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Jimmy Carroll Gets Another
Chance at Young Briton,
Sammy Keller
Sammy Keller, the British bantam,
and Jimmy Carroll, the diminutive lo
cal performer, will furnish the main
event of this month's boxing attraction
at Dreamland rink. Promoter ' Blot
signed the boys last night. They are
billed to go 10 rounds, possibly on a
no decieion basis, though this has not
been definitely decided upon as yet.
Keller and Carroll boxed six rounds
at Oakland the other night and the
Briton was awarded the decision after
a very cloee exhibition. At that Keller
had the better of the milling nearly
all the way and lie surprised the fans
with hig aggressiveness and the shifty
•way in which he blocked and side
stepped the left leads of his speedy
x In addition to his main attraction
Blot intends to put on Eddi*" Dennis
end Eddie Harris for 10 rounds and
Rufus William*. the colored welter
weight, and Kid George for 10 rounds.
There also will be a six round prelimi
nary staged, provided that things go
all right in the meantime.
Anaconda Selections |
First rac« — Cool, Zoe Young and
Galene Gale.
Tiond rare— Nmlvc Son, Madeline
Muagrare and Thl*tl«> IleUr.
Tbird r»cf — Ziok Abnmi, Tramotnr
and Bitter Sir.
Fourth rare— lMnln T. Fryer, Vile*
and Harlem Maid.
Fifth raiti t- "Roy Junior, Cabin and
.Minn Picnic.
Mxth rare— Thomas Calhoun, Got
• •per II and Convent Bell.
Denver Results
DENVKR. Colo.. Sept. 16.— Meadow a»!n
proved th» class of the horse* racing at Orerland
to*«y. . The race wa* Meadow's fourth straight
Tictory at the Orer'.and meetinj:.' Reeuits:
First race, one mile, paclne — Hal Collins took
f:>' aod second beats and race in 2:14>4 and
2:18. Bonwa.r was secocd In both beats.
Second rac*. fire and a half furlong*, selling—
Fl'iJiJen Hand. IIS (Dettlc*. 4 to 1. won: Force,
114 (Russell*. 6 10 1. Mcond; Creston. 10S (Xo
lao). eren, third. T\ra", 1:06 3-5. Rio Pecos
Erran. Joe W<«m3« and Minnie Bright also ran.
Tfclrfi race, five end * half furTonc*. selling-
Meadow. 113 <iJolesr-ortb), 4 to 5. won; Six
teen, 103 nme*>. 20 to 3. second: Fundamental
110 <R*!Uyi. C lo 5. third. Time. 1:06 1-5*
Lady Hapsburc and Oalv*cra also ran.
F«orth race. s!x forloafs, selling:— Lady Me
Nally. 10<1 <Onne«). 8 to 1. won: Nila, 109
<Mo!esw»rth), S to 5, *«eond; Clysmic n**
ißea:.T(., «to 5. third. Time, 1:15. Lou La
n'.er. Dixie and Colonel Austin also ran.
IVth race,' peren furlong*, eeyiug— Autumn
Rose. 307 (T. Burns), r> to I. wna; Orbicular
3"5 <P.-lort. II f»>2o. second: Oc<>an Queen 10S
<Bolandi. sto 2. third. Time. 1:27 2-5. Roman
XVinc also ran.
Sixth race, seven furlongs, fellinj— Masoula
107 <Mo!eswortb). 11 to 10, won; Frefl M;ilhol
l»nd. 10» <IU > trlf), 2 to 0, second: Father Staf
ford. 109 1 firmest, 3to 5. third. Time 1:27
Sevpoth race, one mile, wiling— Hartlnc. "104
<Re!lly>. S to 1. won: The Slicker. 104 <Mol<?«
worth». 4 to 1. second: S«m Bernard. 104 <Pirk
»ns). 2to 1, third. Time, 1:42. Herman Doyle
Dr. Downey, Barney Oldfield and Alincna finished
as csnaed.
Salem Races
SALEM. Ore.. Sept. 16.— Fair grounds results
2^*o trot, parse $800— Professor* Heald won*
Doljie MeKinn«r ferond. I>«a McKinaey third
Best time. 2:20^. Babe H, Aneta. May Mason'
fisUb«d as named. -\u25a0 J
Coaiolation. -2:03 pace, purve JI.OOO I/>rd
Lorelace won. Josephine second. Ray OUght
third. Best time. 2:23»4. General UurtU «Uo
started. ' ..:.-.
Special, 2:C5 pace, purw $I.ooo— Sherlock
Unlrnes worf, 'Texas Rooker Bexond. \u25a0 Solano Boy
third. Beet time, 2:24*;. Tommy Gratton also
1 1 in 1 1 il i<|iH|H>liMiiMlUJ[iiillJiiiiiM>M|tia|ij.i j^j.._
One mi>. rnnnlnf. porse JlOO— Hector won,
St. Salranla necond. Estellt third. Time. l:4$U.
Three f urloaic*. purse $75— Rosy ,woo, • Foxey
•erond. Cliff Bogers third. Time, .:37. Lanra
Jf alto ran.
TTeir has arrived at Uouisville
from -. Saratoga with Kingrship, ••,' Bat
Master^on, May Amelia,- Galley Slave,
ifelene and several "2 year olds. Jockeys
ilcCabe and Jt Kins are with Weir.
Annual Cross Country Run in
Alar in County Tomorrow Is
Year's Big Event
The most popular event of the year
in amateur athletic circles, the Dipsea
race, is carded for tomorrow. This re
markable event, the most difficult and
trying contest in which the local ath
letes participate, gains in favor from
year to year, and with a few excep
tions nearly all those who have taken
part in the past will again face Starter
John Elliott tomorrow. There is a cer
tain fascination attached to the event
that newr seems to die out. Five
years ago when the local athletic spirit
was at i*» low ebb a band of Olympic
club members held weekly walks from
Mill valley to the Dipsea inn. a few
miles below Bolinas. »A 1 Coney, Tim
Fitzpatrick, Matt Harris, Charlie Boas,
Robert McArthur, Charles Arata, Luke
Flynn, Dr. L. J. McMahon and a number
of others were the leaders and It was
during one of their "hikes" that Coney
and Boas had a dispute as to which
one could make the best" time over the
course and as a result a race was ar
The match causeJ considerable_talk
among oie crowd, the members of
which had dubbed themselves the Dip
sea Indians and they decided to hold
an open race under sanction of the
Pacific athletic association. This event
was held on Sunday, November 19, 1906,
about 80 entries participating in a
course estimated at nine miles. It was
much more difficult than the present
race, as the last two miles were run
along the beach, from Willow camp to
Dipsea. Many bets were made that the
runners ' could, not negotiate the dis
tance under an hour and a half.
Geoffrey Hassard of the Oakland high
school and Century athletic club, start
ing with the limit handicap, was never
headej, >and in spite of the fact that
the race was run in quite a rainstorm,
covered the course in 1 hour 12 min
utes and 45 . seconds, -while Con Con
nolly, the' lrish runner, captured .first
time prize in 1 hour 4 minutes and 20
seconds, thus upsetting the calcula
tions of the speediest members of the
The following year. Hassard, run
ning under the Century athletic club,
colors, started, on the 5 minute mark
and not only won first place, but first
time prize as well, over a course that
had been cut down to seven and a
fourth miles and he established the
record of 43 minutes 55 seconds, which
has not been equaled since."
William Joyner of the Siaplamat In
dians won the coveted first place prize
in the third race and Otto Boeddiker of
the Olympic club secured the time, prize
in 53 minutes 35 seconds. In the last
two races BoeJdlker repeated his . first
performance and each time secured the
time prize, his last year's record of
:51:56 being best. George, Behrman of
the Siaplamat Indians won the fourth
race and last year Basil Spurr, from
the same club, was the^wlnner, cover
ing the course in 55 minutes.
Since 1907- the» race has been finished
in front of the store at Willow Camp,'
doing away with the difficult trip
through the soft sand to the beach.
Last year therewere 157 entries and
112 starters, and 130 are- entered for
tomorrow. ....
Boeddiker, the scratch -man, met with
a* misfortune about a'month'ago, break
ing'his: hand-while at work; but he Is
nevertheless ~ going, to' run,- .'much
against- the advice ; of his i friends.^ who
fear.he-will "not. be able to'do :hlmself
justice. -William- Howderi.' - running
under Olympic;colors from Uhev 30: sec
ond mark.'is looked, upon as a favorite*
for the time prire, but James "McGee
William Howden of
The Olympic Club,
Dipsea Race Entry
of the , Irish-Americans \u25a0- and; Mason
Hartwell, the former Oakland .high and
academic champion, are> considered .by
many -to have, the chances for vtime
prize.; This year the limit has been
reduced to 8 minutes,: which will bring
about: many close finishes.
'Among -the favorites/f or/t he .special
high school cup. are Young, of Fremont,
Maghetti of San 'Rafael; Garcia of Oak
land, and McCarthy of San - Raf ael.^>V; : ?
;' The "prizes .for \u25a0 the !,. race axe -the
finest *that;liave:yet been offered.^ Bach
con testant_coverinff ; the^courte within
one ) hour, and a -quarter ; will * receive a
Dlpsea Indian silver bar: ' :
Excellent Program For
benefit Meet
,. Everything promises .well for the ath
jetlc.nieet ..which will be, he?.d ; thls aft
ernoon ;\u25a0 at : : -, the 7. Emeryville ' racetrack
for the benefit of St.J Anthony's; church
of East Oakland.; Father,Torke"has'ar
ranged an. excellent program, th« ath
letic ? features ,of which are rin J charge
ofWllliani.Minahan. .r.The-bestrathletes
of the Olympic,' Pastime,^ Irish-American
athletic? clubs, -St/jMary'sJ? San tatciara
and J Sacred 5\u25a05 \u25a0 Heart i colleges" andy several
.University ' : of men. aVo?; eh"
;teneii.^Thel track^lias^beenjputijn: first
Icla'sSfconditibn^t'or 'tlie'ruliningy^vents
:and : sotne gooU' records; should be niade, ;
Two California Teams Slated to
M eet Strong Rivals From
This City,
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
BERKELEY, Sept. 16.— The Califor
nia varsity team will line up for the
second time this season against the
Barbarians tomorrow afternoon on Cal
ifornia field. Immediately after this
game the freshman team will line up
against a team from the Affiliated col
leges of San Francisco. Both contests
should be fast and j Well played, as
Coach Schaeffer is going to send in two
strong lineups to represent California.
Both the varsity and \u25a0 freshmen; teams
have been showing marked improve- '
ment during the last week, especially
the freshmen, who have been on a
strict, training schedule since last
Monday. "-•- *
, The following is the lineup for the
two games:
front rank— ratilej-, Markwart, Thl^gcr. .
Second rank— King. Haneen.
Third rank— Ashler, Joidan. Fairbanks.
Halfback— Morris. .
Inelde flrecigbths — Elliott.
Outside flye-nlshtlis— Strond. "
Center— Peart. . .
Wings— Dills, Watts.
Fullback — Cooper." •
• Forwards'— O'Conuer. . TUorapsbu, Emerson,:
Boone," Adler, Flnley. Edgerlr. :
Wine forward— BaflPT.
Halfbark— McMahon. •
- . Fire-eighths — Lee. (Jeorgeson. • .
Three-quartern— Hale, ETans, Tufts.
Fullback— Hihn. -. \u25a0
... \u25a0 - \u2666 \u25a0• 1 • ' ""\u25a0
Gamma Delta won ;by default
from Chi Phi in the interfraternity
baseball , series here today, and are
qualified to enter^the semifinals for the
championship. .'^isjmav'Alphav-'Epsilon
and Pi Kappa Phi will. play on the cam
pus tomorrow" morning. -Theta Xi will
meet. Delta Upsilon on -Monday.
"The; following teams t have qualified
for the, second round -of 'the; series: -
Alpha Delta Phi, Psi Upsllon," Pht : Delta
Theta, Phi Sigma Kappa," TheU Delta Chi,
SlgmaNNu, Sigma Clil, Phi Kappa Sigma,' Delta
Tau D«lta, Alpha -Tail Delta and Delta Kuppa
Anaconda Results
ANACONDA, Mont^; Jtppt. : i 16.— Kojro won' the
m|le v and an \u25a0. elphth \u25a0\u25a0 purs« race \ today, ' follow
ing: the pace set by J.C. Clem until' the stretch
was' reached. ...Then - she "responded to ' Fojjarty's
urging and passed the 'leaders with' ease. The
tneetiujf. closes tomorrow. ; A heavy shower came
dowii -just as ' the ' horses ; faced " tlie ; barrier for
the - fifth race ; and ; H \u25a0 was : run in a.a '. downpour
that, turned the. track. into a : sea of mud for the
lafct.efcnt.- Results:-,. . . >>. " ; . . ,:.'-.
FIRST-RACti-rFITe- furlongs, selling:
Odds, -Horse. . Weight and Jockey. - Hn.
11-s^-OTpat ' Caenar.v 100 (Ca11ahan). ........ 1
». 5-I— Kinfolks, tK> : (W.- 1 Garß«n \ . ;v. v. 1 . . . . . . ; ; 2
\u25a04-1 — Ahe IKlupskcr, WO . (I'ost) ;-.:.... .t.r.7.: 3
- Time. 1:03. -Aita Itay, . Albetto, - Faith Mc-
Allister. '; also ran. V-v:'
SECOND ; n ACE— Klre and 7 a half furlongs,
selling: "" *• . . .\u25a0••\u25a0\u25a0 >. .-\u25a0' \u25a0 .\u25a0 . ~ . \u25a0 •
Oilrte..' Horse. v Welsh "t ma Jockey. Fin.
7-10— Roy T. .10!) .-- (CalUbanl.. ........... 1
20-I— May Pink.-: 104 "R05en) ."; . ...... v. . .r^'/i 2
10-I— Aquiline, : 100 ; (Corey) . .. : ;.. ... .'. .'. . . : 3
-- J . Time, ... 1 :08 l-r». >>' Grace G, r Robert \u25a0 Mitchell,
Captain / Burnett.' : Carasco.> ; Sadie . H, - George
Kienjet, also • ran. : •/ , - > , - '\u0084 •:-
THIRD .RACD-i-FlTe furlongs, selling^ ''
Odds. Horse.. Weight and Jockey. " Fin.
6-I— Electrowan.V 107 (Cbbur0) .\... ............ 1
8-5-i-I^dy; Adelaide, 11iv (800ney) .'.;;....... .V 2
6-I— Gelloo. -105 (Oallaban) .;.-;•... :. . .. . . ...... 3
. - Tim?.- 1 :01 2-5. • . Bitter Sir,' Little Buttercup,
Alaxle,-. also ran.' ,' ' : : >' - . ;
'FOURTH RACE— One and an . eighth miles;
purge: , \u25a0 - \u25a0-\u25a0."\u25a0-,\u25a0 • \u25a0:':-: \u25a0•-.\u25a0\u25a0_\u25a0" ~ . . \u25a0 • ' \u25a0*:.-. , \u25a0
Odds. ~ Horse, . Wei pht and Jockey, r Fi D ;
3-I— Kogo, r 102 - 1 Fogarty) , firr.v.V.f '. . :.......-.. 1
6-I— J. -C. Clem; : 107 « (Coburn) .'. .T.V.T.TVr.TrVri 2
2-I— Cabin. 107 . (Fi5cher) ... ...'...'.. ;...: r. . . 3
r Time. rl:34 4-5/?: Howard Pearaon,' Spring. Ban, i
Knight ; of, iTanhoe,':: also-ran."'; >'"*;> \u25a0t-r-.^ -, : •\u25a0
RACE-^One ; mile.'. felling:-.". . : '^
Odds. •. Horue, Weight «nd - Jockey. *\u25a0. *\u25a0-' ' "1 j Fin." 1 1
12-S^John; J. -. Rogers.' »0 « (R00aey) : '.: . ..'. . :. . . • 1
I 9-2— Tama. : lO7j (Oallahan) .•%r7rr^*tTtrrJr.'?^ *i 2
10-I— lrrigator,- 107 (Fischer) '. ".'. :". . . .*. : :. V. w . . i 3 ,
:* Time,- 1:45. \u25a0 -Mossback.'; Patrlotie.r Sir 'Angxis
Bonflls. Dr. : White, J Harka,; Glaucua, : also j ran. -•-
X SIXTH \u25a0>ind^ a' - half 1. lurlongs.i1 urlongs.i
selling:-.-'- ; ;....-; ::;-. .-.,-- ;.- \u0084-..- ..\u25a0•',\u25a0 :v-., . V.A'i
Oddn.v Hor«e, Weight and '\u25a0' Jorkey. " ",' "' Fin.' \
3-I— Andy > Ginter, . 100 '\u25a0>. ( W. " Cotton) V . .*.''. ...".:\u25a0 1
8-5- r WlH.]Morriß,;:io9/(Pißcber).'rV::7:". > :. > :::?.V2 '•
Babe ; Neely,tlOD ; (Coburn )V?rrrrrrr.'r^r7t*.: 3 i
"2" . f- 1 ' :13 ->'-^lttle:ElTa,-;Bculah":Lee,".McCall.-i
Buckalucksy.- a N> ran. \u25a0 -
Varsity M eets^ Olympic Club
; and Freshmen San Jose
High Fifteen
[Special Dispatch tojhe Call]
Two Rugby games will claim the at
tention of the fans tomorrow afternoon
when the varsity will meet the 15 from
the Olympic club in their first contest
of the season, and the freshmen will
line up agrainst the team from the San
Jose high school. Nine of the men who
made the trip to Australia this summer
with the All-American Rugby team will
be seen in the game tomorrow. ~
; Horton, the powerful 1909 front
ranker, will not be able to play in the
game tomorrow, and is the only one of
the All-American men who will not
appear. His foot was slightly-injured'
in Australia. P>ank, who played *the
position in the freshman game last
year, will find his place in the 'front
rank; along with Fitting. Cheda has
been shifted back to the rear rank In
the 2-3-2 formation."
; VCub" Minturn, another All-American
man, is to have the position of lock,
with Captain Dole and Partridge as side
rankers: g Kern ; is to-be on the wing
Brown, on account of: his booting abil
ity, is to be fullback. ,*
-F. Cameron is to referee both of to
morrow's contests.
The: lineups: •
Varsity— Forwards. Frank. F'ittlng, Dole. Min
turn.; Partridgre, Cheda % Schaupp; wing forward
Woodcock: half. Epb: rives. Thobnrn. ganborn;
center, Worswlck; winßs, Kern, Sundell* full
Brown: ," : \u25a0 . - \u25a0,-;, • .. • ;. ...
-Freshmen— Forwards. Bhom. Dlmon, Knlpht
Olmstead. Clover. Mitchell. Boulware; half. Til
ton;'fives. Gelssler. Hall: center. Kanffman;
wlnjt forward. Darcle; wings, Weber. Reeves
full, Watklns.
Anaconda Entries
FIRST RACE— Six furlongs, selling, ',1 year '
olds rand upward: ..\u25a0..,\u25a0
Electrowan • . . . . .. ..lOTdDarld Warfield . ..11l
lama \u25a0;, '.": '...'.'.. ;105 Cool . .:..:.:. . ..HI
3ellco \u25a0 ..105 Zoe'.Yonnj; •...'. 11l
Sir Angus ....... .111 # Xew Capital ..... 01
Lee. Harrison 11. . aillßalene Gale ....... 90
Emma G ....:..... llllCapewcll ... .........102
; SECOND" RACE— Fire and? a' half furlones,
«ellin(r. .8 year olds and upward: -.
Thistle -X Belle . . . . .112!»Rake ......... ...100
Hannah Louise 103! Metropolitan JWS
Begone . .'. \.loß!DonoTan .... ... ..... f>»
Del Cruzador ......•;. HO Native Son .......105
Madeline MusjtraTC.. loo * .- .
'THIRD- RACE-^Fltc furlongs, selllnr, all
»ges: ..\u25a0- -. : ..- . j >; .„-. \u25a0
Zick "Abrams ... .. .HOlßig El Dorado. .". . .103
rraraator ...... .....110|He Knows" .........114
Billy; Maybam .... .lU.Robert Mitchell . . . .300
Bitter Sir ...;-..'. *..114 :> Sninest :......:... ;.100
Warfare ..... ... ....lflS >thale" .... ...::. ;....- ST
Salnfos ...... ...-.; .103 \lnfolks ............ 87
- FOURTH ; RACE— Ono mile, -the Anaconda
hamllcnp.- 3 iyear'ioldit *an«l upward: • .. H ,
Bcru Man ...... ".MOO! Rose^ale ....../... :.10T> j
lohn Louis .'::'.T;'.'.loO!3neen." I^ead ..; ..'.'. : !>5 i
Harlem Msld .:: :.'.lo»'Un"es ...... .... 108 i
Edwin T.' Fryer.'.; .-.lof)j .- - \u25a0 "
- FIFTH RACE-^One mile nnd 70 yards, sell
ing, - s year;, olds , and upward :
Howard => Pearson ;. v *.",. OTI Sir . John . : . .'.- 104
Ramon ' Corona - . .".~. . PS! riipboat ... ... .".'.-. . . 106
!.-\u25a0 O. \u25a0. Clem i . . ; ". . : *; . OSj ßoy Junior . . . . ... 103
3abin - : . ::. ...:.. . .: . 104|»Mlss\ Picnic - ;t ;-.v.V- 94
* SIXTH i RACE-^-Slx fnrlonjs, " 3 year olds and
upward,'^ selling: > .•;\u25a0; r .-_,,\u25a0....
Younjt "Belle :....'.. OS#John J. Rogers.. ;.. 109
; Sramercy ....... .*. . 98|f}os!glper II .;;.... .101
•Bright oa ,V.. ... ..'.:f>B 'Convent Bell *....\u25a0. 1.104
McNaUy? :.:. .'..'.: : . HOOißey \u25a0 el ;\u25a0 T0rar. :;:. ..101
1 Ornate ...'.\u25a0..'.....•.•:.lo9irhomas;Carhoun t.,'.\\2
RoyiT . . ..... :. .".V.100'50na" .......... .... . ..103
* Apprentice allowance.
[Special {DispqicK to) The] Call]
C SACRAMENTO,' uSeptr.?;i 6.77-Southpaw
\u25a0 Pape -arrived tin; SaVramento .last i night
from V- Boston "'^to t] join j the Sacramento
Senators.?. He Swill ': \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 . make ; his. /ofßcial
:bo^v7-before l: i Sacramento > fans in the
Sunday? morning fgarhe.v;'Arel lanes; will
face" Gregg S in >the|afternb6n Vgame. v ;
r.^King^ Broomstick,';, Irving ;H. ,W;h¥at
croft's 5 promising fyearllng.: by;; Broom-;
l Grandi;PrJxrde.rarisjto^be''run 'at Long
champs lin 1912. ; • :" S^^^^^^^
Owner Wires From Montreal
Applying ior IS Stalls at
William Walkejp will race a strong
stable at Emeryville during the sea
son which opens Saturday, November
12. Secretary Percy W. Treat of. the
New California jockey club yesterday
received a letter from Walker at Mon
treal applying for stalls for IS horses.
He did not state -when he would ship
to the coast, but it is likely he will be
on hand for the opening of tl\e meet
Walker has enjoyed conslderablesuc
cess on the metropolitan and Canadian
.tracks this season. He has a number
of high class performers, among them
Stanley Fay, a horse well known 'on
local tracks. Noon, purchased from
John E. Madden, has also figured prom
inently in races. He is a 3 year old
by Planudes-Greenwich.
Others in the Walker stable' are
Chepontuc. Belle Kingston. Lesear, El
gin, Prettyone, Adriuche and Apologize.
Stanley Fay should prove to be an im
portant factor in the stakes across the
bay if he displays his best eastern
Secretary Treat also received a com
munication regarding the meeting from
another Canadian owner. He Is TV*. L.
McCracken, secretary and treasurer of
the Thoroughbred Horse Breeders' As
sociation of Western Canada. Mc-
Cracken has Lexin'gton Lady, Ruby
Bird and The Shrimp.
Fred Owen, who returned yesterday
from a trip to New York and other
points, reports that there is much inter
est throughout the country in the com
ing Emeryville meeting. He learned
that a number of owners plan to ship
to California for the first time. Owen
says that many visiting turfmen will
spend the winter on the coast.
H. M. Zelgler Is planning to ship
Hermis to France next month with the
idea of finding a market for him in that
country, .where racing is prosperous.
Hermis _is represented on the turf In
this country by Helene. a very clever
performer. Zelgler thinks that Hermis
will-get his opportunity abroad, and he
most;llkely will % be sent to the stud of
Baron Rothschild, whose trainer. J. D.
O'Khuysen, had a talk with Zeigler
before he returned to this country.
The Napa stock farm bred filly Edda
proved. a surprise at Montreal Monday
.when she beat Sempronius a head. The
Carman colt was an oddson favorite
and was leading in the stretch, but
Archibald went from a pull to a "Jrlve
and he could not. stand off the rush of
• the 'Schorr -filly with Guy Burns in the
saddle. '
Sam Hildreth's stabl*-is one of the
big eastern establishments still quar
tered at Saratoga. Hildrethwas a lib
eral nominator in Toronto, Montreal and
Fort Erie stakes, and when he put his
horses in these races he fully intended
to^race on the Canadian circuit. Be
cause of his inability to get away from
Saratoga at the time' he intended Hil
dreth made up his mind to cut out Can
ada and ship to Kentucky for the La
tonia and Louisville fall meetings. The
only Canadian- race in which Hlldreth
is likely to have a starter is the |10.000
Dominion handicap, a contest of one
mile and a -quarter. Fitzherbert is
likely to. carry his colors.
-.. John Walters, acting for a Canadian
turfman, has opened negotiations with
Captain J. T. Williams at Louisville for
the purchase of the crack 2 year old
Governor . Gray. Captain » Williams
named $20,000 as : his price for the
youngster, and it is; improbable that
the sale will be consummated.
J&^k .Wjjjjleji.
wR NOT •• disease!
\u25a0 Gt^ • . •\u25a0\u25a0 T^w Dnt °°«T * symptom
. \i <|J I sbowiait jon tb»t i
\J^ jmßk. I ontinnal 1^)53 ov
V DRAIN Is Sapplar
your \u25a0 Vitality. LOST
• 'J&. VIGOR also revolts
25 j-ear* exprrlencep R 08TATITI8.
moot ' necessarily reach the CAUSE IN EACH
INDIVIDUAL. . case. ' Stomach druirsrnK has
done much harm, and 'the b«rt of the «o>
last year ; pronounced and a
FRAUD by the U.S. Government. ; My theory
Is correct. ' and > has • stood " the . test • of , time.'
Th< msanris fof \ men. -of ' all - ajre*. \u25a0 owe their \
complete return t» manly- -rignr to MY advice '
and ..treatment. ;M'STOP>THE " LEAK/*' then
nature i needs • no ; stlmnlant. : bat \u25a0 soon - rights
herself. *»;\u25a0 If yon call ariwrite, I shall be glad
to' tell, yon what can be done to make yen
utronj ' and t happy.. '".:"\u25a0' .' :
\u25a0-.UTHIRD ST.y n»ar. Market.; San i Franci>ce».
Dane and Driver Hurled 20
Feet Into Field While Try4^
ing for Record
TOPEKA. Kan.. Sept. 18.— While en
deavoring to make a record run from
here to Kansas City today in an auto
mobile Oscar (Battling) Nelson and
Fred Langley. who was driving th*
car. were thrown 20 feet into a field
this morning when the touring car
struck a farmer's wagon and turned
turtle. The steering gear brok«. Nei
ther man was Injured.
Nature has made ample provision
In the moisture and sunshine of the
lir for the outward protection and
healthy condition of the skin. But
the more important wort of nourish-
ing the cuticle has been left to an in-
ward source^ — the blood. It is front
the circulation that the pores and
glands receive their stimulus, and
the fibrous tissues are all preserved
in a healthful state because of con-
stant nutriment supplied by th^ blood.
It is only when the circulation Jj^-
comes infected with humors or acida
that we are troubled with akin affec-
tions. The humors producing these
troubles are carried through the cir-
culation direct to the skin, and their
irritating or inflammatory effect re-
j mains until the blood is cleansed.
S. S. S. cures Skin Diseases, because
it is the greatest of all blood purifiers-
It goes into the circulation and
_ - _^_ -1^ REMOVES the
S^^ 4g^ acids and humors
MA 3* which are caus-
\u25a0l & *°£ *k e trouble.
builds up the
i Iji ffl blood, and com-
W& 6gjf pletely cures Ec-
zema, Acne, Tet-
\u25a0——^ ' ter, Salt Rheum,
pimples, rashes, aud all eruptions of
the skin. When S.S.S. has driven
out the humors every symptom passes
away, the skin is again nourished
with cooling, healthful blood, natural
evaporation is renewed, and the skin
becomes soft and smooth. Book on
Skin Diseases and medical advice free.
I ™" DR. JC^D/S'S^HK
a -\u25a0" <ai»CATen Ttmn evert) j
f, \u25a0 ,'*~\ W««lniei* «r »mj —ntnd*i ilmam
4 U£n po^Uvcty cured WdM «U«t
fi^3* W Tr«tn«nt p«r«Nu.l}y «1^ WrtUr. A
A m fiMi \u25a0 PO*Kh<C Cure m «*«ry urn a*-
I vrSFr 4«ri«k««.
A -rrctC writ, h* w~t PHJUOSOPriY
F fy^V? <>r MARRJACC, «*JW Iry—ia
' \u25ba Eaclx C»p» >^~*x •
# Beteon of counterfsita . 5
: ..- \u25a0_•".\u25a0 ' \u25a0 \u25a0 """" i"— ~~ — •— «
¥&¥ mA^^T^ m i'rtUtloaa or ule«r»iloaj
P^EtT«7T««Tr? ? iit?l!?'\ P»tal««. «ad soUutrla.
y^ayMEtTAHSuHcMICUCa. «. at or pdioa^u.
"yWS|Ks«^2H ' 57 • x * r «^ pr«»«i<t. for
. - ; OwaUr Mat •& rm*rU .

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