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MlirGairriers Are Swamped b:
Pqod of Exposition Boost«
: ing Pasteboards
Women District City and Com
plete Plans for Strenuous
Work on Friday y
Panama-PacSfic postcard week is on
in earnest. At the opening of the doors
of exposition headquarters yesterday
waiting applicants secured thousands
of the postcanls and the stream kept
up continuously all day long. Half a
mill Jon-postals' sent through the mails
yesterday was a conservative estimate.
The mail, boxee throughout the city
were crammed nt every collection and
the long suffering mail carrier looks
with alarm upon a whole week of the
strenuous labor he experienced yes
In the meantime the demand for post
cards from other parts of the state In
creased. Los Angeles has called for a
second supply of 100,000 cards. Frank
Widgins, secretary of the chamber of
commerce In the southern city, who is
managing the postcard campaign there;
frfts 'arranged for a children's day simi
lar to the one here today and has
planned other novel methods of «distri
The final meeting of the woman's
postcard committee of the Panama-
Pacific exposition was held in the board
room of the exposition' headquarters
yesterday afternoon- • - * ;
Mrs. Ixrvell White, the chairman, an
nounced that there aro now 44 districts,
each with a captain in charge of head-"
quarters and witli lieutenant and
workers to carry on. the campaign. Mrs.
White is most enthusiastic and believes
that at least a million cards will be
sold by the women next Friday. The
women announced their determination
to work from early morning until late
at night and their confidence Is un
It was announced that Raphael Weil
& Co. \u25a0would furnish stamps for the
cards sent out of that establishment.
Mrs. Wallace R. Pond, the captain In
charge of one of the Important down
town shopping districts, announced that
she Jhad secured as branch distribut
ing points in charge of lientenants,
Schonwasser*s. 'O'Connor, Moffat's,
Charles Plum's, Sloan &
Co.. and Spring Valley water company's
stores and offices. * In many cases
private residences have ben offered as
The women will be supplied with
badges of authority on . women's day.
In most cases they are to begin at
once to arrange their distributing de
pots, and will lay In their supply of
cards now.
This is San Francisco schol chil
dren's day of Panama-Pacific postcard
In the public schools of San Fran
cisco alone, at 1:30 o'clock today, 40,000
scholars will suspend lessons and at
tend to the business of addressing
postcards -which are to be sent all over
the east asking the support of friends
to secure tne influence, of their con
gressmen at the December session.
"This is my .first visit to' the Pacific
coast and I am impressed with Its won
derful civilization, which is. of a unique
character, the native talent and breezi-'
ness of the- west, showing the influence
of contact with the culture of the east,"
said William C Cornwell. editor of the
Bache Review and associated with J. S.
Bache & Co., bankers of New York city,
at the St. Francis yesterday.
'The result is ao atmosphere of
broad, intelligent optimism, which has
made possible the marvelous growth of
this part of the country.
"There is no question in my mind as
to the wisdom of making this the expo
sition city for the Panama celebration-
It would be a pity not to take advan
tage of this opportunity to show thou
sands from the east, north and south
and Europe this charming and beauti
ful city, so different from any other in
the world."
The grand encampment of the Inde- \
pendent ' Order of Odd Fellows at its
annual session at Santa Ana October
7 unanimously adopted the following
resolution indorsing the Panama-Pa
cific exposition at San Francisco in
1915: \u25a0> ' i
\ Resolved, that the grand encamp
ment heartily indorses and approves
the holding of the Panama-Pacific
exposition in California in 1915
and requests its members. Individ
ually and collectively, to use their
best" efforts and Influence in local,
state and national matters that
shall culminate in assembling not- ;
only the people of our own repub
lic, but the nations of the world in
our grolden state at the completion
of this great enterprise.
The farmers of California are en
thusiastic supporters of the Panama-
Pacific exposition to be held in San
Francisco in 1915 and they are prac
tically unanimous in favor of the prop
osition to tax the state and bond San :
Francisco to add $10,000,000 to the!
fund, as *hown by the resolution
passed by the California state grange:
at its meeting in Xapa October 6. '.
Transbay Women Working
OAKLAND, Oct. 10. — The clubwomen'
of Alameda district, who are preparing]
for the Panama-Pacific exposition post- :
card day of Thursday, have arranged I
for c systematic house to house cam- '
The women have divided Oakland ac
cording to the political wards for their
work as folldws:
. First w^rd— airs. E. A. Major*. Mr*. J. It,
Mac<Jre*«r. Mrs.-J. E. Hsrden;KVv>nd irar4 —
Mrs. Oeorjce Samuels. Mrs. D. A. Sinclair; third
ward. Mr*. \V. T. Morton; fourth ward, Mrs.
M. Bo»f»: €fih~»rard. Mrs. J. I*. Fuller; Fixth
««rt. Mr», P. H. Clark; seventh .ward, Mrs.
F. JV. Epenew.
Campaign in Stockton
[Stecial Dhpalch lo The Call]
STOCKTON. Oct. io. — Stockton- will
cenJ 38,000 Panama-Pacific interna
tional exposition postals to eastern
people, urging them to get: their con
gressmen to vots 'for San Francisco as
tbe exposition city. The postal card
committee, headed by Mayor R. ; R.
Heibenetein, met today at tbe chamber
of commerce and arranged to distribute
the postals.
Women Distribute Cards
ALAMEDA. Oct. 10. — The distribution
of postcards : boosting the Panama-
Pacific exposition is. to be taken up by
the clubwomen and school" children of
the city, as well as the merchants. The
chamber' of commerce today received
25.000, postcards and .10,000 are to .be
sent a way-toy the clulwomerClO.'OOO by
the school- children and 5,000 -by the
commercial organization.. . :'\u25a0
Tlie civic section of the , Adelphian
club met today and arranged to dis
tribute tbe cards, which, may be ob
tained et Adelphian •/ hall . tomorrow.
Wednesday and Thursday, between 10
a. m. and noon or from Mrs. Philip S.
Teller. Mrs. I. Ehrenberg, Mrs. ;H.' A.
Hebard. Mrs. J.» D. Bishop and Mrs.
M. F. McGurn.
Women .Will Aid^ Work
[Special Dispatch to The Call] .
PETALUMA. Oct ll.— The Woman's
dub of Petaluma will assist the Pcta
luma chamber oi commerce in advertis-
Leading Lawyers Indorse
Judge Coffey's Candidacy
Judge J. V, Coffey, rvhose candidacy for presiding justice of appellate
court is indorsed. -
ing the Panama-Pacific exposition. The
women will distribute 5,000 postals.
Several of Petaluma's most prominent
women have taken up Xhe work. - Miss
Nellie Denman is president of the
Woman's club, and with a corps of as
sistants will do much workjn assisting
the chamber of commerce.
The Northwestern Pacific will put Us
winter card into effect on October 12,
1910. The suburban electric trains will
remain practically the same as'at pres
ent on week days, and on Sundays the
trips will only be hourly in the middle
of the day instead of half hourly. All
commuter trips will remain about . as
they are now, boats and' trains running
on -30 minute schedule.
The Willits train will leave San
Francisco 7:45 a. m. The Glen/ Kllen
trains S:ls a. m. and 4:45 p. m., Santa
Rosa local 10:45 a. m.; Uklah train 3:15
p: .m, Santa Rosa local 5:15 p. m.
The Gazadero train will leave as at
present — 8.15 a. m. . On Saturdays an
extra train will leave for Camp Meeker
a.t 2:43 p. m. On Sundays there will be
an extra train leave San Francisco
8:45 a. m. for Gurnevllle and Duncan
Mills, with connection to Cloverdale. "
Wife Granted Divorce Decree
on Ground of Nonsupport \
OAKLAND, Oct. 10.— Neither as a
barber nor as ; an insurance ntin did
Henrj' Apple shine, according to the
testimony of his wife, Nella, who se
cured an interlocutory Jecree of divorce
against him -today. . She- t«stified that
he tried his hand at both employments,
but earned only enough to buy whisky.
She had to work to buy fooa and ploth-
Ernest Whitney .was granted a final
decree ' of divorce against Sara Whit
ney on the ground of : desertion. .
The following new suits for divorce
were begun today: . 'Maymie'- against
Andrew Roberts, desertion; Margaret
against Antonio Sabatino, desertion.
Order Selects A. T. . Jorgensen
as Supreme Justice
OAKLAXD. Oct. 10.— Secretary A. A.
Denison of the chamber of commerce
has been advised of -the- election of
Alfred T. Jorgenseo of 138 Helen street
to the position of supreme justice of the
Danish brotherhood. The convention
held at Fresno was the" first' conclave
of the order that has ever taken; place
on the Pacific coast, and its being
brought here was largely due to tlie
efforts of Jorgensen, who is a member
of Oakland lodge No. 29 and a pioneer
of the order on the coast. Representa
tives of the grand lodge will visit Oak
land tomorrow.
Votes for Women Organization
£ Takes Up Fight
War \riU be waged against the white
slave traffic by the clubwomen of; San
Francisco and bay cities. '";
The civic committee of the Votes; for
Women club yesterday began the cam
paign by sending' a: circular^ letter -to
all -women's clubs and;- organizations
asking that a special cbmmlttee.be ap
pointed to confer on the questlon.v'Vs'
The members of" the civic committee
that .met yesterday are: Mrs. H. B. Tas
more, chairman; Miss ' Florence; Musto,
Miss ' Ray Wolfsohn, Mrs. Charles'Dur
brow. Dr. Alice Woods.' Dr.' M." Cosgrave.'
Chanare of Time
The winter- card of the ; Northwestern
Pacific goes Into effect Wednesday, Oc
tober 12.' The suburban electric, service
weekdays will remain practically; as at
present. - and - on*' Sundays .trains \u25a0-. will
run hourly during: : middle" 7 of - the day
Instead of half f hourly. /.The t "Willits"
train leaves' San -Francisco 7:45; a.~'m.ir
Glen Ellen trains^ SilS.a.' m/t'and ?4:45
p.* m.; Santa Rosa locals 10:45 a. m. and
6:16 p. m., Ukiah train 3:ls.p.?m.v;Caza
dero train 8:15 ;a. m." : On- Saturdays
there will ; be : ah; extra" train , to ? Camp
Meeker at 2:45 p.m.' - ' ~ : •-
. • It's awfully ._ hard for ; a \ woman ;to
understand : why, -men do not like \u25a0to
nurse sick people • and attend? funerals.
\u25a0 THEcSAK. FR^CIS
Two Other VVomen Under Ar=
- . /.
rest on Suspicion of Burn*
ing Home
OAKLAND, Oct. 10.— The burning of
E. H.Sweetser's cottage at 1217 Wall
street, Elmhurst. at 2 o'clock this
morning caused the second arrest of
Mrs. Sweetser, a bride of a- week, on
suspicion of arson. With her In the city
jail were placed Mr. and Mrs. D. . M.
Finkeldey and Miss- Lizzie Wolgethen,
who were found by policemen with the
wife crouched on a rear porch while
the house was burning. :
Sweetser at that moment was lying
unconscious in a room of the burning
dwelling overcome by smoke. He was
rescued by Policeman Undgrwood and
Special. Policemen: Silva - and Melton,
who had seen the flames. They dragged
the husband out of the house and re
vived him. The rest of the party were
arrested because of the peculiar cir
cumstances of the two fires which had
occurred at the Sweetser home in a few
days. .
The first fire was three, days ago.
Sweetser himself reported the case to
the police, explaining that he had been
married then but a. few,; days, yet was
contemplating getting a divorce. . He
said he had come home late to find his
wife In a- stupor fiin\ the flopr, with
kerosene and gasoline near her .body
and astub candle burning nearby.. He
reported that the woman had been
robbed. - \u25a0" \u25a0 ' ' r \u25a0
Detective Harry Green arrested Mrs.
Sweetser after her husband had ad
mitted that hte woman, while drinking,
had tried to start the. blaze. Refusing
to prosecute, he let; his wlfe.be freed
and reurn to his home. '
The firo of last night burned the cot
tage to the ground. This evening the
police released Finkeldey, but held Mrs.
Finkeldey, Mrs. Sweetser and Miss Wol
gethen. .; . , t •/- *f'_
Sweetser was married in San,> Fran
cisco, and,. according to his -wife, com
pelled her.to .wed .under threats.^. The
first fire and the divorce talk were three
days later tha-n the marriage. .
Louis .Tontonel and Edward Piquet,
managers' of the Victory theater at
2030 Sutter: street,^ were given a 5 weeK
by the board of police commissioners
last night In which "to t'put" the soft
pedal V.on. their orchestrion, "whiqh was
complained of as . disturbing • the' peace
by residents ; of ; the i neighbor
hood. In. the other, business of the
meeting the board granted the renewal
of 116 liquor^permits. *
I Califprnians on Travels I
NEW" YORK. Oct. 10.-^aiifornians
have registered at New York; hotels as
- San Francisco — X;" F. Wilson. St. Replg •' • Mrs
H. A. Ellis, Hotfl Wolcott: J. B. Fnrish, ' Hotel
ColllnswooU; J. F>ming. Hotel Cadillac- J S
Jadpe. Grand* Union^ hotel; C: V.-Merrcfl "'\u25a0\u25a0-. Mrs!"
Merrell. Hotel % Xetlwrlaod : R. T.< Xo.me'tMrs*
Ratbbun. Hotel Collingwood; It." S. Cafb* 'Union
Square hotfl; Mr*. V. Stow, .-.Hotel --Welcotf ' J
Arthur, Hotel VV'aneoort land; \ Miss B. O Birch'
Hotet flerard : ? Misses Gray., Mrs.: G.< F - Gray'
Hotel ; York ; "J. A. \u25a0; P. . Hendersons Herald" Square
hotel; B.Hllnstrom.. HotelJLongacre;: Miss J 'B.
May. . Hotel Fla nders : A: Popple,; Hotel - Latham i
P.:O. ; Rauke, Hotel Empire; Miss Vanosten Hoi
teh Vanoortland; H, L. , Van jWyck, Great North
ern hotel.' ' ,\ 0 \u25a0*•'--•.:-..-;- . /, -\u25a0, .y-_ *
• Los- Angeles— E. A. ' BMdle; St. : Regis; : Mtas'c
V."r 8100m, .-'. Hotel = Martinique; \u0084W. ;H. Coletnan'
Coleman : Hotel r _Pierpont; "J. X.'r Harn*r
Mrs." Harney,* New. Amsterdam hotel; J.';T.-Jaco'b
1 Rea, 1 ; Holland house;'t..M.abonde, l >Dr:' B. Sassella
Hotel i Victoria ; :: A. '$ C. $\u25a0 Stllson, *'. Hotel •
Mrs: F. Gonrley. ; F. Gourley, \ Hotel Aldlne; B. \M v
Patterson, Martha .Washington ' hotel itSfS Retkow
ski.Mrs. Hetkow^ki Hotel Gerard." , : " - \u25a0
'Berkeley— W. H. \u25a0 Smythr Hotel Collingwood. - °
Oakland— J. .; Spellman, 1 : Hotel i Navarre. \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 ;
: INDIANA vi HARBOR,; Ind.; Oct., 10.--:
Eugene ; ; Ely,' the, aviator,^ alighted I ln> r a
field J two \ miles ; south \6t ' this \ place*' late
thisafternobn 'after. having covered f-blit
19;- miles v of > his '-f proposed ? t Chicago-New
f York <"flight.^- He^ will ; no'tv' attempt : to*
engines ; were J working j badly. ' .
Member of Local Bench De
clared Eminently Fit for
Higher Honors
Committee of 100 to Be Ap
pointed to Conduct Vig
orous Campaign
A gathering:, of several hundred .vot
ers that included, many, of the leading
lights of the San Francisco bar.met in
Golden 'Gate hall in'Sutter street' last
night to indorse the candidacy of Judge
J. : V. Coffey for ; the presiding justice of
the appellate court of the- first district
of v California. "The meetlngrwasrhonf
partisan . in ; character, . and the applause
which; greeted V} the f reference -of rthe
speakers to Judge Coffey's distinguished
public 'services, and particularly, to" his
brilliant -careers as- probate . judge,^ left
no" room for doubt as to his' popularity
with 5 the; voters gathered In the, hall.o
I Sydney M.'.Van AVyck Jr. presided and
opened? the with a tribute to
Judge : Coffey's [eminent .fiitness for the
office of! presiding justice of the court:
of appeals. 41 If there is a judge on the
California bench who holds a nonparti
san,; office," • said the - chairman, "that
judge; is: Judge J. V. Coffey, and. that
his worth Is; recognized by the people
of . this -'community -Is shown by :; the
overwhelming majorities he has rolled
up in past, elections." > l
ABLE hAXD^HOXEST " ; \u25a0;
Former Mayor E. R. Taylor was tb/e
firsts' speaker j called to the. stand ;by
Chairmaiif Van TVyck and he spoke
briefly- of the important duty of .select
ing judges who could be depended upon
to administer justice properly and.with
out fear or.- favor. ' "Judge Coft*ey," : said
Doctor Taylor," "besides being possessed
of great; ability, is 'known to all :of_^us
as a 'nian of unbending and uncorrubti
ble > hortesty . and this -to a
higherrbench, which he seeks, he truly
deserves,".;;, ';\u25a0:'. -^ , \ :,''/\u25a0'. .". '*'\u25a0,\u25a0\u25a0
• Former Judge J. F, Sullivan followed
Doctor Taylor and he was: followed' by,
D. .1. Mahony.' and T: -I.' Bergin. Other
speakers were James H. Barry, R. E.
Cope, Edward Lande, \u25a0 William Greer
Harrison, Joseph E. O'Donnell, Barclay
Henly and A. Comte Jr.
In: concluding his address James -TI.
/Barry offered v a r motion to ,the- effect
that i Chairman Van Wy ck be > directed
to appoint a committee of 100 .from
among .those present for the purpose
of conducting a. vigorous district cam
paign: in behalf of; Judge' Coffey. The'
motion was carried and the chairman
announced that • the "personnel of the.
committee would be. made-known later.
Among the vice presidents were, the
following: * ; * ; •'\u25a0'.'
Former Mayor Taylor Joseph B. Queen' "
Barclay Henley E<lward Clausen .
Forairr Judge J. F. Sul- Edrrard R. Rr>ck
livan > Joseph S. Tobin
Former Jndße E. A. Henry,. Eickhoflf
. Belcher " David I. Mahoncy
'Richard 'E. Queen Joseph 8. . O'Donnell
William GiTer Harrison .T. 'A. Stephens
A. Oomte Jr. .Tames J. MeManus
P. A. Finnigan . William C. Menghcr
Thomas E.-; Haycten W. A. S. NichoUoa :
KdwardC. Harrison , John M. Burnett
Kdn'ard I/>\rry . John O'Gerra
Wallace Wiso / - T. J. Moynlhan
Thomas ,J. Welsh ' D. A. AN'hlte , \u25a0.
TSiomos E. Rergin ' Jarac3 Finn •'
George . A. Connolly. , D>anlPl Ward r •
N. J. ' Maason~' ':*•\u25a0- CSiarles I*'. Quepn \u25a0-.
Edward Lande . Milton L. "Choynskl
Jlnrcus Rosenthal . iJohn P. Allen
.... :;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 - \u25a0 -. -
Reconciled With Divorced Wife,
but Reunion Comes After
Marrying Another
Judge Graham beamed when he - was
informed yesterday that C. E., Corbly,
formerly, a Cincinnati businessman, had
become reconciled '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•'with his divorced
wife, Ellen Corbly;. but another .com
plexion was placed upf>n the matter
when .it developed that the reconcilia
.tion ;came "after Corbly had remarried.
The latest wi f e, Mrs, Florence Corbly,
sued; for $150 a month separate main
tenance. , It that she married
the^ defendant at Reno in 1903. Tri^y
were both employed by the Fuller desk
company, Corblyearning $250 a month.'
\u0084In 1903 ,; Corbly, ..went to .Cincinnati
and Mrs. Florence, following hlmv found
that he was living at the home of his
mother and that his divorced ; wife was
in the same house.; Mrs. got
$400 from her husband and he : told her
that if she came -to San Francisco he
would . follow her, here. L^ s t month
she found him living at Livermore and
Mrs.- Ellen was with 'him, she testified.
Corbly- was "in court and -said that
Mrs. y Ellen v went, to "^Livermore \u25a0; two
months before. he did. He testified that
he was« earning only $80 a month," and
the 'court awarded Mrs. Florence $37.50
a month.; * .\u25a0-\u25a0>; ;.; : '- ;. s:'-:s :'- : . .':•'; ; -»- ; -'
An - ;in junction ..was- feigned yesterday,
by. Judge Graham restraining. | George
W. j Elleryl- vice president of the Ellery
Arms ; and 'well known : d6g
owner,, who has been . suede for divorce
by Katherine Pearl Ellery on ithe ground i
of -cruelty/ from disposing ;of any > of !
his - property; pending' determlnationCof :
the ! action.* : The restraining order - also j
applies \to. William Ellery, a -brother; of
the defendant, the two owhing^certain
property In common." ,^ Mrs. Ellery: asks ;
$250 a month ; alimony, "and Friday next ;
her ' husband iwiir have ' to show * cause '
before* Judge Graham twhy-j he* should ;
not pay Tthat amount. - '.••\u25a0'\u25a0 j _
; : :>Fanchon : LarsonV sued v to annul- her
marriage with Edwin E. 'Larson -on -the
ground that it was void, the. defendant
being .the ; brother *of .t her 5 mother, and
consequently, her/uncle. '-:) The marriage
took^place v Julyr3,t 1908. * " • '-,\u25a0.:\u25a0
.Jules A. ; Reynaud '-began, suit for :an-^
nulnient \ of ; his 'marriage; I , from .Louise
F. I Reynaud on' the f ground that ;"the v de- \u25a0
fendant concealed her* condition" from
hlm.V.:.-"^.', :". :-\u25a0:.;. <\\ ''.::, ?•> \u25a0:\u25a0"_\u25a0- .'.,:\u25a0\u25a0:
,M Suits -for, divorce, were begun yester
day; by: : '< l \u25a0\ V :; --'. --T' — > r; -'' ; - -
,' ; ; Albert O. Grlggs \u25a0 against ' Nana . H. : . Griggs, ,
cruelty..* :..\u25a0.-•-- .-, - \u25a0. . .- j. \u25a0 ..• - .-- ... j
Willlim B. Roblla against Kmma L. Roblln,
desertion..-,-. , . • ' \ ;".. .' -. .'\u25a0 \ .' . -:.. ',-,"
- i Divorces were gran ted ,' yesterday as
follows: J,:. *--, r — -. \u25a0:.,,-\u25a0 -v '\u25a0'^ ' T V-VC Vr'
;~ By Judge Troutt— lnei F. Rlcfcert* from.Mtr
tin P. -Rlckerts,' cruelty.! •\u25a0.">; '-\u25a0\u25a0- 1 ~ " \u25a0\u25a0<\u25a0 > :
", By ' Judge Spawell — Richard A. Wilson t from
Blanche -B. Wilson, 'desertton. \u25a0'\u25a0- -;\u25a0\u25a0 " ' , j
'•*-:,; . ' [-\u25a0"-' l--'^-- •\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- ;;-;-'--;;\u25a0-•; -.V
Census Returns
:;.WASHIXGt6x, : Octrjio.— The population ot
the \u25a0• state }. of \u25a0: .; Vermont; -\ as : enumerated i for,, the
thirteenth census 'and '. made^publie by i t±ie census
bureau ; today,": showed ian s increase •of 12,315.- or
3.6 * per I cent ; % the * total i number I of" Inhabitants
being 355,056, •as compared with 343,641" in i 1900.
In :the > previous decade,, from ? 1600 >to 1 1900. ». Ver
mont ;». increased r its n popnlatlon r, 11,129,t: or , 3.4
per cent.i---:Vj ;,-'%\u25a0 .;,;.•:; '.. ,- .--.-; ..-r. *- ?^:-/ --.. \u25a0 .?,---;
- Population statistics have *een made public
for the .Vermont 'cities::'-' * / ..
& 8arre, 5 10,73* in r 1910.^ 8,448 in 1900. ." x- .•;. • ;
B Bnrllngton,- 20.403 in \u25a0 1W0," 1«.640, 1n 1900. ; ; >
f RutUnd,* 13,546 In 1910, ; li; 49»: la 1900.^ - i'
; . .Th« \ population tot Decatur. ' 111.; i« 31,140,; an
increase s of \u25a0 30,te6,-- or j 50 » per r cent,'* as f compared.
With ' 20.754 In > 1900. :i? ;':---: .-.v :;-> J-^v:: s:©,^:
.^.The i popnlntion « ol I Maron,? Qa-. jvi Is an :
increase of ceqt.fMicompajfed
with: 23,272; la? WOO.' '".".* :; '\u25a0".-.-\u25a0j -"«• - '\u25a0•
W AbsoitsiGlty, SA
/| \u25a0• to [email protected] f oocL 111 1
. if made more /\u25a0
Two, Hundred arid Fifty Attend
San Jose Session v -
• SAN JO3E, Oct. 10.— The 'high court
and. supreme officers of the Independent
Order of .Foresters, 230 in number,
gathered in this city today .for the
opening of the southern California con
vention. ' .> " , '"V
At' 2:30 o'clock' this afternoon the
first business session was opened, but
few. matters . of importance, were
handled. The election of officers, selec- ?
tion^of " the next meeting' place, annual
reports - of_ committees, consideration of
a proposition to hold triennial instead
of annualsessions and a proppsltion to
establish • a Foresters: Hospital under
the direction of the Purple Cross society'
of the order will ; feature tonjorrow's
session.' ..' ... - ' .- ? ..', :
High Chief Ranger. J. P. Murphy~pre
slded. ; \u25a0\u25a0* '..•-:' \ „ •>:\u25a0-
An interesting literary and musical
program has 'been arranged: for.- the
annual ..ladles'j; night of ; Golden Gate
council 34, Young Men's Institute, which
will be held .Thursday- night at Golden
Gate V- Coinrnandery hall, ; Sutter ; and
Stelner streets.' ; Amorig" those who will
t^ke "^ part.' are, J. . : P. • Deneley, John
Laydon. Miss Celia^Smth, Dan P. Casey,
Miss Grace -Allen;-; Warren '-' Shannon,
John i.T.H O'Brien, J. A. Bacigalupi,' Eddy
Healy, Bayißrouillet.' .-
The Neal Institute f Saved Him -and
Made a ,3lan of Him
' The; othar'. evening a fine appearing
gentleman -forth into- the
atreet.: boarded a: passing, car 'and hur-
ried -homeward. v Thre e prior to
this^he^had beent brought to the Neal
Institute an/almost :total wrack* from
the effects of whisky., His nerves. were
shattered," hi^^mental condl tlon bad,^he
could ; not j eat "and'^ his :.=: .= all -consuming
thought t was, v'^Glve? me -'a Vlrlnk." 'For
20 = years, thlsy man ;had" drank 'whisky.
At flrstJna .social ivray.jbut, of 'recent
years * Its was ia: necessary,- part of /his
very.existence.*Thre>e days. at the Neal
Institute./located at ;1409 Sutter
FranClsco^mafleatnew man' of, him. * He; went
awsyj with 'head' erect >anrt> step ela~stic. -'' His
brain >.was dear. '^ He ; couM think J consecutlrelr.
Hlstnerres i were; steady. \u2666 He, forithe firet time
In years, was 5 free from " Uls- old \u25a0 enemjr— booze —
and what '• Is , njore he ; will ; never < drink - ngaln be-
Cause of a * return ; ooff f that 7 awfnl 1 craving 1 for ) In-
toxicating liquors. 12 It is a: granri'and Rood work
thatls-beins done by: the Neal Institute of this
city; and 'should be known by every body."" ~-~> \u25a0'-- •
Skin Sufferers! y. Urop/; Greasy; ? Salved
* \u25a0 nndslCa«ty\Me€llcirie«i.' i.'* 'j :'. : "\u25a0•':
;^Thatsmiia;^so6thiHgraliquia,;rx D. D.
Prescription, \u25a0 stops {the* awful ;'itch'l With
theY flrstf drops; ' : A'; prescription ; of i ac-
knowledgedxvalue. c .'.-\u25a0'•"" \u25a0'*. ;?' '•;-.: .}"\u25a0\u25a0-, '::\u25a0• ['\u25a0: v'.- J ;
sleep jSbOndly.^Wej nssrirejybui person-
allyiO'f2th"elrnerltslo£?;thls^remedy;' for
-Birth. marriage and death notices sentby m M
will not be Inserted. They must ** b " d ?° dors ,Vl
either of the . publication /offices^ «"^? Bl™Sor.B 1 ™Sor.
with the name and ; residence of . H™Stlew re-
Ized to : have the same published. •&*« e ' Te I nt
strlcted simply to the announcement of ***££%
are pnbUshed once In this column free of cftarsc.
CASTRO— ln" this city. October 4. M°''**J*?
- wife of Peter J. Castro (formerly Hatle feax
.ton),; a- daughter.' . -
DORR— In this city. October 7. 1910. to the wife
of Louis Dorr (formerly Cbarmak). a daughter.
POPE-^-In this city. September 2C. 1910. to the
wife of John R.* Pope.. a son- , x
RONNIGER— In this city. October 9. 1910. to
the wife \u25a0of O. P.* Ronnlger (formerly Anna
\u25a0Goetze). a son.
STONE— In this city. 'October 7. J9lO. to the
, wlf«; of J. T..G. Stone, a daughter. -' >\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. 1 -.-_
Notable Deaths I
M. C. BARLOW. EDlToB— Doajrlas. Wy©.. Oct.
. 10 — M. C. (BUI) Barlow, editor of Sage Brush.
Philosophy, died here last night following a
sudden attack of heart disease.
* . =1: _— r*
I Marriage Licenses I
\u2666— : 1_ !—! — . — __ _ _ — ! — — — ' — \u2666\u25a0
The following . marriaire licenses were Issued
Monday, October 10. 1910:
CRIST— ROSSI-r-Franklln R. Crist. 21, and Mary
' L. Rossi. 22. both of Santa Rosa. -
DALEY— ARMSTRONG— John J. Daley. 35. 1461
Waller street, and Rose G. Armstrong, 25,
' 27SG Sacramento street.
ESCUDE— TILLEY— Theodnre Kacwde. .*M. 170
• Colllnjwood street, aad Leonle Tllley, 30, New
Orleans. \u25a0_ >\u25a0 .
FOUCADA— PINKHAM— Frank Forcada. 30. and
Lida E. Plnkham. S3. both of 402 Broadway.
GRUVDEL— POTTER— EmII Gnindel. 36. \u25a0 125
Valley street, and Maude C. Potter. 2S. Lark-
HART— FRESHOUR— Benjamin F. Hart. 3R. and
Myrthqna G. Freshour. .18, both of Healdsburg.
JOHANSON— MIRES— CarI A. C. Johanson. 22.
i 2110 Greenwich street, and Olmerine C. Mires,
21. 3133 FlUmore street. * .
KOJIMA— NAKAGAWA— CTiukyo Koilma. 27.
. tTulsun. and;. Hani Nakagawa, 28, 217 Fourth
KRELL— JOHNSON— 'RaIph Krell. 23. Ross, and
\u0084 Esther Johnson, 17, Kent. .. '
Stranse. 21. 13-1 Seventh street, and Marcella
, McCarthy.. 2l. 202S Clay street.
LA WTON— HEROLD— WaIIace R. Lnwton. 39.
.and Agnes L. Herold, 20. both of 5 Balmy aye-
:. nue.
; MrGOUGH— LAMEY— John P. MeGou*h. 30. 1256
Pare street, and Marguerite Lamey. 23, .35
Clayton street.
MOFFATT— ELLIOTT— Edward F. Moffatt. 21.
141 Belvedere street, and Ada M. Elliott. IS,
: 63S Castro street.
MOTHERWELL— SIMMS — Alexander Motherwell.
25. and, Ioo« Simtns. 2S. both of Santa Rosa.
NAKANO— ISODA— Sakutaro Nakano. 29, 3209
Clay street, and Mfltsuye Isoda, IS. 1020 Stock-
ton street. , ... .
ONGERTH— SONNTAG— PauI G. Ongerth. 24.
C&U California street and Clara A. Sonntag,
19, 290 Page street. %
SPANGLE— CHRISTIE— George Spangle. 52, and
Ida H. Christie. 32. both of Berkeley.
WENTWORTH— SMITH— fIeorze L. Wentwortb.
38. and Edna M. Smith. 02, both of 1959
Howard street. \u25a0 • \u25a0 . . - \u25a0
BURNS— HARKER— Dr. J. Byron Burns ot
Washington and Mrs. Kathryn Harker of this
city. :
CAT-DWELL— COOK— In this city, at hljth noon.
Monday. October 10. 1910, at 906 Green street,
by Dr." S. F. Clampett of the Trinity Episcopal
church, Dr. S. L. Caldwell and Mrs. A. W.
HAMILTON-^BERNADON— In this city. October
S. lfilO, by Rev. Elbert R-. Dille. Robert Earl
Hamilton of South San Francisco, and Anita F.
Iternadon of Oakland.
MANLEY— MONROE— In this city, . October 9,
1010. by Rev. H. H. BeU. William Albert Man-
ley of Salinas, Cal., and Annie Pearl Monroe of
this city. _
MAURACB-BLAKE— In this city. October 7.
10 to. by Rev. H. n. Bell. Lionel M. Maurace
Edith C. Blake, both of thU city.
MOHR— ALTAMIRANO— In Oakland. Cal., Octo-
ber 10, 1910, by Rev. George W. White, pastor
of the First Methodist Episcopal church. Wil-
liam Mohr and Amelia Altamlrano, both of
Livermore. Cal.
STORMS— NIELSEN— In thla city. October 9.
1010. by the Rev. J. H. Schroeder. Frank Nel-
!<on Storms and Hattie Nielsen, both of San
Francisco. " " • . \u25a0 -
WATT— DOANE— In this city. October 6-1910-
by Rev. H. H. Fell, Albert Montgomery Watt of
Los Angeles and Lillian Bell Hoape of Los An-
October S, 1010. by the Rev. J. n. Schroeder.
Frederick Winkler of Waddlngton. Cal.. and
Bertha Bischofberper of San Francisco.
Bradley. John 76, Meadows. Annie -..06
Bnnre. Jane ....... 78 Meredith. Mary E... 66
Carpenter. Mary L.. '62 Miller, Joan ... «
Cody. Charles J. .... 52;Moye«. Edwin G 47
Cro'ke, Catherine.-. —'.Murray, James TO
Curry. John J 63 Kelson, • John A-.-.-4S
De I/>p«s, Lucia V.. 74 Newcomo. Laura A.. i>|
Derle. James ~r,\ Payne. Gecrse . 16
England, -John W. .. POpPortley. Jam»s J....39
Fanning. Mary ..... 72|Rohe. Geo .-W.. . .... 41
Gabbert. Marlon . .. 3-1. 5,-hmldt.' Lewis G... *> z
Guldlce, Albert H. . . S2|Thomas. Dick .
Kelleher. Helen — Thompson, Matthew. o3
Kennedy, Sarah ... 55 Tompklns. Mrs. . . . . —
Komsthoeft (Sexton), Ungar. Harry \u25a0••••'*"
Alva Rita ....... 22 Walmsley. Anna L. . 66
McDonald, Chas. C-. — Dlgnaa (Notice)
BRADLEY— In this city. October 10. l( >; /<*":
beloved»husband of the late Mary Bradley and
father of Margaret L. Bradley. • «»E lT d e ~
Ireland, aged 76 years 10 months and l.> aays.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
BITRGE— In this city". October 9. 1910. Jane
Burpe, beloved wife of the late n. Burge. a
native of Indiana, aged 78 years and 2j days.
CARPENTER— In this city. October 9. 1010.
Mary L. Carpenter, lorlng mother of Mrs. S.
S. Peterson. Dr. Harry L.. Charles Fred, and
William H. Carpenter, and slater of Charles
Bear, a native of -Virginia. - aged 62 years 11
months and 16 days.. .
- Remains at tbe parlors of H. F. Suhr & Co..
2010 Mission street between Twenty-fifth, and
CODY— In this city. October !). 1910. Charles J..
Gloved husband' of Mary A. Cody .father of
I^lelta. Bessie. Eva. Nellie. Dorothy, tarme-
llta and Carroll Cody, a »" tl¥ «;^L S ( f" T ,* raB *
cisoo. aged 52 years 6 months and 23 days.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
CROKE— In this city. October 9. 1910. Catherine,
widow of the late Edward Croke.
CURRY^In this city. October »-i 1»J°;;J«J|» J :
Curry, a native of Canada-jged 60 years. A
:r«SS^^ Fr.£
wlU^J^r pTa-c tomorrow
(Wednesday), under, the auspices of the Ben^
teral relief comraltteo-of the I. O. O. F.. at -
I o'clock p. '\u25a0\u25a0 in..- \u25a0 from the . parlors of i McGinn
: BroT. 1826 - Eddy street. . Interment Mount
•Ollyet cemetery.. ,
DE LOPEZ— Lucia Valencia de Lopes (born In
Presidio), sister of Eustanlo. Antonio ana
Leobard and Frank Valencia, aged 1 4 years.
\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0'•'Tnnerar today (Tuesday), at 10 a. m..
from the SUteen ;Mll* house. BurUngame
\u25a0 church. .. - , * •
DOYLE— In this city. October !>. 1910. James
Doyle, n native of Ireland, aged to years.
EHGLAUD— In" this' city i' October 10. 1010. John
- W beloved husband of Susan M. England, a
native of Bristol. England, aged SO years 9
months -and 5 days. , _
The 1 funeral : services will bfl held tomorrow
(Wednesday). at/10:30 o'clock |a. m.. at th<
chapel or -Old People's home, corner of Pine
' anil Pierce streets. Interment Cypress Lawn
>; cemetery. ' \u25a0 -
FANNING— In Oakland, October 9. 1910, Mary
V Fanning, mother of A:. J. Fanning. 'Mrs. Mary
and the late Thomas F. Fanning, a nt;
: tlve of Ireland,* aged 72 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invltod to • attend » funeral nervicea ; tomorrow
(Wednesday).. October 12. 1910. at 9:30 o'clock
\u25a0am., from ber late re'tdenw. lOlliJ Forty-
Ihird street: thence jto Sacred Heart church.
' Fortieth and ' Grove streets, where a requiem
\u25a0 high mass will be celebrated for the repose of
! her sonl; eomtnenelng at 10 o clock a. m. -In-
terment St. Mary's cemetery. \
GABBCRT— In : thh city. October 10. < 1910. Mar-
lon beloved brother of Fred BrOabbert, a na-
• "tite of Oregon,' aged S3 yeare 6 months and 9
~<. days. •'.;>,\u25a0.:. . -''..'i\ ,;'\u25a0';\u25a0 ':".'\u25a0\u25a0. ' -- : '.''
GTJTDICE— In Oakland. Cal.. October 10. 1910.
--.' Albert H., beloved husband of ,- Annie Frances
Goldlce son of G. •B. Guidice and brother of
Edward. Alex and Will Guidice. a * native of
! ; Hay ward, Cal., aged 32 years 6 months and 6
-'-Friends' are: respectfully Invited^ to attend
i funeral aervlces .tomorrow (Wednesday). \u25a0 Octo-
ber 12 at 2 p.* m., from his late residence. S&>
r Forty-sLxtU; street.. Oakland," Cal. V
KELLEITEB— In thla ''i city. October 10. - 1910.
i . Helen, 1 belored ' daughter of the late Daniel and
v Helen Kelleher and slater, of > Mary, Kelleher. a
:: native of, San Francisco. v T \u25a0-. ; " . ;
• •;? The '- funeral « will ' take -place * tomorrow
- \u25a0- (Wednesday). \u25a0 October . 12. at 10 o'clock a. . a.;
'from'her late residence,' 2003 O'Farrell street.
! thence ; to « Odd ! FelloiW ,. ; cemetery. 4 lnterment
;i- ; private. ,. * ;• . .\u25a0'
KEKIfIDY— In this city. October 0, 1910.' Sarah
\u25a0/ Kennedy, a 'native ; of England. . age<l 55 year*.
'"\u25a0-- Friends and acquaintances 5 are respectfully
* Invited*-' to '\u25a0 attend ', the v: funeral \u25a0\u25a0 tomorrow
a : ( Wednesday)':- at \u25a0 8:!W> a."i m.y» from *tbe parlors
' Sot: Barrv | & Scully. 92T Valencia rtreet, thei^-e.
Vitft^St.-i Joseph* ichvrch.V where: ai requiem • high
>-*\u25a0 mass ! will \u25a0 be , celebrated » for : . the ; repose of . her
soul, comm^rwlnff at 0 a. m. Tntertnent Rnlr
" : Cross cemetery.
KOMSTHOEFT iSZXtOSh^ln this ctty. Octo-
ber f>. 1910. AlTa Rita. "• dearly beloTed wlf»>
•of .Theodore .E. Komsthoeft. aad mother of
Roger Selden Komsthoeft' and daughter of
Georpe B. and Ruth A. Sexton, and sister of
Dr " Charles J. Seiton. a native of New Jer-
«*y aged 22 years 0 months aad 14 <iayc
'(Anbury Park. X. J.. papers please copy.)
Friends ami aeqnalatances are reapet'tfnllr
invited to attend the funeral today (Tues-
day). -at 2 p. m.. from ber late residence.
12S0 Sixth arenne. Sunset district. Interment
Cypress Lawa cemetery, by antomoblle.
.oBOyALD— In thla \u25a0 city. October S. 1010.
Charles C. McDonald. A member of Plas-
terers* Union, local No. ««. O. P. I. A.
Friends and acqualntanceii are respectfully
invited 'to • attend the fnnerrf toAay iTue<*-
day). October 11. 1910. at 2 o'clock p. m..
from tie fnn«ral parlors of Green. Ryan A
Donohoe. northeast corner of Sixteenth an«l
Guerrero streets. Interment Mount Olivet
MEADOWS— In Berkeley. October 9. IJHO. Annie,
beloved wife of Frederick W. Meadows, mother
of Wilfred Clv<le Meadows. dans;hter of Mr.
and .Mrs. William Armstrong, sister «f Mr*.
Jules' Ny. ilrs. Peter Bofcrer. Mr». John Rob-
ertson. Mrs.- 'James Oliver and Andrew Arm-
strong. * native of San FYanclsco, Cal.. axed
30 year* T icwnthJi and 2ft day*.
Friends arc respectfnll.T Invited to attend
the funeral services today (Tnesdayt. at 4:30
o'clock p. m., from th* fnneral chajx>! of
Charles H. J. Trnman. 1319 Mission street
between Fifteenth and Sixteenth. Interment
Cypress Lawn cemelery, by carriage.
JtEHEDITH— In this city. October t<\ 1910.
Mary Elizabeth Meredith, beloved mcrher of
Edwin W. M»n«ditb, Dr. G. H. Meredith an-l
Mrs." .May Cannlff. a native of Ohio, raged 6G
years 7 months an! 11 days. - .-
MIIXE&— In thl» cttr. October 9. 10#>. John
Miller, a native of Germany, , aged 44 Jrears.
MOTES— In Alameda. October 10. lfllCi Edwin'
0.. beloved husband of May. E. M'tres and
father of Kdwlna M. Maye» t a natlre* of LOO-.
don. Canada, aired 47 years.
Friends are respectfully Invited to «tt*nd the
funeral today (Tuesday). October It, 1910. at
2 o'clock p. m.. from hla late residence. 172-".
Santa Clara avenue. Alameda. Interment pri-
3CTTRBAY— In this city. October C 19tt>. Jame«.
beloved husband cf the late Soph!© Murray.
and lovlap brother of John. • Henry, Ch»rle«.
Anna. Maxsaret and Alice Mnrraj. a native
of Canada, ajred 70 years. - \ s
Frlenda And acquaintances are re!^>ectful!r
Invited t« attend the funeral tomorrow
(WednesdavU at 9 a. m.. from the parlor*
of Mcßrearty" & McCormlck, 915 .Valencia
street near Twentieth. IntermenlT Cypress
Lawn cemetery.
NELSON— In this city. October T. 1010- John A.
Kelson. aged 48 years.
NEWCOMB— In this city. October 10. 1910.
Laura A. Jfewcomb. \u25a0 belove/J wife of William
H. Neweomh of Sliver City. N. -M..;« native
of Rhode Inland, aged 54 years. {Boston.
j Mass.. papers please copy). , .
PAYNE— In this <?tty. October 10. Iftlrt. Oeerss.
dearly beloved, svo of Noah and Emily Payne,
brother of Harry, N'oan. Char>9 Sydnfly. Ber-
tie, Rnth, Ulllaa and Nellie Payne, Mrs. W.
C. McCarthy, Mrs. Charlas Rayer and. Mrs. J.
H. Blnns. a native of 6an Francisco, - aged lft
years and S> dtjs. .
• Friends and acquaintances ar» respectfnlly
Invited to attend th© funeral tomorrow
( Wednesday), at 11 a. m.. from th* parlors of
H. i*. Snhr te Co.. 25)19 Mlsstoo street b«tween
Twenty-flfth ami Twent7-«izth. laterment
- private. - >..-\u25a0-
PORTLEY— In thl3 city. Octofcer 10. 1930. James
Joseph, beloved husband of Mabel Poctley and
loving father of Constance Mabel Portley, a
native of San Francisco, ajred S!> years 4
months and 5 days. A member of Althomas
tribe No. 87. Improved Order of R«d Men.-
Frienda and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral tomorrow
(Wednesday). October 12. 1910. at 1 o'clock p.
m.. from the mortuary chapel of the Golden
Gate undertaking company. 2475 M!*s%>n street
neat, Twenty-flrst, nnder the auspices of AF-
thomas tribe No. 87. Improved Order nt Red
Men. Incineration Cypress Lawn cemetery, br
; electric funeral car from corner Twenty -eighth
and Valencia streets at 2 p. m.
ROHE— In this city. October 9, 1910. At the
residence of his mother. 2S Clement street
near First avenue. Richmond district, George
W.. dearly • beloved son of Metha and th» late
John Rohe. and brother of Mrs. H. Rover and
the late Mrs. Nichols Hesse, and uncle of
Nichols aod Myrtle Hesse, a native of San
Francisco, ajred 41 years 1 month and 15 days.
A member of Presidio lodge No. 3*l. F. A A.
M.. and Spanish- Axne±cna War Veterans.
(Philadelphia papers please copy).
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to \u25a0 attend tbe fnneral today (Tnea-
. day), at 2 p. m.. from lylns Solomon's hall.
1739 FHlmore street near Sutter. where serv-
ices will be hel*l nnder the anspices of Presf-
dlo lodjr* No. 354.' F. & A. M. Incineration
' Odd Fellows' crematory. •
SCHMIDT— In thltr «rity, October ». 1910. L»wia
G. Schmidt. b»tave»l hnstwind of Louise Schmidt
, and father of Lain .Schmidt, a natlvo cf Brann-
schwelsr. Germany, asred 62 years. A member
of California lodee No. 1. K. of P« and Ant.
Llllenthaler verein.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral Thnrsiay. October
1.1. at 2 p. m., at Hie chapel of N. Cray &
Co.. 2196 Geary street corner Devisaitero. nnder
the auspices of California lodjrf Nc. • !. K. off
P. Incineration at Odd Fellows" crematory.
THOMAS— In th!« city. October 9, 1310, Dick
Thomas, with Buffalo and Pawnr» BUN' side
show, a native of Canada, aged 4S years.
THOMFSOS— In this dry. Ostober 9. 1910.
Matthew Thompson, a native of Philadelphia.
aged 53 years.
TOMPKIXS— Mather of Chester Saxrtfce of Scmth
Dakota and sister of Mrs. Orlan* Cornwall.
Miss R. F. and Orrln Balley. v
UJTOAS— In thla tfity. October 9.. 1910. Harry.
Unrar. a native of Roumanla. a*;ed 30 years.
The funeral will twt held today (Tues-.
day). October 11. at 10 o'clock: a. m.. from
the parlors of Halsted * Co.. 924
street. Interment Hills of Eternity cemetery,
by train leavins Third and Townsend streets.
at 11:30 a. m.
\u25a0WALMSLEY— In this city, October- 9. 1910. Anna
L.. beloved wife of th* late W. W. Walmslev
and devoted mother of YT. W. and Beatrix
Wamsley and Mrs. D. J. Halloran and Mrs. IT.
J. de Vrles. a native of Philadelphia. Pa..
azeil GO year 3. wO&BS&Sf&S
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the funeral today (Tuesday*,
at 3 p. m.. from her late residence. 513 Clar-
y ton street near Haight. Incineration Odd Fel-
lows* cemetery.
SOCIATION NO. 33 — Officers and members are
hereby notified to attend the funeral of our de-
ceaied brother, Michael Dtgnan. front the resi-
dence of McMasters & Briscce. 589 Twenty*
fourth street near Grove. Oaklaad. at !> o'cloct
a. m.. today (Tuesday). October 11. By order
of the president. EDWARD POWERS.
JOHN M. POWELL, Secretary.
Seventy-Five Dollars
Mored to main ofßcii. 41 V«a Nibit. TU,
Uirket 711. conatctlns all depaxtm«ats.
Breaches— 3os Montgomery ar. OaiUuvd. 13K
rranklla at ; tel. Oaklaad 4045. Lea Angtles,
827 Soati Hrneto* at.
\u25a0 Xa t* JLmkaJaaets aad Carriage* Car Hlr%.
The Call's
Branch Offices
Subscriptions and ad vertise-
ments ;-. will be received in
: San Francisco at the follow-
ing offices : *
, Open until 10 o'clock every nlxht
Miller's Stationery Store
- ' Blake's Bazaar
' \u25a0 Parent's Stationery * Store
Tremayne's Branch
-\u25a0 - Christian's Branch
.The Atlas •:-' ~ ;
Jackson's Branch
Haltlday*s Stationery Store
Maas Bazaar. Tel. Mission 2233
"-'-'.' V \u25a0-.-.* ' .' . 'Jt?..* \u25a0'
f f - T T T T T t T t ttl»lttt tl . lt |
Oakland Office of
The San Francisco Can
: %68 : 11th Street (Is)
Tel. Snujiet Oakland 10S3 '
" ,Tel.- Home A 3375 . ..

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