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David Bela3cqV" John. Dre^ D^vid"
'\u25a0 " . Warfleld- ; •;\u25a0 \ :> ; •
'*?0f STAGE Wlil^ TEU OF'VmV "r.v" ' .
i . ."' "•"'• FIRST; :T»ART"i.-iX - .- ' "-.
T HE; S.U i^ D ; A Y ; -(SAL h '•:'\u25a0
yOLUME'. CVin^NO, 64.
tircrMn niciiiTiCT
lltfN 1 mlliil
ri\ 414 1 Ijl-;i Y3 .XI. Lill W ""M-:-
Message From Across the -Seas
Brings to Prisoner ; jiis Qnly :v
i<iieani of Hpjpe ;^
Accused Man Remains j Silent,
but Police^ Are Still Working :
on Girl for Confessipri ;-
1* ;-l Crlppea has friends : In: I^ondoh'
•^«^. who bfHeye he did ;npt slay his:
wife. Belle Elmore^ »nd. th«y ?areL willr--.
ing to pay for a lawyervtb defend him
when he Is tried there, for. 'niurder.-
He received proof oi this tonl gfit*, when
jils. Jailer handed : him.; the." following
cablegram from a Londbji solicitor:
. : "Dr. H. HI Crlppen," car© x>t : Inspector
.Dew; Quebec: Tour friends' desire jne
; .to defend- you and will pay: all.^rieces
- sary expenses,. ."Will, undertake your
defense, but you must promise- to! keep :
absolute slletace' and.ans^er.no: ques-:
lion's" and do npt resist.e xtradition. -:
'"Ripply confirming,' as \u25a0 good deal must
• fee'id&ne at once.- \u25a0.-,.,. .-.. .. • ".; . • .
. \u25a0 "Arthar Heetbn, sblicitorv-London.".
. Thjs unexpected message brought, to
' th'« accused.; dentist in, hts lonely cell
the first gleam of hope since his arrest.
Whether Crippen -has accepted the'prof
fered.assitarjce could not .be learned to
plght: The identity of. thg. friends who
volonteered -their funds'. in his /behalf .
could ipot b|e ascertained, and nothing Js
.kiui.wn here about the solicitor', who
signed the cabJegran>; ..'\u25a0:•\u25a0:'\u25a0 '.•; : \u25a0
Remains Silent I "\u25a0\u25a0_ . .> ;.. •
Judging from'Jiis- behavior Blnce he
»"as arrested,, the pale Uttle prisoner bn
Quebec heights, did not hee<l.the \u25a0warn-:'
Ing to -remain. sHent; '. A. .single, mono
syllable negative to- his jailers- inquiry
whether he wished to 'give. ovt 'any pub
lic staeinent.. was tlye only; message that
. came from- his today. Reading- Jn his'
'bell or : silently" jjacing.- .the \u25a0.corridor,
w'.iere he is allowed .i.o exerpise for part
: of the day,: CMppen' sjapw^g.a. desite for
: little except, to be-. let alone.'.. .J'\>.'
Doctor Crippen and Miss Leneve. slept
' last 'night -^tUe '\u25a0 sJt?ie'p. «f complete. " \ ex-'
.•\u25a0haustton, '•followln.^.'- the" Ordeal of . this
•= precfding"hdursf. " - ;. \u25a0 • '.;.....:. '•':'.
Crip^pen and tire '.pirl np^r ..face, two
.. weeks br'mQjre of mttnotfttioug waiting.
There will b.e ho more-, legal .proceed-
iiiigs in the case until Atigu&t S, when
' they will have another ipvirely" formal
; a-p'pearah'ee in -court " to ."give them, a
- last* opportunity of .demanding a; writ
'of- habeas corpus or any 'other,' legal
relief to which' they .may feel -entitled.
'Neither 'Will Fight V ;
•'•" Unless they change their. . expressed
Intention neither will apply for writs
. or'lpterfere in any way with, the meth-'
ods adopted' by the police to get them
: back to England. ' .'\u25a0;' .i'.;-c. i'.;
c So far as the province of Quebec "is
concerned legal proceedings practically
are closed. The offlGial 'documents, re-
garding, tte arrest of the couple a*nd :
their interrogation .by Judges Langelier
!and Angers of the court of special- ses
sions, "were fi forwarded last • night to
Ottawa for the signature. of "the gov
ernor-general. \u25a0 : > • ..,
Ttee:" color, is begin'nlng-' to 'return -to'
Miss Leneve's cKeeks, and' this jriorn-'
ing -ths- matron a.tthe jaiL hoppital said
the Jooked'^a trifle less forlorn than
...•xrhjsrr Ehe'.was taken- there yesterday
'afternoon from, the .house, of. Chief -of
' DetSectlves. ' .''MfeCarthy.' " 'Miss-" Leneve.
-who- left .the Mpntrose'.. in garments
'Joaaeifl.to her by the, ship's stewardess,
was' supplied today -with a npat white
• dress; xi'hlch added to -the imptovement
In her appearance.'. \u25a0" ." '•' .• .
Crippen, taciturn and' seeming to a
considerable "extent tp have recovered
his°compoEure," has "volunteered nothing
pince his arraignment yesterday which
might help the police in solving the
mystery surrounding the disappearance
of his wifeJ ' • >•'\u25a0>-.'
Seek Evidence '•'.* .
The detectives would like to gather
from the accused some additional evi
clence. butunless present signs fail they
..will receive .no help In this line from
Doctor Crippen. '.'
' "Crippen « is no fool,*' said Inspector
Dew, and no one questioned his opin
°ion: r --: - •
.Accordingly .it is generally believed
that the police are resting their hopes
on Miss Leneve. - If she does not pos.
sefs the key to th emystery. they think
she can at least aid ."them materially
, in a reconstruction of. the circum
stances leading up- to the disappear
anceof Belle Elmore. It is known that
Mrs. Crippen was jealous of her hus
band's typist, and the -police have ;no
Houbt \j^sX Miss Leneve wa>. aware of
this Jealousy*. ; . f '
• > book keeper for tb* Pacific States electric coca
' penr, 137 N>w \u25a0 Montgomprj' ' «reet, - charged
tritb embezzling *f£stf, was arrested in Sacra
\u25a0••" nißto " yesterdaj'..
The San Francisco Call.
pigperi Q i^A tiat c d
San Jbse
;v ; Higli SbHool ;
(Special. Dispatch to -The Call] . .
: SAN .JJOSE, Aug. '2.— THat Dr."
Hawley Crippen, held in Queh'ec,^
with the/ eyes pf the world' fo- •:
cused upon him and his coinpan
ioit> Ethel Leneve, on. a charge,
of ihaving murdered [ his wife ia{
London,.; was at one. time a "resl/' \u25a0\u25a0.
dent of -San Jose and was grad
uajted from the local- high; school",
was brought out today In;-the. v
statement of a former •\u25a0' school,
teacher in whose clas's Crippen ;
studied as a boy. '' His -teacher
since . has retired and requested
that her name be withheld. • Her •
story was told through Nicholas-
Bowden, a prominent local at
torney, and verified by .the.. reef',
ords of .the board of education..
M. A. Crippen, the father of-
Dr. Hawley Crippen, lived iii San 1 .
Jose with his wife and: son .'for'
several years prior to 18§4, says
the- younger Crippen's former
teacher.' The elder Crippen was
employed as a dry goods sales
man by various local houses, in-.:
eluding; the City of San Jose,
now owned by- 1. Loeb, and the
Trade Palace, now owned by
Roberts ; & Gross. . The • latter
are successors to a man named
Hart, , who employed Crippen, ;
and at the former place no rec
ords have been kept that far
back. v-sr* \u25a0:\u25a0'
Mrs. Crippen was remembered
as/ a fashionable. dress maker of,
the; early/80s, who designed and
constructed the. party gowns for.
the elite of- the city in' her day.
The family liyea' at the St.- Fran- '
<jiSj a. downtown lodging house,
still, existing under/ same
name at] •21 -. East Santa : Clara=
street." -.';\u25a0 • /':'\u25a0•'.• : '-' - :
Hawley Cri pp.en was graduated j
from San Jose high \u25a0 scTiool with .
the class of '81: \u25a0 : He helped pay '
his way through: .'high^phoorby I
working in a. local ;canhery " dur
ing, the summer months. •• Pro-' t
fessor Finch was principal of the •
high school at that time! -. r
\u25a0-\u25a0' Following his graduation Crlp'r |
pen's mother; at a" great personal . :
sacrifice, sent him to "Michigan; '
whence : the family. had removed
to.San J,osei to attend -'the- mcdi- ,
call college at -.Michigan univer- .
sity.;- This was in' 1884 and the '
family shortly afterward -removed
io\ San "Diego. ' ...
Goveraor Stiibbs and Several
Congressmen Said to Have
Defeated Standpatters
TOPEKA, Kan.. Aug. 2. — At midnight
indications pointed to !a decided insur
gent gain in Kansas. " . The nomination
ot : Governor W.* bS Stubbs, Tvho' linked
his fortunes with those 'of the insur
gent candidate for congress, is prac
tically "assured. Running close to him
is 'iC- J. Hop Kins,' insurgent candidate
for lieutenant governor;
(Great .interest was manifested
.throughout the country in., the result
of the primary, which was the first
real' test between the Insurgents and
the standpatters.* Te regulars were at^ 1
tacked* all along the line "by Governor
Stubbs; Senator Bristow, Senator /Cum
mins .and Congressman Murdoclc/ The
fighting practically, has been all *on the
republican side, the issues 'being the
tariff and Speaker Cannon. ';
The outcome in the first district con
gressional fight Isl in doubt with the
.friends of both D. R. Anthony, sta'nd
patter,""(Jncumbent), and Qf T. A.:Mc-
ICeal, insurgent, claiming . victory. \u25a0._• \
In the second districts meager re
ports place A. C. Mitchell, insurgent,
in the lead.
In. the third 'district, P. P. Campbell,
incumbent, Is running ahead of Arthur
Cranston, insurgent > "i .-,\u25a0•
In. the fourth district, the insurgents
have elected Fred Jackson over" J.M.
Miller, standpatter^ "
In the fifth district claims are made
that R. R.. Rees, insurgent,, has de
feated 'W. A. Calderhead,* standpatter
incumbent. - .'.'.;\u25a0'
In the seventh district E.jH. Madison
and in the eighth Victor Murdock/ both
Insurgents, are nominated without op
position. . Si, •
. Charles Session was nominated *., foir
secretary of . state without : opposition;
and John S. Dawson-for'attorney"geii
eral without opposition.
, - The . democrats -today nominated the
f ollqiving: ; For governor,. - George H.
Hodges; lieutenant governor,: Lot Ra-'
venscroft; secretary "of state, Ray.'Li.
Taylor; state auditor, Jonathan S.>Mil
ler;t attorney general, \T.\, F.i Morrison;
state treasurer, B.M/preiling^superin
tendent of instruction, D. M. Bowen;su
perinteadent of > insurance', ,' Nor thf up
Moore; 6tate printer, F. W/BoVd.'' ' r r;
Thomas S* Fordi
Who Was Crushed
Beneath Machine
District Attorney T. S. Ford
Meets: Death and Three
Companions Are Injured
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
GRASS VALLEY. Aug. 2.— District
Attorney Thomas S.. Ford" of 'this,
city was instantly killed , this
afternoon when new automobile,
driven at * Ford's request by l Samuel
Colt,-a- m.ining engineer,, plunged over
a 30 foot embankment. Ford was
caught under - the car and crushed _to
death. A. J. Donzel, 75 4 Fair .Oaks
street, San Francisco, - v former (presi
dent; of the California fireworks jcom r
pany, also f ell 7 under ~-lhe car. | His ;nose
was broken .and he "sustained internal
Injuries from , which' " he may riot : re-"
cover, although vhe^has^; chance | for.
chauffeur, fell with 'the "machine but
were not badly injured. ; : - \u25a0": "; .: - - .
: - ' Ford purchased the : car In San Fran
cisco last week and arrived in Grass
Valley with it on Sunday. This after
noon he, Donzel, Colt and his "chauffeur.
Smith, rode out of the city. "Ford
wished Colt to learn to handle the
machine and at his request Colt took
the .wheel. Smith- sat by him to in
struct him. ' *
Car Plunges Off Bank
The party was returning to Grass
Valley about 4:30 o'clock ..this after
non and .were coasting down' a hill
when the car met a buggy. Colt turned
the car to the right and drove \u25a0 along
the edge of the embankment "until the
rig was passed. .Then, / apparently
confused, instead of turning to the left
and. back into., the road,' he : 'swung 1
the wheels farther to the right and
over the. edge of the bank: \u0084 The car
turned over in its fall.
Colt is'not blamed for the. accident
as 'it was at Ford's request; ]tnat, he
| drove the car. The '.chauffeur is also
held biameless. Colt is engineer at the
Norambagua. mi-ne. \u25a0'...[ ' .
District Attorney : Ford was highly
esteemed in Nevada county. 'He is
survived by a wife, three daughters
and a- son, Bressingham Ford, who is
a student at- the. university of Cali
fornia. The i daughters 'are Savory,
Gladys and Wiltse Ford.
' The automobile wasCdamaged about
$300. It' was \u25a0&' Locomobile. :
Donzel a Sam Franciscan
A.; J." Donzel; who". .was injured in the
automobile wreck at Grass galley yes
terday, -lived In this t city. ' \ Mrs. ' Donzel
and-Mrs. Ford are "cousins. } Ford;: and
his 1 ., wife icame'to^San;- Francisco last
week to select an • automobile : Tand
when the car : was started
for' Nevada-; City; with Ntheir- machine.
Donzel;; and his wife .accompanied
them. The party .went' to' "Sacramento
by /steamer,. leaving- Saturday. ,They
arrived in -Grass VaHey, on . Sunday.
D.'; Donzel, secretary -and treasurer
of ?.the£Peltohi water-; wheel ".company
and;a;member of the :.B ohemia club, is
a brother of A.v.l.' DonzeL > Hedeparted
for Grass- Valley: last-, evening 'as? soon
as %he - heard ' of j his . brother's
\u25a0; . The \ mother ' of the injured < man, ; r who
ls;83 years old and /lives ;at 77 :Falr
Oaks street, .was • kept \u25a0'\u25a0 in" ignorance of
the accident.; The vaged .'woman': has
been ill for' several /months and "Is
under . the 'care v of two, nurses. : •
Mexican -Makes Bed Under Tar
paulin Covering^lce *^;:
/;; EL ; PASO, } Tex:, Aug. ; 2.— Frozen -and
dead ; with the \u25a0 thermometer 'standing
at 105 _ini the: shade, I was. .;the fate/of ']&
homeless .[Mexican . at \ Maricopa station^
300 miles ..west. of ;here, on the^Arizona
desert/ . -' '. : '- .'S" -"•"''^ \u25a0'.:•"-• "'~ J -.'
' : . A^' carload office had f t beeri; unloaded
on the depot; platform : and covered
\u25a0with ; a iheavy; tarpaulin;; 'V- r ; . i \u25a0 ' V
\u25a0The; man, seeking /sleep 'and^tot/esl
cape\.\fr6jn.T;thop } terrlfi_c ? ?heaor*crawleW
beneath i^thefj.tarpauilnVflwbJeVe'^'h'e^was 5
'found '• the * next Vmofning,' r frozen^^ stiff.'
%&s*¥&&hM t . •\u25a0"\u25a0 ; "-:- ; - •.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0'";\u25a0 \u25a0«'-:.-.• ..-- •'%--\u25a0\u25a0 .-
Campaign Protests Begin to
Show Effect Upon Taft's '
r . '•' fAdyiscrs -v' •"'•' :|S
No Attempt Made- t^Deny That
Crane Suggested Party
Sacrifice '<M
Secretary Indignantly Refutes
Reports of Possible
; Resignation %.C :.<;•
BEVERLY. r Mass:, Aug. 2.— There
''was : increasing evidence here to
day that the 'recent bombardment
of the president with' letters from re
publican « leaders.; in all; parts of : the
country protesting that * Secretary^fof
the Interior Bailinger : was: proving an
embarrassment in;* the laying of plans
for the coming, congressional .cam
paign,, is' beginning to have t efteQt, if
not -Opon the president himself, -at -least
. upon the ; advisers | who are ' closest' to
him/-'.; --- ; ;%- ; ..'' ' '; •.'\u25a0 \u25a0':\u25a0'" \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0"'"\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"'""
' No attempt was made to deny
the reports_'that Senator Crane at. the
very 'outset of , his political pilgrimage
in the west, had probably suggested to
Secretary Bailinger- -at Minneapolis
yesterday that his 'duty to- the party
might '; that *. he sacrifl.ce % his
place ,in • the cabinet.'"!"' All that Secre
tary .Morton would say, after having
considered the matter carefully ; all
r day, was ( that it would be necessary to
ask Crane! \u25ba • •
President Obdurate
The ; statement was reiterated,, how
ever, that President Taft would not so
much as lift his little finger, if by-' so
doing; he icoiiid secure,' the retirement
! of , Secretary. Ballinger^as head of \u25a0 the
i interior.^department. V r : V
In ; addition to the • letters he has re
ceived ithe " president.lhas heard .var
. bally, from a number of 'the party lead
; ers regfarding the "• seotlm'ent toward
B» l Jingar;^ *^cy j have talked
•frankly'? witl^.Nff. : T^^o~n"ath»lsubiect;
it is -said, 'and? while they have agreed
with . the \u25a0 -apparently.;- in ' his
position that nothing has been provefl
against Secretary/ Ballihger,; they: have
| put the matter purely' on a' party .basis
and have said, that the campaign
would be much easier with the" Ballin
ger issue eliminated. - : "
The leaders have declared that the
fight is goingito.be a hard one at best,
and^whlle they -feel sorry for Bailinger
they regard, his presence in the cabi
net as» a handicap. • '
President Taft was frankly :told a
few days ago that s the movement' be
hind James R. Garfleld in Ohio and the
votes • cast for him in the . state con
vention were a protest' again Secretary
Bailinger: . The Ohio leaders recognized
the strength of this movement' by maki.
ing many platform • concessions to the
Garfleld wing of the .'party.
There was no; disposition in Beverly
today to treat the meeting of Senator
Crane and Secretary Bailinger in" Min
neapolis ' yesterday as ; "accidental." "{[ It
was clearly intimated,, however, that
any move, being made; against Secre
tary • Baliinger had Its', inception : with
the active party, leaders^and not. with
President r Taft. The \u25a0president, it can
be positively statedr v will never ask
Bailinger to resign:^ '\u25a0<>".:
If the secretary' should feel called
upon to resign, however, there is said
to, be little; doubt that his resignation
would be accepted. /. . '.
Crane's Visit Secret :
When Senator ; Crane went "to see
President Taft 'last Friday an attempt
was made \to keep jhis :. visit secret.
Secretary. Norton -was plainly -worried
when; he found that Senator Crane's
presence in Beverly-^had been detected;
The senator himself had made '\u25a0 secrecy'
a condition ; of ; his -coming. J
;/ It ;is \ known, that* Snator Crane -' was
sentrfor.togo'on ah important mission
for the. president .to Seattle. , . s •
•The meeting'with'Secretary Baliinger
at \u25a0 Minneapolis J suggests j a modification
of the 'original predictions- and justifies
the announcement which' followed the
interview here that C Senator, Crane
"might go* all the way; to, the coast."
Bailinger Denies Story.
' : „ CHICAGO, :Aug. ' 2.— Secretary Balliri
ger^todayljdeniedi that 'his c conference
yesterdayi.with ; Senator -Crahe) at Min
neapolis,^ Minn;',;: related* to \u25a0 or! would-be
followed, by ;hisi resignation. 'Hhe.de
nounced j his "foes ', In ; strongyi language,
and ; said ; he: intended \u25a0 to > ignore.Uheni
entirely. ;; His* denial Iwas^issued: after
reading > the "dispatches -I f rom /Beverly,"
Mass.,t which thatV Senator
Crahe's't mission: ; to;' the'.west,; was to
carry; thejhirit';that : L Mr.: Bailinger would
aid the! party "in ; forthcoming 'elections
byj wlthdrawingr Tat. this ltlnie.# " : '
•\u25a0 . "There'sJno 'reslgnation"on-the card,
I can I tell you,"; was Mr. ' Ballinger's ) re
ply; to] this. ",:, : -,;\u25a0;,•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0 ;':v-:^; ':v -:^- vv ; :. :-., \u25a0-\u25a0
\u25a0>*: Continuing,- he'said: <)K'\ ..':/\u25a0 \u25a0 : ;
- . '.'I \u25a0'> simply t ;:am ,- on";myi way *to -the"
coasts for a little ', rest. /; Some /of i them
'.want « to ' make .my i'r«st'; permanent," but
if : willf not'-i be ; so as < long, as \u25a0: President
Taf t ; ; is i satisfied, v' I j met iCrane) yester
day^ niorning^ ? through s no \ arrangement
•of ; mine^and; the matter; we :diacussed—
polltics.t of ] course^was which
i interested i me 'directly Vat v>li: \u0084 Mr.
Crane'v wishedl to if consult -.:t me- on s. the
matter" andicameito\where,l ; wa"s,*-,thafs'
all.* * There ; i s jiothin g.'njysterlous ; about
i i t. . I : giiess Ihe > has] gone > backVeast; now.
i\'£ AllHhisl vicious. attack|byiunscfupu^
Jeveh iless • scruples, ; go Toff "me" llkeT water
off ; a' duck's |backT^That ?never: will \ in
;duce\me'tb;resign.V \* -. - j' J ' "
leave;for,ithe*.westlatcrjlnithe"evenlng-. I
'.t-s-v \u25a0\u25a0•!\u25a0;;*?-\u25a0: :----.- : ' \u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0:•••.\u25a0..\u25a0•'\u25a0\u25a0--\u25a0 ii 1-.-•-:\u25a0'..'•1 -.-•-:\u25a0'..'• . '•: -;-;'.-\u25a0-..\u25a0--—. ;=. \u0084^ -
\u25a0'\u0084:\u25a0;., ;-\u25a0'\u25a0 J '\u25a0*\u25a0\u25a0 ----\ ~ \u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 J -;•."\u25a0
I Major A . Fi ' l? t erry t ; the 'dashing army officer- whose j elopement and- wedding
j \u25a0. 4 / .\u25a0*•>;::";. arrest.^; ' • \"- '• .
Father, Mother; anil" Son Disap^
pear and Foul Play Is
\u25a0 \u25a0 "Fesrfid- \u25a0
[ Special Dispalch to ; The Call ] ' ' ,
. : SANTA HOSA, Aug. 2.-^Mr. and ; MrsJ
rKendall ;,and '\u25a0: son Thomas, ,. who*, reside
near-. % Cazadero, suddenly: and' myster-.
iously.'droppeJ-outof sightfabout , ten '
'days^agoV'- r \u25a0 >\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0" '".v-V7i \u25a0\u25a0 •;\u25a0\u25a0'.*•\u25a0\u25a0 x- ..;:
{^Arijappeal -has been made to'the:dis
trictT attorney and' the sheriff -.in -regard'
to j the ; matter^ and- iri^ the morning; rep r '
Vesentatives »>* of j,. these .; omcials -riwlll
leave "i tor} the I scene -to {make |'a? thor-;
bug^ investigation; I,'1 ,' According^'to \ in
formatiqni received; here "the home .has
been' found' '. with Cthe I ! table*
fset with .food .which \ had spoiled?'^ The"
f amily^horse, .'- tied . ; in 'the Tstable, :,. was
famishirig -for \u25a0 water ; ; and - almost
starved."-:; ,'*"\u25a0'\u25a0. >': . \u25a0\u25a0.-.. .'. : '\u0084...' _', '?-. '*•'
i .It :< *is j feared Zj the three "members •; of
the : f amily.'have. met - with :f oul play- as
it is'beiievedSthathad^th'ey'beeh'iVum^
'monad ; from home" they have Ire-;
turned v ; bef ore i this '^ or >j communicated
with*- neighbors : to : req'uest'them % i to'care
forjth'e • stock and ?look after .^therplace:
[Spixial. Dispatch! lolThejCall]
FAIRBUR V, Neb.. v AuK.~ 2.— Without' a- ter^ would { count fa : great -.deafr with : the
dissenting ivo^ the fou^ -The
deavorsocletlesiof tM^ >was' the; climax
that' a -public. -request «bel sent to« Mrs.; of»a •;. warm: discussion . foilowinsc the
VLongwofth. ; begging her. ; , to J.readlns of. a paper :on. "Narcotics." So
give^up the 'cigarette^ habit." '••Itv\was' cietyjleaders ; in, general wlio affect the
'declared ,at^ the "meeting -that . th e v in-." cigarette*- 'habit"-'. were ; severely scored
fluence'ofna' formeVVpresident's.daugh- '\ by >the speakers. * ; - ' • \u25a0'-, '^ ;" >
; Aug ;V 2.^-The ~ popu-;
;latlonr;Tof4 s .%F ain ® nt ?'':'9 a ' •'* ~'**' s '**<*?$>
according', to ; figures ;enumerated>'in',the.
'thirteenth •; census ' and , : madei; public i? by-
DirectoriDurand.'>. This > ig -an ;\u25a0 increase!
.of £l 5, f 4i 4 f0r^52.8 peri cent/* as I compared
YESfERDUy^I^Mff/u^nphahiTe^ '58;
" the morning aocb^ night ;°crw^Tp cn j&jhak
A. F. Perry Remains iin Duress
I Vile AVhile New^Wife Is at ••';
St. Francis Hotel .
, Major- Ai';F. Perry of Belmont. .whose,
mysterious .absence '-from' the city for
the last ' two weeks ;• has 4 kept . the de
tectives and his 'creditors' worried and
his.mQther, and daughters in 'a state
of nervous "',, anxiety," . appeared Monday
night/as (suddenly,- as -Jhe 'had" dropped
out : of- sight; with-! his bride, who -was
Miss Hayelock,, the*nurse who
had. attended > hlm;at;the^Lane" hospital.
> "While r the " former" army officer . was
explaining' tojthose' who' held his worth
less -checks 7- that -he ; would cash them
andHhat. everything. would be adjusted,
he; > w"asi;arrested^by"f.Petectives ;Wren
and"McGrayan-and placed: ln' jail, where
heTremained'' air day 'yesterday -In de
faultiof;s22s\balC^ ; - ;•• '
\y "Attorney "Slilton^Eisner has f been \u25a0 re
tained Tto ?assistVthe;maJor r out ;of his
.financial tangles.' ;.The;new. Mrs. Perry,
with i whom* the': major.-- eloped .to San
jjose,". was j 'stopping \u25a0 : at ? the Stl Francis
ihotel '- yesterday and *• refused- to • com
municate'-with" anybody.' ' :: ' .
I> -i MARTINEZ; • Aug.t 2.~The bond ,'elec r
Ltiori;held ; in : Contra Costa ; ; county;, today
! 'o d y -- the .^q ues t i oriVo f -; the.-* l ss u i he C of
:jr,sdp.ooo,bonds ; forJg"bod ? roads resulted
ijni^the j3 defeat;'; pf ,y the i 102
i'.votes.--,^. The voting i was"fnot",heaV.v, but
i^was-; closedain' riearlylt every -i district "In
. the : count jy-. -. /. :\u25a0-.;. _ .:--,..
Cardinal Merry del Val Scored
as Dilatory by Spanish
"7 - Minister of Foreign *f
Demand of Vatican That Bill Al*
: . lowing Public Insignia Be ;
> Quashed Said to Be
'..?./--•\u25a0• " ; /Inadmissible ;
SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain, Ang: 2.-U
Garcia' . Prietb, the , minister for
foreign affairs, in an interrie-w to-i
day in which he recited the history
of the negotiations between Spain and
the -Vatican, dehie'd that the holy. Bee
had adopted a conciliatory attitude."
He added:' ' \ ,' . •\u25a0 mW s
"The government asked . ocJy. two
things:- First,'the suppression of:tho
convents and" monasteries which en
tered Spain illegally; and, second, that '
the pope should authorize the bishops
to suppress or transform • the estab
lishments "unnecessary, tq.jthe aid ot
the priests in' their. ministrations.
Secular Clergy. Compromised '
'"The government offered a year for
the transformation,- which was desired"
by ther secular clergy, ..whjose existence
is gravely compromised by the monks.**-
Senor. Prieto \- declared • Cardinal:
Merry del Val,- the :papal secretary of
state.had adopted dilatory !tactlcs from
the first; alleging that the speech from,
the throne contained points against the
Catholic religion.' "' -•, \u0084 ., "'j m '\u25a0'/.;'^
"We protested Our good faith and -
desire to reach an agreement," said :
the minister, "wh.en.we enforced, the
decree of 1902, against 'which neither
the*- curia nor the episcopate ' pro- ."
tested.' '::J^-Vh.
"Cardinal Merry del ;Val demanded,
that the decree remain a dead letter,
although the Vatican since that date
has granted numerous authorizations
without the sanction of the Spanish
government. ::; \ V;^'
Public Insignia Approved
"Finally, the : demand of the Vati
can for "the withdrawal of. the bill
•permitting non-Catholic organizations
to display the insignia of public wor
ship was deemed inadmissible. \u25a0' *
"The recall of marquis.de Ojeda, our
ambassador, at the Vatican, was in full
accord with diplomatic usage when a
power with which' another power is in.
relations refuses to admit the justified
pretensions of the latter or adopts as
arbitrary' course."
Liberal P e ress in Denial • .
MADRID, Aug:- 2.- — The liberal pre«*
o'fflcially denies the insinuations of thfl
Vatican .-that It only demanded the
withdrawal o.f the bill prohlbifelng
further religious" orders until the con
cordat "had" bee'n -revised, • and also
points ftu-t that the bijl In Question does
not violate the concordat, which, recog
nizes only three orders. .El Liberal
says .Pope^Pius .X is now sowing what
will be. reaped in following, the advlca
of two Spanish cardinals.- :
Police Stop Battle ' *'- I
VIGO, Spain, Augr. • -'2.— The police
here intervened today to disperse" rival
demonstrations,-the # members ,of which
came to blows over, the 'dispute be^
.tween. Spain and the Vatican. Th©
Capuclnes were, marching in proces
sion," acclaiming the pope/ when they
were attacked by the anti-clerical, ele- -
ments of the^population. •; ; •
King and Queen in Parts "
PARIS, Aug. 2. — King 'Alfonso -of
-Spain and Queen Victoria, who are
stopping . Jiere en riJute to England,
were the guests of President Fallleres
ata luncheon at' Rambouillet .today.
Premier 'Briand -and Minister of For
eign-Affairs Pinchon were also present
at the luncheon. .
The king anil queen spent the night
in .Paris and will return to .Ram
bouillet tomorrow- to take luncheon
.with .Senor Pena, president elect of
Argentina, who \s here as the ofScial
guest .of President Fallleres. - *
; BOYS' \u25a0? KETRTAX BAN© RrnraJTS-OakUnd.
"'\u25a0\u25a0 Aujr. 2.— Tl>c; Boys* Retreat conc£rt band has
' -. 'retnriwd ' t rom , a ;• month's', tour throusli the
.y cities of > central* CallfOTnia. where program's
KiTf n for the benefit of the organization.:'
-Tbe'.OaV land "chamber of cmatneree . pjtd tht>
- 1, b^s* and the club's fuaU : baa beea

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