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VOLUME CVm.— NO. 67.
Chief Executive, in a Remark
able Interview, Says RepUb*
Hcan Administration Has
Fulfilled Pledges
Return o! Incumbents to Capital
Deemed Necessary to Carry
Out Numerous Big
Projects Pending
[Special Dispatch io The Call] ,
Printed by arrangement with Chicago Tribune.
BEVERLY, Mass., Aug. 5. — Under
the rule* which applies to inter
views with the president of the
United States I am not permitted to
cjiiote Mr. Taft, tut 1 am authorized to
say that the following expresses
clearly the views he entertains of the
tatus of the republican party today:
• The republican party is a party of
progress a party of execution.
It has fulfilled loyally its campaign ; pledges. ,-. : J
It lias be*n efficient and effectiTe in gorernment.
It lias enacted wise and progressive j legislation in the inferest of .the
juopie, and in accordance with the platform adopted by its convention in 190 S.
lUder the circumstances it is meet that the people should gire it thei^
moral indorsement by continuing it in power in congress at the- coming
The chief executive does not speak vaingloriously of the achievements, of
ijis administration, and of the majority in congress. So far.as;he himself As
concerned, he feels he has done the best that' isMn* him, for the* people)
.Irrespective of political faith, and he proposes'to pursue those tpblicies," which,
in his judgment, will inure to their benefit n the future. . \u25a0 /;" \u25a0\u25a0 .' •'/.
Naturally, he desires .republican sucqess in November, iless'^ because of
the personal gratification he will enjoy from \ the .confidence , which -thereby
vill be expressed in him and his administration,' than in; the a
republican majority will afford to write into law" far reaching reforms he' con-;
The people have little idea of the importance -oft the legal* problems
which will press for solution during the next 'congress-^thV J last "of this
B4fore the congress elected in November shall meet the, supreme court
will hand down fts decisions in the Standard oil arid' tobacco r trust cases" and
if the contention- of the government' be sustained, ,as v the president
believes, a vast reorganization of business will follow -and; legislation must
be provided to enable .the government properly ;to Vgrappie" wkh the new
conditions. If the government be beaten, then : there^wiir be a universal
- demand for the strengthening of the anti-trust law,[or;at: least the provision
of a remedy which will force huge combinations of capital to conduct busi
ness more in the interest of the people than is 'the case today. .
The president, already has framed a solution in his federal.incorpora
tion plan for all corporations doing an' interstate \u2666business which he'sub
mitted to congress in a special message last : winter, v . - • - ; "
The tariff experts will submit to the president, within two .years recom
tnendations for revision of certain schedules #f the tariff 'law. The problem
of currency reform must be dealt wirii couragcousl>'. Effective govern^
mental control of railroad capitalization must "be , secured. ..The demand ;pf
labor respecting the issue of injunc-«
tions must be considered .wisely and
with due regard for the effect of the
action taken upon all the Important
interests involved. .*j
Further reforms for the . conserva
tion of national resources which will
insure the preservation of natural
* wealth for this and Jutqfe generations
a.nd at the same time permit wise and
sane exploitation and development
must.be enacted.. I have referred to
only the more striking things in the
legislative' program the president still
'has 'in mind to show how necessary,
in his vievAls the election of a repub
lican majority 'in the falL A demo
• crat house would refuse, of course, to
grant him* tlie legislation he so
earnestly wishes. It would hamper
his administration in every possible
way. \u2666
AnJ while from a legislative point
of view he J would be able to achieve
little with a democrat house, it is-the
belief of the president he still could
' do many things in the administration
wliich would be of "great value to .the
countrj'. He proposes to Introduce
economy' In government,; to. place the
eeveral* departments upon a business
basis, 'to create an efficient machine.
The San Francisco Call.
which will, run smoothly, and.'at ; the
lowest .'possible', cost. ":.. T-. ." • >» » ••\u25a0• •/:
As an indication- of what, the presi
dent has -in mind • attention »may ;be
called to the reorganization and saving
which have occurred In the treasury
'department and in the postoffice ".de
partment. ... i';!' : : .
The latter. . department actually
turned back $10,000,ObO:'out of the $1-7,-.
000,000 of the deficit, for which, an ap
propriation was; made.; As s a result} at
the end of , the last, fiscal year r instead
of the anticipated deficit "of $40,006,000^
there', was a surplus' of. ?13,000,000,
which,- as the .presiderK suggests, is a
truly wonderful ..." showing! ' •*: /
The president Is not concerned about
the effect of the^eiiectibns/upo'n, his per
sctnal fortunes.- 'He is -not;looking for-,
ward t01912/not*directlrigr;hls' acts'of
policies, toward securing renominatibn
and" re-election to- the office he -now'
vholdsV-.' l-~ -;-C' •':'• "*.- ' "-':"-\u25a0]'\u25a0'\u25a0 •'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 .\u25a0-•'.'»\u25a0". "\> -
\ .He is seeking.- to -do-, the things v at
hand 'arid "'todo^them ' in "the rlght^way.^
If his:' course . be» approved, -- .well'.*; and
good;.' if itvbe 'not; approved/ welK and :
good ' y also.7, Thatfthis; Is'^his of
mind-is shown*, by ; his part . in-the \u25a0 aa- r '
proachihg'campaign: l ;\u25a0:'\u25a0- -v. . \u25a0•'_'\u25a0. ' >'/. -,*/
He ; will do what he can to assistf the
Continued on :I»ngejs, Column 3^'*?
| Impfessi ye Naval^ Review v Held
\u25a0 : at' Dedicatipn^of KlgrimV \
PROyiNCETOWN, < ..Mass.,. J Aug.i.s.'— '
today, to assist ,'in,'the"dedicatibn : of : a
monument .erected tin memory of
pilgrims wa's- made- notab'le^b'yian yim-i
pfessive ' riavar review Tin'; the' "haVbori
behind"" the' hook -of ,Cape;Cod,*sthe>flrst
review of^theKpresent. administration.
Secretary of • the Navy .Meyer also
was /there- and,/ the -boom, of/., cannon
came ' rushing. -across X . the.^,wind jruffled
waters the- livelong 'day., i : . *. . - \u25a0"\u25a0 .•i''tC
' Mr.' Taft \u25a0•came "on \u25a0 the presidential
yacht ".Mayflower . . and . - returned f|}tO:
Beverly , on -..the ., same - vessel tonight,"
reachin g '• there » at* 8 : 4 5 < o'clock: :'/"\: '/"\ :'. ; .
"" :Althbugh' I '.;'h e *.- had. 1 been, v saluted J . a
number^ of i times .when^ boarding; and
leaving, the president , Taft
.had«his first t.real: taste,» .of | gunpowder
.and. .apparently, enjoyed ! the;.experiehce
immensely.; r< >m \ \u25a0 ,V v\*;V ..^ •..';:::v^A
. ThQ. big; battleships .spoke,; noisily, in
•a '^alute^of £the:'J president's '"flag -and
, tried -to V appear; in Wwith^- the
.occasion f by;£Jlsp laying^ Jong « dressing
.lines, of signal- fiags;and; bunting.^ :\u25a0:.-'s. \
j > As lie*, salled'-away'the president: was
given a : parti ri g. sal u t e Lby ' a JU t if e' sh 1 ps."
The \u25a0': marine.?; bands.'*and -i guards 'iwere
'drawn 'vp >on*the "quarterdecks and? the
J'Star ißannejr'i'wasiptay'ed i by.
each.'ship)s m.usiciftns;asi;the Mayflower
came .abreas..t.,- ; - v ---. , •\u25a0--*<\u25a0:, -j .- * »;;';-
' . : The", dedication, of the --pilgiriraq'./mohr
ument/ attracted- visitors 'from all.parts
: ofV»the' f U*itedi< States, j • The- exercises
.were *; hela "*at v .,the*. : .b%se i; Xbf ;,thei' high
structure; 'which can : be seen; : f or; many
miles at'sea. --\u0084'* r-<? ';vi\i*?-jzi:;*?ji:~!i*'
...The.'.commemorative, ;».tablet. .on.: the
monument 'was ;unyeiled^by>little Miss
Ba'rba ra ; -.Hoy t,' r tenth \ in ?> d^tcent^ from
EJlder ; Brewster.,.. : .u:,\ > , \{.'.. ".'v : r-. : '\Z^- : '.'A
V \u25a0'IOGDEN. } T.\y.O; I HOURS';iiAtE'
Xaliforniaris .Reported - in?- Pine"
Spirits'and Well x{ , /.^
: [Spetial : ;Disj>atch J^The, Call] ) ; ? ;' \u25a0[ % ;//: '
;-: /OGDEfc,/ . Utah; KAiig.V
•standing* the* factj.that^thev' Knights
! Templar. 'Bpeclalf.reached l ,Ogden 'i nearly
; two • hour?! J late.i it ; showed . its 'heels^ to'
- the ; Denver;; and ».: Rio ?! Grande;
' train;- between > Ogdenv and ..--' Salt? Lake
;In''a'iburst;.pf : -speed ;80
]miies~-an^houjr:;^lt)has ; ;b?en:a7hot*,and
idusty Jday. but everybody; is 1 - well ; and
iin'.flritjf spirits. : ";.**->;.',:-lji^;. w t '-1 rj z}M,\&:\
> } \ At- Salt : Lak c, City .ithei knights " f were
.ready V« with" ! . automobiles; cand^ 1 ' took"
? the' Calif 6rniaTis:aroundHownt at; a* pace
• that •, showed- cthef-'olty; ahditabernacle
iiri-' less -tha'niithe^al-lptted |hqur.";,>%/ .ir-v
' ')' Tw cIV c | tab les ' v o t : ,aT pro gre'jssl v"i *wh Ist
i'party2madeHtheJdiversioo')^this^ morn
)ing.ja ndV a • c <> ne e r Y* $1 * he - P r ° gr ami for
*tliis*ey6iiing:><-f 'irjfcv'Hf '\u25a0'< '\u25a0:&'AV>/vrjb-~ i J
'\u25a0 \u25a0 "•_\u25a0\u25a0 ",,' r » r->:r ->: *ii?"jJ • i *\u25a0•"•':' \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 "itS'jA .- ?-J\u0094\ i l-?*i "-V l<X~\%lsh*-
•Mayedd, l' the '^arrested in
7 '-':r:: r ': \u25a0" ''-.Oakland : ::- \u25a0; \u25a0'-:; *•'\u25a0,
Governtrierit; is^ io^*Bu J^Wright
"::V Machines:ahdiOfficer^Sen^^
\u25a0.;: a r^:ii /fa^MasterJArt ;;^S -i ; ;; | ' :
\u25a0 -\u25a0•:.\u25a0'.: -. > \u25a0\u25a0* : ':- \u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0 . .-." •\u25a0• - -•- --\u25a0;.'\u25a0
: ; v B E RLIN,"; A u g.*; s .^ThT h c ' J ap a n es e'j mil-"
'itaryQ'cbmmiss'ibh.t-rwhlch.'vforJ? several
rmontiisTiipast^-has ? been '/ studyfng'.'mili
tary.condrtlbns.iri?JEurope," has- arranged
'with\, '.the ,. company; t^cpntrolling A '-the
\u25a0Wright ; aeroplane" ;'patentsNin Germany.
to ibuy a number 'or'W right;; macnines/
[.'•The ;•.' government, \u25a0will^senfl
to Gerni'any ; four (captains and: 21fheu- ;
tenantsT |- the < : army,';, and these" by
agreement jvwi th ~~\ t hef^Gje rman * gbVe r'n-*
merit fwfli'receiyei instructions;lnTaero
nautics.>Y*'.'.; -~'\'- z y^' * ; 'r\" ; ' \u25a0\u25a0"•'•'•-' ,*;•'. • \u25a0 \u25a0-. .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ' :
• ".' Seven jbf ; theVbnlcers have* already" af t '
rived \u25a0here;indibeguh;tojtake;iessbns in
the'management;of'tliemachines. s . > •
gtosts- drivem j orrf « of* bed* by, fire-^
! .Spokane.lWasli.r Aug.*s.-r-El'e inithe John.W.*
t : QraUam -wholesale v and? retail; building,^at ,710
; I SprajmeJaTehOe: this morning I caused Ia? loss lof
I•\u25a0 $150,000 <- and i drove? half 7. a% hundred s occtipan ts"
{ - of itne \Victor/ho{<>l^adJolning,^iDto*>the;Btreet,l
/\u25a0•flail is only; in their? nisht robes. V; •\u25a0>\u25a0 - •: - : - v-/-
Traditions Shattered ; by;
-&" His Determination: tovMarry - \
V; for Lovey/arid but^Oncer >;•;; •;
1.-i The j crown prince of ;.Slam-!'has i .flab-;
.bergrasted - his i royal> father; good 1 King;
•Chulalorigkor'ii;* defied the traditions'; of:
'a- long line of^yellow^ancestors-andTgal-;
;yanized-thej: entire buffer state 1 ;irito: a'
condition .'of .'acute ; attentiori \u25a0"•b-y.'ref us*-]
i dKgl point;' blank 'to "marry his sister.;
! .Prince- t Chaj * ; Fa>Khun;' Nakon^Sawanj
j .Worabhinit was educated in 'Europe
\u25a0 Jand'has ideas {of -li is own" on sub
[ "ject'.of matrimony. . "':;," ,' ",'' ' . '^' ..
Ij&ccordlng/ to. Rev. :-\u25a0 .William; -. Clifton
.Dodd, ; a' rPfesbytefian-* missionary -who
. >fds " lived : in Siam' for 24 : years and: who
\u25a0\u25a0 arrived "\u25a0.\u25a0•. here ,\u25a0\u25a0; y,este.rday, crown'
princes "announcement has '.created lra
profound; sensation.' .- ... . ..-.\u25a0;\u25a0. ? /;,'
''.^Trbrii 1 ; time .' immemorial,". said \ Mr.
; J3odd,'V'it J has" been.the" c,ustom in\ Siim
forj trie c crown.' prince .to^marfy. his sis
ter,l .this 'being' the Siamese^idea of -pre-'
, serving the/royal' line*.
*'In'.7cages'v r where'.T-: the, , mother * of •\u25bathe
,^crow"n i /prince ••l^Sf'-no^ daughter-.f; the
•ybung-.mah has-been married "to r - the*
\u25a0 daughter 'of \ one of his;- father's rotifer
i wives!- in other;, words," to_ a Mia If sister./
The; 'pTesentv crown 'prince^isVan^.indey.*
;p'e*nde'rit'tyouhg ! . man", and .Vfe-^.
)fused/point;btank the. Gu'stbm.
ofihis 'forefathers .ahd^madeVpublican-^
| : : no > m\cemen"t%6fr-his^intentl6n;.'to.''inarry
a.' : v"wifeV'of J-'hls i :i - owh"'.'sele"ction*»and*; "tjo
marry/.but'one." t ; ",r. .;. •_/; :^., r,^'. ;V ;*J'.^
Y^.The \u25a0' r e'eo rd s \ , o f ; t he v Siamese. - r oyil
family. ; showi;tluitv .the present Wn'gj'and
;queen;of Siam^arei children; of !the"; same
[ father,', but of 'different; mbthers.^." V. ."
.> -The: .clergyman '.jhas .'a ('great : deal-; of
; respects '. for \u25a0\u25a0 t he" i kin g ;; o f | ' Siam. - - TKe
(abolition fof ; gambling r ,in , the.'klngdbm
'has • the -.royal .revenues'.- by., a*
jlafg^TsUm,-. but in; spite of this' the. king
»has; ; shown.no sign r of his.de*-;
iciree, 'andj in i Siam the l king's* decreV'goes^
; at* its-face value. •*\u25a0•' -V- V.\ "\ l "
\u25a0 i Mr.'M Dodd > lias ,b een. "; stationed '\u25a0•\u25a0_ at
(Bangkok. j,- It iused ; to". take \u25a0 1 0 *weeks 'to^
\u25a0make^ they, jcurneyV^but how,'? hex ex-^
plained /proudly,',"the;railf6ad comes' to
Twlthin-'IS days' " journey, of -our- sta-*
tibri." ; ! When ' Mr. * Dodd Jcamie ' out >, he,
*made*\the\trip J overland ,to '.Canton..: He
\u25a0traveled ' 1;000 • miles byrhbrseback,"trav
eled ~ f of,- nine 'days yjl * a .; Chinese'?; boat.*:
made l ,the;rtext^stage4toiWoojChob i<ln*ai < In*aL i
moior"e boat and f f roinJt hereittfok f steam-'
; er> for I Canton. ;'HeTwas;* $i£'*. months'^ r on
the) road) j i'And! he ;is "going'^ r backVagaiii ;
YES TERD$F^&&tewgn temperature. 64 ; ,\u25a0 .
FORECAS'^(^^f(P^Jp s sFoiri contin^ ;;
If" ' ueirf /ig/til weif incT«&Ep& nrf/ie after- \u25a0 ;
noon. . ' WiTA O
Henry YamagachCthc whom District Attorney Lea accused of the
triple murder,' was* sent to' Cazadero by -Mrs. Margaret Starbucks with whom
the Kendalls, Jwer'e^ in, 'ceaseless litigation. This testimony was given by
William Churchman.-to*whom^the Japanese intimated that he had been sent
by. -Mrs. Starbuclc to sp\y on, the. Kendalls. .'
': The coroner's jury, started, its work, but so completely has the murder
of the'Kendallsoblitdrdtedithe' family that there remain only a charred bundle
ofi flesh "and 'bone.v believed, to be the torso of Mrs. Kendall, and bits o£
blackened and - : broken bone and small trinkets for the discussion of the jury
when it; considers a. verdicts The Kendalls have disappeared from life, but
tiierc^is, little ;ofi them left to;establish legally even that' obvious fact.
" \u25a0 .'.lt'is.'dpubtfuLiifithe* .search i for the remains of the Kendall family will be
entirely; over, until, it*- ends 'successfully, for no man in the Cazadero district
wiU. gb\into^the' hills vm'ttheVvicinity : of Red Oats mountain without keeping
an eye- out; for the.Kendalls'-. remains.
i: \u25a0•'\u25a0THc'hofrpr/of.thc/crime, has-been" intensified by the sensational testimony
at the. coroners--' inquests -.which*'. brought out : under oath the nature of the
feud> bctwcen : the 'Kendalls' Mrs* Starbuck and the Japanese, who sided with
% . the.- Kendalls.
, •'--With the discovery today of -a trail of blood leading from the gate at
.the entrance -of vtiie. Kendall place near the barn the authorities now hold to
:the;theory.nhat Thomas A. -Kendall,- the son, was waylaid by the assailant and
shot as'he Avas "on his .way.'homefrom town Saturday evening, July 23. Arthur
: Trosper, a.rancher.-in theVdistrict end brother of Justice of the Peace E. D.
Txosper.^ found the biqo'dy. trail. Trosper is an experienced mountaineer. He
;locat'ed',tKe.'gbry ."path'. by blood ;spots on sticks and stones.
, ) ;* No^ more definite ( 'remams;*of;the murdered family were recovered today,
although searching! parties 'were^ out in the mountains combing the gulches
for 'signs of 'the Mead. ' The; search will be continued tomorrow.
g||l Dis'trict/ Attorney- GJarence 'F.i Lea ,and Coroner Frank L. Blackburn
arrive^ toclay : ffom'-Santa* Rosa'.* The element of family grief in the tragic
\u25a0obliteration; of the; Kendalls,; father, mother and son, ; was introduced today,
at?'thef seciudefl\^m^untain'VrahchYwith' Dr. J. Frank' Henry, 3118 Fruitvals
\u25a0aVe*nue.'-;FVuityaie,; family friend'and, physician of the Kendalls. c
•/--\u25a0-*"** '^lrs.'vKcndall*\vrote>'toi my.. wife, her ., sister," said Hardin, "that Mrs.
Sfa'rHuck.'HadisentVthe'Japahese-to-spy on thefr movements."
•."> ;;I«ihis, testim6ny."bcforc*-tbe -Coroner, Justice of" the Peace Trosper also
declared : that' the Kc'ndall?.,father;and mother, had expressed a fear of Japan-
Csc.scnt;by: Mrs."Starbuck;to*Cazadero. The heretofore lonely dwelling'on
.t4ie faiiclf "has"' become; the center of activities along Austin -creek
\u25a0The^summcr. boarders .at. the mbuhtain resorts walk over miles of dust to the
hot" little' v iueadp'v\% and sitVabbuti on the porch of the house where at least
killed. AThe^rnquhtaineers -came down to the ranch today
with ! th.eirMoade4'rin'es";ajnd revolvers,. prepared to meet a deer along the trail.
"A* touch" of "color : was"'giyeb scene .when a girl in a dramatic costume
bffa : rattle3nake hat y band .'and^divided khaki skirt rode into the yard of death.
.:V: ; ;iThe,-'jm6untahiZfpikifor;-;yieimqst part were friends of the Kendalls, and
comer tonhe.place\to-aid,'if necessary, in, the search through the wild canyons
for ith*etb6dies'.;or the victims of ;the triple tragedy. When District Attorney
ClarenceJF. " -Lea^arrived at noon.today he had a long conference with Sheriff
J. r EK:*-SrriithV-who has been- herej since' Wednesday. Smith explained the case
;to|iiea.*vPersonslwith" infojrmatjon;oh' l the';casej also. were questioned. Coroner
:Frank]rL: > .Blackburn'decided! f to^hold. the inquest at, once.
•Cfl^oip^^^Kßl/^^^raLS A JURY
y\u25a0^.:^He-!impalieled-theff6ll6viringijury:y \u25a0^.:^He-!impalieled-theff6ll6viringijury: ;W. A. Mundell, K. M..Andcrson, Ben
•AllenV-AVt-'PricVS.^A.- Sharp'an"d*E. E. Trosper. The examination of wit
nesseslwas* conducted. ' by^Districtf Attorney Lea.
.; vf . df-Blqonifield^Avas the first witness examined.. He testified
Thomas'; Kendall -had: invited^him and his. father, Doctor Cockrill.'to
ihunt»*6Kith?tKchdaJr7rancji;*i''The';date had been set by Cockrill and . Kendall
fcV^unday/iJulj^ father "and the members {of
their}, party] reached -;the. Kendall? ranch about 5 o'clock in the morning. This
Jwasfaiweek aftef^the;tJme ittisi believed ; the murder was committed. Cockrill
s*aid • hc'could ;raise;«fio?one = at- the < ranch. \u25a0-• He found on the door a nqte left
.-. ;: w -^./. - ; — - ;.~;-,; .~ ; -, •^-r--;- ; :--* l -;^:;-.;^5r.-.; ;J
J^§El : Ffv^ (|fetrs:
Witness Declares Yamagachi In
timated He Was Sent by
Mrs. Starbuck to Watch
Trail of Blood Found Near Barn
May Lead to Boaes of*
|||f; : the Son, Thomas
llltl A. Kendall
i [Special Dispatch to The Call] .
i y7>AZADERO, Aug. s.— ln the
| I/^?I /^?- living room of the house where
';^ twd'-wcelcs. ago /the*-! family—
Enoch, Ezra and Thomas Kendall,
father, mother and son— sat .after the
day's ranch work and discussed the
simple' economics of the mountain life
or their anxiety over the intermittent
espionage of the Japanese, there gath
ered today a coroner's jury to inves
tigate the death of the Kendall family.
It developed most startlingly that

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