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Collects Moiiey;Mghtly^\
From Its Audiences ji >"
Generous Persons of "All, Degrees
or Wealth Contribute to
Call's Fund
the' superioress, and the other sisters
have found a refuge until they are re
established'again, and to them go In
quiring anxious ones In search of
definite news as to~ the children and
whereabouts. •'. » : "JV''* : 1
For each one Slster^Helena has a
reassuring word and the Information.
Fatigue has told but little on - the
sisters, considering the strain they, are
undergoing. Some anxiety was felt for
two or three of the older. sisters, "who,
it, was feared, would feel 'the' excite
irsent, exposure and alarm to an extent
•which^ would render them .ill, but 'such
lias not been the case. \
Sister Helena announced yesterday
that permission had been Riven by the
Insurance companies to repair at once
the outer buildings, which merely
ecorched by the fire. Sunday.-/ \u25a0 .;'
The laundry, bakery, carriage house,
and workingmen's house will be put in
order immediately. The two former
btijldinp's will be used as -soon as pos
sible, no matter where the orphanage
if situated, and laundering and baking
will be done there.
The building "at Franklin and Ellis
streets, where "the sisters will gather
their scattered flock within the fort
night probably, icajLJurncd over yes
terday to an army of workmen/ who
are making such changes as< are neces.
pary and* are insuring^atjsolutely sani
tary conditions. . . '\u25a0 im. •
All of this takes money,.'it must be
renumbered. Already a .large part of
the generous donations brought to The
Call has been turned over to Sister
Helena, and more will be needed at
once. Will the public remember, please,
that the. use. to jvhich this money is put
is quite the best that can be thought
0f 75. 1t is helping a group of holy
women who have devoted their lives. to
charity to bring together and make
happy and comfortable several hundred
children who' have/ some of them, no
parents, while , others bereaved of'
t!l«caTe" of .citficr "father or motherl
".T n^ s? '_ cll i 1(Ir * n . separated; from /the
sisters whb'have cared for, tliem,. 'from
those who are nearest and dearest/are
now' divided into gronpsT in' other Or
phanages throughput the state.. -If the
realizatipn of their sorrow .at^this.sepa
ration comes boipe. to, any woman or.
man in .San Francisco" today, let a sym
bol of this come in the form of a com
fortably fat. check- to* the fund at The
Call, office. ..,,... ;Kili
Yesterday .tl\e, . employes of the audi
tor's office ?ent a cli>eck for $100, which
.they made up in their midst. \u25a0 McDon-"
ough* Brothers sent $25 witbr a -nolf'of
-ejicourasement and' from the; Ba,rik^of
Central CaliYorhia* at* Fresno came." a
check" for % 10, which proved 'that the
people of interior California are alive
to the' needs of tlie situation also. From
;the Palace hotel came f 25. W*'. '•+ \
.vEach night* the chorus "srirls of. the
"Stubborn Cinderella** at the
Princess theater descend upon the au
dience, tamborines in hand, at'lhe close
of itli^e first act and seek contributions*
for thfe^ f und. A goodly sura has been
forthcoming each .night, and the, good
work will continue • thrmrghout ' the
Girls "Pass the Hat"
. The pretty chorus girls of '"X' Stub-'
born Cinderella" comnansv playing this
week at the: Princess, theater, repeated
Jast night their achie>ementof Monday'
night and raised $85.44 for/ the' benefit
of. the- little children of Mount St. Jo-"
Fpph's/ orphanage. ; > On Monday night
33. Coit-Albertson, the leading man. an
nounced , that the" 'girls of the "chorus
would "pass the 'hat 1 * .'through the au-.
dience," and $74.90 was raised at. that
time. Tjast niglit -was even' more profit-^
able. " • * '. \u25a0 ...
v At the meeting of thegrand Jury last
evening the/plight of the children" was
discussed and the juroric present gave
.$5 apiece, making.a total of-s7o.' The
following were, the donors:
Grand Jurorfe Goldman, Gasner. Som
,n"er, Lpwry/ McCarthy, .W.- Cronan, J.
Cronan, McDcvitt, Nelson, Gallagher,
Oliva, Jewe'll, "Lane and Williams. -
Second Charge Made Soon 'After
Court Grants Freedom
{Special Dispatch to The Call] "'
. S ANTA; BARBARA; 6c t 1 l.—E/ Wi I -
lovrs^Thompson, said tir.be a member of
a respectabfe^San J«s'e- family, who was
released onlprobatibn here'today ori a
-'-fictl tloys check cTiarge.'is BoughtTby,
<he 'officers of Santa Cruz, where he is
tvantftd ifor a n« alleged-; felony.-^Thom
: eon had Jef t here with his. mother*' for
' 'theinorth before" the news of -the Santa
Cruz warranty reached the sheriff. ' /It
is expected^ that he will"be % intercepted
. at. Salinas by the Santa Cruz^^authbrl-"
.ties;*. -/ ,- : \u25a0 ..." \u25a0 r ,i\^^y<: >
San fiose House Is Attached- by
[Contractor's Creditors.
[SpecM Dispatch, to The Call] y . V ' ,
SAXJjOSE, Oct.* lL—CharleT'-J., Mar
tin; farmer mayor/of this; city, promiV
hent capitalist and a rec«ntH)rideg:room^
eefrks'Jio obtain possession • of^Jjis* Aew
Ivoroe^in the Hanchett*,)tracV".b«forei
xvlnten comes on.' . * The ;place^is/Tnow
pJast^Hed. with .the liens.3Sf * thetcredl-'
tore • j?f . Adolph Becker, "^ in«6lve*ni; cbn
trfecjtor; who "constructed; thfe*. building
and then failed. A gult •nras^filed in'the
superior court today," in '.ivjiich . Martin
seeks* to bringall of "'thfe creditors into,;
court and - com pel -"'them to settle" "all ?of
their "claims." +:^: X T ::\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0';. \u25a0f.;.^ "?
•-' .- ' \u25a0 v :\u25a0-\u25a0:\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0•".ti.'i- \
Merchants'^ -Association vAr^
ranges Touir of -Lower "San^J.
Joaquinsyailey Towns^;^
senta^vesjbf Big Wholesale ;
v and Jobbing.Houses ' ;
/ All^plans for the wholesale trade ex
cursion of the Merchants'; association to
17 towns ln>the\lower_San; Joaquin val
ley are now practically complete. The
excursion, which leave's San ; Francisco
In a special train October 17; will carry
niore than 100" representatives of -the
big 'wholesale and jobbing of
the-city."" .-/; ; . -.;\u25a0-• -<y^ • v :;,-;,,
i- Near ly.^. all 1 , the ,_to wnVi on J Jthe -'r^oute
At ' poalin ga, Bakefsfieid: and
Visalla ;*th'ex vi sit6rs Jwlll^fcei^lven a
smoker. of thepartyi are^now
sending 'notice to their/ .customWs"' in
the vadpus towns .that they: wlir call
at^certalft. .hours;. :arra»ge<3.. in, accord
ance, w4th -the trajn;"schedule:'> . .
.» The" Merchants'^LSsocJdtion'Js'supply
ing jthe**iexcurslpnlsts' .with -v . ilst " of
.more, than -600i merchants: In the' towns
to be yisfteclf/ An • pfflciaPgouv'ehir, -h
booklet, cohtainltfg^greetings { to . the
merchants^ 'of '*h«> yowar'ySan^'Joaquin
and a_listjpf • the.*excur6Sonists ; will'also
be \u25a0aistrlbuted.^2 -V ' • - /"*'j:. ? -v^*: ' •••<
ME.V l Wlip'y wil'li^TßAyi^i. 1 \u0084
-Following . is , a pafUal t-ilst" of those
who wjjl -m^ke the 'tripV*:'.*! '\u0084;:. .
H. P. Anewalt r.i,-^^ 4j4 j CharJes' H«yct V.
la-q E.- Alexander ~- \u0084r \ A. -a.-JlantriTini- •";'
MJchaelAlfxandor ";'-;|C. W.>3lirvre<3el \u25a0
Ritrlile I^^^nun .. :'i W.iX. >\u0084-.•
A. W'l Tottd** •• ",v" F.-liohrn:j.nri Jr: '
AY. B.'.MaxweU.:. vV. C." B. Joseph > •'-.-
F. .TV. Wolfe '' , '.* -tS: Charlas. A. -Sn.rder .
t*barles KranApnslt.-la Xewtfift^l.^Xcnstadtcr
11. -S. Bonesrell ij>s '. J.* Xpwtwner '
Edward UißalUwinV'- Thonia*M. Earl
J<*n P.* Cleese •' William -'.%etrner •
J. 11. Kj-a» \u25a0 " . i - XT.-H. "RoUWm Jr. ;.
C. H. Cr/ft-ker- \u25a0 '.- . :. J. H; ilaoLaffertr •
W. -F. Paws. >jf.Vj W. H. Scott
Sam W.vßurt^liaell Ki . A: .p.. i<lieden
'O<»orKe'H. Kb^rjiard . \u25a0 R."Bj,Knnj- ...
Thomas R. Rdw^rds V. W.'Erwn ,..'./ "-.-"ri"
Samuel H. Taylor ;\u25a0: W<?I.: : >feu«sdorffer%
Arthur Eloesser.-, *^ Alhort- V> Kindt :: : . '
Cbarlrs'B. I'latt . \u25a0 . UlphnrdSebniidtV
S. I. >yormspr *". I". \V. I.nce'--:. •- ,
Jol}n - O.' Gsmner, iy Jnlltis'Brownstoln
E.iß. Gimhal. r , JSig S««rn \u25a0 v - ...,*, _•:/.
Uenr.v Gl'OrwDzweJg:-. Gustar" Wormser. ..' , .'
Cliarlesi-jr.'Haiis \u25a0, -: \u25a0• B. S..Hubbard V" \u25a0
Moses -mitts * '\u25a0 \u25a0'\u25a0•\u25a0•+\u25a0• Wllllcm-H; McCartliy
B. W. Hills. :.-.;> I. H. Brass \u25a0
J. O. BerpiKjsm. ,- \ , Clarence W*. - Ohnrn
H. Mi Ho! brook •'.'•.- Gjeorge P.. \\>*>ks
«. I ! . Ayers V •-' \u25a03: C. Zellerbach ' ~~' \u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0•'
DavJd A. Hulse " H.' Gpedge
\V. .A. .Appel \. - - v William R. Wheeler .
Prertoin Moris'' \- . \.\ 1.. Yonnj: . .
W. S. Grwnseld .-•',> Samuelßaoer ...
H. 1.. JiuMl '\u25a0\u25a0'i\\ - J.ilL- Skinner
Aiphoiise JydiP - >,"f ' G.C. Browne
• Manfred;' S. JKolUJbetg -- 1 ! Gustare Brenner . *
Scur.M: Lcr&nsoo;. W. D. Fennimore
Theie; firnas wili be-j;epf esented, but
have not yet. selected their representa
tives: ; t'f • "y. ;S \u25a0 ..•;;
. Brown-Walker-Simmtfhs corapaßj", inrestment
securities ; ; CiUtfornia . door.. company? Clayburgh
Brothers. sUks; Dnnharn." Camgan, & Hayden.
hardware; Greenbaum. Well & Mfchel*. pents'
A: Fleislihacker & Co.; i«per boxes;
M. A. Gunst & Co.V cigars and tobacco; r Hoff
man. Bothchlld • 4 Co.. clothing: t>iurphy. Grant
& Co.. dry goods; irull^r- « Raas. millinery;
Paraffine paint- companr/.bnJldlDg papers, paint,
roofing: Standard -oil company; Triest;-*: Co.,
hats; W." A. Hammond, sales manager • Pacific
lumber company: C \V: R." Ford:.& C6..;Goodyear"
rubber company^ Arhstejn. Simon' & Co. ; Braua-
Knefht.Heinian;Oompany, HJrschf elder 'fc-Meaney, •\u25a0
Keyttonje.Bnjihers;^ . '2i £'.* •' ' \u25a0 ':.'\u25a0 "~ \u25a0< ~ z *'i~',} rt .-
>Tire : trajn.schedule."fpuows:. I
\u25a0: Frrs'no — Tuesday,' \u25a0\u25a0 October IS, 5:45 a*, ni.ito 1
p. m.. and ,Satnrrtay.v October 22, 2:30. pJ-m. to'
6 p..m. I . .'" \u25a0'•-:\u25a0 .:'\u25a0 -^. ';v • ' ••' *-•\u25a0 <t :,,-, '•\u25a0 -
Fowler — Tuesdajr;.- October 38, I:2o* pi* m. to
2:20 v- n>. " " \u25a0 - ; - ,
Seltna— Tuesday," Octobfer -IS,' 2:43 ' p. '\u25a0 m. to
4:45 p. in. . ..; ;. -v- . . :\u25a0
'.- KtncVbnrir— Tuesday,* October 15, 5:05 p. m.
to 6:50 p. in. ' ••- ; s''. .V-*. \u25a0.!_-. . .
Hanford— Wednesday,. October" 10, S:3O a. m.
to" 11 a. m. *' ±. -\u25a0-,*\u25a0 /-\u25a0- • •
Lemoore — Wednesday, ' October lfl;,ll:20 a. m.
to 12:20 p.*m. . \u25a0-* ,~ ,V J > ' *
CoaHnga— Wednetdar,. Octflber 10. •» p. m. to
6p. tn. \u25a0\u25a0 » -.~ • • '-. "•' -vi • . -.; X \u25a0
Tnlare — Thursday,. October 20, 5:30 a. m. to
11 a. m. •^.•i,-.'-:.- .a? •'.'•-.- -»•\u25a0 •• -
BakersScld— Tlinrsday, October 20,' 1 ' p. m. to
Cp. m." : .- \u25a0 cr. -
\u25a0 Kern — Thursday, -October 20, 4:30 p., m. .to
5:30 p. ,m. ••>•.\u25a0•.', '• / -, .
' .Portertrllle — Fijday, October 21, 8:30 a. m/to
11 1. m. .-.'
Lindsay— Friday, October 21, 11:25 a. na. to
If 2o p. m. '
Exeter — Friday, October .21, 1:40 p. m. to
2:40 p. w. .
Vlsalia — Friday. October 21, 3 p. m. to 6 p. m.
- Dinuha^-fiaturday, \u25a0 October 22, B:3o' a. tn. to
10 a. in." — , .•• \u25a0- .
Reedley^-Saturday, October 22, 10:12 a. m. to
12:15 p. i». '.
Sander— Saturday, .October 22, 12:30. p. tn. to
2^p. 'm. •\u25a0 . \u25a0.-£ : -i- \u25a0'\u25a0 . ;. <?', - y
OIL STRIKE^ADE vIN\? .', * .-.
Independent 'Agency to Vote on
Associated " Contract
[Sp*cial Dispatch lo The CailjZy.
BAKERSFIEL.D. Oct. # 'll.— A strike
which is beirfg 'watched 1 with. .'great i!V
tefe^t'has ..just^beezi made in th©/McKlt
trlck'field'by the v Mahaske oilt-company
b"n'secttioh",36;';-?-21 at, 1,850 feet in -its
No.^l' well.; It-has" 300 feet of oil sand
and'.promjsealto'be a good producer.
. The Mahask'e Avell is a mile west of
the famous* \u25a0 X leaf ema well,: which first
reached oil in the^McKittrick field.,: Op
erations in this'r territory have so' far
not proved/Kucceßsful.. :.Th"e success of
the Mahaske^wiH^dd a mile to the prb
ducirigibelt.^'^ >. '^ ' \u25a0 ..'-*..
\u25a0The'reguiarjquarterly meeting of the
Independent oil. producers' agency will
be , held tomorrow.^? it: is not' expected
ihat triere w-ili ;be*any serious ' opposl
tioßfto'fhei ratiflcatibn'of theJcontract
entered ;.into \ w4thi* the .Associated oil
company by, President. Sinclair.
,* ;The ; Hawaiian £oil^company's No. 1
'well* in-. the ; Northjt Midway,, which 'was*
being .. «ent * for the' ; deeper sand, . blew
out^ early.; yesterday * and . la
now. doing*lo,oj)o; barrels' steadily.
Midway *Flve k compapyialso brought in
a- I,ooo .barrel i,yrell;. yesterday.' "T. •\u25a0- ! f' 4 ;
" j.The." riieh"" to * the^ Lost' hills , CMttinues.
Many; standard^rlga-fareM being .hauled
in.' : ; A - watchman ' employed 'fby :". Santa
Maria .'parties i shot .himself {in^the | foot
yesterday In' hts' efforts^ to""unlimbe*r his
: revolver wh'enthV ground' was- Jumped.
. 6ctober ; i*.Nurribe/.;;\. of ">• Redwood:
? *^Has Many ''Features^ *
.[Special Disbaich to The Call]' \\'. : -' : '- '\u25a0\u25a0;
;') SAn¥a;^CLARA; .^ Oct" Oc
tober, number 'of >Redwbodi" tli e monthly
Vubllcatlon^'pf % the *« students * 'of * Santa
Clara college*,* hasyjufetjjeenjssued.'. It
contains .the^foUo^ringr
' VTbe"^ Wanderer'' (poem), Rodney A./Yoell;
;*'The.Life and Writing* «f Henry .Harland."G.
Glaftonbury;^-."Ttef-I>n'anier"", {po*rm);- M- !T! T
k Jr. ; • i.'To Chata"jf (jkJem 1 . t Hobert Fiood *
i-'AKred Westea." .William C.^Taljxuj^'Two De
f«>cts, mi Our-<?ni»ersHlc«.'U Byinffton -I* Ford:
i"lnez,"- 3 RodTipy'Ar: YopUr-VThef Waif"- (poem)
,C. 'A. • Pefcnan ; ;VTurnln<r «TaDi«i.7 % AloysUus D!e
\u25a0penbrock;.t-'Kin<l Worthy ..(poem): Frank D.'War
iren.:-. _ v _v:;i £*fc:;^V^fs?r < i <.;'•.
lr The., editorial- staff- of .Redwood con-;
r;«E\w:utire v r>Woard^-Wlll!oui.-"c/;'Talbot' - (presl-
? <tent),-Boy, A.vßroason.i Daniel Tadtch: associate
]<»dltnr« — Chris A. '•„ P*K»an," -.Hardln' N; "Barry
, Daniel I Tadlcn.V L.~" O!Connar,x Marco ; 3. \ Zarlck
'\u25a0 Jt. ;, buhlut sh ,' niana^r, KoyJ A. j Bronson ; assist
ant business manager." Herbert- I*"jGanahl; alumni
i correspondent, 'Alex T. i Leonard,'; A.' B. .*. \u25a0
Annual Address Written on
\u25a0\u25a0 ~; Deathbed by Late Grand
'/;/ Master Is -Read
*v v , - : -\u25a0... — — ;'\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0'\u25a0/\u25a0 ""'; .
Six Hundred Attend Sixty first
. California Communication
- at Commandery^Hall/
. ' . . \u25a0 . . . . . . . » \u25a0
The grand lodge of Free and Ac-!
cepted Masons of California opened its ,
sixty-first, annual communication in
Golden Gate Commandery hall yester
! day morning, with; Dana R. Wellerdf
Los Angeles, acting grand master, pre
siding/ All of the grand officers /were
present, as were -also/about 600 repre
sentatlv.es. A peculiar. feature was that
the representation/ from .San ; Francisco
was smaller and that from tlie places
outside'' of the city-, larger than atTany
communication for. many years. /: /\u25a0 :
- As^soon as the grand body was called
to order, Deputy- Grand, Master -Well eV
formally announced the death of \u25a0. Grand
Master W. Frank Pierce,; after 'which
Grand Chaplain Ernest H.Eaker offered
a prayer that moved many of the; au-
, Judge R-- Hunter was appointed -on
the committee of jurisprudence r in the
absence of Oscar W. Lawler.
The deputy grand master, read .the
address of the late grand master, which
he dictatedon his deathbed.. This is^a
clear, concise report of the works of
the grand body during the last year,"
and on the subject of . Masonic relief
his views' were' expressed as follows:
The question'of Masonic relief.
Involving as it-does the securing of .
employment for unemployed breth
\u25a0 ren. has always been deeply inter- a
\ esting to the Masonic heart, and
during many years of Masonic work
it has been the subject of much
thought' to your grand master.
• " Indeed, the briefest consideration
of the subject must establish the
fact that our fraternity, differing
. as it does so essentially from the ,
. ' mpre modern organizations which
sj establish In advance the amount of
benefits to be paid, and the methods
..of. proving standing in the.order by'
-^ certificates, and annual and semi
annual passwords; is always faced
with a very involved proposition
when demand for. relief is inpde. •
upon it. • ;
He also paid . a tribute to Grand
Treasurer Edward Coleman for his gen
erous donation of a fully equipped hos
pital. costing 's4o,ooo .to the Masonic'
home at Decoto, and he paid a J high
compliment to Grand Secretary John
Whicher for his assistance.
reportof the trustees of the. Ma
sonic homes, the one for adults at;De
coto and" the other fpr v children at r San
Gabriel, was read, and it shows that.thq
two were conducted last year for $5,000
less than expended to conduct one the
year before. This will be made the spe
cial order of business this morning.
The report of the board of relief
shows ans expenditure of about $50,000
during the year. • • '*
At 2 o'clock. this afternoon the grand
orator will deliver his oration.
" 'Tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock
.there; will be 'special /services In honor
orvth« memory.' of »the lAte,, grand mas
tef,-"«when ; Charles v L. Pattoh . will de
liver the «ulogy. - . . . ;
•J.The deputy grand mastenwill^become
grand. master, Alonzo J. Monroe will be
advanced to: deputy grand, master and
William; P. Filmer to 5 senior /grand
warden. There are quite a number of
candidates -;f or the office of junior
warden. John- Whicher, grand' secre
tary, and Edward Coleman, grand treas
urer/will be re-elected, as neither has
any opposition; The latter wants to re^
tire, but the representatives will not
permit him to do so. *.*/
Concerts, by Ellery's Band to
' \u25a0<' & . Add to Fund r i-Z.":4
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SAX RAFAEL, Oct." li:— The move
ment ;by the Marin \u25a0 county
good roads association' is gaining sup
porters in all sections and tag day,
planned. for next Saturday, promises to
be :a'*huge/county_ success/. ;
"Tag day* is being- managed ' entirely
by the -women.' , High school girls- will
sell, tags in every town between, here
and Sausalito. * ; :^.
Monday- afternoon beginning' at 2
o'clock and at night -beginning" at 8
o'clock the concerts- will be given, by.
Ellery's : Italian band in the Garden
theater. .' :';\u25a0 * \ \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'.',.
The : proceeds from the x ,tag sales
and- the concerts ;wiU^go; ;to "- swell the
fund for the | improvement of the roads
between Sausalito! arid San Rafael. ;\u25a0'..
- The committee in; charge consists of:
A. W. Foster " ' Dr.- F.E. Sawyer
Frank 8./Anderson Dr. J. H.' Knser
John D. Spreckelsjr. E. S. Ciprico .
William Babcock - Assessor P. 11. Cochrane
James Follls'.- * Treasurer Thomas J.
11. M. Hanseni" , Fallon
M.T. Freltas;,. C. C. Hansen
William Kent A. L.^Hettrich
Alexander S. Lilley William Klinger \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 1
B. H. Cheda \u25a0 . Mayor M. JI Pedrottl
George Hansen • . Charles de YouDg
M. F. Cochrane George E. Butler :
Leneve Girl May Be Charged,
as Accessory to Crime
-'LONDON, Oct. 11 % — It is probable
that the trial of Dr. Hawley H. Crlp
p'en. 1 and I; Ethel Clare < Leneve . for c the
murder . of the former's : wife,: Belle
Crippen, will open \u25a0 on ' Monday." '. In
presenting ; the case to the * jury today
the recorder " said he, considered ;it
doubtful that Miss Leneve knew at the
!time Hhrat a\ murder had been -com-"
;mltted, . but- recommended ; that a ; true
bill charging her with being an
sory, af ter' the fact be* brought ; against
her.. iThe'body' of Belle Crippen'/ was
buried today by the music hall ladles'
guild., -. ' .'"
jy^^^2:CTyi EC DOUBLE IJ?
I B 1/iJJLiLj tAl|iJr : \u25a0 \u25a0 . : ' : '^B
i J re °^ en Saturdays till 10, p. m., H^ : 'U- \
I '\u25a0 Mail Orders Promptly Filled ,^,^K^-'!
| AKents.for v yrfttleton'« Sho*m for. Men
Changes in Shipping Laws Sug
gested^ by ' Tariff Bureau >^
Appointment r pi > Rai!r6adTCom=
\u25a0; missioners Recommended s?4
v Important •^recommendations . f or ; the
benefltT of "j the shlppers'of ; San' Tran
cisco. and California are .the features of,
the annual report "df wnilara R. .wiieel
erXnianager'bf the trafflo bureau of Jthe
Merchants' I exchange, '- presented to' the
membera at ;th'e annual meeting yester
day.,;- "y.*;, : :;li']^7:';'.i?--';;. ;..; : . ...\u25a0\u25a0....,\u25a0 >c/ v/vi-:v /vi-:
, >;. ln iWheeler'a '.'\u25a0 last \ report he called atr
tentlbri^to ithe Viecegsity ifor ,an ; am end
meht; to; ; the ; act/to\ regulate 'icommercei \u25a0
making: unlawful the ownership or, can-J
trol* by,'- railroads iof /competing water"
lines//' He^/ now/ Vcalls ; ; attention a; toji a
communication ~r sent i'toV President iTaft
andof an'expresslon'fr.om. the president'
of and a* promise of; hearty^
co-operatloh^:/': /; X ; '" .,"/; /\u25a0"/;' / \u25a0
- ; Wheejer ' recommends ; that the legls'j;
lature ; at Its \u25a0 next -'session should /sub"-;
mit vto '-I the' "people £.' a- : constitutional
amendment; filling • theVofflce ; orVailroad
commissioner /. by,\ executive //'appoint- ,
nient:/He>ec6mmends legislation. lopk-j
in g 1 to] such \ changes \u25a0 iiii the - de-"
murrage law as will;lnsureHhe prompt 1
release of ;cars "and "at Ithe -sameftime.
not^lmposev ah' extortionate penalty,
uponuthe shipper. . ;
'/ Regarding. >• reductions in excessive
differentials : In -freight ,rates unduly
favoring competing- cities" the- 'report
'says: ' - \u25a0 /\u25a0;;';;.-;\u25a0\u25a0, .",- -,S \u25a0 - ; ;..
A severe and unjus*t handicap on
the of merchandise
from San Frtmcisco to northern -
California, Oregon and Nevada -
points is found In the excessive/
freight rate differentials at present/
In favor of - competing
cities located comparatively a" few ,<,'
j miles nearer those markets. \u25a0 These
differentials are the subject of •
much complaint from our jobbers
and the bureau now ;has the matter
up with the railways with a view \u25a0
to securing. a voluntary readjust- \u0084
ment on a basis fair to San Fran
cisco. ' , :- - \u25a0- \u25a0 "
As to the work of the bureau for the
year just completed, the report deals
with the so called! intermountain rate
cases, the • switching cases, the San
Joaquin valley rate cases, In which sev
eral - California towns have, intervened,
the /removal of the 'state tolls on ' mer
chandise coming Into San ' Francisco by
rail and the removal of much of } the
delay, on the part of the railroads !n
distributing -carloads; promptly.
« "The 'announcement of .the, independ
ent operation of the Toyo Kisen Kaisha
in connection with the Western Pacific
railway gives to Ban.Francisco what is
practical^ a 'new. trans-Pacific 'trans
portation entity," says the report re
garding the Pacific Mail oriental dlf
vorce, "insuring,"., it continues, "a.com
petition/ in service, and, perhaps,/ In
rates, not possible' under the arrange
ments heretofore 'existing." , / .
R./P. Rithet, 1 chairman of the gov
erning committee; o€ .the bureau, filed
his resignation with' his.annual report
at yesterday's meeting. Rithet tendered
his resignation on ' account of a" press
of personal business. .. .; .r: * .V
James K..L.ynch,/vice president of the
F^rst national 'bank,? was elected chair^
man .of ; .the v governing/ committee %t»
succeed Rithet.' : A/Li. Scott was elected
vice chairman, E.- R. L.ilienthal, treas
urer, and Louis Bennett, executive sec
retary. ' VvT*^ ~v '" \u25a0 \ J^**' -
Discrimination Alleged .
The Oakland sash and . door company
of Oakland complained Informally, of
discrimination" on /.the ,part of the
Southern Pacific in favor, of : San Fran
cisco sash and door, firms^t • the_ regu
lar meeting of the railroad -commis
sion yesterday. The complaint charged
that rates . from Oakland -to :points*on
the Northwestern Pacific railroad are
higher than rates "from San j Francisco
to the same points. /The' commission
took the matter under Investigation. /.
. The case of E. M. Bray against the
Southern Pacific relative to^the classi
fication of dried, beans, whether they
shall be classified as beans' or vegeta
bles," wa» set for ' hearing, for' October
31. --In - the.: case/ of ,- E.^H. ;Loveland
against the.Santa \u25a0 Fe,' a 'l similar case,
the railroad -entered • a i stipulation
agreeing Ito abide by,; the decision of
the commlssion L In the 'case of Bray
against the' Southern Pacific :• ;
Meetings; of -the commission, will be
held during the month, as follows:
Fresno/October 21;. Bakersfleld, Oc
tober 22; San Bernardino, October 23,
and San Diego, October' 25. -
Youngest of Famous Corps Is
-,- Now 68 Years Old
\u25a0. -•. - \u25a0 • .•\u25a0 w/ •\u25a0-, \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0..
CHICAGO, Oct. 11-— Eight grizzled
warriors, who survive the 'once famous
United States Zouave cadets,: of
Colonel ; Elmer E. Ellsworth, : the \ first
ofneer killed- in the civil 1 war, was the
original commander,** sat down to. a
banquet last ( night. It .was the last
reunion.. s ' . - . | . ;
The roll was -called " for the last
time, and never; again' wlllVthe famous
Chicago Zouaves >" meet :, tinder the old
flag to recount -the tales vof war and
battles.' Very, few are" .left in" the
ranks. dnce they 'were^.l2o strong.
They challenged ..the-- world. •-' There
wasn't a better, drilled corps ; Ins the
nation. They : traveled all; through ; the
east ( and 4 south in 1860 UoJflnd, com
petitors who would march beside them.
They -went to r " West .; Point * and;-, the
greatest masters of : military; technique
passed .' them - for i all . that they t claimed.;
.When the twar]^ broke ,out 'the 1 : men
went Into i the .s fe'deralv service, as; of
ficers,\but the organization ywas, so-firm
that" it never /broke .up as . the
men were ; removed* by, 1 death.' ..." ' : .' •
'The youngest'mari, is* Frank E;-,Y^tfs,
68. , Colonel^H^'PwightpLaftiri.'hhe
highest officer.,' surviving,
sat > at the i head ; of . the \u25a0 table: -} He- is
81^years?old; .>'•.' :'\u25a0,." l ':'6'~,'p .:J-'\:.'\u0094
Employers'/ Association States
/ Conditions; Upon Which- Men
Settle Disagreement
Major McCarthy Suggested as
: ;> Umpire if Board Fails to
/ - End Trouble ; "* ,'..:,
;V- -v^,;:;- '\u25a0\u25a0?.„,-_, -.; . : ;. }\u25a0 : _:• :'. :
[The following statement has been is
sued tby '"the Furniture '; ' and Carpet
trades association, 'F.ip.l-WorthXsecre
\u25a0tary:",-r":V # ".* •-"•""{;'*'':* \u25a0"' ''' '-'-^ : y/'[ '\u25a0'',\u25a0''
\u25a0 Upholsterers' _nnion^No. 28 submitted- the fol
lowing: proposals for";tiie consideration" of *" the
Cai-pet . and ". Furniture trades association- as "a"
result of .; a~, conference" meetlny : held last night
with . a ,T!ew to settling ; the present disagree
ment:^--V,, V •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0„\u25a0,-<-< -\u25a0\u25a0 -r.X;?^;-. y r ,-:.'
'*?•: li'y. All • men i that ; bare -. taken places of mem
bers lof -• local 1 28 , ivbo'f are . now lon strike ) be Jm-'
mediately, discharged. .".-\u25a0 *~ :-. '
:-\ 2. -s All ; members "of l»>eal' 23 'to ?be reinstated
In their, former J positions held prior to lockout. .
\u25a0.-.,S.f*Local'2B stands ready. to submit" its ejitlre
case '« to San ; , Francisco i conciliation y board for
arbitration^.:-^;;;,- \u25a0:\u25a0., '•• '?...;•; .<;;:..'.' -.V 1 ;--^. \u25a0 \ -\ .
• ; 4, Tliefm.attei's to.be submitted to arbitration
board -. for .- arbitration t - are /the ; demands of -. : local
28, J whleh'lS'so.cents a day increase ; In - pay and
«<! half: holiday^ on;: Saturday "without- pay; ,'also
the question jWhesh^r w« . are ; entitled "to the in
crease . asked, on plece'i work or Bow. much . of; an
Increase . we , are - entitled 'to " on * day,, work and
pieee;work.> \u25a0 ..-- \u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0:\u25a0: \u25a0 .>\u25a0. \u25a0\u25a0 .. . -.< <\J. ,».. ? .-.,'; ,
.•;s.* 'Whatever arbitration board .the entire mat
ter .Is : passed up-to said -board' to 'bring -In its
.findings Inside of 15 days.' •\u25a0'.;. ">\u25a0 v...^. ,_ ' \u25a0-: .
\u25a0'\u25a0-' S.^We : further .• agree -\u25a0 to ; another plan 'of arbi
tration : i •; That three members be . selected by the
furniture * trades ,* from their • body- to - represent
.tliem and three members, be selected by local 2S
froai.'.their;body . to: represent \u25a0: them; a serenth
party to be. selected by. the' above committee of
six ; if ; no ; agreement 'is reached *by ;. the ' commit
tee of, sir the entire matter shall be decided by
the seventh party inside of . fire -; days. .;./ ' ",
,".7. -In; case of any of the , above \u25a0 propositions
being. accepted by the fuTnltnre trades associa
tion the decision of the arbitration board Is to
date ' baclc_to \u25a0 the' time the men , return ' to work.
'.• S. .To' employ, only members of upholsterers'
union, local £3. ..-"-..- -. • ... ; . '
.To which proposals the Carpet and Furniture
trades association, makes the following .reply: '
- Answer .. Xo. I— The Furniture and Carpet
grades association consents-,. t0 give employment
to* all - members of local ; 28 who were | employed
by members of the l^nrniture and Carpet \u25a0 trades
association prior to " September 12. 1910. All
newnlen now at work and contracted with/n ot
exceeding 12, must T remain. \u25a0 but .may Join local
No. 28 Immediately after the termination of ne
gotiations, -.v • : " ... - ,\u25a0 . -
,\u25a0 Answer \u25a0 No. \u25a0 2— Article No. 2 meets - the ap
proval .of i the 'Furniture - and Carpet trades asso
ciation, , pxcept in one instance, where a foreman
has been replaced . under contract. This man,
however,' will : be given ; a ; position 'in another
shop. . : \u25a0-" ' ,\u25a0 \u25a0; - "r ; " -'- \u25a0 - \ \u25a0,-\u25a0\u25a0
'-. Article No. 3- Is passed. In vlewof taking up
article No. 6.".: \u25a0 \u25a0*; '-\u25a0
Answer \u25a0: No. ;4— Th* "\u25a0'. Furniture and l Carpet
trades, association ; desires to designate the mat
ters* to be submitted to arbitration -as: follows:
\u25a0 : I — A -proper; wage scale, v .• •_.''.
: II— A proper piece- work scale. ; *
i' III— The question of output.'- "\u25a0'\u25a0
IV— The i question / of half , holidays. '
\u25a0' V-^-Oeneral - shop : conditions. . •
\ Answer No. . 5-^Whatever ' arbitration board the
entire, matter Is passed-up to said board to. bring
in- Itqi flndlnca inside of. 15 days.
> Answer No. ; 6 — : Ws ' agree .to yonr plan of j ar
bitration as per article N0. : 6,-tbat three mem
bers'. be .; selected -by.Stbe Furniture and Carpet
trades . association from ' their body *to represent
them and three members be selected by local
No. • 28 from : their body to . represent them; a
seventh party to be selected by; the above com
mittee of six; If no agreement Is reached by the
committee of six the entire matter shall \u25a0be de
elded by the seventh party inside of five days,
and the association^ its, own expense will pro
vide'a competent stenographer to take the notes
of the meetings.' '\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0% ' ) .
' Answer- No. 7— ln . case of any of the above
propositions- being accepted by the Furniture and
Carpet ": trades association . the decision of ' the
arbitration board . Is ;to date back to " the time
the men return \u25a0 to work.-: '• . - >
'; -Answer : No. 8-^We. reserve the right .to em
ploy any efficient mechanic and we do not object
to his Joining • the union under the same condi
tions as -prevailed ; prior to September" 12/ 1910.
.Anticipating : your : .'favorable \u25a0;•\u25a0 acceptance
ot : .onr answers, we suggest . tUe name of the
llojj. . P.; H. " McCarthy .as the seventh man of
the commlttee-of arbitration. \u25a0 ' 'V
Plan to Include Rowing and
Swimming in Their^ Sports
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
The construction of a women's boat
house on the. shores of Lake Lagunita
IsVthe latest; venture in which the
women of the university have become
interested. The. plans' of the;' women
have been kept carefully 'secret -iip to'
this tixnb, but; it is, understood _^that a
meetirigr of a boathouse~committeejs to
beheld in. the near future. \.°
The women's clubhouse f undoubtedly
would- be! erected on" the .most, distant
shore of /the lakef In '"order; that ;the'
women ; might be/allowed . the pleasure
of a dip. in; the waterß.9f.the lake.dur-
Ing^the warm spring^ afternoons, far
from; the curiousrgazeof iiiere man.
The ; plan alsQ^enroraces" rowing and
swimming as women'sjspbrts.
The rules and fegijlation's propounded
by, the- committee; oft Student affairs
last semester inVregardHoithose who
should be allowed ; to ; use canoes on the
lakei. probably will -\be made : more
lenient. •\u25a0\u25a0.'•\u25a0- .''r.-C' -v
County Nominees at- Rally
[Special Dispatch to The, Call] .
PETAL.UMA, Oct. 11.-^Thedemocratlc
county candidates held a. rally at Pehn
Grove last night, at which nearly all
the " nominees ; addressed^ a'^large •gath
ering of : voterß.> Among: the- speakers
were L.. "W. Jullliard, E.-.E.- Drees, Ed
H. Brown, Frank F. Dowd.H Attorney
Clarence -F. Lea, Dr.: Jackson : Temple,
R. Brittain and Miss ' Florence Barnes.
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Policef^rrest George Wallace
r asjHeßeceivesJncrim-.
inating Letters
Communications, Dated Los An*
\ geles;;Name {of Chanler, but
Prisoner Denies Guilt •
' SACRAMENTO, Oct.; 11. — Arrested on
suspicion that he was concerned with
the dynamiting 'of the Los Angeles
Times building the mornlngr. of October
1, a man" known as" George "Wallace was
arrested- here today, upon- the -request
of .'Chief of .Police Gallqway of Los
Angeles;. _ \u25a0> •,>",""" : •\u25a0\u25a0"• ; - ",
When arrested "Wallace attempted to
destroy Incriminating. letters which he
had just received.;,; "Wallace's arrest was
due to another George Wallace, a miner
of 'El Dorado county, "receiving; two
letters at - : the". Sacramento ?\u25a0 po^tofQce.
Both of. these Fetters had : been sent
from Los, Angeles to "San ' Francisco and
forwarded, here. ;".. Wallace . opened .the
letters and notified^ Chief of Police
1 The* letters ; were .returned to 'the
postoffice and a watch installed for the
right George Wallace. Chief Galloway
was notified of ". what had transpired./
.-.This morning Wallace called, at" the
postofSce and asked for his mail. While
walking /down the street Wallace no
ticed that he was being followed and
tore"" the letters into" bits. .He was
deadly pale and trembling violently
when; taken into custody. . .r.l^ri
He denied knowing anything about
the explosionand Insisted that he did
not know who the. Chanler: mentioned
in one of. the" letters. .J/vv/, ; \u25a0 .
Both letters taken from Wallace .were
signed by.; John .Murray, and" were. sent
from the Hotel St. Louis, 653 Central
avenue, -Los Angeles, Cal. The first let
ter, and the one which tells most, is as
"Friend George: I sure was sur
prised when I got to the > room last
night and got your note, but I soon
got over my surprise. White going to
supper I was held up"and felt'of my
hip .r pockets three times inside of 2*
minutes, once on Main street, again on
Fourth and Los Angeles, and again on
Seventh and San Pedro. /These • is
crazy. . Yes,' : gone mad. There is no
donbt-in* my > mind that Chanler knows<
more -than, he says.. The least said
through the mail the better. George,
Jim 'told-'.me- you. told the chief you
were born in Glasgow. . You know the
res*. .Just think what I mean, George.
I have no more to- say. now. If I was
talking to you I would tell you a whole
lot' of -what I heard and seen during
the short time you were gone."
; The second, letter discourses upon the
rich-men who want to grind down the
poor. The. letter." refers to a man named
Murphy, 1 who, Wallace says,, is a miner
whom he worked with In Butte county.
\u25a0 G^rge /Wallace, is about 5 feet 6
Inches' tall and about 40 years; old; . He.
has a growth under/ his/rlght/earJ ;./-*:
Lieutenant Sebastlah'of the' Los ;An-
geles police force " isi here, =bound' : for"
the v ; Folsom state >prison-.withf a* con
victed " prisoner. He took' a look-^at
Wallace, but failed to Identify him. -It
Is likely that Sebastian will take Wal
lace back to Los Angeles upon his re
turn trom Folsom. \
Wallace Unknown in South
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11.— The Los
Angeles police department knows noth
ing of the man arrested at Sacramento.
Captain Flammer of the detective de
partment wired the Sacramento officials
to have a picture of the arrested man
taken to San Francisco for purposes
of v possible identification by the - Giant
powder.company. No one at the Times
office knew anything about Wallace.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SACRAMENTO, Oct. 11. — For conceal
ing records of his court from a news
paperman, Justice of the Peace^ H. W.
M. Ogg of Sutter township was 1 today,
rebuked by Superior Judge Post and
was ordered to hereafter display the
criminaldocket of his court during of
fice hours. .
.Justice Ogg caused the action by re
fusing to divulge the^^ame of a Sac*
ramentah who. is mixed up In a road
house escapade.
/ Mandamus prqeeedings were brought
and Ogg must s tiow pay $13 and cost of
action. ' • . .
HELD FOR TBIAL— J. F. W. Barclay, who says
he is a trarellng salesman and who was re
cently • arrested for passing a fictitious cheek
on his "landlady, Mrs. Ellen Grange, 1237 M»
' sonic avenue, whs held for trial on 'the charge
after a preliminary hearing before Judje Con
lan yesterday. /
,It's easy for a man to loya his neigh
bor: as himself — If she Is young, good
looking -and rich.
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