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Sends Letter to Labor Council
Urging Support of Congres
sional Aspirant
President Samuel
> Gompers of the
American federa
tion of labor fn a letter to Secretary
Gallagher of the labor council strongly
indorses the candidacy of William Kent
for congress in the second district. He
fa jb ;
" Wnce my return to Washington the
labor representation committee of the
American federation of labor has taken
under consideration several matters
bearing: on the election of congressmen
in the approaching: campaign. Your
enquiry concerning William Keut has
been especially considered, and it is
deemed advisable by our labor repre
sentation committee to urge and ad
vise all citizens in the second congres
sional district of California who love
liberty affd advocate justice now to :
BWe their support at the primaries for
v niiam Kent as against Duncan E.
McKinlay. The excellent record that I
Mr. Kent possesses and his many years
of experience, his studious application
to the problems of good government,
have eminently fitted him to become a
most useful and exemplary representa- [
live of the people in congress. It is ear
nestly desired that all members of or
ganizations of labor and all liberty
joying citizens of the second district
should sec their duty clearly at this
time. A systematic and well organized j
effort at the primaries in behalf of a
loyal and competent candidate for con
press is more essential and valuable
than the postponement to the election
of a probable 'best choice between two
evils." and frequently, you know, there
Is no "best choice," when the nom
inees ar« chosen by designing elements
antagonistic to labor and the best in
terests of the people. What we need
and what we must have are more bona
fido workingmen and advocates of gen
uine representative government as
members of congress, men who under
stand the great underlying principle of
justice, right, human liberty and true
representative government. ;
"Such a representative Mr. Kent
would undoubtedly be. He would be
a credit to the organization of labor in
the second district of California and a
faithful public servant. Exert your
full endeavor to secure the nomination
and election of William Kent, so that
he can co-operate with and fortify the
strength of the present labor group in
congress and other progressive repre
sentatives, all of whom have been a
credit to our guiding principle — jus
tice for all the people."
The semiannual meeting of the dis
trict council of cement workers was
held Sunday in the headquarters of the
Fanta Clara county building trades
council. All the bay counties were
represented and the forenoon and aft
ernoon sessions were replete with busi
ness, mostly of a routine and special
nature. A number of resolutions and
laws were passed, which, will be sub
mitted to the American brotherhood of
cement workers' annual New York
city convention next September. Iden
tification for membership in the various
locals and the conditions of the trade
were discussed at length and laws pro
viding for greater efficiency and more
thorough workmanship advocated.
The following officers were elected:
President. T. E. Keough of San Fran
cisco; vice president, William Britton
of Oakland: secretary-treasurer, Thom
as Doyle of San Francisco. M. J. Kel
ley of Pan Francisco was elected a
member of the executive board.
The next meeting of the council will
be held In San Rafael, the fourth Sun
day in January, 191].
The international has approved the
new wage scale of the Sacramento
horse shoers' union. The scale provides
for $5 a day instead of $4, as at
present, and it will take effect Au
gust S.
Business Agent George W. Bell of
the district council of gas workers left
yesterday for Sacramento. He goes to
try to settle a jurlsdictionai dispute in
the capital city.
At the special meeting of sheet metal
workers' apprentices held recently a
large attendance was present. The re
sult of the election was as follows:
Vice president. R. Bell; trustees — T.
Gorman and J. Peterson. If uniforms
can be procured in time the local will
try to wfti the trophy to be presented
by the committee for the I^abor day
The Christie draying business of Sac
ramento, which has been at war with
organized labor, is now unionized
throughout. The business has been
s=old to Charles Wilkinson and he says
he will employ union help only.
President McHugh presided at Sat
urday night's meeting of building ma
terial teamsters' union No. 216. Four
candidates were obligated and five ap
plications received. Business Agent J.
J. Morris and Joseph Trumphour left
today for the international convention
of the brotherhood In Peoria, 111. They
will be absent about a month. During
Morris' absence Secretary Dwyer will
act as business agent-
The international seamen's union has
sent out an appeal to all trade union
ists to rote against those senators and
representatives in congress who voted
for a resolution which included in Its
objects the prosecution of. labor organ
izations under the Sherman anti-trust
law. Especially will a fight be made
against those who acquiesced in the
action of the senate in increasing the
appropriation from J 100.000 to 5200,000.
\u25a0 • . • " •;\u25a0>•\u25a0
It is expected at labor headquarters
that during this week about every
union man in Stockton will cease work
unless the demands submitted to the
contractors are granted. The contract
ors' association, which is taking the
initiative in the struggle against the
unions, has announced that no com
promise will be made. Several unions
connected with the building trades have
decided to cease work. It is thought
that by concerted action on the part
of the trade unionists their cause can
be strengthened. There is a movement
on foot in Stockton among organized
labor to send to San Francisco for all
provisions and merchandise. It is said
that there are about 1,200 trade union
ists in that city, and If the contractors
are sending abroad for nonunion men
It is urged that the unionists should
also send abroad for provisions, etc. By
buying in carload lots it is asserted
food products could be purchased
cheaper. This phase --of the trouble in
Stockton will receive attention this
week. w-TJ
John L Nolan, business agent of
molders* union No. 164, leaves tomorrow
for Portland to be gone several days.
W. J. Evans, seventh vice president
of the blacksmiths* international, is
now in Sacramento assisting in or
ganizing another local comprising
blacksmiths and helpers in the contract
shops. He will • shortly leave for
Seattle. '•*'\u25a0>\u25a0'*
Dennis Healy of .Lowell, Mass.. has
- been re-elected international president
of leather -workers' union, and Michael
McMullen of Lowell has been chosen
' secretary-treasurer. >
— " ..
r \u25a0 RS. GRUNDY has been working overtime lately in . an. exclusive
\y\ neighborhood where houses are built quite close to each other, and
I V 1i nonen one of .which live a couple who have always appeared to be ideally
happy, whose,reputation foe connubial bliss should have been sufficient
refutation of the recent reports to the contrary.
Although there have been some feeble efforts on the part of friends to
assure the gossips of some mistake, exaggeration' or misrepresentation in
the garbled accounts of domestic discord, there were those who lived in
the adjoining houses who heard with their own cars a scolding feminine
voice, which, -when raised to the screeching pitch of excitement, was carried
through the windows to the prying, suspicious neighbors, who concluded that
the most dreadful scenes took place in the morning and evening.
The apparently devoted husband came home about the same hour every
evening, and often was seen with a bunch of flowers or a box of candy,
which he gave at the door. She looked as if she might have a most lovable
disposition, but appearances are sometimes deceptive. Grundy says that
such a harsh voice and such dreadful things as she said are not indicative of
a lovable disposition.
In the morning the inquisitive friends have distinctly heard, "You're a
tight wad," which has been greeted by the hearty laugh of the husband, who
often assumed a coaxing tone of voice and begged her not to be so. hard on
him. Sometimes, when he has said, "Goodby, I must go," he was answered
by "Go to the devil!"
Afternoon teas at the nearby residences have been almost daily affairs,
the hostess greeting her guests with, "Any new developments?" and over the
tea cups each one has related what she has heard and seen since the last
meeting. * *
One of the trouble brewers had concluded the telephone must be in_ a
closet, as she could always hear, "Hello, hello!" and after a mumbled dis
agreeable conversation a curt "goodby." The entire situation was freely dis :
cussed by the group of friends, who related to their husbands the terrible
state of affairs and enlisted their interest in and sympathy for the "henpecked"
One evening, about 6 o'clock, the family in the house adjoining was dis
tressed to hear groans issuing from the home of the mismated couple, and
shortly after were startled by a scream, which was followed by "Help, help!"
The time had come. thc3* argued, when t?hc had irritated him beyond en
durance, and he was evidently choking her. Another cry of help so terrified
the hysterical, imaginative neighbor that she tearfully pleaded .with her hus
band to go to the rescue of the woman who was being brutally attacked.
After useless protestations he finally grabbed his hat, swung into the
adjoining garden, mounted the steps and rang the doorbell. His auxious wife,
with her face pressed against the window, watched him eagerly, and was
amazed to see her pretty neighbor open the door, cordially greet the life
saver, with whom she continued a few minutes' animated and intensely amus
ing conversation/ which brought forth peals of laughter from both. The
sweet bells of his home were jangled out of tune that evening while he dis
coursed on gossiping, emotional women with inflamed imaginations.
The atmosphere soon cleared, however, and all concerned arc enjoying
the tremendous sensation caused by a talkative, slangy and profane parrot.
• •• • * * - « * *
The sailing of the
Yorktown next Thurs
day will make a differ- •
ence in the plans of at
least navy- brides
who had intended to
pass the season at Mare
island. Mrs. George
Joerns, the wife of En
sign Joerns, will leave in
a few days for Spokane,
where she will be the
guest of her sister, Mrs.
Harry Childs. Mrs.
Charles Conway Harti
gan, the wife of Ensign
Hartigan, will be in
town part of the time,
but will be a visitor at
Benicia during the early
part of next month. The
Yorktown will be In
Central American waters
for three months, and
may be away for a
longer period according
to the orders that will
be received.
• * •
The Tom Driscolls
have taken the Paul
Shoup house In El Cer
rito pending the comple
tion of their new home
In the picturesque foot
hills of «Hillsboro. The
new house is near the
home of the George
Howards and commands
a splendid view of the
bay and promises to be
one of the most at
tractive houses in that
• • • • .
Mrs. Earl Cummings
is again at her home In
Clay street after a visit
of several" weeks in Los
Angeles, where she was
the guest of her mother,
Mrs. I. Rivas. Mrs. Cum
mings was accompanied"
on the southern trip by
her sister. Miss Amelia
Rivas, who remained at
home, but who, will be a
visitor here probably
later in the season. Miss
Rivas passed last win
ter here as the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Cummings.
-• • \u25a0
Mrs. George Apple left
yesterday for a visit of
several weeks in the
east. She will pass most
of the time as the guest
of relatives In Balti
more." While Mrs. Apple
is in the east Captain
Apple will be at the ma
neuvers at Atascadero.
•*• ' -
r Miss Maizie Cpyle will
leave Thursday for a
brief visit to Santa Bar
bara, where she will be
entertained by friends.
Bay City Parlor 104 Also Plans
for Admission Day
The following named members of Bay
City parlor No. 104- of the Native Sons
of the Golden West have been installed
as officers for the current term:
A. D. Alvarez, president; Leon Morris, first
vice president; Simon Licht. second rice presi
dent: Louis L. Michaels, third rice president:
Isador Lindeman. financial .secretary;." Harry
Gunzberger, recording secretary; - Harry " Nord
man. treasurer; Louis Samuel, marshal; -William
Hamilton, inside 6entincl; William Carman,
outside sentinel;- Martin Lery, trustee.
At the close of the ceremony the Ad
mission day celebration committee re
ported that all the details of the plan
that the parlor adopted -for the cele
bration of the anniversary of the ad
mission of the- state into the union had
been arranged. - .^;:, . .;
- In the parade on September 9 the
parlor will turn out 250 -members -in
a new. gray unlfornvand willbe Inline,
with its drum corps,. recently organized.
The parlor will-be the escort of Las
Torrosas parlor No. 131 of- the' Native
Daughters of the Golden West. These
two parlors will' jointly entertain on
the three' days of the festival -in the
new building of the Independent ' Order
of B'naf B'rith *"ln Eddy street. '-Miss
Ruth Alverez, daughter 'of the".presl
dent'of the parlor, was nominated as a
candidate- in the queen contest.
THE i SAN; FRANCISCO :.\u25a0 CALL, \u25a0TUEST&F, -JULY a 26, 1910
The Smart Set
Miss Florence duff
has been visiting here
for a few days as the
guest of Miss Amalia
Simpson at the home of
the latter in Pacific ave
nue, but has returned to
her home at Menlo,
where she is passing the
summer with her moth
er, Mrs. William Cluff.
Miss - Simpson and her
mother, Mrs. John Simp
son, have been away
most of the summer, but
are again established at
their apartments In the
Hotel Regillus. They
will remain for the sea
\u25a0 • »..*-\u25a0
Mrs. Russell J. Wil
son is in town again
after a visit with friends'
at Hillsboro. She is at
the home of Mrs. George
Cadwalader in Jackson
street. Mrs. Wilson has
been the recipient of
many informal enter
tainments since her re
turn from abroad and
has been the feted guest
at parties in town as
well as in Burllngame.
. • \u2666 . " • ' - -.'\u25a0."
Mrs. Wellington Gregg
has returned after pass
ing the summer abroad,
and is at "her home at
Gough and Clay streets.
Mrs. Gregg was accom
panied . on. the interest-,
ing trip by her two
daughters, Miss Enid
Gregg and Miss Ethel
Gregg, and Mis s Elysse
' . '*.'>-\u25a0; • ' - *•' '
; The Aimer Newhalls
are enjoying their jour
ney abroad- Immensely
and will remain for a
few weeks longer in
Europe. They are vis
iting the larger, cities of
interest, but will return
here for the winter and
will establish their home
in this .city.
\u25a0•'-.• . * \u25a0 '
Mrs. Eugene deSabla
was " hostess, at one V of
the informal luncheons
of yesterday given at the
St. Francis in compli
ment to her daughter,
Miss Vera -de Sabia.
There were only a few
friends of the pretty
debutante at . the party.
• • •
' Mrs. . „' Joseph "Weller
Sefton of San, Diego "and
her daughter, Mrs.' Lena
Sefton Waken 1 eld; are at
the Palace, where they
will remain for a. brief
stay. ."\u25a0'. \u25a0'\u25a0: ' \u25a0 \u25a0 .- •. "w^*'- :
Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Mills, who was Miss
Claire Nichols, will re
main here for a few
weeks longer before
leaving for. their home
in the easf. They are
being entertained at
many small farewell
parties and are . the
guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Philip Lansdale in Web
ster street. Mr. and Mrs.
Mills are frequent vis
itors to San Mateo, how
ever, where they have
been entertained at teas
and house parties since
their return from the
wedding journey.
• * . •
Captain and Mrs. A. W.
Bjornstad have arrived
from the east and are
being greeted by their
friends. They have been
at Fort Leavenworth for
an extended stay, but
will be here for the sum
mer. Captain and Mrs.
Bjornstad will pass part
of the time in town, but
have gone away for a
few weeks to the Sabin
country place at Moun
tain View. Mrs. Bjorn- .
stad was Miss Pearl
Miss Julia Langhorne
will return next Satur
day from Santa Barbara,
where she has been vis
iting Miss Helene Irwin
for several days. She
will remain at her home
In Pacific avenue for a
week before leaving for
Colorado Springs. Miss
Langhorne will be the
guest of her sister, Mrs.
Richard Hammond, dur-.
ing the latter visit.
• • ... •
Dr. and Mrs. Philip
King Brown returned
yesterday after a visit
to Santa Barbara, and
will remain in town for
the later season. They
have been enjoying oc
casional trips to the
southern city during the
summer. - \u25a0
- .'• *„ ','\u25a0, • , • ... .
Rev. Robert Sesnon of
Sausalito is the guest of 1
Mr. and Mrs. \u25a0 Charles
Church at the Sea Beach
hotel in Santa Cruz,. and
will remain for several
days. -
• .- * *
Mrs. Charles Gibson,
has returned to her
home in Pierce . street,
afteV an outing in the
Yosemite with a party
of friends.
Original of Name Signed on
Missive j Denies Authorship
[Special Dispatch toThc^CaU]
:• \ \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- --..-•-.\u25a0
. EUREKA, July,, 2s.— Mrs. Bud Slavy
of Elinor, while on an outing yester
day afternoon on Samoa beach picked
up a bottle on the, ocean : beach f not far
north ..of the bar.Va message-being
found as follows on 5 a* piece of pocket
book paper.' securely \u25a0: corked 'in: -V,
• "Whoever finds ' this,";] please , notify
the San Diego paper! for me, "because
that vis , my home. ; I have /grot i tired ; of
life and have jumped from one of 'the
northbound' steamers '•and
Farewell. -W.E.W."..; I may be found
some .t ime, but God'knows.'when."Good
by. ; ;Weatherbee.''t'' -\u25a0""\u25a0_ '' " '* ; ' '*- V
. Weatherbee is a former lumber sales
man of ; San * Diego,-- now ;« visiting: friends
in ' this county. >\u25a0 Todays he', strenuously
denied,.: all knowledge l.of;; his
obituary; and 'disclaimed *any- intention
of 9 plunging, into .the /oblivion -of: the
hereafter.^.. ; "...'' . : ,• :
\u25a0 an acetl Chlnes«,-wiis booked at the city prison
'yesterday/.with -!tbreats"- against;? life: on : the
/-complaint of Fong Ling,*, a butcher at>BU" f Pu
."; pnnt street.'his cousln.-^wnom'ne cbargeswlth
\u25a0'- swindling; him -out J of i his >j money, v He. w«s
\u25a0 armed.with a;'revolvcr: when "arrested, "arid" an
additional charge -.of .'-: carry in>s-' a concealed
\u25a0 weapon- was made ; against; Ulm.^' ~ •
MISSION; commanflery No. 41. K. T.— mJßjm
Stated "assembly THIS (TUESDAY) Tjgjn
EVENING at 8 o'clock. Mission Mason'c^ WM
temple." ! Order of »-the Temple. All : .
:.\u25a0 fraters cordially invitedi ; By order of .the emi-
nent commander. ; A/ HAWKSLEY, Recorder.
BURLINGAME i lodge No. ~ 400. F. & A. •'.'__ '?'*
M.— Third' dopree THIS (TUESDAY) _#^_
EVENING at. 7:P,o, o'clock. /WV
v,, EDWINS L^MEYER; Secretary.- '\u25a0•\u25bc\u25a0\u25a0' i
GOLDEN -GATE lodge -No. 30. F.: & A. y.'J^- \ '
7 M.— Third ; degree aTHIS ! (TUESDAY) Vf^f
EVENING." 7:SO o'clock. Fraternal ball. r^r\
,1., 0..0. F. building.. Market ami. 7th
sts.- Master Masons cordially : Invited. . . :
. . \u25a0•,:' EDWIN L.; MEYER. Secretary.
PACIFIC lodge No. i:_J. F. & A.».i 1""9 A
Killmore.st., meets. THlS EVENING, <^%r
.-' 0:30 p. m..-.-34-P.; : \u25a0\u25a0, --•• *i • - -..' :\u25a0'.-' /Sfr.
PARNASSUS lodge No. 388, F. 5 &. A. M.— . ' *»
Tliird degree THIS (TUESDAY) EVEN- «vf V-
ING at 7:30 o'clock. ". " /W^
W.-A. HO YT. Secretary. /— -
ORIENTAL lodge. No. 144. F. &A. M.— J*
dojrree Tills EVENING at 7:."i0 «^W
o'clock.. Craftsmen- invited. J^rt.
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 A. S.HUBBARD. Secretary. ~
AMITY 1 REBEKAII; lodge No. 61. jsi^KiifeZ"
._ I. 0. 0.. .F-.— Officers ami
members will -assemble «t J. S. ~^?&*3l£&ir
Godeau's chapel, :41 Van Ness -j*»'»»v
, avenue. WEDNESDAY, at 12:R0 p." m., to
attend -the funeral- of our late sister, LI-
BRADA Z. GOSCH. By order
REBEL CORK Benevolent Association will give
their 24th annual, picnic on SUNDAY, August
7," 1910, Shell Mound Park, Berkeley. Valuable
gate and game prizes will be given, including
first gate prize, a Domestic sewing machine.*
. value $75. Music by Foley's band. \u25a0 Admission
50e; children under. 12 free. -
IF YOU LO&15 AN VTHlNG— Advertise It j
here. It will be returned to you If an honest
person finds It. Remarkable recoveries are
brought about every day through this column.
to The . \u0084
San Francisco Call :
I'<»ftt and Found .Burean I
Third and Market streets j:
Get a claim check. Have it advertised.
Reclaim It if tbe owner does not.
THE LAW— People who find lost articles i
are interested In knowing that the state law
Is strict In requirinsr tuem to seek the owners
through advertisements and otherwise, and
that failure to do ?o, if proof can be shown,
Involves a severe penalty. ' .
\u25a0*J' " — .
LOST— Sunday. July 24. 1910. at Shell Mound
Btatlou, Emeryville, a grip containing ' rn-
vi>lv?r. etc. Party- returning same to F. J.
I'OVKY, 1310 Devisadero st., will receive re-
ward, v \u25a0 • , . -
POCKETBOOK lost, with sum of money and
Southern Pacific ticket to Shawnee, Oklahoma.
-Return to ALBERT ZANGE, Golden West
Hotel, between 8 and 9 a. tn., and receive re-
ward. . .
LOST— On Fillmore or Valencia Ft: cars, Satur-
day * afternoon, old fashioned bracelet: valued
. fit keepsake. .-Return -to 1915 Howard St.;
phone Market JOT.";; reward. -
LOST— GoId, open face watch; Initials "E. A.
M.V Return 326 ' ("oscrof t bldg., OS Post St.;
reward. .
LOST — A passbook with the Mutual savings bank
ofi San Francisco; name, Martin Stahl, No.
3085O; finder please, return to bank.
LOST — Diamond brooch. Return to Hotel Argo-
naut and receive reward. MRS. E. A.. WOLFE.
FOUND — Watch on Market st. Saturday, July
23. 1910. Address E. W..R. X.. box 1621, Call.
i Al German cook with best of references from
i leading hotels desires a situation. Addres3
EXPERIENCED lumber grader would like a po-
sition with a large lumber company. EDWIN
PARR. Nlles.Cal. ,
ITALIAN-AMERICAN wishes occupation as sales
man, city or in country, with commercial .
house. Address F. A. BISSOTTI. 401 Broadway, j
JAPANESE couple, wish positions, man as cook, \
wife do house cleaning and any kind work.
MACHI, 1531 Post st. \
OFFICE clerk,, thoroughly experienced in office |
routine work, typewriting, corresponding, etc., ;
desires position where merited advancement Is
possible; age -23; local references. Box 1522,
Call office. '---,
SIDE line wanted by party; in business for him-
self in the east visiting architects .and '• kin-
dred professions throughout the country to
make San Francisco heailqufrters preferred.
Address by letter, room 3025. Palace .hotel.
SITUATION wanted by young man of neat ap-
pearahce In a clerical position In an office or;
store; can use typewriter; graduate book keep-
er; can give best references. Address DON-
ALD F. SAYLOR, 2053 University ay., Berk'ly.
STRONG, intelligent young man, with many j
. years' service in the marine and good city
\u25a0 references, desires a place as watchman in a
large manufactory.: Address 'ALFIE VIEL,
3224 17th st.. or box 1398, Call office. \u25a0 •-'. j
WANT-ll — By a competent book keeper, a small
set of books to attend to evenings: Address
box 1253. Call office. \u25a0 -
WORK wanted on farm by boy of 16 years; |
good habits: some experience. Address ' box
"1593. Call office. \u25a0 -
YOUNG man wishes work evenings. 6:30 .to 12. i
Box 4093. Call office. 1651 Flllmore St. ..«*.
YOUNG married man. 28 years, would like some
kind of office work, with chance of promo-
tion: strictly temperate. Box 1527. Call office.
ESTABLISHED dress maker solicits ladies pst-
- ronage; perfect fitting: quick, and prices rea-
sonable; at home or by tbe day. Phone Park
5233. : . ....-.- .\u25a0-\u25a0':\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0
ELDERLY woman wants to do . housework and
plain" cooking: will do small washing. Call
369 Bartlett st. bet. 24th and 25th.
GOOD, fioncst woman, willing to do any kind
of work:' washing and ironing. .Address box
7007. 1108, Valencia st.
GOOD, reliable middle-aged lady desires ". work
by the day; has Just lost her home by fire;
\u25a0 willing. to do any kind of work. \u25a0 Address ' box
1618. Call, office, 3d and .Market sts.
REFINED, experienced .young lady would take
confinement nursing. Box - 1562, Call office.
WANTED— AbIe bodied men for the U. S. Ma-
\u25a0 rlne Corps. betwe«u - the -ages -of- Id and 35.
Must be- native born or have first papers.
Monthly pay $13 to $C 9. Additional compen-
sation possible. Food, clothing, quarters and
medical attendance free. .After 30 years' serv-
Ice can retire with, 75 per cent of pay and al-
lowances. : Service 'on board : ship and asbore
in all parts of the world. Apply to U. S. Ma-\
rine? Corps Recruiting Station. 95 Market St.,
\u0084 or 51 Third st.. San Francisco." Cal. , _ . ' ,
MEN WANTED— Age 18 to 35, for firemen, $100
monthly, and brakemen $80,' on nearby " rail-
roads; experience: unnecessary; no strike; 'pro-
\u25a0 motion to engineer^ conductors; railroad em-
ploying headquarters; over 500 men sent to po-
sitions monthly; "state age; send stamp. RAIL-
WAY ASSOCIATION, care The;. Call, y-
WANTED— Reliable, honest man . who \u25a0 can ' ln-
. vest $250 with his services .-> In good. :. legiti \u25a0
- - mate, well established Market street business.
Tljlb - will pay " you A $125 • per ., month ; ! clean,
I agreeable. work; no . experience necessary; easy
to learn; want 'Steady, man. Call: 102S Mar-
\u25a0,ket<st., room lir v. ... . ' - -\u25a0 "
MEN and' women, learn the barber trade; under
.Moler system. we teach In 8 weeks; 4,800 posi-
tions : f nrnlsbed \u25a0 last year; jwe can not supply
demand for: our graduates. Do not be deceived,
the only Moler college in. S. F. is at 234 3d st.
HOPS—- Men,\Lwomen and : children wanted for
. hand and machine' hop 1 picking; begins . about
August 6 at Wheatland, . Perkins, Cosumne and
Teha ma: begins about August 20 •at Ukiah.
\u25a0E.?C. HORST CO..AlSO;Pine St.- -\u25a0-. :. j
WANTED— Experienced C stock man . to ,: handle
, toys, ."trunks and wheel "goods; necessary, to; be
handy :,wlth \ tools.- Apply superintendent's i of-
vfice fromO to 11 a. m, HALB^BROS., INC.,
Market and 6th. ets.," San Francisco. { ; "
\u25a0•.\u25a0'\u25a0-,\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.... :\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0 FREE— FREE-^-FRKB. ~ "\u25a0\u25a0 ';\u25a0\u25a0.'
Men wanted to learn barber trade in 8 weeks;
entirely free;: time no limit. Call or write Pa-
j clflc I Barber - College, 670 Washington at. near
"..Kearny. \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 '-:'.- :.- . \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0}-.{' Si-i--'-.. .' ' fv;'-'--.;.'-:i. -M.-
WANTED— Young man who will work for $25
, .week and invest is2ooi $200 cash . in established busi-
ness: this will. stand Investigation.- Room 21i;
-'.016 .-Van Ness a v. ".-.;\u25a0 : ;'.,-.\u25a0.\u25a0 ; '.:--;- • "'• ."\u25a0::.%
BOOK KEEPER -and collector, good position; i
\u25a0 $500> securfty. ;; CHICAGO , RUBBER STAMP
rCO..< 865; Broadway,; Oakland. s
MAKER \ experienced lin | soft i clay : ma-,
chine work and is willing to^go to the country;
\u25a0 references \u25a0 required.- ;, Box ,1590,' \ Call * office. : v '• ' \u25a0 j
WANTED — 600 men to occupy \ rooms, 20c to 30c
per night (free bath), at the NEW YORK, 753
Howard; at. between 3dand4th. . ; y;: f ;-£
RELIABLE I man ! wanted 'to - help \ manage | estab- 1
lished cash business;: will pay you $25 weekly;
small,- iuTegtment;: $150. -, Call 1122 Market
'•\u25a0•\u25a0• et. r .v. room :;3.T:.:'- 1 : "-\u25a0.:. \u25a0i'\';:^.. \u25a0-\^~. : -:<~-'.-',:''i «:'
WANTED— RaiIway -mall clerks,.; city; carriers,
v'» clerks ~ln s San ~> Francisco; , examinations '»- an- ,
: nounced July j 15. « preparation \ free. -.- Franklin
\u25a0 Institute. =; dept. , 14IA Rochester." N. V.; ;--.- .\u25a0.- r
"\u25a0 A . FREE>— FREE— FREE: "':.~.,-"- ), V \u25a0':
,We I teach | the I barber ' business \u25a0 absolutely free • to
," \u25a0 next I0:no limit. to time. « Call or write S.;F.
;; BARBER COLLKGE.-790 Howard St.' near 4th.
.WANTED— An ,i> experienced *A brandyi^distillpr;
Mdoa'tJ apply without referericc.-'Address EISEN,
t- ."" K.1 K. No.- 1;> bos \u25a0 24,''Frf sno,' Cal; V " v l • • vi 1
MALE HELpVwAN'TED^Coßtlnned ;
SOBER, steady man: to. tend cigar store;, esperi-
-ienee unnecessary; small security required. 306
f:^ 12th': St."- \u0084- -J--' -. ".-- "\u25a0 -\u25a0,;- .-.-. .- -.-.k-
MEN of • ideas with some Inventive ability.
GREELEY & SIcINTIRE. ' Patent Attorneys.
Washington. D. .C.->~
BOY -wanted; at 'drug, store. 21st and Valencia
.. streets. ;\u25a0/' \u25a0> ; , : :. "• -£. -" .;\u25a0\u25a0". -\u25a0 .-: !.•-;•;'
DELICATESSEN— YounV -man wltn : some cx-
v perience preferred. R MILLER. Palo Alto, Cal.
; NEW WESTERN. .1124 Howard— Single rooms.
\u25a0 13c - and \u25a0 20c » per.' night : t hot \u25a0" and cold water.
PHOTO coupon agents wanted; good proposition.
SCHAFFER. 72 Snn Pablo ay.. Oakland.
i MEN wanted at 103 3d st. Ito have . their shoes
repaired; sewed soles 75c. done In 10 minutes. [
WANTED— Men and . boys, no expense for In-
struction. .learn automobiles, electricity, plumb-
' j ing, . brick laying trade \u25a0In months Instead lof
years; study half and wolk half time; cata-
logue free. United : Trade School Contracting
__C_j-J. fi 23 Market St.. San Francisco.
AAAA— Young women, i between . the ages of IS
. and 25. of fair education, neat appearance and
. unquestionable character, wanted' to study
telephone operating as a profession; a liberal
- salary is paid new operators while In training
at the Operating School of the Pacific Tele-
phone and Telegraph Company, and upon grad-
uation they are given permanent positions at
the switchboards, with opportunities for. pro-
motion. The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
Company . provides light | and well ventilated
operating . rooms, pleasant rest and lunch
rooms, and takes a personal interest in the
" welfare of the young women In its employ.
Competent operators furnished to private
• branch exchange subscribers. For fall particu-
lars call, preferably between 8:S0 a. m. and
12 in., at the Operating School, Telephone
Office. 2015 Stetner st. \u25a0
COOK for German family. $65 to $70: strong
young kitchen *-mald. $40; neat second girl,
$.'{0;: second girl, • $35; . lady's maid, 1 lady.
•JMO; chamber, maid and seamstress, $30; Ger-
man nursery,' governess. $30; French, nurse,
grown children, $3.">: parlor maid and waitress,
|$35; lauudress. $35; cwk. German family,
, S4O; cook. Mill Valley. $40: housework girl,
2 in family, $35: laundress fry the day, ?2 a.
day. MISS PLUNKETT, ISOO Sutler st. cor.
Webstfr. -:-...., ' "
WANTED— Experienced cloak and suit sales-
woman for"one of our outside stores. Apply
sapcrintendent's" office : from 9 to 11 a. m.,
HALE BROS., INC.. Market and 6th sts., S. F.
-.4 ____ . \u25a0 ' - \u25a0 -
AA — Women 'and girls apply immediately for:
cutting and canning fruit; highest wages,
steady work, healthful and moral surroundlngs."
'\u25a0 CALIFORNIA CANNERIES CO., 18th and
. Minnesota st.
A A— WOMEN and girls for cutting and canning
fruit at Napa; highest wages, with steady
wort in . good surroundings; . free tents fur-
nished In Napa park' Apply . Immediately at
Minnesota sts. -
WANTET) — Young woman to do cleaning and
washing of dishes for demonstrator of Durkee's
salad dressing. Apply superintendent's office
between 9 and' 10 a. m.. Tuesday. HALE
BROS., INC.. Market and 6th sts., S. F.
.WOMEN and girls- wanted on fruit cutting and
cannery work; Sonoma county; fare advanced;
children allowed and taken carp of. no charges.
1 Call 1267 Ellis st. near Laguna, upper flat.
LEARN hair dressing at CALIF. COLLEGE OB"
HAIR DRESSING and Beauty. Culture; day
and night school; individual instructions; form-
ulas given.' 957& Market St. bet. Gth and 6th.
MAKE your vacation pay; we furnish tent and
\u25a0 camp space and let you earn money can-
ning . fruit; experience not needed. Central
California Canneries. Sehagtopol. Cal.
WANTED — Young women to train as nurses, be-
tween ages of 20 "and 30. of good education.
; neat appearance. Box 3998, Call office. Oak-
land. \u25a0".. \u25a0 " \u25a0 .\u25a0\u25a0-'-\u25a0
SPECIAL rates — Learn hair dressing, manicuring,
hair work; only system in 3 wks.; positions
waiting. MILDRED hair store. 1475 Halght st.
WANTED— A good girl. for general housework:
\u25a0 must -be first class clook; -good wages. Phone
Franklin 1234. " "|" |
WOMAN to sell standard article: pleasant,
profitable; phone Oak. 4230 or call K54 Tele-
graph ay., Oakland. .."• -
ESTABLISHED "house can place a woman "of
tact and business ability. No office work.
Box 1041. Call office. , .
LEARN hair dressing, manicuring, hair working,
massage; special teachers: evening classes.. Tbe
WOMAN of refinement to enter business career;
training given. Box .1047. Call office.
GIRL wanted for . general housework; no cook-
Ing; wages $25. Apply 331 Capp st. nr. 18th.
HOPS— Read ad. undes Male Help Wanted. E7
C. HORST CO.. 150 Pine st.
WANTED- — Competent cook; call today.: 2409
«„ i_«_— .
ELED CHAIR- on the market. Jhls chair Is j
made completely in our own factory, we doing
away with the cheap nickel plated work, such as
you see mi other chairs, finishing our chairs with
a" porcelain glass enamel. Remember, WE are
manufacturers/selling YOU \u25a0< direct, doing away
with, tbe MIDDLEMAN'S PROFIT, which means i
a great saving to YOU. Compare our PRICES :
and TERMS with the high rent payers. Vibra-
tors, chairs, fixtures . and hair driers sold on In-
stallments of $5 per month. ...
Several bargains in second band chairs.
Phone Franklin 3589. 94. Turk st.
CHEAPEST mirrors in city; \u25a0 down with high
prices; all kinds iof barber goods at rlg&t
prices;-!- time '\u25a0 same as cash I with my- non-
forfeiting lease. Phones: Park 1242, M 2941,
394 Hayes; st. -/.\u25a0.- . ;
WANTED — 4 or 6 chair; barber shop in good
location;- must be first class. 1386 California.
LOCATION for -4 rhalr shop In best hotel in
Oakland. See E. F. PANARIO. 94 Turk st.
FOR sale— Lady barber shop: 1 chair,' with living
. rooms.* furnished:^slso. - 445 ; Valencia st.
LADY barber wanted: steady position;, guaran-
i teed wages. . Inquire 2ft6 10th st. .
BOOTBLACK stand for sale; 4 chairs and room;
-best chance in town. 131 O'Farrell st. '\u25a0-
TWO barbers wanted Etgßdy. high wages "made;
10c shop. 219 Montgomery ay. nr. \u25a0 Pacific st.
WANTED — By -reliable barber, shop on easy
;terms.v Bos 4470, Call, of flee. Oakland. '
GOOD barber wanted for evenings,: Saturday and
Sunday. Apply 610 Laguna st. near Hayes." ..
BARBER wanted \u25ba; at . 2103 - San ; Jose ": ay. Wed.",
Sat." and. Sun. ;\u25a0: steady. • Call; at once.
WANTED — Lady barber. • 154 3d St., S. F.
BOOTBLACK wanted; boylwlll do. 730 Turk st.
BARBER wanted. * 868 Mission st.
WANTED— First .-class barber; , steady. 470
Ellis st. . - ' ; • • : '
BARBER to.finish the week.- 17S!> Union st.''
WANTED — Barber shop, city.. Address McRUS-
%-:. SEC.: 548 \u25a0 Ashbnry st.
BARBER— -I : want .i to talk .to \u25a0 rapid workman.
McANDRE W. , 25th and- Church sts. ...
,WANTED-f-Barber,v steady. *at "752 Howard St.,
> next;door;to Murray & J Ready's emp. 'office.
THREE; chair shop v for sale;. 3 years' : lease; • best
corner inltown; elegantly furnished; price S5OO.
i. 324 2d ay.. San '\u25a0 Mateo. -;\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 V -s :
BARBERS— OId established shop; 3 chairs ;*nlce
r: trade; : must ' sell." 205 Scott st. .?-V " .V" :; \u25a0-
> MANICURIST wanted — St. * Mark r' barber * shop.
M 373 12th St., opposite Hotel St. Mark,: Oakland.
WANTED — Barber; good man: \u25a0 Wednesday eve.,
'and.; Sunday. 395'20th^Bt.~"' . •
' FIRST-CLASS -barber, wanted;: $17 a week. W.
:;f: ;f ;1.-:.SPAULDING."Lodi,- Cal. v'"_..; : . :
BARBERS' .Trotectlve Union— Employment secre-
j; tary. W. - BARON; 77S Mkt. ; , phone Kny. 5354.
IF you'- want'. to please your customer rive Bauer's i
:;,- Tonic. 3 BAUER'S removed to 59 O'Farrell st. '
2 CHAIR*, shop • for sale; " old-" established; cheap
m rent ; ; bargain."- 1151^ Golden ' Gate \u25a0\u25a0 ay. " -.. ".r - * :»
BAUER'S." Ithe"' modern" supply house of - the :
toi,west. trerooved ! to 59 O'Farrell \u25a0> st. r : - ."..'«..; ;
SALESMEN wanted;-^ no •; experience^ required;
\u25a0-•;•\u25a0 hundreds of propositions now open paying from
""• $100 to $500 g monthly; our free book. -"A
g'r Knight ?of 1 the f Orip,".twill ' show.; you '-. how Ito
.'. set,one;of them; .write -(or call). for: it; today.
; Address National Salesmen's Training \u25a0\u25a0 Assn.,
10198 Metropolis - Bank * bldg. ',. \u25a0-. Branches ; New
.York, Chicago, . Kansas , City, * Minneapolis, < At-
;." : lanta. : ;/;-> \u25a0 ,- \u25a0) \u25a0'\u0084-. .' -- "»":.- ;.. : ; .>-. : .\u25a0:\u25a0;-;. S.-r,.-:.
SALESMAN ? for i country : ; salary ' and com-
mission ; beach ' property.; - J430 Market at. ;
AAAA— CANTON Bureau of " Information — Chi-
nese servants; contracts for resorts! Canton
Bank bldg.. <H9 Kearny st.; phone Sutter 113.
Largest Japanese and Chinese employment of-
fice in c!ty J; jr i^MUßACO J^l«l2tHffunajit.
A A— OSCAR HATSCMI, Japanese-Chinese Emp.
Co. ; . best help with care and guar. 1513 Geary
St.; phones. West 5688. Home S4OBB.
A. S. HORI. reliable Japanese-Chinese help
promptly furnished; open day and night. 1743
Sntter St.- PHONES— WEST 2503. S-2803.
H.'W.HOXG, Chinese emplojement office. 803
Webster st- Oakland; phones" Pekln 25. A 3725.
STAIt emp. office; Japanese-Chinese help. W.
KODATA. ICOS Geary; tel. West 187. 54908.
MISSION branch of ' The Call. MILLER'S, sta-
tloner. 3011 16th st. -
ACCOUNTS, rents, wag-s and all kinds of btUs
J_collected. Phone Sutter 657 360 Phelan bldg.
A small want ad In The Call will do it quicker
- than a dozen signs plastered on you- windows
-, and which spoil tbe looks of your home be-.
- sides. Phone Kearny SB for an ad man to call
• and tee you. \u25a0 -
ROOMS TO LET— Fur. and Unfor.
A COZY home for respectable ladles. 1130 Mar-
ket st. near Sth. under auspices of the SAL-
VATION ARMY; elegantly furnished: every
modern convenience; steam heat, electric light
and elevator service; spotlessly clean; centrally
located: thoroughly homelike; telephone Market
1349; prices very moderate, ranging from 25c
per night up; -special rates by the week or
month. See matron, room 33. *
BUSH St., 368. near Kearny — All outside rooms;
nicely furnished; electric lights; running
water;: day, week or month.
BUCHANAN st..* 1956, near Pine— Small trent
ballroom for employed person; $5 per month.
BRYANT st.. 256S — Nicely furnished, clean front
room; bath; $2.60 per week.
CALIFORNIA' st.. 2437— Sunny south room; use
of bath; 'rent reasonable.
CLARA St., 164, near Sth — i unfurnished rooms
and bath. ' -
CALL and see our rooms fitted for batching,
or. without, $2.50 up. 1733 Fillmore st.
DEWEY HOUSE, 4th and Howard— All modern
conveniences; 200 rooms. 35c to $1 day. $2 to
|5 a week; free baths; Howard or 4th st. cars.
ELLIS st., 1177 — Nicely furnished, sunny room,
$1.50 a week; running water, batb. phoce. -
FILLMORE st., 529 — Large alcove front room,
with 2 beds; 1 single room and double room;
house keeping if desired.
FOLSOM St., 8161 — Sunny front room, bay win-
' dow, bath, convenient to carliae. suitable for
1 or 2 gents; rent $8 per moath. ~ v>
FULTON st., 701. corner Buchanan — 2 front
rooms to let, single or en suite. >v^ -
HAVES st., 921, ccr. Fillmore— Rooms suitable
for 1 or 2 gentlemen; reasonable.
HENRY St.. 70. near Market and 15th— Large
sunny front furnished room, with batb; reas.
HOWARD St., 1943. near 16th— Nice, sunny,
furnished room, with bath; suitable for 1 or 2
: gentlemen; board, if desired; reasonable.
LYON st., 1615 — Large, sunny, attic room with
sleeping porch; also large basement room.
MCALLISTER st., 1392 — Very large front sunny
furnished room, bath, gas and electric light;
$10. -
MARKET St., 170S — Nice sunny rooms; bath,
phone; bouse keeping privileges if desired; $10
per month. • \u25a0
OAK st.. 134T— 2 nicely furnished front rooms in
private house; reasonable.
O)FARRKLI. St., 1714 — Newly furnished rooms;
also rs. for light house keeping, from $10 up.
OVERLAND HOUSE. 569 Sacramento St. below
Montgomery — Now open; 200 rooms: hot and
cold water in every room; 25C to $2 per day;
>I.SO to $5 per week. . EDW. ROLKIN. Prop.
PINE st.'. 2397 — Nicely furnished front room;
bath; phone; rent $10.
PINE st.. 1009, near Octavia — Large, sunny par-
lor suitable for studio or living room; fine
view: carpets and furniture new; house keep-
ing if desired.
POLK st.. 1310. near Bush — Large, sunny, out-
side room ;. running water; $2 per week.
SCOTT St., ieos, near Sutter; tel. West 3141 — A
few furnished rooms; single. $5 per month;
.garage, autos. $5 per month.
STEINER st^ I'lOO. cor! Saeramento--SunnyT
furnished, bay window room for 1 or 2 gentle-
men ; use of bath and phone; terms reasonable.
STEINER St.. 1315 C —Furnished. . sunny, front
room, gas and batb. with private family: $9.
SAN CARLOS ay,, 233, near 10th st.— Large,
sunny, furnisher! room; batb; reasonable.
SHRADER st... 52fi— Newly furnished, beautiful
large rooms: $7 « mnath for 1. $10 for 2.
TROY. K>s Eddy st. cor. Leavenworth — Outside
sunny rooms, bath, hot and cold water; $2
week; transient trade solicited.
VAN NESS ay.. 719 — A sunny room, $S; also
large one for 2: running water.
23D St.. 2977, corner Harrison — 2 large sunny
front furnished rooms; bath, phone; private
family: reasonable. \u25a0 ,
15TH St., 2174% — Large modern, sunny furnished
room; phone; suitable 1 or 2.
14TH St.. 840. cor. Walter— Nicely furnished
front room for gentleman; reasonable.
16TH st.. 2S2o— Snap, worth investigating; nice-
ly furnished rooms for men; $5 and $0 per mo.
10TH st., 120 — 3 neatly furnished front sunny
bay window rooms: $3 and $3.50 per week; 3
car. lines. . - •
13TH *t., 78. near Folsom — Comfortable fur-
nished room with a German family.
ALABAMA St.. 957 — 2 . house keeping rooms,
suitable fot man and wife; bath.
BAKER St., Zl6. opp. G. G. park— 2 sunny front
rooms; gas. batb. phone; rent reasonable.
BUCHANAN St.. 171!*— 3 sunny, finely appointed,
unfurnished house keeping rooms; references;
adults. . > \u25a0
BROADWAY. l»52o. next to corner Van Neiw ay.
'—2 large basement rooms, furnished or unfur-
nished; large sunny yard; other rooms.
C-st., 126, McAllister cars, near park and 2d
ay. — 3 or 5 modern sunny rooms, complete far
house keeping. $25.
CLAY St.. 2907 — Large, unfurnished, alcove
room suitable for house keeping; also small
room. . . - ;-, . ;.
FILLMORE st.. 1738— Suite 2 or 3 r. at $2.
with or without house keeping; sunny front
room $2 up. •
GOLDEN GATE ay.. 943— Front and rear suites
. of 2 and 3 moms on. ground floor; gas. electric.
I and hot water; furnished complete; $15 month.
HERMAN St.. 030^ — House ke-plng rooms in a
modern flat; rent $10 per month.
LAGUNA St.. 1123 — 3 house keeping rooms and
1 .single room; rent reduced •. to $12.
LYON St., 19114-2 clean, furnished house keep-
ing basement rooms; laundry yard; $2 per wk.
O'FARRELL St.. 1059. near Van Ness — 2 and 3
I rooms, connecting; also single furnished or un-
furnished; -reasonable.
OCTAVIA st., 1410- i Nicely furnished, sunny
bouse keeping rooms; also single rooms; cen-
tral; reasonable.
OCTAVIA St.; 1257, near O'Farrell— Sunny, fur-
nlshed bouse keeping rooms; $6 per month up;
2 rooms, $15; 2 in attic, $10; gas ranges,
batb, phone. ' - • ;
O'FARRELL st., 117«— Elegant, sonny, front.
; furnished . room with alcove, . gas range, run-
\u25a0/. nlng water, grate, - free phone, laundry, gas.'
-fcath; other rooms from $12.50, t0 $22.50 per
v month; house keeping. '
POLK st., 1214, comer \u25a0• Sntter— Large sunny
honse keeping: rooms. $3 up; _also furnished
single rooms, $2.50 up.
ROYAL, 311 Van Ness cor. Grove — Furnished
suffliy suites. $20: single rooms, $2.50 to $3 per
week; gas, running water and phone. - :
SACRAMENTO St.. -2721— Large, front, -alcove
room, .furnished as bedroom and sitting room;
v with kitchen connected. \u25a0; \u25a0 • - \u25a0 ..
SACRAMENTO St.. 250S— Sewud parlor for
» bkgp;: well ".furnished; running . water; " reajr.
SACRAMENTO st.. 3018— Nicely. furnished, sunny
; suites; regular kitchen; $15 up; basement $10.
SCOTT St., 300—2 sunny, furnished house keep-
,f,, f , Ing rooms; "running water, and gas. range.
TURK st.. 1416— Sunny \u25a0 front rooms, suitable for
house keeping, or 2 or \u25a0 4 gentlemen. .
21ST. St., ; 3672. - . Castro • cars — I large ranny
\u25a0 rooms, unfurnished; garden; private 'entrance;
, ;' magnificent view;' rent $15 mo.; apply p. ; m.
2D ay... 834—3 large front rooms: genteel, sunny,
pi clean; - complete for house • keeping: grates,
closets, •\u25a0„ kitchenet. ' bath; "• furnishings never
\. used; reasonable; Clement cars.
lOTH'st.'. '120— Furnished bouse keeping rooms,
fa g»8 ranges; 3 carlines: $4 week? Including gas.
' 16TII . st.'. . 3446. near \u25a0 Church — Large ,. sunny f nr-
:. nlshed bay -.window, front room; cse of kitchen;
V- 1 $12:". phone. . -\u25a0\u0084'. , . . \u25a0. * •
4TH ; at.- 1 . \u25a0. 504.-' corner : Bryant — $4 ; 2 . nice, sunny
front rooms furnished for house keeping.
AT, 1651 FILLMORE SI. \u25a0': ;
FOR rent-4 or 3 rcH,mT7ndl^rn^^^
_X DS ire 4 l^J^^J, ~£
ggffgr &£°*sntXL g,^__g^__.
ALICE St.. 1317. 0.k.-2 nicely rum %™gtf
AAA-THE WEMPB. 419 O* •%-£&%£?* \u25a0
rooms; unexcelled board. Phone Park so—.
BRYANT st.. 23ai-Nice ro.«l i"^'^^^
bath. 2 beds; suite. 5 gents.; with boara. \u2666->
p«r month. \u25a0 , —
CALIF.. 1541-St. -Margaret's « ta » > _fi£ I *2}£
tpachers. stndents. bus. women. *«««\u25a0» '^
Ny room*: exrrllent board; rates reas. to.
Fkln. 5292; I[nmi» f25W>. .
FOl^llst of inspected rooms see DOM^DIREC-
TORY. Save* time. 11 to 2. S_ \u25a0 t-rocagr out-
HAIGHT St.. 220-Newly t*™ l3 ***??? 1 ?^ 1 *
Roard. $25 np: running water, electric light.
INEXPENSIVE, congenial borne. 1 «. 2 _stS U^
- men; front room, phone, bath, piano, vrtth or
without board. 2ir»t Market st.
OCTAVIA St.. ldZti. coruer cr »"»??*Sv °J_?l
\u25ba looking Lafayette square-Handsomely fa.
nls'ued. sunny rooms. \u25a0 slnsle or en suite. «-
cellent board; references Phone west ss>-
OCTAVIA st.. IU2S. corner Sacramento, at L«-
fjiyrtte- s.|twrc— Well fnrn. sunny rooms, single
or en suite: excel, board; ref*. Ph. West \u25a0•»— J.
PACIFIC ay.. 171ft— Sunny, attractive rooms;
choice table: home comforta: references.
PIERCE st.. 261. cor. I'ase near Fillmore — Good
rooms; fine board; reasonable. m
QUALIFIED nurse wiU take care of 1 or 2 pa-
tients In most healthfully situated mntry
home: massage and treatment of rheumatism
•specialty: highest references g»T?n ana re-
quired. Address MISS A., box 653. Hazard
P. P.. Hayward. Cal. __
i ST. FRANCIS Girls* Directory. On'ra^a »•»««»
Waller St.. San Francisco— A beautiful home,
where old ladies, young girl* and little chil-
dren can board verr reasonable.
TABLE board and rooms; room* suitable for 1 or
2: call and see them. fls» Ellla «t.
NORTUGATE. ISO 9 Euclid ar.; teL Berk. 1815;
north entrance of university campus^ — Apart-
ments with private baths; single rooms; steam
heat and callbell •In every room; sleepms
porches; first class table board; sjecUl soa-
mer rate*. M. M. HEXRY.
BOARD and room wanted by a Japanese gentle-
man; beat references given: state accommoda-
tion. location and terms. M. 1.. 221 Sansom».
MOTHERLY woman wishes to take entire
charge of young child; preferably one bavins
no mother; room for father; references. MRS.
BATKS. 2W.K CI»T gt.
HOTEL ARGONAUT. 4tb and Market sts.— Fam-
ily aad commercial hotel; room with detached
bath. $1 per day; rooms with private bath.
11.80 per day; restaurant attached: moderate)
prices; free- bus meets all trains and at'mshlp*.
SHERMAN (The). 11th and Mission— t%>g. fnr-
ninhed rooms. BO cents day no: SI.CO week nt>.
"~ W " % ' V 2^D^IORE^IKS^CLAY.
Take Hyde and O'Farrell or Powell st of
any other car and transfer; get off at Hyde an 4
Clay. New S rooms and bath; light and sunny:
gas stoves. The finest 3 room apartments ta
the city. Rents $25 to $40. Furnished or un-
furnished. People are returning from country
rapidly. In two weeks these will be rented.
Steam heat and hot water la winter. All out-
side rooms; deadened walls and floors; hand-
somely furnished lobby and brilliantly lighted
halls. _
AAA — Aparts of 1 to 4 rooms, private batb, clef.
furn.; sunny; electric light, hot water, heat,
elevator, janitor service, linen; beautiful read-
Ing lobby; 1 no.. $15 up; 2 rms.. $27.50 up; 3
rms.. $40 up; 4 rms.. $5O up; Haigbt st. cars.
' "Rosemoot. * 214 Haight: phone Park 559.
nr. Broadway — Elegantly furnished apts. of 3
and 4 rooms: steam heat. elec. light, elevator;
marine view; reasonable. Phone Franklin 2590.
TWO and 3 apts.; 2 elegant doable beds; hotel
service; liehts. linen, soap, etc., free; as low
as $45. Ellis Hotel Apts., 450 Ellis at Jones.
LUNDY APTS., Stanyan st. at Frederick—The
most complete in the city; hot and cold water.
. electric lights, baths, elevator aervfee. Janitor
service; every room In house light; rent reas.
ST. LORENZ apts.. 134*4 Jackson St.— 2 and 3
rooms; marine view; Just completed; latest im-
provements; rent reasonable.
SAN JUAN APARTMENT. 1034 Sutter st.. ad-
joinlng Grenada Hotel — Handsomely furnished
3 and 4 room apartments; summer rates.
MALTA apts.. 14th and Market— l, 2. 3 room
airy, sunny apts.. furn.: every mod. coov.;
very reas. Call and see them. Tel. Mkt. 8144.
BROADWAY apts., 204S Polk— 2 and 3 room
apts., $20 and up; furn.: single rms.. $10; hot
and cold running water: baths; sunny corner.
ROUSSEAU apartments. 1490 California nr. Lar-
kln — Front artistic 4 room apt., unfurnished;
sun in* every room; rent very reasonable.
BEST modern 4 room apt*., furn. and unfurn.,
for the money at the Maryland. 3«3 Page st.
EL FOREST apts.. $23 Bu«!» near Taylor — 3 and
4 rooms, furnished or unfurnished.
EUREKA APTS.. Mkt. and 17th sts.— Beautiful
3 and 4 nn. apts.; phone, janitor service: sunny.
COLUMBUS Apts.. NE. cor. Pacific and Larktn--
3 and 4 mi. apts.. unfurn.: $20, $22. $24.
KENILWORTtI. Bnsh and Powell — 3 room furn.
sunny apts. :" convenient location: mod. rates.
A — Oakhurst Apts.. Washington, _ Taylor — Nlc<»-
ly fnrn. 3 rms. & b. : new. sunny: mod.; reas.
THE COZY — Jnst completed; 3 and 4 light, sun-
ny rooms, from $12 to $25. 3G74 16th st.
NEW Pllcher Apts.. 161S Polls nr. Sacramento-
Well furn. apts.; 4 car Ha.s; single rooms.
ST. ELMO. 1432 Devisadero st. — Fnrn. front or
single suites: bath, phone; all cony. $12 to $40.
SANDRINGHAM Apts.. 1144 Eddy St.. facing
Jefferson park — 2. 3 and 4 room apartments.
ADELINE Apts.. &40 Eddy st. — 2. 3 and 4 room
apts.; hotel service: priv. exch. : most modern.
ST. DdMINIC Apts.. Bush st. at Jones— Up "to
date in every respect; 1-2-3-4 rooms.
2 YOUNG ladles employed during the day would
like apartment of 3 rooms and bath; must be
east of Van Ness ay. and on direct line tn
ferry. Permanent; state price. Address box
1314. Tall offlee. •\u25a0
s room fiats aad apartments at $18.
4 room flats and apartments at $22.50.
6 room flats and apartments at $27.50.
6, « and s rooms. $30 and up.
n^on^ 0 ? flat - all furnished f°r *~: nut, S2O.
j 40 O'Farrell at. near Market.
SPRUCE St.. 416. Presidio Heights— Elegantlr •
furnished upper 3 room flat; reception hall,
bath, toilet separate- beamed ceiling, electric
lights, modern; $50.
HILL St.. 574. near Castro — New. modem flat.
5 rooms and bath: marble entrance; large
yard; rent reasonable. . * fc
COZY 4 and 5 room fiats; overlooking cttj and
bay; entrance through terraced lawn: open flre-
places. 1437-1439 WUlard. Mock Hayes car.
BERNICE st.. 54. cor. 13th. bet. Fotsom and
Harrison — Modern sunny \u25a0 flat. 4 rooms and
bath: $l«t.5O; key grocery.
WALLER st.. 256. near Webster— » rooms.
°sth; newly tinted; rent reduced to $28.50;
key at 252. # .
FOLSOM. st.. 1906. near 15th— 2 modern. cUaa
Cats. 4 rooms and bath; lower $15; upper $17.
2D ay..« 147. bet. California and Lake sts — «
rooms, sunny; top flat; rent $22. Key at door.
STEINER St.. 554— Strictly modem 5 rooms.
bath, storeroom: rent reduced. .
CHURCH «_. 1317— Upper sunny flat, 5 room*
ami bath ; large yard; rent $13. -
011 ! \u2666**•; "~— Mndern flat. 5 . rooms and
bath; latest Improvements; rent reairanaMe.
M m^rn': fe-.^&.'Sg fSe?" "*
(^ t ™^ BL .: 2 30 . »»e« FeU— Lower tt room.
FLATS to- let— New., artistic 3 room flat with
basement-garage. 879 3d ar.
Sunny., top, modern 5 room flat: reasonable.
»« bath;
Continued oaXtxt Pas.

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