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volibie cvm.— no. 109.
Supervisors Provide Funds for
Mirtherance of Two Qreaf
''\u25a0'. ; City Projects
Working Plans for Municipal
"., Railway io Be Drawn Up
at Oacc
Honey fcr the Geary road MtA for ike
£*i&' Francisco -water supplies report
ro-qaired by Secr»tary BalJluser" Tras
prcn-i<Jed 7est<?rday 5:» two recouiraenfi-
CJtioris of the supervisors' Sncnco oo:n
xn.:tice. Upon ths report o* the bcaru
cf works and the city ©ngflnefr. $5,000
Tvas^ct Jixid© to alio-sc the .preparation
d vorkihs plune. etc. for the raistc
!pd street railway; an£ $iO.OOO for ira
reesliate uso In rri.-tartlsratinr possible
6OUrc*s of tvater supply ia oonnectlon
-.-with. the citys- jihov.-Ing to the Interior
that Hs-tc*. Hetchy i« the
•hcTst and n-.osl natuml source *V£i;a.l>lto.
Xe!l;-% Jf-rca't tn«J Mc
l^iiyhlin also laloradiy d'.«cosj«ed ihe
of selling-* f3.00C.000 of. te«
:545.000,CC0: 545.000,CC0 Hctch Hetchy bond issu*.
5C00.000 to b* marketed for dellreriet
/irext February, ar:d the rest in metal!
"'rnehts during 1911 an<! ISl*.
"\u25a0; *Fhe election commission issued a fo»-
.rtta.1 call for the special election of
.^\u25a0.pvember 15 to pass upon the 29 char
i-erameridments submitted asfi appoist
;'iEd the election officers of the 352 pre
cincts for the general November elec
.iion. at yesterday's session.
..Complaint has been made to the
hoard of health that the deliveries of
beef to the relief home by the Ana of
£chrader Brothers have been attended
•sy-ith .dubious circumstances and the as
signment of that firm only has pre
vented an investigation of the charge
that at least on one occasion a wagon
: ibad of beef, after being weighed at the
home scales xras driven off with only
a portion of the load delivered at the
home storehouse. The American bond
ing'company is completing the obliga
tion of furnishing the supply at a con
siderable loss over the low figure at
which Schrader Brothers took the busi
ness,- at the beginning of the fiscal
Maude Lillian Berri Files Suit
Against Husband
' The combination of single blessed
ness and matrimony has found no favor
vi-ith Maude Lillian Berri Moulan, comic
opera star and wife of Frank Moulan.
the comedian, for she filed a suit for
d!vorce yesterday, charging desertion.
"While it is customary fqr husbands
«nd wives in the theatrical profession
to live apart the system did not appeal
to,- this Oalifornian actress. Therefore
Vrien Moulan, March 26, 1909, hied his
way cast to fill an engagement in New
york he little knew he had taken the
primal step in willful desertion, but" so
ft -<3oyc loped in the divorce complaint
\u25a0 The allegations are brief. They state
that without cause and against her
«or»sent Moulan deserted her and has
3cept on deserting her. She sets out
\u25a0further that she has given him no
Cause for ieavir.gr her.
• Ther6 are no children from the mar
riage and no alimony is demanded.
L!i:i|Ln Berri was recently playing with
:Ko!l> and Dill. Moulan also played in
-£an Francisco recently, being with the
Princess theater company last season.
. Tlie following other divorce suits
-were filed: Maybell agratnst John Can
field.- failure to provide: Marguerite
against Walter I. Cook, desertion; Ana
against Kmil Barnat. nonsupport.
Considers Deserting Spouse as
: . • Profit and Loss
[Special Dizpatch io The. Call]
.RENO, Nev.. Sept. 16.— R. w. Taylor,
former assistant manager of the Hotel
Maryland a.t Pasadena, and connected
\u25a0with hotels in Riverside and Los
A'ftgeles. was granted a decree of di
vorce on the grounds of desertion from
his wife, Louise M. Taylor, now a resi
dent of Ocean Park. The marriage
took place in Los Angeles. June 7. 1903.
and in September of the same year his
wife deserted him. Asked by Judge
Orr why he waited so many years
before starting action for divorce.
Taylor caid that he figured it was the
same as a bad debt and he came to
the 'conclusion that he had better put
ft down to profit and loss. He asserted
in his testimony that the hotel man-"
agement of the Maryland had objected
to his wife's presence in the hotel
owing to her actions.
Local Brevities
Saoctuakrr. teacher la the Baptist mission
ecboc«l. will epeak txwaorrow at the Y. "W. C. A.
«f 4 o'clock. Chinese children from the school
will sins- A general lnrltation la extended to
women of tie city.
7^-™ FOB KTXBDEa— Mrs. Adele Wood, nnrse.
wae held for trial tx-fore the superior court
by Police Judge Coalan yestrrday oa acharse
*of tanrder in connection with the death of
ilrs. A. H. Leas, wjf« of a butcher living at
t ' 63 Woodward aTecne.
tion of Charles E. Fetter and W. H. Tetter,
Jsdtre StnrteTant issued an order yesterday di
recting: W. H. Mooser, receiver of the Market
Ki.-m bask, to return their ceposlt books and
' p+j their <l'Tldends ordered Febrnary S, 1309.
! Place Your
Want Ads
Sunday Call
-jr Scad them to Main Office
w through Branch Offices —
cr telephone them.
Johnson Begins Campaign
Confident of Big Victory
Tuesday, Sept. 20- — -Noon meeting at .Yre^a. . v \u2666
Evening meeting at Dunsmuir. . t
Wednesday, Sept 21 — Noon meeting atKennet. f/;.:' ".-.*
Evening meeting at Redding. t
Thursday, Sept. 22 — Day meetings at Cottonfvood and Anderson. «
l£> Evening meeting at Red Bluff. : ; t " *
rnday. ScpL 2j — Evening meeting at Chico. .
Saturday, Sept 24— Evening meeting at Orqvilic or.Matysviilc. - '*\u2666
Sunday, Sept 25— Day in Sacramento.' No [meetings. t
Monday, Sept. 26— Evening meeting, at Placctville. • . : . •;:(£
Tuesday, Sept27——Day meetings in the southern mine district. ' >
jEycmng meeting at Angels Camp. .- |
Wedn.es day. Sept. 28— Evening meeting at Stockton. . : J
Thursday, Sept. 29 — -Evening meeting at Modesto. \u2666
Friday, Sept 30 — Evening meeting at Fresno: t
October i -5— — //r Xos Angeles, San Diego . an J : f/ic south. . 't
Republican Candidate for Governor Plans to
Tour State ' Until Election
Refreshed by his rest of several
-wrecks at Lake Tahce aad ready to
start out on his state campaign tour
trlth the same vim and energy which
he ?ut Into the primary fl&ht, Hiram
W. Jo!:n«on, republican . nominee .for
governor, returned .to San Francisco
yesterday. Johnson wasted no time,
but spent the day at his offices in the
Mills building attending to correspond
ence ca£ consulting with his campaign
managers over the final arrangements
for the strenuous weeks to come.
Everything Indicates that Johnson's
personal campaign will be of the whirl
wind order from the time he leaves
San Francisco Monday evening until
th« eve of election day. His Itinerary
has been planned to take account of
everything but \u25a0 rest and for the next
seven weeks he will hold from one to
six meetings every day- but Sunday/
The complete itinerary for his tour has
not been mapped out. but meetings have
been arranged for the first two weeks
which will carry him from the northern
to the southern boundary of the state.
"Things couldn't be In better, shape
than they . are," said Johnson enthusi
astically yesterday afternoon- "I'm feel-
Ing fit for any kind of trip and for all
the speech making that can be crowded
into the time between now and election.
Everything seems to point to the big
gest kind of a victory in November and
I am not -worrying a bit. There Is a
harmonious feeling . all over the | state
and I am looking forward to big meet
ings wherever I 'go and to the display
of the best of feeling."
Johnson said that he had given -no
particular thought to \u25a0 the preparation
of any speeches, but would follow gen
erally the lines he adopted, in the pri
mary campaign. He .will, not .'stop .this
time, however, with a discussion rela
tive to eliminating. the Southern Pacific
from politics and the state govern
ment, but will go at length; into ; mat
ters of constructive change and reform
which are embodied in the republican
state platform.//./;/
In the platform itself Johnson has
material for powerful campaign speak
ing. The document is one of the most
direct and comprehensive statements of
principles. ever written by any party in
Banquets and Special Favors
Not to Be His Part on
Campaign Tour
Theodore Bell, democratic nominee
for jrovernor, has issued the ' ultimatum
that banquets, dinners or any marks of
special fa\-or or attention will* not be
accepted by him on his comingitour.of
the state. He has served notice 1 on the
county committees In charge of his trip
In the \-arious section of the state that
he does not want to appear at any
functions which will not be open to the
rank and file of the party. Wherever
he appears the meeting; or whatever It
may be, must be . open and free of
charge" to everybody/ /
Bell has also announced that he, will
not? appear' at fraternal meetings or
make any speeches -on fraternal \u25a0 mat
ters during his tour. It is to be
straight politics with him from start to
finish and speech making on political
subjects -day and night. He and Tim
Spellacy, the democratic, nominee for
lieutenant governor, will leave' for the
south Monday morning by automobile,
but will leave the car: later -and 'make. 'a
portion of the southern journey ' by
train. '
Robert Fitzgerald has been chosen
as the chairman of the democratic macs
meeting to be * held - this evening In
Hamilton hall in Oakland. Bell and
Spellacy will : both appear -, and Judge
Benjamin F.Bledsoer nominee; for. the
supreme court, will also be among the
speakers. , - \u25a0•"-.'
The _ democratic state central com
mittee has practically completed Its of
fice organization and now.; has a large
staff at .work in. the state headquarters
adjoining Bell's private 'offices; in" th£
Crocker building. | Campaign; literature
is already being, prepared for'distribu
tion and- practically all the preliminary
'details of . the; campaign* have " been
worked out.
Bell Well Received
[Special Dispalch to The Call]
RICHMOND. Sept.' 16.-^Theodore :>.Av
Bell," democratic candidate for, governor,
addressed ' an' audience /of' 500 / persons
tonight' at; the Richmond j opera; house.
He was given a good^reception.""; •? .
\u25a0 \u25a0_ In : ' Bell's party ; .were •: Benjamin fF.
Bledsoe of San i Bernardino,;"dembcratic
nominee for associate justice:ofahe su
preme court; ' S.?F. \u25a0 Bayley^of Berkeley,
democratic secretary of
state; ; D. "-. .W.i Ravenscrof _t" ; of Petaluma;
democratic, candidate if or state.printer, ;
and Edward ; Conlon, democraticscandi
date for supervisor. s ;
Beirdeclaredvthat' this', campaign jwas
a . great battle \ to '.wrest-.Calif ornia] from
the.' curse -of; favoritism';; anc|
privilege to. ; railroad and other; public
service corporations.. He /said ;that,^ih
spite ; ofc.the .fac t '\u25a0''. th .at % Cal I f orri Ia " was
republican" by 100.000, he thought a good
democrat" could winf this fall. * \u25a0• \u25a0
JVVEKILr COtTET • WOBKr-Tbc auxiliary "ju**
•- nile court will bold Irs. regular; meeting In .the
jurenlle -courtroom/, in i-- : Harrison ,* s street;' near
Monday. .' A '. review,- of . last year's 1 work
will be giTfn;by,\V;*P.':Hat«h;'cliief ; probation
officer of tbU \u25a0 city.- -
*\u25a0 - - :\u25a0''\u25a0-.\u25a0>•\u25a0:-\u25a0•'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 . : : '\u25a0;»'. -•-..' \u25a0 -.- • i. . \u25a0\u25a0<\u25a0\u25a0' ..•-,-.'\u25a0\u25a0 ,\u25a0-.'...;» \, . .»y, ' / ; •>.\u25a0\u25a0.'> ..\u25a0 ..\u25a0•:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'» \u25a0 \u25a0 - \u25a0••\u25a0•. ... .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0<\u25a0• .„\u25a0\u25a0.;... \u25a0.-,\u25a0,. •\\ J ,<. \u25a0 : \u25a0\u25a0:
any state and Johnson intends ,to i give
time to a thorough discussion' of »v- ;
eral; of , its most .important planks'. //.. '*
"One thing -which I intend to dwell
upon-in my speeches throughout • the
state," Johnson said yesterday, "is the
faot that this movement in which we
are how engaged is no mere state af
fair/but a great national movement.
We are only . waging here in California
one part of the great progressive fight
that is going on from- one end"of : /the
country to the other, and I want to im
press It on every republican and every
progressive voter; in the state .that" a
defeat here In November would amount
to a: defeat of national- significance.
/What we want and expect; is an over
whelming victory that will leave not
the slightest question of .doubt as to
California's place among the progress
ive states of the. union." v« ;; : ;.
Johnson will • leave San Francisco
Monday, evening by/ train [for Yreka,
where he will hold his first meeting of
the state, tour Tuesday, noon. :; From
there he. will go by way of ;Dunsmuir,
Kennet and the smaller towns of*' that
section to .Redding - for j a'- Wednesday
evening meeting "and ; to meet! his own
automobile, in. which he; will continue
hlstrip. .Thursday. Friday; and .Satur
day -will bo spent In Cotton wood, An
derson, Red" .Bluff, Chlco, Orovllle,
Mary sville afid ; x vlclnity and r Sunday; in
Sacramento, where no meetings; will! be
held; The following -week will ' : r be
spent in visiting the i cities; and "towns
of the . San x Joaquin valley ; as \u25a0 far. south
as Fresno, ; from which, point '.Johnson
will go by train to Los ' Angeles* Satur
day-morning.. ' /\u25a0\u25a0 /'VZiV
Johnson has allowed . five .days | for
meetings In the southern cities, but the
detailed ' plans and arrangements I have
been, left 'to the Los, Angeles and San
Diego county ;. committees. The Itin
erary has not been completed beyond
this point. \u25a0/\u25a0' \u25a0 \ ;/ r-fj- -.-. • x -:; i / •
"A short, meeting 'of .the finance com
mittee, of the; republican state , central
committee was held at noon* yesterday
at the Palace hotel, 'but no business
was transacted.' The • committee re
mained "In session but a. few-minutes
and adjourned, until next Monday aft
ernoon at 3 o'clock. .
• \u25a0 - .\u25a0. \u25a0 \u25a0•, \u25a0
District Attorney Announces an
Redwood City Saloons That
He WiH Run Again
[Special Dispalch io The Call]
/ RED WOpD : CITT, Sept 1 6.— Joseph
J. Bullock, the district attorney of San
Mateo county, who was defeaitedfor the
republican ; nomination for that office
by \ Kenneth M. . Green at •; 'the recent
primary election, made • the .{public [an
nouncement : tonight that he'; would .be
a 'candidate for re-election -on the
socialist ticket. / -
r^Bullock and Harry E. Styles of South
San -A. Francisco, another candidate", at
the" recent primaries for the republican
nomination for , district attorney; - each
received three votes for the \u25a0 socialist
nomination. The board of {supervisors
decided ,; the ; tie byJVlot and Bullock
won; but' declared' at the -time that he
would : not make' a r campaign.' :v;; . ~,
v Bullock visited several ; saloons'; In the
business district of San Mateo ' tonight
and I announced hisN candidacy/ '.When
questioned : by ,- the 'representative "of
ThetCall .he-said: '"\u25a0[. . ;— '" .^ \u25a0: T
-.; 'Tes, - 1 am r a " candidate '• f oi-j .the' office
of "^district -attorney.v"*l, don't: know
whether", it ' Is . on : , the ' socialist ticket; or
not, \u25a0 , but, never th eless, : I\u25a0* am ,; goln g 'to
make.a" fight'- for ret<slection."
of the republican,cpun
ty/committee -.are up- In : arms
Bullock, I "' who : "in the > interest^of i har-"
rr.ony," , was made a '^county ftommittee
man at* large at the; republican ' county,
conventions In j.^ Half moonT Bay
\u25a025.' -'\ It .'was I? understood 2 at > that-, time
that he r .would/n6t . accept^ the socialist
nomih*atiori.' e '\: :i-,C"/, "^ ;,' ,
-Kenneth M. Greefi,' : the . -republican
nominee, 1 is. making -'a strong, and effect
tiye -.'campaign. He ; is. 'opposed; by
Franklin;. Swart, 'L the ; democrat, and
Bullock, iftheV. "socialist." ? ' :; ; ..
Macarthur. Forces Organixe
.The' congressional district I ; committee
appointed Walter: Macarthiir/Jdembr'
cratic v> nominee f f orfcorigross '--i in^the
fourth „>' district,' : met -J. at ithe & latter's
headquarters s in :the; Chronicle" building
f o r ' or gani zi n g j Macarthur's Jcampal gn^'
The r, committee ):l is jot j three
representatives ; ": f rom ; <\u25a0< } eachj' assembly
dlstrlctiV within Cthe7.cbrigTessionalfcdls r
trlct. ; J.;E. j:.Scully7,w^.s> elected^tem
porary I chairman^ of Hhejcommitteej and
Thomas . ' Cleary^' temporary VI secretary.' 1
Another ' ;;' meeting.'.will • »be ': held ;. next
Wednesday'evening.O :' '\u25a0'.'\u25a0'\u25a0 '\u25a0< .": :' :, \u25a0; ; ;:» "\u25a0\u25a0-:
BEERjIS :EXPEirSIVE--Burt > M.'. Small ".(if .El-"
' . dridpe, : CaJ.>': came fto \ the \u25a0. city ion
, morninß , and 'went* into ; a » saloons on t the f Bar
?\u25a0 \u25a0 bary^ co«s t.*. ! where t he ; dranic •? becr.'s;* When '- he
,^ j recovered i his.* ueusrs morning £he
. : found i himself , in ' the I backyard \u25a0of I some I house
J » «r«l ' bis pockets hnd been > rifled ; of . $16," I ' a i knife
' acJ.lmgjjaße'check.-^r-V; -_ : ; fV^ '.' *:'.'\u25a0? 7,* h
";EyES t B£ACKEKE3b^-Hen*r>: JleCoTern
I was coriTictedbyj Police Judge Conlan: yesterday
B »f . battery j upon \u25a0 Ills : early, yesterday,' mom
\ Ing ? in > blackputng Ji*r jejw.T;, He", said \ heicameT
i home faml i found > his s wif e * out ; .' and ' no f sapper
\u25a0.r waitiag for btm. ' ;."-'•.•- '' *. ,- \u25a0 fJ .,<r'*'f > '
\u25a0.*/-\u25a0* " ! \u25a0'/\u25a0 ". -' \u25a0 *'•/'--/- ""'\u25a0'\u25a0" *\u25a0 : \u25a0 -'\u25a0'\u25a0•' / \u25a0, ? -
Some Aid Men in Fighting the
Flames While Others:
! P uar^ Patients
Night^ Blaze ait the Affiliated.Coi^
leges Extinguished .With- 1
v ' out Damage '
- . What might! have v been a = disastrous
r *. ln , ''\u25a0 th * ; "of "\u25a0\u25a0' the university
In the- Afflliated; ; colleges,-buiiding/ln
Parnassus -.avenue /yesterday , morning,
was averted, by- its-early -discovery and
the" prompt actlon'of^the'hospitai; force/
lnCiUding |the night? and day corDS/of
nurses. By their ooolness and-bravery
a -.„• panio - \u25a0 was '\u25a0:: averted ? among ' the^ 50
patients ;in the; wards and private
rooms.:;-- It-;/ .•« ;•. .;\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0-.-.\u25a0. . \u25a0•' \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0.-•
\u25a0.\u25a0 ;, At about 8 * o'clock '-. yesterday morn-
Ing Miss -Margaret Crawford, the; head
night v nurse- .heard Hhe> crackling * of
burning wood, while: passing: the"west
ern end .of the : malnr" corridor \u25a0 on\ the
third; floor and ; at/once /gave Ka > still
alarm ,? to ; ; Dr. / d'Ancbria, i the physician
in , ohargw.? in a < tew \ moments 'the en
tire, hospital force, manyTattlred' mere
ly innieht'srowns, were ready tobattle
with -the flames..- It? proved td ; be ?a
blind .; fire V between^ the ; ceUing - lof /the
second .; story t and / the floor above,
space ! 0f412 Inches. '•/;,' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:':\u25a0 -\ .--\u25a0' :":\u25a0':'.."-'.
i^i^RNEs;wiELD^AXES:'' ;/; \u25a0 .:' •;• v
The internes . with/ajces cut awayjthe
flooring and after tearing away several
boards :, came fupon 'the • flames . and *at
once y' turned %on - the 'chemical. ; ex
tinguishers,:»; also : streams from : several
lines jofihose InUhe .corridor. :By this
jneans the ! flre was held ; in : check until
the arrival; of -engine No.' 30, which had
been summoned ;; by phone, -j- The • fire
men,.- took ; charge - and ,a \ short /time;
after; ripping; more . of ; the flooring; and
breaking /down some; plastered parti
tions," put -out /the ? fire,- Iv v:/; ;
§ In. order, .to/ avoid a panic nurses
were/detailed as \ guards \u25a0 at each - ward
to quiet the patients in case they might
be \u25a0 disturbed /or v frightened. > The \u25a0> only
patients who were", alarmed were those
in the women's - ward. ' They the
noise of r chopping-. ' and noticed water
percolating: through- the I ceiling. : Their
fears "were .allayed /by .teljing them
that ;• a water ' pipe ; had \u25a0 burst.
The : patients ' in the men's .ward 'were
not I aware /of | any : . disturbance until
the order, tol "take /up" had been given.
The damage, principally affecting the
floor beams . and one of. the X-ray
rooms, will hot; exceed ;\u25a0 $500; 'The fire, 1
which was: caused ,by crossed " electric
wires,, had ,been smoldering." for •'. some
time 'before discovered by Miss -Craw
ford. / .- : - .'.' ..•\u25a0 F\ ; .".,: .-' '.-\u25a0 . -\u25a0
ViNot -knowing to what extent; the -fire
might | .go, : Dr.; d'Ancona /made J prepara
tions jg to /. remove g all : the patients 'In
case /the/" occasion" required it/varidrhe
Is I loud .In . his', praise /of { the . coolness
of; the hospital force and their read!-,
ness jto obey orders. /; Those ; who . took
a most active-" part" in-battling- wlth'the
fire were ; Drs. 4 ; Chester; Moore," Howard
Naffzigger and ; Lloyd Bryan;./ and
Misses Mollie- Johnson, Grace Blakely,
May Nunan and: Marie Orr. -.while the
13- other jnurses; did guard "duty." /.. ; ; :
\u25a0 While preparing to respond to , the
alarm,; John • Enright, .'acting .' lieutenant
of engine company 30," located :,at* 1757_
Waller street/ while j sliding j down .-.the
pole/, was kicked 'ih'theV abdomen/. by
one;of .the- horses. He was f taken -to
the emergency hospital, where' he/re
malned/;until I noon yesterday, when he
was i, removed' to his home. ;/ The; physi
cian said that the /In jury V "was '-"not
dangerous. / . / \u25a0
D. H. Bibb Jr. Accused of Pass
ing Fictitious Check . ;
{t>.\ H. j3lbbj 31bb Jr.. son of , the millionaire
lumberman, charged .vwith.> passing": a
flctitlous-.check for. $1,750 .on;itheMu
i tuali savings, bank, drawn; on ; the Corn
Exchange , bank" , of .Chicago
June .-.21, ,was brought' ; from 'Chicago
yesterday .by Detective ' Dave \u25a0 Sullivan
and booked at the': city .' prisonl : ; He v do
j posited > the \ check ; in the bank and was
Identified ; by- Teller iDobie.7-^ ?.?~H
v * The j bankers'! association : is \u25a0 prosecut
ing; -the case. Bibb's I 'father; was .'asked
to make the check; good;' but*ho; refused
to be '; responsible | any s longer % for" his
son's f. debts/; and said^the - law would
have" to take 'its course. ';~ : ;-;^-
v'Bibb said \u25a0 that ; he fully, intended' to
have money in tho Corn Exchange bank
to ' meeti th e^ check, but ywas} a j day J. too
late. ' He ': had . been ; employ ed/- he * said,
by^ an automobile 'concern inVMemphJs,'
Tenn.i'wa-* 5 married; and ;hadS a iibaby,
one month: old: : Ho had no^quarreliwith.
his father,.who," he-said; iwasjone of -the
best/ fathers ) ' in r the! world^l but ;; occa-'
slonally,': he', got ' a*i moody ; spell, \u25a0: which
changed i him .completely. .
Pathetic : .Scene'^V/itnessed In
':;>\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0 \"?r; ; the!Police^Court-y>';v'-:^
j'^At.pathetic t scene"-.was .witnessed '\u25a0\u25a0 in
Police • Judge } Wellef's pcourtli yesterday
when; Steve ;Serka^?aV waiter;^ appeared
on T a? charge of falling *to i provide"! f 6 r^
hisV; two:- little "ii children^',:; His: twife.
Maria,') who Olives i'at)? 1037^ Washington'
street,ywas' in- court with jthe^children,'
neatly, clad,' and when'she^ saw herjhus^
band' in' the ;dock v she} rushed fup-tb'hlm,
threw her amis' around. him; and. begged
him , to'" return :/ to ; her. fji Her,.* pleadings
were tin ;7; 7 vain. 'The** evidence i showed
that Serka y] had?,-, been*;, llyihgft with *i&
waitress ; in ' a; Barbary -coast ?darice 4 hall
for the t last j six ', 'months t and i neglected
hi»-,wiferand^babes.;;^The * judged said
there '.was '\u25a0 ho ; excuse ; for; himTand r held;
him] for trial before "itheTs"u"p'erior.4 court."
' -REMO|Ap
J Back to OldiLccatiwiv /
/.-\u25a0-. : Opposite Call-. Building'- -:
\u25a0 Complete \u25a0;• lines •of •;• . '
Gents' Fall Shirts
and Underwear.:
Dunne Cited as Prejudiced
Against Halsey
Man Charged With Bribing the
Bbodje^BoardJn 111 Health,;
\u25a0 ;:•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0> Say PHysiciahs;
j : Dinner • table > conversation, appearing
ln-the form' of affidavits,, ; supported i'a
motion "made: in- Judge court
yesterday. : 'by v Theodore ' ; v: ; ." Halsey,
charged.' wiUi bribing : members "of.; the
old iboodle , board/-- f or" aUransf ef i o'^the
case to another courts the 'claim ' being
that i; Dunne by v; his utterances
shown'blas and' pnajudice. -
; Bert Schleslhger, represent
ing Halsey, stated a short - time \u25a0 ago that
he > would -makea; motion for;' a- transfer
of the case : on ; the", ground^ of .bias on
th.© -part : of ;* Judge - Dunne,' 'andi would
filti; affidavit*". :'rlvln'er specific .Instances
Proving; such prejudiceagainstrthe de
fendant. : v r'- : .';<\? ':':-:\u25a0" \u25a0:-;:.--" ....: *- >
; The v affidavits ; i included; one.
Humphrey, J. Stewart,: one of, the prom
inent; musicians of the'clty, and detailed
a, conversation^ at -his dinner ] table- in
November, . J*O7.S ! Present at t the dinner,
he said, were Frank GoadJ^ric- Rosen-
Btlrn,"-" Judge :i JJiinneV and *; others, "r> and
.thatjduringj the"courße of .the -meal the
conversation turned i on \ tha : grraf t - cases.
According. toiStewart'SLaffidavlt.: ; Judge
Dunne. >on~: that 'occasion,; remarked:
."Calhoun;, Halsey/ fj Mullally ; | and fi Ford
are i tho i greatest; criminals of theoen-'
tury and; ought to b«;in;jaiL'; : --v r \u25a0 : '\
• jßosenstirn V corroborates "the .state
ments Jmade. by ] Stewart ' in J another af
fidavit, signed by ._, himself. • " ' :
,:\u25a0 Halsey, in 1 , a .third '-affidavit^declared
that "-he:- had • been' suffering 'from, ill
health, )and r .. that.*, when ;thisltfact^ was
made known^to Judge ; Dunne the latter
openly.-" and v publicly acous«di him 'of
practicinga'fraud upon the court. \ The
language Dunne is alleged to 'have, ut
tered : on these /occasions -was: '
S Vl.. would ; like': to get \u25a0at "the" bottom of
; this : hocuspocus.'. -v It • is possible for
any l^ 6i6 i : t P v S® t : a:do ctor's^certiflcate.''
.The other 'charges of bias were along
the same . line. \ , All of .them .hinged
around alleged remarks made byDiinne
in regard. to Hhesituation^ln: which ;he
charged g se veral V physicians iwithf con
spiring -.with Halsey tb Impose on the
court.- ; - : \u25a0". \ " f.i \u25a0; •--y_ '\u25a0 - \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0; --- -. ; \u25a0 \u25a0
• Besides these .'affidavits, were, a sheaf
of 'others ;f roni' physicians. ; who/.exam
ined-him at various; times since' the i In
dictment was ! returned I against, him, all
of ; which; declared; him to%be v unfit jto
stands trial, v The; physicians = who gave
affidavits Dr.\Thomas E. Shumate,
Dr.; A.-; P. O'Brien; : Dr.l B." F. Alden/ Dr.
John'M.^Williamson atfd Dr. G. J. Swee
ney. :\u25a0 In these affidavitsVit i was stated
also r , that /Halsey is riow>in> a ; state 'of
"quiescent r ; tuberculosis" (. and \u25a0 unable /to
stand S the strain of 'a trial. J The case
will , be taken-up ;again;next;Monday. '
Two; Indictments for Smuggling
v . // Are: Returned^- • :
\u25a0, /.The v new ."federal grand jury, began
Its .deliberations v yesterday / and/ .two
indictments, relating to small smuggling
matters/ were < agreed -upon \u25a0 and vwill'be
returned 'the first \u25a0 part of -next, week. . ;\
:, Several .cases' which /they ' will ' be
called » to pass "upon .[ were \u25a0 presented to
the 'grand' Jurors, but; no decision .was
reached. /.;\u25a0 • , "\u25a0/".\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0'.'- .\u25a0 /\u25a0 -/-\u25a0\u25a0*>;'-. '
•'; : .; Hereafter,.- the :) body-: will hold \u25a0 two
meetings-each week/ Tuesdays. and Fri
days,-until! itjisrreleased from
duty by "United '. States , District Judge
de Haven: •---,- .. ' '
, The ;eigHteehth> annual outingr/and
picnic *of the; Irl shV volunteers /will , be
held ? at :• Shell/ Mound / park J tomorrow."
A military; sham battle -will be a fea
ture of k the < day's festivities./; , / /
/rlThe * committee. in\ charge of
liieutehant*lT. -; 1,: Mahoney,' rchairman ;
dergeantVP.iJ.vßeilly.- Secretary; -Matt
Murphy, J. E. Collins, F. Dugan, Charles
Cotter,^ 'J/V King, P.' :Jr Kelleher arid
James; Me Ardle.
MAIL \u25a0 CARRIES . INJTTRED--J. : C. Moore! a I let-*
ter carrier; w»8 knocked down by an automobile
/, driven by X: C, Schindler ; as he stepped off*
; jrar^ati Twelftb and Market; itreets yesterday
: ',) afternoons and tyro of his ribsi bs \u25a0 were broken. ;.: ,- *
\Vjl i cf c. The Story at D. Samuels' Today
Several; sales, each impbrtant enough to "'-bring throngs of /women to: our Gr^at . Rcady-tolWcar Floor.
111 loday at v^
An /offering -of /the/most/classy; . Man-tailored .^ Waists .-\u25a0th'atiwereiever/riiaide, up for .women. \Ve do not know
/which' to^talkfmost 'about— the] make-up 'of ; the Cwaists^o r; the* price ; at .iwhich ; they" are/ to" be j sold. • .
.; Suchi.Waists for;sl.oOJs^aUnumph"^ morning-antl
l 'not leave .'the -best styles -go <-, before; you arrive. .. »-"• - * -
<f Handledf Lingerie Waikts and All Broken Lines
T^ Be Closed Out as Fpllows \u25a0
At; 50c^GKoici if re^
' At/s2;s^
i^Op^fliie^vv . . . . $o:50
; ' ; ./'"vvr;-//l'^'/^;/^.*-' : '^ : -" ;^^l;''./',-,v,;/i-,-v,:/,- //r'.:;--' - A, timely; opportunity *as flannel- waists . --«J
v i : '; At splendidTgrqup-ofi 'linen and madras. tailored waists^ ; will be;sough't;as cold mornings : approach.~
'.in^broadja~n^''narTO -Tailored-French .[Flannels'i-^^ Challies. Vyellas" and
sNew.£Fall^styles*^ 4 Sc6tcHiFlannels which. were really" intended; to sell at
rwaists.-eyeri offered? at j these/prices. ///. / " \u25a0 •/ '\u25a0; '/ r;ssr ;$5, l willibe;6ffe*re"dj today at/. /. .'.../'..:"?. . .:H'. .'.53.50*
.Women's Hosiery 22c 75c -Unipn -Suits 48c \u25a0
: ; Fall^weignt, i fast /black; .(reinforced 1 !; cotton >. hosiery. • • _- : Low^neck/; sleeveless "and tight knee/ Made of good"
'Special^today^'Saturjd^ ; . grade cotton; Special" today, Saturday /only, /at 48c.
-• those 5 FEracH MijSLABouTa \u25a0'\u25a0'-] -\u25a0••*\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'"\u25a0•'>• \u25a0\u25a0•'\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0< .'\u25a0'\u25a0-\u25a0---./\u25a0., ;" / . * '• :'/-'? .
\u25a0 { AT, sl.ro;each;r^;^ :^/njy.;:;; ;,:;';t ;;-:.,;.:;. ;t7Jk*^ i '/'^/^ '' • ' // r'} °°*^ on eme ™,, b *f Owr l»a«t <
• r^lfJyon'.hare'notjlwujlitiOTieiOr, ' \u25a0'::"\u25a0";*.•;\u25a0•• 'A A , -. ... A -'' '•" \u25a0 "\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 // "' •"* •-'•'Jewelry'"- Sale?* \u25a0"/'.-.;
>' h»*rd \u25a0 about - them- from ; »om««no '\u25a0 \u0084' , /•/'•/. I • '''"/\u25a0-'^%"'^lll' '-'.2 "m 7^%'M^A-^V i **'" '
; «l»6,,»e«: them before they are all \u25a0-'-'\u25a0 : / /a . / SJ/ww'm fff-M/ § -m- v»v"t \f««j«,.
\u25a0gone today. .:.-\u25a0: -.>..:•-.-..\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0::'\u25a0/\u25a0: ;\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 .:'^4yf<l//£^^^V / 14/'^:-: ; ' , -Next. - Monday we will
; /They : are ; b«inr sold at ju»t / ./ •• \u0084, ,: ./J . : show what months of prep-
; about ; half -the regular pric*.'' ;.. \u25a0\u25a0 ;^ l^^ — '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^""^\u25a0\u25a0^\u25a0\u25a0i^^***^ ''" aratlon-can do. - .-\u25a0-"'
1 s*AThey : arei6i »trandi* of : : Kara-" - .t/C-'K: «w»«t t "gi»^ l i : ';'j»;^%g» «\u25a0'"•!\u25a0 \u25a0"^Sk ? i'i'i<*l? ri • \u25a0'* \u25a0 • " '-^V*. -\u25a0-'\u25a0'* **" : -- : - :\u25a0 j '\u25a0\u25a0 ' '
- ;bouts,,flrsV quality.^ ;% ?., ": THE: LACE' HOU Sfc W e will hold tho greatest '
\ '//fa.OO.U.whalt'they.'ars.worth./:, '. -"V : -| -; .-•/./\u25a0•£ ; ;/ ( 'r-^;i - .^-.\u25a0h-< .-'i \v'\s \*>~ «:-.:..' - '\u25a0- Sale ; ever held rla:r Ia :
; : • \u25a0StOCArtOn"'an^p*Farr<^?Sl(reCf S^ V - S * n - Francisco. : ;.V.; .V.- \-. -
i- ' J c Block from Market Strcetl'X'^f. j'y •-'-->^/- \u25a0' " -'^ : "\u25a0 .; \u25a0'•;
Mtubday, September 17,
Store &^%^qood^^^ Store
Eleventh and Washington Streets
Women Desiring^Lace Curtains
At Hafe's Today
|||§ifef -tS^j§E^§ffMHM- Quality
Curtmns, r^6ndiimm('G^er^.
:fA ! s special r sale of . odds and ends ' in : lace curtains, beginning
. • this' morning. < All in perfect condition, but the last of certain
'J lines left over from bur Summer trade. Only half pair ta-two
/pairs of a pattern'; -.The lot : includes many high grade cur-
tains— -Nottinghams, -fish :nets; Irish' Point, cable nets, Brt^s-
selsTnet, tambour* arid' many \u25a0 other varieties. These range in
:^^d^;fr6m : 3o;inches"to^O inches. We offer them, beginning
; today; at-Jfrbrhl3sc to [sS a pair. w These prices giveyou reduc-
'"\u25a0 tioris | from 1-3; to %, making this an exceptional opportunity
"/.•';= for any, wojnan ~desiring>lace-curtains:\\;The > 'choicest patterns
;.- ;\u25a0 will; naturally g^O "jfirst.%'"^; second Floor
I? ../ ..7 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0..-\u25a0:'/-/ v..^'.'/.- : ... v ..'\u25a0". .... -. jh
Heavy Gilt Metal ' Frames
•• *^IJ/*- oval. shapes,-. various: colored. mats. Frames of
";"?^w-^': : me_tal rare richly -decorated. Many have open-
work effects, and • all have strong / back support for
.\u25a0".standing."" Sizes 'average 7x9^ inches:. 50c.each.
/3 \ii/ 11 en ' :s a Welcome and
: Rafe Offering at Hale f s
$1 3.95 Gb-Gart f or $9.25
•Here isja $13.95 go-cart, (and a remarkably good value at that
• rjrice), now offered irl^a special sale at $9.25, saving. you $4.70.
; A hood-top combination go-cart or carriage, V* size, just the
| comfortable size for the' baby to Asleep in. Has reed reclining
, back and \ foot - rest, each : mov jng. separately-, allowing the cart
to be made into a carriage if desired; Inside is neatly up-
holstered with Bedford cord; lining of hood matches ; green
f • enameled auto gear ; solid rubber-tired wheels, and foot brake.
\u25a0 Also; a line: of other splendid : reed go-carts offered in this spe- '
' Ocialrsale at big sayings, "as 'follows :* $28 value, now $18.50 ;
: $27.50 'valuevnow^ $18.25 ; value, now $11.65 ; $10!50
"; value, ;ribw 's6.6s; $10; Value, now^ $7, and $5.95 value; now
UV $3.95.;/ -....\u25a0;; / — / -./ ; \u0084 '.>; . .. Third Floor
~*mßh^*o^Don't be sothJr^k
\u25a0 f^BSmjmpr^- Make your cheeks plump and fat— make yßi
.^W|^^ them glow with ruddy health and life. You can VS
//JMK^ if j*ou are in earnest and consistent in the use ofYfl
fr jm
Bft TAP J/Csl__iOmvO /jy
ml Being composed of the properties of t\chzst/&
Slam ar^ ev ma^ an^ *ke tonic qualities of choicest bops, J%&
\u25a0ifflft it supplies the very elements needed to make yjjflf
\u25a0 I If™ healthy : strong tissues. It is a predigested food \u25a0
in liquid form that is easily and quickly. assi- y^m^t^S^^
yjtißSL milated, building the entire system anew. -_gjTr^jjP^ */
Tha United SUU* Goreramrat *p«cific«ll7
cl«Mifie*P*b»t Extract *j an articla «f * \ '\u25a0"<#

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