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Question Suggested by Exhibi
tion of Local Manufactures
\ at
Visitors Are Shown Operatives
• "i ai Work,; While Orchestra
Plays Bewitching Music
\u25a0\u25a0..'\u25a0•'We don't send east for our babies.
"Why should w* 1 for their carriages T'
• Such is the sign on an exhibit of baby,
carriages a \^-x : .\& home industry fair on
the fourth i!lo.or of Hale Brothers' store, ;
and 3t 'echoes'; (he spirit dominating one ;
of the most ir.ieresting and instructive i
expositions Vv<-r held in California.
v, The Hon:*: "industry League of Cali
fbrrjia'v expi?si;jjru which is to last 10
was rcpoi.td laist night with a
crowd that] Jllletl the streets of Cali
fornia City, as the oxhibition has been
•'\u25a0"riarhed.. " } An <•! cliestra played from S j
until : :o ov:.-<!i iwhile ; the visitors;
strayed fro ••'.ont lv to booth, watching
thft '\u25a0\u25a0P'"- I '. •• • ;r.akc overalls, knitted !
g-ooJs Vnrs.l \u25a0 '\u25a0'•\u25a0 Inv.s or ; gathering in
c:^rtfcitv>. . :trcU tamaics.
canSy ,-md tho «:;ir.y other article* that
w*;e freely • I .)?p'.usc<3 by the ; fair uem
:onsi r» torPi \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0' .' .\u25a0\u25a0 . ; . : '
The kmswins ope'> will take ..shopping
baskets with : ;hem if th^y hope:; to
carry away ,ail the California made ar
t;< !<?? trim &'.:\u25a0 handed out to ;\ them.
Honii i \nt>'tit:t:s promoted
.<. ;{ : if>r?. is '.':\u25a0 .• '•:- :i hlazc of inc-an- !
drs^rit Marlvt« : : Jiitl artistic booths, in i
.-\u25a0which: the; i &I*P;* '•- us?d most \u2666ffect
ively for :*it»<*i>rfcting. To Director Gerj
ora' D. 2. ' M *>•->:- a is du<> the credit of
s^avjn< r.«=i=< :r,i.':. .i r. v.anderful display
o« ::ianv of < \u25a0.-I'.ifvrr.ta's products. Great
cure hey !;'.-\t. rr.lc^Ji to p^<? that only |
\u25a0\u25a0<;a ; if-M-":.-» :.;.• <lispla>ed. ; . .Thej
<J«>Riaud To:- thfY ?ji:s was. \so .great
that n:;i!iy -piwi'vt;.. c exhibitors had
to he vef{i<e,l. \u25a0} \u25a0- . :'\u25a0:: '\u25a0'\u25a0' f.i \\ \
.' '.'Tiie Kuocess <f ihe exhibit exceeds i
the fondest hopes of rhe members of
the Home Industry League. : A de
cided impetus is surely being given to
I'fA-i va;tipaign of education which the
J#^Ja:ue is vondmt'.ns wit ha view to
c^rvlncinf? the !ocal consumers : that
Cai if ornia poods are at least* equal to
tl ose of eastern manufacture. The im-
P'.rtsnce of fostering home industries is
b*lng forcefully brought home to the
housewives and consumers generally
who aff attending; the exliibition.
" Ko K*les »it- permit t«><l in Galiforniß
City, but Hale 15roth<:rs have arranged
to have a special .*-ale Of California
made good? Saturday night until 10-.30
«>ioek. when the products handled by
the members of the Home Industry
%cagu«* will be put forward in each de
parf.nent of tlTe store.
I Th<» directors of the liome Industry
L.*--ag"ue are: . : \
T:c.j f. Partrr. I'a'-lfi.- C>s«t W*rull <nm
.panj-.; FreJ<»ri<k J. ; KoMxr, faliforni* barrel
r^tsip*' 1 ?': A. f. UiiliTfsun. A. f. Rulofson com
r«n. r : jU fcaroni. Migai-; J. M. Patrlr-k. Putrirk
& t'o.i.n. i. AlbTpa. Alberc* & Natrcomb;
E<lTrsr<T I^. Hsi.lwi.i. cel«->- *iA\ rompanv; A.
:X': ; Bf>J<temsu. <-b<x-<<lata> iiianuf»rturer: XI. J.
I*arJs, V3n Hai'»B rlovator compa.nj*: 2{>^th S.
ElrirpfJc*". c?pit»list : J. <». G*ntn*»rr Ga.ntnor &.
Mattfrn: 1. H. Hihlwrtl. r.arn'»«:>«n-Hihr»rr<l com
priij-; 3. A. Ilirr^ituuN. I'ninn browinp and
mailing mnij'uny; j. \v. Ilnj-t. Wliiic
lauiMirjr; P. 1. . Jar-dtir. Standard Ms.-nit (tun
. jut?: WiMiJi'n il'»*>f. arrliit<^-t: li^or^e H.
t'ifpj-. attorn^r »t law; U. K. Qar*o, tallfrtr-
Vni* ft/ trrop (••\u25a0inpanr; R. B. n-w»»nihr:l. «i«»l»
g*W labrr MBUfl; <'. J. Wotni've. Wetmor*.
Bnwn & To.; W. B. Wohster. W. \V. M"n
!«tai i (X; B. J. Wi!'ii;!iii». Standard *oap
Atnong the?ekhlbU;oni and the prod
uctt they arc*, showing- are the follow
Maf.* -Hue) T |'*ttt' rfunpAn.T; Rfgtithc health
f<-^ «Tmpaii.T; th<- Arj»r>eJ"ni» company. C>illfor-
Jiia f*rfura*><: MfG»o»ge & C<v>pT. pis hurncrs
and lip*; Lf".ii« StrMiic. .inar-hLn#r.r: the Bulletin;
Sierra c-nprsvinsr fi.mpanj-; --B«*.-its All Oenn
*t»": Alpiae milk: ilirk«-Juili] «-<'nir»aOT. prioi
«"r» and biader*: HtrtrHT <\u25a0•!<! A >'oanVr:* Pione«>r
*<*<* cooapaßT: N>o«t»rttrr Br^thrrF: J<-.hn o.
B*!I1»-. j«-we!ry; th»» l^jndstmni hat works; Banor
Brothers. manufa<-tur^iK of traitta; Standard
»>o«p <-<>mpanr: StaodanS Bisojlt cmnpunr; L.
Saroter & Son: I'lman. Se^lijrsoti . & Briwn,
f=hirt«: i'tltforniii b<-«>r a^iwx.-iatifHS; <"M*m»n
rompanr: Taliforrla ,-r.unn mill*: ib» Jnhn
BollmaD MmMnT; Carnari'wi nh"«t flskro: Rr.«.
bo<l *jrup: the ITBtna lithograph »-i>mpan.r:
Reippr"* rn)if";-nia porf nra*H« ; <"Inaiil'» sum:
: Mitob^ir* po^t «-ar<ls; «.;antnf>r & Matt*rn <-om
: pasr; I'-X^^fl ffjitiof*<M«ritic «f>aapanj-i Bolde
ir.iTiv .^\u25ba-oa; Coilia-^M'-Carttij- randy company;
Jersey milk.
Undergraduates to Settle Dis-
pute of Supremac3'
££%> Associated PiessJ
STan-foixij u:civi;ii?iTr, s*>pt.
*r*shrr.en and cophomorcs wil Ibe
. Btvew. a chance .Saturday afternoon to
.sett?* £-1! /the i'C.U Moo-3 that lias o\
ieted J>ctTret;i tii'. ni for the last week
trbea they Vv'TH niec-r.izi tl;e annual un
dcr •; clr,fs. rope tyinc contest. The
»ature of l!,e >struff£i&Vth!s year is to
b« slightly changed from that of pre
vious yefcrr, in that a lime! limit is to
be placed on t!:e contefit. and if on«
<i!.ies Is unsnccc^sful in tying up the
otlier tvithir. Ca minutes the match will
\u25a0be'.ct.lled a draw. <^'
'.: The Tutb last year, which latter for
45 "minutes was fotttid to be •©•» thins;
on the ktr>ng:tij of tl:* < ontf stanir. A
'fiirtjier effort wrfll he marie td cllml
nate. all unficrir^^lc . lc.iins of rougli
hess. and participatus will be roguirP;i
to wear notiiinf;; heavier, than tennis
Ehoesen th^ir feet.' -• ,J
• Other rules ji gainst l.r.ir.puiilns and
tlugglng ;havf:heen enacted.
Revenue Officers to Visit Cali-
fornia Wineries
noyal E, Oabcll, United States com
•Tniasioner of internal revenue, A. -E.
Muenter, coll«ctor of internal revenue
for' San Fram'teer*. C. . J. Parker, 0.0 -
Jector of the Loi Anfjclcs district, and
B. M. TJionias, internal revenue agent,
of this city, are In Fresno investigating
the ' condition of tho sweet wine in
dustries there. The itincry of the in
ternal rfevenue commissioner will bring
him to this city the evening of Sep
tember 4. after having *peut the day in
and about Stockton and Lodl. The sth
a.s£ «th of this month will be spent
-looking over the affairs of the revenue
office in- San Francisco.
Big Output of Stamp Mill Is the
. VAL.DEZ. Alaska,. Sept. I.—Prospect
ing: has suddenly become the chief in
dustry here. More than 1504 men are
at woric on the hills about town,
scratching iir the srravel and climbing
up .the rugged slopes to a helgrht of
2.000 feet In their search for gold bear
ing Quartz. ' Interest in prospecting: in
thi* vicinity vas strouscrt hy the suc
cess of one quartz mine, operating &
•three ctfcTnp mill; which had an output
of f 110,000 it four months/^g
Thomas Packham, for Thirty
five Years With The Call,
Is Dead
Thomas Packham, who was with the
stereotyping department of The Call
for 3» years and foreman since IS9B,
died at his home. 1763 Eighteenth ave
nue South yesterday after two weeks
of illness from heart troble. He was
I 61 years old and a native of England
and was always known to his fellow
workers as a man of exceptional char
Members of The Call composing
room to whom Packham was well
known, drafted the following resolu
j lions last night as an expression of
their sorrow:
Wherra*. Thomas Parkham. for many years
foreman of the xtcreotypinp department of Tb«
Call ha« l»ern suddenly tailed fry <Irath: anrt
Wiierea^. w». the memboro of the .-ompoMnj
r.v.m of The Call, through long ««soci»tlon with
th» drreased. h«d learned to oftrrtn him for
h«B *t»T\int: nualitl* a* a m«n and workman,
for h:s' genial coarte^y and many kindly acts;
therefore be it ,
RenolTcd that we. the raembor* of Toe Call
»-hapeV deplore the untimely demise of our
fellow' worker. X'flwa* Packham: that we ar»
oomforted In the tnoiyjfhr that he has pne Jo
« well earned .reno«e. and we ;e*l that g
many ktndly acts and generous nature in mis
life "will meet with their due reward.
Revolted that a copy of these resolutions b*.
sent to tn* family of -our deceased brother, and
that the paid resolution^ be spread on th» min
ute* of this cbapel, and al*o published In tue
Lab*r Clarion.
Packham leaves a wife and daughter.
The remains will be interred at Cypress
Lawn cemetery Sunday afternoon. , '
10,000 Tons to Be Sent to Phil
ippine Islands
Bid« for Kj.ooo tons of hay and oats
for the army department at the Philip
pine islands were opened here by the
depot •juar'termast.er yesterday. Th«
following bids were, received: A. H.
Dougherty of Liverniore. hay. 75 cents;
W A. Miiitr. hny ?:.04r», oats $1.67; W. ( ,
W. P.obinson. hay,. sl-08; F...A:. Somers, 1
hay, 53.04: Barnard & Bunker, • oats,
?1.'«54. . -\u25a0 . • V . . " '• : •
Captain .1. C. Johnson,- C. A. C. has
been appointed district attorney en
gineer, relieving Captain . I. f. Brady,
C. A. ij. .
AccortUng io instructions telegraphed
from Washington last Monday, troop
A, First onvalry, under the command of
CnptaliS Kdmand i>. AVrlsht. will slan^d
relieved of duty in tlirs •Sequoia and
<iencral Grant national pnrlts on Sep
tember 1« aiid will return to its proper
Nation a!t the Presidl*. San b"ranc!sco.
Captains Williaid -'». Holbrook, John
M. Jenkins. Wallace B. Scale* and Wil
liam n. Fror*yth of the i-'ifth cavalry,
Schofleld. barracks, Hawaii, and First
Lieutenant John S. McCloery of the
Twentieth infantry, Fort Shatter. Ha
waii, have been ordered to San Fran
cisco. They will "leave the islands of
September S and will* report upon ar
rival for duty at Atascadero.
Lieutenant George L. Morrison, Fifth
cavalry, fVhofield barracks. Hawaii, has
been granted leave of absence for one
month. •-• r : .^_
Tho United States board of labor em
ployment, room 241, Postofflce building,
this city, announces an examination
for the grade of m*re unskilled la
borer (male and female) .to be held
October 6 for the purpose of establish
ing lists of applicants. to be used for
fiflinc vacancies in the various federal
offices in this city. The wages of men
in these positions are about $50 per
month and of women $25 per month.
Application blanks and further; infor
mation may be secured at the address
above given. :J-._ •\u25a0*:\u25a0
Grand Canyon Kxcnrslon
via* Santa Fe\ »3 5.00' round trip. ' On
sale daily, until Sept. 30. Santa Fe
office, 673 Market street. .-\u25a0 - » •
For. Infants and Children. '
The Kind You Have Always Bought
QigGature of W^j^z'^ : S
Caniner & Mattern's exhibit in Hale Bros.' building.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SAXTA ROSA, Sept. 1. — The murder
of Enoch. Eura and Thomas A. Kendall
at the Starbuck ranch near Cazadero
on July 25 was brought to the atten
tion of the superior court her 6 todaj"
when the coroner and public adminis
trator, Frank I* Blackburn of Peta
luma, filed a petition to be substituted
as defendant in the actions of Mrs.
Margaret E. Starbuck of Oakland re
maining on the court calendar against
Thomas A. Kendall. . ' ;
There are two actions pending. One
was for a. dissolution of the lease to
More of that satisfying furniture
\u25a0'•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0•..-• • -.' \u25a0* : »•» • /* « '•...'.;\u25a0-.• '- \u25a0 \u25a0 =
and at satisiymg prices
The Sterling' is. the "Arts and Crafts" shop. We make this splendid furniture a feature of our
big store, and keep the prices down "to the lowest living figure as shown, in this massive Davenport. -
\u25a0 Made throughout of selected quarter-sawed oak in fumed finish— that rich nut bro\\ m finish •
that does not conceal the rich. .grain of the oak. , v : •
It is five and a half feet long and proportionately deep and roomy.
Made with loose cushions of genuine Morocco leather; soft as kid, but they will wear forever.
And always remember you can not get more liberal credit terms or fairer treatment than the
Sterling will give you. " ' . , • . .
Alexander Smith (& Sons'
Extra Axmirtster Carpets
$ 1 .25 a yard Sewed, lined and laid^ ; .
There is no question about -the worth of "Smith's extra.* Any experienced carpet
buyer .will demand it. It weighs about 30 pounds. mpre to the roll tlian the usual
No secret about our former price. It has always been $1.65 a yard,' and worth it,'
'*', Free delivery with our own wagons in Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda. "Carpets laid, ztoves
set up and credit given— -no extra charges. ' ' '\u25a0'.- : \, • *'?; \u25a0
Kendall of the ranch and the other was
for damages to personal property on
the ranch. Several other suits bad
been dismissed without coct to the de
fendant prior to his murder and it is
believed . that, the two remaining ac
tions are weak. : -
.Blackburn has been appointed ad
ministrator of the Kendall estates.
Aged White Man Escapes to the
, Hills After Tragedy
CARTERSVILLE, Ga., Hept. I.— After
killing a man named Phillips at Beas
le>", near 'this city, and wounding five
of his pursuers, one seriously, William
Fowler, ah aged white man, escape^ to
the hills. He is being pursued by .a
.sheriff's posse.- • v ,; ;•
Arrested on a warrant cha.rKing him
with embezzlement, Darlin N. Wheeler,
a contractor from Redding, declared
yesterday that his : detention was
wholly unwarranted and was brought
about by certain of his business asso
ciates, ignorant of the true status of
their financial dealings. -' •
"Wheeler was arrested at the Golden
West hotel. The warrant was received
from liedding during th 6 morning and
the police here were, not Informed of
the details of the <;ase. *
* "I am here on a mining deal." said
"Wheeler, "and- some of my business
associates who are not aware of what
is going on in the matter evidently
-have become frightened, t feel sure
that when I am allowed an opportunity
to explain the charge will be with
Athletic Facilities Increased and
Improvements; Planned
[Special Dispatch to The . Cell]
-KENTFIELD, Sept. I.— With the re
cent appointment of a committee to
perfect plans for^the extension .of* tha
athletic facilities of the Marin stadium
and a general reorganization of Ta
maljiais center the work of the public
institution has been , given . a wide
scope, with many, new divisions of
physical and mental training. The
Woman's club will hold a meeting to
morrow night at which Dr. Adelaide
Brown will speak on: "The Milk Im
provement Association of : San Fran
cisco," and Dr. Chester L. Roadhbuse
on the dairy, conditions of Marin
county. v
President. E. 1... Radke haft appoint
ed a committee consisting of Dr.
Freflerick Burke, E. U Merwin, James
Gilhuly, George C. Farrell ahd ,W. E.
Jones to arrange for the building of
a swimming tank, dressing, rooms, in
door gymnasium,, tennis »and handball
courts and other j improvements.
Among the organizations which form
a part of the' Tam.ilpals center At pres
ent are thft following: ..Junior boys'
gymnasium class, senior bdys' .gymna
sium class, junior girls' gymnasium
class, senior- girls' ymnasium class,
woman's gymnasium .class, . Kentfield
driving club. Knights of King Arthur,
art' class, literary arid dramatic club,
dancing class, sewing class. >clvil gov
ernmentclas?, friendly circle, woman's
club, Marin;. stadium .association, ' Old
Testament class. V . ' " '. :
Accidental Discharge of. Gun
Wounds British Diplomat
ABERDEEN, Scotland, S«pt. I;— Kins
George's shooting party at ' Balmoral
was thrown into excitement today when
Lord Kilmatnock, Second secretary in
tho .' British diplomatic service, was
struck by four pellets through'the acci
dental discharge of a gun.. The secre
tary was hot seriously injured. It has
been. impossible to learn whose gun was
responsible for the mishap. . . .
j " Notable Deaths |
MAJOR 3. Jf. TATLOS. AUTHOK— Rutherfwd.
N.'-J.. Sept. I.— Major J. Monroe Taylor, au-
• thor Of a number of books on flogs and consld-
" ered a national authority on that subject, d.ea
here today. - He was" born in Lexington. h.y..
In 183*. He was the first president of the
American kennel club, and figured prominently
as a Judge In every.* Important dog snow Beiu
la this country.
Marriage licenses |
- The following marriace licenses were issued In
San Francisco, Thursday, September 1:
AUSTIN— PAHL— Oeorge H. Anstln, 2T. sd£A
• Twenty-eisbth avenue, and Baby F. P*hl, 24,
218 Seventh avtaue. i
.AJSZALI— FIGONI— ftIagio Azzill. 27, *»B Alv«-
rado stre«t; and Maria Flgonl, 21, 374 Vallejo
. street. .; •\u25a0 \u25a0- m
BUSH— GIANNINI-r-John F.. Bush. 32. and The-
resa GUnalni. 33, both of 6 Bussell street.
CASELLA— BALTA— John Casella. 27. 4 Jasper
place, and.Romildaßalta, IS. 1190 Nineteenth
** avenue South. '
land, 82. and Nettie A. Meredith, 2S, both of
; 047 Hayes street.
DUDDY— BARTON— Martin /Duddy. 83. 1*»
Tennessee street, and Elizabeth A, Barton. 31,
3165 Seventeenth street. •
ERICKSON— BLINCOE— Joseph H. Erlckson. SO.
and Bertha A. Bllncoe, 28. both of 426 Waller
street.-. \u25a0.."»* •• - • • . •?'•'-.
GARDNER— DODD— Fred ' K. Gardner, 31. 4400
Twenty-fifth street, and-. I-ydia C. Dodd. 3*»,
Indianapolis, Ind. _,-\u25a0 \u25a0 . ;_\u25a0
GARIBOTO— GALLO— AntCttio Garlboto,. 2S. and
Laisa Gtllo, 23, both of 1145 Kearny street.
GRIFFIN— MORIARTY— DanieI Grlffln. 21. 895
Alabama, street, and Mary MorUrty,. IS, 913
Sanchez ftfeet.
GUEHIX— BRODF.aiIQKV-'Mlchaer Guerto. 80.
San Jose, and Mary Broderlck, S3, 914 Florida
street; ... - ~. . . ..
HARRIS-^COLT6x— I^e Harris. 21. 1553 O'F sr-
rell street, and Estle Colton, IS, 543 SlSth
avenue. ; - . -. .
HAUSER— OLIVER^-Carl Hanser. 24, 534 A Cas-
tr6 Street, and Hazel E. Oliver,- 21, 1011 Shot-
well .street.
HUNTER— McKENNA— Frank A. Hunter, 25,
Congress hotel, and Maureen J. McKenna, 19,
C2tl Sixth avenue.
HUNTER— DUNSHEN— WniIam M. Hvfnter, 56.
% and Mary Dunsh«n, ss, both of Hlssoula, Mont.
HURLE— TEDSSK— fiugene Hurle, 33, 2406 Q
street, and Margaret C. Tedsen, 23, 1315 Pa-
cifle street. - - \u0084 .
KELTON— PENN— WaIter Kelton, 25.. 1159 Ala-
bama street, and Marjorle A. Perm. IS, 4410
Twenty-third street.
LINDAUBR— URI— C«U B. Llndiuer. 2s. 1733
McAllister street, and Jeannette Url, 24, 524
,Noe street. • . " , . \u25a0
McCAFFERY — MeGUIRE — Thomas McCaffery.
39. 1223 Kentucky street, and Margaret -Mc-
Gulre, 3S. 55.7 Penntylvania street.
McCARTNEY— RYAN— WiIIiam J. McCartney,
33r 527 Twenty-second street, ifld Miry J.
Ryan, 30, 622 Seventh aTenue.
RICHARDS— SATHER— WaIter C. Richards. 25.
14M Newcomb avenue, and Leda M. Sather.
: 2.V1521 Eleventh avenue South.
RIESGO-i-FElTO— GenevoSo C Rlesgo. 22. and
Ixilsa Feito, 23.; both of 1323 Stockton street.
RYAN— NORDLING— Thomas 3. Ryan. 2«, 8«3
Golden Gate avenue, and Alice D. Nordllng.
20.- 223 Manchester street.
SULTAN— 6ROWNSTONE— George Sultan. SO.
, ttlobe, Arli., and Ada Brownstone, 22, BS7
j . Golden Gate avenue.
URFER— Bl^>NDoN— Charles E* Urfer. 48. and
j Carrie M. Blundon, 43, both of 1233 Pearl
: street, Alameda.
VIE-L— HOURCLE— AIfred Viel. 26. 3224 Seven-
teenth street, and . Marie Hourcle, 21, 3226
' Seventeenth street. •
WftlTE— BßOWN— Robert F. White, 22, an 3
Elizabeth A. Brown, 19, both of 530 Utah
YATES— I/>WRlE— William F. Yates. 21. Hotel
Van Dorn, and Jeanette Lowrie, IS, 725H Turk
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by mall
will not be Inserted. They must be handed In at
either of the publication office* and be Indorsed
with the name and residence of persons author-
ized to have the same published. 3 Notices re-
stricted simply to the announcement of the event
sr* published once In this column fre» of charge-
COUGHLIN— In Oakland, to the wife of Joseph
L. Coughlin (formerly slabel Solen). a son. .
McDONALD— DIECKMAXN— In this city. Au-
gust 2&. 1910, by the Rev. J. H. Schroeder.
Ralph Ernest McDonald of Oakland, Cal., and
. Anna Dieckmann of San Francisco.
WESTrHAI^-STREI— IB this city, August 31.
1910. by the Rev. J. H. Schroeder. Samnel
' William Westpha! and Lillian Nlssler Strel,
both of San Francisco.
Andmen.-Eifltr 0.. 1 Maj^ry, Strth J...63
Benklsef, Anflle J.. 27 Metgban. Katherlne. —
Blak», Nellie L..... — Ohm^ Christina 69
Bonestell, Lulu F... 39 rackham. TlK'nias.. fit
Brennan, John H... 68 Radorlcb. Mihail ... 22
Canada, AdeUido L. — Rechenmather, Fer>
Ca*ey, Edward T...5T dtnand M
Trnry, Jane ....... — Richards, Clara A.. 4.
EeheTerria, Tgnncla. — Schmltß. Karoliae . . . 89
Glrbble, Cna». E. A. «S Smith. Henry C 42
Harrington. M»ry .. 72 Sparlt*, Mortimer T. 77
Hutchlnson, Joseph: 32 Snlllran, Hanora... —
Lagom«n?ino, Joseph 54 Thomas. Margaret. . 79
Maxwell,. Uarry J. . — Vaeconeello*. Jose- A. Ca
ANDEKSEK— In this city. September 1, 1910,
Etnar Q.. dearly! belored «on of Captain An-
drew Andersen, a native, of California, aged 7
\u25a0years and 29 daye. .. . • ..
BENKISER— In Oakland, September 1. 1910,
Annie J., .betored wife of Joseph G. B?nkiser,
and lOTing mother of LiHie and Ro»le Benklser.
and daughter of Mr«. Mary Korkerey. and
>t«ter of Mrs. William Ransome, a natlre of
California, aged 27 years. . : ; : . . :
BLAKE— In this city." September i. 1910. Kellle
L.. daoghter of John and J<*ephin« Blake, and
alster Of Richard D. and Leo J. Blake and Mr*.
J. W- •' Hollenbeek aad Sister Mary Bartholo-
mew. S. •N. D.. and Sister Mary Consolata.
tlsters of the Holy .Family, a. natlte 6f. ; San
Francisco.- .. .-". . • . . \u25a0 •
The funeral .will b* held tomorrow (Satur-
\u25a0 day.i, at B;80.a. in., from the residence of her
parents, 182 Eureka street - near Nineteenth.-
thence to the. Church of the Most Holy Re-
deemer, where « reqntem high mass will be
celebrated for- the repoae Of her soal. com-
mencing at 8 o'clock. Interment Holy Cross
cemetery, Tfa electric funeral car from Twen-
ty-eighth and Valencia streets. Please omit
flowers. - . .
BOJrESTIXL— In this city. Anjrast 31. 1910,
| Lulu Fsrgo Bonentell. wife of R. G. Bonestell,
. a natire Of San Francisco. Cal.. ajted 39 years.
Friends are respectfully Inrlted to attend
the funeral serrlces today (Friday), September
2. at 2:30 p. m., at the chapel of >,". Cray A
Co., 2196 Geary street comer of I>«Tisadero.
prlrate. y
BH.ENNAN— In Oakland. August 31. ICV>. John
H.. dearly belored . husband of Annie Brennan.
aad loring father of Sadie and Myrtle Brennan
and Mrs. M. Holmes, a native of New York
city, aged A3 years and 1 month.
Friends and acquaintances and members "of
Meade post and corps ar» respectfully Int-lfed
'to attend the funeral serrices tomorrow (Satur-
•day). September 3. 1910, at 10 o'clock a. m..'
at tho chapeiof Julius 6. Godean. 41 Van Ness
avenue near Market street. Interment National
\u25a0 cemetery. .
CANADA— In thl# city. September. 1. 1910. Ade-
1 latdo I*, beloved wife of Joseph TV. Canada.
CASEY — In Valona, Contra Costa county. C*l..
August 31. 1910. Edward .F. Casey, belored
husband of Mary Casey, father of Mellle J.,
'Thomas 11.. Edward J. and John R. Casey, and
uncle of* Mary, John. Thomas and -Rose Walsh
of Valona, a natlre of County Kerry, Ire-
- land, . axed •57 years.
- Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
. lntited to attend " the funeral today (Friday).
September 3, 1910,' at 9:80 a. m., from St.
Rose's church at Valona. where mass will
be said, thence by 10:40 a. m. train for
San Francisco. Interment Holy Cross ceme-
tery, by funeral car leaTlng ferry about 12:15
- p. m.
DRUHY — Ia San Leandre. Acgnst 51, 1910. Jane
Drury, dearly beloTed sister of the late Bridget
r and Catherine Drury. a native of Ireland. -
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
, lnTlted to attend the funeral today < Friday ).
S«ptember 2. - 1910, at 9 a. m.. from th«
parlors of Valente, Marlni. Marais & Co., 64!>
. Green : street, thence : to St. Francis , church.
.where a requiem high mass will be celebrated
-for the repose of her soul, commencing at 9:30
>a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery, by elec-
• ; trie funeral car . from Twelfth and Mission
'.\u25a0streets. '. •" . .-.-,"-... • \u25a0 •-. \u25a0 -\u25a0
ECKEVEERIA— In this city. Angnst 30. 1910.
Vgnacia R.. belOTed wife of the late Carlos
, EeheTerria. and derated mother of Mrs. Mary
M-'Ehaddtek. Mrs. Lore to la Brte aad Mrs. Dolores
Harcus . and Angle and Lutie Echererrla and
. • the : late Mrs. Carlota Cansdale.
I .*] i Friends \u25a0 and acquaintances • are - respectfully
Good Judgment
is exercised in selecting a plot ia
Mount Olivet
• noO'ieattritn cemetery
taTited to /attend, the funeral services tM»y .
(Friday). September 2. 1910. jit 8 o eh*cb
a. m., at her late residence. 623 DeTlsadero
street, theuca to Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
church, where a requiem high mass will be
" celebrated for the repose of her soul, com-
mencing at 0 a. m. Interment CenterrUle. .
Alameda eoanty. by antomoblles. • } - \u25a0
G3IBBLE— In Oakland; August 31. 1910 CharlM j
E.- A. Gribble, belored husband of Ellzabetn
Cribble, and father of Grace and William :
Gribble and Mrs. A. Hlggins. Mrs. 31. Bf*. .
Mrs. L. Peterson and Mrs. P. Gibson, a naflre..
of Scotland, aged «$5 years 2 months and lt>.
days. / -!'\u25a0'\u25a0' , '• • --.\u25a0...\u25a0-•\u25a0' '.'-...
HAHBIJTGTOK— In Emeryville. September 1:
. 1910, Mary, beloved wife of the laite Dennis
Harringtoo. and iOTing mother o£. James J.-
Harrington and Mrs. Winiam Ward, and sister
of James Burke, a native of County Mayo.
Ireland, aged 72 years and 4 months.
Friends aad acquaintances ate r«spectfuny
Invited to attend the funeral services tomorrow
(Saturday), September S. 1910. at «:30 »TclocJt
a. m.. at^her late residence, 1056 Forty-ttfth .
street near San Pablo avenue. thenc» to Saere«i
Heart chorch. Fortieth and Grove street*.:
where a requiem hl?h mass will be 'celebrated
' for the repose of her soal. commencing at 9
o'clock a. m. Interment Holy Crosa cemetery.
San Mateo county, funeral car leaving foot of
Market street," San Francisco, at 11 O'clock
a. m.
HT7TCHI3TSON— In Palo Alto. September r ldlrt,
Joseph Hutchlnson. eldest son of James S. and
the late Coralie P. Hutchlnson. aged 32 years
and 8 months.
- Funeral serrlees »trictly private. .
LAGOMARSI2IO— In this city. Anjrost SI. 1910.
Joseph Lagomarsino. drarly beloved husband of
Mary Laxomarsino. and loving father of Silvio
\u25a0 and Amelia Lagomarsino, and brother of Loui*
and Gladnto Lagomarsino, and son la law of
.Michael Cuneo, a native of Italy, aged 54
• years. • '
. Friends and acquaintances ar» resp^ectfolly
Invited to attend the -funeral tomorrow
(Saturday), September 3. at 1 p. m., from his
late residence. 279 Twenty-ninth avenne be-
tween California and Lake streets. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery.
MAXWELIr— In Oakland, September 1. 1910.
Harry J. Marwell. beloved husband of Gr»c*
E. MaiwelL a native of Wisconsin. A mem-
ber of California lodge No. 1. F. 4: A. M.;
California chapter No. 5. R. A. M.. «M f ill-
fornia commandery No. 1. K» T. (Los Amf*le3
papers please copy.)
Friends and acquaintances are respectfuriy
Invited to attend the funeral services tom.->rrw
(Saturday)* September 3. 1910. at 9:30 o'clocK
a- m., at his late residence. 544 Twenty-flftb
street. Interment private. \u25a0 . • ••
JtAYBEKY (nee DOREY)— Id this city. Aognst
SO. 1010, Sarah Jane, beloved wifa of the late
Charles M. Maybery, and deToted mother of
Mrs. Charles Glas«on, Mrs. Charles Eagan.
Mrs. James Sullivan and Charles M. and WU-.
Ham Maybery and the late Mrs. William Har-
low, a native of Philadelphia. Pa.. »s«i «S
years 1 month and 6 days. (Philadelphia,
Pa., and Sacramento, Cal.. papers please
Friends and acquaintances are resp'ctfalir
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow
(Saturday*. September 3, it 2 p. m.. from hf r
late residence. 3366 Nineteenth street between
Mission and Howard. Interment Natioaal cem-
etery. Presidio.
MEIOHAN— In this city, Ausust 31. 1010. Ksf*.
erine E.. dearly belored daughter nf Rehece*
A. Meighan, and lovlns sister of Thomas P.
MeUban. a native of California.
The fi:n»ral will take place today f Friday*.
at 9 o'clock a. m.. from the parlf** «»f D. I.
Kenny ie Co.. 1719 Eddy street near Scott,
thence to Holy Cross church, where it requiem
hlsb macs will be c<>lebrate<t for the r»po«e cf
ber s'ml, comnienclns at ft:3o a. m. Interment
St. Mary's cemetery. Oakland, by 11 o'clock
Cr»ek boat. Please emit fiowet*.
OHM— Entered Into rest, in this city. August
31. 1»1O. Christina Ohm. widow of the lat*
Louis Ohm. and beloved mother «f Mrs. George
Duering. William F. Ohm. Mr». Richard A.
Maertlnii and the late Mr*. E. J. Hargen*. a
native of Carlsruhe. Germany, aged «0 years
11 months and 2S days. A member of St.
Paulas Frauen Vereln.
Frlendß and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral service* "Snwiay.
September 4. at 2:20 oVlock. at St. Panln*
church, Eddy and Gougtj streets. Interment
Mount Olivet cemetery, by electric fuaeral car
from Thirteenth and West Mission street*.
Remains at the residence of he«- son, William
F. Ohm. 1615 Fulton street.
PACKHAM— In this city. September 1. I9jf». '
Thomas Packham. belovt»«l husband of Marr E.
• Packham. and beloved father of Ruth Eliza-
beth Packham. and be!o»pii brother of Robert
Packbam. a native of Kent. England, aged 61
years and 4 months.
KADOVICH— MIhaII Radoricb. a native of Cay
telnuovo, Dalmatia. Austria, aged 22 years..
HECHEXMACHEK— In Tnickee. Cal.. Anga«t
30, lsio. Ferdinand Rechentnacher. bel<>ve«T
husband of Emelie Rechi«nmacher. and «ti»Tr>r t »<i
father of Fred. Lillian and Auburn Rechen-
macher, a native .^f Worms. Germany. a«o<l
34 years an<l 10^ days. A member of Xhtjil
lodge No. S7. F. & A. M.. of Vallejo: Califor-
nia lodge No. 1, I. O. 0.F.. and Gambrlnu-.
Verelß. : \u25a0 • » » g
Friends and acquaintances ar» respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral Sunday. Septem-
ber 4, at 10 o'clock a. m.. from King Solomon"*
hall, 173» Fillmore stn»er. where service* will
be conducted under the auspices of Pacifl«»
18dge No. S7. F. & A. M. Incineration Odd,
Fellows* crematory. Remajns at the funeral
parlors of jhe H. F. Maass company. 1335
Golden Gate avenue near Flllmore street.
RICHAHDS — In Alameda. September 1, 1310.
Clara Annie, beloved daughter of Mr*. Clnra
Gschrrlnd. and sUter of Rudolph N: Gschwind.
a native of San Francisco, aged 47 years.
The funeral will take place tomorrow (Satur-
day), September 3. 1910. at 2 o'clock p. m
from her late residence. 1233 Versailles ave-
nue. Alameda. Incineration (private) at Oak-
land crematory. .
SCHJOTZ— At rest, in this city. September T
1910. Karollae, belovMl icif* of the late Dr
J. P. Schmltc. and darling raofh»r of Leo A
and Juliu3 W. Schmlts and Mrs. William Hel-
lenbrand. Mrs. Fre<* Bnhman. Mrs. Joh» T.
Dunn, Mrs. Alfred Wyss. Mrs. 'Victor G Bo-
naly and Mrs. Fr»d Schoettler. a naUv« of
Braunschweig. Germany, aged 69 year* «
months and 28 days, a member of the third
Order of St. Francis and Christllche Mutter
Funeral notice hereafter. \u25a0
SSHTH-In Belmont. Ca!.. Aujust 31. l!»]f>
Henry C. Smith, beloved husband of Julia
Salth, and lories father of Henry R. an*
Spragu© A. Smith, a natlvn ©f Angels Cama
Ca il'. aged ** Jt * n 2 njontht and *« days.
Friends and acquaintance* are respectfully-
invited t» att-nd the funeral servwrtomor-
row (Saturday). September 5». iaiO. at v?,O
o'clock a. m.. at St. Matthews church s\n
Mateo, where a requiem high mass will n«
celebrated tar the repos* of his souL Inter-
ment Holy Cross cemetery, by electric fune-al
car.-. Please omit flowers.
SPARKS— In this city. September 1. 1910' Morti-
mer T.Sarks. beloved husband of Marian H
\u25a0Sparks, and loving father of Mortimer E*
Sparks,, a native, of Vermont, aged 77 years «
months and 8 days.
SULLIVAH— Tn this city. August 31. ' 19Ir > '=\u25a0;\u25a0
Hanora. dearly beloved wlf» of the late Tlm-
. othy Sulllva». loving mother of Marr E. and
. Cornelius J. Sullivan and Mr* ; Frances Pratt
\u25a0 and sister of the Ut« Mrs. Ellea. Fe«»n<iy and
Mary Bowen. a jaUve of th« parUh of Ballin-
splttle. County Cork. Ireland. (Boston. Ma*.*
• papers pleas* copy.) • • \
Friends and acquaintances ar» respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Satur-
day),- at S:3O a. m.. from her la|e residence $»
Fair Oaks street near Twenty-serflod. thence-
tr> St. James church, where a solemn requiem
high mass will be- celebrated for t&e renos* of
ber sonl. commencing at 0 a. m. Inurment
Holy Cross cemetery.
THOMAS— In Alameda. August 31, 1910 Mar-
garet Thomas, btlortd wife of William'
-Thomas, and mother of Mrs. rwd G. Wilson
'and Geonre G. Ponieroy. a native of BrUUam
Devonshire. Eng., aged J9 years and 7'Tnontfts
Friends and acquaintances are respectftiltr
lnvlt»d to attend the funeral service! todarv
(Friday), September 2, 1910. at 2 oVIorkV"
p: m.. from private resldeaoe of <\ H. *
• Wear*?. 2221 Central avenue. Alameda, In- '
terment (prlTate) Mountain View cemet«rj k '»
\u25bcASCOKCZXXOS — In Oakland. -September t
1910. Jose Antonio, dearly beloved huaban.-f of-
Maria J. Vasconcellos. and' devoted father of
Maria E. Ramos, a native of Azores, as* A 09
years r» month* and M daya. A member of
Council No. 16, I. D. E. S.. and Council No -
7. U. P. E. C. - .
Intends and acquaintances ar* respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow
(Sarucday). September \u25a0 3.~ 1010. a.t » o»Vl^k
a. m.. from his late residence. 3703 M4rk*t
street, thenc* to \u25a0 St. Josepb'A Port&Mue^
church. where a solemn requiem high mass win
be celebrated for the repose of his soul, com-
mencing \u25a0at 10 o'clock ' a. m. Interment St
Mary's cemetery. . . .
Seventy-Five Dollars
Mored to mala ottce. 41 - Van Ness » » t.i
Market 711. conaectloe «I 1 departmeata.
Branches— 3o3 lioatgamerj «t. Oailaad. 1305
Franklla tt.; teL Oailaad 4045. Lo« j^-^mT
827 Soath Flgaero* at Aa .- e1 **'
_ Auto Ambolaae* ana Carrlasss for Hire.
•* \u25a0 —^ — . ___: __w-
Don*t Worry; It Doesn't Pay

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