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Rate War Begins Between' the
Schwerin and American*
Hawaiian Lines
Move Regarded as. Part of Plan
to Hamper New Service
to Panama
A sharp fight for the export trade
of San Francisco to European points
has broken out between, the Pacific
Mail ar.d American-Hawaiian steam
ship companies. New rate sheets sent
out by the Pacific Mail reveal a sub
stantial cut below the schedule of the
American-Hawaiian. For the last two
v«*ars the American -Ha wa.iian has been
pnjoying the bulk of the business. The
Pacific Mail's slash in rates has brought
it the -lion's share of the business and
its boats are sailing with heavy car
goes for European points.
The move on the part of the Schwerin
company is regarded as part of its
plan to get ah*ad of the service
which Bates & Chesebrough will estab
lish on October 1. Xot only have the
rates been cut, but a 60 Vlay service
is promised between here and Hamburg
ir- connection with the lines sailing
from Colon.
. The low billing Includes all import
ant shipping centers of Europe, such
as London. Hamburg, Constantinople,
Copenhagen. Liverpool, Bremen, Ant
werp and Paris.
L'nder these new rates quantities
•of California fruit products have begun
to move. Canned goods, dried fruits
and other articles of California produc
tion are finding an easier market than
for many years past.
The London rate offers an instance
of the size of the Pacific Mail cut.
Heretofore the business has been mov
ing by the American-Hawaiian boats
via Tehuantepec on the quoteJ tariff
of 55 shillings 4 pence per long ton of
.2.240 pounds. The Pacific Mail has put
out a rate of 45 shillings flat. For
Jess than carload lots the American-
Hav-aiian has maintained a rate of 66
shillings 4 pence. The Pacific Mail
offers to carry a minimum of 23 cases
at the 45 shilling rate.
The London rate inaugurated by the
Pacific Mail, figured In American
money, amounts to $10.80 per long ton.
The tariff to New York per long ton
amounts to 55.96. The size of the cut
in the London schedule may thus be
To Hamburg the same slash has been
fade. To Copenhagen the Pacific Mail
has put In a rate of 52 shillings S pence,
«s against €0 shillings 10 pence of the
American-Hawaiian. To Constantinople
the schedule has been lowered by the
Pacific Mail to 62 shillings 8 pence, as
against the 72 shillings 10 pence figure
of the American-Hawaiian. To Alex
andria the Pacific Mail has- cut its tariff
to €,4 shillings s pence, against the 75
Chilling* 7 pence figure of the Ameri
can -Hawaiian.
The Xosmos line has kept Its rates
on a level with the American-Hawaiian.
It is believed that these two lines will
prepare In some way to meet the situa
tion. In a few. days Bates & Chese
brough will inaugurate their dispatch
service to the Isthmus of Panama and
•wil] in all probability become an im
portant factor in the rate war.
Founder of Sacred Heart Acad
emy Fatally Stricken
From the convent in New Orleans, of
•which she has been superior, since her
departure from this city 10 or 12 years
ago. has come word of the serious ill
ness of Mme. M. O'Meara, the founder
and for many years the head of the
Sacred Heart academy in San Fran
risco. The news has come as a great
grief to the many friends she made
locally and the many pupils endeared
to her in a long period of active service.
Absolutely no hope is held out for her
recovery by the doctors in attend
ance. J|
Madame O'Meara Is a sister of John
O'Meara of St. Louis, former governor
of Missouri. Besides starting the work
of the Sacred Heart convent and of
the Menlo park convent, she was also
the founder of the Children of Mary
sodality, numbering in -Its ranks from
350 to 200 members of the most prom
inent Catholic set of this city and Bur
Among the former pupils of Mme.
O'Meara are.
!*X jy 111^ Xl V " i Mr *- \u25a0* Jfre<J Heilm.n
w 4ert £J* i d ™ , Vicomtesw Helle de
Mrs. Ch«rl*s Clark Damplerre
Mis» Arnes ToWn Mrs. Oscar Cooper
Ulas Alkn Tt-allaee Mr«. Harry Stetsoa
tlTu. Baocl Dnrml |
Examinations to Be Held for
Uncle Saoi is short of forest rangers.
During the coming year 400 additional
men will be needed to look for and
extinguish forest fires, see that public
lanUs are not encroached upon and to
attend to strayed bands of sheep and
Men of the cowboy type are in de
mand for the work, which will pay
J 1.100 a. year; and for the purpose of
determining eligible* examinations will
be held, in the territory of Alaska and
nine states, October 24 and 25. The
states In which the examinations will
be held are: Arizona. California, Colo
rado, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan,
Jtfinsesota an'J Montana.
The tests will be practical and will
consist principally in riding and pack
ing and estimating timber land. In
California., these tests will be held at
Alturas, Bakersfield. Bishop, Hot
Springs, Los Angeles, Nevada City,
Xorthfork. Placerville, Quincy. Red
Bluff, Salinas, San Diego. Santa Bar
bara, Sisson, Sonora. Weaverville, Wil
lows and Treka.
Elmer Rooker "Sent to Jail for
Five Months
Elmer Rooker of the Richmond
transfer company, who was convicted
on a. charge of. cruelty to animals. on
Tuesday, was sentenced yesterday to
serve five months in the county jail
\u25a0without the option of a fine. He had
tied a. horse's tail to the rafters and
had kept it for days without food or
water till it died in the staples in
Ninth avenue near Point Lobos avenue
There is another charge pending
against him in Judge Conlan's court.
The judge In passing sentence said:
"There is absolutely no excuse for you",
as you have been in similar trouble be
fore, and I «n determined to make an
example of you. If you were not born
or educated to be humane then the law
must compel you to be humane.".'
Rooker was formerly a member of
the police department ,'•\u25a0
•-;—— ~ : v :
| The San Francisco fire alarm and police signal exhibit at the electrical show. In the foreground,' from- left to
! right, are:' Fire Chief Murphy, Mayor McCarthy and William H. Urmy, chief of the electrical department.
Display WUI Probably Be Re=
peated Next Year by the >
The electrical show will end this
evening. The management is pleased
with the support given it by the gen
eral public and the exhibitors are more
than satisfied with the results.-
It was the first electrical show ever
held on the coast and judging from the
present indications will" be repeated
next year.
Yesterday was children's day, fully a
thousand visiting the Coliseum from
the Catholic, Protestant, Pacific ' and
Hebrew orphan asylums. The exhibits
interested them -greatly.
An unusual feature of this exposition
has been the exhibit of . the Western
Union telegraph company. It is the
first time this corporation has made an
exhibit of any .character at any. show.
W. F. McGee, resident manager of the
Western Union, took personal charge
of the display. A regular sending and
receiving office has, been maintained.
Demonstrations have been shown of the
machine that transmits messages in
typewritten form by means of . elec
trically operated typewriters'.
Gets Tangled Up With Farmer
From Fresno
"Lefty" Bannon, who has been a fa
miliar figure south of Market street
and in the police, courts ". for years,,
got tangled up with Herbert L. Young
er, a farmer from Fresno, in front of
the hall of X justice early yesterday
morning. They were arrested by , Po
liceman Roche for disturbing the peace.
The cases were called In Police Judge
Conlan's court and Bailiff Rooney. "in
formed the Judge that "Lefty" refused
to face the judge, saying he could do
with him whatever he~ pleased. "I'am
not surprised." said the judge; "that he
doesn't care to face me. I will convict
him and sentence him tomorrow."
When Younger appeared one of. his
eyes was puffed up and the judge asked
him what was the cause. \ .-.. ',
"I have an* ulcerated tooth," «ald
Younger. <- t , \u25a0
"That won't do for me." retorted the
Judge. "Xefty" planted his v fist in your
face. • How did you come to, be in, such
company?" ' \u25a0 .
Younger, who was suffering from - : a
bad cold and could only talk in a whis
per, confessed his ignorance. . , s He
showed receipts, for horses he had pur
chased to satisfy the judge. x»f his re
spectability. The judge dismissed Uhe
case against him. \u25a0
' ....-\u25a0 Friday, Kept«mber 23.
8 p.m., stmr Koyo. Under, San Pedro. \u25a0*
for San Francisco; Sept. 23. 8 p. m., off Point
Montira; light northwest wind. and, hny., .
STEAMEE N ANN SMITH— Prom Coos, bay ' for
San. rranejsco: Sept. 23, 7:30, p.. m.,_ pawed
Point Arena; \u25a0 weather fogjry; expect to' arrlre
»t S«n . Francisco 5:30 a. m... Sept.' 24. ''
BTEA3CEB. COL. E. L. I>RAKE-iHenee : Sent "\u25a0>
for SeatUe; Sept..2S. 8 p. m.. .10 miles north
of -Point' St. - G«orff*;. fre*h -north went- wind;
moderate sea; barometer 30.16;; temperature S3;
Sept. 23 for. Eureka; S«»pt., ZV 8 n - ; m "0
miles north .of Point S Eejes; ' light' northwest
wind; sea smooth; dense <foy; barometer 30.05;
%Vllhelrnlna'» Snilor« to be Defended •
[Special Correspondence of \u25a0 The vCall]* \
HONOLULU, Sept 17.~Locar; repre
sentatives;of the sailors' unionroilers*
union and stevedores' union' are solicit
ing "funds' among theiij members- for* a
pool with wnich to'^defend^the^T mem
bers of .the 'crew. of .the steamship Wil
helraina,;the-majority, of whom' are be
ing held' under a charge; of -.breaking
quarantine/with the United States mar
shariooking'forHhe.rest ' .»• ?\u25a0\u25a0 . * *
These .27^, Jumped = the steamer this
week asi.sheclay- here, iniquaranVine
with 'a suspected case- of • smalftiox
aboard.-, -.; \u0084" ..,'>;»:;.', ; -
The defense is to bebased on the fact
that the' case .was, not .one* of smallDox
at all, that vthe quarantine was not ef
fective and '\u25a0 that .-officers' and passengers
were: allowed Ito; go and =; come, while
the crew- was not. •.->* \u25a0; *: .. .-v
W . || Urmy, an Experienced Electrician
William H. Urmy, chief of the San Francisco department of electricity, is an
experienced and practical man who served several years as an electrician and inspec
tor under the merit system in the department^ and was advanced to his present posi
tion by Mayor McCarthy. Since his incumbency the' shop force "of instrument makers
has been increased from three to eight men, retaining for their wages in San Fran
cisco money which was formerly sent to the east. The department does all of its
repairing to fire and police signal boxes and station, equipment, manufactures about
50 fire alarm boxes a year and makes the special instruments ; .used in connection
with th» signal systems. Urmy has endeavored, to . standardize and systematize the"
entire service, in order that its efficiency might.be of the \u25a0 highest. The grade of
work is superior and all instruments are properly designed as to size, operation, fin
ish and utility. V: ' ' . \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0..: \u25a0 . «£•£•*¥•% ,\.-. v ? *' ';\u25a0>.
Chief of the Saa Francisco Department of Electricity.
Prior to 1868 the San Francisco volunteer firemen depended upon large
tower bells to announce the location of inres. In 1878 the fire alarm station
was moved from Kearny and Washington streets to the. headquarters of
the volunteer fire department at 9 Brenham place, on Portsmouth 1 square,
and the system was improved from time to time during the ensuing years
by the installation of the crude electrical devices for signaling purposes
developed by the pioneer electrical concerns, a notable addition being that
• of a three dial repeater for electrically \ striking large tower bells..
Under an appropriation by the board of supervisors, an elaborate ana
modern-central fire alarm station was built and practically completed in
the court of the new city hal.l, but this, as well as the old . station in
Brenham place, was destroyed in the great conflagration of 1906.
1 On; Friday, April 20, 1906, a rough lumber station, equipped with
apparatus and instruments saved from the fire, was connected into service
at 2032 Steiner street, in order to protect the unburned portions of the
city with a fire signaling system.
On September 15, 1908/ the present office and shops were installed at
55 Fulton street at a cost of $15,000, the site on.which the building stands
having been leased at a monthly, rental of $300 for a term of -five years.
The lease will expire in three years.- The present .central station equip- "
ment is of a. temporary character, sufficient money not having been avail
able for the installation of an approved marble board mounted. with im
proved model instruments;butis, however, more efficient than the Game- '
well company's- complicated and costly, apparatus which the former
administration'attempted to install, along with 50 fire alarm boxes of that
manufacture. On account of their intricate and unsuitable construction
for the present fire alarm system, 26; of these purchasedboxes are now
lying unused in the shop., .Ttiese cost the city" of San Francisco $125 each,
•whereas the boxes now. being manufactured in the departments -.shop,
under an appropriation of the present administration,. cost only.^SO each,
all of which is- expended in San Francisco. \u25a0
.The ability of; the city to manufacture its own fire' alarm boxes,- the
skill ; of its mechanics and the, efficient equipment of its shop are indicated
-most "forcibly by, a display, of samples representing, its productions at the
'Pacific coast electrical exposition, where is shown, the .latest type of; fire
alarm boxes,, equipped with permanent key,' guarded by" glass, a patent for
this device haying been obtained by the city.
.At thetime, of the .fire in 1906 424 , fire signal boxes were- on ; the
. system, and one, month later. only 2 76 were in service. ~The.present system
carries 480 boxes on 348 miles. of overhead wires and; four miles of under
ground wires. There was. Utely received 21,000. feet/oY 4o* conductor cable,
which is; being installed in 'conduit -under. Market street, as;a . main ; fire
alarm lead from the central station .at 55 Fulton street to > Third, street,, to
accommodate proposed extensions of the underground system. Yfhe. money
' for this ; purpose -was appropriated; by ' the ; present administration.
- Mayor.McCarthy" gave .hisfconsent^to. allow /nwJto install'a. working
exhibition of fire and police signal "boxes and station equipment' at the
electrical exposition, in, order that citizens might be' afforded an oppor
tunity, to, become; familiar with the present! development of . the -construc
tion and the -precise, operation' of .the 'modern. type = of such apparatus -
installation has^proved.one, of the most' popular" and instructive-of
the - displays; . attracting the general attention of visitors and creating: in
- the. public. a> great deal of local interest. V . .. . \u0084" '.; '/
\u25a0 V'- The'department of '"electricity ;also maintains an. inspection 'depart
ment, which supervises the installation, of electric wiresand appliaricesin
buildings,* and over 'the streets of thecitj-.
Soldiers Invite Them :\ Not to
YMolest;Viscourit; V .-
I Professor Howard. Smith, of .Wiscon
sin university,., who' filled the chair 1 * of
law at Stanford ;. last/ year,". arrived yes
terday, from ; the -orient, " where < he a has
been , spending? :.hls c summer -4 vacation/
He^ was in ; Seoul' the!day.?ViscountvTef
auchi,:who .* succeeded^ the ' late* Marquis
Ito;asi resident: general,! arrived " at '; the
Korean \u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0• - , :-i . . : : \u25a0
> The :f arrival '.was I made ;'the , occasion
;for,ta',gTeat:..mllitary ; ;;dlsplay,; but,; to
Professor' Smith :-;the "most - unusual
feature 7 oor;f r; the ; occasion was*; the total
absence; :• from h \u25a0- the^ •"• streets i > of; all
Koreans.": \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' ].'s?\u25a0\u25a0 i^-' ."--\u25a0•.; '- ' VT'L -^ •;/--'-* :
' iHe made 'lnquiries and;foundsthat the
Japanese ~ authorities,;* determined f that
the - ne w/governor '\u25a0* should':haveYa^fcor
dialtwelcome.^had,' ordered? .all; Koreans
to \u25a0\u25a0 remainVindoors, - and": there v;r were
little" brbwnl soldiers .'conveniently;lo
cated'to* see'' that- the order; was obeyed:
BANK - TO - OPENi BRANCH— Superintendent . of
% Banks Aiden "Anderson ; has' authorized 'the
; -"Owens Valley J,bank' of^Bl&hop vto '/open Va
\u0084 ' branch* Uujk •. i'at - - Independence. ; . Burton \u25a0' V.
' • Moor* • has rbeen ? appointed \ * \u25a0> special- examiner
\. in ' the " state \u25a0 hanklnp ' department," Tlce V' 1 Wil-'
.; ; Ham -S. .V-avrtcr. \u25a0,:<\u25a0 Moore wlir.haTe' oharge of
• the . HquMatlon oorf -r the-'Kimmou' 4 Glnko .'-the
'Golden Gate :i>ank:;s rr.- .— . - '
Manager Ejects Photographer
for Causing a YBleJ:e . V .
[Special .Dispatch ' /o The ' Ca/1]
; SAN .JOSE,\ SepLV23:— With an: aver :
age-daily.- attendance* of close t0^5,000
this 'year's '( pure "' food'- and ';: industrial
exposition lias proved Utself |a* record
breaker,- and If the attendance keeps
during : the next « seven idays it will-; have
entertained more -people than" any other
exposition .ever \u25a0 given ?nere. ,
I A. H.;Green, one of .the best -known
photographers; in; the city, was -forcibly'
ejected? from the ;bullding; this after
noon by order of E.,' W.* Allen,' the 1 man
ager of, the. show.' ;V V^ V
Green and* Webb, '.photographers,
bought ] the - photographing -;\ concession
(from* the management, and % while* tak-"
ing .'flashlight views; Greene accidentally
setiflre.to/.the hangings of the" Pahapaa-
Pacific ; booth. : For,: tls Allen had *him
put' out tby; two j employes. •\u25a0 -*)>-. • " -;/•'
' -'IThe '' feature' of i the * show .today - was; a
concert t by. \u25a0 Miss -"Jessie -Moore *;,of ," San
_Fran"ciscd.Y , Miss .Moore %was;. formerly,
in'jgrand .opera, and; her ' singing (was
;greatly> applauded;-? vYi^Vn*^:-^; i<r Y'Y
' \u25a0"\u25a0•<:\u25a0;\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. .-:« \u0084=^-v-'-'.:^<:,-:'.y V; \u25a0:*\u25a0-•/\u25a0\u25a0• \u25a0.
'- . \u0084 ' \u25a0 \u25a0* - t - -. i. . * B^4 Arkei Street^
Palace Hotel.
Market St. Ferry Depot.
\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666* \u2666 * * • » \u2666\u2666 * » * » •\u2666>>»\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666»>\u2666»»\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666»»\u2666\u2666»\u2666»\u2666\u2666\u2666»«
Cooking By Electricity
; Is Not a Luxury
The home of Mr. A. Strauch, 3105 Van Buren street.
\[ ' ' Alameda, is completely equipped with an electric cooking
> arid baking outfit manufactured by the General Electric
f Company.
X- • All cooking is done electrically, including baking of
<\u25ba all bread used by the family, all water for cooking be-
ing heated electrically. There is not a gas or coal range -
o in the home. The General Electric Luminous Radiator
° heats the bathroom and also frequently heats other rooms
'/t/ t during mornings and evenings.
<\u25ba • The house is wired with two circuits, one for lighting
°." - and one for heating and. cooking, each with its own meter.
\[ ' - During the twelve months from August, 1909, to August,
0 1910, Mrs. Strauch kept a careful, accurate account of bills
arid found the average of lighting bill for the year was $2.00
H per month and the average for cooking, and heating was
<>, ' ' $5:40 per month. This is practical in any home. See our
'\u25a0\u25a0 - exhibit. .
•\u25a0 General Electric Company
;; \u25a0 The Largest* Electrical Manufacturer in the World
\u2666 »\u2666»\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666»-»\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666»\u2666»»*\u2666\u2666.»\u2666\u2666 »-»-»-\u2666-»\u2666\u2666 \u2666\u2666•\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666»«t>«»«»««
;; .;,\u25a0'\u25a0. \u25a0 MANUFACTURERS OF
Clusters and Lighting Specialties
; : Scientific ' 1 ' Illuminating Engineers
1 Pacific Coast Managers 151 New Montgomery Street
E^xert Garaging
155^56 :Van^Ness,;San
V ' v'l!'l!zl7 KiyDS 0F RE -
648 Sacramento
1205 Polk
358 Market
+\u25a0«, A*AAAAAff f f f t , , , t tjl tt j
f:, City Electric Co. j
\u2666 LIGHT and :
t 347 Grant Aye. :
lj TELEPHONES : Home C 1632; \u2666
| , Sunset, Kearny 4307 • - "\u2666 '
\u25a0| Alba-Aurola |1
I Flaming Arcs :
: Chas. L Kiewert !
I co- pi
111 1 195-197 Fremont Street
\u2666 \u25a0-. • ...'"*;' :: '^. i \u2666
»»»\u2666\u2666>«»< >«<M»tM»<
* - .. . "i
\u2666 , Wurlltzer :
|| Electric j
I Pianos t
: ' \u25a0 \u25a0 • It
j Kohler & Chase :
I 26 o'Farrell St \
I :^-. ° \u25a0 -?:•'\u25a0 •':. \u2666
\u2666 mmm»m««mmmmm»m<
\u2666 \u25a0 '\u25a0'', i -
i Dean Electric Co. i
\u2666 . . Manufacturers *
\u2666 Telephones :
\u2666 Switchboards and* \u2666
Parts 1
: \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0•- :
\u2666 156 Second Street, San Francisco \u2666
\u2666\u2666»\u2666\u2666\u2666»\u2666\u2666»\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666»»»\u2666\u2666\u2666»»\u2666 »4
\u2666 Jos. Thieben & Co. :
; ; Mission St. \u2666
I electric |
I Lamp t
\u2666 Dealers I
t \u2666
\u2666 . Jobbers and Retailers \u2666
t \u2666
»^»«« MMMXMMt \u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666»\u2666»
\u2666 \u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666»»»••••\u2666\u2666 \u2666^-»-»^»
: Walters Snrgical Co. i
X Manufacturers
I X=Ray Coils and :
I ElectrO'Medical J
I Apparatus y :
X 393 Sntter St, San Francisco t
\u2666 Phone Douglas 4017 *
\u2666\u2666«\u2666\u2666\u2666»>«>«>>>><\u2666>>«> \u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666^
— _
\u2666 \u2666««\u2666 »««>><»» «»
i Weston Electrical :
: Instruments H
t y " \u25a0 \u25a0 -, : --/.. .\u25a0 \u25a0 \u2666
I New line shown for the first time." *
I Frank E. Smith!
*\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0 . S» • \u2666*
Electrical Standardizing l!abor- \u2666
\u2666 atory Instruments repaired, cor- \u2666
£ rected and certified. \u2666
\u2666 - \u25a0 \u25a0 \u2666 \u25a0
\u2666 \u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666MMMMM «>«\u2666
j John R. Cole :
t Company \u2666
i - i^p %.:
t Manufacturers' ) :
I Agents :
\u2666 . San Francisco Los Angeles t
* Seattle •
\u2666>V 786-770 FOLSOM STREET t
* • • .... - \u25a0 \u2666
\u2666«>><>»«\u2666>>»»»«<>\u2666\u2666\u2666»\u2666<> »4
\u2666 \u2666\u2666 \u2666--» »\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666\u2666 \u2666\u2666•-\u2666\u25a0» \u2666\u2666»\u2666\u2666»»\u2666 »^
: Dry Batteries \u2666
\u2666 Are Manufactured in San Fran- 4 \u2666
f ciseo. Be loyal to Home Prod- \u2666
I nets. For sale by your dealer, t
t American \
i Ever Ready Co. \u2666
j*' . 755 Folsom Street, \u2666
> San Francisco,' CaL *
nf V l^« X . cn i sineers and operator*
of transmission systems are cor-v
dially invited to visit our display IC -
Pacific Electric and
Manufacturing Co.

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