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VOLUME CVin.— XO. 146.
In the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys
Stockton Belle, Who Is to Be
Married in November, Is En
tertained by Friends
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, Oct. 23. — Miss Carolyn
McDougald. who is to be a November
bride, was the honored guest at several
social functions last week.
Friday Mrs. George Burton gave a
pretty tea from 4 to 5 o'clock. Daylight
was excluded from the rooms, which
m-ere in yellow and white, chrysanthe
mums and smilax being used.
Tuesday afternoon Mrs. la Rue Cross
srave a card party for Miss McDougald.
The guests were:
Carolyn McDwpald Mrs. Walter S»mp*on
Srace Blake Maud Williams
jertrnde Littlehale Mrs. P. J. O'Hijrjrins
Flora la Rue Mrs. George Bwrton
Mrs. Fred Bead Lottie Rubles
Goldra Smith Edith Sherman
I The Misses Edith and Alice Sherman
entertained Monday with* a tea.
A bridge party was given in Miss
McDougald's honor yesterday by Miss
FJora la Rue.
;> • :\u25a0, * • "»
A shower was given for Miss Gladys
Laufshlin Tuesday afternoon by Miss
Merle Gerlach. Miss Laughlin is to
become the bride of Roy May next
\u2666 • •
Miss Eva Church, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. M. M. Church, and William B.
McC«wn were married last Wednesday
at the home of the bride. Rev. J. W.
Lundy of the First Presbyterian church
officiated and the couple were attended
by Miss Esther Church, sister of the
bride, and J. C. McCown, brother of
the bridegroom. Master Hewett, 4
year old nephew of the bride, was ring
bearer and Muriel Campbell, her niece,
was flower bearer.
Mr. and Mrs. McCown went to Los
Angeles on their "wedding trip and will
make their residence in Stockton.
• • •
Mrs. A. H. Perkins has announced the
engagement of her daughter, Eva, to
Martin Duane Keyser of San Jose, the
wedding to take place early in Novem
• • • .
Miss Golden Smith's friends have
been informed of her engagement to
Clarence Dickinson, the wedding to
take place in January.
• • •
The members of the Philomathean
club met Friday — "art day." Mrs. W.
J. Backus had charge of the musical
program. „
Mrs. R. B. Knight had charge of the
art program. »
A talk on clubdom was delivered by
Mrs. W. H. E. Lefler, who was enter
tained during the week by various
clubF. *
The next nfteeting of the club will be
miscellaneous day. Mrs. Edward Tay
lor will be in charge. There will be
two travelogues — a talk on Constanti
nople by Mrs. George Wilholt and a
talk on the homes of famous writers
In the British isles by Miss Lottie Rug
',» • '£•'-?\u25a0 • f ~: r * ' \u25a0'-:
Mrs. D. J. Matthews entertained the
ladles of the Aldine club la6t Monday
at her home. 1143 East Oak street
The club will hold Shakespeare day
next Monday, when the subject of the
year's work, "Midsummer Night's
Dream," will be taken up. Mrs. Ella
Matthews is the Shakespeare leader.
The meeting will be held at the home
of Mrs. H. X. Tremper, 1219 East Park
.'• ; " '"l • -'j * ' "\u25a0\u25a0
The Mozart club entertained guests
Saturday at the > home of Mies Mary
Amelia Fuller.
• • •
Mrs. Mac Parker entertained seven
members of the Native Daughters'
Ninth of September committee last
Friday at her home in North Com
merce street.
• • •
Miss Sally Granich, who recently re
turned from abroad, gave a luncheon
Tuesday at the Stockton to 15 of her
friends. •
The Tres Olmos five hundred club
met Thursday evening at the residence
of Doctor and Mrs. S. E. Latta.
• • •
Mrs. J. A. Stewart entertained the
North Side bridge club last week.
• • . •*;\u25a0
The members of the Monday bridge
club were entertained last week by Mrs.
F. D. Cobb. ;, •
• '.* •
The Wednesday bridge club met last
week at the residence of Mrs. E. Har
bert. '\u25a0\u25a0.. ".\u25a0-;*
Miss Anna Peters entertained friends
at a house party last week, her guests
being Miss Butters of Piedmont, Pay
master Beecher of the California and
Ensign Murphy, also of the California,
The wedding of Miss Margaret Wood
of Aihambra and Marfcy S. Woods of
this city will take place next Tuesday
at the bride's home in southern Cali
fornia. *
Personal Mention
Mrs. Fred Ecketrom is in Ran Francisco.
Mifs Ann« Smith of San Jo*e Is the ruest of
tier sister. Mrs. D. M. Burpe. *«:»i ol
Mlsr Ruby Lund has jjone to Oakland to at
tend-Sacred Heart college-
Mrs, t-amiif] Frankenheimer has gone to San
Francisco for a risit.
Mr*. G. S. BUke is visiting her daughter Mrs
Anders Almind of Berkeley. ' "
Democratic Candidate to Speak
Daily Until November 7 "
Judge John E. Raker of the superior
court of Modoc county and democratic
candidate for the first congressional
district will begin the final tour of his
campaign today. His itinerary is as
follows: October 24, Downieville; Oc
tober 25. Grass valley; October 26, Xe
vada City; October 27, Placervllle; Oc
tober 28-29. Amador county; October
30-31; Calaveras county; .November 1,
Taolumne county; November 2. Marl
posa county; November 4, Truckee; No
vember 5, Qulncy; November 7, "Suzan
vllle.: -
Ada Scott Left Santa Barbara
With Alleged Forger
; SAN DIEGO.' Oct' 23.— Ada Scott; the
young Santa Barbara girl "who eloped
from that' dty'on the 11th' inst.: with
Guy H. Metzler, , alias (3- -H. jWard, alias
A. H. Harris, was : found* in .a lodging
house fn this city" today and: will, be
held by. the police pending advices from
Santa -: Barbara. 5 Harris, *: who > was ; ar
rested; yesterday "• swindling,;.-mer
chants by means : of i forged: checks,- ad
tnlte that as ' Guy H.- Betzler .he eloped
with tj»e prlrL" • " "vi.
Chemist Purposes to Start
Factory to Utilize Blem
. ished Oplden Fruit
PORTERVILLE. Oct., 23.— J. S.. Se
ralian, a Berkeley chemist,' has made: a
proposal to local • orange ; growers and
capitalists to establish a factory here
for the production of essential oils and
preserved oranges. The chemist claims
to have discovered a method of press
ing: "orange Juice which will remain
sweet for an indefinite period without
developing the. bitter taste which .for
merly appeared, as well as a short cut
in the process of, manufacturing- orange
oil, marmalade and other food products.
It Is proposed to use for this purpose
oranges which have blemishes serious
enough to spoil thteir marketing value,
but do not Injure the flavor of the. pulp
or the amount of oil in the rind. These
culls have . been thrown away, tons of
them going to wasteevery year. V,
For the machinery of a special type,
the building,* patents, etc., it has been
estimated that the enterprise will; cost
1100,000. The Porterville chamber of
commerce has sent; to the California
fruit growers' exchange a detailed
statement of the proposal. It is pro
posed to the exchange that two facto
ries be established, one in Porterville
for the northern district and one in the
southern orange center, v; .
Charles F. Walsh Is Star Per
former at Novice Meet
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 23. — Charles F.
Walsh of San Diego, an amateur avi
ator, flying a Curtiss model biplane of
his own construction,: was the star per
former at the novice meet for aviators
of southern California at the motor
drome today.
The San Diegan met with no, serious
competition, and carried off four cups,
besides, winning" several .- cash prizes
and qualifying .as -a professional avi
ator. \u25a0 .- - ..
J. J. Slavin, in a biplane of his own
design and construction, was the only
other airman to leave the ground under
his own power.
Walsh's best feat was making three
circuits of the track, covering nearly
five miles .in 7. minutes ,5 seconds,
thereby winning both duration and dis
tance cups. ' He "was also awarded the
San Diego chamber of commerce, cup
for altitude. \u25a0
Oranges Will Be Distributed
Daily at : Chicago Show
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
PORTERVILLE, Oct. 23.— Porterville
is to have an exhibit of citrus fruits at
the United States land congress, -which'
is to be held in Chicago early In No
vember. 4
This decision was made at. a meeting
of the. board of directors of -the cham
ber of commerce last night'
The railroads and express companies
have promised special rates on ship
ments . of . exhibits* to this fair, and It
has been decided that a fine showing
of citrus fruits be installed, and that
oranges be distributed every day to
callers at the Porterville booth.
Laborers Find Life in California
• < Unsatisfactory . .
MARYSVILLE, • Oct. 23. — That Hindu
laborers are planning .to return to
India ; within the next few months ;hao
been' made evident at the local post
ofßce, where . in one day Hindus took
out money orders in .the amount of
?2,525, payable to themselves in India.
One of the (Hindus , paid that there
are now more Hindus leaving the
country than j are coming in. Hindu
laborers, he said, can not get employ
ment as easily as formerly. '
The Hindus complained- that the
railroad companies," which were once
the -salvation of the Hindu on his ar
rival' In ' this country, are no longer
anxious to employ them.
Mother. of Head of Big Firm
Succumbs to Old Age
..Mrs. Anna Tillmann,. mother of Fred
erick Tlllmann Jr.. president of the Tlll
mann & Bendel company of this city, died
yesterday in Bremen, Germany, of old
age. Accompanied "by* her husband,
Sirs. Tillmann came to California' dur
lpg. the gold % rush. . After, making a
comfortable" fortune .the two - returned
to Europe to live In. 18*4 r Frederick
Tillmann Sr. died two years - ago. ,-; Mrs.
Tillmann was S4 - years old. . When she
died her son Henry and her, daughter,
Mrs.- Rohlwink, .both" of Bremen, were
at her side. Frederick Tillmann Jr. of
2000 Washington street' this city is the
only other ichild.
\u2666 : : — : ' — — — -\u2666
| Californians on Travels |
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
NEW YORK, Oct. 23.— Callfornians
registered at New York hotels as fol
San \u25a0 FrancUco-cH. S. Clark. ~ at \u25a0 the Belrijont;
Rer. P. Bennett, at the Herald Square; N\ B.
Brackenrldjte ! and Mr«. . Brackenridge, »: at the
Nararre; Mrs. L. Larin and Mrs. B. . Solomon,
at the Saroy; H. S. Wertbeimer. at the Nor
ms ndie; W. E. Carter., at the Grand Union;
Mrs. M. A. Huntington. .at the Wolcott: - Dr. S.
N. Pope, at the New Amsterdam; J. C. Thomas
a.t the Grand Union; A. J. Esberg and Mrs. Es
berp. at the SaToy ; A. C. . at the
Grand -Union; \u25a0 W.- H.- Mixer, at the Herald
Square; A. A. Sanderson and, Mrs. Sanderson, at
the Breslin; F. C. Van Schalrk. at the Cadillac:
M. CarroU, at^the Nararre; M. ;\u25a0 H. Collier, at
the Hoffman; H.E. Murray, at the Breslin- E
It." Reese, -.at the Hoffman. \u25a0•
Los Angeles — O. W. Shearer «nd Mrs. Shearer.
at the.&t. Dente; J. E. Odrie and Mr». Cedrle,
at the . York ; , Mrs. D. F.: Donegan, tt the Ktnz
Edward; Mrs. C- Girenanl and C. Qlrenard at
the An»onia: Miss X. : C. - Reardon, at the Kin*
Edward; Mrs. W.: r; Wariei.: at ithe AnsonU*
A. Campbell, at the Cosmopolitan ; J. C.. Kays
Mrs. Kaxv.MlM'F. Kays apd Miss R.' Kays, at
the Serllle; \u25a0P. M." McLeod," at the Plerponf
L. Thlnf . • at ' the Aator- Mrs." G, R. t ßoardman,
at. the ! Empire; E. P.*. Bnrton; \u25a0 it the Cadillac
.W.;F. Lincoln and i Mrs.- Lincoln, at the Wellins
t»n."» >\u25a0:\u25a0":\u25a0 \u25a0.\u25a0,\u25a0'-'\u25a0\u25a0;:.\u25a0 -\u25a0 ; - .-. -.-v -v- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-.\u25a0*. -.
Oakland— Mrs. W. S. HiKKinson, at the'Oon
tlnental; J.. Lee, *t the. Breslin. ;.
Santa Barbara— J.- E. : Finnißan and E.- S. ' Kri
ler.at the Patterson. •• •-
\u25a0-"\u25a0 Panadena— Mies rM. Rosendale ; and E.,
Rosendale.at.the Grand Union.-, :. ,- : .'--.
23.— John " Kelly of - 116 : Fifth - street. Oakland,
: and \u25a0 Charles \" Joseph* of -668 -Madison -street,
: Oakland, * were > arrested -last njght in the l west
bjTPolicetatß'C.'B. 'Keyes on chariest of
dfscharjflng s fire«rm» ?in the : city ; limits. < The
boys , were > released' on | f 2O ball : each and ; will
appear In the police court Tuesday mornlnj.*'.
Plans Survey/ of Line to Tap
Porterville; Groves, Says
[Special Dispatch to I The Call]
PORTERVILLE, Oct 23— The West
ern Pacific has an: eye on -Porterville,
figuratively \u25a0 speaking, - and the V new
transcontinental line will soon survey
a line to tap the Porterville, orange dis
trict is the statement - made yesterday
by H. M. Adams, freight -traffic man
ager of the road, who. was here to at
•tend ,a. meeting of traffic officials and
orange shippers. "While It Is true,",
said Adams, "that we are " hoping 'to
make . a little from the $60,000,000
which has already be«n spent 'in. the
construction of the road, nevertheless
our officials, are aware of what there Is
in the Porterville -district, and we In
tend to. reach -out and get our share of
it one of these days." . / '
Democratic Candidate for Qov
ernor Delivers, Patriotic Ad
dresses at Several Places '
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
JACKSON. Oct. 23.— Theodore A.
Bell, : the'democratic candidate for gov
ernor,- acced^dvto the request of the
democrats of Amador county today and
made addresses in Plymouth, - Dry
Town, Amador City and lone. -.His re
marks were mostly along ; patriotic
lines and dealt with . the preserva
tion of 'this country for -the rising
generation. Incidentally he attacked
in a general way/ the special interests,
asserting that the Internal rottenness
of government was always traced 'to
one-great curse, the curse of special in
"You and I have a patriotic duty to
perform," said Bell, "to educate the
people- of the country to keep the child
in -the school. .1 am in favor' of com
pulsory education. It .is • the • sacred
duty of the state to keep an eye -on
the child and give hfm fan education."
In speaking of the state.- Bell assert
ed that any attempt to'dlvide it should
be resisted by every man who has
pride in v the state. t
Accompanied by Senator A. Caml
netti," Bell, Timothy Spetlacy, . the can
didate for T lieutenant governor, J Judge
JcL C. Gesford and the newspaper cor
respondents . left . Placerville at 9:30
o'clock this morning.' At Eldorado the
candidates were welcomed by a crowd
of citizens, -each • of -whom was rlngfing
a bell. After a few. handshakes the
party proceeded toward Amador county.
v At Nashville Dr. Endlcott, chairman
of the Amador county committee, met
the party and escorted them, through
the principal towps of the . county to,
this city. \u25a0
. At Plymouth'nearly '200 persons as
sembled in the hall to : hear Bell and
Spellacy. Supervisor Lawrence Burke
presided. At Dry Town fan :imniense
American flag "was stretched across the
street- and the : approach of Bell was
heralded by the explosion of powder.
More than 100 gathered for the speak
ing. , ... ..-\u25a0..\u25a0 -' ", -':'/ : ' , " •
At Amador City Charles Culbert pre
sented Bell and Spellacy ito an audience
of . 200. 'The next _ stop was. in ' lone,
where 300 persons gathered 1 in front
of the Commercial' hotel. - \L. : W. Per
kins; of the county committee intro
duced Hiram Heff ren *«.s chairman of
the -meeting.. - . ,\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0-.-.•' -.\u25a0\u25a0'
The \ party next went to the Preston
school of - industry, just north fjof j lone,
and a few ' remarks were made o to the
400 boys of the institution' as they sat
at dinner. ; . .
Bell and Spellacy arrived* here ' . to
night, escorted by Senator' Caminettl,
Doctor Endicott, District Attorney C. P.
Vicinl, Recorder Thomas Ryan, : County
Secretary G. : W. Lucot, S. : N. . Spagnoli,
William Henry Jr.* and William Going.
•Speeches will be made ' tomorrow at
Jackson, Sutter Creek, cMokelumne
Hill, San Andreas, Angels and Sonora.
Smart Set Gossip In
San Mateo County;
SAN MATEO, Oct. -23.— Miss
Eyre and. Miss ; Jane ? Stelby , are nome
ward'bound 1 from a trip abroad. : They
sailed from; Europe Friday." ~: .;: , '
The Richard Spragues have left'their
Menlo Park home and will stay In San
Francisco ; a short : time. ' before leaving
for .their plantation .near New ;Orleans.
They will.be away until spring. .
The Thomas A. Drlscolls will go to
San Francisco during o the .Christmas
holidays and remain in ; town. until the
latter part of spring, when they. will* go
Into their- beautiful new:home' ! in the
Howard hills back of Uplandß. ,\u25a0;•":
'Edward L.' Eyre and; family have gone
to • their . San - : Francisco - home for the
winter season; v • \u25a0 .V :
: John F. Merrill, haß been making ex
tensive additions;. to 'his residence- in
Athertonavenue at Fair Oaks. \u25a0 •
Word comes /from Paris that>.the
Francis '.T.Carolans will remain abroad
during the -winter, 1 and -spring, seasons.
Jx>hn ; Liawson •• has . taken \u25a0- possession i of
Crossways. farm and -polo field : ; during
their absence. ./:/* . '\u25a0'• . ;
; :....-.-:. \u25a0:-.>. \u25a0»\u25a0 * V.-; • \u0084.:'-•:.."'. .;'\u25a0 V='- : .~
Colonel I John 1 Kirkpatrick has pur
chased, 1,2 acres of foothill land ;adjoin-
Ing the Fred /. Sharon ?-. place 'back ' of
Menlo ; Park -\u25a0• and % is ; contemplating • the
erection •; of " a; beautiful «v, bungalow ion
the;property.y : •? '-\u25a0::-\u25a0" -.'-\u25a0\u25a0., "-:-\u25a0 ,».;
Vi CharlesN.. Feltpnihas taken a house
in San Francisco for -the -winter. *;; -'His
daughter, *Mrs.\s Elklne, is $ coming ?\u25a0 to
California" very fsoon'with'heri son and
daughter. Mrs: Elkins.Vwho Is Just back
from ; the ; continent,^ usually .winters tin
Philadelphia,*; but j this ' season s will - stay
at the Fairmont.: {"Hp- • :: \u25a0
- * Mr." and Mrs. Samuel-Knight returned
during the week after aix.months'. trav
eling-in^ Europe.?: They/* will ; visit f the
Harry ': Holbrqoks f in *San /Francisco 'c for
a;few. 'daysrand^wlll., then; -come" to
Menlo; Park,. where, they will spend the
winter p' months ;; with- Mrs. vKnight's
father,- Charles Holbrook.** The Knights
have^closed their Burlingame^home. . :
- - Mrs.* N. I TS:> W.~ Gall wey, iwido w of the
late £ Rev." Mr.? Oallwey, srector X, of £ the
Church: of^St;-- Matthew ii in-: SanVMateo,
returned: f rom;.the easts yesterday. -r Mrs.'
Gallwey.f.Vhov ( lßi accompanied? by* her
children;? has i taken \u25a0? the L. : B^ Doe (reßi
dence <t pending tthe. completion \ of ? her
new'home^ v.:;->:-!;-.v .:;->:- ! ;-. ..•\u25a0;, -_f £\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0',- ':/\u25a0-:\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0:,\u25a0'-\u25a0:\u25a0::-
House Burns Down, but Lad
\ Thought Cremated Was
Two Miles Away
[Special Dispatch to The.Call]
REDDING, bct^ 23.-^:Whlle Mrs. John
Martin and' her' 4 V year j old; grandson
were ': at 'home*' InGrizzly gulch yester
day; afternoonUhe boy ' discovered- that
tHe "house was on nre.- _
Mrs. Martin" started' on a run to" Oak
Bottom, three \u25a0 miles away, to summon
help. : When Mr. and \u25a0 Mrs. Martin . re
turned from Oak bottom they found'
their 110,000 home a mass of glowing
embers. Not being able to | see their,
grandson they, concluded that he - had
run '/i into) the house and '[ had ibeen
burned^aJlve. V: , . :'\u25a0." : - ' ?-S>- U
Five hoursafter the fire the boy was
found asleep on a pile of bark af .the
foot "of a tree two miles 'from home. >
Mrs. Margaret Ball Succumbs
at Her Oakland Home in
Clay Street f
OAKLAND, Oct. 23.— Mrs. Margaret
Ball, mother, of Fire , Marshal Nicholas
A. Ball, died at noon today at her home,
1261 Clay street, at the age of 91 years*
She had lived in Clay- street longer
than any. other person and was,' in fact,
one of the i oldest residents of the
county.' Her husband, Captain Francis
Ball, > died 'l 9 < 'years ago/ He was one
of the earliest ship masters in , the
coastwise trade.
Mrs. Bail was a native of Ireland.
She was brought to this country in
childhood and married here. Captain
and . Mrs.r Ball came to.- California 58
years ago. /For a" time, they lived at
North beach, San Francisco. Then they
bought a ranch at what is now. Clare-.
mont. When they sold :that place they
took the Clay street home. . ; \u25a0 ).
Theirsurviving children are Thomas
Ball, Frank J. Ball, Nicholas "Ball and
Tessa Ball.' Nicholas Ball has been
head of .the Oakland fire department
for several years. . '.
The funeral will be held Wednesday
morning from -St. Mary's church.
Speakers Will Urge Election as
'.. Justice , of Peace * ',
The James G. . Cqnlan . non-partisan
club will; hold a "meeting at New Era
hall. "2121 Market "street, at 8 o'clock
tonight in the interests of James G.
Conlan,. candidate \u25a0; for justice of the
peace on the democratic aiidj republi
can tickets. Several 'prominent speak
ers have ' been \ obtained to address the
gathering, and a number /of local en
tertainers will : be present to enliven
the evening. The meeting ; ls In charge
of ! a committee of 57. - . • :
Club Opposes Amendments
jAfa meeting = of the Independent Re
publican club '-. of | the thirty-ninth, for
tieth and forty-first districts at Maple
hall, 1881 Fillmore*' street, .Saturday
night, a .."was adopted calling
upon the members to vote against char
ter amendments'^, 5, 6, 19 and :20 on
the ground that passage would be
a detriment to' the city. The club -is
composed of democrats, republicans and
members of the union, labor party.
Meetings of Socialists \u25a0
\ . C. W. Hogue, socialist candidate for
the assembly from^ the thirty-sixth;dis"
triot, will address the carpenters'social
istic club at its regular weekly gather
ing at 8 o.'clock tonight In Yoman's
hall. Twenty- fourth and Mission streets.
Wednesday night a socialistic .cam
paign rally will. be held at Willepi hall,
Twenty-fourth *and Castro streets.
Ernest L.Reguin,, candidate for Con
gress from the .fifth district, William
McDevitt, candidate for superior Judge,
and Dorothy-- Johns, candidate for" su
perintendent/ of public schools, will
speak. ' ; ; ; '\u25a0;. ' -Vt
Democrats-Organize Clud"
Democrats In ,the thirty-ninth' as
sembly district have organized a' Bell-
Spellacy club." ;. At j»v meeting! Saturday
night' in a hall, at Clement street and
Eighth i avenue," the following ;perma
nent officers 'Were -chosen:?'. Joseph "P. -
Hayes,' r president; "'* M. I. . Lynch, vice
president ;? A. iE5' McCann, secretary arid
J.i J. McManus, treasurer..^Other ; clubs
will |be organized soon in -the, Ocean
Beach and Sunset districts. The > Rich
mond club "Is /preparing for" a mass
meeting. In the near- future. •:
Camps of City Unveil \ Monu
ment in Holy Cross Cemetery
, With solemn: and impressive services
the Woodmen £of \,the wrorld : unveiled
the monument to 1 John McCann at i Holy
Cross | cemetery^; yesterday. ? The t cere
mony was participated In by, "all the
camps In this; city. ' -^ v ' , ;
\u25a0 John McCann; was born -;in > Stockton^
where he" was" prominent; in public life
until ( he moved.- to \u25a0 San* Francisco ' 13
years agro. I He • died ( March ; 17, • 1 910. rv I
"He held all j the offices i of rank yin the
Woodmen of the; .World I , in- this city, be-*
ing past consul • • commander^ of ->. the
Tamalpais camp, and ;of the
central- 1 committee * of : : his - o,rder.
Speakers : W ill J Be Heard at
Meeting Tbnight
c'-l The Richmond central' club iwlli; hold
a meeting' thls"eyenlng-:at j .8:30 5 .p.;m.;?.t0
v whlch. the' pu"bllc.*isi cordially-invited: to
discuss 'the i proposed;^ charter^ amend
ments,'; and prominent \u25a0 speakers iwho : are
familiar witti'i the. subjects ,will; be heard.'
The meetihg i (will-be^heldJ;at)s9os] > Calif
fornla" street inearlTwerityrfirst^avenue.
For T^fantf' *n & \ ChiMTpn^;
"The Kind^You Have Always Boi^ht
Signature oiCfuz^/fflcU&ii^
D. C. Jones^Alleged to Have Said
-He Wouid&ll His Former
'^;Wife and Judge
[\u25a0Special tD)spatchjo The Call]
REDDING." Oct. 23:— D. C.' Jones was
arrested* Ittst: night upon the' order, of
Judge j;VE. ' Barber of the superior
court. , Jonesf had threatened '-.", t0 kill
Judge" Barbery and Mrs. Jones.v from
whomfJones^was divorced^ last Wednes
day by Judge Barber, unless the. decree
was modified. inside of two' weeks. The
threat was made in the presence, "of Guy
Sill and wlfe.^Sill'told Judge Barber of
the threat 'a'hd pufhim on*his guard. :
While. Barber arid; hisi wife; were re
turning, home .last Mrs". Barber
saw Jones ' hiding ; in a \ doorway a short
distance^ahead>-r^. /...'..\u25a0 \u25a0-'\u25a0-\u25a0.
/Judge , Barber.. called Deputy Sheriff
Ludwig -:'arid ordered Jones ."arrested.
Jones denied having , niade ; the . threat.;
Jones wa s released this morning on his
own recognizance. . .. v 'J:.i']
800 \u25a0\u25a0PERSONSi'Af TEND/
Impressive Ceremony Takes
' Place at San Rafael
[Special Dispatch to The.Call]
\u25a0 SAN RAFAEL, ; Oct. . 23.— The most
impressive funeral held here in several
years was held' this morning when the
remains of Manuel A. Silva,*' secretary
of the United Portuguese society of
Calif orniav were ; escorted from St.
Raphael's * Catholic; church . to Mount
Olivet cemetery by the Portuguese
band of 30 pieces and 800 friends and
relatives. |M. T. Fr eitas, president of
the Portuguese American bank of San
Francisco, led the funeral procession
and Rev. Father; Phillips officiated at
the church, services. ,\u25a0;.
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SANTA ROSA, Oct. 23.-i-Mrs. Mary
Redmond, mother of Phil Redmond, the
young -fireman who . was ' burned -in a
railroad accident at Ignacio* in 1898,
died at her: home in this city, today.
The terrible: strain . during the long
months 'of nursing '-, her injured, son
broke down her health. Mrs. Redmond
nursed her son while; skin from 300
different men was grafted on his scald
ed body. She, stfeid with him until"; a
few months ago, when she broke down
completely. .Her .brother, Phil Hyde,
was engineer of the same train and
was killed. Her husband, Martin Red
mond, also; was killed in a train acci
dent -24 years ago . at Tiburon.
Here Are Facts We Want You
:'-.:.; sXp Prove at Our Risk
, Man'elpu* as it may «eem| Bexall
"98" ...:; Hair Tonic has grown r hair on
heads that were . once bald. Of course
it-is understood^' that in none of these
cases were the hair roots dead nor;had
the scalp taken on. a glazed, shiny ap-
pearance. . \u25a0. ; \u25a0 •-• -.\u25a0'.'\u25a0\u25a0 .. : "\u25a0 .'":•-
When the . roots of the hair are en-
tirely dead and the pores of the scalp
are, glazed over,: we do not believe that
anything can restore hair growth.
When Rexall "93" Hair Tonic willdo
as- above stated,; it is not strange that
we have such great faith 'in it and that
we claim it will prevent; baldness when
used in time. -It acts scientifically, de-
stroying the germs which are usually
responsible for baldness. It penetrates
to the 'roots of the hair, stimulating
and -nourishing them. It is a most
pleasant toilet necessity, is delicately
perfumed 1 and .will not gum nor per-
manently stain the hair.
We want you to get a bottle of Rex-
all" "93" Hair Tonic and use it as di-
rected: If it does not relieve scalp ir-
ritation,', remove dandruff, prevent the
hair from falling out, and promote an
increased growth of hair, and ;in every
way give entire satisfaction, simply
come, back \u25a0 and tell us without
question or formality we -. will hahd
back to \u25a0 you every penny you paid us
for..it. ; . :: - .\u25a0 .' l\. ."* _' "t" t S .
\u25a0'.We 'lend our indorsement to Rexall
"93" Hair. Tonic : and .sell it on this
guarantee, because-we believe, it -is the
best' hair | tonic .ever discovered." .It
comes in.two sizes, prices 50 cents and
$1.00. Remember .you' can obtain' it
only iat The : Owl Drug Co., Inc^ 710
Market : street; i .778 f Market .street. Post
and -:Grarit: avenue, Fillmore and Geary
streets, Sixteenth and :; Mission streets.
vafm suits
~ ÜBA Ml In All Shadw
On Our Lib "
California Credit "
Clothing Co.
\ 59Stockton I?
.The quarterly/ general meeting of the
German General Y
Benevolent Society
:.;' :~ "I" -*.' ; ;*-, Will 5; take; place". r :. : -, :'. ••' ;","-."•-/*
•t the Hoppital/. 14th "and, Koests.^: ;«t S p.ini.'
; ETery. member is " friendly inviteUi to attcuii.K \u25a0
j MONDAY,. OCTOBER 24, 1 1910.
> '*\u25a0 '\u25a0 ' " •'- -'---,"-•- -'.-'-- -'-' - *i-- -- - i-V J o x Aj^w»>V' :^ i '^~'' i ' i^ : *^
specials- ..:-;
Good things for Mince Meat; and Plum Pudding, a full assort-
ment— -Citron,;- Lemon and ,O range Peel, ; Sultana and <
.Seeded Raisins, Boiled Cider, Brandy, etc.
Coffee, "Vienna ; 81end". . . ..... ....:...:... 2 lbs., 45^ ; lb. Ssc
TeaV ;'Bee^ Brand" Ceylon; XX, regularly 60c.....-......,...-...1b. 50d
Virginia Hams, Spratley's" genuine razorback. 1910 pack lb. 32544?
Tomato Soup, Franco- American, concentrated.. . . .... ."can .IO<?.
Vierge Olive 0i1. ; ...... . . . . . > bottle, sOf ; J4 bottle 3O<?
Vinegar, Dessaux'Fils, France, white wine and tarragon — bottlc.SoC
Figs, ; new imported .lb. 25<^ and 30<^
Figs,skinless..preserved 2 bottles, 25^; bottle 15c
Molasses, New Orleans No. 1 bottle? 2O<
Pickles, C; & B.,; Mixed and Gherkin. . . .qt, 50£; pt, 35^*;- tf pt.*2s£
Chutney, ; Rustomji; Maj: Grey, Sliced Mango, Svteet Lucknow,.
"Bengal Club, Col. Skinner . . . . -. 1 large bottle 55c
MatcKes,-Vulcan Safety. . . . 1 ... . . . . . . .pkg. of 12 boxes, s£; gross 55^?
New'California- Raisins in 1 lb., 2 lb., 5 lb. and 20 lb. boxes.
The entire line of blue enamelled ware, four coated on steel, is
offered at this remarkable reduction. A few prices: r-~;
Rice Boiler,' 2 qt.,reg. $1.65, 91.25 Dishpan. 14 qt.. reg. $1.15. SO^
Tea Kettle, 5 qt, reg. $1.75, $1.30 Coffee Pot, 2 qt., reg. $1.05. Ssc
Saucepan, with lip, 2 qt, reg. 45c, 35<* Soup Kettle, 6 qt.. reg. $1.60, ?1.20
"Vista del Valle" Wines with a good dinner appeal to high livers.
Whisky, "Old Crow" and "Hermitage" Rye., .gal.. $4.50; bot. $1.10
Claret; VV:. : ?. .I. doz. bots., ?3.OO; doz. J4 bots., $1-75; gal. 60c
Golden Riesling:-. ..doz. bots., 93.50; doz. 54 b0t5.,'^2.25; gal. 63d
Sherry;"Calif oi-nia .No. 2 . V. ..>..... . v. ........ . . gaL, 91 -25; bot. 4O£
Port, California No. 2...... .\gal., ?1.50; bot 45c
Chianti, "V. del V." . '.. ........ doz. bots., $5:oO;"do z ; ]A bots.~^3.oo
Beer, Everard's. . ... . . .doz. bots.. $2.15;' y2y 2 bots., $I.4O;"splits SOc
Cherry Cordial, i Heering's. C0penhagen.. .... .... .... . . . .bottle $1.50
Grape Juice, "El Verde." red or white, doz. bots.; $5.00; J4 bots. $2.75
Apricot; Liqueur, M. B v & R. ... ..... -. .bottle. $1.50
Dubonnet, French appetizer. ... ........;.'........'....:. .. .bottle OO^
Vermouth, Chamberyzette Strawberry..... l A bottle 40<?
Scotch Whisky, D. C. L., "Distillers' 12 Year Old" bottle $1.45
Phone Sutter 1 , , Phone West 101 Phone Market 1
Home, C4J4I- Home, SlOll.- .. Home, -»41tl
OAKLAXD— I3TH AXO CL\Y — Phone Oakland 2324-i — Home, A3211
-»\u25a0 -,\u25a0 -. \u25a0 \u25a0_ - --TI '\u25a0 - \u25a0
A S ale of
If V IJIJL V^ 11 €5
kJ U 1 IS
There are 75 suits in the lot, and no two are
alike. Materials are all wool. and of excel-
lent quality, and there is almost every fash-
ionable color and shade in the lot. All sizes.
Owing to the positively ridiculous jprice^Ave^
will have to charge extra for alterations, if
any are necessary. This is a truly wonder- (
*ful opportunity— don't miss it. „
When Starting for
for. Pennsylvania Lines tickets.^ They may be purchased at offices
Western railroads selling tickets through Chicago or St. Louis.
; Fast through trains, eight from Chicago, six from St. Louis, to
New Yorkfevery day, form convenient connections with those from s the :
West. All are complete* in travel comforts — nothrag: overlooked,' nothing ,
commonplace.«'..Yo a w ill eajoy ; riding on any of them.- |
Leave St. Louis NeW York TraillS Leave Chicago
"The Keystone Express": .: 8.44 am "The New York Special"r....... 8.15 am
««m. '» i .• ' t"" ' " „,- ._' "The Keystone Express' ........ 10.05 am
JTTieAtoicExptess,.... Jlbpra he 4Manhattan Limited'V. ;-..,!§.» am ,
"The New York Limited"....... 1.02 pin- "The Pennsylvania Special"..* -.'•2.45 pm *
•^he «-Hour New Yorker",... «.Wpm^
V'^The Eastern Mair,_.:..\-..™^
\u25a0"The New York Express". .... ..11 Jspm New York Expre55".. .....11.45 pm
t, ;' ' The Pennsylvania ; Special ," 1 S-hour ? train from Chicago; * 'The* 24- -i
Hour :New {Yorker; !L%fromfSt;iL6uis,* and pother trains, typify the! highest ;
of comfort and Juxury attained in. American railroad equipment. «
v " Booklets and '; time-tables , giving ; details ."are obtai nable "at hotels* city *\u25a0
and railroad ticket offices; or a postal will bring full informatiou.rAddress;'
; \u25a0 , -Pennsylvania's San Francisco City Passenger Office . '
v'^V -.- -- \u25a0\u25a0 - " v:--- '-. 1 --\u25a0\u25a0:'\u25a0 -'"\u25a0 'r: 40 Powell Street- ? - :'/. ' •' •. ' li. .'.'"•'
, .^1 or address H. -A: BUCK,^^ General AsnitPuseaser Dejwrtiatat S\N FILVNCISCO.
;,\u25a0; /Ask for booklet, describiag how the Pennsylvania Sjr^tctn extendedltap" - - !
\u25a0 ; . . rails to the heart of NewYork City and constructed the Pennsylvania * \u25a0*"* <: '' "~
''I- Station, near Broadway.at a cost of over On© Hundred MlKion Dollars^ ~"---"-
; f!4^ .:\u25a0-\u25a0-\u25a0•\u25a0.. \u25a0-.:\u25a0\u25a0. •\u25a0*-•\u25a0. :.vv^-^-:-wro.. -".. \u25a0, -u -\u0084. ..,-.--,-,_ -rTZ2?*' '

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