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Sttysterious "Peerless" Proves
to Be "Pastime" Rented
. in Oakland
Owner Gives Valuable Clews to
Police and Is Kept In
'Trho signed "Robert Leonard" on re
ceipt of the powder on the launch
The man who was with Bryc© when
the launch was rented and who gave
his name as F. A. Perry Is described as
of Mexican cast of features. The de
scriptions furnished the police by the
offices of the powder company and by
\u25a0Shipping Clerk Phillips leave no doubt
that this was the man who posed as
"Winiam Morris 5n buying the powder.
The' men were conspicuous by the con
trast in their appearances.
Burrowes is being closely guarded by
the police, as he has given information
that may lead to picking up the trail
lost after September 26, when the men
returned the launch to the owner. To
prevent the information from leaking
out. Burrowes was kept in hiding by
the Oakland police, after having under
gone a close questioning.
The reward of upward of $100,000 of
fered for the capture of the men re
sponsible for the dynamiting of the
Times building has brought to the
chase the shrewdest sleuths of the west.
The utmost secrecy Is being observed
regarding the latest clews developed,
but the word lies gone out from de
tective circles that the pursuit Is clos-
Jng In upon the dynamiters as the re
sult of what Burrowes has disclosed to
Captain Petersen.
"The men who carried the dynamite
from the Giant powder company's yards
may as well give themselves up, for it
is only a matter of days when we will
have them," Detective Burns said yes
terday shortly before leaving for the
He spoke simply and with no pre
tense at vaunting. He said that de
velopments In the case- had practically
flxe-d the guilt of two men whose de
ecrlption would betray them and whose
present whereabouts was a matter
xrlthin the powers of the police to de
From at least six- men the police have^
obtained descriptions of the two men.
Trho rented the Pastime and obtained
the powder in the "Peerless." Superln-.
tenfient Frank Rollar. Phillips, the
shipping clerk, and Manuel Cortez. ja
Portuguese who helped load the launch,
all told of the men who purchased ai*d
called for the powder.
Boatmen along the Oakland wat/er
front. Captain John Stanley, who took
care of the Pastime, and Burrowes zad
Baxter have added their descriptions of
the men. so that now their cornect
names are the only points lacking- in
fixing the identity of the men wlpom
the police and detectives are certain
handled the povrder before it was esent
couth on its deadly mission.
In the boat when returned to Bur
rowes were two pairs of striped' bib
overalls that were identified by the men
from the Giant company yaxds as sim
ilar to' those worn by both Bryson and
his swarthy companion. The smoke
stack of the launch had. been removed
by way of disguisa and put in a Tnore
Inconspicuous place.
The seat was considerably cut vp by
a sharp pointed knife, the tracings of
\u25a0which formed letters of the name Peer
less.. Detective Petersen believes that
; .,the men tried several schemes to at
tach the letter* prior to pasttag them
on the cardboard and in this manner
cut up the seat. The cardboard used to
hide the real name of the laundh was
left in the boat and forms part of the
collection of evidence secured hy the
Oakland police. The screw hoLes by
\u25a0which it was fastened over the name
Pastime can be plainly seen.
The letters that made up the name
Peerless were purchased from the
.Molse-Klinkner Ftore in Market street.
11. M. Nutter, the salesman, gay*» a
description of the men who made the
purchase that agrees with that of the
crew of the launch Peerless. They
had stated they wanted aluminum
letters for two sigrns to read "Peer
less." Another very Important feature
developed in this respect was the state
ment of Xutter that his customers \
made a show of much money.
Where the money came from that
net all expenses with no objections is !
a mystery that occupied the . serious '
moments of the police yesterday. Thei
men acted In a positive manner In all '
Advertising Talks
L ' 7 Some advertisers use newspaper space in an impersonal
luliflr sort °^ wa^ as t^ lou S^ some one else paid for it They
Ijjjjj j)^l pay little or no attention to the preparation of copy,
allowing some one of vast inexperience to write it. using
/-^^^— the same copy "over and over — ;and day after day this
careless, slipshod, ineffectual advertising appears over their names.
We are having illustrations every day of the success of carefully
thought out, well written, .direct advertising against the other sort, and'
the reason for it is twofold: Slack advertising is a. pretty fair indication
of slack business methods, and the people will have none of it;. whereas;
the straightforward, direct, intelligent advertisement creates the impression
of an up to the minute business.
Men and women read, good advertising because it tells them, with-^
out any beating around the bush or loss of time, precisely the sort of goods
they will find and the prices they will have to pay when they respond
to it. • .; ; : : • ' ,\ ,r\
To th6V business men who want to get real results from their
advertising space. The Call offers its services.
We have an advertising copy service that is "right"' for your busi-/
ness, and it will bring results because it is the sort of advertising \u25a0 that-
the people read— and respond to. " ;/
Phone Kearny 86 and" our representative will call.'
their dealings, indicating organization
and much deliberate preparation. .
At 2:30 o'clock yesterday Detective
Burns went to Oakland in one of Crow
ley's tugboats, accompanied by Crow
ley. They intended to make a thor
ough search of the bay docks and first
visited Oakland. -Here they got" into
communication with Captain Petersen;
and Burns was asked to aid In the
examination of the launch Pastime.
The party went to the boathouse
of Captain John Stanley at the foot of
Webster street, where a consultation
was held and all notes compared to get
the case as nearly straightened out as
possible. In the party were Captain
Petersen, Detective Burns. Detectives
Hodgkins and McSorley of Oakland. S.
L. Brown, chief of the Los Angeles
district; Detective James McNamara of
Los Angeles. Detective George H. Mul
cahey of San Francisco and the. ship
ping clerk of the Giant powder com
pany. George Phillips.
Brj-ce and Perry, as they were known
along the Oakland seawall, visited
many of the launch owners of Oakland
to get a boat for a week's use. John
Peterson, who has launches at the foot
of Fourteenth avenue, told the detect
ives that he remembered the men call-
Ing for a launch and saying that they
were willing: to pay any price within
reason for one. He j told them he had
no launch he could spare for a week,
and so they left him.
They then visited Hansen, East
Twelfth street and Eleventh avenue,
where arrangements were made for
the rental" of a boat on September IS.
Bryce agreed to deposit 5250 on taking
the boat. That afternoon Hansen was
out with the launch and broke the pro
peller. He was forced to cancel the
On the following day the men went
to the place of Captain Stanley. Here
they saw the launch Pastime. The
Pastime belongs to Burrowes, who is
employed with the Pacific tele
phone and telegraph company of Oak
land, and Baxter, who is with the Fair
banks & Morse engine company. Stan
ley referred them to Burrowes and they
rang Burrowes up by the telephone
and made arrangements to meet him
at the estuary. Burrowes lives at 1314
Linden avenue, Oakland, and Baxter at
1723 Central avenue, Alaroeda.
DEPOSITED $300 , \u0084
Burrowes 'saw the men on Septem
ber 20, when they said they wanted
to use the boat for a: week, and were
willing to pay what was right, as they
had met with trouble in getting- a boat.
It was arranged that a deposit of $500
be left with Burrowes. Papers were
drawn up, which were signed by«J3ryce
and Perry. vThese papers are in the
hands -of the police, who will make
comparisons with other handwriting
believed to have been done by*the same
men. , ... .. *
On September 20, in the afternoon,
after considerable preparation in the
way of carrying gasoline and some pro
visions, the men left the estuary, say
ing they would -g-p "to Sausalito. They
left about 5 o'clock, and then for a time
the police lost trace of them.
On September 22 the men went \<\
the store of Moise-Klinkner and bought
the aluminum letters that were used
to cover the name Pastime. The fol
lowing day arrangements were com
pleted with the Giant powder company
for the delivery of the powder. On
September 23 the Pastime, changed so
that its owner would not have recog
nized it. went to the Giant powder
works, on the coast of Costa
county, and obtained the SO per cent
gelatine powder, which the crew said
they would use "to blow up tree
stumps, on a farm near Auburn."
After this the trail disappears, for a
while, though reports say they visited
Alviso and disposed of the 'powder
cases and arranged, the final details
of their diabolical plot to blow i » the
Times building. , .
S. P. and Santa Fe
Order Agents to .
Assist Police
Endeavors to trace the shipment of
the dynamite that was, used in the de
struction of the building of the Los
Angeles Times are being made by the
Southern Pacific and the Santa Fe rail
road freight departments. No orders
have yet'been issued to * the of
these transportation companies, but
there is" a- general order to .all agents
to -always assist j police officials in
tracing any crime.; . \u25a0\u25a0;:\u25a0 .*\u25a0',•\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0.;-
_ Up to closing: time .yesterday, after
noon the police had not made any re
quest to tlie : railroads to trace" ship
ments of explosives between SanFran
cieco bay points and Los Angeles
points, although the police, were con
sidering, such, a request.
It would notbe an easy matter ..to
trace such a| shipment by the railroad,
because, according to the -officials of
the Southern Pacific, it is probable that
the shipments were made under a ,dif-.
f erent name • than* those used by the
men when the explosive was purchased
at Giant. . It is also probable, according
to the traffic . officials,, that * the .per
petrators of the crime would evade the
rules of the railroad arid ship the dyna
mite as some other class ,-of merchan
dise, not to lessen the.freight charges,
but to* avoid, detection 'as to the con
signor and consignee." ',
I "To trace the dynamite shipments
between, San Francisco .'\u25a0bay / points and
Los Angeles, points .would require sev
eral' days," explained a freight official
yesterday. we would to
send out a general notice to all agents
to '; send in copies ; of j all shipments of
explosives between the; dates; that s it is
supposed - the \u25a0 dynamlte> was" shipped.
These \u25a0 reports would I have ;to *be 1 made
out completely , in ordSt to allow us to
know who shipped -it,: to whom, it; was
shipped,' from where it 'was f. shipped,
how it was shipped and everyj other
circumstance connected \ with \ its trans
portation/. ; . .[- \ .>\u25a0 ; ;•;., : '
. .-"All of r these : reports \ would ;then
have to": be sorted \ 'and ; it "is then: pos
sible that ; ther names] of | the { consignor
and consignee ; would not tally; with ; the
names the ;."; police v now,/ have. Li s That
would require ;a ; . further 'investigation
as 'to ' the r appearance ; of ? both'; the ." con-"
slgnor and: the i ? .:* : -'We ;v are
willing f to ' ;'dofall •. we ; can Ito j assist \u25a0 the
police j in: this matteriand ; all \u25a0 matters,"
but itifappears^ that stheir^ personal iin^
.vestigations.^? carried "/on >"as >: they '"fare
being done,*' wllj bring 'quicker results."
i~* All I of 2 the H railroad * show/, a
disposition .to "assist ;• the detectives >in
the work ' of ; the dynamiters;
but many of them entertain the theory
that the shipment, if it was made by
train, was not billed: as "explosives,"
nor was it: billed to any persons woo
could be Identified ' through ;, the ' name;
Several of the officials ; are of the
opinion that it might have fbeen sent
by steamer.
Notwithstanding the fact that efforts'
are being made to trace the shipment
of the explosive by rail, the, detectives
feel , that they have established the
fact that the dynamite was taken, to
Los Angeles in an automobile.
Chief Seymour Sends
Crack Men South to
Aid in Capture
Absolute conflrmation of previous'
theories, the discovery of the launch
in which the dynamite * was carried
from Giant, Cal., and ultimately . a re
port, that three \ suspects were- under,
arrest in Los Angeles. whipped, the ex
citement brought about by the dyna-'
miting, outrage on the; Times building,
to fever heat yesterday. 1 .And at mid
night the sincere ; belief of , the police
was that if the three were not the ones
wanted, the cordon; which has : been"
thrown around, trie state and the .man
ner in which the investigation's being
pushed, will undoubtedly-' result vln? the
capture of the criminals within : a few
days.:-' '\u25a0 .-.-. . y.:\:r'.' '"\u25a0 ' \u25a0\u25a0 ::. - >.'
Events followed each other, with; sen
sational rapidity. \u25a0 Scores of detectives
were thrown in all directions to work
on the case. . Money- was" spent like'
water. Within two minutes after tak-'
Ing office" Chief of Police Seymour >was
in the thick of the- hunt. .His first
official act .was %to call ; - for ; - Sergeant'
Steve Bunner arid Sergeant
Ryan, both of whom are looked upon; as
the ; crack men : of t thej force." .Bunner
was in uniform, having bee^i- taken; off
theidetective'force. by, Chief Martin, but
Seymour put , him back>againin\ plain
clothes.' and with Ttyan: ordered him to
proceed to . Los Angeles. ; ; .. .. ,' \ : K
"While, the • reason i for ; the-trip > was
kept secret' it was given outVuhofflcially
that the men -.were sent" there itoi iden
tify the- suspects/" two of 'whom /are
said to be known by them. /• V ' ; X
"With Seymour at the .-head^ttie detec
tive f orce . of San i Francisco , : hummed
with activity. Detective McGowan; the
.water; front sleuth, went r on ; the case
early win the morning, - and .joining
forces with Captain Petersen. 1 of ; Oak
land, succeeded in" finding^. the launch
in^which "the - trio had^carried^away
their/ dynamite. It* belonged \u25a0to fDoug
las^A^ 1314* Linden avenue,
Oakland, and went by, the .name of the
Pastime. \. ": : ; \u25a0/;:- ;. \u25a0\u25a0». ;.'i "T- '.\u25a0 \u25a0"\u25a0; .'\u25a0"\u25a0;
i . Burrow es told /the : that
three men 'answering the description; of
those who had j purchased ' the | dynamite'
hired /. the, launch . September^ 20. , paying
a' deposit of .; )s oo;~ and '-, returned .with \ it
September 7, t6. >rThe-?charge "z .for*^the;
launch was •%30 ] and I Burrowes : refunded
the j remainder, of the [deposit - to^heih;
An -examination ' of i. the .boat -disclosed
the fact that 'another name had'- been
jtacked :/over^ the?' name ' "*: of \u25a0\u25a0; Pastime-^'
probablyj the w^ord - "Peerless." .'/.-:
; ;r The importance of this discovery was
equalled only, by vthat i made shy ?,Eari
Rogers himself;. when •he-learnedathat
the i name ; of . Bryson, '• employedv by .j the
leader / of » the .three.: men^was; taken \ for
a purpose, >as \ it vwas : that [ottJJl I*T Bry-^
sbn;?ia wealthy' mine downer > of* Placer,
county, i^ The first that Bryson "knew O f
his ; connection (witbli the; 'affair I was the
newspaperj-eports mentlbning;his name."
.Wishing ;: to? Blf t \u25a0 the r conditions "r to the
bottom- helmet 'Earli ßogers" and told
himtthat £ he Jhad* not? m»d*> any^ Pur
chasejof sdynamite^/aafrfcported;-::. \u25a0 - r'
r : reports; are absolutely! false,*!
said Bryson.ii'r'never bought the^dyna^
ml f \ and . Ido - not : kno wj howJSnyi name
came to" bed ra gged * i ri to \ thi s , aft air.v, ,\.*J
A Ibrief f investigation^ disclosed itfee
reason. In purchasing dynamite the
buyers^-have to go thvough^certain for
malities., as to . names I and . addresses,
slmilar,to: those in buying poison, and
.the. dynamiters were evidently afraid
that there might be some hitch in the
arrangements if they could not give
some plausible excuse. "'
Called For Launch and
Was Withdrawn Same
Day Pastime was Here
WAVFEb— By party of mon. 19 "by- 24 foot
' launch. for 10 days to cruise around bay
and tributaries; best of ; reference. . Box
10S5. Call office. ' ' ,
This advertisement appeared-in the
morning "papers of September 18, or
the day before arrangements were be
gun for hiring the launch Pastime from
Douglas Burrowes "and E. H. Baxter.
It r is : regarded as significant that it
disappeared \ cm the day r thc ' Pastime
was engaged. ' „ \
..Investigations to determine the Iden-,
tity of the persons who* Inserted the'ad
vertlsement 1 were • begun by • the v police.
The matter, was ;called to • the attention
of the detectives working in the cases
by The Call, and 1 the' possibility \of; a
clew, to the ; dynamiters being -. found
in this- direction .has started, a" new in
vestigation; .: .
In many respects the" want advertise
ment' suggests the, men., who rented the
Pastime.; The Advertisement asks for
a ' 24 foot^lauhch— the ' Pastime *i9f' 23
feet long. > .\u25a0'A.\ party \ of men wanted < i ts
use— -a '-party;* of men -used the Pastime.
The" launch "was wan ted -for 10 days—
; the: Pastime ;was hired 'for a .week.» The
advertisement said- that a cruise of the
;bay/ and '\u25a0. Its -tributaries was contem
plated— the Pastime made such a'cruise.
Sheriff. and Deputies Fail \ to
v ; \u25a0 Find Any- -Trace -6f.J-.
. SAN-: JOSE^ Oct.. 4.— Sheriff; Hammel
of -Los -Angeles," Deputies ". Mulhall/ and
Roberts of .this county^ and "Constable
Mayne :of Alvisb - searched all of the' In
• '** i tt i >"Ti" '\u25a0'*' ~~L**'^'i^~' "*. -
tricate .waterways in the south bay
marshland today for the dynamite boat,
the Peerless. They .went as far north
as the Dumbarton* bridge, * where they
met several newspaper boats, but the
quest was fruitless. The launch was
piloted by Fred Fowler of Santa Clara,
a hunter, who, in" company with Clar
ence Letcher, reported the presence of
a strange craft in the south bay on the
opening 'day of the duck season.' Upon
their return to Alviso they met Deputy
District Attorney Brown of Los Ange.
les, -Detectives McNamara of Los Ange
les, Hodgkins of Oakland and Mulcahey
of San Francisco.
The detectives, are still In this" city
tonight and are making an attempt to
trace the automobile which was used
in transporting the dynamite to Los
A gamekeeper at Alviso reports hav
ing seen strangers loading boxes into
an auto from a launch in Alviso slough.
This; was some time* prior" to the de
struction of the Times building In Los
It is the theory of the officers that
Our Special |i| •\u25a0'. (P^cfll
Is At Least $5 Better Than Its Price
The reputation we have been, so carefully build**
ing for 35 years is' back of that statement.
If we were in the\ market for a blue serge suit — '•
and a reputable s tore offered to save us five dot* \
||l lars—we are" quite sure we could not be Induced
to buy until we had Investigated.
We have all the new models in this famous
suit— for young men, middle aged men and eld-
erly men. - .
Watch our. windows for the newest things in fur-
nishings and hats.
Between Third and Fourth
Full Set of Teeth ............ ..*2.00
'22-K., Gold Crowns^ntTrr^rrr.fSJM*
Bridge Work V: ...*:.. '.'Vr.-Tm*. s2.oo
Gold Fillings j : . . i VfttV.T:. : .. .fl.oo
silver? Finings «vr.*rr^rr.-r:-rt ... 50c
\u25a0 All »\u25a0 work - . absolutely ;. painless " and • gnar-
'aateed^ for.' twenty j years, v" •-\u25a0 - . ~— .
T39 MARKET,; STREET . \u0084
Hours datly till 9 p.m.: Sundays 10 to 3
Details Detectives to Los An
geles to Identify Three Sus
pects Under Arrest
Real Bryson Comes to City to
Aid Search for Fiends
Who Used Name
the auto which was used may Ha>»
been put .up in one of the many Jocal
garages while the powder was being
shipped into Alviso.
Los Angeles Union Praised
For Giving Assistance
To the Times
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
GALVESTOX, Tex.. Oct. 4.—Deplor
ing: the Los Angeles Times tragedy, the
typographical u\iions of Texas offer an
additional reward of $1,000 for the con
viction of the person or persons re
sponsible for the dynamiting of the
building. Resolutions to this effect, and
also complimentary to the officers of
the Los Angeles union for offering
union men to the Times in its hour of
distress, are being adopted by the vari
ous locals, and the reward will be made
up from the contributions of the several
; A company has been formed in cfr
cinnati to erect and r£nt a mausoleum.
This is to be a large building, where
bodies may be taken by survivors who
own no burial plot and who have no
desire to buy one. There will be com
partments in the building, arranged
like shelves in a library, and on these
the bodies are to be placed. By an
evaporating process they will . be re
duced to dust. It is the purpose of the
undertakers of this business scheme to
rent or to sell compartments of all
sizes, ranging from the "single" to
the "large family" sire.
The cost of living, as measured by
furs, is not encouraging. At Winnipeg,
a great market fox fur material, in six
years the price of znuskrat skins has
gone up from 11 cents to 70: of skunk
from 70 cents to $3; of mink frotr. J1.75
to $8; of red fox from $2 to $6; of lynx
from 53 to $30; of wolf from $1.50 to
%\: of weasel from 10 cents to 60: of
badger from 50 cents to $3.
A recent test of wireless telephony
was made to show Its value for trans
mitting music. Several selections were
sung in a transmitter at Park avenue
and Fortieth street. New York, and
were listened to by a group of news
papermen at the Metropolitan tower. •
At times the singing was very clear,
but frequently it was Impossible to hear
anything but a confused War of sound.
&Qp5K& I'IIU la K«d tad bold mrau£\V/
— T^?J l»xei. $«Ued with Blua Ribbon. \V
'tR *^ *Sf X* ke "• *tb«r. I But of roar \u25bc
I / ~ fa UrmMM&L AskfarCKMrn£«.TFK(t
A"O* .ff y«"»k««»»n»»Best.s«fe»t.ASTr»^lte!tebl»
W.T.fIESS, Notary PnblicP
At residence. 14S0 Page street, between
JP- n». and * ». m. Reaidenc« talephoa*

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