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Failure to Participate in Games
Entered Rouses Ire of the
The registration committee of the
Pacific athletic association held a long
session yesterday afternoon and dis
cussed the cases of a number of ath
letes. James McGee of the Irish-
American athletic club and Elliott P.
Craig and F. E. McNamara of the
Olympic club were cited to appear be
fore the committee at the next meeting
and explain why they entered two sets
of pames on July 4.
The following athletes who entered
and failed to appear in the original
Gaelic dancing club's games which
were held last Sunday at Shell Mound
park were notified to send in their ex
ruses to the committee before next
IXil CaltJwt'll Dan O'Neil
.Tames Mrt»ee A. E. Nelson
Taonias MoFarland Charles S. Morns
Irnuk Sullivan E. A. McGregor
John Murj)liy !D. Creodnn
P. Murphy K. Z. Prentice
i;d Xunau r«t Hallisey
P (rt'onnell Eddie Mulbern
J " Pernpie | Henry Hpckcrt
.•obn J. Burke Charles B. Peters
Pan Itr-ise H. M. Actou
Ldw ard McMullln •'. Bennett
tienrze Martin F. OUen
Kdwsrd Martin F. McQuaid
F Fprcus<jn «'. Win<*elmann
Hrnrr Samuel D. B. Mann
Vincent A. Fabris f. Murphy
'"eorge J. Itegan J. Caruey
John Sullivan Louis Xaselll
F. J. Zeislng
The majority of these athletes are
members of the Irish- American ath
letic club. They claim that their
names were entered by an official of
the club without any authority.
The Swedish -American athletic club
was granted a sanction for an B*^ mile
road race for teams of five or more men
to be run on August 21 from the Cliff
house to Sixteenth and Hardy streets.
The Native Sons' celebration commit
tee was granted sanction for a track
and field meet to be held on Saturday,
September 10. at the stadium.
Pending an investigation the card of
M. J. Murphy was temporarily with
drawn, which prevents him from par
ticipating in any amateur sports.. It
is claimed that Murphy participated in
professional games at Fairfax park.
James Cole, a colored youth. has
been suspended for participating in a
professional race with Allen Garcia at
the Presidio athletic grounds.
San Franciscan Will Meet Beats
Wright in Upper Division of
National Draw
BEOOKLINE, Mass., July 21. — Sev
eral surprises occurred today in the
national championship tennis games.
The first in the third round -when N.
W. Niles and A. S. Dabney, who won
the eastern title last year, were de
feated by P. Ware and NT. P. Hallowell,
a comparatively obsure team, S — 6,
S— 6, 2—6, 6—4. 6—3.
The conqueror's prestige was short
lived, however, for in the next round
the Tale team of R. A. Holden Jr. and
F. M. Walrous won from them, 6—2,6 — 2,
6—4,6 — 4, I—6,1 — 6, 6—3.6 — 3.
Another surprise came wh*n eßals
C. Wrigrht and Raymond D. Little, in
ternationalists", were put out of the
tournament by G. F. Touchard and C.
R. Gardner of New York in a five set
match. 6—3,6 — 3, 6—2. 2— <?, 3—6, 6—4.
In the Longwood singles the semi
finals in the upper division of the draw
will he Beals C. Wright and M. E. Mc
defeated F. J. Sulloway. 6—2,6 — 2, S — 6,
€ — 4, and McLoughlin won from G. F.
Touchard. 6—4,6 — 4, 6—3,6 — 3, 6—3.6 — 3.
Northwestern Tourney
MINNEAPOLIS, July 21. — The semi
final round in tbe singles in the north
western tennis championship tourna
ment will be played tomorrow at Lake
Minnetonka, with L. H. Waidner of
Chicago and W. G. Graves of St. Paul
and Joseph Armstrong of St. Paul and
H. E. Gardner of Chicago matched.
The finals will be played Saturday,
and the winner will become champion,
as M. E. McLoughlin, last year's cham
pion, will not return to defend his
Good Racing Card At
Park Tomorrow
The park amateur driving club will
resume its matinee races on the park
stadium track tomorrow afternoon. A
good program of five races is on the
card and the usual well known trotters
and pacers will start. The entries are
as follows:
First race, class A pace, mile heats, two In
three— J. Perry's Little Medium, H. M.. Ladd's
ItiHgrose. D. E. Hoffman's Dlctatntn. L. Ma
rischV Lit Me Dick, I. L. Borden's Roberta.
Second race, free for all trot, mile beats, two
in three — H. Boyle's Modicum, S. Christenson's
Keina Directum, A. Ottinger's Charley T.
Third race, class B trot, mile heats, two in
tbre* — R. Nolan's-Blllie Burke. Captain W. Mat
ron's Bird E.ve. U. Coflsaui's Dividend. F L
Mattbe-' Walter G, I. L. Borden's Barney Bar
Fourth rare, clasn A trot, mile beats, two In
three — M. W. Hereog'6 Lady Nell, H. C. Ahler's
Sunset Belle. A. Ottinger's Mike Kelley. F L
Mattbes* Rsymond M, F. W. Thompson* Lady
Washington. J. W. Rmedley's "Red Velvet, F. yon
lK*«»ndorfs Cita Dillon.
Fifth rare, class A pare, mile heats, two In
three— H. Boyle's Zoe Itvll. I. B. Dalzell's John
T. D. E. Hoffman's Balboa.
Offloen* of tbe day: Starter, G. K. Erlln*
Juds:** — J. A. McKorron. A. J. Molera, H. A
Uosenbaum; timers — A. Joseph, R. Nolan; mar
shal, H. M. Ladd; secretary, K. W. Thompson.
Man Supposed to Be Strongest
When in His Thirties
Experiments made with thousands of
men show that the muscles of the
average man have their period of in
crease and decline, whether he uses
them much or little. The average
youth of 17 has a lifting power of 280
By his twentieth year his power has
increased to such; a degree that he
-should be. able to exert a lifting power
of 320 pounds, while his maximum
power Irs reached in his thirtieth or
thirty-first year, 365 pounds then being
recorded. ..'. .
At the expiration of the; thirty-first
year his power -begins to decline, very
gradually at first, falling but 8 pounds
by the time he is 40. From 40 to 50
the decrease .of power is somewhat
more rapid, having . dropped, to 330
pounds at the latter age, the average
lifting power of a man of 50, therefore,
being slightly greater than that of a
man of 20. . *•- '*
After 50 the decrease in strength is
usually' rapid/ but the rate of decrease
yaries surprisingly in Individuals,
The board of.di-
OwAPcslPfffflcgvwt. V rectors of the labor
>v^s^mS^"^ council hall asso
ciation, in conjunction with a commit
tee of five appointed by a committee
of all unions on May 8, met last Sun
day in the Labor temple and recom
mended that the lot 90x150, northeast
'corner of Sixteenth and Capp streets,
be selected as the site for the future
home of the central labor council body
of this city. . Last Sunday's meeting
unanimously approved the recommenda
tion of the committee and will so re
port to the council Friday night. In
addition it was deemed advisable that
a committee of 20 be appointed to act
with the board of directors of the 'hall
association in making all necessary
arrangements to secure this site and
proceed with the building as soon as
practicable. It is the intention to erect
a class A building and one which will
be a lasting monument to organized
labor in San Francisco. . $
The trouble in the building industry
in Stockton is still unsettled. The busi
nessmen's peace committee offered a
compromise which the mechanics ac
cepted. It was to go back to work at
$4.40 instead of J4.SO per day, but this
compromise was not agreeable to the
contractors. State Organizer J. W.
Libby of the united brotherhood of car
penters and joiners has given out the
following statement on behalf of the
We took this action at the earnest solicita
tion of the citizens' committee, .who represented
to us that It tris the only peaceable way cut
of the present difficulty. Tbejr explained that
they had labored hard to bring abnut «n ad
justment, but the action of the association of
contractors and millnien had made it impossible.
They expressed the bellff that a compromise
of $4.40 a day might brine about a
that it was for the best interests of not only
the carpenters and the contractors, but the com
munity. We were naturally disposed to main
tain our ground, believing that our demands were
not unreasonable, but having faith in the com
mittee and a loyal interest in the community's
welfare, we acted npon the MifgettM compro
mise and its adoption was practically unanimous.
The managing committee of the
amalgamated society of carpenters and
joiners at a meeting Wednesday night
elected the following officers for the en
suing term: President, Charles A. Nel
son; vice president.' F. W. Merriman;
secretary, L. Cinnamond; treasurer, T.
N. Sampson; trustees, D. Morrison, K.
McLean and W. B. Lewis. Hereafter
meetings will beheld in the Building
Trades temple Monday nights instead
of Wednesdays. A donation of $100
was made to the strikers in Los An
It will be decided at the mass meet
ing Sunday in Los Angeles whether the
union Jabor people will join with the
prohibitionists and vote that town dry.
This will certalnly.be "done if the State
Brewers* association does not recede
from its position in the Los Angeles
strike. Local option petitions have al
ready been printed, and the laborites
will begin Monday morning to circu
late them if the state brewers continue
in their present attitude. Men in con
trol in the labor movement in Los An
geles say that the thousands of social
ists, the church federation and the
Young Men's Christian association will
make a common fight with the labor
forces to win local option to the city.
The only conditions upon which this
move can be averted, so the labor lead
ers say, is for the brewers in Los An
geles to grant union conditions to the
men in that industry now on strike. '
Business Agent J. J. Morris of build
ing material teamsters* union No. 216
leaves next Tuesday as delegate to the
Peoria international convention. Dur
ing his absence* Secretary -Treasurer
Walter Duryea will act as business
agent. Morris will be absent about a
At the first meeting next month the
subject of buying Geary street bonds
will be discussed by the union.
In the absence of M. £. Scott, Bert
Larue presided at the Wednesday night
meeting of waiters' union No. 30. Elev
en candidates were obligated and T l6
applicants received. The following
were elected to fill vacancies on the
executive committee: J. C. Scott, W. D.
Scott, A. M. Beaver. Frank Flamm and
A. J. Peterson. Four members were
disciplined for misconduct In headquar
ters. A letter from Spokane states that
the union men won out in the; injunc
tion suits and that a settlement of the
trouble was in sight. The following
resolution was adopted:
Whereas, bavins investigated the records of
the candidates for the state senate, and having
fonnd that Senator Marc Anthony has been a
stanch supporter of union principles and op
posed to Asiatic immigration at all times; there
fore be It -
Resolved by waiters' union, local No. SO. as
sembled, that we advise and request all members
and friends who have registered' as union labor
voters to change their registration immediately
to republican and to do ail possible to re-elect
Marc Anthony to the senate from the twenty
fourth district.
\u25a0 \u25a0 • * * \u25a0•'.'•\u25a0' -' * * • .
The Pacific coast waiters' association
last Tuesday night gave a smoker in
the headquarters, 355 McAllister" street.
A varied program was given by talent
drawn from the various theaters. A
special meeting will be held July 26
at 3 p. m. for the purposre of agitating
the .moving of headquarters further
downtown. It is said that an ideal
location has been found, and an option
has been obtained upon it for a short
time. " -
At the. Wednesday night meeting of
machinists* lodge No/ 68 it was voted
to purchase 10 bonds of the Geary
street road. The local contributed $200
to the Los Angeles strike and $300 to
the strikers in the northwest, besides
making several other smaller dona
tions. . -
Milk .wagon drivers' union No. 226
was in session Wednesday night, with
President Crowley in the chair. The
local 'decided Jto parade on labor - day.
Every member not working must re
port for the > line of march-and.be
checked off after the parade. The week
ly assessment of $140 was sent to the
general campaign strike committee.*
Secretary M. EL' Decker was granted
a 10 days' vacation. He -will spend his
outing in Marln county. ."* The regular
weekly donation ;of $50 :for the Port
land teamsters was made.,. One mem>
ber was admitted on a transfer card.
At the last meeting of upholsterers'
union No. -28 the secretary was author
ized to send to- all manufacturers, and
custom shops the new wage scale. This
schedule will take ; August 22.
It Increases wages 50 cents a day. *:
At the recent, meeting ; of printing
pressmen' and assistants'- international
union it was i'Jeclded to: open a tech
nical school, in. Chicago. „ \u25a0 . :,.-'.
The marine, engineers',-, association
has. authorized; its executive board .-to
make arrangements to -take .10- bonds
of the Geary street | road. - The associa
tion Is an 1 : advocate of -municipal own
ership. ' . ,
The sum of $76 was paid'to-'the''gen
eral strike campaign committeeiby-sta
tionary '. firemen's ; union "at Its lait meet
ing. v Two candidates were initlated,<~A
committee was named to make; all; ar
rangements for the ; parade on labor
day./ I \u0084-\u25a0.-.. .'. .-\u25a0;\u25a0' ;•;". \u25a0?:
--The •• following ;.; officers'-:' have' been
elected by. journeymen tailors" union
-\u25a0 *\u25a0'. \u25a0 ' \u25a0 \u25a0'. \u25a0'\u25a0:' ' \u25a0:- 'r~i f-l:- \u25a0:;\u25a0\u25a0>. ..*-. ,- " .V."
No. 2 : President, M. "' J. Noonan ; : vice
president, B. Leavenworth; "correspond
ing secretary, "W.^'J. Duckworth; finan
cial secretary, C. .F. -Wachter ; sergeant
at arms, H." Westphal. "
President Maxwell" was in the chair
at Wednesday night's meeting of
butchers' union No. 1. Three candi
dates were obligated; D.. J.- Murray
was elected delegate to" the coming
Los Angeles convention of .the state
federation" of labor.; The fifth weekly
assessment to the Los Angeles strikers
was made.
f The Oakland board of 'public .works
has let a contract for the construction
of a police telegraph and alarm build
ing*. to cost $44,794, with the" proviso
that Oakland union labor men be em
ployed. : . " ' : '\u25a0\u25a0 -, ,
Stablemen's union No. 404 met in. its
hall Tuesday night. M. J. Regan was
chosen business agent, while Thomas
White will attend -the international
convention in Peoria next month. The
weekly assessment for the Los Angeles
strikers was levied., .
The boycott against the Rincon
Hill stables-.. wi1l be raised Friday night
by the labor council, as union condi
tions now prevail there. \u25a0'.. '
At a recent meeting of waitresses'
union 1.0 candidates were obligated and
live applications received. Vice Presi
dent Ida Keen presented gifts from the
union to three members for past serv
ices to the union. "
At the last meeting of carpenters'
union No. 1082 the local indorsed the
candidacy of William H- Bemiss for
clerk of. the supreme court. It was
decided to parade on Labor day.
\u25a0;\u25a0 . • . ; • • %
At the last meeting of sailors' union
of the Pacific another $500 was voted
to the strikers in Los Angeles. Ship
wreck'benefits were ordered paid to two
members of the crew of the schooner
N. E. Smale^ The following delegates
were chosen to, represent the union. in
the labor council: Joseph T. Liddy, Fred
Meyer, K. Ellison, R. Tunnell, Paul
Scharrenberg, John Floddin. August
Seaman? William Vortmanr Ed Ander
sen and E. A. Erickson. .
At a recent meeting of painters' union
No. > 560 .the following officers were
elected: President, Frank Palmer; vice
president, Charles C. Collins; financial
and recording secretary, B. H. Walser;
warden,,'J. H. Bond; conductor,. C. A.
Linnell; trustees, D., H. Clinton and C
A. .Linnell. Treasurer Apperson holds
over, having been elected for one year.
At the conclusion of the meeting all
repaired to a banquet. . v
At the last meeting of the Fresno
federated trades and labor council it
was the sense of the meeting that here
after •no more indorsements of ". candi
dates for- state offices shall be given
without such candidates have: firstxbeen
vouched fqr by the state federation of
labor, the San Francisco labor council
and the state building trades council.
The joint council of teamsters has
elected F. J. McGovern to sit as. its
representative on the arbitration board.
M." E. Decker was authorized to investi
gate, the difficulties 'of the San- Mateo
county building material teamsters.
After a six months' contest it was re
ported that Rincon stables ; had been
unionized. | Next Monday -was set apart
as. a time' for trrvestigating: difficulties
which have. arisen in locals across the
That: the Foresters ! of. America are
taking an interest in the crusade waged
by the Anti-Jap -laundry -league is
shown by an article in \u25a0<\u25a0 the last issue
of the American- Foresters Review,
which -was read before .the . league*, at
the last meeting. The Particle: touches
briefly upon* the issue and- closes with
the expressive advice: "Fire the Japs."
J. H.Kehoe, secretary of the Reno,
New, branch of. the league, ,but three
months in existence, writes: _".The sup
port we are receiving | from' 1 all , classes
in Reno is. very- encouragingi to -the
workers, and a continuance of such
support means an early solution of our
Japanese problem here." \u25a0
Farms Devoted to Culture for
r : Sale to Entomologists '
~; One of the strangest, 'methods of
making money, a "Writer in Chamber's
Journal points out, is surely the rais
ing 'of butterflies In the same manner
as one runs a poultry farm. .Yet in
Europe there, are -"seVeral such estabv
lishments, and they., have attained a
degree of great prosperity.
: One in France rose from very- humble
beginnings to: an extensive industry,
while similarly in these islands there
is a flourishing farm on the southeast;
crn outskirts of London. -Here in the
early, spring; may be seen as many 'as
forty of fifty thousand' caterpillars. and
pupae, while in the . summer there may
be thousands- of butterflies "of every
conceivable - color and : ' beauty flitting
about the various houses in which they
are caged.v:. \u25a0-.-<_. -'v ; '.";;-".,"- ; . . ...;'-\u25a0•
This novel .: nursery ; covers', an ; acre
or so, and the strange -stock, is -housed
In large cages ''.built « around trees, so
disposed as ' to provide , inside conditions
as analogous' to those; of ."nature "\u25a0\u25a0 as
possible.. In addition/ there are nu
merous smaller cages of '-a;r portable
character, .which, \u25a0\u25a0 *with ; their^ strange
contents,', can- be* moved ."about": from
point'-,. t0/, point as desired, and attached
to the trees. , v -, ; \u25a0 \u25a0'. .,'',:, \u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0/;\u25a0, •, ;; ---.;'
In extensive; glass houses are culti
vated hosts, of plants ':and\flowerr of in
finite variety," "on >which\the; caterpillars
and butterflies ! can move 'about at \u25a0 their
own - sweet * wilC ; :^The ? f army Is ; carried
out \ on I lines : .very'> similar/ to. those. • in
orchid cultlyation.f and? assistants r are
retained j for/ scouting",' various 1 parts; of
the ''country . for - hew.' specimens.* The
product of -the- farm is solely to \ ento
mologlsts. . "•'..."\u25a0; , . .-\u25a0-':.. --'-:: S'^
Blamed 'for All Errors, ; But
/Pleads Overwork
"Oh, yes," said a- proof reader, "I've
let a good many . errors ! get by, me. -" But
it's, noti my; fault.': HTni : overworked. ' -. -
*.* "The I correspondence x Jumped
me last week' because I allowed a' reply
and an answer to, get mixed."? The mixed
paragraph came * out >; like • this: XJ* '->•:- V ;
.-,*.\u25a0*« for 'A ; coated "torigue-^Wash
the?., tongue v.well '\u25a0''\u0084 and 5 soak iit >in cold
water i over \u25a0 night: ,« ln ..the morhingr; put
it into a. kettle full; of .cold I watery stand
it -'over a -.very • slow; flre]and r » let ]it '* altn
mer,gently for s three "hburs.'or^ until" you
can 'pierce \u25a0 it 'easily., with fa- f ork.'.?; ;.• -m; :
v a ,',' Our " shorthand ; reports ; are \ &o\ full ?of
errors 'that' it's": noj wonder j I overlook ' a
day^; in >a* speech \u25a0 of , PresldentiLTaf t's.'r a
hasty -error, one \ that '/seemed 4 -; to % have
something.- personal; arid "offensive* in \ It.
The .president,^, you;" see,'-" said" in;:, his
speech, VThe (dayi is^blg"* witli> fate, % arid
it came'out in : the^ paper,* .'Th'eTday \u25a0'•\u25a0 is big
withUaC '• " - • ;••• \u25a0'-:--,-
"\u25a0\u25a0 , ; \u25a0 '- . • . ' : : ; MEETINGS— -*»dK*|j <^jJ^Ov*
A'^& '-A^S.' R. :"of Free* Masonry,:, -.
* ;'. San \u25a0\u25a0 Francisco \u25a0: council* No.' '\u25a0!—! — •\u25a0 ';* "BfitP : %
Thirtieth degree FRIDAY. July. » '.<- mm ,'; ra
21', 1910. • at* 8 'p. m.. Golden 9br___Sw
Gate CommanUery hall, wßi-BMBBM
HENKY ASCROFT,- Recorder, :^pMffiia^
CALIFORNIA commandery No. 1. ":-T.—"j — \u25a0 m
; Stated :•*. assemble THIS . (FRIDAY* rjSSjT
EVENING at 7:30 o'clock". Albert Pike \u25a0{)&}
Memorial temple, 1809 Geary st.. Order v
• ofthe Temple. 'All fraters cordially Invited.
- . : Eminent Commander.'
..WILLIAM K. JOSf, Recorder. , ? : y
MlSSfONiodge N0.,169. F. & A:<M.— Of- A
fleers and mcmbcrH arc horeby -notified «t#«^
to attend the funeral of Brotlier JOUX/\/\
CROSS, late a member of Phoenix lodged ~*^
No.'l3.,Ypßilantl. Mich., from the ball 'of the
,Iodge*FRIDAY, July 22, 1910,; 1:30 jj. m. By
- order, of the W. M. . * •
. ';... ::' . \ \u25a0 * FRANK; W.' SMITH. Secretary..
AMITY lodge No/, 370. -F. & A. Ml— -;.__ "
Srwcial meeting •• THIS 'iFKIDAVt _fW
:i EVENING, 7:30 o'clock. Third degree. /^^
> T. r WALTER WALKER.. Koc. x
'\u25a0 IF.' YOU- LOS_ ANYTHlNG— Advertise it 1
bere. It will be returnedto you if an honest
person finds' it. * Remarkable \ recoveries are
brought about every day through tUi» column.
to The . / v \u25a0• .-j -,
' San Francisco Call .. • \u25a0
- . '. ': Loat and \u25a0 Found \u25a0 Bureau
_ T - 111 l and • Marke .*.'!s* r f ets .
-Get a claim check; \u25a0 Have; it advertised.
Reclaim It if the, owner does not. - • -;\u25a0
.* THE LAW— People who find lost /articles
are; interested in knowing that the state law
Is strict in requiring them to seek the owners
through advertisements and otherwise, and
that failure to do so, if proof can be shown,
I involres a severe penalty. ' " - r [
LOST— A ; : . passbook '\u25a0\u25a0 with the . Ilibernla • Savings 1
and, Loan. Society of San Frauclsco. in the
of MORGAN DOYLE. No. 3TO-037. .The
finder will plrase return to bank.. Unless same
is returned trlthin 5 days a new book' will be
Issned.to the applicant. '. ,
POCKETBOOK* 1 '- lost, •••with sum of -.money and
Southern raoine" ticket to" Shawnee." Oklahoma.
Return to AIJBERT ZAN<!E. Golden AVest
; Hotel, 'betwecn?S and 9 a. m.. and receive re-
.; -. ward. \u25a0: . \u25a0 ."'.\u25a0'"-.,\u25a0•. ,'.\u25a0;..\u25a0\u25a0." -'
WILL girl who pickwl up cuffs with ouff. buttons
• v at Webster and Haipht sts. Wedneswiay after-
noon. Initials O. Lv, return same to 402 Halght
ft.? Reward.. .; :. - - --,- '.':. .- ..- '
LOST- — Ferry \u25a0 depot, .a . small leather purse of
jewelry; rallied as a keepsake ; liberal reward.
•', 21!) Kearny :st. :.. '. -. . • • ...
LOST-r- Wednesday afternoon between 12 nnd 1
,• o'clock.- h. bundle of clothes. Keturn to ll»77
M J lne ft. and' receive reward. \u25a0." . : \u25a0"* '-
LOST— Monday \u25a0-" nigbt, vicinity panhandle, mink
fur KhouWer piece. ' Ileturn to J. D... FLOYD,
116 California St.; lihernl reward. \u0084
LOSTr-From Santa Cruz train near San Mateo
Saturday.: lady's white lingerie hat. . Finder
please address ,D.. 764 Pine st. . T
FOUND— Lady's watvh. July > 17. Send correct
description and' particulars to box 1511. Call.
LOST— Yorkshire terrier; vicinity Bus-b and
Leavenworth sts. • reward. 0(jl -lyeavenworth.
EMPLOYMENT WANTED— MaIe .'\u25a0 \u25a0
AAA— ITALIAN young man. 17. of good charac-
ter and ability, wants position at once. . Ad-
dress 4555 Mist-ion st. v . : . •
Al ? German cook with best of references J rom
leading hotels desires a situation. Address
BAR TENDER, middle aged, all around man,
. single, .wants ' position at reaßounble .wages;
honest- and sober; -city or country. R. A.,
Point Richmond P. O. /
CHAUFFEUR wishes position in either city or
country;, does the repairing nnd will -do other
work; strictly sober. -- Address I. K. 8., 1048
-EUls.st..-r--' .: \u25a0'\u25a0-..\u25a0 - •.„.'\u25a0
EXPERT accountant makes a specialty of keep-
Ing small sets of books. Box 1503, Call office!
FIRST CLASS carpenter and cabinet. maker, cap-
able of all kinds of woodwork, steady and *o-
, r ber, seeks private employment. . Address P. O.
.box 82. San^ Bruno. San Mateo county.
GOOD cook wants a good place; hotel, restau-
rant or "family. CHARLEY HONG, 718 Grant
avenue. -\u0084.-.-, \u0084 j ; , . : , v^v, /\u25a0•.\u25a0': '
INDUSTRIOUS young man. German-American,
wishes steady position at anything: not afraid
to work. LOUIS : BETSCH. 1324 : O'Farrell \u25a0 st.
JAPANESE J boy wants ; position as** schoolboy In
small family in city, t* Address 5.. : ITO.- 1501
; Post St.. or phone Home' Kl274. '. .\u25a0\u25a0*\u25a0 *•'• ;.." ? : -
JAPANESE boy wantg position as laundryman in
private family 4 in city or country. Address S.
FRANK. 1501 Post et., San Francisco; phone
Home 51274. . - .-.: \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
JAPANESE strong . young- boy • wants j position ' as
laundry c boy, •• with or -without • housework;
speaks English well. G., TAKEJAWA, . 1624
Post St.. i San Francisco.- •;.-. ' .' '
MECHANICAL"" engineer, foreman or assistant
;•: .engineer, nrst class 'draftsman, 10 years', shops
. and . D. ~0. ' experience, .thorough •„ theoretical
training,.. ; desires -position; .\u25a0 speaks \u25a0: English.
-- French *snd German; . references. \u25a0 Box 1520,
Call office. * \u25a0 - - \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 ',- '\u25a0--
OFFICE, clerk.f.thoroughly^ experienced' in office
. \u25a0 routine_ work, typewriting.* corresponding,: etr.,
desires 'po»ition;where merited- advaneement^ is
.possible; age 23; local' references. ' Box 1522,*
\u25a0";, Call 'office: .-..;.•,.» y., ;\u25a0,*\u25a0? \u0084-.:* ;-;\u25a0.'. C. . \u0084;.\u25a0.-.
SITUATION;; wanted; sober young \u25a0 man,- master
of. accounts,' speaks. several languages. '.desires
I some . kind | of \u25a0 position, v Box 1334. Call \u25a0 office.'
STRONG, intelligent - young man, '•\u25a0 with .< many
. years'- service -in.rthe- marine ;and good, city
references, desires- a place as watchman -In a
large manufactory .V. Address "ALFIE VIEL,
3224 17th st.;v or box 1398. Call office. g \
WANTED— By. a competent book keeper, a small
. set of <bookg. : to- attend' to- evenings." Address
box 1253. Call; of flee. : ; ; ; ; V ,;, :.
YOUNG man going east to N^w York would like
to represent some firm on, the. road: am going
to walk: guarantee to do work. WM. A.. BAB-
COCK,. 757 Howard St.. city: : . . --"
YOUNG :. plumber and >gas ; fltter,. with 4 years'
\u25a0.'.: eiperience,* .wants position where he can ''get
cljanoe on. new- work; good on repairs; city or
'.country. .-. Address box 1517.- Call office.*. ; :, '
BAZAAR. 1108 VALBNCIA ST. : -,"\u25a0\u25a0 ->- : \u25a0 \u25a0
COQK 'wishes -position 'in*: San Rafael. 'Address
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 401. D ist... San: Rafael.. v^ .; , X ' ;; ;".:^; ".:^
DRESS \u25a0 MAKER— Expert |lv f all I branches: high
„ class \u25a0\u25a0•; work;', will' go.' out. : Telephone - Frank-
\u25a0r 11n ;4829.'; " ; '..ir : - \u25a0; .-.-' \u25a0.?-./•';'-.,:.' "\u25a0:' •\u25a0
ESTABLISHED dress maker solicits ladles pat-
\u25a0\u25a0 . ronage; :perfect-flttlnK:»quick, r and -prices \u25a0 rea-
sonable; at homeor -by 'the day. Phone Purk
- 5233.m-.-v-:- \u25a0-..*./- ..: ;v '.*.. .:'.:'\u25a0- v-'..-'.-...'^. .\u25a0,-.\u25a0\u25a0::.:.'
MIDDLE AGED woman would like position to dZ
\ 1 housework*; -good' house and >a' first class
cook : .,best .» of : city, references. , Calli at; 1518
v : Treat ay.-. near. Prccltfl. • \u25a0--•*.' "'•:!\u25a0-•,- * v
NURSE,i> refined/ experienced •* masseuse. - gives
treatments; for rheumatism, paralysis, > etc. ,'•' in
\u25a0 patient's own home. - For -appointments. phone
.Market*22o7. .:-*...-..\u25a0 :' ' \u25a0 \u25a0 '\u25a0:.•? '',:-- : >; \u25a0'
WOMAN would'!lke;to do. rough drytwashingat
-\u25a0 home, or^ would go. out by. the day. or half day.
MRS. ; WORKER. box-70G9.'; 1108 .Valencia st.
WANTED-— Position's as ; bouse keeper. In ; rooming
: .'".: house * or ; apartment ; :- experienced. .'\u25a0 Call .3390
- 20tb St.. : room 2. -.-;•_•.• -:'':\u25a0;;'- *.•&•\u25a0 . *
\u25a0;\u25a0•-: nt iSIAIJB HELP WANTED X
WANTED— AbIe bodied men • for . the U. i S. Ma-
\u25a0 rlne . Corps, -i between the ages .. of 19 and 35.
. Must . be .= native i born '\u25a0* or \u25a0 nave, • first - papers.
--Monthly pay $15": to '$69. "- Additional 'Compen-
sation ; possible. . Food, " clothing, 1 quarters 1 and
.. medical- attendance free. '-\u25a0 After 30 years* serv-
I a Ice 1 can retire wi th ,75 \u25a0 per cent : of pay and al-
i lowances.'i Service* op -board ship -and" ashore
.i in all parts of the world. * Apply to U.S. Ma-
? rine Corps . Recruiting : Station, c 95 - ; Market . St.,
,- or 51 TThirst..d < st.. San Francisco. 7 Cal. :%<.:•:..\u25a0\u25a0,. .
WANTED — Competent man "to ; take - charge "J of
stockroom | who ;: has !• had 1 experience ; . handling
*: drygoods;; fancy- goods jand notions;^ must"; be
\ capable of installing , a . system; under : which jan
accurate record will ; be , kept , of ? all t mercban 2
disc in his charge; must also possess tbe neces>
Bary qualifications to handle people under him.
- Apply .: In • own I hanowrfting,"^ giving ' age,: refer-
- -ences'and salary,, expected; to box. 1509,'. Ca11." r ;
WANTED— For, receiving .clerk,* man. : with knowl-
' . edge >of * dry :' goods :*•; also ithoroughly
"• familiar with 1 clerical , work; position Is one . of
B responsibility I and | requires j i<arty I with I exper-
E I ience | along - the I lines - above j mentioned." \u25a0\u25a0 Apply,
stating i age. 1 reference \u25a0 and \u25a0 salary > expected, ,' to
ybox:lso3. Call'offlce.K ;./-::?\u25a0:\u25a0 r V"::^,
ENERGETIC, .-".wellV connected '\u25a0 man,"-; accustomed'
> :to \u25a0 doing i business, for ; selling ) end , of -' splendid
HIGH i CLASS I PROPOSITION ; I here : until : Sep-^
h tember,*-, then east * with me j for 1 3 - months ; I per-*
& manent berth ! for . the' right party : | calf- and i see
_j me , any t : forenoon/j Suite 206,* Mills \ building.'.- .
ANDRE'S; " 1044 SI Larkln »7 st."— Couple for/ fruit
\u25a0- ranch,"i.wlfe = to' r cook,"< man i Kenerariwork,'*sso:
R pantryman,-^ salads." etc.*; 4 $55 : | hotel ' porter, $43;
' -.;\u25a0 French \u25a0" or* German - couple '--* for? vineyard, 5 $50 ;
'.;-, kltchpji^ hands, . $30,' VSo;\ $40. setc. - > ~;:j j:+^), \u25a0 ;
WANTED — Reliable, '• honest'; man who -can: Invest
'^$250 with bis I : services: ln good,* legitimate 1 and
. .'.;. old : established | business ; 5 will | pay,; you $125 per
•j I mont h ; > no"*- experience «, necessary ; i wan t i steady;
* ; man.'' : ;Cali; 1028 iMnrketTßt.Uroom^ll^A^.^%J
MEN and women, , learn I the ! barber 1 trade :' junder
m Moler system {.we c teach \ln i 8 weeks; 14.800 posi-
\u25a0 tlons I furnished I last * year ; fwe | can • not i supply
' demand for our graduates. --Do not be deceived,'
. Molex college In S. ; F. 1» at 23tJSd at.
MALE :, HELP WANTED— Continued
;\u25a0'\u25a0..•" 782-754-7S6iHOWARD'ST.. , ,
- ." BET. ' CD AND . 4TH STS.. San \u25a0 Francisco.
PHONES SUTTER. 1205 and 1206; Home J 1546.
: \u25a0 7th and Broadway,- opposite S. P. depot,
* -\u25a0:.-:' Oakland. *
Phones Oakland 7361. Home -A 5745. -
- . \u25a0\u25a0-• 2<l and H sts.,; Sacramento, i
"d and ,;Ma!u sts.r and -120 . Marchesault st.,
- ' - Los Angeles." : ' . '
528 ' Jackson st.,, San Francisco. ;
\u0084'\u25a0\u25a0 Laborers, drillers;- tunnelmen. teamsters.
\u25a0*:\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0- \u25a0'\u25a0-.•\u25a0\u25a0.:.\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0 NO OFFICE FEE.
;; - -- FREE FARE.
, Laborers, drillers, roekmen, trackmen, con^
"crete. men. teamsters: all free fare.
Laborers; etc.. railroad work.'. , *-.'-;
-Laborers and teamsters.. FREE-FARE.--
"\u25a0Drillers, tuunelmeu, teamsters; all free fare;
ship dally. ..." ' .
"."0 laborers, Jogging company, railroad; fare
$ paid. \u25a0 .' \u25a0 . • ' \u25a0
> ON THE :
K.i . CUTOFF. :
: Colfax,' Applepate; Ilowman. Auburn, Pcnryn,
•' . \u25a0 ' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'-•• . . Newcastle, . Uockllu.
• Machine drillers.
Chuck tenders. •\u25a0,-. - ..
Muckers.. , \u25a0 . \-
Laborers. -• .
\u25a0 "J" J Tunne^ii.
v : No fee. Free fare.
A FEW . . -
Ranch blaoksruith. south, $7.">- anil . found. \u25a0•
10 lumber pilers. ?1 fare, $40 and found.
."! log fixers, lumber company. :soo and found.
Night cook, restaurant. 'S.V fare. $15 week.
2 carpenters, free fare, south. $3.50 day. .
\u25a0\u25a0,:-:\u25a0 HOSS CARPENTER.
Boss carpenter, free fare. $"» day.
20 teamsters. Olanoha. $67.50. - -
20 laborers. Olancha. $67.50.
\u25a0 2 carpenters^ free fare. $105.
All the above free fare, ship today.
\u25a0 FARK PAID.
Man and wife. ,mni as \u25a0 dish washer, wife as
waitress, fare paid, see bos-s here, $65 and fd.
Kitchen hand, fare paid, see boss here, $35
anil found. .V
Baker; fare paid, see boss h^re. $50 and found.
Engineer, hoist, for a mine. $4 day.
4 stablemen." oity and country. \u0084 v
- ' FREE FARE. " \u25a0 •
35 men for sawmills,' yards and woods, no ex-
perience needed. $4." and found.
. Steward, small*. camp." tee boss here. $50 and fd.
; Cheese maker, and »vife to cook for 5 men, $63 %
and found. -. -
Hand 'blacksmith. R. R.^camp, free fare,, $00
.1 and found. '. .. . v. ":
Slieet metal worker, country job, see boss here,
' $W5. \u0084 . ,; ,: . ..;,•;\u25a0
4 6 box makers, piece work.
15 laborers, city," S hours. $2.50 day.
10 laborers. -warehouse work, city, $3.60. day.
- • G brick layers, big job. free fare, $5 day.
'..POWER CtV. .
£.1 laborers, power co., see boss here, $75.
'•" 15 carpenters, big Job, good company, free
fare, $3.2."> t" ?3.50 day. '
5 millwrights, good company, see boss here,
$3.50 day. * :
The abore are only a few of our" specials.
Call at oar office. s«>e our bulletin boards. :
• See who doeß the business.
MURRAY & READY. 752-754-756 Howard st.
HOPS— Men, women; and children* wanted for
hand and machine hop picking; begins •about
August 5 at Wheatland, Perkins, Cosumne and
Tehama: begins about August 20 at Ukiah.
E. C. HORST CO.. 150 Pine st.
Men wanted to learn. barber trade In 8 weeks;
entirely free; time no limit., Call or write Pa-
cific Barber College. 670 Washington st. near
/ Kearny. ' . ; " " -•."\u25a0\u25a0' '•
WANTED — By. wholesale house, young man about
18 years of ag*e, with some knowledge of, dry
: j goods. Address -In own handwriting, giving
\u25a0\u25a0' references.. box ir>2l.\CHll office.- ; . -
RELIABLE man wanted to help manage estab-
lished cash business: will pay you $25 weekly;
small Investment: $150. Call 1122 Market
st.,'. room 3.; \u25a0 v * .' •;''.*"
WANTED^-Tborough. practical , pianist ito play
• to pictures in 'nickelodeon; must have experi-
~ ence in this line; no others need apply. Ad-
; dress box 1516. Call of flee. ,
WANTED — Drapery salesman who - understands
' Interior draping. Apply superintendent's office,
from© to 11 a. 1 m., HALE BROS., Inc., Mar-
ket<and Sixth Bts.. -\u25a0 - '
WANTED— Railway mail: clerks, city carriers,
clerks f In *- San' Francisco; \u25a0 examinations an-
\u25a0*• nounced July .. 15. preparation free. Franklin
Institute/ dept. 141. Rochester. N. Y.
We . teach the barber business absolutely free to
next 10; no limit to time. Call or write S. F.
BARBER COLLEGE. 790 Howard st. near 4th.
WANTED — 600 men'to occupy rooms, 20c to 30c
per night (free bath), at the NEW YORK, 753
"\u25a0- Howard . ;st. between 3d and 4th- • V-
EXPERIENCED toyman: as- assistant to man-
ager: • state I experience, reference -and salary
"expected.,- Box -1533, Call 'office. • \u25a0\u25a0-.-
CASIIBOYS nnd errand>boys wanted; must bring
•- school '"• certificates. -Apply superintendent's
•;•- offlce^.The Emporium.-- — " . -' '\u25a0\u25a0.
MEN" of ideas with some inventive ! ability.
GREELEY . & McIXTIBE, Patent Attorneys,
* Washington, -, D.- C. -'•> -•-*\u25a0,';-"". * -
WANTED — Al man in San Francisco for Modern
Protective Association; small salary and liberal
N commission.' 52 Bacon bldg.. Oakland. 1-2 p. m.
NEW. WESTERN. 1124, 1 Howard— Single rooms,
\u25a0; 15c and *2Cfc .per- iiight:>;hot and cold'water.
FIRST CLASS picture frame maker wanted. Ap-
' Ply to S. & G. GUMP.CO./ 268. P05t st.
NEAT younc man to act as usher In the Electric
;\u25a0.*-. theater. .- 1326 Fillmore * st. ; call after 0 a. m.
PHOTO coupon agents wanted; good proposition.
« SCHAFFER, 72 San Pablo ay.. Oakland.
MEN ; wanted at 103 3d st. jto i have their shoes
repaired; sewed;sole« 75c.' done: in ! 10 minutes.
MISSION branch of The Call, .MILLER'S, sta-
tloner. 3011 16th St. '":•>* .
WANTED— Men *= and : ; boys, • no expense for In-
- - structlon, **• learn automobiles, . electricity, plumb-
. ' Ing. * brick a laying * trade In months instead of
years; study -half and \u25a0 wolk half time; cata-
logue free. { United .Trade School' Contracting
- Co., 1623 Market st.. San Francisco. \u2666•
AAAA — Young,' women, r< between 'the ages of IS
and 25, of fair education, neat appearance and
. unquestionable '. character," ," wanted "to study
j telephone | operating as . a profession ; a liberal
. salary . is paid new operators 1 while In training
/ at- the Operating Scbool- of \u25a0 the » Pacific . Tele-
- phone and Telegraph Company, and upon erad-
ication they, are 'given -permanent /-positions at
V. the ; switchboards, 1 with t opportunities I for pro-
motion. .'^The Pacific Telephone and , Telegraph
. Company provides :, light .; and .s well ventilated
\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 ,; operating - rooms, : < pleasant >\u25a0 rest " . and * lunch
B rooms,, and' takes ,a personal interest in the
, welfare ; of : the^ young, women in : Its \u25a0 employ.
. . Competent '\u25a0, operators ' furnished to private
I 'branch exchange subscribers. For 'fall particu-
', larB > call, "*, preferably 'between '8:30 -a. \u25a0 m.. aad
; 12 m... at -the Operating 1 School, .Telephone
Office.'. 2015 Stelner* st. ; ...-.;• - ;r ; .-...-..-
PARI/OR 1 maid acid > waitress.". $35 ; j chamber maid
\u25a0 i;and> seamstress. „ $35,7 country: ;'\u25a0 good -German
'.- . cook,- \u25a0}. private •' family.?. $00: \u25a0£ cook - and \u25a0 second
girl. ~: same-; house. i-,535-$3O;. German- nursery
' r governess. : 2 children, $40? second cook/ private
-^-family,; $33;;; cook, ; small ?family, ; s4o; nurse
.. for; 2 > children, plain - place, $25; lady's i maid,
'.\u25a0-"1; lady, "willing rto travel.' references'- as a
maid.- $35. : - MISS • PLUNKBTT. 1896 Sutter. ;
;"-,'; "-,' •> \u25a0-.'=-.•- v ELOESSEU-HEYNEMANN : CO., >
AA-— Women } and " girls • for i cutting » and . canning
;i fruit ; V. apply s immediately ; highest \ * wages ;
. steady.; work;?, healthful: and" moral * surround-
•; : Ings: -• experience <: unnecessary. CALIFORNIA'
;2 CANNERrES CO.; ISth and Minnesota sts. v
-*'-'^-4 ; -;\u25a0*:-\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 .. :.\u25a0:'."•' OAKLAND. .•--.-, -:-.-i\ .:-><**£\u25a0>\u25a0\u25a0*'.
- : • ;> . WHILE LEARNING. ' ->- - _', - *:
,' X- > APPLY TO TMR/ DAVIS. Y 7.\u25a0 \u25a0/
WANTED— Experienced .cloak .and;"- suit' sales-
,.> woman 'for? one ofiour outside ' stores.' , Apply
'3 superintendent's > office, ¥ from 1 9 Jto \u25a0' 11 ' a. : m.,
: l\ HALE BROS. ,~Inc.'/: Market and 6th { sts..- city.
ARN 1 hair ' dressing : at \u25a0 CALIFS COLLEGE OF
. HAIR DRESSING and Beauty Culture; day
and nigbt school; individual Instructions; form -
.-..ulaa given. -, 867 Vy, Market St." bet.l sth and 6th.
EXPERIENCED^ cIoak Sand SsultT; saleswoman;
ff- must * be > well - f recommended ; t for - Daly : Bros.,
?V Eureka.^ Cal. '•.Address =E.*rN.i BOYLE, Hotel
ViOrmond.i 44o; Eddy 'st.i : ;* ". " \u25a0\u25a0
WANTED^- Young women to train as nurses, be-
rn tween | ages ; ; of 20 1 and 30,t< of i good | education/
\u25a0iz neat 5 appearance. \ Box : 3888, Call < office. I Oak-
inland.;,.;.-;- - ;. **- - . .. . . • \u25a0 . t :
YOUNG '"woman < wanted 'to mark ; merchandise;
.-must make good figures. Apply superintendent's
•office Tbe , Emporium. *:. *\u25a0> v.
EXPERIENCED saleswoman wanted foe china
and glassware department. Address box 1701,
Ctll, office. . ,"*\u25a0*
WANTED — Good millinery trimmer, maker and
saleslady; ttrst -class -city positions: state ex-
\u25a0 ' ; perleuce and salary expected. Box 1534. Call.
EXPERIENCED saleswoman* wanted for house-
| bold I and cooking ntensll department. * Address
box 15C5, Call office.
LEARN hair dressing, manicuring, hair working,
massage; special teacher*; evening classes. Tbe
SPECIAL rates — Learn hair dressing, manicuring,
* balr work;' only system in S wks.; positions
waiting. MILDRED bittr store. 1475 Halght st.
CASHI'IRLS wanted: must bring school certifi-
cates. « "Apply superintendent's office The Em-
YOUNG girl :to assist In candy and stationery
store.- 392 Dolores st. *
WANTED— Woman 25 to ST> years old to do gen-
eral housework. Box 4601. Call office.
HOPS — Read ad. under Male Help Wanted. E.
C. HORST CO.. 150 Pine st.
ELED CHAIR on the market. This chair is
made -completely In our own factory, "we doing
away with the cheap nickel plated work, snch as
you see on other chairs, finishing our chairs with
a porcelain glass enamel. Remember, WE are
manufacturers. ' selling YOU direct, doing away
with the MIDDLEMAN'S PROFJT. which means
a great saving to YOU. Compare our PRICES
and TERMS with the high rent payers. Vibra-
tors, chairs, fixtures and balr . driers sold on in-
stallments of $5 per month.
Several bargains in second hand chairs.
Phone Franklin -3359. - • 94 Turk st.
BARBERS, ATTENTION— I tave an out of the
. ordinary opportunity for party wanting a first
class . np to date 3 chair shop; complete in
every detail, including bootblack stand, cash
register and room for 12 chairs if you want
them; 10 years- lease: hotel shop: rent only
$30 a month ; price $425. I consider this one
of . the best buys in San Francisco.
TUNGSTEN STEEL, tne name of the newest
creation In razor . steel. This NEW STEEL
surpasses all other steels. No matter what
sort of a STEEL you have been using in tough-
ness and edge holding qualities, it stands th*
same as TUNGSTEN electric light does over
a candle. Be convinced at your dealer's.
A REAL BARGAIN is offered to any ccc de-
feirlns an UP TO DATE three chair, oldi estab-
TOWN, close In: good lease and LOW RENT;
NEW FIXTURES throughout recently installed.
CHEAPEST mirrors In city; down- with high
prices; all kinds of barber goods at right
prices; time same as cash with my non-
forf eltfng lease. Phones: Park 1242, MSV4I,
394 Hayes St. ; *
BARBER wanted to locate at 19th ay. and
Clement St.: good location; cheap rent. SON-
BURG & nAMMILL, 1730 Clement »t.; phone
Pacific. 302.-1.
ONE chair shop, doing good business, with 2 liv-
ing rooms in rear; 6 year tease: rent -cheap.
Apply SE. cor. Rose and E. 14th St.. Fitch-
burg. '. • • ' '
WANTED — First- class barber: wages $18 a
week, half over $30. Reply to n. A. GOEH-
ING, Tremont barber shop. R«>d Bluff. Cal.
FOR rent— Furnished barber shop in Berkeley;
also unfurnished shop In Visalia. lI ADEN A
BOONE CO.. 2415 Shattuck ay.. Berkeley. Cal.
2 CHAIR barber shop for sale; must be sold
this week; a bargain. 1605 Market St., Oak-
land. Cal. ...
1 CHAIR shop for sale. $10O: near Oakland
main carltne;' low rent. Address box 4451,
' Call office. Oakland.
GOOD barber wanted Saturday and Sunday.
Mission Hotel barber shop, 2052 Howard Bt.
near 16tb.
GOOD barber for Saturday and Sunday; $7. 262
; Valencia st. . •
BARBER wanted for Saturday. 2507 21th st.
near, Bryant.'
GOOD barber wanted for Saturday and Sunday
till noon; $4 guarantee. 612 Clay>Pt.
BARBERS* UNION 148, office 343 Van Ness ay.;
free employment; tel. 'Market 888. .
2 chair barber shop for sale; 3 llTlng rooms;
rent $15. 2958 Folsom nt.
LADY barber wanted: steady position; guaran-
teed wages. Inquire 206 10th st. '
BARBER wanted for Saturday and Sunday. 712
* Front st. between Pacific and Broadway.
GOOD barber wanted Saturday and Sunday; $8.
1661 O'Farrell st.
BARBER wanted Saturday noon and Sunday
noon; wages $5. 1507 Dupont ft.
WANTED — A barber for Saturday. 2313 Santa
Clara ay.. Alameda. . -
GOOD barber wanted Saturday and Sunday. Ap-
ply at 237 4th st. *
GOOD barber for Saturday and Sunday. In-
qulro of ED CORDY. 6S Taylor st. -r } ...."'. -.
BARBER for Saturday and Sunday. 822 3d st.
BOOTBLACK stand for sale; 4 chairs and room;
frest chance in town. 131 O'Farrell st. .
TWO good barbers wanted; steady; high wages
made; 10 cent shop. 219 Montgomery aye.
MANICURIST; one that can' do ladies' hair
dressing." Hotel Argonaut barber shop, 50 4th.
BARBER for country. Call at 477 14th St., Oak-
land.: *. : -.'-\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0--•\u25a0
BARBERS' Protective Union — Employment secre-
tary. W. BARON. 775 Mkt.; phone Kny. 5384.
BAUER'S, the modern' supply house of the
. west, re— loved tn SB :O'Fwrreli »t. \u25a0
AAAA— CANTON Bureau of Information— Chi-
nese servants; 'contracts for resorts. Canton
Bank b1dg.,. 649 Kearny st.; phone Sutter 118.
- Largest Japanese and Chinese employment \u25a0 of-
fice In dty.T. TAMURA CO.. 16^2 Lagnna st.
AA— OSCAR HATSUMI. Japanese-Chinese Emp.
Co.; best help with care and guar. 1513 Geary
Bt.; phones. West 5683. Home S4OSB.
A. S. HORI. reliable Japanese-Chinese help
promptly, furnished f open day and nt_Ut. 174S
Sntter st. PHONES— WEST 2503. B-2503.
H.W . HONG, Chinese \u25a0 eraployement office, 803
.Webster St.. Oakland; phones Pekln 23. A 3725.
STAR emp. office; Japanese-Chinese help. " W.
KODATA. 1608 Geary: teL Went 167. 54908.
SALESMEN wanted; no experience required;
* hundreds of propositions now open paving from
$100 to $500 monthly; our- free- book. "A
-Knight; of -the Grip." will show you bow to
get one of them; write (or call) for It today.
Address National Salesmen's Trailing Assn..
10198 - Metropolis Bank bldg. "Branches .New
' York.- Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis. At-
lanta. : - \u25a0 . - - __. J
SPLENDID opportunity for a first class specialty
salesman to - travel and solicit ' the retail drug
* f and grocery .trade "for a first class, well lntrcv '
r duced household article; answer, giving age.
»* previous experience and salary expected, ref •
-erences, '.etc.; an. excellent position for the
"right man; none others need apply. \u25a0 Box 4452.
Call of flee, " Oakland. \u25a0 ."-. .'\u25a0*-*/ '
SOLICITORS wanted; good- money paying propo-
sition;, no experience required.. 0. HORN.
photo. . 25 3d st. i . :' .' -
WANTED — First class traveling salesman In the
* cigar business. \u25a0 Address box 1579.. Call office.
FIRST class solicitor;" good opportunity. Gas
; Consumers' Association. 467 O'Farrell . St."
SALESMAN . for country work ; salary . and com-
.-. mission: beach property. 1480 Market st.
ACCOUNTS, rents, wages and all kinds of bills
. collected. Phone Sntter Jjs7____i!helaj"? L bldg.
A small 'want ad lfi The Call win: do It quicker
than a dozen signs plastered on yonr windows
' and which *- spoil the looks of . your .: home . be-
sides. Phone Kearny 86 for an ad man to call
: and see you. \u25a0 *-* \u25a0 _______________I___J"_
: -ROOMS ',TO LET—Ftir.^ aad Unf ar.
A COZY home for, respectable ladles, 1130 Mar-
ket Bt. near Sth, under auspices of the SAL-
\u25a0*.; VATION V ARMY; J elegantly furnished; - every
modern convenience: steam heat, electric light
v and elevator service; spotlessly clean; centrally
located; thoroughly homelike; telephone Market
1349; prices very moderate, ranging from 25c
-*\u25a0 per night up; special rates by \u25a0 the week or
: month. See matron,* room 33. „ -,
AAA—UNION St., 972, near Jones — Beautiful
:\u25a0 rooms; walking distance; fine view; no signs;
preferences...:. -.?-:'. --. \u25a0 -*\u25a0* .-' .'. : •'" '\u25a0*. *~ \u25a0\u25a0-• '
CALIFORNIA St., 2437 — Sunny ; south \u25a0 room; use
;-\u25a0; -\u25a0 of . bath; rent reasonablft.' ;*- *^ *. '."....-\u25a0".
BUSH St., * 368,. near Kearny — All outside rooms;
s* nicely \u25a0•<-- furnished: '* electric lights;, running
S water; i day, -.week, or -month. ' ' \ ; \u25a0 '
CALL' and " see our rooms « fitted \u25a0 for batching,
* . or i without, $2.50 • up. . . 1738 .*, Fillmore - st. : *\u0084 -
DEWEY "HOUSE; '4th and , Howard— AH modem
- conveniences; 200 rooms. Ssc. to $l<day.'s_ to
* |5 a week; free batUs; Howard or 4U» at. cars.
1 " : ROOMS TO LET— ConjJ____! —
"or 2 gents: rent $-«t P«-r monta.
FULTON st.. 701. corner Bucnanan--' front
roffliM to let, stcgle or en aulte. .
---————-— 132. off Flllmore st.— Nice.
G fa ß rg^^nny? front room, suitable for 2.
-———-—— 9 23_NIcelT furnished room. «ult-
for 1 or 2fZs l^r month. .
• a month ; new.
hotvard st 1939 n*-ar 16th— 1 large, elegant.
H ?uVy^ > fn 8 r-ished 'frTnt room, with b-th: \u25a0*««-
ablefor 1 or 2 gents; handy to car lines, rea-
" sonable. \u25a0
LACUNA St.. 130-Large. sunny .«!«\u25ba»« '„££?
with runnln!; water, glectric lights; reasonable.
MARHfcT st.. 17M— Single bedroom for worklng-
< nnn or woman. $5 per month. -
OVERLAND. HOUSE. 569 Sacramento st. below'
Montgomery-Now open; 2CO rooms; hot \u25a0\u25a0*
cold water In every room: 25c to U per day.
<1.50 to $5 per week. EDW. BOLKIN. Prop.
PINE «t.. 2397— Nicely furnished front room;
bath; phone; rent $tO. _
PINE st., 1900, near Octavla— Large, sunny par-
lor suitable for studio or living room; fine
view: carpets and furniture new; bouse keeo-
lng if desired. - .
SCOTT St.. 1605. near Sutter; tel. West 3141— A
few furniohed rooms; single. $3 per montn.
. garage, antoa. $5 per ~ tonth. \u25a0 4
SHRADER.st.. 526— Newly furnished b^utlful
large rooms. $7 a month for 1. $1O for 2-
•STEINER st.. 1315 C —Furnished, sunny, front
room, gas and bath, with private family: $«.
UNION st.. Hs4— Sunny front room'; strictly pri-
vate family; breakfast If desired; phone Fran*-
lln 3170. ,
WASHINGTON st.. 2306—2 pleasant front
room*, furnished: piano if desired: rererenc.
23D st., 2077, corner Harrison— 2 large sunnr
front furnished rooms; bath, phone; private
family; reasonable^ _____———————
13TH st.. 2174 Vi — Large modern, sunny furnished
room; phone; suitable 1 or —
13TH »t.. 7«. near Folsom — Comfortable fur-
nlsbed room with a Cerman family.
19TH st.. 3454. near Valencia— Nice sunny front
room; large bay window; bath; suitable for 2
gents: $10 per month. __________
ROOMS wanted In private family with person
willing- to teach Essttisa lan— aaze; '£ young
boys. Address^r»7 Sth, St.. Oakland.
BARTLETT st.. 419, nr. 23th— 2 or 3 furnished
house keeping rooms. $12. $18.
BAKER St.. UIH. opp. G. «. park— 2 sunny front
rooms: gas. bath, phone; rent reasonable.
BUCHANAN st.. 171**—." sunny, finely appointed.
unfurnished house keeping rooms; references;
adults. '«,\u25a0\u25a0*'•<'\u25a0 _______
BROADWAY. lfi2o. next to corner Van Ness ay.
— 2 large basement room!*, furnished or unfur- ,
nished ; targg sunny yard: other rooms.
BROADWAY. 1325, Hyde st. cars— l large sun- \u25a0"
ny bay window room; sun all day; use of
laundry, bath, hot water, telephone; modern
flat. ' -
C St.. 126. McAllister cars, near park and 2d
ay.— 3 or 5 modern sunny rooms, complete for
. honse keeping. $25. '
FILLMORE St.. 1738— Suite 2 or 3 r. at $2.
with or without house keeping; sunny front
room $2 np.
GOLDEN GATE ay.. 1230—1 house keeping .
room, rent $10; 2 other rooms: running water.
HAIGHT »t.. 616— Suite of house keeping rooms,
neatly furnished: reasonable.
HAIGHT St.. 501— Furnished front rooms for
house keeping; gas, phon*. bath.
HOWARD st.. 663 — Front room and kitchen,
furnished. $3; 2 connecting, coal or gas, $3;
others, $1.50 week. up.
OCTAVIA »t.. 1410— Nicely furnished, sunny
house keeping rtwms; also single rooms; cen-
tral : reasonable.
OCTAVIA St.. 1257. near O'Farrell^ — Sunny, fur-
nished house keeping rooms; $6 per month up;
2 rooms. $15; 2 in attic. $10; gas ranges.
bath, phone. •
O'FARRELL *t.. 1178 — Elegant, sunny, front,
furnished room with alcove. s:a« range, run-
ning water, grate, fr*** phone, laundry, gas.
bath: other rooms from $12.30 to $22.30 per
month; house keeping.
POST st.. 1451 — I-irsf sunny alcove rnoro for
house keeping; running water; reasonable.
ROYAL, 311 Van Ness cor. Grove— Furnished
snsby suites. $20: single rooms, $2.80 to $3 per
week: gas, running water and phone.
SCOTT St., 300 — 2 sunny, furnished house keep-
ing rwoms^runnlngwaterandgasrange^__^
THE WEST COAST. 138 6th St.— Beautiful 2
room corner bay window house keeping apt.
TURK st.. 1416 — Sunny front rooms, suitable for
honse keeping, or 2 or 4 gentlemen.
•VALENCIA st..* 1033 — 3 sunny, comf ortable - \u25a0
housekeeping rooms: private bath; gas aad
coal stove: yard, porcn; rent reasonable; for
\u25a0mall family.
WALLER st.. 605—2 front rooms, parlor, bed-
room; phone, gas range, bath; no reasonable
offer refused.
2D ay.. 334 — 3 large front rooms; genteel, sunny,
clean: complete for house keeping; grate*,
closets, kltchenet. bath: furnishings never
used: reasonable: Clement cars. V
4TH st.. 504. corner Bryant — $4; 2 nice, sunny
front mo—i s fnrnish<"d for honse V*#olnsr.
FOR rent — 4 or 5 rooms and bath, furnished for
house keeping; 4 rooms. $22.50; 5 rooms, $27.
These rooms are conveniently located to both
Southern Pacific and Key Route ferr ys and
streetcar lines. 1202 Bth at., corner Magnolia.
ALICE. St.. 1317. Oak.— 2 nicely furn. connecting
front rooms; use of laundry, bath and yard;
- sun all day: reasonable. Pbone Oakland 0237.
THE WEMPE. 419 Oak st. — Large, sunny
-rooms; unexcelled board. Phone Park 5003:
CALIFORNIA st_. 2523 — Sonny rooms; excellent
board; phone, bath; $8 and $7 per week; rates
for 2. '•*
HAIGHT st.. 325— Rooms, with or without board;
phone, gas and bath: reasonable. , ,
DOMO Directory finds rooms for particular peo-
ple. Inquire 11 to 2. ?22 Crocker building.'
HAIGHT st.. 228 — Newly furnished rooms, wltn
board. $23 np; running water, electric light.
OCTAVIA St.. 1926. corner Sacramento, over-
looking \u25a0 Lafayette square — Handsomely fur-
nished. \u25a0 sunny rooms, single or en suite: ex*
celleat board; references Phone West 3229.
ROOM with board In southern family; gdod
neighborhood; - bath, phone; reasonable. 543
Fell st. - \u25a0
ST. FRANCIS Girls* Directory. Central ay. and
Waller st., San Francisco — A beautiful home,
- where old ladies, young girls and little chil-
dren can board very reasonable.
NOBTHOATE, ISU9 Euclid ay.; tel. Berk. 1315;
north entrance of university campus — Apsrt-
mentswlth private baths; single rooms; steam
' heat and ' callbell In every, room: sleeplns
porches; first class table board; special sum-
mer rates. M.M.HENRY.
MOTHERLY woman wishes to take entire
'charge of young child; preferably one havlas
no mother; room for father; references. MRS.
BATES. 2966 Clay at.
HOTEL ARGONAUT. 4th and Market sts — Fam-
- lly and commercial hotel; room with detached
bath. . $1 per day; rooms wi_t private bath,
- $1.50 per day; restaurant attached; mod era t«
prices: free bus meets all trains and st'mshlps.
SHERMAN (The). 11th and Mission— Eleg. fur-
nished rooms. 50 cents day np: $1.50 week np.
Tak* Hyde and O'Farrell or ' Powell st. «r
any other car and transfer: get off at Hyde and
Clay. New 3 rooms and bath; light md snnny;
gas stoves. Tbe finest 3 "room apartments in
the city." Rents $23 to $40. y Furnished or un-
furnished. People :. are : returning from country
rapidly. ... In -•* two weeks these will; be rented.
Steam heat. and hot water In winter. \\ All out-
side ? rooms; deadened wall** and floors; hand-
somely furnished lobby • and brilliantly lighted
AAA— ApartJ of 1 to 4 rooms, private bath, ele_.
•Turn. ; sunny ; electric light. , hot water, heat.
elevator. Janitor service, linen; beautiful read-
_ ln_ lobby; 1 -_.„ $13 -p; 2 rms.. $2f.80 up; 3
ras., $40 np; 4 rms.. $50 up; Haljat st. car*.
v ••Bosemont.*', 2l4 Halght; phone Park 889.
A^T TH JS GLADSTONE APTS. 706 Pol* st- cor.
. Eddy— Elegant. ;: sunny . bouse keeping apart-
ments; 1 room. $15 per month; 2 rooms, $23 «
per month; 3 rooms. $35: electric lights. Jari-
tor service; hot baths. Phone Franklin 2043.
nr. • Broadway— Elegantly furnished . apta.' of 3
and 4 rooms; steam heat, elec. U*ht, elevator;
marine view; reasonable. Phone Franklin 2500.
Continue* •»' • jfext fmm*

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