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The San Francisco Sunday Gall
AN OI*D Roman poet begins
his first book by the con
fession that It was his
Cynthia's eyes that first
took him captive, untouched as
h« . then was by love. Here la only *
typical illustration of th» power of a
\u25a0woman's eye: should Eh© not then <!•
vote some thought and care to iU
beauty and Its health?
Yet her first thought must be a nega
tive one: Never, never tamper too much
with the eyes; they are the most deli
cate organs of the body. Do not put
patent •"drops" In them when they acba
cr are tired; do not neglect to wear
glasses when you need them; do not go
for treatment to an optician, but to
an oculist. Never read when lying
down, or in a dim light, or unless the
light comes from over your left shoul
der. All this is an old story to most of
"us; but some of us seem to ne.ed its
telling still, judging from what I have
seen «'omea do to those precious eyes
of th»;:s.
There are, of course, simple washes
winch will not hurt the eyes. Weak
black tea is one; rosewater and plan
tain is another, for inflammation; elder
berry water for itching. Dotted veils
are i' curse to the woman whose eyes
are weak; but it st-ems impossible to
convince women or\ this score. Rubbing
the eyes is another bad practice; re
number the old advice— ""Never rub the
eve* with anything: but the elbow.*
Thi<= of course, does not include the
very' beneficial circular massage for
crowsfeet. ,
Eyelashes which are too thin can be
thickened by painting them with vase-
Uno, using a small camel's-halr brush.
Clipping is a dangerous method; about
half the time the clipped hair never
comes back. Coloring the eyelashes is
also highly dangerous; it Is .only too
easy for the harmful eye to get into the
eve itself.
~Thi«! is not so true of the eye
brows; and, indeed, women with very
faint eyebrows should learn how to
pencil "them, judiciously, of course.
id that they give no appearance of
artificiality. Eyebrow pencils come
In shades to match any hair, and if
you are careful In your choice of
color tha pencil marks will be indis
tinguishable. If for some reason you
object to the pencil, a solution of
Chinese ink and rosewater will color
, WIKQ to the great amount of mall
ill received and the limited space
™- V- given this department, it is ab
solutely Impossible to answer letters in
the Sunday issue following their receipt.
The letters must be answered in turn,
end this ofttimes requires thre« or four
All correspondents who desire an Im
mediate answer must inclose a self
eddressed stamped envelope for a reply.
«This rule must also be complied with In
regard to personal letters.
Large Pores '
D»ar Mrs. Synae«.
The ix>r*s of ray ekin are constantly en
larging. Kindly rive me a «clpe for con
t—*ttog them, do you think that cos
metics have a tendency to enlarge the pores T
Are cold salt baths good for the *a£«?
Here is the recipe for a lotion which
you may use for your pores:
Boric a^id ...••.•••.•...•»...•.••••.. 1 dram
Dlstir.fi witch hazel 4 ounces
Apply with a piece cf old linen or a bit
of absorbent cotton.
' A powder cosmetic will enlarge the
pores if it is not thoroughly removed
from the skin.
Salt baths are very good _ for the
whole body, for they tone up the skin
Goiter, Warts, Moles, Etc.
Dear Mrs. Symes,
1 Would like you to tell m» some 6impl«
way In which I could, get rid of a colter on
my neck. It Is not v«ry -large, but can
easily be noticed \u0084 •
% flaw had a wart on the tide of my
nose for many years. Would like you to
cive me some suggestions for removing it.
3. Also have a. large jnole on the back of
»y neck that I would like to Teasove.
« My hair Is very short, thin and oily
and will not hold curl at all. Do you
know or a srood tonic?
5 After using lemon on the iac« to
bleach it. do you think one tans more
readily when eettlnjr, into the sun than
before one used it? T
6 Do you know any way In which I
could prevent my eyebrows from growing
together? A READER. .
1. Many <cases of goiter have been cured
by painting the lump with white iodine.
2. Daily apply castor oil to the wart,
ilf after a fair trial it does not disap
raar, you might consult a physician
l&bout a cure.
I S. The only way to remove moles
Il» to have them treated with elec
your brows very dark without harm
to them or the skin around them.-
The too thin eyebrow should have
vaseline rubbed upon it also; the too
thick should be treated with a pair
of tweezers, carefully pulling- out -the
superfluous hairs. Use an eyebrow
brush to shape the brows, brushing
them vigorously whenever you wash
your face; and as a final touch smooth
the brows down with a finger dipped
in perfume. Never -use a depilatory
on the eyebrows; the skin around
them is too delicate. If the brows are
really unpleasantly thick, get your
doctor to recommend to you a relia
ble place where you can have some of
tricity. Be sure to have a reliable
operator do the work.
4. Here is the recipe for a hair tonic
which is especially suitable for your
kind of hair:
Bulphat» of* Quinine 1 dram
Roaewater .".... 8 ounces
Diluted sulphuric acid 15 minims
Rectified spirits 2 ounces
Mir, then further add: Glycerin, J .i
ounce: essence . royale or essence musk.
E or 6 minims. Agitate until solution Is
complete. Apply to the roots every day. • !
5. No. •
6. "Brushing the brows several times
a day in the. direction in which they
should grow will prevent them from
growing together. It is possible for
you to have the superfluous -hairs re
moved with the tweezers, though thb
hairs usually grow again. See my,ar
ticle today on this subject.
To Remove Freckles
DeaY Mrs. Symes. :_ ; -
Can you tell me what will remov*
freckles?- I have them on' my nose and
have triM lemon Juice without' receiving
»ny benefit. A'COXSTANT READER.
Once a day apply a lotion made : of
half peroxide and half - water to^th©
blemishes. -
Once a Week
Dear Sirs. Symes.
I am taking a, dose of salts once a week
as a laxative to rid my complexion . of a
few pimples which break out on my face.
Do you think this Is too often? - X.'C
Once a week la not at all too often If
you find that : the laxative agrees with
your system. Should it have a weaken
ing effect, discontinue taking It
Hair Has Been Bleached
Dear Mrs. Synies.
I write to you for advice as to whether
there Is anything besides sag« tea that will
darken the hair or bring it back to Its
natural color after it has been bleached.
'-. > * . S. Ev.C.
It is better not to, use anything on the
halr.to remove, the effects of -a. bleach.
Once a month . give • the ' head f an ' egg
shampoo. ,s, s
Peroxide of. Hydrogen
Dear Mrs. Byrnes." - -
Will peroxide . of hydrogen cure I freckles?
I have xAjed several remedies without rood
results.- Is ltharmlesa to the skin 7 How
thould It be used? - ; • \u25a0 DOROTHT. ,»'
A lotion of half peroxide and half wa
\u25a0\u25a0;•\u25a0 \u25a0. ';\u25a0 ; ',:,"\u25a0 ' '•- \u25a0'-'. .'
the hairs removed by electrolysis. i
Treat your eyes well and they -will
repay your efforts; eyo strain leads
to headache, nausea and nervous
ness, and "a consequent loss of beauty
through, loss of health. Besides, as I
said before, the eyes directly con
tribute to the beauty of the whole
person by the expression and charm
they give to the face Look people
straight in the face, simply and hon
estly; never make any, conscious • ef
fort to attract attention by your eyes;
and you -will find that, properly cared
for, they will be, and be recognized
as being, the glory of your counte
ter is a very'good cure for freckles. Ap
ply it once a day to the skin with a
sponge or soft cloth. It is* not at "all
harmful to the iskln.
To Remove Hair
Dear Mrs. Symes. ; ,
1. Please .give me a recipe to remove hair
from, the face — something that does not'
burn or Irritate the skin. \u0084 ;. •\u25a0
2. Can you tell me of anytfilng that will
prevent a person's Adam's apple - from
. projecting out too far? - -.. • , „*
3. Will you please tell me If a scar left
by a burn two -months ago can be removed,
and' If so. how? ,
4. I have a rough skin and it is covered
with little pimpleS. Can you give me a
1. The only" permanent cure for super
fluous hair is the electric needle. 5 If
you ( have this • applied, be -sure you 'go
to a reliable operator, so that the work
will be -properly done. .; -v-r,;f
2. I do not know of any preventive for
this. . , ..,.•/• •\u25a0 . ; :- : ;\u25a0' •- \u25a0 \u25a0 _ .- '
3. It is necessary to know the nature
of the burn before giving the advico ,
you- desire; therefore. I-- advise -you to
consult a physician about the matter.
4. To make the skin soft and smooth
massage daily with cocoa' butter and
once a week take a mild laxative.
<-'• Vermin on the ' Head '\u25a0} \u25a0<\u25a0
Dear Mrs. Symea. , \u25a0 . : ' '
Will you please publish a recipe to kill
head lice? I have three children, and twice
I -have had -occasion to use something of
this kind, but I never found anything wnlch
acted • quickly. (Mrs.) J. c. T.
Wetting the hair thoroughly with ker
osene or alcohol will remove all vermin
from -the i head. \ This .work. , however,
ebould^not done near any fire or ar
tificial light. Allow the, oil or alcohol to
remain- on the hair all . day andlthea
shampoo thehead in: the usual way.
To Prevent Round Shoulders
Dear. Mrs. \u25a0 Symes. 1 \u25a0 ;-•' :
What ._ exercise .la > good .'•• for = preventing
round shoulders? I am . beginning to atoop
Mention some kinds of food that are fat
tening, as 1 wish to grow stout. '.
' ,\u25a0\u25a0:.': A PATRON.-
A splendid \u25a0 exercise^ for keeping: the
shoulders . straight is .. to; lie^ flat on the
floor, face .. down, and > raise > the ; body, '
keeping , It rigid -all the * while,' on the
lhands and ; toes. - Perform. * this * exercise
twice-aday.rA.- ...-^'. \u25a0>\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0: \u25a0--.•\u25a0;:-.:. -\u25a0 :c;\\U: :^.
- All cereals, % vegetables : containing su
gar or starch, such' as peas, beans,
corn, potatoes, etc..' are fattening.' Bread
and milk are also good for f this purpose.
To Remove a Dark 'Circle
Dear Mrs. Symes. . \u25a0
I would Ilka to know -what to do for the
following: • •\u25a0'
1. A dark circle around* the mouth.
2. J.Arge pores. • . v > \ \u25a0\u25a0
P. Blackheads.
i. To whiten the neck. • -
6. To. bleach dark hair on the face.
5. To remove blotches left by pimples. •\u25a0 •'• fV
BELL. - *
. 1. Cleanse the skin with ' soap and
water, 7 and after rinsing and drying ap
ply a cold cream. Allow it ; to remain
on the skin five minutes and then re
move all traces with* a soft cloth. Next,
apply lemon juice, or you can just as
well use a slice of lemon., *
2.Here Is the. recipe for a lotion for
enlarged pores:
Boric acid...... ~ 1 dram
Distilled witch hazel..... .«..' * ounce* ,
Apply with * piece of old linen or a bit
of. absorbent cotton. \u25a0\u25a0':••-. .
3. To remove the'blackheads make use •
of tho following recipe: \u2666
Green Soap Treatment for ;
Blackheads . ;
Tincture of green 50ap............ 4 .. 3 ounces
Distilled 'witch haze 1......... 2 ounces
Let this. mixture stay on only a few.mo
ments; then wash off with hot water. =
If the green soap Irritates ; the skin, as it
sometimes will, use It every other day. Ap-/ -
ply \u25a0 a cold cream? " • - ;: • ... '\u25a0 ' '
Green soap \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 may be | purchased at any . i
drug store. - It Is . not a" regular- "cake
soap," but It- fs. about the consistency :of
custard." ' ' - • • . ' : *, -
Open each seed acne with the point of a
fine cambrlo needle. The hardened r'mass ;
must be pressed or picked' out. - The empty
sac of the 'gland ah ould then be bathed with \u25a0
aillttle toilet vinegar and water,. or with. a, \u25a0: &
very weak' solution of. carbolic acid, and , :
water. Sterilize the needle before uslng> .lt /;
by dipping Into boiling water, as the use of ?
any instrument.' unless the ekln as well as -
the needle jis , thoroughly : cleansed^ is . al
; ways : dangerous. .. .. '- . /,/:\u25a0\u25a0.„
4. Toibleach- the*meck.».us* ' a lotion
made of peroxide of hydrogen, and wa
ter,' using half and half of each. .• ,
6. Answer to No. -4 j will ' apply " to \ this .
question also. "' "' ." . *:
6. .To remove:the Motches left by;pim-<:
pies apply witoh . hazel.' .
A The- Electric- Needle- '\u25a0'\u25a0
Dear Mrs; 'Symes. .\u25a0\u25a0:., >.•--\u25a0;- \u0084-\u25a0 .
I have read -in your paper . that peroxide
and water will bleach thf ; hairs, on a per- ;
son'ji lips, but I would like to know if tha
electric needle is very i-expenslve rand if
there 4s an operator in my > city and^where ;
could I find him? , : : ; ' MABEL*;
The application of "the electric needle
la rather expensive, but then' the result' \u25a0:
is permanent.' |ISdo • not- knowi whether 151 5
there is an operator ; in your city. i but- g
you will have no trouble gaining this in-* ,
formation if you : will' make 'inquiries: of ;
your physiclaa - or look \in , the dty di
rectory.--.^'^ ;v; v :••,;-,. .^VV •' ,-. \u25a0-\u0084 _ V:,..
. To Lengthen the IK aist*.
' Efear' Mrs., Symes.-' - . ' , \u25a0• ;
; \u25a0 Will \u25a0\u25a0 you olease ' tell me oz ; an exercise to • '
make me; lone. waisted?_ *'.-„' "?r '-' - «
Iwould'llke .to "know! now to flll.out'th* *
.but the upper parti s auite.thin.,. What can -:-;<;
I do to.flU"them out?-; > ; ;-i - -,; I* ,v. S./ .^
MTo lengthen 'the '"waist practice -the ex-.v ;
ercise <L am c about to - describe:^ Stand ' •-
with' the v feet^ together, -tthent touch \u25a0 the - ,?
\u25a0floor 'with:- the -palms; of the-hands-witn
out bending the >knees.%= - . -,;. -;^ \u25a0;
.To i : fill i out ; the \u25a0 hollows . in ; the neck :
massage: with cocoa butter and: practice •;
deepbreathing.";;' ' - : " vl'.'!;^^v I '.'!;^^ "' i
To increaso the upper part of the; arms
\u25a0massage iwith cocoa butter and' exercise
: with dumbbells.; ; -v ": ; .'/*'' /: I
\u25a0"* V :": Olive: Oil \. ;/ .- :\u25a0;.-\u25a0
II?SomI I ?Some l tSnß SaaßoS aaBoB 11 o SIS I read in.your coluW that I
". by / rubbinff .t the legs^wiOi oUve . oil p they ; : J
would gain more < flesh. »\u25a0 Does * the -oil 5 need f )
to be pure or.wUl any-lclnd of oil do?jWIUS"
pure olive oil make one stoiA? When should
it be taken for this purpose? How long :
\u25a0will It be -before results are noticeable?
The best brand of olive oil should be
used to increase flesh. When taken in
ternally, the dose prescribed is on©
tablespoonful before each meal. It is '
not possible to say when results will
be noticeable, but if your systeih is in
good order, and. you take care of your
self,, it will not be long before you see
an increase.
••• - \u25a0 '" \u25a0 ' ' \u25a0' ' . . *\u25a0•
Style of Hair ,
Dear. Mrs. Synies. . . . -
Kindly advise me how to wear my -hair. -
It is long and I have been wearing it part
ed, with two braids In the back. I am
anxious to wear It a different way. My
age. is 15 years. TRENTON GIRL.
If. the part is becoming to you, con
tinue to' wear it that way and coil the
braids around your head. This style la
most appropriate for one of your age.
Knuckles Are .Large
Dear Mr 3. Syraes.
Will you please tell I me com» way to '
\u25a0 make my knuckles • smaller, , for . they are
-very, large and my fingers , are crooked ? I
would also like a cure for warts. \u25a0 A..X. .
I do not think you can -.do anything j
to reduce the . size of your knuckles,
but the shape of your fingers may be
Improved by massage. . • .
;Her© is the recipe, for a wart cure:
Sublimed sulphur : ...".'...... i... 120 grains \u25a0
Glycerin 5 fluid dram« -
Acetic acid ..................... 1 fluid dram •
Apply- repeatedly to each wart, continuing
the • treatment for several days. The ' wart«
dry up, aiKL then drop off. ; \;V
:\u25a0 ' TaW and Tiiih
Dear Mra. Symes.
1. I am six feet one inch tall and weigh
120 pounds. Please tell mo what I can do
to 'stop growing. -\- -•• .- .'- ' \u25a0••'* .
2. How can I fill out my cheeks as they
are sunken, and I look like a skeleton?
3. What is good- for falling hair? On the
side where I part my hair It Is all break-
Ins off and falling out. It -is -very, thin and
oily. - 1 would like : to hava a recipe that
' will not darken the hair. O. M.
1: -Nothing -can -be 'done- to stop. one .
from growing.- however. I hardly think
it likely that you will become any; taller. .
2. When' you" have stopped growing
you will take on more fleeh.VTo fill out
your \u25a0' cheeks massage- the A skin with
cocoa' butter, and before : each meal take ;
one tablespoonful of olive oil.
1 3. "First of .all. I' advise you to change
the style of your hairdressmg. Itis never
well ; to wear the hair ,one way for a
very long \u25a0 time. ; The tonic for which I
am giving the recipe will prove beneficial -
if used* as: directed. " : ;
; Quinine' Hair Tonic "
,Bulphate ; of 'quinine../........ ...... ;1 •*««?•«'"
Rose water. ...—• \u25a0» £""?"
D lluted sulphuric acid '• . . 15 m«nlms
Rectified- spirits V... .......... 2 ounces
Mix,, "then /further : ad*:-. Glycerin. -V
ounce: essence, royale or essence /n^sK,
C or 6 minims. \u0084-- Agitate until solution la.
complete. . Apply to , the roots * every day.
Superfluous Flesh * .
'thick av h th ? end \u25a0
(superfluous flesh). , For two *£?^ th T9T 9 J.™^*
-should be ?^VV'ou!d It hasten results v,ery
\u25a0 Thow Should- belladom^ bej^ to en-;,
large^the eyes. • and. alter using it. will
\u25a0; the.eyea.remaia .^^"o^U, STAK .- ,-/,
* 1 > I am very glad the pomade' is \u25a0 help- *
Ing you™ I "cannot say :lust how much,
longer it :Wiir^ be,: necessary feto^use^K.
but : judging f from -the Effects .produced
by c using \ it • for > two v months, i I > do \u25a0 not
think.it will'.take 1 much longer. :.l don t
think diet would, have. any effect m tms
case >Vv \u25a0 '\u25a0 ' \u25a0 v \u25a0••\u25a0\u25a0 : " ' \u25a0 j ' ' -•" * '\u25a0 " \u25a0--\u25a0"" \u25a0
- 2 ' i dcTnot approve of fusing belladonna
In^ the '\u25a0', eyes, for; the constant I uso or it
will- ruin the eyesight In time, „;\u25a0 :
"lettebs to friends 1
JCgT as different are" letters to
friends from those to business
houses as the personal relations
are unlike. And yet there are
aome points of similarity that are apt
to be forgotten. You must always be
careful about giving the person to
whom you are writing a clear idea of
Just where . you are, so that any an
swer will reach you. and just when
'you are writing. "I shall expect to
meet you tomorrow," wrote a. friend
to me, recently; but I was in an un
1 pleasant predicament, -for the letter
i was not dated and the date of mail
ing was hopelessly blurred. I had
to • telephone and I missed her, and
much confusion resulted. All of this
trouble was because a- few words had
been omitted. , .
To acquaintances or friends with
"whom you -are not on the most inti
mate terms the accepted form for
the salutation Is "My dear -Miss Gray."
In cases of great friendship the word
"my" is omitted and the first name
used after "dearJ* When closing a
note to a friend.^ there are many ways
in which your feelings can be shown
in the formal line. I- like "Very sin
cerely yours" about as well as any,
don't you? It has a good, true ring,
and means 'much to a dear, friend. -
Did you ever write a letter that you
regretted? Well, let all regrets teach
us to be careful -In the future.. Lin
coln said, '"When you are angry, writa
Late Hours
- . _ \u25a0 - - .
rvEAR Mra. Adams.
If I would like to have your advice. I
" \u25a0*-' am a boy 17 years of age and have
; some boy friends who may stay out as long
as they like at night. My parents do not
approve of. late hours. They say Ho clock
is late enough for any one on Saturday ana
half-past = 9 on- Sunday. I do not go out
during ' the week and therefore want , to
stay out late the two nights mentioned.
Do' you think it proper for me to go to a
girl's party when I have . only wen her
once? aaaivub..-
If "there" were" any v good reason: why
you should stay out late any night, I do
not think your parents would object; but
they are justified in refusing to allow
you to remain out-until any hour of the
night just because your boy friends do
60. Tou think \u25a0 them cruel for making
such a rule; but wait until you havo
become a few years older and you will
see that they did it for your own good.
If you \u25a0"\u25a0 have been Introduced .to ths"
girl, ;lt would be proper to 'attend her
party.--. '\u25a0--' pu _____ '..
~. " Calling Cards
- Dear \u25a0 Mrs. \ Adams. ' - -_\u0084.
There are five sisters . of us. Will you
: please tell me how our calling cards should
read?. I am going away and want, to ha y»
f»ms cards printed. /. MARY T. 5.
: Each^girl'should have her cards print
ed with her- Christian name or names as
well-as the surname. The eldest sister
'may have her card with only "iliss*
and the surname. . V
The Value of a\Coin
; Dear Mrs. -Adams. '
Will you tell me where I can wrlto to
find the valueot an old ACA C0 s ln? 3sciuEER _ -
Look through your; city directory for
the \u25a0 name - of »: a.-- numismatist and then
write to him for the information you de
sire. . ; ' '
Stagj Life
Dear Mrs. Adams. ' " '
\u25a0 !\u25a0 am 19 years old and . have Just fin
ished school. My mother and father are
both dead, but they left me quite a good
deal of money, which makes me-lnde
\u25a0 pendent. -It has been: my - ambition all
my life; to -become an- actress. * I 'have
been told that, I am pretty and-havea
beautiful-v oice; also that I have a great
.deal of talent. 'Is an actress* life a hard
one? I have bcea? told that it Is at first: :
butlf I;go on the stag* I. shall expeef'a
. great many 'hardships. ' and - I -know I
\: shall love- the llfe.\,v ' ; ' HONORA L.'
The life of "an "actress ..is ..very-ha rd.
- One has \ to'v have an "j iron V const if ution
a letter— and then throw it into ths
fire'" Good advice, surely. In other
word 3, allow your anger to cool oft
berfore you send a letter to a friend.
Just as soon as you po3t a letter it
becomes the, property of the person
to whom it is addressed. If you mail
a note of which you repent five min
utes-later, you are powerless to re
call it.
Think before you write. Do not put In
tangible form any statement that you
might regret. A letter stands as a
positive proof against you. The black
and white evidence is more powerful
than the spoken word. It is necessary,
then, that you consider tha feelings
of others when you write to your
friends. Reserve all witty remarks that
need the tone of voice to convey your
meaning for the personal meeting.
Keep all unkind statements to yourself.
Do not make It necessary that you
request that the recipient burn the
note.- The suggestion itself Implies your
intention to say something that you ar»
afraid to support.
Scandal. Idle gossip, "they say." and
all other items of cruel interest should
not be written to your friends. I think
you know my contempt for these In any
Write so that you are your true se'.f-
Tell your friends the news just as you
would talk. The moat entertaining let
ters are the ones that sound like tha
If Iwer« you I would not even keep
a great number of letters that no
longer mean anything to you. They
might mean something to a casual
reader, and their misinterpretation
might cause trouble. As soon as you
answer a letter of a friend, it is best
to destroy the fi-rst. As for love let
ters, that is a different matter.
•That brings us to the '.ast hint of my
talk Be sincere to your lover, but not
\u25a0foolish. Be true, but 'do not forget •
that a dignified letter is worth much
more than a silly effusion that is -11
word 3. And ke&p these treasures to .
gladden your path in future years.
to withstand all the hardships a stage
life ' presents. If you are willing to
spend all your time studying, rehears
ing and traveling, with very little oppor
tunity for rest or pleasure, then I ad
vise you to follow your inclination. IT.
however, it is merely a passing fancy
and you have not the mental, physical
or moral courage to take up the Ufe, I
advise you to give up the idea at once
and take up something more in keeping
with your abilities. ~V
D»ar Mrs. Adams.
I am a young lady almost 21 years old
and go -with, a young man about the sa ma
age. X expect to be engaged to him Thanks
giving. Every time he calls he wants ma to
kiss him. but 1 do not want to until we ar»
engaged. Do you think I am correct? lie
says ha. cannot see any harm In kissing
when we are deeply to love and w«» hay*
the consent of our parents. BLON'DY.
The tone of your letter leads me to
believe that you are privately engaged,
but expect to announce it at Thanks
giving. Under such circumstances your
lover has all the rights and privileges
of a fiance.
In- Chtii eh
Dear Mrs. Adams.
1. When attending church, with a youn*
man. who enters first and selects the seat?
•2. There la a young man who has beca
living la our town a short time. He attends
the same church as I, and I have been In
troduced to him. and so have my- brothers
and sisters. My mother has never met him.
My brothers will not ask him. up to our
house, for they say he might .think they
were forcing themselves upon htm. Whos*
place Is it to ask him to the house? H« is
not asked out at afi. for no .one wants to
take the first step. Every one says he Is a
very nice young man, and as there U bo
place for a stranger to go In cur town It.
really looks as though some ona should opea
their doors to ' him.
2." Is a coat suit tha proper dress for
church wear? • ' : .- - '
4.1s -It Improper for a youns; lady to>
go- moonlight driving ni\h ncr Aanee i£
•she is of age? TAT.
1. "If there is an U3her, the woman
follows him, her escort coming behind
her. If there is no usher, the escort
should precede, choose a seat and stand
aside to let the woman enter.
, 2. Tour brothers shoald invH» him to
your home. They would not be forcing
themselves upon the sS-anger. but they
would' be doles a courteous act. It is
the duty of -the residents of a.- town l»
give the newcomer a welcome, -^
3. Tes. ' >
4. No. '\u25a0

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