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In the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys
Republican Nominee Declares
Vote for Bell Would Ben
efit "Interests"
Bourbon Leader Charged With
Failure to Face Dominant
Issue of Campaign
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
GRASS VALLEY, Oct. 11. — Between
SO9 and 1,000 persons braved the first
heavy rainstorm of the season here to
night and honored Hiram TV. Johnson,
the standard bearer of the republican
party, -with one of the greatest political
cr&therings «»ver held in this country.
3The Auditorium theater was packed
downstairs ar.d In the balcony, while
scores of persona stood at th<» rear of
the hall throughout the speech.
Johnson proved his mettle today in
more ways than nir?. He left Sacra
mento at S:*o o'clock this morning in
his automobHe durinjr r terrific driving
rain which has continued without a
minute's cessation all day long. He rode
more than 60 miles In the machine over
j*lsppery roads, encountered all kinds of
<15scomforts and put up with a long
vruit on the road without a murmur.
Tonight ho took the stage, fresh for the
political fray, and fired another broad
side on his opponents.
In his address Rt the Auditorium
Johnson repeated his declaration that
Theodore Bell had not faced the issue
of eliminating William' F. Herrin and
the Southern Pacific from the govern
ment with the same vigor and force
with which he ( Johnson V has attacked
i his dominant question of the cam
In proof of his assertion that Bell,
v.-as "hedging and reaching out after
votes" Johnson called attention to the
fact that Bell had not once mentioned
Herrins name in any of Iris speeches
and atked for a comparison of this at
titude with that adopted by Bell four
years ago, when denunciation of Her
rSii^was the chief theme of all his
"I have found." said Johnson, "that j
when a man attacks fop.il l mere -entity,
ruch as a corporation, he offends no
body and achieves very little results,
but when he attacks an Individual he
arouses intense titterness. Four years
ago no words were too strong for'my
present opponent, in Vtis attacks upon
those influences which have corrupted
', uur government and no denunciation
too fervent to be used against Herrin,
th*> kind old gentleman of San . Fran
cisco who has been taking care of our
government for us in years past.
"Now my opponent does not mention j
the name of Herrin. To do so might
offend Herrin and the Southern Pacific
and there might be some. votes lost. t )
* "The democratic standard bearer says
that the meiTwho are leading this great
progressive insurgent movement within j
the republican party throughout the j
country are the narrowest of bigots, j
when it is obvious to the most unthink- I
ing that this movement is destined to j
bring this government back to the orlg- j
inal idea upon which it was founded.
1 "Now, I want to talk to democrats, if
there be any here, for just two min
utes. I take it for granted that all
democrats who do not crawl to political
bosses desire in this government the
cam*» reforms which we hope for. •
"The interests which have corrupted
our government have now been driven
oat of th* 4 republican party, and this
heing so. from their point oC-view the
interests must defeat the movement
which has taken their spoils from them.
"So it is that a republican defeat
Tvould but be, in fact, not a democratic
' victory, but a victory for the interests.
Your hope. Mr. Democrat — you who do
not crawl - to a political boss — is with
the insurgent movement. With demo
cratic victory iji November the interests
would again be pat in power."
On account of the. storm and tire
trouble it was 2 o'clock instead of 1
when Johnson reached Colfax, but the j
reception given him would have cheered I
the mon disconsolate or discouraged!
man and Johnson was neither, in spite!
of his adventure. The crowd of 150
men that gathered to hear him speak
at 1 o'clock waited patiently, and John
son's arrival was greeted with round
after round of cheers. Adjournment
was taken to a hall, where a very tired
and hungry nominee for governor made
a vigorous 10 minute speech.. ' \
It had been planned that 30 auto
mobiles containing the Nevada county
reception committee should meet John
son at Colfax, but the storm upset this !
arrangement. Instead a special train
of two coaches was chartered over the
Nevada, county narrow gauge railroad
and 45 republicans were aboard to wel
come Johnson for the trip from Colfax
to Nevada City.
At Nevada City a band at the station
was playing merrily, without regard for
dripping Instruments, and Johnson was
- escorted to the Nevada theater, where
nearly 600 persons were gathered.
The chairman at the Colfax meeting
was Lee L. Chamberlain. At Nevada
City the meeting was called to order
by Secretary Sherman W. Marsh of the
<ounty committee, who introduced Rev.
Joslah Sims as the presiding officer.
Johnson came by electric car from
Nevada City to Grass Valley, arriving
here at 5:30 o'clock. At 6 o'clock he
was the guest of honor at a. banquet
attended by 35 leading republicans of
the county. The chairman of tonight's
meeting was Sherman E. 11. Armstrong
of the county central committee. John
son was introduced by Fred IL Miller.
companion Vanish
5 * J
Employe of Weather Bureau]
! t Mysteriously^ Disappears ~ u . - J
SACRAMENTO, Oct/111— -H^nr>%Gr«H
of. the local weather bureau^ mysteri
ously disappeared •Jost'nigrht''^of: early
today. An older, "companion, '^Charles
Palmer, is? also missing, and Grell's
parents fear he has been lured* away
jjtaffeftiineE. The bo^s absence was di«
tov^red at 6 o'clock, this morning/ when
the* weather forecaster found. that,Grell
had failed to take" th^i early, 'npornlng
observations. •'•'; -.-^ - .- -. 'S. \u25a0* v-."'v -."' ~'..
BUTCHER IS BANKRUPT— J. Blumberir. --a
butcher at 4798 Mission Kireet, has filed a peti
tion to be declared a : voluntary .-. fcarkrapt.
Blnafcerr 1 * dobts are Fclieduled at *10,501,-and
*u»ets at ?7-'O. -
Are in Charge of
Celebration Plans
Judge Muraskv to Deliver Ad
dress Before Sacramento
Knights of Columbus
[Special D'upclch to The Call]
j SACRAMENTO, "act Tii— Under the
auspices of the Sacramento Knights of
Columbus "Discovery- day" will be
celebrated tomorrow with a program at
Elks' hall as follows:
OrchPFtia: eonjt. "Eternal Love/ Joseph L.
Br«yer: piano ballad. ."Flying Dutchman.". Alma
Krausse: ponp. lrma .Sheehau: piano solo. Miss
Muriel K. Smith: con?. "It I HsiTthe World to
Give You." Alma Krauze. \u25a0\u0084 ,\u25a0 x ' ...
Superior Judge -Frank J. Mura^ky^of
San Francisco \vili;mak« the address 6f
the day, speaking or Christopher Co
lumbus* ' life. * ' ' -. * ? , ' \. . . s
The committee of arrangements con
! slsts of the following::
I Frank J. O'Brlon. rhairman: W. F. Gormley,
j .Tamps I^prin^. Thotrras F. O'Connell and M. j.
I Fetberstoup.
Remains Thought to Be Those
of Red Bluff Negro
RED BLUFF, Oct. 11. — Two boys, ac
companied by Carl Gunther, while
walking along the river bank Sunday
afternoon, discovered * the bones of a
human skeleton protruding from the
gravel of a river: bar 12 miles below
this city.
The skeleton was well preserved, and
its owner possessed a large frame. The
teeth of both upper and lower jaws
were in good conditions -
A negro was reported drowned here
several -months ago. No trace of his
body was found. No other person has
been reported missing in the vicinity
for months and it is believed the skele
ton is that of the negro.
Rev. W. F. Stone Presides at
Stockton Gathering
[Speciat D'upalchtoThe Cell]
STOCKTON, ,. Oct. 11.— The sixth
annual session) ;of the Sacramento
Baptist association opened in this city
this afternoon in "the Baptist church.
Rev. W. F. Stone presided.
"Profitable Things" was the subject
of an address delivered by Dr. J.. W.
Brougher. pastor of the White temple
of Los Angeles; ' .. ; j
The association took up the Sunday '
school work, the' discussion, being.' led
by Rev. J. B. Travis, Rev. E. S. Van
Ness and G. E. Joy. .Rev. Mr. Stone de- \
llvered the moderator's address. M. G. <
Woodward' spoke, this' evening 'on "Ai
Model Young People's Society." j
Searchers Fear That Boy. Lies
Wounded. in AVilds
\u25a0 RKDDING. Oct. IJ:— Twenty men are
scouring the mountains between Antler
and McCloud river today in a search
for Nightengale Lean, an IS year old
youth, who has riot been seen since he
separated from a hunting companion
yesterday morning. The lost "boy
agreed. to meet his companion, William
Hale, at noon,* but failed to appear at
the rendezvous, and it is feared he ac
cidentally shot himself.. .Last, night a
terrific storm was raging In the moun
tains, and if wounded it is believed that
the lost boy may .have perished from
exposure. A party of 10 left here to
day to join in. the 'search.''.- ' V ; ".-
. . - . . . -..\u25a0... .. .--...;.\u25a0\u25a0,\u25a0 r. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•:.;\u25a0•- - \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0
t -^v^^*?k^^^.^^*^^Fi^ i^BB B sßsW^^BlßßF^#^^BB B s*^S» i W-- : ' -" \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0/ fIH \u25a0
Wire Fence Becomes Charged
and Destroys Animals When ;
Power Line Falls ;
MERCED, Oct. 11.— A heavy:|hunder
and lightning" storm broke; over this
section at noon ,t6day, followed by fa"
downpour of rain,' which continued dur
ing the afternoon. At the height ;of
the storm the heavy electric power
wires fell,' charging the-fetrands .of a
barbed" wire fence hear here and killing
several cattle, v •
More Rain Predicted
- FRESNO. Oct. 11l— After a storm
which continued at intervals through-,
out the entire, nigrhf- the .weather is still
cloudy and unsettled today and the pre
dictions are for more rain. Up ;to 8
o'clock this morning .32 inch of rain
had fallen during the present* storm,
making a total of 1.32 for the 'season.
The rain will do but little harm, nearly
all of the raisins having been cured
and stacked.
Bean Raisers Grow Uneasy
STOCKTON. " Oct. 11.— Commencing
late yesterday afternoon llgrht showers
have fallen intermittently in this city
and county. The fall has' not been
heavy enough to injure crops. '* The sky
is overhung with rain'; clouds and rais
ers of beans are uneasy, as a large pro
portion of the crop is stillon the vines.
The rainfall of N the county thus far
has been .40 inch.
Storm Brewing in South
SAN DIEGO. Oct. 11. — A storm of
moderate intensity is brewing off the
coast and early this morning caused
light showers in San Diego and vicin
ity. The disturbance is not ' of suffi
cient-consequence to cause the display,
of storm warnings.
Grape Crop May ' Suffer
SAN JOSE, Ocb. 11.— Rain fell through
out the Santa Clara valley this morn
ing, and a stiff south' wind and low
barometer indicate a heavier precipita
tion tomorrow. All, the. .fruit, is fiTar
vested with the exception" of the grape
crop, which is only fairly under way,
and a heavy rain at this time would
mean great loss to the grape growers.'
Dairymen Welcome Rain •\u25a0•
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
.SANTA CRUZ, Oct. 11.— The rainfall
was general throughout Santa Cruz
county "today, the precipitation being
heavy for thus early in the season. No
damage has resulted, as feed and grain
crops are harvested. The grape crop
will not suffer unless the storm con
tinues for an indefinite period. Pres
ent indications are favorable for more
rain and the; same .will be welcomed
by dairymen,' who report dry feed as
scarce." • .
j. Wi ferrel? May Forfeit $3,000
: -^} 'Guarantee?" .-",-' . + V"
PORTERVILLE; Oct. 11.-^onvlnced
that his, bid on the work is too low, "J.
T\ r . Terrel, a contractor of Chico, was in
this city today to .withdraw the offer
he made to build the extensions to the
Portervllle sewer system for $20,000. j
Terrel filed with his bid a certified
check for $3,000. and the street com
mittee of the city council insisted that
he begin the work forthwith or forfeit
tha check. > , ' ; ; : \u25a0
Terrel Is undecided, and there is i a
probability -' that he ' will forfeit his
deposit. His bid was but, s2,ooo lower
than the next bid.
One to Be Returned From Ala
bama, Other From Portland
SACRAMENTO. Oct. 11. — Two sets of
requisition papers were issued from the
governor's. office this afternoon. One is
upon the governor of Alabama for the
return of L E. Spencer, who is wanted
in San Francisco on a felony charge.
' Spencer, is alleged to have passed a
$725^ check on Watson, Pond & Riddle,
real estate men. . .-
The other requisition is upon the gov
ernor of Oregon for the return of Otto
Deyer, who has been arrested in Port
land, and who is, wanted In San* Fran
cisco for abandoning and neglecting
his wife since January 15 of this 'year."
Body of Bakefsfield M-an Found
' 'by His Son '\u25a0
BAKERSFrELD-, Oct. 11.— Lauchlin
Robertson, a prominent merchant of
Delano. --was found dead: In the base
ment of his store in Delano this morn
ing by his son, Ward. Death was the
result of self-destruction/ The body
was* lying on the stairway with, the
rifle with which the top of .-.his . he.id
had beer, blown off lying- across his
breast., „ V: • \ %.\u25a0 : - -\u25a0' \u25a0 •\u25a0'\u25a0'•' "' '• \u25a0'\u25a0 '-\u25a0 .\u25a0 •\u25a0 /•'
Adverse business affaire are "said, to
have'been the cause of his act. - V >
Election Is; Called by Council
'\u25a0.•"I. f or \u25a0;. Next May
, STOCKTON,' Oct. 1 1 .—ln accordance
with a decision of the 'city .council last
night, the^election' of -15^ freeholders
will be submitted to the. f people** next
May, whose, duty shall be to. prepare
a new. city charter. --This decision is
generally: regarded . as -a ; plan 'of ..a
democratic council to % defeat 1 5
posed . amendments: 'to; . the V present
charter embodied in a petition . which
is alleged : to \u25a0 have had orlgin^with • the
republican, '\u25a0 leaders. , '.;'/
Five Persons Injured in Chico
' by Ferocious Canines in;
Two Days : 1
[Special: Dispatch Id The Call],
j - CHICO, Oct^li.— Two-boys and thfeV
women 'havelbeen injured here in : the
last -two"; da j-a by." two dogs. 'A ' f ero-.
clous btTlidog" yeeterday 'attacked;; Ray'
Johnson, aged 1 13, \u25a0 and Mrs. Avery ana
M rs. . T?- A; .- Huff . ] J^Y- "\ : ;\ .^ .' '\ ..-;' ".' - :;.'i:
-\u25a0The boy was badly injured, haying
juries- to'Mrs.-Ayery. and Mrs. Huff : are
slight. 1 .They, managed to fight the dog
off. The.dogiwas killed later/. ; ; ::..
..\u25a0.Raymond Cowsert, aged 4, v was at
tacked ' todays by- another bulldog at
the home " of Mrs. -\u25a0 E. Munson. • The
child was r badly, lacerated. g Mrs. 1 Murt
sonvTvas injured in rescuing the boy.
Government Work Will Be
Started at Once
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
| STOCKTON, Oct. • 1 1 .-^-The - "govern
ment has begun operations for deepen
ing Stockton -channel as provided by
congress in the harbors and rivers ap
propriation bill. The dredger Monterey,
the largest ever used In the channel,
,has been secured 'to do the work. It
has a five and a half yards bucket., .:
The channel is to be: dredged from
the California navigation and improve r
ment company's ship yards to" the
mouth of Mormon channel, maintaining
a low water depth of nine feet and a
width of 200 feet.
Mormon channel will be dredged to a
depth of four feet at low tide and a
width of 75 feet. The sand that has
been piled on the south side, of the
channel below Mormon channel will be
moved' farther back to prevent Sts
being .washed Into the stream. 'Engi
neer Demeritt,' son of Captain Demerritt
of. the Pacific coast harbors and engi
neering corps, is in charge of the work.
Father Becomes .Surety^ior
Performance of Promises
[Special Ditpatch to The Call]
FAIRFIELD. Oct. 11.— Edward Pres
ton, aged 15, \u25a0 who stole a horse and
buggy at Vacaville" a month ; ago, has
been placed on probation for one. year
in the care of hie father. H. A. Preston
of San Francisco.. At the \u25a0 end of 12
months the boy must appear In court
here.^and if he : has lived up to 'his
promises the case • will be dismissed.
He will be required to report twice a
month to Probation^ Officer George H.
Kinloch. ' ;.. ';...;..
; "';\u25a0'{\u25a0- NOT AVILLbULLY SET
Auburn Man Releasedi Through
. Habeas -Corpus Proceedings
AUBURN, Oct..' 11. — In the habeas
corpus proceedings for the release^ of
James Gavin, who was convicted on two
charges of setting flres near- Forest
Hill last August, Judge Prewett ruled
today that Gavin be /released ' on. the
charge of willfullj- setting fire to the
property of the Mayflower minlng.com
pany, and be held on the;charge of set
ting out fires during the prohibited
period. Gavin wilt ; pay the fine of
$25 and the matter will be closed.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
OROVILLE. Oct. 11.— Five heirs will
divide an estate worth; $1, if the peti
tion- of Attorney 'Frank Carnduff of
Biggs for letters of administration is
granted. Carnduff asks'-tb be named
administrator of the estate of A. Pick,
who died recently. ;T!ie petition recites
that the estate is worth $1. "Dick was
the owner of considerable land, but it
is covered by mortgages.
Consider the cigarette you smoke
—does it meet your taste in every \u2666
detail? Do flavor, strength, shape
and pnee vvyork together for your
fulksatisf action? f
- ' ". Mbuihpiece-Gigibwreites '^^S
are "just suiting" multitudes of smokers./ .
Their ; \vbnderful Wendinig of Tobacco,
their I wrapping of rice Cor mais paper— \u25a0/
crimped^notjpasted^r-- their ; Russian mouthpieces"
giving ~a cool, smote :tblthe^yeryenci, combine
to formfa^cigarette^ worthy of your^ discrimination.
HEIR TO $12,000;
After Investing Money Man
Returns to Former Work
; iriv Livery^ ;Stable
[Special Dispatch' to The Call]
LEWISTON, Oct'j li:— George Lecjc.
a hostler. ; who ' inherited ; an estate. v&l
uedrat?fl2,%00'"sbme time ago.- has-re
turned^toiwork as a hostler" Ln a local
iiyery; stable.^ Leek = went to Sari Fran
cisco 'tDs straighten -out the ;es"tate, ar
ranged-to;h'ave\the money; invested and
then 'returried : ,here.V :sM^' i
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
REDDIXG, Cal., "._ Oct.*^ 11.— Bruce A.
Slocunv confessed :,-tigamist, was «en
tenced today to one iy ear In Sari Puen
tin by Judge Barber. 1 The light sen
tence was • imposed because of a plea
for made by his ; first wife,
who Is now a resident pi Oakland, and
because SlocunT pleaded guilty and
saved the county the expense of a trial.
Slocum's \ second - wife, >who -was Miss
Leonora Lewis of this city, did not ap
pear against hinvat the trial.
JACKSON, Oct. 11.— Alfred Goldner,
justice of the peace, died this morning.
He has held office nearly, four years,
having been elected on the democratic
ticket by a large majority. He had.no
opposition at the primaries and .his
name will appear on the ticket to be
voted in November. He was born in
this town 48 years ago. Goldner leaves
a wife, five sisters and'two brothers.
Scalp and- Hair Troubles
r Generally Caused by
.Dandruff is 9. contagious, disease
caused by a .microbe, which also pro-
duces baldness. Never use a comb or
brush belonging to sorrie^ one else, j No
matter how cleanly the owner may be,
these articles may be Infected wfth. mi-
crobes, which will infect . your scalp.
It Is far easier to catch hair microbes
than It : is to^ get .rid of .' them, and a
single stroke of an "Infected comb or
brush may well lead, to baldness. Never
tr>* on anybody else's hat. Many a
hatband is a resting place for microbes.
If you happen to be troubled with
dandruff, 1 itching scalp, falling hair or
baldness, we have a remedy, which we
believe will completely relieve these
troubles. We are so sure of this that
we. off er it to : you with the understand-
ing -^Hat -it .will cost, you nothing for
the trial if it' does not produce the re-
sults we- claim. . This . ; remedy-, i s called
Rexall- "93" Hair Tonic." "We honestly
b«lievejitto be the most scientific rem-
edy, for scalp and hair troubles, and we
know of, nothing else that equals. it for
effectiveness, because- of the results it
has ."produced in thousands of cases.
Kexall '.'93" Hair Tonic is devised to
fianish dandruff., restore natural- color
when its. loss has been brought~about
by, disease, and make the hair
naturally silky,' soft and glossy.
It does this because it stimulates the
hair follicles, destroys the germ mat-
ter and brings about a free, ..healthy
circulation of blood, whichu nourishes
the hair roots, causing them to tighten
and grow new- hair." We want every-
body who has any trouble with hair
or scalp to know that Rexall "93" Hair
Tonic is the best hair tonic and restora-
tive' in existence, and no one should
scoff at , or doubt this statement until
they have put our claims to a fair test,
with the understanding that they_pay us
nothingfor the remedy if-it does not
give full and complete satisfaction in
every particular. ... Two . sizes, 50 cents
and . $1.00. -Remember; you can obtain
Rexall. Remedies in. San Francisco only
at The Owl Drug Co.; Inc.. 710 Market
St., ,778 Market St., Post and Grant ay..
Sixteenth and Mission sts., Fillmore and
Geary sts." ' . - .-' '.-'"\u25a0 ".\u25a0-'_' . . \u25a0 '\u25a0
[Special Dispatch to [The Call]
.STOCKTON. Oct. 11.— Grand Presi
dent Henry J. Kessel of the Sons of
Hermann,, a. resident of San Francisco,
was the guest of honor last night of
the local branch of the order. Officers
were Installed as follows: President.
Otto , Siebler; vice president, Jacob
Rockelin;* secretary, Julius Wirth;
treasurer,' Fritz Wille; conductor, Dted
rlch Turn Feldi; inner guard. Henry
Schultz; outer guard," EmilFlmbel.
[Stecial.DisDatch to The Call]
STOCKTON. Oct. 11.— A . road .club
'"yrlH'be formed Thursday evening at the
chamber • of v commerce, the principal
; purposes, of the. proposed "club being to
i secure proper maintenance of improved
highways. - ' • . . .
I r Notable Deaths I
Oct. 11. — R. A. Ix>ran. a well known resident
of Santa Clara." died this morning. He was a
native of Nova Scotia, and was tn his seventy-
third year. Twenty-five years a*o he located
here. A widow and the following children
survive him: Mrs. A. N. Mills of Palo Alto.
Mrs. Frank Consable of Gllrov. Mrs. A. J.
Farley of Campbell. William Loran of Oak-
land. Mrs. Albert Truax and Edward 'Lcgan
of Santa Clara. \u0084 \u25a0 . . -
York. Oet 11.— William B.~Dana, founder and
publisher of the New York Commercial and
v Financial Chronicle, is dead at Mastic. L. 1.,
at the age of 81 years. -Dana-, was born In
Utlca, N. V.. and was a gfcduate of Yale.
I Marriage Licenses |
The following .marriage licenses were Issued In
San Francisco Tuesday. October 11, 1910:.
AABELr— KRUMM— John A. Aabel. 37, and Luisa
Erumm, 31. both of Berkeley. ...
BOHNERT— ANDELr-Edward Bohnert. 29. 655
San Jose avenue, and Louise Andel, 24. S32A
Shot well street.
BROWN— CHURCH— Ernest C. Brown. 21.
Fernley; and Carrie E. Church. IS. San Diejro.
CORDANO— GEXI— LnIgi Cordano. 3S, 3334 Mls-
aion street, and Fanny G. Genl, 25, 20 Cotter
DELMEO— CARTER— GiIbert Delmeo, .21. and
Goldah V. Carter, 17, both of Santa Rosa.
DONOVAN— SPORTONO — Martin J. Donovan. 21.
. 1591 Page street, and Aline A. Sportono, I IS,
. 1279 Forty-fourth avenue.
DULFER— CHEVALIER— Frederick TV. Dulfer.
33. Sansalito. and Viola M. Chevalier. 18,
Oakland. ' .
FOURNIER— CT-EWS— William M. Fournler. 23.
and Bertha M. Clews, 18. both of 2908 Mission
GEIDfc— RICHARD— Louis H. Gelde. 21. 772 Fell
street, and . Margaret C. Richard, 13, 123S
Third avenoe.
HANSELL— MORRI3— Frank E. HanseU, 49, and
: Willa Morris. 44, both of Chicago.
1 ISHIZAKI— ISHIZAKI— EkichI Ishizaki. 30, and
Toriyo Ishizaki, 23. both of Healdsburg.
KEARNEY— SHAFTER— William J. Kearney.
21, 453 Dolores street, and Hester M. Shatter.
: 18, 1074 Page street.
KLECK— DWYER— Frederick J. Kleck Jr., 22,
137 Alma street, and Loreae C. Dwyer, IS.
1537 Kentucky street. r
broe. . 37, 2701^ Howard street, and Noelle
\u25a0Fournet,' 29. 1819 Washington street. .
LATHROPE— STEVENS— Robert J. Lathrope. 43,
and. Margaret Stevens, 39. both of San Fran-
LINDLET— CURTIS— Eugene Ltndley. 45. I*2o
I Greenwich street, and Lullta B. X*urtis, 28,
..Tancred." .»
MACKEY— MeMURRAT-rGeorse-F. Maekcy. 21.
.1935 Buchanan street, and Aanle F. McMurray.
I*. -3783 Twenty-third street. ;
UM. 20. and Helen R. Shakespeare. IS^ both of
.2426 Howard street. . ,
MURPHY— KlNG— Patrick. Murphy. 29, 327 Pre-
j cita avenue, and Josephine H. King, 27, 2612
I.cxnbard street. -
NAKAMURA— SHIMOMI — Mltsujiro Nakamura,
,32, and Kane Shimomj, 22, both of Penrrn.
NASH— HUBERT— James B. Nash. 26, Oakland,
and Mabelle Hubert. 21. Berkeley: • p
NEILSON— ECKERKUNSTV-Walter \u25a0D. Neilson.
40. Del Monte; and Amanda Eckerkunst, 31,
; . 640 Fulton Btn;et.
5 1223 Sixth avenue, and Florence R. Borchgre-
\u25a0vlnk, 20. 1557 Sixteenth avenue.
feld. 23. Oakland, and Lena Bloom. 21, 232*
Chattanooga 9treet.
TAlT— COSBY— Frederick Tait. 33. Oakland.' aSd
Maud Cosby. 31. 541 Douglass street.
TURNER— WOLFE— William Turner. S3, 1114
Pine street, and Mary Wolfe. 21. 212 B street.
VAUGHAN— EISFELDT— Hector M. Vaughan.
40." 915 Van Ness avenue, and Anna E. Eis-
feldt, 33, Mill Valley. . _'
WALDIS-c-PRESHONG— Bernard Wald!s.-J!3, 20 !
Oak Grove avenue, and Llllle Preshong. 25,
Berkeley. •
WEST~KANE— Thomas 'C. West. 29. Gardner-
ville, Nev.. and Eulalia Y. Kane. 23, 613 Cole
street. . . , : -
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by mall
will not be Inserted. They must be banded tn at
either of the publication office* and be Indorsed
the name and residence of persons author-
ized to hare the name published. Notice* re-
stricted simply to the announcement of tbe erent
are published once in this column free of charge.
ADAMS— In this city. October 11, 1910. to tie
wife of. Charles George "Adams, a son.
ANDERSON— In this city. October 9. 1910. to
tbe wife of .William 8. . Anderson, a daughter.
DOUGLAS— In this city. October 11. 1010. to the
wife of Ernest C. Douglas (formerly. Sara
Walter), a son. (See death notices.) _
RIPPERDAN— In. this city. October 11-1910, to
. the wife of H. D." Ripperdan, a son?
SCHAFFEI^-October R, 1910. to. the. wife of
D. J. Schaffer. (nee'Burmelster). a son.
October 5, 1910." by Rev, •J. A." Gardiner.
B. E. \u25a0 Scoulcr of . Cor te Madera ' and Lillian
- Gardiner of • Larkspur. , ' -- - \u25a0
Ayer, 50phia....... 66 Katich. Anna....... 74
Baclgalupi. Anna E. 64 Kellehw, Helen...^ —
Barrou. Francis J ... 34 Kennedy, Sarah 35
Bradley,. J0hn...... 76 Kerr, Sarah A T3
Carpenter. Mary l». . 62 Larsen, James 5.... 15
Cody. Cbarles J.. ... 32 Murray. James... 'i'.r TO
Curry. John J. . . . . . 63 Payne, Georjte 18
Douglas -'.*:..'.". (lnfant) Portl«»y.' James J...33:
Gabb«rt, Marlon 33 Rlpperdan ....(Infant'*
Gnldice. Albert H.. 32 Schmidt. Leirls 0... *2
Hackett. Dr. F. M.. S2 Schneider, Elizabeth 72
Johanson, George... 42 Stemler,- Frederlcka. 96
AYEK^-In this city.- October 11. l^To. Mrs.
Scphla Ayer. belored wife of tbe late J. M.
Ayer, and belored mother of -' • W. *W. Ayer,
F. I>. Ayer, B. A. Ayer. Mrs. I+. G. Port.
H. R. Ayet and Mrs. Blrdip-Owens.'a nattte
"of. New Yorfe, aged 6ft jears 4 months and 21
- days.: ' . " ' - .^ ,
BACIGALTTPI— In this city. y Otober . 10. 1910.
-Anna Elizabeth . Alice, beloved wife "of G.
' Baclgalupl; belored • mother of Filbert. • James,
Witliana and- Maggie Baclßalupl and Mrs. I>r.
' 'D. E. •'\u25a0 Bacigalupl. and beloved sister of Anna
Radloff of Lancaster. Cal.. Philip and Jacob
Kransgrlll and tbe late Elizabeth Dticotey, a
. : . na tire of Newcastle,' Eng.. aged 64 years.
";Tne" funeral services will be held at ber late
residence. 524 Filbert street tomorrow -(Thurs-
day), October 13. 1910. at 10 o'clock , a. m.
"Interment Italian cemetery, by carriage.
BABRON— At rest, in this city. October 11. 1010.
•\u25a0 Francis Joseph, dearly • beloved -; husband of
I '" Anna Margaret Barron. and devoted bod of
! Connel and tbe late Sarah Barron. a native of
• San Francisco, \u25a0• Cal., aged 34 years S months
aDd 29 days. f . A . member,, of i Journeymen
' -Butchers" Protective Benevolent awociatlon.
- ' Remains at the parlors lof H. F. Suhr - *
\u25a0 • Co.; 2»19 Mission street between Twenty-fifth
: - ; and : Twenty -Blxtn. :^ - >
BRADLEY— In this city. October 10. 1910. John,
beloved husband of the late Mary Bradley, and
father *of Margaret L. Bradley. , a native of
. Ireland.- aged 76 years 10 months and 13 days.
; -. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited to attend the \u25a0 funeral today i Wednes-
day) J October 12. 1910," at 9:30 o'clock a. ta.;
from fcis late" residence.* 1929 Greenwich street
between " Lagnna and < Buchanan,'- thence to St. \u25a0
. Brigld's ! church. -Van Ncsa: avenue and Broad- i
I way, where'a high requiem Jnass will be cele-;
brated for the repoee of hi* soul, commencing
v.at ,10 to'cloclc'a. m. Interment Holy Cross
;A cemetery.'/ ; '.\u25a0.•;-:•:\u25a0; ->J.^T" \u25a0 •\u25a0. ;..;.
CABPENTia— In this : city. ; . October 9. ; 1010.
-^Mary L. Carpenter. loving mother of Mrs. S. S.
Peterson, Dr. Harry ; L.. \u25a0 darles, Fred and
' William rH. Carpenter, and , sister of Charles
? Bear.", atnative of Virginia, aged 62 years 11
' months „ and 17 , days. - C^*«»hlngton. \u25a0 D. ; C.;
' and papers please copy.) • \u25a0 \u0084; \u25a0\u25a0
".. Remains", at -the parlors r of. H. F. Sxihr 1c
Co.T 291» Mission street • between Twenty-flf th
\u25a0 andt.Twenty-slxth.-^ Interment'ln ;the .family
- plot 1 at ' Oakley," Contra , Costa - county »\u25a0 - tomor-
. j row ; (Thursday);; October ; 13, 1910. //.\u25a0. i .
CODT— -Inthls cityr October, 9. 1310,- Charles j/
M beloved : husband of -Mary A.'.Cbdv, and father
of »Lolert»rßessle, tEva.- Nellie,' Dorothy,- Car-
VALLEJO. Oct. 11- — J. G. Gorge of
Merced = was unanimously -. nominated
for.the oslce of supreme president of
the'Unlied Portuguese of the State of
California,* now holding Its twenty
fourth annual convention in thl3 city.
T. Wilson of Stockton was made the
choice for supreme vice president, and
L. F. Martin of San Leandro was named
as secretary. J. G. Mattos. supreme
treasurer for a number of years, .will
continue. in office.
Two thousand members of the organ
ization will participate in a street
parade tomorrow. A visit to the navy
yard will follow and tnere wiU be a
grand ball at night. -V- :r
melita and Carroll Cody, a native of San
Franclscij. aged Z2 years. _r-"- \u25a0"-
Friends and acquaintances ar» respectfully
. Invited to attend the fnnesal today (Wednes-
day*, at 8:30 o'clock a. m.. from bis wt<>
residence. 12 Twenty-ninth street, thenc* to
St. Paul's church, where a requiem higa mar%
' will be celebrated for the repose of his sonj.
commencing: at J> o'clock. Interment BeijV
Cress cemetery. „
Members are requested to assemble »t St.
Paul's church. Twenty-ninth and Church
utreets. today (Wednesday^ *t R:CO a. m.. Tn
attend the funeral of mir late brother. Clwrles
J. Cody. GEO. STELLIXG. President.
JOHN A. ZOLLVER. Recording Secretsry.
COHW3XL— In this city. October 11. 1910. Lil-
lian R., dearly ocloved wife of Cnarle» R.
Corwell. mother of Jeanette and Charles Cor-
well, ana sister of Thomas. Michael. John
»nd Patrick McCoy and Mr*. J- Retch, a
native of San Francisco, Cat.. -aged 29 y>*r*
and 14 days. \u25a0 . ......
—.^Remains at the parlors of H. F. Suhrl&
\u25a0 Cfl.. 2»tO Mission street between Twenty-Sft'.i
and Twenty-sixth. - ' < T ; ''•?''
CITHaT— In this city. October 9." 1910. John J.
'Cnrry. a native of Canada, aged 63 years. A
member of the Industrial lodge No. I*7. I. O.
O. F., of Sacramento. Cal.. and the Saa Fran-
cisco tynotrranhlcal union Xo» 21. • ,
The funeral will take place today (\Tertn»s-
day). under the auspices of the general relief
committee of the I. O. 0.F.. at 2 o'clock
p. m., from the parlors of .McGinn Bro«.. 1?2»'.
Eddy street. Interment Mount Olivet ceme-
tery. '-.;.. . . ....
DOUGLAS— Ia this city. Infant son of Mr. aud
Mrs. Ernest C. Douglas.
GABBERT— In this city. October 1«». Win.
Marion Gabbert. beloved brother- of Frfrt. B.
Gabbert. a native of Oregon, aged 33 year* B
nSonth* and 9 days. * _ ,
Friends and acquaintances are re«p««rtfuiiy
invited to attend the funeral today . iWdne*-
rtay). at 11 a. m.. from the parlor* *t H. K.
' Suhr & C 0. ." 2!Ut> Mission street be^ivepn
Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth- . Interment
Mount Olivet cemetery. -•
GOECKE2X-»rn this city. October 11. lfll'X Mar-
paret. dearly beloved wife of Herman R.
Goecken. mother of Mr». Anni M. Rumpf and
\u25a0 I^ena H. Goerken. and sister of -Mrs. A. Mae*-
tretti. a native oT Germany, aged «S years.
Xotlce of funeral hereafter.
OUIDICE— Ia Oakland. .Cal.. October 10 v 13!".
Albert H.. beloved husband of Annie Fran-.t^
Guidice, son of G. B. Guldlc* and brother Krr
Edward. Alex and Will Guidice. a native Dr
Hayward, Cal.. aged 32 years 6 months and f>
day 3.
Friends are respectfully Invited- tn af^mi
the funeral aervie** today (Wednesflrty). Oct>>-
\u25ba'.ber 12. at 2 p. m., from hi-* late resideuce. ss.i
Forty-sixth street. Oakland. CaL
HACKETT— In. thf a city. October $>, U>{a*«t bi«
late residence. 629 Third avenue. I>r. Francis
M. Hackett.* beloved husband of Sarali E. V.
Harkett. a native of Vermont, ase*! yfstrs
- Friends are respectfully Invited to»tte:vl
the funeral today (Wednesday*. October 12. »t
2 p. m..- from Grace Episcopal church. >?acr:i-
mento street between Taylor • and Jone< " Rf-
mains will be taken to Sonoma. Cal.. for in-
terment. . --.- .\u25a0 . , . i-:,
JOHAKSOK— In Alameda. October \u25a0 tn. ' 1910.
•Gecrse. beloved son of -Anjrunt anH-I.mra .!\u25a0\u25a0>
han^on. and beloved - brother of WlULato «n>i
the late Daniel Johanson. Dealr Johan«ou artil
Sirs. Enima Meyer, a native of Norway, agi-tl
42 years 7 months* and 20 days.
KATICH— In Mvtne, 'Austria. < S^ptPrab^r 19.
Anna, belied • wife cf Mar.tln.Kntt.-h.
an<l mother <tf Bario. Marttn and Jo]m Katiili
and Mrs. Maty. Jurash. aged 74.yeay5«* '"; J*
JCEXLEHEB— In this city. October^ 10/ 191b.
• Helen, beloved daughter of the- late Daniel- nnd
Helen Ktlleher and sister of Mary Kelleber. '\u25a0•
native cf San Francisco. . - \u25a0 - •- •'.
Friends are cordially invited to I . attend tie
services today » Wednesday), at^ 12. o'clock
noon, at Golden Gate Conjmamlery hall. 2127
Sutter street. Interment private.
KENNEDY— In this City-, October 9. 191f>. Sarah
, Kennedy, a native of England, ased .',s year»<.
Friends , and acgaalntsnces are respe.-t fully
' invited tt» attend the funeral tnday (We»lnp»-
" day), at S:3O a. m..»from the parlors of Barry
& Scully. 927 Valencia street, thence to Sr.
Joseph's church, where a requiem high ma**
will be celebrated . for the repose of her soul,
commencing at 9a. m. Interment Holy Croa*
. cemetery. '_.
KERR— In this city. October It. 1910. Sarah A..
bejpved wife cf Patrick Kerr. and d«nehti»r
• of the late Thomas O'Kane. a native of Qally-
- macarrett. Belfast, Ireland, aged 73 years.
The funeral will take place tomorrow (Thur<- g
day). *t 8:30 a. m., from her late resMw-r •>
320 Myrtle avenue, thence to St. Mary's r»-
. thedral. .where a requiem mass will -be, cele-
brated for the repose of her eoul at 9 ». .ni.
Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
LARSEN— In this city. October 9, IJHO. James
S.. dearly beloved son of Caroline and the late
KelsP. Larsen. and brother of • William- R.
and Henrietta Larsen. a. native of Sa»' Fran-
cisco, aged 15 years 10 months and 12 days.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited. to attend the funeral today (Wednes-
day), at 1:30 p. m.. from tbe parlors of. the
United Undertakers. 2806 Howard street near
. \u25a0 Twenty-second, where services . will .be bell.
Interment Cypress Lawn cemetery,.
MURRAY — In this cityj OctoOfr 9. 1010. James.
beloved hesband " of the late Sophie Murray,
' and loving . Brother of John. ' Henry, Charles.
Anna.- Margaret . and Alice Murray, a native
of Canada, aged TO years. ' .
Friends and acquaintances are resper-tfnllr
Invited to attend the funeral today • TWednsn-
day). at 9 a. m., from the parl.ir* of Mc-
<j Brcarty It XfeCormlck. 915 Valencia dtr«»<>t
near Twentieth. Interment . Cypress Lawn
- cemetery, i
PAYNE— In this city. October 10. 1910. George,
dearly beloved soo of Noah and Emily Payne,
brother of Harry. Noah, Charles Sydney. B»r-
. tie, Ruth. Lillian and Nellie Payne. Mrs. . W.
C. McCarthy. Mrs. Charles Rayer and Mr». J.
H. Blnns. a native of San Francisco, aged IK
years and 9 days. ,
Friends and acquaintances) are resrectfullv
: Invited to attend the funeral today ( Wedn**-
.day). at 11 a. m.. from the, parlors of U- F.
Suhr A Co.. 2919 Mission . street between
Twentr-flfth and Twenty-sixth. Interment
t private. •
PORTLEY— Ja this city. October 10. 1310.. Jam?.*
Joseph, beloved husband of Mabel Portley and
loving father of Constance Mabel Pbrtley. »
native of San Francisco, aged "39 years. 4
months and 3 days. A member -of Althontas
tribe No. 87. Improved Order, of Red Men.
Friends and acquaintances «re resp*»tfn!JT
invited to attend the funeral today iWetoem-
day). October 12. U9IO. at 1 o'clock p. w»,
from tbe mortuary chapel of the- Goldf" {
Gate undertaking company. 2475 Mission •trf<'t 1
oear Twenty-first, under the ao»plres of A!/
thomas tribe No. 87, Improved Order of !>/
Men. Incineration Cypress Lawn cemetery, by
electric funeral car from corner twenty-eighth
and Valencia streets at 2. p. m.
RIPPERDAN— In thf* city. October 11. i»10.
Infant son of Mr. and Mrs, H. D. Rlpr*rrtan.
SCHMIDT— In this city-. October 9.1910. "I>»h4
G. Schmidt, beloved husband Of Louise SchmMt
and father of. Lulu. Schmidt, a native of Bravo-
I schweig. Germany. \u25a0 aged 62 years.' A member
Vf California lodge No. 1. K. of P.. and Amr.
LlUenthaler verein.
Friends and .acquaintances artK : resQretfnnv
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow cnmr<t-
" day). October 13. at 2 p- m.. at the c»ap«»l of
N. • Gray & Co.. 2198 Geary street "comer «f .
D«*vlsadero, - under \u25a0 the auspices of Californf.i
. lodge No. 1. K. of V. ladneration at Od«l
- Fellows* crematory. -_, .....
SCHNEIDER— In Ocean^View. CaL~* October- 11. '
. 1910. at her late \u25a0 residence. lt>9 Randolph
street. F.lixabeth . dearly . beloved wife ot : tne
late Charles • Schneider.- and beloved. toother of
Jerome B. Wells, aged 72 years. .-'-
> Remains at tbe parlors of G. laccberi~& Co..
1548 Stockton street between Unioa and Gret*.
Notice of funeral hereafter. \u0084 '
STEMLEJU-In ttla city. October 11.r1910. Fred-
erlcka Stemler, a native of Germany, aged 94
-. years. ...•,. ... : *.- .'.. >\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 .. .. . . \u25a0-
"™" rOI»^"*
Seventy-Five Dollars
MoTed to mttn offlc», 41 Vta Ness aV. - T»C
' Market 711.' connecting all department*. " ' - \u25a0 -
\u25a0 Branches — 303 Montgomery ay.'< OaiUa J. 1)105
rraaklla at.; teL Oail»aU 4M3. ' VmJkn^m,
527 South Fljruetoa at- ' '\u25a0' \u25a0 ' . "~.
-\u25a0 Aat» - Aahotaaco tad ' Ctartua (« ES»' •

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