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Big Demand for Business and
Residence Property Is Fea=
ture of the Week
OAKLAND. Nov. -11. — With trading
for rVsidence property and business
realty making strides for the week
and the work' on a number of larK**
buildings going on apace, the real es
tate situation in Oakland is more ac
tfv«? than it has b^en for a long time.
Oakland is experiencing a building
boom in all sections of the city, and
.in addition to thr> large number of
l>u!!dings 'already undfr way, work is
being planned on many more before
the- « lose of the winter months.
Thf stppl framework of the J 1,000, -|
onn Oakland hotel is rompl^i^d with
the exception of the last story, ami
The work on this structure is going on
steadily. The extension upon tin" 1
Beaity Syndicate building has been
<-ommen<~^d and tlif site for the new
million dollar city hail la to he cleared
Koon; Th<* Touriine hotfl at Four
teenth and Clay street* will ho torn
down in a few months with the . re- .
raaimter of tlje buildings on the block
to makfi way for th'a new class A flv<? ;
ttory building to be rrected by H. C.
Thf rental obtained for on* 3 of the
stores i» th<* Adams property at Broad
way and Twelfth street, which was
recently* leased to Bercovich Brothers.
>^ill be ?250. This stor«» lias m frontage
<'f 12 f*>et in Broa.lway and a depth of
£0 f^et, or a ftoor spa<-c of 240 square
feet. This is at the rate of $1 a square
loot a month, which is the same rontal
that is being: obtained for the ground
floor of the Phelan building in .San
Francisco, which brings the highest
rental in San Franrisco.
The electrification of the Southern
Pacific company's steam lines is well
under way and is expected to be com
pleted In the spring. The big power
plant ct the foot of Fruitvnl*> pv»-nue
near the tidal canal, at a cost of ? 1,170,
000, including the machinery, is in
readiness. At Alameda point the big
repair, painting and inspection shops,
460 feet long and 200 feet wide, have
been built at a cost of $275,000, anJ
another substation to be erected at
West Oakland will cost $150,000. This,
with the work on the. new combination
depot to hi built on the old site at
Sixteenth street, at a cost of $300,000.
beginning January 1. will represent
the expenditure of more than $2,000,000
by the Southern Pacific; and this does
not include vast Water front Improve
ments, the Peninsular railway work
;md much more along the same lines.
The summary of building permits for
the week is as follows:
' No. of
Permit!?. Amounts.
«»iip story <j"-ellinss 20 $">0.34<>.f10
On<» and a half story dwe'llTij:<=. i 4.K00»n0
Two t-xnry dwellings ;• R. 893.00
Two st>Ty fiatp 1 ."..wvt.fin
• iarage* and tank frames :: ".175.<>f>
Bhe«a 2 5*5.00
A!terfitir.r«. additions and re
pairs 2t> 10.C03.50
Total 59 $.',5,4!)5.50
The Realty Syndicate will conduct
its real estate .business as usual on
the groun/J floor while the work Is
being done on their 10 story building
at 121 S Broadway. This company has
recently completed the residence of
James V. Chloupek, Forty-first street
and Shafter avenue, one of a large
number in that locality. The syndicate
* has also inaugurated a campaign by
the selection of about .5 lots in Forty
ninth. Fiftieth and Fifty-first streets
between Broadway and Telegraph.
These lots will be sold as low as $25
a front foot. This is about '20 per
cent less than the market price of
property in this neighborhood. AH of
the street work is done in front of
this property. It is close to the Key
Route and convenient to car lines.'
A new corporation is being formed
by George C. Mather. A. J. Barton and
"W. E. uean, with Judge William R.
Geary as attorney, to subdivides tract
in Richmond into building lots. The
land obtained is near the townsite of
Pullman and will be a residential dis
trict of the employes of the Pullman
works. This is another case of Oak
land capital developing Richmond
property. The property is among the
b*.st to be had ip Richmond.
P. K. Reed, subdivision manager of
the Laymance real estate company, in
speaking of th<» realty situation, said:
Tbe cia*s of buildiriß that is beins done in
Ro~k Ridyp speaks more eloquently for tb»
property than acythin? cl*n could. While a
tunalw »f people are buying Ro<'k lUdjre lots
a* an icvf-Ktraenr. the jtrejit majority of huyern
intend buildinjr hntnes, in this Broadway bill fesi
eence park. Though Rock nidge is only a year
old, it is already dntted rrith homes, Vome of
them r*-capied. others under construction. A
rtUl preater number of fine reyldeacps Tril! be
commenced within the next month, among them
the $4rt.000 home of C. B. Wells.
A. J. Snyder said:
Tlic conditinq of the realty markrt is much
etr«nper. with erery indication of increasing ac
tiTity. Tne demand for close in business prop
erty ie greater Jban it has been, for months,
while owner* are inclined to hold rather than
cell, a* there are any numh*r of applications
for Ooteiiwb loi-ations at rents tlaat pay fine :n
er>w on tiie pr/»p«»rty. With the rapid* crowing
©f the business section, property alony San Pablo
«nd Telegraph arenues. Kroadway and the
rrosf streets from Kourreentb to Tw-entr-second
i 8 corning, in great demand and ia this locality
Trill be *een fcome of the greatest advances in
\u25bcalues and Improvements that will mark the
proTrth of our city in tbe near future.
Id the residential action of the city are seen
many new homes fn the coarse of construction.
«nd especially is rfeis noticeable in the beautiful
j-nbd; visions <m the northern Stores of the lak« I
along the winding Mulerards into the Piedmont
hills, where many of the most beautiful homes
around the hay are located. The civic improre
rsects and municipal buildings that Trill soon
he started, together with the erection of new
business, tirade* and homes, will make Oakland
• rme of the foremost cities in the eountrv in
actual progress and advancement.
George W. Austin said:
The prominence of downtown realty in Oak
land and the. c-onfldcn<-e in tb« same exhibited
by oot of town Investor* form the most dominant
feature. TTie fmproT«-ment in the business Mo
tion of Dskland, owing to the number of new
buildings lieing crei-ied. the street railway im
provements and the assurance of a creditable
hotel, a flnp city hall and a proper depot at Six
teeath street. h*« bad it« effect and visitors
havo strongly expressed themselves.
l>uring Jbe week I havo dandled three big cn«
tomerß for deals in Oakland at values of $250 000
JIOn.OOA and J4O/KKI. one client of mine re
fuJyd an offer of $iSO.«ifio for a property near
Fourteenth and Broadway, which would have
meant $-T> « front foot. There can be no ques
tioning r\{ the advance of realtj values in the
downtown f-ection of Oakland.
The XV'ickJiam Havens company re
port? remarkable activity In the East
Piedmont Heights Extension tract,
which was recently placed on the mar
ket. The development in this resi
dence property is one of the most
active that has been witnessed around
the bajv There were 15 lots Fold last
Sunday, and the fact that there are
24 houses contracted for with the
architects speaks for itself.
Th^re was one special lot advertised
for last Sunday, to be -announced at a
certain hour at a very low price in
ord^r to attract- the attention of tbe
public. "Women appeared in the Oak- .
land offices of the. company Saturday
a few hours after the advertisement
of the special price appeared, who an
nounced their willingness to make the
first payment without seeing or know-
Ids the location of the lot. The com
Residence of James V . Cloupck, Forty-first street and Shafter, avenue, Oak
land, built bp the Realty Syndicate.
pany could hardly refuse to recognize
the dusplay of such confidence and
was forced to supply twoiktts at spe
cial prices to these customers beside
providing the one advertised for Sun
day at a special hour.
W. E. Johnson, manager of _ the
country department of Taylor Broth
ers, said: ,
Our grentest actlritr durina the week past
hap t>e«>n in dealing with out of town customers,
•who either want to buy f>r eschanpe' in Oakland.
The average resident of the clt.v little appre
ciates the worth at which Oakland realty is
held as an investment. We have any number of
deals pendinc with investors in San Joaquln ral
]ey points, and one in Modoo county who wants
to exohanpe 400 aore*. fnr Oakland property.
We have just rlosed the sale of 24<i acres In
the new Irrlsati<>n district of New OBkda!e to
B. 3. Williams, manager of the Standard soap
company <>f Berkeley. He purchased from Fred
Laugbltn ofOakdale at $30 an acre, which, with
!rrfjr«tion. should return him bic profits on his
investments. Williams will immediately plant
SO a<--res in almonds a.nd the halauee upon the
completion of the irrigation system.
Carnival of Travel Arranged by
Baptist Auxiliary
OAKLAND. Nov. ll.^-The Woman's
auxiliary of the First Baptist church is
planning a festival of the holiday sea
son, asking their friends to share with
them the delights of a carnival of
travel on Thursday and Friday. Decem
ber 1 and 2. The event is being ar
ranged by Mrs. Louis Cockroft with'the
assistance of the auxiliary's president,
Mrs! L. A. Johnson.
The following committee chairmen
have been appointed:' ,
Railroad station. Mrs..Glenn Johnson;
Greek lunch counter, Mrs. Stuart; pop
corn and candy, Mrs. Sanford Wixson;
bootblack stand. Mrs. Perry Brown:
California. Miss Alice Hoyt; Japan and
China, Mrs. Garnet Bothwell; Germany,
Mrs. J. H. Bills: Paris, Mrs. Charles
Brinstad; America. Mrs; A. EL Caldwell;
domestics, Mrs.* E. J. Parker; delica
tessen, Mrs. A. H. Pratt; cafeteria, Mrs.
J. la Mar. .
Opposition of Her Son Fails to
OAKLAND. Nov. 11. — Opposition on
the part of H. Waldo Dlkeman of Ore
gon to the way his mother, Mrs: Anna
M. Dikeman, disposed of an- estate of
$40,000 was not In evidence today, in
Judge Wells' court, although .the son
some tinie ago filed a contest to two of
Mrs. Dikeman's wills. She left him only
$100 and divided the estate among three
other children.
One of the wills was declared invalid
today by Judge Wells after Mrs. James
D. Dikeman. wife of. Mrs. Dikeman's
son, had testified. The last will of Anna
M. Dikeman. her daughter in law said,
was made in Los Angeles when she was
on her deathbed and,; out of her mind.
But the will that was admitted to pro
probate today was made while the tes
tator was of sound mind. \u25a0
James D. Dikeman was appointed ex
ecutor of the will. '
OAKLAND, Nov. 11. — Suit for divorce
was begun today by- John Alleman
against . Ida. Alleman of Bay street,
Alemeda, Alleman accusing his wife of
undue friendship for Charles Doe. The
following new suits' for divorce were
begun today on the ground of deser
tion: Maria E. Goricalves against
Henrique; Lulu H. Williams against
Clare G. .•. • .
OAKLAND, Nov. 1 1.— -Mrs. . D. W. de
Veer, lecturer for. the school, depart
ment, will talk on "Natural History", for
school children at the Oakland public
museum. Thirteenth and Oak streets,
tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. The
lecture will be the first in a course to
be" illustrated with the curios in the
new museum.
BERKELEY, Nov. 11. — Fiends ,of
C. C Young, who was re-elected' to
the assembly from the fifty-second dis-^
trict, have started a campaign to have
him chosen ;as speaker of the next
state legislature. . '
Suburban Brevities
HOUSE MOVEH ITOB.T— Oakland. Nov. 11.—
Eay Msloou, a house moT«>r, Hring at 1076
Twentj-flnst strpet. snßtalnert a ; d^cp cut ln
tbe. back this afternoon, when a window of a
hoase be was in ot lug fell open him.
ALAMEDA WOMAN DlES— Alameda. Not. 11.—
Mrs. Elisabeth Wylp-Oook died last nlpht at
bpr'home. 1019 Walnur street.' Sirs. Cook was
the xridorr of Francte C. Cook a Dd. mother, of
Mr?.' I*- W. \u25a0' Dok*».-Mls» Genera Cook and Au
tiroy Co^k. She was a natire of Nora Scotia,
62 years old. ' . . ' .
•WHIST TOTXRUEY HELD— Alsuneda. Not.' ll*_
More than 300 . whist playe.r* prathered tonipht
Id the hall at 1332 Park street for tbe tour*
Bey glTenhy the chamber of commerce. The
committee in charge, wag- composed of J.. E."
Miranda. E. C. Putzmann, G. A. Leroux and
\u25a0 George. M.- Learitt. - •\u25a0-,' \u25a0 \u25a0 ; \u25a0
Nor. 11. — The'mtmbers of the Alaineda ins-"
provemenf club, haTe samnd the following- to
act as' delegates from tins dty to the -Pacific
coast congress to be held at the Palace hotel,
Pao.rranclsco. Tfcunulay: C. R. Smith.. W.'.H.
Noy.-E. K. Taylor, Captain Anderson and Alex
ander Mackie. -\u0084- - > : •» "
POUND TO BE MOVED— Alaineda, Not.' 11.—
Ttie utilities . committee .of the -. city : council
wJH recommend that 'the cJty.. pound, -now^ lo
cated at the sontb end of, Court street. ' be re
tnoTcd to the Alameda marsh, near, the-Web
eter.etreet roadway.- If the -council adopts the
tiuppenion ; a piece «f land wijl be leaeead from
- the Tacilic improrement company for • 10 sears.
- . - - • \u25a0 . . . . \u25a0• \u25a0 . •:.:-\u25a0. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 . ...
Bold Highwayman Holds Victim
While Skirted Confederate
Takes His Money
OAKLAND. Nov. 11. — A woman foot
pad helped a "strongarm" man* to rob
Theodore Songopones of 100S Market
street at the corner of Tenth and.Cas
tra streets at 1 o'clock this morning.
The pedestrian, accosted by the couple
In a dark corner, was taken by sur
The robber stepped suddenly to Song
opones' side and grasped both his
arms, pinioning them behind the vic
tlm\s_ back and pressing - one : arm
against Songopones* head, thrusting
back his head. In this position the
wayfarer was held while the woman
accomplice searched him. She took $15
and a pearl handled knife.
Songopones met Policeman Connors,
to whom he reported the robbery. . In
spector of Police Bock answered a call
and helped search, the neighborhood,
but the robbers had uisapepared. Their
victim was not able to give, good de
scriptions, a^Jn the dark and with, his
head, held back he could not see the
woman distinctly. The man he hardly
saw at all. Songopones said the woman
was tall and dark in" complexion.
Neither of the robbers, he said, dis
played a weapon.
Board of Education Grants Per
mission for Meetings
OAKLAND, Nov. 11.— The board of
education has granted permission to
the Child's- Welfare league to use the
public school buildings as meeting
places. The league, may meet in any
building by making arrangements with
Superintendent of Schools McClymonds.
The directors took the position that the'
buildings with auditoriums should be
allowed to the public for such meetings
or for lectures whenever possible.
Mrs.jNelHe Nelson, president of \u25a0 the
league. D. P. Decker of Fruitvale and
Probation Officer Christopher Ruess ap
peared before the school board' to re
quest the use of the schools.
The league will meet next Thursday
evening at Fruitvale school No. 1.
.OAKLAND. Nov. 11.— Miss Jessie
Berry, city, chemist, has reported to the
board of health that the water at Pled
raont baths was insanitary for bathers,
and Health Officer. Dr. E. N. Ewer has
ordered a- bacteriological test. The
water is taken from. Lake Merritt,
which is filled by tide from the estuary.
.Sewage in the estuary waters may
cause danger, of typhoid.
\ The Army of
t Constipation
Is Growing Smaller Every Day.
I LIVER PILLS are ><flPP|\.
retponsible — they notjffi ggfeSat.
j only give relief—^^jj^ggg rAPTCPtI
they permanently ij JSwh 991 j*J*«*l LlvJ
r cure Coßfti P a^^^^p^ If' V/^ 6
ness, Ifi#£estion, Sick'He&daclie, Sallow Skin.
Genuine must bear signature.
. "/ ' ROtr.VDINGS
J<El5 PAGE 10 r . ;
\u25a0 :'•': Pulse Diagnosis Free. .. . »
60S. 17th «t. near San < Pablo ar.. Oakland, CaJ.
\u25a0J^gf^ ' TESTIMONIAL. •'. V
IS«a^SW Mountain House, Sierra Co.
ig&jjsC'W Dr. Tom Wai Tong. \u25a0..:.:\u25a0 .
'\u25a0\u25a0 WE&jJt&w \u25a0' Dear Sir — I can not find words to
&ggWM thank you ' for what . you ha-re done
' YS*&;^> ' for =. me. ;.' I « had ' stomach • trouble for
«Es? . three years, but since I doctored two
jp»g^_^ months 'with yon I am entirely well.
Very gratefully yours. \u25a0 -.. :
Ensign Alan Olson and Miss
' Genevieve Pattiana to Be
Feted Before Marriage
OAKLAND, Nov. 11.— Ensigm Alan
Olson, the fiance of Miss Genevieve
Pattiana, will arrive in California early
next week when plans will be made for
their marriage. For the last few
months Ensign Olson has been with his
ship in the Panama waters. His return
to the bay cities' will be made the oc
casion for. considerable entertaining: in
honor of his fiance and himself. The
j bride to bo is .a favorite with the -navy
j set and spends much of her time on
Mare island, the house gruest of, her
sister, Mrs. Duncan Gatewood, formerly.
Miss Ida Pattiana.
* * *
Society on both sides of the bay are
interested in the betrothal of Theodore
Benedict Lyman and Miss Rowena Wil
son, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Wilson -of- Berkeley:' The, young bride
to be made her debut two seasons ago
and has been prominent in the smart
set of .San Francisco, as well as in
the college town. Miss Wilson is a
sister of Miss Joy Wilson. Lyman is
city engineer of Berkeley. He belongs
to. a. well known St. Helena family and
took his degree from the University of
California. No definite plans are an
nounced for the wedding.
The wedding of Robert Macßride and
Miss Annette Hall is planned as one of
the notable events of the holiday sea
son at the Hall residence. Pine street,
Fruitvale. The Halls belong to a pio
neer family in this part of the state
and are closely related to many of the
prominent folk about the bay. The
bride to be has received considerable
social attention since the announce
ment of her engagement to the young
Berkeley man.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Spence Black are
receiving a cordial welcome from their
friends in town after their long ab
sence. Before her marriage Mrs. Black
was Mrs. Orestes Pierce, and prominent,
in the smart, set. Mr. and Mrs. Black
have been touring Europe.
Miss Marion Rodolph was a hostess
at one of the prettily planned affairs
of the afternoon, her geusts including
a large number of the young folk whose
school days have not yet ended.
Miss Evelyn Jones will be the com
plimented guest at the reception over
which Mrs. Charles Alexander -will pre r
side as hostess tomorrow afternoon.
Miss Jones and Weare Little will»be
married "Wednesday evening . and a
large number of cards have been ' sent
out for the ceremony in Trinity Epis
copal church. In the bridal party will
be Miss Carmelita Woerner as maid of
honor. Miss Margaret Alderson and
Miss Enid Turner as bridesmaids. The
ushers will" be . Lloyd Lacey, Melville
Jefferies, George ONell and Dr. Earl
Clements. G. E. Arrowsmith will assist
Little as best man. The marriage
service .will „be read^K. Rev. Clifton
Macon, . rector '-pf/ttVa church. 'An in
formal reception wiir be held at the
Jon«"s . residence in*' Piedmont after the
ceremony. '
•Miss Theo Spaulding. who has been
visiting in Stockton as the ho\ise guest
of relatives for a fortnight or so has
returned to town for ; the. winter.
OAKLAND, Nov. 11.— -A deed of trust
to secure a bond issue of $2,000,000
made by- the..Orpheum . theater phd
realty company-was placed on rocord
today. The property included in .-' the
deed consists of the Oakland' Orpheum
and some of. the company's other thea
ters. The Union trust company of San
Francisco is 'the underwriter of the
bond -issue and the deed of trust was
made out to it. The Oakland property
is subject already to a mortgage of
Are You Ready For Thanksgiving?
Our stocks of Women's Apparel await your coming. In the broad vari-
ety presented it will prove an easy matter to choose satisfactorily whatever
is'npeded to complete your Thanksgiving costume. *
; .;__ .—.. — . ; ; •._\u25a0 ;' j .-; •
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mind thatthe list is noways complete. . \u25a0;'.\u25a0\u25a0 >
A SPECIAIi line of Dresses -at .........'........... .fti'^o
A SPECIAL value Suit at ..... I . . . . .^. .V. ... . . . . .52.-..00
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,r. '\u25a0 The KIMOXO -Section displays everything in the line of Kimonos and
Negligee effects that it is possible to produce. The range of materials em-
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. of these were bought to sell at prices up to $4.50. We have divided them,
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LOT AO. n O\E at.. . 92.00 LOT NO. TWO at....52J50
~; <v The assortment consists of real .hand made Irish Crochet- Edgings
Insertions and Bands. -The prices quoted are actually lower than New
York cost. * . - ...";\u25a0 v •; .
F-djrlnK«, 3 to S inches wide, at .40, 50, 00, 63, 75 and 85 Cents
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In' Chiffon' and' Crrpp the prices range from .f i.oo to ? 12.50
*:ln French, Turkish and Algerian Spansrlcjt the prices are. from .'.s2^ls to, $9.00
BKHinan Hammered .Metal Scarf » come at prices i ranging fr0m.. *4.50 to |(C 5.00
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The big game takes place- Saturday, November- 12th, on ?the Berkeley
Field. We have the- exact: shades.;of Blue and Gold 1 and Cardinal in every
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r This \u25a0department Is completely stocked iwith< Agate .Ware. /Aluminum
Ware, Tin Ware. Wooden .Ware. Kitchen Accessories, articles for the Laun-
drjv Brushes, Brooms. Carpet ; Sweepers, Electric. Attachments for
work, Step Ladders, ? Galvanized - thenecessities-of-a well
ordered home. "-; Our PKICES:are considerably lower than anywhere else on
either side of-theßay. , Make.atrial and be convinced. . >' : .
-^-^| CLAY :Slotthip JSttijSTS.;OAKLAND |~— —
Berkeley Society Women Will
Aid in Collection of Funds
for Organizations
BERKELEY, Nov. 11.— Generals and
captains for the -big charity day which
will be held'in this city a week from
tomorrow have been appointed by Ar
thur Arlett, who is^in command of the
workers; and active preparations have
begun for the work of November 13.
The city, as .last year, has been di
vided into districts in which each corps
of workers will gather money for the
three societies, to be benefited — the
charities .organization, the Berkeley
day nursery and, the Berkeley dispen
sary. •..'.< . ' \u25a0
Arlett is confident that $12,000 will
be raised charity day and every ef
fort will be made to collect more than
this amount for the three institutions.
The generals' appointed are:
District Xo. I— Mrs. F. W. Searbj.
District No. 2— Mrs. Beverly L. Hodghead.
District No. 3 — Mrs. Frederic C. Torrey.
District No, 4— Mrs. E. H. Wilbur.
District No. ? — J. C. Davis. • •
District No. rt— Clarence S. Merrill.
District No. 7— Mrs. E. H. Moeher.
District No. B— O. D. Malonpy.
District No. 9— Harry J. Irwin.
District No. 10— Miss Sue Irwin.
District No. 11 — Mm. Heybeison.
Lieutenant commanders have been
named as follows: For districts 1 to
6, Mrs. A. M. Davis; districts 7 to 11,
Miss Mabel Weed.
The captains include the most active
workers in Berkeley's fleld of humani
tarian endeavor. They are:
Captains in dlTlsio'n No. I—Mrs.1 — Mrs. A. W. Smith,
Mrs. F. T. Tray. Mffcs Noyes. Mrs. F. C. O'Ban
non. •
Captains, in division No. 2 — Mr>. Arthur S.
Eakl«v Mrs. Henry R. Hatfield, Miss Nellie
Stuart, Miss Lucy Spraxne, Mrs. D. L. Bishop,
Miss Annie Woodall.
Captains in Division No. 3 — Mrs. L. A. Hicks,
W. Z. Seabury, Mrs. W. B. Colby, Mrs. K. 0.
Moody. Mrs. G. A. Kofoid. Mrs. C. L. Hoggin*.
Captains in Division No, 4 — Mrs. Harriet
Breckenridge. .T. Conklin Brown, Mrs. O«org«
Colby. Miss Elolse Fife. Mrs. L. L.V Green, - Mrs.
Whitney Pala.cn<\ Mrs. F. D. Stringbam.
Captains in division No, s—Mrs.5 — Mrs. Robert A.
Raker, Miss Florence Onibb. Mrs. W. D. Ogilvte.
Mrs. G. R. Reilly. Mrs. T. S. Winters. Misa May
T. Wilson.
Captains in division No. 6 — Robert -B. Biird,
Will May. E. Q. Turner. William Morrtsh, Mrs.
T. N. Laspll. Mrs. F. 1,. Najlor, Mrs. W. H.
Lester. James F. Hill, Mrs. S. G. Teter.
Captains fn division No. 7 — Mrs. Chamberlain,
S. D. Waterman, Mrs. Van Hemert-Engert.
Captains in division No. S — A. E. Weed. Miss
Olive Shirk Mrs. C. E. Anloff. Frank McAllis
ter. Mrs. J. C. Lynch. Mrs: F. E. Dalze.ll.
Captains in division No. o—To0 — To be appointed.
Captains In division No. 10 — Mrs. W. C. Pratt.
Mrs>. Henry. Atwood, Mrs. Hamlet, Miss Bessie
Dunn. Mrs. Twining, Miss Skee, Mrs. Barrlnger.
Captains In' division No. 11 — To be announced, j
Sunday Services in Churches
of Alameda
ALAMEDA. Nov. 11.— First Baptist church,
L. P. Russell pastor. '
11 o'clock — Morninp service. Rev. E. A.
Woods, 3 formerly pastor of the First Baptist
church of San Francisco, "will preach.
I 7:30 o'clock — In the evening there will be a
special musical service, in -which the choir of
the church will be assisted by Charles H. Blank,
violin, and several of his pupils — Mrs. William
B. Powell, soprano. San Francisco; Alphonse Ma
thleu. French horn, and Miss Gladdinir, con
tralto. The program. will be as follows:
Organ voluntary. <a> Russian air, (b) march,
arranged by . Rller. " for six violins; hymn, con
gregation and choir; responsive reading; soprano
solo, selected, Mrs. William Powell; anthem,
"Hark. Hark. My Soul" (Dudley Buck), quar
i tet; prar«T. response by choir; andante, ar
ranged by Riley for six violins; contralto solo,
-Miss Gladding;, offertory; violin solo, "Ber
ceuse" iJocelyn), Charles H. Blank: duet. "The
Homeland" (Rockwell). Mrs. Ida Traveller, alto,
and F. C. Abendroth. tenor; solo, French horn,
selected. Alphonse Mathleu; soprano rokv "I
Will Lay Me Down in Peaeo" (Buck). Mrs.
G. A. I.eroux; march, arranged by Riley for six
violins — Aura Meachani. Charles Beldenweg,
Jeosyl Jacobs, George Merkel. Stanley Younger.
Ellsworth Dennis. David Rosen pianist; anthem.
"Lord. 1 Have Loved tbe Habitation of Tbr
House" ' (G. W. Torrance), quartet; hymn,
choir and ccwgregatlon: benediction: postlude.
organ;- quartet — Mrs. G. A. Leroux, sporano;
Mrs. Ida Traveller, contralto; 'F. C. Abendroth,
tenor; Clarence Woodln, basso; Miss . Myrtle
Ward.v organist. .
VERDICT SET ASlDE— Oakland. Nov. 11.— The
" verdict of a jurv_ finding "J^G." Henning*>r, a
real estate man.' guilty of "' obtaining money
under false pretenses, from Domentco I^avagetto
T\a» get Rslde today by Judge Brown because
of a faulty Information. Hennlnger was not
set • free, however, as another Information
against him' was Bled and he will be tried
again. ' . . .
Traveling Salesman With Leg*
acy Is Placed in Jail as
Suspected Bigamist
OAKLAND, . Nov. 11.— Louis ' Luke
Thornton, a ' traveling salesman who
recently inherited $30,000. made the
error last night -of bringing together
two women who both claimed to be his
wife. The women argued about their
wlfehoodand finally! went to blows.
Police were, called, and in consequence
Thornton passed the remainder of the
night at the city jail, waiting to be
cleared of the charge of bigamy which
Mrs. Mabel Thornton-Exton of SIS
Franklin street threatened to place
against him.
When the matrimonial claims had
been adjusted by the police, Thornton
departed with' Mrs. Jennie Thornton,
the younger claimant, while the elder
rival returned • disappointed to her
Franklin street lodging house this
Thornton's -story is that in Chicago
he knew Mrs. Mabel Thornton, as the
elder woman called herself. He said
she helped him in business matters,
and he married her. but later found
reasons for getting a divorce. Then
after he had taken Jennie for his wife
he inherited his money. Last night he
wished to have cashed a check for
$1,200, and came to Oakland with
Jennie Thornton to be Identified by
Mrs. Mabel Thornton. The two women
both referred to him as "husband," and
the quarrel began.
Mabel Thornton claimed to have been
married to the salesman in Denver July
27, 1897. She said he disappeared soon
afterward, and she saw him again in
Oakland only recently.
Mrs. Jennie Thornton declared she
was married to the man in Colby, Kans.
March 31, 1910. Each woman cited
places where proof of their stories
could be obtained.
Thornton and wife returned to San
Francisco, where they are staying at
the Cove house. 16S Eddy street.
Thornton said Ills father, D. I. Thorn
ton, a farmer of Independence, Mo.,
died recently, leaving him $30,000- .
Swallows Bichloride Tablets
After Quarrel With Spouse
ALAMEDA. Nov. 11. — Thinking to
frighten her husband by attempting
suicide, Mrs. E. H. Griffen, whose home
is at* 1709 Eagle avenue, swallowed
three bichloride of mercury tablets sev
eral days ago and her effort at self
destruction nearly proved successful.
The subterfuge of the wife to patch up
the quarrel was successful, as Mr. and
Mrs. Griffen are reconciled.
A violent quarrel, it Is said, was fol
lowed by a threat of Griffen to leave
home and not return. Mrs. Griffen told
her husband that if he did leave
she would end her life and she Imme
diately procured the bichloride of mer
cury tableta and took, three. '
The woman then rushed to the street
in a fainting- condition and was found
by neighbors. A doctor was hastily
summoned and after, several hours'
treatment saved Mrs. Grlffen's life.
1 **\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 • • i
• . "" i . • * % •\u25a0 •
! Twenty-six Lots Specially Priced— A Splendid Oppor-
t unity to Get a Real Bargain in Oakland Real Estate ;
Anxious to Keep , Up Record of Sales in Spite of
Building Operations
Kfffiyjg Cb^SjU \u25a0 MB^RS&EM^^ : %\u25a0•"\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0 -' \u25a0 '*\u25a0' ;'\u25a0'\u25a0"\u25a0 . - :: " Bjtfjr l g >^'^2 l 6gry*"^?Ftß|rMKLsCT£3^ 1
One of the b*st opportunities ever "OuF object fh making these figures U
offered in Oakland to secure a desir- simply to stimulate business while our
able residential or investment lot is new building is beln s erected It ts
now being presented by the Realty Syn- hard to set people to come into the
dicate - office w»»en. scaffolding i 3i 3 In .front of
They own 26 scattered, lots between the door, and iron workers are ham-
Broadway and Telegraph, on Forty- mering outside.
ninth. Fiftieth and - Fifty-first- streets, " ln order to" overcome this hand'ear.
which they are very desirous of closing we offer special prices, just about as
out * ' '• .- \u25a0". \u25a0.-\u25a0J^V;-;.'"- a store keeper would do under similar
All of the street work has been done circumstances.- if a buyer can gave
in front." of these lots and as they are f rom $is(v.to ISOo'on a lot he certalrilv
close to the" Key Route and to the car should not object to a Tittle noise nut"
lines, and in a 'fairly well built up side. . % • OUI *'
neighborhood, there should be no ques- "There'is no finer property in Oak-
tion of an immediate sale.. land than that on Fiftieth and. Fifty"
Some^ of .these lots are priced as low first streets, and anyone who Is fortu-
as; $25 per foot, although nothing else nate enough to secure one of these lots
in -the neighborhood \is to be had for isindeed to be congratulated "
lesg than $30 or $3o per foot. Even .The Realty Syndicate own a great
some of the: corners can be had as low many miscellaneous lots throughout
as ? 35 ' per jfoot. while -one or .two lots Oakland, ami it is their Intention to
are priced at $22.50 = per foot. ctose them all out as rapidly as d o^
"If we ever; offered, inducements, to sible, s t , that th»y can roarentratß
the people we are certainly doing so their attention upon their larger h«M
now." said P- \u25a0 W. Morehouse of The ings. . particularly upon several niw
Realty. Syndicate today. /"Every onenof tracts which they expect tf» on*»n »r.
those lots is. listed at a special price. In the future. The advantage in bm
and anyone who has inquired Into val- ing: the miscellaneous lot» in addition
ues ;in. this, neighborhood in the last to the low prices is that' they- ar« »ii '
six months will -find that our present inestablished neighborhoods whare th«
quotations arc- considerably. below, the buyer can see exactly the kind at n*i*h
market. HHhShSHI bors he will have. " *"'
— *
Fire Chief Chosen to Succeed
Himself Despite Long
BERKELEY. Nov. It.— Fire Chief
James Kenney was retained as head of
the fire department by the city councjl
today after a year's delay, in which
the body, had made no open move to
name a fire chief under the new city
The appointment of the chief came
as a surprise. The office of fire chief
was first declared vacant; then Com
missioner Hoff named Kenney. Coun
cilman K. B. Norton was not willing: to
vote for him and said that he had an
other man in mind, but couTd not nomi
nate him. as he was not in order.
Commissioner W. F. McClure. who
seconded floffs nomination, said that
he would only vote for Kenney with
the understanding that his salary of
$175 should be reduced the first of the
year. Mayor Hodghead said that ef
ficiency only was to be considered am!
that he cast his vote for Kenneys re
tention in spite of the wish of some to
remove him.
The vote on the matter was unique,
inasmuch as it showed the first vit»s~^
disagreement of the members of the
council since their election over a year
ago. Heretofore on every matter the
council has stood as a unit, but today
Norton openly opposed the choice of his
colleagues and voted against Kenney.
Kenney's political connections with
the old guard here in the past are sai-i
to have influenced the council to plan
his removal.
There will be a fight made to cut
his salary the first of the year.
Internally Injured in Abdomen
When Machine Backfires
OAKLAND. Nov. 11. — Hit in the ab
domen by a flying stick of wood. Al
Althey, a stiekerman in the employ of
the Sunset lumber and mill company,
sustained internal injuries, from whi< -h
he died a few minutes later. He was at
work with a machine in the company.-*
mill this mornlnsr, when the machln*
backfired and threw out a piece of
lumber with jcrrat violence, knocking
him down and rendering him uncon
scious. Fellow workmen took him t<>
the receiving hospital, where he died a
few moments later. It Is believed that
the force of the blow broke his intes
tines, making him bleed to death, in
Marriage Licenses
OAKLAND. Xot. 11. — The fi>llowins marrias««
lic»ns«« wer« issn«Mi today:
John Fagundes. 3(>, and Germala 'SllTa. -1.
both of Newark.
Frank X. ; >rcCarl<»y. 4;;. nod Eulalie SI. M--
Carl*y. 42. both ft Oakland.
Spencer R. Kendall. 23, Oaklaad. and ElLa A.
Otlesen. 13, WatsonTillc
tjtwrenc* E. Fair. 21. and Grace M. D'lt-
ledge, 20. both of San FranHw».
Percy M. Fbrster. 25. Berkeley, and Carrie 0.
Kelly. 21, Hayward. •
Phillip H. Cbnbb. 2*. Colfax. and Gertrwle C.
Darrow. 31. Berkeley.
Clinton MV. Conner. 23. Burke, and Lottie P.
Bonbam. 21. Santa Rosa.
Ware C. Uttle. 31. Oakland, and Erclrn A.
Jones. 22. Piednmnt. \u2666

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