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\The San Francisco Sunday Call
MANY women never get the full
benefit out of a sea bath, be
cause they fail to accompany it
I ';. \u25a0••.: '. • with vigorous exercise, which
:. brings all the muscles not used In
' '.;- swimming into play, and brings a
\ ',-^low to the body, whereas a half an
:. : hour on the sand produces only a feel
.\u25a0 ing of chill and languor.
\u25a0•':'.' It is for these women, and for ..the
. ; • others who cannot get away at all
.:.B.nd must use absent treatment to ob
: ;.tain the seashore effect, that these ex
... ercises were evolved. They are meant
-'. principally to be taken in the open
-.' ajtr. before or after bathing; but they
\u0084 are almost as effective if the bathing
• euit be replaced by any light, loose
\u25a0 . garment and open windows be sub
.* .stituted for the long, bright beach.
• . Whether you dive or not, the diving
_^.ra©yements, which you can learn Just
aVwelTlr/* .dry land, are an excellent
. \u25a0 means to develop th^ trunk muscles
• 'generally, particularly\ those of the
• '. sides and chest- They are good for the
\u25a0 1 VylcZ&4/*z/*a*iy'/cm4'
." -w- s OFFICE, store or factory the
: I number of business women Is ever
•. 1 increasing. I cannot give space to
• tell you why more girls go out
• into the business world now than in
! grandmother's day. There are good,
eound reasons for this condition which
have filled books on "Woman," " E T ?°"
iiomics" and various other topics. But
.-' you know as well as I that the choice
• Is generally quickly made between
staying home and helping in the af
• fair* of the household and a stated
salary Jn Business.
• The business girl Is thrown in con
' tact with other business^ people, and
usually a few men. That Is the text
bf my little sermon. I speak to my
"• readers in a spirit, of friendly criti
c^n, and hope that the eyes of young
• jrirls will be opened to the dangers
that lurk quite near , their pretty
you may do in your work.
' retain your self-respect and the re
••' tnect of your associates. v
u-hetber these latter be above you in
•he official schedule, or your col
i^airues in the department, never act
• in a way that your ideas of right and
wrong" behavior will not uphold. You
r/J T employed to do a certain thing,
. <f,r which yon are'being paid. Then
rv^form your duty and do not fool
fshlY consign seriousness to the winds.
JUlow no words or actions of men
arms also, and, In y fact, bring almost
every bit of the body into play during
some time in the exercise. Indeed,
were it not for the question of pri
vacy, the good old-fashioned somer
sault is a most excellent form of ath
Imitating the movements of swim
ming with the arms is a fine developer
for the back and shoulders. This is
equally well practiced standing up,
giving only the arm movements, or
lying on the stomach over a chair
and using the leg movements also.
This Is Just as strenuous as it is in
water, and should be undertaken
gradually by the novice.
Perhaps the finest neck developer
In existence, v.'ith. the exception of
singing, Is the chln-ralslng exer
cise. Stand erect, with the heels to
gether and the hands at the sides
for balance, and alternately raise
and lower the chin slowly and with
all your force. This is very different
from simple, unforced exercise, and
will cause a wholesome ache in the
to lessen your self-respect. I am sorry
to have to .suggest that a business
man frequently tests an employe in
this manner. Little discourtesies,
flight infractions of good breeding,
axe bound to occur in many business
affjairs. Your reception of these
breaches of etiquette will decide
whether they will be repeated..
If 'a song, story or 'Joke be told that
Immediately classes the persons as
coarse, and 111-bred, do not put yourself
In the some category by laughing. If
you feel angry. In this case, you should
show it. T;ou will probably not be an
noyed again. '
Do not allowv any familiarities from
men who meet you on business grounds.
I have seen pretty young stenographers
writing with one hand, the .other \u25a0 held
by the dictator.'- There is an alarming
condition of these; little actions which
are intentional on one 6lde and thought
less on the other., I often think of the
unsuspecting mothers at homft. Let me
Two Years Younger •
DEAR Mrs. Adam's. '?.
I am a young lady engaged to . a
man two years my i junior. He . does ;
not know -this, but I think some one has
told him: but I really -look ..much' younger
than he. We knew each other a -long time
before we were engaged.- I., have thought-
I could tell him after we are married. Is he*
too young for me? What shall I do?
sunshine y: .
Why should you ..hesitate, to . tell
him? If he is sincerely in love with
you, the difference \u25a0* In ages*. will' not
make a particle of difference. 1 >;
The. Engagement Ring
Dear : Mrs. Adams. V > \u25a0\u25a0'.\u25a0
Please tell me whether, it would be proper
for me to so with my; fiance to buy > the
tssisement ring if he insists that 1 1 should E
neck and throat for a j few days after
the exercise Is begun.
To strengthen the waist and make
it supple, try the rotary exercise of the
hips and shoulders."" Hold the hips firmly
with the hands . and move the shoulders
In a circular motion. This will develop
the small of the back also. - \u25a0 •
To develop, the calves, "stand with
'the feet close together and the arms
stretched straight out' In front >of
suggest to the business girl that if in
doubt about anything that occurred ?in
business life," - a talk with - her mother,
who Is her best friend: will clarify a
few ideas regafdlng. behavior.' : ./•' :.'
If you are a business ' girl, . dress in a
becoming manner. Neatness and clean
liness are essential: 'Do not wear your
old finery to work. * Keep your bangles,
bracelets and chiffons for. social affairs;
they do not , belong at \u25a0 a~ typewriter \u25a0: or
counter any more than 'an old dress suit
on a man : during * business : hours. , ;
Just because you are the recipient of
a stated sum, do not "be extravagant.
Buy a common-sense \ lunch -. of clean,
wholesome food that 1 : will nourish : you
and build upthe tissues, that, are worn
away by the wheels of - : - work. 'Get
plenty , of , good, . fresh air and good,
wholesome companionship.* These are
Important in your, life." And last of fall,
keep your clean, pure Ideals -just %as
Irreproachable as . your sister who stays
at home. - ' - :>>>\u25a0;' .--.
go. Also please tell me if a plain band
ring is worn as an 1 engagement ring, if on»
does not ; care . for. a > diamond. -: ', BETSY. ; :.
It i would ;bei proper:' for/; you* toTaid
him" in. the choice, -but. most .girls pre
fer -to ' have thelr^fiancesr make the
selection. V*A plain band ringvis seldom
used for the ' engagement ring, u lf, usu
ally contains some kind of stone.
Anxious to Restore Peace*
Dear Mrs.", Adams. . ' '..'\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0" '\u25a0\u25a0.'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0!. '" - " .""-\u25a0''
f I \u25a0 wish ' to know \u25a0 if . you • can » tell '\u25a0 me • what
to do. ' •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 X have " a \u25a0. very : dear friend whom ' I",
really love, but we had'a quarrel some time
\u25a0ago and ( do | not % write I any-j longer. -^ At I first E
I zione . of : her I sisters would ; write- to me.'-, but '\u25a0'\u25a0
now one of them writes me very fine letters, s'
-Tthink 'I am -mostly-, to blame for: the quar-'">
rel, : and " I wcnder .; if it will \u25a0 be . all right I for
me ; to .write to i the girM: love. Y^What- kind I
of a letter should I write, to her?. - -.- ! - -.-•\u25a0.-
Is It all right for me to so wlUi*» rfrl'to
you," and rise slowly on your tip
toes, holding the' pose as long as
you can. About fifteen times is all
you can stand of this exercise if It
ls:.-properly - done. . ;-' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0
There are \u0084. other fine - exercises
which may be taken in the
suit "in the open air, ! such as wring
ing the forearms,; as if -washing, , to
make the muscles firm. But these
will be found sufficient for the half
hour : that is really air you should
undertake- daily. - By. that time you
will, be well dried out and in a
healthy glow, besides having assist
ed in. the proper development of al
most every muscle of the body. \
These exercises are" not to be
taken , laxly. Make every motion as
if you were fighting against . a crush
ing \u25a0• force that was compelling you
away from the- direction you want
to take. Fight every inch jof , the
way, and: make your muscles work
as hard cas your imagination. For
this, .reason," the vbathlng-sult exer
cise is a bit strenuous; Dut it' may
be undertaken without harm and
with benefit'" by any > one well and
strong enough to be sea bathing: at
all. For., the' stay-at-home, I should
say ' that . any" one In * average health
would be; well able to exercise as
here; described. ..~; . .
; Keepv lt ,up through the summer,
and watch the effect. '
• different places \; If '- she' Is one year . my .
senior? -:: a = , ANXIOUS LOVER. -
If you are willing, to acknowledge you "\u25a0
wereto blame you should lose no time
in writing to the ; girl. \u25a0• Send • her : a
* friendly; letter .?, ln*? which you, explain'
everything ; fully \ and beg; her to accept
of your, apologies. .
..\u25a0.-Yes/ \u25a0.;\u25a0 .;•'\u25a0 -J-y ''\u25a0•' - * \u25a0'
A ' Jealous Disposition
'\u25a0'. Dear Mrs. TAdams: '>'•'-.\u25a0 " " ' \u25a0'\u25a0 -'.>-'''\u25a0:-*> \u25a0"''\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0<-"]'
\u25a0:la.m 17 years old, and have been:keeping
company with a young : man the* same age .'
for ten months. He is very Jealous, and the.
least thing -• I ; say . or do makes him angry
with me. . v I- think too much of ' him 'to give
him up in?, spite -of -all. What "would you '
advise In a case like this? = ,
How should a ; girl 11, years old -wear her
\u25a0 hair? "-\u25a0 o: \u25a0; .,:'; ,. .. : F. GRAY EYES.- -
, I cannot understand . why " you should
•dislike to "give \u25a0-; -up '?: the i company of r^a
person .who i has : such ' a 'i Jealous b disposi
:; tion s that .- he is usually;: angry. V- Where
. *is l the pleasure In : being. , with < him ? Try '
> to reason i with •; him v that : other friend
ships ?'• are ; important^ ; ' :- • \u25a0 .^,- / •
! , <S In i ; the :\u25a0 simplest J and most -becoming
style," having it' tied • with a hair ribbon
or two.
• IsM^Proper? ,"• •
-Dear. Mrs.'Adams. \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 ' :-•: -•
;.-i. A- meets. B and- is- Introduced., 8. -. after \u25a0
talking j for • some \ time \u25a0: on 3 different < topics, i '
'\u25a0aska: A's ' business/^- Is-'- it iproper for A,to
. give B his business card, asking: him to call \u25a0
'some -..time? T *\u25a0 \u25a0 ANXIOUS. TUBBY. '
- 'A ' and •B - being . men, * such '*. a' procedure
is, proper. '
Anxious Jo; Meet Him j: : v
; . : Dear Mrs".7 Adams." .: > /. :\u25a0'.\u25a0"'\u25a0- \u25a0. •-"-••' :\u25a0- -' .\u25a0 . ; "* '\u25a0;\u25a0 -'*
\u25a0 \u25a0':•' I* met :>^a '• In ?a -business "way
and am .very ' anxious : to meet -him^socially.-
'\u25a0\u25a0* Dosyou i think -It' proper.ito •. Invite- a . small
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0: crowd ,'to ithe^house.-Bendlng'ithls --gentle- :•:
"i manT an' invitation ? *\u0084 I '\u25a0 cannot > see s any.' other "-.'
\u25a0;. way -« of * gettinir t an'" introduction, as imy '
';u friends : fio not know,; him. -^ FRANCES S. , ;
I^TheifactHhatfyou'met the ? man lin^a
1 right' tO'invitshim- to-your social:af-
'fairs. It would be better to wait until
events.bring'you together in the social
• The Time to Leave
Dear Mrs. Adams, i
.I. 'We are-pirls just 17 years old and are
- In , the •• Junior class •of hiKh school. As
class meetings are necessary, -do you think
\u25a0 It would be .Droper' for us to accept the.
company of any of the boys In our class^n
returning: home? . .-.-•\u25a0 -, '
"\u25a0••-. 2. Althoueh \u25a0we do not keep company,
what is the oroDer time for a young man
•to leave a youne woman when calling on
her in the evening?" ,•\u25a0 '
3. Do you think we are too young to ac
cept'of 'a '•* ounir ; man's company from
church or a social gathering? CHUMS.
1. If your parents do not object, I
>"x WING to the great amount of mall
I \ | received and the limited space
r V-/ given . this department, it is ab
solutely, impossible to answer letters in
| the Sunday issue following their receipt.
The letters must be answered in turn;
and this ofttimes requires three or four
.weeks. '. ->\u0084 ,
\u25a0: AH correspondents who desire an im
mediate answer must _, Inclose a self
addressed stamped envelope for a reply.
Massaging the Face
Dear Mrs. Symes. • _„ \u25a0
1. Is it advisable to massage and steam
j 2 Should I wash my face with cold or
hof water, and should I use soap?
- 3. How can I develop my forehead, espe
cially at the temples; also at the back of
xny iicck^ ' *"' ; ' *
• -4- How ; can I growler? sixteen
1. It Is advisable to massage the
face if the I righ t . treatment -is given.
Wrong, treatment can - easily jdo harm.
It is v not advisable to steam the face,
because by' doing so ': you destroy the
natural oils of the; skin and cause it
to dry out. <To soften the skin so T that
alLdirt and dust may be removed you
may apply cloths wrung out of ' hot
\u25a0water.'-. \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0" : '' .'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0
-2. When -washing the face you
should have the : water, at the most
.agreeable., temperature. Too much
soap is not ; good .' for \u25a0 the skin, but a
little of . the ,best quality. Is necessary.
*3. "You cannot - change ; the ; structure ;
of .'your-iforehead, .but you; can^build
up the: flesh by; massaging with a good"
skin "food. !,The; same -treatment, should 1
. be given .to the^.back of the neckr
'-\u25a0 4. You can increase your, height by
practicing* stretching exercises.
To PFJiiten the Hands ';
\u25a0 Daar" Mrs. * Symes. * "*
*.'* .will- -you please _ tell -me which- Is the
best klnci of water to, use ' when washing
'\u25a0\u25a0 the face and . hands, >. pump t water, hydrant
; water or. rainwater?. -\u25a0-'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0''\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 .- \u0084. \ \.
"What can I do to my hands so that they
- wllKnot 'be so -red? ?I would -like them
>to be '\u25a0 white. :', -. „ : rANXIOUS. ''.- 4
- Rainwater .is ; the best, because < it u is
:soft.":. ! -i-.:>.;- v ---'- : \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0•'!• -'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0 " > --".v; '?\u25a0'•.
Jt you '\u25a0\u25a0 will .rub a - slice of lemon
over -r your, hands after • ;. - they : . have
been carefully washed. and; dried, the
likin" will : become - smooth and' white.
'Very frequently the wearing .-of tight
• clothingscauses; red hands. .; See if this
is at the" bottom of , your trouble.
Boilingris Not Necessary .
-Dear Mrs.' Symes. ,
ii&l «.- think" - your V orange-flower, cream,, is
'dandy, -but *H : turns \u25a0 to ;:- water. -. I do not
" know:- how.- lone 'to i boil; It; .'/\u25a0 \u25a0"• V - -\u25a0;•; .- : .
•\u25a0'-\u25a0t;Hhave swrlnkles .under,: my •\u25a0 eyes." Please
''\u25a0' tell ime i what* motion * to -make while " mas
' saglng. -• r. ..:\u25a0-':\u25a0'.-. 'A; i CONSTANT DEADER. :..;"
':'\u25a0- The • \lngredients'•\u25a0\ Ingredients '•\u25a0 !*- for \u25a0 ;the V. oranger
flowers cream : should % not., be > boiled.
Just allow 'th§m* to -be warm "3 enough
, so that r the >4 fatty. ~. oaes^.will k> melt. .
Remember i-i that?' constant, stirring is
the^ secret i of^the 1 best-made creams.- :'.
vWhen^massagingvvto:": remove _.the
".'wrinkles', use v the -rotary action, % work
ing^ f romM the nose outward - and ;up- ;
sWariv.-,.;:-";,:,^/-' ;: . \u25a0.-•;\u25a0-\u25a0 ' vJ[ ./--:]
[ -To^Prevent ; Gray < Hairs
\u25a0\u25a0: Deaf ) Mrs.'l Symes." '\u25a0'."•S'.iy : .';'.- '\u25a0 ; -'\u25a0';//\u25a0'-: "\u25a0 \u25a0'
,;"lama".woman of 33 years and my.halr !\u25a0
'getting gray.* l fear; that in a year it will -
do not see any harm In allowing: the
boys to. accompany you home.
2. From 10.30 to 11 o'clock is plenty
late enough for any man to stay.
3. The answer to number one will
apply to question number three.
Offering Assistance
Dear Mrs. Adams. -
' •- 1; Is it proper for a boy friend who gets
on the car after a girl does, to help her
off if -he doesn't get off at'the same place?
2. What I 3 the proper thins to do when
a - boy smiles at me on the street and I
don't fcnow him?
3. A few weeks ago a tdrl • friend and I
were followed by two joung men. We
• didn't- know iiow to eel rid of them. Is
there anything one could say in such a
1/ It Is quite proper and very kind
and polite of the boy to be so atten
2. The only thing you can do Is to
Ignore the smile.
3. If you were positive, the men
were following you, you should have
sought the assistance of a policeman.
Gathering Flowers
Dear. Mrs.' Adams. _
~ 1. Is it orooer for rirls and boys to go
out in the woods . for flowers without a
chaperon? •" *
2. Is it proper for^a boy to come- on my
porch when I am reading without an invi
tation? •
3. Do you think It is proper for me- to
have the same boy call on ma every Sun- V
day night?
4. One nlcht after coming homo from a.
dance about IV 3O my escort asked If he
might come In. He stayed until 2 o'clock.
My friends say. I should not have permit
ted him to come In. but I think it was all
right.*. Do you agree with me?
' -1. The presence of a' chaperon la
necessary. \u25a0 = i •• V
• 2. If you are Intimate friends I
do not -sec why the boy should wait
for an invitation.
3. You are too young to receive
special attention from any. member
of the opposite sex. An occasional
call from your boy friends Is perfect
ly, proper.' •\u25a0- ' "\u25a0•.•'. \u25a0'*•*\u25a0'" -"-7-':
4. I do""not agree with you. Such
a thing is not conventional. If you
will stop to think a minute or two
•you. will find that conventionality 13
founded on politeness and morality.
You may say that no harm was done,
but the mere fact that your friends
were astonished at your actions
be- entirely gray. Is there an/ remedy ta
prevent the rest from turning
Sago tea will darken your hair and
prevent It from -turning gray. Make a
strong brew of dried leaves, strain the
liquid carefully through muslin, and to
each pint add two teaspoonfuls.of alco
hol. This should be rubbed on the hair
every night before retiring.
The Use of Peroxide
Dear Mrs Symes.
Will cure peroxide out on the face leave
blotches, and how should it be used and
how often? . - - x > ELU •
Pure peroxide will-not cause blotches,
to appear on the face. If you want to
us=e peroxide. to bleach the face I advise
you to dilute it, using half peroxide and
half water. Apply once a day with a
sponge or piece of soft cloth.
V To Develop the Bust
Dear Mrs. Symes.
Can you tell me what I can do to en
large mv bust? ' - . ; TILLIE.
I am giving you the recipe for one of
the best tonics jtou could take to enlarge
your bust and at the same time build up
the general system:
Dr. Vaucaire's Bemiedy for the.Bust.
Liquid extract of ealega (goats
rue) • -..-.; ; 3 fl- dr.
I^cto ; phosphate of Hme........1j4 grains
Tincture of fennel 10 sralns
Simple syniD . ....... .:.... 7 13^4 ounces
; The dose la two soupspooofuls with water
before each- ireal. \u25a0\u25a0 ' - "'
. .. Dr. ? Vaucalre also advises the drinking
1 of . malt extract" during . meals.
To Reduce Thick- Lips
Dear Mrs. Symes. ' .
Will voa kindly tell me- If it Is r tannin
powder or glycerlte of tannin that should be
used in reducing thick lips? INQUISITE. \u25a0•\u25a0
Tannin powder is used, butit; should
be dissolved in water. To one teaspoon
ful of the powder add eight ounces of
water.. Apply dally. .
Busr is Large
Dear Mrs. Symes.
\u25a0I . am a girl not ' thin and not stout, but
am -greatly ' proportioned . about the bust.-
WIU^ you kindly/ advise * something •to re- .
duce ' this, as I\u25a0 am small around the waist
: and > hips, not that I\u25a0 am « laced, but pat
• urally. ,. :: -. : . . L. H. S.
. It *is never , advisable :to reduce . the
bust j" -for," one can not tell / what i harm
may be done. -By wearing a tight-fitting
corset \u25a0 cover /you -• may. be able >to mak*
the : bust appear • smaller. -
Dear Mrs. ; Symes. .- ' :
.-L Will > you. pleaso give me a remedy for
;a : red • nose ? - - 1-. get -a : little chilly
• the end "of my? nose always ; gets, red.; -.
-.2. What« can I do ; for my; fingers? -«I .
' am '- taking ' piano lessons. . but >am> so awk
ward r because ; my fingers are bo > stiff. •...-\u25a0
>3. Please give me a recipe for, developing
\u25a0 the >• legs • and bust.:'; \u25a0 v . •\u25a0«•\u25a0
"i'-c! 4.^-1 should like to have a recipe for mak
ing >my eyelashes ; grow. : . > RED WING.
'; L" Oheiof the best. methods for prevent
ing j and ! curing a red ! nose ' is gentle Ibut
persistent \ massage : with the > tips ' of . the
fingers. This, stimulates the glands, and
promotes;* healthy anil vigorous action
of i the? skin. ;v ' 5 ,:\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0'.. .-.'. . ; i---.-. -'•":\u25a0 ;\u25a0
\u25a0:' 2. As : you* progresa : In .' music. » your fin- =
gers i will « become i more I flexible. ' the
m ean time, you t should ' make \u25a0 a habit of
exercising your fingexi, even though you
should be enough proof that .you had
not done the right thing. Always re
member that a man will have more
respect for you If your actions are
governed by propriety.
No Introduction Necessary
Dear Mrs. Adams.
A youn* lady wishes to meet a dentist to
whom sh<* desires to go for treatment.
Will you kindly tell ma what form of
words I shall use? Also whlcH party I
shall Introduce first? BIJX.
Business Is business, and therefore
no introduction Is necessary in this
case. If the youne lady will go to
the dentist and explain who sent her
to him that will be sufficient, for the
dentist will then proceed to make all
necessary arrangements.
The Letters on Hand
Dear. Mrs. Adams. ''\u25a0 '
I am a bo-r of 13. I have been going wita
a girl of 13. and when away correspond
with her. Recently w» have fallen out.
Who should return the letters first, she
or I? --.Q- E. D.
- "Why should either one return the let
ters? If you do not wish to keep your
collection, destroy it. and I presume
the girl will do the same thins.
A Buffet Luncheon
Dear Mrs. Adams.
Please tell me how to serve » buffet
luncheon? ANXIOUS.
The food, which is cold. Is placed on
the buffet or sideboard, and each guest
13 allowed to help himself, the gentle
men assisting the ladies. A servant
should be near at hand to replenish the
dishes and see that no one is neglected.
On the buffet should be placed nap
kins, knives, forks, cups and saucers,
plates and glasses.
may not be at a piano. The table is
. a good substitute for the keyboard in
this case.
3. Exercise is the best possible method
of enlarging the legs. Long walks will
soon produce results. A gymnastic feat
which Is said to be a certain enlarger
for the lower limbs is to stand on one
foot, and, with the other leg held out
as nearly at a right angle to the body as
possible, try to touch the knee to the
To develop your bust, remember to
breathe deeply, and then massage with
the cream for which here is the recipe:
Lanolin ..-». .....5 ounces
Spermaceti .; % ounce
Mutton . tallow (freshly tried).... 4 ounces
.Cocoanut oil 4 ounce*
Oil of sweet almonds /A ounces
Tincture of benzoin 1 dram
Oil of neroli.. -. 20 drops
4. To increase the growth of your eye
lashes, apply a good quality of vaseline
to the edge of the eyelids each night.
How Often to Use Lemon Juice
Dear \u25a0 Mrs. Symes.
Will you kindly tell me through your
columns how often lemon Juice should be
used on the face for freckles and when
should the Juice be washed from the face?
R. L. B.
.The best time to use the lemon juice
on the face is before retiring. Rub it
into the face until the skin is perfectly
dry. Do not wash the face until the fol
lowing morning.'^
Oily j Skin and Hair
Dear Mrs. \u25a0' S>rnes. .. . :
I should like to have your advice. Sine*
I had a fever a few years ago both my
skin and hair have been very oily. My hair
will *eem oily a week after It Is washed,
and my skin is oiiy in a few hours after
It has been washed. Could you suggest a
diet that would remedy the trouble In any
way? I have known other persons to b«
affected the same way after a fever.
- You should avoid butter, chocolate,
fatty, meats, milk, cream— in fact, all
foods which you know contain oils or
foods that are cooked with quantities ot
grease. If you wlllsfollow a diet and uso
the , lotion for which" I am giving the>
recipe, your skin will soon be to its nor
mal condition :-
Lotion for Oily Skin.
Roraele acid 1 dram
Distilled witch hazel .'.... A ounces
Acpty with \u25a0 a olece of old linen or a bit
of absorbent cotton. .
'\u25a0•' For i the oily condition of your hair'l
advise you to use dally the lotion mada
by the following recipe:
.; Formula for Oily Hair.
Alcohol ....:........-. .'.. S ounces
Witch hazel ...; .2 ounces
Resorcin ................;.*....".—....". 11 grain*
. Rub wen Into. the scalp.
Recipe *Republished *
' Dear , Mrs. ; Pvmes.
j * Several weeks ago I • saw a recipe for n»
\u25a0 iroving dandruff.' The preparation was also
good for preventing the hair from cominsr
out,. Would you please publish it again?
;4 1 > feel sure that this : la the recipe to
.which ycru refer. ,
'Ttncture'of caritharides. ....'. -1 " oone* ; •
Liquid ammonia.... r:. ........ \u25a0 1 dram
\u25a0Glycerin . .*..; \u0084.......;...—....- % ounce
Oil of thyme.......... ;... *» ounce
Rosemary .... ..;.-...„... 1 .dram*
4 Mix. all (together with" six ounces of rose
\u25a0; water.- Rub. the scalp thoroughly with the •
preparation until the dandruff entirely di*»
\u25a0appears, \u25a0 . . ,

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