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Promoter Coffroth Completes
Program With Amateur and
Professional Entertainers
Sprinters, Baseball Players,
Wrestlers, Boxers and Sta^e
Favorites Promise Stunts
The monster bomtH j.erfoniisimo at
the Auditorium next Thurmlav pyonine;
jmv*s promise ..f attracting; a record"
«rowd from persons in ev*ry walk ««f
life. Promoter Jameu \V. rv»rrrr.th. win.
lias taken «harpo pf this Rteat show.
«*\p*»cts that it will realize several
tliouysnd d<«llHr!= for Hjo orpha?is who
wrro burned out «>f their home w4ien
Mount St. Joseph*- asylum was do
ftrfiypd by fire thr*'o wt-eks ajro."
Aft*>r several days of luird. rons-ri
«"ntfn-js work, Oof Froth has about enm
p!«»te<j th«> projrram. One erinnf*- at this
in enough to oonvinoo all a/Jmirerjs of
sniHteur and professional f-ports and
high class vaudeviU#» that it is worth
many times the 50 i-ents a.^ked for ad-
E*-«ry athloir, amateur /wid profejs- >
finn*l, who was asked to aid the I
\u25a0worthy oaase volunteered without a !
second's hesitation. The same can «lsr»j
>>«\u25ba paid of Th«» theatrical folk. They'
wcr* all zrlarl t<> <io what they could
Ktid each of them promised to even **x-i
i*>nd himself in order to make th*» pro-:
pram all the more interesting:, as well'
en *»xfitingr.
The nißtoh race between four of the
speediest sprinters in the Ooast league
stands out as one of the prominent
f*»«tures of the program. Thp men wlio
\u25a0^ !11 take part are Magpart and Hogan
of Oakland an<j Vitt stud Madden of
s«n Francisco. TJie diFtanre will be j
10ft yards and the rrjfn .jrill wear the
r.ew patent rubber spikes to prevent
Them from slipping.
The thousands of n*T£oii«? who have
been attending the baseball games all
season hay« long been awaiting a
«-hance to see these speedy runners in
nation. On several occasions, arrange
ments were made to bring; them .to
gether in a match race, but for some
reason or other these plans invariably
fell through. It remained for Coff
roth 10 bring about the match.
This proposed speed contest has
*tirr»>d up Interest among all the fol
lower? of the game. L,ast night Henry
B.*rry. manager of the Los Angeles
baseball team, bet $100 with Ed Wal
ters, president of the Oakland <lub. that '
Vitt would beat Hopan. Over in Oak
land they think that Hogan is the
fastest man in the league, while all the
San Francisco fans believe that Vitt
ran tak«* his measure.
The accurate throwing, contest is an
«nh»r act whicß should prove close and |
«>x<MUng. Maggart. Vitt, Madden, Ho- 1
Ran, McArdle and Mitze will take part j
in this. The distance will be 121 feet
fi inches, just the same as from the'
home plate to second base. All these |
men are accurate throwers and the!
contest promises !to be very close.
Handsome cups will 1»p given the win- j
n»r of each of th^sc baseball contests, )
The two wrestling contests for the
amateur welter weight and lightweight
< l-smpionships of the coast should
pr«v# very exciting. In the welter
\u25a0weight affair Herbert Duncan and Carl
Thias will meet, and H. F. Kolb and E.
V. Baraty will contest for lightweight
Each bout will be decided on the
hpst two out of three falls, under the
strict rules of the Pacific amateur as
sociation. John A. Hammersmith and
<*!isrles T. Krelling, the prominent
Olympic club men and authorities on
the sport, will referee the contests.
Th«> special 75 yard dash will bring
together th«> fastest bunch of sprinters
•jn the coast. The entry list includes
Snedigar of the Olympic club. Rogers
of I,l'ck school. Claudius of the Uni
versity of CaJifornia. Starrett of St.
Marys college and Meding of the United
States army.
These men have never faced each
other in a lik» event, and it goes with
out saying that th« finish will be close
snfi exciting.
Thr^e w«*ll known athletes are en
t»r«vl in the shotput. They are Pnedi
gar and Wallflsch of the Olympic club
atid Scott of the University of Cali
fornia. This trio is. very proficient in
th* art of hurling the heavy weight,
fviA much rivalry exists between each
of its members.
The potato race -will furnish the fun
of the evening. This event has the
largest list of entries of any on the
program. All the members of the
-peedy Olympic club Rugby football
team will compete. The members are
mm follows: Gooddell. McKenzie, Wall
flsch. "Webster. Miller. Dolan. Sharp,
Laint, I^aum«ister. Trowbridge. Haley.
Fhov. Meyer. Parker. and Aguierre. AH
these m^n are experts at the potato
rac* game.
AH of the field events will be ref
rreed by Joseph R. Hickey and r'rank
Foran. two of the best known athletic
members of the Olympic club.
Battlinfr Kelson promlses*To show the
crowd how he "came back" when he
takes part la tn«» three round sparring
exhibition with Eddi« Dennis, the
champion amateur feather weight of
the coast. »lson is anxious to make
* tcooH showing on that particular oc
casion and he will overlook no oppor
tunity to show the crowd that he is
still the "Durable Dane."
In addition there will be another
three round exhibition between '[One
Round" Hogan and Johnny Frayne.
Ifoiran is known as the best four round
lightweight in the country, while
Frayne. recently returned- from New
Orleans, where he fought 10 round
draws with Owen Moran. the noted
British lightweight, and Harlem Tommy
Murphy, looked upon as one of the
cleverest men in the American ring
Antone la Grave, the young boxe.r
from Butchertown who made such a
wonderful showing against Nelson last
Monday night, has also volunteered his
services. He is willing- to box. any
man whom Coffrotii picks out for him
and it is likely that the promoter will
arrange a bout for Lia Grave come
time today. This will complete a great
fistic card. > - •
Kddie Smith.. the famous referee, will"
officiate In on* contest and John T.
Clark, one of the best .known sporting
men in the country, will referee the
Through the kindness of John Mor
rlssey, the Wigwam theater and the
Chutes, Coffroth has been enabled", to
•VotV- for 1 all t'onstltutional amend :
ment* and 'secure the Panama-Pacific
•xpoßition ror California - — -
Athletes and Vaudeville Performers
Will Assist Mount St. Joseph's Asylum
Some of the enter tamers rvho will appear at the Auditorium Thursday evening at monster benefit for orphans.
assure the crowd of, a- theatrical' treat,
one that will be worth going miles to
Gilson and Tolan.. the renowned
sketch team, will be there :to entertain
the crowd for several minutes, thanks
to Morrissej-s efforts. They will- be
followed by Arthur Itoftus, the noted
tenor and I-ester Raymond, the great
acrobatic juggler. Morrlssey also ar
ranged for their appearance.
Then there will be the Bestyet trio,
which starts its tour on the Orpheum
circuit next week, tlice and Provost,
the knockabout clown performers from
the Wigwam, will have a few new
stunts for the crowd.
William Kidd Nelson, the American
Caruso, well known to all"" the local
clubmen, will sing several, songs and
also toll some of the funniest stories
at his command and he generally has
quite a stock of them on hand.
Bat Nelson- started the ball rolling
out at the baseball park yesterday
afternoon when he sold more than $100
worth of tickets in a. short time. From
present indications the Auditorium will
be Hold out hpfore the first event com
mences Thursday evening.
Tickets may be had at The Gall of
fice and the Palace md St. Francis
hotels. The price is a mere nothing.
SO cents. i£~/% ' --
Berkeleyans Active in the In-
ternational Cause
BERKELEY; Nov. 6.— An interna
tional peace movement~"w'iU be started
in Bprkeley at the meeting of the
North Berkeley improvement, club to
morrow night. Cyrus Street, a former
member of the improvement club, who
has been traveling in the east for two
years as the accredited representative
fit several leading peace societies of
the nation, has ; returned, to Berkeley,
and will address the flub on the
movement in general and his work 1 for
the cause.
.The North; Berkeley improvement
club will meet in the store' at the cor
ner of .Vine street and Shattuck ave
nue. i
The action taken by the club is fol
lowing-out the movement, indorsing
international peace agitation, which
was begun In Berkeley, some time ago.
Last . year the northern California
peace society offered a prize of $50. f0r
the best discussion- of \u25a0"' international
peace by a student of the University
of California. This year the discussion
will be held in Hearst hall Novem
ber IS.
Plymouth Congregational In-
vites Rev. R. W. Rogers
R*v. ,Ro.bert W. Rogers, has been
called from: Petaluma ; to_ Plymouth
Congregational church in this city. He
will be welcomed by the local congre
gation, which has been- without a pas
tor since .January.
Plymouth church membership dwind
led after the fire. Rev. I. C. Meserve,
the last'Jn- charge, resigned.^ AVhen a
committee . composed", of Morris. .' Mar
cus, chairman. S. F. Buff ord,\J.*. A. Mills
and Dr.' Albert Wheeler, discussed vari
ous candidates : for u their f pulpit, they
unanimously" recommended Dr. Rogers.
Formal action was taken onthe com
mittee's choice yesterday morning.
Youth's Leg Is Broken by Fall
to Pavement
OAKLAND. Xovre:— Cii ester Jordan,
a 14 ycarold' schoolboy llviiif? at 5412
Essex street, in the annexed territory,'
was run down by, an east bound street
car ins.Eist "'Fourteenth street. Fitch
burgr, this mornlngV sustaining a broken
rigrht leg. Made unconscious by the col
lisionr-»Jordan was not : ablo iitoj tell
whether- he was hit- by a car or an
automobile. Witnesses ,of the accident
say he was caught ma jam of vehicles
and -was -hurled "from his seat when a
streetcar, in. front of; which he; rode,
struck the hack '.wheel' of his cycle. - r _
, - OAKLAKD, , Nov. { 6.— The .'socialist!"
closed: their, state campaign stonight5 tonight in
Oakland, with a streetjparade of men
and' women/ followed * by -admass t meet
ing at Rice -institute* hall,"* .-at,* which
'J."= Stitt Wilson, the, sbcialist^candidate
for. Koyernor, - was - the -; principal
speaker. 1 , ; —
.THE SAN ' FMNGiSfcb-q^Lg^lONgAY; 'yd^Mßfiß -X- MM
Song and Prayer Service at
Temporary Home of Moifnt
St Joseph's Asylum
The. joyous voi(?es of 307 reunited
orphans were lifted- in -thanks yester
day-forthe shelter and comfort whiclv
a generous public has afforded the lit
tle ones burned out of their home at
Mount St. Joseph's ov,phan asylum four
weeks. ago.. In song and prayor the
tots joined in a thanksgiving "service
at which a benediction was read by
Father Hannigan of the cathedral. .
The day was "one of reunion., of
thanks, of keen gratitude, enjoyed and
participated in not only by the chil
dren themselves but by parents, guar
dians'and friends who had received
word from the presiding sister that
the new home Avoukl be open to all
While the large structure at Ellis
and. Franklin streets is yet somewhat
cheerless -and barren of many com
forts, there was. a genuine hospitality
offered by the sisters and their charges
and all through'the great halls and
spacious rooms of the place the happy
laughter of the children could be
.heard.^ \ O-"'",' '- -/' s '
Father Hannigan, who_ has been
deeply" interested in the work of the
orphanage.^sent an organ to the little
improvised chapel yesterday, where
the service was held. .
During, the morning and until late
in the day little blue gowned ligures
were- constantly crowded at th,e door
of the new home, waiting for the fa
miliar face and the soft voice, in most
cases, of "mother." Up the stone steps
a constant parade of rne'ri and women
trooped with-sweets; clothing.'toys and
the inevitable doll that speaks . and
sleeps and weeps, with-, a broken saw
dust heart. . :'.
'\u25a0 It \yas;like-a. great Christmas yes
terday, with all 'the \u25a0liberty in the
world permitted- to children, and rela
tives. ' Numbers, were taken out. into
the fresh airin 'carriages'and autoriio
biles, to return to a hearty, wholesome
dinner with their small companions. |
Yesterday's •\u25a0 thanksgi\-ing \u25a0 1 service,
participated in ;by FatherV Hannigan,
.was a formal "expression '-'from- the - or
phanage and 'its charges 'pf .the: great
.debt of gratitude it) owes th© \ public
for its resporise to tile 1 * call 'I for aidl
Just - how.' mum will . be 'realized Is " not
known yet. as all the has • not
been turned in." -;r; r ". . * '
A wise expenditure ."-of the furnish
ing funds has. resulted '.already, in mak
ing the children comfortable and -af
fording, them ample J protection L against
the wet and cold of th^. winter.^; Beds,
"clothing, ••: clothes and : , furnishings; have
been p\irchased in quantities,": and the
routine , so rudely;'; interrupted ; ;by.. ; the
fire rrias been : completely ;:reßtoYed. If
the present building was and
cv rta iried ; a nd ' a* f ew ; : cngravi n gs] placed
about': the- now bare^walls,". there would
be-every evidence.of comfort and con
tentment. \u0084 . —^ :' ' ,
': •: Sister "Helena,! who-'is^in ; charge 'of \u25a0
the "home., has- already>;.re-establißhed;
the regular school fwork'^of "the^chil
dren/; Great' assistance 1 has been, given
by the various (Catholic.Ma dies' raid-Tsbjv
cieties .and sodalities.; in \u25a0forwarding^ to*
Sis ter J" .Helena / a . great . quantity, ;X of
clothing, f This; has -saved ; not ! .'only ;the"
money; which • such .clothing would cost,'
bu t " the ; time and * trouble j which Swould ;
have -taken 'attention from matters of
"greater moment." . V '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- '\u25a0'\u0084 '\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'.- '- ;;
;^Through' the? eatire^work of : bring
ing the :». orphans back to their/ home 'i
Sister : Helena ~ : has worked iwith '-, great
patience; andfr, good- --judgment,- and
though--, greatly^. wearied by,. : the effort,
smilingly though; it is prob-,
able r -thaUshe v . -a temporary,
leave' " of '•; absence <V from 7 the home
shortly^*;* ;" r ";-.*! :'"\V'. ; , : '. ft \u25a0'\u25a0' \u25a0'
For Infants and Cliildreh. :,
The 'Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature of v^ol _ jfTl f\fc&fr£t&li£
Graduates Fear the -'Law Would
Eliminate Income of
: BERKELEY, Nov. 6.—Action-oppos
ing the proposed^ state, .constitutional
No. 1;* which; is to be .voted
-on Tuesday, was taken at.' a meeting of
the alumni "council of J the' Uriiv'ersit'y
of 'California; 'held In 'California /hall
last.n ight./ ; .'.: ,"v:,- '\u0084.'" j.--'' r -/-.-; ,K':-'\:~
;A statement declares' that the law
would'cut off the ''\u25a0university's present
source of revenue. The. members pres
ent were President James ; IC. Moffitt,
Prof. O. K. McMurray, Dr. Wallace I.
Terry, .Frank jQtls", Max Thelen and
Milton T. Farmer. - •
The statement follows:
The , alumni council of -the Univprsity of'Cali'
fornia deems that the .tbreateuecV -situation in
resrard to the finances of the un I verity If consti
tutional 1 amendment No. 'I is adopted -demands
public explanation.' '. : L*
.There is no doubt that the amendment -rill
repeal the present statute providing the, annual
three cent . tax on "each hundred - dollars of.as
seFßcd valuation -of. the property in tao. state.
Tilts tar is the backbone of . the uniT-erSity » in
come. -:Tbe '.amendment repeals all \u25a0ad .valorem
taxes, and this tax Is manifestly an ad ralorem
tax.-. ' .-.--\ : " •\u25a0• .'\u25a0 :.- ; ;;'.;. • \u0084 '. :'.. - \u25a0
It hasbeen claimed that the three cent tax Is
protected by this sentence: "Nothing herein
contained shall affect any tax Ictlp.l or afsessed
prior to the adoption of this s=ectl.»a: and all
laws.in relßtioo to -such taxes In . force Ht the
time of the adoption of thUseiition shall remain
in force until changed by. the lcKlfilarure."" The
construction- Of this - sentence.- plainly- Is> • this:
The first clause protect!" taxes -'now lened of
BRse«!>ed"— that is. taxes for the" present fiscal
year. . The clave following refers by .its gram
matical construction to * '•such.:, taxes", that if,
taxes for the present fiscal year. Ko other con
struction canY be given to- the. clause; without
leadinc-to manifest absurdity. -> > :.
- While the cosncil do#«« not desire to take sines
on thin matter -It is nevertheless of the opinion
that. It state the "facts incre^rd^to the
effee ,of he amendmenf on ; the ; reTenues lof thf
university, for the reason that : sf atements have
been nUde.by Fjrofe.ssnr PJehn and other* to the
effect .that .the amendment-will not disturb the
three cent tax. .The fact is that tax will be re
pealed by uepassHge of .the amendment.
,- Airship racing isdangerous sport, but
some of us just can't resist the tempta
tlonrto-butt into'the highflyer, class..; ;
-\u25a0 There ,aYe about '2oo; births annually
on ships trading to or '-from" 1 British
ports. . .. .. i *>'£ ;f . *; - -x- . -\-- ':':-\u25a0:\u25a0'
i* it : doesn't . tJlke" a plated
long: to tarnish.. \u25a0••\u25a0:-..--- % \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-.. '-'\u25a0\u25a0:
Beautify Your Home
I vFrani'ed/Piotures of merit,' selected -
\u25a0 with- care from the" largre -/; stock;
"shown by 'us "'will- accomplish ; won-,
'derfulf reiults~*ln^brightening' -up -a !
; home.. - There ;' are -many, little , gems ;
our. moderate . prlces^tbat- attract-
and 'hold the \u25a0admiration j of people of « ;
; tast# and refinement. -We >-ant you to
see them:. they will interestyou, too." ;
> The "Portals \u25a0of t he, ; . Fast,- a * new
picture, in- sepia, \u25a0 that "will 'interest
\u25a0every:-loj'al-San'Franciscan,'is now on"
.'display,'. in'. sizes 5x7 at U3c, up to 30x\
HO inches. 'X «;*,, ;v»"; v»" \u25a0\u25a0'•- : '-*-* \u25a0 ;'v: -•:;- : •\u25a0'•"-\u25a0 : . >
. \u25a0 New 'Fall importations ,-in- your.v our.
.Framed ' Picture Department are now!
abeing shown. ',-;=•\u25a0 .-\u25a0\u25a0".'.• ." : .."\u25a0 : "
i.* c ; Country/ Deal*rJ»-^-Newj Holiday^;
iGbodsrin our f Wholesale JDepart-r:
; ment \u25a0 are -.ready".' for, inspection.;' \u25a0
(< XTrunks? Suit Cases, s etc.; 'Artists.*, atid t
f Architects" ; Materials; -Blank s Book^,*
; Ledgers \u25a0:\u25a0•: and - \u25a0 all ,*; Office s- Supplies ; I
:TwinlockiLooseleaf« Systems;^ Shaw-;
jWalkeraFillnsr j Cabinets; Marshall :
:$l r Fountain •: Pen -? and ' RegaF $1.50;
; Self-FiUlng:; Fountain -Pen. .• ; •
\u25a0755 ? MISSIONS ST^ >Bet.~=3d find 4th
\u25a0 :\u25a0\u25a0 \:r One^Block of , Market; Str- ' -; :>
W. t. Hi||o|i^iil|iic
At residence,nl46o Page 'etreet; between
7-p. m.'and 8 p.^m. Residenc«. telephone
: Park;2797.',^ : ly;;;. \u2666 ;.^,,-"..-^Ci" '•\u25a0'-%-: '» /\u25a0\u25a0
i^-->.''-^.^.^.:r- ; >•
* r— Don't '-\u25a0 Worry ;r>lt; r >It ?Doesn r t * Pay— { ?
Method of Fuel Consumption Is
Kept Secret, but Insures
Great Speed
[Special Cable to The Call]
LONDON, Nov. 6.— The Cunard. line's
order to a Scottish shipyard for a new
mammoth liner to be of about the same
lerigrth as the new White Star steamers,
the Olympic and the Tetanic, but trith
greater steani^and larper tonnage and
of about Ithe same speed, shows that
the speedy Mauritania type* of. ocean
Carrier has not proved entirely success
ful, despite the heavy booking of pas
sengers of both the Mauritania and
the Lusitania. . • -'•\u25a0''\u25a0
' It Is said that the coal consumption
is" too big an item for profit in the
case -of the -Alauretania "and also • in
thai of the Lrusitania.": Kach burns at
top speed about 1,200 tons of coal every
24 hours.'
The greatest secrecy- is beinff ; ob
served respecting the, machinery of the
new craft*. ' but according- V to report
from-the Clyde it will develop. its speed
through a new method -,of "- fuel con
sumption showing an astonishing sav
ing'of expense. The system*' to J be
adopted^has been worl^d' out success
fully _> through a series- of; experiments,
demonstrating its economy. "U'hether It
is oil fuel or internal combustion with
a- sparker is unknown. . '\u25a0•;>\u25a0;
FALLS FROM CAR^-rln allghtlnsr from a- street.
.car rat ' Second •• avenue and •H " street Frits
>layer 12W Ninth aTcnu^,' fell and, probably
fractured his skull." He was taken, to the park
- emergency hospital." , ,\u25a0' \u25a0 \u25a0 . . ,
[} \u25a0\u25a0 "Holsum^ -''was designed to displace ordinary bread, to please the
"extremist, to tempi; tbe appetite of men, and to spare women the discomfort
the place of IHeav^^ Unwholesome, Home Baked i
Bread Stuffs. .It has met all .; these^ reqmrements ; and more^— it has produced
'\u25a0/) la^ habit wtiich^taxes Jthe capacity^bf 'our ovens to supply.
' : y\ '\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0V ,If you "\u25a0don't^ care for ordinary bread, or wpuld like better bread than
you are now getting,
Buy "HOLSUiyi"
'It is different from anything you have ever tasted, and so delicious that you
\u25a0 % can|t help likingit fHolwun" is sold in large; close-grained ten cent loaves v ;
;^.?:Vvwhiciii'ciit'inp«intb^BHces : so''neat and dainty that they make a dressy table. '..-\u25a0'-
v < ' f -?y. >,: -' Selecting/ "HoUunV* -will banish -not bake-day drudgery from your . .
\u25a0i J ;; -life and meanVa term of "coqifort and enjoyment. It is delivered* fresh, sweet-
and {brown^ in a dainty of special waxed paper.
": • Get: tfie "Holiuin" Habit; Y6^;g
i V»^ Than YOUR
Baked ;by Younglofe Swaih Baking ";Co..\ : -^,
Amateur Vaudeville Perform
ance Is Followed by the
~ Annual Ball
ISpeiial Dispatch to The C«/Z]"
KENTFIET..D, Nov.S.— The clubhouse
of Tamalpals center was thronged with
Marln. county's most fashionable set
last evening, when the annual hTTTvest
dance and entertainment was held un
der the auspices of the Woman's club.
Soft lights from' fantastic goblin lan
terns cast a warm glow over richly
gowned "women. Weird • looking owls
blinked with candlelit eyes from th*
overhead beams. The walls were green
With bought-.
Before the dance a number of" tal
ented members of the grave
9 vaudeville show. Miss Alice Hanner
reviewed little girls in uniform, who
performed a' difficult flasr drill. Mrs.
Sidney Barclay, in a monologue, was
• followed by Mies Victoria Orr's dancers,
a , dozen young women who executed
harvest dances. .The Misses Edith and
Jane Sherwood completed the perform
ance with musical selections.
Among .those present were the,fol
Mr. «n<l'Mrf. K. L. Mr. «nd Mrs. J. E.
Merwla ' < W* Vb
Pe«n Brunt Bridler Mr. and ' Mrs. H. G.
A. V. XAtmt . Cnnnlnjthun
Judge Thomas J. Lennon Mr. and Mr*. .Genrge
Mr. »b«1 Mr». W. J. • K»ta .
Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. H. Ter
n . and Mrs. Gfor)f« pieman
Mengola Mr. «n«l Mr«.L. JP. Bo*
W.ratt AllPn * Miss EUzaN»th Par«on»
Mr. and Mr*. P. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. F. B.
Oporge E. Bennett Pawy-r -• _
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mr. and Mrs. J. K>
DolllTer . . . Armsl>y- \u25a0 . .
Mr. and Mr«. M. East- Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
. man - ' Strait*
Mr. 'and Mrs, Jr*n V. Miss France* M,artin
i. Poy* M'«» Margret Belden
Mr. '"and Mrs. K. A. Miss Matxri Moor?
Cunnlnsham Miss N.itaile Coffln
W; B. r»T|Uf. Mis* Dora Thayer
Mrs. A. E. Kent Mi»a Ula Lnndstrwn
Mr. and Mrs. William Mr. and Mrs. It. J.
Kent Pa*fs>
$. -M. "Anguntfne ' - Mis» Sarah Cnfttu
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Mis* Irene Hund
L«n«'e] Miss Mary Armsby
John C. Kittle Miss Alice Tyler
Mr. and I Mrs. John Mlos Ula Bo^lr
Martin \u25a0 MI»:J»nnl« Tartridge
Dr. and Mrs. , Kacpar Mr. and Mrs. K. A:
' r ischel McAfee
Mr. » and Mrs. R. I* Mr. and Mrs. George
Radke - Mearn«i
Mr. and Mr». H. S. Mr. and Mrs. George
- Scott Vanderlip
Mr. and Mrs. William Mr. and- Mrs. Martin
Thomas \u25a0 , Curtis.
Mrs. Mary Kane. 2R years r4d. employed a» a
domestic 'at J. M. L*Ty's home. 173S Alameda
•aTenne. was reported to the police this after
noon as raising since last Tuesjlay. when she
disappeared. leaTlns behind her clothes. Her
relatives at Point Richmond hare not ?eon her.
|||? Nathan- Dohrmann Co.
Gcarv 3no Stockton ots* * /^/y
Prisoners Will Be Classified
' When Building Is Completed
Early Next Year
[Sptctal Dhpatch to Th* Call}
SAN QUENTIX, Nov. 6.— One of the
finest state 'prisons in the country U
rearing completion at San Quentln
through the efforts of Warden John E.
Hoyle, and it is expected that early
In the new year the prispners now
confined in the old buildings without
respect to the nature of their crimes
will, occupy the n»w cellhouse. The
additional cells will permit «f , man £
reforms, most important of which win
be the classification of convicts.
- First term prisoners will be confinefl
apart from second and third. ' timers,
while young prisoners who show, an
Inclination to reform will net be P«
mUteJ to associate with older end more
hardened criminals.
The fellhouse is 600 feet long and
contains SOO cells. Threw h und l«- d
prisoners are doing the work. TH«
outer walls, of reinforced concrete. ar«
five feet thick. The cells are far above
the average in size, being, foil r and a
half feet wide, seven and a halt {*«
high and nine and a half ieet lone
and -ar« lighted by electricity.
A bakery, kitchen, pantry, storeroom
and dining room large enough to seat
1.«J20 prisoners are belnr built. *s well
*s 30 houses for the guards md tbe'r
families. , • . ,
The work on the buildinar la in <Jl
rect charge of H. C. Halverson. gen
eral superintendent of construction.
Among the prisoners, rfearly 2.00'> Jn
number, are men expert in practically
every kind of trade, and they appear
to enjoy showing their skill to pleas*
Warden Hoyle.
~ Consul General James I- Rodsrers re
ports that the granite blocks now be
ing used in the repaying of }h* streets
of • Havana following the sewer con
struction are being imported from Nor
way. It Is alleged that cost, insurance
; Snd freight total a much smaller
amount per unit than can be" obtained
! under importation from any port of th«
; United States. The figures sustaining
these conclusions are withheld, but it
j is said that the low Norwegian freight
I* rates, when combined with the low cost
|iof material, prevent competition.
It takes as little to start sr>m« men
to arguing as it does to staft some
women gossiping. v f

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