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Long Series of Injuries Has
Depleted Ranks of the
It is practically certain that the
Stanford varsity team to meet the blue
:- :\\e\ jrold toara on Saturday will include
every freshman who was held over on
lh<- varsity squad, from the freshman
« c. ne played last month. These lucky
-.> our? *rs tors are K. P. G^isler, F. Reeves
and" P. Karrigan. AH are back field
m*>n and on- their play are thoroughly
deserving; of the places they will no
j .-r>-:M occupy on tht 'day of the big
V. rnt.
Coach Prosley of Stanford has had
to contend with a scries of injuries
this year. This was also the case last
yrar when several of his best men
were disabled through injuries. Kern.
who was injured la?t Saturday, can not
und?r any cirr-umstances take his place
on the tram, ar.d the popular Gene will
ti<» in tiio hospital for some weeks to
mint. Sohaupp, who Is xnaklngr a bold
hi 'l for the second row in the scrum,
was injured a couple of weeks ago and
Jias been on crutches ever since. Hor- ;
ton has not been playing- up to form
ihis yoar, .Jue principalJy to an injured
ankle *arly in the ye%.soru
Of the men who will make the team
nothing but the hfgheet words of com
mendation can b« said. They are al}
thoroughly experienced men. though it
musi be admitted that th<s team could
:.a:o been Ftrongfr had pome of the
njurcd men .b"f n able to play. At the
lime this docs not detract from
th€ ability of the men who will take
ih* places of th^ injured on<?B. For
fullback Brotrn Jia.« had the field all to
}i!mi=*»lf. and his fe-.v c«rly peason com
petitors coulj not compare "with the
}nt*>rrißtior:al fullbflrfTc.
At threo-qijarters the positions are
rtlll a ]it;l«» in doubt. It is krrnwn that
<;»i?slpr will he or.? of the winrs, but
who ibe center jnan and other wing
nill he Is problematical at present,
though Thoburn on the wing and Stan
Mitchell at center are the logical men.
A">n Th«* five-eisrhthe line the two fresh
\><r. Harridan and Reeves, will no
<i«uht find berths there, though It I«
y*=t undecided whether Presley, will
play Reeve? at the center position and
place Mitchell at the flv«-elghths« place,
where he' has made a name for him-
As a halfback Ben Erb has Caws as
an opponent, but the playing- of the
former 4eavcs no doubt as to -who will
secure the position. Caes was halfback
on last year's varsity team and will no
•loubt be on the lines this year as Bub-
Ktatute for Erb in case of necessity.
Stanford will play the New Zealand
scrum formation of seven men in the
pack and a rover. For the latter po
sition Sundcll. who was moved down
from wing three-quarters, appears to
have the place cinched. Sundell is par
ticularly fast in the Joose and is an
aggressive man at all timee. For the
front row there will only be two men
in the scrum, as compared to the three
man front the California team will put
forward. "Hercules Cheda and Lou Ar
rell will be the men to divide the hon
ors with Phleger, Pauly and Markwart
of California for possession of the ball
in the scrum. Cheda is one of the best
forwards playing Rugby hereabouts
and in the loose he can never get
enough, work. In the second row ilin- 1
turn appears to be the lockman and he j
will be flanked by Captain Ken Dole
one one side and possibly C. Olmstead
o r Frank on the other. In the rear
rank Partridge and Smith appear to
have a slight lead over their rivals for
the place.
Should this be the final Stanford
t»am there is no doubt that ft-, will as
far as possible make the game a for
ward one. The Stanford team's only
hope lies in the ability x»f the forwards.
In thin forward brigade of the cardi
nal's there is as aggressive a bunch of
fighters &.s couM be wished for, though
vlie cardinal will have to show, more of
\h* flg-ht spirit than has been evidenced
rl^ently to defeat the rivals from
f Everything la ready for tbe> game.
The teams will receive official -an
nouncement tonight at both universi
ties a.nd en Saturday tlie doughty war
Football Scores Are Perplexing
Varsity Teams Seem Erratic
The follo^ving table gives the scores made by the California and
Stanford Rugby fifteens against their common opponents during the
preliminary season. It will be seen that both the Olympics, 1 and Bar
barians, succeeded in scoring against the blue and gold, while neither
could penetrate the cardinal defense. Against the Olympics the Cali
fornia team showed a superior scoring ability, averaging 22^-4 points
against 3143 l 4 points in four games played, while Stanford averaged 19
to oin three games. Stanford's showing against the Barbarians, how
ever, was much more ejicouraging than that of California, as the car
dinal team rolled up 115 points to 0 in three games, while the blue and
gold total in four games was but 89 points and the Barbs succeeded
in scoring 5 points against them:
The results of the games* played by the two universities agdinst
Nevada may or may not be extremely significant to the dopestcr. Cali
fornia overwhelmed the sagebrushers by a tremendous score on the
Berkeley gridiron, while Stanford hati a tough struggle to achieve an
Bto 0 victory in Reno. But several important playing factors* must be
considered ere one makes a final comparison of these two scores. Chief
among these factors is altitude, which undoubtedly had a big influence
upon the playing of the Stanford team in Reno and the Nevada team
at Berkeley.
The quick climb from sea level to the high plateau beyond \ the
Sierra set the cardinal ruggers gasping for Jbreath, and the listless
ness of their play throughout' the game, coupleci with a conspicuous and
not at all characteristic tendency to fag ay the second half progressed,
plainly indicated to those who had watched their showing earlier in
the season that they had not become acclimated.
On the other hand, the sudden drop from the mountain lands to the
seaboard affected the condition of the Nevada fifteen -quite >as noticeably
when they appeared, in Berkeley. \u25a0The sturdy sagebrushers were, per
spirihg profusely ere the game was fairly under way, arid their playing
was away below par throughout. . .
As Rugby is essentially a hard, grueling contest of speed and en
durance, it may be well for the amateur dopester to stop and consider
full well ere he places too much upon the comparative
scores 1 of next Saturday's rivals against the fifteen from Reno.
The preliminary scores follow: -
California vs. Olympics. vs. > Stanford.
"California . \vs. Barbarians vs. Stanford.'
Total .....89 . s—o5 — 0 , 115
•• California . vs. Nevada ;^ vs. Stanford.
« . 0-0 - 8
riors of the.blue and icold -of "California
and the cardinal of Stanford will bat
tle for the twentieth time for the foot
ball supremacy of California. ,-—
Amos -Elliott, Bert Swartz and Tiny
Jordan, the California sfluad cripples,
are now in fine shape and they will
all take their places on the team on
Saturday. . - . -
Tuesday's rain had a beneficial
rather than a detrimental' effect on the
surface of California -field. The field
is now in . perfect condition as : a result
of the. numerous precautions taken by
Manager Farmer.- Yesterday after
noon the field was leveled ; Off and har
rowed and now is in j better condition
than at any time during the 'present
season. The surface- is perfectly dry,
and a fast field is assured' for Satur
day,''-provided, no more Vrain falls In the
interim. -' \; : '~ \u25a0 '
- The, new . bleachers "were officially
handed over to Manager. v Farmer",' by
the contractors two; days ahead of 'the
contract time for finishing > them." The
bleachers* are substantially built i and
.wiirbejofilciaily inspected by Manager
Farmer. today," ';--;•\u25a0• '~~L-'. .'\u25a0'\u25a0 'i^-^^zLzz
Palo Alto Rugby lies Base their
Hopes of Victory on
Strong Defense
Those arc the totals of tho scores
made by the two varsity teams in tha
games _they played against the oppos
ing- fifteens represented by the Bar
barian and Olympic clubs and the Ne
vada university. California scored her
242. points' in nine games, while th 6
Stanford 'total is the result of seven
contests. The average for California
is 26.8 "and the cardinal average per
game is-25.7. '• - .
In defensive play the Stanford. fifteen
has the .distinction :of .not having a
single point registered against it, while
the California team only had 18 points
scored by opponents in nine, games, or
an averag-e of two points for each game
played.- The results : of these games
give the California team- the better^ of
the argument Con the attack, while in
the defensive work, without any score
against them, -,the cardinal team shows
to better. advantage. ; . - '...:-.
It is a 'coincidence that both tills
year and last year not one of-the'op
posing trial' teams scored, on the Stan
ford varsity team.^ In 'this- regard the
opposing- teams have found that Stan
ford is particularly, hard! to score on
an<i the' <cardinal defense is practically
impregnable. The California team on
the other hand was; found/to be far
easier to score on than the Palo Alto
ans,. and it is on their great defensive
ability that the Stanford team will hav<!
to depend if .theyjlook for victory.
The California'backs are: as evasive
as their opponents tare defensive., and
the : battle' between these two. should be
a. magnificent "struggle. The games
played by both varsity teams against
the Barbarians , can; not; be' considered
as seriously as;the.Olympic, club games.
The" Barbs i .were never ablejto; put the
same team- in the rfield, arid" they could
not: give either college the games they
.wanted. J <•\u25a0\u25a0'.-\u25a0'\u25a0' JC-'-\i- --\u25a0 >
"'. In the games played .against the
piympic*dub the; California - team' met
the clubmen- "onVfour,rf : different •-. occa<
sions'and; defeated 'them; handily.? every
game."* j^The^Stanford;: team played the
clubmen': three games' and won: each
contest with as much ,. ease as did the
California team- \u25a0-. ; * / -
The games against the -Nevada uni
versity, show a ; great disparity ; i.nsthe
two; teams. - If the game ; onV^aturday
were tot bo doped ; on these
Nev ? ada^the opinion; that California was
far; superior : to ; Stanford woul J '.be] jiisf,
tifiable.iv- This ? inference,'?; however.^ is
not i reliable.' as -.the, showing rnadovby
Stanford and "California 'varsity "teams
Stanford's Probable Line-Up |
Ruggers Who May Win a Big 'S'j
F. Ilrowa 1 Fullback ..' . . . . % ..^ .". . 1 . .V, ,^"J80 r»-1O 2U
XI. 'niohurn ..'^. . ..\Vldk three-quarters bnck. ..\u25a0 r% * \u25a0 1G0.'."~ .1-tt 20
S. Mitchell ...... ..Outer <l»ree-««unrter» 1mek...,; ; ]«O ; T.-1O 22
K. I*. Geinsler .... .Wins \u0084tliree-riuarterj» .. .... ...!,. 170 '; \u25a0; J!-7 1U
F. It coves ... i'jvp-Hcliths ....... '. ......»-. 15.*» S-1O IS
V. I llnrri<4an l-^ro-rlchtlis .* US. - .".-«i4 . 10
H. Krh .Unit. .hitfik. ..V..... ;l«0- . ."-0 2t>
A. li. Sundell ..... .Wine forward - I^7. « 'Z'X
Ij. -Cbodu Front row forward y ..' INS . fi-S^ 25
J*<TLl Arrell . . . . . .. .Front row forward . . ... ....... -.-\u25a0 ' \u25a0 1?Z r.-l I 22
K. Dole .......... .SIUo rnuk forward 2O."» fl-t 22
1.. It. Mlnturn . '. . . .I.oek forward .»*. 200 «-2 23
'C. Olmstend . . . . . .Side rnnk fonrard 200 «-t 2O
J. F. Partridse Rear, rank - forwnrd l»0 «-3 10
AY. li. Smith ..,.. ..Hear rnnk forward ........... , 1»5 . 0 23
. •' . i . . • -'\u25a0 \u25a0 - - "
ware under different. conditions and the
trams were at thoir worst and best re- [
spectively. The Stanford win of S to 0 !
did. not in any way show__the true merit
of the team, and their showing was
miserable. On the; other, hand,, tha
\u25a0California team played its best game of
the season against the men from Xe
vaJa. and' the strongest team that has
represented the blue and gold this year
was in the field. . .
To sum up the. whole situation it_
looks as If the game will be - a battle
among the forwards. Both teams have
made a good;. showing -in the prelimi
nary games and there -is not much to
choose between them as far as ability
goes. The California team has a. better
set of backs than the Stanford team,
while in the -forwards the Stanford
men are. superior. ..
There is one essential element on
which the game will depend, and the
team that can show the most of it will
win Saturday. It is not ability ]or
weight or knowledge*of the game, be
cause both teams arc equally-matched
in. these respects; but it is what is
known \u25a0to collegemen ;; as . "pep," or
"fight," and . the team showing the
most of =this will win Saturday.
California has a large supply of this
necessair = element put. avyay, im cold
storage, for Saturday. The Stanford
men, on". the other lvand,-'' have failed
dismally of late to show "this necessity.
It was.'flrst ."'.\u25a0, missed : in the game 'at
Rono.Vandi-in V' c -lastv Saturday's /game
against - the Olympic } club it^ was still
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rnissfng". Stanford only has a few
j hours- left to "come bark" with this
j article that i 3 tho real pivot on which
J.he result hln.eres. The California men
are of the outcome, but not
confident, while the Stanford' men with
whom I talked appear to he doubtful
and there ia not that air of confidence
.that has been the case before In. pre
vious battles on the Stanford campus.
Everything points to . a California
victory Saturday and the only hope the
Stanford team has Is to "come back"
.with the "pep and fight." Falling- . in
this,' the blue and gold will perform
the serpentine for the second year in
succession and the cardinal rooters will
be forced to -look at a spectacle that
.they would far rather be performing
PHILADELPHIA. : Nov. S.— Monahan
of New York defeated . Blckert and
Murphy of this city bj- the score of
50 to S3 in a match here tonight under
the auspices of the Inter-City national
amateur three cushion billiard league.'
KEXOSHA, Wis., Nov. 9. — Arrange
ments have been completed for a 15
round fight Abe .Attell 'and
Frankie Conley of this city at New
Orleans next afternoon. »__!
&&^ I s >n OBSTRUQ-.
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ir» -'" Ji ! ULCEBATION and
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J*gS v^^rrgmy flint SHUEPS .-an be
.****• kjviii.l. ness 1 must sonore-
51 Third Street if : nesiected.
• San Francisco. Cal. \u25a0-,
; tors with - the ir stpel soundx - and rouEti . trea t-
ment. \u25a0 j COilE . a:id have tbe . proper . trea t-
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Personnel of Team for intercoU
legiate to Be Announced by
Coach Presley Today
ISpecial Dispatch to The Co!I]
The varsity fifteen went throusrh much
the same drill this afternoon as yes.
tcrday. players did not oppose
another nfteen, still the work was
severe, beJne: the last hard practice
before the game.
The personnel of the team -will b«
announced by Coach Presley In thu
customary manner. Thoso who have
the honor of~betnß: amon? the f.rsi
fifteen will run out on th© field to
morrow afternoon in their new Rugby
uniforms. . • >•\u25a0;.-\u25a0
Partridge did rot appear on the fielrJ
this afternoon owing to a slight bruise
on hjg ankle, received last ni^ht.
C. Jenkinson of Vancouver, who will
referee the parae Saturday, arrived
today tr» confer •nxth Coach Presley
in regard to the rul«s.
He -is very enthusiastic in regrard tc
the new five yard rule, and predicts
that it wil! Increase the efficiency ot
the game from the spectators' stand
point. He believes it to be the great
est improvement that he has seen In
his 20 years" experience.
In reg-ard to the coming frame Jen
kinson said:
*T look for the hardest fousrnt and
mo3t spectacular pan<> of Rugby Sat
urday that has ever been ae*n oa the
coast. In my opinion the new five yarrl
rule Improves the game 100 per cent,
and I think the game Saturday will b«
a revelation to the spectators."
( Jamestown Results \
NORFOLK. Ta.. >"r«\ 9.— Richard T. TVUson's
2 rear old Ozn^er shr-wsc! tortay at Jamestown
th«it te han ••r«m*> V>ao£"J wbea h«« <lefeatM
tb» fwo t»st TW.r»«rst*r3 air t&» trsefc «nd sUpp^'l
« flfth of a *p<*nn<i Uora th» track record.
Oass<*r ran" the fire and a balf fur'oass la
l:ffj 2-."5.
Tomonovr Bnd iCars. th» mviator. will b»
resti b«r<! ia his iljir<z USchtM acalnst a rice
horse, n? will nl-n> na»fe<» sa sff-wt .to breai
th<» ultltudc record. The attendance today
was large. Results:
First rsce. slac f'lrlon^?— Annie Sellers. 3 tf»
1. woo: Patrifk F. s to 1. second: Wrap. T to
10. thlnl. Tini?, 1:14 2-3.
Second race. £v» and a half fnrlonar* — Onaster,
4 to 1. won; Mar:;^ W. Lltt-Vtoa. 5 to 2, see
oart; Stlcif»>r. 1 to 2. ttlrJ. rim-. l:0«2-3.
Thlr«j rare, ml'^ — TA Oro. 3 to 1, won; Cam-*
p«i!riii>r. erm. Tho Golden Butterflr.
lrt to 1. third. Tlmp. 1:11 S-5.
Fourth r»«v>, six f«riir>?B— >fon A^j!. Irt to 1.
won: Tatahfra. « t^ r». <"conft; Cooney K. 4 to
5." thlni. Time. 1:1- 5-."».
Fifth ra^p. fl** fu:'..rxsr— Fii^woM 10 tn 1»
won; Qi'.a^r BfVe. 0 to 1, second: B^ndasa,
6 to 1. third. Time. 1:01.
S^xth rle?. mile snil a fi3r!'>nar-7N<*»j*ltalß*ts..
4 to l, won: Th«> >Iort». 5 t'» 1. a^ond; Goi
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