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Cards for Her Marriage to* Rob
ert E. Bond Name July 30
as Date
OAKLAND, July 21. — Cards have been
Issued for the marriage of Robert E.
Bond and Miss Rowena Elston, one of
the most charming of Berkeley girls.
The ceremony will take place Saturday
evening. July 30, at the First Uni
tarian church, Berkeley, and will be
witnessed by a large number of friends.
Miss Sue Clark will be the bride's niaid
of honor. Following the service an
informal reception will be held in Unity
hall, to which only the members of the
families and a few of the closest friends
have been invited.
Before going to their home in the
Hawaiian islands. Bond and his bride
will enjoy an extended wedding tour
through the state.
• • •
The wedding of W. F. Barnum of San
Jose and Miss Olive Morrish will be
one of the most elaborately appointed
events of the coming month, the tal
ented bride elect having named Thurs
day, August 4. as her marriage day.
The marriage service will take., place
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Mor
rleh in Hawthorne street at 5.30 o'clock.
Cards have been issued to 300 friends
cf the young couple for the notable
occasion. After the honeymoon Bar
num will take his bride to San Jose.
where they will establish their home.
Mifcs Morrish Is particularly gifted
as. a musician and has been prominent
I- the musical colony of Berkeley. She
Is a member of a number of exclusive
musical organizations on this side of
the bay. Barnum Is engaged in edu
cational work In San Jose.
• • •
Miss Helen Dornin has come up from
the family country home at Inverness
to spend the late summer in town. Mrs.
George W. Dornin is still at the sum
mer place, planning to remain some
weeks longer. Miss Dornin will be a
bride of the late fall, her marriage
with William Chllds being looked for
ward to as one of the most interesting
events of the season. Shortly work
will be begun on the pretty home which
Is being planned for the young couple
sjnd which will be ready for occupancy
on the return from their honeymoon.
• • \u2666/'
'\u25a0r Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Sherman have
returned from their wedding trip and
arc- established in Berkeley. Before
her weeding of mid-June Mrs. Sherman
wa? Mips Helen Sutton, one of the
best liked girls of the smart set on this
side of the bay.
• "'- J. • - •
Mr. and Mrs. George Scott have re
opened their residence in Central ave
nue after a summer spent at their
country place near Los Gatos. Mrs.
Scotts" daughters, Mrs. Ernest McCand
lish and Mrs. Howard Baxter, were
with their mother at the beautiful out
of town cstale much of the season, as
sisting her in the entertainment of the
sruests to whom the hospitality of the
Scott home was extended.
The wedding of Gilbert Marvin Wal
ler and Miss Lucile Bailey will take
place early next month at the residence
of the brides parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles H. Bailey, and Is planned as
one of the prettiest of the late summer
marriages. Both Waller and his fiancee
are graduates of the University of Cali
fornia. The bridegroom elect is en-
Raged in business in San Francisco.
Miss Bailey has been a favorite with
the youngeT set on this side of the bay.
In honor of Miss- Kate Smith, who
is revisiting her old home after an ab
sence of a number of years, Mrs.
Charles Tabor entertained yesterday at
a luncheon, including a dozen close
friends in the hospitality of her Ala
meda residence.
• • *
The marriage of Dr. L. Sexton and
Miss Emily Rice, which will take place
this fall at the home of the bride elect's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rice, on
the island of Kauai In the Hawaiian
group, !s of considerable Interest to a
wide circle of friends about the bay.
Doctor Sexton took his. degree from the
University of California, where he was
well known on the campus in his un
dergraduate days. Miss Ric« attended
Mills college, from which she was
graduated. She is the daughter of
one of the best known families in the
Hawaiian islands and a sister of Mrs.
Walter Scott of Berkeley. Mrs. Scott
\u25a0will leave early in. September for a
visit with her parents before the wed
ding of her charming young sister.
Institution of Arts and Crafts
Arranges Display
BERKELEY. July 21. — The California
•chool of arts and crafts will bring
its summer serslon to a close with a
series. of exhibit* illustrating the work
of students and Including a special dis
play of the work or famous artists.
Tlie exhibitions will be placed in Ex
hibition hall, 2119 Allston way, and
the. first Is to be opened Friday after
noon, continuing Saturday, Monday and
Among a. vast variety of other illus
trations will be pieces of foreign and
local art by Maxfield Parrish and Fred
erick Remington. A unique collection
of carbon prints by O. V. Lange will
alpo be shown, including vi&jvs of the
university campus, San Francisco bay,
Millß college and Palo Alto. *
The second display of the series will
open Thursday, July 28, and will be
made up of freehand and mechanical
drawings, water colors and pen and
ink work, designing, antique drawings,
sketches - from life, oil painting and
illustrations from primary manual
training, all the work of students. A
feature of this display will, be the
work of the metal and jewelry class.
The summer school will close July 30.
and the regular' term will begin Au
gust I.
Berkeley May Add Animals to
Its Force
BERKELEY, July 21.— Two bloodr
hounds will probably be added" to ;the
Berkeley police department for the de
tection of criminals If the . plans- of
Chief August Vollmer do not'mlscarrjV
The animals can be obtained cheaply
and the cltjr' council may ; be asked to
purchase them.
Since Policeman TVaterbury was. shot
at by thugrs over arnQnth.agro and, the
criminals escaped : from a squad ot, po
lice, V T ollmer has been -thinking of ask
ing the council to- purchase "blood
*-bounds for the use of the department,
ile also plans to obtain* some revenue
from them by renting them •to other
police departments, when' they are; not
wanted here. XSBSB
Two doj;s of this variety can be tpur
ehaFed for about, ?s<rO, each,- and f Voll
mer; tblnks that .the price^iSireason'
«ble. lie has commenced neffotiatlons
With the owner of the doss.
Threw Lantern at Him and
Neglected Wound, Blood
. , Poisoning Resulting
OAKLAND, July 21.— Because 7- his.
Vife, Lucy May Silva, was responsible
for injuries that resulted in almost
fatal blood poisoning, Frank Silva, a
wealthy rancher of San Leandro, wants
a divorce from her." He filed suit today
on the ground of extreme cruelty.
According to the story he tells, Mrs.
Silva in the course of a dispute threw a
lantern at him. The lantern hit him on
the knee and made a bad cut. Not at
all sorry for what she had done, Mrs.
Silva refused to attend to her huv
band's wound, and it festered and
swelled. At last blood poisoning. set in
and almost necessitated an amputation.
For fear that the court' might con
sider the blood poisoning too remotely
connected with the lantern throwing,
and. might not deemit extreme cruelty
according to the co<Je. Silva asked for
divorce on another ground also. He
says his wife gave her affections, to one
George Jennings, slapping her hus
band's face when he objected to -her
consorting with her alleged affinity.
M. Elizabeth .Etnler brought suit for
divorce today against Charles S. Etnier
on the ground of desertion.
Helen Slocan sued Charles Slocan for
divorce on the same ground.
Land Values Range From $600
to $3,200 an Acre
While the Netherlands supplies its
own berries and other small fruit, Con
sul General S. Llstoe of Rotterdam
says that little attention is given, to
this branch of agriculture except in
the Westerland, a small stretch be
tween the Hook of Holland and The
Hague. Listoe continues:
"The highly intensified culture of
table grapes In the Westerland is
largely carried on under glass. Dutch
government figures state that 51.200
acres are devoted to apples, pears,
cherries and berries, about four-fifths
of the area being in the provinces of
Gelderland. Utrecht and Llmburg. Wal
nuts also form an important income to
farmer*, but the trees usually line
dikes or border lines, instead of being
in orchard form. . ' .
"The Netherlands imported in 1908
the following amounts of fruit in tons:
Strawberries. 5; apples. 2.141; pears,
1.559; walnuts. 730; grapes, 1,540, and
cherries, 20. The exports In tons were:
Strawberries, 2.559; apples. 20,238;
pears. 2.914; walnuts. 233; grapes. 87;
cherries, 2,045; gooseberries. 2.257;
black currants, 237, and red and white
curants, 1,038.
"These figures show that, excluding
luxuries, the Netherlands raises about
all the fruit the inhabitants need, with
a large balance left for export. Ap
ples, pears and grapes may be bought
nearly the year round, the imports rep
resenting- mainly American apples for
fancy table use, and the pears and
grapes being the importations at sea
sons when the home supply is not
available. : :\u25a0.'. \u25a0-" <"'••.\u25a0
"Values of \" fruit lands range from
$600 to $3,200 per acre, and the profits
from the industry must be a fair re
turn on this capital, plus the labor,
though exact figures can not- be ob
tained." **
Sun Helps Poor of Nice to Ig
nite Tobacco
In his bathing suit on the beach, a
fat man lighted a cigaret with a burn
ing glass.
"I bought this glass last summer,
he said, "on the Riviera. There, where
the sun shines always; the poor light
their cigarets with a glass instead of a
match; for matches are a government
monopoly In France, and. they, cost a
thirtieth of a cent apiece.
"The Riviera is fashionable only in
winter," concluded the fat man, "but its
chief town, Nice, is visited in the sum
mer by numerous Americans. Nice has
a finer summer climate than our Atlan
tic City or Ocean Grove. The bathing in
the tepid and blue Mediterranean is de
licious.'The broad streets are shaded fey
plane trees, and on the sidewalks, under
awnings, men' and women sit at. little
tables drinking iced drinks and listen-
Ing to good music. For every cafe sup
plies free music and, as a rule, a free
moving picture show as well.
"The economical Nicols light their
pipes with a burning glass everywhere
save at the cafes, where^matches, too,
are free." . . : /
Famous Writer Lived in Garret
on Banks of Seine. •
- Apropos of the T decision to .set up a
statue in Paris- to Sardou, T. P.'s
Weekly tells* us, that he: was In youth
brought face to face with" the grim
realities of modern life. He unsuc
cessfully tried various means of earn
ing his daily bread. He. studied medi-.
cine, dabbled in Journalism, contributed
biographical in ; a standard
work iand translated Erasmus; ;how
curiously be* resembled Holbein's por
trair of > the. great reformer was. later
on," often a subject ofi comment. Sardou
lived In a~ garret on the banks of the
Seine, arid would;? spend?" hours In
angling more with the object, of ob :
taining a relish for hin, dinner than as
a disinterested discjple pf-Izaak wralton.
The* co/iscicntlous'; historian records
that, like, most' Parisian anglers, Sardou
rarely "had a bite." J- But 'Here, perhaps,
he learned that; patienc©..which' enabled
him towork. and; wait- when tils first
play fell , flat, ; and \u25a0 that keen apprecia
tion of a good dinner in.congenlal com-,
pany which he showed in his plater
years. . '-.;. ; '.
The' medals commemorating the deeds
of \u25a0 those - whoglent i assistance :.' at " the
time of the 'disaster at Calabria "and. 4 In
Sicily" will' shortly} be distributed: ...The
medal'is of -sllyer-and is 32 millimeters,
or say, -Vlliitfinches; in diameter.'. On
one^sldefS; the' effigy of \u25a0_ the king of
Italy with '"the -inscription , " Victor
Emmanuel ,llT.)Klrig of Italy",' and on'
the <nher" a' crown ,of. oak: leaves with
the legend recalllngithe destructions of
Messina. ' The medal will : be suspended
by a blue ribbon with- aV vertical; bar
of "iwhite. • AH .persons.-* Italians^ 1 and
foreigners. iWho lent; assistance: Decem-'
her "28," 1908," a»d;days following the
disaster" will' reaeiye the medal.
l/ot Mr Off al Baltimore::
Between Larkspur and: CortcMadeia,-
Marin county— via : Sausalito '-. ferry, * ;
Big Petition Circulated Asking
Supervisors to Extend Boule*
yard Through Town
HAYWARD, July 21— Mayor Charles
W. Hey er and Trustees Arthur Manter,
Fcank Hofleng) Martin Welsh and S.
Simons, accompanied by, a citizens-comm
ittee, composed of C. : S. Little, T. B.
O'Brien and: James S. French. Avill so
before the board " of, supervisors on
Wednesday morning', July 27, to urge
the extension of the .foothill- boulevard
to" Llvermore • by way of Hayward.
At the present time two routes for
the new boulevard are being considered.
One Is. by way of this town,, while the
other leaves the foothill boulevard. at
the function with the Castro valley
road and passes through Castro vaTley
at a distance' of several miles from
Hayward. It Is claimed that' the; Castro
valley route, while more hilly, will
afford greater scenic advantages. On
the other hand, the residents: of Hay
ward declare tha t " the; town • pro vides a
pleasant stopping point for the auto
mobilists, that the road. by way of San
Lorenzo creek is just as Ipretty, and,
further, that the elimination of: Hay
ward from the boulevard route will
mean the loss of thousands of dollars
annually to the, community. ""::' .-:...
At the : meeting of the board^of^trus
tees last night C. S. : Little presented a
largely signed petition, requesting the
supervisors to extend the boulevard
from Its present terminus at/ B street
through the Kelly tract, then along, the
San Lorenzo creek, into the Llvermore
valley, and then by way of j Dublin,
Pleasaiiton and Liverrhore to the San
Joaquin river. This petition is to^be
presented to . the supervisors Wednes
day, v '
The trustees last night appropriated
$250 to help reduce the deficit of $350
which still exists as the result of thft
fourth or July, celebration. The - re
maining $'jOO isto be subscribed by the
businessmen of the c,lty. ,
Interesting Relic Placed in the
Musee de I'Armee
The Musee de I'Armee of France has
just acquired a reltc of the great Napo
leon in -the '.form of the key of the bed
room of the fallen emperor at : Long
wood, says the London Globe. The first
Frenchman who visited- the house after
the death of Bonaparte was \u25a0 a naval
doctor, the> uncle of General Niox. A
sovereign -changed hands, and so did
the key, vwirTclu afterward passed into
the posses'sipjj^ of: the 'general. -.-So little
did he JJtwQFthink, that it would ever
fall tojjifsjpotj. to collect souvenirs of
the emporei* # tliat he in, turn gave it to
a friend, who has recently died at* T
unis. The general, remembering the
gift, lias asked the daughter of his dead
friend 'to return it*. This has-been done,
hence the key finds a permanent home
in the' museum. It is .described as a
veritable gaol key, and as such does not
tend to increase the .admiration . of
Frenchmen for Sirlludson Lowe, whom
they acc\ise of having this -large, key
made for the purpose of humiliating the
Illustrious exile. ;. :'
Prediction of Preacher Received
With Satisfaction
Garrett P. Serviss, the science writer,
said at the Brooklyn club
apropos of Halley'S' cometf , ;
"The . ignorant . and -.'superstitious
dread that the comet, evoked in some
quarters reminds me, of the Mlllerites.
"The Mlllerltes, back In '72, when
Grant was up for a second term, were
preaching the-immediate destruction of,
the .world. THey {.were even giving
their property: away. '
"Well, rat a Mlllerite camp meeting
one \u25a0 night in Maine a Mlllerite preacher
preached that- the end of the world
would come October 1, just a month be
fore election. .
. "The preacher, noticed a man/ in a
front seat who. manifested every :symp T
torn of, satisfaction whenever; this date
was; driven home: i Perplexed, '-. he ; ac-"
coated the , man at theend'Of-theserv
lce and asked ; him why he had shown
pleasure- over/ such: a terrible matter.
•' 'Anything to beat Grant!' was the
Judge E." H. Gary, the president of
the new Iron and-* Steel institute, was
asked by a reporter if, at tlje -recent
convention in New; York, co-operation
had been-dlscussed. •, ,-\u25a0-.\u25a0\u25a0 -i
"No," Judge Gary /answered -with a
smile, i."co-operation and- such like sub-,
jects";were not touched on.. "There" was
not) time. For co-operation,. you know,
Is -like metaphysics," a very large sub
ject. .You* have heard what the: scien
tist said of metaphysics. He said:
" -." 'Metaphysics Is like a man splitting
a' 10g..' When it is done \u25a0 he has two
more,to''spllt."\ ' . ; " :
BAWk SELLS "iPROPEETY— Oakland, July 21.—
The Security bank nml trust company .- sold <to
<mv t« I/. : licrcovicli - the . soutlivrest ' corner \u25a0of
\u25a0 Broadway and Sr-cond streets. ( with hf rontajre
of 50 • feet :. ln : Broadway and. of 100 In Second
. street. Tue consideration .was not • given. "\u25a0 The
lot is the site of tbo Colombo hotel. ; \u25a0-\u25a0•-.,•,
Handsomest Baths
In Hlic mM v v •
Bush and Larkin streets, "«
in the heart of the city,
cost }' nearly $200.666/ 4
Ocean t salt water, f filt- -
; ered '. ; in t sanitary' •; filtra-
tion : plant, in tub baths \u25a0:
and V swimming ; pools.
Judge Ellsworth Declares Toutl.
Not Fit Subject for Re=
form School
OAKLAND, July 21.— Untruthfulness
and levity in court today when he came
uip for sentence brought. John Reynolds,
an IS year old boy, "a year in San Quen-^
tin penitentiary. He had a chance of
being sent to a reform schooir:/ but.
spoiled it by lying- flagrantly ; to; Judge"
Ellsworth and by the manner he^as
sumed.-; , . '\u25a0'\u25a0: .' . ; sfJ \ • \u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0. •\u25a0 \u25a0- \u25a0 ,-:\u25a0'\u25a0. -'/-.^ '\u25a0\u25a0:'•..
-Reynolds broke Into. a>hardware store
and^stole toolsfand pocketknives with
Frank Fiore," a youth of about the same
age. ; Both pleaded = guilty.; : Reynolds'^
attorney 'did'not- ask for; probation; for
hi m, as he had n o .relatives \ or i friends
to ; care for him,^ but -he * requested \u25a0 In
stead that theboy be sent;to ? .tha Pres
ton 1 school of. -indußtry. -at clone.*-' The
matter ;.was continued untir today,.,- ,;:
Judge Ellsworthyquestioned 'both boys
today as. to^thelr crime and antecedents.
Reynolds' story : was Iso ?muchf atlva
rlance with that \u25a0 of Fior'e • and with it
self that Judge Ellsworth^declared he
did not believe it. j ; ", . -. \ #
fir believe' this defendant* is \u25a0»«.: con
firmed'criminal," he: said, when he ob
served Reynolds' ;pert answers and as
sumed bravado,' "and I think he would
exercise a bad influence at lone.V Rey
nolds was given the minimum \u25a0 penalty
of one year at the penitentiary. -
Poultry Show Director Wins
Bride in Few Weeks
HAYWARD, July 21.— A romance
begun |. at the ..: Hayward . poultry, show
during the July .4 celebration had its
culmination Tuesday, night; in the Ala
meda Methodist church, when Miss Er
nestine G. Gooch,' a pretty Hayward
girl, became the wife of Elbert ; K.
Healy, director . of the recent exhibit
and secretary of.: the Alameda county
poultry association. Miss Gooch was
selected by the Hayward general com
mittee to assist in selling tickets, and
tt was on June 29 . that Healy .'met. the
girl who .became his wife three weeks
later in the Island City. After a hon
eymoon trip the couple will reside at
the groom's home, 3444 Paru street, in
Alameda. ' .
jut-.f. ' jS^ - steamers leaTe from Broad-
yttiS-Vfyv way Wuarrea, (Plera 9
an/ 11). '
/a/ 1 IW^SB VA L<)w rates. Including berth
/ I vKwli I « C|J meals.
1 \ \SSM|Ji/ ./ Special Round Trip Rate*.
>^^_rf»y SAJT DIEGO V
President orGoTernor Alternate Mondays. 4 p. m..
•Santa Rosa* . . . . . . __ETery Thursday, 11 a. m.
•Only steamer calling at Santa Barbara... \u25a0
Connecting at SeatUe for Southeastern Alaaka.
;> Eksgway. Dawson, Fairbanks and aH polnta on
the Tukon. : ..' '
President or GoTernor Alternate Satnrtaya, I p. m-
Cltj- of Puebla, TJtnatllla or Qneen. ......... ••'
' ................. Alternate- Tuesdays, 2p. nv
(37.50 Seattle and return. Inc. j berth and meals.
.State of Ca1.... ..July 20, 31, Aug. 5, 10, 3 p.m.
Curaca0.:.:;........... Sun.. Aug. 7. 12 m.
Noiae-St. Bllchncl . Cmatilla. Aug. 24, 4p. m.
\u0084_\u25a0.:' LEAVE ; SEATTLE -_'c^^
Spokane . ... ..... . . .July 26; Aug. 8. 10 p. m. :
* Right reserred to change this schedule. ; :
TICKET," OFFICES—PaIace Hotel, 853 ; Market
•t., - 16 Market st. and ! Broadway \u25a0 wharf.
Telephone Kearny 493. '-.•; '.."\u25a0'
OAKLASD— II2O Broadway. • Tel. Oakland 5»»0. '
CD. DUNANN, General Passenger Agent. '
Tehuant^pec Route
F»»t Freißht- Service
sailing from New York . everjr six_days,
making direct connection with Pacific
steamers sailing' from Salina - Cruz,
Mcx every six days for San Francisco:
YORK. Also ;to Mexican and ; all : prin-
cipal European ports under -through
rate and through ; bills of lading. ; Sail-
Ings from San Francisco every ,12 days.
For rates and further particulars ap-
ply : to DEARBORN & LAPHAM. ; Gen-
eral. Agents. Xi 8 Bridge street, New
York. WILLIAMS, & CO.,
General Agents. Pacific Coast. : " .i
'310 : Sansome St., San' Francisco. .'.;
- Bellingbara. Anacortes. Ererett, Port Town-
end. Victoria, Vancourer and all . 'Alaska
portsl. : . . \u25a0'- ' \u25a0 \u25a0 . . ' " " " - '
S. S. ; 8UCKMAN .: . ; : . . . ..... - . . . . . ; July 24
S. S. \VAT50N . . . ... ......... . . . . : . Aug. ' 6
S S ADMI R Ai; SAMPSON . V. . . : ; . . .'. July 24
:S. S. WAT50N . . ... . . . . .' . . : ..... .?. .July 30 r
\u25a0\u25a0 s! : S. 7 BUCKMAN.-'.V: .... ... .. : :.Aug.- '6
Pacific Steamship Co.
General Agent's Of fice, Howard Street Wharf '\u25a0
\u25a0 ..No; 3.- --ticket Offlcp, 048 Market; Street, -t
' Sanin"? \u25a0' froti 5 Howard ,• Street, Wharf J No. 3."
S." S.* "Te-ayo Maru 1 , 1 : V. ... Tuesday, Aug. ; 16,' ; 1910
S S. "Nippon Maru"..v:. Tuesday, 1 Sept. 6, 1910
S. S. i"Chiyo \ MaruV : . .*. .*. . Tuesday," Oct. \u25a04, 1910
vrs Steameri! ; shII •' from '/company's J piers; Nos. 42;
44 ; near foot of Second • st. . . a t : 1 p. ' m. . for Yoko-
hama ; «nd -HonKkoug," \u25a0 calling at ; Honolulu. K«be
(Illogo) -and- ; Nagasaki and; Shanghai, antl 'con-
necting* at' Hongkong i with ; steamers ) for: Manila.
India,' etc.'. No' cargo receiTed on .board oh day. of
Bulling, f Kound • trip ;at > reduced ; rates. '.
1 For freight ? and -, passage = apply^ at .' of flee, 1 - 240
James Flood building. 5 /* ; :' W. > H. : AVERY, V r
' \u25a0 Assistant ; General . j
Unufll 111 II s - .S. i?lprra (10,(Xi0 tona ills-
UUIIULULU pliu-pmcnt). sails 11 a.m. July
* 30/ ; 19 lOl v Special 1 round > trip $110. [ first class.}
;: f 2 -\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 Marlposa sails ; 11} a. \u25a0\u25a0: m.\ August : 6.-; •'- • \u25a0
round, trlp^ $125.', first ;class.. ; ;
LlNE;! 673 ; Mkt.;tel. Kearny- 1231;^
yftpjt r '¥H«ir ROUTF
Mar^dandTlivy Yard, Vaflejo, NapV, Sf.HeleßS
Sc«tt leave 7.-00, 9:43 a. m , 12^0. 3:20.
office. North^ End i Ferry. BnlMlß|. '
Recent Order; Stopping Local In*
vestigation Is Coluntermanded
by Treasury Department
The, investigation, of, the business
methods; of the San .Francisco , custom
house ? that : was \u25a0 recently stopped . by
order from ; .D.) C, has
taken* a new turn 'and the 'inquiry will
be resumed.- . This \u25a0 counter. :order was
received; by George EvChanning.' spe
cial agent of treasury, yesterday.
It' is' under the ; supervision of. Special
Agent Charming, who comes from Bos
t9n, . that ••'..the . investigation is being
made. ; '\u25a0"\u25a0-..'\u25a0 .';' .• '. /;..\u25a0; ' ' \u25a0•• ' - : -
.. There was no reason given for the
new order. It; -was* thought .when: the
order .stopping -the .investigation v was
received' that ;the government had
ger : work' for Charming in his own dis
trict. There Js - considerable specula
tion among' the customs officials as to
the true "meaning ; of" the many orders
being received from, headquarters.
About 10 days *have" been consumed so
far in the investigation and it is ex
pected . that "it will : take six weeks
longer. ' f* '
Charming is being assisted by A. F.
Statter, special, agent of the treasury
on ; the Pacific coast,' with headquarters
at Portland, Ore.; W.L. Brown and W.
Charming made a splendid record in
the investigation of the opium smug
gling-cases here last year.
Victim Believed to Be George
" Mudge of San Francisco
ALAMEDA, July 21.— A man about 40
years old,: partly, identified by letters
on his person as George Mudge of San
Prancisco,"-'apparently a' mechanic, ".was
struck andi fatally Injured by a west
bound Southern Pacific north side train
at Grand street station at 7 o'clock
this evening. Mudge was removed to
the White Cross hospital. His. skull,
hip and several ribs were fractured and
his left arm and foot crushed. He had
evidently alighted^ froni'an eastbound
train and did not- sto the engine ap
proaching trom "the opposite 'direction.
Schedule Effective
(*@§m'-. June 12,-1910
\£ZEpuJ. uxiox ferry; depot
~^c7|y / • San Francisco
-*aTe. 7^ - Via SAUSALITO. ; Arrive.
±U:4sa[Petaluma. Santa Rosa, »He«lds-|
- \u25a0 burg, 'CloTerdale, - GuemeTllle.
Monte Rio, Duncan Mills.
Cazadero ..1..r....... tfl:osp
'7:15 a Sonoma." Glen Ellen '.: tf:osp
\u00847:45 a\u0084 7:45a. 7:45 a Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healds-
- " burg, CloTerdale, Uklah,
' -: WUllts, ' Sherwood 7:35p
8:15 a Pt. Reyes," Camp Meeker, Caza- - .
-:v dcro .. . '. -• . 'C- '• • ••\u25a0 "7:85?
8:45 a Petaluma. Santa Rosa, - Guerne-
Tllle, Monte ."'\u25a0 Rio,—'.' Dunrau|- " ••
Mills, "(leaves from Caxa-
' dero) ./. . . . : . . .... .... .....".. 7:05p
±9:15 a Sonoma,; Glen Ellen.-. ....... ±B:3J5p
J9:lsa Pt. Reye5. .:......;.. JS:O5p
10:45 a Petaluma, Santa R05a... ....... ' 4:35p
Pt.' Reyes, Camp Meeker, Cara- 3
' der0.................:......... ••11:05 a
3:15p Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healds-
"burg. CloTerdale, ' Uklah,, Guer- '
' ' neTille, .Monte \u25a0\u25a0 Rio, Duncan \u25a0', .. :
Mills, . Sebastopol (to Caza- , :
" dero Saturday . and. Sunday):. 11:05 a
±3:15p Pt.'. Reye5............:......... ±5:OSp
4:45p Sonoma,' Glen Ellen..- ....... 9:05 a
D:lsp Petaluma, Santa Rosa.... 8:35 a
5:45p Pt. Reyes: (leaTes »7:15 p. m. -
5unday5). .......'....... ..-. 8:05 a
. Sauaalito, Mill Valley, San \u25a0'. Bafael — Dally
eTery -30 minutes from 6:45 a. m. until 9:45
a. m.; hourly until 2:45 p. m.. then 3:15 p. m.
and eTery. 30 minutes until 7:43 p. m., then 9:00,
10:35 ;p. m. 1 and 12:01 a. m. (On Sundays In
'addition — Every 30 minutes from ,9:45 a. in. to
3:15 p. m., excepting 2:15 p. nv> - -
- Fairfax— LeaTea t«:4B. 7:15. 7:45. 8:15, 8:45.
9:15, 9:45, JlO-.15. -- 10:45,' tH:IS. 11:45 a. m.;
±12:15. 12:45. ±1:15, 1:45. 2:45. 3:15.-3,:45, 4:15,
4:45, 5:15, 5:45, 6:15. 6:45. f7:15. 7:45, 8:00,
fj10:33 p.m., ±12:01 a.m.
.. Ban Quentin via San Bafael — 8:45 a. m., 1:45
n~.-m.-~ i.;i '.;' \u25a0• \u25a0.:-\u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0 ;\u25a0; \u25a0..- . \u25a0J-. 1 '-\u25a0 > \u25a0
Tiburon and Belvedere— Week days, 7:30, 9:00,
§10:45, a. m. (512:45 p/m. Saturdays only), 3:30,
6:30- p. -m.--'- Sundays — 7:30. 9:00. 11:00 a. m.;
12:30. 3:30, 5:30 p. m., and |12:01 a. m."
•Sundays arrlye -7:05. p. m.". * 'Monday only.
tExcept< Sunday. {Sunday only. only.
.ISSaturday and Sunday only. |Vla Sausalito.
a ; Pacific Transfer Company's agents are author-
ized to check baggage direct \u25a0 from . residence.
\u2666 MUIR SVOODS \u25a0
Bound Trip trow Sin Fnaelto*, $1.80
U.tM fratthf* U.MilfWwft If. Twtlyali "-"
Weekday Snnday Weekday jngjay^ Weekday SwJay
,9:45 a 8:15 a t7:2ot 11:00 a 7:20a1]0:10*
\u0084 1:45p 9:15 a 1:40p 11:45 a . 1:40p 11:15 a
\u2666 4:451 • ,J:4sa e2:40|l x 12:50» r4:l4p 12:4O(.
...... 10:45 a 4:2Qt 2:40p a 9:50p :2:32»
...... 11:45 a ...... 3:50- ...... 3:45-
...... '1:46 P....'.. 5:20- ..V... 5:10b
..;... .-2:45 p.:..-. S:4op ...... «:48b
...... »4:15p ©ToMt: -Tamalp aigonly ...... |
*ToMuirSat.only. tMon.only. aSat.only. \
Ticket Offires— Sausalito Ferry and 874 Market : -'j
General Office— Mill Valley. California
"Tnin if Toulisk" as* "Hair In", an ilwayj tin hr nut>
. F. S.Stratton, Receiver. '
i Lt! 12th * Mission sts. dally— •B:ooa.,J9:Soa..
**10:30 a.. *3:00 p.. *5:40 p. Ar.- 8.- F. dally—
•7:25 a.. •8:40a.v*2:00p.,t5:25p.. ••C:10p. #"
"Arleta. ? JTunitas - Glen; < stage t or > San Gre-
gorlo and Pegcadero.^. '.'Sunday only Arlcta.
'All^Modern Safety Devices (AVlreleß»,Ae)
tIC." A/ V. Jly :' 30,12 noon *(;inclnnati ! . . . . : Aug. 2ft
\u2666Pres.' Uupoln.*.Aup.'lo | Pennsylvania =.;Aug. 31
r +^merika .:. : r.Ang. 13 tKais'n A. ,Vie, Vie. Sept. 3
IG. Waldersee.-.Aug. 17 Blnecher ...... Sppt. v ;» 7
tUneSccUecl * Rlts-Carlton : a' la : Carte Restaurant.
- *• - IHaniburg; direct. *New..
r mwm*'--'im?m~ % 'g VIA. GIBRALTAR,
"B\u25a0; \u25a0 ; : "\u25a0\u25a0-:" " " ; '\u25a0 : A ?'P : GE^" O^ ' : -
S. S. HAMBURG r. . . .. August* O,* 9 .'A.: M.
s. s: moltke ,r. . . .vrrrrrr^. rAußust , 3o
S." S. HAMBURG ;.:.:V. .. .September 20
, Tourist \u25a0 Dept. "for, Trips Everywhere. '
leoVrcweir St; \u25a0 ; Phone Kearny 2946
Sailings every Thursday; and : Saturday.
li\ Lorraine. July. 21 Bretagne ...Ang. 11
Lai Sarole: '.July 28 LaV,ProTence.Au«. 18
Touralne- "..Aus- V "4 Espagnc ...Aug. 2o
Extra 'Bailings— Currying \ one' class : (11) ; cabin
:\u25a0 >\u25a0\u25a0• •'.. . \u25a0,"\u25a0. •\u25a0 Passengers. 1 :. ' '; ..:.: ; >'.
Chicago :;.v....::.:.:.v.v..;.. ...... July m
Florid* ..... ;..........:...";.... v...J01y 38
FUGAZI BROTHERS.^ Pacific * Coa»tx;Man-
' ' •;>:! agers.'j 630 1 Montgomery : «t. :"
':\u25a0-:\u25a0': \u25a0'\u25a0':• . Cabin i Officer. 6Bs Market st. >
'-21.— The, .marriage 'of Mrs. \u25a0 Jessie Wnltby of
- • Central ' avenue . and Harry Fpllows of Lindsay
\u25a0.. was ' solemnized 'night In Fresno.
/ : , After •a; honeymoon trip \u25a0 Mr." and Mrs. Fellows
.wiirllTeln Lindsay: until the Installation of
; * new, machinery • In a cannery, .which Fellows
superintending. -Is completed. Mrs. Fel-
A lows is well, known in .both San r.»?atx!ro and
. . Hay ward, f having had . charge of the telephone
' ; of flees; In, both" cities.* .' ..-
. CU ACT A ' ~ \ '* ' ' '' l '*?'*'&'- * ?Sl
' * T^ IAC?'\u25a0TC* 1^ TT T^ . 3^^"i
X\\JL«li.lll<O 15); X txHt + ?T"|
X\\J \J X jlj \J S? X Xx Cj Hp J
\u25a0 " • • \u25a0\u25a0' •\u25a0•\u25a0' \u25a0 \u25a0'• \u25a0 • - *"^ '\u25a0-\u25a0.\u25a0 ' \u25a0Hm
Southern Pacmc's 1
EXCURSION \u25a0! i
Ask Any of Our Agents for Details _ p3
Southern Pacific 1
Flood Hulldins. ~
Slarket Street Ferry Depot, -
Broadway and 13th Street, Oakland. \M
2 ' '~tHnHWBiwBBr~Wp •' fc'*!
H m An iy nd SMS mA al n^f ssm WaM
Lwts --. (Foot of Market Strwt) ". ". ArnTS
2.15 a Nhm. Tracv. Lathrop. Stockton.
\u25a0 Lodj, Gait. Hk GroTe, Sacraajento.-. -'. lO3B|
6.40 a Hayrod. S&es, San Jose 7X«a
7.00 a! Richmond. Port Costa . Benicia. Suisun,
Diron. Sacramento, RoserUe, K»ry*- \u25a0 ', '
TMe. Redding. Dun snuir...:»-rT;.-. . .7iB»
7.00 a Hmira, VacaTille, Rum5ey. ....:..... " 7^Bp
7.00 a Davis, Woodland (Marysvfllv Oro- : ••:
\u25a0 Tflle). Wfllhm». .MsxweU. Wfflowi, * '
Hamilton, Cornin r. Red Bluff 7.28p
7.40 a Vallejo, Napa. Ualutoja, Santa Roe^ I •">\u25a0
--\u25a0- Martines, San Ramon. LlTermore. .. B.oB*
7.40 a Nilts, Pleannton, LlTermore, Tracy,
. Lathrop,Stociaon.... 7.28 i
7.40 a Tracy. ' Los Banoa, ' Kerman. Fresno. 4.28b
B.ooa Newark. San Joae. Los Gatoa, Wright.
Felton (Boulder OreeV), Santa Crui. .. 6^B^
8.20 a Port Costa, Martinez. Byron. Traey.
Stockton, Merced,' Fresno, Goshen
Junction (Hanford, Armona), Visalia.
/-' : POrterrffle, Bakersfield "... 4.48p
Bioa Yosemit« Valley Tia Merced.. ........ 4.48»
9.00 a NQes. LlTermore. Stockton (•Milton).
Valley Spring. lone, Sacramento.. ... -4-28p
_ 9.00 a Sonora, Tuolumns and Ange15. ....... 4.28p
9.00 a AUantio Express— Sacramento. True-
': f \u25a0 ' . kee, Ogden. (Lake Tahoe), Salt Lako
- CitT, DenTer. Kansas City, Omaha,
Chicago.... 8381
9.40 a Richmond. Port Costa, Martinet.
.\u25a0• Bay P0int.'.......... 6.48p
10.20 a Vallejo Mare Island. Napa ll^Ba
1020 a Los Angeles Passenger— Port Costa.
Martinez. Byron, Tracy, Stockton,
Merced. Frexno, (Hanford. Coalinga.
Visalia.) Bakersfidd. Los Angeles 7.48p
10.40 a San Francisco Overland Limitrd—
DenTer. ICaasaa City, , St. Louis.
Omaha, Chicago.... B.2Si
1 1 20 a Shasta Limited— Portland, Tacoma,
SeatUe 9.»8p
l2J»n Goldfidd Pass.— Port Costa. Benicia. ' .
Sacramento, Truekee, Hazen, • Wa-
buska . (Yerlngton. Mason), Mina, \u25a0
Tonopah, Goldaeld. Laws. Keder.... -7.48 a
- liOOn Marysrille. Chico, Red Bluff 428t
1.20p Xdes.lrTiagton.SanJo.se 248?
1.40b San Leandro. Niles, Centerrille. ( 9.08 a
Newark. San J05e................ • . 728«
1.40> Newark. San Jose, Los Gatos, Wright.
Feltoa (Boclder Creek), Santo Cnu.. 9.I8«
2.40» San Leandro. Niles. San Jose. 928 a
3.00b Benicia, Winters. Sacramento— Wood-
\u25a0\u25a0 - y land, Marysrille. OroTille— Yolo,
' - Arbuckle, WaiLims, Willows.. 10.48 a
: &20* Port- Cocta (Stockton), Martinez,/ 12.08 a
Byron, Modesto, Merced. Fresno.. \ I I.I8»
3.45b Via Sausalito, West Nspa, St. Helena, i
Ca1i5t0ga..:.. .................... lOJSa
4.00» Vallejo. Napa. Calirtoea, Santa Rosa,
Martinez, San Ramon, Lirermore... 928 a
4.00b Niles (CenterTille),LlTfriiiore,Tracy.f 1028 a
\u25a0 .'Stockton, Lodi. I M.lBa
4.40b San Leandro, Hayward. Niles, Pleaa-
anton. idTermore, Tracy, Newman,
Kerman, Fresno... lI.IB>
B.OOa Vallejo. Port Costa. Benida. Sacra-
'\u25a0'.-\u25a0 -m " mento. Rose Tflle, Marys Tile. OroTflle 1128 a
5.00» RusseU; San Jose. Los Gatos • 928 a
J 5.00b Wright, Felton, Santa Cruz ..:...... a9.28a
• 6.20b San Leandro. Niles, San Jose. ; 7.48 a
6.00p Owl Limited— Los Aneelw B.oBa
\u25a0i 8.40b Eastern Express— Ogden, Pueblo, Den- '
Ter, Kansas Gty, St. Louis, Chfcajco.. . .
. Port Costa, Benicia, Sacramento, ', \u25a0"\u25a0x. .
Reno, Sparks . B2Bp
8.40 i Lake) Tahoe Sleeper.. 7.48 a
6.40« Hayward. Niles and San J05e........ 6.48p
t7.008 Vallejo, Port - Corta. . Martinei. Bay
- Pointand Way Stations... JII.IBi
\u25a0 7.40p Rjchmond. Port Costa. Martinez,'
- Cornwall, Tracy, Lathrop. Stockton. 12.48b
\u25a0 8209 Oregon Express — DaTis, (Sacramento),
- Willows, Reddine '(Klamath Falls),
Ashland. PorUand,^ Tacoma, Seattle.
• 5p0kane...;.......'...........'.... 9.08 a
S.OOp China and Japan Fast Mail — Ogden, '
. Cheyenne. \u25a0 DenTer, Kansas City,
?;. Omaha, Chicago. ...^ '.:..:: . 2.48?
9.00p Port Costa. • Benicia Sacramento. Cot- '
: *, fax. Truekee. Reno. Spark?.' Ogden.. '2.41p
• 9.40» Yosemite. Valley Sleeper Tia Merced
to El P0rta1. ...... :..:... ;828t
9.40p Bakersfield, McKittrick. Monarch,
Moron,- Fellow.:.. -If.. "8.28 a
\u25a0 9.40p Richmond. Port -;. Costa, Tracy,- Mo-
, '~ desto, Merced, Fresno, ; Hanford,*
"Coalinja, Vlsslla,' Tulare......C'.. 8.28«
I l.oop San Leandro. Nilea, San J05e'....:... 7.08 a
I 1 40a Portland Express— Sacramento, Mtry*- .
' Tflle. Red Bluff, Weed. Ashland. Rose-
tmtg. PorUand. Tacoma. SeatUe..:.: 1228 a.
METHERLAND'S ROUTEr-From ; Pidfie Strert Wharf
. . Collinsrille, Emmaton. Rio Yi*ta. kleton. Ryde. Wal-
nut GroTe, Vorden. Courtlnnd, Clsrksburst. Sacramento.
\u25ba - Staamw -, Ntvijo, leaTes Saa Francisco 3:00 a. m. daily
- except Sunday, stopping at points shown. amTing Sac-
ramento 6:00 p.m. - LeaTes Sacramento 9:00 p.m. daily .
except Sunday (no stops en route), arriving San Fran-
cisco S.-00%.m. -\u25a0'-.'-\u25a0..-:\u25a0.; - ;-*-•:•>. ', \u25a0'/\u25a0"•
Stsimer Modoe or Apache, leaves San Frsncisco 1.00
p.m.' Daily, except Sunday; arm* San Francisco IL3O
p.m.- '-\u25a0:'' • '."\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0':-:'\u25a0 - ' "' ' \u25a0:. \u25a0',
OAKLAND ' HARBOR FERRY— From San Francisco,
Markst Street Wharf— Week Days— Hourly from 6.C0
..a.m. to 9.00 p.m. Sundays— 6.4s* 8.15. 9.45.. 11.15
a.m.. 12.45.' 2.15. 3.45. 5.15. 6.45. 3.15 and 9.45 pja.
'*> LOCAL' FERRY TRAINS— Via Alameda Pur. ~
T« Oakland and Alamwto— lo.lo. t&.*s a.m.. and then
-' 10 and 45 minutes past the hour until 7.45 p.m.: then
8.30. 9.15,' 10.00. 10.45.^11.80 pjj. and 1115ajn. ".
To Alameda and FrultvaU via Horsathos tarn* as above.
\u25ba a for Morning. • for Afternoon. '. t Sunday eicepted.
-'-. ,V5l, V 5 1 Sunday only." 5 Saturday and Sunday only. • "
t V ' ' '.'\u25a0 .-•'- \u25a0-\u25a0 aSnnday and Monday only. : -.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0..\u25a0 .-'\u25a0"
>$ \u25a0'"','_ Union^Tranrfer, Co.': authorized to : check Bajgags
direct from reridence. • *-* \u25a0•;'.•\u25a0;• , \u25a0 -
1 Oakland Office \u25a0of %&ss?*&&s
The San Francisco Call) 0 >
Jaly-' 2U' — Mm. Marion Mayo ot Augusta. Ga.»
.reputed to be' wealthy and of «x'inl position.
• who took passape . on the steamer City otd>
liimbus ' , from Suraanah. - \va> m issi ni; when
the steamer «ache<l New York, today. Captain
Johnson of the City of Columbu* said that he
believed : Mrs.- 3layo had stolen ' ont of h<>r
state room riuriuz the pi;ht ami thrown herself
Into the water. ,-..•- - .•-fj^/C^-"
LeaTe (Third and Townsrnd Stre-ts) Arrire
T5.25* Loop— 23d street, Vismeion, South
San Francisco. Valencia Street ' 16.35 a
15.33* Loop — Valencia Street. Ocean View.
Cemetsriea, South Fan Francisco.
23d Street, Ird and Tonnsend t6.43a
620 a South Saa Francisco, Saa Jcse. Gilroy.
(Hollister), Sargent. Pajaro, Watsoa-
Tille. Santa Cr0i.......: .. 7.50j
n TOOa Monterey Sunday Excursion 10.50?
f7.00» South San Francisco, Palo Alto. San \ t7.2C»
Jose. Way Stations ../ 7.3 C»
7.00* Majfield. Los Altos, Lo« Catos t7^op
-> 8:00* Shore >lnie Limited— Paso Robles
V 'J-* \u25a0\u25a0 . * Hot Sprinsi, Saata Barbara, Loa
\u25a0 An jdea. ;...:: .'... 9.33>
&05« Tbw Coaster— San Joae. Paiaro (Wat-
«onvil!e, Saata Crux). Castro ville.
'. !: S (Del Moate. Monterey. Pacific GroTe).
Salinas. Soledad, Paso Robles Hot
Springs, Saa Luis Obispo, Surf,
(Lompoe>. SaaU Barbara, Ventura,
" Oxnard. Los Angeles ". 11.45p
8.20 a MsySrid. Los Altos, Los Gatos, Wright.
Gleawood( Boulder Creek), Santa Cres.
Watson rill f. CastroTflle. Del Uoate.
Moaterey. Pacific GraTe - 9.15?
. fl 00* Saa Jose. Gilroy. Salinas. Paso Robles
\ ' Hot Springs San Luis Obispo — Tret
Pino*— WatsoaTille. Santa Cms. Del
Moate, Monterey, Pacific GroTe 4JOOf
10.40* South San Francisco. Borfegame. San
Mateo. Palo Alto. Saa Jose |6.30 a
10.40 a Los Alto.s Monta Vuta. Los Gatot. . | i*°^
1 1.30 a Valencia Street, Ocean View. Colics,
\u25a0 Cemeteries. Baden, San 8rnn0 ...... 1.35p
11.40* South San Fraacwco. Saa Jose t»-20»
I I.oob Saturday Palo Aho L0ca1. ..... . 5J30»
2.00? Drf Moato Express— San Jose. Gilroy.
b'argent (WatsoaTJlle. SanU Cruz).
Del Mont:. Monterey, Pacific Grove,
(Salinas)..... 12.30J
2.035. South San Francisco, Palo Alto. San
Jose..'. ;. 8.40 a
|2.05» Los Altos. Moata Vista, Lot Gatos. . . t3.20 J
3.00s South San Francisco, San Mateo, Sao
Jose, Gilroy. Tres Pinos, Salinas. ... 10. 10 a
3.00? WatsoaTille. Santa Cnu. CastroTOle. > "
Del Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grove. 10.10 a
3. 1 5? MaySeld, Los .Utos, Los Gatos, Wright
. (Boulder Creak), Santa Cms 11.06*
4.00? Sunset ' Express — Tucson. Deming.
£1 . Paso. Houston. New Orieass.
Paso Robles Hot Springs, San Luis
Obispo. Saata Barbara aad Los Angeles 10.35 a
4.00? Kaasas City. St. Louis, Chicago 10.55 a
4.20? South San Francisco. San Jose t&OGa
1 4.55? Mayfield, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Glen<
wood, Feltoa (Boulder Creek), SanU
Croi tU3«
tS.OOs Burliatame. Han Palo Alto,
San Jose aad Way Stations 9.40 a
t5.05» Loop— 23d Street, VisiUcion. South
Saa Fraactsco, Valencia Street f8.!5»
t5.20p Redwood. Palo Alto. Saa Jose. 1.10?
]5.20p Los Altos. Moat* Vista, Loa Gatoa... +3.2Q?
. fS.25p Burlingame. San Mateo, San Jose t3.2C»
|330» Loop— Valencia StreeC Oceaa View.
Cemeteries. South San Fraacisoo,
23d Street. 3d and'Townsend **40p.
' 5.40* San Bruno, San Mateo, Redwood. Palo
- . Alto. Saata. Clara. Saa Jose 7.35 a
}3.40> Los Altos, Loa Gatos, Saata Cnu.... :9.40a
t6J)O? Millbrae. Saa Msteo. Palo Alto. May-
field, Los Altos, Los Gates t&CCa
t8.05» 23d Street, Visitacion. South San \u25a0.
Francisco. Valencia Street \7A5p
tS.25p Loop— Valenoa Street. Oceaa View.
\u25a0 ;\u25a0 - Cemeteries, South San Francisco,
23d Street, 3d aad Townsend t7JO>
630? South San Fran eifco. San Jote 5.40»
BJOO9 The Lark— Paso Robles Hot Springs. \u25a0--\u25a0•.--.
Saata Barbara. Los Angeles ; . . . 9.30*
8.05? Los Angeles Passen ger— Guroy, Salinas.
Paso Robles Hot Springs. San Lais
Obispo. Santa Barbara and Los Angeles 8.3 C»
1 1 0.00? Saa Jose and Way Stations 7.2 Up
11.45? South Saa Francisco. Palo Alto. Saa
Jose.... .;... ...V.; 7.45p
. ; LOCAL FERRY TRAINS-Via Oakland Pier.
T» Oakland. B«rks!«y. - Btrryman. East Oakland and -
Frultvala— Daily— From $.00 *jd.; and every twenty •
minutes until 7.00 p.m. inclusive; then 7.40. B^o.
• 9.00. 9.40. 10.M, 11.0a.,11.40 p.m.. 12.20 and
1.20 3ja. -\u25a0 - "•\u25a0\u25a0•< ..•\u25a0..«'
To 3*th«nand MaVots via SevsNh 'St.— Daay— Frcra
" 8.00 ajit, and erery twenty minutes untfl 7.00 p.m.;
inclusive, tbea • 7.40, 8.20, 9.00, ' 9.4 a 10.20, ILO.
and 11.40 p.m. :\u25a0\u25a0?\u25a0> .'.-.'\u25a0•\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0- ,
To Stonshur it— Daily Except Sun<Jay— B.oo. 7.C0. B.CO.
9.00ajn.. 2.20. 3.00. 4.00. '5.C0.a.40 p.m. Sunday
only 9.00 10.00 aja- LOa.-2jOO. ZSXk 4XO. 3.00
'5.40 pjn. ' - '\u25a0-' .1 \u25a0' .: ; "..".
To Oakland Flrtt St. Fruity»!». Alameda. via HoMetho*
, — Daily— From ffi^O. 6-20 ajn."" and r»ery Uenty
minutes until 8.20 ajn.' mehisrre;* then 9.C0. 9.10;
I 1000.-10.20.' 11X0, 11.20 ajn^: 12m..- 12.20 .
\u25a0 2.00. 2.U0. 3.00, 3.20. J3.40 pjn. and erery twenty *
'" minutes until 7 p.m. mdusiTe; 7.40. 5.20. 9.00. 9.40,
10.20. 11.00 and 11.40 p.m.. 12.20 and. 1.20 ajn.
• Additional tnin to Oakland First Su 2.15 a.m.
Ta Wut Btrktley— Daily Except Sunday— From 6.C0
a.ia. and every twenty minutes un til 5.20 ajn. icdu-
I siTe: then 9.00 a.m. ' and* every hour until 4.00 p.m .
iadosiTe: then 4.20 pjn. and erery twenty mtputes
until 7.00 p.m. inclu.'ive; then 7.40 pjn., 9.20. 9.C0,
9.4 a 1020. ILOO. J1.40 pjn. and 12.20 ajo.
To Wsst Barkslay— Sundays ." only^-From 6.00 a jr.,
; thea ,7.00, 7:40. 8:20. 9.00 a.m. inrtusiTe; then 9.20
ajn. and erery twenty minuter 7.00 pjn. hiclusiTe:
then 7.40- pjiu " &2tt 9.00. 9.40. 1020. 1100. 11.40
« p.m. and 12.20 ajn.
To Corbi.i— Dailv Except Suaday— From 6.00 I.la. and
erery 20 minutes until 8.20 ajn. mdusiTe. then
9.00. 10.00 ajn^ 12.00 m.; l.ea 2.00. 100, 4.00. 4^o.
' 4.40, ' 5.00,' 5.20. 5.40 and 6.00 pjn. - ' -
To Corbln— Sundays only— From 8.00 ajn., then 9.00
*.m., ' 9JJO ajn. aad erery twenty minutes until
6.00 p.m. ' ' - \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0

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