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V /^ifP^k 4 (^^\(SSp) OAKLAND a^^fe^ STORE " %sW) "m ?
I* 1 ins vjireat «^ale v-lnly on rricifity * l^n^^^^^^^^q I^^^n/v^^^^t^^^ \u25a0 z - \^^^^^~^^^^^^^^^i ' lliis Ajrest o&le vJniy on xridsy
The Gold Nuggets of '49, precious and pure, sought after |g||^T^'^^'^^^^^^^^B J / '^' ie rst "Nugget Day, V held last month, was an unquah-
by thousands, and symbolic of quality, marked, the be- i/o£k:^ '^^^S^^^^^^^^^?^^^ -^ * \u25a0 '^^^^^^Mk^'^^^ e<^ succe s s - Today we open a new merchandise vein,
ginning of California's prosperity. They will forever '^S : ' : -^ ~^W^^W^ ml^6p : which we know offers up more "Nuggets," better **Nug-^
mark California's nro^re^s \. t *bS/ iW^^v tv«^^^^^^^^g^^« . — j^==g : .-^'-^- — - jrs \?t\'. jr^^j^*L " Sr / §cts, greater rsuggets tor your selection.
,vr „ t r ,\u2666../- i i ,' %^^^^^^^^^TT~ '' -\^^^^^^^Z^^/&/(W^^S^^^^sM O ur buyers have searched local and foreign markets. In
-Gold Nugget Day" at Hale s significantly marks a day of ?ll|S^^ fair competition we have selected the bestln genuine pure
prosperity for our customers. Merchandise nuggets, the f^4^K^^^^^F^^^^^ "Nugget" merchandise, wherever found,
best the market affords, sold closer than at any other time |1 TOftw l^^^^^'. W^^^h^^^* We say with good reason that you must come early. We
of the year, make their appearance today. These "nug- W^^k,^^^^^^' aye securec^ nes w hich we believe will last all day,
gets" mark the merchandising supremacy of the Hale < 'WSfB^M '"-^'^^^M^^^^^^^^ «<^^^^ ' ' • W % '^[| \u25a0"*"*" ""! but the demand for "Nuggets" is greater sometimes than
g New Autumn Hat Shapes n . ,*\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 w-,-, -y y T /. ..,cz \u0084 c Gross Stripe Curtains s^v
({lOq A striking assortment of r- Every i Resident of Greater Oakland and Vicinity Should See , the , CA r A line of cross stripe J^Tl\
lf^ new Fall shapes— a welcome • Exhibit of Home Products and .Manufactures* dt Exhibit Hall— . • ' JVt curtains, suitable for inside draper. 1125t
contribution to this great "Gold Nugget QAkTI AMn , '• LJ 1 D >7 C Z7 • C/ Illiil Wa^l AND or .wind6w drapes, beautiful effects in red, F-V
Sale, and an offering certain to prove , * Hale Br OS. Inc. San t ranctSCO Store. UAM-.AINU green, yellow, orange or brown stripes, on ?r?~t-
popular. Fur. felt hat shapes in two-tone effects STORF The exhibit opened last night in San Francisco with great success. It lasts from Sep- , STORF white or cream grounds. All 3 yards 'long.
• temberYtoW. Nearly WO firms exhibit products, manufactured goods, or ma- " _- . Edition to the 50c quality we offer the follow-
white combinations. Iheseareverv strong \ alues \u0084.., . l- - f i' l- ~ j n J t -, ' \.t x a * tr\ r\ \u25a0 ing values, some in corded stripes, mercerized stripes,
; at this price and would easily command $3.95 and j 1 chiner\) m operation making goods. Band concert every night from Bto ]0. Open \ . . an d others in silk stripes. .
$- if not a special "Gold Nugget" Sale offering. every business day and evening. A great boost for California! Free. . . - .
I ' " \u25a0 ' ' •' \u25a0 \u25a0 - •..-..\u25a0:..\u25a0\u25a0 - \u25a0 •\u25a0••...- 1 . . \ . 75c pair — saving 25c $1.50 pair— saving 50c
v^-. French Curl Plumes . * ; ~~ ' r-7 MT i*M • ' " \u25a0'"\u25a0\u25a0 •'"'\u25a0\u25a0•"\u25a0•\u25a0 - :; 90c pa - r ~ savi . ng 3sc $L7s pai . r ~ savi . ng 7sc
• feg^) $3.75 X^l Enter the Mine Friday at "^^W^^^^^ "Look for^ Goods Designated as J^JS^^gS
r|fg^i?|^P^ ; * .8:30o-dock- M^M^OD^og^^^ Xold Nuggets- . : ,: Famous Grass Rugs
quality of these plumes is superb, their appearance . ** BWISBamiI \u25a0\u25a0i»'«n»« v: . . hO°^sM OC^ Come plain or with attractive
beautiful, and at $3.75 each the values are truly mar- i : — — i '-— —.. — — 1 tPOtN stenciled designs, 13x36 inches in
lus 1 1 1 i Valuable Nuggets for Men Nuggets in Domestics n^^r following sizes at the fo1 "
r^^\ LOQ?> Black Melton CoatS ' ~T— — — — — — — .•\u25a0...\u25a0 — ] 27x54 inches, 55c each— saving 20c
ve £ Ha " dso^ e black Melton <f^^ : White Plaited Shirts I S®| Fine ' White Nainsook ; 36x72 inches, $1.05 each-saving ;oc
\riEJ<k v«- r-^^ v - coats, -i 4 inches long, semi- --^Vsi , «Ti tv>t > Tin.-x ™-^ j «.. ; <To~^' *?>' -\u25a0 „,,.,. XT . , • " , , ox 9 feet, $3.25 each — saving.Sl.7s
XiSrl fining, strictly tailored, lined to the 62c \u25a0 n f y hlte Plaited S , hirtS ' C^ S iSgyeA Q c V( J White Nainsook, m checks . . $6 50 each-.avine $4 00
waist! In black only. Very smart in f ff?W "^ attached, coat style, per ect < g^j ?% yU# . , a » d h^f ',Y cr >' . \u25a0 teet, 5»6.50 each saving $4.00
appearance ' ' X «^J fitting: one ot the best makes on the market. iosri^ medium weight; suitable \u25a0 tor waists and Also Tapestry Brussels carpet rugs at 51c— saving
\u25a0•A great opportunity for. men. . V children's wear; 27 inches wide. you 14c. . Size 22x36 inches, very handsome and de-
Lonff Silk GloVeS Men ' s Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, full size, soft finish Striped Tennis Flannel, cream grounds pink or . blue sirable; floral patterns only.
i^iacv vjiuvco », stripes : soft and fleecy ; 36 inches wide ; at 8c a yard, ?. r< , . r
-^ave^ Cg c Long Silk Gloves, 16-button or > 4 inch hem, 6c each, saving you 9c. . - saving 2c a yard. . \u25a0 , . Also Handsome reversible rugs at 45c-saving you
r A42^^ length; come in white, a few in Men's Leather-End Suspenders, strong webbing, cast- . Cotton Hemmed Huck Towels, size 18x36 inches; deep 15c Fringed at both ends, in rich Oriental colors
\]JZ£ black or gray. An event in gloves that off ends U y zZ a -^ savh 12^ Q red border; soft finish. 6^c each, savingyou 2c each. \u25a0; only. -Size 30x60 inches.
every woman who buys will long \u25a0 * J . . Hpmm .j M^rrpnVpfi Nflnkins we ifivVfi inches 65c a '.
remember. . Men s Guaranteed Socks, 6 pairs guaranteed to wear 6 dozen kaviiie you : Also Axminster rugs, 2/xo4 inches, floral or Oriental
Also Silk Gloves at 39c a pair, saving you 36c-These months, in tan only. 15c a pair, saving you 10c. White Wool Blankets double bed size 76x84- inches patterns, bound ends, at $1.47-saving you 48c.
are 'seconds, but the imperfections are so slight wnue yvooi DianKeis aoume Deu mzc, /u^°^ "icnes,
as to be scarcely noticeable. Some embroidered in Men's Mercerized Silk Socks, 10 different plain shades, bound with wide silk binding, pink or blue border.. • Q oQ A Jananese MattintT -'/*>>
one row; others have Paris point embroidery. In double soles, heels and toes. 12^c a pair, saving you $3.45 each,,saving you $1.03. # - . • UUUU JdpcHlWC mdlimg :yTJ,
white, navy, brown, gray and many other shades. 12Uc. " White Marseilles Spreads, double bed size. 84x94 inches ; ISc VQ Linen warp Japanese. mat- yip o^}
: . heavy quality. $2.45 each, saving you $1.05. . m,%j\* <f ting in a very choice assort-
D1 O/ ,L QilL- I Jel^ 1-I^kOA Men's Black or Tan Socks, seamless, fast dye. 4c a pair, . \u2666 ment of colors. Matting that will wear ; V /
BlaCk 3llk LlSle HOSe sa vingyoulc. • •, " \u25a0' .>*» < , Black Silk Taffeta l and certainly a string value at this "«^ /
9Q^ Women's Black Silk Lisle Hose, v ; fe JslvT^ A-PICIV.IV uiiiv toiicia .. special price.
/ 2 tt% C a splendid imported Hermsdorf Men's Muslin Night Shirts, V neck, fancy front, full size ; <^*^ V) gQ c V J An offering in Black Taffeta 1 i-« i t^. r
Oe^'^j black hose. Has white top and is full a strong value at 35c, saving you 15c. Y^l 5 J**. at such savings that you pro- i^-*^>- Metal framed PictllFeS^
-x^ixs f ash j oned At \u25a0 this ' special low "Gold \u0084 , ' , ff . „ . ''. * ,' '\u0084, . ~ -l >>-^/ fit greatly. A splendid quality ; wear spe- V^ve^N v M '\u0084 ** AV^
Nugger' price these bose are remarkable values and Men s Fine Madras Pajamas, stripes and figured designs, • .\ . r cially guaranteed; extra heavy, with soft, C-2.9t- : i' 19c ?- sllver fimsh ' shapes are
women will wisely buy many pairs Friday. ~ well made, perfect fitting, at 70c a suit, saving you 80c. lustrous finish ; 22 inches wide. \ v$ round, oblong or square. Some
Also Children's Fine Ribbed School Stockings, fast Also a specially guaranteed quality of Black Taffeta, 26 . AP-^^ are plain,; others richly ornamented. A
black, double knees and foot; in all sizes for the boy -*^. fVicn N^xat FmKi-nirl^i^r - inches wide, at 95c a yard, saving you 30c a yard. \u25a0 \u25a0 great variety of subjects. Splendid 50c
or girl. Splendid wearing quality, lie a pair, .4"wS " i^CW ILmprOiaery - Also beautiful: all silk Pongee, in natural color only, 27 at 19c each.
«avinjr you 4c. T .w. A irowvi A strong line of Embroid- inches wide, at 50c a yard, saving you 20c on every n .« C T J C ' ~- -
\u25a0 * \\J^A 1 tvy t mSusoo_yzrds,n^ . yard. . . , . \u25a0•• • . Pretty Scarfs and Squares ft?j^# v
f^nffnri RiKKi^rl V#acfc and crisp; first time offered in this special Also splendid Foulards, 27 inches wide, in handsome or- Clunv-edeed Scarfs and Sauares '*fe|s ov>^t»
• igT*^ LI - 011 «UDOt« VCBW .-X>^ sale; 27 inches wide; eyelet, blind and scroll small, figured designs ; extremely, desirable material at OOC \u25a0 handsome effects Wfi -Sie-^
JOflvev 10 1^ Women s Light Weight Cot- effects ; suitable for women sor children s dresses and 29c a yard. C.r IS V^4 inrfi^- - inrTi^« a -/ : ID T?/
\u25a0\u25a0 ; \ xx * -^ v ' ton Ribbed Vests, high neck, skirting. A very unusual value. \u25a0' -'-^ :r:: r : - r>'^ : ' "'\u25a0 n - . regular 50c value. \7.% Vv^S3^^
%-a/ long sieves, trimmed with tape and pearl . . , . . T . . r/7^J>:,:': rOTlililai*- v^.t"PaiTl -
:.-V : TT^ buttons. A very splendid -quality, at . Also a beautiful line of Valenciennes Lace and Inser- JT upumr, V^rcaill UCI gC . Also Pillow Ruffling of good quality scrim, 4y> yards
this price. " ' tions; 12 yard pieces, at 35c a piece, saving you loc. I V 4Q C -J. : Cream Serge, wfth attractive . to each piece, at 19c the piece, saving you 6c
-- „ , _\u0084 • \u25a0 %C.Si \u25a0 r \u25a0*' pencil stripes, plain or her- ' • '
Women's Flannelette Gowns Women s Dainty Neckwear fi^J^pi^^^..^ . s'lnch5 ' Inch MessaKne Ribbon
oo Made of splendid flannelette, -VvArfi 10^ A beautiful assortment of * "ported" fabric, fine' -Svale," 44 inches/\yide, at 70c a yard, /oave \ 1C r vr l A xich assortment of beau-
•s^fP4v striped, no collar, yoke of plain 'V / i r P Ut< i Collars and Jabots, saving you 30c. a yarcl. .. . 3;. :^ *^^ JM^tiful 5-inch mcssaline rib-
i<tt blue or pink flannelette, trimmed with • * ai *~ s s made fine lawn lace edged; some : are .. Also- Gray Serge,- all wool, '\y 2 yards wide, in. gray mix- ".'')g£igr : : bon, allsilk, in all the most desirable Fall
\u25a0.V->atfiia<? /.finishing- braid. Splendid for 'winter ... : plaited. U omen desiring pretty neckwear tures. A very unusual value at 70c a yard, saving you shades. At this low price you will do
wear and strikingly low priced in this great sale. wl]l welcome these at this price. •; t 3Oc a yard . " .- .v. v ' " : >' dI to buy. now for future use. Splendid for.mil-
IW^M Women's Muslin Skirts jr% Tailored Lawn Waists A iso a splendid quality O f Moire • Ribbon, 3 inches
(^S^^% GO Have deep flounce of lace or i^ qv^\ CQ C TailoredXawn Waists, large Gibson/ -w a^)-^ \u25a0\u25a0 -^ : O A^:' "An • assortriieht-! of- -Women's -.'Belts;:- wide, all silk, in all the staple shades ; excellent for
\_37£ J embroidery, and fine tucks. f. A-Ti V plait over shoulder and small hand- \u25a0i'-i^fc'tt' '»'! 7s?- in various . children's hair bows, at 10c a yard, saving you 4c a
J^cfcS* \u25a0•*^^e;have-\deep-'lawn"niffle with fine .kerchief pocket,; laundered collar - and "' colors, including. black, : gold, rich Persian yard. . .
tucks, finished with deep hem. cuffs.- . : ' Mi^- ' effects; \-etc v - .. Buckles v are : brass, oxidized, m ' T U' : l-l)- : V s
r-1.-lJ> h 1 JTV • Also Lingerie;Waists,with : round lace yoke, finished^vith" . and" various 'designs. - ! _ . Women S|HMICI B^S^:6^|^^ :
: .. ~^~**k ChllCl S UoloreCl JL/reSSeS small tucks, buttons in back, short sleeves. \u25a0.. , licyUf Maffinrr Splendid quality Bags at this price, split
.. plaits to front and back; yoke, belt .and h ; : ; r \- '??:.\u25a0>.; /.. . X^l^"^P^Si 7 :}^ l^ 1 /j$R n^:«*^ 1-J Jl U- X
cuffs neatly piped with plaid gingham. Ages 2to /— r-^, " Fl'fl^' SJSU' P^ffJroafe ot 'i ' \u25a0 I ? a^J" ;t -n m "» n^ Strong brass clasps. '.% % MaiMy nandKerChierS
:•\u25a0;; 5 years. A value that should interest every parent. V^^^J rme IIK "reiUCOaiS 24 inches. Very/light and convenient for women to •.^.^l 7l/ Or , Dainty Lace and Embroidered
Also Child's Rompers, of blue chambray ; turn down >HO^ eiQC> Only a "Gold Nugget", Sale can cai !> r - \u0084 \u0084 : . ,*. . . * . F$R& ' '*^ Handkerchiefs, white or col-
collar, pretty yoke, belt and cuffs— all piped in T*| 00/ .T.**'^ bring forth such values ; as these . >_^^i (>~~~l UiL^ ;« T^^^lr* ored borders; also some plain white of
white. Sizes 2, 4 and 6, at 19c each, saving you 6c. * •(-ii-^- i" women's silk .petticoats. These Silk £^rj^ V- aiueS \u25a0 m 1 IUIIKS S&£/& • good quality lawn. ". All excellent values
m/, . t n "..'. ' M •>: ?!SSn^;£PJSs^^^^ V^£2v4^ : CA Offerings \u25a0in "'Trunks at "Gold " ' • i . -l^ I«r • W
Mercerized rettlCOatS . I {remarkable $2.95 -values, and. splendid values, even at U, A $0,011: Nugget" prices that will surely - Embroidered WaiSt FrOntS
S<«ve.\ *' — T-i i j i in ' that price. -Come in changeable and plain colors. All r "- t \*Ji&! v\ ' rirnvp n star item in this o-feat* sale "-• » .>>L T^
95C These have a deep tucked flounce, are pure silk, with a 12-Mi flounce; -15 different : 3g c A- new assortment of Embroid- W-^
rs!^r 5 !^ VT 77 0u^ le »f hs '. m fa »^f st "P^ . shades; including: golden brown, navy blue, emerald hickory • C " d Waist Fronts, colored or .
S|3^ effects of blact and white or blue and — Roman gSlc^ light blue, also" changeable laven- • braced strblie Sk=ftass Alamos^o with cbv- Plamwhite; ft yard to a piece. Beau- (M^rM
. *" white. Have a bright silky finish'resem- der and^reen and o ld blue'and Vreen laVpnri^r- - - , 4vJ^°"^ -°- r'- -I? S f- - - ">gf » two trays^witti £ov- t hul patterns, and al crisp and new. AVa-^?
blin'r taffeta and <nve ru^tlino- effect > % ac^ an . a , g ff n? , gree ! 11 L an - &? mm ' Dluc :. an .a green, lav encler. ered hat box lined with, linen. Straps are extra heavy. F . .*. **\u25a0\u25a0""" " c * ; v, • ,:
bhn fe tatteta. ana g^^ c ru r tiin fa ettect. dp k blackvandgreen green and brown and other. r : "34-iiich size at $6.50, saving; $3.50; 36-inch size at $6.5Q, : .. . ,-. . \u25a0 '
OAkri AND STORF •\u25a0•.beautiful, combinations.-; \u25a0 Beyond doubt;, great /values. - ; -saving ,$4.45; 38-inch size at $6.50, saving you $5:45. ' OAKLAND STORE
i^JSTjBT 'W Notions Below Hegular Prices Toiliei Nfeeds at Prices *ffl o
I^^lßM^gS^^j^nQQO GOODJ^*^^ Black, or White Spool Cotton, 7 for 25c. On Many Tooth Brushes, firm bristles, various shapes and sizes^ at -
Darning Cotton, black, white, tan, 6 spools sc. - Small 19c,lsaving y6Ui6c. : ;
Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, ;:HairVNets, all .over net;j all ; shades; ; 3 [for i.0c.1 yv C e</ s . ,Menn^h>lßorated;Talcum,^thebest talcum on the mar- Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, :
Sacramento and -Stockton Collar Foundations, all sizes. 3 for 10c. Ice S " , vket, rl2s4c,{saviiig;2^c.^ ; Slightly' daiiiaged : by smoke. Sacramento and Stockton

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