —
DAFELO^-At - rest. , in this city,- July 13, .1910.
• ; Joseph, dearly s beloved husband of • Martha
I Papelo, - father lof the, late Hazel Papelo, { de-
i voted ' son .- of, Lewis and Julia Pap«>!o, and
brother .of Angelina -and - Rose * Dapelo. I Mrs.
Wittaener and Mrs. Jaraes Kins, a natlverof
-Nevada, aged 2S years 11 months and 15 days.
DEAVEN— In this city. July 15, 1910. Mary A.
\u25a0^DeaTen,' ' dearly : . beloved sister of- Mrs: ,T.
: 'Grinra native of Massachusetts. 'V . .
• \u25a0-" -Notice of funeral hereafter. 'Remains at the
'- parlors of S. A 'White, 1214 Eddy street/near
" Laguna. '-\u25a0 / ' \ -f^rkV
DOYLE— At \u25a0 rest, in this 'V city. July 15. 1910.
•George Henry. ' dearly:- beloved- husband of
i Alice v Klizabeth - Doyle. - devoted' father of
- George E...; Adelle, "' lrene, Poloris ? and Mar-
~" garet Doyle.' and ; loving • brother :of William
* Doyle- and 'Joseph'; and Edward Gallagher, • a
.-'natire; of "San Francisco, Cal., aged . 45 years
iV 11 j and * 27. days.-- *
' Remains at -"the parlors of Suhr & Wie-
'\u25a0_. boldt, 1385 Valencia : street, near Twenty-fifth.
DYER— In Alvarado. C*l.. July 15. 1010. Eb-
.. enezer ':'; Herrick > Dyer. . born \u25a0 April 1". 182 U.
'- SurriTed ;by ; Olive ?I.V Dyer - (wife), Abitha M.
- Munson "((danßhter);? Ella •F. Dyer (daughter);
\u25a0 Edward F.- Dyer of Cleveland. O. (sonk. Hash
ii. T. Dyer : of ; Ogden..- Utah - ( son >, •' Guy S. Dywr
(son) * and,- Nina-. 1.-: Washburn of > San x Fran-
]' cisco (danghter)."" \u0084 '•: .' "-" '•.",;'. /\u25a0*
\u25a0 Funeral .trill tske place at "5 p. ''.m. .tomorrow
• '^Sunday). - i1JoJy'17,11010."i 1 JoJy' 17,11010." nnder' the auspices of
Crusade lodge No. 93. IT O. O. F.; and Ah-
V; niedar encampment N0. ,5,. I.iO. O. F.:.lnter-
. \u25a0;. ment 1 Cypress cemetery.x Decoto. ; Cal. Frien«l3
rj and f acquaintances ; are . invited to attend. .
EASTLAND— In Santa . Monica. . CaK: July 13.
A Non-Sectar. : an
Arraafements can be made In city of Be*.
Pott street and Grant aTenae. '.',
* 191«», Josephine Eastland, a native of Tetujes*
'. see. ,." '. '. .
Notice of faneral hereafter 1 .
EISENHAHDT— In this city,- July 15. 1010. • t
the Relief Home -for Aged and Infirm. Adolph
Elsenhardt, a native of Denmark, aged 67
i \u25a0years./. \u25a0 •\u25a0' ;\u25a0 \u0084v ..,.\u25a0/,' \u25a0 " . \u25a0';• :
FOULKES— In thisclty, July 14, 1910. Margaret
Kyle. \u25a0; beloved . wife of the .late Jam's f.
Foulkes. and mother k of Dr. Bruce.' Thomas '."
C Edwanl,C.-and Wade. 11. Foulkes. Mrs.
Margaret Moss and Mrs. May Renisoa. a na-
,'tlve of North Carolina, aged SA years 4 m«nths
and 2 days: (Fayettevtlle and Greensborouga,
'N/C, papers please copy. >
Friends ana acquaintances are respectfally
• Invited to . attend the funeral service* today
Saturday*. Joly 18. 1910. at 10^0 •'dock
a. m., at her late residence. 240 D FUlmorc*
street. Interment private. -• \u25a0• >
GITAS-In this elty. Julj 14. IDIO. Hirry,
brother of Gost Gltas. a native of Greece,
aged SO years. . • i
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral temoTTtwr (Son-
d»y». at 1:30 o'clock p. m.. from " the Gre*k
-church. 3K Serenth street. Interment Meant
Olivet cemetery, by electric car from Thir-
teenth ami West Mission streets. Remain* *t
the parlors of Habted * Co,. 924 FUlnwro
street. . .-• . .:\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 > , r ' - -
GBANTJCCI— In this city. July 14. 1910, Emili.i.
beloved wife of Ambroglo Granuccl. belovedl
mother of Mario. Adolph and Gef«ld Granuccl,
Mrs". J. Legnltto and the late Adolpb Granoeei.
and beloved daughter of Sebastlano «nd Do-
menlca Gsrbini. a native of San Fraadseo,
aged 40: year* 11 months and 27 days.
The funeral will take place today <Satnr«
day), July 18. 1010. at »:30 a'aJocfc a. m..
from her late residence. 1390 Unloa street »ear
Gough. thenc« to St». Peter's and Paul's
(Italian) church, where a solemn reqaiem
high mass will be celebrated for tfte repose
of her soul, commencing at 1O:SO a. m. la-
rerment Hply Cross cemetery.
JEXXINS— In thii city. July 14. 1910. Alfred
E. Jenkins, a native of England, aged 65 year*
- and . 11 months. S \u25a0
KAHN— In Amsterdam. Holland. July 14. 1910,
Solomon Kabn/ beloved husband of Cordelia
F. Kahn* father of Irvinj H. Kabn and H«a-
rlette Kahn. and brother of Hannsn K. Zeinwr,
Mrs. Albert Elkus.Mrs. Simon Katten. Mr».
Henry s. Manhelm and Frederick. John antf
the late Henry. and Dr. S. S. Kahn.
KANE— In Sonoma county, Cal.'. July 14. 1910.
John F. Kane, brother of William and Ed-
ward Kane, and nephew of Mrs. Ellen Kane.
Mrs. Lizzie O'Connell and the late Dennis
Kane, a native of California, aged 37 years.
." r« Friends are respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral today (Saturday). July 16. 1910.
, at 9 o'clock a. m.. from the residence parlor*
of McMaster & Brlscoa. JS9 Twenty-founa
street. Oakland, thence to St. Mary's church.
Eighth and Jefferson streets, where a solemn
requiem mass will be celebrated for the ra-
nose of his soul, commencing at 9:30 a. nu
Interment St. Mary's cemetery.
LAWTON— In Nel»on. B. C July 13. 1910,
Zepbanlah. beloved husband of Ella A. Lawtra.
and brother of Charles and William Lawton,
aged 33 years. . ,'
McENANY— In thU ?lty. July 13. 1910. Ellen,
beloved wife of the late Peter McEnany. Mol--
lzed mother of Mrs. Michael Hannon, betoted
sitter of James Dempsey of MerMen, Conn.. -
and beloved aunt of Mrs. J. Hynes, a nativ«
of Ballinaplttle, County Cork. Ireland. (Merl-
den, Conn., and Brockton, Mass., papers pleas*
copy.) , \u25a0
Frtenda and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend tb« fnneral today (Sat-
urday) morning, at 9:15 «'clock. from her lats
residence, 1325 San Bruno avenue near Tweaty.
fourth street, thence t» St. Peter's churcn. •
where a solemn requiem high masa will b«
"celebrated for the repose of her soul, com-
mencing at 9:15 a. m. Interment Holy Cross
McGAHEY— In thft city. July 14, 1910. WlllUmt
A., beloved husband of Florence McGahey.
father of Benjamin. Kuth and Florence Mc-
Gahey, son of Cornelia McGahoy, and brotnef
of Charles McGabey and Mrs. Martin Lund of
Honolulu, a native of Alabama, aged 59 years
2 months and 14 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Sat-
urday), July 16. 1910. at 10:30 a. m.. from ta«
mortuary . chapel of the Golden Gate under-
taking company. \u25a0 2475 Mission street near
- Twenty-flm. Interment Mount Olivet cem«-
tery, by carriage.
McHUGH— In this city. July 13. 1910. Daniel J..
dearly beloved husband of Mary B. McHugh. -
loving father ©f Mrs. L. H. Towle and Daniel
J. and I^vetta Mclfngh. and grandfather et
Reglna Towle. a native of England, aged 31 |
OFFER— In Salt Lake City. Utah. July lt>. 1310. .
Charles Offer, dearly beloved husband ©C
L»ah Offer, and loving father of Nathan. Kate.
Olivet. Elsie. Lelanri. Harold 1 . Loclle and
Clarence Offer.- a native of Hungary, aged 59
years 10 month.-* and 10 days. A.member of
Paeifle lodge No. 138. F. & A. M.; C«mrt
Golden Gate No. 5, F. of A.: Unity Itxls*
\u25a0 No. 273, I." O. B. B.: Bay City - lodge " No.
117, K. of P.. and Western Addition l«>4g«
No. 285. 1.,0. O. F. : \u25a0
' : Friends and acquaintances art respectfully
invited to attend the fun»ral tomorrow <Suo«
day). July 17, at 10:30 a. m.. at Klnc
Solomon's hall. 1739 FHlmore street. Fun«ral
under the auspices of Pacific lodge Na 13#,
F. & A. M. Remains at the parlors of S. J.
White. 1214 Eddy street near- Laguna. Inter-
ment Salem cemetsry. via electric funeral car
from Thirteenth and West Mission streets.
PALMES — At her residence. 1741 Harvard bou-
levard. Los Angeles. Cul., Jane OHvla Palme-,
wife of Henry -A. Palmer .and mother of Vr*
Theodore . Sherman Palmer of Washington.
D. C\: Elizabeth Day Palmer of I/» Anf»lM
and Harold King Palmer; also sister of Mm.
V. T. ll." Palmer and Clinton Day of Berkeley.
PElN—in this city. July 15. 1910. at the Re-
lief Home for Age.l ami Infirm. William Peln,
a native of Germany, aged 82 years. .
PERKINS— In Oakland. CaL, July 15. 1810, Mrs.
Allda Cornelia. bel«»vetl wife of the lats
Palmer Perkins of Los Gato*, and mother
of Mr*. Emma L. Swoney and Fred Perkrnn
of oakUntl. a native of New York, aged- $5
yeany 3 month* and 2 days.
RATTENBERRY— In Santa Cruz. Cal.. July 13.
-•1010. -Cora, dearly beloved; wife of Hairy l».
Rattenberry. and loving mother of Corrlnno
Rollins and of Albert and Raymond Rollins.
RICHARDS— In Santa Cruz. CaL. July 15. 1310,
Annie M. Richards, mother of William W.
Richards and Alex O, Richards, a natlvt of
New York city, aged SO years.
Interment . private.
SULLIVAN— In this city. July 15, 1010. at th»
Relief Home for Aged and Infirm. Kate Sulll-
f- van. a native of Ireland, aged "7 years.
TAYLOR— In this city. July 14. \u25a0 1910. Wr*y.
beloved husband of Amy TayW. and fataev
' of William. Hettle, Mabel. Emily. Beatrice.
Kathleen and .Miry Taylor, a native of Ea;-
land. aged 56 years. -
; The funeral will be held tomorro'r (3un»
day>. at 2 o'clock p. m.. at St. Paul's Epis-
copal' church. California street near Stein»r.
Interment private. Please omit flowers. K«-
malas-at the parlors of Halted & Co.. 924
"' Fillmore street.
WELLS— In this city. July 14. 1910. Jo«*nb
A. We IN. beloveil husband of Mury A. Well*,
father of Norton C. Well*, and brother tst
«J»nrge F. Wella and~ : >lr». Anna Reed of Port- ,
land. Or*., and Mr». Mary Copp and Mrs.
Lizzie Goodwin of New Brunswick, a native
of Bayfleld. West Moreland coanty. New
Brunswick, aged 75 years 5 months and 13
days. . . • \u25a0* . \u25a0 " " «*
Friends are* respectfully lnrlte* to atttnd
the fnneral. -at S p. m..' tomorrow (Sunday).
July 17. 1910. from the chapel of N. Gray &
Co.. 219*5 Geary street corner of Devtiadero.
Incineration (private). Cypress' Lawn ceme-
v tery, , by automobiles. \u0084.•*\u25a0.\u25a0
WOLANDER— In Mill Valley. CaL, Jnly 15.
1910, Andrew J.. husband of the lat« Char-
lotte .Woblander, "and father of Ellen Woh-
lanier. a native of Sweden, aged 52 j»ir» 1
month and 23 - days. A member of Scandiaa-
. vlan and Swedish societies.
•.The funeral services wlll.be held torn www
(Sunday), at I p. m.. at Swedinh-Amtrlcta
hall. 2174 Market street, tinder th* \u25a0\u25a0 auspices
of the Swedish Society of San Francisco. In-
cineration Cypress Lawn cemstery- Renatna
at the chapel of Craig. Cnchran & Co., 1149
Valencia street near Twenty-third. /
LANIGAN — To my many friends, 1 wl*b. t»
\u25a0 extend my moat besrtfelt thanks for thttr
sympathy, kindness and floral offerings during
- my late bereavement.
MEYF.R— Friend* of the late Emanuel Meyer
-are invited to attend the dedication of to?
monument erected - over his grave tomorrow
• Sunday). July 17. "at 10:30 a. m.. at Hma*
.of Peace cemetery. , ' ..
Seventy-Five Dollars
; Moved/.to main ofllce, 41-31 Van Ness ay. TeL
Market 711. connecting all departtn«ats.
Branches — 305 Montgomery ay. Oakland. 130}
Franklin st.;. tel. Oakland 4045. Los Annies,
827 South Fla-ueroa st.
Auto Ambulance and Carriages for Hire.
«\u25a0/ : - '••;•:•.;• •• '^

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