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frank Shay Makes Affidavit
That He Gave Assessor $25
, » .Month From Salary
;;. OAKXAXD, Aug. 3.— The episode to
<**r in the Dalton-B!a%burn contro
versy in -which the assessor of Ala
;ineda. county has had the almost daily
burden of meeting charges hurled at
k*in by his former ally in politics, was
..the making public of an affidavit of
Frank. M. Shay, Dalton'a deputy until
two days ago, that he had paid his
\u25a0 chief $25 a nioath out of his salary for
c long period, giving him $600 in all
tor the privilege of holding his posi
- tJon.
• Coming as it does after Blackburn
•liad accused Henry p. Dalton of ac
cepting large sums of money from him,
•w-hich Blackburn said were collected by
ffcijn. for the assessor's benefit for
-wrongful purposes; after Fred W. le
Bajlister, a man prominent in public
: r lif«, had Issued a public statement that
..paltou was getting about $15,000 a
.\u25a0year by way of perquisites out of his
l^ffipe. Shay's affidavit of today put the
•tounty assessor still more on the de
•fencive in his fight for re-election. His
;.c.nntest for the republican nomination
with I. Harrison Clay has now over
,>hadowed the other political fights in
Alameda' county.
Shay made this affidavit August 1,
Jtfce very day he handed in his resigna
tion to Dalton. It declares that shortly
*f ter be went tv work in the county
ftf^essor's office, nearly four years ago.
ft>a!ton told him that h\e> had incurred
[b«*vy campaign expenses, and that
st?hay would have to pay him $25 a
rinonth out of his salary of $125 a month.
iShay swears that he paid this $25 a
Tnonth from that time on until he had
•paid about $30«. the money being
\u25a0handed directly by him to Thomas M.
Robinson. ', Dalton's chief deputy and
\u25a0rjghthand man in politics. Robinson is
! J»ew striving for the republican nom
ination "for county clerk. After that
t;ime. Shay's affidavit goes on to relate
:.hss: .hss payments of $25 a month out of his
rai&ry were made direct to Dalton him
\u25a0f^V'f.. In all. Shay declares, he paid
Dalton and Rohjnson about $600.
Dfilton says this is a lie. He de
clares he never collected a cent of
'Shay's salary. He met the latest charge
against him today with the same kind
of -defense he made against Leslie
Blackburn's charges. When the latter
declared that hr had paid the assessor
!?.rge sums of money, and showed can
celed checks to substantiate his state
ment, Dalton said that the checks rep
resented loans made to him by-Black
burn when he was in financial straits
because his salary was tied up for years
by injunctions. He said that Black
burn's insinuation that these checks
represented money collected for mak
ing low assessments was false.
The split between Dalton and Black
burn is one of the most remarkable in
cidents in Alameda politics for years.
Blackburn, who began his political ca
reer in San Francisco more than a
generation ago, has been one of Dal
ton's closest advisers for several terms
in office. Until a few days ago there
was no suspicion that their relations
were strained, and neither the assessor
nor Blackburn has seen fit to explain
the cause of the split.
Le Ballister's published statement
relative to the -affairs In the assessor's
•office was concerned entirely with the
alleged retention by the assessor of
commissions for collecting personal
\u25a0property taxes and with Dalton's al
leged activity in lobbying .at Sacra
mento to prevent the alteration of the
law that permits him to keep such com
missions. Le Balllster gave figures
which show that the assessor has aver
aged $18,000 a year for the last three
years for such commission, in addition
to a yearly salary of $4,000. To Le Bal
lister Dalton answered that the law
gave him the right to keep these com
.missions and that he had to pay some
of his deputies out of them for the col
lection of the tapces.
Directors Will Renew Appeal
for Bond Election
"OAKLAND. Aug. 3. — Almost every
school in the city Is overcrowded at
the opening of the fall term, and three
days have not been sufficient to adjust
the attendance to , the facilities. Su
perintendent McClymonds will ask the
board of education to renew its ap
peal to the city council to call a bond
election to provide larger grounds and
new buildings.
: The registration of new pupils will
continue through this week, and it Is
probable that new classes will be or
ganized and put in charge of substitute,
teachers in spare basement roonfls.
-' The full attendance this year already
is greater than at the close of last
terni. when of 22,193 pupils 19,909 were
•lh : the grammar grades and 2,290 in
the "high schools. Several new teachers
have been added to the department, but
the number seems likely to be still
\u25a0insufficient. There are now. 428 teach
ers. In the grammar and primary
grades,, 60 in the high schools and 15
la the' night schools.
•M.* R. Roberts Wants $25,000
• for Removal of Hoppers
" • M. R. Roberts sued Harbor Commis
sioner W. W. Stafford; William H. Da
vis, attorney for the harbor board, and
Thomas A. Hender. chief wharfinger.
.-yesterday for 125.000 damages as com
pensation for the condemnation and re
\u25a0 moval x>f chutes and hoppers for un
loading merchandise formerly, main
tained by Roberts on tins water front.
In November, 1907, Roberts stated in
'the complaint, his business was worth
":J25,000. The board first charged him
' tolls In the sum of $5,000, and later de
clared the chutes to be obstructions of
commerce. Under a penalty of $30,000,
' it is alleged, the removal of thee hutes
•wai ordered. . \u0084. \u25a0':
Roberts accuses Stafford, Davis and
1-Hender of conspiracy to Injure "him.
Treasury Department- Officials
.'\u25a0 at Work on $20,000,000 Issue
' TVASHIXGTOXj Aug. 3. — Treasury, de
partment officials are working over the
form of the proposed issue of $20,000,000
"worth of bonds to aid in the completion
of reclamation projects. ' ...
' Congress at jits last session author
ized this issue and the secretary of the
'treasury .l has notified the interior-de
partment that, lt i» ready to turn over
the amount or any installment of it
\u25a0on calL . .. -
The preparation of the bondsjs likely
to require two or three months!;
Campus Romance Results
In Marriage of Alumna
j Mrs. Frank A. Brown, who, was Miss Dorothy Gary Moore.
Former University of California
Girl Becomes Wife of In
surance Man
BERKELEY. Aug. 3.— Friends in the
bay cities have received cards an
nouncing the recent marriage in Port
land of Miss Dorothy Gary Moore, a
graduate of the university with the
class of 1910, and Frank Arthur Brown,
a resident of Alamerla. The nuptials
were solemnized at the liome of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
Moore, in Portland.
The marViage Is the culmination of
a romance which began when Mrs.
Brown was a student of the university,
from which she received her! degree in
May. Brown Is a well known member
of the younger set in Alameda and is
engaged in the insurance business in
San Francisco. He is affiliated with
-clubs on both sides of the bay.
Mrs. -.Brown is. well known here,
where ehe lived duringher undergrad
uate course. She took part in many
of the affairs of the women students.
The young couple will make their
home in one of the bay cities. .
Quarrel Settled, but Alleged
Offender Loses Job
OAKLAND, Aug. 3.— Edwin Fricke,
the deputy constable who was arrested
yesterday for exhibiting a deadly
weapon, was discharged from the po
lice court this morning because he
has settled his'- quarrel with D. O.
Wallace, the vice president of- the
Interlocking stone company, with
whom he had several encounters re
cently. Fricke has been dismissed as
deputy constable by Constable Morris
Lane on- account of his trouble.
REPUBLICANS TO MEET— Oakland, Aug. 3.—
The republican county central committee vrill
meet Thursday eveniDf; at 8 o'clock at the
office* of A. P. Leacn, tn«! chairman, in the
Union Favlng bank building.
Here Are Facts We Want
You to Prove at Our Risk
Marvelous as it may seem, Rexall
"93" Hair Tonic has grown -hair on
heads that were once bald. Of course
it is understood that in none of these
cases were the hair roots dead nor had
tha scalp taken on a glazed, shiny
appearance-^f : "-;•\u25a0*?
When the roots of the. hair are en-
tirely dead and the pores of the scalp
are glazed over, we do not believe
that anything can restore hair growth.
When Rexall "93" Hair Tonic will
do as above stated, it is not strange
that we have such great faith in it
and that we claim it will prevent bald-
ness when used in' time. : It acts scien-
tifically, destroying the germs which
are usually responsible; for baldness.
It penetrates to the roots of -the; hair,'
stimulating and nourishing. them. It is
a -most -pleasant toilet necessity, is
delicately perfumed and will' hot gum
nor permanently stain the hair.:.
We want you to get a; bottle of
! Rexall "93" Hair Tonic and use , it as
directed. If It . does not relieve scalp
irritation, remove dandruff, prevent the
hair from falling out andsproraote an"
increased ' growth <jf hair : and In^, every
way \u25a0: give entire y, satisfaction, i\ simply
come back and tell us and .without^
question or formality we will hand
back to you every penny you paid.us
for it. Sp^S^^i^^@§SßEß!
We lend our, endorsement to Rexall
"93" Hair Tonic and sell it on- this
guarantee, because we believe if is the
best hair "tonic ever discovered; It
comes. ln': two sizes.-prices 50 cents and
$1.00. Remember, you can; obtainy' it
only at The Owl Drug Co., 1nc.,, 710 Mar-
ket et... 778. Market st.. Post and; Grant
ay., 343 . Ktearny .;sW Sixteenth and
Ml «!?K Bt r \u25a0';',• -.. ..'•'• .'*\u25a0 ' ' '\u25a0
OAKLAND, .Aug., 3.— Pete Gutierez
of Melrose is accused by his young
wife of not only having blackened her
eyes and severely bruised her body,
but also of having failed to provide
for her and thei rone year old baby.
Gutierez was arrested toJay ;on a
charge of battery preferred by Mrs.
Gutierez. . .
The warrant was. sworn to a month
ago, but Gutierez disappeared and did
not return until today.. .
With tears in her eyes Mrs. Gutierez,
who is a pretty young woman about 18
years old, told Captain of Police t.
Brown how she had been ill treated.
v^^\ Schedule Effective
relSl June 12, 1910
v X£iJ)^' San Francisco
Leave..', Via SAUSALITO. \rrlva.
t« :4sa Petaluma. Santa Rosa, 'Healds-I
burp, *CloTerdale, ~ GuerneTllle,! -
Monte Rio, Duncan Mills,
Cazadero Jo:osp
• 7:15 a Sonoma, Glen Ellen 6:05p
7:45 a Petaluma, Santa Roea, Heilds-
burg. ClOTerdale,' Ukiah,
Willitß, Sherwood 7:35p
8:15 a Pt. Reyes, Camp Meeker, Cozs- ,
dero .......\u25a0...'.. 7:35p
S:4sa Petaiuma, Santa Rosi, Gn^rnc-
rille, Monte Rio, Duncan
Mills (leaves from. Caza-
<» dero) ..-....'... 7:05p
t9:lsa Sonoma, Glen E11en...... tB:3sp
t9:lsa Pt. Reyes ... ..f... ...... JB:osp
10:45 a Petaluma^ Santa Rom.. ........ 4:35p
T2:45p Pt. Reyes, Camp Meeker, Cara- • , \u0084
a>ro... "ll^a
3:15p Petaluma. Santa Rosa,' Healds-
burg, Cloverdale, Ukiah. Guer- "•
Deville, Monte Rio, Duncan \.
Mills, Sebastopol (to Caza- , \u25a0 I
dero Saturday and Sunday).'. "11:05 a.
t3:lsp Pt. Reye5...........;......:... Js:osp
4 :45p Sonoma, Glen E11en...... 0:05 a
5:15p Petaluma, Santa Rosa.. 8:35 a
5:45p Pt. Reyes (leaves 7:15 p. m.
Sundays) ...........:. -8:05 a '
Sausalito, Mill | Valley, San Rafael — Dally
every 30 minutes ' from 6:45 .a. m. : until- 9:45
a. m. ; hourly until 2:45 p. m., then 3:15 p. m. :
and every 30 minutes until 7:45 p. m., then 0:00. j
10:35 p. m. and 12:01 • a. -m.- • (On Sundays in
addition — Every 30 minutes from 0:45 a. m.-to
3:15 p. m., excepting 2:15 p. m.)
Fairfax— Leaves t«:«, •7:15, 7:45, 8:15, 8:45,
9:15, 9:45, U0:15. 10:45, tll:15. 11:45 a. m.;
t12:15. 12:4.Vt1:15 f 1:45, 2:45, 8:15, 8:45, 4:15,
4:45, 5:15, 5:45, 6:15, 6:45, fT:IS, 7:45. 9:00,
1110:35 p. m., J12:O1 a. m. - - r
San Quentin via Ban Rafael — 8:45 a; m., 1:45
p. mr. \u25a0 i \u25a0 .-:•\u25a0\u25a0 * . .-•,-\u25a0-
Tiburon and Belvedere^ — Week days, 7:30, 9:00,
f 10:45 a. m. (i 12:45 p. m. Saturdays only), 3:30,
5:30 p. m; Sundays — 7:30, 9:00, *. 11:00 a. m.:
12»3O. 3:30, 5:30 p. m.. and 112:01 a. m.
•Sundays arrive 7:05 p. m... ••Monday only.
tExcept Sunday. JSunday only.- TBaturday only. !
ISSaturday and Sunday only. JVIa Sausalito. : :
Pacific Transfer Company's agents are author-
ized to chffck baggage direct from residence. ._-;\u25a0'
Wound Trip from San Franeltoe, $1 JO
It.Sh fnitltca li.tttlt Unit It. Tawlaits
WeekJ«y Snaday Weekday Suaday Weekday Sanday
9:45 a B:]sa 1 7:20 a 11:00 a 7:2oa t]o:lot
1:46p 9:15 a I*4op 11:45 a 1:40p 11:15 a
* 4:45 i ; 9 :45 a 02:40p 12:50p I 4:?4|> 12:40f
10:45 a - 4;20p 2:40s a 9:50s 2:32p
...... 11:45 a •...'... 3:50f ...... 3:45f
J:46P ...... 5:20p :..... 5:10t
/...:.. 3 :45p '....:. ? 6:40 p.:.... 6:40p
\u25a0....-.. >4:lsp®ToMt. Tamalp tig only \u25a0...;-..
•To Muir Sat. only. tMon.only. a Sat. only. HMuir only.
Ticket \u25a0 Offices— Sausalito Ferrj' and 874 Market
' General Office— Mill Valley, California ; / ; •
Tmra if Taai!pils'* tU "Hair In" tri ilw ays tin hr pisti
:\u25a0: \u25a0 .;\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0 ~~~~- \u0084-...• -..-\u25a0. .-, N- J \u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0• : •• -«--;«\u25a0- \u25a0\u25a0 ':'\u25a0
Depot 12th and ;Mlssion--F.'S. Stratton. ReceiTcr
Leave San ' Francisco.' :."'J '-- Leave Arleta; --:*,'" ~f.
A: M.8:0<», 9:30/ t!0:30 A. M. V5:25, '? 6:40, 11:20
P. M.3:00,^5:40. 15:40 P. M.*.3:25, t4:10 'V-.iv:
•Leave Tunitas: Glen:-. A.M., |6:15., P.M.," 3:00.
.r. r All trains daily except tSundays | only. - {Mon-
days only.; f Tunitas Glen < Saturdays only. "Stage
for San Gregorlo/and.Pescadero.:; ' '..' '\u25a0. r;j
Boats leave 7M 9:45 a. m\ 12:30., 3:20.
6:00. sao p. m. Meals •It Carte.
pock and office, Nortb End ferry BaUdlnC
, * -fbonet: Kearny 400 ; Home C 47Qto?^r
Physician and Bride, Who Was
Miss Marion Walsh, Are
Homeward Bound V-v >,>t
OAKLAND^ Aug. 3.— Dr. 'tjohn Louia,
Lohse and Mrs. Lohse'wilJ /reach Oak
land on Tuesday of the coming week
after a long absence abroad and on
the Atlantic coast. They 'will -be
guests at the Edward M. "Walsh resi
dence in Monte. Vista avenueTuntil the
completion, of their own home, upon
which work has already been .com
menced, t
Tll3 'wedding of the; young physician
and Miss Marion Walsh was a brilliant
event of a season agd. _-.- Immediately
after the ceremony the bridal couple
sailed for Europe, living for. a time in
Vienna later In 'England, where
Dr. Lohse devoted himself to advanced'
medical ..work and* won particular
honors in his chosein field from the in
stitutions in which .he was a student
For. the last few months Dr.. Lohse and
his wife have \u25a0 been in New York,
where study again claimed the 'young
physician.. ' / ...
Mrs. Lohse will be the inspiration of
a number of social .entertainments
\u25a0following -her return to California.
She was one of the best liked girls
of. the smart set. - Preceding -her
wedding she. was entertained exten
sively on both sides of the bay. -
'The wedding tomorrow evening of
W. F. Barnum of San Jose and Miss
Olive Morrish will be a notable event
of the week. Three \ hundred- guests
have been invited. The marriage cere
mony will be read by : Rev. A. B. Fry,
pastor of the j Epworth Methodist
church of Berkeley. The bride has.
been .prominent in musical circles
abbut the bay : and since the announce
ment of her betrothal -has been
much feted. Barnum is connected with
educational work in San Jose, where he
has prepared, an attractive home.
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvanus Farnum -have
closed their Brush street .home for a
few week 3, taking apartments in San
P'rancisco for the fall months. Mrs.
Clifford and Miss Elsie Clifford are
with' them. Mrs. Clifford Ms recovering
from the recent illness which caused
her friends so much anxiety. A
.- . "\u25a0 • \u25a0 * \u25a0 .».•-\u25a0 *
:In honor of Miss t Madgq Ringlep,
Miss -Marion Wileox will entertain to
morrow at her home in Walsworth
avenue, asking a dozen or more friends
for an informal tea. Misa Ringlep,
whose home is. in lowa, ' is spending
several" weeks in Oakland /as the
guest of Miss Wileox. Miss Wileox
herself recently returned to California
from the east, where she attended one
of the exclusive finishing schools dur
ing the last year.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Luning are in
Cloverdale, where they expect to
spend' the niQnth of August. They
have completed a motor tour of Lake
county. . . .
Mr. and Mrs. Charlton Parker are
established In Leipzig and have made'
no Immediate plans for returning to
California. . Parker is_. devoting him
self to study, working for a coveted
degree. . Mrs.. Parker will be remem
bered as Miss Cornelia Stratton.
Aug. 3.— "ln a toe today which destroyed' the
Texas and raeino railroad pumping station at
• Sherman a gasoline : tank exploded. - burning
20 persons. Aft probably will recoyer.
PI ymoath— ChrrhourK— Southampton
. Philadelphia— Qneenntovrn — Llveri»ool
Nerr York— London Direct
New York— Rotterdam, via Boulogne
: Xeir York— Dover— Antwerp
N.Y.-Q.neensjtown-Holj-head-l<lTerpool r.
BoKton— Qneenntown— Liverpool \u25a0 ' :
N. Y. and Boaton to the Mediterranean
Via Aaoren and ' Gibraltar ,; ]
Romanic. .. .Anff. eiCretlc ..V. .Sept. 21
Canopfc . . .Sept. 14| Romanic/. . ..Oct. 1
• x Canadian ' Service Mall Steamers, r
Montreal— Quebec— Liverpool ' < ,
Weekly Sailings. iThe | Scenic Route : to
'\u25a0 \u25a0 •" Enrope'r.' \u25a0\u25a0':•\u25a0\u25a0..:-;\u25a0\u25a0>' ; i
Largest and: Most Modern Steamers on .the St.
Lawrence.'* ' . .. .:'\u25a0*,,.-
O. N. KOEPPEL, Passenger Agent Pacific Coast,
310 Geary* Street. opposite Bt.', Francis .
\u25a0i \u25a0 v "Hotel, San Francisco. ' .
BHFMEN 11 111 111 10 A.M.
ErpreM Bailingi. - . **:
Kals.Wm.* d.^Gr.. Am. '• 9lCecllle .... .. .. Aug. 23
G.Wash'tn (new)Au. 16|Kronprlnz Wm. .Aug. 30
JaS? n Gorman Thursdays
;. '\u25a0 Sailings. - ~ ;
Bnrbaropsa ....Aug. 'll Gr. Kurfuers. '\u25a0 . .Sept. : 1
Bremen' ... ;. . .Aug. 25 P. Frlcdrtch Wm.Sept. 8
GENOA' kiwi II 11A.M.
\u25a0"*.\u25a0;\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 ., * '. ""^^^ — . mm> "-\u25a0" -\u25a0- ' / ; '\u25a0'\u25a0 ;-\u25a0::;"\u25a0'
P. Irene .."... i^Ang. 13|Berltn . (new) ...Aug. 2T i
K. Lulse ....'\u25a0; Aug. 201 K. • Albert ...'..Sept. 10
vrirelota qnd Bnbmartne Blamala.
Independent Boand.the.World Touri. '
. Travelers.' Checks Good All Over the World./
OELRICHS & CO« Cenl Ifto.. 5 Broadway. N. Y.
Robert'iCapelle, G. A. P. C, 250 Powell st."
opposite St. - Francis : Hotel, San Francisco. Tele-
phone— Kearny 1 4794: \u25a0 \u25a0 " ,
. :^ Sailings \u25a0 Every Thursday ; and Saturday". :
TBretagnei ...Aug.'ll La; 1 Lorraine. Sept; 1
,La Prorence. Aug. 18 La \ ProyenccSept. t 8
: Espagne; . . .Aug.' 25 La Saroie. . .Sept. 15
Extra? Sailings— Carrying one class' (ll) cabin
/.'\u25a0 \u25a0..\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0•;. .•\u25a0.-. ~\v: passengers. *% ,;-;:-<,\u25a0\u25a0 »-.• - ; .>.-,;
Chicago I":.". . . • ........ . ; . . • . . .• . . . . . July 23
F10ride ...'.."..... . ". . •'. •' . \ ........... . Ju1y 23
I Pacific Coast Managers, - * ' \u2666 V
- \u25a0-. 630 Montgomery . st. ;
I Cabin Office, 685 Market st. ''i~s&Ss
\u25a0 \u25a0 -' "\u25a0. •' -'\u0084-.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0/.'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0---. \u25a0 • . \u25a0.-"...\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0..: ..... _ ' -/_
~ !^^' J^v-^!,--.^-'.--..-^-r-^V-v.,. v .... \u25a0..\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 t „-
\u25a0 Canadian' Paelflo Empress \ line of Steamers
sailing weekly between ; Montreal .and Liverpool.
Wireless on all steamers./ Ask any ticket agent,
or write E.*E. PENN, G. A.,. Palace Hotel. San
; •"-" :: -;'1 : -/^^"'^ "\u25a0.*\u25a0;', ':. '.}'•'^\u25a0'-."^BSSSk
A Don*t -Worry '; -: It > Doesn't : Pay
Mrs. J;Louis Lohse/
|W^?WHlßeltirn to
Her Oakland Home
Defer Action on Hayward and
Castro Valley Routes
HAYWARD, Aug. 3.— The selection
of a route for -the proposed extension
of the foothill boulevard to Livermore
by way of Dublin Is to be deferred for
several .months by; the supervisors, ac
cording to a report made at tonight's
meeting. of the Hayward board of trus
tees'. : . ..' . ,:.- :\_ - : -V,
C. S. Little, Frank "J. Hofleng, James
S. French and T. V. O'Brien, the com
mittee appointed by - the trustees to
confer with" the supervisors in regard
to -^having the routeJby" way of Hay
ward: selected, reported "that the local
route had* been approved, by Super
visors Homer and Bridge, as well as
by County Surveyor P. I. Havlland.
Two routes have ..been submitted to
the 'supervisors. One is, the continua
tion- of the present boulevard. at.-B
street in Hayward along B street and
then 'along- San Lorenzo creek Into
Dublin- canyon. .The other leaves the
present boulevard at the-Castro Valley
road, "and continues through the valley.
The latter would cut off Hayward from
the direct route to Oakland.;,
Machine Is Smashed, but Occv-
pants' Escape Death
OAKLAND, Aug. ;'3.— An automobile
owned by_ the Western garage com
pany, occupied by -two "men, was struck
and badly smashed at 6:30 o'clock to
night af Twelfth'and* Webster streets
by a northbound Webster- street South
ern Pacific local train. . .
Edwin » Johnson, the chauffeur, and
his companion, 'James Miller, another
chauffeur, .escaped without serious
injury. . , * . •;
. Johnson was crossing Webster street
at Twelfth .{and-idid not see the. ap
proaching train in time to , avoid- the
collision. , - ... ..
">««fV?"7!^ '-' Steamers leave from Broad-
ygjJas-^TQ^ way Wharves (Piers 9
IfuyHPSSto \*^t Low . ratex. Including berth
I I Vm>lya ll' and meals.
1 \ \Vv4sV/ .1 Special Round Trip Rates,
V^A, \u25a0"; 2& liOS ANGELES
\&£grf»/ SAN DIEGO
'~ - \^^^^^^ \u25a0 . - SANTA BARBARA -
President or Governor Alternate Mondays, 4 p. m.
'Santa Rosa ......... .Every Thursday, 11 a. m.
•Only steamer calling -at Santa Barbara.
Connecting at Seattle -for Southeastern Alaska,
Skagway, Daw son, Fairbanks and all points on
the Yukon. \ \u25a0' "'s //•"'"'-.:. -I '
President or Governor Alternate Saturdays. 2 p.m.
City of Puebla, Umatilla or < Queen ...........
...'.......";....... 'Alternate Tuesdays. 2p.m.
$37.50 Seattle! and return, inc. berth. and meals.
i State of<Cal.;Au#;. 5,10;i5,20, 25, 30, 3 p. m.
Curacao ...... - ............. -Ban., Aug. 7, 12 ra. !
Nome-St.Mlchael.nmatllla, Aug. 24, 4 p.m.
:r(, ALASKA CRUISES, 1910 . . |
Spokane (last trip this season).. Aug. 9, 10 p. m.
Senator .. A". . • . . ".'. . '.:.'. '. . . .... .Aug. 16, '. Sept. 9 i
Right reserved to ; change this schedule.-
TICKET 'OFFICES-^Palace Hotel, ,653 ' Market i
• St., 16 Market st. and, Broadway.: wharf.: *
\u25a0'\u25a0-:<'. .'-'-. Telephone 492. > -'>• '''\u25a0"".'•':'.
OAKLAND— II2O . Broadway. Tel. Oakland 5680.
CD/DCNANN, General Pasaenger; Agent. _
Tehuant-pec Route
Fa«t Freight Service
sailing from New York every^slx days, ,
making' direct connection with Pacific
Bteamers sailing "from Cruz, j
Max every six days for San Francisco.
Pacific coast ports to new
YORK, is Also , to Mexican- and all prin-
cipals-European ports ;H under ,- through
rate < and through bills of t lading. Sail,
ings' from San Francisco ; every . 1 2 days.
a For rates and -further particulars ap-
ply? to DEARBORN; &LAPHAM. Gen-
eral r Agents,- 8 Bridge '. street. - New !
General Agents, "-Pacific Coast. j
\u25a0-•\u25a0\u25a0"• 310 Sansome-St.. San Francisco.
g.' 8." "Tenyo Maru" . :'i '.': ": .Tuesday; Aug. 16, 1910
8. ; 8. "X ippon Maru'f . . . . .Tueaday, Sept.. 6, j 1910
I' fc- "CWy« Maru" .: : . . :. Tuesday, Oct/ 4. 191fr
-.:»; Steamers >. sail from \u25a0 company's piers, \u25a0 Nos. 42,
44, near foot of Second at., at 1 p. m., tot Yoko-
hama I and . Hongkong, i calling at Honolulu, > Kobe
(Hlogo) " and ' Nagasaki and Shanghai.'' and \u25a0 con-
necting at I Hongkong t . with | steamer* | for ; Manila.
India, etc.: No cargo recelTed on board on day of
sailing. H Bound ' trip .tickets at . reduced rates. -
> For freight -' and \u25a0\u25a0> passage . apply at office. 240
James Flood building --. . .W.? H. AVERT. /.. . I
"?Z*r'X' c - ; :' ." "Assistant General . Manager. 1
*M w Jiirai in II The new. fast - and ele-
I Iflilfll 111 I Rantly - fltto.l
111 IHlly^ 13,260*-' tons displace-
\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0 ill W~ ' - 'merit, sails at noon Aup.
I'l^v^ 3- 1110, -for Honolulu and
i '.': '- : \u25a0' \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 S. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 S. LURL.INB \u25a0":''"\u25a0•' ; ... •
• 13.000 Tons Displacement."! «\. , ./
Sail* ' noon; Aug." 24,^1910,". for : Honolulu i and Ka-
htilnl . Round trip to j Honolulu * $1 10. t first class.'
Mats on . X avlgatlQM \u25a0 Co., \u25a0 268 -Market j St.
% : ->*v?MarlpoBa^aans'lla: m.j'August 6. \u25a0
Special Tahiti round trip $ 125, ./first class.
nnuni 111 If IS.IS^ Sierra \ (10,000 tonsT :'dlt- -
UUIIULULU. placement ) jails 11 : a.m.- Aug. \
( 20,', 1010.) Special * round i trip $110, first class.* •
IoCEANIC LINE."" 673 Slit.": \u25a0 tel/fkearny \u25a0 1231-i
Gift of Courthouse Site and
> Plaza Is Offered to Boom
Division Project
" niCHMOND, Aug. \3. — Some en
thusiastic, supporters of the bonds for
good roads, which were defeated yes
terday'by a close ; vote, have in
augurated a boom far the county of
Richmond. The plan" is as/yet -em
bryonic," but it has received encourage
ment,'in the shape of an offer by the
yEastv East Richmond land company of a site
for a courthouse and Marge, plaza.! ?
. The "corporation announces . that, in
the .'event ..of a' division of the county,
\u25a0it will give/to the county, of Richmond
\u25a0a'-, block .of . land for a courthouse site
north. ,of Macdonald fcvenu* near San
Pablo r road; and will also give to the
new county 20 acres of land for a pub
lic park surrounding the courthouse
location. --
Coupled with this proposal Is an
agreement that the adjacent streets
will' be improved and graded by the
company. .. .
The property involved is said to
have a value of $30,000.
Election Cards Will Be Prohib-
ited After Primaries
OAKLAND. Aug. 3.— Billboards, elec
tion cards and advertisements posted
on poles or buildings probably will be
prohibited by the city after August
16, "when the primaries take place.
Mayor Ffank K. Mott scored the cus
tom of p.oliticaf candidates of decorat
ing the streets with their portraits at
the board of public works meeting this
morning and announced that when the
primary election is over the city ordi
nance ' prohibiting the use of poles,
blank walls and fences as sign hangers
will be strictly enforced.
In the sdme breath the -mayor con
demned billboards as unsightly and he
was supported by City Engineer Tur
ner. By resolution the commissioners
directed Secretary Fawcett to acquaint
the city council with the board's at
titude and to request that the council
investigate the billboard question with
a view to prohibiting the signs.'"
Street Commissioner Howe and
lice Superintendent Wilson, were in
structed to have all election, cards re
moved after August 16. .»
Leave (Foot of Market Street) Artiva
2.15 a Nile*. Tracy^ 1 . Stockton,
Lodi, Gait, Elk Grove, Sacrarneato. . 10.38 a
6.40 a Hayward. NQes, San Jose. 7.CBa
' - 7.00 a Richmond. Port Costa. Benicia, Suisua,
. Diion. Sacramento. Roseviile. Marys-
\u25a0 " ville. Redding. Dunsmuir 7.28p
1 7.00 a Dmira. Vacavflle. Rumsey. 72£ r
7.00 a Davis. Woodland (MarysviUe. Oro-
ville), WMliams, Maxwell. Willows.
Hamilton, Corain g. Red 81uff. ...... 7.28p
7.40 a Vallejo. Napa, Calutoga, Santo Rosa,"
Mart inex, saa Ramon, Liver more... S.OSp
7.40 a Niles, Plea san ton. I Livermore, Tracy,
Lathrop, Stockton.. 7.28b
7.40 a Tracy, Los Banos. Kennan. Fresno. 4.28p
B.ooa Newark. San Jose. Los Gates, Wright.
Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Oui. . . 6.48b
,8.20 a Port Costa, Martinet Byron, Tracy.
Stockton. Merced, Fresno, Goshen
Junction (Hanford, Armona), Visalia. ;•
Porterville. Bakersfidd 4.48p
&20a Yosemite Valley via Merced. 4.48p
B.ooa Niles, Livermore, Stockton (*Milton),
Valley Spring. lone, Sacramento..... 4.28 a
9.00 a Sonora, Tuolumne and Angels 4.28p
9.00 a Atlantic Express — Sacramento, Truc-
kee. Ogden. (Lake Tahoe). Salt Laks
City, Denver, Kansas City, Omaha,
Chicago 8.28?
. 9.4oa. Richmond, Port Costa, Hartmes.
Bay Point 6.48p
lO^Oa Vallejo Mare Wand. Napa 1128 a
10.20 a Los Angeles Passenger— Port CosU,
Martinez. Byron, Tracy, Stockton, -
Merced. Fresno, (Hanford, Coalinga.
M • VisaliaJ Bakersfidd, Los Angdes.... 7.48b
. 10.40 a San Francisco ; Overland Limited —
Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis.
- Omaha, Chicag0.......... 5.23p
1120 a Shasta Limited— Portland.* Tacoma,*
• Seattle...-;..........:.'....";...... 9.18p
12.00n Goldfidd Pass.— Port Costa. Benicia,
'.':.;-\u25a0 Sacramento, Trnckee, Hazen, Wa-
buska. (Yerington, Mason), 10»a*.r>i* i'«
;. Tonopah. GoldSdd. Laws. Keeler.... 7.48a-
12.00n Marysville, Chico, Red Bluff 428p
1 .20b Niles, Irvingten, San Jose... 2.48p
. 1.40 a San Leamiro, Nfles, Centerville, / 9XBa
. Newark, San Jose. .. i 7.28p
1.40 a Newark, San Jose, Los Gates, Wright.
Fdton (Boulder Creek). Santa Cnu. . 9.18 a
2.40b SanLeandro. NQes, San Jose. 928 a
I S.oop Benicia. -Winters, Sacramento— Wood- •"•-' iX
land, Marysville. OroviHe— Yolo,
: - Arbuclde. Williams. Willows .... 1b.48a
, 3.20p Port : Costa (Stockton). . Martinet, f 1 2.03b
{ " . Byron, Modesto, Merced, Fresno., l H.lBp
I 5.45p Via Sausalito, West Napa, St. Helena,
Ca1i5t0ga....... .......... .j 10.35 a
4.00p Vallejo, Napa, Calirtoga, Santa Rosa,
Martinet, San Ramon. Livermore. . . 928 a
4.00 a Niles(Centervnie),Llvermore,Tracy,/ 1028 a
"" • 5t0ckt0n, L0di. ................. I H.lBp
4.40 a Saa Leandro. Hayward. Niles, Pleas-,
anton, Livermore, Tracy, Newman,
- • Kerman, Fre5n0............ lI.ISp
i 6.00b Vallejo, Port Costa, Benicia, Sacra-
.\u25a0-/• men to. Rose ville, Marysville, Orovills 1128 a
i B.OOp Russell, San Jose. Los Gates. .... 9.28 a
|5.00b Wright. Felton, Santa Crut. a9.28a
520b San Leandro. Niles, San Jose. 7.48 a
; B.ooa Owl Limited— Los Angde5.......... B.oBa
6.40p Eastern Express— Ogden, Pueblo, Dea- '
ver, Kansas CSty, St. Louis. Chicago. .
Port . Costa, Benicis, Sacramento,
• \u25a0• Reno, Sparks . .- 828p
6.40b Lake Tahoe Sleeper.. 7.48 a
- 6.40p Hayward, Niles and San Jobs 6.48b
t7.00p Vallejo. Port Costa. Martinet. Bay -
>\u25a0• ' \u25a0 . Point and Way Stations...-.....".... Jll.lBp
7.40p Richmond, Port Costa. Martinez,
.: Cornwall. Tracy, Lathrop,' Stockton. 12.48p
: 8.20p Oregon Express— Davis, (Sacramento),
-- \u25a0 : . Wfllowi, . Redding ?Qvlamath Falls),
Ashland. \u25a0 Portland, Tacoma, Seattle,"
\u25ba Spokane..*., r...... .;..... .......-; 9.08 a
9.00p China and Japan Fast Mail— Ogden.
' • ii \ • • "-. Cheyenne, * Denver, Kansas \u25a0 City, ' ' % -
Omaha. Chicag0. . ; . .' .;..... .-.' 2.48p
9.00p Port Costa, Benicia Sacramento, Col-
* . f- fax, Truekee, Reno, Sparks, Oeden. . i 2.43p
. 9.40p Yosemite .Valley Sleeper via Merced
- to El P0rta1.;.... 828 a
9.40p . Bakersfidd. • McKittrick, . Monarch. N
\- Moron,' Fefibw ...- . 8.28 a
9.40 a Richmond. Port' Costa,. Tracy. Mo-
\ . desto,' Merced, ' 'Fresno.' Hanford.
Coalinga. Visslla, Tularej... V;-...;- B£tia
. l I.OOp San Leandro. Niles, San Jose ........ 7.08 a
il l 40p Portland Express— Sacramento, Marys-
' : • ".- ville. Red Bluff, Weed. Ashland. Rose- \ : *~.
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'• burg. Portland. Tsroma. Seattle..... 12.28p
HETHERLAND'S ROUTE-From Pacific Strtet Wharf
. "Collinsville, Emmaton, Rb Vista, Isleton. Ryde.- Wal-
nut Grove," Vorden. Courtland. Clarksburg. Sacramento.
Steamsr Nivajo, leaves San Francisco 8:00 a. m. dally
except Sunday, stopping at points shown, arriving Sac-
ramento 8:00 p.m. ; Leaves Sacramento JMX) p.m. daily
except Sanday (no stops ea route), arriving Saa Fraa-
dsco 5.-00 aon. * . ' r . . ..
Steamsr nlodoc or Apaehs." leaves Saa Frsndtso 1.00
p.m. Daily, except* Sunday; arrive Saa Francisco 11.20
p.m.:: :-:>*--" ; '\- •...\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0-\u25a0-\u25a0?',?\u25a0; .- -•- -. -.. :;
OAKLAKO HARBOR i FERRY— From San , Franciuo.
-\u25a0 Market Street Wharf— Week, Days— Hourly from &C 0
Vaja. to 9.00 p.m.- Sundays— 6.4s. 8.15. 9.45. 11.15
'-, a.m, 12.43. 2.15. 8.45. 5.15. 6.45. 8.15 and 9.45 p.m. -
:K-S-: K-S-- LOCAI;- FERRY TRAINS— VU Alamett fier.- -
To Oakland and Alimeda— f&lO, |6. 45 a.m., and then
" 10 and 45 minutes past the hoar unt2 7.45 ojn • then
8.80. 9.15. W.OO/10.45. 11.30 p.m. and 12.15 ajn.- .
To Alamsda and Frultvala via Hortsthoa taws at above.
: a for Morning. .' a for Afternoon.^ .t Sanday exeepted.
M. ', X Sunday only.* '^ § Saturday aad Sunday only.
:: -~ .--.'.. \u25a0- aSunday and Monday only. \u25a0'\u25a0• -
.Union Traßttsr: Co.; authorised^*, check -Baggage
direct from residence. \u25a0.>*\u25a0\u25a0.-'':-.•; -.. -.
Gem of the Sierra .r .
•For Your Week-End
Pf I . ' 5Q.95
Round Trip .^^
Flood Building -
Market St. Ferry Depot * v
Broadway and 13th St., Oakland
The Philippines as I
; Saw Them
By General JAMES F. SMITH.
Ex-Governor of the Philippines
AND -*
California's Black Gold
The Romance of the Oil "Wells
Sunset Magazine
For August. Now on Sale at All
News Stands, IS Cents
Lcttc (Third «ad Tonrnsrnd Strceti) Airi-r<
ts^s* Loop— 23d Street. Visitacion, Sonth
.- Ban Francisco, Valencia Street T&3s*
t5.35t Loop— Valencia Street, Oceaa View.
Ceraetfri? j. South San Francisco,
23d Strtet, 3rd and Townsead t&*3«
6.20« Seath san Fnncisco, San Jose. Gilror.
(Hofiistery. Sar?ent, Pijaro, W*tsoa>
Tille. Santa Crux. 7.50t
" 700 a Monterey Sunday ExcuTßoa lO.oOji
1 7.00» South Saa Francisco. Palo Alto, San \ t7.20»
Jose. TVay Stations j 7.30 a
7.00 a Maj 6eid. Lot Alto», Loa Gate* t7.20»
8:00 a Shore Lino limited— Paao Roblfs
HotSpricjs. Easts Barbara. Loa
Angles •...*.. 9.33 i
&Osa The Coaster— Saa Joae. Pajaro (Wat-
conrille. SanU Cnu). Castrovil!?,
(Del Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grore).
Salmaa, Soledad. Paso Robles Hot .
Springs, Saa Luis Obiapo, Surf.
(Lompoc\ Santa Barbara. Ventura.
Oinard. Los Angeles UMp
8.20» HaySeld, Los Altos, Los Gates, Wright,
Glcawcodfßotilder Creek), Santa Cnjj,
Watsonvilie, Castro viile, Del' Monte.
Monterey, Pacific Grore. . . «"^; ;*iT . . 9. IS*
9.COa San Jose, Gilrov, Salinas. Paao Robles
Hot Springs, San Luis Obwpo— Tits
Pino«— WataonviHe, Santa Crui, Del
Monte. Monterey, Pacific Groro . - 4.00?
10.40 a South San Francisco, Burlingsme, San
• : Mateo, Palo Alto, San Jose. |B.3Ca
10.40 a Los Altos, MonU Vista, Los Gates.. ( tffgj
1 1.30 a Valend* Street, Oceaa Vi«w, Colssa,
.Cemeteries. Baden, San 8rtm0...... l-35»
1 1.40* South San Francisco. San J05e. ...... 1&20*
I.OOp Saturday Palo Alto Local 5.00»
2.00» Del Monte Espress — Saa Jose, G3rojv
Sargent (WatsonTflle, Santa Cnu),
Del Monte, Monterey. Pacifio GroTe,
(Salinas) 12^0,
2.05p South San Francisco, Palo Alto. Eta
Jost 8.40 a
j t2osp Los Altos, Honta Vista, Los Gates... |3.20p
3.00p South San- Francisco, Saa Mateo, Sas
Jose, Gilror. Tres Pines, Salinas..... 10.10 a
3.00s WataonTille. Santa Cms. Castiwrillo,
Del Monte, Monterey, Pacific GroTe. 10.10 a
3. 1 5b Mayfield, Los Altos. Los Gates. Wright
(Boulder Creek), Santa Crss II .OSt
4.00p Sunset Express — Tucson. Detding,
D Paso. Houston, New Orleans,
Paso Robles Hot Springs, San Lois
- Obispo, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles 10.33 a
4.00 a Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago 10.55*
4.20p South San Francisco, San Jote t&COa
t*.sss Mayfield. Los Altos, Los Gates; Glen-
; wood. Fdton (Boulder Creek), Santa
Cms 7*... tl.ISf
J5.001 Burlinganse. Saa Mateo. Palo Alto..
San Jose and Way Stations 8.40 a
t5.05p Loop— 23d Street, Visitadon, Sonth
Saa Francisco, Valejrtia Street.;.... t*-I5»
t5.20a Redwood, Palo Alto, Saa Jore..-...;.. l.lOp
f 5.20a Los Altos, Monta Vista, Los Gates... t3-2C»
f5.23p Burlingame. Saa Mateo. Saa J05e..... i3JS>p
t5.30s Loop— Valencia Street, Oceaa View.
Cemeteries. Sonth Saa Francisco,
23d Street. 3d and Townsend **40»
S.4op San Bruno, San Mateo. Redwood. Pals
Alto. Santa Clara. San J055......... 7.35* '
:5.40a Los Altos, Los Gates, Santa Cros.... J9.40a
t6.00p MUlbrae. San Mateo, Palo Alto. May-
\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 fidd. Los Altos. Los Gate. taSOa
t6.05p 23d Street, Visitacion. South Saa.
Francisco. Valencia Street t7.15i
t5.25p Loop— Valencia Street, Oceaa View.
Cemeteries, South Saa • Francisco,
23d Street. 3d and Tpwnsend ... -t7.30»
6.30s South Saa Francisco. San Joae -&40»-
aOOp The Lark— Paso Robles Hot Springs, - - -T>-
_- Saata Barbara, Los Angeles &308
*JB5 r Los Ansdes Paswa jer— Oilroy. Saliaas,
. Paso Robles Hot Sprines, San Lois
Obispo, Santa Barbara and Lot Angeles SLSOa -
T I O.OOp San Jose aad Way Stations 7.20?
. I 1.45b South Saa Francisco. Palo Alto. Saa
- Jose - 7.45>
To Oakland. Berkslty. Berryman. Eatt Oakland and
Fruitvals— Daily— From 6.C0 a.m.. and erery twenty
minutes until 7XO pjn. inehiah*; thea 7.40. f.JO.
9.00. 9.«. .10.20. lliSO. .11.40 pja.. 12.20 a=d
-L2oa.m. V
To Sathar and Mstom via S«venth St— Da3y— From
6.00 ajiu. s and erery twenty minutes until 7.00 p.m.
indusiTe. then , 7.40. 8.20. 9.0 a 9.40. 10^0. ILO.
and 11.40 p.m.
To $t«nshurtt— Daily Except Sanday— 6.C0, 7.00. 8.00.
9.00 ajn.. 2.20. 3.C0. 4.C0, 5.00, 5.40 p.m. Smday
only, 9.00 1000 ajt. 1.00, 100. 100, 100. SJ».
i " 5.40 pja. •.-
Ta Oakland Firtt St. Froitvala, Alamtda, via Hontshw
; — DaSy— From t6.00, 8.20 a.m. and vnxy tweaty
minutes * until 8.20 a.m. ' inclusive; then 9.00, 9.20.
" 10.00. laaX U.OO. ll^O ajn.. 12nu 12.20 .L00. UO.
' 2.00, 120, 3.00, J. 20. J3.40 pjn. and every twenty
minutes until 7 p.m. inclusive; 7.40. 8.20. 9.00, 9.40,
10.J0.11.C0 and. U.4o p.m~ 12.20 and 1.20 ajn.
Additional traio to Oakland First St. 2.13 ajs.
TaWnt Btfkslsy— DaHy . Except Sanday— From «.C0
a.m. and every twtnty minutes antilS.2oaja.indu-
j : ht-: , then 9.00 a.m. and every hoar until 4.00 pjn.
• indttsive; thea 4.20 p.m. and every twenty minutes
• until 7.00 p.m>indusive; then 7.40 pja., 8.20, 9.C0. •
9.40. 10.20. 11.0 a 11.40 p.m. and 12.20 aja.
T» West Berkeley — Sundays only— From 6LOO ajn..
; then 7.C0, 7:40. 8.-20, 9XO ajn. racrushe; thea 9.20
a.m. and every twenty minutes 7.00 pja. inclusive: .
: : then ,7.4o- p.ax,\ S.2R "9.00," 9.40. 10.2CT13.00. U.X>
' p.m. aad 12.20 a.ra. v' \u25a0": -
T» Carbin — Daily Except Sanday— From 6.00 a jb. and ;
t every 20 minutes until 8.20 a.m. i indusiv*. . thea
\u25a0 9.00, iaoo a.nu 12.00 n»^ 1.00. 2.00. 3X0. 4J!O. 120,
-4.40. 5X0.2L20.&.40 and 8.00 pjn. \. ;-, .
Ta Corbin— Sundays only— From 6.00 ajn- then 9.00
' a.m.. 9.20 ajn. 'and every twenty >\u25a0\u25a0 minutes \u25a0 uatil
8.00 p.m- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•.' •:-\u25a0'-\u25a0'••.\u25a0.-.-.....\u25a0.-.•\u25a0\u25a0. '

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