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Mission "Commotion" Commit*
tee Is Accused of Wanting
Three Slices With Cream
'Editor Call: Today's papers give
great prominence to the meeting of the
Mission. Promotion Committee, a body
of civic patriots who are out for pie
tor their immediate neighborhood all
the time. and never, satisfied unless
they have' three cuts. . Having been
successful' ir. absorbing the great bulk
of. the city's expenditures to the benefit
of their own immediate neighborhood,
they are now actively and clamorously
engaged In campaigning to divert a
la rjje proportion of the revenues of the
port to creating a harbo-r at their own
bark doors by means of the India basin
act.-. While the ringleaders in this
r/amorbi:s body have ever been noted
\u25a0forthelrloaseness. of tongue and tight
ness of purse in any matters pertaining
to the welfare of our city, they do not
hesitate to ascribe any kind of motive
to those' who object to seeing the pub
lic interests butchered for their private
benefit.. : HiJH
. Great prominence is given to a reso
lution ' introduced "by that cheap and
insignificant. . politician. Senator Dick
Welch.' who hbpes. by peddling his
senatorial popition in the next legis
lature to again have the opportunity to
sleep on. the lounge of the chief
\u25a0wharfinger's- office and draw a salary
for dorng It. Dick is a senator, being
one of .the jokes that San Francisco has
tr> carry. • \u25a0 ":!SBBtJB2H
• ; : .Attention is also given to the talk of
an eccentri.-. individual from Alameda
TrftQ'has a' mistaken idea that he may
•possibly . h.&v«» a partnership relation
-with .me. whlch-sJander 1b untrue.
v"-'-*rh<* clique of agitators whose names
are. giyeh- as. ; being present at this
"•unique affair are distinguished hy the
fart that; with. 'on** -exception, 'they can
r\f\-fT. he found as subscribers or con-.
tributors to aay of the public move
ments which have bren advanced for
the'- benefit of pur city. The fact "that
the association in question has to
rh&£<3u«»rade under a- dozen different
Titles, such as' "lndia Basin Haibor As-
Fnrlation. "Islais Creek Development
Committee,'" \u25a0_. "Twin- Peaks Improve
rnen.t'Cl'Ub.*' "Bernal Heights ' Improve
ment:. Club," shows what an obvious
<°ffrirt is involved in trying to create a
FpurJous imitation of public interest. '
I am oppose-d to the. India basin
br.nd?. as is nearly e\-ery one. inter
ested in the future of: our 'harbor, from
the point of view of those- directly in
terested through shipping ar.d business
interests.; J*f : The :cl{que of small people
you mention have no earthly intfrest in
th> harbor or its 'buslnesg, neither do
they.' contribute to the suppqrt of the
harbor, iheir. only . interest being to
"hang^this S1.0OO;Ofrn India basin project'
bn-.to the harbor bonds issue, with the
'hope-that if the. ?9.n00,(V0n for the bene
'fl'.t;;6f .the : harbor is carried the India
basin act, which, should be beaten, will
pull 'through. JAMES McNAB.
November 1. 1910.- : \u25a0 . .
- >^_ \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.
Crr-«k<>r .pi-rat? company To Heriaaa Waraholz,
\u25a0: :'l«t .14, block 1!>. afl<Jl.tionj to Castro Ftroet addi
'tlon .and Q>£ Park fprrare; f]Q. \u25a0.
\u25a0•-'\u25a0. East Sgn MatPo Jacd compacy to L.' Binpbain,
lot at. SW -corner if \u25a0 Huljht and Broderiok
. Frr-^js. n: s&br s 00: $10.
:;; : . Josfpli' M. O'Brieli an<i vriff 'to Fab'an Bar
/ .Tar.ell. . ir't at"BW roniPr «f Va]l«»jo and Bn
; ofcanaD Ftrrns, S 26:R bj- W r»l:6: $10.
\\ st*tjp- realty, pompaar tn Etnina <»sfn^y. lr>t in
i E li-ac fit' Ftrty-tixth avenue, 50 N of Rivera
\u25a0vftwt; S 25. by E 115: .$lO.
.':..Eupcn«r t'rucircp?-- m Marf- rrunimey. lie'.f of
In Wline cf E!»?Te=Th areriue, 275 S of J
•street. K^.25. by \V 120; $10.
.'\u25a0 LilMe . Levi^jon'' ancJ wife to Annie I-. Huot,
. lot Mn S Une -or Hairhf ftreet. J*6:loVs W of
.Clayton. W i! sby S 100; $10,
-'\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0' !>>°*> Fri>dman" snd- irl/e. to Ellen A. Fife,
lot at SW • corner', of Fell and Broderick streets,
,S 2S l>y W -i<<r>: $10.- \u25a0
'.- '-. EHea A. Fife to Txrais Friedtoan, lc>t at XW
\u25a0\u25a0 corner' of ' Pine and Kearcy 6treet«. W N
.72:6. E 6:3. S<t;D*fc. E 39:2. S 72:5U; $10.
.\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0 Jnhn Rosenfp!(3> Sons to Henry E. Botliln. lot
• !n: N !!neof. Broadway. SJ» W of LarVln strret.
-. Ay f><:&, y l?,7;fl. W 42:9, N'49:6, E 50. N 88,
•\u25a0':£: -ft- 27"!:- $10.
\u25a0..\u25a0 C»m : .lo L. Arpues to Ter«>Fa Clyne Arpues. lot
. in-.E- line of I^eaTenworth • street, 114:7' S of
. Sjicramrr.fo. fs 22:11 fry E f*oi pift.
•\u25a0 ."Mercantile Tru^t Company of San Franrlseo to
• -San .-Franflf o'.drj-doek company, lot at N cor
\u25a0rrr'of Ninth ar^nup and F street .South. NW 150
- Jay. K-BCXOO. ar.i! one- other piece; $ . \u25a0
'. -Call Jnrais " title Insurance .and trust company
;\?.0..!-a rr.o. • Jot-* 3J 4 and 13. block 70. .South San
.iF.ranr^cn ' iromr-^trad and \u25a0 Railroad assocl
\u25a0\u25a0 »tion.: sro: : \
•'-".\u25a0-' -San." Francisco, and Fresno land company to
:-'Pnn •\u25a0.r.rr.m-'isoo Vsryd<vk company, lots 1. 13 to
\u25a0 ' t f.. tiYock .112. South San Fran^ipco Homestead
• snd -Railrond assor.istion. and otber lots; $10.
\u25a0- -Edward D. Carroll sad wife te William P.'
.'Carroll. 'lot in SE line -of' Krannan street. 105 NE
." .of Seventh. NE 55 hy 5-E. 75. and fire other
: pieces: $10: :-.-..
• \u25a0-.- -Ixniise 1... Bocdcliacd .wife, to Camille Carrau
J.eT al.. lot in H" line of Mission street. 600 XE of
•\u25a0 Virginia »venue. NE .".0 by SE 2M:0;. $1.
7. Irene Bulf to Slannel Joseph, lot in S line of
• THlncan street, 201 . W -of . Douglass. W 26 hy S
\u25a0 Charles". A. Mnhrhardt ap.l wife to Bernhard
: fi*iT..' -int mi ?W romw "of Tnenty-sixtb avenue
\u25a0-.liid i^srr f.tr>-et.. W 120 by S IS.*i; JlO.
: . .-"l'ar.kside realty ••company to Johanna Schimet
'-schek.-lot' in S line r-f T street. ."7:6 W of
Twenly -seventh' srpnuP..W 50 by S 100: $10.
Same to Susie' R. Lewltt. lot in E line of
Tweriiy-f-fthaTonne. .lf»0 X <-.f T street, X ."jO by
.-FT 120:' flO.
Same to Raymond A.. «nd J>»lbert M. Broy,
. lot ar NW corner of N fi'treet and Twenty-fifth
• (renne W ." 2:« by.V 100: $io.
. '\u25a0\u25a0I-ouii -Hr ilnun and .wife to Emll Judell and
\u25a0Tife. lor- In E itn^of- Elerentli Bfeni]p." 175 x of
Csliforn s strert. N 25 by E 120; $if».
.- . Fyndicure inrvcstnjeTit ••ompany to Mrs. Marx
'.E. J.'-Monsler. lot 11. block .". Symlicaie' flrs't
addit-ion: $]i. '.. •
LouU'L. B<--ndeM and wife to Camille Carrau
et a!., lot in -E line of Mission street; 300 S of
Fair STenur. S SO hy X 133:6: $10.
'L. M. Shuck to B. H. S^o.-k. lot ;n X line of
•' A street. 53:4 X of Twenty-first arenue, E ''C-S
by .X 100; $m. - •
. " Eupenie Slater to- Charles P. Browell. lot in E
• line of Goodchildren -street. 137:5 X of Lombard
E *1:«." S 0:1. W S!:6. N 0:1: fll.
Isaac f-iebes . to '.leanie S. Hntchlnaon..lot in E
line of Eighth arer.ae. 225 S of A (ftreet, S 25
' by E 12«; $J. •
Jennie s. Hutchlrsson to Henning p. ntten
tame. flO. . " . •
.Otto Prhroeder and wife to Alfred T. Morris.
lot at SE corner of Xineteenxh arence and B
•ctreet # E 32:6 by "S ioo : $io. '
Marpa.ret Rums to Patrick Joseph Burns et al
-lot in X line of Cumberland street. 105 E of San
chez, E 25 by X 114: Rift. i
\u25a0" TT.-V. 7>lrD6nald and wife to I). F. de Ber
nard!. P 15 feet lot 12 and X 15 feet lot 13
.block G. Sunset heights: $10.
•\u25a0• Harry G. McKsnnay and wife to James J. Tor
iney. lot in W line of Thirty-flrst arenue. 225
X of . V street^ X 25 by W 120, and one other
p : ece: $io^ .. . • ' .\u25a0'
. •\u25a0 Paricside realty company -of. Sun Franrisco to
Cecils Bruppaoher. lot '.n W line of Twenty
• fourth avenue.- 27^ S.of T street, S ,'.O br W
-l 20:$10. ' \u25a0 ••
-.* 'Sara* to Georce A. Tusch andwifp. lot in XV
. line <A Twenty-fourth areuue. £50 X of U street,
•N 25 fey W* 120: $10.
. • fame to Henrietta Stubenrauch. lot In E' line
• "of" Xiueteecih avenue. 50. X of T street X 25 by
'E 100; $10... " •
'• Same to Richard Frankln. Jot in VT line of
.Tw.enty -fifth avenue, S of T street, S 25 by
.TT 120: $10. • * ;
• Same to J. RBmsay."lot In '-S line of r, street.
T.7:(i \V of Twenty-fifth avenue, W 2.". "j.y s 100;
. fl«. .
\u25a0 Harry L. U>is and wife to I.eonore D. Shapiro,
lot at SE corner of Diamond and Clipper streets,
"\Vl.7t:« by S 114: $7,500.
'Abramo del Carlo to Rosa dc! Cprlo. lot in X
line of Chestnut utreet. IJC:3 W of. Van Xess
.ateuue. \V 27:6 by X 137 :«: jrlfU
Annie Devltt to John Slurpby and Patrick
.-Sweeney, lot iu.XW line of Klsslins street,
•!>0 SW of Eleventh avenue. XW 90. SW 26,
SE 00. XE 25: $10.
• Georc* B. Keane, executor estate of, Maria L.
: R<»arh- (dcceasedK to Harry TVels. lot at RW
cr:icr.of Diamond end Clipper- streets, W 159:6
Vy ft 114: tSJCSO:
Golds. Alexander -et al. by trusfees. to the Hi
. l-»rnia savincs and loan society. lot In X line
•of Geary street. 21-"»:2>i W of PoweJl. W M:U\
hy X 137:«. and lot in X line of California
•rtrcet. 37:6 E of Octavia.- E 4T, by X 127:8.i.
'-also half of obe other piece: $133.213.6 R.
WjlUsm Tan Herictf to H. Van Herick. lot in
E line of Twenty-third avenue. "100 S of Cali
fornia street. R 25 by E 120; $ip.
Same to mw. lot in E line of Harrison street.
75 S of Twenty-fifth". S 25 by E 100^ $10.
John Siebert to Caroline Rtebert. lot ln-W line
of Pond .-ttoct. 253:6 S of Sixteenth. S 25 by
w «>: gift. . ' \u25a0
A-jffu Sivori to Enrico Giannetti, lot 146.
HolMdaw map A; $10.
Josephine J. Thome to Eva A. Haxe. lot In W
line .of Fourteenth avenue. 200 S of' Clement
etreet. S 25 by W 127:6: $10.
Rlcbard Specter and wife to C. R. Willianiß,
lot la-Jflrline of Caetra ptjeet, 26:6 N oj; D»J,
Congress Will Be Bearded in
Its Den by Determined
A number of the prominent suf
fragettes of this city are preparing to
go to Washington' for the purpose of
storming congress in favor, of votes for
women. This little band of enthusiasts,
which was organized a few days ago,
has its headquarters at 2419 California
street. All the plans for the descent
on "Washington have been completed
and at the head of the delegation will
be Mrs. John F. Swift, Mrs. North
Whitcumb, Mrs. Ellen Clark Sargent
and Mrs. Francesea Pierce.
The plan of the women was an
nounced at yesterday's meeting of the
congress in the Votes for Women club,
which opened for its three days' ses
sion. .
Topics of national, civil, social and
political reform are being discussed in
10 minute talks by able speakers, and
suffragettes from all over the United
States •were present.
Mrs. Elizabeth Gerberding opened the
meeting with her talk on their work,
and among others who spoke were
Mrs. Francesea Pierce. Miss I. Wessel
burg of Utah, Mrs. M. Me Weir, Miss
Selina Solomons, Mrs. Francis C. Meyer
of Ohio, and Mrs. N. French of Sacra
mento, all in favor of the ballot for
women. " There was one dissenting
voice, Mrs. A. L. Bancroft, who ex
pressed herself against it, primarily as
bad for the state's welfare, as the first
thing to be considered. "Women as a
whole are not intelligent enough to
vote." she stated. "Some are. but the
majority are not, and they would only
make a mess of things."
Others Inclined to the view that It
was only by being willing to sacrifice
social position and everything else that
stood in the way that suffrage will ever
be gained, and Mrs. Clarence Mackay
was given a vote of thanks as a pioneer
suffragist in the social world and mak
ing- suffrage fashionable in her set.
Miss Solomons favored street speaking
for women as the best way of gaining
the ballot.
Other points will be brought up to
day and tomorrow favoring their point
of view on every question of the day,
and definite steps will be taken before
the close of the congress to make vot
ing for women an assured fact by this
date next year.
N 25 br W 105". $10.
William Clack to William Wilson, lot 42.
Block 53. R<>ls tract; $10. .
Jacob Heyman company •to Oswald .H. C.
Frisch. lot in E line of Thirty-fourth arenae,
225 N of C streft. N 25 hy B 120: $10.
Mre. Olga Wenzel to Edward Wenzel and Miss
Helena W^nzel. lot in W line of Nineteenth
avenue. 150 X of O street. X 50 by W 120: $10.
Alexander W. Richardson to Nellie -Richard
son, lot in E line of Church street. IS2 S of
Twenty-first, S 26 by E 125, and one other
Pier*; $10.
Frank J. Sullivan to Frank V. Snrith. lot In
E line of Forty-first avenue, 100 X of L street,
X 25 by E 120: $1.
Llllie McDeritt to Michael McPevltt. lot In
W line of Shotwell meet. 245 S of ' Nineteenth,
S 30 by W 122:6; $10.
The McCarthy company to Francois Dolle, lots
33 and 34. block E, Lakeview; $10.
Dewey Coffin and wife to Nellie Axdal, lot
In NW line of Howth street, 25 RW of Niagara,
SW 25 by NW 90; $10.
Henry Bohsien and wife to H^nry W. Hllle
brandf. lot in NW line of M street South, 73
NE of Eighth avemie South. NE 25 by NW
75; $in.
Jowph Arsta and wife to Miehele Cuneo, lot
la X line of Vallejo street., 116:9 E of Mason,
E 20:9 by N 60: $10.
Mary R. Oughin to Jamen P. Oughln, lot la
N line of Camp street, 79:9 W of Albion avenue,
W 21 by N 60: gift.
Mary G. Brandon and wife to F. D. Brandon,
lot at NW corner of Montgomery and Filbert
street. N 37:6 by W 97:6: gift.
Thomas L. Hill and wife to Maretta Scbaez
leln, lot In W lln<* of I>Roy place, 92:6 N of
Kacramento. N 22:6 by W 60; $10.
Central Trust Company of California to T. E.
Traino*. lots 1, 2 and 3, block 2rt. Hillcrest: $10.
Mary M<x>re Egan to George C. W. E?an. lot
at SW corner of Twelfth avenue and H street,
S 100, W 120. S 25. E 120. N 25: gift.
Nils N«lFi«on and wife to Henry Zecher and.
wjfe. lot at NE corner of Jarboe and Gates
streets. N 25 by E 70; $10.
William C. Hamerton and wife to Frank
Kielper et al., lot In NW line of Coleridge
street. 24 SW of Virginia avenue, SW . 24 by
XW 6O; $10.
Charles Mayer and wife to Benedict Stelnauer.
lot in SE line of Mission street, 267 NE of
Oliver, NE 89 by SE 196:6; $10.
Buildine Contract*
J. A. Xougue and P. Jaymot with E. A.
Borlo — All work except plumbing, shade;: and
fixtures for a two Ftorr and basement frame
bulldinz In S line of . -pine street, .112:6 E of
Polfc. 2.% by 120; $6,100.
Mary's help hospital with Sterling- Marble
company and Mangrum & Otter — Marble work
and tiling work for buildings B, C. D. E of a
group of building* at RE corner fJnerrero street
and Clinton park, S 160 by E 2SO; $n,SS2.
United States District Judgre Van
Fleet pranted a temporary injunction
yesterday prohibiting the mayor end
supervisors of San Jose from inter
fering- with the work of laying rails
by the San Jose and Santa Clara rail
way company in Santa Clara avenue
and Eleventh street. - San Jose. The
mayor and supervisors have prohibited
the laying of any but the up to date
groove rails along the-. streets men
.. LarKCßt lateral Bridge— One of San Jnan's Nature -Wondera D 6 25C
This company owns 640 acres in the heart of the betteritha'n 100 barrels" per day) at $3 per barrel— ?ls*o ;
finest oil belt In the world. Stock nonassessable. -.No' per w'elliper day, of ?1;500,000. per annum. , ?
salaried officers.. No debts.' This oil is the highest : Boafd ; /of Directors:- :D.-B.;Moody, Capitalist:: J.\V..
Krade oil in the world. No competition between this ; Wright,- J. W. Wright^ : & Co.; "Thomas:? R;;Edwards,
and California oil. One barrel is worth four timos . ; Vice. President land-Manager. J.jW. 1 .'Edwards '"Co:; ":J. W. ";
as much las any. California oil. This is not fuel oil. Riess," Manager," Holman ; Car, Coij'H.sW.Postlethwaite, ;>
5100 will secure you 1,000 shares, which; should President Holmes Lime Co. , -- •
bring- $1,000 within= a> year if, you desire to -sell, .or '• \u25a0 . ; Our; directors; are all. wealthy, responsible residents
make dividends of ?1, 000 per annum during your life- "\u25a0 of vSaii Francisco I who have made a success .'of their
time,' beginning January 1, 1912. .. vown 1 : business; ... i ..;
We can drill 320 wells on- this proven - land at 50 " ; ,If this block: should ,'be sold; before we> get ; your
barrels per well (and" those that have -been' tested go --"order, ;we claim -the; privilege of returning! your check.--
Grand Jury Accuses Manuf ac=
turers of Violating Pure
Food Law
\u25a0 *
Two more Indictments -were returned
by the federal . grand jury yesterday
for failure to comply with' the -I .pure
food law of 190 S. The offending manu
facturers were the E.G. Lyons & Raas
company and the concern known as A.
Finke's Widow, which Is In reality the
partnership of E. Schraubstadter and
E. D. Groezlnger. % v
The E. G. Lyons & Raas company, was
indicted for improperly compounding
several corrHals, The indictment against
the company is'on eight separate counts.
It is charged that this/ concern -labeled
creme de cacao in such a manner as to
deceive the public into believing it was
a foreign product.
The company, known as A. Finke's
Widow was indicted for placing upon
the market various brands of white
wine, labeled as champagne. It is al
leged that the. "champagne" ._ is ' Cali
fornia white wine charged with car
bonic acid gas. It. is also charged that
the manufacturers of the A. Finke's
Widow products have labeled bottles in
imitation of foreign importations, when
they have been manufactured in this
state. :"Srii- ; >>:
St. Joseph Parish Organization
Aided by Pastor
A social and entertainment will be
given by the St. Joseph Literary and
Athletic club tomorrow evening at the
Knights of the Red Branch hall. 1133
Mission street. An extensive literary
and musical program has been ar
ranged. '
This clubKWhlch was organized less
than six months ago. has more than 250
active members. Rev. Father Mulligan,
pastor of St. Joseph parish, turned over
to the club a well, equipped -gymnasium
May 2. The builQlng, which is 25 by
100 feet, contains a standard hand. ball
court and two large rooms in which
the appliances are installed.
The committee of arrangement and
reception consists of:
Rer. P. B. Slnlligan Dr. J. C. Quinlar
R«y. E. O'SuMvan P. J. O'Reilly
Rev. J. P. O'Donohue John P. Hare
William Butler Joseph Cruza
James Gaffney John Canty
Gus Bayreuther Stephen Bresnahan
James Bresnahan Venantius Collins
John P. Ryan Uicbard Klnprstoja
Martin Porter George Sullivan
Thomas Kusick Oanlel P. Murphy^
James Finn Patrick Kane
Edward lAicitt Cornelius Sulliran
Carload of Exhibits for the Irri
gation Congress
A. carload of processed fruits, nuts,
mineral products and grains will be sent
by the California development board
to the United States' land and irriga
tion congress; which meets in Chicago
November 19 to December 4.
The California exhibit. will be one of
the most comprehensive to.be seen at
the convention, and is expected to be
of value in fostering an interest in the
colonization of the state. Some, of the
Burbank winders will be. included in
the exhibit, as well as products from
the Rancho Chico in Butte" county.
The 'development board is also send
ing its register book, known as the
"largest book in the world." and when
has been §een at half a dozen conven
tions and expositions.
Wedding of Washington, D. C,
Couple Occurs in Potrero
Miss Harriet Louise Cameron and
Robert Crary Williams,, both of Wash
ington, D: C, were married yesterday
in the manse of the Olivet Presbyterian
church In the Potrero. Rev. William
E, Parker, the pastor, officiated.
Williams is a businessman of Wash
ington and journeyed across the conti
nent to marry. . Miss Cameron preceded
him by a few weeks and was staying
with her sister, Mrs. George A. Walker.
The marriage took place at noon. The
bride and bridegroom left for a tour
of ' the south with Washington, D. C,
as the objective point.
prietor of a Chinese restaurant at SOl Wash
ington street, yesterday swore to \u25a0 a warrant
before Judge Conlan charging Ho Ong On, a
Chinese woman, with felony embezzlement.
Won Him said that the woman came to, him
July 6 and told . him that she had been in
vited to a wedding and would like to borrow
some of his jewelry to wear. He lent her two
bracelets and other jewelry, valued rat - $200."
She appeared at the wedding, but after the
festivities were over he never, eaw her, again.
Emma ' Allen, \u25a0 2334 Le : Conte arenue, swore to
a warrant yesterday for the arrest of James
W. Allen, her husband, for neglecting to pro
vide for a minor child. .
Big Coups Reported From Newly
Opened California Oil
•Chief in interest among oilmen at
the present moment is the opening up
of the Lost Hills as a rich, shallow
territory. Reports from the section tell
of. some remarkable turns, netting
fortunes .to the .operators. The big
coups were made by those. who located
in 'the district arid retained -their hold-
Ings by erecting portable rigs. In many
cases they have sold out for
prices ranging from $100 to $200 an
acre. The land adjacent to the Lake
shore strike" was gathered in . some
months ago. The speculation has cen
tered for the most part about the lands
\u25a0within'- a radius of a few miles. .
Throughout the ;whole district the
greatest secrecy is observed. : This has
been increased; since the Blanket with
drawal of the government lands in the
vicinity. Travelers report that in pass-
Ing over the Lost Hills; country they
found it difficult to obtain definite in
formation of any ; sort. Simple requests
for directions, location sites,' and guid
ing marks were mistaken for design
ing interrobations. This conditions has
been brought about through the un
certainty of titles and the desire to
keep knowledge of strikes well con
cealed. ' '
The visit 'of 'Assistant Secretary
Frank Pierce of the interior depart
ment, it is stated with much confidence,
will result in definite relief to the oil
men throughout the fields. Pierce was
taken through the territory in a man
ner best calculated to let him learn the
exact facts. He was with men who lost
no opportunity to impress upon him the^
necessity for. federal action. .
Although the secretary declined to
make any comment on / the irregular
conditions arising from the government
rulings, it was clear from his state
ments that he had gained a wholly new
idea of the situation as the result of
his trip to the coast.
It appears to be the accepted view
that Pierce will recommend rulings
which will fully protect those men who
% have been operating In good faith. It
is said that he will have nothing of
for those he regards as
mere squatters, who have taken the
land and done nothing toward develop
ment, nor for those who located lands
after they had been withdrawn.
Among the two. largest strikes of the
week are ; those of the Standard oil
company in the North Midway, and the
Palmer on the Blochman lease in the
Santa Maria district. No measurements
have been-taken of the Standard's new
well. The Palmer No. 3 is flowing
nearly 1,000 barrels a day.
Association and Friends to See
"The Little Gray Lady"
Under the auspices of the Retail
Grpcers* association of , San Francisco
retail grocers and commercial travelers
will attend , the Alcazar theater this
evening, where they will;; witness
Charming Pollock's comedy drama,' "The
Little. Gray \ Lady," produced by* the
Alcazar stock company.:. The party. -will
include a' number of • men engaged in
the .wholesale and manufacturing
houses. . >
The boxes for this annual affair, have
been bought by members and officers of
the grocers' association.! The following
committee is in charge: J. Hunsicker,
chairman; John P.. Topp and D. yon der
The officers of; the Retail Grocers' as
sociation are Anthony McCaw, presi
dent; William Lenhoff, first vice presi
dent; Ernest Lackmann, second vice
president; Fred Hartje, treasurer; A. L.
Zett, Gus-F. Lehrke, John Gropper, Ed
ward JBroderick, John P. Topp, . J.< E.
Hunsicker, Herman Methman, M. W.
Boeken, W. F. Felling, Herman Meyer,
F. A. Kaiser, H. Hoffman and Robert
Muegge, directors. ,
Charging -that he was induced by
misrepresentatiom to invest $6,800 in
the , firm of Clark Wise .&- Co., piano
dealers, Clarence , Jellison • yesterday
sued for the return^ of that amount,
with 8 per cent interest since June 1
lastl It was represented that the "'firm
was doing a business of $35,000 a
month, he alleges, 'and that if he in
vested $5,000 he would be given the
position of advertising and^sales man
ager at $400 a month. ' , ,_
For Infants and Children. ,
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Slji S/^G/F* 'sr "
Signature of Cj£&sty% J&cc/£e/l4
Plans Contemplate Building of
Road Into the Lost Hills
- A new road . from Coalinga to their
holdings in the southwestern' part of
township 25 south, range 21 east, has
been mapped out by Coalinga men with
interests in the new Lost Hills district,
says the Coalinga Record; -V?
Leaving Coalinga, the first water
station for man and beast Is Oasis,
about 12 miles;, the next Is the Kings
county.: well, the old Esperanza station,
on section 2-23-17, about 11 miles; the
next station.; the sheep camp on section
20-23 T 18; then on to LJglets, .section
17-24-19; then through Avanel gap to
Miller's well o n section 20-25-20; then
to .Camp Elmore, on- the southwest
quarter of section 32-25-21.
The distance by speedometer is 50
miles, as measured by John Hendrick
son ,on a recent trip made (o lay out
and determine a new road. The road
as laid out is good for team and auto,
and will be the regular road from now
on for that district from and to Coal
inga. \u25a0 - .
Operators Handicapped by Lack
of Transportation #
Reports , from the San Juan fields In
southeastern Utah ar© to the effect
that some, 80 wells are now in a posi
tion .to deliver petroleum. The gTeat
handicap is the lack of transportation.
The' companies are now devoting their
energies toward remedying this condi
tion. The latest strikes are reported
from the London San Juan (Spencer
outfit) and the Ratley.
Two pipe lines are projected to reach
the proved section of the field. One will
carry the oil to Gallup on the Santa Fe
railroad, about 160 miles south of the
field, and the other: probably will run
to Dolores on the Rio - Grande, about
150 miles east of the field.
• It Is stated that , both the Santa Fe
an<j the Rio Grande have given thought
to branch lines into the district.
f Among the recent companies to enter
the field is the Klondyke oil company,
organized last month In San Francisco.
STERLTNG, 111.,, N0v. I.— >Tacob Mey
ers,a -wealthy, farmer, S2 years old, and
Miss rEllen Kraft, .48 years old, eloped
today and were married. Meyers' ! son,
60. years old, objected. to the marriage.
The bridegroom has three great grand
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town^almost any K^^^^^^^liOT
They are single- MM |\ '\u25a0 i %W Wf^^^^^^^^M^ so^^^ is^im-
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Whilei the Jdea 'is not particularly ;* new, the price is a new one. A desk of this character'
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The table is made of select oak in fumed finish. Top is 26 inches wide by 40 inches long.
Heavy square posts, broad shelf, worth- almost double the price just as a library table.
Pay $3.00 Down and $1100 Weekly
V. -. :: : , V . 1 ICILd .' LU L4VI
You will find a select list of vacant flats and apartments listed with ns.
We recommend you only, to those we have inspected and can give you all information con-"
Free delivery with our own wagons in Oakland % Berkeley and Alameda. Carpets laid, stoves '
set up and credit given— no extra charges. .
fill " iiliffil '™ "^" SI11J »A-^
E Natural Alkaline Water II
Unexcelled for table use. . ffls%M\
fsgs^o Standard remedy for Dyspepsia, Stomach
• Troubles and Gout
Not Genuine v^-is^
fc | wilhont the word
fn The Best iii the World J
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I _ Lj gijf^E^gm^^ Bart and Clubs
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523 CLAY STREET AiL^sL Ch| -« h «* t « rVW * 3 » o »* ««»"«»/«)
Sntter 1034— Home C 4664. San Francisco. b"x«. "eu'^i *?!h *li?ua RrsTbon: \/
—^————————————— M iBSk ¥><«# Take b» other. Doy of tout V !
j"/ ~ fg I>rnrcl«t. AsleforCUl.Circy.TEU3
roomiii2,calldciidi.xg rr DKtUUISTS EV£RY^h£R£
At residence, 1460 Page street, between \u25a0 .• • - •
7 p. m. and 8 p. m. Residence telephone' \u2666 '\u25a0 '\u25a0 : \u25a0 \u2666•
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