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Speed Demons Bare Heads in Respect
To Memory of Livingstone
ATLANTA. Ga.. Nov. 3. — A drama
new to American automobile raring
was enacted on the speedway just be
fore the start of the 100 mile race
"With the strains of "Nearer My God
to Thee" flowing from the grandstand
hand nine big racing cars lined up at
th<e starting wire, their engines stilled
for 35 minutes? while their drivers with
bared hrads waited -for the last prayer
to be said in another part of the city
at the funeral of Al Livingstone, who
was to have started In the 100 mile
race, but who was killed in practice
here two days ago. After the hymn
fher«» was a long silence, respected by
.all tb«» thousands in the inclosure.
Suddenly t !»•=» hand started a twostep,
the racing engines coughed, and Livin-
Ktone. the "king of the dirt track," had
passed forever from speedway eventj^
New -•ipe^d kings were throwing tire
olutclios into position and the big race
was on.
Joe Dawxon in a Marmon jumped
into the l*»ad and bold it for 9S miles,
when he vas nearly two minutes ahead
r>f the official American record for 100
miles for class B cars. Then a shaft
broke and he stopped at the pits for
repairs. Six miles behind were his
nearest rivals. G'lnaw's Falear and
Knigbt'g Wescott. which for more than
l*fl miles h3d been running nose and
nnp», often with scarcely an arm's
l^neth separating them. In the last
half mile G^lnaw pulled ahead' and
won by 100 yards from Knight.
. Dawson returned to race just in time
to take third' place. HHncmann'sMar
mon and Basle's Pope-Hartford, both
contenders up to the seventieth mile.
were hopelessly handicapped by bear
ing and tire trouble, respectively. Time
of winner. 1 -.26:17. 62.
The breeze which blew across the
course today chilled the drivers, and
Sports of All Sorts
Convention Theme
NEW YORK. Nov. 3.— New football,
summer baseball for collegians and the
advisability of forming athletic leagues
among the colleges and universities in
certain sections of the country are
among the Important subjects which
will come up for discussion at the fifth
annual convention of the Intercollegiate
Athletic Association of the United
States, to be held in this city beginning
December 29. A proposition to change
th*» name of the body to the National
Collegiate wthletlc association will also
be considered. .
Seventy-one universities and colleges,
representing over 100,000 students, are
n«>w members of the Intercollegiate as
sociation. It is cxpectedthat this num
ber will be increased greatly at the
December convention.
' The subject of track athletics, their
proper control, uniform rules for par
ticipants and methods of preserving
records made is being considered- by a
committee of which Professor Stagg is
the chairmajn:
PARIS, N0v.. 3. — The Prix de la Valle,
a tilling hurdle of $600, distance 1
mile 7U furlongs,- was run at Auteull
today and won" by , Pfizer' j* Vac- Victis.
The Prix de Ix>dl.,a steeplechasejiandi
cap of $900, distance 2. miles 1^ fur
longs, was won by Widener's Xahgue
de Chat. - [-_ ..%;\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0
things did not warm up until Bob Bur
man, left at the post by a quarter of
a mile in' the 10 mile free for all, got
sizzling hot under the collar. Bob's
temper was evident in his actions. He
was started finally by a daring feat
of his mechanacian, Howard Hall. Bur
man's trouble was in stopping his en
gine dead by throwing on - the high
speed too quickly.
Hall seized the cranking rod, and,
with the speed still on. gave the en
gine its first turn. His arm was
wrenched painfully by the jerk from
the engine, but this same jerk helped
to toss him to one side out of danger
as the . car leaped forward straight
toward him. Burman, still visibly agi
tated, drove madly, passing every
driver except Caleb Bragg in a Fiat
in the first mile and a half. Bragg's
engine worked badly and Burman won
The races will continue for two days
"more. Tomorrow there .will be eight
events, featured by, a 200. mile race. %
100 mile, rlass B, 001 to 450 Inches, for trophj>
and issoQ— Won by Pal (Gelnavr); Wescott
(Knight), second; Marmon (Dawson), third.
Time. 1:26:17.02.
Twelve mile xtock chassis. 161 to 230 cubic
Inches piston displacement — Won by". E-M-F
<Wltt>: AblKUf-Detroit Olontajrue Roberts), sec
ond; A blx>tt -Detroit (Mortimer Roberts),- third.
Time. 11:05.33.-
Free for all. 20 miles — Won by Marmon (Har
roun); Simplex (Mason), second; Lozier (Mul
fordi. third. Time, 1.j:20.7T. .
One mile time trials — Best time by Fiat
(3ragj:>. 41:12; Marquette-Buick (Burtan). sec
ond. 42:».%: Abbott-Detroit (Montague Roberts),
third. S.V«2. '
Ten" mile stork chassis. 231 tn 330 Inches —
Won by Marmon «Dawson>: Marmon (Helne
mann). Ffcond; Fal (Gelnaw), third. Time,
Twenty miles, stork ohasfs. 4.11 to GOO inches
—Won by Lozier ,(Mulford>: Lozler (Horan).
second: Simplex (Beardsley), . third. . Time,
}fi:13.02. -
Ten mile, free for. all — Won br Marquette-
Bulck (Burmant: SimplPx (Matson), second;
Fiat (Bragg), third. Time, 7:42.52.
San Jose Meets Santa
Clara High N Today
[Special Ditpatch to The Call]
SANTA CLARA. Nov. 3.- — What prom
ises to be one of the best Rugby foot
ball games between two high schools
will tak<? place tomorrow afternoon on
tiie S. A. A. campus between Santa. Clara
high and San Jose high school. This is
always the big game In the A. A. sub
league, because of . the rivalry -of ;- the
two teams. San Jose '- will be there in
full force with their 1,200 rooters and
band. . . V
Last year Santa Clara high .won, over
the San Jose high boys by:- the very
close, margin of 3 to 0, and, although
Santa Clara hasn't the team, of -last
year. Coach Renwlck, who has been
working hard wlth'tbe team, expresses
his opinion that the' Santa Clara backs
wiir.'win the game.
The lineup Is as follows: .
Santa (Mara — Bnrroll, ; Nye, Knhncr. Glendp'n
ninj:. Dunbar. Mo»r<\ Bradetr. 'Boulware. : Borks,
for the forwards: the hack*, are Sanders, l.*k<\
I>ra|M»r, Nr«». White and Wisp;, fullback. Steyen*.
San Jofc«^-Forwardn. RurscU..- I»«>hr, - McArtbnr;
Hnyt^if. * OTonm&r. , Spung.V Bowden. Smlthenim.
lirown: barks: - Malno. Bice. . Thomap.. Stewart,
William*; I^tr!*, " S. Brown and Townsend; full
back, RuokT. ,
lins.-, second; baseman ion .the Philadel
phia American team 1 which, recent I y de
feated thft Chicago for - the
world's championship; and -Miss -Mabel
Harriet Doan were, married"; here*,to
night by Rev. George H. Ferris at the
borne .'of "the bride," ' -"\u25a0" \u25a0\u25a0•-\u25a0•.-*- •.-<..-•- .
{Special Dispatch to The Call] \u25a0
CHICAGO, Xov. 3.— The llnive wKy of \o<re. Dame has lost the honor
that went with the winning of the western conference meet hold at
Criinnn on" June 4 last. A finding by the conference committee, that
tiro of Not re - Dame's point wlniicrs witp ineligible, wan made public
today. Ah n result. Iceland Stanford will be. awarded first pinee and \o(rc
Dame set back, probably to second. The inquiry won instituted' at the
request of the University of . California.
' The men whose points were thrown out are Dimmlek and Phllbrook,
against whom j Michigan has HI oil charges that they are ineligible to
play In .Saturday's football game nt Ann Arbor.. The conference found -
them ineligible on the' ground: that they had competed three years, before
entering the Urbnnn meet. The, two' ;nthlete* hnd given the conference
n true account of their previous athletic careers, and their eligibility.:
hineed on the standing of Whitman Collece at Walla ; AValln. AVash. At
this school the men had performed one year as freshmen and two yenm
hh preparatory students.
The conference- arbitrator. Professor ' Waldo; now of : AVashlngton
University, St. I.ouis, after a lengthy investigation reported that AVhit
man't standing was such that the competition, of the • men there/ ithould
be considered as, of two. years duration.,' Dimmlck.nnd Pbilbrook repre
sented ATotre Dame during the year IOOK-On,; and therefore had «;one the
limit nthletleally, according to conference regulations, before last June's
conference games.' ; . .
The conference association, of which Professor Allen of Northwestern
is president, cave out a statement of the case today,, and Wound up with
the death sentence for JVotre Dame's, hopes of being conoldered the best
track team in 11)10. *
I Jamestown Results . I
: —^ __ . — _: ».
NORFOLK, Va., Nov. 3. — As a. result
of the rain of this morning the James
town races today were run over a
heavy track. The talent did not seem
to be able to; pick'- the winners, as
favorites went down to defeat' in a
majority of .the events. There were
fairly good fields. - : •
First race. 7 furlongs — Dress Parade, 1 to 3,
won; Laughing Kyos. 0 to 1. second; Tempter,
4 to 1, third. Tlnje.;' 1:32 3-5.
Third race, hurdle handicap, about two miles-
Essex. ."? to 1. • won: Expansionist, 8" to 5, rpc
on«l: JudjreCronln. 3 to 'J, third. Time, 4:12.
Fourth race, six furlongs — M. L. Littleton, 9
"to 5,-- won ;. Babbler, 2 to 1, second; -Cap*lze. 12
to l; third. Time. 1*16 .1-6. '
Fifth race, ••seven .furlonge— Silverinc, 6 tnl,
won; Chief .Hayes. 3 to 5, second; Radium
Star. 15 to 1, third.; Time. 1:323-3. \
Sixth race, mile and. sixteenth — Gay De
ceiver 2 tn l.won: Captain Swanson, 3 to 1,
second; Dixie Knight, 4 to .1. third. Time,
1:33. - -
'NEW HAVEN. Conn., N0v.. 3.— 1t is
possible that in the game with Brown
here Saturday Yale will .be without the
services of the only twerveteran play
ers-of the team.
Kilpatrick, who" was injured yester
day, Is / s.uff eri n g . from a bad muscle
strain In the side. \u25a0J'- v ;
The other veteran. Captain Dal?, has
not been in any of the scrimmages of
the week because of a strain. \u0084
The aggregation of- local -Rugby ex
ponents led by Track': Captain i ßellahi
who : were' defeated by ;a. small; score
by Santa Clara last J Saturday, went . to
San Jose yesterday and" beat- the' Uni
verslty'of theVPaclfic by-a'scoreiof 6
to, 0. *"Babe"^ Crawford. s the; famous
Stanford forward of last year; is coach-
Ing the Methodists. \u0084
;"Bob" French defeated Ernest Lehner
last night in- the. closest and -most in
teresting game of the class' 1 B- balk
line tournament- at .-.Wright's billiard
theater.the score standing 200 to- 197
at the end of the fifty-third inning.
High run.v French; 31. Lehner .-15; aver
age 3 4-5. ' The next- game; will; be
played on .Monday . when"; the
finals will be started.^ and Brunner.
Chaman and Doctor Burns will fight it
out for first money." '
It is, doubtful; if iiSchaupp will be In
condition to make 'a? final \u25a0* trial i for. the
Stanford' team. ;_". Two weeks \u25a0 ago
Schaupp was . among • who \ were
conceded t ta. have a> particularlyibright
chance ' forfi.; place; ln>the forward "di
vision, butin a practice} game .he was
:ihjured";and*a 'tendon iiilhis ankle -se
verely, vwrenched.v VHe has; been" on"
•crutches : for : sometime. -~j />.-- ;'
Following Is the. schedule of amateur
ball games for next. Sunday:
Mission Merchants ts. -Owl Drug Company, at'
Balboa park.
Moss Beach' vs. University of California,' at
Bei-kploy. . ' \ :
Clarke n.rps vs.' Hale Brothers. * at SeTenth and
Harrison ' streets. '- - : . .
Farallones vs. Elmhurst. at Highland park.
<.mne Company vs. (Jas Workers/ at play
jrrounds. . .
Tolicemen vs. Bay Shore Greens, at Ix>bos
square. •
I'lroinon vs Prosidio. at Presidio.
Rincon Hills vs. Monarch*, at Twentr-thlrd
avenue Btation.
Fort : McDowell vs. Bobemlanß. .»t Fifty-sev
enth and Grove streets.
GrxHlj-ears vs. Collegians, .at St. Mary's col-
Ipjjp. . " . .' \u25a0 . ',
WPlls-Fargo vs. Taylor Lumber ' Company, at
Alanirdfl. ,
Kentfleld vs. Kast Itichmond, at East Uich
mond. '\u25a0:
. BuffHloes vs. Callfornians, at Army and Mis
sion streets. • .... :
Haijrlit Street Merchants vs. St.. Joseph's acad
emy, at Berkeley. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.' , .•-.•• .
t , Ued wood Club vs. Tourists, a t Petaluuia.
Sequoias vs. BRSs-Henters. tat Mill Valley. ,
Ashland vs. EmeryvillP.at Eoieryvillc. * ,
Key Routes vr. Turkey Red?, at Presidio. .
Brnley-GrotesTys. Bohemians, - at' Fifty-seventh
and Grove streets. . \u0084
Senates vs. Lincoln Park. aU Lincoln park. \u25a0-
Carroll & Til tons vs. Booth Crp|cfnts, at Free
man's park. .
Tribunes vs. Raspillers, Ktßerkelor.
'-.\u25a0\u25a0DevisHdero .Street Merchants' vs. .Sonera Jun
iors, at Sonora.'
•Columbia Tark vs. Frultvale, at-Frultvale.
Southern Heights vs. Acmes', at Golden Gate
: Phoenix vs. Peerless Coffee, at St. - Mary's col
Twenty Fleet Hounds
Meet on Sunday,
\u25a0-The coursing program for next Sun
day., afternoon -at - Ingleside was made
up, last night : and -20; of .the..b est, dogs
In .training "were drawn to •: compete: in
the open stake. : Most v of. these have
been dividing: 'the .prizes for ;• several
months past, and' a; good*, day's sport : is
looked :for. . ..;-"-'... > .
; Following is the program: '
True Winp vs. Miss Hudcrni;- I.lttl? Ert ts;
Oaltlmore. Younc Pasha* vs. Oertrude, The, Limit
v^. Mttlr> AVfdßewood. "Miiss. Luxor tp. Blark
blrd, Hold Musk t?. Georgetown. \u25a0 pprnlta 'B«'.v
vs. Turkpy's Bc-st.' Tom , Finn ts. Scamp.' Union'
Label vs. Tpddy Blue,' Mj-rtleys. Master Bishop.
;. GENEVA, .S.: _y_, .'Nov. '." 3.— Vincent
Mu]vey,jleft end on ;the/GenevaV:high
school/team- is in Ta; hospital here; with
a fractured hrpa.stbonn]as the resultCof
injuries^received- \u25a0 yesterday' in'; a' scrim
mage.wlth; the, Hoba'rt: college: team.'lle
tackled ! a ;~Hobart ,;playery. who \u25a0 fell'; in
sticli 'hL-^ manner -'thatch is^ knees were
pressed "J agal ristl; Mill ve'y's ~ clfe'st: -V Mil I -;
.vey . continued} playing;? for," some "time*
bef ore ; he: f eltUhe; effects< of ; ; the injury.
\u25a0'-'\u25a0,;- " •'\u25a0'-: \u25a0 :. •\u25a0\u25a0 . .-- •!•\u25a0.•\u25a0>\u25a0\u25a0 :-"':'.; < \u25a0 -•'\u25a0'
Sagebrushers Expect to Give
Blue and Gold Fifteen a
Hard Tussle
The Nevada university Rugby team
will arrive in the city this morning.
Theteam is to j^lay the California var
sity, tomorrow- afternoon ami will be
out for light practice this afternoon' on
California field. The sagebushers have
generally afforded a surprise to the
Calfornia teams in every game played.
Last '.year .the team was only defeated
inthe last few minutes of play by Cal
ifornia and their showing; all through
the preliminary . games 'in- Reno was
the sensation of last year's footballs
This year the team has not run up
such large scores as- last season, but
has a good record. . The Stanford var
sity played the Nevadans at Reno and
couldionly get the verdict by 8 to 0.
It .will .be interesting' to see just what
showing-- the Nevadans can make
against;the ; California varsity team. •,
The men making the trip from Reno
are accompanied by Manager Kennedy
and Coach Mayers. B The complete team
is as;follows: V
. Fullback — Ci«rtln. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0••> Thrpe-quartprs— Fletcher,
Charles,. Mol'hail, • Flvp-pisrlith«—Harbaugh.-Del
nhidP." Halfback — Kennedy. Forwards — Captain
I.ieavitt, . Ilennett, Harriraan. Spencer. Pu Bois.
Markay. Jepson,/ Settlcmcyer, Finney, Randall,
Cafferetta. ' L .
.The record attendance at the annual
football game between California and
Stanford is assure^" for Saturday week.
With ;' the -exception of a. few hundred
of the cheaper seats every, seat in the
enlarged bleachers; has been sold. The
total seats for the game this year will
be 'about' and "with standing
roo f m' for' more.tlian .3,000 . the largest
attendance .ever; seen on local fields
will be present.
San, Jose hisrh school and the 1 Santa
Clara, high, team wlllplay off their fix
tures today; a.t Santa : Clara. This, is
one of the. games arranged in the cham
pionship series of the Peninsula league.
'. -'. .-»' •.*.'. •*"?•-'-' * ."': \u25a0--• . i \u25a0-' . ' ' \u25a0
Enthusiasm for the varsity. 1 game is
assuming large proportions at . both
California and Stanford, and . nothing
is spoken^of on the campuses ;at? Berke
ley and Palo' Alto but the- game.' \- The
rooting sections are hold ing.; bleacher
rallies nightly and the- different; songs
and features for the ; game are being
diligently' rehearsed. Each "section] has
some' new songs to spring and this
feature of the game promises to be of
greater interest^than ever before.
'.Stan Mitchell- has now fully recovered
frorn";the effects of his accident at Reno
a; few^; weeks ago and will' probably
take his place on the varsity team
against ;the Olympic team tomorrow
afternoon: - . . __ _
.;; Watts <of California also sustaineSTa
slight; injury some' days ago. but his
injured! kneefis; now; well on the > road
to »_and> he *- will be in fine
.shape ; for :tbe.game. ~; ;
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Entire String of Successful Turfmen
to Race at Emeryville
Henderson and Hogan. the well
known Kentucky owners,- have chanced
their plans and will race their entire
string at the, Emeryville track. This
means that they will" have the most
extensive stable' in California.
Originally It was. announced that a
part of the stable would be sent to
Juarez in charge of "Miller Henderson
and that the other division would come
west with some other trainer, probably
Lee Christy. Jack Keene brought
word that the stable would be shipped
to California. Three • carloads will
come to the Oakland track, while an
other will go direct to Santa Anita
track at Los Angeles. ..,
In the latter shipment are yearlings
that will be fitted for the juvenile
races to be run after January 1. The
Kmeryvllle consignment will consist
mainly of older horses, there being
only six yearlings'. in' the lot.
When- Keene arrived at, the track he
made arrangements to secure stabling
accommodations for the extensive
string. Keene said yesterday that the
cars for shipment of part of the stable
to Juarez were already at the siding
at Lexington, when he convinced; Mil
ler Henderson - that it would «be ad
visable to bring all the horg.es to .Cali
fornia. * . . *^fj
The owners also arranged with J. N.
Camden and J. O. Keene to allow them
second call on • the services /of A.
Thomas, the clever- colored lightweight.
There.a re some high class.perform
ers in the Henderson "and Hogan sta
ble.- Many ot them raced on the met
ropolitan tracks during • the summer
* months. \ There are a number of 2
year olds 'that will; soon be ready to
face the barrier. ,<
Miller Henderson was at Los An
gajes two_- seasons ago- .with a small
string. This will be theffirst time the
stable colors will be seen at Emery
ville. , ' *
Jack Keene- said, yesterday that
Rome Reapess. one of the best known
turfmen in the country, would-be rep
resented at, the Oakland track. He ar
ranged with- Keene. to handle a few
horses that he will ship from Latonia
with some other owner.. ,It .is also
-Hkeljr that a few other owners will
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such .troubles as rrheumatism. nerv- V -'**•• ** \u0084?-,.
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evid^ce of weakness in men' and [Address ..,......;
decide to ship west when the Ken
tucky season closes.
Keene haa a high regard for the
ability of A. Thomas as a rider and
says he has greatly improved since
leaving California.
T. 11. Ryan has arrived at Emery
ville with a string of nine performers.
The well known owner raced on the
tracks of the Intermountain circuit
during the summer and adeffd to hfa
stable. Galvesca Is one of the stars
in the string.
Joe Rose says that among the many
visitors who will come from Npw York
for the season will be Ike Hakelberg.
one of the best known members of the
Metropolitan turf association.
-- Tn an Interview in New York "Curly"
Brown denied the report that he would
not act as manager at Jacksonville
during the coming season. He declared
that he was £till the manager and as
such would exercise full authority.
.». ! .+.
Latonia Results
LATONIA. Nor. 3.— A1l Red npiet alt calcula
tion* In the Laurel scllinjr stake* nt Ij«t«->ia
to«lar by winning in impressive fanlitrm from
Melisande. the hearily played farorite. by a
I«»nsth. The rare wa< marred by a bad utar?.
Prtnee <ial belnc practically Wr at the pnnf.
Mellsande led until the final sixteenth, wben lie
began to tire. ;'• "V
First race, fir? and n half fur!»nes — Dulv>i>i.
straight $8.30, won: Ramazxn. place $r>. serr.-ni;
Plain Ann. show ?.">.lf>. tbird. T'.mp. l:fis 3-3.
Second rare. Bti> ant% a half fBrtoDC* — V.
I'ower». <tra'Kht 5i0.40. won: Appl<» Prin^^.
place ?23.9«\ second; Freckle, show $.50.40, thlrrl
Time. l:0S-2-r..
Thinl r»<n». mile ami a furlong — Third. Rail,
stratght $7.!M>. won: (jneen Marsnerita. p!»»-«
5.1.60. *efr.nd: Nethermost. ss»vnr ?2.!>«». thinl
Time. 1:5.".
Fourth race, the Lanrel !»t)ike«. six furlong*--
All Re<l. straislit |H\2o. r.on: Metisanrte, pl ;| ci»
?-'!.."0. second: T>>m Maywarrt/ nhoxr $3.10. th'nl
Time. 1:13 •".-".
Fifth ra«-p. one ml'e -Star Charter, strsidit
$n.TO. won: Siilney K. pla«-f S2AO, second; liHe
wel-is. show 92JRO-, tbtnl. Time. l:4i> 1-5.
Sixth race. miJp' ami 7rt yanlsk — H«»Tirr Ilntch
ln.«on. straight kZT.Sft. won; ImpriHlont. plarn
$5..%0, second: Finy Mary, show S.;.4rt- thirrf
Time. 1:14 5-5.

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