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'._ : >-.-— .; ' ' -— — \u25a0—- \u2666 ]
' -^- '" '. "_ HE week has', been merry, in
..: jj deed, with picnic parties, and
.'\u25a0" -•:.\u25a0• ' tlie -outdoor entertainment in- ,
"' • 1 . cjdent to the seasbn. The
'\u25a0 ". \u25a0; B \u25a0•. .lnp;on light, parts* has played a :
" -.: '\u25a0'\u25a0•: ; -'CMirispicuous part also in the'
•"• B^ycty . out \u25a0of town. Mrs.. Andrew
;• Welch gsve one of the most elaborate
.'parties " of ..the moonlight variety at
•" Santa ;Barbara for the contingent stay
r - .ing tin . the south. . The coterie in the i
fcoiitliern .city has had a continuous
'• -xoiind of -'parties, during the week. Mrs.
\u25a0:...\VilHam ilayo Newhall entertained at
.." a. card* party given at the Montecito
•cbuhtry -.clutj .Thursday " evening, and
\u25a0th'fTe'.'.-w.cre any:riuniber of. smaller' af
."-. fairs. ...-.-Tf-'mpletori Crot-ker" entertained
\u25a0 : jELt two . or- three ; luncheon parties, and \
-. Ivnox" Maddox was host .at one of the
/.largest pinner :parties for practically
• .the : same crowd, of guests. Some of the
\u25a0' piris. -hOßOvor, .who have • been in the )
- soil th- have turned homeward, and Miss
-;. Julia Langhprrpe was one. of- the first to (
.:--i«4ve 'Santa Barbara. "She came home
\u25a0.yeft<?rday..Tiie Fred MeXears will stay >
:\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0•& "while longer and with them. Miss
•'.Frorc-nc-o Hopkins anil Miss Mary Kce
\u25a0"\u25a0'\u25a0ji'ey,""; Miss Marian KewAall has-been
.V.-pJsjying- in the golf -tournament- in th-e
\u25a0': -.pouth With '.Mrs. Emory -AVinship, Mrs. .
-'"jitniciie liobin^on, Mr&; Henry Breeden,
\u25a0\u25a0 Miss- Therese-JilcEnery and other enthu
>ra>tsv . The .gro-up will be practically
0 Jisbahded in .a .week or two and some
•; -of • ttic.se are : .goihg farther south, while,
.'. iirre.. .returhing". to town. Mrs.
•..lt.o.bhispii : ".vTlJ' remain' most of the: §ea
•\u25a0/s;on.':Un-tl BfeV-erit othcrfc .who- have estab
.:; iish<exl. themsolyes at Montecito will re-.
••-'niainihdeiinitely,. • :\u25a0 ' -
;[;\u25a0:.\u25a0 :.l:i ;'.. ' : ;..: •'''.•\u25a0" »' . •
\u25a0:v';;::^rii<s^Toia Dpificbil* have, takerr the
\u25a0'/\u25a0hoxise at El Cerrito .formerly occupied
. ... . Mr. and Mrs. Paul- Shpup r but will.
.. : <>nlyremai-n there until their own home
r;fs ! They are- building a new
v. house in -the. picturesque foothills of
. :Hill!jbora. and expect to occupy the
;-^^Oi^*e^\Kext;%tinteri The residence is
:.-n«^r : .tli<i. George Howards and com
! \u25a0 orriandfe: a'splendJd view of the bay." .Mrs.
',- "Titi-scoil '-is "a 1 charming young hoste»3
And will be Van acceptable addition to
'-. .the. group \u25a0 at Hillsborb. "She ;is fond of
recreation and is a. nne horse
. AvpnJaijr .'\u25a0\u25a0^Vfty.'.':iaornlng. she rides
. \u25a0arroVs-'th-e. hills- at iJurlingatmv accom
:'..' panied "by her- husband; and- she takes.
". \u25a0 -".aft- '• itcii vn' : inter.e&t in all the outdoor
\u25a0;.-:"..':<diverEionii' - fc-hts"\vai? 'an Jhtimate friend
\u25a0 "of Miss Nora- and .Miss. Amy Brewer and
\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0"\u25a0 ; wa« ::one . of: . the most regretf vi over
.\u25a0V : t'hielr :defia.f.t iire' for the east. The trio
i Avere inseparable ; during the summer,
\ and' Mrs. .Driscdll will miss them ex
:~: ~ <teedingly duririo : the approaching sear
:»:on-. Mrs. j>risc;oll'is forid. of Gntertain
"•; xng," anil lipr- hew -home" will be the
• •Bceuev doubtless, .of. many elaborate en
\u25a0•';-::.te>ta.inmerits later, in the season. Both
.-her little sons, Tom Jr. and Jack, are
"' . hosts and give parties
•frequently .for their young friends.
' ' .-' \u25a0 ": •" •.".':". ' ; "\u25a0'" \u25a0*'.':* »\u25a0.\u25a0'\u25a0;.. \u25a0
." ;"•: •_\u0084Miss\'-l*yiiia". ,Miss\'-l*yiiia" Hopkins has divided her,
• . iimebefween town and her Menlo home
. •;.. <:krlier in the season, but in the last
; • forfiiighl has been on a motor trip to
\u25a0;'X)el -Monte. witli her. parents, Mr. and
>Mrs^.. Timothy Hopkins- She will not
V-VxeniaJn' probably- for the: golf tourna
:-\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0.:.jn'eiit."- next month, but several of the
\u25a0-.\u25a0.'.Blingum set' "are going down for that
\u25a0 > "event. ;; Among those who are con tern*
•' .-plating the trip, with' enthusiasm are
\u25a0• "tliei. Perry Kyres, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
"•Howard," Mr. arid. Mrs; 'Alexander F.
'• Lilly -and the Walter Martins. .Miss
• /.'A : iice. .Hager is going as a matter of
course, and Miss Florence Iv.es will
\u25a0 " Rkely. be in the group,- although that, is
[vbhlj^a probability.. ..-.
"\u25a0.'**'.'"'\u25a0''\u25a0•' : - •"•;••"- « '..'..\u25a0:".•
\u25a0\u25a0.-•. ";Mrs;- "VV^liiiigt'pri. Gregg, returned from
. '. 'jia-riope last week- with "her two daugh
: \u25a0'• "iers,- Miss Enid Gregg- and Miss Ethel
"-. .: Kj.rpgg. The <>.the.r girl/in. the party, was
•.!"M'iss Elysse:. .-"Schuttz,: who hais--. been
. ;.;traveHng with .'the Greggg, "and- the.
-. • three : : giris riiade' a dtcided. sensation
• /iippri :thfir arrival lier,e .with their
\u25a0\u25a0' "gowns «f ultra modish -cut. jiliss Enid
... .."Gregg a.ppfared at the - St. Francis
.'-. .\vltli-.a .new .mummy skirt and Was at
•'.pncV <he atjmiratjori anil envy of -.al}
'.-.ihe yautiger girls who -had not" yet
• • adapted the; latest' mode... Miss .^chultz
:,': ,' >'-o'r6 a gown of black- satin of the same
' \u25a0'" "cut urid created a. furore o.ri her own
\u25a0 '." 'a<jc|ouiit- wlirn she-, went to tea at the
.:' • -Paiare- \u25a0 The "gowns were .extremely
'. r'-.fftching and even in the" few. days- sue
.. coed-ing'- their ;'in'troduptip-n there .were
./ s*V.exal new gowns to be jsecn in; the
.same- design. ' The- society womferr who
. :„ lya/C'e.. the temerity to wear, the mummy
. \u25a0skirt: will Jiiaye jn'ariy; imitators and it
will -b^.doubtlpfib' a season of- mummy
. • ikSrits: :Mi«» Ethe"l ;Greprg. the-youhg
.'; -c'st of . ihf • . trio,- looked like' a little
. "French "doll in her .newest togs from
Paris.:. -iihe. -w.pre one of the. crush hats
".'.-•thy* :havp \u25a0 been Revived, abroad, by the
\u25a0 ' -viay", thisseaßen," and promise to eclipse
.' ov^rythinK :«»l£e .in • pupularity. The
I coiffure, of tliis" smart little maJd is a"
thing of. wonder and admiration for her
frieii'dp- Her . brown hair Is neatly
braided aftor- ' -the'.-oricntal fashion
\u25a0«rp'und-.ljer.' head-, and ov'ereacb ear
\u25a0there; is a-ka'^e.Jcriot- in Imitation of
th-e C4iine.se. maiden. - There is a black
«atiii band to -finish the. effect and the
end?-. .are -carefully, concealed, under
neath-one pfth« Ijtfts over; the ears.
Tiie" extreme stj.le.was very becorriing
to .the piquant face and there will .be
crvc-raliipit-fttors- of the. fad.
•• The ' «?nter-tafnrne"nt of/ the. week at
[Verbk has kept the' navy ped
ple. at Jiome-tir the last "few days. That
is 'to say. there- was a. round of parties
that, mwriopoli'zed their, time and atten
tion on., the isla"hd, without coming to
the'.city'for" social diversion. The most
elaborate- -affair of. the week was; the
tea gi-yen yesterday, by" Mrs. John Mil
ton,', wife of Hear -Admiral Milton, in
complimefft to Mrs. Reginald Xichol
son, the wife of Rear Admiral Nichol
son/ - There were 50 guests or more at
the party, and the charming guest of
honor wore one of the prettiest' gowns
of the occasion. The robe was of white
lace, and there was a predominance of
white gowns, by the way, at the recep
tion. One of the enjoyable luncheons
of the last few days at Yerba Buena
was given by Mrs. C. P. Huff, -wife of
Lieutenant Huff, who entertained for
Mrs. "\V. M. Smith. There were 14
friends at the repast, and they played
cards afterward. The prize of the oc
casion was carried off by Mrs. J. Ste
phens. The meeting of the bridge club
last Tuesday evening was another op
portunity for the card devotees to have
a reunion. The club: was entertained
by Lieutenant and Mrs. Morris at their
quarters, and there were 25 guests.
After the evening game the trophies
were awarded to Lieutenant. Huff' and
Mrs. Milton.
•\u25a0•\u25a0 * . •
The Yorktown sailod Thursday and
left several disconsolate brides. En
sign Charles Con way Hartigan went
wi^h his ship and left his bride, who
was Miss Margaret Thompson. Mrs.
Hartigan is an attractive little matron,
and very popular in the service set.
While her husband is away she will
pass part of the time with relatives in
town and later will be the guest of
friends at Benicia. The Yorktown has
gone to Nicaragua, and will be away
probably for three or four months.
Another matron who is to" remain, in
tliis city during tlje cruise of the ship
in Central American waters is Mrs.
Victor Blue,- wife of the commander of
the Yorktown. « Mrs. Blue will beat the
Hotel Victoria during her husband's
absence.: \u25a0 • . • .
\u25a0 - * -- ' • . * '
Mi-, and Mrs. Ralston White, who was
Miss Puth Boericke, entertained at one
of the picnic parties of recent days,
given at Lagoon beach for 20 of their
friends. TJia trip from Mill Valley was
made oil horseback, and- tlie merry
•party enjoyed a luncheon on the sands.
The- host and hostess are enthusiastic
over their riding parties, and it will be
remembered that "they passed their
honeymoon in this picturesque fashion,
riding through- the Santa Lucia moun
tains. The sister of the hostess. Miss
•Dorothy .Boericke, rides well, and was
an . enthusiastic member of the party.
Another picnic party that was "a moon
light affair; however, was arranged for
last-evening," and, 30 young people,
chaperoned ..by Mr. and Mrs. White,
made the. trip up Ta'malpais. Thej^had
dinner- at the" tavern,, and stayed only
during the early hours of the" evening,
returning afterward for the dance at
\u25a0 * * *
Miss Vcra de Sabla gave one -of the
picnic parties of the week at her home.
*'Xi Cerrito.". but there Were not many
guests, outside the family circle. The
occasion* was in celebration of the
birthday of the young hostess, and she
invited several of her friends, but the
party was practically a family affair.
Among the girls who enjoyed the out
ing svas Miss Ethel Mary Crocker, who
is passing the summer at H.illsboro and
has been taking part in some of the
gayeties of the season. She has been
very ill, but has almost .recovered fronrr
the attack of appendicitis which she
suffered .while abroad. Another of- the
girls in ;the party was Miss Laura
Pearkes, a cousin of Miss de Sabla, who
is with tlie family most of the time.
Miss Pearkes is an attractive blonde;
and shared .her cousin's popularity last
winter as a debutante. Mrs. Clem Tobin
was in the group that enjoyed, the out
ing, and Mrs. Eugene de Saola.^made
the -arrangements for the outing.. Miss
<le Sabla intended to entertain^'at an ;
elaborate party? but so many of her!
friends are out of town and at Santa,,
Barbara that she changed the plan in
favor of the informal picnic.
'\u25a0.\u25a0'•\u25a0••". • . • . •
.Mrs:: John H. Lane of Los Angeles,- i
who is : visiting here, has furnished the :
incentive "for" some of the recent par- |
ties that .have been of social note. One j
of the elaborate parties of the week
given for Mrs. Lane was the tea at
which the Misses Virginia, Rowena and
Frances Sullivan presided. The home in
Presidio terrace was decorated with red
.roses arid ribbon streamers of the same
brilliant hue. Among those who en
joyed the hospitality of the trio on this
occasion, were: ' .
Miss ' Carmclifa Ken- Miss Helen Slattcry j
uedy - ' Harry
Miss 'rMphine Farmer Miss Margaret Uay-
Mlss Helen L. Cbatn- reuther
ljers • • ' Miss Henrietta O'Neill
.Miss Rose Marie Cal- Miss May MoKinley
. ' laghan ' ' Miss May Fitzgerald
Mlks" -"Mary Dolores Miss Ktht-I Itrowna
Ward - Miss Helen Bruce
Miss Kathleen Clatfiy Miss M.Vrtlc Mollctte
Miss Virginia Cleary Miss Claire Steinbring
Miss EMe Treacy \u25a0 Miss Gladys* (,'ronan
Mis* Marparet Me Miss Aria Howard
\u25a0 Kleirnej- • • Miss Itnth Kyan •
Miss Manrrettn Cleary \u25a0 Miss Ktfcel Williams
Miss Gladys Kapran
- Mrs. Susan. Gregory and her-grand
daughter, Miss Sophia Comstock of Sac
ramento, are in this city for a month
or more and will be at the Granada
during their stay.
• * *
Mrs." Earl Cummings'came home last
week after a- visit of two or. three
months at the home of her mother,
Mrs. '1. Rivas, in Los Angeles. . Mrs.
Cumniings wont south, accompanied by
her sister, Miss Amelia -Kivas, and the
latter remained at home- when Mrs.
Cumniings returned to this city. Miss
Jlivas was one of the most popular
girls here last winter. She was one of
the "witches" in the production of
"Professor Xapoleon" and was one of
the prettiest of that attractive group
of. maidens. She is* a beauty of the
Spanish type, with olive skin and, a
wealth of brown hair. Her face has, a
. remarkably piquant expression andher
manner has won many friends. ;• -Miss
Rivas was present at the parties.given
by the younger girls winter= and
was reluctant to leave * the city," where
she passed such a. happy* season. It is
probable that she will return later for
• another visit at the earnest solicita
tion of her . friends here. It was,
thought for a time i that the Rivas
family would establish their home here,
but they have an ancestral place In
Los Angeles and their business. Inter
ests are in that city, so that the move
seemed impracticable.- So it is that Miss
Rivas will be here only for frequent j
•visits instead of beiriga- resident.- Mrsr
Cumniings. will entertain at a series of
parties. later iri the, season to be'given
at the Presidio golf club and , it' is pos-*, ;
sible that her younger sister will [be
in town for the .'festivity. The. rest) of
the Cummings family. willrbeV-away,
during, the greater part of the winter.'
Mrs. George Joerns, who .was , Miss
Constance Cummings, will leave short
ly for a'visit to her sister, 'Mrs. ; Harry
Childs, in Spokane, and- will,; be gone
for two or three months at least! Mrs.
Joerns, of course,, is a sister of M.
Earl Cumniings,' the sculptor. She
was one of the prettiest brides of last
season and. her wedding 1 with Ensign
Joerns was an important society, event.
Ensign^ Joerns . sailed Thursday with
his ship, the .Yorktown," which* has gone
for a cruise to Nicaragua and will, be
away for several months. The wife of
the younger officer, was grieved» over
his departure, and after a short stay
with her mother, Mrs. M. E. Cumniings,
in town will leave for Spokane to pass
the winter with her sister. Another
brother, Shelby Cummings, is the
fiance of Miss Louise Moser, but the
wedding is: not .announced yet. That
event of. interest- to the family and
friends will probably not take place
until next year. \u25a0 . '• . •;-«
. • ".-•...*"
Mrs. Jack Parrott is devoted to her
chateau at Vevey, Switzerland, and
passes most of her time there. There
have been many enthusiastic descrip
tions of the place, but mostly from the
older members of the family, as the
girls of the household are fond , of
travel rind find the place too rural for
continued' residence. The situation,
however, is picturesque and one of -the
late descriptions from a foreign cor
respondent is eloquent over, the beau
ties of the far away city. The Parrott
house is a short .distance from the
town, but from this account one may
judge that the environs are desirable
b.eyond criticism. The town is said to
be 'bne.of'the best cared for along the
shores of the lake,pf,. Geneva. This is
the account of Vevey: "The place may
well-* be termed- the most coquettish,
cleanest looking and apparently best
cared for resort along the lakeside.
Everything at Vevey looks fresh »nd
neat, from the bright and new white
station to the beautiful little Kursaal,
with its rich and scrupulously kept gar
"Talk about the cleanliness of Dutch
towns. Vevey is as well ' groomed as
any of them. Her vast arid solidly
built public school is a model of its
kind, and makes one wonder to find so
ambitious and architecturally fine an
edifice in so comparatively small a
"Vevey excited the greatest admira
tion of Jean Jacques Rousseau, a.nd after
him came Victor Hugo, who wrote the
praises of the place in some wonderful
letters penned to Louis Boulan'ger. But
since those times Vevey has -become
modernized. She has built splendid
hotels, of the most modern construction,
and has a glorious promenade along
the. lakeside, shaded by broad trained
plane trees.
"One of the.- most attractive natural
features of Vevey. is. the unique walk
up the siJe of the hill, shaded all the
way by artistically trained 'charmies'
trees. It forms a quite unusually long
sort .of pergola, with a series of natural
windows all the way along. The man
who executed this bit of the education
of- nature must have been a" fine gar
;dener,'~and-' must have - had "wonderful
patience. It can be seen from the train,
as it passes in part right alongside the
"Vevey is remarkable for its trees
and its plants. Whether it be the air
or the richness of the soil, or perhaps
both combined, all seem to grow there
with luxuriant prodigality. At, the
Park Hotel Mooser, where a*"'visit
brought me this* afternoon, there are
growing around the "porches" of this
well known hostelry the most remark
able wistaria creepers. They are giants
of their kind, and have fastened, them
selves with such a grip to the- rails and
pillars that to remove them would
mean to pull down the verandas them
selves. They, have just finished bloom
ing, but were lately one mass of mauve.
From the broad. Gothic terrace of the
Hotel Mooser one looks down upon
vineyards with vines which-look as
strong almost as the wistaria: All
these belong to the proprietor of the
Mooser, who makes his own wine, has
his own cows and dairy and grows his
vegetables and flowers. .The visitors at
the Park Hotel Mooser are in great
number American." .
* ' - \u25a0 • \u25a0 •
'Mrs. Ned Coe, who has been visiting
in Los Angeles, has- had a series^of par
ties given in her honor as a "visitor,
and one of the most, recent as well as
the most enjoyable of these informal
reunions was given by Mrs. S. Grant
Goucher at her home in Normandie ave
nue. The house was decorated with
bunches of sweet pea^*and the color
scheme was pink and white. The two
colors were used effectively in the
table decorations and the idea = was am
plified in the coloring of the cakes and 1
ices served with the punch. The punch
bowl had a ; conspicuous," plape on ' the
table and" is described as one of the
rarest specimens of . cut -cryhtaL that
any hostess has' had the opportunity of
displaying for a Jong; time. The bowl
is of crystal mounted on :a' standard
and .is accompanied by a silver .ladle,
on which there -is an interesting- in
scription testifying to the age.and dig
nity of the- magnificent bowl. The Dor T
'sey -coat, of arms is. en graved upon the
ladle and the inscription is more^ than
ICO years -old. At that remote date
the bowl Was the property of, Mrs.
Eleanor Dorsey, an ancestor, of Mi's.
Goucher, and both bowl and-ladle have
been ;in service - for .; more: .than ja*.cen
tury ;at ; . fashionable- tea' parties. "The
bowl .was brought forward in "honor of
Mrs. Coe and was given, attribute of
wonder and admiration from more than
]00 friends of the hostess and -her. com
plimented guest. .
*; ' - » * \u25a0
MissJAmy Scoville has been visiting
here, last week and. the younger girls
have had an" opportunity ofientertain
ing for the visitor* from ; New York;
Miss Scoville comes here; occasionally
for avisifand has as> many friends in
this ' city,' almost, as she . has ! in New
York". She is a connection of Miss Sco
.ville, whose eastern is well
known: to 1 many of the lbcalvbudsf and
several of them : that ihave been' edu
cated'there-have 'an -agreeable
for/the popular young. visitor. 1 .During
this r recent visit ; Miss Scoville has been
the guest of Miss Miriam; McNear at
San 'Rafael; and has -t been i conspicuous
at the parties mV the vtrahsbay town;
-: .- ,\u25a0..:'\u25a0>:,\u25a0\u25a0.. -;\u25a0.\u25a0*\u25a0 .. "-: •; .\u25a0.'•;-".',\u25a0\u25a0. \u25a0• :• ?',-"• V
Miss Lillie Cheda of San Rafael has
been enjoying a" sojourn^; in- the south
ern part of" the state and : . is: traveling
with i Mrs. Beggs. ; : " They^/ will visit
Los ' Apgeles, ."where -'tirey will V. be
entertained \by; friends, ;{and. will stay
in^Hollywood : and' other : suburbs of
the > southern city .before -their 'return
late;in ; August. ; ,v : }:*• r v' v . ':•.\u25a0' \u25a0 -' ,
..One. of ; the few;: engagements \u25a0; that
.have enlivened r the Asocial : gossip •^of k the
week "-.was f that* of ',; Miss LolitaVPolsom'
of this cityv and vM;;.E>" Elliott} of -Pacing;
Grovel' ;' The .bride, elect -is- one -of the
very: young clique, v who has^ not made
her. formal 'bow. to."sbciety-aria~did-not
contemplate/a" debut for. another year,
or two. -The little deity that changes
the .plans r of so many debutantes and
tlteir elders has altered .the "social
prospect, of 'the; prettyVschoolgirl. ' -'Miss-
Folsom is a student at Mills college,
where she"* has been for several years
and where her, .parents intended that
she should' -remain- until -flier
entry into, the -social ranks. .However,
the news'.of >^the. r betrothal- is.-supple
mented ..byjthe, rumor that the wedding
is to 'takej place - this year and ; the
school days" are-, relegated," to the;past:
Miss ' Folsom :1s : the j daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. .-Eugenej H. . .Folsom , of 'this
city arid . is popular \u25a0 in ; her set.
Elliott is registered in ; the geology, de
partment,! aty Stanford. and would^'have
completed this Tcourse in ..the; "coming
year.' The datG .for.tho wedding is yet
a "matter • for "conjecture. The future
home of the .couple Wvi IP-be •in .Pacific
Grove,- where large 'prop
erty interests." ». . / " - .
-. Mrs. K. Seymour -Younfr of Berkeley,
and her. daughter, Helen, -have returned
after an absence .of a month or:: more
during :which< they.', liave/been; staying
at .Tahoe with a groupjof friends. ;.
T/re^ Outsider
Other Social Events
; Mr. and Mrs. Bert. Altmayer, ; Miss
Rose ;: Scheeline": and % Miss I Bertha Boas
of Oakland JHay el returned after 1 spend
ing the; summer at 'Lake ':\u25a0'.-\u25a0
''\u25a0 '\u25a0: -'\u25a0'\u25a0 V :~^-<;V* v ifi. •/\u25a0-'.-- *'r- \u25a0•\u25a0"\u25a0 '\u25a0•\u25a0. \u25a0\u25a0 .I.'. •
.^iMr/ and Mrs. fSimonSteiner, 'formerly
of the Santavßarbara;*apartments, are
,nq\v located/ in- their new 'home rat .01
Sixth;*): aye'nue.K* where "they _* Vwlll 1 ; be
pleased. tb-seetheirj friends. * , :'- }, -^
;^Dr.-H:-Ei.* .Franoki"ofvthis ! -city">is^n
\u25a0 tertainlng>James-:c." Conaway ; "of <J rass
2 Wife o/. Ensign Hartigan, one of the most attractive-young matrons in the navjj set.
i .; . «,*:» :\u25a0..\u25a0\u25a0_.:-.\u25a0\u25a0. \u25a0 . - -:-'S-. --- \u25a0- . \u25a0
.Valley, -who ishere for,a-:brief visit.
' ."' \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'-: ' \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' *\u25a0- \u25a0 -"<• '/\u25a0 '\u25a0 i* ..\u25a0\u25a0'• ->.- "..*'\u25a0\u25a0*
."..: Ben , j Meyerstein? .motored '.-to.: Santa
Cruz | with a party/ of f rien Js'. over the s
• weeßend. ', .-".*• V. \u25a0' -\u25a0"\u25a0•" "•'\u25a0'; _\u25a0*'
!? ."\u25a0-.' .; "-* V;. '.':.'••'• , \u25a0 '.« "*V
"• ;\u25a0< Mrs; 1 Bertha Mendelson announce? .the
'engagement :of her daughter/ Miss
'AniiavMeridelson, and Joseph Itegens
berge'r.;. The date for the wedding .has
not been ; announced. ,- _ ...
;•; JMiss • Rytha Backstein of Clifton,
Ariz.;, .is -! visiting her ;. aunt, Mrs. M.
Trauner, at 2332 Post street.
:l§. Mrs. George M:* Caritrell, - accompa
1 panied ..'by. r her ,; young "-feonTr will leave
: early . in 'August for "a :tour of the east
i.ern' states; -.where she 'will -:^visif, rela
.ritiycs.'-V" :\u25a0;.- r- : " \." '<• V . -'-'\u25a0'-\u25a0 --.•""".;•'\u25a0'''
''<•''\u25a0'' -v .'\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0.',\u25a0'".'*',:' .*'\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0'\u25a0'*.,.\u25a0\u25a0 ... \u25a0•',' \u25a0-,
V Miss ;Carrie Trickier 'was' the reclp
ientiof -'a* pleasant- surprise party given
yreeeri tly " at~> lieiCv home; Among- those
; present , were Miss Lizzie Donohue^Miss
Alma Short, Mrs.'" Susie .'\u25a0 DischoJ § Miss.
Ruth Pattillo, Miss Edna : St: : John, Miss
y\"delia.t Craig, > Miss' Fa ye Wilson, : Miss
•Gerievieve- Short,- Harry; Dahler and
.Howard" Duncan. ; . .
•'Miss \u25a0•'Nellie ••*; Mahoney -and Miss
\u25a0 Jeanette? Murphy have returned to 'this'
'city 'after/a'^visit Tat- St.- -Helena, where
they 7hHve/;heen~. the guests i of ;.: Miss
"El va "Johnson: '-.\u25a0'** . : \u25a0
ti-^rZrH \u25a0\u25a0-y-;f'T Vv; .•:\u25a0;"-;*\u25a0 j -. ..\u25a0;".\u25a0•"..-\u25a0 §/.
; , VDonald l vr Maclean..",, is ; ,' enjoying a.
month's ;,yisit -in'ithe JSierras'and "a will;
pass .some "of ? the .time at * Tahoe. J
1% \u25a0\u25a0'"\u25a0' « '.'V;- .'.'"\u25a0 "'.*'^ >.'\u25a0:*\u25a0"--.\u25a0 •>'-'. '-: ; \u25a0'*\u25a0\u25a0 :
• Dr. and Mrs. -"J; \u25a0C' Newton ? are 'r^- •
"cei yirig'j the',* "congratulations 'of ;"'. their
• friends^'upori'lthe't. arrival"-, of ? a. little;
\u25a0daughterjiiv. their 'liome. : ;"-,:»
:'" "..'\u25a0'-\u25a0-"\u25a0\u25a0 v'".r»"-i" .--*'< \u25a0.;-:*",'"• \u25a0'\u25a0' \u25a0 *"\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0-. "I . '\u25a0• •'.'.'.;
-f '(lt he -ex ecu ti ye aboard \u25a0of4 l h e, iesV
|[endeavorVsociety^.wiirf'hold A ,ah velabo
'rate^af t'erhoon't i'at .'cards" ; toibe ;' gi yen'v en'
Wednesday, August 10. The members
and friends ofthe organization are in
vited to meet in the, social hall of \u25a0 xj\e
Gearj' street; temple in Gearyand Fill
more streets. -. \u25a0 j-.- ,'">"": ,
/\u25a0 .- ; -._ ..*>,,*\u25a0 <f,v - . \u0084 *
' Samuel l'igel was tendered a pleasant
surprise party recently at the home of
his son,' Arthur Figel at 4926 Califor
nia streets The occasion', was the cele
bration of his ninetieth birthday and
the guest of : honor was surrounded by
his sons, grandchildren' and friends, by
whom -he wifs heartily- congratulated.
.;•.'.\u25a0 '_ ".-*..*'\u25a0 . *
- Mrs.. A J. Bloch of Portland, Ore.
acompanied by her two children, Helen
arid Florence,^ are here, on a visit and
will "be: pleased to see their friends at
2098 Pine, street. .. . , .. •
.\u25a0."\u25a0\u25a0' • .*\u25a0 *.\u2666-
Miss Juliette Berges and Miss Alma
Peters are summering at the Berges'
ranch'in '= - Sonoma!
v -•-•\u25a0" : • ~ * . '. * .
, .The. members of. Niantic parlor have
formed \u25a0 a spciar club called the Antics'
in conjunction .'with * Golden '-Sta.te. par
lor No. .: 50.^. N.^D. ; G. . W..; and .wjll , hold
their first annual outing at Montecito
grove this afternoon. The newly elected
officers of the parlor will direct the
affairs, of the parlor for. the next ; term.
Those "who havt be en "in stalled recently
aro: \u25a0 Fa»a prosiiif.nt. H. M.- Aguirre;
presideht,\W: 11. Harvey: first vice pres
ident," P. I>. Sweeney: ;j. H.
,Walla,ce;y treasurer; "Joseph :B.'- Keenan',
f.riancia.l secretary/ A". \V. Borchers; re
cordrng' secretary, -John! Reedy ;.sur
gebri; Dr.' T E. •\u25a0 P. Drlscoll; » trustee,' Ed-
',_ ,
*..«" \u25a0• •-\u25a0
.'•Miss Lillian. Ronda; of this city is \fts
itlngjheri sister,:* Mrs.**. C. 'JS. /Kornblutn
of- LO!? "Angeles, - t«nil ; . has been *infor^
mally'enteitamc'd during her visit
_-Jvf }^;'.t :'. \u25a0'\u25a0*'\u25a0 " :.»*' ..*...-*.-..,..»..'... -- ;
:- -iMr.. . and . ; Mrs. \u25a0 .William: . Kellard and
: \u25a0\u25a0 ' v »- \u25a0..\u25a0",:- . \u25a0 . \u25a0- \u25a0»-.\u25a0\u25a0.. . \u25a0 .
tht-ir son "U"*lliom have jsone'to Paralsa '
Ppf fuss for- j few weeks, .- - :
.."-\u25a0. .-.•".•_••.••. ;'.; '.
The Hayes Valley improvement asso
ciation will give a progressive whist
party am! tournament August IS at the
l;*-adq.u.-u-to.rs, otiO- >iayi?s street. The
last party was a success and the ar
rangements for the affair were in'
charge of. C. H. Samann, 11. Bauer, Prof '
T. Foley. Nino Abete. Dr. William" Grow."
ley and Carl" F. Ernst.. .Among thobe
pr«sentweit;: .'. .
j-Mrs.j -Mrs. Mar?p C. Miller iE. 11. Kast •
| Jnliit; ReJ»; mj^ .\naa Vost- '
J •;e..rge Bens I» r . J|. MansfeWt
. Mr*. J. M.-Keniiii Mr. , amt iirs. . M" C
M?*a .Eiiitli .Uny. •• Mort-uui
>llss K. Hiuk • Tl". Ramsoy
I>r. ai^.l Mrs. Max M. Will Jam. &»yerm "
>»ngD»*r .1. j. Uryer
| H-- Stark • WUllam Si-hm!dt ,
tJirs.l:. I^-Dennisoa ; Mr. and Mrs. B'
IJ. -MHvenna *- \u25a0 -Schift-ir
>\\. •..Miga«-h'- = r.lpiiu Nflsoa ,'
Dr. D. It. lieUs Mri. Kathlfea Murnby
Mrs. A. Buna : .. Dr. , William Crow Icy
J. . B. BfH>inor • H. • Bawr .
Dr.- 1 ; antt Mrs."- Ira I'roi. T. Folcy
Karktr Dalzfel ' 11. F. Marshall
Mrs. H. Stark . Carl T. Ernst \u25a0 "
Charles Martin . . Mr. an.l Mrs.' Frank J.
E., K. \u25a0 Dennisim Pltx-lj . »«' » :..
Mrs. , H. F. -Marshall M?. awl Mrs. Stita
Mr. and 3lr*. F. il. Mr. ami Mrs. John El- •
<»Vu>.~ • r liotf
Miss Dora Xutsen Mr. an<! Mrs. H. Jlaa-
F. " 11. -.Gnutz •. ' gTes
Miss Georgina Bart was the recipient
of a pleasant surprise party one after
noon last week at the home of her
parents,- Mr. arid Mrs. G. L. Biirt in
Eighth;avenue: "The party was" To\u25a0'cele
brate "the sixth .-birthday -of- the "little
hostess. After the party at the house
the guests were taken for a motor trip
through the park.- Among those pres
ent-were: \u25a0 .
Mfeft- Edna' Smith \M\s>a Catherine Grifla
William Shapter pi<tk Hriftia - -\u0084. -
Ge«itKe Sejnirsou Mfss Grace Bnler
r.eorse Burtt . ", Miss )tay Flaherty
Eflwiu Flaherty § Mtsa IjjclTe Chasp
Miss Bessie Walker \\lU* Hester Shapter
JilsJ . Durutb^w Hamilton] Mfc» GfttruOe Shaptes

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