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VOLUME CVin.— NO. : 109.
Family Averse to Notoriety of
Trial Makes Overtures for
; \u25a0 Compromise
•c* Ante=Nuptial Agreement Filed
;} Confers Sweeping Powers
;•: ; Upon Prima Donna
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
NEW YORK. Sept. 16. — As the first
step in negotiations now in prog
ress for a compromise between
:\u25a0; .Robert Winthrop Chanler and Lina
:'l ' Gavalieri, the much heralded ante-nup-
V' tial agreement was recorded today in
'.:. the registrar's office.
vV . While the registration will show ob-
Vl.rservance by Cavalieri of all legal pre
.;.!.."cautions in the event that the parties
J. to the agreement join issue in court,
•.;• : The Call correspondent has learned
: : ;.that overtures have been made to
>; Cavalieri to settle the case amicably.
£. " .She would be expected to relinquish
i/;.; all claims to the Chanler property and
•'• 'y. -to cancel the document filed today.
Her Own Case
;-"j* .:. In return the family would give her
•;.;. SIO,OOO outright and *an annuity of
,;..' 55,000. She intends to handle the case
\u25a0 .^herself and until her arrival no definite
; : i progress can be made toward a settle
}M i Attorneys for both sides expressed
J^ihe opinion today that '.there will be
'C-'-Tio litigation.. The Chanlers want to
;V;!r*&ut off publicity as foon as possible
on that account dread the courts.
• ; .They hope to convince Cavalieri that
;/; th-e prenuptial agreement is -worthless
%-ia.nd that she can gain nothing by. a
: g ?sght.
;'. r^Cbnfers Sweeping Powers
fir-. ;Jn the agreement filed today Mme.
';>-Cavalieri's full name is given as Na
;.; ta.slna Cavalieri, spinster, an * Italian
r^'. iEubject, resident in Paris.
*\u25a0••';;• -%"he document proceeds to state that
?':"*^"h consideration of the sum of $1
. \u25a0;\u25a0';: paid, and raid intended marriage,"
/-.!.. Chanler shall assign to hi? wife all
V;;his real estate and all hlcr "lnterest in
;\u25a0: .'-.the estate of the late Mrs. La ira De
•..•."'.lano, subject to a mortgage of about
>;.? 140.000. "for her s<se and separate use
• . absolutely."
-.-For the same consideration of $1
; r aiid the intended marriage the bride
; : jgroom "doth forever covenant" to pay
vViris wife $20,000 a year in four quar
:j V-terly installments, all payments free
' : i.from income or other taxes and "for
.:- the purpose of securing the payment
•;.-of the said yearly sum"* La Cavalieri
.*; is constituted "his true and lawful at
"; v tbrney. irrevocable" to collect the
; ; rents and profits.
v^4j>romised $20,000 a Year
'. . Should the income from the real
v; estate prove Insufficient at any time to
;-*-. pay the $20,p00 yearly agreed 'on, a
;- '. second power of attorney is conferred
.; ". to govern the income payable from the
.".: fund held in trust for him by the ICew
.'-."; ..' York life and Insurance trust com-
; •\u25a0; : -pany.
: : r- Should this additional income still
V; : -prove insufficient a third power of at
v : torney is conferred to govern the In
'.:>come from the fund held in trust for
•-;;him by the New York life and insur
•..;-.ance trust company.
• The agreement is dated May 31 and
. Figned and witnessed in the presence
; of Hanson C. Cox. deputy consul gen
; eral of the United States at Paris. It
-" is wTitten in English, on parchment
\u25a0 made in London. .
Treasurer Too 111 to Appear in
Court for Trial
BIDDEFORD, Me., Sept. 16.—Rich
mond 11. Ingersoll, alleged defaulting
treasurer of the York County savings
bank, which closed its doors August
12* was arrested today on a charge of
Ycince the closing of the bank the
aged banker has been confined to his
house by illness, due in part to two
attempts at suicide. Ingersoll could
not be taken to court today because
of feebleness, but was arraigned in
his room' and held in $20,000 bail.
In a statement issued" recently the
total bank shortage was placed at
Plot to Escape From Reform
School Frustrated
.: • . ALBUQUERQUE. N. M-, SepC 16.— 1n
a desperate attempt to escape from the
New Mexico reform school/at Springer*
today, three youthful desperadoes riear
•. ly killed the assistant superintendent,
. Baron Dekalb SampseH.
• ' Sampsell was cut and slashed with
. butcher knives and beaten with a poker,
.. "but it is believed he will recover." 1 The
• -attack was made in a recreation room
•".where 23 boys were assembled.
•-\u0084 Without warning the three
'•' :it Dre w themselves on SampselU'whb'was
.Ji-jnarmed. He struggled until weakened
"I by loss of blood, when the boys wrested
from him. the key to the vfeult. {where
arms are stored. Then'the three;, fol
lowed'by several other boys. • dashed
toward *the vault only, to, be met: by
.. three guards, armed wlthj rifles" ? See-/
'• - Ing their only avenue of escape cuto ff
• -the 'boys surrendered.
\u25a0 * • ' / r ;" : '
The San Francisco Call.
.'•'-\u25a0 ' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 ". .'\-. \u25a0
j [Special Dhpalch lo The Call]
RENO, New; Sept 16.— Either a mes
sage from the 'dead, or a practical joke
in questionable taste was .discovered
yesterday when thre,e lads found a mes
sage in a bottle that had lodged 'in
driftwood on the south bank of the
Truckee near this city. The note was
dated. Reno, New, January 16, 1910,, and
signed "Francis Drake. Oakland," was
addressed to "Whom it may concern"
and stated briefly:/
"I have jumped, into the Truckee
river. Goodby to my friends, my love
to mother." '
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
ST. PAUL, Minn., Sept. 16.— Senator
Robert M. La Folette is suffering from
an ailment that may require an opera
tion, according' to James A| Frear, sec
retary of state of Wisconsin, who Is -in
Minneapolis 'today. He will go to
Rochester to consult physicians. Frear
said that Senator La Follette returned
home, after congress adjourned, a sick
man, and consulted physicians about
his condition: He was - told ; that ' rest
was all he needed, and he obtained as
FUXFKIRCHEN. Hungaria. Sept. 16—
A formidable bomb'wa.s discovered yes
terday lying on the railroad track in
William Barnes Jr. Flays For*
raer President as Advocating
Radical Policies
XEW YORK, Sept- 16.— County poli
ticians from all-parts of -New-York
state gathered today at < Theodore
Roosevelt's editorial, offices to tell him
where they stand in the fight now /on
.within the . republican . party.-\The~cbl
onel talked • from ". morning \ till | night
with leaders on botfi' sides, but. as= he
was leaving at the end of the dayithe
only statement he would make was. that
he had not a word to say.
There was a sharp exchange today
between Coloner Theodore /Roosevelt
and.' William. Barnes", Jr., -republican
state coramitteeman and leader' of," the
so called "old guard." In apublished
statement Barnes said:" \u25a0 • - ,/•".,
No amount of political' rnaneu- .
vering. use of patronage or person
' al abuse can in . the slightest -de- !
gree ' obscure the one issue, j which
must be fought out to a finish at
Saratoga. There will' be determined '
the future of the republican party '.'
in the state of New York' for some '
years to come; That party: must,
determine In its present form
whether it. will be recognized as the
conserving force' •which has-been 1 —
its history, or whether it will; fol- ;
low the radical policies- of Mr. .
Roosevelt and lose the strategic po-
sition which > It has held in the'
state of New York for many years
as the party of sanity and the pro- -,
lector of industry, on which the.
world of business : and labor must .
. depend.
When Barnes" statement was shown
to Colonel Roosevelt the latter dictated
the following comment: ; :
*> I am indeed blessed 'ln my . ene- '
mies. I am very genuinelj', grate
ful to Mr. Barnes for havins un- .
consciously made the issue so clear *\u25a0
' between what;he is pleased to cail '
Rooseveltism on, tha one side, -and
on the other side. the alliance of the '
boss with that element of .big busi
ness which seeks to control politics
in connection with business.
After tha-New rYork- county . repub
lican committee had unanimously re
elected Lloyd C^ Griscom as its presi
dent tonight, Adam Gruber, .an assem
bly district leader who has finally gone
on record against- Colonel' Roosevelt,
off ereJ the following, resolution: ' l :
Resolved, That:, the 'New York
county committee of New York; dls-v
approve as unjust, and dangerous •.
to the : liberties of the people, the' c
' utterances \u25a0of • former ; President H
Roosevelt 1 in respect to the 4 judges '\u25a0/..
of the United States 'supreme court I -
and the court of appeals. -\u0084; . - l, ; ;
•-, Witli a shout! of disapproval the reso
lution was tabled and the meeting ad
journed, i >' / , .
Will Contestant Says Woman
Used Undue .Influence
SAN DIEGO, Sept. •> 1 6.— Suit was^filed
in the superior court here.today^to'con
test the \u25a0 will of Mrs. Harriet' P. Thurs
ton, ,wbb. died at' Newburypbrt,*; Mass.'j'
recently.-"- .;..' \u25a0"' , .. -. .'.-.' \u25a0,"' '\u25a0-''' " : '*' : \u25a0"'\u25a0;;
: Inher will 'there- is a legacy of J150,
000 left to Mrs.iKatherine TingleyV;heaxl
of, theVrheosophical organization of the
Point Lorna; homestead. C ':•-:. :"•\u25a0''!/ \u25a0' J -f;-
* The. contestant-, i b/ George J L.*r Patter^
son, a' son of Mrs.VThurstonJv* The''com
plaint alleges conspiracy and /undue in-;
fluence. Some of , the" allegations ' are ex-*
tremcly:sensatlonal. . -
Provision Made ; Against * Claims
as \Wife;6r rChildreri 's?j&
";. SAN- JOSE, OSept.'; 16.— C.fB:Elliott, a
retired »buslnessmah''of 'i Paloj Alto, left
an estate of 1 100,000 and a provision } In
his v will'that\infcase/any "persoh|Bhould
establish the "jeiationShip j of/^wife>or
6on'.tohim' the*yshould*receive'sl. ; ' ' "*
. The :. will *' was flled^ today 'and states
that' Elliott had 'neither- wife, nor .'chil
dren.* v ' '>\u25a0\u25a0-• \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 - '\u25a0'\u25a0- : • I .v->-'> i-''*ii.;lo«" ; .''
C .'After 'i making : bequests vtoi man>v dls-;
tant^f relatives »he\ provided'")* thatj the
Protesta n't I'orphah J asylum -and,* such
othcr^charitable « institutions :as* his ex
ecu tors vraight;select' should! receiveithe
residue. \: v-V - \u25a0\u25a0 ; \u25a0 - \u25a0 ' \ /^JSmHti
( Seymour. / Glazier ,and : Gel" McCarthy,
discovered, the ; bottle and drew" it from
the water while" along the river bank.
One of the boys removed the cork and
found the note intact. • ' \ * ;
. Fisli Warden •.Thomas was .notified,
and he brought the bottle and .note [to
Reno. The Oakland police "were noti
fied. . \ " - -;" ; - <"^ _ :,'..';•\u25a0\u25a0
Reports a bodyc had • floated; past
Reno, face down.v and ? attired f in , a
khaki ' suit ' reached here ; ;' about * the
middle of " January, ; butv' subsequent
search failed to locate it. - • !
much.as he could until; he -was p-lunged
into the campaign.: It; ls; authoritatively
stated that he ;wlll' either speak against
Tawney or • Issiie a public: , statenien t
urßing the nomination ;of ;.. Anderson.'
The fact that* Frear. Morris, '] Ekernj and
other leading^ Wisconsin ./progressives
have entered the Tawney fight is take'tf
as positive evidence that "La . Follette
is ready to support Anderson,"' as i t isf
urged ; that none of * them would shave
entered the fight- without "the sanction
of-the senator. ,
front of Emperor William's 1 - train, in
which he was going hunting to Mohacs,
25 miles southeast of Funfkircheri.-;" :
, '.—. — '' ;'-; '-- \u25a0' •' '"\u25a0" v •;*'"\u25a0"" --'.'•'.'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
Deputy Sheriff Shoots Furious
.Animal While
Crovvd of; Women
VliOS ANGELES.. Sept.;^l6.— Bert E.
Rico, \u25a0 a.^deputy -sheriff >and vinembe:* :of
the \u25a0 Vaquero club, .proved the ;real' hero
of a bull fight that was not on the pro
gram at ; the -Mexican ? centen nial . cele
bration- at Schuetzeri: park: today. ;>'
: Enrique ", Robles,' a Spanish toreador,
and v his matadors .were |en gaged |in a
bull ..-dodging.; exhibition. \u25a0"; ,The animal
became .enraged | and crashed through
the flimsily ' constructed J 60 ,;\u25a0 f opt '\u25a0.;- ring
and^, was 1 dashing,' head dowri/'into a
crowd; l which; included- .many .women,
when^Rico stepped forward -and^flred
a revolver; bullet the head of the
f ufious' ' animal. ' % : in ' its
tracks, -six .feet away f rom\the densely
packed ,(• thron g ; ; of terrified", spectators.
Rico was j given an '; ovation. s 'J: .
: The - toreadors', exhibition* brought : to
an.end a ; barbecue and programiof Mex
ican' 1 sports. ' i There 'were 'other .bulls on
hand,/ but\a '\u25a0?: humane -society 'ofllfeer.
ruled"^ against a continuance- - of- the
sport/ ,-,-_.. -'":.'\u25a0 "; : '. ' : - :' \u25a0"\u25a0.•\u25a0•
.The celebration was given under the
joint > auspices' of. the' Hispano- Ameri
cano - and : Vaquero clubs . and : 'was at
tended sby' more than 5,000 persons." The
nark celebration was preceded by. a pa
rade j which , was \u25a0 distinctly Mexican;*, in
cluding many gaudily, costumed thorse
men ' and ;. handsome * floats. ./ A"' number
of Mexican societies observed the^cen-" 1
tennial • with v celebrations"' tonight/
Chicken Chasers Injured ;
BAKERSFIEL.D, SepL 16.— Three per
sons were seriously^though-not fatally*
injured/" today .In .a chicken? chasing
contest on" horseback, which was one of.
the features of the' MexicanVcen tennial
celebration here.-; Joseph ; Rodriguez, one
of the riders, •; -.was /thrown «; from
mount in ,&. collision! and; was (struck In'
the face -' by^ one -, of i his horse's hoofs."
Don. Castro, son of a prominent rancher/
was caught between two of the "racing
horses ' and - : his \ right ;; shoulder badly,
crushed.*, Joseph j: Stout,; a - small \u0084boy/
was struck , by/ one^ of , the -horses _• and
severely bruised., .Many, women fainted.;
Kaiser's ti
•-::'\u25a0 BERLIN. Sept. 16^Emperor William
today p. sent >%\u25a0 a ;.;'• telegram^ to % President
Diaz * expressing jthe % warmest I congrat
ulations , of V- himself < and ithe * German
people \ oV! the \ celebration ;; of f; the /cen
tennial of i Mexican ; Independence. •: Em>
peror ' , William Vf has *$ conferred \H upon
President ' : Diaz ;the; chain;; to X the I .grand
cross >of ' the : Order/oflthe,-.Red : Eagle.
His . majesty also cabled 1 his I congratu-
latlons to the Mexican : executive on the
occasion ; of. his :- eightieth birahday. -
Man Who Went Boating With
Companion Murdered
• vPpRTIiAND,:Sept.rI6;-- r Twoidays ago
the- body^of {aj man' was s recovered' from
the^Wtnainetteiflver.J * Thet;police^be
lieve thatjthe remains are those of Emil
G.,Keess; of :Pocatello,'. Idaho,: and that
he ; wa'sXmurdered^ r 'Vr> - iii :'-'':';\u25a0'\u25a0'-/; ' "*.-~iyyP
D) Investigation V shows ; that . about .two
weeks : i ago S .'two : men^ hired s a";- boat '?< at
a ; local jboathouse*j;f A"i f ew .-; hours /later
the ; boat V was "returned * by,; opet of > the
men^ ? whoj said; that ; his had
fallen: overboard 'and k was drowned. '^ He
then 'said* that ' he] was fjoking J and;' that
his 'companion treallyj; had : left*, the <bbat
farthertupithefrlyer.. !?,/../-. -: ; - f J-r'-'c-- '\u25a0\u25a0 "•
V";Thej authbrlties;belieye.th'at : the miss
ing iwas^ Keess^ and ? that r ; he> was
'talten^6ut7on)\the;riyerTand/murde>ed r
and* robbed. ' ' .--//;^/; /"-;'/ */;;;/^"i ; "'.''*\u25a0-.;/'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
'' A .'letter '} addressed ; . to • Keess -was
"Royal.'* - ' It ; is^; evidently; from* a? sister/
Fata \ Cases^ihV Italy
i . ROME,'tSepOjl6^During^the?last i; 24
rde"athi;frqm s crti6lera v and' nine; new, cases
of, tlie \u25a0•' disease.'-':.; \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ; /\-':3" v "" ; /v ; ;,'::';'-^ .Y": : i r 5
X\u25a0!K \u25a0! Sept. ?.16.r-\V;* M.'S Bradshaw. 7 a. i' guard yin j the
• ' f efjpral :,k penitentiary.^ at?* Ijeayenwortb; j tflday
C Bbot-Bertha;SchmeUAwhileiaffberihome'near
• \u25a0 hfre.V-i and v* thrn i" oomniitted \u25a0 •. suicide. 't- '-4 Miss
" -Schmetz 1 probably.; will rccoTcr. "
"Magic Ci ty ,-^of w Electricity |tq
J[nto|Life|at ;the7;s]
/Mayor's Touch :/ 'i
A wireless :' spark; " released "* ; at .; S
o'clock :\u25a0 tonight jb'y' : Mayor ; ;P. , r H.jMcCar- . i
thy -will 'irifuse.ilife. and energy - ; into |
the rnaglcj city' in-. th^^ColJseurnV;. which
more than^SOO men' have been'^puttirig
together? : , \The 1 public will: be'invlted'to
inspect '..the \ mostr t *elaborate .electrical
exposition ever rattempted westi^ ofichi-
cago.*VA"*; cpmpleteV'exhibitionjof ?elec-;
trical devices •.will; command ithe: atten- '
. tion i of the "' public ; night'> arid ," dayy, until
,the - exposition '- is ;;brought'- to,- a*:. close'
nexti>Saturday.\nightJ' ".: -.•--'. t, , .• \
'•_, More Uharissl',ooo,ooo worth t of;' goods'
Js on"- exhlbitloh.*r ftEvJery /'electrical^con-1
'cern on* the 'American 'continent * is r rep
rreserited>arid $: : practically I every f .'elec-*
'trlcal^deylce;[on^thef 4 market7is;-shown/
\ Every 41o]cal.^ele1ctrlcal^cqntrafttor,sha«r
4andJiristalled'ari;exhlblt/;.!4 andJiristalled'ari;exhlblt/ ; .! .*'.
I • Workmen 'were* busy *througrhout2 last
« night* putting j the \ fihishin'g Ho
.'the "displays: V;^v7h"enithe;wirelessispark"
;i s '•; r eleas ed i; tori ight ,- the .iColl seiim '« wil 1
ibe i radiant iwith ';' myriad^lricandescent
flights sillumiriatlrig '&\u25a0': magic"^cityjs "of
w^hitefand gold^' "•'\u25a0: \u25a0..\u25a0/';\u25a0'.•\u25a0 -s- : \£-'v*, "* * . ;
Cwill' be 'i represented iln - ! the^*exposition.'
'Evefy * device* from; a v curllng ; Irctn : ,to , a
idynamo Twill ibe shown. : - ;The*re\will* be.
;rent 1*0f.^150,000 v?volts\:passesl through!
him. vi? "With': theTsparkS' from^hlsinnger,
'.tips « he 'i.will^ light', cigars /' f or^the .>is-! 1
litors^arid;; byj whirling;his " \u25a0 arms i around
Jhlsi-head,-£will?xnake.- rings', of ;violet;in:j
,theiair.\.r 1 \u25a0',-."- -"\ \u25a0\u25a0!-'\u25a0 '.-''\u25a0-'\u25a0-\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0'( - $7'^^ •\u25a0\u25a0:.'\u25a0\u25a0'
% Those tinterested^ in K wireless
'ancesvwllljbe' allowed' to transmit iwire-]
less (telephone i messages ? and I send ! ,theirj
autographs 'from? one {'end of v theJ.Coll-<
seum .Jto^thei $ other/»by ; meansVof^the
'telautograph^^ machine. X ;TheH^dream>
household,* hfully.4V equipped ;wlth r .«lec^j
tricalil appliances, •_willV:ber a revelation
f or^ the \u25a0• hbusewif c. p.?;. : ; % p * -
> iAniorig ? the if local X are \u25a0;\u25a0* . tli ie,
the \u25a0Jtwo^telephonei companies,^ the;,-pb-l
• gas^and? t ele"ctrictco.mpany,r. and Vthe ;.va"-j
riousrelecfrical< contractors (of i.th'ei' city.*
.... NE W/VxpRTEC,';'.' Sept y- 1 6.^Mengo^L^
MorfflmthAU..sa'>»..wealthy v 'ca!ndyriniJwu 1 -'!
. f acturer/^who g returned -} : f romViEjirope
yesterday foril.thd^Mauretahiai^appeared;
at', tHeTcus torn ihpuseT' today ~i and * adm it -
ted 1 tq|the lauthoritiesji that * in;
the V declaration j; he } madel.upbn ithe I ar
riyal?ofUhe?steamship;heihad i ; failed'.tb
'mentiontall^thej things' he? and jhlsifam^
ily I had 4 br° u gh t Iwit h;4theni;| I n cludi rigi g
$9.ooP'iworthjiqf^ : jewelry .'i iMorgahthau,
wasTa.rrested£and\will?be , arraigned" beY
'fore^C6mmissionerJXShields,^',chafged l
with' attempted j smuggling. --» - .-> '\u25a0
. SBATTIiE,^ Sept.? 16.^-The
appolnted^bVithe-cohventlon*,ofahe}Pa r
cificjg'coast $ lumber/j manuf acturers|^s;
"slderJtn"elluniber;:sJtuati6n* iriTthe rnorth^ 1
city.^The i market |wasjrepdrted ?to2be'
demoralized, Jand Washington
butput>2 5 iperjcen tS^pnly ith reeTjnil lsjon
one /at ;::y;'.,,,; ::y; '.,,, ;. :|^.^
;*« entered %i*sti Friday .* In «.tbe., superior^ courts of
M this * city *In if arori of *the l First i national: bank
i!& against" : Charles $ Carpy.^J: * Downey s HarTey ,TJ."
A A.iFolger; and? Peter^D.'j) MartlntforJ W58.700 *oa
f*f a \u25a0 note i Bisrnpd I l>y ''i them . f or,i niojaey wusj>Qj In • the
StateJßealty; Federation ' Speaker
I^^oraudule^t;^D^ersl \
Arejßei^- Driven Out ; / /
[Special -Dispatch i'ioJ'hcj.Cill] : ;. \u25a0,'\u25a0\u25a0 ;
realty federation 1 ., .through its col
onization committee ;has4h'adt»aj=..busy
\u25a0tjme~.during "the", last year --weeding' but
fraudulent ;landr "dealers >and*"get 'rich
(I ulcU> , Schemes fof ? a shady /nature "'was
the ,'repprt; ofo f *li >M. i- Pratt ;* of ~U6s?An
'geleslfat! the ; meeting/of ; the^vgaraia^
;tibn"inE,thls: city ') today .'•_-/? '.V? *"* -\u25a0--"*: ''-' j.
'i^"California," he stated;l"theipbjective
\u25a0point "qr *of ?.tourists;t;has?af-;
.forded^lhe vflnest^kind 1 , of -picking'^for
' thel- lahd§sharks ; and:;thesreSlty:.-conn-;
dencemejuV-.The colonixatiotf committee*
lias"": succeeded ? In i exposing* several, In
'vestmentTschemesV'^"'%... x. :•',. v x '* • i
';;\u25a0 \u25a0?. The) legislative ;lawv commi ttee.^head
"ed s ; b~y ? D. li C.^ t Carmichael 'Of
!feconimen'deja(thej passage
fbiddingf: th^saler-iof y by r . \u25a0'\u25a0an
'ageht : iuntil^iwrlttenTcontractlhad.beeri
signed < by lttiej owner; tar law, pro vidirig
if or ithe { payment ibf/i all « taxes '? except
licenses 'on' .real| property^ to! th'eTcbuhty,
;tax2cbllector; J , i the?GillettJlaw4providing'
t f or vthe tbonding/ofi the; state *for^slß,
. 000,000 jto • provide; better^ roads ; la . law
.providing;' f or^th'cl exemption fbf rindus
-trial jplants from^ taxation ;' the -issuance'
;.of ; notarial} seals; tot a?much»more ; llm
ited t; number, •ttheiexamlnatibnCbefbre a
vSiiperiorVJudge : for/all i seeking \'a 4 seal
jhereafter.^and ;\u25a0 the^ tenement [law./" :; :
?/, ,The V teriem en t > iawl: arid * that "concern "A
ing i owners' ; contracts ibef ore- a» sale j of
'property \ could tbe ' made iwe're] Indorsed
|by;jthe> convention,; while /the pothers
were laid V on '.the, "table ; for ; cbnsidera-;
\u25a0 tion'later.V ', - \u25a0. * '*•\u25a0 '\u25a0/ \u25a0-- :'\u25a0' ' \u25a0^'•99 i\-'4i \ -'4
v7;The" program .of the session
: c6mprisedr*an;;address !byVAv*E. ; Crane
"of v Sacfamentolon ;".The i StatevFair fand
;ltsilnipbrtance;to 'Real' Estate : ? Menjin
Calif brnia" ;? reports ' ofjUbcal « ofganiza
itiohs| and g committees f» ah \u25a0 add ress f-by!
tion departmehtfof thfr Southern >Pacinc'
'company, 'arid "the f electlbn^of rdirectbrs. 1 ;
»,-;*At«,noon rthej: Sacramento v delegation'
St.? James Jhotel,*?.w here '* musie.^was Jdls-]
'coursedr'by,^ a f. band \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0• ' and!
fevery^.yisitqr .; presented]*; with' 5 \ ; 'a 1
:bjasket?ofiS^cramjentorgrapes. '- : : •' \u25a0
'directors^arb> chosen - .''."''* ;
*. yt The'- directors fchoseri)todayj.were: a ,!; ;
%J. 5 E.% Fi«her,v San 1 Jo«<» ; " C.S C: * Justice, "" Oak-'*
land :|y. ; 'l*v .-Dyke,"? Sacramento; fFran^ >.K."tMott,<
Oakland :"j"-;E.'^ G.\-r Hart, *- Lo* t - Angeles;- - C%R: '
Scott,*j>Tulare : t J. W 'B.l. WiW, 5 Modesto; * Cr-Teaßue, \u25a0•
Fresno: r; H.'V McMahon, J San j Francisco. 'v - j> I
x?f,This> afternoon;^ -the^iiew* "directors
;ch«seUhe {following .'officers: /;.;; /;^ \u25a0;/;;:.;;
&J}>- B.V Fisher ' San ? Jose! i president •> Sfaybry^ Me-"'
Jfahon. 5 San > Francisco,*- first j.Tice .' president; vEd-^
win? G.>" Ha rt.'^lxwi* Angeles, >se«md*Ticei. presl-'
dent ; 5 6."* J. uWren.% Modesto,** third"; rice J presi
dent : *^ WVS B,.'*; Noble.'i Sacr amen to; j treasurer ; « t£
M.C Platt. I Los | executive \ secretaryj -C.
O."* Sprangcr,-' Los >. Angeles,^ recording * and v* v seal
.* v •; ;;r:-;- (i%,;y^'./x-^:^yj^'^c,^( i% , ; y^'./x-^:^ yj^'^c,^
; B.';Hale fof j San . Francisco "spoke •on
banqTuetJat I the7St:fJames^hot^ir- tonight
rhis*r"emkrks7elicit"ed.^ -;J:". l r. -.-;«' .
Globe. (A r i z: ) t- Bus i n'essm cii * Are
ggl^ Slain]^ ;-g
'tlAed^aV>jthpaes'b^ft^ped/gKJ^e^ ! and"' 1
George)Hillppt"Gl6belbusin¥s"smeh wlio :
rleft^ori!|¥^hu*ntlng«tr i lp^lasjt^Monday,';
.'wVrejtffq'und^t^ay^a£'^an^abandoned ;
\u25a043 |jmile^northeast|of £ here^p^j^g
itHelh^ad % em d '*! tf is ? prac ti cai 1 yil certain'
,tHat Ji^t hey£* were^ murdered .XT -:i ; Sh er iff
caval rjfmenl'ii^thjeJiWh i te| mo un ta J n sy^JS
b b*e rjr|^ IsJ;svppb s ed S t oj£ h" a v c** tie en 1
i the¥hi6tl ye jf f of .\u25a0* thefcrime^? B^^ 'J^'-^'t'f
'YES TERDk Y-^Maximum; temperature. 70 ;
*-\u25a0< minimum temperature^ 48. 25^
fFMECAST^&IfrfopAY—Fcir; light
south wind, changing to moderate vest.
Report That He ; Had: Decided to
; : -Make^Way for Roosevelt
V \u25a0*: Is '.Unfounded^-' t .
\u25a0} .. BEVERLY. -Mass., SeptT;l6.-~The pub
licatlon of a story in certain * news
prners. purporting: to 'come', from Bev
erly -arid ;; announcing > : that. President
"i.att" lia<i^decided \u25a0. to step aside, as a
presidential, candidate |n;_ 1912 'to; make
way j; for . Colonel^ Theodore -Roosevelt,
broughtimany inquiries -to the summer
capital itoday. ; -It* was - decided pot _to
dignify the st pry, >: which iis Reported to
be?;withbut r . any^foundatioh". whatever,.
with^a statement. ' •' \u25a0"-
be -stated"that there has been
,no V change, yin ;Taft's 7 attitude toward
a r >sec6ndi.teriri since^he\ told a; number
of riends ta«f ew mbn ths i ago j that he
would-yaccept ; a" 'second /nomination if
his?party;desired-it.l At, r- : '.\ ?'
'^The*pre*sldent,Mt' is" said, 1 is not con- ;
sidering' his: chances i.f or; a second term
one r.way-'- or »: other, - at :.;this ' time;
From s the V- first :' he ? has t said ," ; tha t" he
.would? devote "^himself *,to J carrying ;out
as;nearly as :p6ssiblejthe" pledges; of the
platf orm \on :;which .; he was elected.
Taft.'ltJis^pointedYout.^does-not know
how-to % play/ipolitics "land she \\ has-been
quoted lasjsayingithat 5 he '.wbuld-not- do
sollf;he;could.; . ;-'• ; , 71. - _ , \u25a0
*? The ; fact, that *" he . has of ten,"- in V 4jl&'
speeches,' referred ' to i the 'if act - that he
.has' .only -.the? rest K of^his^present term
to serve,' meanrs. iti is (stated that
Taft.;does ,not ifeel : that-i He i nominated
himself,? and*, that he^ will J not make a"
"The . president .will - start .for . New-
Haven- and -: Cincinnati''* Sunday night.
He;- will ;be : away. from.Jßeverly two
: weeks, j returning here October,- 2 \u25a0to re
main ; untll£the, 15th; \u0084 : v
L- , Grahame White, the -English ; aviator,"
called - on -^the ; president^'af Burgest
Point today. -. J , '': -\ f \u25a0/:.. \u25a0-..-.'-". /
Raftin^Crbp Damaged,^but7Not
Unfit r for/: Use
;V: FRESNO;;; SepC 16.~-Th"o.Ugh > the sky
Is vstillf. cloudy ; ; in>this section- of the
state;v; the / prediction ./v of : A. the" • \u25a0* local
>weather4 forecaster " that «the : storm
haskspent^itself -and^thatrthere will
be* no rain Jf or -thef present. .' ~V
r< In'A accordance AwithXithis^ annonnce
meih^tlfeT-various? packing.; firms are !
'sending £ menKout r ; Intp ? the -. field > today,
ho w^ much Ithe jraisln :crop ;
was the dfenchlng \u25a0- it re
ceiyed.Vs,Thefgeneralji<ieat now-isithat
theXraisinsji were} merely 'depreciated - in
xtuaUty.^andi,that : >;ridv portion" of the
crop 'jis^totally iunfit"* for " ; usel. . .
;worst^ of ? the? damage'iis • said ,to
~wh"efel£ practically •"the V "entire . crop of
muscats jj was j,drenched./-i "According:, to
locals packers ; effect jr of ithe :storm
/oiT^theYjrnarket.:. wijil ",be to . place ,' a .
premium ; upon'i'undamaged i- goods; ~.
•Heavy- Downpour
[Special i Dispatch Ito The Call] *'•'•
:;;LOSrOLlv6s,;Sept.7 1 16.-f-Rain "which
[began - -falling Vlhere?* Thursday;^ night
settled .;\u25a0 intoV". a > steady^'i downpour s last
. nigh t^aiid Lt has i>7cphtinuejdL, Viiti^s showers.
• r The4preclpitation-»fpr_/ the^storm; is A H
\u25a0inchesi^The (weather "was' very 'warm
during ;.: the":, storm. " ;the ;r; r thermometer
.regjstering^TO^degrees -; at y.firj. o'clock
a. .in. ; GrainiisJnearlyJ'alr un'derjCoyeV,
and ?the. ; ; ; damage* to 'jbeans ".'and'* grapes
S-^STOCKTOX. Tsepk 0 1 6.-^The* weather
fnas.lclearedffpff.yand .; reports J from the
\u25a0f/uit§andj grain /are : that)* the
irainyhas Sdoneit no (appreciable
t_v."jC ]j, V? r -'. -"". -" " *.J.T"~T "^l. **» > '" ." '\u25a0\u25a0 ' " -
141 Stept.'slH.—Tbej strainer; Se ward J sailed I for 1 Cor
. \u25a0 flova, : ' Alaska, to lay with material for | the last
«^f ßte?libtfrtge !oo 'the Copper -BlTer ; railroad. * Tn«
|-s>o«d U* now>,intpperationifoc?frei|!ht;aDd^pa».
tf*enß*>ra, between (>rdoTa. and Cblktlna,"; and will
|# be J completed i to l the * B<manza » copper ; mooata to
fe> by^ January,; 1 . l;' .' \u25a0 > \u25a0 > '*;-/'-"i '"--\u25a0\u25a0>: -"'.v /x •.^
Big Police Shakeup, It Is Said,
Will Follow Passing
of Martin
"Voluntary Release" in Mayor's
Hands and Will Be Ac
cepted Very Soon
THE resignation of Cljief of Police
John B. Martin has been placed
in the hands of Mayor McCarthy.
Its acceptance is a matter of only a
few days. With Martin may also be
retired a brace of central station ser
geants. Sergeant Freher is mentioned
as a candidate for this distinction.
The new order of things is said to
contemplate the elevation of Sergeant
J. J. O'Meara to the chief tancy. Cap
tain Eugene Wall and Detective Ed
GiDson have figured In the reckonings,
but the real tip is out on O'Meara. The
program provides' for the temporary
appointment of .Captain Wall and the
subsequent selection, of O'Meara.
From lofty officialdom the word has
gone forth that the city is on the brink -
of an up ta date, automatic, air suc-
tion police house cleaning. The
mayor, the district attorney and the
grand jury are said to be working
toward one purpose— a renovation
from subcellar to the apex of the
Saved Pension , - - -~» -.-..,
'This view is not shared by the
friends and associates of Chief Mar
tin. . They declare, that he decided
up»n his resignation as the only means
of saving something out of the wreck.
He will get his pension at least.
There was a temporary hitch in the
order of business yesterday when the
police commissioners failed to:attend
the special session they had called to
consider the mayor's letter criticising
the conduct of the department. They
got together informally, however, and
rehearsed for the big? event later in
the. month.
There was something of a kink any-" -
way in the* calling of the special ses
sion: '--\u25a0' After adjournment Thursday
Commissioner Henderson announced to
the expectant newspapermen that the
board would meet Friday at 1 o'clock in
extraordinary session.
"Why, I haven't heard anything: about
that." chipped In Commissione* Splro.
who "had been with Henderson all the
time. . v' %
""Well. I meant to>' tell yon," replied
. "Oh." said Spiro.
I Spiro is rated as Martin's . friend on
the board. Spiro showed for yester
day's meeting, but the others didn't.
Not Gambling on Future
The futility of resistance on the part
of Chief Martin was urged upon him by
his friends. They told him he hadn't a
chance on earth and Martin was not in
clined to chance the jo bin the here
after. So his resignation rests with tho
"/With District' Attorney Charles M.
Fickert. Mayor McCarthy believes that
the chief has not been doing his duty
by v the residents and tax payers of
the city and county of * San Francisco*
The heavy hand of the administra
tion. It is said, will extend to Sergeant
Philip Archer and Patrolman Percy
Smith. It was through them that the
word was cummunicated " to the caf a
owners, that the' festivities might be
extended. until S o'clock in the morning. .
Sergeant Herllhy, It is stated, may also -
be among the elect.
* The ' whole problem } is to be srround
in the police commission mill within a
few days. It. is believed that an in
vestigation will be : instituted to sup
plement'that inaugurated by the grand
jury/ /J Joseph Sullivan Tis regarded as
the ".? commissioner who, -more- directly
than. ' any of -_\u25a0 the others,, represents
Mayor McCarthy. As president of tho
fire "commission, he persuaded > Chief
Shaiighnessy to evacuate. It v is said In
some that he has been chosen
asjithe ; executioner of the police com-
Becker" Was Custodian
' >Both - and Fickert were
stirred^bythei evidences of a fund ia
behalf \u25a0 of. the • businessmen of ' lower
Mason and ' Eddy streets. This bundle
of coin has been traced from the sepa
rate cafe proprietors into the hands of
Dave Becker, in whom was vested full
authority," to employ high legal advice.
The ~ advice was ' to be purchased at ; a.>
cost of; 51,500. Becker "says the cola,
was V returned unspent '>\u25a0 to the original
contributors... - .
jDistrict^ Attorney .Fickert was es*,
peclaliy » aroused ,when an ' attempt wi^

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