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J4.10: ri.f flour. $r:; rolled oats, $4.25; rolled
vi^at, 5.5.30; rye flour. $3.25; rye meal. $3.10;
*I»mpM»;.. yellow $:.. grwn $G. 50: extra cream
roWr-d osts. 3M) IS . $7.50. .»o lb packs $7; rolled
Xt*.' 18<( lh hh)t " * T '">. 2 !*• lb sacks $5.25;
roUej v.ii.-at. 15t> 11* $4.7.*.. 75 lb sacks $4.25.
Hay and FeriKtufT*
Receipts of hay yesterday wore again excess-
J^". being i.2f>2 ton*. The market continues
very week.
Tn*:re is no change ia feedstuffs.
r^ rall -?2ife2s per ton for white and $22.50 for
Middlings— $32«34 per ton.
Btorts-£3G£27 ««er ton.
FfM^:is- Koiifd barley. ?22(fj23: rolled oats
-or toed. $.>O(st:s2; mixed food. $25f<i20> for aver-
P ™*«: Unseod oilcake meal. 20 tons $40, 1«
tons $40.5<\ 5 ton? $41. smaller lots $41.50: co
r°H D «-l- c^ kc or tneal at mil!s - *-"• m io »n«i io
K2JE*- 80 lv 5 tons lots: jobbing. $2«: corn meal.
S-il.j4>,; cracked or.m. $38837; alfalfa meal, car
i"«'l..ots $i.,. jobbing HO; n>d st:;r alfalfa meal.
Si ."'..7'. r -!> OT * nnd *™ Jibbing: Modesto alfalfa
meal. $14 ..0 in osr lota and $10 jobbing: stock
t"n mealfalfa. $15 in car lots and $16 jobbing;
taprooo ollrakc meal. $10.50 per ton
ilay— Wheat, f9&13: trbf-at and oat, $9w12;
SSf^SSS!? 12 ' "toatew oat. $7^10;
alfalfa. $Ssjl.-<: H tr-k hay. JSWT iw>r ton I
Ktrsm-SJeooc por bale "
hiAott, Tallow. Wool and Hop*
(ondltlfiis in these staples remain about as be
fore stated. Wool rM & i, ons arP qulcti and Jne
hide market is sltaay. All quotations stand tbe
Ihdcb— Cu!K rkJ brands 'Bell about
un.i.r qi)(.tatio:>s: heavy salted Bteere. lo'u;
l.clit na-.iium. UKy, li-ut. 91..0; cowhides. SVic;
» a?>. '45i 1 ..c: Miltod kip. io<- : salted veal. I.V;
J"™ '-*,'(• J«»'-:J «»'-: dry hides. ]S<- : dry salt hide*.
u~ '' : rSSft IT< ' : riry ralr - - 2r : sheepskins, shexr
ii.'f/-."-','' Pa '" ll: Bhoct Tv "" ! - -iO'ftr.rtc: inwlium.
v * ''-"iPJ lOUK WWli - '•"•eg sl.2s;. lacibs. 23M£9Oe:
Mffdu&f. i-alt. !?2.25<ii3 ror ]argt . an(J $1.^(32
f-r uifHiMira . J.VQ$i for small aaiJ 25'&50c for
£'!* vl 1 ."!,- 11 * 1^- *nr. *1.1i0QZ23 for large and
*:--;'i- '•"" «if<iiun-.. r>t)c(afi ror small and 254 i
JOr -or rults; gcatxkins. prime angoras, 75©$l;
ku'-n 5« r r^ OatS ' aOfe * 4Oe: 11 ™. 20<4j25c;
'i'sifow — No. 1 reacercd. s'-57C" No 2 4Cisc'
crea*e. 2ij.2>ic. ->-"•-• -. *t4^.
V.ool -Spring c >:» t SaR j ( ,,qni v , year's staple.
. S ,'/ , ? ruo:itl.s. 7<&llc; northern, Sonoma
and N.o^cl.x-lr.o. lS®2oc; Huaboldt. 200 asked;
>cvaa«. 15Cil7c pej !b.
o^ 1 ' f ~i :tl A t^ ai>l - 10^^ for crop of 1909:
wre«..>3, lt'Sloe pt^r lb; crop of 1910. lOglCc
per 1!).
ticcrral Merchandise
--•<?— Grain bags. [email protected],c: San -Quentia
• V Ks : V, « C J fvo ° l ' <!I{rs > ***** *** 54 »> and 20V-C
lor * Ib: nec-ec twint-. 7|4e p«>t- lb.'
foil— Pennsylvania an'thracste es?. $lii per
t->n: \Wllinpton. $t»; New Wellington. JO; Coos
J»a?-. ?-: Australia ln»u«— Rit-hmond. etc.. $9;
1 "law Main. $.. r t: Stanford Richmonrt. $a; Cuui-
Iwrlaml. $15 in l.ulk and $16.50 In sacks: Welsh
smhracne. $i;>; «^ e> $1G per toa Ia bu]k \u0084n d
?< i in sacks.
Oil »qu«ta;ions are for barrels)— Linsoed, 99c
w*l por pallon for N>ile<l and 97<K08c for raw:
c«^s.» jc moro; castor oil In cases. Ne. 1. 71c:
Baker's AA. $1.17611.19; China nut. casos. <!o^j
>}><• por gallon: o.woanut oil. in barrels. 75ffi
for XXX. 7^Vi;fti7<«- f (rt - No. 7 au«J 70 %j
.3V.jc for No. 2, according to quanritrt extra
Meache*! winter sperm oil. Sl»c: natural, winter
\u2666\u25a0P'Tin oil. Mt<»; natural w half oil. 5T»c: pure lard !
oil. $1- winter strHiuwl lard oil. 9(>c; pure ne«s
foofoil. Kk-; No. i iieatsfnot oU, Csc; herring oil.
s<p fiaimon oil, 50c; Ix.iled fish oil. 00c; paint
<V)sl oil. basoline. etc.— Water white. Iron bar-
H'lk <v drums. So; 150 degree oil. iron barrels or
drums. 10'ic; special do,' lie; pearl oil. iv cases.
V<; astral. 10c; «er. 16c; extra star, I9c;
nisine. 26Vic; r-.K-ene. 19c; red orown anrt motor
Sisoline. in bulk 17c. in oases 24c: engine distil
te. in drums 7'ic cases 7c more: >*6 degree
jrasolice. in bulk SOc, In cases 37V£o; varaish
makers' p.n>] painters' naiiMba, in bulk 10c. in
cases 22U;<'.
Tun^entiuo— :v.u- \xr gallon in cases and SGc in
bulk, drums and iron tisrrols.
Jto&a— Per M>l of 280 lbs: E. $5.95; F, $9;
C; 19.10: H. $3.15; I. £9.30.
Red and White LcaJ—Ueil, B'-'[email protected]; white,
Si 4 <viS%.- j.er lb.
Canned Fruits — The California canucrs* associ
ation quotes 1910 pack as follows:
tP- g9] PJ • 9
•««!. f"f*|j?P
Apples |2.00:i.e0[1.40i1.25
Apricots !2.25!1.60!1. 3011.20
Peeled i2.75-1.M11.50 1.25
sliced 2.75 1.85 1.50 ....
lilackberriei, 1.70 1.50..,.
Clierries— I
Boyal Anne 2.00 1.73 1.35
\u25a0 (2.00 1.75 1.35
Grapes 2.00J1.40 1.1011-00
l'*-a»hes— f I
Yellow free 2.30 1.70 1.30 1.20
Lemon cling.. 2.30 I. TO 1.30 1.20
Lemon cling tllced 2.30 1.70 I. SO 1.20
White Heath 2.30 1.70 1.30 1.20
Wtlte Heath fliced 12.30J1.7011.30 1.20
Tears. Bartlett (2.60 2.00]1 .80 1 .55
Kaspberries j 2.53,2.30 2.05
STrawtx-rries | 2.55,2.30;2.05
fanned Asparagus — The California packers 1 as
foelation quotes prices for the 1910 park as fol
lows: Grten. peeled. No. 2»4. $3; preen. No.
22 1 *- ?2.20; green. No. 2^4. $2.1"«; luedinm white.
No. ;u. $2.35; green. No. 2V., $2.05; 6mall
«hite. No. 2 1 *. $2.2.".; sreen. No. 2>i, $2; white
tips, medium. No. 1. $2.45: email. No. 1, $2.30;
pref-n tips, medium. No. 1, $2: email. No. 1.
$1.83; s*>up tips, round can. No. 3, $1.40; soup
tips, round can. No. 8. $3.25.
Canned Peas— The California packers' associa
tion quotes the following prices for canned
r^as. pack of lftlO: Petit pois. $i.«tt: ertra fine
tifled. $1.2.".; extra sifted. $1.10; sifted. $1;
standard. 85c. .- -.
Cacned Tomatoes, 1910 pack — Standard. No.
C 1 *. 75c: No. 3. 80c; No. 8. $2.10.
Cordage — Manila. Sc; sisal. 7^c; sisal bale
rope. feVi^S^c per lb; Manila bale rope, Sc per
'b. net cash, no discount.
S*lt — Bales, common, $1.50; granulated. $2;
dairy, common. $10.50 for 50s and $13.50 for
pranulated; half cround, per ton. $7.so<gS for
100s; rock isalt. $7fe7.50; imitation Liverpool.
$12.50 per too.
Coffee — Costa Rica. $i§,l4c; Salvador. 7Vs<gl2e:
Nicaragua. 9H^l2^c: Guatemala-Mexican, [email protected]
:3H;c: Hawaiian. I>^2jlsc: Ecuador. 9^c.
Quicksilver — $44<<t45 p^r flask for export and
?4«!3 47.50 for local use.
Pacific Codfish — The Union fish comoaoy quotes
as follows: Bundles, small, whole, f>o lb bales,
4*4 c: cases, regular, large, whole. 100 lb boxes,
J5.50: esses, extra, 100 lb boxes. $6; cases, east
ern 6tyle. $0.75; Anchor brand. 7c; narrow
;'n i :jf. 7^ic: Silver King. Sc; Golden State. 7 J ic;
White Heal, middles. 10<ai0>4c: Seabright blocks,
Tljc: oriental Mocks, 7^*c; Crown brand, tab
j«-ts. Sic; Pearl tablets. SS l~e:l ~e: 5 lb boses fancy
t»one!ess. |0e: 2 lb boses fancy boneless, lie;
half hbls pickled cod. $5.50 each.
The Alaska oxifish compaTiy quotes is follows:
Biindlcs. »amli whole, i%c; case*, regular, large,
whole, C>4c: cases, ostra, C«ic; cases, eastern
t-tyle. 7c; Frigate. 7>jc: narrow Paragon. >c;
Monarch. S*4c; Wc-Ftcrn Pride. £c; Imperial, 11
«ail^c: Ocean Wsve. S^c: Siberia, 8c; Star,
2 I!> -Tablets. *^c: Paciflc B*Ue, 1 lb tablet*.
l»c; Cbolce Bits, crates. 12 5 lb boxes: -10c; 6a
:» 2 lb boxes, lie; pickled cod. half bbls, $5.50
Tfce Western BBSU refining company quotes as
foiluwi. terms net «:ash: .Standard fine gtanu
lated, T,Xutc: ftendard eoar&e granulated. 5.05 c;
(rolt granulated, r>.6sc; cut loaf, iv barrels only.
7.65 c; H. 6: E. cryptal dotninios, 5 lb cartons in
«-asPs. S.CV; &n Jn 2 lb cartons !n cages, 0.15e;
monarch bar, Cc: tablets, fn half barrels, 6.15 c;
An in hoxes. r..40c; cub«>s»jud A crushed. 5.00 c;
tnootrch pnTr<i#»rf-d. T>.7sc; XXXX -powdered,
r».75c: candy jjn»nu!ated. r>.7sc; confectioners' A.
5.05 c: confe<--tioners* crystals. 5.75 c; extra fine
granulated. 5.45 c: magnolia A, 5.25 c; extra C.
.'..15; golden C. 5/iso; It. 4.95 c: Barrels and 50
lh baps 10c: half barrels 25c: boxes 50c more per
300 lbs than for baps of 100 lbs net. Bar in
?,5 end 40 !h tlr.s $1.70 more. In £ and 10 lb
tins $2.35 more per 100 lbs than price for this
prade in 100 ib bar*.
The California and Hawaii su?ar refining com
pany quotes as fellows: Granulated basis. 5.65 c;
•\u25a0Hlgmde" bar. Or; powdered, 5.75 c; A crushed,
r..90' > ; Iwrry, 5.C5c; C. &H. extra fine franu
lsted. s.Cjc; coarse dry granulated, 5.65 c; con
fect loners * A, 5.0.V; conff^tioners* crystal, 5.75 c;
cutws. f..&oc; bricks. 5.90 c: extra fine dry cranu
lated fl<X> Ins baps oulyt, 5.45<~; excelsior A.
6.25 c; #xtra C 5.15 c; jrolden C. 5.05 c; yellow D,
4.9' c; cut loaf, in barrels only. 7.65 c; H. & E.
crystal domino*. 5 lb cartons, in cases, *.65<»; do
2 'lb cartons in cases. 0.15 c. Additional per 100
lbs: In barrels ami !V0 lb.bars. 10c more; half
barrels 25c more: boxes. 50c more for all grades.
h>ar ia 35 and 40 Jb tins. $1.70 more; In 10 lb
tins. J2.35 more. Minimum order, carload
\ew York Produce
NEW YORK, Aug. '-'3.— Hops— Dull.
Hides— Quiet.
Petroleum — Steady.
— Raw supar, firm: muscovado. Sfl test,
?..05c; centrifugal. IKS test, 4.45 c; molasses sugar,
S3 test. 3.70 c. Refined supar. steady.
Coffee— Future* closed steady at a net ad
vance of rj<6 10 points. Sales. 7?,000 baps. Au
t'ust. September. 7.65 c; October, 7.70 c; "Novem
l»er 7."T5c: December, 7.K5c: January, 7.90 c; Feb
ruary. 7.!>lc: March. 7.JWf; April, 7.960; May,
N': June. fi.Olr: July. S.o3c.
Spot, firm: Rio No. 7. yTi«tlOc; Pantos No. 4,
Ifi&fcfilOfic: mild, firm; Cordova. »Vi<§,i2%c.
Butter— Firm: creamery Fpe^iaU. 31 Vie; extras,
So«ic; third to firsts. 24Vi(g.29Vic.
, •*; rctr- — Firm, unchanped.
K£3t* — Firmer: rtate Pennsylvania and nearby i
lionuery white. 2Kiy32e; do. gathered white. [email protected]
2*-c; d<», hennerj- brown, 27&29 c: do. pathered
Jrt-own. 25<a27c; fresh gathered- extra firsts,
246725"; firsts, [email protected]:, *econd*. [email protected]
DRIED FRUITS . '. • -'
Fi-aporsted Apples — Inactive, prices unchanged
on the spot. Fancy. lO^&Ilc; choice. "^U^Oc;
prime. &«sf>'^c; common to fair. 6-%<&7»t<\
Prunrf.— Firm. , Quotation?. S^lgSHc for Cali
fornias up to 30-40s. and [email protected] for Orejrons.
ApricotP— Quiet, steady. Choice. [email protected]«^c;
extra choice. [email protected]>,}C; fancy. [email protected]»4c.f
Peaches— Firm. Choice. 7c; extra choice, G%
@7',;c: fancy, 7%@.S\ic.
Raisins — Steady. <julet. Ix>o6e mwcatelg, 3T*s
<§.Tf%c: choice to fancy seeded. .4?i^6»ic; $eed-
Jess-, 3S***<"J I»ndon layers, $1.20fe1.25. . '
Los Angeles I|roduce Market
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
r>OS ANGELES. Aug. 2-1. — The featnre of the
, market was a decline of lc a pound for cream
rry extras in the butter list. No change in
oth^r rommoditie*.'
Receipts were: Eggs, 133 cases; butter, 30,256
pounds: cheese. I.OM pounds; potatoes, 2.360
*aekt>: beans. S2O sacks; onions, 3U9 sacks; 6weet
potatoes. 30 sacks 1.320 itoxes.
Egss" <per dozen) — Lc>cal ranch candled, 37c;
<lo case count, buying price 33c; eastern fresh.
30c; eastern storeage extras, 27c; eastern etoras*
sei-onds. lie.
Butter <per lb) — California creamery extras,
XiiAo: do firsts, 31c; cooking. 25c;. ladle. 2T>c.
Cheese (per Ib) — Northern fresli. 17<jjl7V*ic;
largo anchor. ISc; Oregon daisy, 1-SVic; singles.
lS'-ic; Eastern twin?. lS^jl 1 ; eastern daisies,
19*iiC; eastern Imighorns. l'J<§,2oo; eastern Ched
dars. lt<!g2oc; Imported swigs. 30c; Jack. ISc;
domestic Swiss. 22fa24< > ; cream brick. 19c; llui
burcer, I!*-: Roquefort, OSe; Edani, $5.30; Ca
nadian cream, box, $1.
Beans— No. 1 pink, $7.25; No. 1 lima. $3: No.
1 I<s<ly Washington. 14.50: No. 1 small white,
$4.75: No. 1 blaekeye. $G: No. 1 garvanzas.
$4.50: No. 1 California lentils, $7; German len
tils, $7.
Potatoes— Highland, owt. $l.4orq,U<o: * local
Burbanks, $1.50; yellow sweets, - ! ,£c; reds, 2fec
per Ib. • .
Cfaicacro Dairy Produce Market
CHICAGO. Aug. 23. — Butter — Steady. Cream
eries. 244< r <J2oc; dairies. [email protected] Eggs— Steady.
Receipts, rt.744 cases; at mark, cases included.
34UCU l"Vie: firsts, 21c; prime firsts, 22c. Cheese
—Steady. Daisies. 10>V 4 <* twin*.* 15<5jl5Vfec:
young Americas, leSIGUc; long horus, 10^4®
Eastern Livestock 31arkct
CHICAGO. Aug. 23. — Cattle— Receipts, esti
mated at 7,000. .Steady to strong. Reeves, $4. 53
to.S.s<t; Texas steers, $3.70<g5.8T»: western steers.
$4&7; stookers and feeders, $4.10(46.25; cows
snd heifers. $2Crt«.t»; calves. $(5.50(^8.75.
Hogs— Receipt*, estimated at 13.000. Market
TxTilOc up. Light. [email protected]; mixed, $S.2sff|
9.10; heavy. [email protected]: rough. [email protected]&15;
gocK] to choice heavy. $S.lsfizS.Ss; pigs, $S.BO<S
U. 2.?>; bulk of sales. $5.40(5.8.70.
Sheep — Receipts, estimated at 20,000. . Market
strong to 10c up. Native. 52.504J.4.50; western,
$2.7564.50; yearlings. $4.50Q5.G0; lambs, native
$4.75^.0.85, western $4.75^6.85.
KANSAS CITY, Aug. 23.— Cattle— Receipts.
17.000. Market steady. Native steers. $4.75<c§
5.25; rows and heifers. $2.7s<<i<*?s; stookers and
feeders. [email protected]».25; bulls, $:i(ti4; calves, $3.70(3)
5.25; western steers, $4.50^.7.50; western cows,
[email protected]
Hogs— Receipts, 7.000. Market 5c to 10c
higher. Bulk of sales. $8.T0^i9.10; heavy. $8.r,0
(gS.9O: packers and butchers, $5.«[email protected]; light,
Sheep — Receipts, 7.000. Market steady to 10c
higher. Muttons. $4<g4.60: lambs. $*s'^7; fed
wethers and yearlings, $3.75Q5.75; fed western
ewes. [email protected]
SOUTH OMAHA, Aug. 23.— Cattle— Receipts.
7.10<>. Market steady to 10c higher. Native
steers, ?s<?j.S: cows and heifers, $3fij,6; western
stecrg, $3.75<>jii.7."i: cows and heifers. $2.7C>@
4.73: canners. 52.2"»fti.'5.20; stockers and feeders.
[email protected]>.75; calves, $3«a6.00; bulk of sales, $2(fj"'-
Hogs— Receipts. (f.OOO. Market r.c to 100
higher. Heavy, [email protected]: mixed. [email protected];
light. $s.SO<gi); pigs, $7.G0&.5.50; bulk of sales,
[email protected]
Sheep— Kecelpts. 30,700.- -Market I0<? lower.
Yearlings. $4.50r<i5.30; wethers, [email protected];
ewe?, [email protected]; lambs, $C<£t7.Co.
Cotton Market
NKY YORK. Aus. 23. — Hutton's wire
says: "The new crop options were In
duced to higher prices today on account
of the bullish summary of the Texas crop by
the Galvcston-Dailas News and also by the inauy
reports of damage now in progress as the result
of hot winds and high temperatures. That the
rains of last week were beneficial only iv some
north, central and coast counties was made plain
by the weekly government weather report, which
stated that the week closed hot and dry with
rain badly needed in many localities.
"Private reports from the eastern belt were not
altogether favorable, as in many localities the
crop Is reported to be in i state of deterioration
and showing improvement only here and there,
so that the government condition figures, returns
for which will be made on Thursday, may not
sh»w the improvement earlier predicted. The
failure of the market tn develop more, activity
is explained by the uiter absence of publi? in
terest, this element being afraid to buy on ac
count of the price and unwilling to sell because
of the known possibilities from a bullish stand
point in the advent of another short crop. There
fore the buying is largely confined to 6pinners and
other legitimate trade interests, while the selling
comes only from professional!! who take advan
tage of every favorable wind that blows to ham
mer prices. Should the old bull crowd decide to
enter the new crops on the expiration of the
August deal, thore may be another story to tell
before the season is well advanced." • .
The following comes from Georgia: "Cotton
crop, take It as a whole, ail over south and south
west Georgia, is the poorest In years. We had
two extremes this year, two months of dry
weather and 1 two of wet. Present situation is
this — burning up in spots for want of moisture
and in othe? spots cotton is ruined by shedding
rusts and insects." •
The Mercantile Crop Reporter says: "The
indicated crop at present, assuming average con
ditions of rainfall and temperature hereafter, is
10.370,000 bales, compared with 10.6C4.000 a
month ago. ] 1,025,000 two months ago and 10,
341.000 a year ago, as reported by this corpora
tion ia its compilation published August 25,
Cotton spot closed quiet, 15 flints higher: mid
dling npJunds, 16.55 c: middling gulf, 16.50 c.
Sales 17.250.
Option — Open High I»w Close
August 16.50 c itj.COe 1i».47c 16.32 c
September 14.37e 14.43 c 14.3rtc 14.36 c
October 13.65 C 13.71 c 13.83 c 33.63 c
November - 13.54e
December 13.54 c 1*.62e 13.51 c 13.54 c
January 13.45 c 33.61 c 13.48 c 33.53 c
February 33.53 c
March 13.56 c 33.C5c 33.560 13.55 c
May. 13.57 c 33.67 c 13.57 c 13.62 c
June 13.59 c
July :... 33.tiOc
*„ BoHtnn Wool
BOSTON. Aug. 23. — The movement in the
Boston wool market continues slow, but values
hold firm and dealers seem unwilling to part with
choice linos at current prices. Some Nevada has
changed hands at 60c cleaned, and a little inquiry
5s reported in territory. Ohio fleeces are. very
firm and the demand is light. Quotation*:
- Scoured basis. Texas — Fine 32 mouths. [email protected];
fine 6<5S months. [email protected]: fine fall A. SOc.
California northern, [email protected]; middle county,
62653 c; *outhern, 45(g47e; fall free, 45<jJ46c.
Oregon eastern No. 1 staple, 625|64c; eastern
Clothing. [email protected]; valley No. 3. 525|54c.
Territory — Fine staple. 64ig.65e: fine medium
staple. [email protected]: fine clothing. [email protected]; fine me
dium clothing. [email protected];" half blood combing, [email protected]
62e; three-eighths blood combing, [email protected]; quar
ter blood combing. 5£@.54e.
. Pulled extra, 65c; fine A, 60«562c; A supers.
[email protected]
St. Louis Wool Market
ST. LOUIS. Aug. 23.— Market quiet. Medium
grades combing and clothing. [email protected]*&c; light
fine. ]9<g2lc; heavy fine. 15(g17c; tubwashed,
.\ew York Metal Market
NEW YORK. Aug. 23. — Standard copper, easy.
Spot. 12.20<& 12.35 c: August, [email protected]: Sep
tember. 12.22^ <g 12.25 c: October. 12.22U.0
12.30 c; November. 12.25<g12.27^c; December.
12.27 1 [email protected] London, steady. Spot. £53 11s
3d: futures, £56 6s 3d. No arrivals reported at
New York today. Custom house returns show
exnort* of 27,027 tons so far this month. Lake,
12.574<513c: electrolytic, 12.62'/-<312.75: cast
ing. 12.25<g:12.50<:.- - . --.
Tin— Spot and August, 34.4r.'fj34.62>Ac: Sep
tember. 34. [email protected]: October. [email protected]:
November. 34.12^(^34. 40c; December. 34.05®
34.35 c. Sales of five tons August at 34.45 c.
Liverpool, weak; spot, £157 ss; futures, £15G
2s 6d.
Lfad. quiet at 4.40(g4.r>0o i New York and
[email protected] East St. Louis. London spot,
£12 10s.
Spelter, quiet at 5.35(55.45c New York and
5.15&5-20 C East St. Louis. London spot, £12
Iron — Cleveland warrants, 50s in London. Lo
cally iron was quiet. No. 1- foundry northern.
$16.25® 16.60; No. 2. $15.50<&10; No. 1 southern
and No. 1 southern soft, $15.73(g;16.25. '
Xaval * Stores— Turpentine and Ronln
SAVANNAH, Ga., Aug. 23.— Turpentine-
Firm. 6Ssic; sales, 507; receipts, 1.196; ship
ments. 599: stocks. 11,991.
Rosin— Firm: sales. 2,700: receipt*. 2.532:
shipments, 1.137: stocks, 6.147. Quote: B. $5.50
ra-V6O; D. $5.60«?5.65; E. $5.57%: F, $s.S2Hr<^
5.57J4: G. $5.5555.!*>; H. $5.02J4<g5.J>5: I,|
$5.95(36; K. $6.05: M. $6.10: N. $6.15(16.65;
WG, [email protected]: WW. [email protected]
Depth at mean low water, entrance to harbor.
PLACE | Ft. | Date | ~ Remarks' ~
i IIS feet at mean low
Srays Har 17 Aug. 5 water In channel to
Aberdeen. .
Wlllapa Bl 27 jAug. l|..
Colnm. R.I 29 IJuly 23|
' IBar buoy to right of
Nebalm R 9 July 10 entrance. Channel is
shifting to north,
i j very narrow. 150 ft.
Tillmk 8.l 0 July s|Channel shifted 1 mile
\u25a0\u25a0 J j I south in gale Nov. 29.
Yiiqnlna B| 12 !July 3| ...-
Slnslaw R| 6 . |Aug. 4|
Umpqna R| » I July I|.. '.".-
*"* I 12 feet at low tide to
Coos Bay. IS June 22 North Bend; 12 feet
at low tide to Marsh -
-> field. -.-.,•\u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0; \u25a0
Coqnllle R| 8 IJune 30 Channel straight.
Rogue R.| 3 | Apr. 27|Cbannel shifting north.
Klamth R 5 Aug. I[C ban nc 1 shifting to
\u25a0 [_ )• southward.
Hmbldt B IS Aug. 1 Shoal 300 feet WNW.
2 I black spar • buoy.
S Pedro B| 22 |Aug. 2INo change In channel.,
B Diego B| 2SH|Apr. l|Xo change In channel.*
S Pablo Bl 24 IDec. 1 (Depth in dredged chan
l 1 I nel. -
r-elved a letter yesterday " from 'relatives •of
Julius F. Rochau. a bank cashier of : Kansas
City, Mo., who left- there ' July 1 because the
institution he was'oonnected with was in. dif
ficulties. He is '29' years of age,- 5/feet 7
inches tall, light complexion— and smooth
shaven. \u0084.-.' -
_ • -' ".;
ited the dressing room- of Miss 'Ruby -Ford, in
the Lyceum theater Monday night and stole a
gold watch and long Ineckchain with diamond
. pendant.
Matson Company's Wilhelmina
Arrives With Big Cargo of
Island Products
HE Matson naviga
•ti.on company's
steamer .Wilhel
mina. Captain
Peter Johnson, ar
rived yesterday
f r o m Honolulu
with a large cargo,
104 cabin passen
gers and 8(5 in the
steerage. The liner
made the run from
the island port in
5 days :J3 hours
and 15 minutes.
Among the pas
sengers was B. D.
Tenney. president
of Castle &, Cooke,
Honolulu agents
for the Matson line. The Wilhelmina
was named after Tenney's daughter,
who christened the ship when it was
launched at Newport News. This is the
first trip that he has made on the new
liner and he expressed himself as well
satisfied with the craft.
Another passenger was Mrs. Alex
ander Lindsay, wife of the attorney
general of Hawaii. Mr. and Mrs. Bald
win were passengers on the Wilhelmina
and James F. Morgan, president of the
Hdnolulu chamber of commerce, came
up on a business trip.
Among the steerage passengers were
many Russian immigrants, who expect
to find conditions in California more to
their taste than they found on the
sugar plantations.
The Wilhelmina's cargo included S4,-
C 95 bags of sugar, 12,01*4 cases of
canned pineapples, 1,636 cases of pine
apple juice, 460 crates of fresh pines
and 3,030 bunches of bananas. •;;• •. - '\u25a0 •
The passengers included:
Dr. Harry E. Aldersoni Thomas It. Hyatt
Mrs. Harry E. Aldersou Mrs. Thomas B. Hyatt
Mrs. L. E. Arnold. In- Miss A. Hyatt
fa nt ami maid Miss H. Hyatt
1,. Arnold B. Hyatt
Miss L. Arnold .Mrs. 11. \V. Uyman
W. A. Bailey R. H. Hyman
A. S. Baker Mrs. M. S. Jacobson
Miss L. Ball J. K. Jarrctt
A. D. Baldwin Miss E. Kaser
Mrs. A. 1). Baldwin S. C. Kennedy
W. H. Baush . Mrs. J. A. Kennedy
Mrs. F. P. BerUchy Miss Jessie Kennedy
Miss L. Bertscliy L.. K. I/anier
G. W. Burdick Mrs. Alex Lindsay and
A. W r : Cawstou child
Mrs. Mary E. Clark Mrs. David Mttle
J. B. Cox Mrs. 1,. G. Marshall
G. H. Crow Miss Louise McCarthy
Mrs. <}. H. Crow E. H. Miller
Miss M. Cummlngs J. F. Morgan •
C. H. Davidson J. 1). Mcluerny
Mrs. C. U. Davidson K. C. McHac
Miss May Doc W. C. Moore
Miss Nora Dee Miss Josephine Pratt
Miss M. dp Brcttevllle Dr. J. S. B. Pratt
C. A. de Cew L. G. Bicbardson
Mrs. C. A. de Cew Mrs. L. G. Hicbardson
C. M. falconer Miss C. Itlchardson
Mrs. J. R. Forbes Miss D. Richardson
O. R.. Frazier \V. M. Roberts
Miss Cora Freeman Miss A. Robertson
D. T. Fullaway : Miss EllaL. Roll
Georjre Galbraith Miss A'ida Ross
Miss M. Galbraith Mrs. Robert Scott
Dr. L. A. Gera«lsoa W. F. Schroder
W. M. Grant Mrs. W. F. Schroder
J. \Y. Grlgsby Miss Mary Sexton
J. N. Gibh H. M. ShreTe
Mrs. H. R, Hertel Mrs. H. M. Shreve
Miss A. Hertel B. D. Stanley
J. C. Hitchman Mrs. M. Stone
Mrs. J. C. Hitchman E. D. Tenney
W. F. Horncr Dr. J. N. Vroom c
A. Hurtt Capt. 1^ T. Ward
Mrs. A. Hurtt and In- R. W. Wilbur < V
•fant Mrs. R. W. Wilbur
Joseph Hutchinson H. A. Wilder ,
Mrs. Joseph Hutchinson George Willfonp
Miss K. Hutchiuson Miss Irene Young
Korea Satis for Far 'East
The Pacific mail liner Korea, Captain
Sandbergv sailed yesterday for the far
east with a large number of passengers
and a valuable cargo. The freight in
cluded a big shipment of army and
navy supplies, to land which the liner
will make a special call at Manila. The
Korea left pier 42. promptly at 1 o'clock
and made one of Captain Sandberg's
usual graceful departures.
The passengers included:
C. G. Boekus \u25a0 Bert Lord
E. E. Bodge • Marion Lord
M. Brash Miss M. McDermott
Mrs. M. Brash . J. W. Neal
Edgar H. Dearborn ' E. C. Peters
E. G. Duisenberg Mrs. E. C. Peters
J. S. Emerson Dr. E. V. Rice
Mrs. J. S. Emerson Mrs. E. V. Rice
Oliver H. Emerson < Aubrey Robinson .
J. L. Glroux Mrs. Aubrey Robinson
Mre. J. L. Glroux Lester Robinson
George Giroux Miss Eleanor Robinson
Joseph Giroux J. H. Simpson
Louis Glroux Mrs. J. 11. Simpson
Roland Giroux " Miss Daisy Smith •<;\u25a0.
Miss G. M. Harding W. S. Smith
Oswald Hind Rear Admiral William
John Hind H. H. Sutherland, U.
Miss A. Hos:an ' S. N.
Miss Enid Klnzsbury C. W. Spitz
Miss Ivy Kingstmry Mrs. H. E. Walty
Miss Barbara E. Lee H. A. Walton
Mrs. E. J. Lord
H. Arthur T. Okamoto
W. H. Burtt Joseph Opet -
E. F. Dorfllnger - William B. Orr
Mrs. E. F. Dorfllnger Major J.» Reum
A. Kuster Waldemar Schlelcher
H. R. Luden
Mrs. E. W. Fisher ' I Mrs. U. D. Perkins
Dr. E. C. Perkins • |
Miss Lola M. Kldwell
Miss Edna C. Alger Julius Roseafeld \u25a0
W. L. Chun R. Spunt
Miss J. G. Jenkins Rev. H. K.- Wright
A. B. Rocenfeld Mrs. H. K. Wright
Mrs. A. 15. Rosenfeld Master Hugh Wright
O. S. Adams Miss Alice M. Kelly
Judge 1 Adam C. CaTson John X,af flty .
and servant . Sterling L. Larrabea
Mrs. A. C. Carson and V. C. Lee
infant Mrs. V. C. Lee
W. Huse Chapman William N. McFarland
Mrs. M. J. H. Chap- Lieutenant E. . Mini;
man P. 'C.
Miss Barbara Chapman J. J; Moisan
Mrs. D. B. Conrad C. J. Peterson
Captain E. W. Crock- George H. Rekato
ett, P. C. - F. L. Robinson
North H. Foreman : W» F. Rodgers
V. U. Hutchings Heber G. Stout
Mrs. V. U. Hutching* C. N. Vandervoort
G. T. January Mrs.iC. N. Vandervoort
R. J. Joers
HONGKONG "~V. - v v . '
Charles V. Bennett Dr.* ,W. J. Isenman
John R. Berry Mrs. .W. J. Isenman ..
Karl R. Berry Mrs. J. Kelly ;-.'-
E. F. Blame R. W. Kempshall
W. H. Booth Mrs. R.W . Kempshall
Mrf. W. H. Booth Miss •M. Kenworthy
Ferris Booth Mrs. Antone Knoblauch
E. P. Bosbyshell Miss Alice Knoblauch
Mrs. E. P. Bosbyshell Mrs. M. L. Macomber
Miss M. Burke L. : R. Manning
George Burnham ' " Mrs. L. R. Manning
O. M. Clark Dr. Arthur Mez
Mrs. O. M. Clark Lieutenant W. F. Mor-
Frank A. Day ' \u25a0 rison, U. S. N.
William H. Dickßon Mrs. W. F. Morrison
Mrs. William H.Dick- Miss Virginia Morrison
son •'-:-... - C. Herbert Moore
Robert. Dollar , E. S. Moulton ;>*•;,
Mrs. Robert Dollar . Mrs. E. S. Moulton ; ;
Mrs. Ii; W. Emerson Ferris Moulton <
P. T. Evans Miss Dorothy Musser
Mrs. P. T. Evans' — Miss Grace Musser
W.C . Evans • . Miss Llna/Musser
Miss K. E. Evans- R. H. Paton
Charles K. Field William Pigott
Lewis R. Freeman Mrs. William Pigott
J. Furth . Clarence Poe » / ,
Mrs. J. Furth Mrs. L. Y.Pratt
William LAGerstlo • Miss Elizabeth - Reinike
'Mrs. / William L. Ger- John H. Shaw- • • ,|
etle Miss L. M. Sutton
Miss Miriam Alice Ger- Mrs. A. T. Terry
etle v Vi-V? C. H. Tribe : •: v »
J/ M. Grover . Miss. Mary Watzka .
Richard M. Hotallng William H. Weilbye
George F. Howard . : Mrs. . William H. Weil- \
Mrs. G. F. Howell \u25a0• : bye- 1 ' %
Miss Mary I. Horrell Mrs.--H.-B.' Wymao -•
Mrs." Harry Hutt'ig'. E. A. Young
Charles H. Hyde.\" Mrs.'E.»A. Young
Mrs. Charles H. Hyde
JT. B. : Beall *. . \u25a0; , f Mrs. J. F. Keeney *
Mrs. J. B.' Beall- : Master Keeney , . -ft-«,Hv
Miss M. Beall - F. M. Schultz " v
Miss F. Beall - : Mrs. -F.-.M.- Schultz
F. P. Buchanan '\u25a0J±%i&ffl\&& -\
.May Right; Phoenix Today
Riggers were'at work all of
day on the' submerged, capeized hull of
the steamer Phoenix,', and today an i at
tempt~will)be made \u25a0 to , turn the derelict
right side up.* The ;masts were',taken
out of the shattered coaster yesterday.
The steam schooner. Brooklyn lost" a
blade of its propeller yesterday 'as 3the
result of striking a piece of submerged
wreckage attached -to, .the Phoenix: and
was drydocked for repairs.' ' \u25a0 ; ..
:The Phoenix was libeled yesterday
for- $1,298 by the .Pacific: Coast- coal
company.' The > sum;:? represents the
value of .a cargo of coal.
Xftrport ; Here From Panama :
The Pacific mail liner Newport," Cap
tain J. "W. Russell, arrived yesterday
from Panama and way ports with 40
passengers,- 10S7 tons of cargo : and
treasure valued at $115,370. The .cargo
included 2,798 bags of coffee and a
large shipment of hardware, the latter
from New York. . /
The passengers included:
Miss Marion A. Miller William -. L." Holllster
Miss Elsie King; Joe. R. Milner
Samuel Warju "... Mrs. S. Unthrie
I>r. John B. Near y : Mrs. E. Wiseman
Silvia F. Pellas - I-uis Leont
Mrs. F. J. Hollenbeck G. A. Williams
Miss Rose Mary Hollen- Miss Amanda Toxans
beck J
"Water Front Noten
Receipts of lumber yestex-day by sea'
amounted to 1,120,000 feet.
The Pacific mail liner Asia, which
left here July 28, arrived' yesterday
at Hongkong. ? :
The liner Sierra, which sailed Satur
day for Honolulu. was 833 miles from
here at S oiclock Monday .night.
The Japanese liner Tenyo Maru left
Honolulu yesterday for China and
Japan. ' . . . -
The Pacific Coast steamship com
pany's Queen, which left here yester
day for Seattle, carried about 250 pas
The schooner Repeat has been pur
chased by Levvers & Cooke of Honolulu,
for $5,500.,
By United Wireless
• Tuesday, August 23.
STEAMER J.* A. CHANSLOR— From Gaviota for
Astoria; Aug. 22. S p. m.. 23 miles north of
Point Reyes; fresh northwest wind; choppy sea.
STEAMER ROSECKANS— From Kaanapali for
Gaviota; Aug. 22, S p. m., 27S miles from
Monterey; strong westerly wind and head sea.
-6TEAMER WILHELMINA— From Honolulu for
San Francisco; Aug. 23, 1 p. m., due at 2 p.
I m. ; wind light; weather thick.
STEAMER , SIEBRA — From San Francisco ''for
Honolulu;' Aug. 22, S p. -m.<*S33 miles from
lightship; moderate northeast breeze: smooth,
clear; barometer 30.30; temperature 64.
STEAMER FALCON— From Astoria for San
Francisco; Aug. 22, 8 p. m.. off Point Gorda;
northwest wind and clear; due to arrive at 12
111., Aug.- 23.
STEAMES GOVERNOR — From San Francisco for
San Diego; Aug. 22, 8 p. m., 29 miles south of
Pigeon point; clear; gentle northwest wind;
smooth; barometer 29.98; temperature 54.
STEAMER NANN SMITH— From Coos bay for
San Francisco; Aug. 22, 0:30 p. m., passed
Point Arena.
STEAMER .UMATILLA— From San Francisco for
Nome; Aug. 22, 7:45 p. in., off Point Reyes;
light northwest wind; smooth.
STEAMER" UMATILLA— Hence Aug. 22 for
Nome; Aug. 23, 12 m., 152 miles north of San
Francisco; strong northwest wind and heavy
From I Steamer 1 Date
Wills pa Harbor Daisy ' Aug. 24
San Pedro J. S. Higgins. . Aug. 25
San Pedro J. B. Stetson . . Aug. 25
Grays Harbor Centralia Aug. 25
Point Arena & Albion. Porno Aug. 25
San Pedro G. W. Elder. . . Aug. 23
Puget Sound Ports City of Puebla. Aug. 26
San Pedro Hanalei Aug. 26
San Diego & Way Ports Governor Aug. 20
China & Japan Nippon Maru... Aug. 27
Portland & Astoria Roanoke Aug. 27
Mendocino & Pt. Arena Sea Foam. Aug. 27
Humboldt State of Cal... Aug. 2S
S»l. Cruz via S. Diego. Alaskan Aug. 23
Mexican Ports Curacao Aug. 2S
Seattle & Tacoma Ad. Sampson .. Aug. 28
Puget Sound Ports President Aug. 2S
Grays Harbor Norwood Aug. 28
Portland & Astoria Rose City Aug. 2$
Coos Bay M. F. Plant. .. Aug. 2S
San Pedro '. Buckman Aug. 28
Sau Pedro Bear Aug. 28
San Pedro Chehalis Aug. 2fl
Grays Harbor Santa Monica... Aug. 29
Grays Harbor Santa Barbara.. Aug. 20
San Diego & Way Ports Santa Rosa .... Aug. 29
Portland & Astoria Rainier Aug. SO
Portland &. Astoria Northland Aug. 30
San Pedro & Way Ports Coos Bay Aug. 31
Destination | Steamer | Sails | Pier
August 24 — \u25a0 •
Humboldt Vanguard .. 5 ptn 19
Coos Bay Nanu Smith. 5 pm ....
Astoria & Portland Qulnault ... 5 pm 27
Honolulu & Kahului... Lurline. .... 12 m 38
Seattle & Tacoma Watson 1 pm 10
Los Angeles Ports Buckman ... 10 am 10
Astoria <fc Portland Beaver 12 m 40
San Pedro & Way Ports Coos Bay... 4 pm 11
Mendocino & Pt. Arena Sea Foam... 4pm 4
August 25 —
Coquille River Elizabeth ... 5 pm 16
Humboldt State of Cal. 3 pm 11
Los Angeles Ports .Centralia ... 1 pm 21
Astoria & Portland J. B. Stetson 5 pm 10
Los Angeles Ports Bear ..' 9 am 40
San Diego & Way Ports Santa Rosa. 11 am 9
August 26 — - . '
Grtys Harbor ........Fair Oaks... 3pm 21
Astoria & Portland.... Nome City.. 5 pm 27
Portland & Way Ports. G. W. Elder 10 am 13
August 27—
Humboldt /...North Fork.. 12 m 3S
New York via Ancon.. City of Para 12 m 36
Puget Sound Port 3 . Governor ... 2pm 9
Los -. Angeles Ports Roanoke ... .7 pm 13
Wlllapa Harbor Daisy . ;. '. ... ....
Los Angeles Ports Hanalei .... 3 pm 10
August 28—
N. York via Sal. Cruz. Nebraskan . 10 am 27
Point Arena & Albion. Porno 6pm 4
Los Angeles Ports Norwood ... 2 pm ....
August 29 —
Grays Harbor ..; Chehalis 2 pm
Astoria & Portland.... Bear 12 m 40
San Diego & Way Ports President . . 4pm 9
Los Angeles Ports.'.... S. Barbara.. 1 pm 51
August SO —
Coos Bay M. F. Plant. 3pm 8
Seattle & Tacoma Buckman ... 1 ptn 10
Los Angeles Ports Ad. Sampson 10 am -10;
Los Angeles Ports..... Rose City... fl am 40
Pugef Sound : P0rt5. . . . ." City. Puebla. 2pm U
Seattle & Tacoma.. ... Chas. Nelson 5 pm 3S
Destination | Steamer I Date.
Valdez * Seward Alameda Aug. 24
Skagway & Way Ports. Cottage City... Aug. 25
Nome & St. Michael... Victoria i* Aug. 27
Skagway & Way Ports. Humboldt Aug. 30
Skagway & Way Ports. City of Seattle. Aug. 31
Chena & Fairbanks .... Mackinaw : . . . . Sept. 1
Time Ball
United States branch hydrographie ' of lice. Mer
chants' Exchange, San . Francisco, August
23, lniO. . \u25a0-.-•\u25a0
The time ball .'on' the roof of the Fairmont
hotel was dropped today exactly •at noon. Pa
cific standard time (120 th meridian), or at Bb.
00m. 00s. Greenwich mean time. - -
Lieutenant, U. S. N., In charge.
Sun, Moon, and Tide
United States coast and geodetic surrey' — Time
and heights of tides at >Fort Point. For, city
front (Mission 6treet wharf) add 25 minutes.
Sun rises «\u25a0> :32
Sun sets .'...;•... .'..." 6:52
Moon rises ..\u25a0.......'.'....'- .'. ....9:12 p. in.
Last quarter- moon. ..... .August 27, at 6:24 a. m.
New m00n........... ..5eptember 3. at 9:57 a. m.
ITimel Tlmel Timel Time| '
Augl -J Ft 1 Ft J Ft 1 Ft ;
|H W[ L W|" H Wf L W[ -v
24.. 1:35 5.0 7:50 .1.0 2:12 o.S 8:27 1.2
20.. 2:37 4.6 8:32 1.6 2:47 5.4 9:20 0.9
2«.. 3:52 4.2 9:201 2.2 3:30 C.4 10:26 0.8
27.. 5:30 3.8 10:12 3.0 4:20 5.5 11:37 0.3
28.. 7:10 8.811:16 3.2 5:20 5.5 .... . ... .i
|L W H W Xr W H W
20..] 0:50 0.0 8:27 3.fl 12:25 3.3 6:25 o.«
30..| l:5i — 0.3 9:27 4.2 1:37 3.3 7:32 T..7,
IT. S. Branch HydrographJc Office
A • branch of the United States hydrographic
office,' located In the 'Merchants' > Exchange, Is
maintained: in San : Francisco for.,the' benefit of
mariners, without : regard to nationality and free
of- expense. " Navigators are cordially invited to
visit the-office, where cemplete: sets of charts
and sailing directions ; of : the world are kept : at
hand for comparison and reference and the
latest . information \u25a0 can always be -. obtained • re
garding i ligbte. dangers 'to navigation and mat
ters \u25a0of interest '\u25a0 to ocean commerce. \u25a0-' .• ",-\u25a0•
- : ,' _ - ;- ,J. C. BURNETT."
'f'..- ;;, Lieutenant,; U.S. . N.. in charge.
Items of ,; lnterest; \u25a0. to A^riners
of ; the) Pacific V '
[Special Dispatch io<Thc Call] v r - ' :
: ; ZXTREKA, J AugU 23.-^-The Hammond > lumber
company's < steamer, RaralU 1 arrived In port ~ this
morning with a cargo of freight.. After discharg
ing ; cargo the Ra valli * moved to Samoa - wharf/
where ..' luraber^.ls to be . taken " on : board ' for . the
return trip. \u25a0 Vv: .. ' ...•::
• Arriving from . the north \u25a0 at » 7 1 o'clock this
morning and* departing \u25a0on - the *: return '\u25a0 trip fto
Astoria and Portland : at ; 3 \u25a0 o'clock ; this afternoon
\u25a0was the North Pacific ' Coast -steamship company's
steamer Eureka,'. with freight: and passengers. M
:\u25a0-< The power schooner. Katata arrived froni Klam
ath rlrer: this morning ; at : 9 o'clock :,wlth - a cargo
of dairy; products and salmon. .-'\u25a0:\u25a0
\u25a0: The steamer i'Aurella > arrived from San ' Fran-
Cisco at 1 o'clock this afternoon and proceeded to
the Bayside , lumber.: company's . wharf to load
lumber for the return trip? "
With a -cargo af lumber loaded at tbe Arcata
wharf,- the steamer * North Fork departed this
afternoon for: Barl Francisco. .-. -
The Pteamer,,Pocahontas. thus, far unknown in
this port, is to ar*lve. tomorrow to load a cargo
of lumber at theiLittle river wharf for Trower
Brothers. : .-.- r'--V^; r,»; : ;,:., . ... ...
The steamer 'J.^JU Loggie departed. from the
Bucksport wharf .tkis-afternoon with lumber and
a consignment: of 'United' States mail for San
Francisco. -f \u25a0"--!?"\u25a0
3^03 ANGELES, ' 'A«r4 23.— Arrived— Steamer
Hanalei, from San Francisco; steamer Mandalay,
from Crescent Clty:>Unlted- Btates steamer Ma
drono, from San « Diego ;>: steamer Grace Dollar,
from Mendocino: steamer' Governor, from Seattle.
• Sailed — Steamer • Beaver, 'for Seattle: steamer
George .W. Elder, for Portland ; steamer J. -B.
for Portland; United States steamer
Madroao, for San Francisco; steamer Grace Dol
lar, for Redondo; steamer Mandalay, for Cres
cent City.. 0, ;v
PORTLAND, Aug. 23. — In a letter received
this morning at the office of the lighthouse in
spector for this district. P. Olsen, master of
light vessel No. 03, reported that the brigantino
Irving collided with- the lightship on the morn
ing of August 18 and smashed one of the brig
antine's boats. . - . '
Eighteen . dayji out from San Francisco, the
schooner H. K. Hall arrived at Astoria this
morning and will -proceed to Knappton to load a
cargo of lumber for Sydney, with the option of
Melbourne. The Hall has been chartered by the
American trading company.- • <-
The steam schooner Sagniaw, Captain Walvlg,
sailed tonight for Willapa Harbor, to load lum
ber for San Francisco. .
When It sailed tonight for -Tlllamook the
steamer Sue H, Elmore.' Captain Schrader, had
a full list of passengers aad a large cargo of
With passengers tnd a full cargo of freight,
the steamer Golden <3ate,i.Captaln Astrup, sailed
tonight for Tlllamook. -
Carrying 10 passengers, 353 tons of cement and
225 tons of general freight, the steamer North
land, Captain Ericksen, arrived at Couch street
dock this morning. The officers report that on
the way up the Northland passed » the steamer
Buckman a short. time before the^tragedy that
occurred on the latter, vessel Sunday.*- The North
laud will load wheat and lumber for San Fran
ASTORIA, Aug. 23.— Tank steamer Washte
naw sailed this morning for San Francisco, after
discharging its cargo of fuel oil.
Tug Vosburg. with, a barge In tow, arrived
down the river this morning and will sail for
Nehalem Wednesday.
Five masted schooner H. K. Hall arrived this
morning from Sfcn Francisco and will load lumber
at the Knappton mill fo/ Australia.
French bark General de Boisdeffre arrived
this afternoon from Newcastle. N. S. W., with
a cargo of lumber from Stella' for San Francisco,
and the schooner W. F. Jewett, with a cargo of
lumber from St. Helens for San Pedro, are en
route down the river and Should arrive this
" The steamers North Star and North King are
expected to arrive from Bristol bay, Alaska,
within a day or two with full-reports of the
salmon pack during tbe season which recently
closed. About next week the ships St. Nicholas,
St. Francis and Berlin should arrive from Nusha
gak river and the ship Jabes. Howes should ar
rive from Chignik bay with cargoes of canned
The bark W. B. Flint, belonging to the Alaska
Fishermen's packing company, which has been
in Bristol bay, will go to San Francisco direct
with a cargo of salt salmon from the Koggiung
river and a quantity of canned salmon from
Nushagak river. The latter is for shipment to
SEATTLE, Aug. 23.— Arrived— Steamers Jim
Butler, San Francisco; City of Puebla, sound
ports; Santa ' Ana. Skagway; British steamer Ku
meric. Tacoma; British steamer Ningchow, Van
couver. , >
Sailed— British steamer Kumeric. the orient;
steamer Alameda. Tacoma; President, sound
ports; Hyades, Tacoma; Jim Butler, Tacoma.
Army Transports
The Buford is' in port.
The Crook its at Manila. ,
TUe Dlx sailed July 31 from Seattle for Ma
The Logan is in port.
Tlie Sberidan' sailed August 5 for Manila.
The Sherman sailed August 15 from Manila.
The Thomas Is in port.
The Warren is at Manila.
Weather Report
United States department 'of agriculture —
Weather bureau. San Francisco. August 23. 1910:
• s F~5 \u25a0 ' s £ if
Sp£.. \u25a0: 5 ¥ 2
, §• ! |i \u25a0 \u25a0 S i E
• - : \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 P . v : : ?
Boise 78 50 .00 Reno 94|5S|-,00
Eureka ... 54 48 .00' Roseburg . 7S 48 .00
Flagstaff . 80 44 .Of)'. Sac'mento 102 6S .00
Fresno ...106 6S .OOi Salt Lake. 92 70 .00
Helena ... 66 52 .00, San Diego. S2 66 .00
Honolulu . .. 72 .00, San Fran. 78 54 .00
Ind'pdence 9* 62 .00i Sau Jose. . 94 50 .00
Kalispell . 62 44 .00 S.L. Obispo SS 48 .00
I* Angeles 90 66 .00 SE.Farallon 62 52 .00
Modena .. 88 58 .00 Spokane .. 62 50 .00
M. Ta'pas. 8» 72 .00 Summit .. 89 52 .00
North Head 56 52 .00 Tacoma .. f.4 52 .00
Phoenix .. 102 SO '.00 Tatoosh .. 58 50 .00
Pocatello"". 82 52 .00 Tonopah .. 90 68 .00
P. .R. JJght 68 51 .00 Walla .... 74 54 .00
Portland .. 74 50 .00 Win' imicca 92 44 .00
Red Bluff. 102 68 .00 Yiima ....104 SOJ .00
Abilene ... 102 78 .OO'lKnoxville . 84 60 .00
Atlan. City 78 70 .00 Louisville . 84 70 .00
Boston ... 82 62 .00; Memphis . . 84 78 .00
Buffalo 80 72 .00; Montgomery 8S 6S .00
Charleston 82 74 .00 Montreal . 76 64 .40
Chicago .. 88 66 .00; Moorhead . 60 44 .00
Denver ... 90 66 .04; N. Orleans. 92 78 .00
Dcs Molnes 90 70 .00 New York. SO 66 .00
Dodge City 104 72 .00: No. Platte. .. 52 .00
Duluth ... 62 56 .00' Oaklahoma. 104 80 .00
Durango .. 86 58 .oOj Pittsburg . 84 68 .00
Eastport .. .. 54 .00 Roswell .. 96 64 .00
Galveston . S3- SO .00! St.- I»uis. . 84 72 .00
Green Bay. ; 72 64 .00, St. Paul.. 70 56 .00
Hatteras .. 84 70 .00 Tampa- ... 84 74 .58
Havre .... 58 44 .00! Toledo ... SO 64 .00
Huron 88 48 .00 Washingtn 84 66 .00
Jacksonril. 86 74 .24 Winnipeg . 64 4SI .00
Kan. City. 96 78 .00 . '
A well marked depression overlies the valley of
the Arkansas and the country to the north as far
as the Platte. This disturbance will probably
move northeastward /over lowa and the lake re
gion. There has been no rain wen of the Rocky
mountains, but there have been ' showers in
eastern Colorado and cloudy, threatening weather
; lJU the Dakota*. and Montana. The weather has
j been somewhat " threatening in" the Ohio valley
and alsd in the south Atlantic states. In Califor
nia warm weather continues in the interior and
conditions are favorable | for the development of
a Sonora \u25a0 storm- over- the southeastern counties
and throughout the valley of the Colorado. Thun
der 6torms without -rain^re reported at Los
Aageles and Flagstaff. There has been a fall in"
temperature In Idaho and Montana. The high
fist-temperature at eastern points was 104 at
Dodge City, 104 at Oklahoma. 162 at Abilene and
96 at Kansas City. Inthe great' valley of Call
fornla afternoon temperatures range from 102 at
Sacramento to 10« at Fresno. The relative hu
midity at Red Bluff 'was 18 per cent and at
Fresno 23 per cent.
Forecast \u25a0 for the. 30 hours ending at 5 p. m.
.Wednesday, August 24, 1910:
\u25a0; San Francisco and vicinity — Fair Wednesday:
warm in the forenoon; light south wind changing
to moderate west. ..- —
.Santa Clara valley — Fair Wednesday; continued
warm; light west wind. -
Sacramento valley — Fair Wednesday: -very
warmduring the day; light variable wind. \u25a0
, San: Joaquln : : valley— Fair Wednesday; con
tinued warm : ' light ; west winds ; light afternoon
thunder : storms dn« the Sierras;. _ ;-.-. .
California south of ttfe Tehachapl — Unsettled
Wednesday with thunder : showers in the moun
tains; li£ht north wind changing, to south.
<; A.*OT McADIE, District Forecaster.
C." ; •',-- Monday, August 22. " v
Fli;sß p.". m.. stmr, Newport. Russell, 22 days 9
hours from- Ancon.', Via Maratlan sȣ days; pas
sengers , and: merchandise , to Pacific Mall steam
ship company.^ \u25a0. • \u25a0
-..-.- Tuesday." August 23. "
4:40 a. at., stmr Nann Smith. -Olsen, 45 hoars
from "•Coos- bay ;: lumber .to C A. Smith lumber
company.^.. \u25a0; . . '- •\u25a0 v --. - - • , t - -
2 p. m.. stmr, Wilhelmina.' Johnson, .*> days 23
hours 35 minutes from Honolulu: passengers and
merchandise to Matson -navigation- company.
10 a.-' m.i'Btmr Catania, CUnty, 60 hours from
Portland : ballast \u25a0to W. G. Tlbblttn. r -;
10:15 a. m.; stmr "Santa" Maria. Curtis. -20
hours from ' Port San -Luis; oil to Union oil com- !
pany. -.\u25a0•;\u25a0• - ; .-->t \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0. : '"\u25a0-'V, \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 -.-. r ; \u25a0\u25a0./\u25a0p\
• .10:30; a. ;m..,; m.., stmri ßeaver, v Kldston. i 23! hours
from : San I Pedro; I pansenjrers \u25a0 and • merchandise to
San:, Francisco. and-" Portland steamship jcoroijany.
\u25a0•i-j 11:50 a."m.*-*tmf - Falcon," DahlquUt, .65 hours
from* Portland, svla Astoria 50 Vi hours; merchan-'
disc to Williams,'^ Dimond & Co. ' -. ;
. ' 7:35' a."m.-. .stmr Fairhaven, Paulson. 90 hours
from -Port Gamble;' 7so,ooo feet lumber to Pope
&:Talbot^ :•--;\u25a0;\u25a0;,\u25a0•::>;.\u25a0: ;\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0--.\u25a0\u25a0:,\u25a0 \u25a0--.:,-\u25a0
-i 7:45 a.'m.Vftmr Pasadena.. McGorern, 13 hours
from- Albion: 270.000 feet lumber. 140 cords bark
to Albion lumber. company. \u25a0 : . - : :
'^8:30 : a.' m., • Btmr . Guatala, ; Martinson.'- 10 hours
from Fort , Ross ; 3,700 ties, , 103 cords bark to F.
Llnderman. \u25a0 v -.V. ' * '\u25a0'-,•- . ;•
: -5:25 a. ;m.,- stmr State -of 'California,*. Glelow,
i 17/ hours from Eureka ; \u25a0;• passengers r and mer
chandlse to Pacific Coast steamship company.
3:40 a. ni.. stmr Bear. Nopander. 44^ hours
from Portland, via Astoria 35^j hours; passen
gers and msrchanrlise to San Francisco and Port
land steamship, company.
1:30 a. m.. stmr Helen P. Drew, Gnnderson.
57 hours from San Diego; ballast to L. E. White
lumber company.
1:45 a. m;. stmr Brooklyn. Matsen. 32 hours
from San Pedro; ballast to H. Templeman.
. 5:55 a. m.. stmr Sea Foam. Henriekson. 14
hours from Mendoclno; -100,000 feet lumber to
H. Templeman.
Tuesday, August 23.
Stmr Bearer. Kidston. Astoria and Portland;
San Francisco and- Portland steamship company.
Stmr Queen, Zeh. Victoria ami Port Townscnd;
Paclflc Coast steamship companr.
iStmr Columbian. Nichols. Honolulu xla Seattle
and Tacoma: Williams, Dimond & Co.
Stmr Santa Rosa, Alexander. San • Diego and
way ports; Pacific Coast steamship company.
Tuesday, August 23.
C p. m., stmr Ho<iuiam. Reinertaen. Astoria.
1:25 p. m.. stmr Korea, Sandberg, Uonskong
and way ports. - »
2:20 p. m., stmr Queen, Zeh, Victoria and Port
_ownsend. . —
4:40 p. m., stmr Tallac. Hansen. Seattle.
4:15 p. m., stmr M. F. Plant, Burtls, Coos
bay. , ,- ..
• *4:20 p. m., atmr Columbian. Nichols. Seattle,
Tacoma and Honolulu.' •
.7:30 p. m., stmr Katherine. Mattson, Eureka.
7:50 a. m.. Nor stmr Tbor, Egenes. Nanaimo.
1:15 p. m., stmr Whlttier, Seaman. Port San
6:30 a.m., ship Diritro, Chapman, New York.
5:50 p. m.. schr Monterey. Kelly, Monterey;
in tow tug Navigator.
Aug. 14 — Latitude 37 north, longitude 49 west,
ship Erskine M. Phelps, from Norfolk for Hono
No date— Latitude 10 north, longitude 3ft west.
Fr bark Amlral de Cornulier, ' from Glasgow for
Aug. 7 — Latitude 50 north, longitude 5 west.
Fr ship Leon Elum, from Shields for San Fran
cisco. -^
July 2S— Latitude Jo north, longitude 26 west.
Fr bark Marechal de Castries, from Dublin for
POINT LOBOS.'Aug. 23. 3 p. m.— Hazy; wind
W; velocity S miles an hour.
POINT LOBOS. Aug. 23. 12 m.— Foggy; wind
TV; velocity 6 miles an hour.
TATOOSH. Aug. 23. 12 m.— Clear; wind E; ve
locity 4 miles an hour.
POINT REYES, Aug. 23, 12 m.— Clear; wind
S; velocity S miles an hour; light haze.
POINT LOBOS, Aug. 23, 10 p. m.— Weather
haiy; wind NW : velocity 8 miles an hour.
COOS BAY— Arrived Aug. 2U— Stmr Break
water, from Astoria.
SIUSLA.W RlVEß— Arrived Aug. 21— Schr
Oakland, hence July 22.
Sailed Aug. 20— Schr Sausallto, for San Fran
BELLI NGH AM— Sailed Aug. 22— Br stmr Tow
crgate. for Buenos Aires.
FORT BRAGG— Sailed Aug. 23— Stmr Coquille
River, for San Francisco.
Arrived Aug. 23 — Stmr Casco. . stmr Noyo,
hence Aug. 22.
\u25a0 Sailed Aug." 23— Stmr National City, for San
i SEWARD — Arrived Auz. 23. 8 a. m.— Stmr
Northwestern, from Valdez.
WRANGELL— Arrived Aug. 23. 4 a. m.— Stmr
Humboldt, from Seattle. Aug. 2^. 10:30 p. m. —
Stmr City of Seattle, from Ketchikan; 11:30 p.
m.. stmr Cottage City, from Skagway.
JCNEAU — Arrived Aug. 23, 12 m. — Stmr Port
land, from Cordova.
KETCHIKAN— Arrived Aug. 23. S a. m.— Stmr
Cottage City, from Skagway.
TACOMA— Arrived Aug. 20— Stmr Santa Ana,
from Seattle; stmr Wasp, from Seattle.
Sailed Aug. 23 — Stmr Wasp, Br stmr Kumeric,
for Seattle. /
PORT- GAMBLE— Arrived Aug. 23— Schr Wm.
Renton, from San Pedro.
POINT REYES — Passed south Aug. 23. 12:55
P- m. — A three masted steam schr; a three mast
ed schr.
SEATTLE— Arrived Aug. 22. 10 p. m.— Stmr
Jim Butler, hence Aug. IS. Aug. 23, 1 a. m. —
Stmr Santa Ana. from Valdez.
Sailed Aug. 22. 9 p. m. — Stmr Jefferson, for
Skagway: stmr Wasp, for Tacoma.
To sail Aug. *J3, p. m. — Stmr Jim Butler, for
Arrived Aug. 23— U. S. stmr Columbine, from
cruise; Br stmr Kumeric. \u25a0 from Tacoma.
Sailed Aug. 23— Stmr Jim Butler, for Tacoma:
11:30 a. m.. Br stmr Knight of St. George, for
Eagle harbor.
TATOOMI— Passed in Aug. 23. 6:30 a. m.—
Schr Metha Nelson, from Suva for Port Town
send: 7:30 a. m., U. S. stmr Columbine, from a
cruise: ll:Sf» a. jn.. Br stmr Zealandia. from
Sydney via Honolulu for Vancouver. •
Passed out Avar. 23, 5 a. m— Stmr Tlverton.
from Port Ludlow for San Francisco; 9:30 a. m
Br stmr Towergate. for Buenos Aire«
PORT CRESCENT— Passed In Aug. 23. 7:40 a
m. — A large two masted tramp stmr, black hull
and stack. .
GAVIOTA— SaiIed Aug. 21— Stmr J. A. Chans
lor. for Portland.
SAN PEDRO— Arrived Aug. 23. C a. m.— Stmr
Grace Dollar, from Albion.
To sail Aug. 23, p. m.— Stmr Grace Dollar for
Redondo Beach.
Arrived Aug. 23— Stmrs Hanalei and Manda
lay. hence Aug. 21. r
Sailed Aug. 23— Stmrs J. B. Stetson and Geo,
W. Elder, for San Francisco; 4 p. m.. stmr Grace
Dollar, for Redondo.
ASTORlA— Arrived Aug. 23. 0 a. m.— Schr H
It. Hall, hence Aug. 5; 1 p. m.. Ft ship General
ac Boisdeffre, from Newcastle. •X. S VC.
Sailed Aug. 23. 7 a. m.— Stmr Washtenaw,
for Port STan Luis.
PORT TOWNSEND— Arrived Aug. 23— Schr
T\ m. Renton. from San Pedro
CRESCENT ClTY— Arrived 22. 6 p. m—
Stmr Navarro, hence Aug. 20.
VALDEZ— Arrived Aug. 22, 4 a. m.— Stmr
Jeanie, from Seattle; 9 p. m.. stmr Northwest
ern, from Seattle.
GREENWOOD — Arrived Aug. 23 — Stmr
Whitesboro. hence Aug. 22.
UNION LANDING— To sail Aug. 23. p. m
stmr Aleatraz. for San Pedro.
EUREKA— SaiIed Aug. 23, 4 p. m.— Stmr J J
Loggie. for San Francisco. t " "
BOSTON— Arrived Aug. 22— Br stmr Indra
mayo. from Manila.
NEW YORK— Arrived Aug. 23— Stmr Advance,
fj-om Colon. *
PumrM^o. 23 ' 2:2 ° a - m - %tm \ TCMa - **
ISLAND PORTS ' -.• \u25a0'-.
HONOLULU— SaiIed Aug. 23— Jap stmr Tenyo
Maru, for Yokohama.
VANCOUVER— ArriTed Aug. 23. 6 a. m.— Or
stmr Radames. hence Aug. 19; due at Nanalmo
Ausr. 23. p. m.
VICTORIA— Arrived Aug. 23— Br stmr Spit
head, from Mororan: Br stmr Zealandia. from
Sydney via Honolulu.
Sailed Aug. 23— Br stmr Cape Flnisterre. for
Adelaide. I
VALPARAISO— SaiIed Aug. 22— Ger stmr
Osiris, for San Francisco.
MAZATLAN — Arrived Aug. 21— Stmr Curacao
from Guaymas and sailed for San Francisco. .
HONGKONG — Arrived Aug. 23 — Br stmr Asia
hence July 26 via Honolulu and Yokohama
PERlM— Passed Aug. 23— Br stmr Ashtabula
for — . -
SUEZ— Arrived AusrJ 22— Br stmr Jura, from
Manila for New York.
YOKOHAMA— Arrived Aug.. 20— Br stmr Su
veric. from Seattle.
NEWCASTLE. N. S. W.— ln port Aug. 9— Fr
bark Rossnet. for San Francisco.
ANTWERP.*-Saile<l Aug. 20— Fr ship Andre
Theodore, for San Francisco.
CHIN WANGTAU— SaiIed An?. 7— Fr stmr
Amlral Hamelin. for San Francisco.
ST. LUCIA— Sa lied Aug. s—Br5 — Br stmr Ilford,
for Chimbote and Pan Francisco.
ST. NAZARIE— SaiIed Aug. B— Br ship Spring
bank, for Santa Rosalia.
HALIFAX — Arrived Aug. 23 — Stmr Campania
from Rotterdam.
LIVERPOOL— Arrived Au;r. 23— Stmr Lusi
tanla. from New York.
Arrived - Aug. 22— Stmr Lakonia. from Mon
HAMBURG— Arrived Aug. 22— gtmr Amerika,
from New York.
Sailed Aug. 20 — Stmr Patricia, for New York
(not previously).
PLYMOUTH— Arrived Aug. 23— Stmr George
Washington, from New York.
QUEENSTOWN — Arrived Aug. 23 — Stmr Ftmjs
land. from Philadelphia.
TRIESTE — Arrived Aug. 23 — Stmr Atlanta,
from New York. - ' ..
GLASGOW — Arrived Aug. 23 — Stmr Furnessla,
.from' New York. .
NEW YORK— Sailed Aug. 23— Stmr Potsdam,
for Rotterdam; stmr Kronprlnzessln Cecilie, for
Bremen. *
Arrived 'Aug." 23— Stmr' Kronprinz . Wllhelm,
from Bremen.
Stmr F. A. Kilburn, previously reported on fire
and sunk, .was raised this morning: and towed to
Vallejo street wharf; vessel is badly borned and
cargo badly damaged.". .
Per stmr^ Falcon, from Astoria and Portland,
at San , Francisco Aus. 23— Aug. 23. 10 a. m.,
off -Double point north magnetic 4W miles,
passed a spar; looked like a schooner s lower
mast; about 2 feet out of water.
Export* by the Ancon Llnrr
The steamer, City of Panama sailed for Ancon
and way ports on Saturday with cargo valued at
$65,861, the distribution \u25a0 belnß " as follows: For
Mexico. $6.43»» > Central America.- $10,045; Pa
nama. $2,132: New York.: $45,370; Colombia
$1,705; .Ecuador. ?120; British Honduras, $56.
The principal exports and their destinations were
as . follCTs:£2pbMsnOMsMPßcqQSiinmßpgaHfaMi
To Mexico— l9.36o lbs. tallow. 1.093 lbs seeds.
26 kegs ; powder. 9,000 ft pipe staves. ; 34.529 ft
lumber.'- 10 cs . oils, : 23 pkgs • machinery. 103 gals
wine, : 33 ca » mineral ; water,' '\u25a0 20 ctls barley. 10
The following property will be sold at Pubrje
Auction for tbe account of Southern Paciflc C<x.
and whom it may concern, beginning on
August 31. 1910. at 10 o'clock a. m.. and con-
tinuing at the same hour dally until the sale
has been completed, at the
Berry street between Third and Fourth streets.
San Francisco. Cal.. where said goods are held
and stored, to pay freight and storage and other
lawful charges thereon.
Consisting of trunks, boxes, suitcases, valises,
hampers, baby carriages, blcjcles, orercoau.
furs, umbrellas, etc. \u25a0 >
Consisting of groceries, machinery, lumber,
household goods, furniture, liquor. glas»war<»
and hardware. For detailed list se« Recorder of
August 23. 1910.
J. W. SOUTHER, Auctioneer.
At 11 a. m.. 205 and 200 Valencia St.. I will sell
I car of broke and unbroke horses and mares; als«
SO head of cheap stock, all kinds of wajons.
I buggies, carts ami harness. Outside stock sold
on commission. Phone Park 2723.
cs canned joods. SI pkjrs potatoes. 400 lt>s dried
fruit and raisins.
To Central America— t.SKS bbls floor. «n «•»
whisky, 47f» sals and 30 cs wine. 6ST. lbs hams.
615 lbs dried fruit, 25 bxs raisins. 17 cs canned
coods. 51 pkgs fresh fruits. 2!> pfcp» potatoes.
25 drums kerosene. 2 bbls oil. 7.41S lbs soda, 10
pkjrs assay good*.
To Panama— 233 bbls flour. 2,730 lbs beans.
127 cs canned goods. 5.500 lbs garlic. 70? Ibd
earvanzas. 60 pkgs potatoes. 23 pkgs onions. "3
cs salmon. 6SO gals wine.
To New York— 4K.7s£> gals wine. 8.198 c*
canned goods. 224.0u> lbs raisins. 27.500 Tb*
To Colombia — 394 bbls flour.
To Ecuador— lo bbls flour. 1.433 lbs raisin*.
3 pkgs fruits.
To British Honduras — 2O cs canned fruit.
A Cargo for >err York
The ship Dlrigo sailed for New York yester
day with a general merchandise cargo, including
66.5*7 sks barley. 1.592 bbls wine. 100 bN»
4.831 bales scrap tin. 40 tons scrap iron. 335
cable reels and 14S pkgs parts.
Jacob Schoenfeld and wife to Leopold Wetn
steln, lot 249. Sprln; Valley" homestead: $10.
Homeland company to n. Guyton, lots 33 aad
3D, block 6, Sunnyside; $10.
Leonllda Cavagllerl to Robert M. M. Taylor,
lot In E line of San Bruno avenue. 75 S of
Eighteenth, S 25 by E 10O; $10. V •
Peter J. Bcrke to Andrew F. Burke, lot ia'X
line of Uatjcht street. 100 W of Scott, W 23 oy
N 137:6; $10.
Sarah J. Cheney and hnsband to Henry Schmnt
owlu and wife. lot In E line of Tenta avenue.
225 V of O street. N 23 by E 120; $10.
Elizabeth D. Watt to C. O. G. Miller, two-fifths
of lot In S line of Paciflc avenue. 56 W of Baker
; street, W 50 by S 127:3*4 aad all Interest In
lot In S line of Paciflc avenue between Baker and
Lyon streets: $10.
Elizabeth W. Campbell t» same, one-fifth of
same; $10.
James Ambrose to Orilla M. Grimes, lot la
NE line of Sixteenth avenue South, 130 NW of
O street, NW 75 by NE 100; $10.
George F. Lyon and wife to Mary M. Roberts,
lot in S line of Montana street, 230 E of Ply
mouth. E 75 by S 125; $10.
Daniel A. Leddy to Madeline Parts, lots 33 4
and 53H, gift map 2; $10.
Jacob Heyman company- to Margaret D. Re«d.
lot In S line of B street, K> E of Tnirty-flfta
avenue. E 25 by S 110; $10.
Jacob Weissbeln and wife to Annie Powers. lot
in W line of Twenty-eighth avenue, 225 S of
Geary street. S 40 by W 120; $10. - -
Crocker estate company to Fannie Davis, lot
IS. block 7. additions to Castro Street addition
and Glenn Park terrace; $10.
Alfred Puccini to Mary Puccini, lot in W line
of Jones street. 68:0 N of Lombard. N 23 by W
137:6; gift.
John Regli to Alexander Mueller, lots 9, 10
and 11. and S two-fifths of lot 12. block A of
subdivision 19. west end. map 2: $1".
O. J. Farrell to Ltaette C. k'arreU. lot in W
line of West Twenty-ninth avenue. 175 S of U
street. S SO by W 120; gift.
Nebon realty company to Fred Peterson, lot
in w line of Baker street, 100 S of Fulton, S
25 by W 123; $10.
Parkside realty company of Saa Francisco to
F. XI. Warren, let In 3 line of Q street. 107:6
W of Twelfth avenue. W 23 by S 100: $10.
Same to Grace Block, lot In N line of S street.
32:6 W of Twenty-seventh avenue. W 25 by N
100; $10.
Same to Louise B. Lambert, lot ia E line o?
Fourteenth avenue, 275 S of Q street, S 23 by E
120; . $10.
Frederick Ruhland and wife to William Ollaad
Carman, lot in E line of Twenty -third avenue.
175 S of Clement street. S 25 by E 12f>: $10.
Ducas company to Clifford Allred, lots 27 and
2S, block 16. Sunnyside; $10.
Maria McCarthy et aL to Giovanni Plzzorni and
wife, lot la N line of Chestnut street. 172:6 E
of Stockton. E 20 by V 70: $10.
Anne Begley to Katherine Browalee. lot In
S line of Seventeenth street. 50 W of Colltng
wood. W 15 by S 73; gift.
Frank Steffen to Maria Steffen. lots 243 and
213. Heyman tract: gift.
Federal security company to Wllllaia Stewart,
lot in SW line of Eighth aTenne South. 270 NW
of L street. NW SO by SW 10O: $2,250.
Louis Healey et al. to Carl E. Beckmas, lot
in W lin<» of Twentieth avenue, SCO N of Ful
ton. N 25 by W 120; $10.
John Joseph Geary to Jennie Summer, lot in
S line of I street. S2:« W of Thirty-second ave
nue. "W 23 by S 1C0; $10.
John Joseph Geary to Margirette Haanao. lot
la S line of I street, 107:6 W of Thirty-second
avenue, W 25 by S 100; $10.
Jacob Heymaa company to Henry Scault, lot
on S corner of Wbolsey and Saratoga streets.
SE 100 by SW 23: $10.
Henry Grimm and wife t<» Jame» A. Mac
kenzie, lot in E line of Larkln street. 67:6 S of
.Pacific. S 30 by E 6f1:9; $tO.
James A. Mackenzie and wife to Anaift It.
Howels. same: $10.
Jo«eph F. Gallagher aad wife et al. to Frsai
R. "Dann. lot in W m line of 30 rara lot 1130.
70 N line of Sacrament© street. N parallel wits
Leavenworth 22:6. E 61) to alley 17:6 wide. S
22:6 by W 60; $10.
AdeUide M. Marks to M. O'Saanganesay. lot
in S line of Haleht street, 53 "W ȣ Pierce.
W 27:6 by S $7:6; $10.
Robert W. Taylor to George "W. T«T*or and.
wife, lot in SB ltn« of Lisbon street, 273 JJE of
Russia avenue. NE 25 by SB 100; $10-
Willlam Straub and wife to Angnst G. Wles
mann, lot in E line of Walter street. 43 N of.
Fourteenth. N 23 by E 125: $10.
Katherine Wlesmann et al. to August G. Wies
mann. lot In N line of Twenty-s»cond street.
79 E of Guerrero, E 26 by N 90; 510.
BuiifHng: Contracts
Annie J. Rock with A. E. .Olaen— All work,
except plumbing, for a thre* story fraoe build
ing (flats) In S lln« of Twenty-fourth street.
105 W of Castro, W 27:« by S 114; $5,300.
Thomas H. and Hannah Collins wita Cox
Brothers — To. erect a two story frame building
in W line of Tenth avenue. 200 S of H street.
5 25 by TV 120: 14.570.
Emll and Lena Flaehsman with, Antonio Fer
reeelo. & Co. — Tt> erect a on* story and basement
frame building In NB Use of Shatter street. 350
SE-of Lane: $2,000.
Patrick and Joaannah Shea witi EMn Broth
ers — To erect a two story frame building «fl3ts)
In W line of Noe utreet. 133 N of Seventeenth.
N 25 by W 130: $5,423.
John G. Sutton company wita H. H. Larsrn
6 Brothers — To erect a one story brick flasa
C bulldln? at S> corner of F«lsom street and
Elizabeth place. 160 hy SW 57:«; $10,760.
Mrs. Minna Hess with Isaac Permy — To erect
a two story and basement frame building in N
line of Clay streei. 137 W of Devlsadero. W, 4rt
by N 127:S;;; $5,410. .
Martha A. nerriaston with Slat* * Wheel
and — Alterations and additions to bnlldlmr in W
line of Broderick street. 75 N of Fell. N X i»
S 90:10, between Fell and Hayes: $2.8? O.
J. B. TreadwMl with Holm A Son and Genry>
A. Wara — To erect a thre<» story and Mscm<>n«
frame Iwlldln* In N line ef Pine street. 87:« B
of Larkln. E 50 by N 137 :«: $23,500.
490 California St. Tel. Douglas 2457
St. Francis Hotel Tel. Douglas 3052
Members o! New York Stock Exchange
Pioneer House
"Private Wire to Chlcaco. aad
Xew York.
R. E. MULCAHY, aianajrer
Private. Wire — s«w Yort, CoJcaso,
Western Union Co4e. \u25a0-j
Main O Rice. Mill* Bids-, Saa Francisco
Branch Office* — Palace Hotel (mala
corridor>, Saa Francisco. Hotel Alex-
andria, Vo» Ancele*, CaJ.
Correspondents— Harris, Wlnthrop A
Co., >'ew York, CMcajo, London aad

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