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Wong Dick in Official Statement
Says He Was Not Rioting X
When Shot
Judge Sturtevant to Be Asked
to Adjudge Raiders Guilty
of Contempt
J. E. Alexander, attorney for the Si
brria club, which the police claim was
conducted as a Chinese gambling house
at 27-23 Ross alley until sensationally
raided on Tuesday night, when one Chi
nese was probably fatally wounded,
will ask Superior Judge Sturtevant to
adjudge .Sergeant Matheson and the six
policemen who aided in the raid in
contempt of court for having ignored
an injunction which the judge had is
sued forbidding the police to enter the
Should Wong Dick, the Chinese shot
by Policeman -McEachern during the
raid, die, as he probably will within
the next 24 hours, according to the
surgeons who treated him, many
wealthy and influential Chinese have
declared that the officer shall be
brought to trial on a charge of murder.
The 24S orientals arrested in the Si
beria club and charged with visiting
a gambling house hung about the hall
of justice until 2:30 o'clock yesterday
afternoon, at which time the Chinese
were arraigned before Police Judge
Deasy and the hearing of the first case
was set for 10 o'clock this morning. At
torney Alexander had his client plead
not guilty and waived a jury for the
first of the Chinese to be tried today.
But until he learns the result of the
trial this morning he will not decide
whether the other 248 charged with
the same offense shall avail themselves
of the advantage of a jury.
Tee Yuen, who it is charged, took
the star and whistle of Policeman Jo
seph Holmes, when he entered the
gambling dub disguised as a Chinese,
will be arraigned this morning before
Police Judge Deasy for robbery. Me is
at large under a bail bond of $1,000.
The other Chinese are out of jail un
der cash bail of $25 each.
In a dying statement to Assistant
District Attorney Joseph A. Rock. Wong
Dick says he was sitting in a chair
and not partaking In the riot follow
ing the appearance of the police when
he was shot by McEachern. The
wounded Chinese was taken from
the central emergency' hospital yester
day afternoon and sent by wealthy Chi
nese friends to the Lane hospital. He
fa suffering from two dangerous bul
lrt wounds. One bullet entered the
neck over the right shoulder and lodged
in the spine, and the other went under
the chin, up through the side of the
head, coming out above the eye.
Chief of Police Martin and Sergeant
Matheson declared emphatically yester
day that McEachern was justified In
shooting, as the Chinese, according to
the policeman's statement, had taken
his club away and was beating him
over the head with it when shot. Chief
Martin said:
"These men were engaged ' in an il
legal pursuit when McEachern held
them back, under arrest. They made
an attack upon him and he was justi
fied. In order to protect his life, in
Sergeant Matheson, who classes the
raid as "the most successful ever con
summated in Chinatown." backs up the
statement of the chief, exonerating Mc-
Eachern. In regard to the charge
made against him that he violated the
injunction issued by Judge Sturtevant,
the sergeant stated that lie was au
thorized to enter under a warrant issued
by Judge Deasy to search for. evidence,
of gambling. Attorney Alexander ad
mits the issuance of these warrants,
but says that they had become inoper
ative by being carried around several
days before they were acted upon. He
claims to have supreme court decisions
to back up his assertion.
Chinatown is generally up in arms
over the shooting of Wong Dick and
great excitement prevails beneath the
apparently peaceful surface. Those of
the Chinese who witnessed the shoot
ing say that McEachern became rat
tled and shot a mon who was not en
gaged even in the general tumult. Mc-
Eachern, on the other hand, Is carry
ing around the evidence of the attack
made upon him by the Chinese. This
evidence is in the shape of a bad con
tusion on the left side of his face,
about his eye and nose and a very
badly swollen hand, which was struck
by a vase thrown at him.
The action of Policeman Holmes in
entering the gambling house disguised
as a Chinese is the talk of police cir
cles and of the oriental quarter. It is
now 20 years since this trick was first
successfully worked. ' Charl<?s T. Con
lan, now police judge, was prosecuting
attorney in the police courts at the
time and made the suggestion to Po
liceman Briggs. who successfully car
ried out the ruse and secured a score
of convictions.
The Chinese consul and the Six
companies declare that if Wong Dick
dies and upon investigation it is
shown he was shot without good rea
con. every effort will be made to have
McEachern convicted of murder.
Thirty-nine Chinese arrested in gam
bling houses at N'os. S and 18 Ross al
ley, unprotected by Injunction,- •will ap
pear for trial September 15, the post
ponement having been made yesterday
to allow the attorney for the accused
men, John Greely, time to return from
a visit he is making away from the
The 14 men arrested in the club at
55 Waverly place, also unprotected by
injunction. on Tuesday night will
come for trial before Judge Con lan
this morning, a Jury having been
The police are keeping a vigilant eye
on the quarters of the Siberia club,
and should it be opened it will probably
be raided Immediately, but up to a late
hour yesterday the doors were- kept
closed, no one going either in or out.
Ambulance Calls for Year Reach
Total of 4,654
The annual report of the emergency
hospital service, which was submitted
yesterday by Chief Steward Charles
Bucher, showed that.' for. the year, 1909-.
10. 25,688 cases were treated, which
exceeds last year's total by '7,ooo. The
total number of ambulance calls were
The number of cases during the year
at the different - emergency hospitals
are as follows: • ..."..-* ':'.„-.
Harbor hospital '5,850,. ambulanc*
calls 1.038; Mission hospital 2,Bl6,';am
bulance' calls 456; . Potrero hospital
3,199, ambulance calls 238; Park hospi
tal 1,524. ambulance" calls 2SR; detention
hospital 695; central 11,609, ambulance
calls. 1,Z4S?%&BBBEBS&&&&&RSGSB&
Bucher i also announced that thenew
harbor hospital would open August, t.
and that an automobile ambulance ser
vice will ba established at - the.'park
hospital in September. v
The Chinatown sqiiad, members of which ; have beeriraiding; alleged
Chinese gambling dens : : Top row,. left \ to right-^-C. J. Sheble, George G.
Bailey, O. H.Roediger. Bottom, left to right- -James M. : McEachern,
Joseph E. Holmes, M. J.Cullinan.H.C. Kalmbach. .-..-.
Artillerymen Ordered to Hike
From Presidio for Target Prac»
tice.at Atascadero
The provisional battalion of field ar
tillery will leave the Presidio Monday
to march to Atascadero for annual
target practice for the month preced
ing the maneuvers.
The battalion will be commanded by
Major E." A. Millar, Fifth field artil
lery; Lieutenant John B. W. Corey,
Fifth .field artillery, will be battalion
adjutant and quartermaster; Lieuten
ant Edmund L. Gruber,. Fifth field ar
tillery, will be engineer officer.. -The
battery commanders •will be: Company
F, First field artillery, Captain A. U.
Faulkner; A, Fifth field artillery. Lieu
tenant John Alden Crane; B, Fifth field
artillery. Captain George M. Apple.
Captain William I. Westervelt,-now
attached to the Sixth field artillery, has
been assigned to the Fifth field artil
The board, consisting of Lieutenant
Colonel Brooks, coast artillery; Lieu
tenant Colonel Glennan, medical corps;
Major Ruckman, coast artillery; Major
Chase, coast artillery; Major Brooks,
medical corps, for the examination of
officers of the coast artillery corps for
promotion, met yesterday and First
Lieutenant Hartman L. Butler and Sec
ond Lieutenant Robert E. M. Goolrick
appeared for examination. Lieutenant
L. D. Pepin was to have appeared be
fore the board, but he-had not recov
ered sufficiently from an operation for
appendicitis. /^-s;.::^
The Sixty-fifth company, coast ar
tillery, commanded by Captain J. B.
Murphy, and the Thirty-eighth com
pany, commanded by Lieutenant
Loughry. will leave this morning for
small arms target practice at the rifle
range, Fort Barry.
Brigadier General Frederick Funs
ton, who is on leave of absence, which
he is spending in Oakland, visited de
partment headquarters yesterday. „
Colonel Eugene . F. Ladd, adjutant
general of the department, will leave
today -for Fort Leavenworth to testify
at a courtmartial. During his absence
Captain P. K. Fergusson. will assume
the duties of adjutant general . and
chief of ' staff. , .v^":.
Captain K. J. Hampton, quartermas
ter, who has been at Alcatraz, has re
ported for duty as assistant to the
chief quartermaster of the department.
Lieutenant F. A. Prince. Fifth field
artillery, has been\relie.veJ as officer
in charge of the pistol range and
Lieutenant H. W* TVatson,' First cav
alry, detailed- in his stead. ~
iMimic; Naval Attack
.WASHINGTON,': JuIy 20.— Some time
tomorrow. a fleet of targets represent
ing a hostile squadron sailing to at
tack Washington will be * towed into
Hampton roads. Five shore batteries
of. coast artillery, .mounted with,. 10
and 12Mnch guns, will attempt' to de
molish it. • " • , ."• . ":
Officers of the coast artillery declare
it willbe a firing test conducted on a
larger scale than has ever been, at
tempted in shore practice anywhere.'
Thirty officers about to , be graduated
from the coast artillery school at Fort
Monroe : will , conduct - the defense. "
Major General Wood, chief of staff
of the army. Brigadier. General, Tasker
H. Bliss and Colonel Charles J. Bailey,
acting chief of the coast artillery, "left
Washington tpnight^to. view the test.',
Inventor Explains Safety Device
for: Utilizing Hot Air V
The. members of the; Pacific aero club
and their. friends held a meeting In the
assembly room . of . the v Pacific, building
Tuesday night V The gathering , was ad
dressed- by Judge J. Luttrell. formerly
chief justice of Montana; Colonel* JVH. ;
Price, .F. A. Miller of Sacramento and
W. - A.' Merrill, . the.- inventor . of- a new
safety. aeroplane device.. .' *.:, '".'. '>% . :
Merrill illustrated* his mechanism.by
which the exhaust hot air of- the engine
is pumped into ;a' small life. preserving
Judge Luttrell spoke of. the commer
cial, field of the aeroplane and aerial
navigation," and Colonel Prlce_urged the
use of helicopsters and hydroplanes. in
solving the problems of aviation.
Dentists in Convention Indorse
.' . Senator. OwehsVßill
• DENVER,, July ; 20.— The National
dental at' Its session in
this city v today adopted a resolution
heartily, indorsing. Senator; Owens': bill
for: a .national .department* of \u25a0 public
health. - Senator >, Owens' \ measure , pro-i
vides for- a cabinet; officer to be" at the
head^of; the, proposed* department. \u25a0.'•'-
• 4 Members -, of the .committee- , -. -which"
successfully advocated the resolution
were'Dr.'M. F-.Finl^y.and Dr. ; TVilliam
Donnelly 1 of Washington.r D. C.-\Dr.'-F. :
L. Platt of' San Francisco; and \Dr.
Charles .W.-Rodgers at Boston. 1 \u25a0'?\u25a0
The convention * also \ voted : its ', ' ap-,
proyal # of • the.^navy .'department ;-: bill
griving rank,! to, dentists; ln the /-United
States.navy. . , .-',-•
T^^SAN: F^
Court Grants Divorce to Spouse
of Physician Who Lived
in Apartmentil
• Desertion, consisting;; of failure :to
furnish such a residence as his \u25a0.wife
should occupy, "was charged yesterday
against Dr. Richard H. Cunningham,
a. New York physician, and Mrs. Ger
trude's. Cunningham, who lives at 721
Post, street | with her' parents, was
granted a divorce. In 1904, it appeared
from Mrs. Cunningham's testimony in
Judge Van Nostrand's court, she came
to this city from. New York to visit
her mother. Upon her return to New
York after the fire of April,' 1906, she
found that her husband was sharing an
apartment with another -
.'"The apartment was; not' such that I
could occupy it witlv, him," testified
Mrs; Cunningham.' "and 'shortly after
ward I took another apartment. In
November, 1906, • I returned to San
Francisco to my parents. My husband
intimated to me that he did not want
me to , live with him any; longer." /:\u25a0_'
Property rights were settled out of
court. Mrs. Cunningham was permit
ted to resume her .maiden name of
The filing yesterday of the interloc
utory decree of divorce in the case of
Major Erheste \u25a0V. Smith, " paymaster of
the California department of the Unlt r
ed States army, against- Cora L. ; Smith,
revealed the fact that the major has
agreed to pay ' his ' former wife $90 .a
month until August,-- 1911,.. andt" there
after $100 a month until further order
of court. The divorce was 'granted
Smith on \ the ground of desertion, .his
testimony being that -his wife tired /of
army life and returned to; New -York
to. live with her married daughter.. Sirs.
Smith 'did riot contest the case. :
I Frank L. Martin; . a practitioner, in
osteopathy, ' was 'sued for divorce yes
terday. by Erma Martin, who charged
that for three years' her •husband- gave
her only $40 ,a> month for 'houso keep
ing, out . of . wliich I she.-, was -• compelled
to pay $35 a month- rent.
Suits for divorce -were begun -yes
terday by: ; \u25a0 ' ,
Stella. Etta Hannig against William"
Frederick Hannig, willful neglect.
Harry Barson . against Mac . Barson,
desertion. \u25a0 ' :-'-'\u25a0
Lillie A. Berry against Alfred L.
Berry, . willfuUneglect..
Richard Rochester's Fiance:,Wit- ;
: nesses" His Dismissal ; ; :
The: case of Richard Rochester,' who
styles himself \a \u25a0> mining 'engineer,
.charged' by; C- I.» Harrison,: a" mining
promoter.-withj embezzling; $250 , in. May
last, dismissed 'by Polices Judge
Deasy \ yesterday £f or lack of sufficient
evidence. Rochester; had ibeen. in the
city prison . sinee s June 1 3,1 when lie ; was
arrested. .Miss" Alrtiai ßarker,'; a lyoung
German- girl, who 'met i both Rochester
and Harbison on a^ steamer -from; Los
Angeles and' is" said;.to 'be .'engaged 1 to
marry. Rochester,, was '*in court..- It;was
~hinted by Rochester's .attorney that" the
real treason -for Y.the^prosecution ,; was
Miss Barker's ; preference for, Rochester,
but Harrison: laughed rscornfJillyV and
replied : "Certainly:not.'.%; Chief > Martin
was notified- by« the . police, of ;Vancou
'ver, ; 8.,-C.,; that; Rochester,; under *the
name of Dolßh;.Rosew*arne,-. hadj[swin
dled^ CM.- Bryant -& -wealthy
mining flrm.'/They/dldlnot ask r for His
arrest.':'- \.r -.\u25a0,•-. , \u25a0. \u0084 - \u25a0 :.-•:- .\u25a0\u25a0' ; ,' -
Miss Lolita Folsqm ; and; J. E.
•^ a Elliott Betrothed
1 The newslof the engagement' of.Miss
Lolita -Folsom >to .J. E. Elliott .of Pa
cific \u25a0Grove,; which; was' told ? informally'
to. a few" intimate r'friends' yesterday: at
the thomeVof theVbride: in Sacramento
street, :] was', a- great ':<tb;-.t,henv
the ; more ;so as % Miss • Folsom - was _' not
to have beeniincluded< in'-; the. ranks of
the debutantes , for; a'year. or .two. ' .
. ; The ; bride .elect .; ; is -Mills
college and; h"er;/fia"nce is ; ih " his- senior
year at Stanford; university. Y/Conse-'
quently .the wedding ; : will .not* take
place 'for^'several' months.V .'.?-.. \u25a0\u25a0 -V"
. Miss *is i theteldest.;; daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. : Eugene H.^ Folsom of
this city. f '^The f ptiire' : home yof ~j the
young/couple will" be in', Pacific C Grove,'
where young ' Elliott 'owns • considerable
property, --t ;•;-*>.'.\u25a0 ',", "-•; : ';?.'- : r : •.;*?-•;-' .':", "\u25a0"*' : ~- : \u25a0
Entertainment .tor Be; Given; in
.;. v.;/ \u25a0'\u25a0> : V.an *N?ss Theater '•\u25a0'"(' r.'r;
- \u0084The:;birthday v of ;. Sir^Walter rScott
.will. be i observed f August ;l6' at Uhe Van
Ness \u25a0 theater* when* Clan; Fraserj of J the
order ; of , -Scottish; clans' will entertain
'on; an '"elaborate i scale. :\ r/' :. V V ,- .\u25a0
::,\The , feature i of ?• the program will"; be
the * /dramatization -tof v 'scenes
from the , "Lady of?. the , Lake,", rehear
sals' for .' which; are : going ;' oni underithe
direction'- of p.jH.t SimJand James "[Jack*
J.'.The; program^ wJlliiricludeanTofation
t lfej best iprofessionali and; amateur^; tal
ent-inithe city. ....
James Ferguson Assigned to
-Polytechnic Pending Trial
• of Principal :
_Walter r - N.-.Bush,'' principal ~of '^ the
Polytechnic high ; school will^ not: as
sume charge of that school *at the
opening; of ; the fall/term, ; Monday., for
thejreason .that; the board of -education
at -its meeting yesterday afternoon, by
a vote, directed Superin
tendent. RoncovMerr to assign Deputy Su
perintendent James Ferguson 'as * act
ing; principal Spending the trial -charges
filed- with the board 'against Bush, who
is {under, suspension; .-^ ! -
:,\u25a0 -Permission -i. was 7 granted \u25a0 the.^civil
service.:. commission^ to use' the. Mission
high;' school; building on Saturday, aft
ernoon^ /August " 6,- -for the " purpose; of
holding -an examination~for 'promotions
iriiUhe police, department. :/
- The .tentative plans for the; Jackson
and "the girls'; high 'school were ap
proved. ;>::". y / \u25a0' •
\u25a0The evening classes in the Monroe
school' will be established. Monday i
.Leave of absence was granted to Mrs.
W. - S. ; Wright,; Miss li. VA. Sleator, Isa
bel,: Hemenway ; Stephens and .'.lda;' L.
Donney.'the last named until -July, 1911,
so: she'may get.married. ; ' ;
Teachers were assigned as follows:,
INSTRUCTORS ";ASSIGXEp . /'. \u25a0 \u25a0 \^\'-<:
-7 ; Mrs.\ I. \u25a0? D. Ostrotn, senior tearbVr of the
Fremont school; to the - princlpnlslilp, : vice Rose
Goldsmith, on leave of absence: Charles .Mun
day. to the . Washington evening school/ vice
Miss Xefctield. on ' lease; John A. Lenehan \u25a0:> to
prlncipalship of Hamilton evening school, vice
George H.. Foiilks. recently deceased: Lillian
Hanson- to the Washington . school; \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 Freda :O.
Berg, to i the Grant .school,;' vice. Miss Downing:
A. \ G. Van Order to the Commercial evening,
school; \u25a0 Miss Panda Cohen to the - Hamilton
evening school, vice Miss Spadina, on leave.
domestic science teacher ; :
Miss Vena M.Tomlin, the first woman
to- be graduated from the"- state uni
versity in the department- of domestic
science, was 'elected a teacher of that
science for the, elementary grade.:,
'Mrs.' X A. ; Rich was appointed vice
principal 'of the Lincoln evening school
and clerk; of ,all the evening schools,
with a : salary of $100 . a month.
" : A 'report showed that the board ex
pended $10,199 for coal for the, schools
during the last fiscal year. '
Superintendent Roncovieri, after, re
counting the trouble that has existed
in .the Commercial high school because
the graduates refused to accept ; ce.r
tiflcates in the name of the Newton;J.
Tharpe school, offered a resolution that
the name be changed to Commercial
high";. school, this without disrespect to
Tharpe. ! ;
The resolution was referred to tne
committee on schools.
' The' "following . transfers and assign
ments Vf teachers were ordered, to take
effect next Monday: . .
Vnna W AVoelffel, Mary A." Bwrko and Anita
J.- Bain from substitute list to Fairmont . school.
Florence Darrington from Hawthorne scnool
to Fairmont school, vice Miss Chandler on
Isabel R.- Flanasan from substitute,, list to
Fairmont school, vice Miss Hertop. - ( .
- Mr» • yi. H.< Ponco vie from unasslgned list
to -.Fairmont school, .vice Miss .Mlllhone, trans-
Marion Bltteniiofor from substitute list _to
Spring; Valley -School. \u0084 \u0084 i W '
Mary A. Hewitt .from substitute list- to I/R
favette school. • - • -\,
Mabel. Reid from substitute list to Marshall
\u25a0 Mrs.'\ E." Nort- from substitute : list to Har :
Annie CasVcll from substitute list to.Farragut
Mary A. MeArthur from Vlsitacion r.Valley
school to Cleveland school. , . V » i"
Miss L.: Schooffrom Bernal school to Agasslz
Lnla E. Klnsry ;from Starr " King ; school to
Sherman, vice Grant. . .
Miss : E. XL Mudberg from Everett school to
McKlnley. school. -V \u25a0\u25a0;•-\u25a0 .
Josephine . E. Frank from Cleveland school to
Holly Park school. •.: . - \ - '. *' -1
-Gertrude. M. Flanagan. from Portola school to
Ha ipht school. " ' "\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0
•--Estelle R. Davidson from Emerson . school to
Grant school; vice. Berg. . ~ -
:\u25a0' Mary' "C." Flanagan . -. from , substitute, list .to
Marshall school. \u25a0- "' " ," '\u25a0 " •- •:
- Miss M. Grant- from substitute list to -Horace
Mann .school. . •- \ ... • \u25a0. . .
'.-Miss K. Cooney. from substitute list to -Horace
Mann school. C."J-' * - - \u25a0 ' '\u25a0'-- " ."'
Miss M.) A. Harrigan from Bergerot school to
Cleveland school. '.'. • '.'
• Miss C. A: Hfaly from . Visltaclon \ alley
school to Cleveland school. : . •
. Miss B.Millhone from Fairmont school to
Bernal school, vice Meaner.
.Dorothy Rchultheis from Xoe Valley school to
Redding school. .. : : ' :
. Miss L. Mt-Uermott from Sherman school to
Glen Park school., ;> - '-:'•\u25a0-'.'\u25a0'. ' -'•
.Mary Miller from substitute list to Washing
ton Irving school.: « ' i " \u25a0 '{"
= - Mery. K. Gavlgan from Winfleld Scott school
to Hawthorne school. ' ' •\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 ;
:>liss:A. J. Johnson : from Douglas ' school to
Sutro school. • \u25a0'.' - . • . : ;
:.Mrs. Eva' H. , North . from . substitnte : list -to
Harrison . school. •\u25a0.•\u25a0. 5v ' ".'.'•
..' R." P. ' Lewis' from Sutro school to Buena Vista
school,"- vice :Anderson.
Elmi M.' Mansfleld- from substitute list, to
Everett, school, vice Lindberg. .. :
Mrs. IdaM. Lytton from Cleveland school v to
Garfleld school. . ; '. '. " s- «^
- Miss -E. M. Schou from Douglas., school to
Frank -McCoppln; school. '\u25a0\u25a0:-' - ; ' ~ \u25a0'•', •\u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0
. G. ;\u25a0:\u25a0 U. . Stokes from' high " school to^ Monroe
evening : school.. - -i- - - •\u25a0 \u25a0* \u25a0
; Helen Flanagan from substitute ' list to Edison
school.*. ••-\u25a0 r « '•\u25a0!\u25a0• .'\u25a0 '•-- '\u25a0' > '\u25a0 * \u25a0-.' -.*...•\u25a0-„.''--"\u25a0' •\u25a0•.'.• '
Mary. C. O'Connell from ; Fremont ; school to
Clement school. -•...• ' .'.' \u25a0 -, •---, ,,'^V.t"~\u0094 ?.;
.Adelaide C. McConnell .from; substitute^ list -to
Oriental; school. . V \u25a0\u25a0 J i",'> v "f, •:-'*- : '\u25a0
Isabel '.-'M.' J Kersell from ; substitute ,v list .-to
Oriental school. \u25a0 '.'.'*.'/•> Xr--., \u25a0•'.-•.. <
i( E.I P. Dowlinßfrom subEtltutc;list ( to : pouglas
SChOOI. 'j; . ' . ... ' '-' \u25a0 :'fi\'' \u25a0- i.~i~ \u25a0— ' -' .
Jeanette -Macks '-. from . substitute list- to Fre
mont.ochool. . v->'-- ; ' "• ' '
rMinnin Cone from substitute ; list to Noe Val
ley • school. • • " :-. '-'
Mrs.. G." Bonnell: from c Washington school' to
Sherman school; vice - McDexmott. • -
'. Emma. 'L: 1 Madden from Jean Parker school to
John Swett; school, vice. Williamson. , ;
Alice, Ijewis from i substitute list to -Winfleld
Scott, sehooj. - \u25a0 \u25a0•\u25a0- \u25a0\u25a0'-\u25a0 r • •.:'\u25a0- :• : ;\u25a0 .-•;-.
-jMiss M. -.8.' Jones from substitute list to Mon-.
roe -school. .- . , : ,
' Clara -Devine from, substitute list to < Monroe
school.'' -\u25a0' \u25a0'•:' •\u25a0 .. ;'*\u25a0>. -f-v'O' "-'"-\u25a0- L \u25a0 • ---'; \u25a0 -.'
'Mrs. ; Mary/A. ? .Yonng ; from' substitute' list .to
Irving M. - Scott : school. - '.'• ' \u25a0• .- ' •. .; \u25a0
:.- Lillian ", Bertagna . from substitute : list -. to . La-
Cuna Honda school. - ' ' \u25a0 '
' Mary A. Co*an from substitute list to Frank
lin /school:* ; ; ' • . - -\u25a0\u25a0• '\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0".- ''\u25a0 ' \u25a0
•. Lillian -V.'Bell from substitute list to Bergerot
school. .'. \" \u25a0• - . - \u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0. - \u25a0 :v \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0.. "- r •-.;••' r- , \u25a0
David,, A. - Nelson :' from, evening substitute list
to ' Commercial evening school. ...
'\u25a0\u25a0• Mrs. Emma W. Maland from substitute list to
Garfleld- school. . .' .:,./;. . .
.-Miss A.--. McLaughlln . from Lincoln -evening
school tot Washington evening school. 1 vlcp. Eaton.
," ;Mn.vr.'-S." Eaton' from 1 school to
Lincln -evening -school.: ' "• .'.-'.. '.
-Bertha 'Ashley from .substitute: list to Ocean
utrtf sr-hool. ' . \u25a0 -..--. \u25a0 .\u25a0. \u25a0 „- \u25a0'\u25a0,-\u25a0-> '\u25a0.-'\u25a0. '.\u25a0''.'.
MISSION chapter No. 7!>, R. A. M.— J^Twl
Statotl mctinc THIS (THURS-
DAY) .? EVENING, at -V 8 -o'clock. Tjßj
.Mark Master Decree. 'By onlnr of l*^f
L'the H. PQ/V^'R.'S. ALLEN. Secy ;»*SBSy^
DORIC lodge V No. - 210. F." & <A. ~ M.— ,• A : i
.'. '"Sppcial-nifctlnjf THIS .(THURSDAY) J%~ '
KVKNINO at 7 o'clock. Third degrei'. >\>\
, Also -an' Interesting -- lecture" ."by i our f^T.<.>
.;* brother,"- Rev.' E." . R. 1 Dllle.*- on -.- "Mexico, , Its
,/. President; and •" Its - Masonry." ;,2135 • Sutter st."
i- > By r order, of 1 the' Master." - . , * - \u25a0 -; '.;•
. . : . '\u0084 • :- J. .' R; \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0: GOLDSMITH/ . Secretary. f V
PRESIDIO lodge r No. " 3s4.' F.j l & ;a.v M.; ; ; 'A •,
King Solomon's, hall. 173f>. Fill more st. ««#%_.
—Sooond decree THIS (THURSDAY) /V^T
:"EVENING,;7:30 fo'clockrf o'cIockr : ' .: ".;5 ..' ,-T<»
; - ; ; ; B. : L^vvHESSELTINE,; Secretary.
JEWEL 1 lodge \u25a0\u25a0 No.? 374. ? F.v ; &"« A.V M.— ML
'-\u25a0: Special / meeting ..THIS * DA V « (THITRS-i^^V-
v* I) AY) . . at - 1 :30 , p.\ m. *V First \ Degree. —~?\^;' :
\u25a0'_'. \u25a0' it CHARLES S.ITRUE:- Secretary. ; ,- V^:«;' '
SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO lodgeiNo.- 212. «v A V
- F. A: , A.. M. — SpeclaU "meeting THlSij^.'^
EVENING,'? *ti'.~ :4SJ\J\i
.;, 'o'clock. Third ' degree. • Byi order ; of i the f-T,*-!}
.-.' W.'.-M.- \u0084 ; >•; VW. J. B. J WARNER. i SV>e. 1;
YERBA BUENA' lodpc No. "15. I. . J _«j}j__ i ;
W O."S. O.*{ F.T^.Odd ' Fellows' lT : building.'/ aM^SWßfc'
7th nml Market' Bts.— lnstallation :^^aS?^sF,
U of.: officers -' THORSDA Yrf? EVEN- ; b- -+«T.'i?f? s - k ;
• ;ING, July 21, ~: 11)10. i Visitors 'wplroiiH 1 . •'. .-
:• \u25a0 - \u25a0B.E.VkIELDS.'? Noble ' Grand. : c
i-IDANIEr; BURNS 1 . 1 Sec.,; Pro ; Tem. \u25a0\u25a0 • v : f. . ,i V > \u0084'•A-
BOi; \u25a0 BEN ADHEM lndpo No. \u25a0'\u25a0"\u25a0^_B_fe_.'
\u25a0 112, I/O. O. F., 7th nntl Market
i'-Bts.',?. meets TONIGHT. r '^?¥&£iSfF
\ ; W. E.:. BROCK,: Rec. v Sec. : -'.; \u25a0-5*! BKB T \u25a0\u25a0•'.'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
K'v"-"*;*'"!'-"' '"" 'jPIVipRXbs JXOTI'CES^' T~;- K^
I OFFICE of : Fireman's • Fund .•lusurancc Com-
;," pany.", : San \u25a0 ;. Francisco, \ July "" 1*. ".:. 1910— At,:' a
>•* meeting iof the - Board : of » Directors,' held , this
; v; day '^a _^ divldeudv of.' 3 * |>er - cent >> (?3.00 • per,
'"; sliar*>> : for,' the > three v months" ' ending fJune 1 30.'
:*, 3010. -. was . declared '- to- 'stock \u25a0\u25a0 holders •o* | re«*ord |
' '.at? the* close :of .business July 20.- 1910, pay-
Jalilc'oni. and "after. July 25. 1910. ; Dividend
"chectsj'win b" maile.l ion -that- date. - : '
\u25a0-:\u25a0 — •.-.-. I,oms WEI.NMANN. Secretary.
.;:;\u25a0\u25a0;' -lost 'AX_D*;F6i;xb.'.v,-;>:i-^'-^;;
LOST— 2 Vpassbboks'l.with - the' Hlbefnia :\u25a0 Savings
XV and-3 Loan* Society.^ of r San* Fraucisco.; in the
name of: THOMAS FERRY. No. v 274-1125.tand
.in itheCnamfgJ of ;*.TOSEPH r --P.' FERRICK or
; KATE M.rFERRICK:*No.:S4»S-43a.v;",Thej_nder
o\v 111 'please return: to. bank. -.: Unless same-'is're-
;, turned within 5 days new hooks will be Issued
,:. to tlie applicants., Of ' \u25a0:\u25a0._>>'>:•- -~ J- v \u25a0- ". \u25a0"\u25a0":
LO_STrf-A'V-' passbook \u25a0 with the -' Hihernia Savlnjrs
"end- Loan Society*. of San*' Francisco.: in -the
v . name of MORGAN- DOYLE.', No. 370-037. The
I finder. will please return'to bank. -Unless same
': is returned within s :days a new. book wlll.be
.-.. issued to -the applicant. * . . . '\u25a0- \u25a0T, \u25a0; ; ? .- \u25a0 v
\u25a0 LOST— Sunday, on - 22d \u25a0or •' 3d . st.-. car. case . con-
\u25a0-/taining .papers ,-. and ""railway . tickets.', signed
C;" Macfarlane. v - Return *' to :SllrAlvarado» st. and
/, t receive reward. . zt--, >-\u25a0* > r . \u25a0 , \u25a0 ' \u25a0 .•\u25a0-,
LOST— On 'Sunday afternoon.", at Terry j building,"
a pearl gray .cardcase, containing $3.7sJand gold
" ";. sicnet ring. * Finder • please . return \u25a0 ring -to room
1301.-334 Pine at.: liberal reward. ; j :\u25a0;-,-;.
LOST— Pink coral .'cluster ring.' surrounded with
\u25a0 diamonds: \u25a0• liberal : reward; keepsake." : Address
- 2105 -.Union st., or phone either .-West G214 or
Douglas :952. . •'.\u25a0'. .\u25a0\u25a0.,-.\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ... •-': ' [?.\u25a0 ,;-'-\u25a0:\u25a0
.WILL the party who telephoned MRS. SANTER
" ; about? lost-purse kindly/ communicate. '.MRS.
STELLING. "21S Trcmont ar. 7 ;• Reward.' Phone
>\u25a0•.: Park '.l72o.: -' -\u25a0.;-..-:\u25a0. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'. -"\u25a0'.•-. :' ''\u25a0*' -/.-v; : : ;• \u25a0-
LOST — From Santa ' Cruz -train ; near San Mateo
. Saturday, lady's white lingerie : bat. Finder
V please address-. Dr,':.764.' Pine • st.
LOST — Sunday afternoon.' Idora park. ' >\u25a0 lady's
'.-'Miandhag. :':- Return' 373 13th st., Oakland; re-
ward.'. . ' . \u25a0'•\u25a0• *.->.'..: / '\u25a0 , \u25a0.'
1\u25a0 . \u25a0
LOSTr- Yorkshire -terrier; - vicinity ..' Bush and
. Leaven worth sts. ; : reward.-' " 9CI Leaven worth.
LOST-r^July ; 17, gold Mocket anil cliain, engraved
.. "L'?:t reward. , 1147. -Sanchez st. - , .'
LOST— leather purse;- with gold pieces.. Return
\u25a0to cashier.' Union' Trust -Co.. for reward. .-\u25a0
AAA— ITALIAN,young r man^l7, of .good charac-
ter and ability, wants position ;at once. Ad-
dress- 4555, Mission St.; •- ' \u25a0
Al German- cook with ? best of references frotU
leading hotels desires .a ? situation. Address
\u25a0BAR:' TENDER.' middle 'aged, all around man,
.- fincle. wants position -at- reasonable' wages;
, .iione^f and sober; city .or country. -R. A.,
- Point Richmond P. O.
COACHMAN;, man 7 about; private place, experi-
veuced horseman; -good references. Box 1502,
Call office. . : . \u0084
GOOD cook- wants .'a Rood place; hotel, restau-
rant or family. CHARLEYHONG, 718 Grant
' avenue. \u25a0 -. -" . - ;. \u25a0. \u25a0-.
GOOD, honorable man wants a position as coach-
. man or man about place; understands garden-
ing; can milk;. good references. Box 1426, Call.
INDUSTRIOUS young man, German- American,
wishes steady position' at anything; not afraid
to work. LOUIS BETSCH. 1324 O'Farrell st.
JAPANESE boy wants: position |as schoolboy in
small family in ': city. . Address S. » ITO, 1591
Post St., or phone Home 31274. .
JAPANESE boy wants position as laundryman' in
private family in city or country. •>\u25a0 Address S.
FRANK. 1591 Poet st., phone
Home 51274.-, -' ' - , , ?.-\u25a0\u2666,:-,;-.\u25a0-..\u25a0 .-..-\u25a0
JAPANESE strong young boy wants position as
laundry -boy,' with or without housework;
speaks English well; G. .TAKEJAWA, 1624
Post st.. San Francisco. " -.
MAN; who .understands \u25a0 the care of horses and
'. \u25a0 cows," ' alqo • carpenter \u25a0 work, . has : : tools, wants
, work jln country place. | Box 1429,- Call , office.
SITUATION wanted ; sober - young man, master
of accounts, I speaks several languages." desires
some kind of position. Box 1334. Call of flee.
STEADY man wishes a -position with private
.family;, understands '\u25a0 the care of * horses, cows
. and .garden and is generally-useful; city or
' country; good references: Box 1513,' Call.
STRONG, intelligent' young man, with many
\u25a0 years'-, service in the marine and good city
references, desires a place as watchman in a
large -manufactory. 9 Address ' ALFIE - VIEL,
3224 I7th St.. or. box 1398. Call office.
WANTED— By a competent book keeper, a small
Bet of books to attend to evenings.. Address
' box 12."3.'. Ca1l office.'. : . . ' . . -./ . -, : . : .
YOUNG = plumber -and gas fitter, .with 4 years*
! experience.' wants - position where he \ can get
chance .on- new work: good on repairs; city or
country. ", Address ' box 1517. Call • office. -*-. •i'
YOUNG man, 30, of ' pleasing personality, well
. j set up. ' no' physical , defects, thoroughly expe-
rienced in accounting, -credits,; general office
work, with ' knowledge of auditing; having!
- salesmanship \u25a0 qualifications and rare executive
. r ability, desires to locate on coast with a live,
up •to date, growing -business, where ability
\ and general fitness count; not averse to leav-
V ing San Francisco;. my last position patd $3,000
per year.*-Can you use -ms?.-' Box 1505. Call.'
COOK, wishes position: in" San, Rafael. 'Address
;.: 401, D, 5t.v San Rafael.; > ,>.. -...
FIRST class cook wishes a'posltion where second
: . girl Is kept; city or country; wages $40. Ad-
dress box 1510, Call office, r. ,
GIRL/wants *opoklns In -good 'family: experi-
enced: wages $35. I'lcase call at 2418 Pine
' : ssf..Mo to 12.: . \u25a0•,- \u25a0•• ;\u25a0; \u25a0: .-\u25a0-'..- -:. : »: \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0,\u25a0.-.-\u25a0-•\u25a0;•.
SEWlNG— Nurses' costumes, shirt waists, house
\u25a0 and ' Children's dresses ;a specialty; .first class
; work; reasonable.; : Box 4007, Call office.; ' , j
WANTED — Position as bouse keeper in rooming
house- or » apartment; ; experienced. \u25a0: Call 3090
.: -Citn St.. room 2. ••.'\u25a0- \u25a0 \u25a0 . • -
WANTED— AbIe bodied: men for the U. S. Ms-
\u25a0 rine ± Corps. . between the ages ; of - 19 and . 35.
\u25a0."Must-' be native born -or have first papers.
V' Monthly pay • $15 to > $69. • Additional t compen-
• ' - eatlon Food, , clothing, , quarters and
1 medical attendance free. . After 30 years' serv-
:' ice can, retire, with -75 per cent of. pay and al-
lowances. " Service -on • board ship and ' ashore
' in all parts of the world. 1 Apply to U. S." Ma-
j. rine Corps Recruiting Station, 95 Market st.,
7 or 51 Third st.. San, Francisco. Cal.
WANTED^^Corapetent" man to .take ' charge of
' ; stockroom j who has * had \ experience handling
r dry. : gooVls. . fancy- goods and notions; -must be
. capable of installinß'a system 'under which an
accurate record .'will 'be, kept 'of all merchan-
dise-in bis charge; must also possess the neces-
sary qualifications, to handle people under him.
~ t Apply .in own; handwrltlnß. giving age, refer-
i encesfand salary expected, to box 1509, Call.
WANTED-^-For; receiving , clerk. 3 man with knowl-
edge :of i'dry f goods -business; , also, thoroughly
- familiar, with'clerlcal work; 'position is;one of
- responsibility .'and ,; requires .{.arty with • exper-
. ience : along the | lines . above mentioned. Apply,
- stating -age. ; reference and salary, expected, to
; box -IjOS, Call.offlce.'.-i ;-.'•:
MEN:. WANTED— Age 18 to 35. for firemen. $100
'..'monthly. . and r brakemen ' $SO, . on nearby, "rail-
n roads; -experience 'Unnecessary; no strike;-pro-
." motion, to 'engineers,^conductors; railroad em-
.',. ploying headquarters; over 600 men sent to-po-
. sitions monthly;. state age; send stamp. RAIL-
- WAY ASSOCIATION. -care The Call.
ENERGETIC.ii well : man. accustomed
'; to doing -business, for \u25a0gelling end of splendid
: HIGH 1 CLASS PROPOSITION ; here uhtili Sep-
- ; tember, : then 'east, with me for 3 months; per-
manent berth for the right party: call and see
-;' me, any forenoon, v Suite 206. 'Mills.. building.
MEN and: women, learn \u25a0 the barber trade; under
\u25a0: \u25a0- Moler^ system, we teach In.S weeks; 4.500 posl-
; tlons 'furnished 'last "year; we can not supply
.demantl'for our. graduates. Do not be deceived,
-;; the only ;Moler college in S. F.ls at 234 3d st.
HOPS— Men, '- women ; and - children '• wanted : for
'-. hand* and -machine "hop picking; - begins about
'.August 5, at' ; Wheatland.'. Perkins. Cosumne and
\u25a0'\u25a0Tehama: begins > about .Ausust- 20 .at- Ukiab.
vE. C.. HORST CO.. \. 150- Pine, st. • - .
-»..;.'-:- >FREK— FREE— FREE. "
Men wanted to • learn -barber 'trade: in "8 weeks;
free; time no limit. Gall or write Pa-
.-..; fitter Barber; College,! 670 Washington st. near
/'•% Kearny ."•-.,\u25a0.•',;•.•:;, ' : - \u25a0•\u0084.. '\u25a0".; I . -' :.
RELIABLE -man v'wanted to, help, manage :. estab-
.. lished cash 'business; wilf pa- you $25, weekly;
-.Jtmall .ilnyestuieiit;; $150. Call 1122 Market
\u0084 st.7*,room: 3: . \u0084 .. \u25a0•. :. v .. f \u25a0'-'.. '\u25a0 /'. W- ; ,
WANTED— ThorouRh. practical »« pianist to play
V.to^pictureg'ln'nlckelodeon; must have experl-
\u25a0 .ence^in-thisaine:, noiothers need apply; -Ad-
* . '. rtress box ' 151 6." Call \u25a0\u25a0 office. ; '*\u25a0 • > .;• : ; -» ."
WANTED^Drapery ; ; salesman ' V who understands
:'\u25a0 interior. draping. 'Apply superintendent's office,
m from ; 9 > to U I- a.'- m., • HALE'BROS., - Inc., Mar-
%-ket;andjSixth-sts.-^--.';,:.- v 1 - -.. ; \\^
AVANTED-^Railway ?mall^clerks, city" carriers,
examinations an-
• nounced July - 15. \u25a0' preparation' free.v Franklin
; : Institute." riept.- 141. Rochester.; N.- V.'.
-^ ?C'i:' 'FREE— FREE— FREE:: ..: .-;" . r
We i teach ithe.' barber,; business • absolutely ' free to
« nest 10; : no limit -to. time. "Call -or :wrlte S.F.
v< : BARBER COLLEGE. 790 Howard st. near ; 4th.
MATTRESS .".» MAKERS wanted; : must be 1 - first
\u25a0r class? workmen., - t McROSKEY.&'CO.',M6th -and
ry, Harrison :;stB.: ;st8. f'v7 '-\u25a0' r .':. y * -' , \u25a0'. V. , -1 -.-,'..'•' ..
WANTED— COO ; 'men * to occupy rooms; 1 20c to 30c
i> per nisht (freeibath),* at the NEW- YORK, 753
Howardj; st.~,betw.e»n 5 3d '. anfl ;4 th.<: . " •
EXPERIENCED i flomesUo "goods t: salesman -. for
*: Daly.:- Bros..';; Enrpka.'l Cal. v Address -.E. : N.
Z.z ßOYLß.\care ;of : J. k , B;; Crow-ley; Aronson bids."
"\\"ANTEp^-Maniwlth;s3oo:; will guarantee $125
3« raontb.jS soo; Pacific^ bulldin?,;;., -\u25a0' ; r .
FIRST **CLASS «' mechanical draftsman wanted.
'--. Apply: ABNERj DOBLE CO., 1411 : Howard st.
EXPERIENCED idress goods "for ; - Daly
! Bros.; Eureka;; Cal.' - Address \u25a0 E. N.\ BOYLE.
I".; care . of. J. : B.\Crowley, Aronson building.
MEN 'of Ideas- "with'' some inventive ability.
• GREELEY/&' McINTIRE." Patent .Attorneys,
•....Washington. D. C. -•*' ; .'^ .-. '
WANTED— AI man in San Francisco for Modern
* Protective Association; small salary andillberal
. commission. ;* 32 Eacon bld-r.; Oakland. 1-2 p." m.
RELIABLE, man: wanted' to- help-manage .' estab-
'. lished 'cash business; will pay -you $25 weekly:
?'"; small iavestment:-$l."»O.- : 1122 Market St.. r.:3.
10- men to make c-lsars, good pay while learning;
steady j man to tend cigar stand, : no experience
-necessary, small security required. 308 12thst.
NEW WESTKRN, "1124- Howard— Stn.le rooms,
.; loc, and" 2oc .per nisht: hot and. cold water.
CIIOREMAN— Care for horse aad cow; $10 and
found ; j references required. \u25a0 Box ' 1425. Call.
YOUNG . man. ) butcher, ' Sonoma ' market. 1534
, Polk st. \u25a0 - ; ' -' - '
BOY to do errands 'and make 'himself useful in
printin* office.. 640 Commercial , st.
I'HOTO conpon: agents wanted; good proposition.
: SCHAFFER.-72 San Pablo ay.. Oakland.
LXPKRIENCED spinners wanted at once. Apply
- Portland ' Woolen Mills. ; St. Johns. Oregon^
MEN;wanted at 103 3d st. .to have .their shoes
repaired; sewed soles 75c. done In 10 mlnatfs.
WANTED- at once—^Experienced weavers! Apply
• Portland Woolen Mill*. St. Johns. Ore. -
WANTED — Men and boys. *. no - expense for. in-
struction, learn automobiles, electricity, plumb-
ing, brick laying trade \u25a0in .' months Instead of
years; study - half and wolk half "time; cata-
logue \u25a0\u25a0 free. - United Trade Schocl Contracting
<*0.. 1823 Market St.. San Francisco.
AAAA— Young women, between the .ajjeV of ,18
and 25, of fair education, neat appearance and
:j : unquest louable character, wanted to study
.telephone, operating as, a profession: a liberal
salary : is paid new opera tors, while in training
at the Operating School of the Paclflc . Tele-
phone and Telegraph Company, and upon grad-
uation they are given permanent positions \u25a0at
the switchboards', with opportunities ' for pro-
motion.' The Pacific Telephone and Telepraph
Company provides light and well ventilated
operating rooms, pleasant rest and lunch
rooms, .and takes a personal interest in the
welfare of the young women in its employ.
Competent operators 1 furnished to private
branch exchange subscribers. For fall particu-
lars call. - preferably between 8:30 a. m. and
. 12 ' m., at the. Operating School, Telephone
. Office, 2015 Steiner st
FIRST CLASS cook, understands German . cook-
J ing, $75, private family; a lady's maid. 1 lady.
1 $35,- city; French or German nurse. 2. children.
.' $35; ; German governess, 1 boy. $35; German
-cook. $60, private family; kitchen girl for an
institution. $25 and found;, strong chamber
maid, hotel. $45; cook and second slrl. same
house. $40-$3O; chamber maid, institution. $25
- and found. - MISS PLUNKETT. IS9G Sntter st.
AA— • Women and girls wanted , for cutting and
canning fruit at Napa Canning Co.. Napa :
highest wages and steady work in healthful
-\u25a0, and moral surroundings ; experience unneces-
sary; free tents furnished In Napa City park.
and Minnesota sts.y- City. : ' . * \u25a0
A A— Women and girls for cutting and canning
fruit: apply immediately: highest wages;
- steady work; healthful and moral surround-
ings; experience unnecessary. CALIFORNIA
CANNERIES CO., ISth and Minnesota sta.
WHOLESALE -house wants bright younjr lady
with some experience- In ; filing and clerical ;
work, to assist filing clerk. Apply In own i
-. handwriting, stating experience in detail and
- salary expected.. box 1518. Call ' office.
~ oakland7~~ ~
girls, to make overalls. paid salary
while learning.
levi. Strauss & co.. 3d and clay sts.
'apply to mr. davi3. >
LEARN hair dressing at CALIF. COLLEGE OF
HAIR DRESSING and Beauty Culture; day
.and night -school: Individual instructions; form-
3 ulas given. 067 u Market st. bet. sth and 6th.
EXPERIENCED cloak and suit saleswoman;
must be well, recommended: for Daly Bros..
Eureka. Cal. Address E. N. BOYLE, Hotel
Ormond.-440 Eddy st.
WANTED — Young women to train as nurses, be-
tween • ages of 20 and 30. of good education,
neat appearance. Box 3009, Call office, Oai-
land. . . : '"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0--
WANTED — German girl to assist with children
and light housework: reference and call before
.noon. 2214 West st.. Oakland. \u25a0 • -
EXPERIENCED saleswoman wanted for china
and glassware department. -Address-box 1701,
.'Call office. .-,-.- - ..* V'
EXPERIENCED saleswoman wanted, for nouse-
. bold and cooking- utensil department. Address
box 1565, Call office. .
LEARN hair dressing, manicuring, hair working,
massage; special teachers; evenins classes. The
SPECIAL rates— Learn hair dressing, manicuring.
hair work: only system in 3 wks.; positions
waiting. MILDRED hair store. 1475 Halght st.
YOUNG jrlrl. light housework and attend school.
Apply, 2374 Pacific ay.. 9 a. m. or ."\u25ba p. m.
WANTED — Pianist, experienced in popnlar mu-
; sic. demonstrations. \u25a0 Sons Shop. 00fi Market st.
WANTED — Woman 25 to -\u25a0>.*» ypnrs old to do gen-
eral housework. Box 4601. Call office.
GIRL wanted to care for 2 children. SC96
Washington St.; reference' required.
WANTED — Hois** keeper for priest's house,
country. Apply 756 Mission St.. city.
HOPS— Read ad. nnder Male Help Wanted. £ E.
C. HORST CO.. 15f> Pine st.
ELED CHAIR on the. market. This chair' Is
made completely In our own factory, we doing
away with the cheap nickel plated work, such as
you see on other chairs, finishing our chairs with
a porcelain glass enamel. Remember, WE are
manufacturers, selling YOU direct, doing a— ay
with the MIDDLEMAN'S PROFIT, which means
a great savins to YOU. Compare our PRICES
and TERMS with the high rent payers. Vibra-
tors. . chairs, fixtures and hair driers sold on In-
stallments of $5 per month.
Several bargains In second hand chairs.
Phone Franklin 3339.- 94 Turk st.
TUNGSTEN STEEL, the name of the newest
creation in razor steel. This NEW STEEL
surpasses all other steels. No matter wtiat
• sort of a STEEL you have been using in tough-
ness and edge holding qualities. It stands, tfce
same as TUNGSTEN electric light does over
a candle. . Be convinced at your dealer's.
A REAL -BARGAIN is offered to any one de-
. siring an L'P TO DATE three chair, old estab-
TOWN, close in: pood 'ease and LOW RENT;
NEW FIXTURES throughout recently installed.
CHEAPEST mirrors in city; down with high
prices; all kinds of barber goods at right
prices; ' tim«! \u25a0 same .as cash with my non-
- forfeiting lease. Phones: Park 1242, M 2941,
. 394 Hayes »t. ; . ,'.;.: /y.^
ONE chair shop, doing good business, with 2 liv-
ing rooms in -rear; 6 year lease; rent cheap.
Apply SE. cor.- Rose, and E. 14th St., 'Fitch-.
burg. \u25a0'_\u25a0'.-- \u25a0 . ' - -
FOR rent— Furnished barber shop 'ln' Berkeley:
also unfurnished shop in Visalia. HADEN.&
BOONE CO.. 2415 Shatfuck ay.. Berkeley. Cal.
FOR. sale — First class 2 ' chair shop: fine loca-
tion In city: will sell cheap; cash or .easy
terms. k Box 13GS. Call office. \u25a0 ' :••-.*
WANTED — Manicurist; one that can, do ladies"
hair dressing. Hotel Argonaut barber shop,
SO 4th st. ' '
2 CHAIR barber .shop for : sale: must be sold
this week; a bargain. 1605 Market St.. Oak- j
l«nd. Cal. \u25a0 ' '
1 , CHAIR, shop for sale. $100; near Oaklajid
a main carlirie:- low rent. Address box 4451,
Call office. Oakland. -
WANTED— Aped Latin speaking barber; easy
work. 2526 Lombard st. -
2 chair barber shop for *ale; 3 living rooms;
' " rent $15. ' 295S j Folsom st. '
s LADY barber wanted: steady position; guaran-
teed wages.- Inquire 29*> 10th st.
BOOTBLACK stand for »ale: 4 chairs and room;
best chance in town. 131 O'Farrell st.
TWO pood barbers, wanted; steady: high wages
: made; 10 cent shop. 219 Montgomery aye.
BARBER shop for sale; pays well. Particulars
..- 1514, Franklin st. . . . . . .
BARBER for country. Call at 477. 14 th St., Oak-
;\u25a0». land; ' '' \u25a0 '- "' " " \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0','\u25a0
BARBER .wanted evenings. Saturdays and Sun-
days. steady. - 1314 Castro st.
THE-Enirlifh <«ak tsnned shell strop is the best.
' -At. BAUEß'S. Jwrber supplies. 59 O'Farrell st.
BARBERS' Protective Union— Employment secre-
i tary. W. BARON. 775 Mkt.; phone Kny. 5354.
LET, Coleman."- 830 . Market, buy and sell your
*, barber -shops; prices. $125 to $3,000.
WANTED — To buy -1- or : 2 chairs barber shop in
- . . country, town; state price. . Box ; 1423. Call.
BAUER'S. -- the . modern supply house of ' the
i \u25a0 west, removed to 59 O'FarreH ' st. \u25a0
MISSION branch of The Call, MILLER'S, sta-
;j; j tioner. 3011 16th nf'-"
ACCOUNTS, rents.% wages and • all kinds ' of bills
i -collected. • Phone Sutter 657. 3(50 Phelan bldg.
st!; phones. West 5653. Home 34088.
A. S.: HORK rellaMe m?
*;sff^_g: araa g_a
STARemp. o/ttce; J«P»n«"^S ta rSr- be &«» W "
KODATA. iflOS fle-ry: teLJggVsl_t67^49o9 ; __ |
SALESMEN, wanted: no * x l' erlenc ? I !_^ n^ O m
hundreds of propositions now open P*T*°S ««™
$100 to $500 monthly; our t ree .book :. A
Knight of the Grip." wiU show /«> >>-» to
set one of them: write (or caU) for it today.
Address National Salesmen's Training Ass^.
16188 Metropolis Bank bids. Branches >e.w
Yorfc. Chicago, Kansas City. Mlnaeapolls, At-
lanta. ' \u25a0
SOLICITORS wanted: good money paytoS . P^PJ"
sitioa; no exi>erience required. C. UOKM,
photo. 25 3d st. - : \u25a0
WANTED — First class travdins salesman in th»
cisar bcslneaa. Address box 1579. Call offlce.
SOLICITORS wanted f or \u25a0* a new orsanlzatlon.
Apply at room 514. Phelan building. |
S4LESMAN^ for country work: salarr and com-
mls?|on; beach property. 1430 Market st.
X's^all in quicker
\u25a0than a dozen signs plastered on your windows
and which spoil the looks of your home be-
. sides. Phone Kearny S6 for an ad man to caU
ROOMS TO LET— Fnr. and Vntur.
A . COZY home for respectable ladles. 1130 Mar-
ket »t.- near Sth. nnder ausplcea of the- SAL-
VATION ARMY; elegantly furnished: every
modern convenience; steam heat, electric "She
and elevator service; spotlessly clean; centrally
located: thoroughly homelike; telephone Market
1349; prices very moderate, ranging from 25c
per night np; special rates by the week o*
month. See matron, room 33.
AAA— UNION St.; 972. near Jones— Beautiful
rooms; walking distance; fine view; no signs;
references. j •
CLA RA st.. 164. nr. Bth^-4 nnfnrnlahed rooms.
CALL and see our rooms fitted for batching,
or without. $2.50 up.-: 173.^ FiUmore at.
DEWEY HOUSE. 4th and Howard^ — All modern
conveniences: 200 rooms. 35c to $1 day. $2 to
$5 a week; free baths; Howard or 4th »t. cars.
ELLIS St.. 1177— Nicely furnished, sonny room.
$1.50 a week; running water, bath, phone.
FOLSOM st., 3161 — Sunny front room, bay win-
dow, bath, convenient to carline. suitable foe
1 or 2 gents; rent -$A per month. ___
FULTON st., 701. corner Buchanan — 2 fronC
rooms to let, single or en suite.
GERMANIA ay., 132. off Fillmore st.— Nice,
. large, sonny, front room, suitable for 2.
HAIGHT St.. D 23 — Nicely furnished room, suit*
- able for 1 or 2. $» per mouth. |
"HOWARD St.. 2959— Large front room, beauti-
fully furnished; bath; window east, west; $10
a. month; new. \u25a0
HOWARD St.. 1939, near Itith— 1 large, elegant,
sunny, furnished front room, with bath; suit-
able for 1 or 2 gents; haady to car lines; re*-
. sonable. • —
LANDERS St., 78. near 15th — 3 large, auuny.
connecting, unfurnished: rooms,- suitable toe
lady or couple; references. \u25a0
LAGUNA St.. 130 — Large, sunny alcove room
with running water, electric lights; reasonable.
MARKET st.. 1704— Single bedroom for working-
man or woman. .*.> per month.
O'FARRELL «f.. 1274 — LJziit «unny furnished
rooms: top iio«r: bath; $*> per month.
OVEULAND HOUSE. CBJ> Sacramento st. below
Montgomery — Now open: _U> rooms; hot and!
fold watpr In every room: "_*sc to $2 per d«y;
$1.50 to $5 per we*»k. EDW. ROLKIN. Prop.
PINE St.. 19W, near o<tav!a— Lars?, sunny par-
lor suitable for studio or living room: fine
view: earjwta and furniture- n*>—; house- keep-
Ing If drslred. \u25a0• _________
SCOTT St.. l»;05. cear Sutter: tel. We-t 3141— A
few. furnished rooms; sins*. ?5 per month;
garage, auto*. $T> per raonth.
SHARON St.. 4S. near l.V_— J larse. sunny, fur-
nished room, with batb: reasonable.
SHRADER St.. 526 — Newly furnished beautiful
larste rooms, $7 a month for 1. glO tor 2.
STEINER St.. I"l."C— FurnUhed. sunnr. fronC
room, gas and bath, with pi-ivatf family: $(>.
UNION St.. 1454 — Sunny front room; strictly pri-
vate family; breakfast U desired; phone t'rank-
lin Sl7O. \u25a0
VALLEJO St.. 115t. nr: Pclk— 3 sunny front
rooms; fcrnisliings brand new: all cony.; sin-
gle or en snit»»: very reasonable.
23D St.. 2977. corner Harrison — 2 larsre sunny
front furm«he»l rooms; hath, phone; private
family: r?a«onablr. \u25a0
19TH St.. 3484. near Valencia — Nice sunny front
room: lance bay window; bath; suitable for 2
gpnts: Sin per month. . .'-•\u25a0'\u25a0'* -* i
. j
ROOMS want"«l in private family with person
willing t» teac!i Knzlisli language; 2 younj
N>ys. A«lilrp»s 4."7 .*>tli st.. O:iklan<l.
BARTLETT St., 410. ur. 25th — 2 or 3 furnUaed
housekeeping rfH>ms. $12. $18.
BROADWAY. 13-5. Hyde f.t. cars — 1 large sun-
ny bay window room: sun all day; u«e of
l*nndry, bath, hot water, telephone; modem
C St.. 120. McAllister cars, near par- and 24
ay. — 3 or 5 modern suaay rooms, complete for
house keepin.e. $25.
FILLMORE St.. 1738— Suite 2 or 3 r. at $2.
with <>r without house keeping; sunny front
roum $.* up.
GOLDEN GATE ay.. 1250—1 house keepiu;
room, rent $10: 2 other rooms: running water.
HAIGHT st.. B16 — Suite of house keeping room*,
neatly furnishnl: r«'s*ocable.
HAIGHT st.. sf>t— FurnisheTl front rooms for
htw.-e fceppinir: ca.«. i>l>on*>. bath.
HOWARD St.. 503 — Front room and kitchen,
furnished. 53; _ conne<:ting, coat or gas. $a;
otUers, $1.50 wpe_ up.
OCTAVIA #t.. 1_57. near OFarreli — Sunny, fur-
nished bouse keoplng rooras; $6 per month up;
2 rooms. $15; 2 In attic, $10; gas" ranges,
. batb. phone.
OCTAVIA st.. 03—2 sunny furnished house keep-
ing rooms; regular kitchen.
ROYAL, 311 Van Ness cor. Grove — Furnished
suAy suites. $20; single rooms, $2.50 to $3 per
week; gas, running water and phone.
SCOTT »t.. 300—2 sunny, furnished house keep-
Inx rooms: running water and gas range.
THE WEST COAST. 136 6th St.— Beautiful 2
room corner bar j window house keeping apt.
TI'RK st.. 1416 — Sunny front rooms, suitable for
house keeping, or 2 or 4 gentlemen.
VALENCIA st., 1033 — 3 sunny, comfortable
housekeeping rooms; private bath; gas and
coal stove; yard, porch; rent reasonable; for
small family.
WALLER St.. 605—2 front rooms, parlor. %£
room: phone, gas range, bath; no reasot^ta
offer refused.
4TH,st.. 504. corner Bryant — $4; 2 nice, sunny
frrtnt rooms furntwhxi for hon-g h»»nlng.
FOR rvnt — I or 5 rooms and bath, furnished for
lionse keeping: 4 room*. $22.50: 5 rooms, $27.
These rooms are conveniently located to both
Southern I'acifle and Key Route ferrys and.
streetcar line-. 1202 Sth st.. corner Magnolia.
ALICE st.. 1317. Oak.— 2 nicely furn. connecting
front rooms; us*» of laundry, bath and yard;
sun aU il.tv: reasonable. Phone Oakland P2S7.
.^J2£°^*s^xp^no i.\m > V^XSSHEL^
AAA— THE WEMPE. 419 Oak St.— Large, sonny
rooms; unexcelled board. Phone Park 5092.
DO-MO Directory find* rooms for particular peo-
ple. Inquire 11 to 2. 822 Crocker bunding.
CALIFORNIA St.. 2523— Sunny rooms; excellent
board; phone, bath; $0 and $7 per week; rates
for 2.
HAIGHT st.. 3_#»-Room3. with or without board;
phone, zas and bath: reasonable. '
HAIGHT »t.. .26— Newly furnlihed room*, with
board. $25 up; running 1 water, erectrtc light.
OCTAVIA '«t.. l'J2tt. corner Sacramento, over-
looking Lafayette square — Handsomely fur-
nished, sunny rooms, sinsle or en", suite: ex-
cellent board; references Phone West 5229.
ROOM with board In southern family; good
neighborhood; batb. phone; reasonable. 545
Fetl at. - - \u25a0 -. -
ST. FRANCIS Girls' Directory. Central «v. and
"^Waller «.. San Francisco: — A beautiful home,
where old ladles, young girls and little chll-
dren can board very reasonable. --
NORTUGATE. ISU9 Enelid a-.; teL Berk. 1613;
•:; north entrance of university campus— Apart-
Kenta with private baths; single rooms- steam
beat and callbell' taj every room; aleenins
. porches; first class table board; . saedal sum-
mer rates. M..-M. HENRY. «"'"-* —\u25a0"
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