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"T H-E--.D.A-Y.' OF SOU LS"
The Sunday Call on October -23'
VOLUME C^II.— NO. 135.
Combat in Lonely Camp on the
Nevada Desert Results in
Killing of Aged Father
Battle With Shotguns Follows
a Disagreement in Tule
Canyon Tent
Witness of the Fatal Fray Has
Lonely Vigil With Body
When Parricide Departs
RENO, Nev., Oct. 12. — Following a
duel to "the death between "Will
A. Flowers and his father, Wil-
liam D. Flowers, an aged miner
at Tule canyon, the youngrer man has
surrendered to the authorities at Gold
field. After the coroner's inquest
Flowers was charged with manslaugh
ter, end Trill be biven a preliminary
hearing soon. • ,-
The story of tn« duel, as told by Mor
gan "Williams, who accompanied the
Flowers to a lonely camp in the desert,
reads like & romance. He said that
xrtien he arose "Will Flowers was in his
father's tent holding^, him down, while
beside the two men was a broken
chair. Will Flowers asked Williams
to hold his father. Baying that his
parent had broken the chair over his
baclc after an argument.
Duel to the Death
Williams says that the older man
was raving 1 like a maniac . when he
took hold of him. After he quietea
him down he released him, and the
father immediately commenced to throw
things at his son. He threw a miner's
rick, and soon after, the two men stood
outside their tents and fought a duel
to the death.
Williams says ; that when he reached
the father's prostrate form he was lying
en his side with a shotgun clenched
In his left hand. The weapon had
Just been discharged, and the barrel
was still warm- Flowers was left
hand-dv and- a*\-wm~wss*app>o>aching ;
from the left it was nece^ary for his
father to step outside of the tent m
order to shoot. The father was badly
wounded and'died soon after. . 4
Vigil Over the Body
Wi!J Flowers left for Goldfield to
give himself up to the officers, leaving
Williams 5n charge of the body. In
describing his vigil over the body, Wil
liams said:
"When Will left for Goldfield I
washed the body, wrapped it in can
vas and watched carefully to see that
the camp cats and coyotes did not get
at it. At 2i!sht I lighted a candle and
placed it beside the body, but at 3
O'clock in the morning I awoke and
found the tent containing the body was
in flames. Apparently, the wind had
blown something inflammable against
the candle, thus setting the tent on; fire.
The canvas wrappings protected the
body from the flames; but the tent'w&s
destroyed." .- . - -
Thirty-three Still Believed to
Be iri Starkville Workings
STARKVILLE, Colo.. Oct. 12.— The
situation in the Colorado fuel and Iron
company's mine here tonight may be
summarized a* follows:
Bodies buried and in the morgue, 14;
bodies located in mine. 8; bodies miss
issr. 33.
"With all Incentive born of hope of
finding: alive any of the men entombed
by Saturday nights explosion gone,
there was no slackening of efforts by
rescuers to reach . the. .innermost .re
cesses of the underground labyrinth
today. ,
Tonight the workers- -are- devoting
their energies to the removal . of , the
eight bodies, located at noon. Today
five bodies wc»e taken to Trinidad for
buria!. As the sorrowful procession
was leaving-, and in. sight of the mourn
ers, Fred Foeter; * atr 'electrician, was
struck by a Santa Fe train and killed.
after coming out of the mine with his
shift today.
Kendall Case. Will Be Placed
Before Inquisitorial Body
[Specie/ Dispatch t to -The Call}
SANTA ROSA," Oct.* 12J — District At
torney Clarence Lea has summoned the
Sonoma county grand jury for riext
Friday morning to investigate, the mur
der of Enoch KfcTrttafli. 'his wife and
his son. Thomas Kendall, on; the-Slar
burk ranch north of Cazadero last
July. . -V,;' : •
In this case the' coroner's jury re
turned a verdict accusing Henry Yama
guchi. a Japapesft w<ho. had -been; em
plovod by Mrs. Starbuck: of the >f earful
murder and subsequent incineration of
the remains 'x>l 'the three victims.
Sheriff Jack Smith and the district
attorney are making ev-ery effort to
locate the Japanese. --v. 'An: indictment
against him would aid in speedy' extra
dition should' he be found-.outside. tJie
Et«t«^. J. S. Taylor is foreman of the
grand jury. ' '{.\u25a0'.'• * ;'. '•'
12. — I>l«»gat«>R of tb«» third district of. to*
C«lifornia library, a^ociation will \u25a0 ine*t In
ccraTi^jtion at th»> dpw fn»e ..• library '.bniWin*
fttt-rp Saturday. Th*> t^p<>aV«>r!t vIU- Include Har
riet <J. J>M,r.'«v»uat.r library- orsaol«*r,t%arle«
Orwu of Oakland" and,' Mlm May Cooper.
Thirty delegates . arr » i xpetJ* > d. - \u25a0 •
PERISETD Sen (tic «»ct. 12.— R*«r Ad
»a!r«l John A. Raters: U.l KS.S.. retired, ins
»rrLT<^ frftm Alaska cOpvinrtHl iliat; Ui* mn>«
inp "on.' Alf'xatiflfr. ;»1jo" wvot fi)or«U In-4»o
furainer ot I'MSi*.. fteriebtaivn M^ ;Vnl<Jpi-Fw»lrl<aokr; Vnl<Jpi-Fw»lr
l<aokr trail after. le«rln)t"*'m.-dh<mw 40 mIIPS
from Faixbiak*. v, TrUieb^wwa be^a* bound;
The San Francisco Call.
The Call's Fund r
For the. Orphans
Goes Above $4,000
Yesterday n>as a great day for
the little orphan girls who Tver e
burned out by the Mount Si Jo
seph's asylum fire last Sunday:
No popular subscription ever ap
pealed so strongly to the sympa
thies of .the people of San Fran
cisco. The firemen alone con
tributed more than $1,000. Fol
lowing is the complete list:
j; Prerioußlj- Acknowledged. s2ss7.34
111 1 The iplendid contribution of the \u25a0
j| firemen to th« ' orph*n»* fund came
1 1 from the following- division* of the*
\ i department: •' - . -
;!Ecgin» 1.... \u25a0.-.\u266611.00
i|Eaiiae'" 2.. , 18,50
j; Chemical 6 and engin* 3 17.50
]! Water txrr., chem. 1 & en?. 4 59.00
(Engine 5 _ 27.60
?En?in» 6..... 14.00
\> Clinaiical 8 and engine 7.- 14.00 •_ \u25a0
I [Engine. 8 \u0084 10.00 '\u25a0'\u25a0
[Engin* 9. 24.80 !
I'Engino 10....... 11.00 ' ;
|!Enffin* 11. 83.60 '
[Engine 12.. ......... .......; 25.00 [
[|En«iae 18 —.~.... 18.40 !
|iEs«in« 14 9,00
][a*iß« -15.., «..,.._ 84.80'
16. 25.80 '. % [
jiEnglne 171. ......... .."JL. . 1 14.C0
|[ingine 18. _ 19.00
i[ Engine 19 .\u25a0....-' 4.50 „ \u0084...'•'.
[ I Engine 20 '.... 19,00 •- - :
;! Truck 6 and engine 21.... M 87.00
i[ Engine 22 ...'21.00
? Engina 23 .10.00.. » -. '.'',
; caiemleal 11 and engine 24. . £3.00
Engine 25.. : ... ................ 17.00
[ Engine 26 11.00 •• '
ESigiae 27. .'. ....... ....... . « 16.00
Engine 28.'.. .'.... ,. - . ...... 80.00
[Engine 29.... .•..«\u25a0... „' 14.50 '.
Engine 30...:.. ......;...._ 12.C0
Engine 31. _.......... _ 12.50*
Engine 32.t................ 25.00
[ Neighbors of engine 82. . . v * 40.25
; Eaffin* S3 .., -10.50
• Engin« 34. ...„...".....:....\u25a0.. 13.50
[Engine 80.........\...^..._" 7,00
86... ,»....».. ;;.... ». 42.00 : !
; Engine ST .»^..« 34.00
Ergire 38.... ~.., ...21.60 •
[Engine. 89 .'..".•....... _ 15.00
Enjiae '40. ..C... ........... 10.00 .',
Engine '4l... M ... 13.50 " c
[Truck-"1.^.v:;.. .:..........-. 24.50".'. ,'.: . '
; Cheroical 6"a=d track. 2.. ._ 16.60 _ . !
Cletaieal 4~and truck's.". .:."- 29.60 ' ' : -\
1 Track '4.'. 1 .... .',. . . .'. . . . * . : . .. 10.00 '.; "' '
I demical' Z and truck" 6. .-. .} 45,00 '" : . '
\Tmx5kji::.. ..;;..;...;.....„ iuo ... : - '.'..,''
iTnKk^S^.T.'.-^.Vr.^i.r.V^' 14.50 '
! t™* >.: 17.50 -
[Chemical IB and truck 10.- 15,00 : \ -
[Truck 11.^... ..."-..;. .i....L 19.00 v f*k !
• Chsmicai^a....^.... .;....._ 11,00. - , ]
» Cnemical^ 7. ...... .T. ."..'.. J» 15^00 .• *
fChsmcafs.. :.. _;10.00. \u25a0 \u25a0'<
|Firebo*t 1......... ........ 1 32.50 ]
> Fireboat 2. 17.50 - 1 "" ]
t Total ...*. :........ f 1106.75* : I
[JOHX A. LEX^0X!. , . .... 100.00 \
PARLOR Xo. 157,- X. S. ; \
[^ G. W................/.., ioo.OO|
[ DIEXCE, Matinee. ..... . 65.41 1
[ DIEXCE, ETening. . .\ ... : 61.25 !
; CHRIS BRAXAGAX. . . . . . .25.00 i
PALACE H0TEL ......... 25.00 j
MRS. A. 8REEX ......... 20.00 <
; TDIOTHT SPELLACY .... 20.00 i
] SUIT H0U5E. .:..... ... 20.00 1
GEORGE C. TURXER. . . . ; 10.00 {
JACK GRACE. . ...... . . /. 5.00 |
HO WA RDE. D A^15 . . . . . . 5.00 i
J. W. MULLEX. .......... oM\
MRS.' W. W. W0RD ....... 5.00 J
G. G RAHAX . . ........... 5.00 ]
ALEX 3TEXZ1E5. .' . .... . . 5.00 i
; JAMES H. TOUXG, Ala. \
meda . . . . .... . . .... . . . . 5.00 !
W. H. MOORE, Veterans' j
; Home ...^.;.... .:...:. '.5.00
3IARY DICKSOX, Alameda 5.00
\ FRAXK JR. ... . . .... . . ; 3.00 \
JA2IES tV. MYERS ..... 2^o j
ROSE S. SATORIUS...... 1.00 j
MRS. SATORIUS. V.....:' 1.00";
xyriexd ::.:.. ..... . L? am j
MYRTLE L. DAY. ....:.. 1.00 1
' A FRIEXD, San J05e... ... "1.00 J
I Rosa ........... A... r.. I.oo j
A FRIEXD.. ...;.. ;..'.;.';:.'\u25a0 1.00;
MAYOR 3IcC ALL. Yalle jo. 1.00 ]
I ROGERS & GRIMES con- v «
I^:trn)nted;s2p, , and 1)^ er> . . {
r ror Trere credited With = 1
! , only $10. : ;.;/.>;. ".'. . . : \;.\ 10.00 j
! TOTAL V. : : . . : ... J: i
Alleged Bank Robber to Be Re-
turned to State
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
; OLYMPIA;iWajSh.; ;Oct. ' 1 2.T7-Governor
Hay today honored .the {requisition .of
CaHfornia* authbrltiesjf or' ; Patrick! Pow-
VrsJlwrio* is|wanted"ih : Sari I Bernardino
for *hbldln j? '\u25a0\u25a0 up. Cashier \u25a0 M.\ C. - TaylorTof
ing'.lli&Sl'ofiihe^bauk'slfuuds. / .\~
S^f ' FR^NOl^^uliEM^^OCT
Children Sent From Destroyed
Orphan Asylum Beg to Be
Taken Back
Sisters Busy Preparing Pfew
Building and 'Funds Are '
Urgently Needed-^
PATHETIC , appeals ithat •]' they be
permitted to return to San Fran-"
M cisco have come -t rom . those chil
dren of the Roman Catholic orphan aiy
lum : who were sent ';-. to Bouthern - cities
arid towns when- their home in. South
San Francisco burned last Sunday. ' .
Although they were, made the guests
of. honor* wherever they ..wentj', their
hearts are turning back.td the" memo
ries of their happy days* here and they
refuse to be comforted.
Fund Great ; Aid
5 Preparations are ; going lon1 on .- here; to
gather. them together again as rapidly
as possible; but'always'the' question of
jnoney comes »up. the gener
osity of those who^have responded -.-to
The Call's, announcement of a subscrip
tion list to aid the] sisters' much , has
been made possible. -
But how many have as yet made no
response 'to.the yprayersT^>f the; little,
homeless children that they be reunited
soon, and to the longings of the'fathers'
or mothers \u25a0 who. ere ".separated from
their children?
Sister; Helena, superior; of "the" asy
lum, said yesterday: ,' : *
. "I must hurry, to ;; get* the' "children
back to r San •\u25a0 Francisco., *" Think of /the
heartaches of the - parents . separated
from, their little >qne,s! V It is so* hard
for; a mother, widowed and working, to
have her dear llttjechlldrfn.away.from
her. Many a father is broken hearted
at j the absence of- the.little./motherless
daughter lie has given into' our' care.. It
iB ,wrpng to keep the , children ..« in" Los
Angeles, ; Santa Or uz or Santa Barbara.
Everything -must? bei done, at : once :to
get our children together agaSn;*?:Money
ii; our -.'ftrst.- need, "of " With
money;.- bo -much can.' be done" at' oncr^..
Please thank . those i.who^have -been so
good in sen'fling; , money to The Call ,f or
•us. \ JVe", will think of themYarid remem
ber them-in our prayers i of ithariksglv^'
leg.' God_will take "pare us; and 'the'
means willy be forthcoming," I am sore,
to re-establishVus." ' /:
Sister Mary Returns % ; » -
"Sister Mary, • who 'accompanied the
children to the"Los Angeles 'orphanage,
has s returhe t r here to 'assist Sister Hel
ena In making readyfthe building ; at
Franklin and \u25a0 Ellis .streets, where < the
orphanage' will be -reopened." She \told
of the : enthusiastic and kindly recep
tion given the little band of homeless
children there. The sisters and children
met them with every expression- of af
fection and sympathy. The children;
girls 'from 7 to 12 years old, \u25a0bewil
dered still from the' danger they had
passed, through bo miraculously, worn
from fatigue and loss of. sleep, their
eyes and lungs burning arid ! painful
from the stinging smoke .'which had
.almost overpowered'' them as they fled
in the early morning down, the wide
corridors of the blazing ;building,_were
made to feel they, had reached a second
home. '\u25a0"; Baths and fresh new clothes
were given them and beds where they
might lose in" peaceful sleep the mem
ory of their trials. -- . •
Thoughts Are of ;Home f ;
Despite all .this", their thoughts are
air for the home they'have lost andthe
gentle sisters.. the, longing parents and
the friends; from •whom'they are sepa
The only i means -^ of comforting • them
lies in the hands of the great} public—^
send the money for/ the restoration of
their . home. .A check ; may .mean biitVa
alight deprivation to the -giver, but its
effect when gf ven to the carefully7plan T "
ning sisters can hardly, be estimated^
\u25a0 Let It not be' forgotten that'there "are
other means of helping. Send clothing,
single iron beds, bedding, tables;; chairs
or provisions to "the big: building*; at
Ellis" arid' Prankiin.:'. streets. >md don't
forget that'toys are needed and {.longed
for'bytho: children, who lost their .a7i
in the flames. ;. \u25a0'"..' .' : '"\u25a0'. ; ' -..--_.'" '-\u25a0'.\u25a0
Yesterday a box of .toys, arrived \for
the sisters, among 'the "many -other ar
ticles sent In response to The^ Call's
request. -and 'Sister; Helena .rejoiced at
the sight. ' i \u25a0
Comfort to Tots
"It- will HbcTsuch^ar comfort tto get
some; toys., for the children,' 1 - she said.
"The grlrln.from 6;to;S wlll/not -go to
school bright" away, and if we had 'some
g-ames and books^suitable' for them fit
would-be "such^a. help.' Theyiafe\very
fond of i them.*. C And of small dolls,'* toot
TheseVthey dresß;^bVautjfuliy\-;and;'|de?
light \u25a0inl'it/.Ju^t^ecentlj^ these .little
g i r 1 s b f ou gh t ; m e .down 'some ; sma 11 ?? d oils
they, had dressed/ ttiemisel ves^and/realiy
they might almost have 'served 'as^dress
maker's^ models.' ; Ask 'them; "''please,
after the^money;; to rem'emberlthe'toys.'ji
1' Preparations ?wljli be^made ; to j bring
back^the ;100 T girls {froni;. Los
asjsoon :as (the beds ar%-irt A the \ new
ho us c ; .; th c < ran ge,'^ ins ta 11 eij " '"-an d thi
plumbing'- made Jsanltary.^ t By? degrees
aatt uVnltu're*} can ' be Wecured v thefother
-,'iv The m ew 'homer in^the^cityjipleaaes
Miss Leslie I Curtis Completes
f Story Based Upon Life in
.Nevada City
Convincing; Candor of ;TOter
Creates l^^
Among Heroines
THE amusements '.' of , the • divorce
colony -off Reno, \u25a0 with lts. r orgies,
amours/; entanglements and night
life ; of , abandonment, with : its 'loves,'
cross loves and : . counter. affectioriß, with
its fanciesHfriiis: arid fights,- are toV.be
soon I published ! *iri\book form ;by Hiss
Leslie ; Curtis.i whojis at the Hotel Re
gent in , SutterVetreet working, on : the
last pages .'of 't her manuscript after
having spent months among
the divorcees, studying their ways and
marking their"- 'characteristics. "; \u25a0 \u25a0 .-'•"
-'News of^the^coming book has reached
Reno and ln*the,divbrce corony.there is
a .:horrifled -Linclination. ; to -Bcurry,.for
cover, for. of : late' the. excesses^ have
'exceeded £ even} the ; unblushing 1
of a divorce^town. . The pioneers - and
charter •members, of <the colony, walked
aybldlrig-'thetpublic gaze
and seeking nothing more than a dl-:
.vorce;,but > as v ,the...fame the,conveni
erice'grew.: New York began to. dump
from its (ma trlmonlal heaps others. who
were not partlcular-^-women . who
blushed riot, s and:, men who looked not
for; blushes. ':."": .-.\u25a0•; ; , : ;
y/eary.^Wait". Trans formed
" ,The H Bix s months' ...'legal stay was con
vertedifrom;a;weary waiting into one
glorious hulabulloo; twith" wines, '\pic
riics,-.lo'y rides and erolic. thrills.' The
men v of; the^ western- town,' accustomed
merely';' to" bloody^murder, seven 'up,
sudden "'••'death,; chuck-a-luck" and -other
pastoral ; ' r pufsuitK 1 " < 'blinkea ',in. wonder
at the* imported ; New *,York -yillainles,
marveling at therhew .type of bad -men',
and \u25a0 marveling,, stili.! more » at; the ;^bad
iwasf kt-'lt»; ; heigr!4t._Mi»B ' Curtis went to
Reno.;' ,. k K^goj^|^t^«ctiverrfcle3'_er.jjjphe
worked' herself -fntOrithe-ilr.nVrmqst^ir-,
gan making^ notes J arid' irathering/ma-'
terial foriher jbookVr.A- fuli'^ account- has
she ;" of ; autoriiobiie : jridea -f^to 3leana
springs.'; of bathing ;paryes^ at.- Laugh'-f
ton's, of . reckless i 'hours'jinVßick's ' foad
house*,,with "a ; piario^whanging^into 'the
silences -'of^theVdesert night, of secret
trJps.-Jto^.l>ake i - .Tahoe, v and" -,-. peculiar
dances at* Coney island. : According- to
her manuscript-.the divorce. colony, was
almost a*unit'in divorcing reason. from
their beds^end' wedding -the wine maid.
Boredom Vanishes ,
• The- newscomer \u25a0 came to -be bored,
she found,' but *the.'boredom;lasted not
loag.'t j The.other fellow and the other
maid were ,'ini the; same; boat 'and. every
one . was- intent^: on ; rocking ;theVcraft.
There .were honse 'parties given by di
vorcees, -where v'imen-- escaping .; from
their wives, ;-met, -whispered, intrigued
and -flirted, openly and- brazenly?; with
wives \u25a0 escaping rffroni ; th'eir'-husbands. r
They, came ft'o'i sing ; the battle 'cry ; of
•freedom.vbut flushed, with the, fumes of
anew liberty, turned.to yelping, license.
All was marked- down in her.l ittle
notebook :-\u25a0 and . ' the,', divorce colony is
woridering •>. just ihow-mucli ; .^she wit
nefisedi'--'- -.*'\u25a0', "^ :; 'r*.'' ';•". '"\u25a0'''" :: '\u25a0'\u25a0,:'\u25a0\u25a0'- "-\u25a0"\u25a0' : '
'"At first," said -Miss ; Curtis, 5 . "I ; was
taken forVa divorcee; untii I was forced I
to 'publish an 'advertisement that I was \u25a0
not 1 married,/ never,' had 'been, arid did I
not : contempiate, rmatrimbriy. .ThenV 111 1
was • ie t alpne to pursue jthe even tenor. j
of. mlyway. vMy : book will; not- please J
every ; one, but: I^ 'have^kept "strictiy^to j
ith'e '"truth— ;and ; that'^will _7 be a 'Veyela-' j
tion.":'- \u25a0 "' «» \u25a0*\u25a0• " V-M
Residents A-Wearj^ ,-- :
'/Besides the : colbny^there^.are; others
interested' iri the forthcoming' volume.
The/peopleof Reno ?and /the politicians
of Nevada are getting' tired of; blushing \
f br^ th'eTdblngrs ' of : , mis mated ; New*Tork*r ;
ers ' and C there is a .strong -likeiihbod
that the . next Nevada ' legislature will
pass stringent divorce (laws; in", order to
rid . the community of Uhe| waiting' col
ony. ; !v Since 1 the {anti-gambling .wave
swept '"thV -state ;the''decrat*ele'm"ent ; has
turned; its frown "upon^th'e* lax I doings of
thefcas'terners. : ;\The;dQom^bf.;pehny^in^
the slot; divorces -'is^regarded" as\fore
hsadowed/; :\u25a0 The ; .glimpses V... o t the life
seen "by the citizens 'ot vßerio" haye v not
Veen;, e'xactiy'fenlightenin^Vand- : they
''await ". with' .the' greatest ; interest , : the
expose ; of )th^ inner; workings^ s ->' •' • v_.v
Basic Principles^ of^Orgaiiiza^
' ";/V ti^n Bone ; of I Con tcntioh t s ; ; v
I \u25a0j.(sct.Vi2.~Factioh8 i in
the Christian, ( church, -.un- national
cbnvehtionlhere, arejllningvup^forjthe
struggle \u25a0 - tomorrow ' over ! - basic
principles J. of "^he,^
- The- disagreement ; Is : over '-,'\u25a0 is
known "i as ; tlieVphilpu't^^lutitbn^ pro^'
vidinV for i a " \u25a0=" ad m,! nis tra t iy ©^to'cTd y- and
"th'ei'un i fica t ion 'of \t hr cc * mi as lona ry - or
ganizations.in. the -church. ;» " • \u25a0'
central \u25a0-' body. "A", committee'^ of height
met yin "Kansas;, Clty^lastyweek^tplform 1
Book Tells On Divorcees
Colonists Seeking Cover
\u2666;- j .' . — - 1 '- — '\u0084 , '.; — 7— — — — ; — '\u25a0'".. \u25a0 ;. . * — r-. : — \u2666
Miss Leslie Curtis,\phq. has -written a book about- the doings* of the Reno J
' --.'•• y«j "• - \u25a0\u25a0. divorce] colony .. -"'' •" ' : ... "\u25a0 . [
Captain: Olterhaus of .the i Kate Appeared in San Pedro
Day Sr^^s^Blovplp^
SAX PEDRO, ;Oct.' 1 Z^Tnteresjtalohg \
the water-front'; regarding'Uhe^rnove; •
rnentsof-the^rn.yst.erlou^^schoo'ner Kate. '[
in pwn^^ttQn^.^^ti^tijV^TimesT'explo- *
sion,',centers~'.in 'Captain", John poster- \
haus." '".The*; connection '/of 'Osterhaus )
with the.chaftering of the ; 'schooner.has ;
been -established and the"! fact: that* Os- X
tera us '-was ', seen/here on the 'day . fol- -?.
lowing the, explosion in the; TMpieSj of- ;
fice is taken •to indicate 'that:: the Kate T
also was here after. the disaster.- \ ,
Osterhaus, told a. saloon .keeper, here j
that.he v was going to San Diego. ; .The i
facUthathe dtd not: go there,, so far'as •'
any -Information ' has been, obtained,'.' is,|
responsible; for the, belief that the, Kate \
may' have taken hinVaboard'ln'this vl-'{
cinity. Osterhaus is '-,f credited \' with '
knowing;n g ; the * coast of i Mexicb^'and Cen- ]
tral America ; "ancT maiip 'uninhabited \
islands' /!; as vfewVyeafarihg' "men know .!
themr'and.^this'', knowledge has often ;
stood him in^good' stead. ; /
'\u25a0•*While* nothing^has arisen- that .can
connect;6sterhaus with ; the : Times: ex
plosion- the authorities -are*, wondering
what 'has. become of the' schooner' and
[Special Dispatch to The Call}
t\ LOS ' ANGELES, i Oct. : 1 2.^Gracing [the
ballroom -of ;V'the Alexandria "hoter? as
she Jriiight have done, the 'tepee of 'her
forebears,; prettyVLillianTeßatrice Goode,
the granddaughter. >of '' an \u25a0 "Oklahoma
Indian^ chief ,T today).* became ;; the";*, bride
of H. M: Galligher.iauditor^in^AriE'ona
of ,the.: ; P t helps-Dodge >V .syndicate^ and
prominent ; In' the - mining '"woffd r of;the
southwest. -,'" : -' v \u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0 , \u25a0s ; .'•'-,><;, / -
.- The V honeymoon? will be^pa'ss'ed .-.at
*\u25a0 {Special Dispatch ;ie -The Cat},']^
\^.RENO, ; Oct. < 1 2f~rT-hat % there N vw|li/ > be'
nothing on the i face of -, the* fecord.yefther
In .the'ishape^bf '."jurisd'ictlonalf'dejlcien'
cies or?in; the' way -of issues'-of; fact to
actfesH. from" obtaining let proof
divorce : decree f ; ffom il hej^equally, well
known 'actor; husbandj'f.E.' iH/r Sot hern,
was', showrr tbday^i i ii, the ; fllin'g^'of : Sbtii^
ems answer, to ; the -complaint. :i',- ,
[S^ecia/ DUpatch to ) The Call]
t, ':\u25a0':. CHICO,' Octo 1 2.^rDisguised : as i/a [ scrub;:
bak.^Ha^bid Jensen.'^;forlnerly-afstudentj
intthV^state; university, .will -nunt/geesej:
on \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 his ":* father's 'ranch^^near^St.'t, John.
:this|f all^Eveov; year^the .birds sa-_
t.M ln-readinffjsShakespeare~young^ Jen-.
whetherjthis^vesseKwaSrUsedUo: trans
port-i dynamite^ to port."
Wallace- Released^
.• . '-. ' vrrrr^-.-r \u25a0-- .-* .* •"\u25a0*," -*-;' '.--:[
'\u25a0'\u25a0 SACRAMENTO, Oct. 12:— Detective
William 'J. / Burns "arrived here this
morning to investigate /the case of
George 'Wallace,' ".suspected of connec
tloh;ivith --the dynamiting ,of the Los
Angeles Times building. [."Following his
investigations Wallace was released to
night vby order of Chief of • Police
Ahem. The chief stated that therhan's
release was- due -to the- fact- that he
had 1 investigated Wallace's statements
and found that the man knew nothing
of the r affalr; ";'? •*'•> ' •" :
';' "Wallace, who is a British subject." to
day:*stateti w.ould:consult with
a BrillslV consul concerning his : arrest.
* "'A'-f f ew)r moments after " Wallace ' was
released Chief -'of 'Police' Ahearn ; re
ceived - a~ message r from 'th*e police de
partment of Los 'Angeles asking- him
to" hold the; suspect and stating" that a
detective 'would be sent to 'take him to
Los "Angeles". " The -chief made"* no at
tempt* to rear rest.W allace." " -' •" "*-.-
: Santa; Barbara, and _San -Francisco, the
j couple leaving immediately* after /the
| ceremony, r fo*c T the ! Hotel ' Potter.** " ~
? Although -her features' speak" I , Her* »In
idian. ancestry/ JiissfGoode. appeared" a
, typical : 'AmericanX' glrlY gowned ?in - a
jrfatty jv'-serge.- "that* smacked' £of ' the
•Parislan.^Thc- mother iOf ?I theT:bride and
jGalligher's^mother, came } from v Okla
jhoma .and J Arizona respectively, to ?at
jtendvthe'.marriage'. :.".* .' ' ' v
I t - Sotherri's^answer ; was signed in Xew
n^° C " Ober 6 ' last; ": The.an-
v swer*' admits >afl f the' i formal ' allega
tions,.' cbn|erririg > jurisd ic t lon; even'. 1 in
eluding:that,"onevin; which the actress
say s. that- her , husband is .now and for
a" long, time : has been [a resident of the
countj- of : Washbe. -' . :
:Jit^eyen r admits ' the. allegation; of d«
sertl6n;:Qn June] 30,» 1905. '->\u25a0\u25a0.
\ sen^was?. impressed/ by < theNmanner,. in
i. which ?j.an at tacking '-force^creptv upon
'Macbeth's^arfjry'-.? while \ hidden c under
; t_ree*j b'farrCjnVs.; -''.lie I conceived ) the * idea
: ? Accordingly he ,'ordered a "painted
tree "/trunk thatV just . fi ts i'o ver
When /the-fall" flight VtiesiVTs".
Ijb^^e xpec ts? to be/ able Jto /approach wild
r geese \u25a0 flo'eksras J closely,, asKhefdeslrea. '. ',- \u25a0'."'
'*£%£&&&) AYA V— -Maximum -{emperature, 56;
-f -'minimum* 50. • • -
ht ii iii i .1 — '
Contents of Author's Famous
Diary Likely to Be Kept
Secret From Public
Trouble Has Gone Too Far. for
Reconciliation, Says the .
Scientist's Wife
"With Charles Fletcher Lummls, au
thor, scientist and musician, contented
ly strumming his guitar and playing
•cavalier to his housekeeper and feani
.nine secretary in Los Angeles, and h!s
wife coming out with th^ direct state
ment that affairs had progressed too far
for- a reconciliation, what little hope
there existed among their friends .to
bring them together vanished yester
day. ... . .
.That there will be a divorce action is
taken as a matter of course. \u25a0 but tire
famed diary will not.be used as evi
dence, according to the present/ indica
tions. ' When questioned regarding, it.
Lummis said:
"If there is such a diary. It was ed
ited for me arid not by me."
. Which the other side takes It- to
mean that if the diary is produced in
court they -roill have to go to the
trouble of proving- that what is written
therein Is not the mental meandering*
of a romastic writer, but the actual ex
periences of .the author. As a liter
ary light Lummis is licensed to delve
into the imaginative and conjure up
visions of love in such fancies and
shapes as please , him and which he
believes will please his publishers; and
if he chooses to do so in diary form.
Chance for Escape
Therefore, he strums his guitar and
sings love songs, in his castle home.
Let the come to the worst, and
if ultimately the little gods should so
will.it: that* the diary, should -be haled
into court he has a large loophole and
may;conveniently. duck from under. If
It^cbntatns rec"«rds'l>f meetings with a
woman not; his .wife.- may it rot be^ut
the rough draft of. a modern probfem
Hovel. If -therein are found passionate
utterances' In* Greek, what." more nat
ural than for a scholar •of .attainments
than^'tb^thVa amuse hiaisßjf? If be
tween the pages are discovered love
verses,; strange and inexplicable, may
they not be for publication in a modern
monthly magazine? In effect, he says:
"You may have the diary, but my kind
friends— cherchez la femine."
This diary is bound in mystery. Its
contents none know save the immedi
ate persons to the trouble and their
respective lawyers. Mrs. Lummi3 re
fused to discuss the subject, but would
not deny that she had it in her posses
sion, v^;
"To discuss that matter now." she
said, "would be tantamount to fighting
my case out of the courts, and I do not
want to do this/ It is absolutely im :
material what Mr. Lummls has to say
regarding the diary — I refuse to dis
cussrit. If it should be necessary to
bring, all this matter into a law court
that would put a different complexion
on the situation arid I would not have
any. hesitancy in explaining the cir
cumstances. Until then, however. I
think it would be best to keep silent
regarding them.
Friend of Doctor Moore • -
"There is one point which I would
like denied, and that is in connection,
with Dr. Dorothea Moore. For some
time past there has been a persistent
story to the effect. that I was married
from her home and that she attended
me .when "my first child ; was born, and
thlg is untrue." Mrs.' ; Moore and myself
have .been warm friends ; for a Ion?:
time, but I; was, not married from her
borne and she did not attend m« pro
fessionally.'.* .
• Continuing. Mrs. Lummls declared
that.; the trouble between her husband
and herself had gone too far to allow
for a reconciliation. These are her view 3
and .Lummls does not seem .to care.
Accordingly the expectations are that
the matter will be arranged as quietly
as possible and a divorce proceeding,
eminently respectable, proper and cog.-*
servative. instituted.
On one point Mrs. Lummls is decided,
and that is ' she _\u25a0 will get the three
children. Two of them, Eva, the eldest
daughter,, aged 16. and the youngest.
Harry, 6 years old; are with her at
the! Hotel Victoria now, but another
boy of. 11 is with the father In Los
Angeles. .
Demands Children
"I have every right to the children." :
she declared. ,"I have done my duty as*.'
awlie and mother and the separation
hasinot been brought by any action of
mine. The. rights of this case are rec- '
ognized by .both Mr. Lummis and my
self. He may. say and do whatever he
pleases, but^ he knows -full well that
this trouble is due to his conduct."
/\u25a0Though married to Mrs. Lummis for
almost -20 years the writer has spent
muchlbf'hls time away from home "in
bis, research work and on scientific ! ex r
peditlons. "
Aided Her Husband
it'aiuchi of .his. success, his wife "said,
has i been-' due. to her efforts. At -the'
time* he" married her he: was a newa
'pa'perman, *h* said, : bu t lacked the con
centration and ambition necessary *?to
,11ft' fcirngflK aui. at tLa rut. Shi' aisa

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