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All Set for the Corinthian Club's Prize
Sailing Event to Santa Cruz
Everything is in readiness for the
!start of the great ocean yacht race to
Santa Cruz, the final instructions have
"'l'een issued hy the regatta committee
of the. Corinthian club and th*» skippers
.of the 20 racers are only awaiting the
starter's gun, which will be fired at
midnight tonight. All the yachts will
be allowed one hour to get across the
starting line. Professionals will be al
lowed as sailing masters aboard the
.boats during this race and those that
will be hHd in Monterey bay and there
are no restrictions as to the number of
t&rs in each crew.
- Kach yacht lias been furnished with
•three marine hand lights to be used
according to the Instructions of Cap
tain George M. Daniels, commanding
. officer of the revenue cutter McCulloch.
\u25a0V'hlch acompanies the yachts as a eon
; voy. Each yacht is numbered so that
! ft may be easily distinguished by those
..aboard the cutter. These numbers are
(to be retained during the entire cruise
and as such numbers the boats will
\u25a0be known. Kach half hour the wire
less operator on the McCulloch will
wire both the Merchants' exchange and
. Santa Cruz casino operators the rela
tive positions of the yachts, and In
case the night is foggy the racers will
be held uutll the fog clears sufflciently
for all the boats to be seen by the
Former Commodore John W. Pugh
v.-ill be the dub's official representative
on the cutter, while William W. Coates
and George H. Lux will handle the
start of the r#ce. Chairman William A.
Barlage of the regatta committee going
to £anta Cruz on this afternoon's train
to rhake all the preparations for the
The yachts are divided into five
classes and t'iclr handicaps, captains
and crews arc as follows:
("laitg 1, .';»} feet and nrer — Scratch boat. »l<v»p
T«BVe»: <aj--tain. Charles E. Miller: Hos* Wriyht.
R«T«t MillT, W. a. Rrnrnen. H. A. Dinninc,
Frank Colby, CtiarJe* Albret-ht. Sloop Fulton <;.
handicap Jti minutes 00 .*™*on<Js — Captain Harry,
\V. An'lerFon «nd W. Madden.
Clat-s 2. (.loop* SO- to VA feet — Scratch ho*t.
QMCSJ Captain Julius V.. Baoli, J. F. Campbell,
<;eorpe Ptnnaper. Ray Cook. H. Weile nnd It. H.
Maddock. Prepto, handicap 2 nilnutfg 19 «er
«f>4«: captain, W. Frank ftooe: crew. Captain
Smith. V. fi. N., J. Homer Fritsrh. Frwl n.
Kbceber. William Nelson and Ed F. Hagar. Har-
P«ob. haafltesp f minute* 49 seconds; captain.
HRiot Follows Stopping Of
[Special D'upcich to The Call]
F*lix Isman, representing the Broad
Street realty company, owners of the
Forest theater, temporarily shut off the
exhibition of the Jeffries-Johnson flglit
films here tonight with a threat to re
voke Nixon &. Zimmerman's lease of
the house for violation of Its provisions
in permitting the display of moving
pictures there
Isman's ultimatum was not made
known to the film people until they
had filled the theater to its capacity
for the opening show, and then a small
riot broke out among the fans who had
paid money to get in and who raged In
thp streets outside because two men
working with both hands could not
hand It back to them all at once.'
The pictures will be exhibited else
where tomorrow night.
[Special Dupeich to The Call]
SACRAMENTO. July 21.— Fred llay
mer, the second baseman : for the Sacra
mento Senatorg. who was hit by' a.
pitched ball in an Oakland game sev
eral weeks aw and has been in th«'hos
pital at the bay ever since, was brought
to his home in Sacramento today.* Ray
mer is elowly recovering from" .the
effects of the injury, but It will be
a. Jong time before he can get around
«s before,- \u25a0 \u0084:,*>..'
If. E. Picker; crcir. John R. HewWson, Dr - H -
A. D^tU, W. H. Purler. T. L-. Miller. M. Jla
*nn: Alert, handli-np 22 minutes 4!? RfKionfls;
captain. Tommy K«ndall;-orew, Herbert' Thomp
son. V. Trelson, Frank Holton, Charles Burcln
and -C\ Kellr. M.eteor. handicap 24 minutes 9
spcondt.; emnnvxiore, William J. Hojtjf: crew.
P. O. Jone«. H. W. Westerfeld. Sldnet S.- Mar-
Khali. Maryland <;. handicap 28 minutes ."SO ««h«
onds; captain. Fred V. dv Brut*; crew, August
n. F. Brandes. . : . .
Class .1. sloops 23 to 30 f**t— Starlight,
captain. A. S. Dondero; crew, W. B.
Pauerson. Charles Heistand. Georjte Mc^ufDck
«ud John Huder. Jlftnwion. handicap 12 minutes
7 secMjds; captain. P. O. Phlllipa: George Dinn
more. »'. W. Henderson, (ieorgft Gunn, Carl
WesterfeJd «nd Bert Foster. Folly, haodicap 21
minute* :IO seconds: captain G. A. \u25a0- Gallagher.
Merry Widow, handicap 33 minutes 45 s<^onr]s;
captain. Arthnr F. Hounseau: John JenWn,
Henry Jen*»n. Binjt Schroeder. r.enrge Smith.
Yawl class— Frolic, scratch; captain. C. Swain;
crew. Frank Swain. Roy Bradford, Lester Stone.
F. Funston. St. John MacCormlclc. Athol Turley
and Kobert Thcddy. Mannwai. measurement not
taken; captain. Stewart Dnnbar: cr«w. George
Brijcgs and Chester J. Smith, i Olra, handicap 1
hoor 3 minutes and 59. necond!«; captain; J.
Pirac; crew. J. Drew and William Herlltz.
Schooner daw— Apjflc. scratch; captain, J. V.
Coleman. ' Marions Dave Dean, aalling master;
captain. E. N. Van Bergen; crew, M. B. Cow
man. Lieutenant Van "Bwgen. E. VV. W'estpbal.
James I.anapan. Erlc;Thor and Charles Jfthnton.
White Wing*: captain, T. C- Squires: crew. M.
Hewitt. M. Ford. A. HedUrer. B, Hediger. R.
Ward. C. Oorjreson. C. Anderson, W. Shlnn. 8.
Auglllpe. J. McCarthr. H. Green, B. McMullln
ami J. Holton. Chlspa: captain. Charles Chit
tenden: crew. Otto Hillefeld. E. L. Heuter,
Teddy Day. Reginald Klngwell. Otto William
Frese. Waiter Jensen. Oscar Heuter, Max A.
Sc-hmidt, H. Hensbaw. I. Outte, Ben II
Schmidt. Max 11. Schmidt ami Carl Schmidt.
L«dy Ada; Captain F. D. Chase and I. - Zelle.r
bach. *
Class 1 will give the new sloop Ful
ton G Its first real tryout against the
Yankee, which allows It" a- trifle over
16*£ minutes. This should prove a
close race. The Presto should have no
trouble in carrying off class 2. The
contest in claus 3 between tjte Monsoon
of the San Francisco club and the
Merry Widow of the Aeolian club
should be a elo*e nne f Among the
yawls, it is difficult to say which has
the best chance. Both the Frolic, and
Qlga are slow freight*, while Stewart
Dunbar's now Manuwai has never been
tried out and its sailing ability is un
known. The schooner race should
prove to be a good one. It is the first
timr in many years that five schooners
have raced together and it looks as If
the big Aggie and the new Marion will
fight it out. '
Kennel Qub Quarrel
\ Amiably Settled
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO. July 21.— The con
troversy between Oakland dog "fanciers
as to which group of men was to form*
the Oakland * kennel ' club was settled
today when '.a stipulation dismissing
tho suit of J. Maxwell •Taf.t.VWllUaiti J*.
Creed and C: W. Denny against' Secre
tary of State, Curry was filed.,
Taft and his following, had applied
for articles :of incorporation to the
secretary, of /state, for J the, Oakland
kennel club, as did G. W. Ellery at : the
head of another following.* for the bay
dog fanciers. When -Curry refused; to
file the articles mandamus proceedings
were brought.' ' ' ; " ; ' . ;
The trouble was: settled. out. of 'court,,
however,- and ;the* Ellery -following- is
to organize the Oakland kennel club;
Empire uty Results
+. ,—,, — , . ; :—: — ,, — +
the i to 2 farorlte." won; th«:Y«nkers. handicap
herf t(xl«.r, and In doing **> created a new track
record /or a mil* and- a sixteenth tot r 1:45 1-5,
which ; in oae-flf th ; of « - second faster than ; the
beet prerioos time. Tiiiiiinaii i'l] i T|ftlWip«i' Mjfrl
Flrrt race, fire and a balf furlontfi— Agility, 8
t« 1. won: Ynca.' 15 to I,* second; Hiccough, 8 to
1, third. -i Time, 1:08. •-•--' :
• Second race, - mile and 20 yard* — Sepnireda, 0
to \u25a0 J , : wort : Wenna ,^ 4 to ; 1; second ; • Perry ' John
eon. 7to 10. third. Time. 1 :42 2-5. . . \u25a0 •
Third race, «lx - f urlnojrs— Cimpfon.' 7 to 2.
won : Nl mbu!>. ' 4 to 1, ; second ; > Danfldd, 8 to - 1/
third. Tim*. 1:12.v ,: -.•/. ..-., ..:•.* -v. -, -.--. /\u25a0\u25a0.-\u25a0^ ....
„ Fourtli race, mile and a Mxtrrnth— Dalmatian,
1 to 2,"won; Czar. 8 tol, second; Uuck, 20 tol,
third.' Time. 3:45 1-5.1 '
:- Fifth race.nlr furlonfß— Mr. Golljrhtly,* 5 to 1.
won; AtdlTla,:4:to:irisecond; GauntleV2,t©-5,
third.' Time. 1 :13 3-5.'." : .; - „. '-?\u25a0 * - -." ;
Klxth race.;; mile Vand" a i sixteenth— Krlkfna,
eTen. won; Montsfmirryr-S to ."•."sccoad: Barrer
F,'O to I,' third.' Time, -1:47 3-5.
\u25a0TBJ!.:BAN;-:yJtAN.GiaCO;-GALL FRIDAY. JULY- 32. T^IO;
••//. W . Bogen at the tohcel of the 191 1 Jackson: Beside him is William Bogen, his father.
Overland Owners Planning Reception" for Girl Trariscontiherital
Traveler Who Will Finish^ Run Here
Blanche Stuart Scott; in .her- "Lady
Overland" , is. ;nearing San Francisco.
Yesterday she ,crossed the. great divide
and entered California, -reaching Sac :
ramento. < Today she will come on down
within easy distance of San Francisco.
A delegation, of auto .enthusiasts .wiil
leave early i Saturday, morning 1 , going
up, the road, to escort herLto the city.
From her schedule 1 of running" time she
will cross j on ' tho'.l o o'clock creek ; route
ferry from Oakland, > arriving/ in San
Francisco shortly before 11 a; m. . From
the "number of requests 'madeiby' Over
land -owners to participate in Miss
Scott's reception ,J.;W./ Leavitt^ &\Co,,
agents for the Overlandj cars/have de
cided to, ask all ;owners; of [these
and motorists i in general to rendezvous
at' the ferry at r1 0:4 5 o'clock" to escort
Miss - Scott - toj; herj'hotel/ On Monday
night a banquet- is tobe.given! in honor
of Miss Scott, bylocal enthusiasts. ' : \u25a0
A. B. Costigan, 'president of .the
Pacific motor i car company, .reports
- ' ' '-."that lie . lias-Just
>de livers d;^- the
5 f ourth '.- -:,'£ Stevens
r.Duryea'auto to the
Hotel \Del nMonte.
Three, years ago "r the- hotel; people s pur
chased the* first of the Stevens-Duryeas.
It; was at? the: time they, sold; the ; horses
and installed i the fauto. L:, :' f- v ; ;
: Of all the autos that the' company has
owned the . Stevens.' has | been . one ' of , the
best -paying. -The- company- alsor has
sold a second light six cylinder Stevens-
Duryea to ;. F. \u25a0H. p Bardshare i of , Sisson;
who ;w.lll /drive: his ; new car'" home.
Bardshare boughUhis'flrst "car in 1907.
S t c venn-D« ryea | :
for Hard Service
With the Issuance; of ' catalogue^ No."*.7
of;E.}J. Day &r Co.Jof Oakland
-.„,..-•«-. \u0084,„.*.. »-.-:.-.,» .has.'; been <.brbught
ji.wi thins sreach^i of
xthe iiautomobfle
f o w,n c r^.{^ which
"r • \u2666 ,:\u25a0 ?^, \u25a0•; -jT- should- prove™ of
interest and .value. wThe. book -lsincatly
gotten iiip and "contains 'descriptions and
prices 'of ; everyiarticle; in 'the . accessory
and supply; linelwhlch ; might v bel needed
orj desired; by/a motorist.*s;;.Thercutsii are
clear- and-^ the? description i* explicit,^ so
that -aiii article may/ be: ordered? by i mail
and prove satisfactory. . >. -
the^ condensed-: fornvr and < the - 4 articles
Fine ; - Aeeemory \u25a0<
Catalogue limited
are •an • arranseu aipnaoeucaiiy. '03 011
page siso being -indexed, with a general
index in the back.:
";":'. E.7.J.- Day & CoWare one of the, oldest
wholesale and retail firms on the coast
and cover the. entire territory \ with
traveling men who are .versed \n . the
accessories-and supplies, of the. motor
car.'"- v ; .-.. : ". \u25a0;• •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•-;• \u25a0 :'< '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0 " : - -<\u25a0'.\u25a0''\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0'*\u25a0[ j-
The company also has issued a, whole-,
sale a dealers', edition:, of the .catalogue;
which isbound in heavy linen,' thereby
keeping, its shape through"' hard usage."
'The Hugo Millar automobile
pany has., received -;w*rd \u25a0 from .-.''the
™ J """" - ™'"*"* 1 >: Premier 'manufac
• turing/c o m p a n y
• that . after a « wait
l. of -'-more'; than -a
;t - -:'-}-^ •-.: ,\u25a0; --^year; ahd-;'a*Uialf
they, haver finally .recAiveJ- thoifrfmous
McDonald , and.Camp.bell trophy.^.the
prize -for* which iQuaker; City: motorists
competed: for : ; thr«£e consecutive; years,'
\u25a0and hwhlch ;vwas'"> won \u25a0 for, permanent
possession ibyrßay'F. McNamara; of. tha
Premier. ,compan}V.^\The~ big? cup?iSi a
particularly ': handsome : and?ivaluable
one^and^it.-is.iOne vof. the" bbestt t known
prizes in the automobile sportinglworld.-
L Jtv disappeared,? however, . and was:lo
catadiat-Wilkesbarre a short timeiago
and^s sent* f rom * there i? to the]- Premier
; factory •\u25a0inj'lndianapolis. 1 The vsearch 1
wasshastened by..thefac t. that* the!eon
test iboarJ- of Hhef American, automobile
association ."demanded 'its ? delivery V to
the winner before any further sanctions
would-be f issued ;to .the t Quaker./; City,
motor.jclub. for endurance:. contests or
race? meets.' ; •• . '\u25a0 \u25a0 -;. "i" i \u25a0'-." \u25a0-,\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-'\u25a0>/,
The Premier Co.'?;' I
Gets Fine Cup |
~& The? E^M-Fi Pathfinder, -.which has
just? completed>the route). for s the ' Mun-
• v vscv .":- tour. \u25a0 whlrh
i starts ' from?Phlla
idelphiarAugust -15/
, stood -the -:l;700
! «-»«nrs SMWr ->--^««*-.- J^mile i journey!,^^llke
a Jhero, ; quitting as, fresh cat? the vfinish :
as V, it * waa i at fcj the U start. ~v. ..The i'jvarled
character^of |thesroads,%includinifif long
stretches fc;ofi boulevardUke.i> thorough
fares/; mountain climbs,i;fordsiand? some
Of J the J,"dlrtr and s mud"^ type J will *glve
thei contestants' all testing
thelrellability-:of;their/cars.^The 'entry
lißt?for.Uli?iMunsey^ tour inowj includes"
the SPremier.s Columbia,^- Ford, {Elmore
and ?Regal-Plugger; cars. \u25a0 The^E-M-F
companyJ will ? furnish, the pilot: car and
a; press car." " . f
R-M-F Pathfinder
; v Finishes Work
i.* * ' " "' ."\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0<
Cecil ll.tStone, 1 - Pacific, coast manager
for ' the -Black ma'nufacturingcompany,
« -'--' : \u25a0\u25a0"'• \u25a0:\u25a0 - - '\u25a0-- : '\u25a0* y builders •of \u25a0t h c
Black : Crow f cars,
j received a^telegram
.„. , ,J yesterday, which
«v- ji t \u25a0*\u25a0\u25a0«\u25a0' - T stated! vt ha t ;: the
Black 'Crow 'broke the world's record
for;: 4 51,500 cars -in the- 200 mile, race
f pr ? the Cobe trophy in Indianapolis on
the :;, speedway, v .Two Black ; Crow cars
were entered, both, driven by amateur
drivers." and ; finished 'neck jand neck,
doing; better'than; a mile a minute. .'
Blnck'Cron- '
, > Break* I Record
: ; George. S. Johnson,, formerly manager
of the Fisk rubber, company, /with head
\u25a0-':-'--— — -- '-"-' "'\u25a0\u25a0 '-'" v --.Quarters in I; this
.city,' .and for * the
last season head of
_^T the ; Osen &" Hunter
, \ ; v vij;icompany, agents
f6r. the 'Mitchell cars in ; the, northwest;
arrived in', this city yesterday for a con
ference with, the Osen=& Hunter people.
Johnson. is enthusiastic over/ the auto
mobile., outlook; iniithe; northwest; and
sa!d-that theicars ireceived "from the
Mitchell r factory ' this year did not \u25a0 sup
ply, half <the - demand, adding- that- he
couldhave sold twice as many if he had
received Uhem.^"^' .\u25a0;*,. \u25a0\u25a0>\u25a0: .\u25a0 \u25a0•\u25a0•.•-. -\u25a0;;-, ;-:
John. ion Conien ...;
Back to: City
i- Among ithe California motorists L who
drove: to** De l' Monte ;;durlngr : ; the • last
-^ - « ,^ \u25a0-'\u25a0'«•"' •-- week -may; be: men
tioned -E. S t lmson
?and N.ltWllllamsin
Cadillac > cars ; \u25a0:\u25a0: \u25a0 L.'
a > :\u25a0:}. \u25a0\u25a0-.! T wA. Mitchell. sR?rE.
Drescher.i O.(E.> Green,' H.vWrlsrht'and
G.'eH/ Ennis; driving 'Locomobile's WW.
MUls.^Stea.rns;.' Uf-T.vYates.Mrs. Maier
and >party^ in -Peerless.' cars;; John ;ReJ
ington,, Chalmers-Detroit;iT; X Milton,
Ford ; y S. M. : Griffith, Winton Bi g : Six ;
; M.~E A:~ ; Mack. ? Buick ; --\u25a0 Georgre > Burton.
StoddardcDay ton; * F. a E." a ßooth. - Lozier ;
man.^L;:Gerstle, < C. H.'^. Wilhejm; -C. *E.
'Anthony and , J. V.- Laveaga in other
makes.:-- \u25a0:'\u25a0; •-: -\u25a0 •;•;\u25a0' -:- . :\u25a0'\u25a0:-'- • \u25a0• \u25a0;;--\u25a0-. \u25a0-' "'\u25a0
Auto \u25a0 Owners f\ : z'£
. At; Del Moute
*•; According to ir. figures .-J compiled i: by
FobsemO.-Bell.t; superintendents of 'the
motor/.vehicle % department ; of - the ;offlce
ofsthei secretary fiiofvstate.r 1 automobile
buslnesslin' 'California? httsiibout
bled £ in « the fjast ;* two « years." For * the
flscaliyear/closing 'June* 3o; the fees;ag
gregated 3532,050.50,v? whi1e « tw0 -years
agoitheyicamestofaftlittle r over*Sl6,ooo.*
; Last syearS fees >i to v 119.000.
. months; has beenUhef greatest; since '.the
inception i of l the; department, '
The following amateur games have been arranged by the inde
pendent baseball league managers to be played on Sunday:
Juvenil<si. • ..Vs. .Martinez • . . M«tin«» .
Antioeh . .". Vs. .Crockett Crockett
Redwood City... •..Vi..Saa Mate« San Mateo
Barney Frankels. .Vs. . Petal uma Pet&luma
Bohemians Vs. .Ashland • Ashlasd
M Turkey Reds.. Vs..Benicia Benicia
Youn* Men's Institute "Vs. .Fort Baker Fort Bak«r
Gantner te K&ttern .Vs. .Ssjx Rafael Saa B.af»«<l
Mission. Merchants. Vs.. Saa Rafael Juniors .San Rafael
Hay ward*. - Vs. .Modesto Mode»to
Braley Grotes.. Vs..C«nterrill« -.Centerrilla
• /Lash's Bitters Vs.. Larkspur '. Larkspur
Butchers' Exchange. . • .Vs. . Alameda Oxls : Elsihurtt
Pinol*. .Vs.. Concord .Concord
j Shreve &Co ..-.Vs. .Vallejo • Vallejo
Sperrys. Vs. .YountTille TountTill*
Seminoles. . . • Vs. . Morarchs •. .23d «t. station
. Lansdale. Vs.. Benedicts Larkspur
Raspillers. V». . Clar-monts ....." Corbin irrouads
• " Western Club. Vs. .B»y | Point Bay Point
Studebaknz..'.-..* ;Vs..Napa .....:... Nap*
E1e5c05. ...... .Vs. .Hayward Juniors. . • Hayward
Bay Shore Greens , Vs.. Presidio... ..Presidio - I \u25a0
: Kanley Ryes ...Vs. .St. Joseph's Sodality Fruitril*
Carroll & Tiltons '...-•... Vs.. Lhrermore •.LiTermor«
' Lillys . . : : .Vs. . Models. Lincoln park
\u25a0': Rinoon Hill.. -...Vs..M. J. B.'s. Golden Gate park
, .- Devi»adero Street Merchants Vs . . Ba.ss-Hueters Mill Valley
• -Molders Vs. .St. Joseph's Institute 13th and Wood sts.
Redwoods Vs . . Alerts Frnitral*
F. R. Webhs -Vs. .Bay Views • Hornpile
Petaluma Eag-Hs Vs..O. B. Runds '. . . .San Antelmo
Bun«aJowa Va. .Fort Miley . . ; Fort Mil«y
.Acmes.. Vs.. So. S. F. Merchants Golden Gate park
Taylor Lumber Co •..' .Vs.. St. J. S. Dramatics .-..Dwight way
» Santa Fe Vs. .Rodeo Rodoo
Clarions .Vs. . Merced : ....... .Merced
'-.'-:\u25a0. '-:\u25a0 J. H. Kruse .Vs. .Aautcitas 41st and Market «ts.
3 Buchanans • Vs.. Occidentals • Golden Gate park
Red Sox Vs.. C. O. Merchant Jrs .Vaa der Naillea
Ocean Views ..Vs..Gea*ral Lawtoas.... Ocean View
Form Exclusive Organization to
Draw Away From the Old
General Body
'. Th*e automobile dealers have again
reorganized. A few weeks ago they
got- together and held a meeting of the
old association, which was supposed to
be a reorganization. Officers were
elected and they voted all the money
intlie old association to the San Fran
cisco motor club, to help along that or
ganization" in its "work for good roads
and: boosting of the automobile game.
After ; they had dne this they tried to
restrict the membership to the- auto
mobile dealers only.
.This was found impossible, as the ac
cessory 'men and pothers who had been
members of the organization had prop
erty rights to be considered, .so the
meeting adjourned.- Since that time a
movement ; had been started .which re
sulted in the meeting of last night,- at
which only the automobile dealers were
present. ; The . get together - spirit was
thoroughly; discussed, and all seemed
to'be heartily in accord. ;
; Before the meeting: closed those
present had. decided to form a perma
nent organization to be known as the
Motor Car Dealers* Association of San
Francisco. .The "officers elected ;were:
\u25a0J.C'A. 1 : Marsh, president; Cnyler Lee, vice
president;" C.S.. Richardson, secretary,
and fl'i J-7 Morse treasurer.". The board
ofidirectors Is composed of E. P. Brine
gar, H.Il Owesney, J: ,W. Leavi tt, Wil
liam L. Hughson and A. £L Hunter.
;:^ This, means now,that. the. dealers who
are in this association will, undoubtedly
withdraw ' from' the old reorganized as
sociation, .which will leave it •to the
accessory : men and : others. ; The latter
will * have the told association, but the
money has taken wings.
UOS ANGELES, July-21.— Word has
been flashed by , wireless to James J;
Jeffries at Catalina island, that Billy
McCarney.ithe Philadelphia boxing pro
moter, vis /ready to /give the " former
champion * $50,000 to . appear l in , a six
round."; no 7 decision bout with ; Al, Kauf
man* at -one'- of "the Quaker city ball
parks bn'LiaborJday.
* 'McCarney": is \u25a0\u25a0reported^ to "•have" tele
graphed theVoffer to • a jfriend) in this
city," ; with*instructions toascertaln what
the ! prospec ts^ migh V Jt>e "to . Induce^ Jef
tries I to ) enter \u25a0 the " ring "j with i the other
Califomiah. . /"-', . . . ,<
I ; It V is {^further '^reported that Jeffries
can 5 chooseVbetween ; the ; lump,' sum ; or.
take"4o percent of the gross receipts,* ,-.'
Marchmonet Captures Farewell
S Handicap, With Chester
Krutn Second
SALT LAKE CITY, July 21.— The
spring meeting of the Utah jockey clu!>
at Buena Vista ended today and most
of the horses will be shipped to, Butt«
and Cheyenne for the meetings at those *
places. The Farewell handicap. th«
feature of today's card, brought to
gether a good Held and was an ea?y
victory for Marchmonet. Chester Krutn.
the -favorite, finishing second. Jockey
Vesper rode'jfour winners, while Rux- ;
ton took the remaining races.
The fall meeting of the. Utah jockey
club will open September IT and* run
-\u25a0 First race. n>e fnrlonar*. srlllng — Jcssap Barn. •
102 (Yosperi, S to 5. won: Tram* tor. 102 <Sel
den). A to 5, aecond; Aquiline, too <lvc>r*t. & tn
1. third. Time, 1:01 3-3. Cbanatc. Sahado. Good
Intent. Prithee. St. Francis and First Cro^c n>»- '
Isbed as named. •
Second race, seren furlongs, selllnz — Fred Mnl
botlaml, 104 ( Yasser) .> 5 to 1. .won; Elder. 101
(Iversk. 12 to 1 second: Mi*» Picnic. !>."» i.«-l
den). 7 to la. third. Time. l:2Sl-3. Prome
theus. Sain Fox. Dare Weber and, Olaacus fin
ished as named.
TWrd race, one mile, selling— Bonnie Priiw-e
Charlie. .10.V (Yoaper), '4 to 1. vcon; MlllPr'n
Daughter. 08 OlcCarthj). 12 to 1» seconU; Sitter
Grain. &5 <Jahn»OQ>. 8 to Ji. third. Time.
1:43 2-3. Coorent Bell and Tan.-iyrlDi-.hcil as
earned. . .
Fonrth race. * one mile. Farewell handicap.
$1.000 — Marchmonet. 99 (Bustont. 9 to 2. kwi;
Chester Krnni. 101 (Gangel>. 2 to 1. tsofond: Or
hl«mlar. 114 (Klrschbanm). B to 1. third- Time..
1:40 2-5. Lomond, Lewistoo aa«l Frleae finished
as named. . ; . • •• " , -
• Fifth race.' six furlooss, "elllng— Minnie
Bright. 99 (Button), lfi to 1. won; Emma <:.
101 (Selden). 3to 2. second; Rllly Mver. V U .
(Kir»chbauia>. 1 to 2, third. Time, 1:14 1-5.
' Dixie Dizon al»o ran.' »»^,
Sixth race, atx furlongs, aelltng— Execute. IB
• (Vwper). . 7 to 5. won; Lady Panchita. Kh»
tlrerai. 5 to 1. second: Hamper. 110 (Taylor), 7
to 2. third. Time. 1:13 43. Sewell alao ran.
McGraw Beats Player in
Game of Fisticuffs
ST. LOUIS. July 21.— Pitcher Arthur
Raymond and Manager McGraw of the
New York Nationals clashed here this
afternoon and the pitcher is suffering
from a discolored optic as a result.
"When. he reported at the ball park his
condition^ displeased McGraw. -who or
dered him' to remove his uniform. Raym
ond refused and a mixup'.was precipi
tated by McGraw. from which Raymond ;
emerged second best. Later he,remove<t
his uniform' and left Uu clubhouse.

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