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Henry A. Butters, Chief Bene
ficiary, Will Declare Mother's
Mind Was Unsound
W. B. Edwards, Son, Asserts
Separation From Husband
Unbalanced Woman
OAKLAND. Sept. I.— Henry A. But
rfrs. to> whom his niofher Teft- the
1 i'k\of her^ fortune,, will take .the
.viT^gss stand in the Contest over the
will .of the late L,ucie Bee'be Butters,
..and., will testify, according to Attor
iV-;y M. e.~ Chapman, that his mother
irts of unsound -mind "when she made
l.ft will. Testimony of the same
t -barai-ter will ..be. divert ;by every
other,*helr of Mrs. '. \u25a0 Buttc-rs, . Chapman
-stated in his opening argument ta the
jury -today.- .• • " • . . .-\u25a0 .-•• .• '
One' of Mr.< Butters' oinldreh. Wil
liam. B. Edwards, formerly of; the
T.riited 'States ' navy, testified: today
that j«h«» was Inskrie. Edwards is the
•o.ldest of her- chi!<Tren. .•\u25a0 -''' lie said that
whon he. returned from the sea in July,
: 'lfM)S.' i,e staw-iu.s mother, for about, two.
liours ih Oakland, and thought that she
Was" of- -unsound, jnindi- Fhe had changed
jEToatly. he declaVed; her memory was
I'opr'.; vhe- was "depressed and sad; .she
did .not- know jnix-li about ht?r affairs,
nnd .h.er conversation was distracted.
Kdwafdfr declared that his mother told
lilm that -she was afraid she.wasbe
ing • watclved, ii.n<i told him not to let
:a-ny one- pee them together. She harped
« f^.'tinuaMy. on' the separation between
lierse.lf '. arid her .hjisband. the late
Henry- Butters, and brooded over it.
... "Wil!." .she said to her son, "some- :
'times 1. feel as' if 1 must go insane." ;
\u25a0 It. .is". the -T^-ntehtibn of the contest
ants iliatMrs. Butters was of unsound
mind when, she 'ma de her will . and that
her condition. ; was the result of : the
2rU t \u25a0 s^iie felt because her husband left
Ter. .It. was to bring him biick to her.
they do»ra:<?. \but she made the will
iavoring - her youngest son, the only
.•/I'll. she. had by Butters. ; .'". -. ;
.. viapmaiv in : his argument said that
;75 jtters left, his wife jn October. 1907.
I'fi-uqi'e «he would not give him con
\u25a0 tral -of her ! fortune. He had lost his
v-wyi in the Northern Electric railway
• ompany, and wanted to recoup. Mrs.
Butters would not risk leaving her
VhiL-dreu penniless and held out against
];er : .\ husband's demands, in spite of
tiic . fact that he threatened to leave
l;cr forever if she did not do as he
.wished; He even went bo far, Chap
ajVan said, as to prepare a trust deed
for '. Tier to sign, but she refused to
<io"'.so. She did give him $77,000, how-
: .cvcr, whicji s^e borrowed for him, and
\u25a0•'ipavft •'him' all of her income except
.what -'..she needed for her own expenses.
• 'Clie wiJl was 'made March 5, ISOS,
ana .its^ codicil a short time after, be
fr/f.e. the iiusband died. It provides that
f acit: x>f her e,ight children is to have
« .monthly, .allowance, makes certain.
1 harita'Me bequests, arid gives the rest
in" i rust for her youngest son.
.\ Miss Ada Knglish, companion of Mrs.
Butters', was : the only other witness
\u25a0ixamlnod. today, i^lie was left a month
;ly.\u25a0ai.lpwah.ee of $25 by the will. She
dVciared that she thought Mrs. Butters
\u25a0 was • Vnot .normal" -with reference to
•her. Husband after the separation, but
•;she -tp>i not go; so far as to .say that
she was of unsound mind. Her cross
>: k ainination- at the hands of Attorney
H.B.M. Miller is not yet finished, and
"will-be returned Tuesday morning, to
whieli "; time the case was continued
itpdaV.' ';.'/: : . ' .'\u25a0 . \u25a0; ' \u25a0
Washington Officials Order
Switches Effective October 1
. WASHINGTON, Sept. I.— By reason of
tlie designation of tlie Fifth cavalry,
: 3iow_. Etaxioned at Fort . Yellowstone,
AVyd;,. and at Fort Duchesne, Utah, for
:.<iuty':>n Hawaii, in addition to th«
\u25a0 troops already there, several changes In
th-e assigrnmen.t of troops in the west
\u25a0.^ycre-orderod toda\'.
'. . Thfi tieadquarters and band of the
Trirst- ci^-aJrj'v now at Fort Walla Walla,
Wash., were ordered to Boise, Idaho,
find the. Second squardon of the First
cavalry, consisting of Troops E, P. G
! ; and' H, : and .the machine gun platoon,
Vere •• ordered to Fort Yellowstone.
Troop- M of. the First, now at the Pre
sidio of San Francisco, will be sent to
Fort'T>uchcsne, and Troop X of the
Fame cavalry, now at Y-osemite national
parlt. will ro to Bo!se, Idaho. All the
changes will take place about Octo
ber 1. '.\u25a0'. \u25a0':" '
. -. In conformity with th cplans for the
abandonment of Fort Walla Walla, no
troops were ordered' to that post," but
it will be' turned over to caretakers.
O'Rourke Plan to Raise Wreck
Ti*4^tlNGTOX; . Sept. L.—Arrahge
ineh'ts^Tvere made at the war depart
ment today for Captain. Harley B. Fer--
K"*<in, member of the board of army
«»ngi:ieera appointed to remove the'
wreck of the battleship Maine from Ha
vana.harbor, to superintend the inves
tigation Into the present condition of
the wreck. " 1 \u0084-;-.: '\u25a0.
Since the last meeting of the board it
lias developed that at least. isome of its
. members do not look. with favor on the
M'Rourke plan for raising the battle
ship. • One member has expressed him
self-as believing that the plan .would
not. give the board llie proper oppor
tunity' to determine whether the Maine
. Vvas blown up from without or within.
The ORourke plan provides for the
raiding' of the llaiije by placing 7 cables
T;nderneath the wreck and lifting her
Jiodily out of the water. The array en
gineers, are said to favor the construc
tion of caissons around the wreck.
[Special Diipclch io The Cell]
SA.V AXSELMO, Sept. , I.— Green
grapes caused the death yesterday of
Frank Frates Jr., the 3 year old *on
of a Fairfax rancher. The child 6trayed
Into an adjoining vineyard and ate* a
quantity of the unripe fruit Mrs.
F?X4s heard the little boy crying an
?rovKl| later and rufhed into the vine
yard' to find the baby writhing in pain.
Death followed quickly. J .
INDICTED BAKKEE DlES— Dallas. Tpx.\ Sept.
I.— David a. I>mpWon. a Dallas banker, who.
according to private report* received h*»re.
<li**i in a hospital at Chicago today, wag trader
indictment hy the county grand Jury. charged
with accepting rifpnsitp after th« Western bank
»nd trnM company, of which he vraa vice presl
cert, tve* Insolvent. \u25a0 .- -
Dramatic Reader Married
Beneath Bower of Daisies
Mrs. Theodore G. Finley^bride of Los Angelds physician, who to as Miss
" : •\u25a0;.. Madeline Vilas of Berkeley.
Coalinga Engineer and Fellow
Student at Ann Arbor United
at Oakland v
OAKLAND, Sept. 1. — Charles Craisie
Yalkenberg Jr., son of an old New York
family which holds property on the
Hudson river, was married this after
noon to Miss Beatrice L. Hillman of
Ann Arbor, Mfch., by Rev. Homer J.
Vosburgh, pastor of the . First Baptist
church, at the clergyman's home, 548
Twenty-eighth street. The couple be
gan their 'courtship some years ago
when both were students at Ann Arbor
university. . ;
Valkenberg is a civil engineer at
Coalinga, where he and his bride will
live. He came to Oakland yesterday
to awit his fiancee. -"V
Miss Hillman reached" here on 'the
Western Pacific train at 2 o'clock and
was met by Valkenberg. They went to
the minister's home to have the cere
mony performed and departed Immedi
ately on their wedding- trip. . , '
Singular Evidence Ousts Meth
odist From the Pulpit
SPOKANE. Sept. I.— Requiring no,
evidence but a- small advertisement
clipped from a newspaper, the -Colum
bia River conference of. the Methodist
Episcopal church removed Charles H.
Porter of Portland from the jninistry
today. Porter was responsible: for. a
questionable, medical advertisement.
The conference read the advertisement
and acted unanimously. Vi; J- - .^
[Special pUpdlch to The Call]
SANTA TIOSA. Sept. 1. — Attorneys
representing. Forrest G. Richardson,
who is in San Quentin" serving a six
year sentence fpf furnishing drugs: for
unlawful practices, appeared before
Judge J; Q. White, sitting, in the su
perior court here today for Judge Em
mett Seawell", in an effort to liave the
court record corrected.
The court made' ah order striking
from ' the minutes of the clerk the
words, /'that counsel for the defendant
stated in open court they appealed
from the judgment of the "court'and
the motion denying a new trial." \;
This action leaves the case as if .the
attorneys had never given notice" that
they would appeal.
KIEV, Russia,' Sept.. I.— The expul
sion of Jews, who must: return to. the
restricted district set apart for them
by law, continues, on .a. small .ecale.v.
A daily average of 15 persons,receive
aT; preliminary notice to depart within
a 'stated period.^ About-] 2 person^ are
peremptorily expelled -every day.
From July, 30 to August- 29,' inclusive,
794 persons were sent away, from .Kiev
or ordered to' leave the city. During
the sarrie^ period 336 Jews were ; cx r
pelied from Salomonka f and Imleffka,
suburbs. ;«.'. v -
i S*pt."l. — Under an agreement entered,into,to
day \u25a0 between- representative of the. coal^ oner-'
* ators and the - miners of southern -•Wyoming/
sowar thousand men who bavt»,N»en .on ; strike
for a, number of months "will 1 return .to'; work
at once, pending- ratification of ; the" agreement
by a ' Joint -eonTentlon Ho «be held \u25a0in > Cheyenne
Popular Girl of University Town
and Los Angeles Practi*
tioner Are United \u25a0
BERKELEY, Sept. I.— With simple
services; in the .home of the bride's
mother, Mrs. Sarah Vilas, 1414 Leßoy
avenue.'the jnarriage of Miss Madeline
Vilas, Columbia university graduate,
and Dr. Theodore G. Finley, a Los An
geles physician, was solemnized at
noon today.
.Rev. Fay Donaldson of Woodland, a
lifelong friend of the Vilas family, of
ficiated at the ceremony, which was
performed under a bower of Shasta
daisies; There were no attendants, j
The bride- .is well known here as a
dramatic reader and musician. She
recently took post ' graduate work, at
the state university and is well known
in literary circles. :
Doctor Finley is a physician of Los
Angeles, where he is affiliated with, the
Elks, Masons. and other fraternal or
ganizations. He will take his bride to
the 'southern city after a honeymoon"
trip to. Lake Tahoe.; " . ••
Paul Foote Disappears From
Palo Afto
[Special Dispatch io The Call] .
PAT>O ALTO, Sept. I.— The local po
lice force and the university authori
ties are making' a systematic search
for Paul Foote, 21 years of age, who
came here from Montana last -week to
reffisterras a freshman student at Stan
ford university. ; v
Foote disappeared suddenly from his
rooms at- 320 Emerson street Tuesday
night and has not" been heard .from
since. Chief of Police Noble has,tele
graphed a description of the youth to
the various towns along the peninsula
and has wired the. boy's relatives, but
has obtained no clew. ,
Foote's friends are at a s loss to ac
count for his sudden disappearance. He
had several encounters with the sopho
mores,-but according- to witnesses took
his tubbing and hazing- good naturedly.
Ilirco,. Sept., I.— Adolph Schonek, accused of
arson and Kuspeetcl of setting many fires in
this city, was taken to Santa Ana, Oranjre
countr, this mornins as a result of a change
of venue granted by Judge W. XL Guy of the
superior <v»urt here, before whom the first trial
%of Sohonek was conducted. '
Your Risk Nothing by Try ing
: This Remedy
We want every one. troubled..with In-
digestion and' dyspepsia to come to our
store 'and iob tain a-.box^of jßexall -Dys-
pepsia Tablets. They contain Blsmuth-
Subnitrate and Pepf in prepared bjva
process which develops their "greatest
power, to overcome- digestive disturb -
ance..; ) ..•.. '.-.•.'\u25a0_\u25a0 '/ ' '£ ' '' .-
Dyspepsia Tablets are very
pleasantito take. _.. They soothe the ir-"
ritable, weak 'stomach,, strengthen and
; invigorate the -digestive: organs, relieve
nausea and indigestion, promote nu-
trition' and -bring "about -a feeling- "of
comfort.;/ .. . ; -^r
If you]give Rexall^Dyspepsla Tablets
a reasonable trial we will return your
"money :if; you are riot satiFflAd: with the
result: Three-sizes, 25 opiits, 50 cents
and $I.o.o.^Remember >you^caniobtfl.in
Rexall: Remedies in San -Francisco* only^
at The: Owl \, Drug ! Co:,% lnc.', • 710 ;JMarket
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943 r Kearny /Bt:,V Slxteentht and^Mission
sts.. : '. , —^m^^^^^ \u25a0\u25a0 ' ' \u25a0''\u25a0\u25a0'"
Three Candidates Enter Race for
Position of President of
1912 Class
BERKELEY, Sept. 1. — The*presiden
cy of the junior class of 1912, full of
iionors, has attracted. the attention of
three prominent students, and. a three
cornered race has started j for the, po
sition. Those who^eek the. office^ are
Clinton W. Evans, N. F. , Fairbanks
and Harry G. Gabbert, all of whom
have .been identified with university
activities outside the classroom.
Nearly all the other, offices of the
junior class will be contested, the
nominees b,eing: Vice president, Ellen
Ord, Anna Kidder. and Dorothy Fish;
second vice president, C N. Hackett;
secretary, Edith Pence; treasurer, B.
S. Clendannin; sergeant at arms, R.
Maynard and G. Duff; . leader, J. M.
The seniors have nominated only one
officer for each "place, and no election
•will be held as the selections are
unanimous. The officers for the. fall
semester of the graduating class are:
President, E. L. Ball; vice president;
Margaret Witter; second vice presi
dent, B. A. Swartz; secretary, Cora
Wieder; treasurer, F.-S. Hudson; ser
geant-at arms, H. E. Mills Jr.; yell
leader, Noble Hamilton; auditing com
mittee, A. J. Eversj Winifred Hunt and
Kuth Fuller. .
The sophomore nominations are:
President, /J. D. Gouglas and R. E.
Norton; vice president, Miss Clara Stow
and Miss Nan Brunk; secretary, R. H.
Scott and Miss Marjorie Glass; treas
urer, J. T.Gribner; sergeant at arms,
R.»L. Dresel.
The freshmen have adopted the plan
of giving the office of vice president to
the second highest in the presidential
rac*. The nominees for president are:
Miss Ada Jones. C. A. Barbera and W.
H. Dunn. P. M. O'Hara was chosen
class secretary and D. L. Merrilees
sergeant at arms.
I.— To study botany in Chile, examine -work on
tbe Panama canal and possibly to make the
run over from South America to England for a
brief Tisit home, James Bryoe, "the British
ambassador, accompanied by Mrs. Bryce, sailed
today for Colon.
mingham, Ala., Sept. 1. — The report of the
collector of internal revenue for Alabama and
Mississippi for the month of AußUst'.shows al
most double the amount of collections for last
year, an apparent utr^r disregard of the state
prohibition, laws accounting for this Increase.
. . . . — ~
Steamers leave from Broad-
way Wharves (Piers 8 and
M*^W) \A l^ orv rafes » including berth
I I Vek^VJa I I " nd meals. • ' \u25a0 -\
\ \ \«£«/ ./ Special Round Trip Rates.
President or Governor Alternate Mondays, 4 p. m.
•Santa Rosa Every Thursday , A ll a. m.
- •Only steamer calling at Santa Barbara. .
Connecting at Seattle for Southeastern .Alaska,
Skagway, Dawson, Fairbanks and all point* on
tbe Yukon.
President or Governor Alternate Saturdays, 2 pan.
Queen "» .September 6,5 p.m.
City of Puebla... .........September 13,. 2 p. m.
Alternate Tuesdays thereafter, 2 jj. m.
$37.50 Seattle and return, lncL berth and meals.
State of CaL.Sept. 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27, 4 p.m.
Curaca0........ 7th of each month, 12 m.
Spokane (Sailings will be announced later).
Senator. .Sept. 9 Umatllla. .... .OeV 1
Right reserved to change this schedule.
TICKET OFFICES— PaIace Hotel, 653 Market
Bt. f ie Market st. and Broadway wharf.
Telephone Kearny 492. •
OAKLAND— II 20 s Broadway. Tel. Oai;*nd 5680.
CD. DUNANN, General Passenger Agent. '
Tehuantepec Route
Recular Fast Freljcht Serrlee
sailing: from New York every six days,
making direct connection ! with Pacific
steamers sailing from Salina Cruz.
Ilex., every six days for San. Francisco.
YORK. Also to Mexican and all prin-
cipal European ports under .through
rate and through bills of lading. Sall-
ingß from San Francisco every 12 days.-
For rates and-further particulars ap-
eral Agrents, .8 Bridge street, * New
General Agents, Pacific Coast.
' 310 Sansome St., San Francisco
. Belliogbam, • Anacortes, Everett, Tort
Townsend, Victoria, Vancouver and all
Alaska ports.
':\u25a0&; S.ADMIRArT SAMPSON*. ...... .Sept. f5
1 S. S. WAT50N... .......:........ .Se^pt. 12
S. S. BUCKMAV.:..: .........Sept. IS
S. S. WAT50N . ... . . . .". . . . . . . . .'"'. . .Sept. 6
S. S. BUCKMAN...... .......Sept. 12
S. S. - ADMIRAL SAMPSON. . . . Sept. 18
; A laska-Pacific Steamship Co.
General-; Agent'it • office. Howard street
•wharf No., 3. Ticket office, 54 Market
street and 648iJiarket street.; > . :
\u25a0\u25a0'• Sailings from Howard street wharf No.* 3.
8. S, Nippon* Mara. ..'.'....Tuesday, Sept. 1 6, 1910
8. B. Chiyo Maru.'...".'.::;V'.Tnead*y, Oct. 4, 1910
', B. 8. Tenyo Maru... ....... Tuesday, Not. 1, 1910
Steamers sail from company'a piers, . Nos. -. 42/
44, near foot of Second et., at 1 p. m., for^Yoko-
hama and Hongkong,' calling at Honolulu, Kobe
(Hiogo) . and • Masasakl and - Shanghai \u25a0 *nd - con-
] nectlng at Hongkong .Tvith. steamers for Manila.
India, etc. No cargo received on board on day. of
sailing. * Bound trip I tickets at \u25a0 reduced rates.
For freight , and passage apply ; at office, i 240
James Flood building. W. H.AVBRY. . r
. Assistant, General Manager.
UNION S S. CO. of N. Z. Liin,
New Through Passenger and.: Freight-- Service
Without Change. •\u25a0.- •";,,-.- >:
S. 8. AOBANOI (4,268 tona) aaUs. :.;... Nov. 16
8, 8. MATTAI I (8.893 tons) | sails r. : '. r. .ir.Doc.' 14
• Sailings «verT 28 daysp connection at 1 Welling-
ton : and Auckland for -New > Zealand ; ports and
Australia. '.''•'\u25a0l '.\u25a0••\u25a0».?-s.-...'..j v '% ! ::.:..-,'."r^-».i--- ;-., ;
OCEANIC S. S.: CO.. General Agents, 90 Clay. ?t.
Tickft 0ff10e,^ 673 Market, st. ;\u25a0« Tel.l Kearny 423l.
'"'"•" :-.--'--.<-* ' ; - '. *r' \u25a0\u25a0••.\u25a0-'' -• "\u25a0 . '•. -\u25a0'-f-* / 3598fiP13
HflNni 111 II B.BiCsierra' (10.000 f tona dla-
UUHULULU pj acen jent) saiU lU.m.V; Sept.'.'
: 10. 1910. Special round trip $110, first class.
'*$; 7;Mariposa sails 11 a.»n..'Bept..ll,j*:-i ;
A? Special Tahiti * round' trip $125, first class.
V OCEANIC I LINB. 1 ; «73 Mkt. ; < telr Kearny 1231-
1 • •
Harry 0^ paßfert,
Candidate for U.£.
'Glass Presidency
Enrollment at University Very
Heavy This Year
BERKELEY, \ Sept. I. — With an In
crease in: enrollment in the college of
agriculture of the university of 40
students this year, the various classes
have to be accommodated in other
buildings on the campus. The total
registration in the college is now 150,
as against* 110 last year.
In the animal industry department
the enrollment has jumped from 30 to
50 and, contrary to the general rule, a
large number of these students will
specialize in this field of endeavor in
stead of making it a part of the gen
eral college work.
The irrigation department has re
ported a heavy enrollment and the
same is true in other departments. The
need for a new building, plans for
Which have been drawn, is particularly
felt this year.
sgggj&b, Schedule Effective
p^l August 29, 1910
v \gCtf>y San Francisco "
Leave. Via Sausalito. ; Arrive.
J6 :45a Petaluma, Santa Kosa, »Healds-
N)urg. "Cloverdale, Guernevllle,
Monte Bio, Duncan Mills,
Cazadero ....... Y J9:oop
7:15 a Sonoma, Glen Ellen '. .. 6:03p
7:45 a Petaluma. Santa Bosa. Healds-
burg, Cloverdalc, Uklab, Wll-
lit«, Sherwood 7:35p
8:15 a Pt. Beyes, Camp Meeker, Caza-
dero 7:55p
8:45 a Petaluma, Santa Kosa, Guerner
x ville. Monte Kio, Duncan
Mills (leaves from Cazadero). 7:03p
J9:lsa Sonoma, Glen E11en. ............ JB:3sp
J9:lsa Pt. Reyes ... JS:O5p
10:45 a Petaluma, Santa R05a. ........ 4:30p
«:45p Pt. Reyes, Camp /Meeker, Caza-
dero ••11:05 a
3:15p Petaluma. Santa Bosa, Healds- . :
burg, Cloverdale, Uklab. Guer-
nevllle, Monte Blo<,' Duncan .
Mills, Sebastopol \u25a0 (to • C«a-
. dero Saturday and Sunday).. 11:05 a
4:45p Sonoma, Glen Ellen 9:0oa
5:15p Petaluma. Santa Rosa ". *S:3sa
8:45p Pt. Beyes (leaves 7:15 p. m.
. J Sundaysl* . 8:05 a
Sausalito. i Mill Valley, Ban ; Eafael— Dally
every 30 minutes from 6:45 a. m. until 9:45
a m.; hourly until 2:45 p. m., then 3:15 p. m.
and every 30 minutes until 7:45 p. m., then 9:00.
10:35 p. m. and 12:01 a. m. (On Sundays In
addition — Every 30 minutes from 9:45 a. m. to
3:15 d. m., excepting 2:15 p. m.)
Fairfax— Leaves t6:45, 7:15, 7:45. 8:15, 8:43,
9-15 9:45. |10:15. 10:4o, 411:15, 11:45 a. m.;
11215 12:45. 11:15. 1:45. 2:45. 3:15, 3:45, 4:13.
4:45, 5:15, 5:45, 6:15, 6:45, f7:15, 7:45, 9:00,
8810:35 p. ni., J12:01 a. m. '
San Quentin via San Eafael— B:43 a. m., 1:45
P. ni. ' ' ' . ' .: .'-" '\u25a0 \u25a0
Tiburon and Belvedere — Week days, 7:30, 9:00,
tlO-45 a. m. ($12:45 p. m. Saturdays only). 3:30.
5-30 p. m. -Sundays — 7:30. 9:00, 11:00 a. m.;
12:30, 3:30, 5:30 p. m.. and §12:01 a. m.~ \
•Sundays arrive 7:03 p. m. •\u2666Mondays only.
tExcept Sunday. . JSunday only. only.
JSSaturday and Sunday only. |Vla Sausalito.
Pacific Transfer Company's agents are author-
ized to check baggage direct from residence.
V' . Baund Trip from San FranoUca, $I^o
" It. San fnctltw y If. Heir Unit li. Tiauljiit
Weekday Sunday Weekday I Sanday Weekday Snrday
3:45 a 8:15 a t7:2oa 11:00 a 7:20 a
-"" 1:45p 9:15 a 1:40p 11:45 a 1:40p 11:15 a
* 4:45% , 9:45 a ®2:40p i2:sopt 4:1 4p 12:40p
...... 10:45*: 4:20p 2:40p a 9:50p 2:320
...... 11:45 a .;.... . 3:50 p....... 3:45p
...... 1:45P ;....-. 5:20p 6:10p
...... T2:45P ...... : 6:40 p...... 6:40p
•..'.... •4H6p®ToMt. Tamalp aia only ......
•To Muir Sat. only. v t Mon. only, a Sat. only. H Muir only.
Ticket , Offices— Sausalito Ferry and 874 Market ' —
; > ; General OfiSce— Mill Valley, California
"Tntra %\ Taatlpals" as* "Hsir lea", an alwajs iota fir tnsts
Depot 12th and Mlsaion— F. 8. \u25a0 Stratton, Beceiver
Leave San Franciaoo. II '\u25a0\u25a0-. Leava Arleta.
A M. 8:00, 9:80, tIO:S9 A; M.. .5:25, 6:40, 11:20
P. M. 3:00, 5:40, Js:4o||P. M.. .3:25. f4:10
•Leave Tunltas Glen: A.M.. |6:15;. P.M., 3:00.
All trains daily except tSundays only. {Mon-
days only. ITunitas Olen Saturdays only. 'Stage
for San , Gregorlo and \u25a0 Pe scadero.
Boeti leave 7:00, 9:43 «. ra, 12^0. 3:20.
6:00. 8^0 p. m. Meals ala Carte. - -
D©ckandoince,-Nortli End Ferry Bolldln*.
: K<«n>y «<>• *. * oms c 47oB> \
- Sailings Every, Thursday and Saturday. :; |
I La Xofraine^Sep.' ILa \u25a0iorrainaJlSep.' «2 ; i
La Provence. Sep. 8 La Tourame ; . B«p. 29
La'SaTol«..i.Bep. ls La Provence. .0ct. ,,6; j
i Extra Sailings— Carry one clas* (II) \u25a0 '»»
\u25a0. . . .- . . cabin i passengers. . - . -
Chicago - .......... .....*:. .'.; . ~ .'. . .Sept. 3
Florida ....... \u25a0\u25a0...'.'..V.^. .... Sept. 17
Pacific ;Coast;Managera,v ]
.:'-..]' ; -630 i Montgomery ;«t^ <..,..\u25a0
-\u0084 \u25a0 - Cabl n , office. ' 685 Market ' stl' : ''
i Don'tVWorryplt^Dbesn'trPay
Woman Gets Divorce From Hus»
band Who Let Parent Sup=
port His Wife
OAKLAND, Sept. T.— One method of
domestic economy was put into prac
tice by Niles F. Meleen, according to
his wife, Luella, which was simple and
effective. \Vheh\rMs. Meleen. wanted
new clothes and other things she con
sidered necessary, -Meleen induced her
father to get them for her. He himself
was' in receipt of a monthly salary of
about $300, his- wife declares, but he
thought it -was cheaper. for her father
to provide for her. Mrs. Meleen was
granted an interlocutory decree of di
vorce on the ground of cruelty, after
narrating this story, relating acts
.of cruelty on his part. She testified
that he hated their baby.
Suit for divorce on the ground of ex
treme cruelty -was"' begun by : Alice
against Chris^opehr Malstrom. Mrs.
Malstrom accuses her husband of slap
ping her^face, throwing her out of a
chair and otherwise mistreating her.
\u25a0"' An alleged affinity In the person of
Charles J. Brinston is mentioned in a
divorce suit brought today by Robert
B. Wray against Mary E. Wray.
Frauk Portor. accused of the killing of his
companion. William Coslett. alias Tim Church
ill, in a Salt I^ke saloon August 5, confessed
to the polrce today. - \u25a0 . -
RAILWAY. TRAVEL . ; \u25a0
cg^ Vkq£3 Ea fjjtm Kj em f3 CSm '^3 Bk \u25a0£' |£g Jj *• B fid S3 3 GfVI
'•-\u25a0"• \u25a0 - TRAIHS LEAVE AKD ARE DUE TO ARRtVE FWOM JULY 3. »IO : :"
Leare . (Foot of Mirltct Street) '. Arriw L»Tg \u25a0 (Third and To*iuend[ Streets) Arriya
. 2.15 a Niln, Traev. Uthrop. Stockton, t5.25a Loop— 23d Street, Visitaeion. South \u0084_\u25a0•
% - • Lodi, Gait, Elk GroTe, Sacramento. . 1 0.38 p San Francisco,. Valencia Street . . t*-33»
6.40 a Hayward. Mes, San Jose. 7.08 a f5.35a Loop— Valencia Street. Ocean View, ....-•
7.00» Richmond, Port CosU.Beaicia,Saisiin. . Cemeteries, South San . Francisco, ..\u25a0•'.. \u25a0
Dixon. Sacnunento, Roaerille. Marys- 23d Street. 3rd and Townsend.. t».*s» •
rille. Redding. Dun anuir .T.... 7^Bp 6.20* South San Francisco, San Jose. Gilroy. . '. •\u25a0
7.00 a Elmira, Vacaville, Rumsey. ..:... f^Bp (HoUwter",. Sarseat, Pijaro, Wataon- : .. \u25a0
\u25a0—7.00 a Vvtv. Woodland (Marysrille. Oro- -»flle. Santa Crux, -.;... \u0084,-. 7^C»
TMe). Williams. Maxwell. Willows, "" TOO* Monterey Sunday Excursion.....,*. . IO.5Of;
Hamilton, Cornin g. Red Bluff 7.28> t'-OOa South San Francuco. Pato Alto, San T t7.2Ca
7.40* Vallejo, Napa, Calbtoga, Santa Rosa, : Jo»e. Way Stations. .-/ 7.30 a
Martine*. San Ramon, LlTermore. .. 6.08p 7.00 a Mayfield, Los Altos, Los Gat 05 ....... t7.20p
7.40* Niles, Pleaswton, Livermore. Tracy, 8:00* Shore Liaa limited— Paso Rcblea
Lathrop, Stockton \u25a0 7.23p . Hot Sprites, Santa' Barbara, Loi -«_ \u25a0
7.40* Tracy, Los Banos. Kerman, Fresno. 4^Bp An»e1e5.... .......... 9.33p
aoo* Newark. San Jose. Los Gatos, Wright. &05a The Coaster— Saa Jose. Psjaro (Wat-
Fdton (Boulder Creek), Santa Cnw... BABf sonyille. Santa Cru*). Castro-rOle.
&20» Port Costa, Martin es, Bj-ron, Tracy, (Del Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grove).
' Stockton, Merced. Fresno, Goshen \u25a0» Salina*, Soledad, Paso Robles Hot
: Junction (Hanford. Anaona), Visalia, Springs. Smj Luis Obijpo, Surf,
Porterville, Bakersfield 4.48p (Lompoc\ Santo Barbara, Ventura.
8.20* Yosemita Valley v» MeriMd. *.48p Oxnard.Los AnrfM....... IMS*
9JW* Nfles, Livermore. Stockton (*M3ton), 8.20 a Mayfidd. Los Altos. Los Gatot. Wri^xt. . :
- Valley Spring. lone. Sacramento 4.28p . Glenwoodf Boulder Creek), Santa Crss,
9.00* Sonora, Tuolumca "and Anzels 4^Bp WatsonyiUe. CastroTille. Del Monte. -..
B.oo* Atlantic Express— SaersTiento, True- Monterey, Pacific Gnr»e. 9. 10p
kee, Ogden, (Lake Talwe). Salt Lake B.oo* Sin Jose. Gilrov, Salinas, Paso BoMes
City, Denver, Kansas City, Omaha, Hot Springs, San Luis Obi-TO — Tres '\u25a0'-\u25a0' '-.\u25a0-..''\u25a0\u25a0. \u25a0- . .''\u25a0\u25a0
. \u25a0• Chicago ..„.;........ »•...\u25a0.....,.... 8.28p Pinos — Watson-rille, Santa Crui, Dei
9.40* Rklimoni Port - Gjstii Martine*, Monte, Monterey. Pacific Grore 4.G01
Bay Point. . ................... 6.48p 10.40*" South San Francisco, Buriin-ame. San \u25a0 .
Coso* ValleioMareldsnd,Napa........... 11^8* Mateo. Palo Alto, San Jose. tB^JO%
• 1a204 'Mar^e^BvSr&fttogS "*°* Altos. M aata Vista. Lo. Gate,. .{
Merced. Fresno, (Hanford, Coalinga, . 11.30* Valenei» Street. Ocean View, Cohna,
' Visalia.) Bakersfield, Los Angeles.... 7.48p Cemeteries. Baden. San Bruno 1.33p
10.40* San Francisco Overland Limited—- 11.40* South San Fran ci»co. San Jote t8.20a
V Denver. Kansas City, St. Louis, I.OOp Saturday Palo Alto L0ca1............ 5.00p
\u25a0 ' Omaha, Chicago... "... 5.28p 2.00p Del Monte Express — San Jose. Gilroy. : \u25a0' - : •-• /
11.20* Shasta limited — Portland, ".*>»ma, -:; -Sargent (Watsonv3le. Santa Cms).
Seattle... ...............*..... 9.18p Del Monte. Monterey. Pacific Grove.
1 2.00n Goldfield Pass— Port Costa. Benicia. . (5a1ina5).......... 12.301
Sacramento, Truekee. Haxen. Wa-, ZCSp South Saa Francisco, Palo Alto. San .
buska (Yerlngton, Mason), Mina. Jose.... ..................... 840*
Tonopah. Goldfield. Laws. Keeler.... 7.48* |2.05p Los Altos. Jlcnta Vista. Lob Gatos... t3.20p
!2.00n Marysville. Chico, Red Bluff .../ 4.28p 3.00p South San Francisco. San Mateo. Sao
1 .20p Nfles, Irvington, San J05e........... 2.48p Jose. GEroy. Trea Pinos. Salinas. ... 10.10*
1.40p San I^andro, Niles. Centerville, / 9.CBa 3.00p Wataonville." Santa Crus. Castrovflle,
Newark. San J05e........ ....i.»7^Bp Del Monte. Monterev. Pacific Grore. 10.10*
1. 40p Newark, San Jose. Los Gatos. Wright, 3. 1 5p MaySeM, Los Alto*. Los Gatos. Wright
Felton (Boulder Creek). Santa Crua.. 9.18p (Boulder Creek). Santa Cruz.... 11.05*
2.40p San Leandro, NBes, San Jose.... 9.28 a 4. 00p Sunset Express — Tutwn.. Demmg, \u25a0 : .'
3J»p Benieia, Winters, Sacramento— Wood- '.'..- Q Paso. Houston. New Orleans,. • .
land, Marysville. Oroville— Yolo, Paso Robles Hot Sprires. San Luis .'.
Arbuckle, Willlimß, Willows. 10.48* OJbispo, Santa Barbara acd Los Anjeles 10.55* : .
t .2op Port Costa. (Stackton), Martinez,/ I2.CSp 4.00p Kansas City. St Louis. Chicago. . 10.55*
BjTon, Modesto. Merced. Fresno. .1 I I.lBp 4.20p South San Francisco. San Jose . . : t9.00*
3.45? Via Sausalito, West Naps, St. Helena, t*.ssp Mayneld, Los Altos, Los Gatot, Glen- .
Cslistoga. 1 .. . .:..... :..."...... 10.35* •vood.Fdton (Bouldsr Creek), Santa
4.00p Vallejo, Nspa. Calistoga, Santa Rosa, Crua... ; :....'...; t1.15» '
MartinevSan Ramon. livermore... 9.28* "t5.00p Burlinsame, San Mateo, Psia.Alto,
4.00p Niles (Centerville),Llvermore l Tracy,( 10.28* < San Jose and Way 5tati0n5. .......... 9.40*
1 Stockton, L0di...... ....:....-.. \ \ Il.lBp t5.05p Loop— 23d Street. Viataeion, South \u25a0 '.'• ' \u25a0
4.40p San Leandro, Hayward. Niles. Pleas- Saa Francisco, Valencia Street..;... t6-'5»
anton. Livermore, Tracy, Newman, |5-20p Redwood. Palo Alto. San Jose..... ...' l.iOp -
Kerman, Fre5n0....... II. IE? f5.20p Los Altos. Monta Vista. Los Gatoa... • t3.20»
B.OOp Vallejo, Port Costa, Benicia. Sacra- |5.25p Burlkgaoe. San Mateo. San Jose... j. • t3^C» •
mento. RossvHle, Marysville, Orovitle 1128* |5.30p Loop— Valencia Street, \u25a0 Ocean View.
5.00p Russell, San Jose. Los Gatos.. 9.28 a Cemeteries, South San Francisco.
§5.00p Wright, Felton, Santa 0ru5 ......... *9.28* C 3.1 Street. 3d and Townsend ... - H4off §
5.20b Sin Leandro. Niles. San Jose 7.48 a 5.40p San Bnno, San Mateo. Redwood. P*lo
6.00p Owl Limited— Los Angeles. B.oB* Alto. Santa Clan. San Jose... .7.35 a
, 6.40p Efttera Express— Ogden. Pueblo, Den- tS.4Op Los Alto?, Los Gatos. Santa Crui . . . . J3.40a \u25a0
Ter. Kansas City. St. Louis. Chicago. . t6.00p Millbrae. San Mateo. Pato Alto. May- • : :
Port - Costa, i Benicia, - Sacramento, . field. Los Altos, Los Gate* \u25a0 tBXO* .
, Reno. 5park5............": 8.28p t6.050 2M Street. Visitacinn. South San
. 6.40p Lake Tahoe Sleeper.. -7.45* Francisco. Valencia Street ».. t7.15p .
&40p Hayward, Niles and San Jofe 6.48p t6.25p Loop— Valencia Street. Ocean View, •;\u25a0\u25a0
J7.00p Vallejo, Port Cooto. Martinex, Bay .. - Ceneteriea, ' South San Francisco,
Point and Way Stations. JII.I8? S3d Street, 3d and Townsend .- t7.30p '
•i 7.40p Richmond. Port Cocta.- Martinex, 6.30p South San Fran cisco. San Jose 1.. ' 5.40?
I Cornwall, Tracy, Lathrop. Stockton. 12.48p aOOp Tha Lark— Paso Robles Hot Springs, . .-' •
[ &20p Oregon Express— Davis, (Sacramento), Santa Barbara, Los Angeles 9.30*
Wulows. Redding (Khmatb Falls)^ BJ35p Los.^nwlesPaosenger— Gilroy. Salinas. .' . •
Ashland, Portland, Taeoma, Seattle,. ' Paso Robles Hot Springs. Sin Luis
t Spokane.: 9.08 a Obispo.Sacta Barbara and Lot Angeles BL3O*
B.OOp China and Japan Fast Mail— Ogden, t IO.OOp San Joa and Way Stations 7.20?
Cheyenne. Denver, Kansas City, 11.45p South San Francisco, Palo Alto, Saa '
. Omaha, Chicago 2.48p _• J05e..... •....\u25a0...\u25a0.....!... .....\u25a0» 7.45 p.
• 9.00p Port Costa, -Benicia Sacramsnta. Col- . . \u0084 ,.. ........ », — . . .^ — —— — .
fax. Truekee. Reno. Spark*. Oaden.. WBp LOCAL FERRY TRAIHS— VI* OakUnd Pl«r.
9.40? Yosemlt« Valley j Sleeper vis Merced ' To Oakland. Berkeley. Bwryman. East Oakland and
to D Portal 8.23 a Frultval»— Daßy— From 6.00 ajn.. and every twenty
9.40p BakersSeld, McKittrkk, \u25a0 Monarch. minutes until 7.00 p.m. inclusive; then 7.40. 8.20.
Moron. Fellow.. J^.r... B.2S* 9.00. 9.40, 10.20, 11.00, .11.40 p.m.. V2SO and
• 9.40p Richmond, Port • Onsta. Tracy. Mo- ; 1.20 ajn. • . • .. .
. desto. . Merced, - Fresno, Hanford, To Stther and MsVom vl* Sevtnth St — Diilv — From
Coalinga, Visalia,' Tulare.......... 8 StJa 6.00 aja» and every twenty minutes until 7.00 p.m.-
f I I.OOp San Leandro. Niles. San Jose- 7.08* inclusive, then 7.40, 8.20." 9.00. 9.40. WSS). lUQ.
II 40p Portland Express —Sacramento, Marys- / and IL4O pja. .' " \u25a0•
vMe, Red Bluff, Weed, Ashland. Rose- T» Stonehur it— DaHy Except Sunday— 6.Co. 7.00. 8.00.
.' ' burg. Portland. Taeoma. Seattle. .... I2^Bp 9.00 ajn.. 2.20. 3.00, 4.00, 5.C0. 6.40. plb. Sunday
NETKERLAND'S ROUTE-Fr.m P.eifie S^.tt Wharf S p^° 100 ° •*-."»> *» «» *» So °-
ColUnsviUe. Emmaton, Rio Vijti. Isleton. Ryde. Wai- To Oakland Flrtt St. Froltvalt. Alamtda. vl* Honeshot
nut Grove, yorden.Courtbnd.Oarksbursr. Sacramento. —Da2y— From t6.00. 6.20 ajn. and every twenty
Steamer Nivtjo, leaves San Francisco 8:00 a, m. dally ninutes until 5.20 a.m. inclusive: then 9.00. 9 20.
wcept Sunday, stopping at points shown, arriving Sac- 10 00, 10.20. 11.00. 11.20 ajn., 12m.. 12.20 J.CO. 1 20.
ramento 6:00 p.m. . Leaves Sacramento 9:00 p.m. daily 2.00. 2.20. 3.C0, 3.20, J3.40 pjn. ard every twraty
except Sunday (no stops en route), arriving San Fran- miautesuata 7 pjn. inclusive; 7.40. &20. 9.00. 9.40.
Cisco 5:00 ajn. . \u25a0 - . . 10.20, 11.00 and 11.40 pjn.. 12.20 and LS) ajn.
; Stsamtr Modoe or Apaehs. levm San Francisco 1.00 Additional train to Oakland First St, 2.15 a ja.
p.m. Daily, except Sunday; amve San Francuco 11.30 xo West Berkelty— Daily Except Sunday— From 6XO
p.m. ft--- \u25a0••- -.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-.-.\u25a0 ajru aa( j evoy twenty minutes sn til B.2o ajn. inrta- \u25a0
OAKLAND HARBOR FERRY— From San FrancUco. w T « then 9.00 ajn. and every bour until tCOpja.
Market Streat Wharf— Week Days-Hourly from 6.C0 nrf iJ 31 J« thea 4- 20 ,. *>:*\u25a0 «w* £7"* minutes
s.m. to 9.00 p.m. Sundays-6.45, 8.15. 9.4.5. 11.15 ™£ ,, 7 A« l «V B $ ] 37 c: thm J-fi^ BL ' 9C0 *
ajn.. 12.45. 2.15. 3.45. 5.15. &45. 8.15 anj 9.45 p.m. \u25a0 9 -^l3^ VJ 0 ' H' 4o^ aad J Z Q? J *'. ~
\u25a0m To Wttt Btrkefty— Sundavs only— From 6.00 *.m.,
LOCAL FERRY TRAINS— VI* AUmoCa Pur. then 7JOO, 7:40, 3:20, 9.00 a.m. inrhisive; then 9.20
To Oakland and Alameda— fO. 10. 16.45 a.m., and then a.a. and every twenty minutes 7.00 pjn. inclusive:
.10 and 45 minutes past the hour until 7.45 p.m.: then then 7.4 C pjn.. 8.20. 9.C0. 9.40. 10.20, 11X0, 1140
8.30, 9.15, 10.00. 10V45. I L3O pjn. and 12.15 ajn. p.m. and 12.20 ajn.
To Alameda and Fruitvals via Horseshot s«mt «» abova . To Corbia — Daay Except Sunday— From 6.00 aja. and
'' ~~~, — T, — :—: — ; — z — rr r^ — j tTJ every 20 minutes until 8.20 a.m. bicrosiv*, then
c for Morninj. p for A f teraoon. excepted. 9£» 1000 \u0084, » m .. j.co. 2.00. 3X0. 100. 4.2 a
t Sunday only § Saturday and Sunday only. 4^ 5 m &2a , ad 6 c pjD> *** "*
,- t \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 aSanday and Monday only. To Corbln— Sundays only— From 6.00 aja, tien 9XO
\u25a0 Union Transfer Co. authorized to check Baggago a.m.. 9.20 aja. and every twenty minutes until
direct from residency. • ' .< .-'..• 6.00 p.m. ~- ' -\u25a0 \u25a0
f SOUTH AMERICA london-paris-hamburg" l
, .. r Clerelaad... ....... ...Sjjpt. 10. OA. M.
A "Grand cruise leaving New tD*n^ciiUn<i- .s*pt..u.2P. M.
\u0084_- ,"-,*, > „.. -„,« , ", c- c- Pres.t Lincoln. S»pt. 14, "P. SJ.
York January 21, 1911, by the S. 5/ tAmerita.:.:.... % .......5*pt. 17. io x. M.
"BLUECHER.for the Ea?t CoaSt tUawcelled RlfzCarlton a la Carte Res-
\u25a0--, _\u25a0—\u25a0.•\u25a0»•-»\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 •"' . < i . i_" taarant, Gynmaslam, Elec. Baths. Ele»ator,
of South America, through the .. Palm Garden. SHambors. direct.
straits^of Magellan and up^the GIBRALTAR, NAPLES and GENOA
West^ Coast to Valparaiso, \ Chile, s> s> h% 3lbJrg; . .Sept. 20. 10 A. m.
etc. .'Rates $350 upward; duration s. s.bata via.... Sept. 2T, Ip. m.
74 days ALSO CRUISES TO In NoVemlw the new 17,0»v> ton 3- S.
''•ii?rc"r"":ivnVre'fe r\ t> t T7 -v't^" j flereland and Cincinnati will enter the Med-
,WEST INDIES, ORIENT and iterranean ierrice. . f
-AROUND THE^ WORLD. ' -tiuivelbrs' Checks issued
\u25a0 '..'.. ... . ;'..-\u25a0-.; '..-\u25a0- . '\u25a0-,/.; '- Tourist IVpt. •- for Trips Ererywhera. -
.Writ* for illustrated pamphlets, rat's, etc. . GuWe and-Trarel Books en Sale.
San Francisco Surety Bond
• Broker Succumbs to An
Illness of a Week
- OAKLAND. Sept. I—Harry J: Max- ".
well, a surety bond broker, of. 'San
Francisco for 15 years, died today at
his home. 544 Twenty-fifth . street,
after an illness of one. week.. He left
a widow. Mrs. Grace E. Maxwell.. ' He .-.
was a native of . Wisconsin. . :
. Maxwell was engaged, in ' the! bust- ;
ness of surety borid. : . broker. Ih' Los
Angeles prfor. to- hi 3. removal tc>. the
bay region. He had jbeen in- California
for about 24 years. . arid during that
time became one. of. the prominent. men
of his business of the state. -.' .-".• • -
.He was. a member of California lodge.
No. 1. F. an<J A: M:; Galifornia chapter
No. 5, X.' A.' M:".. and "California -Com-,
mandefy No. 1,. Knights Temp.lar. : ..
Tbe funeral will be .-privately held
Saturday morning at 19:30 o'clock from •
the residence. Arrangements for burial .
have not been completed. •< Y^/-
Wis.. s-ept. 1. — The body of Frank T. Tucker,
assistant attorney jreneral of Wisconsin and
candidate for the republican nomination, for at-
toniey seneral at the primary election- ; to ' be. .
held Tuesday next, was taken from the. Fox
river here this mnrninj*. ' • ..
ant. Mich.; Sept. 1. — .V warrant has been is
sued f'"»r the arr*v«t of E. •C. Verm ill !<\u25a0>!*..
cashier ft the Farmers' «a<l Merchant?" bunk;
wii<» •It-appeared last Saturday. Tbe charge .is
embezzlement. ' • ' \u25a0- .

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