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In the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys
Ministers to Various Churches
in State Appointed at the
Stockton Meeting
STOCKTON. Oct. 10.— The Pacific
conference of the Methodist church
(south) closed its session this evening
by announcing the appointment of the
ministers to the various churches in
the state, as follows:
HfxJgt-on pretldinr elder— AUaed*. to be snp
uued; B*rkelej\ 3. a. B. Fry; Boon«ville and
lorkyille. J. . F. Bailor (.supply) : Cloverdile. F.
JV. Gorman: Gllroy, W. A. Booher; He*ld«burtr.
R- L. Webb: HoUieter, w. A. Go«lp»stnre ;
Hopliad, J. D. Handel; Laksport. U P. Shearer;
L-.ndea, J. B. Needham; Milton and Stone Cor
ral. H. C. Allen; Mountain View. J. D. Alien;
Palo Alto, to be supplied : Oakland. J. D. Bor
der; Pctaluma, J. M. Weeais; Potter Valley and
Redwood, R. F. Beasley (supply "i; San Fran
risco. to be supplied; S&ota Eosa, J. W. Taylor:
fcaa Jose (St. Paul's). S. W. Walker, Second
church to be supplied; Salinas, Joseph Emery;
San Lucas and Bradler. J. M. Brown; San Be
nito circuit, D. E. George (supply): Stockton. J.
J. X. Kenney. H. Xeate supernumerary ; Ukiah,
J. E. Moore; Upper Lake. H. F. Bearer.
Editor Pacific Methodist Advocate, W. E.
V sughan.
Agent Children's Home society. J. F. Hoff
FBXSKO DISTSICT, Bey. J. A. Walles pre
•ifilug elder— Bakersneld. A. U Paul; Big Dry
Creek. W. J. Westfall; Clorit. O. L. Russell;
Do* Paloe. Frank Niles; Exeter, J. L. Henson;
Fresno. Harold Gorette; Jacksonville circuit.
William Pierce (sapply): Klnysburg and Fresao
circuit, to be supplied; La Grande, S. F. Pope;
Lemoore. R. C. Warm; Los B&nos, J. M. Sattle
<6upply): Mariposa circuit, G. W. Rubush; Mari
posa and CaUiey. W. A. Lindsey; Merced, Harry
C. Allen; Modesto. P. F. Page; Orosl. A. Odom;
Coulterrille circuit. WDliam Pierce (supply* :
HaaTord, Barker Northrup; Urln«stcn and Tur
lock, G. W. Saundexs.
COLT7SA DISTKICT. C. P. Moore presiding
elder — Anderson and Olinda, L. C Smith; Ar
buckle and Duntgan, S. E. Grenfell; Chlco, C.
Todd Clark: Colusa. H. V. Moore; Elmira. D.
Harrison: Gslt cirenit. C. C. Black; Grldley and
Pennlcjrton, G. C. Neil: Henlevrllle. D. C. Wll
liamf:: Islei<io and Walnut Grove. J. M. Parker
<«nppl.T>; Knights banding circuit — B. E. H.
Warren: Melville circuit. J. M. Robinson (sup
ply); Ono, H. E. Treadgold: Princeton circuit,
A. F. W. Walters; Ked Bluff. H. W. Currln;
Rockrlllp. O. P. Noble; Sacramento, L. S. Jones:
Sulphur Creek, to be supplied: Sutter City and
Orsre, A. Adkireon; Wheatland and Lincoln, L.
J. Amos; William* and Maxwell. C. E. Bower;
Willows. J. J. Needhsm; Winters. W. R. Hazel
den; Woodland. R. B. Freeman; Yuba City. J. B.
Sawyer (mpply).
Wife of Stockton Man Sues for
Divorce for Cruelty
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON. Oct. 10. — Emma Morris
is the plaintiff In a suit for divorce
f.led today in which she alleges that her
husband; James Morris, had beaten her
and then deserted her and her three
According to Mrs. Morris, she was
Jn such destitute circumstances that
she had to place two of her children
in the children's «home.
Judge C. W. Norton today annulled
the marriage of Carrie M. S. Amy and
Winifred Amy. The action was brought
by. Mrs. Amy on the ground that her
husband was a bigamist. The Amys had
been separated for a long time.
John Beach Is Lost After Treat
ment in, Hospital
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
PLACERVILLE. Oct. 11-John Beach
has dissapeared and all efforts to locate
him have failed. Seven weeks ago he
was brought here fro rathe country,
charged with Insanity and placed in
the county Jail. When he was ex
amined it was found that*he was very
111. and he was removed to the county
hospital by Dr. S. H. Rantz. . county
physician. .\u25a0who performed a slight op
eretion on him. Recovering somewhat,
Be&ch dissapeared Saturday, September
3. He was 76 years old. and it Is now
believed that he fell into the river or
into a mining shaft.
Fairfield Alleged Check Passer
of Alameda County
REDDING, Oct. 10.— Albert Fairfield,
who is in the Shasta county jail here
await'.ng trial on a charge of passing
a bogus check for .$75, signed "J. Oi
Boyd," on a local bank, was identified
today by Frank TVaterbury. a member
of the Berkeley police force, as the
man wanted in Alameda county for
having, it is alleged, passed sixteen
spurious checks signed in a.- similar
manner. .The rea.l J. O. Boyd is Brad
street's representative, in Sacramento,
•whose suitcase, containing his check
book, was stolen from a hotel lobby in
San Francisco during the Native Sons'
celebration on admission day.
Will of Dr. G. L. Simmons Is
Filed for Probate
[Special Dkpatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO, Oct 10.— An estate
worth $135,000 was left by Dr. Gusta
vus L. Simmons. His will, which was
filed today, leaves half of the property
w> the widow, Mrs. Celia Crocker Sim
mons, and the remainder is divided
among three children, Celia May Sim
mons, Gustavus Crocker and Samuel E.
Simmons. The bulk of the estate con
sists of stocks and bonds. Much realty
is included. .::;
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON'. Oct. 10. — The county
clerk issued marriage licenses today as
follows: \u25a0 " .
Cesare Bara. aged 37,' «afl Lena Orocco, aged
Jft. both of Stockton. : . "
Alexander J. Borland, a&a . 84. and , Assle
Belle Henderson, aged 29. both of Oakland.
John M. Roasch. aged 65, San Francisco, . and
Sarah E. Wesrden, a«ed 40, Stockton.
SACRAMENTO, Oct. lOi — Governor
Gillett has issued a requisition upon
the governor of Washington ; for' the
return of Patrick Powers, under arrest
in Seattle, who Is. wanted in Ban Ber
nardino county for robbing N. C Taylor
of- $1,681, funds of the Highland bank."
[Special Dispatch to The Call} '
STOCKTON*. Oct- 10. v — George iW|Arney
pleaded guilty today to -a 'charge of
having forged a check on Wauchope
Brothers of Lodl, and was sentenced by
Judge Plummer *to 'serve five • in
San Quentln, '
Coloma Celebrates Centenary of
the Gold Discoverer's
Natal Day
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
COLOMA, Oct. 10. — The centenary of
the birth of James W. Marshall, dis
coverer of gold In California, was cele
brated here today. This is practically
the only place in the state that -pays
any attention- nowadays to, this event.
Marshall was born in Hunterdon coun
ty. New Jersey, Octol^lr 10, ISIO. He
came to Oregon and thence drifted into
California, serving through the bear
flag: war under Sutter. During the win
ter of 1547 and IS4B Marshall had
charge of building a sawmill on | the
American, river at Coloma, and if was
in the millrace 6t this mill that he
found the first gold. The exact date is
in dispute. Marshall "asserting it was
January 19, 1848, and Captain Sutter
declaring It was January 24.
Father of Comedian Kolb Ar
rested by a Warden
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SAXTA CRUZ. Oct. 10.— The origin
of the forest iire that raged in the vi
cinity of Pelton an<l Ben Lomond, doing
great damage, has been solved by- Fire
Warden Al Mallott. his clew leading
to the arrest of A. G. Kolb, father
of Kolb, the comedian.
Mallott claims that Kolb had been in
the vicinity where the fire started only
a few days and that the old gentle
man's pipe was the cause ; of the fire.
Kolb was smoking at the time and
carelessly knocked the ashes, off -his
pipe into the dry brush. He afterward
found that a fire had started, and in his
anxiety to subdue the flames worked
all night until he was exhausted.
On the following day a volunteer
force of flre fighters succeeded In
checking the spread of the flames, but
not until fully 700 acres of land had
been burned over.
Sherman Wilcox the Victim of
George Keek's Wrath
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
COL.FAX.. Oct. 10. — George Keck is
in Jail here awaiting ,the outcome of
the injuries of Sherman :Wilcox, who
Is In the county hospital at Auburn.
If Wilcox dies Keck will be charged
with murder. A charge of attempted
murder, will be placed against him if
Wilcox recovers. There . had been
trouble between Keck and Wilcox for
months as a result of a dispute over
wood. Wilcox was passing the Keck
place last night' in. company with his
son when Keck shot him in the jaw
with a rifle. Keck gave himself up. .
Last Car qf Peaches Sent East
for Year
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO. Oct. 10.— The last car
of peaches to be shipped east this sea
son has been sent and the end of that
crop is already, at hand, according to
the California fruit distributors.
Not more than 15 cars of pears re
main to f be shipped. ; \ '
The total fruit shipment for the sea
son exceeds that of last year, 11,860
cars having been sent so fair, against
11,817 in 1909. The largest consignment
has been of grapes. 3,670 cars having
been sent east. >»
Former Deputy. Constable Gives
Notice of Plea
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO, Oct. 10.— David "Will
iam Sheehan, formerly deputy con
stable of Frultvale and now "serving
a. -two year term in Folso mprison for
trying to kill his wife, has given; no
tice that he will ask for a parole. Shee
han was on probation for the crime
when he was arrested at Emeryville
for robbing a man whom he had ar
rested. He was brought to. Sacramento
and sentenced to his original term.
Opportune Suggestions to Buyers
To purchase your rugs at the right prices.. . ,
To feel assured that the rugs are ; exactly, as. repre-
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it is as important, to; know, where to purchase? rugs [as » what to; pay
for them. :-. Our stock has been selected.' with fa"; knowledgeYof San
Francisco requirements gained through many"- years of i actual ex-
: We v solicit a comparison i; ofrfourjcjualities ;
and prices vvitKlHoseoffer^
Every ßag Carrie^OiarUsadiGaa^tttce
THE :SAlfe ffftAMLSeQ 1910,
George >V. fool of i Napa r « Has
: Skull Fractured When i Auto
Strikes Railway Car ;
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
. ; }JAPA, Oct. 10.— George VW;. Tool," a
well known" horticulturist of Napa, met.
almost Instant death today in an acci
dent at Union station,- two miles north
of I this- city. As he 'was' driving .his
automobile- down a lane to turn toward
Napa the machine was by an
electric car at the railroad crossing.
Tool had miscalculated -the distance
to the crossing. : His machine -was
thrown off the * track -and - Tool, -was
hurled against a post of a freight plat
form.- His skull was' fractured and 'he
died a few minutes after the : accident.
He -was 71 years of age and a" native
of Indiana. He had- conducted a large
orchard and packing house near Napa
wjth.'hls . brother; " S.r M.' 1 Tool.^for '. 25
years/ ' :. \u0084' "»' \l;' - \
Head of Army Quartermasters
td Inspect Local; Depart-,
ments Before Sailing
Brigadier General James B.Aleshire,
quartermaster. general of the army,.wUl
arrive here tomorow ; from Washington,
D. C. He is en route to Honolulu and
during the few days that he.will. remain
in this city he ; will make an inspection
of the various quartermasters* depart
ments. ';
\u25a0 The board 'of commissioners -to? ex
amine the candidates for scout officers
at Honolulu Is scheduled to meet there
on' November 1. v • \u25a0
Colonel John A. Lundeen; command
ing officer of the Presidio, left for
Atascadero yesterday He will
remain at-the camp of instruction for
several dajs. Hla place here will be
filled by Colonel Clarence Deems. ?
Leave of absence for 15 days to take
effect October 15' has been granted
Second Lieutenant Halstead P. Coun
cilman, coast artillery corps, Fort
First Lieutenant Thomas S. •*: Lowe,
medical'reserve corps, "upon . the com
pletion of his duties ,at Camp
dero will return to his station/. Pre
sidio of Monterey, for duty.' ' ' :
Captain 1 John" L/. Bond, '. Thirtieth' in
fan trj\ has b>een , assigned;- to
duty ' at local ; headquarters 'Tuptirr fur
ther , orders.,- He.-,will \u25a0assume.Cduty -."at
his station Jn this city from on. *
First Lieutenant George Davy. J Phil -
ippine.scouts,' returned here from leave
of absence yesterday arid reported ;at
army headquarters. He is staying at
the Hotel Monroe and. will leave for
Manila on. the transport sailing No
vember 5. - ,
Mrs. Stoddart No. 1 Sues to
:. Annul Deeds : ~- , *:
The two wives of the late Dr. Archi
bald C. Stoddart, the medical specialist
who died August 25, 1910, are now,in
volved in a lawsuit over his property,
Mrs.- Emma A. Stoddart. fronv whom he
separated. 10 . years . -1 ago. having filed
suit yesterday, against Mrs. M. Stod
dart, the second wire,' to set aside cer
tain deeds made by th© physician.,.
The first wife, who ; is administratrix
of *the estate, charges that Stoddart
conveyed' four, pieces of realty to Mrs.
Emma M, Stoddart , in trust for him
self, with the sole aim of preventing
his creditors from seizing the realty.
The transfers .-were .therefore fraudu
lent and not; made in, good faith; says
the administratrix. ,and should be .art
nulled. , ; .\u25a0 -•. ' .; H w .:---.. :' .
The realty •• in question consists, of
lots at Uranus and. Seventeenth. Ash
bury, and Seventeenth, .Bush: and" Fill
more streets, and Olive' avenue- and
Polk street. : Mrs. Stoddart N0., 1 claims
that the doctor was: never legally .di
vorced from her and that any marriage
with Mrs. Stoddart No. 2 is. invalid..
Tells Court Jiusband Is Trying
to Railroad Her to In
sane Asylum
FRESNO, Oct." 10. — That an attempt
Is being made to have her committed to
the asylum for the "insane in order that
her; property^ together with ?40,000, to
which her 6 "year old. son is heir,-' may
be confiscated: by '•<\u25a0 those behind the
scheme, was the, statement -made to
day to Superior-Judge.: Austin by' Mrs;
C L..; Taylor. of Parhden, Fresno county.
: Mrs. Taylor-was arrested on a war
rant issued at the instance of her.hus
band, who ;alleges that she is demented. 1
The woman speaks "rationally and has
made overtures to State Senator, George
W. Cartwrlght.tQJ represent her -at the
examination, which' will -be held to
morrow. \u25a0 . -" :? \u25a0\u25a0^>:.J. ,-;'.- \u25a0;;'.". '- ,";..-'
; Judge Austin, after, hearing the state
ment of the' woman, assured her that
she would be given every protection,
and; that she would not be adjudged
insane "unless she was proved to be so.
Mrs.. Taylor became a .widow about
three. years ago, and married her pres
ent-husband since- then. . .
FaU of 100 'Feet Smashes the
* Vehicle, but Driver Escapes ;
[Special Dispatch to The .Call]
QUINCY, Oct/,10.— A six horse team
and wagon carrying; an engine boiler
for. the, Great "Western power;company
ran over the Indian valley: grade-be
yond . Keddie station V yesterday after
noon. Two of 'the horses were, badly
injured/and the .wagon" was' smashed,
but; the/driver managed -torescape. ; The
horses and ..wagon and load j went 100
feet down an embankment-
Great Register Shows an En
\u25a0 roilrnent of 16,225 v
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
'SACRAMENTO, . Oct. 10.— The ffreat
register of Sacramento : shows .an en
rollment of 16,225 voters, or about 2,000
above the. .registration' of .last year.
This number willybe' reduced about 200
when transfers, deaths and Illegal reg
istrations are taken from the rolls.
Keep Your Clothes :; :: • • ;
Off Your Mind!
\u25a0jj "Buy a STEIN-BLOCH suit and you need not give
your ' appearance another thought.
t It will fit well, look well and wear well—the price
will be the lowest for equal quality.
$26 to $40
It i»7unwiae to - pay le*s {and unnecessary to pay
\u25a0;"'•; more. \u25a0.".;* v.- .*'..".'>'- * - -'•
168 Sutter Street
Near Kearny
Health iand Beauty Answers
• \u25a0:-- ;•:-• \u25a0;- '"•;\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0 ":. \u25a0; BY MRS/MAE.MARTTN -"-' \u0084. . " .\u25a0* - : :
-''Mrs. J. S.: Wrinkles and* other marks
of approaching old age which t; now
worry you are very common. However,
you will not have to worry K-you ; will
followthls simple treatments Apply to
your faoe '* every night a : greaseless
cream' Jelly made *by mixing two tea-
spoonfuls : glycerine . and one ounce + al-
moxoin 8 Into one-half - pint^oold. water.
SUrand let stand several hourj^before
using. Massage -frequently \u25a0 • thla
cream. It will remove all -dirt and ex-
cess oil from the skin pores and in time
y ou f will • not have a : rough,.- wrinkled
fa cc but^a * fresh, smooth, clean lookin g
skin of velvety texture. ; I also find this
prepafation excellent for removing tanj
sunburn,.blackheads, freckles and large
pores in 'the skin. "
R. P ' ' N. : •\u25a0' To ; whiten ; and : beautify
your face,- nebk and arms, dissolve four
ounces ; of : spurmax . in *a half pint hot
water adding ' two : teaspoonf uls j glycer-
will tone^ up your, skin .wonderfully and
aulckly., l If- makes ; the .skin. soft.a nd
smooth ' and r will * remove fthat £; shiny,
muddy ;:look> which- is jo annoying /to
you : * ' Tou will • find > .this •« lotion " . much
better to .use face I powder, i> as ?«t
does not rub;ofE easily; like. powder; nor
does llt >glve one's iface thsk "powdered
look "*'l find this-spurmax. lotion- ex-
cellent for ; removing ,and i preventing
freckles," chapping and roughness of the
skin.v-; [i\\:.--\ : "..'. ","".. :." : j^-r-- v- \u25a0\u25a0.S^ri:-
'- J ; , O.: '•\u25a0To':' remove 'those disfiguring
hairs' from" your face and: forearms mix
a little delatonelwith* enough ".water ito
make a • paste,* cover . the surface . of the
skin- where unsightly.: hairs are
growing,'* let s- It -remain •; two \ or .three
minutes,- then .wipe off .and; wash >:the
surface warm .'Water..;-Although
your drugglstiwill^chargeryouai dollar
f or Z an - ounce ; of il r delatone, , this ;. safe
treatment -for • superfluous hair ?is? pre-
ferred- to Ithe^electric: needle, rfordela-
tone is » painless," less] expensive ; and can
be applied" Jri "the * privacy, of? youjr own
home.'- Should j the * shalrs t return ,. ; they
.willibe-light,; thin • and A
second* or-ithirdistreatmentv-.wlth ; dela-
tpne. will -remove 'them -forever.: ;
k ? Josephine:: la treating youri scalp « for
dandruff,- it »is .1 to keep .4 the
scalp S a*i* clean t a« 5 possible. % Shampoo
freely' and \ a« -often as f you need . it,- but
never Juse.- soap -<or/ a.^ soap •Jelly,'-', as * the
alkali. will make your hair, dull.ilifeless
and your* scalp- harsh. -> Shampoo .with a
cup' of thot« water; then« rinse; In clear
wateY.' s -You/.wlll --find * this a jwonderful
shampoo; lt*wiUput. new lifeinto' your
ha4r 'and> cl eansje your 'scalp as rap I other
i sharapoo^wUU:* It .-lathers j freely,^dri«s
' qulckTyAwithp.ut ? streaking* and leaves
.the 1 ! hairilustrous,! fluffy; and; easyA to ido
• up. *rAf t«r^the^halr?;is q dryjs apply x the
'«BJBe f ,tontcJrecommende4''to;Mra.; R,i P."
Rescue Work ; in the Starkville
-~ \u25a0-\u25a0;: -.\u25a0\u25a0..",\u25a0:\u25a0.\u25a0•.;,\u25a0 • ;-';-; \u25a0..---:\u25a0\u25a0 \ '}_';-$. \u25a0
Mine Is Retarded by ;
Poisonous Air ,> i ;
\u25a0•; STARKVILLE, :'. Colo!, Oct^ r 10.— As |
darkness settled tonight \ over ' the • en- j
trance to the Starky ille ; mine,' the hope
that had " buoyed 1 - npf the? watchers at
the pit; mouth' throughout the day that
some, .at ; 1 east, -"t of r. their \u25a0 loved ones
would be <' found < alive -grew" faint; and
gloom J'-\ and M dlscoufagement settled
again over 1 - the. silent; crowd. * ;' . \u25a0 .
1 : This morning ithe;'; expert miners at
the head* oft; the£rescue parties v were
confident ". that-,*£*a'7portipn '.' of J the men
walled; in", by-' the -explosion were alive
and' might frbeurescued. i. * They believed
the .portable.? fan pure' air into (
the^workirigsv-would ' keep the men - In'
the 'extreme isoiithern ".- portion of the
mine .alive' until they ; could be- reached,
but as the 'day rescue * party- stumbled
slowly out of the slope*, tonight" one
glance>?at "their .",weary, dust', grimed
faces told the that hope was
almost? extinguished.- . ' . \ :»
of. arduous .work in the
face;of constant peril, 'the -rescue; party
hadt-penetrated' the- mlne'nearly -12,000
feet,-:, or ./.within - 900 c feet i.ot< the men
Imprisoned; nearest ' the ; main' entrance.
Instead .Of 4 'finding, the -mine .clear of
debris and;afterdamp at this point, the
workings 'were 'found -to he badly
w^recked. and poisonous air; was present
\n> quantities. \u0084 The .leaders would not
consent'- to.^ the -rescuers going
until 'sufficient vfresh-. air- was. fanned
Into the ;mine .to insure; safety. It • was
deoided' to, retreat to the open and leave
the 'portable fan .going" until, the -in
terior, of ; the mine was freed . of •; deadly
afterdamp-:: '; i' \ • ' v - ' : ' '."'-'.:* -:. :
Ten thousand | feet: frQra j the entrance
the^ spot ! where ;a fan had ; been* operated
before '•? the 'explosion was badly dam
aged. .. The fan was found torn- to pieces
and scattered | hundreds 1 of | feet, g The
l,2oo;pound motor -had been -.thrown "50
feet and bent and broken. -:V.
State ; Mine. Inspector: Jones -was the.
last of.the rescue party to come out. He
said that | hej felt Isu£e |that|t^e| night
shift would; come, upon'.; bodies, soon.
He 1 explained 'that the terrific- force of
the explosion, as indicated'-by the dam
age done and : the direction it^'took, al-;
most made it certain that -the pickmen
were dead. ' ' ;i • _
. PETAXrUMA, Oct. 10.— The Sonoma-
Marin Swiss club has completed ar
rangements for celebrating the Swiss
independence i day. President Valenti
Mattel and a corps of assistants have
arranged "for a ball to be given at
Dreamland rink which will be preceded
by a concert in which many noted sing
ers, will take part. ' -'. ' . :
. Mrs. R.; P.: If your halris getting so
thin .that -you -have to wear: false hair
you begin at once/a treatment
to, rid 'your scalp of dandruff,, which is
the direct cause of all scalp and hair
troubles. If .you; will mix together an
ounce of quinEoin, one-half pint of al-
cohol and "one-half pint of cold water,
you will : have a dependable remedy for
?'our hair -troubles: Rub this gently
nto the roots of the hair twice a w^eek,
and ": it will : destroy 5 the dandruff, stop
your falling hair. and in-time promote a
new growth of -hair. This quinine tonic
applied regularly will, make; your hair
soft, lustrous and fceep it from splitting
at'the ends. - -.' . ' ;,
. 'Minnie H.*:; As you do not like the
idea of wearing glasses since they make
you look so much. older, , why ,. don't you
try treating, them first \u25a0with a good eye
tonic? -'If- you * will: get an \u25a0' ounce of
crystos; dissolve i t In a pint of . w^ater,
youlwiil' have -an eyeremedy'that>w^ill
.prove very.^ refreshing and. strengthen-
ing. Drop a few drops in each" eye, two
or; three tknes a day and I am sure it
will do your -eyes a\ world of* good. It
wlllvnot' s smartrthe eyes. * I find it ex-
cellent for dull; tired,\watery eyes, and
a? grea t '\u25a0; aid . even to those who - have .to
wear- glasses.
• '.Victoria : ; As ; long *as 3 your., blood ;Is
loaded ' with s impurities,: those lmpuri-
ties^willcbe'forced through .your skin,'
and; the application, of external reme-
dies will do no lasting good, for they do
• not /breach I' the ~ cause* v- Dissolve • one
ounce I of i kardene'v and I one-half j cup »f
'sugar in : one-half pint "of alcohol; then
add 'hotn water, ttf- make- a fullrqijart,
and-j'ou'.will : haye ; enough 1 inexpensive,
;old; fashioned ; remedy.; to' rid your ; blood
of impurities, stimulate your liver and
correct -your i: digestion: ;. Take -a; table- 1
spoonful. before each' meal and your;sal-
low '-skin will again take on the beauti-'
f ul ', color,; nature ; lntended! you Uto have."
'Your « circulation " and ; « general ~» heal th
will | improve; and-.thetsores.'-blotches.-
redness and. other eruptions will • cease
to ! trouble ? you. ! i No ' betters general ' sy s-
tem tonic can be made than by follow-
ing this kardene recipe. *' Try it 1 and get
rid \u25a0' of i that : feeling. , *
";*{ Juliet: a Yes, v any Cone ' afflicted v with
\u25a0superfluous^'flesh^ls'.always-at' a; : - big
disadvantage,'! whether* married -orJ^sin-
'gle.%y.To ? get s rid rof * that " annoying .: tat
stop* at] your "druggist's;: the -next -.time
youi are i downtown ; and ! get i four^ ounces
\u25a0 of Jparnotls.^Dlssolve>.thi«''.ia;i%?pints
1 hots* water ; and -stake -3'a>» tablespoonful
, three * times \ a 'dayi ( five j minutes • before
each meal) ; i and I y our^, burdensome | flesh
will i soon Ibe j cut s; down. * ?: The % eff ect o f
: this i harmless i remedy 'Iff; generally \u25a0 no-
ticeable- within :'aw««k.\ and you will
f eels much^ better.^ :>.;-.: -.; (\u25a0\u25a0/, x .
The Kind You Have Always Bought has borne the signa- "r
ture of Chas. H. Fletcher, and has been made under his' 4-*4 -*
, personal -supervision fbr over 3O years. Allow no one
to-; deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and . '
{%; ** v jrustras-g-ood '* are but Experiments, and- endanger the i v • >
\u25a0 \u25a0 health ' of Cliildren— Experience against Experiment.
What is^ CASIfQRIA ;!^ w
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Ofl, Pare- l •
'-'- gt>ric, Drops and Soothing- Syrups.. It is Pleasant. It
, contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotf o .
substance. Its , age is its grnarantee- It destroys Worms
and : allays Feverlshness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic. It relieves ; Teethine Troubles?^ cures Constipation,
; Flatulency. ,;lt assiniilates the Food, regulates the --
Stomach and Bowels, .giving healthy and natural sleep* -
' The Children's Panacea— The Mother's Friend.
Jle Kind Ypuiaie Aliajs BongU :
>^ Bears the Signature of • -^—^1? «it
In Use; For Over 30 Years.
;:. ' ' .• '- THC CCNTkUN CO«F*Nr. TT MURIIAV STHKST. NCW»C«K OtTT. '\u25a0 ;., i . \u25a0
Has Been Before the Public For Thirty-nine Years.
In the Experience of the Following Physicians It
Has a Pronounced Value In the Treatment of
RriffhtY nicoaca 7 Samuel 0. L. Potter, Marion Sims» Geo. Ben
- and Johnson, Alfred L. Loomis, John V. Shoe-
... .\u25a0 . maker, /Wzxl-H. Drummond, Graeme M. Han>
;,• AlDliminuna [ mond, J. Allison Hodges and Cyrus Edson.
„....- .. Roberts Bartholow, Jas, K. Crook, Hunter
UnC AQlfl irODDIBS McGuire, Frank Woodbury, Alex. B. Mott, Jj
and • Stuart McGuire, I. N. Love, P. B. Barringer,
Inflammation Of tile Jas. L Cabell, Giuseppe Lapponi, Jos. Holt, j
Bladder. Chas - B - Nancrede, A; F. A. King, T. Gris-
wold Comstock and Nathan S. Davis, Jr.
These names are known wherever medical jurisprudence is read.
Let us send you booklet quoting their words, and judge
for yourself from the positions they hold and have
held, if they are competent witnesses.
For sale by the general drug and mineral water trade, t
I liiiii %7 he keeps." I J j 1 1 1 /O2T lIS
, ||i '. good company. .In ijjjij !|!
\mm^ ' their enjoyment' of \[j|
- |!| IF .^.the^rich^aroixia;- the 11
ji ' mellow flavor, the de- 1$
';WMI- :'lipLtful^te,^they-h^ S
tillllr c ' : forgotten the price, jfrs^
•;'\u25a0;. .\ ReahEstate Bargains^ Abound • iii Tliei Sunday Call
I vi Waiit^to?Bu^or Sdl ? 'USE VGALL WANT-ADS 1

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