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A Highly Successful Englishman
. Says A merican Hustlers} Are \u25a0
Energy Wasters. Read, Him in '
The Sunday; Call :
VOLUME CVm— NO; 147:
Large Section of Country Is
Devastated and Heavy Loss
of Life Reported
Avalanche Rushes Down Mount
Vesuvius, Engulfing Score .
of Victims
Many. Atlantic Vessels Encoun
ter Hurricanes and Several
Are Wrecked
Storms and- Avalanche
Cause Great Damage
Inland of I«ch!a in Mrditerrn
oran unrjtt l>?~ xtorm and mnny
bonnes collapne.
HBinncc mnoanllnic to millions
done l»jr T\lnd In Xaple* and vicin
v Avalanche of utones and mod
from Mount Vesxxvlna MTreepn all
before it and engulf* ncnrly
necre of
Miot reitltlent* of .A'aple", itbo
r.rnt to litchia to escape cholera
may have perished.
Scries of marine ml»hap* in
Atlantic, many vessels being
NAPLES. Oct. 24. — The island cf
Ischia in the Mediterranean se.a.
16 miles southwest of the clty
of Naples, has been stormswept. First
reports reaching here pave a very con
siderable loks of life from a tidal wave,
hut the latest rrports indicate that
the victims -are few.
Communication wiah the inland is
difnoult v but brief dispatches from Cas- j
amicciola state that while it is believed
some persons were killed by the col
lapse of houses, the tfody of only one
woman has been . recovered. ,
Naples Struck by Storrn^.u*—-^
Naples suffered from a furious storm
of r.ind and rain last night and all
today, the damage "amounting to mil
lions. Every section of the city bears
the marks of the gale.
Th<? suburbs wern even more seri
ously affected, several persons beinf?
killed. The surrounding country has
been devastated, great quantities of
Kraprs, vines, trees, walls and parts of
houses bping scattered in all directions.
Engulfed by Avalanche
An avalanche of stones and mud
rushed down Mount Vesuvius above the
lava line of the eruption of- 1906. It
BTvept a-U before it as far as the town
of Porti'i. It wrecked the tram line
and engulfed nearly a score of victims.
Up tr> the present there is no con
firmation of the report that Ischia suf
fered from a tidal wave or a seismic
disturbance. It was in the direct path
of the hurricane which toppled over the :
houses fn Casamiceiola and other vil
lages. After the earthquake of ISS3
tlT > s*» places were rebuilt with the very
thinnest houses, which, while admir
ably calculated to- resist earthquakes.
w*r«» unable to withstand the violence
of th«» storm of the last 24 hours.
Bodies Under Debris
. While it Js believed there are bodies
under the debris, the very flimsy nature,
of the structures r»robably permitted [
moft'flf the occupants to escape.
There is much anxiety here, however,
as many residents of Naples went to
Ischia to escape the cholera. Slgrnor
s=a<-chi. minister of public works, and
Admiral Leonard!, minister of marine, j
have arrived at Naples. They will make
an Inspection of the district and direct/
* If necessars", the work of rescue.
Warships Carry Supplies
ROME, Oct. 24.— The ministry of. the
interior t>as ordered four men-of-war
fflfej !,i;rry to I^rhia with men and Fup
vl!<r*.. Casamiceiola is 12 -miles south
x\-fst of Pozjiuolf, at the foot of Mount
Epomeoz. It was: nearly destroyed by
an earthquake in July, ISS3, when about
l.Tflf) lives were lost. It has since been
rebuilt and has a population of about
4.000. .
Steamer Regulus Lost
J?T. JOHNS. N. F-, Oct. 24.— News of
the wreck of the steamer -Re^ulus,
bound from Belle isle to Sydney with
the. loss of 19 men of the crew, was re
ceived here today. The wreck oc
curred at Shoaf bay. nine miles from
. this port." - . ; ~
The Rejsulus has been runninff^. be
tween Newfoundland : " ports. Sydney. C.
8., New lork and Philadelphia: The;
tail shaft was broken off the bay of
Bulls. 26 miles from here, during a
" heavj- storm yesterday, while ron' the
way from Belle isle to Sydney.; and- a
tu^ picked up.the vessel ;late in. the
afternoon.' . .
The storm; increased, however, four
hawsers were parted and the Regfulus
became lost In the fog'and; darjtness.'
At daylight the steamer^waß found to
be a total wreck on a point; of land at
. the entrance, of Shoal, bay. Nineteen
-,mbm of 'the crew had been' swept
nio the sea and drowned. ;
CAPp TOWN, Union: of South Africa,
Oct . g4.— Th^mall steitm^r.'Lußboa^wlth^
Continued ctt; rise 5,^ Column _.lj-_^
The San Francisco Call.
Monef Cqming'for : |
II For the' Orphans;
\ More than. s\ oo vas recced \
by The Coll yes tcrdayjor the . lii- \
; tie orphans of Mount St.: Joseph's !
asylum, and a good start was made \
on the week's work of rolling up a \
Substantial fund' for this most de- 1
nerving charity. ;
i Following are yesterday's subr I
Previously Acknowledged* .sßl72.72;
jt c 0.:..... ....-./.: -;. n.23;
3TAX ........•:... 10.00;
A FR1EXD......... ...... 10.00 j
LARKIX & C 0.,...... v .. -10.00!
R. 31. E......... ..."•- 5 « 00 !
G. B. 81VARA . . ....... .... 5.00 J
JOHN FRAXKE.V. . . . .:...- o-Po|
F. 0L5EX. . . . . ...... .:\ .. .3*o ]
E. C. LUCHE55A ........... I j ZM<
pressa •• • 9-00-
COMPANY ............ 3.15 ]
MRS. A. 3T. W «-\u25a0. . . . . . . .... 2.50 «
E. R. 3TAT50X............ 1-00;
jr. f..... i.oo;
•3i. a: p.:.. .....:.. .....:.. i-oo:
A FRIEXD... 1-00;
A FR1EXD. . .... . . ....... .'; .50;
TOTAL ..:............ $8292.121
! "An error of |1 ippaared in the toUl , yei- ;
Iterday. . Thi» vm . diicoTered to hare ' b««n i
due to creditinr . Mitt Lorett* . Laeomb with !
' her contribution of <1 twice— «n«e oa the ;
21»t acd once on the 23d. ;
Children Sent to Santa Barbara
Be Returatd^Here in.
(a Few. Days '..',., r i
Within l .a few daysUhere -.wjll.be a
larger supply *of orphans at- the Mount
St. JosepTi orphan r asylum^f or the slsr
ters to feed and clothe." This week the
girls who went to Santa Barbara after
the terrible fire a- fortnight aigro- which
destroyed ' their' orphanage home will
return, and next week those who are
at Los Angeles and at Holllster will
come back. Nearly 100 are at Santa
Barbara and Los Angeles,; each and a
score or more are at Hollister. •
Despite the fact that money is com
ing'in to The "Call's fund at an encour
aging rate^it is not enough. . ;
Let not the public get the Idea that
an effort' is being made to supply,. the
orphans with luxuries. The barest ne
cessities to make, them moderately
comfortable are all that the sisters
have any idea of purchasing now. -..
At present the children have no'as
sembly nor recreation]/ room. They
gather'in groups in the. bare hallways
and on the echoing stairways, making
themselves busy with their little tasks
of sewing, or with their books and
At present they regardtit in the light
of something of a "lark," but with the
older ones the novelty is beginning to
wear off and there are those sad little
childish' sighs and longings for the
homely comforts they have lost.
' It will take a considerable Tsum to
make the place habitable leven, \ while
the necessities; of .life, in the. way of
food and clothing must be -thought of
first.: \>. : : -. .' <\u25a0" . i ; '\u25a0;\u25a0'» '.''A .. :• i
Within the las^ few days a\number
of smaller subscription-funds have been
turned 'in to The' Call.' Sums* from $10
to $50, taken up among, workmen or
women or "business associates arid
showing a ; generous" ajid •thoughtful
Bpirjt- prevailing. • .. '..
How' about Vour.'place-'of- business?
Caii;you get' anything: there? •' -Try. and
se«show. much you.can raise^ within the
next ; day or two.. You "will doubtless
be -surprised.'
The Chrysanthemum social of
ISO 6 Mason street sent ' $10 ; yesterday,
with the. following] letter: ,y ;
Editor San' Francisco Call., , _ . '^
Dear" Sir: Inclosed' find ',slo for" •
- the -.fund l of "St.* -Joseph's orphan li'
asylum, , donated • by. ,the ,'Calif orniav 4
Chrysanthemum '.^social club, -Inc. ',
At a' regular > m eeti n g of » the ciub ; -
held; Tuesday;' October 18,^ a" -reso-'- '
lution r'wasV' passed!- commending^*]
\u25a0your^ paper 'for', its noble fwbrk- in z'i I
* " this ,matter. . The club/:will> give * :
its twelfth .annual*- ball" Saturday-.!
"evening. October *"29,'" 29,'- at Gafibaidi '-
*' hall.Vand; I-anv sure"; that ;our pres-- i
ent donation win' : be i :enlarged.^;' ; ,";
>"' 'Tfusting v that:ybtir fundiwiy sooniCjj
be 1 arge \u25a0 enough for Its purpose,^ l i| i
yours Vsincerelyr'-; " • tt,
\u25a0;',;\u25a0\u25a0: ;,:•• .".- .;*A^x^ROCCA;V-"V.-^ij
y" ' -Kec6rding^Se"cfetars r . ; -- i flj
The ' San". 'Francisco - social \u25a0'\u25a0 "clubj; iir
making': preparations ; for v. the j
ball 1 to" aid "The Ga \Vk) fund -for: the ?or^ ;
v SAN^
Daring Aviator Soars; tb/Alti«
: tiide of y 7,105 Feei Over
Beimont Park Throng ',
Philadeiphia Millionaire- ; Also
Wins Distance: Flight in
: Bleriot Monoplane
N«- EW YORK, Oct.^24.— The .third'
. day of the international aviation
: meet at Belmont park, Liong : isl
and," made up for. all v the damp, . cold
and "disappointment .- of, the first two
days. A.; new American record .for : alti
tude was set down to the credit 'of* J.
•Armstrong Drexel, . , the 1 •Philadelphia
; millionaire, 'and ~; the' competition .:•'\u25a0. in :
other events was at all -times \full~6f
: zest. : / '" \u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0--;.;'\u25a0,;\u25a0.-\u25a0 '\u25a0"\u25a0 ; _'-: .';"-. ' '-/. ;'
( Drexel soared for altitudein his.recV
ord flight at- 3:40 . p.'r m ; ,. five minutes
before 'the second, hourly. 1 altitude con
test closed. .; In great he crept
Into the wind, " pointing higher and
higher into the glare of^the setting sun
to a" height of- 7.105 feet, j He planed,
above the crowd. like a hawk; searching
the moors, .so high that he seemed -al-'
most immobile against theibluc. : .
' '\u25a0\u25a0 .-\u25a0 \u25a0 .- - \u25a0\u25a0•.:-\u25a0-'-;- .-:\u25a0: > :*. . •\u25a0•' \u25a0 , •\u25a0" -.\u25a0-. \u25a0•
Descent Swift . -
\u25a0-• -His descent: was swift and he : landed
safely in the -middle of the field! There
was an immediate surmise* that- he had
approached \if heJhad not established
a/.new- record^ , but.\ no figures 'were
available until, his. barograph- had been
unsealed and the reading of the stylo-
Continued -on : Pngre 5, Column 4
L-oiiis D. Gosta, San Jose Composer; Meets Death
I xQ Jar tof Automobile Discharges Giiii by His • Side
:\u25a0 ; SAN: JOeE.-0ct.1'24.-4.noufs^D. Costa,
manasrer.of the Costa canning company
and well ' known 1 as -a* comp6ser, .was
kilied this afternoon by|the/accldental
"discharge lof ;a>lshotgun? The < tragedy
was witnessed h'y"- several" persons.-.^' % >
.Costa ,*. bade. .. his* wife 'and children
goodby shortly after : 5 o'clock yerter
day and- climbed* Into. hJs automobile
with an employe, 6. ~G'! Zucca, fprtthe
purpose 'of doing'some! business with a
rancher .who: lives in Stone avenue.-Ar
riving^ at-,-this place the hired ' man
jumped" out Vof ; the machine and opened
a gate. Costa started - ! the , to
ward .this entrance, but .the turn was
not 'short enough and 4he was forced
to stop and back. . As he started ahead
again a shotgun* 'which was resting
against his side, was discharged .and
held, pending further investigation: \u0084. :
When the. quarrel was: at its height
Emery said he was; going. to leave and \u25a0
that .he . wanted ; his '.i revolver, v . Mrs:-;
Emery rushed to the bureau and' seized "»
the revolver. He selzed-her, and during
the struggle th 6 two were carried jlnto^
a- closet out.of: sight "of the others in "
the room "and the revolver was 'dis
charged. - \u25a0-• '\u25a0'..''[" ",\u25a0 v
. WASHINGTON, . Oct. ; 24.— Navy de
partment - : .officials have unearthed c an
history. in '; which;, the' claim is made
that the north pole; was^^disebvered'rin
1360 i by. Nicholas ; de Linn a, a i friar.; of
Oxford. ;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0 '-..,-.. --\u25a0; .. -' - : -- ; ' '\u25a0 " .
I- Although ;his, -leave -s of ex
pired -yesterday Captain 'j Robert M E:.
Peary,; the arctic ;explorer,i did 'not re-,
port .today for duty. \, lt has i not; been
i' ••*\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0• \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0•"\u25a0 i \u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0 -i \u25a0--.irr -:•'-\u25a0',':•.; \u25a0-. ''« \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•*.:
Pours.^ Gasoline Over) Sleeping.
; Son' ainldi: Husband , ;
: KEOKU K. ; 1a., : < Oct. • ; 2 4 .—Mrs. . Rena s j
oline oy C r i herself; her husband! and her
son ' last " nl gh't wh i 1 c her Vvictl m s^were'
'sleepliTg,*- then, set ?fiire» to< the';' trio." iShV
died ;at,ll o'clock J this3rn«?rn L Irig,i>her^ son'
husband [is
posed - r the"? woman's - mind > was / un-'
balanced:-: — --r-; 'i^-'^M -i^m
*3 i?*""' I '*^ Clarence Y E.'-' Edwords,*.-* general;
i manager; of ' the ) Industrial {"Corporation'
"o f * Mcx J co; ; has : returned Ho Pran '-}
fcisco- after; a Urip JtoV Mexico^ \u25a0«He? ; wlU'
> leave |. todaj' , f qrl London^ where,- he Vwlll!
Ailarge- navigations
1 ndi 'explortionf cdmpany.'sf'Doctor.l Ed-f:
ywoVdsfhaslboostedltheSPahaina- Pacific
•On \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-• his Oou fneyil heXwJ.ll |ylslt f\
jgcot lar>a,*»:En gland^Wales, I !; Pra*nc"ejafid{
poisibyVQertnany r «aarß«)slttii&^gM«|
Pay of Army vOfficers: lsj Raised
in Hope b! Promoting
- " Loyalty V :
Revolution Party v Seeks ;Sup=
port of Soldiers Through
1 Entertainment ;
'?\u25a0« ;- : •\u25a0 '.'*' ''\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0->: "'''-:\u25a0', '-.--'^ \u25a0'5 : --'J*"'''V - '-." '\u25a0 '
V : \u25a0' \u25a0 \u25a0:: '\u25a0 .^-. \u25a0\u25a0 . - ". ;; 7 : - - -. .\u25a0"\u25a0• \
[Special; Cable to' The Call] /< x '
M" "\u25a0 ADRID. Oct. ;24.^ (By. courier - to
the French i frontier). T-SpanishT -Spanish
- army officers' pay. has .\u25a0 been
raised because the government- is awake
to "the necessity of \u25a0counteracting the
"revolutionary; attempts I to : tamper . with
the loyalty of the men in the lower
ranks in- the; garrisons of Madrid,
Barcelona; Seville and other, -towns
where ;the "advanced :. republicans? , are
numerous and are daringly, carrying: on
a campaign of sedition," while their, rep
resentatives in- the cortes Vand their
newspapers affect to be ' especially/ in
terested in the sergeants, "the" corporals
and the privates; but not concerned for
the officers. .
Premier Canalejas had to confess to
the cortes that theigovernment is per
fectly; aware that : agitators are . seduc
ing the soldiers away from discipline.
In'-reply»to '-'si query put-insolently by a
republlcart deputy; the; premier em
phatically approved the severe meas
ures taken by; the commander; of the
second army corps to stop the] republi;
can efforts"to tamper with the loyalty
Continued on Page 4, Column 2
the. shot^ p'enetratetl jhis, abdomen."^ Both
gun: and .'man feH forw^vTd. nutijSE-.Uije
neaf;tb the roadway/.'- \u0084^^' "'.'\u25a0^•V r-^r -^
. :> jiie.news was conveyed tbtthe sherf
iff's^office ; and '^Deputies Mulhall and
Roberts raced to "stb^ne , avenue . in [ ari
automobile.. "They \fbund; Costa's:' wife
and'^child "weeping over the body. .
/.-The, dead man was a ; brother of
James A. , Costa,' a^^prominent local
banker, and -is well 'connected through-,
out the state. : f>. :': ' : ; '":
; -He was. aa _ v musician of Considerable
talent \u25a0 and is especially/well ; known as
the 'composer of -"The Waves' of the
Golden' Gate." • : VThe " Red ' Hot ' A£arch\ f
and- ,"The: -Ave Maria," 1 " and "the time
of f his death was ;working on acorn
position which he called "The Breezes
of' the: Santa': Clara Valley." . '": v >
\u25a0LOS ANGELES; Oct. 24.—While'scuf
fiing with' his wife f or the possession of
a" revolver, during a -quarrel that re
sulted from his refusal -to go to j the
store-- for 'some milk, ," Frederick .*:C.'
Emery, * a A ma l chinlst, 40 \u25a0 years old, ; w.as
shot, through the heart tonight at his
home. \u25a0 ;' . • >•-'
Although the shooting'is; thought. to
have' been accidental, Mrs.; Emery is
decided to what . work Captain 1 .-, Peary
will be' assigned.- Eeary .has -been ) on
leave *, of : absence for - 10 years * under
tacitcunderstandingrthat he "was to de
vote his time, to: arctic exploration. \u25a0~0
As he has not applied* for; further ex
tension, :it Vis ; assumed at, the riavy/de
partment he is read y t o re tu rn to act! ve
duty. :He was recently promoted to :the
rankjof captain. \u0084 *. . /\u25a0-,
Wailpole to Try/ His Liick^Fiih^
: r . ; ' - V \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;''.* : ; : jrig iat :Cataliria>.>j^ r 't;-. ; !
}' •\u25a0'Robert ; Horace* Walpole.flfthi; eari^pf
Orford; and* his '/daughter, ; Lady . Doro-'
thy> Walpole' 1 of jEngland; are) guests; at
the. -.Palace .hotel. k ;.They s 'are^ oii ; a^tffp'
arouhbf*' the - world; . and o ; af ter.^'a^ff ew
days' sojourn .^' here .'will) proceed* to
Catalina^'Th^earliis/anxlousUb make
: Lady; Dorothy^
daughters of 'D. -C. Corblii, a\: railroad
; magnate loti Spokane. '•; v Her^ niother Aied
about a year ago iii; England/'-.: .-.':-/'
;The earljand his daughter have been ?
vißittng7relatiyes/ in/; Spqkanef and^are*
'traveling lnVarpriVate car. -•'..-
JBAIXIir; BENT : XOl STREET- DBT3T— Patrolman*
0 | M.' \u25a0•\u25a0 Blmlln^er.Jballlff • in ; Judge > Short-"
"-aU'Bictourt.^waßJreHeTed of jhi»s position ;ahd
H aa»l*ned s tot street * duty> by < Ghief zof ? Police
5 Seymotir^ yesterday & Josephs M. i Brodt mi i «p-"
'4* pointed i to succeed tßlmllngerjas bailiff of : the
;'\u25a0-, court. \if/: *?.<.>'s; **% •'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:''\u25a0"•:>-•\u25a0: ?-^t"-' '"irt^-
'ALLKOKDfTHlEFilßsaiia^Chtrles vL* T igne!
U£ who 1 w«s i recwvtly^ arreptea *• and:^h«rg«dvwitb'
|p robbing * Mm I Green 3 of^ Bntte.^. >£ont.-^of {|300."
H, w»» Theldl to ! wuwerllnUfce f police \ courts ywUiv;
Bridesmaids Rebel
Would Flee Church
Mfs.% : Mary 4 Schley ? Bbwen Is
\u25a0 Bride V^ at |i a % \
: '\u0084,' ;\u25a0 Ceremony^ J J : ;
[sjßccifl/ ;i l)Hpa/c^'T/ie'Ca/i]- j\ V '";
NEWN YORK,.*Oct. V; 24:-r-Only • :^th?
roguishness ,f of 'thef-three f bridesmaids
made') the wedding.'toriigKt. of . Mrs.^Marjr
Schley A Bowen'.; of o San' Francisco • and
Percy. W. Evans, \ a'-'rhillionaire'clubiria.)}
of t San Francisco " and Vanqouver,' an
affair of international complications?? ;
The 1 cererriohyVwas ' perfornied' in -the
handsome ' residence \u25a0 *6t *' ; Mrs. Eugene
Field -Clarket\ 176 Riverside'driye.'. The
drawing- room; "was J.a > beautiful /.bower
with the^ iViasse^,of yello,\v-^chrysantlie
mumV.'a'colorsch'eme'jWhich was varie
gated ; b yi b ran ches ! f o f.; 1 S carl e t- .' a u t um n
leaves.!' The \u25a0light^of £200 j candles, "set
in r rare ' candlestick's; •MUuminated^the
splendidly, -decorated rbom.V the : happy
bridal party_ and Jth^e/ particular ;llyeli- T
news , of .the -three 'bridesmaids.' Mrs.. B.
F. r V .'\u25a0 Ca 1 d we 11 o f San* Fra n ci^col ni atr on
of honor, /arid Arthur -Delroy/bestimanl
attempted* to\ exercise* their 'soothing
influence- over the i vivacious brides-^
maids -but .\u25a0withnittle avail; { j .' . •»•" f |
The \u25a0:\u25a0 candlesticks, '.which".' made* ; the
wedding notable;. were those in : the Del
ro'y^coll ectlon; which the best .'man ; had
accumulated ; in '^a; nine -years', journey,
around V-'thfe! world. ih^the
collection ,w,as a rare^nine 1 branch;can
dlestick which was; brought erica
ln>l77S> by. a son of ,Mrs.tPhelena; Field;
great-grandmother " of '\u25a0 Cyrus] -TV. '-Field,*
builder.of .the. Atlantic, 1 cable. 'V , "} : : '-}.. •*. \
Mrs.* Evans, bride; I , wore a *\Vorth
cfeatlonjof 'mole chiffon vclvet,\t rimmed
Iwi thi sabl e/ J; Th c ma tro n of hon p r •; * Mrs:
18. F. ..V. \u25a0 Cald well, was .gowned^ l ni blue
| velvet .and; wore- a J picture «* ha t.V The
! bridesmaids^ wore -gorgeously (embroid
' ered^gowns, . trimmed ;\u25a0' with < tiny. lace.
i.whVch' set -off dainty Cflgures;, to
perfecjion^/v l.*.vv'. ..\u25a0•'' •"\u25a0':.\u25a0:." '*-••- :?". '~-',U
-The*! ceremony* was performed'. by/Rey;
E. . K:fc6pefleld;';p Among ,the 7; guests
were V Mrs. /Eugene .Clarke, i Mrs. ) David
Fieid"--''i'arid^ l^pr?.fi':Carloß^^^MacDojiald.*
After ?a l 'sh"oft t :yfsit ;<in !l,Washihgton^and
.Baltlmof^e"rMr^fand\Mrs.': Evan's {will, go
abroad' oft rthelrlwedding journey. ; They
will ! sair'f or f Europe Jonvthe'Mauretariia,"
andilwili ': visit vfLondon:-with\' relatives'
and\\f riemis \ of \ Evans: X On \ returning
to; America theicouple :,will -reside i in
i Vancouver; ; ; ;\u25a0". " ; - .'/ _•-. .-; \u25a0 .-\u25a0\u25a0__; ,—.' \u25a0\u25a0,_•' -v'- \u25a0 :
The' ; brldesmaid3\are* very ; v 'clamorous^
to go •onftheVweddVrig/ journey" with s^
I bride? r; -IThelr \u25a0^na^esiare"^Kond6iSa.n,"
I'afepiTghiy^pedigreed :^ Japanese .'spaniels
from the mikado'sVlm'perlal ..kennels
and^ere Jri el dTjn j proper. : posit i on id u r[-_r [-_
Tftg^e|w^ddln T gj in^le^h; by the bride^,
to I keep.-; them'T- f romj; 'scampering" about
the*- 'church. \u0084 They.. were - given:f-a'
Sl^^?3^Gg|o i^a^ger.|Mlßß
UlHanV3Ru«seU'avispanicl r wa» .also;.a
-trnpcrature. 81;; j
z&S^CAS7IEpRiTODA Y^-I-airrwarm m • |
v<;ifce morning,-- mof/erafinj?_ af ' night. Light . j
m§n'orihTia>md?:. changing =fo southwest: : j *
— \u25a0•*" -- ' \u25a0•-\u25a0»•*\u25a0"• --\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0•--- .^x
lactvthaChe .mortgaged his" hotel^for ; sl,qQO,'ygivej his power o£, attorney to
E.B^Martinelli and made other arrangements;for aprolonged absence
has >awakened: anxiety Yon Uhe part of ;also . attracted the atten~
tion ; of others.*. v.v-s'v., ; -.1 • - '\u25a0: -V ;* . . -
r^r^Mdr'tirielliidrew^up J the .mortgage r for "• the. hotel for Pesenti October 13,
when -Pesenfl •visited 1 him- at .his /office at v San Rafael. The mortgage Is held
bJVFred?^ At that time, according to
aMHinelli, Pesenti .told '.him -he^wanted, the $1,000 to meet, the claims of a
numbero; of Vcreditors. • ; On i October. 19 Pesenti again went -^to him and ' gave
himvfull power> of ;^attorneyi r explaining that Martlnelii could also negotiate
the /sale .of" the- ho^ then he has r not been
seen? by j eitlier >Martinelii . -Jbr ; strs^. Pesenti. ' After. Martinelli had received the
power fpf , attorney 'he*''recelved}a- bunch " of! Weys.. from ' Pesenti through a.
stranger. '''\u25a0; V r *"\u25a0>/\u25a0- -'V;- 1 y-\'- ''-{ "^ ':;;: V.. .]\u25a0-'-..\u25a0.:< •' .-"\u25a0
: ;*, ;' Mrs. . explains ther rb!ii'sband*s absence as a "family affair." - while-
Martinelli'can offerno" explanatioh. Pesenti had absented from the
hotel tor, s'e ye ral J dajs ] at ', a % time ;in the '; past, but , the mortgage and . other
arrangement^ -have -attracted^ more^signafi can ce to the present disappearance.
: -- It ''.was>becaus'eVbf;her husband's : absence .that'Mrs. Pesenti at.flrst refused
i tojalio w 2 "Smi thy's" ! room ; to % be searched. - Later she , gave seve ral ; other con
jflictirig excuses for" refusing to permit the ; search, but since Agnew and others
jmade the discovery 1 of ' the" diagrams mi room last night she ha3v
joffered little objection "to* further; investigation. ;i; i
: ! Following the finding of 4 the. cloth, eye wiper ; with the tracings Indicating
the, Los Angeles* Times -.building and : points visited by. the dynamite '\u25a0 launch.
I Pastime on * San Franclscq "bay Agnew announced^ that ] he ' had mad ef • another i
infportant* discovery' that 1 would.r equire the authority, of Sheriff :W. P. Tayld? 1
|to^bringkbquf.the;proper/results."; -This morning this was explained as being •
afsuspiciori -that the hotel^safe contained i papers to
: .;* Agnew - based his :suspicion on a statement made by him = by /a. ''former .
[deputy; 'sheriff •supppsed\t6^be\in^ the 'confidence -of Mrs.^Pesenti/ According t
jtb/Agnewj Mrs.^Pesenti asked> v this t man tor a' skeletp'n >key to open an inner j
[compartment .of the saf e^the rmain' door, of which had been left unlocked by '
\u2666Pesenti.'; •, He says Mrs. f PesentiJwas-, anxious to obtain certain papers.which .haul .
|been leftvby her husband. t Mart^nelli says these papers were business letters i
irepeived lb>\ Pesentiifrbni'age'nts^lnAltaly, where he iowns property. ,-Agnew >
Istated" this morning that Mrs., Pesenti : told his informant that she feared^ the> j
isafe- containedT papers; of -' !: \u25a0 .'. . ;
I ,'As :Sncl-iff}Tayl6r\wasfabsent^ Marin 'county on 4
ptheriDusine?s,TAgnew. v dccjdedfnot : io:open' the safe. Senator Martinelli,. w&eri \
•1 earned qqf ?Hfs.'^Pe3e^ti[st anxiety, "arid; the jpredicamenf. o^fthe; authorities
.jweht to ith'e'/assistance 'of * the ipolice; ' ,He opened ;the • inner compartment's "of •
•the isafe>in^the} presence , of *rseveraj<p«rsons;: but; because of Besenti's absenc©
*didinpt* make/ a, .detailed search iof?the;many packages of papers, bills, checks
an[d-\-ari6us:dbcurnents whichlthey, contained. The search was soch* that 'any r
papers; d^Rbsked'by.'ißesentiirecently^would have .beenVtoundjUnless tKey had ;
beenlplaced'Jn ;.old*bundl€s^"^Martixwlli*belfeyes the safe [contains, no papers
\u25a0thVf'ibe.ipn^ed^to^Smith/^h ' A 'more minute search _
•jrnay^bjeirnade^later^bYitherp'olice^withrMartinen permission, as he js ready :
to give them every' aid. . . - . . . ,--'. ,"' " ".
! ..'Mrs*; Pesenti was ; absentt 1 during- the 'opening of the safe, ..nor, did ; sh«
openly manifestiahy^int'erest>when;infbrnied -that 'itthad«bee nopened." vLast
night 'she • was 'incensed * when I she : heard : that' Agne.w had learned 'that - she
WisHed-tnelsafe'opened/an'd^sifVce.then Agnew has not visited the hoteL •
' ;iMfs \u25a0^Pesenti/ whii^decliningfto^discuss her httsband's 4 . absence, .adrnkted
to \u25a0Martinelli that^^lie^is^atja Joss"tc>;aecount for; it.; \u25a0Martinellt'decUre" JlJKat-
Ke' has noiknowiedge of 'a pr'opQsed separation between Pesenti . and his e,s
buVfMrs. : has on' several occasions -that 'she- has had » trouble'
husband of 'late. • * * * .
* - v jPesenti's'jrnorlgage:.was executed bctober.-13.\ Agnew says that "Smithy/;
seen^here* October^ 12/ '"';.' -While .Pesenti^hptelv
'during, tiiei time Jhis^boa^^^ s ? e °f.
ma'riy.of his^ evenings ;.with ijthosejn the.hotel.^"; _ ;. / .. \u25a0
X*f i^Mrs'? Pesenti I says J he. often : sat and i tal'jced , with , her \u25a0 and ' her husband^
.pla"ye^7frie^dlyV -^rnVs of I:ar^
upbnjgbod [terms '^o^ f riendship with Pesenti, arid Mrs.; Pesenti had emphasized
,that!sh^ ; alway^ a
aDqutifaSiShe^is^ofjthaf^fJPesenU. i.^.l ? ,'\u25a0_ -, -', _-. -. ;; , : ," . \u25a0- '\u25a0.'" -.-"•'**
I I' Basle\i^on; <iedc\ibns^that febm
]s)^etstjrong - f rumor ;tha^he/dj^arnite^suspVct is somewhere Jn this vicinity. .
October-5; arid/accprdingitcv
"SmithyV* Host at Corte
dera Mortgages Property •
Before Joining Sus»
\u25a0 \u25a0 * ..
. pects in Right -
Belief -That Bryce's Partner ii,
1 the Dynamite Plot Is Hiding V
in Marin County or i ;
GORTE . iIADERA. Oct. 24.— Tb*;
disappearance of Charles A- Pren»;
-sentl, proprietor "of the CortaH,
Mad era hotel, where "Smithr,**.the LO3 \u25a0
Ang*»ies dynamite suspect, lived whilar t
workicg on the Anton Johannsen. j
home, is' one of several mysteries that*
resulted from investigations made byf *
the authorities today. The searching'
of the hotel safe, .which was supposed!
to have contained papers belonging to i
"Smithy," proved fruitless, althonglij
Deputy Sheriff Agnew, who found tho*' :
diagrams in "Smithy's" room 'last 4
night, was positive in* his belief that >
the safe held papers of importance to*
the : dynamite investigation. '•- A per«
slstent 'rumor : that 1 "Smithy ** is .not 1
far ! from • Corte . Madera, and more de-*, i
tailed "accounts s of his trips • to ! Saa i
Francisco and 'his actions here, also >
camelto light : today.
*? hWile - there 'is i nothing ; tangible ta
the disappearance .cf. PresenU,- tha

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