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In the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys
Figures, Show Falling Off of
More Than $64,000,000
From Last Year
[Specie! Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO. Oct. 2.— Figures be
ing compiled by State Controller Nye
from the valuation sheets forwarded to
his office by the various counties of
the state show a falling off In state
values for the year of $54,000,000. The
total assessment according to the as
sessment sheets is $2,373,597,092. a lit
tle, more than $64,000,000 less than that
of a year ago.
The aggregate assessment of real es
tate and improvement? and personal
property shows a big falling off. There
has bepn a big increase in the bonded
c>bt and floating indebtedness of the
counties. The total indebtedness re
rorted this year is $23,401,411.39, as
compared with $17,998,310.60 for last
A. large part of "this Increase is In
fan Francisco county. Of the 5* coun
ties in the state, there are 25 which this
yar have tax rates less than their
rate? of last year. Eighteen counties
have increased their tax rates: 10 coun
ties have the fame sates as last year;
three counties have Increased their
outside rates only: two counties have
decreased their inside rates only.
The difference between the Inside and
«iutsice rates consists of the road tax,
which is not levied within the limits
«f incorporated cities and town*. In
r*>rent years the road tax rates of the
e^-mties have tended to increase, and in.
pome instances the total road tax now
amounts to as much as 60 cents on the
$100: That Is the case this year in
J,os Angeles county, where the inside
rat* is SO cents and the outside rate is
In the majority of counties, however.
The road tax does not e.xceed 40 cents.
Santa Crus county, \u25a0which last year had
« road tax of 60 cents, has this year
reduced the rate to 40 cents.
El Dorado County Prepares for
New Courthouse
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
PLACER VILLE. Oct. 3.— The board
of supervisors in their session here
next week will settle the location of
the proposed new courthouse, which
will take the place of the one burned
last May. The citizens of Upper Pla
cervllle are offering- a site for 52.500 to
the county. The supervisors have taken
options on property in Main street
near the old site. The new building
will cost about $125,000. Bonds are to
be voted next month at the general
election. Prisoners now confined in
the jail !n the ruins of the old struc
ture have petitioned the court to re
move them from the building, as It is
claimed that hitfh winds and rains may
cause the walls to fall into the jail,
which !s beneath the floor of the old
courthouse. Temporary quarters are
being 1 arranged for the accommodation
of prisoners.
Spend Day Viewing East Dam
of Orland Ditch
[Special Dupatch to The Call]
MAXWELL. Oct. S. — The board of
army engineers appointed by President
Taft to inspect the various reclamation
projects arrived here this morning: from
Klamath Falls. Ore., and spent the day
inspecting the east dam of the Orland
The engineers went to Orland this
evening, where they were the guests
tonight of the Orland water users' as
sociation. They will Inspect the re
mainder of the Orland project to
The party includes Director of Rec
hamation XewelL General Marshall.
Colonel Longfitt. Major Kutt and Major
Burgess. W. Schlecht, engineer in
charge of the Orland project, joined
the engineers.
Other City Officials Accuse Him
of Misconduct
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
OROVILLE. Oct. 3. — The resignation
of City Marshal To.and is expected by
Mayor.C. E. Kusel and other city offl
ciilF. Toland was taken into custody
Saturday afternoon by Sheriff Chub
buck after he had made numerous
threats to kill himself.
No charge was placed against him
and be was released yesterday. A num
ber of complaints of a similar nature
have been heard of late, and the city
officials believe Toland will tender his
If his resignation is not tendered
within the next 24 hours it is declared
charges of intoxication will be pre
ferred against him.
Aged Teacher Fatally Hurt by
Fall From Flume
[Special Dhpalch to The Cell)
REDDING. Oct. 3. — John Whitmore.
th^ oldest teacher in the county, died
In a hospital in this city as a result of
injuries he received yesterday at Insrot.
Though warned not to do so he in
pirted in taking; his son's. place as flume
tender for a day or two. He fell from
th# lumber flume yesterday afternoon,
dropping upon the rocks in the creek
b^d 20 feet below. His skull was frac
tured, his leg was broken and internal
injuries were received. Whitmore was
aged C 2. He will be buried in the town
of Whitmore, which was named for him
and which had been his home for 40
REDDJNG. Oct. 3. — Word has been
received her* that Walker John, a
famous <Joetor of the Pitt river Indians,
\u25a0was killed at Carbon last Saturday.
"Walker was watching: men razing: a
ham. when one of the timbers fell and
crushed him to death.
SEATTLE. Oct. 3. — Major Charles E.
Haven of Santa Rosa, Cal., today was
appointed chief of Ftaff of the United
Fpanish War Veterans by Commander
** Ciai«f Joseph R, 11. Jacoby.
Reward for Dynamiters and
Amendment No. 1 Are the
Causes of Controversy
SACRAMENTO; Oct. .3.— lf there is
not a. deadlock between the senate and
assembly when they meet tomorrow in
the second day . of the extra session
it will be because -the assembly will
recede from its position, as expressed
this . afternoon. , It- will be a position
wherein ,the senate has adopted its
senate constitutional . amendment No.
1 and sent it to the assembly against
the assembly's adopting two resolu
tions, one. providing for a reward of
$10,000 for the apprehension of the
alleged dynamiters. of the Los .Angeles
Times building and another expressing
sympathy for General Otis and the
families of the victims.
It is thus that the two houses stood
when adjournment was taken tonight
until 9:30 o'clock tomorrow morning.
The senate had adopted the amend
ment and it was up to the assembly
to do " the same. There were not
enough votes on hand when the as
eembly met tonight that were favor
able to the measure to insure its pass
age, and an adjournment was taken.
On the other hand, the two resolu
tions regarding the Times and f Otis
were before the senate and the finance
committee of thai body decided that
the senate could not pass them.
The finance committee held that In
the first place the resolution Intro
duced by Assemblyman Schmitt pro
vided for a reward for dynamiters, and
there had not been proved that there
had been any dynamiting.
The next point was that the extra
session had been called for the pur
pose of passing upon the constitutional
amendment, and did not allow of any
appropriations of money such as- is
provided for In the resolution. The
finance committee will submit a sub
stitute for the two resolutions, and
this will offer condolences to General
Otis and the families of the victims,
but will not provide for a reward.
This, it is said, will cause a dead
lock between the. two hous.es, as the
assembly If in temper to turn down
the constitutional amendment
Just what will be done tomorrow is
problematical, as there will be a strong
feeling in the assembly against the
amendment passed by the senate.
The senate has voted In favor of the
amendment in which are the three
words necessary to take away the un
certainty found in the amendment as!
now presented. The assembly has
worked fairly for this, but It was not
sent to tliat-teody until after 6 o'clock
When recess ' was taken until 8
o'clock it was thought that the resolu
tion could be adopted at once when the
lower body met. The fact that the two
resolutions adopted by the assembly ;
did not receive favorable consideration
made a/ change in- the feeling of the
assemblymen and many of them re
mained away from the hall. This caused
a feeling of uneasiness among the other
members and an adjournment was had
until 9:30 o'clock tomorrow morning.
If there is an agreement between the
two houses tomorrow morning and the
amendment Is adopted, it will be up to
the assembly to as once adopt assembly
concurrent resolution No. 4, which pro
vides for the rescinding of the old"
amendment, and it will not be upon the
ballot with the new one.
Couple Will Share Custody of
Son Equally. ;
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON*. Oct. 3. — J. H. Jose, re
cently brought an action to secure the
custody of his 3 year old 6on. ToJay
Judge C. W. Norton, . as an outcome of
the action, granted Mrs. Frances Jose
an interlocutory decre^ of divorce on
the ground of extreme cruelty. .
The wife filed a cross complaint for
divorce and alleged that her husband
had beaten her and had forced her to
leave their house. The court made an
order granting the father the custody
of the boy for six months, the mother
to have him the remainder of the year.
Harriett M. Williams, adopted daugh
ter of Under Sheriff J .M. Long, was
granted an interlocutory decree from
Walter Williams and was allowed to
resume her maiden name. She charged
desertion and the case went by default.
Judge Norton, granted the plaintiff in
the divorce «uit of Nellie against Mar
tin O'Donnell $10 for costs and $50 at
torney's fees. The demurrer was over
Final decrees were granted in the
cases of Joseph T. against Lulu M.
Dobbins, and Joseph G. against Ada T.
A. Anderson.
{Special Dispatch to The Call)
STOCKTON, Oct. 3. — The board of
Supervisors today took under advise
ment proposals for bridge work, as
follows: .'-.-:
French Camp bridgre — Jenkins* &
Wells, $4,268. cement work, $14 cubic
foot: W, B. White, |3,975, cement. $15
cubic foot.
Bellota bridge— W. J. O'Brien, $3,350,
concrete, $12: Jenkins & Well*,- $3,768
concrete. $15.50. . « '
Liquor licensee were granted John
FarFhon at Linden and Fred Sollars at
Woodbridg-e. <
BTRXTCK BY AUTO— August.. Hornung. a horse
-clipper, was struck by an automobile In front
of the central emergency hospital yesterday
afternoon. He was flfgbtly injured.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
C*a quickly be orartome bj
— act surely and jraSSftißr/* • a^— —— %»!
Best, sad Indigestion. Tney do their duly.
Small Pill.- Small Dose. Small Pric
GENUINE must bear signature.
Declares He Did His Duty in
Securing . Protection for
State's Products
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, Oct. 3.— Congressman J.
C. Needham opened his campaign in
; Sa*n Joaquin county at a well attended
meeting at Linden tonight. " Great in
terest has: been taken in the con
gressional campaign between. Needham
and A. L. Cowell, a local newspaper
man, who is the democratic nominee.
It was announced a few days ago
that Needham would explain his " rea
sons for his stand in congress. f *V
Needham said that he was delighted
that the occasion had come when he
could give an account of his steward
ship and that he would ,take great
pleasure in showing the falsity and In
justice of much that- had been said.
Needham told the people at Linden
that he was not making a campaign
of apology and intended to frankly re
count his acts. :
As a member of the ways and means
committee he said he had. done every
thing possible to see that, the indus
tries of this section / were fairly
treated in the revision of the. tariff.
"The overwhelming public sentiment
of the district was that I should at
every cost, as a* member of this great
committee, use every ! influence and
exert every honorable means to the end
that the industries of this district, the
state/ and of the coast should receive
just treatment in'the tariff measure,"
said Needham. "There was no dissent
whatever from any quarter that this
was the great and supreme duty which
devolved upon me."
He described at length the method: of
making the tariff bill. *
"My opponents say that I did not
come out for Johnson until after the
primary. While that Is not true, the
popular democratic charge to that ef
fect has at least not worried the man
who has the best right to Judge, my
position toward Johnson — Johnson
himself. Johnson is satisfied; I have
his support, as he has my support.
Who authorized Cowell to speak for
him?" ,
Michael de Martin the Victim
of Shocking Accident
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
PETALUMA. Oct. 3. — In a shocking
accident Michaell de Martin, a wealthy
farmer of this vicinity, lost both hands
and lies in Petaluma hospital in a crit
ical condition. De Martin was walking
over his ranch in Chileno. valley, look
ing after his stock, and carried a dou
ble barreled shotgun. He stopped to
rest on his gun, placing his hands over
the muzzle, one above the other. A
premature discharge tore oft both of
his hands. Neighbors went to' his as
sistance and took him to Petaluma. De
Martin Is a man and has a
family of three children.
Anita Wychoff Painfully Bitten
by Attacking Canine
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SAN RAFAEL, Oct. 3.— Miss Anita
Wychoff, a telephone operator 20 years
old, had a fierce battle this evening
with a viciolis bull terrier.
The young woman-was painfully bit
ten by the animal, as the dog clung to
her ankles with its teeth, resisting the
desperate attempts she made to shake
it off.
Miss Wychoff was? w«alking to her
home in Fifth 'avenue when the bull
terrier sprang at her from a vacant lot.
Miss Wychoff made her way to her
home after the battle and was treated
for her Injuries.
[Specie/ Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, Oct. 3.— L. M. Cutting,
pioneer resident of 'Stockton, suffered
a serious fracture of the left leg at
the thigh last night while atempting
to open the front door of his house in
response to a doorbell ring, when he
fell over a chair. As he is 81 years of
aga, the injury it is feared may prove
Fairmont Hotel
Beginning September 1, 1810
Table d'hote
or American Plan
Dining; room will be conducted
In . addition to the { European I plan
or a la carte restaurant. \u0084 - :'.
Society ,ot \u25a0 California Pioneers* Building
Fourth Street Near Market '
California's Most Popular Hotel . ,
400 Rooms. ' . - 200 Baths. . ;
European.: Plan — $1.00 per day. and np. Dining
room seating GOO. Table, d'Hote or a, la Carte
Service, as \u25a0 desired. \ , /• .'.. .';\u25a0 '- "\u25a0\u25a0
front 11:30 a. in. to 2 p. m— so cents
' . .Manager. Asst. Manager.
Gcaiy and Taylor^ Streets
1 European plan, 'from" s2 'a; day; American \u25a0 plan,
from t4 a day; every room with bath. Positively
fireproof. Family and : tourist hotel. ' Half •, block
from ' Columbia .Theater."- Well lighted - sample
rooms for 'commercial travelers..
( :\V. E. ZANDEB,- Manager.
Dispute ; Over 'Property:; Line
Leads to Demand for $50,
- 000 Damages
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO. Oct: 3.— TV. E. Ger
ber,; president,: of 'the' California ; na
tional > bank, Is defendant in a suit for
slander ;begun in superior court today
,by City Trustee George K. Rider and
his wife, Mrs. Anna Rider. .The Riders
ask damages in the sum 0f.550,000.
suit grew out of the recent dis
pute ir.egarding the -line between prop
erty owned'by the Riders and the prop
erty of .the California' national bank.
The "> bank is enlarging " "Its present
building, which is. occupied .-\u25a0- by the
bank, the Sacramento clearing * house
and the Sutter club, 1 Sacramento's most
exclusive; men's • club. Adjoining the
property,- owned by. the bank is the
Rider property. ", -
Work, on; the. building was stopped
for a time, and Gerber appeared before
the, cityi trustees.- :i He', is alleged In
the complaint | to. have: said that Mrs.
Rider was \u25a0 "simply . tryin g \u25a0 to hold us
up /for 'more money. V We .have ..been
held; up for enoughs already. We will
board ui> the j disputed part 'of - our
building and go to court to see; Just
wrto is right in this matter. W« will
not- pay any more blackmail money.
That Ms. all. there is to it. She is an
impossible..- woman.". : .'\u25a0 , \u25a0• \u25a0
The statement Is alleged Vto ; have'
been made before the city trustees
arid in the presence of newspapermen
and . others. Rider at the time was
in Europe.
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by mall
will not be Inserted. They must be'handed in at
either of the publication offices and be. lndorsed
with the name and residence of persons author-
ize.! to have the same published. Notices re-
stricted simply to the announcement of the event
are published once in this column free of charge.
Notable Deaths
N. J.. Oct. 3.— Rufus Blodgett. formar United
States senator, died at his home here today.
Blodgett was born In New Hampshire 76 years
ago. He was elected to the United States
senate in 1881 and served six years.
\u2666•- — ___ : ;; — _ — .+.
| Marriage Licenses |
The following marriage licenses were issued
Monday. October 3. 1910:
ALGER— ALGER— Harry E. Alger. 43, Iron
Mountain, and Ellen Agler. 34. London. Eng.
ALTORFER— GETAZ— Emll Altorfer. 30, 16
Joyce street, and Marguerite Gctaa, 26, Oak-
ARNOLD— HERSCHIN— William P. Arnold, 22.
Sacramento, and HatUe Herschin, 22, 43
Maple court.
BENTON— KENNY— MichaeI Benton, 28. 3542
Twenty-sixth street, and Elisabeth Kenny, 24,
ISIO Scott street.
BODE— FOUKE— Frederick W. Bode; 27. 1J707
Jones street, and Idalla E. Fouke, 25, 1257 Oc-
, tavla street. : . _ : », • \u25a0• \u25a0 . ,
BUCK— FULLALOVE— William A. Beck. 34,
2673 McAllister street, and Hasel I. Fnllalove,
24. 2725 Pine street.
BUSCHMANN— HAIDLER— Ignat» Buschmann.
28, and Johanna Haidler, 31, both of 893
Golden Gate avenue. ;*.-
DAVIDSON— LYMAN— John W. Davidson. 21.
410 Eddy Btreet, and Mable P. Lyman, 18, 731
Khrader street.
Acquila, 21, and Rose Celentano. 17, both of
1313 Kearny street.
GASBLER— RUH — Ernest Gassier, 37, and Emma
Ruh, 19. both of Hollister. \u25a0
KOMSTHOEFT—HINK— AIbert P. Kumsthoeft
Jr., 21. 531 Castro street, and , Lucy A. Hlnk,
IS, 402S Seventeenth street.
McDUFFIF, — SKAlFE— William C. McDuffie, 23,
Santa Barbara, and Mary Skaife. 22, SBS
Waller street. -
MILLER— BARNES— Frank B. Stiller. 61, and
Anna A. Barnes, 47, both of Mode6to.
MORTELL— ZIEGLER— George H. Mortell, 2S.
and Minnie C. Ztegler. 21, both of 1480 Mc-
Allister street. • . .
MULHOLAND— MJCHEAL— Cortfsllus F. Mul-
holand, 26. 264 Church street, and Charlotte
M. Mlcheal. 31. 215 Webster street.
MUNTER— CALMANN— Aaron P. Mnnter," 36,
New York city, and Josephine Calmann, 26,
2201 Webster street.
hauser. 23, Portland, and Mathilda Ritchie.
23. Salem.
O'CONNOR— CUSICK— John F. O'Connor. 21, 66
, Waller street, and Josephine G. Cnsick, 13,
1443 Fulton street. . /
PECK— BAER— DanieI B. Peck, 43, and Minnie
I. Baer, 43. both of Chicago.
PRATT— McADOW— Frank H. Pratt, 2R, Minne-
apolis, and Geanie E. MeAdow, 24. Portland.
RADOVICH— RADIMIR— Joseph Radovich. 22,
553 Clay street, and Georglna Radimir, 21, 974
Jackson street. : . • *
STARR— FORD— Frederick R. Starr, 43, Hotel
Manx, and Verd L. Ford, 25, 743 Polk street.
TETRAULT— TENNANT— George Tetrault, 25,
Hanford. and Elodie Tennant, 18, 70S Broder-
ick street. . • .
WESTINGTON— THORPE— Sydney P. Westing-
ton. 31,, and Emma E. Thorpe, 25, both of
\u25a0 Fresno.' , : --' ,
ZOLEZZI— PIOMBO— Yincenso Zolesrl. 22, 180
'Vanderwater street, and Geronima Piombo, 19,
10 Roach street. -. .
Stockton Street Above Sutter .
San Francisco
American plan, $3.00 day
European plan, f 1.50 day
; A. hotel with- every modern • convenience.
Every room connecting with bath. ;-
Newest and Most Popular Commercial . Hotel.
17-10 Powell Street at Market
Six stories of solid comfort; 10 first class eat-
ing houses within 1 block. J Rates $1. $1.50 to $4
per '; day; : 225 rooms; , not a dark \u25a0 room . In -- the
house. •-.\u25a0:\u25a0 .-/-,-. - v .-v. -. : ;\u25a0..-,>.;:;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0,
F. L. , and A. W. TUHPIN, Props. - and Mgrj.
former owners . Rojal 4 and Hamilton : Hotels. \u25a0
Hotel Monroe
\u25a0^ FRANCIS SMITH. Manager. "
The Hotel of Eeflnement for ramilles aad
; - Tourists. ' "
Sacramento St. Near -Tan ' Ness ; Avi.
Headquarters : for , Former Patrons vof \u25a0 th»
. ; Ziok, Grand and Knss Hotels.
150 '- Eooma with ' Bathr -=v Rates $1 Dar TJp.
• 250 , Kearny y St. , Bet. n Sutter X and '•:. Bosh. . - ,
Policeman Casey Promptly Pre
} events Dash of Michelson ;
for Freedom
Charles Michelson.. the Barbary coast
bar tender who. wasTarrested on com
plaint of Peter de;Bleeker and charged
with threats against life, caused a niiid
; sensation- 'outside ,ahe : of
Judge ; Shortall - in . ; the . hall of ; justice
yesterday : morning, vwhen- he tried to
escape, after having been held to an
swer on \ $10,000 bail, which he could
not.furnish. \u25a0\u25a0 •" -, ..
• .Michelson lured Clara ; de Bleeker
away* from her husband and, Installed'
her In a Pacific" street lodging house,
arid ; when ; her husband ; cam© to beg
hereto return he threatened to kill De
Bleeker. Mlcheson ' left the courtroom
In charge of Policemen W. C. Casey
arid*GusMogan.' Outside - the door
Michelson ' struck ;- at Casey . and then
ran. t Casey \u25a0 secured a \u25a0 vlsellke grip -on
the back of Mlchelson's: neck and es
corted^the diminutive bar tender to his
cell in the city prison, i
Chief Certain Oakland Prison
, ers Robbed Tailor Shop
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
' -STOCKTON,' Oct. 8.-^€hief of Police
Frank B. Briare and! the local detective
force are working on the case of Harry
"Williams and Fred Hall, arrested in
San Francisco .last week in connection
with the Cherry suit house burglary in
Oakland. The chief is certain that the
men ; robbed .Harry McCabe's tailor
shop June 1 9 and carted' away In trunks
$850 worth of goods and who robbed
Spencer's millinery' store, February 28
and secured $34 in cash 'and on June 7,
\u25a0vi^hen they stole $550 worth of plumes.
FISHER— In this city, October 2, 19io. to the
wife of Charles Fisher (formerly Nixon), a
son. - -
GILLIS— In this city. September 26, 1910. to the
- wife of Sam J. Gil Us. a daughter.
HANCOCK— In this city, October 4, 1910. at 175
Bernard street, to the wife of C. R. Hancock,
a daughter.
HYAMS— In this city, October 1. 1910. to the
\u0084. wife of F. C. Hyams (formerly Lillian Delany),
•-a daughter. \u25a0 . \u25a0 .
O'LOONEY— In this city," September 2«, 1910, to
the wife of M. J. O'Looney. a daughter.
WEAVER— In this city, September IT, 1910, to
the wife of H. S. Weaver Jr.. a son. '
DORMAN— SHEPHERD— In Oakland. October 1.
1910, by Re*. George. W. White, pastor of the
First Methodist Episcopal church, Frederic Dor-
man of Oakland and Violet Shepherd of Mc-
Klnley. Ore.
HILLS— BURTIS 1 — In this city. October 1, 1910.
\u25a0 by Rev. W. E. Dugan. pastor Second United
Presbyterian chnrch, Charles Edward Hills Jr.
' and Florence Caroline Burtis, both of San Fran-
cisco. \u25a0 . •...-- .- \u25a0 . .
McCHESNEY— JONES— In this city. September
28, 1910, by the Rev. G. A. Bernthal, William
A. McChesney of San Francisco and Emily V.
Jones of Los Angeles.
ROBUT— BARE— At Colma. October 2. 1910, by
Rev. R. Logan. William Robtit of Alameda and
Miss Minnie Bare of Colma. Cal.
SILVER— CAMPBELL— In this city, October 1.
\u25a0 1910, by Rev. R. Logan. Walter Gray Silver
and Agnes Mary Campbell of Rosneath, Scot-
land.' -
TRAUTMANN— BOTSEN— In this city. October
2, 1910, by the. Rev. G. A. Bernthal. Philip
Trautmann and Martha Boyaen, both of. San
Francisco. . \u25a0
WILLIAMSON— WENES— In this city. October 2,
1910, by the Rev. E. L. Walz, pastor of Green
. street Congregational chnrch, Bartlett R. ,WU-
liamson and Julia A. Wenes, both of Berkeley:
Beck, Thomas .. — i McGrath. Jam^s"... —
Bowker, Frank G. H. 4S McMahon, George T. —
Brannon, Sadie .;..60Olsen, John E 40
Brlekwedel, Henry J4B R?ld. William L... . 27
Carter, John C 83 Roach, John ....... —
Coffey, Joseph F.... — Rose, Henrietta M-. 31
Corcoran, Margaret.. — Rntherford, Rer. J. . 86,
Daniel, Joseph ..... 72 Sewomb-Woolcocks,
De Vere. George 40 Mrs. E. J... . . — 60 1
Dunn, Richard J 61 Sowers, Vn, H..... 46
Elliot. '.Mrs. E. -j 63 Schmidt,. Eda. ..45
GloTannini, Angelo. . 65 Schlnndt, Atiennt C. 79
Graff. Otto 18 Thomas. William 60
Haley, Bartholomew. 48 Thompson. Charles,. 49
Hayes, Catherine T.. 85 Toich, Maurlclo ..'.. 24
Johnson, John 70 Yon Bremen, Henry.. 75
Larson, Carl A. .... 31 Ward, Honora C... 69
Libby.Zeo Mary.... 84 White, Caroline ....73
Maguire, Mary. 78 Witter, Dr. G. F...80
McElroy. George S. . 2*Toland (Card)
MeGowan, Mary . . . . 80| ..
BECK— In. Folsom. Cal., October 2, 1910,
. Thomas, dearly belored hnshand of Emllene
Beck, and loTing father of William A. Newton
and Minnie Beck and Mrs. L,. B. Parrlsh, Mrs.
- W. H.,Rellly and Mrs.F. W. Boole. . -
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invlteil to attend the fnneral services tomorrow
(Wednesday), October 3, 1310, at 1 o'clock p.
. m., at WatsonTille. ' . . .
BOWKEH— In Vancouver, B. C. September 27.
1910. at 1533 Haro street, Frank G.- H.
\u25a0 Bowker, aged 48 years . .
BEA2TNON— In this city. October 1. 1910, Sadie
Brannon. a natite of Maine. asedtSO years.
•Friends are respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral tomorrow (Wednesday), October
5, at 0 a. m.. from the chapel of N. Gray ;
r & C 0. ,: 2196 Geary street corner Derlsadero.
Interment" Cypress Lawn jby auto-
mobiles. . ; y,
BRICKWEDEL— In this city, October 3. 1010.
IfenryJ. BrickwwiPl. , bPlored husband of
Josephine Brlckwedf.l, father of Harold and
.. Grace Brickwedel, . and son of Rebecca Brick-
wedel, a natire of San ; Francisco. . aged 48
years. A member of Pacific parlor No. 10,
N. S. G. W..
Officers and members of Pacific . parlor No. 10,
N. S.;G. W., will please assemble at tn* par-
lors of Barry & Scully. 927 Valencia street,
tomorrow (Wednesday), at 1:30 p. m.; for the
purpose of attending the \u25a0 funeral of. our late
brother, H. J. Brickwedel.
R. D. PAOLIXELLI. Act. Pres.
J. C. MILLER, Rec. Stec. .
CASTER — In Berkeley, Octo>er 3. 1910, John C.
. Carter, husband of Sarah Carter, father of
Mrs.* William Nuttall and Mrs. Samuel White-
house, « native of Ireland; aged 85 yrars 1
month and 19 days. *
Funeral will be held. from his late residence,
1639 Alcatraz avenue, tomorrow (Wednesday).
• October 8, at i 2 o'clock. Interment strictly
private., > \u25a0 -
COITEY— In this city, October 1. itJlO. Joseph
F., son of Mary and the late John 'Coffey, and
father of Mrs. Edward O'Day, and brother of
J. W.. H. E.. A; 1., DX W. 8.. L. J., Mary
and Helen Coffey, a native of San Francisco.
-The : fnneral will' take place today (Tues-
day),: at 8:30 o'clock a. m., from his late
residence, 1182. Valencia street, thence to St.
— James chnrch,' ; Twenty-third '\u25a0 . and Guerrero
streets. t Mass at 9.a. : m. Interment : Holy
Cross cemetery, by electric funeral car from
Twenty-eighth and Valencia streets.
CORCORAN— In this city. October 2. 1910, "at
\u25a0 her. late residence, 226 Third avenue. Margaret
/Frances 'Corcoran., dearly.' beloved daughter of
\u25a0 the late P. J. and Mary Corcoran and the be-
'". loved s sister of William B.* and : Joseph J. Cor-
- coran and ; Mrs. F. L.' ; McKenney, a native . of
San : Francisco." "* ' .' '.\u25a0 ' ••• > ' ~ \u25a0
• > Friend* I and .: acqnalntaneos . are respectfully
-\u25a0Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow '.(Wed-
. \u25a0 nesday) : \u25a0 October 6. at 8:80 a.- m.-, from - her
' 'late .residence,: 226<Third avenue, 'to
Star-of \the,Seachurch. -where a.requletn hU:h
'. . mass . will be celebrated \u25a0 for the. repose of,- her
: soul," commencing /at. 9 a.-,-m. Interment pri-
rate. Holy Cross cemetery. •; -/_ _
DAKIEL— In this city". .October 1. 1010. Joseph
Daniel.: a native of England, aged ,72 years. .
DE VERE— In this city.'; October 1. 1910. George.
;.,-• dearly,;, beloved . husband \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 of". Beatrice C. De
;£".Vere. a;native of Canada, aged 40 years. -' :-': -'
.;"; . Friends -; and 'acquaintances : are respectfully
invited -to- attend^ the- funeral -today (Tues-
; day),t October ; 4. 1910,; at 8:15 a. m.. from
\u25a0 .- . the -. parlors *of \u25a0: Jy- J. \ Crowly & ! <'0., 692 Va-
: , lencia ! street ; between I Serenteenth :- and \u25a0 Elgh-
• teenth.o thence to » at. \u25a0 Teresa's " cbnrcb. *• Nine-
teenth and Tennessee streets; where a • requiem
high mass will;- be celebrated for, the repose of
'\u25a0'\u25a0 his son!; 'commencing' at ':9 a. m. Interment
: Holy cemetery. .;
DtTNW— ln. this city," October. 2. 1910. Richard J.
i. v Dunn,' a;native of Ireland,', aged; 61; years; .
ELLIOT— In ;, this j city; * October 2; ; 1910, Mrs/
•» . Emmogene i Elliot, ; wife •of Charles 1 W." Elliot,
; and mother of Charles M., Albert H. and Wil-
;-.'. Ham <, E.'j Elliot ; and ' Mrs. . Kent >\u25a0\u25a0 Seymour \u25a0 and
! - 1 the , late -'Warren '\u25a0- Elliot, ;- aged 63 years , and » 3
: . \u25a0 day?.: :f_ (Sacramento," Cal.; papers please copy.)
.'• : "The" funeral i service* i .will •\u25a0 be hfld^today
'\u25a0 (Tuesday),.; at 2 o'clock"- p. m., at the chapel
\u25a0" • \u25a0 ' -'* - jim I, i • \u25a0•- ' \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0"- :" \u25a0\u25a0 x- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \
fe^K; _^yJSS^^§? For Infants and Children.
B^j'jg 1^ A\^sc(ablePrcpai^tionfcrAs- -q ,<i g
Mo^ PrornoresDigpstion£fo?r{Tir n f gk A { f
Pgptt| ; nessandlfestJContainsneifißr KJI ff l\ \r
fejS'! h \u25a0Opw^-MorphlnenorMiaoaL ffiLiHl
lipflij Not Narcotic, j 4 Alj
P3' : ' ! Ji''!li! 1 ' ' Pbcpkia $*d~ \ \fa ' _
ife-Si Hon,SouTStoinach,DlaiTtoa 1 \h* m g$
W&a ¥ : WormsjConvnlsiansJfevßrisfr \ ftj pHT l^VPr
|Jf^s: ness and Loss OF Sleep. \J lUI UiUl
|» t&waz- Tnirtv Years
Exart Copy of Wrapper. . . CKWTIMm mmmt, hew tom crrr.
[ ' of Odd Fellows* crematory.
OIOVAKKTNI— In this city. October 1. 1910.
Angelo Glovanninl. late of Santa Rosa, a na-
tive of Italy, aged 65 years.
Friends and awjnalntances are respectfully
Invited to attend Vfuneral serrleiNi today (Tues-
day), October 4, 1010, at 1 o'clock p. m.. from
the parlors of Valente, Marinl. Marais & Co..
649 Green street. Interment Italian cemetery.
GRAFT— In Oakland. October 2, 1910. Otto, be-
loved son of Maria and the late Armin Graff
and brother of Alfred. T.. Leo C, Ida, Armin.
'John Robert, and Edward Graff, a native of
Guaymas, Mex.. aged 18 years and 22 days.
Friend* and acquaintances ato respectfully
Invited to attend fnneral services this (Tues-
day) afternoon. October 4. 1910. at 3 o'clock
at his late home. 2SOB Regent street. Berkeley.
Interment Mountain View cemetery.
HALEY—I n this city. September 30. 1910. Bar-
tholomew R., beloved husband of the late
Jennie Haley, and son of Bartholomew and
Rosana Haley, and brother In law of Mrs. E.
J. Evans of Alameda Cal.. and William A.
Noble of Salvador, Central America, and C. H.
Noble of Badaxe, Mich., a native of New
Haven. Conn., aged 48 years 1 month and 12
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral services todar
(Tuesday), October 4, 1910. at 9:30 o'clock
a. m... at the residence of his sister In law,
Mrs. William Noble, 2712 A Bush street, ln-
\ terment private.
HAVES— In this city. October 3. 1910. Ca>jer!ne
T.. beloved wife of Joseph -P. Hayes, loving
mother of Joseph E>. and Gertrude C. Hayes,
daughter of Mrs. Bridget Duddy and brother of
Michael V. Duddy, a native of Philadelphia,
aged 35 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the fnneral. tomorrow (Wed-
nesday) at 9 o'clock a. m.. from her late resi-
dence, 252 B street, Richmond, thence to the
Star of the^Sva church, where a solemn
requiem mass will be celebrated for the repose
of her soul, commencing at 9:30 a. m. Inter-
ment Holy Ones cemetery.
JOHNSON— In Jackson, Cal., October 2. 1910.
John, dearly beloved husband of Gasha John-
son and devoted father of Frank and Charles
B. Johnson and George and J. H. Brickwedel.
a native of Sweden, aged 70 years.
Remains at the parlors of Subr & Wleboldt, -
1355 Valencia street near Twenty-fifth.
LARSON— At his late residence. "1331 Montgom-
ery avenue, October 3. 1910,. Carl -A., dearly be-
loved son of Edward and Augusta Larson and
devoted brother of Louis and Magnus Larson of ,
Index, Wash.,- and beloved nephew of Charles '
Larson and cousin of Ullle. Annie and Julia
Larson, a native of Stromstad. Sweden, aged
ol years 3 months and 20 days.
Remains at the chapel of Craijr. Cochran &
Co.. 1169 Valencia street near Twenty-third.
LIBBY— In this city. October 3. 1910. Zea Mary
Libby. belored daughter of Almlra Parmley and
the late Elmer Parmley, sister of James Scott
Parmley of Ogden, Utah, a native of Ohio,
aged S4 years 5 months and 5 days.
Fj-ltndi and acqmlntances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wed-
nesday) at 3:15 o'clock p. m., at Holy Cross
cemetery. . .
HAGTJIBX— In Stockton. October 3. 1910. Mary
Maguire, beloved sister of John Maguire and
Mrs. Catherine Copeland. a native, of County
Fannanagh, Ireland, aged 78 years. .
Friends, and acquaintances : are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wed-
• nesday) at 8:30 o'clock a. m.', from the resi-
dence of her sister. Mrs. Catherine Copeland.
243. Waller street, thence to Sacred Heart
church, where a requiem high mass will be
celebrated foe the repose of her soul, com-
mencing at 9 o'clock. Interment Holy Cross
cemetery,, by. carriage.
McELROY— In Oakland. October 2, 1910. George
Stanley McElroy. dearly beloved son of Georje
S.. and Nellie McElroy and dearly beloved
brother of Rena and Imelda McElroy aad
grandson of Mr. and Mr?. P. H. McGrath and
the late Mr. and Mrs. John McElroy. a native
of San Francisco, Cal., aged 2 years and 5
days. . .
The funeral will take place tomorrow (Wed-
nesday) at 1 o'clock p. m., from the parlors of
Gantner Bros.. 3480 Sixteenth street between
Church and Sanchez. Interment Holy Cross
cemetery, /.f.v- -
McGOWAN— In this city, October 2. 1910. Mary
MeGowan. loving sister of Mrs. Sarah Harney
and tbe late Ann Smart,- a native of Ireland,
aged 80 years. \ (Brooklyn, N. V., papers
please copy.)
. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Tues-
day). October 4. at 8:30 a. m.. from her late
residence. 4106 Twenty-first street, thence to
Church of the Holy Redeemer, Diamond and
Eighteenth streets, where , a requiem high i
mass will be celebrated for the repose of her
soul, commencing at 9 a. m. Interment Holy
Cross cemetery, by funeral car from Valencia
and Twenty-eighth streets, i .*'
McGRATH— In this city. October -3. 1910. James
McGrath. loving brother of . Mrs. J. Lynch.
Mrs. C. G. Owen and Mary and the late S. A.
McGrath, a native of Boston. Mass. A member
of the San Francisco police department and a
member of tbe Widows' and Orphans' aid asso-
1 elation. . . .
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend tbe funeral; Thursday. Oc-
tober 8, 1910. at 8:15 o'clock *. m.. from the
.parlors of Mcßrearty &• McCormick. 915 Va-
lencia street near Twentieth. • thence to St.
James church, where a requiem htgh mass will
be celebrated for the repose of his soul, enm-
\u25a0 menctng at 9 a. . m. Interment Holy Cross
cemetery, by electric funeral car from Twenty-
eighth and Valencia streets. ,
McMAHON— In this city, October 2. 1910. George
T. McMahon, dearly beloved husband of Arldi*
(Richards) McMahon, a native of Boston.
Mass. »
The funeral will take place today (Tuesday).
October 4. 1910. at 10:30 o'clork a. m.. from
his late residence. 501 A Dolores at. Interment
j : private. Holy Cro«s cemetery. -
OLSEN— In this city. October 2. 1910. John E.
, Olsen. a native of Sweden, aged 40 years.
REID— Id Taft, K*rn county. Cal.. ; October 2.
1910,' William Lumsden Reid, belored son of
Mrs. John B. Marshall, brother of Robert.
Slsrgraret and John Reid, and George Mar-
shall, and stepbrother of John and Stnart
Marshall, a native of /Washington, aged !27
years 3 months and 19 days.' A m»mber of
Holler Makers' and Ship Bnllders* Union No.
205: • • ,
Frtcnds ar* respectfully invited to attend
the -funeral tomorrow- (Wednesday). October
5.. at 2 p. m.. from \hls \u25a0 late \u25a0 residence. 201
.Missouri, street. Interment Cypress Lawn
cemetery, by "automobiles.
EOACH— In this clty^ October 3. 1910. at the
Good- Judgment
is exercised in selecting a plot in
a non*ieetaritn canetery
parents' residence. 14 Guy place. John, dearly
beloved son of Thomas and Catherine Roach,
and loving brother of Thomas. Josephine. Kit-
tie and the late James F. Roach, a native
of San Francisco, aged 1 month and 5 day*.
ROSE— In Oakland. October 2. 1910. Henrietta
Mac Rose, beloved wife of Burton J. Rose, anil
mother of Charles Burton, and Frances Jla»
Ro*»#. and daughter of Emma T. and the lata
Samuel Heywood, a natlvo of Bwkeley. .Cal..
aged 31 years 5 months and 16 days. S
Friends and acquaintances are respectfallr
Invited to attend fb« fnneral services tomorrow
(Wednesday). October 5. 1910. at 2 o'clock r>- 4
m., from the residence. 1929 Grove street. J?
Berkeley. Interment Mountain View cemetprr.
RUTHERFORD— In Oakland. October S. 1910.
Rev. John Rutherford, dearly beloved hTisbaml
of Eliza Jane Rntherford. father of S. An-
worth. and Chalmers A. Rutherford, a native
of Banbrldge. Ireland, aged 86 years 6 month* \u0084
and 27 days.
BECCOMB-WOOLCOCKS— In Martina. October
.3. 1910. Mrs. E. J. Seccomb-Wcolcocks. a na-
tive of Cornwall. England, aged 60 years.
SOWERS— In this city, October 2. 191t>. William
H. Sowers, a native of Illinois, aged 48 years.
SCHMIDT— At rest. In Oakland. October 2. 1910.
at Fabiola Hospital. Eda. beloved wife of
Johannes Schmidt and daughter of the> laf<»
Johannes and Henrietta Mangel and lovinc
sister of Mrs. F. A. Lor^nz. Mr«. Charts
Elsasser, Mrs. Gus Lindemann and Henry and
John Mengel. a native of San Francisco, Cal..
aged 4S years 2 months and 17 dars.
Services will be held tomorrow (WMaesdarV
at 2 p. m. at the parlors of H. F. Sfchr A Co..
2919 Mission street between Twenty-fifth and
Twenty-sixth. Incineration I. O. O. T. crema-
tory, private.
BCHLU2n3T— In this city. October 2. 1910. Ansust
Christian Schlundt. beloved husband of Anna,
and father of John. Christian. Ferdinand.
Charles F. and Angust O. H. Schlundt aad )lr«.
Dora Burns, a native of Germany, aged 79
years 3 months and 27 days. (Fresno. CaL.
papers please copy).
Friends acd acijuatntanees ar<» respectfnn.v
Invited tn attend the funeral services tomorrow
. (Wednesday) at 1 o'clock p. m.. from his lata
residence. 150 Clinton park. Interment Cyprus
Lawn cemetery.
THOMAS— In this city. October 2. 1310. Wil-
liam, dearly beloved husband of Mlnnla
Thomas, and father of Mra. Furie Reffetto. a
. native of England, aged 60 years and 1 day.
(Virginia City. Nev.. papers please copj»>)
Friends and acquaintances are respectfnlly
invited to attend the funeral today (Tup«-
day), nt 2 p. m.. from his late residence. 920
Fifth avenue. South San Francisco. Interment
Mount Olivet cemetery, ty carriage.
THOMPSON— In this city. October 1. 191<\
Charles Thompson, a native of Goteborc.
Sweden, aged 49 years 7 months and 14 day.. 1
a member of painters' union No. 19 of Snr>*
Frlpnds and acquaintances nrm rfcpectfallr
Invited to attend the funeral today (Tnesda->
at 10 o'clork a. m.. at the chape! of Oaf?.
Cochran & Co.. 1169 Valencia street near
Twenty-third. Interment Mount Olivet ceme-
TOICH— In this city. October 2. 1910. Slaurlclo.
dearly belored husband of Annie Toich. and
loving father of Mauricio Toich. and brother
of Matthew, Nicholas and Marian Toich. a
naive of Baska Nova, Istria. Austria, aged 24
years and 10 days.
Friends and acquaintances are resp*ctfallr
Invited to attend th« funeral tomorrow (Wmi-
nesday). Ooctobrr 5. at 10 a. m.. from his lar*
residence. 12 Guy place off First street. th»nr«
to Church of the Nativity. F»ll street between
Franklin and Gonjch. where a requiem blsJi
mass will be celebrated 1 for the repose of his
soul, commencing at 10:30 a. m. Interment
- Holy Cross cemetery. -
YON BREMEN— In this city. October 1. 1910.
Henry yon Hremen. dearly beloved hnsband of
Augusta yon Bremen, lovlnjr father of Mrs.
S. E. Armstrong, and beloved grandfather of
Henry yon Bremen, a native of Bremen. Ger-
many, aged 75 yean and 13 days. - A member
of Memento lodge No. 30, 1. O. O. F.. of
Georgetown. Cal.
Friends and acqnalntances ar<» respectfully
Invited to attend the fnneral tomorrow (Wed-
nesday*. October 5. at 2 o'clock p. m.. from hi*
late residence. 1130 Buchanan street between
Golden Gate avenue, and Turk street. Crema-
tion Odd Fellows* cemetery.
WARD— In this city, October 2. 1910. Honor*
. S-, beloved wife of Charles H. Ward, a native
of Klldysart. County Clare. Ireland, aged 63
, years.
Friends anil acquaintances ars respectfnllr
Invited to attend tbe funeral tomorrow <Wrd-
nesday) at 9 o'clock a. m^. from the parlors of
Halsted & Co.. 824 FlUmor* street, thence to
St. Mary's cathedral, where a requiem h!«h
mass will be celebrated for the repose of her
!><m!. commencing at 9:30 a. m.. Interment
Holy Cross cemetery, by carriage.
WHITE — In this cltv. October 1. 1910. Carotin^
White, a native' of New Hampshire, aged 73 V
years. *
Friends are respectfully Invited to atterl/
the \u25a0\u25a0 funeral today (Tuesday)., October 4.
1910. at 3 p. m., from the chapel of N. Gray
A Co.. 2196 Geary street corner of Devisa-
dero. - where services will be held under the
auspices of the relief committee. I. O. O. r.
Interment private.
WCTTEX— In Saa Jose. Cal.. October 2. 1019.
Dr. G. F. Witter, husband of Emma L. Witter.
father of George F. Witter Jr. of Oakland,
Cal.. and Mrs. W. D. Connor of Marshfleld.
Wls.. a native of New York, many year* a
i resident of Grand Rapids. Wls.. aged SO year*
3 months and 28 .lay.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Wed-
nesday). October 5. at 10 o'clock a. m.. from
the family residence. 4f12 Sonth Tenth street.
San Jose. Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery
at 1 p. m.
POLAND — We wish to thank our many
friends for their kind words of sympathy and
many floral offerings during our late bereave-
- — -FOR- —
Seventy-Five Dollars
Moved to " mala \u25a0 of3c«, 41 Van Neoa ar. T»l '
Market 711. connecting all department*.
Branches— Bos Montgomery ay. Oakland. 1303
Franclla it.: ttL Oakland 4043. Los Anzel«s,
627 South rlgueto* it.
Aat« Amsolaacaa aad OtrrlarM Cor Hlx*.

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