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Constitutional Amendment Al
lows Officers to Be Eligible
for Indefinite Re-election
The clause in the
C^;juffiffi)ce}i^r> i constitution allow-
ing officers but two
•terms was abrogated at Thursday
night* s meeting of cooks' union No. 44.
The law was amended to read that "any
' member Is eligible to office by the Aus
-. tralian ballot, with no term limit."
The local donated $160 to the Lob An-
Seles strikers and SEO was sent to the
.men out in Spokane. President
Schneider was presented with a hand
some cane, suitably Inscribed. The
presentation speech was made by John
Brandstettler. A new set of house
•j rales was adopted. Eight candidates
•wera-admitted to membership and sev
eral applications ar«» pending. The
. meeting was the largest the local has
' held in many months.
Garment workers' union, at its last
meeting, obligated 10 candidates and
several applications were received. The
• warn of $50 was paid out to sick mem
bers. A donation oft $10 was made to
the label section. Organizer Trembley.
•who has been In San Francisco some
•weeks investigating conditions, made
en interesting report. He will remain
some time in this city.
• •• •
\u25a0 ' Grocery clerks' union held its weekly
meeting Thursday night in the hall,
343 "Van Ness avenue, with President
Bierm&n In the chair. Twelve candf
dates were admitted and 18 applica
tions received. The local has decided
to give a smoker and entertainment
October 29. The committee of arrange
ments follows: A. H. Bierman. L.
Brown. R. E. Ritner. F. Warfield. C.
' Doe« anJ W. G. Deeepte. The grocery
etore on McAllister street which was
declared unfslr has signed up and is
now a union house.
•" • •
John O. Walsh visited Newark yes
terday and straightened out a contro
versy with the James Graham stove
• • •
An Important meeting Is called for
tonight by bakers' union No. 24. Every
member is expected to be present. The
local will In all probability finance a
French bakery on the co-operative plan.
• • •
The California delegation to the
twenty-eighth annual convention of
the national association of stationary
engineers in Rochester. N. T., has suc
ceeded in defeating a resolution indors
ing New Orleans as the place for hold
ing the Panama-Pacific exposition in
• • •
At the last meeting of cigar makers'
union No. 22S it was reported that
many families of cigar makers in
Tampa, Fla.. are being evicted and that
hundreds are now camped in the woods
nearby. The strike Is on« of the most
extensive ev»r \u2666•xperienced in the cigar
business. The local voted 5150 to aid
the strikers.
• • •
Secretary Sefton and Organizer
Thompson attended a meeting of la
borers' union in Richmond Thursday
right and report a strong organization.
Each epoke to the new recruits on
trade union lines.
• • •
A special called meeting will be held
Monday evening by the executive board
of th« Joint council of teamsters in
Brotherhood hall. E36 Bryant street, to
take up the appeal of M. Mooney. This
matter was referred to the board at the
Jast meeting of the council.
i • • •
Germany seems to lead in trade
union schools. Those who were denied
opportunities In their youth are given
the privilege of attending night schools
conducted at the expense of organized
labor for two hours each night. There
¥ are over 50 of these schools alone In
Berlin. A college is located in the Cen
tral Labor temple. Twelve professors
a.re engaged and the attendance is lim
ited to 70. These are sent by trade
unions throughout the empire and their
expenses are paid by the unions. Three
courses are taught each year. They
! »re of blx week's duration each and
. the school continues in session six
\u25a0 hours each day. Trade union leaders
•.re taught political economy, social
science, commercial law, the science of
government and kindred subjects. The
Berlin university does not permit its
professors 'to teach in this college.
It has been decided not to put an
organizer in southern California by the
jjolnt council of teamsters. It was
thought best to await the return of
"Vice President Peter Burke. The re
quest of the council to aid the San
ilateo teamsters on strike is' receiving
the attention of the various unions of
'the council, several already having
contributed. The next meeting of the
will be held In this city Sep.
•t ember 28.
-S • •;\u25a0 . -• •\u25a0.- *.;- • :;'
The railroad Red Book, the monthly,
publication of the Denver and Rio"
Grande, for September contains several
descriptive articles of the recent trip
of the newspapermen over the "Western
Pacific Special articles are contributed
by Jay G. Hilliard and Frank Farrar,
Denver newspapermen, who accom
panied Major S. K. Hooper on the trip.
\u25a0*: — — '\u25a0 — \u25a0 \u2666
I Californians on Travels |
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
NEW YORK. Sept. 16.— Californlam
have registered at New York hotels as 1
Eta Francisco— H. J. Coulter. Grand Union
hotel; F. Ellis, Broadway Central; J. F. Flyn,
Grand Union; A. M. Allison, Hotel Breslin;*S.
Bartlett. Martha Washington; H. Date*. Hotel
Yea Corta»ndt; P. L. Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy,
Hotel Bneklagfcam; Mlm A. McGolnn, Hotel
Victoria; S. U. Abbott. S. L. Abbott Jr., Hotel
VTfAcott: 3. C. B««t. Hotel ColUsKwood; H. H
Goliwater. Hotel Omnberland;" C. Ltttlepare
Mrt. Mttlepace, Park arenne hotel; A. J. Clap
bMUL, Hotel Churchill: A, Eiwnbers, Hotel Belle
<rl«ir: J. M- Lowrj". King Edward; O. E. Turner
Mtrtia XTa«hlngton.
Loe Ansel^e-r-C C. Horton. Hotel Xararn'- L.
Hotel Continental; J. U Preston
Hotel Cadfllae: O. M- >lnclalr. Martha Washl
Irrtoa; Mr*. Van Nostrand. E. H. Van Noetrand,
Hot»l Empire; F. H. Olmsted. Herald i?quar*>-
H. OL Andersoa. Murray Hill; M. Barre. Mrs'
Barre, Hotel Victoria: Mlw E. M. Bennett
Hotel Breslln; F. M. Ferris, Hotel Albany TV
W. L«wler, Hotel BeJraont: H. >L Meyer. Grand
rnicn; Mrs. J. R. Elspins, Miss A. Blgdaa,
H«el TTolcott.
Lonj Beach— C. E. JarrU, Mn. Jarrls. Hotel
Oakland--T. H. Bidwell, Hotel Latham; Mri.
M. Giblin. Miss J. Mulligan, Grand Union, i
Census Returns
WASHINGTON. Sept. 16.— The popu
lation of Covington. Ky., is 53,270 an
increase of 10.332. or -54.1 per cent, as
compared with 42.938 In 1900. Kenton
county, in Kentucky, in which Coving
ton is located, has a population of
70.355. as compared with 63.591 in 1900
The population of Waterloo, la., is
26,633, aa Increase of 14.113, or 112 2
per cent, as compared with 12.550 in
The population of Racine, Wis.. is
£8,002, an increase of 5,900, or 30.6 per
cent, as compared with 29.102 in 1900.
The population of Wilkesbarre, Pa.,
is 67.705, an increase of 15,384. or 29.7
3>»r cent, as compared with 51,721 in
The population of Dallas. Tex., Js
92,104. an increase of 49.466. or 113 per
cent, as compared v.-ith 42.63S in 1900..
14. — The condition of Panl de Lonspre. tbe
floww pslr.ter, wto U at tbe California hr*pf
tal fGlJotriac a mastoid operation, is reported
** topwrtat- . i|llill|||tfilil|llf|»||l||ift'
Recommendation of Independent
Producers' Agency Ignored
" by Pipe Line
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
BAKERSFIELD. Sept. 16. — An Inter
eEting- phase of the present oil situa
tion is, despite the recommendations of
the executive committee of the Inde
pendent producers* agency, no extra
Lakeview oil la being- run this month.
The committee recommended that for
-the SO days of September the Produ
cers' transportation company's pipe
lines be turned over to the exclusive
use of the Lakeview, excepting: only 611
that must be run on contract.
At the offices of the pipeline com
pany today it was stated that no or
ders to that effect had been received
and that only the usual amount of
Lakeview oil is beingr run. . The pipe
line is still taking from 6,000 to 8,000
barrels daily from the American oil
fields company and is also running- oil
from McKlttrick.
The 50,000 barrel reservoir rented
from the Associated in the Kern river
field Is practically full, the reservoir
space being used for Kern River oil,
which is now being run into the reser
Figures on the state's oil produc
tion for the month of August show
a heavy decline In the San Joaquin
valley fields, where the bulk of the
fuel oil is produced, and an Increase
of refining oil In the Fullerton : and
Ventura fields. The net decline in
the valley fields Is 243.899 barrels, and
the decline in all fields is 1,580,808 bar
rels under July.
In the valley fields Coalinga fell oft
325.812 barrels, Maricopa 269,100 and
Kern river 16,908, while Midway, with
the American oil fields gusher In opera
tion, gained 359.000 and McKittrick 8,921
barrels, the total production being
5.051,117 for .August, as against 5,301,
016 for July.
The southern fields, comprising Salt
Lake-Sherman, Los Angeles City, Whit
tier-Coyote, Ventura, Newhall, Fuller
ton-Brae Canyon and Puente, produced
928.600 barrels in August, as compared
with 879.944 in July, and the coast
fields, comprising Santa Maria, Lompoc,
Cat Canyon, Arroyo Grande, Wataon
ville and Summerland, 757,442 barrels
in August; as against 721,005 for July.
The total production for all fields was
6,743,159 itf" August, compared with
6.901.965 in July, making a daily aver
age of 217,521.26 in. August, against
222,644 in July.
Speech of President Diaz Fol-
lows Imposing Parade
MEXICO CITY, Sept. 16.— Mexico
crowned the celebration of her cen
tennial today with the dedication of a
monument to the Independence of the
republic There was a grand parade
from the national palace to the site of
the monument in the beautiful Paseo
de la Refonna, between this city and
Chapultepec, where the ceremonies
were held.
Ten thousand soldiers, marines and
rurales and representatives of other
powers were in line. The feature of the
program was an address by President
The monument is an imposing gran
ite shaft rising to a height of 140 feet.
It is topped with a figure symbolic of
liberty and the base Is surrounded by
bronze figures representing the various
phases of tha nation's life.
Celebration in Russia
ST. PETERSBURG, Sept. 16. — The
Mexican legation gave a reception to
day in celebration of the centennary of
the independence of Mexico.
Soldier Stands by Flag
TUCSOX, Ariz., Sept. 16. — Charles
Alzemora, an old time soldier of Port
Lowell, now living at Guaymas, Mex
ico, Insisted upon the American flag
bein?r raised above the Mexican flag
before the Mexican centennial was al
lowed to proceed.
Epidemic Spreads Across Asi
atic Territory to Siberia
ST. PETERSBURG, Sept/ 16.— The
cholera epidemic, which, originating in
southern Russia, has claimed already
upward of 100.000 victims. Is stretching
Its way across Asiatic Russia and today
was officially declared, to threaten the
province of Amur in southeast Siberia
and separated by the Amur river from
Manchuria. —
The reportsjiow in possession of the
sanitary bureau show a total for the
season of 182,327 cases, with 83,613
deaths. These include the early re
turns for the week ending September
10 and the revised figures for the pre
ceding week. Complete reports for the
week of September 4-10, inclusive.- are
lacking, but the totals for the seven
days at hand are 7,669 cases, with 3.557
deaths. The totals for the preceding
week are 13.330 cases, with 6.187
There were 54 new cases yesterday
and 39 cases in the city of St. Peters
burg. This brings the total in >the
capital up to 3,750 cases, with 1,310
The totals in the aggregate show a
falling off of cases and deaths.
Santa Rosa Factory* Invigorated
by Local Capital
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SANTA ROSA, Sept. 16.-— The Santa
Rosa shoe manufacturing- company,
which was burned out a few months
ago when the Levin tanning company
was destroyed, will shortly re-estab
lish its plant in this city. Local capi
talists hava subscribed largely and the
company is b^ing reorganized. It is
expected that the concern will thrive
better'than before the destructive fire.
Pl%ns are being worked out for the
establishment here of a large shirt
factory. San Francisco capital is back-
Ing the enterprise and assurances have
been given that work will begin shortly
on the erection of a suitable plant.
Employment will be given to from
200 to SOO people after work is under
way. This will add materially to the
industrial importance of the city and
be of great benefit to local business. : . s
$2,800,000 IS OFFERED
Average Bids for Indian Land
Growth Are Higher.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 16.-— Chlppewa
Indiana .will, be enriched .by $2,800,000
If the offers for '.the timber on the
Chippeva Indian lands in Minnesota are
accepted by the government.
The sate took place at Cass Lake
Minn., yesterday, -and the competition
among the -bidders ; was strong.—.--
The average, price per I,ooo; feet' of
fered /for. the: timber was $8.40.- the
highest price being $14. 7The average
this ; year . Is * somewhat more ; than * that
at-^thejast sale in 1907.. . .
"•'^ 31EETIXGS~-»Lqdge«
KING SOLOMON'S chapter No. 95, R-B^nHl
A. M.— Stated meeting THIS (SAT-«a«M
URDAT) EVENING at 8 o'clock. \jQ\3
GOLDEN GATE lodge No. SO. F.-& A.^, : JL' \u25a0''
M.— Third degree THIS. (SATURDAT)-^m-.
EVENING. 7:30 o'clock, GoMen Gate/\^
Commandery building, 2135 -Butter at.vT-:.
Matter Masons oordlally Invited.
' \u25a0.. \u25a0 EDWIN L.MEYER. Secretary.
ORTENTAb enrainpment No. 57. I.
O. O. F. — R»irul«r meetlnsr THIS jfgijJlpHfc
carapment hall. I. O. O.F. bldf.- JT«*OT*^ :
• Gulden Rule and Royal Purple • deffreeg. All
patriarchs welcome. By order '
R. B. POWNIE. R. 8. :.:•\u25a0••
_ ._ HALLS TO LET _ . . ; . \u0084
VAN NESS HALL, 222 Van New aT., bet. Grore
and Hayeg sts; — Particnlars on premloea. - xx
IF YOU LOSE ANYTHlNG— Adrertlse it
here. It will be returned to you If an noneat
person finds it- Remarkable recoreziea ace
brooght about eTery day through this column.
to The ; ..-.•-
'San Francisco Call. y
, Lout and Fennd Bnrean "\u25a0.' v-
i ; Third and Market Streets
Get v a claim check. Hare^lt adTertUed.
Reclaim It if tbe owner does not. * "
THE LAW— People who find lost article!
»re interested In knowing that the atate law
la strict In requiring them to seek the owner*
through adrertlaementa and otherwise, ; and
that failure to do to, if proof can be shown,
j inTolreg a aeTere penalty. . J
LOST, atrayed or stolen, on Sept. 8, from
Tom's Cabin, cor. Fell and Btanyan sts.. small
Irish terrier bitch; answers to name of Nora:
Under will please return and recelTe liberal
reward at abOTe address. »'\u25a0
LOST — Auto robe, Friday, September 0, between
IrTington and Milpitas; finder will return
same to Maxwell agency," 198 12th st. Oakland,
and recelTe reward. . \u25a0 .•.'.•\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0•-_
LOST— Tuesday, September 13. by way of Carl-
ton st.-Telegraph ar. car. Center st. to First
national bank, small, 2 bar gold brooch with
diamond; reward. 2338 Carlton nt.. Berkeley.
LOST — Between ferry loop and Key Route gate,
small, black, gold rimmed purse. Return Jo
GRAY. 234 California St.; reward.
LOST — A feather boa, between Cough and Jack-
son and Polk and California. sts. Return to
1828 Jackson st. ; reward. .. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 :
LOST — Small miniature pin surrounded by dia-
monds; reward. Return to 2020 Broadway nr.
Buchanan. .
LOST — Black cocker spaniel dog; name and ad*
drees on collar; reward. 1553 Sacramento st.
MISSION branch of The Call, MILLER'S, sta-
tioner, 8011 16th st.
CHINESE first class family cook desires posi-
tion ; references furnished. 783 Clay st.
CHAUFFEUR; young, single man to driTe for
family; willing to leaTe city; do repairing;
sober and respectable. . J. J. M., 1201- Web-
ster st.
FAVCY Japanese laundryman wants position in
laundry, hotel or large family, nas many
years' experience and understands suit clean-
Ing work; wages $45 up a month; will do light
housework or cooking la small priTate family.
Address J. 0., box 4783, Call office, 1651 Flll-
more st. • .• -
FIRST CLASS Chinese cook desires a situation In
priTate family, city preferred. GEE, care
Wing Fat Chong. 139 WaTerly place.
GOOD Japanese first class cook wishes situation
in priTate family; has good references. TOKU,
1591 Post st. Phone Home 51274.- -\u25a0
GERMAN ctolt acd baker who understands milk*
Ing and who is not afraid of any other work
wishes situation, city or country. Address,
stating wages, W. HERRMANN, 823S 20th
st.. Sanv Francisco^ . .
JAPANESE boy wanta a position In a laundry^
J. HARADA. 1516 Geary St.. city.
MAN, middle aged, wants work In priTate fsm-
liy; understands electric auto. Box 185S, Call.
PAINTER, paper hanger and'tlnter.»etc.. wants
work from owners, city or country; haTe tools:
no job too small or too large. Decorator, 17
Henderson aT.;. phone Pacific 3064.
REPORTER. 30. and good appearance, Tersatile
writer, wanta work. Box 1§72. Call office.
WANTED — A position as book keeper; have had
four years' experience in bank book keeping and
would prefer that, but would accept work
with mercantile establishment; good references
furnished. Address general deliTery, San Fran-
WANTED— Position by experienced oil ware-
houseman; has had 5 years' experience In
handling lubricating oilg; can gWe good ref-
erence. Address C. W. ELLIOTT, 610 Lin-
coin Bt., Amarillo. Texas.
WANTED— Position as watchman or packer;
understand shipping: can furnish • Al refer-
ences. J. K. JOHANSEN, 14 Godens st.,'clty.
YOUNG man knowing the ladles' hair goods
business, scalp treatment, facial massaging,
children's hair cutting, everything but hair
dressing, would like *_ position. Box 1966
Call office. • .
YOUNG man, 23 years old, desires to come west;
is now assistant cashier of a national bank In
Mississippi; has held present position nearly 4
years; has good health and is willing to work
hard; can furnish best of references; Is not
broke nor out of a Job: country locality with
chances of adTsncement preferred. MISSIS-
SIPPI, box 1960, Call office, San Frandsco.
YOTJJCG man, having a general knowledge of
law, wants situation In law office or business
house; speaks English, Spanish and French-
good references. GREEN, 761 Howard st.
YOUNG man with good reference wants work of
any kind: used to caring horses and ddTlng
Address C. NELSON. 702 Capp St., city.
Ft? Pj'PTMK J>~ T WANTED— -Female
COMPETENT stenographer ' wishes some night
work. Address box 1967. Call office.
LADY with state certificates and ; knowledge of
foreign languages wants a situation as rot-
crness; first class references. . Box 1982, Call.
YOUNG woman wishes employment as traTeling'
companion, or is willing to take child east.
Box 47Srt. Call. .1651 Filfmore st. '
Wanted able bodied men for the U. S. Ma-
rine Corps, between the I . ages of- 10 and 85.
Must .be t natiTe - born < or \u25a0 . have first papers.
Monthly pay $15 to $69. *\u25a0: Additional compen-
sation possible. Food, clothing, quarters and
medical , attendance j free. After 80 . years' | serT-
Ice can retire with 75 per cent, of pay and al-
lowances. \ Serricea on board - ship and ashore
In all parts of the world. Apply at U. 8." Ma-
rine Corps Recruiting Office,. 9s Market St., San
Francisco, Cal. ...-.:• •, \u25a0•. •' \u25a0\u25a0.•\u25a0. ... : \u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0..
MEN wanted ; age 19 to 4 35; for firemen $100
. monthly and : brakemen " sBo, on- nearby rail-
roads; experience .unnecessary; no strike; pro-
motion to engineers,", conductors; railway em-
ploying headquarters; over .; 600 men ' sent to
positions monthly; state age; :." send . stamp.
Railway Association, care Call office. \u25a0 ;--\u25a0- .-:
MEN and women, learn the barber trade; posi-
tions guaranteed; we can not supply demand for
-our graduates; expert instructors; we teach in
8 weeks and pay wages while learning. Call
- and let us explain tbe Moler system. 234 3d st.
IF you had 5 or 10 acres of our. rich, level land
\u25a0 inAlameda county. you wouldn't need to look
for a \u25a0 Job. | No njatter \u25a0 how I little money • you
hare, we can give - you a start. See PRO-
LARGE wholesale house wants bright young man
about 18 or 18 years ; of ' age as. office clerk;
.must write a clear, legible hand and •be rapid
at figures; state experience In detail and salary
expected. Box 1989. Call office. :
ADVERTISING man. high class special edition
work J permanent for right party; must haTe
. i references. Call at 608 . Berkeley National
Bank bldg., Berkeley, or write.* stating experi-
ence,: address and phone ' number. \u25a0/ .;.
WANTED — Feeder with- some experience on Job
. box nrlntinsr *or r cylinder • press.- * SCHMIDT
CO., 2d and Bryant sts. : apply
.-. Brysnt st."; entrance;..^".;-- ; v" .•\u25a0
WANTED-^Asslstant book: keeper;, most be com -
: petent^. quick' and accurate; : state; age, * ex-
perience, references 'and- salary, expected. Ad-
dress Box 2000, Call office.' -.;,\u25a0; .
WANTED— Handy : ; man, jjcarpenters preferred:
good country home;>; moderate 'wages; call
Wednesday. 023 Pine st., /West Oakland. ...
WANTED — Drapery salesman. Apply superinten-
dent's, office, - from 9: to ill; a. ? m. . ' HALB
BROS..; INC., Market and 6th Bts.y; S. ->F.-.
•WANTED — 10 : young / men |to I learn railroading ;
pay after placed. Apply S.'. P. Telegraph and
Shorthand school. 32SJ st., Sacramentoi .
MAN ' *nd wife -. as . cook <ani1 I helper in ?an I instl-
tuti<vn - in* the « cltr. - v s7o.' -Call at MISS
PLUNKETT'S/:lSfl6 .Sutter . st. , ror. -Webster, w
BUTI.ER'vfor steady plarei in : city. $60; second
\u0084 butler.^ $45. 5 MISS iPLUNKBTT; 1888 Sutter
•.. sr. » cor.V. Webster .';.-*.;jf^^-.'-..'^*-ri; ;\u25a0'?:*\u25a0 >-.:•,.'. .\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0].
BOYS wanted for box dept.:^no experience neces-'
\u25a0.' sary. . SCHMJDT '< LITHOGRAPH \ CO."/ 2d and
Bryant sts.; 1 apply Bryant .at. entranca..
In * these two "L'importantV f eatares The San
Francisco (ML surpasses aH other, local mediums
in ite|mlli^ power. The reason is not far to seek.
It exists in tne fact^^ that The\OaJl>provides safe, re-;
liable and, anthoritative news reports on financial
matters, thus attra<ytiiig to itself that vast and im-
portant class of people who have money to plac e
in good investment ".or who seek to buy, sell or trade
a btisdiießS.
\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"•/ ' \u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0... -. ~
_MAjLB HE^iP WAIVTEp---Contlnned
DOUGLAS HOUSE, 758 Harrison st. nr. Sd— Now
open; 200 hard finished rms.; reading rm.; hot
water; rooms 25c day; $1.25, $1.50 week.
CASH and errand boys wanted at shlnping de-
partment; Stockton st. entrance. CITY OF
WANTED — 600 men to occupy rooms, 20c to 30c
per night (free bath), at the "NEW YORK, 753
Howard st. between Sd and 4th. \u25a0
MEN of ideas with some inventive ability.
GREELEY & McINTYRE. Patent Attorneys,
Washington, D. C. - - \u25a0 , .
GOVERNMENT employes wanted— Write for
Ban Francisco examination schedule,' Franklin
Institute, dept 16T. Rochester. N. Y. -^ .^ \u25a0
WANTED— Painters and plasterers, good me-
chanics; half cash, half credit; city work. See
A. B. CHASE, 151 Sntter st. .
GLASS CO.. 15th and Folsom. >,\u25a0.--.
YOUNG man for clean light work; will pay
good wages; $150 cash required. 8181 16th 6t."
PHOTO coupon agents wanted; good proposition.
SCHAFFER, 72 San Pablo ay., Oakland.
SAILORS and mates for f?outh America 'and re-
turn. Shipping Office. 11^ Steuart st.
NEW WESTERN. 1124 Howard— Single rooms,
• 15c and 20c per night; hot and cold water.
MEN wanted at 103 Sd st. to have their shoes
repaired; sewed soles 75c, done in 10 minutes.
HIGH tenor for professional male quartet; local
work. Address box 2079, Call office.
WANTED— Cook, % middle aged, for saloon at
northeast corner of 4th and Mission Etc. • - -
Sold on Installments of $5 PER MONTH.
DRIERS sold on small monthly payments and pre
will allow you top prices on your old fixtures la
exchange. . Remember, we are not in the trust.
Phone Franklin 3899. - 94 Turk st.
SECOND hand Barker chairs, which have been
sold on installments to people and,' as they
could not make the shops pay. returned the
-chairs to us, and we will dispose of them for
the balance due on the same; cash or time.
JAMES BARKER, Inc., 94 Tcrk- st.
WANTED— A first class, 'sober barber, in coun-
try town; wages, $18 guarantee and half over
$28; don't answer unless you can fill the bill.
Apply BECKEL & PRESHER, 6th st, Sj F.,
or 12th St., Oakland. . .
BARBERS— We invite your Inspection of the
finest porcelain enameled barber stair manu-
factured; the one lever, mechanism surpasses
any other because of its simple workings; tbe
beauty of the design stands above all others.
BARBERS, attention — Stay away from Bakers-
field, Kern county, Cal. ; absolutely no work
, to offer;- many out of wort. HARRY G.
MASSA, secretary, , Bakersfleld. v
BOSS barbers will meet MONDAY EVENING at
0 o'clock at 25 7th st. AH boss barbers please
attend. Business of Importance -to all' employ-
Ing barbers. , ,
FIRST class 4 chair barber shop for sale, and
French plate glass and bevel mirror In the
rear for sale. Call at 414 7th st, near Broad-
day. Oakland. ; > ;
WANTED— Men and women to learn barbering;
so many have left for good Jobs, must have
more beginners; absolutely free to next 10. Call
8. F. BARBER COLLEGE, 790 Howard Bt.
2 CHAIR shop In the wholesale district; can be
-f>oiight for a small payment down and the
balance on Installments. See JAMES BAR-
KER. Inc., 04 Turk st. :
ANDRE'S. 1044 Larkin St.— Hotel butcher, $70;
hotel pantryman, $60; butler. $50; busboys,
$35; young man for bakery, $25 bd.; kitchen
hands, $30, $35 to $40. ,;.\u25a0-\u25a0'.;
MUST sell, best paying nonunion shop 6outh of
Market st.; 4 chairs,. running 3 steady; trial
given; owner going to Australia; price $400.
Box 1961, C«ll office.
FIR&T CLASS barber seeks steady position in a
good shop, city ; start Monday, September 10*
Address box 1990,. Call office, or phone Market
"314. y . \u25a0 .
BARBERS' UNION No. 148^Monday. September
19. meeting of greatest : importance ; vote on
assessment. CHARLES KOCH, Sec. '
FOR rent — New barber shop, not furnished; city
of 2.000, 30 miles from Fresno. , HADEN A
BQONE CO., 2415 Shattnck aT., Berkeley, CaL
FOR rent— Barber shop under good hotel, apart-
ment house, with other hotels around It; good
. . location; reasonable rent. 640 Eddy st. ;
CHEAPEST poles and mirrors jln city; change
new chairs i for old; small payments; nonfor-
felting lease. 594 Hayes st.; tel. Park 1242.
KAMCHATKA.- the new metaloid strop; Intense,
enduring and vigorous; one from each animal;
uniform fibre. ED. E. CORDY CO.
4 CHAIR Market st. barber shop for sale; long
1%*!51 ' rr ' MOn *»le rent ; transient' trade ; . price
$1.000. Box 19q2. Call office. ;•» :;--\u25a0
8 CHAIR shop, including 2 living rooms, for
sale on account of sickness; guaranteed $100
a month. 1042 Railroad a y. ,:
FIRST CLASS barber, wanted for country; $18
WANTED — Barber who understands clgur mak-
ing; good opportunity for a factory. . 1511 23d
«t., Oakland.- ; - . #- ; -
GET a Kamchatka strop; the latest effbrt of
j best thonght In metaloid leather. : BAUER
FOR sale— 2 chair hotel barber shop,: baths and
laundry office. Address P. O. box 22, Or-
\u25a0 land, Cal. . ; .\u25a0\u25a0;, \u25a0 \u25a0 \u0084 >. \u25a0 ~\. ; .-.. . \u25a0;. -y. •.
FOR sale— Barber shop ', in -. Granada -hotel.' cor.
Sutter and I Hyde. . Good proposition for single
". man. <.;.,\u25a0\u25a0/:;\u25a0-.; \u0084; . _.-. .•. .\u25a0:., \u25a0-\u0084.\u25a0;\u25a0. .-\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0 .\u25a0 : -. ..• - \u25a0\u25a0 .-.-.,
B^? BE u R W4ntp d forSatnrday; steady if suited;
-10^ shop. 547 16th Bt near Clay. Oakland. -•
WANTED— Position |as barber :In city .by young
\u25a0;..\u25a0 man ;. steady or extra. • Bos 1964. Call office.
IF « y , 0 ,?. w « a * Ito make easy money , use "Beef
Gall" shampoo. BAUER'S, 69 O'Farrell st.^.
BARBER, wauted.fy Apply -atlB6B Mbalonist: v
BARBERS' Protective Union— Employment secre-
tery. W. B ABON,. 753 Mkt; phone Kny. 8384.'
FOR i sale— l i chair ' shop, 2•\u25a0 living ~> rooms, v f um- !
lshed; rent $18; cheap. -^445 .Valencia st. V :
BARBER wanted for Saturday. v ;, 2/>9 4tb. «t- ~
\u25a0 -'-\u25a0' \u25a0'\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0 "'\u25a0'\u25a0, : " ••" •\u25a0- -- •\u25a0'\u25a0 >T •*- '-\u25a0\u25a0 ' \u25a0\u25a0 - '"^- \u25a0.
GOOD location for barber' shop I -634 Eddy st. i
WA NTED— Barber. ,y ; ; 417% •. Bth st - bet. \u25a0 Broad-
, way; and: Franklin ?st.;^Oakland. :v I- \u25a0 : v
FIRST i class barber '\u25a0 desires steady Job , Satur- 1
: - noon.". Sunday. ; ;1209 ' O'Farrell -sf. : i
FOR \u25a0 sale^l-- chair barber ? shop; good location ;
':vrentsl24i6 Antonio sf off; Jones --y .v - .-:
BARBEE wanted for Saturday.* wages $4. Apply
at 70 . Folsom st. -•./-:.;--.•- • \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'
BARBERS and- SUPPLlES— Contlnned
BARBER wanted: good wages. ; 432 6th st.
corner Broadway, Oakland; bring tools.
FOR sale — Barber shop, best transient chop In
city. 13 East St.. opp. ferry bldg.
BARBER wanted for Saturday and Sunday at
.2319 Mason, st., corner Bay.
FOR sale— 2 chair barber, shop; price $160.
Call at saloon, 1400 Folsom st. /
SPACE for 2 chairs for bootblack In front of
barber shop. 668 Larkln st. *$
WANTED— Bootblack, colored or- whlte;^sl2 a
week to start. 1077 Oak st. \u25a0
WANTED— Good short hour man, German pre-
f erred. .8001 Flllmore st.
BARBER wanted for Saturday only; good wages
guaranteed. 622 Front st. - <
\u25a0WANTED— Barber. 309 6th st. --\u25a0 -1
BOOTBLACK wanted at barber shop at 100S
.' Guerrero st. near 22d.
WAITED— First class barber; steady work.
• 858 Montgomery Bt. /
GOOD barber wanted for Saturday and Sunday.
1011 Montgomery ay.
BARBER wanted for Saturday; wages $4. 522
7th st.. Oakland.
3 CHAIR shop for sale on account of death.
1822 ȣ. Grant aT. . \u25a0
BARBER wanted for Saturday at 2015 Mission
st. near 16th. -
BOOTBLACK wanted. - 2892 16th st! near
• Howard. ' • ' '
BARBER wanted Saturday. > Apply at 906 Va-
I lencla st.
WANTED— Barber today. Apply at 716 Golden
\u25a0 - Gate ay. t
AAAAA— Young women wanted as operators by
the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph' Company;
must be bright, neat in appearance, between
the ages of 17 and 25 years, of fair education
and unquestionable character. * ' *
'\u25a0\u25a0•ING. \u25a0-.\u25a0.- ..•- -, \u25a0
Far full particulars call, , preferably between
8:30- a. . m. and 12 noon- at the Operating
School, Telephone Office, 2015 Stelner street,
corner ! Pine.
WANTED— Young ladles having had experience
handling figures. Apply by letter only, stating
\u25a0 age. salary expected, names of references and
past experience. SHREVE &. COMPANY,
Post st. : and Grant aye.
A — FOUR strong young women to act an Janl-
tresses; single or married; $1.25' a day, no
board; must so home nights. .For details call
early on MISS PLUNKETT, 1836 Sutter st.
cor. Webster. .:
YOUNG lady stenographer; must be thoroughly
efficient, neat appearing and of good address;
state experience in detail and salary expected.
Box 1988. Call office. „
WOMAN In ':. reduced circumstances to do light
house keeping for man and boy; small wages
but easy work. Box 1986, Call office.
' **' "~ OAKLAND.
EXPERIENCED stenographer, with good educa-
tion and some literary ability,' work in Berke-
ley.^ 'Reply, stating age, experience, address,
telephone number, . box , 104. Berkeley, Cal. -, -
EXPERIENCED and inexperienced girls want-
ed for dried fruit packing house; pleasant
work. Apply ROSENBERG . BROS. «fc CO.,
269 Brannan st. . • . ;
LADIES, learn hair dressing at CALIF. COL-
ture; diplomas aud formulas given; Individual
Instruction. 967^ Market st. bet. sth and 6th.
WANTED — Young ladles to learn hair dressing
and manicuring;: the latest and best methods:
reasonable terms. . Mildred Hair Store, 1606
\u25a0 Polk st.: v ._-.'\u25a0' ;.. . . '\u25a0
AN educated girl of good appearance to learn
salesmanship .in ladies' tailoring establish-
ment: - W. BARON. 118 Geary st.
KITOHEN maid for private family. $35: second
cook for private family, $40. • MISS PLUNK -
ETTS. 1996 Sutter st. cor. Webster. : - \u25a0;
WAJJTED — Competent Catholic ; woman for gen-
, eral housework; good home and good wages to
right party. ' Address box 547, San Luis Obispo.
WANTED^ — Girl • for : housework and help take
• care of children; gooa. home for right person.
.Call Saturday. 2240 Grove st., Berkeley.
WANTED— Younjc Indies to learn hair dressing
and manicuring: latest and best system, mod-
' crn methods. Mildred Hair Store," 1475 Haljrht.
NURSE for 2 children, $34 to $40i Lady to be
seen at MISS.PLUNKETTS, 189« Sutter at.
cor. .Webster. ..
DEMONSTRATOR wanted; steady position-
\u25a0. good - wage* ; -'reference . unneceeeary. 1356
;X Webster -, st. . v '. ; ' ' . "
LEARN hair dressing, manicuring, hair working,
massage;- easy terms; evening classes. The
New -Mildred. Hair Parlors. 130 Geary, st.i
NEAT girl for light housework aiM assist with
• cooking, $20: small family; call before 10 or
after. 4. 894 Unionist. /,:,-\u25a0/
LADY for light housework, cook for 2; 1 Slavonian
preferred. > SB7 Ist ay.,; Richmond district g
WANTED — A woman to wash and clean house;
7 $1.50 a day. .Apply 866 Potrero ay. . .
CHAMBER MAID wanted; wages $40 month and
room. Baldwin i House. 74' 6th st- \u0084 , ; :
YOUNG girl v wanted for office work at 340
GIRLS ' wanted • for *- factory-- work, ir , Apply to
W. A. PLUMMER MFG., CO.. 87. Front st.
WANTED— German or American srfrl : to wait at
. table - and wash dishes. - ~ 1532 ; Kentncky .. gt. : \u25a0\u25a0.
WANTED-^-Young ladies to train \u25a0 for t nurses ;
paid while learning. 819 Brash St.. Oakland.
CAPABLE woman to do general' housework; f am*
t Uy of 3; wages $30. . 2832 , Broderick st.
BAG operators wanted.- Apply W. Ar Plummer
Manufacturing . Company, 87 Front st. ;; -
GIRL to ' assist In ; light housework. 2271 Call-
i'fornlaf st. ,;-; ; .*- ; ;,v' : V; '::--;\u25a0;.:-';' \u25a0- •• i •";'-.-\u25a0\u25a0- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;
" — '\u25a0.- \u25a0 \u25a0'"\u25a0"- ,
;','-'- Two r reliable ' stock : salesmen ; • giTe"; age.'Vex-
perience and references;. important opportunity
\u25a0•' for men of ability, j; Box 491. Call office. •• - ?
ASK me bow you can eara .- $5 to $25 dally.
OVEBSTREET. "The Heywood." Berkeley.
Cal. ' - . _.^^___
'\u25a0:.•:"\u25a0"- E^ Pl<o >'- ME^r r OFFICES _. _^_
AAAA— CANTON Bureau of Information— Chi-
. nese servants; contracts for resorts. Canton
Bank bldg.. 649 Kearny St.; phone Sntter 113.
AAA— PHONE WEST 1731. ~~
,' Largest Japanese and Chinese employment
of flee la city. T. TAMURA CO.. 1612 Laguna st
AA— OSCAR HATSUMI, Japanese-Chinese Kmp.
, .Co.; best help with care and gnar. 1513 Geary
st. ; phones West C6SS. Home S4OBB.
A. S. HORI, reliable Japanese-Chinese help
promptly furnished: open day and night 174S
Sntter st. PHONES— WEST 2Sfl3. S2SO3.
H. W. i HONG. Chinese employment office. SO3
_y Webster st. Oakland; phone Pekin 25.
J. CONN. Chinese employment bureau. Phone
Douglas 3166; Home C 5093. 753 Clay »t
STAR em p. office; Japanese-Chinese help. W.
KODATA. 1608 Geary; tel. West 167. S49OS.
AT 1631 FILLMORE ST. ' r . V '
A smaU want ad in The -Call -will do it quicker
than a dozen signs plastered on your window's
and which spoil the looks of your home besides.
Phone Kearny 88 for an ad man to call aad
_ see yon.
ROOMS TO LET — Fnr. and Unfor.
A COZY home for respectable ladles. 1130 Mar-
ket st near Bth, under auspices of the SAL-
VATION- ARMY; elegantly furnished: every
modern convenience; steam heat, electric light
and elevator service; spotlessly clean; centrally
located; thoroughly homelike; telephone Market
1349; price very moderate, ranging from 23c
per night up; special rates by the Veek or
month. See matron, room 33.
A FLAT of 3 beautiful, large, sunny rooms
and bsth. Call at Blake's. UPS Valencia st.
BROADWAY, 1020^ — Handsomely furn'd sunny
front rms.; others: marine view; cony. to cars.
DEWEY HOUSE. 4th and Howard— All modern
conveniences: 200 ' rooms. ' 33c to $1 day, $2 to
$5 a week; free baths; Howard or 4th st. cars.
GROVE st. 676 — Furnished room la quiet faia-
lly; $1.30 week; to gentleman. .
GEARY st. 1033 — Sunay rooms; rates reason-
able; walking distance; 4 car lines. , Phone
Franklin 2308. '
GOLDEN GATE ay., 601— Sunny rooms facing
on Jefferson square. $M a month and up.
HOTEL EXETER. 1M Ellis St.— All outsid*
rooms; reasonable rates; new management.
JONES st. 945 — Outside room; private family;
walking distance; hot and cold waUr.' Phone
Franklin 079.
OVERLAND HOUSE. 563 Sacramento st. below
Montgomery — Now open; 200 rooms: hot and
cold water In every room; 23c to $2 per day;
$1.30 to $5 per week. EDW. ROLKIN. Prop.
POST st, 135S — Elegant, sunny parlor suite, pri-
vate bath, suitable 3 or 4 persons; sunny front
SUTTER. 2223; 'outside sunny rms.. telephone,
running water; threa car lines; rent reason-
SUNNY front room and bedroom: hot and cold
water; saltable for 2 young ladles; rent reas.
Apply Atlaa Stationery Store. 1474 Halght st.
SUTTER, 2533; large sunay rms.. rent reason-
able, all home conveniences, telephone; three
- car lines; gentlemen.
WEBSTER, st. 757— Large outside room, single
or for house keeping.
WEBSTER st. 639— Large sunny room; can be
used for house keeping. . \u25a0 .
WEBSTER st. 633— Light sunny back 'parlor,
$2 per week; large front room, J2.EO.
2 SUNNY, front rooms; 2 gentlemen. Apply 19.">7
Howard st. *
OAKLAXP ROOMS— Fnr. and TTnfnr.
FILBERT st. 940 — For gentlemen; furnished,
sunny, alcove suite; closet, gas, bath, running
. water, phone, washing, mending; $12 a month.
WALSWORTH ay.. 501. cor. Santa Clara— Fnr-
nlshed rooms for house keeping; reasonable;
__gloge_to Key Route station.
BAKER, 316, opp. G. G. Park— Two sunny front
jooms; all conveniences; rea*.: also single.
HAIGHT st.. .106^— Nice, sunny, furnished
house keeping room. .
SUTTER st. 2065: nicely furnished rms. for
light housekeeping, bath, phone, rusnin™
water; rates , reasonable.
TURK St.. 1208—2 room sunny suite, $18 month:
also single basement rooms. $f.50 to $2 30
week; every convenience for house keeping.
VAN NESS ay., 311. . cor. Grove— Furnished
sunny suites. * $20; single rooms. $2.50 to $3
, per week; gas, running water and phone.
19TH st. 3425. near Mission — 2 sunny connect-
ing and house keeping rooms: bath, phone and
laundry: $3.75 per week up. .
AAA— THE WEMPE, 410 Oak st— Single aad
doable rooms with board. $30 per month np.
CALIF, st., 1541— St. Margaret's club for girls,
teachers, students, bus. women, tourists; sunny
rms. ; fine bd. ; rates reas. : Fk. 3292; H. C 2569.
CALIFORNIA St.. 2523— Pleasant sunny rooms-
excellent board; phone, bath; $30; rates for 2.
For list of Inspected rooms see DOMO DIREC-
TORY. Saves time. 11 to 2. 522 Crocker bid.
HOWARD st. 1943. nr. 16th— Nicely furnished
front room, also second parlor, with or without
board; excellent home cooking; reasonable.
NEWLY furnished large sunny front rooms, run-
ning water, bath, with first class board; pri-
;h tt o e ne h We e st f g5 r 8r nPle; \u25a0»'"» ""
PIERCE^ st, 815, nr. MeAlllater— Fura. front
rms.; bath: fine neighborhood; excellent board-
2 people, $20 mo. each.
PIERCE st. 1022—3 sunny furnished rooms
board optional; private home; bath and phone.
ro 2^o asi,sr l ri&^j t ig&: 2 mwU - g
STEINER st, 410—2 sunny furnished rooms,
with board; bath, phone; use of parlor.
ST^ F ,? ANCIS c, GirlB ' Directory. Central ay. and
Waller st San Francisco— A beautiful home,
where old ladles, young girls and little chll-
dren can board Tery reasonable.
SHRADER st. 52G— Newly furnished rooms- $8
per month for 1. $10 for 2: board If desired.
MILVIA St.. 1624— Board 'and 'rooms iVTprivlte"
_l_fjmlly J /_s_2s. Phone Berkeley 5322.
YOUNG man wishes furnished room in private
__family in Oakland. Box 14C9. Mill Valler. Cal.
WANTED— I cr 2 children to board. 2703 Glas-
cock st.. Fruitvale. "
Vr~ treehaven^llpartments?
Opened Sept Ist: most attractive and com-
plete apartment house across the bay; every
modern Improvement and convenience: snnerb
view from roof garden: furnished or unfur-
nished; apartments 2 to 4 rooms: sleeping
•porches; resident hous-e keeper; one-naif block
from Euclid ay. earlineV
BROOKLYN HOTEL. 369 Ist St.. 3 blocks from
. Market-Modern hotel; board and room $1 and
$1.20 per. day, $8 to $7.50 per week; meals 23
cents; first class service; choice room* 50*
cents; family rooms $1; rooma per week $•\u25a0> ud-
free, bus.% CH AS. MONTGOMERY, prop, (for-
merly of the American Exchange Hotel. Mont-
gomery's Hotel and Brooklyn Hotel. Bush st).
HOTEL BRISTON. 415 O'Farrell st-All mod-
ern conveniences; room and bath; $20 per
month; center .of business section; single
rooms at cheap rates; country trade solicited.
9.5 Harrison— Quiet place for working people-
hot water and bath: $1.50 week. ;\u25a0-«*• f^T '
ATLANTIC, 368 Bush St.— Snnny furnished
rooms for business people: hot and cwM water.
-;_. FLATS TO* LET " ' .
PAGB st,'4Rl, ; nr. Webster— Sunny upp»r flat
'•-;. in fine order: 8 rooms and bath; lawn and'
yard;- open fireplaces; $30. • \u25a0
-LINES. .279 TREMONT; $17.50:530; > OPgN?
MIDDLE and upper, new apartment flats of -5
rooms;. beamed ceilings, dining room. gas. elec-
tricity; ;halls carpeted; flooded with sun; Janl-
tor.servlce. 1559, Grove st. bet.^ BakeT-Lyon.
SACRAMENTO st. 3275-00. bet. Lyon and Pre^
\u25a0 sldio ay.— Elegant, modern flats; 4 and « rooms
2, Dd ,l?I h: «nts" reasonable; njrent on premiA
:-- BALDWIN \u25a0; & HOWELL. .. 31S-324 :: K»4ra.T tt!
FREDERICK st. 575. nr. Stanyan— New. sunny
beamed.-. paneled iB;roomsi 8 ; rooms : -_ tiled bath and
:<_ kltchea; mar, vest : $27.30:;^ mo. rent free.
FILBEET st', 905— Cor. flat; 7 r., b.- Ron all dar"
- ?20. • BALDWIN & HOWELL: :as Kearnr st
_^__FLATS TO l**iT?z£2s£2?'* " \u25a0 •
PHONE 3 I;i^
DOUGLAS 4430 clKa
JSS-10 r. and b.; 31«7wlslilagton st nt. Vro*-
s7s—lo r. and b.: 1254 O'Farrell st .- ?L^
$60—7 r. and b. : 2004 Vallejo, epr.Lajr™.
$57.50— 7 r.; 1733 Larkln. nr. Washington.
$55—0 r. and b.; 1737 Broadway, nr. Co^rt-
sss-fl r. and b.. 1433 Washtnton nr. Hyde.
$42.30 to $50— Apartment flats. 5 r. and b. na»
view; 124/ to 1247 Bu*h nr. Hyde.
$30—8 r. and b.; 2667 California \u25a0*. «- T^TL.
$50— « r. and b. : 1321 Larkla st. nr. Clay: upper.
$30-^J r. and b.; 1603 Wash- cor. £ar*ia.
$3<V-« r. and b. : 81? Mason st nr. Pln«- _ . .
$47.50—7 r. and b.; H76 Washington nr. Hyde.
$47.50—7 r. aad b.; 1626 Clay at., nr. PoEt.
$47.50-«o— € r. and b.: 1230-33 Lcavenwortfl st
nr. Clay: 2 elejrant up to date fl * ts v, t ._.,.
$47—8 r. and b.; 1343 McAllister st nr- Stelner.
$45—3 r. aad b.: 1376 Sac. nr. Le»r.
$45—6 r. and b.; 2443 Buchanan nr. "«\u25a0«•
$45_3 r . aD( j b. : 1624 Sacramento nr.Polit.
$42.50—7 r.; 2059 Bush nr. Webster.
$42. 50— 6 r. and b.; Sl5 Mason st. nr. Pine.
$42.30-$32-50— 6 r. and b.: 3 fiats; Ca« ti*w.
Jackson nr. Jones. _
$33-s4o— 7 r. and b.; 1331 Washington nr Lea*.
$40-?45— 7 and 8 rms. : 4 modern up to date Oats.
1923-35 California, near Goush. (_.-_„
$40—7 r. and b.; 1347 McAlUster st nr. Stelner.
$10 — 4 r. and b.; 1664 Larkin nr. Clay.
$10— S r. and b.; 2964 Flllmore cor. Union.
$40 — 7 r. and b-; 2000 Vatlejo. cor. Lagpaa.
$38—7 r. and b. ; ISOO Green, cor. OcUvla-^^ ~
$33— C r. and b.; upper: IS3O Jones, nr. Green.
$35—4 r. and b, : 1329 Clay st. nr. Jones.
$37.30—7 r and b.; 1310 Jackson st nr. Pol*.
$37..w_ a r . and b.: 1163 Dirlsadero st. comer.
137.50—4 r. ano b.; 1329 Clay. nr. Leav.
$37.50—7 r. and b.: 1767 Geary, nr. FUtaw.
$37.50—7 r. and b.: 134!) Franklin, nr. Ptae.
$35— ft r. and b.; 1703 Hyde cor. Bdwy.
$33—6 r. and b.; 2344 Baker, nr. \allejo.
$35—7 r. and b. ; 928 Flllmore. nr. Fulton.
$33—6 r. and b. ; 2030 Union, nr. Buchanan.
$35—7 r .and b.; 1730 Union, near Octavta.
$35—7 r. and b.; middle; 2703 Lagnna. cor. TaL
$33—7 r. and ».; 1537 Pacific nr. Larkln.
$35—5 r. and b.; 1769 Hyd» cor.
$35—6 r. and b.; 2529 Poli st. nr. FUbert
$33—4 r. and b.: 1363 Pine st nr. L** l *-
Snap— 6 r. and o.; marine view; 1430 Jon« st.
( 32.50 — 6 r. and b.: 1744 Union nr. Gouan-
s3o—6 r. and b.; 2153 Union cor. Flllmore.
$30—6 r. and b.; 1254 Filbert nr. Hyde.
$30—3 r. and b. ; NE. Union and FUlmore.
$30— « r. and b.; I«2S Buchanan st nr. Post
$30—6 r. and b.; 2450 Larkln st nr. FLbert
$30—3 r. and b.; 1930 Jones nr. Green
$30 — 6 r. and b.; 1630 Devl3adero. nr. Sutte?.
Reduced from $37.30; sunny and oodern.
$30—6 r. and b.: lf<67 Bosh st nr. OctaTU.
$30—6 r. and b.; 1740 Union nr. Goosh.
$30— « r. and b.: 2462 Clay nr. Flllaore.
$30—4 r. and b.; 1470 CallTorni* nr. Hyd»
$30—4 r. and b.; 1471 Washington nr. Hyde.
$30—7 r. and b.; 2604 Gouxa nr. Oreen.
$27.50— « r. and b.; 1360 Greenwich, nr. Vaa i 5.
$27.30— « r. and b.: 3037 Washington nr. Baker.
$27.30-$3O— C r. and b.; 60-«2 Alpine.
$27—6 r. and b.; 1163 Broadway, nr. Lf« T "-
$3O-$35— 6 r. and b.; 2233-35 Sutter^nr. Pl"^»-
$28—7 r. and b.; upper; 832 Pierce Bt nr. O»k.
$25 — 8 r. and b.; 1632 Buchanan at nr. Post
$23—6 r. aad b.; 1733 Green nr. Octavla.
$25-s3o— 3 r. and b-; nr. Sacramento aad Jones.
$23—7 r. and b.; 2703 Laznaa cor. Vallejo.
$23 — 6 r. aad b.; upper; 2712 A Bush st
$25 — 5 r. and b.; npper: IH3 Broadway.
$23—3 r. and b.; 1370 Pine. nr. Larkln-
s23 — 6 r. acd b.; 2134 O'Farrell nr. DeTlsadero.
$25—7 r. and b.; upper; 832 Halght, nr. Devla.
$24 — t r. and b.; 342*44 Pierce st nr. Page.
$23—7 r. and b.; 13A Jolce nr. Pine.
$23—5 r. and b.: 947 Broadway cor. Salnwn.
$22.50—4 r. and b. ; cor. Jackson aad Auburn.
$20—0 r. and b.; cor. Salmon anil Broadway.
$20—4 r. and b.; 1633-7 Greenwich nr. Franklin. •
$20—3 r. and b.: 1531 Sacramento nr. Hyde.
$20 each— s r. and b. : IS«3 Union." nr. Oct*vla.
$20 — 4 r. aad b.; 2532 A Gough nr. Greea.
$19 — 4 r. and b.: 51 Hermann st nr. Valencia.
$18 mo. — 4 r. and b.; 2913 OctavU nr. Filbert.
$18 4r. and b.; middle: 2966 Busa st. nr. Lyon.
$18 mo.— 3 r. aad b.; 240 Ivy ay. nr. Fraaklla.
$16 — 6 r. aad b.; 27128 Bush nr. Brodertck.
$15—3 r. and b.;2933 Lazuaa cor. FUb«rt
$15 mo. — 3 r. and b.: 1831 Golden Gate ay.
$12—3 r. and b.; mlddTe; ISISA Filbert st
$10— S r. 9 Morrel!. corner PaclSc.
$50 « r. and b.; The Westgate. 1328 Hyde.
$40^ — X t. and b.; 1680 Clay nr. Polk.
$40—3 r. and b.; 1813 Hyde nr. Pacific.
$40—4 r. and b.; apt. 19; 1664 Larkla.
$40 — 8 r. and b.; 1461 California st nr. Hyde.
$37.50—4 r. and b.; 16SO Clay nr. Polk.
$30-$32.50 do. — 4 r. and b.; each; 1031 Leaven-
worth st nr. California; modern.
$32.80 to $40 — 4 r. and b.: new and beantlfally
appointed* apts.. Just completed; Reddias
apts.. 1670 Clay st nr. Poli.
$30 to $35— Elegant modera apts., 4 r. aad b. :
large baeS yard, -Ten sunny; 2201 Poli
<\u25a0\u25a0 v ; ' -. st cor Green.
$27.50—3 r. and b.: 16S0 Clay nr. Poll.
$27.50-$35— 5 r. and b.; 253 Laguaa nr. Hafght.
$20-$35— 1201 Pine st cor. LeaTeaworth; Mart»
Antoinette apts.; modern; fern, or nnfura.
$IS-$23.5O — 3 r. and b.r snnny. oodera •part-
meats; NE. cor. Pacific and Larkln sM.
$IS-S2O 3r. aud b. : 1373 Washlastou nr. Hyde.
$200^ — 13 r . »ad b.; beautifully furnished; fur-
nace, etc.: near Pacific and Stelner. ,
$50 — S r. and b. ; 56 Cusnman near Clay.
$25-$41 — 2 and 3 r. and t>., elegantly farn!aheil;
The Highland.
$30-132.50—3 r. and b. ea. ; 3 beautiful fern.,
flats: 30-84 A Jolce sj. nr. Pine.
$30— S r. and b.; 1373 Waaalsgtoa or. Hyde.
\u25a0,'< \u25a0 "- ' \ " '' ~* \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0
$130—9 r. and 2 b.; 2860 Scott cor. FUbert; ele-
gant modern residence.
$100 — 20 r.. 4 b.. 4 kitchens; newly papered and-
. - tinted: close to Flllmore aad Halght
$30 — 7 r. and b. house; 1859 Pine st.
>$15 — 5 r. and b. each: 1710-1712 Broderlck nr.
- Bush; 2 coxy. little cottage*: Urge yard.
$12—4 r. and b.; 53 Priest sr. Wasa.; cotuss.
, ... -*\u25a0-: | ,'.t ; . r-rj-rrtrfjvrf *',i*i \u25a0
$250 mo.— Size- 19x90 ft.; very Hght; 2 entrance!).
rea; and front: large bsmt: splendid loca-
tion; 125-127 Sutter st nr. Montgomery
$173—138 Eddy near Mason; store and basement
$150— Loft. 26x137:6 ft. 2d floor; passenger and
freight elevator; 123 Geary st nr. Graat
$125 — Mezzanine floor, saltable for milliner, etc :
can arrange for some grouad space and
' .window display; 125 Geary nr. Graat ay
$100 — Large store. NE. COR. Polk and Wasaia*-
$100 — Maybe less; large ground floor space, 36x30
ft. ; close to Bnsa and Kearny.
$75— Darge light store witn living rooms la rear;
423-25 Bth st nr. Harrison; will subdivide.
$47.50 — Large basement. 46x60 ft. ; elevator serv-
ice; close to Bush and Kearny.
$45— Store; 174 Church st off Market
$."3 — Store; NE. cor. Unloa and Larkla sts.
$33 — Store; 937 Ellis st nr. JTran&lin. ' "t
$33 — Store; 8225 Sacramento nr Presidio aye. I
$30 — Large store; 419 Pine nr. Montgomery I
$30 — Large store, 1760 O'Farrell su near rm.
more; fine location.
$30— Space in new market: unsurpassed location.
$30 — Siore; 1512 Franklin nr. Plae.
$25 — Store; fine location for barber soon; 1713
\u25a0wjS" Sacramento it. sear Polk.
$23— -Store; Ideal location for creaaiery: 813
... Cole nr. CarL*
$23— Store. 2032 Polk nr. Broadway.
$20 — Space in new market; unsurpassed location. '
$17.50— Store: JTr»nklin st. nr. Ellis.
$15— Store, 534iGoasa nr. Fulton.
$12.50 to $3U— Large. Ugnt rooms, suitable for
light manufacturing or sample rooms- ele-
vator service; close to Bush aad Kearny
$12.30— Shop; 222 Willow at ar. Franklla.
$33— 8 r. and b.; garage; modera baagaloir; 407
Diamond nr.-Slst
$27.30 — 6 r. and b.; 4123 17th nr. Diamond.
$20-$25 — * r. and b. ea.; 1468 Folsom nr. iota-
--- \u25a0 sunny. ' modern flat*. \u25a0*•«»*».
$IS— t r. and b.; 29«7 24tH nr. Harrison. \u25a0
$15 — 3 r. and b.: 932 Castro st.
$13.50 — * r. and b.; 154 A Laagtoa ar FAi««m
$100— Wnse Hoop*r,nr. Bth; 50x25Ql inn- t-«rt
$75 mo.-One-half store; 22 lstat? afcMSSI
$30 mo. each— S stores ; corner sth and Clira staT
$27..30-r-Stere. 2965 24U» nr. Harrli«i. "*
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