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The Call's Handicap Forecast
FIR?T UACF: — Six Jurlongs; selling; *> rear oHs and upward:
Jndes Horsp Wt Remarks
736 r » UOVGOEOD 10S Recent form has been (rood.
<7.*r.?.'t BISKRA 10S Woa lust rarp.
Tn2". BILLY MYZH ins Has had a letup.
72f>l R/vral £tone 10<"> Good enough to win.
*".7T2 Marburg 113 Probably no<»ds • racinff.
T^Vi r>«-ce<»n 10S Always finishes strong.
fc7*.r» Milpita* I0r» Fast, but a hound.
7<^!'> Rurfcth<">rn « 112 IWtor ovor a distance.
7." 1 -"'" Pr. Pon-nie J<v> Sbowa norliin;: In bushes.
f7CS Cantem 104 Br^n rcsteej.
SECOND IIACE — Five and a half furlongs: tellin?: 3 ypar o1d?=:
le«jt FTorso Wt - \u25a0 Komarks
<74<"'2» "W'ArIFAKE i^.* In Tvinnißi: form.
7:'K4 GEVOVA I<W Han ttpJi in the bushes. •%
e.KZ* PASSENGER liW I'orra uncrrtain: could do it.
72S* Mi»* Picait »<*> Win br up there.
(K741) <~UTica 103 Won last'timc out.
727 ft *OsT)ra;fl B 3 n 4 Po^s Toot figure.
f-4^l Olathc 1W Has been rested.
7013 Oood Intent 1W Mar surprise.
g~*& Zinkand I'M First start ia month?.
o>R5 I>«ißiea 11- Hardly ready.
7^2 Ilex 112 Hone nothing.
720r. Orainorcy 103 Distatit* too tliort. '
THIRD RACE— Sis furlongs; selliii;:; 3 year vMs and upward:
lnd<»x Horsp Wt Remarks
< 7274- LORD OF THE FOSEST 11<> B^n ruDnlnc consistently.
i745r.> •METROPOLITAN lOR I'lenty of speed.
7?.4S SPECIAL DELIVERY 11« I^.ots lik«- a bis packajre.
«^4i2 S«»pultp(ls 103 This :ru-k inißht surprise..
72r<4 Rot Junior 112 l'ijriir's to be ri?ht there.
«::«> Sir Edward 11l An old bear.
r.R.-.S SoDTa ins rte-en out of racing 1 .
r,'(il Banorrlla 10S Hardly ready.
roiTß'fH BAQE — One mile; Upeniii^ bandi'-Hp; all ajres:
lndpx Flot^p Wt rir-marks
SPELLBOUKD 11l A rrerkajack an d fit
<<?7.-2t BUBBLING WATER 117 Depends opoa her fitness.
<:t:.5 ARASEE 112 A bich class performer.
Sr fl Cliff 100 Top four look to hare It.
7J7.1 F.dwin T. Frjrer I°*» Hardly good enough.
H503 Pbil Mobr ..* l w > May fur'prUe.
«752 Redeom flt In lii-ht.
<:-fi7oi Ee^ponseful !W outclassed.
«'.41 Colonel Jack 103 nas had his day.
«:741 TrcJocia 00 Up against It. . *
Fin'H RACE — One mile and 70 yards; all ages:
ln<i«-x Hor*p Wt Remarks
(6446) El> BALL -.10!> A zrand old performer*
... BELLVIEW 111 Tastern form roo<l.
::4:;:» HOOaAY 107 , A one time erackajtck.
... A.-nir.rn 104 \ Ha? run tome jroocl race?. . - ,
(7401) < 'sr-ta i" Burnett 105 In j^od form.
SIXTH RACE-rF»tßrlty course; purse; all ages:
Tr,d»v Horw> Wt Remarks
.72«1i -IM BASET 34 Tlaced nicely.
72M COPPERTOWJf 107 Beaten by top one last out.
7207 ENFIELD 114 Is pood enoojrh tn v'm.
r.i^*, John H. Snffhan HI Will romo if ready.
iSi77* Apolr.cizp 114 Rbotrn good form.
72^^ I-"<*rnaTa<l«> ............................311. A caarTeK
Venota Sironaf 11l No line.
7.",va I/S<iy Hlizabeth 107 Hardly cood enough.
R7S2 Eddie Granev " H ( > B*en rested.
JSSS BaK-iph P t» H* Xot ready.
•Apprentice allowance.
Stanford Students Hold
Great Rugby Rally
Fourteen minutes of continuous cheer
ing jrrceted the entrance of the 1910
Stanford Rugby team to the Assembly
haU last evening. The rooters' final
eendoft to the team was the most en
thusiastic exhibition of loyalty ever
given a Stanford team. The rooters
would not stop cheering even for the
vpII leaders. The hall was packed to
the doors.
\u25a0When the cheering had been stopped.
tbfi speakers were introduced. They
were Dr. Frank Angell, Prof. E. W.
Ponzer. K. A. Cunha, K. L. Fenton *08,
and Coach Presley.
The talks and singing and yelling In
tjie Assembly hall was followed by
serpentining on th<* inner quad by. the
light of red fire. From here the yell
leaders led the processions to the old
baseball diamond, where a huge bonfire
45 f*<"t high wa6 burning-.
After dancing and running about this
for 20 minutes Stanford's most enthusi
astic rally was brought to a close by
singing -Hail. Stanford, HaiL" t
Latonia Results
I^ATOXrA- Not. 11. — Sir Alrescot won the
fourth race at Lttonia today after being. prae-
Urall.r left at the poft. He came strong la
tbt> str*toh and. catcolcg 'the other* tiring, won
hr a length from Otllo. Boca Grande, al so off
poorly, ran third. ' - \u25a0 ,_, •
Flret raoe, 8"> farlongfi— Joyanoe. straight
$12. won: Colma. pUce $6.10. second;- Ully
Paxtco. show $3.40. third- Tim*,. 1:018-5.
S«»ad race, one mUe — Ella Brreon, straight
$6.3 ft, won; Jim L. place $6.50. second: Mockler.
fb<-.w JS.SO. third. Time. 1:41.
Third r*r*. one mile and 70 .Tards— Sporting
Li>. straight $4.70. won; Asbwell. place $8.10.
f-w>n<l: Zoola. show $5.50. third. Time, 1:4<?2-5.
Fourth rare, Ms furlong*— Sir AlTeseot.
ftwlgbt $4.60. won: Otilo. pla*** $14.50. epeond:
Bc-*a Grande, fhow $24.40. third. Time. 1:14 2-5.
Fifth race, one and a 6ixte«nth .miles— Btn-
Mjr**. ttrai^ht $7.60. won: Alice, place $5.70.
teronfl; Qoagga. show $4.20. third. Time. 1:45.
f vth race, ode and a sixteenth mile* — Nether
most, straight f2O.SC. won; Slgo, place $31.20,
\u2666 *<w*«-*<J: Still Alero, abow. $35.40. third. - Time,
1:17 2-5. ;
World's Harness Records
Made at Phoenix
PHOENIX, Ariz.. Nov. 11. — Two new
world's records' were established today
at the territory fair races.
Lady Maude C of the' Savage stable
paced a mile in 2:01%, which is a rec
ord for mares in a race, although she
beat this time by 1 second in an ex
hibition mile Tuesday. Minor Heir
threw a shoe in this race while. coming
Into the stretch" at a 1:59. gait, broke,
apd lost the race, Hedgewood Boy was
third. George' Gano fourth.
Wilbur Lou paced' a mile in' 2:19%,
which lowers the world's record of
2:23 for yearlings that has stood since
189*. - .
NEW YORK. Nor. 11. — The twenty
sixth national horse show will open to
morrow at Madison Square gardenj
Nearly 1,700 entries, more by 200 than
the best previous record, will compete
for $10,000 in, cash prizes and several
thousand dollars [in trophies. The j in
ternational military and Jumping • con
tests have brought riders from France,
England, Canada, The Netherlands -and
one from Norway to compete against
American officers trained at West Point:
University of Idaho 5, Whitman col
lege 0.. ;, . \u25a0 . ,^,;->'^., ,-.\u25a0 \u25a0; ' '
I Jamestown Results |
- First race, eeren furlongs— Horfcoa, 3-to \u25a0 1,
\u25a0won; Rounder, •10-to \u25a01. second; \u25a0 Spea Nostrm,
Std.s, third. Time, 1:25 2-5. ' ,
Second rae«,- five furlongs — Trustee, \u25a0 ft' to- 1,
Tron; Elbsrt, 8 to 5, second; O. U. Buster, 5
to 1. • rhird. Time. 1:02 3-5.
Third rac«", handicap, era* and a Mxteenth
mii«"s. — Adiroßd*rk. 3 toil, won: R»ybonrD. - 5 • to
J. fecond; Sandhill. \T> to 1. third. Time. l:4g.
Fourth race, fire and n half . furlonps^-Von
Lrar. 10, toil, won: Senwa. 2 to 1. - second;
Mobllitr. 6 to 1, third. Time. 1:08 3-5. - '\u25a0
Fifth rae<». tre and a half furlongs— John A. 1
Monroe, -5 to \u25a0 2. won; Lady \u25a0 CJiilton. 20 • to- 1,
second; Baby WSHH', 3 to 1, third. Time,
1:03 1-5. - -j .. ' \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0•" ..:\u25a0:• : : - :\u25a0* \u0084: .
Sixth race, one -and a Birtecnth ' idllps— Henrj*
>fonroe, S' to 1. won; Cheek, S to 5, Eecond:
Coldca • CesUe, 2 to . 1, \u25a0 third. \u25a0 • Time, ' 1 ;1S 3-5. -
Bugle Call for First Race Will Be
Heard by Throng of Sportsmen
The racing 1 season Trill. be ushered in
this afternoon -when the bug-le caUs the
10 entries to the post In the opening
race. The season starts , with prospects
far brighter than those of a year ago,
when the oral system of betting was in
troduced. On that occasion many of the
old patrons of the game scratched their
heads and feared for the of
the sport In California, but this- year it
is entirely different. There Is a 1a 1 jubilant
air among the horsemen. and followers
of the sport now and every Indication
points to a successful season.
The last season proved that horse
racing could be conductedprofltably un- (
der the oral system of betting, and.
while the early part of the year was not
very profitable for the association, the
conditions improved, as the season pro
gressed. Whenthe courts handed'down
the decision allowing a stake holder to
act, the - attendance \u25a0 improved -and* the
closing days.of racing saw the ; sport ; in
a healthy, condition.- '•\u25a0 ' :• '
There will be no dearth <of; layers at
Emeryville today. At least" 20 ipencilers
will take their placesUn the ring. : This
Is more than double^the number "which
appeared on { the ' opening | day ,< of | last
year. ;\-' f
' The "association pictures a' successful
year. It is given; better purses and
more stakes, which means more money,
for I the . horsemen : and' a": better classvof
horses. While - there .'a.re no ; horses, of
King James* or \u25a0> Fitz Herberts- class, 1
still there "are t some . very ,j clever :per
formers j sheltered $at Emeryville ; which
will I make their.- appearances "in |f the
various stakes land* purses./ V , - i
The for the opening, day *is a
pleasing one. Six events.^ which .bring
out , big \u25a0. fields .' that tare* weir balanced;
complete .the ck'rd. ] The j opening^andi
cap naturally takes up attention of.
Fight on^ Sunday;
;'XBW' ORLEANS, Nov. . IL— Before
the "West' Side ; athletic club; on j Sunday;
Abe.. Attell.- feather 'weight ; champion!
will meet - Frankie > Cohley, ' thet bantam
weight holder, , in a* 15 round ; bout.',' Al \u25a0?
though, Conley^wtll enter the; ring; close
to the " feather v weight 'limit,\and : con
sented to;'flght, : Attell "i : for', the ; cham-^
pionship, : ,the3 latter*; insisted^ on -, catch
weights. \u25a0;\u25a0 --While : the •\u25a0. feather .g weight
champion: is i the ifavorito^ in;: the betting
\&t:odia;iot'2'to-,l t > -\u25a0\u25a0;•• - %\u25a0-;{ • •
the. horsemen. There are 10. clever per
formers ! carded to go i nto the ' hands of
Starter. Dick Dwyer, and! whlle'several
of them appear to 'be atriflcoutclassed
there are four which' appear -to be well
weighted' and. should furnish^ a
race all around the track. • -
Spellbound; the» conqueror, of • Olam
bala,, king- of .the handicap division
around the New York tracks. during, the
last seasons stems to be the fancied one.
The Pritchard.horsa has, been" working
In . a .way ;. which' indicates 0 that | he. . is
ready, and the .."wise; ones'*, know;- that
this ' trick<=,is - good enough to , win if ir»
form. Glass is engaged to ride Spell
bound.: • ! > \u25a0 / '
•' Bubbling Water, \u25a0 Molera" &" Joseph's'
entry,.; and ; a' favorite, with the!Callforr
nia racegoers, willrcome inforipopular.
support on account of the • wonderful
form I she. displayed last-seasoh.'vj If it
were : known, that she were ; right ;up to
a .bruising race .Bubbling* Water would
likely: be.the- choice. '\u25a0\u25a0\u0084: .- :\u25a0'\u25a0
\u25a0 ' Arasee {is': another I well *liked { horse.'
Van ! Dusen"; will; have ;the • mount "and
there^is; no doubt; thati this entry,* wilt
get •a J good i play. Sea ( Cliff .-, a^ highly
bred-performer,; formerly in the Whit
ney r barn. | has ibeen.^ working." like a
winner," and^should be a contender/
-'"Handicapper Nathanson * seems, to
have: apportioned; the nicely.
Rede*em : is In with a light;pack"age, : and
Phil Mohr should "beableitohandleVbis
100 -pounds and negotiate the mile', in
fast .time; if .he ,H 'ready. ; Responsful,
from I the -Walker rbarn, •• is .out { after a
long 'letup? andi might j surprise. \ How
ever.7the \u25a0generair.feelirigrseemsito^be
that , the \ race i lies between { Spellbound'
Bubbling Water; Arasee | and j Sea » Cliff *
\u25a0 B lf _the raln.holds.^off .thctrack.w'illibe
in pretty groqd; shape- for -fast- time." /At
least -eight 'are- expected! to<'goto' the
#isalia ; for Winter
| ; ; VTSAIJA. -Nov. 'H.—Accompanied 1 by
' ca 1 ;' Brown, "; two •of r. the Ibest- known
-pitchers' for', the". Chicago Cubs, \u25a0"arrived
in Visalia;t9nighCand^-ni^perid ; Vthe
winter. S Brown recently became a mem
\u25a0ber^of^thejWldgreon i'sun.'.club^of ithis
city ? by request: sent from ? Chicago,* and
the; two>i.wilHspend:tn'uch(of theirftime
,at,*lthe 'game \u25a0 preserves, J* where V*<3uck~
Buootinglis now;exceUent,-,r.-, .. \u0084 ; *
post, in the' handicap. Rain might
causa the withdrawal of Arasee. Bub
blingirWater is | looking, well and : there
is but little .. chance of -her being
scratched. " • ' • •
,- A carload ,of \u25a0: horses, composing 1 the
seconds division "of the Earl' Linnell sta
ble, 'has 'arrived from Saratoga. In' the
string are .Master; Guy, Ben Wilson,
Irishy- Gentleman. Court Lady,- Gypsy
Girl and. Rockledge.i -The. yearlings
are: . \u25a0:- \u25a0*\u25a0 , v , (?, \u25a0'.:-\u25a0\u25a0 ,, ; . .. '•.
"8.C.: \u25a0•Inflexible-Golden Locks, b/c-
Inflexible-Bellona. -br.- c. ; Peep: o'Day-
Love Light, b. c. Ossarr-Moldene, br. f.
Inflexible-Orilana.* b. r. Orsini-Sanada,
eh.. c. • Kismet-Lady Usk, b.-f. Kismet-
Ethel [Rodgers.-: - -./ . - i , \u0084 ;
' Linnell^was- at the track -yesterday,
having; arrived in .the- morning froni
;Lo& -Angeles. } He' Has one ; of the most
; extehsive strings at- the; tfeck and'runs
hls!horses in' the ?name> of ; the Orange
Vale •; stable, ! .;Vr r..i ;•; • ..".'\u25a0 -• :
I .Guy". Garner, i who; heads 'the f list.' of
riders: in 1 the United -States, \u25a0• is. under,
contract; to- Linnell- and will make his
first- appearance '. here i today.- * He rides
at about 4,96i pounds., .; ; .
'•'::/ iV-';?-.*"^*^ '.*'\u25a0'..••-\u25a0 ' ' / "•
Shilling w*ill I not Uikely \be \ here ; for
a .few days, \as" he fwent ;on; ahunting
trip-after, visiting his parents at then
home in Texas.' "' I r-
\u25a0 .Richard • Harvey -/will \ againi n \ hold the
watch ' In -the .timers', stand; with ' Pad
dock Judge j Jack -* Dinue jas his • assist
antJ..;> :i .;-.- '•-\u0084-.^... - » \u25a0. •- .\u25a0' .
\u25a0f^ Isaac I Hakelberg -is % the \ latest f ar
rival' f rom ; New ..York. \ : For. many . years
he^has taken; an; active j part;inl the .af-;
fairs \ of the- Metropolitani tiirf jassocia
tlpntand'is one of the' best" known'men
on: the='turf.^ . - • '\u25a0 \u25a0 v;N- : - ; *\u25a0 . \u0084•:
FromuAll Stars .-;«
ISpead'DUpetch'iolTheiCtiUlr i \
m LOS ANGELES, Nov.'ll.-^ln; a'loosely'
played l game iVexnoni defeated " the 'All
StarV-this > afternoon «by the 'score! of ?5<
; toj;l:^vnneU: pitched*greatSball|ftprj
t Cris*r'
Ctimes.'y Each, team ,irnade';three errors.'
'^ernon'TcinchedVth'e*; game Mn^thei fifth 1
'inhihgr.Tiwhen'sthree ~z runsfwere • scored'
loxi a.single, a sacrifice, .a* walk, a double'
steal acd two sale hits. \u25a0*.::<;' ;\ . - y.--\ j.
Temperamental Champion Must Show a
Bit or Become a Wallflower
" Although Tom , Jones, manager for
Ad" "Wolgust, the lightweight cham
pion, is shouting 1 as hard as he can
shout that his charge will not think
of . boxing anybody before February,
Promoter Louis Blot is shouting just as
hard that TVolgast and Nelson will go
on before his club next month. But in
the event that anything happens to the
lightweight champion. Blot will be
ready to put on Antone la Grave' and
Packey McFarland.
"Wolgast is a headstrong youth, a
hard one to manage, according to all
accounts. For a champion he has come
in. formless notoriety and. earned less
money than any other lightweight or
even feather weight Who ever -wore the
crown.* Some of the .followers of the
game even go so far as to blame Jones
for the unpopularity of the - young
Be : this s^s It I may. Wolgast wired
Blot two weeks ago. -accepting his
terms . of guarantee of $7,500, with a
privilege of* 40 per cent to. box Nelson
for the lightweight championship of
the world here on the afternoon of De
cember 24. Blot, who had already made
arrangements with' Nelson, began
congratulating himself, for he thought
the matter closed until yesterday, when
he read, what Jones hail to say about
it- . \u25a0 -s • <
\u25a0 As a matter of fact, nobody seems to
know the extent of "Wolgast's recent
injuries. It is known, or at least it
was announced, that the champion in
jured'his right arm twice within, a
period of six months, the last time
about two months ago. All sorts of
contradictory reports have been sent
out in the meantime, and the fans all
over the country have begun to accept
them all with the proverbial grain of
salt. ' \u0084 -; . •\u25a0\u25a0 - . \u25a0\u25a0
Sam Fitzpatrick, La Grave's manager,
is, in receipt of a fat offer, to take^the
butchertown boy back. to Kansas City
and ' go 10 rounds with Packey Mc-
Farland early. next month. ."While this
offer looks very, good! to Sam, still he
would- rather '^tart La Grave in San
Francisco 'again, provided that he can
find- some .promoter who will -put
him- on. >. \u25a0 \
•Fitz tls willing to send- La Grave
against McFarland \ over the 20 j round
route at. 135. pounds at 3 or 8 o'clock.
Sam has about: given up, all -hope of
developing La ' Grave into a 133 .pound
man, ' Tony. Is_ a bit too' big for the
real ;- lightweight division. , He's \ about
on a'- par '.with' < McFarland" in this re
spect, and '\u0084 this .'is; one of the reasons
why-the match' would be a" very at
tractive as .well as a' very Important
one.;;: '" .\u25a0" \u25a0 " , -\u0084\u25a0 ' \u25a0\u25a0-.-.
1 If Blot falls \u25a0: down on Nelson and
Wolgasf," •it is , very - likely ' that h» -will
sign La Grave ; and ' McFarland '• for, the
date proposed \ for -the other contest.
McFarland has- not -. given " his" consent
as ' yet,\ but the chances: are 'that he
will gladly take Ia i flyer at La Grave in
the, belief- that' the local. lad is': one' of
those.upstarts'whoni he hears about
so often. \u0084 ."• .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'•' \u25a0
i- Unless, something - happens 'to- his
train, "Owen "Moran. will .arrive "tomor
row . night' ".to .'.start-- training for -his
bout with- Nelson at ; Blot's arena,' two.
weeks - from - this - afternoon. "
As, usual, Moran ."will do his* training
over. 1 at t Billy ' Shannon's • San Rafael
retreat arid r he twill Ibe . trained - by . Tl v
Kreling, , v who '\u25a0\u25a0_\u25a0\u25a0 invariably .: looks \u25a0 after
all .' of ': Charl ey! Harvey's stable '_ of . box
ers- wh»?h - they ", show, on \ the
coast., , Harvey. J probably" will -join the
Moran camp a week : before the datf*
of and he probably will bet
heavily*on:hi&" man.*.: ' ;* :;\,:s'-7 :~~.\ .
will- return; from Calls toga to
morrow > arid s resume this ;- t training, at
Milletfs~ near Colma- - The. Battler was
not- ta; the i 'best -shape i"? the *-nJght b«
went against La Grave and he prob
ably has realized this many times
since. In order to make good against
the Britisher, Nelson must keep grind
ing away every minute of the time for
the next 12 days.
With Kelson and Moran in the- right
form, this mill should prove to be as
fast and as exciting a contest as. two
lightweights ever swapped blows in
or around San Francisco. Nelson will
have to be pretty nearly as good a.i
he was or the tearing little English
man will show him up, though it \s
not expected that he will be able to
register a knockout. ,
•* \u25a0 •
Rufua Williams, the colored middJ«
weight, and Loupe Caranza* will step
around for 10 rounds- or less in the
preliminary event of the Nalsoa-Moran
go two weeks from this afternoon. The
match was made last night by Gregory
Mitchell, representing" Coffroth.
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