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YOLTOIE CVin.— m 163.
Performance Goes Smoothly,
I Despite Incapacity of Two
Cupid May Duplicaie Last
Year's Record of "Inter
f esting Announcements"
rtlerriiy wont the klrmcss las* night
et> t lie" Central theater a« the hours
slipped away t» the wound of mus3c
and sorjc p.nd dancing f«et. Mfcrrlly.. in
apttP of the fact that two" of the p«?r
firrmerj" were incapacitated for further
service ond others had to be pressed
Into their places nt the last minute.
Only those who had been present at
th* two previous performances kr»ew
tuV «isrrerence, however, as everything
re*j so smoothly and easily that the
qltj&nge was scarcely noticeable.
'From the first rise of the curtain, on
it^ grand march and pageant to the
c3os«> of the national dance, when the
voting commenced, there was not a'
pause or flaw. The orchestra, led by
Paul Steir.dorff. was at its best and
tht* various dancers rarae into view at
precisely the rijrht moment and danced
their pleasing: turn with all the as
surancp and abandon of professionals.
ATid among those who won the most
a&plause for her ease and grace and
absolute freedom and litheness of
inovement was Miss Margaret Marion
Marx with her emotional dancing of
the "Blue Danube" in appropriate cos
tume of airy next to nothing. But her
dancing is captivating and gives great
promise for the future ' Should she care
to develop her talents. She was one
of the leaders of the dainty spring
group in their robes of green in the |
dance of the seasons, which with many I
remained the favorite dance of the
series of kaleidescopicimuslc and color
ar.d fantasy.
\u25a0One of the most chESrming effects in
this dance is produce*! by the little
snow maidens who represent the win
ter and white muffs tied in blue. As
they finish their separate steps they
pelt the audience with fluffy snowballs
of- down, concealed iin their muffs,
xrtiich adds a wintry flavor of their
own that is more than ; attractive.
In the gondolier dance, with its Ve
netian setting. tlJo singers scatter coins
into the crowd below, and in some
of the other dances flowers are tossed
down, all of which adVl to the effect.
The Tyrolean group has won a spe
cial mention for its splendid yodel
call, that rings as clear and true as
if',, sung !n Its native Alps and the
beer scene beneath the trees adds the
appropriate home touch. Good Alpine
and Cossack dances are given sepa
rately in this and MJsr Frances Ram
sey, Miss Ma.ud Goodwin. Miss Helen
Forbes, Mies Elaine Hancock. Arthur
Saxe. Somers Peterson, Walter Bent
lery and Cuthbert Flelssuer sing "Liove
Is Like the Red, Red Rose," to a very
pretty little ekit.
'. "Whether this kirmess is going to
"The Store of Values'.', 1 B. KATSCHINSKI 1 " The Store of Quality V-
Don't Wait Until It Rains to Come in Out of the Wet
Get the right kind of Shoes and save health and also Doctor Bills
AND DON'T FORGET that we save you froth
50c to $ 1.50 on e^hpairxyf stipes you
\- \u25a0 : . purchase from iis 7 \
Our 30 year reputation for "SQUARE DEALING" guarantees the
: "HONEST WORTH" of pur sKdes *
: nrs $^50 s^.oo w $|.SoW :
DAY W£4ir_Made of dull Velour i^J W^ R *^* de l°i£* l i^ e^*?' ?***'>
, calf, new "Shortvamp" tipped toes. I xv -jS^^ extra high; cut. "Foot Form" i shape.
sew^d soles. Cuban V *p Cf| %tm If^K* t^R slon '« oles - * $ 1
• heels . 3)C.DU a SPECIAL STYLE EN "HEALTH-RE- iSSM %? tof'll"t o f'll " * " *V ' *.* v . '. f?S
' -,-„«, rrT Mi nnmnt TAMING" SHO£S_Made of English Sizes, lj^^to^^M'M *''!!'. ..»I^s ;
QOYQ tS TAw RPPIM 7 box calf Ol inches hish), full "Round- '
' DUIO IHll UriKin Fhapc" tipped toes, double soles, mill- DflVC 1 DflY PAI C "DAIUV
;/I SHOE THAT IS POSfTIVELY j^^^^^^^ \u25a0 . \u25a0. \u25a0•'^^B§jggW.
IV£T PffOOF—Tou'll find this the - 'I'.' j,^^^&^^f^ ':,-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' jiV onvcr eumr nr r/MricVf/ir
'best wearable shoe that's made. lZJ^M&&*^- '• '" -^ •\u25a0• - * BOVS'ia SHOE. OF, UNUSUAL.
, Full tan grain vamps.. "Mannish" *i»" ' r**"^ '.* " , ' MERIT — Made of Norwegian box calf'
shape tipped toes, full -double soles. A NECESSITY for MORNING, WEAR (the toughest leather that's tanned) .*'.
'double buckle strap on CO Cfl —Made of extra quality/ of -black and "High iSchool'V.' shaped tlpped_,toes.>
tops. Sizes 9 to 13%..... *ti3U redl"Beaver, Felt,". trimmed with heavy fulltweig-bt 'doubles soles.-- ;Cl£Cn •'
Sizes l to 2..... .....t2.^5 black fur. neat shaped toes. ! com- - < 7C* h Sl!esi9.to.l3.H:;.ViM;^..^f:liWU i
P Sizes 2% to SH c f^OO mon sense heels, sewed soles... ..I OC Sizes ' 1? t0 f8^i. ..::.r...*. •;;.-.-. .'.51.75/
Kirmess Dashes Merrily Along
On Third Night of Festival
have the same effect as the last one,
and whether or not several interesting
announcements are to follow, remain
to be seen. , A noticeable fact last
night, however, was that many of the
fair dancers. In place of the . conven
tional artificial flowers matching their
costumes, were wearing four and five
and, in one or two cases, more orchids,
giving their friends in the audience
cause for speculation. It was an
orchid setting, and there were those
who whispered that, the charity had
come first in the practice for the dane
Some of those prominent in the kirmess.
ingr and the orchids were the result of
this- assiduous devotion to a good
cause.- Be that as it may, they have
worked .for the production . that will
be seen .tonight and .tomorrow for the
last time, and worked hard, and the
result hajs surpassed even their great
est expectations.' It continues to'be'a
great show and is more • than worth
the ; price of. admission.,
The Northern Pacific's ' exhibit" car,
which advertises the agriculture and
other resources of ""the northwestern
states by carrying a complete, , though
ebndensed,' agricultural fair to' hun
dreds of points the country,
has Just, started on a 10,000 mile tour
through the eastern states: "- -
fr&f*mrßar SH Bm3«I Blla : l«^ 9/ofori nor/oc
— But? ZS lay \u25a0\u25a0 mi Hill ISfl *. (*€T K. h, *- I^^ ErcJuMpcucd
The most magnin- ffi^^B Sr ' JeSt l^T *§l *| *^ *S§|l |»fe^ An array of things
cent display of Christ- »k9 \u25a01^ 'ft-^^^fe^^^^^S^iS^^^'j^^v^^^^^^Mffi^^^^^'^S^ ot * :his type SUcil a3
mas things for the MREaH Bawl JSSMmfffrß^^^SK^Hl^^^S^^'^^^Bi&ll a 5 never before been
children ever gathered fIHJPfI^aBHiMBM **$&fcrrffirrSi&?'& placed on sale here —
together in a single BjjjajjasiigES 1 an array that will de-
department — here now i^ — — * \u25a0 — \u25a0 ~ >\u25a0\u25a0 — ~—^»^— » . — \u25a0— — * lignt tne neart ot
for^thc : chns» mas -bu^ \ DOVBLE PRAGERS STAMPS EVERY HORNING^ \u25a0 \u25a0%?£" "* g ttat
The Bedding Section Is Ready With the Best Values of the
Season— Here i-Are a Few Specimen Hems— Bthers
NOW after. the first rains you will realize more than ever the importance of replen- * ' : j«s*^
ished bedding. The few items listed here will give you an understanding of what 4&ii?^i* ~TT>
;, you may expect to find in any line you are interested in. ."nfJ,
/\u25a0^ ; medium anddark. And patterns — : ilrf <&•# f?O ETt^ a heavy quilt- (f^\ \\ yXIXL
r*E OJ Cr white and gray, at a 'such a; variety.^ :has. never been seen >119 '•vved or tufted com- I. A \J /Vj^» - " V^^^ :
price "that is actually <in town before.-. One is all that Is re- f A\u25a0te^s. "We feature • V\a : \}*j£^\- - \u25a0- , ..\u25a0— >
less than the' usual cost of sheets; . quired to make -a house gown. The this line as being one of extraordi- ''NX* SW^A Yk - "~ 111 1 \~X,\
size 50x72 inches.' r ' : regular price is $2.50. I nary value. \u25a0 .: i v \j J V\ ' L^r^M
58k80 lnchcs.and come in white and coversO r to use as a bed covering in , etB; wou i d be considered a splendid fg \u25a0\ * U t±S
« ra >- .- • v/ \u25a0-\u25a0' \u0084... , ' <^ oM weather. These on sale at this bargain at $5.00; weight 6 pounds; K *£r ._j\, \\ V. t
\u25a0Tl^tfg,^ . f»f"Tw.i'lled f - t long price are exceptionally : desirable. . borders of pink . and blue, . bound v - ja^^j: -tt :V: V \u25a0*-^--~
borders 'of .pink or blue; weight 4%-; /\u25a0lr^^l* forters.-.:>fllled: . —^ -g —*j g- A limited group of '. . \u25a0 \\ 7" *
lbs.:-, size 60x76 'inches.. Regular "> ' Wofl '-fU n t^ E r,^». S J^l ii /ll9d«"3Cali(ornia ttool , . • _ V
\u25a0price $3.00.. V. :'.:. riV ' 'S^u^hM^t^* P^^Sl .lsl^ blankets that sell - - . \ ;^ '" V ' \u25a0
ii'i'fiJ"^ -^ff Handsome, reversi- douDle o ed Slze v ".•;.:•.•;.• \u25a0 regularly at $7.50. This Is an extra / ' ' j
/ir3«»#vJble German eider- /|#£**f £?O Another splendid large size grade of heavy wool, pre-
•.«.'\u25a0: i down robe blank- Atl *JJ B •UZMlot that usually ' shrunk, with borders of blue and " V^_^ — «•*
• ets. in / 20. desirable; shades^— light, - brings $2.25. , pink.
\u25a0-- - ' .•'\u25a0'.:';\u25a0-'--' A '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0':'\u25a0 -\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0• - \u25a0\u25a0 .- -\u25a0 \u25a0 - • . ' \u25a0 ' . •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•.-\u25a0 \u25a0: . - * \ i .\u25a0 - \u25a0 ' ; ' \u25a0
' fc^'i^^wp of Women's Tailored ) _ '^*JS!'%A-i
Suits. Some the Most Recent Ar- [ $ \u25a0 I w
rivals. None Worth Less Than $2Q ) B iA .— —
Jjojfe^, y*iZfS*Jip&^ T Q pD SUITS — a collecti on remaining from one of the busiest
" llwy 1 :^S?T seasons we have known, makes the richest kind of bargain material
" J?lllte-y--^ worthy as when marked at it's original
i^^^^^lti^jfw^^. price— but we want to clean up, this stock and the season is gradually
m^^^/^\i'^M^ slipping on. You will find suits— early fall models— marked at HALF !
*^^ Wmsk\Wl yV^/) and less. You will find the newest models this season has produced in- -
-W ?WsM^ ° \ vmvt I cl^^ ed n tlie lot to make it more allu ring. You will find them marked at \
§%Wvwh \' rP^^ this same price— one that represents about HALF their actual worth. !
fo^N l IV- "Materials are heavy Wo rsteds, Broadcloths and light and
\ w&^-r^ 'dark mixtures. Jackets are from 30to 34 inches long, lined with war- j
'\u25a0"\u25a0'''\u25a0'\u25a0' wtwtwM ']'' j[ - ranted itwo-seasoh\ Satin, PeaudejCygne and silk Serge. . ij?_, I
1 w^^^M 1 I I" ' These Women's Goats Average HALF Price » I
~\i r i toyyrA '111 ' \\ \u25a0' - ' ' Is the price namedon -th is miscellaneous collection of women's long j
\l ', jr '; yy//(ui II j i IV **^^ »%#%#^ coats. Among others, you ' will find such , desirable materials' as i
1.1 j v/OMi II \ I 1 1 ! .BMnUmm&SS Cheviots, Diagonals, Man nish Gray Tweeds, Broadcloths, gray and }
*; yl 'v ; ' 'I i * .\u25a0••-"b'rowiV^mixtures'ahdjplenty of*^blacks: You will find them to; be a distinct surprise j
V^^^ syjUg^ "< lJ t- llj-;' M V^ "'-\u25a0 when you see them. Some with close fitting military collars, others with shapely |
\u25a0\u25a0'V- nwM it W*^ • ' V '" s h"'awl- t collars-and mannish notch collars;; lengths, 50 to 55 inches. . , , j
Panama-Pacific Fair Measures
Cany in San Francisco .
by 20 to 1
Every constitutional amendment re
ceived a majority, in San Francisco, the
two in behalf ;of the Panama-Pacific
international exposition *« souring' the'
greatest favorable votes.'. Amendment
No.: 52, -which provides for levying a
tax of $5,000,000 ,on / the state, I carried
20 tol in this city. .Following is the
vote on the Beveral propositions: . '
For 'amendment No.' I 1 (tax amendment) .. .27.24S
Against amendment No*. 1" ....'.. r ; 1-i.fJl 1
For amendment ' No. 11 (mortgage) ...... .21.803
Aenlnst amendment No. 11.-. .4. . .'. .... . . .13,081
For amendment : No. : 36 (Judiciary) ......2C.540
A(raimit ;: ain'eDdnient' No.- .18 .............. S.fifiS
For amendment No. 83 (county boiindarlea) .17.9^7
Apalnst amendment No. 38 1S.0C1)
For amendment No. 44 (banklnc) ;....:. .20, 403
Against amendment No. 44 ....6,185
For amendment No. 52 (world'i fair) ..... 42.378
Ajtaiust amendment No. 62. ............... 2,463
For -amendment No. 14 (finning) 34,'fTO
Against. amendment' No» 14. .......".;..;.'.. 2,924
For nmendmect No. 33 (world's fair) .... .42,243
Against amendment N0.' 35 ......... J.....' 2,410
For San Francisco harbor Improvement art. 31,030
Against San Francisco harbor Improvement
act ..*............ 3,217
For state highway act V ............21.961
Apalnst state highway act . .. 8,124
For India basin act ...24,738
Against India basin ' act '.....\u25a0 10,616
For San Diego neawall act 24,435
Against San Diego seawall act ...J. ...... 7.357
.' ', A gia.33 'factory in Baccara, France,
has produced a ~new glass that will not |
break.' The composition of, the glass
is heated to boiling point and; then Is
plunged into water brought to a freez
ing 1 point. The glass will be used for
safety lamp tubes. ; .
Make the Liver
Do Us Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver is right the
stomach and .bowel* are right. " .
gently but Srmly »:om-^^^M__-_^S-,
pel a lazy liver to J&&I&4M CAC A T\? C CCi
do its duty. j^BM \^i^
•UpaUon,°^^Sf^^^ WIVER
Indiges-^g^sU^T |JPILLS.
Headachy, and Distress after Eating.
Small Pill. Small Dote. Small Price
. Genuine must bear signature.
All Ptock holders of the .Mexican .Mine .wton'be-
llpre In the right to rnanasre. their own . property
and.wbo will co-operate witjb some of the leadln;
: businessmen, of San Francisco to this end are re-
quested to call at once at mj- office, room 1008,
Mills Building. . H. L. SLOSSON JR. •
Aprons That Wear
.^C£&V Manufactured for Haiti Oakland Store, Made
: --£~s&r*r \u25a0 of Best Material for the Price and Neatly
Finished ?h Evety Respect
~^<^t^X\ Waist Apron
/fV'^m -M M« f Jo °^ good quality gingham, asillus-
11l A* )\ tratcd; may be harl with or without
( /\ ill -ZA s \u25a0 ruffle:: finished with pocket and long
l^Pv\\\\l/// strings. Price, 20c
Allover Apron
9fi^vTOE 3-Hv Made of blue-check gingham, has low
; /M y^g-grt , neckand. shoulder straps, and buttons
' '* i^^^^ffl .in back ; made very full. . Price, 25c.
i^K=4a B Cannery Apron
iffl-Sl l2fc J Made of blue check gingham; long and
extra full to protect the -entire dress;
(mSSjr zSpfy nas - long" sleeves • and square -. cut, low
»E^Si' \u25a0 ' -X* 1110110 \u25a0 Apron
A^^^^^^^^v Made of good ginghams -A very -popular
WttWhl^S^WS^ all-over style ; wide kimono sleeves and
•T\/?ffitt^sv-r? y oke trimmed in navy blue; has pocket.
iU^fwP^ Price* 50c. .
JZf-^i—lr^^^ L Maies Oakland Store J
Quarterly : : '\r&*
rt i « •\u25a0 Free Pattern v
Style Book | only 20^)
•—Mile. Sophie Akonnine-s /—Men's Underwear \
ThY" famous Russian violin- Of Australian .wool, natural color,
ist, will render a program ; ?£*£s: SSS E£
\u25a0 Of Choice musical selec- and back. Neatly s finished, non-
tions this afternoon from 3 shrinkable. Regular price 1.50
to 5 o'clock. " — * >ur P rlce I*S51 * S5 a sannent.
• . , _' ' . \u25a0 ' ' . . Men'-i Black Socks — Lisle finish.
MUSIC Department— '. double heels and toes, seamless.
\u25a0 n ";•...> \u2666 fast color. 15c quality for 7%c
Basement- ; . • a pair.

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