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br tbe eonsumor. On receipt of the morning
Quotations from the San Francisco produce ex
ohr.npr> the loral dealers made a price of 41V4C
spot cash per dozen for choice and 3SM: e for
wr* ontfs. Production U lipht with a steady de
mand. Hutter is quoted at SlVjc per pound. .
Portland Batter Market
PORTLAND. So;»t. I"3.— Butter — City creamery
cube*. "r.ySGe: prints. .'{7<??37«-ie: *tore, [email protected]
Potatoes, Onions and VegrtaMw
Good potatoes sml onions continued firm yes
terday. Touistoos were In excessive supply and
very west. Otherwise there was nothing new
to report.
Potatoes — River whites. 75crti$l P<*r ctl: fancy,
$1.10: Salinas Burhanks. [email protected] per ctl;
tweet potatoes. $1.75^2 per ctl.
Onions— New yrllow. Ssc<&sl per ctl.
Vegetables — Green corn. $1.25Q2 per MCk;
tomatoes. 20(~i50c per Imx for choice; green
peas. tf£4c nor Jb: string beans. 4ftisc per lh:
li:na beans. Sigrtc i>cr lb: sjmmer squash. 40<JI
<;(V per box: eggplant. 40(Jj6<tc per box; green
peppers. [email protected] per box: garlic. 2^(4,3^ per
lb: cabbage-. ffcV.issi per <-tl; cucumbers. 50<g75e
p*r box; cauliflower. [email protected] jut dozen; turnips,
60<;j75c per sack: carrots. 65<<j.75c per sack;
fwo tira, 40<£50e per box.
Drrldnoaß nnd Citrus Frultn
The frosh frr.lt market w«s heavily supplied
yestrrdiir. chiefly with undesirahie stock, which
rfrsjy:e<; in -conscqiiince. Table grupes showed lit
tle charfp. but w©> grapes ruled firm at the re
cent recovery in prices. Nutmeg melons con
tinued ia large supply and weak. The apple
\u25a0liisrkft was quiet and weak with accumulating
Strawberries — ([email protected] per chest.
\u25a0Raspberries — $4.r»oCci,o per chest.
\u25a0 Hncklr-bcrrifS — 3^Sc per lb.
Cranberries — Coos bay, [email protected] per box: Cape
•Co<i. $9 r-*r bbl.
Apples <per box> — Fancy red. [email protected]: other
.fancy. Ssc^sl; common to choice. [email protected]
* P^srs — Bsrtletts. $262.25 per box; other
varieties. [email protected]>o per box.
\u25a0 ;\u25a0 Quinces — «s(gKsc por box.
Peaches — Small hoses. [email protected]; large boxes,
•-..4firJ6oc: carriers. 40^.Crte.
Plciss end Prunes— Jig 1.15 r" crate; late
red fio. Boft7se.
. Figs 'per drawer) — Black. 50'27jv; for ordi
nary and Co^sSoc for large river boxes; white, 40
Pomegranates — 50c(3;5l per box.
Melons — Nutmeg melons, 35(265c per box;
cantaloupes. $1,755x2 per crate; watermelons,
75e'551.50 per dozen.
Grapes — Crates. Co<S,7sc for Isabella and 40®
R(V for other varieties: small hexes, 35 (5 50c:
l«r?e boxes muscat. 7.*>c(ffsl: tokay. 50(g.85c:
peeilless. 50i^60c; black. [email protected]>65c; wine grapes,
59^15 per ton.
Citrus Fruit? (per box) — Valencia oranges.
$3.75(3:4 for fancy. $3(23.50 for choice and $1.50
<32 for standard: grapefruit. $3(33.50 for seed
less and {1(31.50 for common; lemons. $-"(f?5.50
for fancy. *3.f.05?4.50 for choice snd S2^o(g3
for standard: Mexican limes. $6.50(27.
Tropical Fruits — Bananas. 7'.c«?1.75 per bunca
for Hawaiian and Mexican. $2(33 for Central
American; pineapples. $1.50<g2.50 per dozen.
Dried Fruits, Ral«tfnii. Xnta and Honey
The situation in thes-p lines stands about the
sane. Loral handlers ft fruits and raisins re
port the market moderately active, thonjrh the
early buying is about over and most of the crop
has passed out of growers* hands. Prices show
, ro change.
Fruits — Evaporated Apple*. 757~*ic: fancy. 8
dsKc; apricots. Il(ixl3c: fancy Moorparks. 13H
(514 c; peache?. 5"-i(ii6M;c: fancy, 7(3:7 1 4c;
prunes, new rrop. SV4<JS*4C net to growers in
the country, with l^c premium for 30s and %c
premium for 40s: figs. 4*£<<i4'4e for black and
SCJ6U.C for white: pears. 9W,<Ql3c.
Rsisirs — New crop layers, clusters — 6 crown.
. $2. W; .*> crown. $2: 4 crown. $1.60: 3 crown.
• $1.25: 2 crown. $1.15: seeded. 6rjj6».ic for choice
-. and IM&e for fancy: Thompson's seedless. ShiQ
I.SHe for unbleached and 7>4c for bleached; loose
mnscatc-l. 4 crown. 55ic; 3 crown. sc: 4 crown.
fc4'*c: seedless. 3^©4%c; new raisins, 3^!<3*<:
sn-fatbox at Fr«-fno.
Nuts — Almonds, nonpareils. 16^-io: IXL. 15>4c;
ne plus ultra. 14^-c; peerless. "lSVic: Prakes.
'. 33c: langnedr-cs. 12c: hardshell. SV^c: shelled al
\u25a0 -rr.ondf. 29(jiS2r: walnuts, 13c per lb for No. 1
\u25a0 . *oftshe!ls. Po for Xo. 2 do; pe<*ans. 14H(^15c;
:;pp«Tsuts. 4'><s sc: pine nuts. 165f20c per lb.
: . Honry — Water white comb. 16(9.17c; white do.
:2'<zl2u >< . : amher do. 10® He: extracted. ?J-s(a?>c
' for wbite. 7ra*-c tar light amber and s^<S6l;C
•:-per 5b f»r ember.
•P.eeewsT— 27^.o3Oc per lb for light atsd [email protected]
:t6c tor dark.
rv>n!irj- and Game-
prim remain ahont the Fame. Large
f»~ bens aro firm, while ordinary youn;; stock is
•; Poultry <per dozen) — Hens. $4..V1©.Y50 for
fim*M. BSJEO<3&Sn for large and [email protected] for extra:
yourjg roosters. 5.V50Q6.50; do extras. [email protected]: old
•roostew. $s(Sr>..*iO: fryers. [email protected]; broilers,
53.50<53.75 for large. ' $3.25(33.50 for medium
nid *3 for small: ducks. [email protected]: pigeons, $1.50
Q1.73: aaoaltt. $2..V)@3; geese, J2g3 per pair.
; Camf <per dozen) — Nominal.
Besnx and Seed*
\u25a0\u25a0' Thrre :s nothing new in this market. Arrivals
f>f the new crop of beans are slowly increasing.
' Ro»n S (pe r rt\\ — New bayos. $4.75«55.20; new
Small white. $3.05 : new large white. $3.50; pink,
rnominal: red. $6^6.10: new blackeyes. [email protected]:
lima. $4.45(3^4.50: red kidneys, nominal; cran
berry beans. $4.40(34.60; garvanzas. [email protected];
.torse beans, new. $1.85(32.15.
Seeds — Brown mustard. 4%e: yellow mustard,
; fi.txseed, [email protected]^c: canary. [email protected]*ic: al
falfa. 14^15c; rape. I«|2Vjc: timothy, 7^c:
hemp. 3S.3^ac: millet. 2*ic per lb.
.Dried I'eas — Greea. [email protected] per ctl.
Floor and Farlnaceoni Good*
Flour — California family extras. $5.6066 net
without discount: bakers' extras. [email protected]:
.superfine. $4.40^4.70; Oregon and Washington,
per bbL [email protected] for family bakers' and
patents and $4.05(^4.30 for cutoff; Kansas pat
ents. $6.70; do straights. $6.50; Dakota patents.
$7.40; do straights, $7.20; do clear, $6.60 per
\u25a0• Farma <*eous Goods — Buckwheat flour, $4; buck
/rhest Cour. 6elf -raising. $4.80: buckwheat grotts,
IjS: corn tnesl. yellow $3. white $3, extra cream
Vdlcro\ $3.25; extra cream white, $3.25; corn
\u25a0flour, $3; cracked wheat. $3.30: entire wheat
flour. $3.20; farina. $3.60; graham flour. $3;
hominy, large $3, small $3. granulated. $3; oat
meal. $4.25: do groats. $4.25: pearl barley, $4.20;
\u25a0 rice flour, $6; rolled oats, $4.25; rolled wheat,
$3.30; rye flour. $3.25: rye meal, $3.10; split
. peas, yellow $5. green $6.50: extra cream rolled
oats, ISO lbs J7.50, ©0 lb sacks $7; rolled flakes,
..ISO lb bbls $5.75. 2 90 lb sacks $5.25; rolled
wheat. IM lbs $4.75. 75 lb sacks $4.25.
Hay and Feedstuff*
All ri^scriptions of hay and feedstuff* remain
es before stated. Bran, shorts and middlings
<^»tinne «carce and in demand, and choice wheat
fcay is firm under lifht soppllen. while the lower
grades of hay are weak and dull.
Bran — $27<230 per ton for white.
Mlddliaps— s32(g33 per ton.
Shorts^ — $29«£32 per ton.
Feedstcffs— Rolled barley. $22.50<g24.b0: rolled
rtats for feed. $29031: mixed feed, $25«?26 for
average lots; linseed oilcake- meal, 20 tons $40,
10 tons $40.50. 5 toss $41. smaller lots $41.50;
eocoanut rake or taeal at mills. $25.5* in 20 and
10 snd $26 in 5 ton lots; Jobbing. $28.50; corn
meal, $36<5.57; cracked corn, [email protected]; alfalfa
Seal, carload lots $17. Jobblns $18; red star al-
Jfa meal. $17 in car lots and $IS. Jobbing; Mo
desto alfelfa meal. $17 In car lots and $18 Job
bing: Stockton raealfalfa. $17 in car lots and $13
Jobbing; Caproco ollcaie meal. $16.00 per ton;
calfalfa. $19 ia carlals and $20 lobbln*.
Hay — Ordinary wheat. [email protected]; choice. $13i^
$14; wheat and oat, $S<csll: tame oat. $7C?11.!5f>;
\u25a0roluEteer wild o«t. $6.50<g9; alfalfa, [email protected];
t \.O£ ki bflj* $0 '^0.00 per ton*
Straw— 3s66oc per bale.
Hideo, Tailovr, Wool and Hops
. ' Hides— Calls and brands 6ell about
\u25a0 \u25a0 under quotations: heavy salted steers. 10V4c;
. ' lltht medium. 9%c: lijrht. 0c; cowhides, 8c;
" Majsrs 7c: 6altcd kip, 10^c; salted Vfcal. 16c:
\u25a0• salted -calf. 16c: dry tide*. ISc; dry salt bides,
" 13e; dry kip. 17c; dry calf. 23c: sbeepitkin*,
\u25a0' stcarl'.ngs. 25(!?40c each: short wool. [email protected]:
BMlluia. [email protected]>c: long wool. «0*@51.25: lamb*,
• 20<iiT/ic; horsehMes. salt. $2.25(ft3 for large and
."'... jy^iO(S2 for medium. 75<"<^fl for email and 23
"ASdc for colts: honwh ides, dry. [email protected] for
.^WfSe *nd $J.2T»(52 for medium. [email protected]$l for
\u25a0 •\u25a0 v\'.:i!! and 25090e for colts: coatsklns. prime
• • unjforas. [email protected]: large hair goats, 30G*0c; oe
. "<Mim. [email protected]>c; small. s(<tlsc.
' ' Tallow— No. 1 rendered. 5%©6% c; No. 2. 4
• <55e: jrrpsse. 2<J2i4c.
.'; . . • Wao'. — Sprinc clip. Ssin Joaquin. year's *tap!<».
\u25a0\u25a0• •' Bgllo: <lo S montl-.n. 7(31 le: northern. Sonoma
. • jjni Men<l<vinn. lSf^SOc; HumboMt, 20c asked;
•\u25a0•.•• N'pTrda. IZ&liie per lb.
Fall clip — Mountain frw. 9<gllc: northern «n<l
T-a:i«»y. 7010 c: San .Toaqnin fall and lamb*. 7Q
' 3<V>: An defor-tire and heavy. 5Q7c per lb.
:\u25a0 \u25a0 Hiw — California . 1303 crop, nominal: Orecon.
\u25a0' nominal; crop of 1910. [email protected]^j%c per lb.
:•' . General Merchandise
Bxp= — Grain beprs. . S^f^S^c: San Quentin
'.*" ':.;-. 514 c: wool b^c?. -"Vi>c for 3^4 lb *nd 29Uc
for 4 lb; flfpo*- twine. 7 *&<: per lb.
Coal— Pennsylvania anthracite esx. $18 per
ton; Wellington. $!>; New V.'elllngton, $tl; Coos
' bay. 57: Australian house — Richmond, etc.. $3:
* Pelaw M«ln. $9: Stanford Richmond. $9; Cnm
berland. $13 in bulk and $16.50 in sacks: Welsh •
. ' anthracite. $15; coke. $16 per ton In bulk and
: \u25a0 $17 in escks.
; ' Oil — Quotation* »re for barrels. Linseed, $1.19
per calion for boiled and $1.17 for raw. cares Sc
\u25a0 more: castor oil in cases, >'o. 1. 71c: Baker's
AA. [email protected]; China not. cases. [email protected] per
\u25a0.-•pallon; ooeosttut oil. in barrels. Rofl£3^4c for
\u25a0 \u25a0• XXX. 775/,<gMc for No. 1 and [email protected]%c for
.: No. 2. according to quantity; extra bleached
' • winter fpe.nn oil. SOc: natural winter sperm oil.
£0e: natural wfcale oil. Ksc; pare lard oil. $1;
\u25a0 winter strained lard oil. &0e: pure neatsfoot oil.
\u25a0• fisc: No. 1 neatffoot oil. 65c: herring oil. GOc;
\u25a0 Falsion oil. 50c; boiled fish oil. SOc; paint oil.
Coal OH. Gasoline, etc. — Water white, iron
barrels or drains. 9c; 150 degree oil, iron barrel*
or dram*. lOJ^c: special do. lie; pearl oIL In
. rapes. 16r; astral, 16c; star, 16c; extra *tar. 19c:
• '. Elaine. 26% c; eocene, 19c; red crown and motor
frasollne. In bulk 17c, la cases 24c: engine distil
late, in drums 7%c. cases 7c more; 86 depree
frasollne. In bulk 30e. la cases 37Vic: varnish
. /makers* and pai&tcrs' naphtha, in bulk 15c, in
.-^ cases 22>4e.
**>_ Turpentine — flfie per callon In cases and 91c In
bu'k. drums and iron barrels.
Bo»in— E. $9.40: F. $9.45: G. $9.50; H. $3.53;
• I. *9.60: X, $»75; M. $10; N. $10.33;. WG,
•flO.50; WW. $10.95 per barrel of 2SO lbs.
Bed end White Lead — Red, B%<g9c; white,
All {Trades hare be ca marked down 10. points.
The Western sugar refining company quotes as
follows, terms net eush: Standard fine granu
lated, 5.450; standard coarse granulated, 5.45 c;
fruit granulated, 0.45 c: cut loaf, in barrels only,
7.45 c; H. & E. -crystal domlnos, 5 lb cartons In
cases. R.45e: do In 2 lb cartons In cases. 8.95 c;
monarch bar. S.SOc: tablets. In half barrels.
5.95 c; do In 25 lb boxes. 6.20 c; cubes and A
crushed, 3.70 c: monarch powdered. 5.55 c: XXXX
powdered. 5.55 c: candy granulated. 5.55 c; confec
tioners' A, 5.45 c: ooafectloners' crystals. 5.55 c;
extra fine granulated. 5.25 c: magnolia A. s.or>e:
extra C. 4.93 c; golden C, ,4.83 c; D, 4.75 c. Bar
rels and 50 lb bags 10c. half barrels 25c. boxes
SOc more per JOO lbs than for baes of 100 lbs
net. Bar In 33 and 40 lb tins $1.70 more. In 8
and 10 Ib» tins $2.55 more per 100 lbs than price
for this trade In 100 lb bags.
The California and Hawaii snt.ir refining com
pany quotes as follow*: Granulated basis. 5.45 c;
•'Higrade" har. 5.80 c; powdered. 5.55 c; A
crushed, 5.70 c: berry. 3.45 c; C. & 11. extra fine
granulated. 5.43 c; coarse dry granulated, 3.4.V;
confectioners' A. 5.45 c: confectioners' ; crystal.
5.55 c; cubes. 5.70 c: bricks, half bbls. 5.85 c:
hriok*. In 30 lb box.?*. 6.20 c: extra fine dry
granulated (100 lb baps otilv). 5.25 c: excelsior
A. 5.0.V; extra C. 4.93 c; golden /\ 4.83 c: yellow
D. 4.75 c: cut loaf. In barrels only. 7.45 c; H. &
E. crystal dominos. 5 lh cartons, in oases, 8.45 c:
do 2 lb cartons, in cases, 8.95 c. Additional per
100 lbs: In barrels and 30 lb hags. 100 more:
half barrels. 25c more: boxes. r>oc more for all
grade*. Bar In 35 and 40 lb tins. $1.70 more-,
in 10 lb tins, $2.33 more. Minimum order, car
load weight. • % • •»
ft>«- York Produce
NEW' YORK, Sept. 23.— Hides— Easy. Bogota.
Petroleum— Steady.
Wool — Quiet.
Svgar — Raw. steady. Muscovado. S9 test.
3. i4c; centrifugal. I*6 test. 4.24e: molasses
sugar. 89 test, ,2.49 c. Refined, steady.
Coffee — Closed steady, net unchanged to throe
points higher. Sales were reported dt \u25a0 22.500
bags. Closing bids: September and October.
8.8Oc; November. S.S5e: .December, S.9oc* Jan-
V? 17 "' £ e £ nlaiT and March, 8.05 c: April, 8.97 c;
May. S.OSe; June. R.9Oc: July. 9.03 c; August.
9.04 c. Spot, steady: Rio .No. 7. lie; Santos
No 4. ll%c. Mild, quiet; Cordova, 11%@
\Z*\c. - _ :
Butter— Firm; tinehanged.
Cheese — Firm; unchanged.
r-ggs — Steady; unchanged.
hvaporated Apples — Unchanced. Fancy. lOi^c;
choice. «%@9iic; prime, [email protected]>ic; common to
Prunes— Firm. demand light. Quotations'.
3i4c to 10c ff* California fruit and from 5c to
"73 c for Oregons.
Apricots — Quiet. Choice. SViQUSie; extra
choice, 11>4<312V4c; fancy. [email protected]^c.
Peaches — Oulet. Choice. 707iic; extra
choice. 7%<a7s;c: fancy.
Raisins— Unchanged. Loose muscatels. 4i4(i|
l > Si» choice t0 fanc J" 6®T!4c; scpdless,
[email protected]; London layers, $1.25(^1.30.
Clilcheto Dairy Produce Market
CHICAGO. Sept. 23.— Butter, steady; cream
eries. 24Q2Sc: dairies. 23i5.27c. Eggs, steady
at mark, cases included. 17^020i4c- firsts 22c
prime firsts. 24c: receipts. 4.684 cases. Cheese,
steady; daisies. \T,\q; twins. l4V.'Slsc: Young
Americas. 15>$$|16c; longhorns, 15>4'316c.
\jon AneeleK Prodare Market
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
IXK ANGELES. Sept. 23.— The egg market
was firm today. Highland potatoes were In good '
demand. Butter and cheese were steady. Re-.
eoipts of produce were:
Eggs— loß cases: butter. 15.320 lbs: cheese.
939 lbs; potatoes. 4.099 sacks: beans. 300 sacks;
onions. 37 sacks: sweet potatoes. 357 sacks. |
Eggs — Local ranch candled. 43c: do case counts
buying price. 39c: eastern fresh. 35c: eastern
storage packed extra, 30<g32c; do storage sec
onds. 26c.
Butter^— California creamery extra, 32}£c; do
firsts. 31c: cooking. 25c; ladle, 25c.
Chees<> — Northern fresh. 17<S17»£c; large
anchor. 18c: Oregon daisy. ISH'SIJta; eastern
singles, 19c: do twins. 18%<gl9i£c: eastern
daisies. 19<S19i4c; eastern longhorns, ISH<32Oe:
eastern chedders. 20c; domestic swlss, [email protected];
cream brick. 19c: limburger. 19c.
Beans— No. 1 pink. $fi.sO: No. 1 llmas. $5:
No. 1 Lady Washington. $4.50; No. 1 small
whites. $4.50: No. 1 blackeyes. $5.75: No. 1
garvanzas. $4.50: No. 1 California lentils. $8.
Potatoes — Hiehland. $1.40(^1.60 per ctl: local
Burbanks, $1.25; Salinas, $1.65; yellow sweets.
Eastern Livestock Market
CHICAGO. Sept. 23.— Cattle— Receipts, 2.000.
Market steady. Beeves. $4.90^8.301 Texas
steers. $3.75(5:6: western steers. [email protected];
stockers and feeders. $4.30®6; cows and heif
ers. $2.23(?0.r 1 0: calves. [email protected]
Hogs— Receipts. 8.000. Market 5c to 10c
higher. Light. [email protected]; mixed.' 58.4CK59.45;
heavy. $5.25©9.30 : rough. $5.25<a8.45; good to
choice heavy. $8.45®9-30; pigs, [email protected];
bulk of ssles. $8.65(59.05.
' Sheep — Receipts, 15.000. Market steady. Na
tive. $2.fi5tf?4.45; western. $3.2504.40: year
lings. $4.75(53^0: lambs, native. $5.73*J"-25; do
western, $5.5(>ia7.
KANSAS CITY. Sept. 23.— Cattle— Receipts.
2.000. Market, strong. Native steers. $5.25®5:
native cows and heifers. $2.75<?}6.75: stockers
and feeders. $3.2506.50: bulls. [email protected];
calves, [email protected]: western steers, $4.50(ij7;
\u25a0western cows. $2.75(35.
Hogs— Receipts. 2.500. Market 5c higher.
Bulk of sales. $5.90<39.30; heavy. $R. 80(39.05:
packers' and butchers', [email protected]; light, [email protected]
Sheep — Receipts. 2.000. Market weak. Mut
tons, $415-84.50: lambs. $606.80: fed wethers
and yearlings, [email protected]; fed western ewes, $3.75
.SOUTH OMAHA. Sept. 23.— Cattle— Receipts,
1.400. Market steady. Native steers lower.
*4.60«5fc7.75; cowb and heifers. $3.25(35.75; west
ern Fteers. [email protected]: range cows and heifers.
$2,801^4.80; canners. $2.50(^3.25; stockers and
feeders. [email protected]: calves. [email protected]"; bulls, stags,
etc.. S3<&'s.
Hogs — Receipts, 1,200.. Market steady to sc. <
higher. Heavy. $8®5.90: mixed. [email protected];
light. [email protected]; pigs, [email protected]; bulk of sales,
Sheep — Receipts. 8.000. Market steady. Year
lings. $4.70(fi5.50: wethers. [email protected]; ewes,
[email protected]; lambs, [email protected]
Cotton Market
NEW YORK. Sept. 23.— E. F. Button's wire
"The market was influenced to higher prices
early today by short covering and aggressive
buying by brokers supposed to be acting for the
bull leaders. This buying, however, was fairly
well met by sellinn supposed to come from strong
spot Interests, and later In the day a moderate
reaction occurred as a result of this selling and
profit taking by commission bouses. Southern
spot markets were generally unchanged, and New
Orleans reported English spinners buying futures
on prospects of settlement of the labor troubles
In Manchester. Crop reports continue unfavorable
from all sections of the belt, and replies to the
Mercantile crop reporting association are said to
point to a crop of about 10.200.000 bales, which
is by far the most sensational estimate so far
published. The movement to market Is still far
behindtlast year. and. although the cr*»p In all.
sections, except southern Texas, is known to be
late, still the movement to market Is much less
than expected, and lends color to the reports of
farmers holding for higher prices. Since Septem
ber 1 it Is said that New York bankers are
lending 65 per cent of the value on cotton, which
will give the farmer all the money he wants
without making It necessary to sell until prices
are more attractive. Exports so far for the sea
son are 365.860 bales, against 379.4R2 bales last
year. It looks as though the public Is coming
in. Traders sre inclined to sell, nnd few bnying
and selling orders by commission bouses made up
the business."
Spot closed quiet. 20 points lower. Middling
uplands. 13.70 c: middling gulf. 13.95 c. Sales,
1,400 bales.
Option — Open High Low Close
September ... 13.80 c 13.SO C 13.44 c 13 53c
October 13. 33 c 13.29 c 13.2T.C 13.26 c
November ... 13.24 c 13.24 c'• 13.24 c 13.20 c
December ... 13.23 c 13.35 c 13.22 c 13.22 c
January 13.22 c 13.32 c 13.19 c 13.20 c
February ". . . • 13 24c
March 13.33 c 13.40 c 13.29 c 13.29<i
April (\u25a0.-; ...... " 13.31 c
May 13.38 c 13.44 c 13.32 c in. 33c
June -13.32 c
July ...13.36c 13.40 c 13.34 c 13.21 c
«f. Louia Wool Market
ST. LOUIS. Sept. 23.— Wool— Steady : me
dium grades, combing and clothing. 23^24c:
light fine. 19«J21c; heavy fine, [email protected]; tub
washed, 25Q33c.
New York Metnl Market
NEW YORK. Sept. 23.— Standard copper,
weak. Spot, September. October and November.
12.a*[email protected]<-: D«rember. 12.10W12.1.V. : Custom
hoose returns show exports so far this month of
23.847 tons. London, quiet.' Spot. £55; futures,
£55 13s 9d. Local dealers report no change,
quotinjr lake at 12.506? 12.7.V, electrolytic • at
12.37>4<g:12.62V£c and "casting at- .12.12%<g
Tin. Kteady. Spot. 34.57J4<!J3.V: September!
34.R3Q35C: October. 34.67Mr^54T5c: November,
[email protected]; December. * 34.25(5 34.T0c. Sales.
10 tons spot at 34.ft0e. London quiet; spot, £15S
2s "6d; futures, £157 17s «sd. - '.
Lead, dull at 4.37»4<§:4.40c New York and 4.20
@4.30 c East St. Louis. London, spot. £12 13s Bd.
Spelter, dull at 5.50(55. COe .New York; and
5.37^<g5.42%c East St. Louis. Ixmdon, £23
Iron — Cleveland warrants.' 49s 1 V4d in London.
Lorally the market wa« quiet. - No. 1; northern,
$15.50fit>16; No. 2,: $15.25^15.75: No. "1 southern
and No. 1 southern soft, [email protected]
\nval Stores— Turpentine' aiid Roklu
SAVANNAH, \u25a0 Ga:, Sept.' 23.— Turpentini»—
Firm at 73%^73%c. = Sales, 1,106; receipts,
C 72: shipments, SS: stocks. 16.825. -
- Rosin— Firm. Sales. •; 2.549: receipts, 209;
shipments. 1.250; stocks,. V3.7J»3." .-. Quote: \u25a0>, B.
-J6.lsefi.2o: D. f«i.25; E..56..r>@G.40;.F. $6.45;
<{. *«.«>: H. $6.55^6.60; I. |<s.rtO:.K. $«.65; M,
$6.70; N, $6.55; WG, $6.90; WW, $C.95.
In most of the civilized. countries of
the world, except ' Ireland. Italy and
Bulgaria," the death rate is lower, among
females than among males.; '' ?Mg&Sf2Nlt
Japanese Liner Arrives Early
From Orient, but Does Not
Dock Until Afternoon
HE Japanese liner
Chiyo Maru, Cap
tain W. W. Greene,
arrived early yes-^
terday, morning,
but did .not dock
until the after
noon, owing to the
fact that the Pa
cific Mail -com
pany had the lin
er Manchuria in
;the Chiyo's berth
ut pier 44. .This
necessitated trans
ferring the pas
sengers and their
baggage to a- tug,
which landed them
at pier 42, where
the customs In
spectors under Lieutenant Stone per
performed their duties'.
The Chiyo brought 135 cabin pas
sengers and 164 in the steerage. The
steerage passengers included 79 Hin
dus, 38 Chinese and 15 Japanese women.
There were eight Japanese women in
the cabin. .
The liner's cargo of 5,056 tons in
cluded 950 bales of raw silk valued at
$665,000, 6,792 rolls of matting. 12,924
chests -of tea and a big shipment of
Asiatic curios.
The Chiyo made the run from Hono
lulu in 5 days 15 hours and 40 min
utes. "When the ship left Honolulu
Captain Greene told^ the passengers
that he expected, to. let go his anchor
off the barge office at 6 o'clock Friday
morning. The Chiyo passed. Fort Point
at 5:50 a. m. and was swinging to an
anchor at 6:05 o'clock.
' Among the passengers on the liner
was Marshall Darrach. the Shakes
pearean reader who has been inter
preting the Bard of Avon for audiences
in Manila. Hongkong, Japan and Hono
lulu. F. S. Minott of the Goodyear rub
ber company, who has been traveling
for his health, returned- on the liner,
accompanied by his wife.
The passengers included: --
J. H. Aekling Mrs. H. L. Marker
Miss N. S. Allen • Y. Mayumi V
Mrs. B. Baldwin am: F. S. Minott and two
servant -. , valets
Miss D Baldwin Mrs. F. S. Minott
Mrs. W. E. Beckwith T. Momonoi ,
T. R. Bridges T. Morloka
Mrs. T. R. Bridges . Mrs. Morioka
O. A. Bf>sley Mrs. K. Nakada ' \u25a0
F. E. Chapin S." Nar>
Mrs F. E Chapin Mrs. Nao and maid
Miss M. Chapin Mrs. K. Oguro
E. H. Cookayne * A. Pieard
R. Cox T. W. S. Phillips
Baron R. Doblboff B. Rcamy
Baroness Dohlhoff A. P. Rogers
K. Haseprawa Dr. W. Rojrers
Miss H. Hendrix Prof. Howard Smith .
K. Hirota Mrs. W. Rogers
G. Homma J. R. Schidler
Miss C. N. Honodel George R. Smith
Miss A. L. Holman Mrs. George R. Smith
K. Klshl . .J. C. Shaw
Mrs. J. Klshl Mrs. J. C. Shaw
Mrs. K. Kurosawa Miss F. Scarritt
Miss M. Kurosawa W. C. Scarritt
F. I. Lowell C. A. Schelhamer.
Mrs. L. M. Lynch F. Thleriot
Miss N. Lynch Mrs. F. Tufts -
J. R. Moose J. Dllrich
Mrs. J. R. Moose ami Mrs. R. A. Wilson, and
Infant infant
Miss Mary Moose H. Wlusor
Miss Nancy Moose Miss Y. Yonedzu
Miss Edith Moose Miss G. Millar
H. L. Marker A. L. Rce
Marshall Darrach JMlss J/J. Stilson
Acapuleo Here From Isthimin
The Pacific Mail liner Acapulco, Cap
tain G. G. Trask, arrived yesterday
from Panama and way ports with 1,062
tons of cargo and treasure valued at
$134,294. The treasure consisted of
gold bricks, and most of it was from
the Butters mines in Salvador. Henry
P. Garthwaite. one of the owners of
these mines,' was a passenger on the
liner. The voyage from the isthmus
was uneventful.
Central America was at peace, and
former President . Madriz was still at
Amalpa. • The Acapulco did not call
there, to the disappointment of the
exiled ruler, who expected to take pass
age on the ship to some Mexican port.
He was expected to leave Amalpa at
the first- opportunity and intends to
pay a visit to Mexico City.
The passengers included:
William L. Allen jMiss J. F. Duffie
Nettie C- Cleaver ißeorge Napier
Jessie F. Duthle I Howard A. Cleaver
Paul Vicklnicb IH. F. Duthie
Jeesle E. Allen llTmry P. Garthwaite
Charles B. Ketcham |Vernla Napier
Three More Salmon Ships In Port
The ships Sintram, Star of Alaska and
Star of France arrived yesterday from
the northern canneries, and by this
morning at least one more, the belated
Charles E. Moody, will be at anchor
inside the Golden gate. The Sintram
narrowly escaped collision Thursday
afternoon in a dense fog. off Point Reyes
with an unknown steam schooner. The
steamer cleared the windjammer's bow
by about 20 feet. The Sintram, which
brought 31,200 cases of salmon, re
ported the death June 17 at Naknek of
John Biellan, a native of Norway, 43
years of age. He was killed by a blow
from a slihgload of lumber.
The Star of Alaska, 16 days .from
Chignik bay. brought 61, 12X> cases of
canned salmon and the Star of France,
16 days from Cook's inlet, brought
61,710 cases. , ; , . ..
Pilots 1o Launch Power Tender
The pilot tender California will be
launched this afternoon at -the South
San Francisco shipyard of.H. Anderson,
who built the boat for the San Fran
cisco bar pilots. The boat will leave
the ways at 2:45 p. m. Miss Josephine
Pearl Wallace will christen it.
Water Front Notes
Receipts of lumber yesterday by sea
amounted to 1.159,000 feet. ..-.
The ship -William P.- Frye arrived
Thursday at Newport News from Phila
delphia to load for this port.
The Japanese liner Nippon Maru;
which left here September 6. arrived
yesterday at Yokohama.
Storm at Xome
SEATTLE. , Sept. 23.— The steamship
Victoria, from Nome, brought news that
a three days' storm, beginning Septem
ber 6, did great damage to shipping at
Nome. The small steamer. Wilhelmina
broke from her anchorage and, was car
ried high on the beach. The gold
dredge Bring the Dirt to Me was
thrown ashore and wrecked. The barge
Pete Baranard went adrift and has not
been located. The .whaler Alga was
tossed ashore. Anxiety is felt at Nome
for'the trading schooner Arctic,, which
left Nome for the Siberian coast July
1 and has not been heard from for two
months. Richards Beyers and his 16
year— old stepdaughter were drowned
at the mouth of the Yukon two weeks
ago.- . v. _ .;..\u25a0: :\u25a0'\u25a0> - ' . \u25a0. :
By United tVlrelens
. . Friday. September 23.'
STEAMER CHlNA— Hence Sept. 20 for China
and Japan; Sept.' 22, 8 p. m., 524 miles off San
Francisco. .. - ;.-
STEAMER LANSING — From Port >San Lnls ' for
Taltal : Sent. 22. 8 p. i m..- sßft miles off Port
Harford; llzbt northwest wind and sea. -..
STEAMER FALCON-^Hence. Sept." 22 for Astoria:
Sept. 22. R p. m.v-T miles northwest of Point
Arena: Il.eht northwest wind and tag. %
STEAMER SANTA >tASl A— Hence Sept. \22 for
,Port San Luis and Honohilu: Sept. 22.: 8 p. m.V
off Point Snr flight northwest, wind: thick fog.
STEAMER LTJRLINEr-Hence Septi - 211ff>r ' Hono
lnlu: Sept. 22,;2:50 p. in.. 426 miles from San
.* Francisco lightship; north-northwest; wind;; sea
Army vTransportw
" The Bufordils in port, out of commission.'"-:" -')y
The Crook Is at \u25a0Manila.-^ -• »
The Dlx is on the way. from: Seattle to Manila.'
The Logan, outward bound,, left .Honolulu. Sep
tember 16. - - '-. -.:'-\u25a0;--\u25a0'>--—'..*-\u25a0 \u25a0'•\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0* i'_:; '
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0> The Sheridan,; homeward bound, : Is at Naga
saki.' --* ! ; ; \u25a0-..:. . "\u25a0 ;' .v-. v -- \u25a0-\u25a0'•;\u25a0. \u25a0 \u25a0
The Sherman is In port. \u25a0\u25a0 "
.The Thomas is here under, repairs.
The Warren' is at Manila.
'. Cli=:njte;'of \u25a0 Masters /'.-.• :
Steamer \ Governor-^Late : - m'asteri >- - H." .- -' C'
Thomas; : present master.! R. Jepsen.
\Ste«mer Kate; S.;Encdall.', master. •:
v Barkentlne : Charles F. r Crooker;. William ': De
wars," mii't'r *jg*gj-'''* e^ few l lll iii>WfflßlßMaCißMißCfiflli3&
' : " -;.-. .::. ;.: ENROLLED .;. : V-. .':\u25a0--'.! \ vV
,BarkLcvl G. Burgess;. C.^ M.- Wilson, master.'
\u25a0 TO ARRIVE ..- '„ ; I
\u25a0•:•' From . I .'"Steamer . | Date .!
Seattle ............'.... Spokane ....... Sept. 24
Portland '....-......:.. Yosemlte ...... Sept.- 24
Grays Harbor .... Newburg ...... Sept." 24
San Pedro ........ Fair Oaks .... Sept. 24
New York via Ancon.. Acapulco ...... Sept. 24
Humboldt . ....... Santa Clara. :.. Sept. 24
Portland & Astoria. . . . Roanoke • . .=r.V. Sept. 24
Antwerp via Honolulu. Greyetoke Sept. 24
Nanaimo ;............. Thor ...... Sept.. 23
Grays Harbor . . . . Norwood ...:.. Sept. 25
Fort'Bragg Brunswick .... Sept. 23
Puget Sound Ports..... 1 President ..... Sept. 25
Grays -Harbor .. '.'. Santa Monica.. Sept.' 2«
Bandon ............... Fifleld -....../. Sept. 26
Grays Harbor ...... . . G. C.\Lindaucr. Sept.' 26
Hnmb01dt.. ........... State /of Cal.. Sept.26
Los Angeles Ports..... Hana1ei . ....... Sept. 26
San.Wiego & Way Ports Santa Rosa.;.. Sept. 26
Portland Nome City ... Sept. 27
Portland Northland ..... Sept. 27
Ijqs Angeles .......... Bear."... ..'. Sept. 27
Portland & Astoria. ... Bear ...... Sept. 27
Honolulu ......./..;.. Sierra ........ Sept. 27
Honolulu ........... Sierra ..;„..•;. Sept. 27
Mexico .......'. Curacao ........ Sept.. 28
Panama .'...\. San Juan .... Sept. 28
Puget Sound ißuckman .....Sept. 28
San Pedro .'. .....JHomer .1 Sept. 28
Coos Bay ............ M. F. Plant... Sept. 29
Point Arena & Albion. Porno Sept. 29
Humboldt ............. Santa Clara ... Sept. 29
Grays Harbor *. . . Chehalls ...... Sept. 29
Eureka State of Cal. . . Sept. 30
Alaska & Puget Sound. Queen ......I. Sept. 30
Ssn Diego ...... . President ....... Sept. 30
China &- Japan........ Asia .. Oct. 1
Grays Harbor . . . .' Centralia ..... Oct. 1
Portland |G. W. Elder... Oct. 1
\u25a0 TO SAIL
Date I Steamer 1 Destination | Sails |Pier
Sept. 24!Tamnlpals .... I Portland ...I 5 pm 27
Sept. 24 Carlos . . . : ; ...JL Ang Ports 14 :30 pl 9
Sept. 24 Yosemite ..... 1 L Ang . Ports 2pm 51
S<;pt. 24 Redondo ..... Coos 8ay..".. 5 pm ....
Sept. 24 Klnmath ..... Portland ... 10 am 51
Sept. 24 Fair Oaks Puget Sound. 3 pm 21
Sept. 24 Santa Barbara. Grays Harbr 4 pm 51
Sept. 24 Am: Hamelin.. Liverpool \u25a0•.. 12 m 19
Sept. 24 Ad. Sampson. . Puget Sound 1 pm 10
Sept. 24 Governor Puget Sound 2pm 9
Sept. 24 Roanoke ..... San Pedro St
I San Diego 7pm .13
Sept. 24 Bear L Ang Ports 9 am 40
Sept. 24 M. F. Plant.. Coos Bay... 3pm 8
Sept. 25 Ooos Bay .... San ' Pedro.. 5 pm 11
Sept. 25jNorth Fork .. Eureka - 9 am 38
Sept. 25 Porno Point Arena. 6 pm . 4
Sept. 25INorwood ..... Los Anseles. 2 pm ....
Sept. 261 Coronado ..... Grays Harbr 3 pm 21
Sept. 26 Santa Monica.. L Ang Ports 1 pm 61
Sept. 26' Santa Clara .. Humboldt . . 10 am 13
Sept. 27 City of Topeka Puget Sound 2pm 9
Sept. 27 Nome City ... Los Angeles. 10 am 27
Sept.*~2o President San Diego... 4pm 9
Sept. 27 Hanalei ....;. L Ang Ports 3 pm 10
Sept. 27 Manchuria . . . Hongkong . . 1l1 l pm 42
SeptT 27 State of Cal.: Humboldt . . 4pm 11
Sept. 28 Fifield ..Bandon 5 pm. 27
Sept. 2S Bear Portland ... 12 m 40
Sept. 28 Rainier . . Portland ... 8 pm 21
Sept. 28 Wilbelmlna . ..j Honolulu ... 12 m 38
Sept. 28jSea Foam 'Mendoclno . ." 4 pml 4
Sept. 2S!Brunswlek ....|Fort Brngg.. 3pm 4
Sept. 29' Santa Rosa ... San Diego.:. 11 am 9
Sept. 29| Saginaw ..... Portland ... .... ....
Sept. 2»lDaisy .. .. Willapa Har .... ....
Sept. 2»|Chehalis :..... Los Angeles. .... ....
Sept. 3OSpithead Australia ... ....
Sept. 30! Jeanle Puget SoundT .... . . . .
Sept. 30[Buckman ..... Los Angeles. ; ;
Sept. 30] Homer ... San Pedro... *...; ....
Sept. 30, Pennsylvania . New York. : .
Sept. 30! Nexvburg ..... Grays Harbr .'... ...
Oct. 1 Sierra .'. Honolulu ... 11 am . 21
Oct. 1 Centralia .:... Grays Harbr 3pm 21
Oct. , 1 Santa Rosa... Los Angeles. 11 am 9
Oct. 1 State 1 of Cal.; Humboldt .. 4pm 11
Oct. l|Geo. •\u25a0 W. Elder| Portland ... 10 am| 13
Destination I . Steamer I Date
Nome & St. .Michael Victoria . .ISept. 24
Nome & St. Michael..: Umatilla . .. ...I Sept. 29
Nome & St. Michael... Northwestern ..|Oct. 2
Time Ball
United States branch hydrographic office. Mer
chants' Exofaange, San Francisco, September
'23, 1910, ,
The time ball on the roof of the Fairmont
hotel was dropped today .exactly at noon, ,Pa
cinc-Btnndard time (120th-meridian), or at Bh.
00m. 00s. Greenwich' mean time
* . J. C. BURNETT,
j__ Lleutenan^ U. S. N.. In charge.
Sun, Moon and Tide
United Stntes coast and geodetic . survey —Time
and heights of tides at Fort Point. .For city
front (Mission street wharf) add 25 minutes.
Sun rises \u0084.. 5-.W
Sun sets "\u25a0 6:f>s
Moon rises fl :4S p. m.
Last quarter moon.. .September 25. at 12:45 p. m
New moon. ....October 3. at 12:23 a m
First quarter m00n.... .October 11. at 5:31 a. m.
-ITimel [Timel-- Timel Tlmel
Sep / Ft J.Ft \Ft —-\ Ft
fH W| fL Wl'. HW| LWI
24.. 4:12 4.11 8:57 3.1 2:501 8.5 10:051 0.0
25,. 5:47 4.0| 9:55 3.2 S:49| 5.3 11:16—0 1
26.. i 7:OS 4.1111:12 3.4 5:00| 5.2 .. .
JL W H W .'-.- L W - HW' '
27..1 0:25—0.1 8:10 4.3 12:37 3.5 G-17 5 1
28.. 1:28—0.1 8:39 4.6 1:50 3.3 7:30 5 1
29.. 2:24—0.1! 9:40 4.8 2:49 2.9 8:3.i 5*2
30.. 3:12! .'.0.0110:14 5.1 3:3R| 2.4 0-32 VS3
• U. S. Branch Hydrographlc Office
A branch of the United States hydrographlc
office, located In the Merchants' Exchange i»
maintained in San Francieco for the benefit of
mariners, without regard to nationality and free
of expense. Navigators are cordially Invited to !
visit the office, . where complete sets of charts >
and sailing directions of the. world are kept at
hand for comparison and reference and the
latest Information can always be obtained re
garding lights, dangers to navigation and * mat
ters of interest to ocean commerce.- '\u25a0\u25a0
J.-C. BURNETT, . v
Lieutenant, U.,S. N., in charge.
Depth at mean, low water, entrance to harbor.
PLACE | Ft. | Date, | Remarks "~
14 feet In south chan-
Groys Har 14 Sept. 16 pel; 12 feet in old
I channel. ; .
WlllHpa B| 27 |Sept. 1 1 :...... ~
Colum. R.| 27 |Sept. 51.....................]]
Bar buoy to right of
Nehalm R 9 July 10 entrance. Channel is
shifting to nor t h.
' ' very narrow. 150 ft.
Ttllnik B. I ;9 • JJuly SiChannel shifted A mile
I I »l Sf»th In gale Nov. 28.
B| 12 IJuly 3 1 .\u25a0 ..,....•."
Siuslaw R| 5 lAu.g. IS[ ........../.
~ \u25a0\u25a0:"\u25a0 .-\u25a0„\u25a0; I ".' . Leave buoy on bar 200
Qmpqua R 7^ Sept. 1 feet to starboard go
" ' \u25a0 .-\u25a0\u25a0• ' -' ' Ing* in. •
~ ' \u25a0 . ~ 12 feet at low tide to
Coos Bay. 18 June 22 North Bend; 12 feet
at low, tide to Marah
.--•-: fleld.^ \u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0
Coqnllle R| 8 |Aug. 16|ChanneI straight. \u25a0
Rogue R.| 2 jSept. 1 1 ........:.. ..... . „'
Klamth R| 5 - |Ang. llChannel S. W. straight."
Hmbldt Bj 10 s'lSept. llChannel straight work
|;--» -| \u25a0-, [- ing north. -.-.\u25a0\u25a0--\u25a0 .-;-,. ..
S Pedro B| 20 |Aug. 31 |No change in channel.
S Diego B|2BHlApr.l|No change in channel.
S Pablo B! 24 jAug. iiolDepth.ln dredged chan
' \u25a0 ''\u25a0 I \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0'- 1 \u25a0:-'- , \ nel. \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-:-\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0- v
Items of Interest to Mariners
: of the Pacific
.[Special Dispatch to The Call] i
1 EITREKA," ' Sept.' 23.— The . steamer "Acme
crossed in J this morning . through fog . so dense at
the entrance :- that \u25a0 it . . was necessary - to T take
6oundlngsto determine the 'proper! course of the '
steamer. f.\ The •- Acme \u25a0 is . now, loading redwood
lumber at the ArcaU- wharf. : \u25a0 \u25a0>--».,;
' The \u25a0 big '\u25a0 lumber . carrier. Ravalli Jof | the '\u25a0' Ham
mond lumber \u25a0 company's , fleet . crossed in - this !
morning: from; San .Francisco : and* docked- at '\u25a0\u25a0 the !
Samoa wharf,'-, where, lumber, is being .takenion
board for ; the return, trip r south. .; \u25a0 . : \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- : ' - \u25a0
After a passage from San Francisco, occuny-
Ing; 53 ' hours, £ the ; North Pacific \u25a0 steamship i com
1 pany's \u25a0 steamer ; S*sta " Clara . arrived > in . port ! this
-afternoon.' ' -* The Santa . Clara f was- compelled to
1 remain ; outside tbe bar ; for >28 hours on • account
of thejfog. The Santa Clara will depart on. the
return ; trip? south tomorrow morning.; f ; .
R Arriving this Vmoraing was I the ! steamer \u25a0 Pren
tiss,: which ", proceeded to -the •; Field's landing
wharf ; for, a ; redwood; lumber -cargo. -" • ; ; *r
* LOS ANGELES, Sept. :t23."-*^Arrived: i Steamers'
Santa Rosa."-from San Francisco; -Riverside ,from
Seattle,; , Wellesley," from Aberdeen; - Hanalel.* from
San -Francisco: South ; Coast, ' from .Needle ' rock.*-'-
Salled: J Steamer: Samoa, for' Caspar: \u25a0, steamer
,Whlttier."for,San'(Francisco. :\u25a0-\u25a0 •••\u25a0,\u25a0-•• .... <
- ; POSTLAim; ? Sept ; 23.— T0 ? berth lat the 1 in
man Poulsen \u25a0: mills, t the '\u25a0 British > steamer. Knight
of - - the .-?, Garter, ~£. Captain 5* Flnnis,">' arriTed ,: this
afternoon.' ' It » will : load i lumber ? for i China i for
the I China f Import i and | export j lumber 'company i I
>'-i Hind; Rolpb 4& "S Co. * have ; fixed/ ther schooner
Matbew | Turner i to ; load 1 lumber on ithe * Columbia'
river. or"at>Willapa or Grays Harbor for a direct
' port : on i the i west coast. ;'.-;-.*:\u25a0"-,"\u25a0\u25a0,- -".-..,' r \u25a0•
-v Laden iwlth. 2.006,772 ;feet \u25a0of plumber. <valned
at - $29,578.47, ;- the & British "j V Aymeric,
\u25a0 Captain | Lof tus,-? has i sailed i for /Japanese : ports
: and . Manila : " by,* way Vof 1 Seattle,- '« where ', it -. will
finish cargo.'- . ',^" \u25a0;:.\u25a0?::\u25a0 • :-• .
, -- That the Willamette iron and steel works • may '
build another' boat like. f he H. B. Kennedy, only
larger and speedier, for the* Puget sound navi
gation company, is- a possibility. \u25a0 The^ new
steamer : (for. .-which- plans and specifications are
1 now being 'prepared) will b£ about 200 feet long
and . will cost in the neighborhood of $200,000.
Arrived: British steamer. Knight of the Gar
ter, from. ,Karatsu; steamer : Asuncion, from San
Francisco.- - ' '
\u25a0 Sailed : • Steamers \u25a0 Newport, for Bandon ; Nome
City, Caseo, ' tor- San- Francisco.
ASTORIA, Sept. 23.— British steamer Knight
of the s Garter- arrived late: last . evening- from
Karatsu and will load lumber, for the orient. : - It
had- one Japanese stowaway on board and the
vessel will be compelled to take ' the man»away
when It leaves : port. \u25a0 ' \u25a0' •• ' " :';, -
Tank steamer -\u25a0 Asuncion arrived -early this
morning from San Francisco* with freight" for
Astoria and Portland. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-:
American ship St. Nicholas will leave up 'the
river.' probably tomorrow, to go on the drydock
and. have its bottom recoppered \u25a0 and painted be
fore the vessel ; is shifted to its winter quarters
in Youngs bay.- , . • .
British ship Glenalvon left up the river today,
but the French bark Bldarrr which arrived last
evening from Antwerp with cement, received
orders jto remain ; here for the present. There
was gome talk of its being sent to British Co
lumbia to discharge., but that matter has not
been definitely decided upon. . ;
Steamer Sue H. Elmore arrived . today from
Tillamook with -freight and passengers.
Danish bark Danmark.' Captain Nielsen, ar
rived today 20 days from Honolulu, in ballast,
and will load wheat for the United Kingdom.
Tank steamer W. : S.-; Porter sailed today, for
San Francisco after ditrharglng fuel oil. - - :
Steam schooner; Nome City arrived down the
river this afternoon with a partial cargo of lum
ber from Llnnton and , will-finish loading at
Knappton.' /.
Tank steamer Roma, with oil from Port San
Luis, is due to arrive this evening.
Steamer Golden Gate sailed this morning for
Tillamook with freight and passengers. : • \u25a0,
bark. Bldart. _which -arrived Thursday
evening from Antwerp via Hobart. has a cargo
of < 16,590 casks 'of ' cement. ' Captain -Bedron.
master, of the. craft. . reports an uneventful
trip and fairly good weather all the way.~
Brltish ship Glenalvon, which arrived Thursday
evening from Newcastle,- N. ' S.. W... with a cargo
of coal, was 70 days coming across. Its com
mander is Captain, King, well known at this
port.. He reported- encountering rough weather
soon after leaving port and lost a few sails.
Following that the weather was pleasant except
ing that -.thick fogs -were run. into on approach
ing -the coast; . . . -r \u25a0
Steamer Eureka sailed today for Eureka with
general cargo.
ABERDEEN, Sept. 23.— The British tramp
steamer Strathdene,- which has been In the har
bor two weeks, - will , leave Donovan mill to
morrow - for , the sound, from, which, after re
ceiving, the remainder of her cargo, it will leave
for Australia. The Strathdene has been receiv
ing cargo at the Donovan and Federal mills, and
a portiou of it. was brought from Raymond. It
Is finishing at the -Donovan mill. I
The steamer Stfathcona sailed this afternoon
for San Francisco with passengers and, lumber.
The steamecs Norwood and Willapa sailed to
day for San Francisco. The . Norwood was fin
ished yesterday, but toojate to l«-ave 'on the
Isst tJde and remained at its dock until this
mornpg. It had a large passenger list.
TACOMA. Sept. 23.— Arrived: Steamer Tatn
pico.-from Seattle. " '
. Departed: Steamer Buckman. for sound ports;
British steamer Spithead, for Australia via San I
Francisco. ' \u25a0 • -
\u0084 \u25a0 "\u25a0' \u25a0 Thursday. September 22.
10:50 p. m., strar .T. J. Loggle. JohnsoD, 30
hours ; from Eureka;. 32o, ooo feet lumber to J. R.
Hanify. • . ... -
• „ \u25a0 \u25a0 Fridar. September 23.
1:33 p. m.. stmr GoTernor, Thomas. 23% hours
from Redondo Beach: passengers and merchandise
to Pacific Coast steamship company.
3:10 p. m.. ship Star of France, Sparr. 16 days
from Cooks Inlet; 61,710 cases salmon to Alaska
packers',, association. ;
3:25. p. m., stmr Acapulco, Trask, 22 days 21
sours5 ours A 1A 1 m 'nntes from Ancon.-rta' Mazatlan 5
days 23 hours -5 minutes; passengers and mer
chandise to Pacific Mall steamship company.
1:30 p. m.. Nor stmr Hercules, Bjerck. 35
days from Hongkong, via Moji'32 days, via Kobe
2o days and Yokohama 21 days; merchandise to
Portland and Asiatic steamship company. -
3:50 p. m., stmr Daisy Mitchell, Devltt. 48
hoursfrom San Pedro; ballast to S.-S. Freeman.
3:50 p. m.'. stmr Vanguard ,. Odland. 24 hours
from Eureka; bound south, put In for fuel.
6:15 a. m.. schr Santiago, McDonald. ,12 hours
from Monterey: 11.000 barrels oil to Associated
transportation company. ' \u25a0 .
6:25 a. m.. stmr M. F. Plant. Burtis, 42 hours
from Coos bay: passengers and merchandise to
Orecou coal and navigation company.
6:35 a. m., stmr Saginaw, WaWlg. 60 hours
from Willapa: 530.000 feet lumber to Hart- Wood
lumber company. -
7. a. in., stmr Xoyo. Linder, 14 hours from
Fort. Bragg; 329,000 feet lumber to Union lumber
company. \u25a0
12 m.. stmr Santa Barbara. Zaddart. 39 boars
from San Pedro: ballast to J. R. Hanify & Co.
11:20 a. m.. ship Star of Alaska. HalTorson,
.16 days from Cbignik bay: 61,120 cases salmon
to Alaska packers' association.
9:35 a:- m., ship Slntram. Johnson. 29 days
from Naknek bay; 31,200 cases salmon to Naknek
packing company. . .
10:05, a. ra.. stmr Xebraskan. Knight. 10
days from Salina Cruz. T via San Diego 40 hours;
merchandise, to Williams. Dimond & Co.
• SV-hr Wm. : Renton. Nielson. 10 days from
Gamble: lumber to Pope" & Talbot.
6:10 a. to.. Jap stmr Chiyo Maru, Greene, 20
days 6 hours 37 minutes from Hongkong, via
Yokohama- 14 days 7 hours 25 minutes, via
•Honolulu 5 days 15 hours 40 minutes; passengers
and merchandise to W. H.Averv. \u25a0
Friday. September 23.
htmr Kate, Engdall, Gallapagos Islands- A.
Adolpbson.*- ; 1
Stmr Bear.- Nopander. San Pedro; San Francisco
and Portland steamship company.
Stmr Coos Bay, Bowen, San Pedro;' Pacific
Coast steamship company. ..
Stmr State of California. Gielow, Eureka; Pa
cific Coast. steamship company.-. -
' -Stmrllyades. Youngren. Honolulu via Seattle
and Tacoma: Matson navigation company.
Schr Muriel; Hellingsen, Mahukona; Hind,
Rolph & Co. . -
Stmr Governor.*" Jepsen, Sea ttle ; Pacific Coast
steamship company. -" ; • .
.\u25a0\u25a0-. •. . - . SAILED ".-' " ; *
Friday, September 23. '
6-p. -m.; stmr. Elizabeth. Olsen, Bandon.
- 6:15 .p.;' m., stmr ' Whitesboro, Frederlcfrson,
Albion. , -,
6:25 p. tn., stror Centralia, Erickson, Grays
Harbor. .. . /.- , U: ... •
12:30 p. m., strar Beaver. Kidston, ' Portland.
1:30 p. m., stmr Coaster. Higgins. Koyo.
4:20 p. m.. stair-State of California, Glclow,
Eureka. • < \u25a0 i .
. 3:36. p. m.,^ stmr Geo. W. Elder, Jesaen, Eu
reka, Astoria and Portland.
'12 ro., -stair Jim ' Butler. Olsen. San Pedro.
' 2:50 p.m., stmr :National'City, Hlgglns, Fort
Bragg., - . . \u25a0• -.. \u25a0\u25a0--.\u25a0.......
• 2:lt> p.' ra.. stmr Point Arena. Jacobsen. Albion/
;.. 5 a.;m., stmr Bandon, Rosenblad, : Bandon. - .
7:20 a. m., nchr Monterey, Kelly, Monterey, in
tow tug Navigator. . " '
:9 a. m., stmr Olson. '& Mahony. Payne, Pugot
sound. V \u25a0 "- • .^ .
8:50 a. m., stmr Fulton, '\u25a0 Maloney, Mattole
landing. \" . :• \u25a0 ; ;
POINT LOBOS.; Sept. 23. 10' p. m.— Weather
thick; wind ;NW; velocity 12 miles* an hour.
TATOOSH, Sept: -23. 6 p. m.— Cloudy: wind
S; velocity 16 miles an hour; dense fog.'
POINT LOGOS, Sept. 23, 3 p. m:— Foggy; wind
W; velocity 6 miles an hour. '
POINT LOBOS. Sept. 23, Da. m.— Ttaicfc; wind
Wrveloclty 4 miles an hour."' " ' f
/•-POINT/ REYES. Sept.:23. : 9;a. m.— Foggy;
wind NW; velocity. s, miles an hour. , .-"-•
FARALLONES. Sept. f - 23. 9 a. m.-^Cloudy ;
wind. NW;. velocity. 6 miles an hour. -.-.,-
TATOOSH, Sept. v 23, ,9 a.- m.— aoudy ; wind S ;
velocity 6 miles. an hour. . - -\u25a0
- POINT i LOBOS, Sept. 23. 12 m.— Thick; wind
W;; velocity 4 miles an'hour. .' "v.,-- -
v- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0• '"r-V.-^'Vw spoken.-. \u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"-•\u25a0 \u25a0;".-\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0 -:•-\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 :' . \u25a0
,:^ Sept.' : 22— Latitude; 37 54 north, r longitude 74 69
west, K >: ship '• Governor :Robie, from ;. Seattle : via
Tahiti for New York. ;. • . /
• Per stmr '< Victoria/: at - Seattle from -Nome—:
Sept. 3. off Sanuak* island, bark* Paramita,* from
Bristol bay for San Francisco. - Sept; 4— No posi
tion .. given,' whaling : schr; Lettitia, from ;•. Dutch
harbor, for San Francisco."-' :•: \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0+;.; '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0."-"\u25a0 '"'\u25a0',\u25a0:\u25a0''\u25a0
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 Per 'stmr \u25a0 Saginaw — Sept. ;\u25a0 23, - 15 miles , NW- of
Point Reyes," bark Paramita and a «hip.~ bound, in."
• Per J ship , Star ;of - Alaska— Sept.'. 11. t latitude
53 15 north.- longitude 132 34 west.whaling bark
Johu and '.Winthrop. ; : --V "v? \u25a0' - ;ir - ."-"<\u25a0\u25a0:'\u25a0
' -Per ship Slntram— Sept.- 21. 170 miles NW of
Point "Reyes, sship Star \u25a0of .France, from Cooks
Inlet for S*an. Francisco. VV"-- \u25a0 \u25a0' ' . j '.' '
. a .' PASSED AT SEA \u25a0'•\u25a0.. '\u25a0'—. -:-
By, stmr. Vanguard— Sept. 23. .off Point Reye»,
ship- painted \u25a0'. black, I " probably , from : Alaska, for
S"an \u25a0 Francisco." \u25a0\u25a0 -t"- V -^ ' ' •\u25a0 ; : \u25a0 "^ - \u25a0 - ' \u25a0 ' \u25a0'
; Per,> stmr 4 Nebraskan— Sept. . 23, . off :. lightship,"
saw ; a- bark bound in.'-- • . - \u25a0. ' :
-.WILMINGTON— Arrived . Sept> 23, % 10 a. m.—
Stmr Wellesley.* from Grays Harbor. .' -
utTOWNSEND— SaiIed . Sept. ; 23— Schr Willis A.
Holden/ for Santa Rosalia. \u25a0".. >-v' '.'.'.: \u25a0'-'.'".
• ABERDEEN— SaiIed J Sept: . 23— Stmrs -i Santa
Monica j and > WUlapa, » for .» San \ Pedro ; \u25a0 schr '. Lod
low,s forHonolnlu.- 1 _\u25a0;_\u25a0' \u0084./\u25a0.; • ; ;.\ • t\u25a0.
'\u25a0'. SAN PEDRO— Sailed : Sept. 1 • 22— Stmr - Tahoe.
for. San Francisco. i. Sept. 23-^Stmrs Whittier and
Samoa, for San ; Francisco .: ; '.;t :.:,;,.::
i* Arrived. Sept.* 23-^-Stmr : Riverside.* from ; Mukil
teo; t stmr? Hanalet. ; hence ; Sept.*: 21 ; * stmr
Coast," from * Needle ; rock; .« stmr { Wellesley, * from
Grays iHarbor.:. i t^ « :^ \u25a0•-\u25a0,'-.:-\u25a0•\u25a0 \u25a0..\u25a0 :\u25a0'{'.
•\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 SANTA^ BARBARA— Arrived Sept. 23— S»mr
Katherlne,'* from ' San '\u25a0 Pedro, • and " sailed ; for \u25a0 Stua
Francisco. »-..*v™ ; v>--i -' ••\u25a0 \u25a0'--.^\u25a0^; v .j; \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0• /'.-'\u25a0" \u25a0::\u25a0.: :\u25a0
--• PORT i SANi LUIS— Sailed Sept. 23, ; 1 , a. m.—
Stmr, Washtenaw." for San Fxandsco. ; -..-v --t \u25a0• -\u25a0-.}\u25a0
'- Arrived Sept.^23."' lo a. m.— Stmr Santa. Maria.*
hence - Sept. 22;tt1l :30 ' a." m., stmr • Homeii hence
Sept. 21.^ ;•• .-\u25a0 \u25a0••. '\u25a0:\u25a0;, :--:. \u25a0' ;--.;\u25a0: \ .:^i:r-;
Sailed Sept. 23. 5 a. m.— Stmr Washtenaw. for
San Francisco.
» AJvßlON— Sailed Sept. 23— Stmr Helen P.
Drew, for San Francisco. •
_ KETCHIKAN— Arrived Sept. 22. midnight—
Stmr Humboldt, from Seattle for Sktsrway.
aept. 23, 9 a. m.— Stmr Dolphin, from Seattle.
WRANGELXr— Arrived-. Sept. 22. 10 p. m.—
Stmr Humboldt. from Seattle for Skagway. Sept.
23. 7 a. m.— Stmr Cottage City, from " Seattle
for Skagway. • \u25a0 ...
GRAYS HARBOR — Crossed the bar Sept. 22 —
Schr Oliver J. Olson, for Santa Rosalia.-
TACOMA— Sailed Sept. 23, 12 m.— Br stmr
Splthead. for San Francisco. ' -
• Arrived Sept. .23 — Stmr Buckman. from Se
Sailed Sept. 23— Strar Buckman. for Seattle.
WEST POlNT— Passed Sept. 23. ! 2:30 p. m.—
Br stmr Spithead. from Tacoma for San Fran
'\u25a0 UMPQUA RlVEß— Sailed Sept. 22— Stmr San
Gabriel, for San Pedro.
FORT BRAGG— Arrived Sept. 22— Stmr Bruns
wick, hence Sept. 21. \u25a0 '
TATOOSH— Passed in Sept. 22. 9 p. m.— Stmr
Queen, hence Sept. 20 for. Seattle. ' Sept. 23. 7a.
m. — Nor stmr Sark. hence Sept. 19 for Comox.
Passed out Sept. 23. 10 a. m. — Schr Okanogan.
from Lndlow for San Francisco. • -
Passed In Sept. 23. 2:20 p. m.r-Sblp Benjamin
F. Packard, from Chignik bay for Seattle: stmr
Eureka, hence Sept. 18 for Seattle.
Passed out Sept. 23. 2:30 a. m. — Stmr Spokane,
from Seattle for San Frantfsco.
ASTORIA— SaiIed Sept. 23. 7 a. m.— Br stmr
Aymeric, for China and Janan: atmr. Eureka, for
Coos bay; 9 a. m., stmr W. S. Porter, for San
Francisco. . —
Arrived Sept. 23, 6 a. m.— Stmr Asuncion,
hence Sept. 20; 10 a. m.. Dan bark Danmark.
from Honolulu.
EUREKA— Arrived Sept. 23, 10 a. m.— Stmr
Ravalli. hence Sept. -21; 6 a. m.." stmr Acme,
hence Sept. 21.
Arrived Sept.. 23, 1 p. m.— Stmr Santa Clara.
hence Sept. 21.
SEATTLE — Sailed Sept. 23. 10 a. m. — Stmr
President, for San Francisco.
Arrived Sept. 23. 3 p. m. — Stmr Queen, hence
Sept. 20; 3 p. m., Br stmr Antilochus. from Van
Arrived Sept. 22, 6 p. m. — Stmr Victoria, from
Sailed Sept. 22— Stmr Edith, for Skagway; pow
schr Anvil, for Eagle harbor.
VALDEZ— Arrived Sept. 21— Stmr ' Northwest
ern, from Seattle, and sailed 3 p. m., Sept.. 22.
for Seattle. •
JL'NEAU— Arrived Sept. 22. midnight— Stmr
Portland, from Cordova. _ .
EVERETT— SaiIed Sept. 22— Stmr Harold Dol
lar, for San Francisco.
Arrived Sent. 22 — Bktn Mary Winkelman. from
Hilo; stmr Wasp, from Tacoma.
\u25a0 EAGLE HARBOR— Sailed Sept. *22— Schr Wil
lis A. Holden. for Santa Rosalia.
FARALLON ISLANDS— Passed In Sept. 23, 10
a. m. — Three masted ship.
Passed Sept. 23. 12 m. — Bark, bound iri; 1 p.
m., ship Charles F. Moody, from Bristol bay for
San Francisco. \u25a0?
PHILADELPHIA— Arrived Sept. 23— Stmr Ha
waiian, .from Puerto Mexico. -
NEW YORK— Arrived Sept. 22— Br stmr Jura,
from Manila.
Sailed Sept. 22 — Stmr Californian, for Puerto
Mexico. ' *. \u25a0 .
BOSTON — Arrived Sept. 22— Br stmr Wynerlp.
from. Yokohama.
NEWPORT NEWS— Arrived Sept. 22— Ship
Wm. P. Frye. from Philadelphia to load for San
Francisco. - \u25a0 -
HONOLULU— Arrived Sept. 23 — Jap stmr Kljo
Maru, from Yokohama.
SALINA CRUZ-^-Arrtved Sept. 23— Stmr Mex
ican, from Hilo.
Sailed Sept. 23 — Stmr Mexican, for San Fran
cisco. \u25a0 \u25a0*'\u25a0
VANCOUVER— Arrived Sept. 23— Br bark Se
gura. from Victoria; Br bark British Yeoman,
from - Powell river.
PUNTA ARENAS-^Arrlved Sept.. 2O— Ger stmr
Serak. from Hamburg, for San Francisco.
TABLE BAY — Arrived prior Sept. 23 — Br stmr
Crewe Hall, from Philadelphia for Manila.
LAS PALMAS— SaiIed Sept. 22— Br stmr H. C.
Henry, for Seattle.
VICTORIA— Arrived Sept. 23— !**«• stmr Sark.
hence Sept. 19.
SHANGHAI— Arrived nrlor Sept. 23— Br stmr
Muncaster Castle, from Yokohama for New York.
KOBE — Arrived Sept. 23 — Br stmr Bloemfon
tain, from Hongkong.
TALTAL— Arrived Sept. -23— Br stmr Oberon.
from Port San Luis.
TOCOPILLA— SaiIed Sept. 17— Br stmr Pectan.
for Port San Luis.
MAZATLAN— Arrived Sept. 22, a. m.— Stmr
Curacao, from Guaymas. v ' '
*Sailed Sept. 22. p. m. — Stmr Curacao, for San
YOKOHAMA— Arrived Sept. 23— Jap stmr Nip
pon Maru, hence Sept. 6.
NAPLES — Arrived Sept. 23 — Stmr Pannonla.
from New .York.
PLYMOUTH— Arrived Sept. 23— Stmr Presi
dent Lincoln, from New York.
Ter ship Sintram. from Naknek Sept. 23 — Sept.
22. 3 p. m.. off -Point Reyes. In a dense fog.
steam schooner croised our 'bows, clearing us by
about 20 feet. Tessel* nearly colliding June 17,
at Naknek. John Bjellan. native of Norway, age
43. was killed by load of lumber falling on him.
•Per- ship Star of France, at. San Francisco
Sept. 23 from Cooks nilet— Saw a three masted
ship off the Farallon islands, bound in.
SEATTLE. Sept. 23.— Strar-Victoria. which ar
riTed here today, reports storm ragln? at Nome
for three days, beginning Sept. fi. did conslder
able'damage to small reejejs: stmr Wilhelmina.
at Nome broke adrift from anchorage and -was
carried high on the beach: large gold dredger
driven ashore; will be total wreck; barge Pete
j Barnard went adrift and has not been found.
Weather Report
' United States Department of Agriculture —
Weather Bureau. San Francisco, Sept. 23, 1910.
%\ i P. E i
STATIONS g g -]s t TATXOX3 g s:
Blame 641.. Reno .;.... SO 44 .00
Boise ...... 75!.>4 .00 Roseburff .. 72 4R .00
Eureka .... 54t4R .00| Sacramento 02 50 .00
Flagstaff ... 74it0 .00 Salt Lake... 72150 .00
Fresno .....| 94|621 .00|;San Diego... 72JR2 .00
Helena I 70|357 .OO'jSan Fran... 55i50,.n0
Hfmoluln . . .T 80|72| San Jose 78150 .00
Impendence I 54156 .oo! S. L. Obispo 72*52 .00
Kallspell ...i 72144 .OOi SE. Farallon 54(30 .00
Los- Angeles] 70 5Sf .00; Spokane .... 72 SO .00
Modena 76|42[ .oo' Summit .. ..f SI 4O .00
Mr. T'mlp'Ji. 831 &%! .oO| Tacoma 64 52 .00
North Head. WIOO .00! Tatoosh MBO .00
Phoenix „.. 100. %4 1 .00| Tonopah ... 74 52 .00
Poeatello . . 74 42! .»V>i Walla Walla SO 54 .OO
Pt. Reyes... 34 40 .00 Winn'm'cca 80 4O .00
Portland ... fiS 58! .oo; Yuma 1 102 64 j .©O.
Red 81uff...! P2|66| .00
Abilene 02 RS .00 Knoxvllle .. 88!fi4 .00
Atlan City.. 70 02 .00 Lonlsvtlle . . S8 «4 .00
Boston ..... 70 4S .00 Memphis ... 90 70 .oo
Buffalo .... 70 4« .00 Montjt'merj-, 90170 .00
Charleston . SO IS .20 Montreal ... ROUO .00
Chicago: «4«4.^.06 Moorhead... sfi|44 .00
Deliver ..... 62 4K '.00 New Orleans 00176 .OO •
Des'Molnes. 62 62 1.01 New York.. TO'ofi .00 :
Dodlte City. 6« 62 .00 North Platte S4I4S .42
Dulutb 4140 .00 Oklahoma .. 02174 .OO
Durango ... 76 MS '.OOi Pittsburg . . 82 62 .00
EaMport;... 6044 .00 Roswell .... SS 64 .00
Galveston .. R4|7S .00 St. Louis.... 76 6S .24
Green Bay.. 56156 .00 St. Paul.... 54J52 .00
Hatteras. .. SO 721 .00 Tampa 90|72 .2S
Havre...... 70 34 .00 Toledo ..... 661.V .20
Huron ..... sfl 46J .00 Washington 761.M .00
Jacksonville I S2 721 .as: Winnipeg .. 56 32 .00
Kansas Cttyl S2|64|. 02 • . \u25a0 .
A well marked disturbance overlies Missouri,
Illinois \u25a0 and Tennessee- \u25a0:. Rain has -fallen- from
Nebraska : eastward to Ohio. -At Dcs Moines
more than an inch of rain has fallen. Showers
are reported In the South Atlantic states. There
has been no rain west of the Rocky mountains.
Tbe temperature has fallen 10 degrees or more
in- Minnesota and Wisconsin. 16 degrees. in Ne-i
braska and , "52 degrees in western Kansas. East
of the Mississippi temperatures are generally
above the normal. : . . \u25a0 • \u25a0 - •
In California there has been a slight fall along
the. coast and in the Sacramento valley. . but a
slight rise elsewhere. - In the rslsin district the
weather, has been - favorable for. drying, after
noon temperatures in the j San Joaqnln reaching
as high as 94 degrees. In the Sacramento valler
afternoon temperatures 0f. 92 degrees have been
reported. \u25a0-' '- \u25a0 \u25a0 . -'\u25a0 k> •- \u25a0--• --.*- .
The relative \u25a0 humidity at - Red Blnff was S3
and at Fresno 46 per cent. v :
.^ Ran' Francisco and ' /vicinity — Fair" Saturday,
with fog; brisk west winds.
.Santa Clara - valley— -Fair Saturday, overcast
in the morning; light north winds.
Sacramento - valley — Fair Saturday. - not so'
warm; light south winds; r* j ***-*---vi«(wni
\u25a0: San •'- Joaquin ;. valley — Fair Saturday ; light
north • winds. . -
- California- south of the Tefiachapi — Fair Satur
day, overcast in the morning; moderate tempera
tares;flight east wind.- changioc to fontb. \u25a0••'•\u25a0:
-' Date andv amount of rainfall in; San Francisco
since Juljl,: 1910— September 15. .04 of an Inch.
IHngg;A. G. McADIE, Dist Forecaster.
- v Last year, nearly- 200,000 tons- of fish
were delivered to . Billingsgate market,
ofiwhich: pver: 125.000 '- tons arrived by
land and the r remainder by water.":
i Besides ', Great , Brita A, the . countries
whichl.have .old age pensions are^Den
mark; I^ranoe." Belgium;- Germany, New
Zealand and -Australia.
- kh-".\ A UCTION!
l>t^*^^^Sn \u25a0 Comprising
Also a few saddle horses will be sold. Som»
especially fancy rigs win be offered. To be sold
at public auction.
MONDAY, September 26, 1910.
At 7:45 o'clock p. ia.
• -T.it? Valencia st. nr. 16th. San Francisco.
FEED H. CHASE & CO.. Live Stock Auctioneers.
, \u25a0
SATURDAY. Sept. 24. IX a. ra.. 38 head «t
all purpose mares and horses, wagons and har-
ness: bersea sold on commission. 557 4tl» St..
Oakland. ~
Annual Report of Secretary Re-*
ceives Commendation of
Finance Committee
• \u25a0 The second annual
i T^oes |"*J^couhoc» report of the bnlld
5^ Ing trades cquh
cil's temple association has been sub
mitted by Secretary and Manager TV.
H. Bemiss. It shows the association to
be In a prosperous condition, having-
J11.481.50 over all liabilities. Of th©
report the .finance committee ears:
We are pleased to find the accounts of
the building trades council** temple
association correct, systematically and
well kept. The Temple association and
Its thousands of members are to be
congratulated upon the careful and ef
ficient management of the business af
fairs of the association, as they have
been conducted by W. H. Bemiss since
the Institution was established."
The property owned by the associa
tion represents an outlay of $120,000.
The present value is about $160,000
• '• •
The business agent of upholsterers'
union reports that the seven firms em
ploying union men are working full
handed' with plenty of work in sight
In reference to the claim that the un
fair proprietors are about to declare
for the open~shop Business Agent Ro
senthal says: "We are not worrying
any. There are no competent uphol
sterers not union men and we hold the
key to the situation." Strike benefits
are now being paid.
• • :i m'\u25a0 -;
Seven candidates were obligated at
the last meeting of gas workers*
union. A donation of $400 was made
to the Los Angeles strikers. The mem
bers generally are working.
Business was reported good at th»
last meeting of hoisting engineers'
union Xo. 59 and most all members are
working. The usual weekly assess
ment to the Los Angeles strike was
paid. The next meeting will be held
tonight, when all* members are re
quested to be present.
Some --little Improvement was re
ported in business at the last meeting
of broom makers* union. All friends of
,organ!zed labor were requested.to pur
chase brooms bearing the union label.
The recent agitation by the label sec
tion is beginning to be felt by the
The ball to be given by the postofflce
clerks in Commandery hall. 2J37 Sutter
stre«t. tonight will call out a large
gathering. The committees in charge
have everything in readiness. Joseph
F. Burns Is chairman of the reception
committee. John W. Knopp Is chairman
of the committee on arrangements and
W. G. Hancock is floor manager.
• • •
Reports from both the building
trades council and labor council show
that the unions are continuing their
assessments- to the Los Angeles metal
workers. About $6,000 a week is sent
from this city.
The following officers have been,
elected by blacksmiths' union: Presi
dent, A. Growney; financial secretary.
J. J. McTiernan; recording secretary.
James McCabe; conductor. H. Helblg;
delegates to the iron trades council—
W. Laughery, George Sandeman and H.
Helblg: delegates to labor council—J.
J. McTiernan and F. Elzell; organizer,
J. L. Duffy: trustee. C Ross.
• • •
The resolution to be Introduced In
the convention of th© state federation
of labor* by D. Schwarting of bakers*
union No. 24 for a state bakeahop in
spector has be.en indorsed by bakers*
union No. 85 of Sacramento. •
Permanent officers were elected at
the meeting- last Sunday of the Stock
ton union labor party as follow«:
President. B. Beck of painters' union;
vice president, H. R. Foster of paint
ers' union; secretary, "W. A. Bidleman.
order of railway telegraphers' union:
sergeants at arms, E. E. Colman and
B. H. Fish.
Invitations Are Being Issued
for Season's Cotillons
The assembly of the twenty-second
season of the Entre Xous club will
be given Friday evening, October 23.
in the ballroom of the Palace hotel.
Invitations are/being issued. The
joint-executive committee for the sea
son is Composed of the following:
Miss Viola F. Mattner Allan "W. Maffinia
Miss Arllne Nobltt James C. Flaybura
Miss Eulalla Rengrose Adolptt J. Becker
Miss Jeanne St. Ger- Philip J. Srrutel
main Captain G. W. Baaer
Mis* Eulalia T. Kane Georjce C Maser
Walter H. Robinson Arthur F. RoodHean
Reanben Haas George J. Jane*
Samuel M. Tate Frank D. Southard
Sanford G. Lewald
490 California St. Tel. Dooslm 2-iST
St. Francis Hotel. Tel- Douglas ZO&i
Members of New York Stock Exchange
Pioneer Bomae
_;niT«te'Wlre t© Chicago
amd Xew York
B. K. MULCAHY, 3iaaas«
• Private Wire—2f«w Tnk» CWcaja
Western Union Cod*
-. ; : .MEMBER
\u25a0-\u25a0:,- SAN PRAJrCISCO
Mala Office, Mill* Bid*., Saa Frandaco
' Branch Offlw-PaUee H»t«l (main
corridor), San FrancUcoj HotelAlaiaa-
diia, Loa Anseles, Cal. _. - .
Correspondent*—Harri*,, tVtnißjrm • 4fc
Co, Sew Vort, CW«jt,^o JUtoa aad

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