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Native Daughters and Francis*
can Fathers and Mayor
Take Part in Ceremony
V ..The members of Oro-Fino parlor'Xo.
\u25a0 !». Native Daughters of the Golden West,
attired in their new uniform of black
and gold, which attracted so much at
tention in the Admission' day' parade,
accompanied by Mayor P. H. McCattlsy.
\u25a0 Franciscan fathers, the pastor of- ths
rhurch of the Mission Dolores and oln
i-ers of the order of Native Daughters,
. dedicated a mission signpost and bell
at San Jose avenue, and the county
. line yesterday afternoon.
There was an introductory address by
i Mrs. Hannah Nolan, president of the
i parlor; address by Rev. Father Cum
mings of th^ Mission Dolores; bleFsiug
and naming of the bell *Oro Fino" by
Fa.tlier Appolonari of St. Anthony's
crrurch; preseiitation of the bell. to the
city by Mrs. K. L.illie, junior past grand
president of: the Native Daughters, on
behalf of the^parlor; acceptance of the
bell by Mayor McCarthy: song, Kliza
beth Scully; address by Grand President
Daniel A, Ryan of the Native Sons, and
\u25a0benediction by Father Appolonari.
The parlor ha<j made arrangements to
fledica-te the bell during: the closing
*-eek of the term of Mrs. Lillie as
Brand president, but in consequence of
» death in her family there was a post
ponement until Admission day. On that
Say there was some difficulty about the
rontraotor obtaining the permit to en
able him to place the post and bell in
position, so that caused another post
ponement. Yesterday, however, it was
formally dedicated and adds one more
to the long line of bells that shall
indicate the path that was traveled by
the padres of the early days in moving
from San Diego to the Mission and Pre
sidio of Francisco.
The presentation of "Fabiola" by the
St. Charles alumni will take place at
the >*ovelty theater Wednesday even
ing. Considerable interest has been
evidenced in. the performance and if
the sajc of scats warrants it the play
will be repeated at a date to be
announced later.
AS rA 7 A D Gutter and Steiner
/ILLi/iA-/iK Phone West 1400
* mK - lV ' < »* rflft «» Home Phone S-4242
BELASCO & MAVEB. Owners acd Manajjcrs.
Enpeno w. Prrsbrpy's nramatization of Res
Bench's famous Novfl of tho North.
A Superb Pictorial Production.
rRJCFS— Nijrht. 25c to $1; Mat.. 25.- to 50e.
Seats tot ±&le at tK>i office and Emporium.
NEXT WEEK — Return of Bp^io Barri«-ale.
The Pisy That Made Billy Bnrke a Star.
jKj^jjj^Q Two Weeks B»gricnin^ TONIGHT
_j^^^ Klsw i Erlancer Present
tAnd Company in the Comedy.
And the One Act Play. "SYDNEY CARTON."
Ellis Street at Ffllmore.
Tnnishf. Friday and Sat. MgbUi
With Francinf. Newooinbe. Battain. Catn-
pana. S*>c«-i. Corsl and Bevsni.
Tomorrow Mjcht and Saturday Mat.,
••UUC I A"
With Virarino. Sarhctti. Albfrti. Bevanl.
W>dnMidar Xljerht (I^ast Time).
Thumday M K hi. «|,A TRAVIATA"
Sonda^ Matinep, "FAUST"
Sunday Mjcht. •'RIfiOLETTO"
Rpserred Soats. 2.V. -.V»o. 7.V-. $1. at Sher-
•ran. Clay & Cn.'s. Kearay and Rutfr Ftp.
Pfiffet fm<i Most MapDificont Tb«»a!pr in America
r^eir. Original Dance Creations. Which Were the
Ta]k of .\># York: MAURICE FREEMAN and
TO., in 'Tony and the Stork": WORK and
by the • Erprs-WiKd"m Cn.; FRED SINGER-
PHEIM MOTION PirTirRES. Lai«t Week; Tre-
nuadous Hit. HOWARD and HOWARD, in "The
T'Tter «nd the Salf-*man.'*
Evecirc Prices— \<\r, 2.V. .V»c. 75c. Box SeaU
?1.00. Matins Prices <Eiccpt Sundays and
Holiday*!. If*-, 2r«>. 50c. *
'^ r i imii*Hrl Home J2522
Presents- >-".%;
With the ALL STAR CAST, inchiiJinK JESS
Nijrht and Saturday Matinee. ?1.50 to Wtc;
•\u25a0Pop" Matinee Thursday. $1 to 2V. Seats at
Theater and Emporium.
M.mcixy Next — Jwiin Mason, in "The Witching
Hour." • . -, »\u25a0 \u25a0 , .
SwfznmfnE and Tub Bath*
S*lt water direct from the-: ocean. Open
every day tud » veniup. including SnodAys
and holidays, from Cam. to 10 p. m. Spec-
tatom* galleTy fre*.
Natatorlcm rewrTed Tuwday and Friday
morclnpi from 8 o'clock to noon for women
"Filtered Ooron Water Flange"
Hot Air Hair Dryer* for Woman Eathere.
PO EXPLAIN TUBS with hot, cold,- Bait
ana fr«?h water. Each room fitted with hot
and oold salt and fre«h shower.
Corinthian Club Holds a Varied
Program of Water Sports
at Tiburon
The first annual motor boat carnival
o"f the. Corinthian yacht club, yesterday
was a great- success, and the Tiburon
clubhouse was crowded from' early
morning until the last boat left. Every
thing was ideal for an aquatic day.
The program began promptly at 10
o'clock with the Pacific motor boat
club's' handicap race for members,
which was won by Kelley's Breeder
and Spqrtsman in a close finish, from
M. B. Wallach's speed burner Glory.
There were 11 starters in this race, all
of which finished in close order.
The Corinthians' motor boat contest;
Bonnie Doon, winner of motor boat race for cruiser class.
run in three classes, . started shortly
after noon. ,The Glory ran away with
the speed class. William Letts Oli
ver's Bonnie Doon walked off in fast
time with the cruiser class, while Jack
Struven's little IS footer Teal cap
tured class 3.
The swimming and diving events by
members of the Olympic club followed
the motor boat races. The trophies
for the various events were presented
by Commodore William Hogg.
During intermissions Port Captain
John Keefe regaled the guests with
the usual yachting menu of beans,
sandwiches and liquid refreshments.
The events resulted as follows:
SO yard swim— Won by Jack Hunt; Ray Fy
gporse second.
1O» yard swim — Won by William R.- Me Wood;
George Bond *s*s»onil: E. J. Pawson third.
440 yard f=wijn — Won by W. Pomeroy.
Fancy diving— Won by (Jeorjre Bond.
Yawi boat race— Won by Alert; Discovery sec
CiuLßfnjr th" dncli — Won hy Jark Hunt.
<ircase pole contest — Won by P. tJucrin.
The members of the Aeolian yacht
club and their friends gathered in large
numbers at the popular headquarters
of the club at Alameda yesterday after
noon. The large verandas and the as
sembly hall were crowded with the
amateur tars watching the .members
struggle for victory in the* various
aquatic events. Port Captain George
Postel. assisted by the officers of the
club, served clam chowder to the mem
bers and their guests.
The various events created much
enthusiasm owing to the close finishes.
Mrs. Lawrence C. Knight was the star
of the day, capturing the ladies' row-
Ing race and also the mixed race with
her husband, Vice Commodore Knight,
as her partner. The single oar race
went to Port Captain George Postel,
with second. Tony Miner
and wife {secured second place in the
mixed race. The yawl boat race went
to the crew of the Genesta with the
Emma second. The canoe race was won
by the Enoinal boat club. Simon Boy
sen was the victor in the greasy pole
contest. -
The race for small yachts was won
by the Mist, the Aeolian second. The
100 yard swimming race went to Bing
Schroeder with Shattuck second.
Thirteen yachts participated in the
San Francisco. yacht club's race for the
A. B. Spreckles cups yesterday after
noon over the regular channel course.
There was a ltgrht breeze and once again
F. G. Phillip's speedy- sloop Monsoon
carried off first honors in class C and
made the best time of the day. The
Vixen carried off the class A cup and
the Neva class B.
The full results were as follows:
Class A— -• ' : \u25a0'- '\u25a0 '-'•'
Yacht— Actual time. Correct time.
Vijen 3:10:41 2:55:41
Flear-dp-Lls 3:05:15 8:05:15
Pronto 3:24:550 3:14:03
Phoenicia : 3:28:28- 3:18:26
d& ss B— • \u25a0 -..-\u25a0'.-"-\u25a0. . - \u25a0
N > va .3:00:09 2;50:()0
Mar * ':: '3:OR:S2 2:55:52
Atnigo 2:59:47 2:58:47
White Heather. 3:12:38 3:06:36
M<S^n CT..........:...C T.... ......:... 2:50:42 2:23:42
\cplT 2:36:54 2:26:54
Challenger / 2:Z«i:4S 2:25:4S
Mar»ha- 2:43:13 2:30:13
ChlFpa - 2:50:10 2:38:10
Rugby Gossip
Walter Camp will address the pupils afßel
mont academy tomorrow afternoon. Belraont
if on<» of the few schools still plsylng tbelntPr
collegiate pa me. Camp coached the Be.lmont
team <>n several occasions in IS9I when he was
b*-ad coach at th<» Stanford university.
• "\u25a0 • -• • .
Amos Elliott, the California varsity j five
elchths bark, who has hwn taking the rest
cure for tho last two .w^ks. will ; report for
practice, again tomorrow afternoon.
Cnacb Presley has add*>d" Gard- and Rnlwrts
dt the freshman squad -to the original rubbing
squad, which now numbers 1!2 players.
Not one 'of "the meu ' forming thp California
freßhinan team that opened- hostilities against
the Santa Clara ' team on * Saturday bad ever
played Uugby previous to going to- the univer
sity. \u0084
TV! .first frame of the \u25a0 Bay Counties
\u25a0Rugby championship Ik to lie.playwl on Wednes
day afternoon between the • Oakland' and-Mis
sion high schools at Oakland. . \u25a0
i HAVANA. Monday, Sept. 26.—Prelim
inary > work on the wreck of the Maine
continues under the direction of Cap
tain Ferguson of the United tSates, en
gineer; corps, j who , has. a force of
American divers and drillers at Iwork
examining the bottom in ". the?immedi
ate vicinity, of the ;. wreck. 1 ,-.- FYom ; the
result of borings already made itiap
pears that the wreck has settled com
paratively' little since the night of : the
disaster.' ' :
Motor Boats Race in
Bay Aquatic Carnival
Teal, dinner of class 3'motor boat race at Tiburon yesterday.
I Position and Boat *_• Start \u25a0 Finish . Elapsed Time
ljß. &r S 10:08:00 11:17:16 ' Ih. 17 mm. 8 sec.
21Glory 10:44:09 Il:17:17> . -33 mm. liw,
3 Idler 10:13:34 11:18:16 Ih. 3 mm. 42 sec. •
• 4|Wanderer ; ". . 10:24:22 11:18:44 54 mm. 22 sec. .
sjPollywos 10:13:04 11:18:48 Ih. 5 mm. 44. sec.
6Terrapin .* 10:C0:C0 11:20:11 Ih. 20 mm. 11 Bee.
7Chiauita .' 10:14:59 11:20:13 Ih. 6 mm. 14 »cc.
8 Alsoran .' 10:42:09 11:21:47 39 mm. 38 sec.
9 VilUin 10:13:34 11:21:56 . Ih. 8 mm. 21 sec.
10 Lonore 10:00:22 11:24:02 1 h. 23 mm. 40 sec.
11 Marguerite 10:17:36, 11:26:30 Ih. 8 mm. 44 sec.
llGlory 1:14:59 1:45:48 30 mm. 49 sec.
2'Alsoran .:.. 1:10:59 Did not finish
1 Bonnie D00n... .... 1:00:09 1:43:38 43 mm. 29 sec.
2 Pollywog- 12:44:24 1:46:10 Ih. 1 mm. 46 sec.
3Wanderer 12:55:12 1:48:17 , 53 mm. 6 sec. .
4iVillain .- 12:44:24 1:48:36 Ih. 4 mm. 12 sec.
'\u25a0'. ':.„ \u25a0:/, ' SMALL BOATS
liTeal \u0084 12:30:00 1:41:15 1 h. 11 mm. 15 sec. -
2|Ray 12:35:54 1:41:47 Ih. 5 mm. 63 sec.
3ildler v 12:44j24. ~, 1:48:20;-, 1-h. Tl mm. 56 sec.-.
4! Stork ......:.:.-. 12:20:00 ' 1:42:60 Ih. 22 mm. SO sec. •
'5!B. Se S .; * . 12:31:10- 1:44:52 1-h. 13 mm. 42 sec. :
6CliiquiU 12:45:49 1:47:12. Ih. 1 mm. 23 »cc. -
7 Terrapin 12:30:50. l.h. 17 mm. . \u25a0--•
B|Rosahnd 12:36:58 . 1:44:18 Ih. 7 mm. 20 sec.
.9!Vikins 12:31:10 ' 1:42:45 Ih. 11 mm. 35 sec.
' lOiMarguerite 12:45:49 1:50:11 1 h. , 4 mm. 22 sec.
Turned Out of P. A. A., Bay
Counties League Threatens
to Make Fight
Although denied- membership in the
Pacific athletic association, the Bay
Counties soccer league will not grace
fully expire, as it was expected to do.
William R. Stewart, who .has, been
guiding the destinies of the new or
ganization, said yesterday that he
,would force the amateur body to grant
the league membership, as the mem
bers of the clubs comprising the Bay
Counties soccer league were b'ona fide
amateurs and entitled Jo all the privi
leges of the amateur union.
"The Bay Counties soccer league is
here' to stay," said Stewart yesterday,
"and no" matter, what faction the Pa
cific athletic association takes' we will
go through with our schedule this sea
son. The league was admitted to mem
bership in' the amateur association back
in July. \u25a0 but at a subsequent meeting
we were expelled, fof what reason I
know not. I' understand that the ma
jority of the delegates did not vote on
the matter, not knowing the circum
stances, but ' when we next apply. for
membership ,I . think :. our . application
will be granted. If we are riot al
lowed to join the Pacific' athletic asso
ciation , we Will play soccer; anyhow,
and as we have our cups and! medals
already purchased /we have "fewer
troubles than :. the" other 'fellows. I
want to say that we are. first, last, and
all. the time a strictly amateur, or
ganization." \u25a0 : , ' f \u0084.".'
With a membership of nine clubs; the
California league looks forward to' a
successful, season. With the Pastimes
and Stanford teams in. the field and. the
prospects of another- club being formed
in Oakland "the/teams will have a long
schedule to, fill. . • . ' .
Secretary Edgar Pomeroy of the Bar
barians, of course, has the largest num
ber of, players signed up.. :
The Independents' and .Thistles have
lost a number of .their old players,
while the , Vampires will present a
changed lineup. The Burns club has
not- organized, yet., and; the United
Caledonians and Albion, Rovers belong
tq; the Bay Counties, league. \u25a0
Scottish Bowlers Play
Off Tournament
.\u0084* • . • • \u25a0 -. " _\u25a0 * , \u25a0 * \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
Many- tournament \u25a0 matches were
played., by v the" Scottish bowlers at
Golden Gate \ park Saturday.; . Rev.' A.'
C. ,Bane furnished; the; surprise of '\u0084 the
day; when he took tho 'measure -of 'the
veteran" James Gray; one of 1 the strong
est bowlers /in the ' city. \ They' ; met .in
the scratch .. singles tournament. ; * and
Gray was beaten by the one-sided score
of 2i; to 12.
The* other matches played resulted as
.follows: \u25a0_' - '.'; \u25a0..« \u25a0-:'-,•"\u25a0 y.t;i;
r Handicap; singles— W. P. 1 Higgpnbothanj'j,<2)
beat-C 'Irons- 13).-' 21 — 11;, J.- Stott -beat
J. G.'. Jones (3), : 21— 13; ;J. C. Moffatt beat F.
Blair, 21— 18. ... v.--."- \u25a0.;'.-.-.• : \u25a0 -. \u25a0 . ..- \u25a0-.••'.-.
Scratch Mngles— T.. -Millar boat It. Mann, -21—
17: C. Mclnnls beat;P. O'Brien.* 21— -6. - •:
Dewar \u25a0prize tournament— Judge \u25a0' Shaw
beat:li.:Mann (St.- 21—15: B. Kltor- I4).bcat J.
Stott -tO).^ 21— 11;* R:*j Jlaan . - (3 1 -.; beat ' J. r S.
Webster (scratch), 21— 1«. :
;\. •:.,-• ;^ •:.\u25a0:.\u25a0 .•.*\u25a0« •-\u25a0 - '\u25a0: -.-\u25a0.- ..-.'.'. . \u25a0 -.;..•(.\u25a0?*\u25a0:
C.H. Lawson Wins CfockerlCup
in Sa turday Tourney, at .
• Country Club^ .
The third Saturday tournament for
the Crocker cup was won by C. H.
Lawson on the links of the San Fran
cisco golf and country club \at Ingle
side. The first and second. tournaments
were won respectively by C. D. Whyte
and H. .C. Golcher. '
The first cup put up for the Saturday
handicap medal play, touraments, was
given by Vincent 'Whitney., and won
three times by Why te. Xo player has
as yet won the Crocker cup twice.
Nineteen of the best players "in. the
club participated Saturday. ' Lawson*s
net, score of, 72 wa3 two better than
his nearest namely George
Kelham.and W. S. Berry. The last
mentioned pair tied at 74 and divided
the balls between them.. Xo less than
five contestants tied for fourth place
with scores of 77. . - '
Lawson' played with a handicap of
I>. his gross score being SI, which was
one of the best cards turned in. CD.
Whyte, playing with a handicap. of -plus
2. made the best gross score of the day.
His score -was 75, which was two bet
ter than thoso made, by Douglas Grant
and Vincent Whitney, both of whom
played from scratch. •
The scores follow: . , ...
Player— 1 ; " <;ro&s Handicap- Net
C. II. : Ln vvson SI 9 \u25a0 ' 72
George ~ Krlham fCi . . ft 74
W. S. Kprrj 94" 20 74
H. .Tpnk1ii5.... ."...: '97 ' 20 77
J. Thome...:.-......'.... 1 ... 07 : . itt) 77
H. ijind.Jr (\u0084... <i"r, • 2(> 77
V. : Whitney \u25a0-->',- scratch 77
I>. Grant 77' scratch 77
r>r. Frfflprtcks. 84 plus 2 . . Sfi
CD. .Whyte ..\.~ 75- plus 2 77
.A. A. -. CnthbortFon 70 . 2. ' 77
F. H. '-Benver fMI •) . jjj
S. S. Lllley... / ... Xi s Si
A. W00d5...: .'.:... : f>!> 14 ' S5
IJ. Corbet.'.: :.. ,04~ 14 ".80
A. . J v Oncn 87 S .79
A.-B. Bplinß .- \u25a0 S3 \u00843 , fiji
A. Field . • f<o Vi ' 7S
Bremer Breaks Record at
Schuetzen Park
Shooting in the California s'buetzpn club
matches at .Schuetzen park yesterday. Frank H.
Bremer broke the year's record, for the, highest
consecutive 10 shot score. Bremer. also . took
first place on -the , competitive ' target with a
handicap of three points, by scoring: 73-72 out
Of -J£, la twn suwesslv f wore*. ,-F.. O. Brattot.
w« his nparest competitor, with -71 rings to his
credit. \u25a0\u25a0--.- \u25a0 .' ".,.'-,•\u25a0'.;..-..•;'\u25a0. .---.
The day's honors In : the • bullseve ; contest : re
.Fulted in a- victory /for John Boiler. - who aimed
hts'fliot within an eljrhth of , an inch from the
•center, thereby capturing, first -place v out of 50
contestants. • - \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ; - \u25a0• --
\u25a0.Following were the '- scores :&ȣ
Competition, target — F. .H. Bremer, 73.72 F.
O. Bratton 71, F. A.i Garrahrant 70. \u25a0 rt. Fr'icke
70. • M. ( Blaßse 70, F. J. Povey 70. George : Patt
berg 69, W. G. Hafifinan fiß, L. Wllle 68 T
Boiler «7,J. -A.- Sutter -6fi. A. -Hennings' 66/
Charles Ott 66. J. Utschlg «4. G. ft. Hauser 63
F. H. Garnlc 64. A. Rahwyler 63. T. J. Carroli
62. F. Tape 60.
\u25a0 Medal scores, two ' scores of slO shots— -First
champion class, W. F.Blasse. 216. : 216. Second
champion olass. F. H. Bremer, 1 228; 210' W O
Hoffnurn. 226, 22.".:, R.J.. Strecker, 210, 196- M*
F". Blasfif, 209.' First clasß, (i. \. Pattberg \u25a0 203
Third class. J. - Boiler,- 213, ;W2: -F.' Muehlobach.
212.-IS4: U-. Hanser. 211, 182;. C. .. 8.. Morris,
206;. n.- Stettin. 205, 172; F. O. Bertelspn 205
ISO; A. D. Strpeker.:l97, 1KO; J. A. Sutter -103
183; <\ . Baclininn." im, 170:: Charles, Ott., 107
173: Dr. S.B. I.j-on;i79, 141;. F. Garnie. ,176:
\u25a0A. Bprtelsnn;; 175, 152; A. Henninjrs.: 173,, no.
\u25a0-\u25a0..'• Bullsf-ye shoot, California • schnrtzen club— J *
Boiler ltO. H. J. Strocker 180. A. Heunlngs 219,
C. Ott 310. F.:H. Garni»-;323, A: H..Pape.326
F.«). Bratton 3.".2.. J. C. Waller :59S.jf Ko
landPr,4o7. H. Stettin 501.. G. A. Pattbergs37,
M.; Blass*- 551. F. H. Bremer 607. <J. \u25a0 Leuteneg
ner 723, /J. ;Frel< 742, W. (i. Hoffman- 772" A.
Bertelcpn 773. W. F. . Rlassc 80.1, .' F.* Muchlebaeb
822. -A. yon Wyl WI. : F. A.-.Garrabrandt 883. A
nintprrtan 1.015. W; Khrenpliort 1.043,. V. \u25a0\u25a0- A."
Kuhls 1,13rt. -L. Wiile -1.165j C. Bachman 1,289
H. Scliroeder .1 .30.". C. Morris 1.307, -F. Povey!
1,346, >1j. Hauser- 1.415.'. Cadets — E. SutterD74
B.l'oUli 1,400. > • - . ,
Southern" Pacific. Himter«» > Train
Established October 1:1 between v San
Francisco: and Jose > via Alviso.
Southbound i leaves - Southern*' Pacific
ferry, depot -Saturdays ' ;only. ,at";9:4o
p. ni.;, c northbound -leaves - San 'Jose
Sundays- only at<_ s:3o/ p." m.; -arriving
San Francisco 7:48;: p. Sm.-K, See agents
Southern-Pacific. Ticket offices. Palace
hotel. - Flood; building, : Market/ street
ferry depot. -Broadway ; and
streets Oakland. ' . ,J, J \u0084 •
JSBiOOO'FIRE AT JET— Cbenjkee/; Okla.; . Oct. ; 2.
Fire. "destroyed .V the 'port lon-, of* Jet;
'••"near here,; till* afternoon.*; .Vhigb wind "fanned
- the s ' (lames,- which '-did; approximately^ |C 5,000
Independents, Pastimes and: the
Vampires Returned Winners
, in Initial Games
The first Sunday, games- in the series
of the California football 'league were
played yesterday .and the results were
pretty 'much as expected. •
~. Only a handful - of ., spectators - gath
ered at the "Grove""-, street ball grounds
in Oakland; to, see; the Independents and
Barbarians indulge in.^ a little light ex
ercise. . ( The Indies twon by a'. : score of
5 .to: 1 : after' an uninteresting game.
The - Barbs were handicapped- by th^
absenceof a number of their best play
ers,'"':. rviyo are .; on the injured- list
through their -indulgence in Rugby.'-;.
The Barbarians opened promisingly,
but.it was apparent' after the, game had
progressed a few minutes that the'ln
dies had. their, number. Little Highett
on the extreme^ left- wing caused the
Hornet defense no end of trouble, and
the first goal was the result of a clever
center, by: the little fellow, which was
converted into a goal by Mathewson.
Bartlett of the Barbs and Guild of the
Indies traveled Ja : fast two rounds .to
a draw in the middle of thisperiod.
The second half was all In favor of
the" lndependents and they addfed .four
more goals, Mathewson, Fa y, : Hlg&ett
and'Guild;each breaking into. the lime
light with a shot that told. The Barbs*
lone point;was;acciuired by Phillips.'
The. teams:
Independent* — Mcßride. - Panter. J. Sontar, W.
Sontar. Anderson. McGran. Bremmer, Fay,!
Matheirdon: Guild and Hljthett.
Barbarians — Dnquesne, Holm. ' Bartlett, Slater,
MrCaskle, Pomeroy, ! West, Rust, ' McDougal,
Best and PhHlip«".
Referee— Phil John. .
The Pastimes scored an easy victory
over the T.histles/at the 'Alameda
grounds, the -final score being 4 to 0.
The Pastime team- was composed most
ly 'of : former members of the -Albion
Rovers. ; / ' ' .' V. .
' For the first 15 minutes the Pastimes
had a little the better, of. the play, but
the Thistles came back strong and. held
the upper' hand for the balance of this
period. There was no scoring, at the
interval. . , , '. \u25a0"\u25a0 . .
The -Patimes \u25a0 got busy after the re
sumption .of hostilities and. Welsh
scored with a fast. 1 low shot after five
minutes. Ten minutes later the. same
player found the net with a high shot,
which completely fooled the goal keep
er, and a little later when Grant had
mlskicked- and placed the ball In. front
of his own goal James made the right
connections and the Pastimes were
three to the. good." James added an
other before the finish. The teams:
Pastimes—Crowley. Anderson, Selkirk, Harris,
Mizen. McKiern»b, .Walters, Airey, t . James,
Welsh and Pike. " ' .
Thistles— McKiernon. Grant. Pnncan#on,- John
Mclntyre. Christie. Ward. Carswell. Morrison,
Scott. "'Constable and .James Mclntyre. .
Referee — Wardlaw.
The Vampires defeated the Presidio
soldiers 4 to 0 at/the Presidio grounds.
The Vamps : played * with 10 men
throughout -the game. The soldiers
made, a good . showing, considering that
the -team; was weakened /through the
absence -of three players.
Soldier Eleven Rooted
By Brooklyns
The 1 Brooklyn club?s : . football eleven
scored an easy victory, over the army
team from Fort iMiley. yesterday after
noon at the Presidio athletic grounds.
The club team gave a good exhibition
of the new 'rules. Walter Camp was
an . interested spectator and -held the
attentionof both players and spectators
between quarters.
The average weight of the soldiers
was "162. '\u25a0'pounds, •'\u25a0while'. the .Brooklyns
were seven»pounds lighter. In the first
quarter^Daly scored, a touchdown on a
straight buck" which. Gebhardt failed .to
convert. ..After, a.'. series of forward
passes Isaacs bucked over the line for
the second score, to which Gebhardt
added- another point. 1 •
In' the latter 'part of ' this -quarter
Gebhardt kicked a. goal.from placement
at 30 yards, making.the score 14 . to 0.
In the sepond, quarter Flatley- carried
over a forward pass 'and in the third
McHugh. did likewise," making, the, final
score 24 to 0. \u25a0 Not%intll the last quar
ter. wer.e> the. soldiers able to solve the
forward 11 passes "and stop the scoring
of the ciiibmen. The 'lineup:
Brooklyn -. Position \u25a0 Fort Miley.
Shroeder ...Left end...... Adams
I Pc Vaul V.Left_ tackle.. '....Nelson
McLaughlln. .Left , guard 5 ....... . .. .Gordon
Scbramm.-. Center.. .:.. '. . .Boyd
Butler... ...:'.. Right guard.. ....'.. .Nunan
Gebhardt:..'.. Rlcht tackle Beck
Cerf . . . . .'. . .-. ..... . .RlKht end ! .De Bechio
Flatley. V : .Quarter. .."...".... .Sbof
Paly. '• - '• -Fu11. ... . . 1 . . .Downpr
l«s «<•<< . .;.;...... -•- Right - - half. Bailey
McHurJi. . ......: . . -Left half. . . . . . . . : . .Caretti
Referee — Newton. ; . . . • • \u25a0
Amateur Billiardists
Open Tourney
- The third semiannual tournament for
the class. B amateur, 14|2-balk'line.bil
liard championship of the" Pacific coast
will >pen .tonight at "Chick" Wright's
billiard theater in;Elliß. street. ' :
-.The trophy offered by a large billiard
table: manufacturer, to th*e. player-win
ning "three tourneys.' together wfth J155
in'prizes for the winner, the place man
and to -the "players making the "best
general average ;and the highest run;
will be an inducement to thereight
players \u25a0 who have filed their entries jto
put up some high ;class cue. work. ; B.
Lehher: and R. B. jßriiner,j ßriiner, two of ;the
hien ; in -the ;to'umament,i already have
one'lap to their credit: . :.
• Following are the entries:
E." I-enner~ * ' ' • |r>r. O. B. Burns
R. -B. Bruner •• \u25a0 F. 1 - Coffin.-- , -^
B. Engllsh\ s A. v Solomon
It. Chapman' .. |M. DaTowt > ? •
BONAPAETE - TO' HJSTTBE-^Philadelphia, Oct.
\u25a02.— Having served as president of the national
''municipal league for seven years,' Charles J.
-'\u25a0"\u25a0 Bonaparte.- ? attorney rtjeeneral . of, the . United
States . under " President ; Roopevelt. annoaoced
that he will retire- from .the, office. His sne
ceßsor will be'cliosenby the league November
Chinese Hcrh^picialist-
? Np^ ; 1514 & Farf-eil < St.^
'. . . \u0084 .' ' • — -Our-famouß Chinese herbs
„.,»,-;:. _, will positively cure all die"
. eases of Jthe Wood or skin.
JB B| all nervous affections, all
\u25a0 \u25a0 prlntc and chronic diseases
of both, ses«s. p . all disor-
'Ws^i'^" \u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0"\u25a0Sdered.-" condition*/ of -the
"\u25a0•\u25a0^^;~i^^«"TjTer, -\u25a0 Lungs. .. Stomach,'
\u25a0M CSm 'ftjP \ Kidneys. Bladder and . Fe-
JD OTi siv.V'M male Trooblej.-All ailments,
W \u25a0> \:.M of nature, success-
jSLSsn foll y cured. by the wonder-
\u#Hf ; ful. herbs. ...
iSfefl^f Cancer, Appendicitis
\u25a0 'Wvnr*d ' without >_ the use
A^HL. of knife. , ": '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
"^^\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0^^ Patients treated and cured
" \u25a0••//•'\u25a0• in'.i,tbe!r.-: own .home— send
'."; '• - . . .-"for symptom blank.-- .'v,
lOf Bee ": hours— lo \u25a0 to ' 12 ; m.% '• 2 ; to 8 ' p. ' m. ;
Sunday."!lo a.^m.Tto 3;p,'iß..>><'.^.'V: i ';
American lady attendant.. Consultation • free.
.-:\u25a0 \u25a0:::*\u25a0--\u25a0:.\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 BIRTHS
NETINABER^-In this city. , October 2. 1910. ; to
the. wife of E. W. . Neanaber. a daughter. . .
.;,.:. ; {MARRIAGES
BOOXB— OKK— In - this city. October 2. 1910. ,\>r
Drr . WlHlrfh) Carey Bailey, at the First Chris-
. tian .church.'. Ralph D. Boonei and . Daisy C.
Oke, -both of this city. «. \u25a0 \u0084 ,
: DEATHS :^M: \u25a0 T r
Astorg. Moreelin ... 50rMct)otnj«ll, James P- \u25a0 J
Bassett. James. C. . . C6 : McGowan.. Mary SO
Bwk, ;Thomas ....: — McMahon. -Geor&e T..—
Bessing." Loreye ;.'. 52 ; Mathewsoo. James... 80
Bluett, Susan .F..... BS. Morton. Ma» . ;• —
Bogen. William .... 64 O'Connor, Nora *>3
Bowen. Jdhn ..:-... 49 Ol»en (Infant*
Bragdon; . Margaret. .25* Robbins, Josephine E5.
Brennan, John E....— Rogem. CattJ^ne • F. 44
BVindschu. Charles .. 6S Rose. Henrietta M.. 31
Coffey, Joseph F-.. — Schroder. Mary •-••\u25a0 ~
De»L« Cmi (Infant) Sefton, Anthony W....0
De%Vere.« Ge0rge. ..,40 Small ;...(lnfant>
Drrfns. Abraham .. 5 Stradllng. JLafayette. 34
Elliot. Mrs. E..... 63 Thomas. WilUam .. «O
Greene.' R*na ...'.: — Thompson; Charles.. 49
Haley. Bartholomew 4S Tolch. Maurtclo . . . 34
Harder. Claudlna ;.. 24" Yon Bremen. Henry 75
Hoßtje, Alexander C. 10 ; Ward. Honora 5....K9
JudV. Annie . . . . . . .75' Wilkinson. > Martha.. l>
Kanffmann; Karl . . 51 ,. White, Caroline \u0084. .3
I»ewe, Joseph ...... 47 \u25a0
ASTORC^LTItbIs cltyj September SO 1910,
Moreelin. belored brother of Hyppotlte anu
Alphonse Aster*. - and. uncle of Mr. \u25a0 and JI».
T. Delbexand Mr. and Mrs. F. % AlUglno, and
coniiii of Mr.- and Mrs. Camfle Mallhebnan. a
natlre of France, aged 59 years and 6 mMW.
" - Friends md ' •cqnainttncen are respectfully
inrited to- attend the funeral perrices today
• (Monday). October 3. 1010. at 9 o'clock a. m.,
at 1 ; bis late . residence. . 160G L«gnna street
thence to French chnrcb. • wbere a m«« »» >
•be'sald for the repose of hissoal. - Intertnent
: Holy. Cross cemetery. , % . : . * '
BABSETT— In this city. October 1., 1910.* Jimes
' C. Bassett, dearlr beloTed husband of \lci:
Bassett. and loring father of Margaret Gro«so.
a^natlre of , Trlnce, Edward Island, Canada,
'aged 66- years. > : • \u25a0 \u25a0'-. - -.'.j«
The funeral? serTices- will take place today
(Monday), October 3. 1910. at l:o,0 «>/l^«
. p.>-m., at bis. late residence, 3624 Eighteenth
street. ! Interment Motintala View cemetery.
Oakland. "~
BECK— In "Folsom.; Cal.. October -2.^910.
•Thomas, "dearly • bclored bu«band-of - Emllene
Beck, and loving father of William A. Newton
' and Minnie Beck and Mrs. U.B. Parrlsa, Mrs.
W. H. Rellly-and Mm. F. W.Bcole.
Frtends and acquaintances are respectrnay
inTlted to attend the funeral serrices Wednes-
day. October 5, 1910, at 1 o'clock p. m., at
Watsonrille. r \u25a0
BEBSI}rG— In this city," October 2, 1910. Loreye
belored husband, of Catherine Besslng. and
\u25a0lOTlng father of Maria. Joe, Jlmmie. Loreye.
Frank ; and Willie Besning. and brother _of
Joseph J.. Benslng and the late Marie Gels»-
berjter and Kate Zwyek, a natWe of Ger-
many. | tgtd 52 yeari.
BLTTETT— InthIa city. October 1, l»10. Sa?an
F.. belored wife of John Bluett, a natiTe. of
New Tork. aged S9 years- (Virginia City
papers please ' copy. )' ' '
The funeral will take -place today (Mon-
day), at 10 a. m., from the Little Sisters of
the Poor, Fourth -avenue and Lake street. . In-
terment Holy Cross cemetery.
BOGEN— In San Jo»e.' Cal.. September 23, 1810.
William, belored hn«band of Elizabeth Bogen,
and : father ' of Wiljiam C. and. Harry. W.
Bogen, a natire of Germany, aged 64 years
and SO days.- ' \u25a0'
Friends and acquaintances are re*pectroll7
inrlted to attend the funeral today - 1 (Mon-
day); October 3;- at 2 o'clock p. m.. from King
Solomon's temple, Fillmore street near Sutt»r,
under the. auspices of Excelsior lodge No. 168,
\u25a0F.& A. M. Crematioa Odd Fellows' ceme-
tery. Please omit flowers. -
BOWEN— In this city.- September 30. 1910. John
Bowen. belored brother of Mrs. Anna Lacranr
' of StlTer I City. ' Ner., \u25a0 and Timothy E. Bowen
and Mrs. J. N. Drummond of Oakland, a na-
tive of Boston, Mass., aged 49 years 2 months
and 26 days. .....
- Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
inVlted to attend the 1 funeral today (M«m-
d»y\, \u25a0 October 3, 1910. at 10 o'cloqk a. m..
from the chapel of Julius S. Godeau. 41 Van
Nesg'avenue. . Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
BRAGDON— In this city. October 2. 1910, Mar-
garet, "beloved wife of Edwin B. Bragdon. . and
- mother of Elleanore Brasdon. and daughter of
Ellen 'and'tbe Iat«» Daniel HealT. and sister of
Thomas. Henry. Sadie and Nellie Healy and
Mrs. Nora Podesta. Mrs. Mary Shorton and
Mr?. Fred Roberts, a~ native of San Francisco,
aged 2S years. £> • \u25a0 -
BRXNNANr-^ln-this ,cjty., September 30. 1910.
John -Edward, beloved - husband ,of Catherine
Brennan. and- loTlng father of Irene, Ger-
. trade. I«abell«. and Francis Brennan, a natiTe
of County Oalwgy. Ireland:
Friends, and acquaintances are ' respectfully
inTlted to attend the ..funeral' today. (Mon-
day). October 3. from hi* late residence. 12
Vk-ksburg street, thence to St. James rhnrcb.
where a requiem high mass will be celebrated
for the repose, of his soul, commencing at 9
o'clock a.- m. Interment • Holy Cross cemetery.
. COURT YERBA BCEXA'XO. 013. 1..0..F-'
— Officers and /nembers: You are hereby no-
\u25a0 tilled "to attend ' the' fnneral of our late
brother. J. E. Br^nnan. today VMonday).
at S o'clock a. m., from his late residence, 12
Vlcksburc street. By order =•\u25a0?,.* ;';
are requested to "attend the funeral of John
Edward Brennan. today \u25a0\u25a0 <Mrmday>. - from
his late residence. 12 Vloksbunc street, thence
to St. James church.- Interment Holy Cross
cemetery.. . •-" .'\u25a0; -^<
BXTNDSCHtr— In this city. September 30. 1910,
Charles, beloved husband of Francisca Bund-
schu. and father" of Alma. Carl. Walter. Rn-
dolph and Ralph Bnndschu and Mrs. R. M.
Sims." a "natiTe of Mannhela. Germany, aged
68. -years'. . . . .
'..\u25a0 Services will- be held today (Monday),
morning." at 11 fc'clock.'in the chapel of the
Odd Fellows' crematory..
COFTEY— ln' this city;." October I. 1910. Joseph
-F.. son of -Mary and jth« late John Coffey. and
father of Mrs. Edward O'Day, and brother of
J. W.. H. E.. A. ir. Dr. W. 8...L. J.. Mary
and Helen Coffey. a native of San Francisco.
The funeral will take place tomorrow (Toe*-
da.v>. at, 8:30 o'clock .a. m.. from .his late
5 residence, llfgl Valencia utreet, thence to St.
James "church. Twenty-third and ' : Guerrero
streets. Mass at 9 a. m. .Interment Holj
Cross cemetery, by electric; fnneral car from
Twenty -eighth and Valencia streets.
DELACRUZ — In this city. September 23. 1910.
Irene Mary, infant daughter- of Marino and
Mary De la' Cruz. a native of San Fraaclsco.
, Cat./ aged 2t days. '\u25a0 \u25a0: - * •: \u25a0 ••
The fnneral will take " place • today (Mon-
day), at 10 o'clock a.. m.. from the parlors of
J.vC." O'Connor A Co.. 770 Turk street. Inter-
- ment' Holy Cross cemetery. , ,
DE.VEBE— ln'.this city/October 1. 1910. Georg*.
dearlj» • beloTed husband of • Beatrice ' C. • De
Vere. a native of Canada, aged 40 years.
.Friends, and" acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tu*s>-
day): October 4. 1910. at-S:l."> «. m.. from
the.. parlors of J.J.Crowly & Co.. «92 .Va-
lencia street - between Seventeenth and Elgt>-
• teenth/. thence; to "St.- Teresa's church. Nine-
teenth -and Tennessee streets. 'where a r*qulem
high mass will be celebrated for the repose of
bis. soul, commencing at 9 a. m.' Interment
i Holy -Cross, cemetery. -' . -
DSTrVS^-Abraham. ' Dryfns,' *b«»l«fed sno .of
-Henry and Flora* Dryfus. and brother of
Charles, and: Blanche Dryfus,- aged 5 years 6
months and 7 days. '.'.,.,'
ELLIOT— In, this city. October 2. 1910. Mrs.
Enimogene Elliot, wife of Charles \u25a0W. Ell'.ot.
and mother^of Charles M... Albert. H.- and Wil-
liam E. • Elliot' and Mrs. -.Kent Seymour and
the' late" Warren -Elliot.- aged 8o years and 3
days. ', (Sacramento. Cal. » papers" please copj-.V
i \u25a0 "The funeral services will- be held * tomorrow
(Tuesday).' 'at' 2 o'clock p.Jm., at'tbe.coapel.
of Odd Fellows' \u25a0 crematory. \u25a0" • - . ,
GKEXNE— In .'this' city. September 30. 1810.
. Rroa, belpv»d- -w!fe of Harry Greene, and
daughter of John and- the late - Catherine
, Fghe.r. and sister of Thomas:. John' and Robert
Fahey and Mrs. -Theresa Malonejv a native of
SanlFlrandsco.". 1 " ' ' '
\u0084 The '"funeral ' will ' take plac» \u25a0 today - (Mon-
day). 'at 'the parlors of the Heory J. Gallagher
company. -1314 .Webster ' street, thence, to St.
Mary's cathedral, where a. requiem hleh man
will -be celebrated* for the repose* of . her sonl.
commencing at 9:30 o'clock. Interment Holy
Cross cemetery, bj , electric . funeral car from
Thirteenth and West Mission streets. ",
HALEY— In this 'city. September SO.- 1910. Bar-
tholomew 1t... husband -of the late
Jennie -Haley, "and. son" n< > Bartholomew and
• Rosana -Haley, and brother in law of Mrs. E.
" J.~ Evans -of 1 Alameda * Cul.. ' and .William A.
. Noble, of Salvador, Central America, and C. H.
Noble -of \u25a0- Badaxe.- Mlcb..r a- native of New
Haven." "Conn.." aged "48 'years "1 month" and' l2
• days. : . ,' ;.. "- . <' -\u25a0 ", \u25a0
. ..Frlunds and • acquaintance* -are respectfully
\u25a0 invited to attend the funeral services tomorrow
(Tuesday). October- 4/ 1010. at • 9:30 o'clock
a."-'m".. at .the residence.of:hl«, sister in -law,.
Mr*. | William Noble, 2712 A -Bush street. * In-
terment private. ;,. , ' \u0084 . ; \u25a0
HAHDEB— In tbia elty., October "2." 11*10.. Clan-"
;. dlna,. -beloved \w\te .: e>t Orvllle , V." Harder, a
\u25a0:-'\u25a0 native of Idaho. -aged 24 years. *\u25a0
HOCTXE-r-In'; Spokane. -.Wash"."; September 30.
1910. Alexander C, dearly -beloved son of
' Joseph - Manrlee, and MaryHogne. and iioTlris
brother of Thomas. Joseph and Alice S.
Hogue.'-and ..nephew of- Mrs. Simmons.- Mls«
\u25a0 Torrens.-and : Thomas MaUon," a native, of ; San*
'- Francisco, ; aged:l9, years '7. months and *5- days.
JTTDGE— In this city.* September 30. 1810. Annlie.
' dearly ' beloved wire of : the : late John Judge,
and • devoted* mother *of ' James Oately, - Mrs.
- Annie rTlmby;v^ Mrs. .'.William McDonald and
r. Mrs.. F. . Pelletier; a. native of County Boscom-
. mon, : Ireland,- aged .75* years. . _ •
\u0084 ', Frlenda " and ; acquaintances ' are . reapectfnny
Invited. .to attend- the -funeral- today (Mon-
day)., at 8:45' a.-: in.;' from -the parlors of; Suhr
&iWleboldt..l3Bs& i WIeboldt..l385 Valencia street, near
Twenty-flfth, .thence -to St.' -Teresa's" chnrcb.'
where a requiem "high" mass will be celebrated
-" for.. the* repose of her; souL. commencing at 0:30
a. tn. . Interment (strictly private) Holy Cross
. . .' cemetery. r-y« > rV^.^^SEj>li!ll||jjS!SsWM - \u25a0. - .
KAXTFTtUXV— In this . city. -October -2. 1910.
-vKarl-Kauffmann,'- a native. 'of ."Alsace-Lorraine,
aged'.sl years. -.. :f: f \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 •,\u25a0"..,' .-..-,, .
LdEWE-i In ' this city, . September SO. 1910.' Jo-
y. seph'.Loewe, a aatlre of Berlin, Germany, aged
- 4Z years. ;.;-..-.:-..;.. ... • •. •
\u25a0 \u25a0 • "Friends"- and- acquaintances "are ' respectfnlly
\u25a0:-'\u25a0 inTfted ; to : 'attend . the ". funeral today (Moo-
day), at 11 a. m., from the parlor* of H. V.
Snhr & Co.. 2919 Mlsmod str«et between
Twenty-flfth and -Twenty-sixth.- Interment
*- Cypress \u25a0 Lawn cemetery.
McDOjrjrZLL-lln this city, September 30. Jam**
P.. dearly beloved son of James and Mary
McDonnell, and brother of Margaret McDon-
nell, a native Qf San Francisco, Cal.. aged I
year 10 months and 2 days.
The fiinerat \u25a0 will take place today (Mon-
day).' at 11 o'clock a. m.. from the residence
of hfs_parents. 412« Twentieth street, lnter-
.ment Holy Cross cemetery.
MoGOWAN— In this elty. October 2. 1910. Mary
McGowan. lOTing at*ter of Mrs. Sarah Harnev
and the late Ann Smart, a native "f Ireland,
.aged. SO. year*. (Brooklyn, N. T.. papers
please copy. > ' • . .
Friends and acquaintances are respectfnU?
inTlted to attend the fnneral tomorrow (Tue*-
day). October 4, at S:3O a. m.. from her latn
r»«ldence. 410G Twenty-flrst street, thence M
Church of the Holy Uedemmer. Diamond an«l
Eightfenth streets, where a roqoiem nsh
ma*s will be celebrated for the repose of ! her
i soul, commencing at 9a. m. Interment Holy
Cross cemetery, by funeral car from \alencla
; and Twenty-eighth streets.
\ McMAHOiT— In tbN city. October 2. 1910. at his
lat«s. ro^ldence. .V>lA Dolores street. George T
McMahnn. dearly beloTed hucband of ArtdK*
I Richards > McMahon. a native of Boston.
MATHEWSON— In Oakland. September tS. Wt".
James McLealn. dearly belied husband of tne
late Chrlwtin*. Mathewson. and father of Mr*.
W. H. M«nrath and Mr*. C. TVorkover. anrt
brother of Peter Mathewson. a native «f Scot-
land, aged SO years 11 months and 3 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to atfnd the funeral service* today.
(Monday). October 3. 1910. at 2 o'clock P-" «»\u25a0;
\u25a0 t the parlors of Grant V. Miller. IW-U**«
East Fourteenth street corner of Twenty-
fourth % avenue. East Oakland. Jnterment
Evergreen cemetery.
MORTON— In Berkeley. October 1. 1910. Mj«
Sewall. beloved wife of William - tt. "Morton,
and daughrer of Rev. T. K. Noble. and
mother of Herbert S,' Morton and Mrs. J. S.
Webster Jr. and William R. Morton Jr.
Funeral private.
O'CONNOS— Ia this dty. September 29. 191 P.
Nora, beloved sister of the lat« Margaret
O'Connor, a native of County Kerry. Ireland.
aged 65 years.
The funeral will take place today (Mon-
day), at. 8:15 oVlock a. m., from th« parlor*
of J. C. O'Connor & Co.. «7» Turk street,
thence to St. Vincent de Paul's church, where
a requiem mass will be said frvr the repose of
her soul, commencing at 9 o'clock a. m. In-
terment Holy Cross cemetery.
OLSEN— In this city. October 2. mtO. I>«rothy.
beloved daughter of John and Ethel Olsen. a
native of San Francisco., aged 4 months and 3
EOBBTNS— In this city. October 1. 1910. Joseph-
ine E-. beloved wife of the late Samuel nub-
bins, and loving mother cf Mrs. Lottie Schnei-
der and Samuel. Louis. Josephine and Albert
Robbins. and »Ister of Joseph and George I.a-
"vombe. a native of San Francls*ct>, Cal.. aged
57 years 4 months and 21 days. \u25a0
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow \u2666Tues-
day). October 4. at » a. m.. from her late resi-
dence. 275* Franklin street near Filbert, them"
to St. Vincent d<? Paul's church, corner of Gr«»n
and Sreiner streets, where a requiem mass wJI
be celebrated for the repose of her aonl. cc-m-
•mencing at 9:30 a. m. Interment, Holy Cross
cemetery, by carriage.
ROOEXS-In this city. October 1. 1910. Catn-
arlne Frances, dearly beloved wife of TTdwin
F. Rogers, and devoted mother of William J-.
.Veronica M-. Howard. Frances and Theodor«
Rogers, a Dative of New Yr>rk. age«t 44 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Mon-
day), at S:3O a. m.. from her late residence.
1360 Dolores street near Twenty-seventh,
thence to St. Paul* church, where a requiem
high/ mass- will be celebrated for the repose of
her soul, commencing at !» a. m. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery, by. carriage.
BJDSE— Tn Oakland. October 2. 1!UO. Henrietta
. Mac Rose, wife of Barton J. Rose, and mother
of Charles Barton and Frances Mac Rose, a
native of Berkeley. Ca!., aged 31 years 5
months and 18 days.
\u25a0 Friend* ami acquaintance are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral services Wednes-
day. October 5. 1910, at 2 o'clock p. m.. at
her late residence. 1920 Grove street. Inter-
ment Mountain View cemetery.
SCHBOBZR—Ia this city. October 1. WIO.
Mary, beloved wife of John F. Si-hrnder. am!
mother of Jennie. Howard and Elwin Schroder,
and sister of Samuel. Annie. James and Alfred
Mathews. a native of San Franclsro.
Friends and acquaintance* are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Mon-
day), at 2 o'clock p. tn., from the funeral
parlors of Bunker & Lunt. C*W? M'ssion street
• between Twenty-second and Twenty third. Mis-
sion Masonic temple. Interment private.
BEFTON— In Fltchburg, Alameda county. Cat.
September 30. 1910. Antbooy Wayne Seftoo
• Sr.. beloved father of A. W. Sefton Jr.. Fred
C. Sefton. Ira H. Sefton. Tbonxas G. Set toa
and Royal V. Sefton and Eleanor P. Barkmaa.
a native of Xorwalk. 0.. aged 70 years 10
months and 14 days. A member of San Fran-
cisco Typographical CnlonNo. 21.
Friends and acquaintances are respectf'.:l»y
Invited to attend the fnneral service* today
• Monday). October 3. 1910. at 2 o'clock p. m..
at the chapel of the Oakland crematory, under
the auspices of the typographical union. Rp-
mains at the parlor of D. Andkcr. 225 Twelfth
' street, Oakland.
SMALL — In this . c!ty_ October 1. 1910. Charles
Floyd, beloved son nt Harry F. and Lillian
C. Small, and grandson of Mrs. R. Small ami
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Horwese. a native of San
Francisco, aged 6 months and 12 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today t Mon-
day*, at 1 o'clock p. m.. from the family
resfdence. 1425 Castro street. Interment
Cypress Lawn cemetery.
STRADLINO— In this dty. September 30. 1910.
lAfayetre F. Stradling. beloved husband of
Jessie Hushes Stradling." and- devoted father
of Barbara Stradllng. and son of Emma Strart-
ling, and brother of Lewis R. am! Ada L.
StradUng. a native of Trenton, N- J-. aged 34
years 5 months and 22 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today « Mon-
day), at 1:30 o'clock p. m.. from Golden Gate
Commandery hall. 2135 Sutter street, where
services will be conducted under the auspices
. of Crockett lodge No. 139. F. & A. M. Inter-
ment Woodlawn cemetery, by electric funeral
car from Thirteenth and West Mission streets.
The remains are at the. funerat parlors of the
n. F. Maass company. 1335 Golden Gate ave-
nue near Fillmore street.
THOMAS — In this city. October 2. WlO. Wil-
• liam. dearly beknred husband of Minnie
Thomas, and father of Mrs. Furie Reffetto. a
native, of England, aged W> years and 1 day.
(Virginia City, Nev.. papers please copy.>
Friends and ! acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow iTues-
day>,at 2 p. m.. from hi* late residence. 9SO
Fifth avenue. South San Francisco. Interment
.Mount Olivet cemetery. t>y carriage.
THOMPSON— In this city. October 1. 1010.
Charles Thompson, a native of Goteborg. Swe-
den, -aged 4ft years 7 months and 14 days.
TOICH In this dty. October 2. IJUO. Jlauriclo.
. dearly beloved husband of " Annie Tolch. and
10-ring father of Manriclo Tolch. and brother
Of Matthew. Nicholas and Marian ToU-h. . a
naive of Ba*ia Nova. Istria, Austria. a*e<i 24
' years and 10 days. , . .
•Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
InTlted to attend funeral Wednesday. Octo-
ber 5. at 10 a. m.. from W» late residence. 12
Guy place off -First street, thence to Church
of "the >*atlvlty. Fell street between Frankltn
and ttougb, where a reqnl*m high mass will
be celebrated f»r the repose of his sonl. pom-
. mencinr at 1O:3O a. m.- Interment Holy Cross
. . ceme.tery.. . ... "•_-.."\u25a0
YON B&E3CEN— .In this dty. October t. 1010.
Henry yon Bremen, dearly beloved husband off
Anjrasta yon Bremen. loving father nf Mrs.
\u25a0 S. E. Armstrong, and beloved srran'lfather of
Henry yon Bremen, a native cf Bremen. Ger-
many, aged 75 years and lft days. A member
of lodse No. 39, I. A O- F.. of
Georgetown. Cal. .-.:. : \u0084»*. i',.>i .. •
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral Wednesday. Oc-
tober 5. Nt 2 o'clock p. m.. from bis late resi-
dence. 1130 Buchanan street berw<»en Golden
Gate avenu* and Turk street. Cremation Odd
Fellows* cemetery.
\u25a0WARD In this city. October 2. Wlf>. Honora
•S.. beloved wife of Charles 11. Ward, a native
of Klldycart, County Clare, Ireland. #s*l 69
WILKINSON— In Berkeley. October 2. 1310. at
her late residence. Martha" A. Wilkinson, -be-
loved mother of Arthur W. King and the late
Luella M. Lnnday of Portland. l>re.. Mr*. ,H.
A. Fry of Coins*. Cal.. and Mrs. Thomas E.
Wilson of Berkeley, a native of Illinois, aged
S" years 5* months and 15 ilajs. i Portland.
(>re.\ papers plea *<• c«py. • WfSttl
Friends and acquaintances are respeetfnlly
InTlted to attenrt the fnneral services today
I Monday >. October .1. 1910. at 3 o'clock p. m..
at the chapel of Jameson * Niebaus. 21.14
Telegraph avenue \u25a0 near Dwigbt way. Berke-
ley, . Interment . Portland. Ore.' .
WHITE— In this city. October.!. l!M0, .Caroline
White, a native of .New- Hampshire, aged -715
Friend* are respectfully invited to. at tern!
th* .funeral tomorrow. ITueswlayK October 4.
1910. at 3 p.-m.. from the. chapel of N. «Jr.-»y
U C 0..: 2196 Geary street corner of Devlsa-
dero. .wbere services .will be held under the
. auspices of the relief committee, I. O. O. F^.
Interment . private.
;_; _ : ;.\ .-—for —
Seventy-Five Dollars
. Moved -to mala office. 41 Tan Ness ay. T«L
kfarket 711. connecting all departments.
Branches— 3os Montxomery ay. . OakUnd.l3o3
I Frtaklla »t-: teL . Oakland 4045. Los Aafele*..
' Aat» Ambulaßcca aod Ourlact* far His* . \u0084 .

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