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Afternoon Social Events Are
Proving Popular Source of
i^tertainment This Week-
: 'OAKCAND, .Au&. 2.— Tn honor of Miss
; TayJof. . vrho is ;her house guest from
; p. ; . &:, Mrs/ Leroy Briggs
'i will :e:itertatr| : at a .tea Thured'ay after
. noon :at ,herh.ome in Oakland avenue.
Al'' number of the; maids and matrons
\u25a0 of 2fch« smart .set have been asked to
tneet ; the .eastern ! visitor, who will
: € fjpend. the -early winter on the coast,
j dividing her time between Mrs. Briggs,
i Mi&§. Helen WitiX* and Edith White of
;'AJamj?da... .••... : -. ."'
i:. iNf r.s,- -Bri£gs -.and "Miss \u25a0 Taylor, have
.". retttrned-from -Sonoma county, where
I they : ;x\er e . entertained at the White
;..tountry place- at a house party during
f: t%;IAtB July.. ..,:,• •
:: '\u25a0" •'••\u25a0'\u25a0. = ' .- • • • :
; . •• Afrs; /Ralph- JoxMts, formerly Miss Car
;-:olyh-Qliver,-has ;con\e from her home
•.'n ; Martjhez- to .spend several weeks
..with her.pffrehts.Mr.atid Mrs. William
.: tetts; Oliver,- in. Vernpa heights. Mr.
: *nd ilrs. George Jensen and. Mies Anita
;\u25a0 Oliver '-\u25a0-are -enjoying k sojourn at
: Klamath.'^alls. .They will return to
-their,, A ! dams' point home before going
.j t«j.-/rahoe.. where they, will spend the
. late jseaspnl ..- '. ; --. ;,"r :
\u25a0'\u25a0Mr,, ami Mrs. : - James Hallett are in
•the* bay eitissfcir a visit of a fortnight
©r : fib as- the- euest-s ior Mr. and Mn.
Eugene ; Hallett. The wedding- of the
yopng. people ivas th« event of the late
J*in+, : tAking;,. place in Los Angeles,
«"her« : . the bride iuas. been one of the
papulif. girls .of the smart set. She
/was formerly Miss Dora Ethel Bradley.
\u25a0With her /little family Mf"s. Dan Bel
dsh has returned from her summer out
irig. Jand. TeopVned; her East Oakland
residence;'/ Mrs. Belden. has been enter
taiTilns- as her : h6use guest Mrs. Mar
•tld .of Reno.: :s'<n\" Mrs. Martin was
well known, to the: bay cities before her
rnarrfag'e of. .-a few .years ago.
..Thursday, afternoon Miss Grace Tre
vor w»l entertain. at a t«a. including
Sl r- riurrrber'.'.or .gii^sts.m her hospitality
for ."the: -Tnidsurnmer affair". She will
be assisted'-in. her "hostess duties by
several friends. ;• \u25a0 .': -
.' -', ' \u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0' ' : '\u25a0? ') *\u25a0 *
".Mrs. George.; iPorter Baldwin has
•closed lite .Edoff \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0summer place at Boul
.der Creek' for. the season, where they
4?n.tertAiried. £o= extensively this year.
Within : 'a-fr«* weifks" the house which
J.ames -j:dqff -is building in the. Piedmont
district; %vill :be : ready for occupancy, the
larnily. taking, possession before Mrs.
. Bald;^'iri's : " return ;to \u25a0 New York.
;. ; A. : prettily arranged.' wedding of the
.rriprith. wail be:- that which will take
place, ori yy-ednA^day evening of the
earning, week at "the Merritt residence
in Jackson stre.et,- whern Claude M.
Gardiner ;clairhs- Miss Gertrude Eugenia
Merfltt as'his bride. Nearly 10P guests
hay«i been included in the invitation
'to witness the -marriage. Th* ceremony
.willrfee react by Rev. Charles R. Brown,
pastor.- of .the First Congregational
church. Jit .the bridal .party- will be
Mi*s. Gladys Gardiner as maid of honor.
Miss Nellie Hutchfnson and Miss Jose
phine Lurid, as -bridesmaids. \u25a0 Herbert
L. . Breed will aHßjsrt the bridegroom
as best, man. \u25a0-.•-. • \u25a0 .
/ "..The j-oung'people are planning to es
iablfsh their home in Oakland after
their honeymoon.: .. -
•-."-Mr. and" Mrs.- Clarence; Shu'ey have
taken possession of a- cottage in Mill
,yallf.v.=for the. month. Mrs: Shuey will
Entertain \u25a0 a number of guests * from
towh'al tliesuburban hcim.e.
••' Mrs.^Harold Harvey has' -gone to the
southern part .of tlie state on a visit
of : E<?yerii w-eeks, expecting to remain
.in L,os- Angeles" the greater part of the
\u25a0timfr spent -away, from' the bay cities.
Mrs. . William: -.Thornton "White will
entertam-tonidfrow at one of the lunch
eoiis .©f.--.llie week, \u25a0 asking- her g-uests
to'iccept of the. hospitality of her Ver
i;ah: h>i«his- residence:
;1 Mifs.- ;A?hes Ray 'will . be the motif
: ;*4n ri , c - tecveption .of Thursday after
: -'riopn, .at whi.chthe women of the Suf
\u25a0\u25a0rrag% Aniendme.nt league will entertain
l:tB .the parjors' of. the Yoiing Women's
•.r.^hriv^tlan . association. Fourteenth and
:. "Casfro ' streets'. Mrs. Ray, who' is presi
tient .of t>ife-l9cai "organization, has^re
. vret.urhgd- fFom a tour of the
. «as"tefh cities, "where she devoted her
'\u25a0: s^.lf -"to. a- study- "of ' suffrage and settle
,-«ieat wor3i«ji(j. those engaged in carry
ing it;o*i: She will take this study as
- th*> •tlifme-.'of taFk which she will
. fi-v-e"- A.-ra-&Jig the other speakers of
.: the. a-ftepnpon" will- be .Mtk. .Elizabeth
.• I'Ow; Watson,, state president, who will
preview; the advance of the suffrage
•;" .woric.. }n California, and Mrs. Elinor
' wjio- will discuss women and
'. &h',' "school question. A program of
. scfng will be contributed by Miss Elsie
• .MeNap, pianiste;"Miss Hazel Blackhart,
; -soloist..- All Interested in the work of
iithe- ; a'me.ndrnent league are included in
%;th>. : invi-ta"tiorr for the reception, which;
\u25a0 ;fs- : .a"n"nounced for -2:30 o'clock.
.„*;.- \ ;••.'\u25a0 .'•\u25a0•'• •
. \ XV.: 1L du.Val and family have re"i
..-.turned 1 from th&lr • country place near
•'•SiMM>r to. their residence, 245 Lenox
•'avenue. ;
: Xlerrnan Catholic. Convention for
: ' . 1911 Is Wanted
\ : 6AKLAKD.' Aug. 2. — In "an endeavor
'•"Lo 'secure' either the 1911 or the 1912
' convention for Fruitvale, 300 delegates
jffad ' members of the St. Francis so
clecy'.and £t. Joseph's young men's
,*o.dality. the two German Catholic
societies *of the anriexed district, will
'Jeave Fruitvale station, in -a special
train Sunday mofningr at 7:20 o'clock
fo.r Sin Jose, Where they will attend^
i the annual gathering of the Staatsver
bands. the German Catholic societies
of California.
Sacramento is Fruitvale's strongest
opponent for ther 1811 convention.
Last year's meeting was held at St.
church in San Francisco.
It is urged that, inasmuch as the new
St. Elizabeth's church of Fruitvale
will -be in process of construction* at
this time next year, the Fruitvale con
vention- should- be held the year fol
lowing. ' \u25a0>\u25a0:-\u25a0}
•Five-- members of. the executive
- board 'of the /Staatsverband will go
from- her«w .They are F. W. Stromberg.
Frank Franz, A. J.. Miller, H. Dora
brijik and Carl Bold." The delegates
from the two societies are as follows:
St. Francis— rSteven Rist, L. , Kratz,
Joseph Boeddeker, , Jacob Bold, "John
Strolbkamp and George Bucher; ;St
Joseph's . sodality — John Stromberg,
Phil .Bold, Joseph Blaes arid ! Leo
Bucher. - ' . ',
* Tb-e annual celebration of the festi
val of the Indulgence
was held today at. St.; Elizabeth's
Catholic church in Bray avenue.
Codixift<*a, «n- Oakland clerk. -rfilftf- a, petition
c jn bankruptcj-' re*^''*'*^ In t fee -UnltMr States
district court. His liabilities are scheduled at
$1,Z77/M. with no assets.
R; J. MacFadyen, v
Gee Glut Leader,
Now a Faculty Hlan
Prominent Student Will Conduct
Investigations in Fumigating
Citrus Fruit Trees
BERKELEY. Aug. 2.— Ralph J. Mac-
Fadyen, glee club president, ivho has
just returned from a tour of the east
with the college musicians, has been
appointed a special investigator under
Prof. C. W. Woodworth in the fumiga
tion of citrus trees. Professor Wood
worth has made a specialty of this
work in entomology and needed-the as
sistance of MacFadyen to carry on the
experiments. »
He purposes to conduct a number of
laboratory tests in the near future with
insecticides, and as soon as the time is
opportune Doctor Woodworth and ' Ma
c will take the field in the spray
ing work for eliminating troublesome
The young student faculty member
was graduated with the class of 1910
from the college of agriculture and has
taken his major work in that subject.
He is best known fo^ his musical abil
ity. • For the last two years he has been
president and for the last year, in the
absence of Clinton R. Morse, director o#
the glee club, which is regarded as one
of the most successful organizations of
the campus.
Affinity Figures in Another Suit
for Divorce
OAKLAND. Aug. 2. — Suit for divorce
on the ground of cruelty was begun
today by Rosalie M. Word against
John B. Word. Mrs. Word alleges that
her" husband was frequently intoxi
cated at the Hotel St. Mark, where
they lived, and kicked and abused her
there. George Schultz was granted an
interlocutory degree of divorce today
against . Luella E.. Schultz on the
ground of desertion. Mrs. Schultz
found an affinity, her husband testi
fied, and ran away to Portland with
him. v \u2666
BERKELEY. Aug. 2— Against the
protests of Charles H. Spear and others,
the city council has decided to widen
Grove street from €0 to SO feet be
tween Center street and Berkeley way.
The cut will bejnade on the east side
of the street to make it of uniform
width, and will cost about $11,103. The
work will. not be ordered for some time.
OAKLAND, Aug-. 2.— Suit \u25a0 against
Douglas Tilden, the deaf mute arid
sculptor, and his wife Elizabeth, for
$4,200 "was begun today by Herbert C.
Chivers, an architect. Chivers says
he prepared the plans for an apart
menf* house . for , the Tildens 'in Web
ster street, and.secured a building loan
for them at their request.
: \^s&tL^'- Consult Me About
% Strlclare .
\ ,gX^ Chronic
j^^s^r \ -yaricocele i;
25 Years Experience
Danger lnrks in delay. ONE MOXTII more
may rob 'you \u25a0of your chances , for a cure.
Come- to~. me I and- haye I the • beDeflt*- of | SCI-
ENCE'S latest* end' most wonderful advances,.
Chronic, -stubborn J and . socalled .incurable
cas*»s soon yield : under ray care. :OUT. OF
TOWN men may hare HOME treatment by
writing \u25a0 for my FREE ! eymptom list. - Low
fees. Strictly private..* :\u25a0\u25a0:..
BR. MOEEL and-assooiatex, 51 Third st.
n^nr Market. Ssn Francisco. ;Cal. - . / '
''"'-..""'. evf3»l_r>- \u25a0\u25a0.;-*\u25a0•. -J v.^ I
, VyfTS - WeakneM or any contracted <TueM« i
((*?] positively cured by the oldert I
_ . tp«d«lut «a &• Cout EsUblitkci I
// fe^S^ l\ Cwuulution he* and ttrictlr privat*. I
'm iff Treatment penonaOy or by fetter. A I
(f Si i : positive cure in every c»»e an- T
\u2666 Jjfi&S* '- Writ* for bath. PHILOSOPHY I
" fy£*>f - '\u25a0 Or • MARRIAGE, mulad fr*-A» A
II j| TiJuaU* brwlt fo.-xiwn.) . ' j\
Architect Hornbostel Devises a
Scheme for Illuminating: :
' Great Tower at Night
OAKLAND, Aug. 2.— Henry Horn
bostel and Sullivan W.Jonee/represen
tatives of the firm of Palmer &" Horn
bostel, city: hall designers, will go east
next Monday to prepare .the detailed
plans and specifications .upon which
contracts will be awarded for the ; con-
struction- of the $1,000,000, municipal
structure. The architects^have, had the
last conference with the board of public
works arid have completed the surveys,
computations and investigations .re
quired for the final arrangement of
On recommendation of Jones; who is
the building expert of his firm, the con
tracts for the building. will be several
instead pf.one. 'The, advertisements "for
bids for. the stonework^will call for at
least three offers. Prices will be. sub
mitted by contractors for making; the
hair of marble, granite, manti stone or
Utah limestone. Other varieties of
sandstone will probably be included' in
the estimates/Jones informed the
board of works that by dividing "the
work among various firms, letting one
do the structural steel work, another
the masonry and others, the: finishing,
moneycould be saved. He said the Cal
if ornian labor and construction situa
tion, is not like that of eastern states,
where economy'is best served by letting
one contract for the erection of a large
building. ; ' ' ~
Hornbostel, who is devoting his; la
bors to the ornate features of the new
hall, has recommended to the . board
that the building be of marble, equipped
with facilities for . illuminating the
whole exterior on holidays and public
occasions. He favors/ permanent elec
tric light sockets along. the outline of
the structure, with four searchlights,
one at each corner of thebrpad monu
mental substructure on which the tower
of 11 [stories will rest. The search
lights will' be so adjusted ithat.al
thoughs concealed behind cornices, they
will cast a glow over the tall, marble
towerj The effect in the night, he said,
would be that, of :. a" great.-tower,-out
lined with incandescents. and glistening
in the glare of the searchlights. . ,
It jis probable that excavation will
be begun in less than five months,; the
time first set by =the architects. . The
earth . removed will be taken '\u25a0 to the
Twelfth street crossing to. fill the south
side. The old library building/occupied
by the city engineering and^ health
offices, will be removed to the Fifteenth
street frontage of the city hall site.
The old firehouse in Fifteenth 'street
will be demolished, and when the new
hall is ready the other old structures
will be razed arid Washington street
opened to San Pablo avenue.
Will View Recreation. Parks
With City Officials
ALAMEDA, Aug. 2.V-Mrs.' M. N/
Rutherford, superintendent- of juvenile
courts and "industrial- work' in Arkan
sas, is to;, inspect' the >local' play
grounds tomorrow in- company with
Mayor W. 11. Noy and a number of
other city officials and members of the
Child's .v/elfare league.
n. G. Martin, Mj D. StnClUrd
The Ty»«din» BpwiwHst. | '\u25a0 ; \u25a0 V r r'.'-'
TURE in five days/; No severe . operation. •, No
detention from occupation. \: : . \u25a0 % . . ,v
I am the only specialist In San Francisco
who does not advertise a fictitious name and
photograph. " I'publish' my, true , photograph, \
correct cam?, ' personally conduct my, office. I
am the longest established, most , successful .
and reliable, as medical credentials and press .
records prove. - I make this statement so that
you will know you consult a celebrated spe-
• clalist who seea " and . treats patients - person. \u25a0
ally. I possess skill and experience acquired
in such a way '. that no other can . share I and
should - not bo classed - wJ *.h medical compa- -
n'es: It is unwise and expensive to embrace,
the statements *ot^ medical companies. It is
: impossible for > a • medical | company, to | attend:
college. . Companies ; have 'no ,-•. diplomas or-
llcenae to (practice medicine in* California or
any other state. Medical ', companies usually .
are named after a doctor. A portrait whose
personality'; and identity >re Indefinite .; Is
selected and published as the legitimate spe-
cialist of the of flee. • Hired substitutes,; ordi- ;
nary ' doctors with ; questionable ability, \ give .
consultations, examinations and '^treatment. :
#\u25a0•' \u25a0 . \u25a0 "WEAKNESS" -. . \u0084- '
That disorder; commonly, known : as '.'weak-
ness" has for; years and generations baffled
the efforts of physicians, yet to this very day
. a majority of doctors, .specialists* not ex-
x ceptcd, are attempting :' to ;, overcome, it by
, methods that have been Jn constant use and
!have always failed for half a century. They
dose the system with powerful stimulants and'
\u25a0tonics,-, calculated to restore nervous force or
strength that is not and -never, has been lack.
\u25a0 ing, \u25a0 with i a \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 result -. that •\u25a0 the - functions i; ar»"
I temporarily, excited,; to \u25a0 the ; positive -detrl-,
• ment of the patient. is Weakness —-we will call'
it such ; for convenience i Just ; now.— is only a ;
symptom resulting from a chronically swollen
and. inflamed prostate, gland. -and' is -curable'
by local treatment : only/; Either early > dlssl-
V p'ation or some : lmproperly treated: contracted \u25a0
disease is responsible for the inflammation in
most ; instances, 3. though" accident.t; injury. '
.strain,' ; etc., I may,, produce | the same result. • I \u25a0
' permanently 5 cure .. these ; cases Vof s premature.
ness, loss of power, etc.", without th« giving
of a single internal dose, which 'demonstrates
the absolute ,; accuracy of . my -, understanding :
and treatment '\u25a0 of > this : disorder, kln \ years 7! \u25a0
; have not met ' with a - single: (allure,,- and I J \
• have ! entire • confidence . in ; my ' ability , to cutb
all cases that , come ', to ime (or ; treatment. -: I
;am equally certain that .no treatment other
than that . which \ I have perfected \ can s com-*
pletely and permanently, restore Btrength and
vigor. 1 -;; • ~. : - -r^-'i: -- '\u25a0-^.'^ l^ : < : ''^: .'y •-.\u25a0•v, : >-. -\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0;
I also cure .; Contracted s Disease, -J Chronic
Losses/; Spermatorrhoea. * Contagious , Blood '
\u25a0 Poison - and , all- Complications from these'
"1 ailments.-^'r»>').' i .l**r-> -;"- 1 ?',::' n ..;\u25a0-\u25a0:\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0--.
- My- advice: and consultation are free to the'
I afflicted, whether I treatment is taken or not s
I am always glad to explain my methods and
- give friendly; advice to all who call. \u25a0. If ' you 3
: can not \u25a0 come to see me,": write today. \u25a0 Hours *
.9 a. m. to 9 p. m-v Sundays," 9; to 1 only. '
; 721 ; MARKET . ST ,- SAN ,- rttANCIBCO, \u25a0 CA^ \u25a0
£?h <^«^ - •--\u25a0 • *T» SPECIALIST
/^i£s>'l%&k 1732 Gear T« !?«». Fillmore.
':.' «fj£to&liiij^B ' ' Tre«t« successfully all Prl-^
i-J3EiMnJBi Ewk vate \u25a0 n «l Chronic Diseases
''\u25a0^^'i^iV' ot '• BOTH ><xc*. & Diseases :
I^SVl 11 '-^ Blood,-Bkto Diseases'
' ' Ymi V '? *ndv all r- Contracted*? Ail--
'^ Sill ; : ments cared ' speedily and
.dit^al JBHwL. \*U I traces \u25a0 eradicated •\u25a0 from ;
mH^A t * ie • systeo."^' Every i case ' It l
WKK£wSSm3KIi guaranteed, Charges ; rea-
wß»'PJz*&S&s£S& »>oDßb!e. •-.; Consultation trecf:
Aft^r four irionths of flsficl ©xfltrniii'fit"'
tion th© Alstrncd^ Oity GovGrnrnont
gives its u ncgus.Bi'figd inciorsGrncnt to v •
th© O^y Oiti©s Wstt6>r Op. s Prpj©ot. \u25a0
T^ttgSS?^-"'" "'•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 " -•- "I ' Company Plan - * wl^^^?^n^TVCVU A •i-'rSV
/^V^i)w?^iP\ ' l^^lfiaW ; iSy*-W^3\ « Vot».tb« eUy. council Adopted • report '„ JL \ »\ |V.»** ft\lOlVw\\™ :=V; - •
jeSilJs^tfvMpgr4s*^^S^ ? \ ......... \u25a0» ' -;. . . j§ w»s prestntet) tonight by th« public BV>* •t&^u.vl I %\\ •• \tt•\u25a0 ' "•' -i-'VI; •*
I pßßqPP^?X^yVg2§gio| ff uttTftl«» commltteo «n# Mayor Nojr. M '«» llllyf T\ 111" \ \ \u25a0'\u25a0 ' -'.\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0.\u25a0."-\u25a0 j'
UTL«^WE^«<ES^tSSV« \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0> • * E Thl» cirrteo TTlth U the, ccKincll 1 * »»nc- tl f I\»\ wI&ILW . i \.\ • .:'\u25a0-"" > : '
I ' fiiagga^yy •^Zfj S ff* ttoa and support of the n«fr comp»ny§ h M \\Y» «lV --• ii-tnftoM « ' " : ' \u25a0:'
W^VA^^SPu^Sv^/ "-\u25a0 .' Xi proposition to «upply Al«m*<i» wlthKJ \j\m * — ~*"^ 1 f^oi^ iw^ \\ \u25a0'. \u25a0 , ....-•\u25a0.'•
I^^^S^^^raS^cSy water from U« Mount Hamilton water- «| y»^ QvS* • *.\ - \A' . \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0'\u0084 .' :
> Alameda, California, July 29th, 19101 • xe \^.— :
; The City .Council of 'the 1 "^. c^« fet^S^i^r»^\\" • '\u25a0"
City of Alarjsda. . V . t v *^«» t^^^^i^^W
-Gentle^:- .' ' 'j^ < , V^^^^^lSB
- : At an unofficial maat ing held April Bth, 1910, a l »\^-'-
proposition of the Bay {Cities Water Company/was referred to a V 0 * S****^!3^Sis»V 5 "
Committee composed of^'your Mayor Public: Utilities ;Co»»-- 1"• 19 ?^***^ •J>-V r 4 .-"
mitfee. / Said CommUtee begB;:td report as follows:- '; . « t^ t 5H^* t •; -\u25a0
; . ' The water-BhedBwere>firBt examined by our City En- • \ £?«&*\u25a0 ** tO * ' < °* C^*^-^' ' •"V
gineer, I. N. Chapnan, in "eonjunotion with Civil Engineer, A. A. ' \ "'\u25a0' > ':\u25a0>.:
Bannister,, and their .report lie herewith submitted^ At. a subsequent tt^CML - : -^ -'
date/gampies of water were taken! by our City Health Officer, Dr.L. iffifTlirni Ilinnnoro \u25a0
'^ W. Stidhafc, and a: sanitary analysis of three samples were rade #j ALAMIIJA INIJIIKNKi :
by/Jessie V. Berry, Chemist/ also, a baoteriblogical examination- |; lIWHHU ' n inwunuuu . , y :V; .
was made by R^>A. Archibald, andonxthe 23rd of the present - Ml RAY PUIR WATFD I •' .'
month an .opinion on above last mentioned reports 1 ¥ras made by, \u25a0!• DHI UlllLU' 11/ilLn I . .
- Dr. HaroldvA. Miller, our Acting Health Officer, . aH-of which . t[ ." "- ..:; • : #:.':
are herewith submitted for your consideration. ; , " : F^..* Council Pledges Best Efforts to'"j§\:" • -
REPORTS. The report of Messrs. Chapaan and Bannister proves 1! / Secure the Sypp^ for the \f\ ;
.; beyond, doubt , that the Bay Cities people have an; ample supply. . fc • MUnJCtpaigy. ;:\u25a0 | ,
The reportB^made byvexperts as to 'the quality of the water pror« ' mi . j^ji£i; Jvly u^: riiU WM^i : f{.
as well its excellence* . - s "" r . . m.' «tcp th t*k«n >» «• eitr onteuis t» .1 ;\u25a0\u25a0
U . 4 PROPOSITIONS. The Bay Cities Water Company agrees to install a K. $7 SlrSTt^^.S^tilifSS: I •
' "distributing plant' throughout our city and convey the water there— Jrs »itte« un.n«m«aaiT *a»-h** ««-»^ \u25a0.•.•;.'
to, from the water-3heds near Mt. .Hamilton j. giving the City, ah fe «mel a orir c o"nc^wLT^^r : l'
option to purchase said distributing plant at cost, plus tan per P|| b««i, 13 c<« r ««°of c «<» W pr*e« JajT i«! \
cent prof it / any time on or before five years after said'pla.nt Ml "«« «"\u2666 «itr «m a. b* t ew- 1 .
> 1b installed and in working order, and to sell to the City p£. • f e^ HL •tm^ . 1
' Alaraeda the Baid' water at a wholesale rate not to exceed $175.00. ey wm»tttM> no i; ©«iy toff* «• »r«j««t .• I.
\u25a0per million gal ions.. Your Committee attempted to prooure froa yu but re ««' a 5»« nd * c**» «« cut c« a ».: • f
r :'"'' ;Baid Bay Cities Water Company aCtonyearl option, but ao a two \u25a0 M llt« Spr T l foT*AiiS»J^.**?"* ***. ••.I
year- option was first of fered by the Company i we succeeded only ttiyLSfitfttS <im
in procuring f aq^option as above'statedyfor five years, the com-;/ , %oj* mm *+mmtl^ "*-\u25a0;.
Jpany claiming that an option for a time in excess of said fivß. ' \u25a0 '. -r
years -would impair the success of their financial arrahgementa. i . fc^^^^M^^Mßwii*«Bß«^«
RECOMMENDATIONS^ As has been conclusively proved , primarily, . "; \u25a0/
that the Bay Cities Water Company can furnish : an ample supply of - . \u25a0':
water, and secondly that the quality of the water is good, we . : / . . •.•.'...-
recpmmend that th"iaCo\incil J give to -th« Bay\ Cities Water Company • . . -\ \u25a0' '\u25a0'/:''
their : support^^to the end that^ this' abundant and excellent supply v • > . • \ : - /."• .
ma,y b© distributed throughout our city. We have the assurance of \u25a0 . -'.v-i- v '". • •-.-.. .. ••\u25a0..\u25a0
-j the officials of said Company that more than teventy per .oenV'of '"'; ' /.v."
i our property owners have signed their contracts. j '.\
I V In cioaing^we might state that the Bay Cities Water Com-
;;•, I pany. or any other like :corporat ion have the right and privilege • \u25a0 .: ..
8 . of entering our ; City without the^consent of your legislative body^ ••: \u25a0'.:
I -By dealing with t^hem along" the rlines',^pursued by this Committee, • . -: :

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