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The Call's Page of Sports
MacManus Colt Beats a Fast
Field After a Wonder
ful Run
s performanre in t he fifth
ra<-e yesterday will long be remembered
by those who were at the track. It has
been many a day at the Emeryville
track since a thoroughbred gave such
an exhibition of sameness and courage
as was displayed by tb<* McManus colt.
In the mile event the son of Prince of
Melbourne was practically left at the
post, and it looked hopeless and useless
for him to join his field, so. badly was
h« out of it. Archibald, who had the
mount on Sepulveda. undertook to over
take the field, which was many lengths
ah*>ad of him.
Sepulveda was the favorite, and heav
ily backed, too. He was plunged on by
his owner and etable connections to
win. When the barrier was sprung
their money looked gone, but Archibald
£?t sail aft<*r the leaders. He sent the
favorite along carefully, but he was a
flying horse, and when the stretch was
reached it did not look as If Sepulveda
would have anything left for the final
However, the MacManus colt came on
and from the paddock to the wire Sir
Kdward. a one time stake performer,
end the favorite hooketf up in a test
•which had the crowd on edge. Sepul
veda donned Sir Edward In the last
Jump or two of a hair raising finish.
Fake was third, nearly three lengths
It was a rather costly afternoon for
the layers, as two favorites came home,
and a couple of well backed good
things cashed. Sepulveda was heavily
supported to win. the odds receding
from -8 to 5 down to 4 to 5.' Pawhuska.
winner of th<» second event, was backed
Into favoritfsm and came home a win
ner. Colonel Jack was a well backed
**rond choice and Milpitas was given
pood support in the opening event.
In the sprint, which brought out five
fpeed marvels, the layers had a good
break, as Daddy Glp came in for the
Wg play. Every horse Jn the rate
came in for some support. Jack Paine,
the winer, opened a{ 2's. but receded
to 12 to 5. Howard's gelding came
right back and beat Daddy Gip handily.
Tho latter made the running to the
paddock, when Garner Bent Paine after
ih«> leader and ho overhauled Gip with
out much effort nnd won easily by two
lengths and a half. Coppertown. the
outsider in the race, finished third,
three lengths behind Daddy Gip.
The crowd was unusually large, re
sembling a Saturday afternoon's at
tendance. The sport was marked by a
number of very elope finishes. Jn "the
closing event of the day I^ofty Hey
wood, backed down from 15 to 12 to'l,
beat the favorite Zahra by a scant
nose. The favorite finished with a
rush and was just beaten out.
E. F. Wright's entry, Pawhuska, was
made favorite in the second event over
five and a half furlongs and won by a
nose after making all the pace. Ossa
bar. a well backed second choice, made
a determined bid at the finish and was
beaten out. Glass put up a nico ride
on Of fibar. but he was unable to over
come the early lead which the winner
Kecure'J. Beatrice Soule landed in
third, place. . .— * .. i
T. Cook's sprinter j Milpitas came
right back again and won a sprint,
beating euch grood ones as Tony. Faust,
Captain John and others. Faust .was
made a. choice on account of his good
race Wednesday and he was backed
down from 2's to 9 to 5. Milpitas had
& lot of speed and retained it until
the <?n'J, winning by two lengths 'from
iCoxnbury, a 20 to 1 shot in the betting.
FIItST HACK— Futurity course; 4 year olds auj upward:
Index flrrsc ' Wt Kemarkg
(74251 EVKAN JW W»n fim out with ease.
74n<; LOHD OF THE FOEEST 110 fjooks to be the contender.
7-T.** ADA KEA2E .^..llf> Should Improv* over last out.
741<; Hilly V.yer lin I.nkt r«ce was k nice effort.
(7423* Tillinghaot 113 Will I* close up.
7:jt£i No Quarter ...119 I-\iu welt in brcshes.
~2C>< Kwrde Stia 11!> Hi's a lot of speed.
iVT7<S ngrelßjrtcn 122 A p-oij v;plght packer.
.V!^s PHlo <<f Ir'Hjuois 11!) Probably n«eds roclnjf.
7VX Pir Frttfiil Mfl Shown r,«thiuy.
742.) r.OjTlr Mary • ....119 » Not much. '
snC'iMi RACK -Seven furlongs; selling: all ages:
Imli-x llori.«> Wt Remark*
7424- MADELINE MUSGEAVE 100 Should score In this field.
7i2:; SIE AKGUB 109 Last race showed him to be good.
j 7fr« MEtTOKDALE 101 Question of fitness.
7*17 Cuvinn 10.'» Has not shown form.
7:.14 Al*l!s 87 Hardly ready. % . . 'i
71"." Ma&tcna ." 100 rTr>bably Seeds racing.
'KlllKii RACE — One mile; selling; 3 year olds and upward:
links Horse Wt Remarks - \u25a0
iT4i-,, KEBRASKA LASS 100 Working well and run do it.
74.T_» CALLA KHJ Uan nice race Tuesday.
74.5 V NETTING 1013 Has been running consistently.
<744(it Milpitas 110 Route looks a bit too far. \u0084•
744;: CaMn ...10ft Xot near hl« best form.
742* Itoval Stone 10fi I/>oks to be out of form.
7427 N»hnlosus 10»5 Probably needs racing.
74 U Libcno ».10<l Has not shown much.
FOI.RTH RACE— Six furlong*; purse; all ages:
Inil^s Horse Wt Remark*
74H!i SETBACK 112 Ran a nice race fir«t out.
741fl SEA CLIFF 112 I» good enough to win.
7*21 FEEKANDO 112 Favors .muddy going.
74."/» Planter D 7 Hardly up to a race.
741 ft Phil Mobr 103 Hardly figures. i
CS42 Roman Wing 112 Up against It. '
FIFTH RACR— One mile; selling; 3 year olds and upward:
lndes • Horse Wt Remarks
7438 CHIEF DESMOND IOC. Figures best of a bad bunch.
7123 SILVER GRAIN .104 Should'be close up,.
74.15 ZOROASTER 101 Form has been below par.
7430 l,ady McXally 101 Roen qualifying.
72^* Irrigator 106 Has a good chance.
742fi Onstassa 100 Form has been poor.
7452 *Buen« 101 Shown nothing.
f)7:;."i Nasmerltn 10« Not much.
. 742S Charle* J. Harvey 104 I»oes not flgnre.
7132 Sir Wesley - 106 Does not call for much.
SIXTH RACE — Five and a half furlongs: purse; 2 and 3 .year olds:
Index Hor» Wt Remarks
7<a # ) JEST .97 Ran/rlevcr race first out. :
7*33 ROCKY O'RRIEN 112 Khonld be. close up. ,
.... SHOOTING SPRAY 100 Said to he very fast.
(7272> Tom's Trick 1W» Fast trick.
7422 Dacla "7 Run good race th« other d«y.
7420 Fay Mulr : ...100 Ip agalntt it.
7422 Tee May . . . '. 9" Ip against It.
7459 Raleigh V D .112 Apparently short.
•Apprentice allowance. - . — «
Tony Faust ran a good race, but Mil
pitas had too much early foot for him.
Captain John was* fourth, showing
some Improvement over his previous
"Red" Walker's Adriuche was made
favorite in the third event over- a mile
and 70 yards. The distance proved
a bit. 100. far for the daughter
of Isidor and the rejuvenated .Colonel
Jack showed a flash of his oIJ time
form by coming along like a whirl
wind in the stretch and finishing in
front, by better than two . lengths.
Howard Pearson wm just beaten for
the place by Adriuche.
TTi«» bidding '"op fcrer wtnn ,to hare Ftruek
th# horsemen st nmerrrllle, and hardly a i-ell
in? race passrs tbc»e days that the winner Is not
bid up and come other horse in tho race
f]alrarA. When Fawliuska won ih<» second race
W. <;«brlPl bonittMl tWe rolt to $1,100. at which
price K. F. Wr!s:ht. the oivner. allowed Jt to go.
wrieht xbm pot In the Being and claimed Os
sabor for $SOO.
Aftf'r winning tli© third PTent, Colonel Jack
tt«k run up to >*0O by C P. Lsmir,- hut wm
retainrd by o, Turck, who came throush with
the <m*tomar7 fire. - ,
l.nmar alro made an effort to cet Sepulreda
after the fon of Prince of Melbourne ran a sen-
sational race. lie bor»t«d the winner np to
$700, twit Owner MacManuß retained the colt.
After erery «Hline race a ' crowd csther* in
front of the JudgM* stand, expecting action,
and thp beys are giving each other some worry
about their stwl«. " •
BHU. of f 100 denomination,/ made at home,
hBTf been making their appearance around the
\u25a0 • \u25a0 • \u25a0 . • '\u25a0 . \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0
Ed Whyte telegraphed from Oina ha yester
day that h* was »>n hi* way berp. He <«aj-« that
the horsr* belonjrlnK in It. J. Mackenzie are be
ins shipped from Canada to Emeryrllle.
.-•\u25a0-.•- *
Gnilliamas and Allen cam* down from K*no
with Irish Exile «nd Ansel**!*. -
Former Jockey J&mes McCarthy is planning to
make another invasion of Chile with a string of
horses. He iR going to take elghf or nine horses
to the South American track. McCarthy says
that they only race therf on Saturdays and the
running le oxer a true couree. •-
The grand old pprformer Cloudlijrbt Is to N»
retired. Trainer FarreM says the mare has
gone lame. Molpra & Joseph, the owners, are
going to allow Clnudliizht to spend the rest of
her days o:i s farm. She will likely be bred to
some good f=ire.~
• • •
The tower recently built \u25a0 ont«ldo of th> back-
RtretcU near the Emeryville track ban beon t»ken
down. It was to b" used to fla*h winners to
the poolroom?, and tin* officials of Emeryville
ordered it to be removed.
Harry Faljehy lias arrived from New York.
He has Uo«,t P^n.r nnd also trains Great Jnbilee
for J. I. IlDuneman Jr." \u25a0 \
Xli yearling* . from ; Adolph Sprerkels* Napa
stock farm came down yesterday to Kniervyille.
Thry are being trained by George Berry."
George none, one of the., director*. of the l/>*
Aogeles racing association. : has ' written . n let
ter to President Holland, who in in the eaft. in
forming him of the condition* In regard to
racing In California. . Rose's -views , are some
wbat««imilar to those of President Williams,
who does not believe It would he good policy to
op«n the northern track .at this time. While
Rose has not divulged the content* of bit let
ters. It seem* reasonable to suppose - that he.
is agnin«t opening the Los Angeles track just
at this time. — =
Fancy. El Puente'and T. . W.. Clark have been
put on, the. schooling list by the »tarter.
, \u25a0• \u2666 . \u25a0» . '•
'Tlofcce Cnleman.; the jockey who committed
suicide in Oakland yesterday, rode for the'Bnrns
& Waterhouue stablt at one time and was a
very fair boy. .
CHICAGO. Nov. 17.— Pierre Maujome,
Mexican billlara<st,'. representing St.
Louis; -.defeated • J' Joseph;* Van \u25a0: Lewin \u25a0 of
Chicago in the three cushion champion
ship series of the" 'National billiard
league tonight, 50. t0 45. \;: : v.
Each- man' had ST.Vlnnings, . Maujome
averaging ". 572, and .Van Lewin .517. :\u25a0 .-.
.. Maujorae's .» high run "was five,- arid
Van / Le win's four.",: : :V^ - :-:•;,,,
OAKLAND. Thursday, Nov. 17. '1910.— Sixth day. Weather ha*y. Track fast. E. C.
Hopper, presiding judge. -'Richard Dwyor, starter. " .-.,.\u25a0 <
7440 FIRST RACE— Futurity cotirse; selling; all ages; value to first $200.
I "'lex. I Horse nnd Owner. jWtiSt. v t Ms ?4 Str. Fin. I Jockey. I Op. CL
(742fl)!Miipltas, 6 (T. Coot) 1121 .V ... 1 Vi I 2 12', 12^ Garner 4 9-2
7433 IComhnr.v. « (Jones & Co. 1 . . . . 11l 4 ... 2 IV>2 2^2 imh Mentry 12 20
(7424)1(1)T0NY FAUST, -ft - 1 Oakland I 1!2, 2 ... 4h-S % 3 "A", 1 ! 2 Archibald ... 2 9-5
7424 !(2)CAPT. JOHN, 4 (W.Cahilli 1121 7 ... !> 2V>-4 ¥t ~> Vi 4 n Kirschbaum .". 19-5
7417 Genova, 3 (Moore & Co.) Ifts 1 ... 32"3 n 4 2 ."> \C, Van Dusen... 10 IS
7422 llymfse B, 2 JWiJson & C 0.).. S!> fi ... 0 1 « IViO 2^o 2 Srlden :. IS 30
(3020) T-willeht ouppn,"4 (Csniden). 100 3 ... 7 2 7 2 7 17.*. A. Thoroai"... 5-2 5
17376) <3)TRAMOTOR. a (Fry Co.). 1121 « ...» 0 8 2 8^ Ivers it 6 10
.... iPoppy. <} (T. S. White)...,.. IPS) 8. ... S 1 8 H49 0 Cavanangh .. 30 P0
Time— :24. :4S. 1:00 1-5. 1:10 1-.".. At post s}| minutes. Off at 1:50. Milpitas. 2 place. 4-5
show; Comhnry. R place; - 3 show; Tony, 1-4 show. Winner b. h. by Installator-Anna
Miyes. Trained tiy W. Covington. Scratched— 7422 Tee. Mny. Start good. Won easily.
Second driving. Third handily. High price— Mllpltas .1, Combary 2.">. Twilight Queen B.
Tramotor 12. Milpitas had*-the speed of the field and made every, post a winnlnt: one.
He Is very fit now, Combury. always the contender, hung on surprisingly well. Tony Faust
olosefl In fairly good shape, but could not Itcop up with the fa«t pace first part. Captain
John made a fair showlns:. Genovs, always fairly close up, ran a? good ' race. Twilight
, Queen showed nothing worthy of mention^ -
7441 SECOND RACE— Five and a half furlougs; selling; 2 year olds; value to first $200.
Tmies.j Horse nnd Owner. IWtlSt. \i Vy T t Str. Fin. I Jocke.T. . t Op. Cl.
7430 IPawhuOka (E. F/ Wright > 1101 2 77! 14 14 1 2 1 n I Van Pusen... S-.i 7-5
(7422)|(1)OSSABAH (T. W. O'Rrien) 107 1 ... li 1,42 %2 n 2 4 G1a55....... 5-2 2
7274 I(3)BEATRICE SOTJLE (Soule) 107 fi ... i»:«£';3 02P 8-- Garner 7 10
(72fiO) I»ej«dwood («. It. Morrlst 107 4 ... 3% 4 2Vb4 V t 4 2 Fischer 8 10
7422 (2)MEDIA tG. W. Berry t. .. .!101| S ... 4 Vi 3 I>'»3 2 .". U Callahan 8 , 12
G762 Robert Hurst (Van Gorden) . . . 10."! .". ... 6 2 r» 0 l^.r. l^|Kedcrls 1O 20
7422 Clara Hampton (T. H. Ryan).>lol 3 ... S(i 7 3 7 3 7n IBuxton IS 25
N..'. . Doncaster (Oakland stable) 109 7 . . . !) J> 0 S3 lArchihulii ... S 20
Lescar (W. Walker) IPS 3 ...*7 1 8252 » JForehand ... 20 40
Time — :23 3-5, :4S 1-5. 1:06 S-fi" At post 1«4 minutes. Off at 2:14',^. Pawhuska. 1-2 place,
out show; Ossahnr. 4-5 1 place, 1-3 show: Beatrice, 1 show. Winner b. c. by Chappaoua-
Mercedlta. Trained by K. F. Wright. Scratched — 7422 Cisko. Start good: Won driving.
Next two easily. High price— Pawhuska 0-"<. Winner bid up from $600 to $1,100 by W.
Gabriel and sold, pawhuska wns taken out in front and injudiciously made too much use
of early — fo much so, that, be \vrs backing up at the end and was nearly beaten by
Ossabar, which closed very stoutly' after foilowine the pac»*-all the way. This race will
help him. however. Beatrice Soule ran a smart race. Deadwood made a promising showing.
\u25a0' Media broke badly, ran up prominently, but failed to stay and was evidently «hort. Don
caster End I/eccar showed nothing.
7442 THIRD RACE— One mile and 70 yards selling; all ages; value to first 5250.
Index.! Horse and Owner.' IWtlSt. -V, Vi % Str. Fin. 1 Jockey. ' I Op. Cl.
7425 |(2)COI*. JACK, 6 (O. Turek).|U2l .". 3 n 3 2',i2 2J42 2 J2% Borel 6^ T?>
( 74-27) |(i) ADRIUCHE, 5 (W.Walker) 100| 0 1 iV,I 5y..l 2 l.h 2 n Forehand ..... 7-5 13-10
7427 - 1 Howard Pear?on. 4 (Wilson).. 100 4 2 2<i2.n 3 !!43 3-38 Battlste fl *12
IMS .Molesey. (i (Henderson ft II.) 10fi 1 5 2 5 4 5 3 4 *>; 4 3 A. Thomas... R 12
742(! i(3)CABIN, a (CmenseUer) . .. 100 245 43 4 2^5 3 5 2«, Archibald ... - 8 - 8
"420 ißelleview. n (j. \u25a0 M.- Crane) ... 100 5 ff 0 fl 6 0 Klrwchbaunv r 15 30
Time — :2*. :4S. 1 :13 4-5, 1:40. 1:442-5. At post 2^ minutes. Off at 2:37. Jack. 1-2 place,
out show: Adriuche.. ti-20 place, out show: Pearson. 7-."i show. Winner b. h. by Pessara
- Middy -Morgan. Trained- by J. Rnbson. Scratched — 7431 Hooray. Start good for all but
Adriuche. Won easily. Second driving. Third easily. High price — Colonel Jack 8-5. Adri
uche 8-5, Cabin 10. Winner bid up from $500 to $ 805 by C. P. Lamar: retained. Colonel
Jack lay second to Adriuche. for fi rst ft"r° fnrlongs, then took the. lead in stretch, winning
with ease at the end. Adriuche Kroke badly, ran around her field, opened up a gap. but
emild not withstand Jack's challenge, although she hung on gamely enough at the finish.
Howard Pearson ran his race. Too short for Molesey in his present condition. Cabin ran
'\u25a0 - *. good >pvcn furlongs and Is improving. \u0084- \u25a0
VAA9 FOL'RTn RACE — Five and a half furlongs; the Yo Tambien handicap; all ages; value
'***»* to first $325. , \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0•---•- . \u25a0 •\u25a0\u25a0
Index. 1 Horse and Owner. IWtlSt. VAV A -»* V. . Str. Fin. I Jorkey. | Op. Cl.
( 742.'. r I (8) JACK PAIME, 5 (Howard) 1104 1 ... 5 3H 2 I^l 2^)Garne r 2 13-5
7425 KDDADdy GIP, 3 (J. Freltas) IOC 3 ... 2 n I 2 I^2 3 |D. McCarthy. 7-5 3-2
7421 ICippertown. 3 (Thompson) ..:. 10* 2 ... 4'l(J4 1' 4 n 3:?; Ecwy 7 9
7371 Thistle Relle. \ (J. T. Strife). 102 .% ... I H 2 h 3^4 lVilSelden ...... 8 7
7425 |(3)BALROIfIA. 3 (F. Hopper) 100 4 ... 3 84 5 5 5 jßniton \u25a0 3 4
Time — :2:< 3-"i. :4S. 1:06 1-5. At post ,V,s minutes. Off at 3:0«. Paine. 4-5 place. 1-3 show;
Gip. 3-5 place. 1-3 show: Coppertown. 1, show. Winner eh. g. hy Cromwell-S*lHe Mac.
Trained by F. D. Howard.* Start, good. Won easily. Second same.. Third cleverly. High '
price — Coppertown 10. Thistle Belle 10. Jack Paine outrun early, moved up fast ' after
leaving three furlong pole and under good handling ran over Daddy Gip In final sixteenth.
; .He is In grand shape now. -Daddy Glp. ran his race.- Coppertown showed improvement and
is roun'ding to. Thistle. Belle not; ready. She had all her speed, but stopped. She will do
Roon. Ralronia appears to be'a hit stale. - • \u25a0 .
7444 f ' lFf H RACE— Oue mile; -selllug; 3 year olds and upward; value to first 1200.
Index.) . Horse wnd Owner/ ~~?V>tl.st. v. M, y, Str~Fln. I . Jockov/ I Op. Cl.
Uis (I)bEPULVEDA. 3 (McMnnusillWl S 7 2 ."> 0 4~3 3 21 ns I Archibald ...1 8-5 1
741S Sir -Edward, .-a IW. Walker).. 112 412 1 2Val 1 I 1 Vi" 2^ Page ... . . .. -.}, r. - (i
7427 S»ke. 5 <l)cnnls>on & C 0.)..'... 10? 13 :; 3 5 2 iy~2 n 3 S Fognrtv I 3 5
7428 (2)CHAB. GREEN, a <Thms). 112 2 2n 2n 3 2 4 I^4 2^ Ivers ,3 4
7427 Wap. r, (W. W Ashet.. 110J-.V 4 5 4 1 5 8 5 5 520 Borel ....... '10 >15
7432 Catallne. a (W.' Butterfleld) . . . 100 7 s>j 7 5 7 5 7,3 fl 4 Meripol ....... 30 60
742R (3)Jtn>GE SHPRTAIX. 4 (Hb) 109 £3 (I 1 0 4 610 6 5 7 4 Corey ....... 10 20
7432 Wlneherry. 4 <M. Foster* ..... 100 6 S 88 8 S JAnderson .. .:; 20 / 40
Time— :24 4-5. :4R 4-5. 1:134-5. 1:40. At post 3 minutes. Off at3r2S. Sepulveda, 1-2 place,
\u25a0 out show; Edward.'- 5-2 place. 1 show;. Sak\' 1-2 show. -Winner cb.'c.^ by Prince of Mel
l>ourne-Dlnawlek.; / Trained hy S. Judge. Start poor. Won driving. 'Second easily. Third
same. High price— E)r Edward :8. Winner bid iin from ?300 to ?705 by CP. I-amar;
. retained. Sepulreda almost left and was many lengths out of It. but Archibald bided his
time, moved up gradually and.: putting' nr> a powerful flulsh. * the : horse responded with
rare gameness and wore Sir Edward down, Just, getting up. Sir Edward had no excuse*.
Sake ran to form. So did the others. v --• \u25a0 . - -
7445 SIXT H RACE— Futurity course; selling; 3 year olds; value to ?200~ ~ ~~~
l»i«lex.l Horse and Owner. \u25a0 IWtlSt. \j \u25a0 M % Str. Fin. I Jockey; : I Op. Cl..
(7786 llx>ftr Heywood (Walkert . . . . .jlo4k 3 ... 1 I^l I^2 1: 1 nvlSelden ..7... ~15 I 2
! •...' i(2)2AHRA (J N Camden)... 104T6 . . . -7 4 s;*i 4V?22' A. Thomas... S-5 5-2
47290 IXew Capital (W.E. Cotton).. 1001-2 : ... 3 *i 3-2 ;,3& 3 h ' W. Cotton... 5 .7-2
6754 (T.Turnmlre) loi> 1 ;... ;2 h 2 y t 1 n 42^ Cavanan? h. '. . 5 ,-. 5
7417 Lumen (0. , Turek) ............ 112 5 ... 5 n «2 6U5 3 . Borel ....;.. R 10
7423 Silk (J.M. Crane). ........'... JOO 4 ... 4 2 4<H 5 2 '3 h': Kirschbaum V,.'B : \u25a0";' 12
ccm Vespasian (N. Jnrta11) ........ 104 0/... S 4 8 8 7V,7 5 v Kcderls ....'. 15 25
0677 (3)ARTHUR» ROUSE (Moyne) 110 7 -..: 6 n 7 n 8 5 820 Coburn ..... 3 5
6766 [BallybHnlon (M. J. Ha.ve^) . . . 104 S- : r. . \u25a0 » l> ;• 9 \u25a0 n Buxton J. \u25a0 . . . 15 25
'lime— :24, :48 2-5. 1:01 1-5, 1:U 1-5. . At po^t 4 minutes. Off at 4-.00.L .Heywood. fi place,;
*'SJ show; Zahra.' l place.- 1-2 -show; Capital, 3-5 show. Winner b.'g.; by.Heywood-Febette.-
Trained by J. IJ. Walker. Scratched— 64s7. Ocean View.;; Start good. -Won driving. \u25a0 Next
two same. High price— l-ofty Hey wrKKl» 30. U>i ty Heywoo.l ran to his ; work. \u25a0-'\u25a0• He took
the lead at once set the pace to stretch, was headed by Directellr>; at furlong oat. but re- .
sponded gamely to punishment andjust lasted. :Zahra best;\ She was pocketed all the
.-\u25a0•\u25a0.; way to stretch and had no chance to get out ; till too late. •-', When she did she closed like
a cyclone and was Just; beaten. "New Capital ran his rcce. Dlrcctello quit / after he
looked to have Heywood beaten. -Was. probably short.
AUTEUIIv France/Nov.ilT.— Petrop
olis II V owned by J.f E. Widener, ; today,
finished in r ,the; Prix' Patriarch?,
of \u25a0- ?95a, a i hurdle : race "' for. S : year \ olds,
'tigers beaten* agaix
:;HAVANA. : Nov;i v;i7^-The , Detroit
,baseball .team was today defeated by a
score of 2 to 1 by the Almendares team
\u25a0jinsil^ innings^- v.; "•.'.- ,v ;\u25a0. ;
Idol of California Will Whip
Rugby Team Into Shape
Next Year
At a meeting of the executive com
mittee of the Associated students of the
University of California, held last night,
James Schaeffer was unanimously se
lected to coach the Rugby football team
for another year. The reappointment
of Schaeffer was a foregone conclusion,
and the popular coach thoroughly de
serves the honors that have been
showered on him since the blue and
gold victory last Saturday.
The advent of Schaeffer as head coach
last year marked a new era In foot
ball at California, and for two years
in succession the blue and gold team
has been victorious under the coaching
of "Jimmle." That Schaeffer knows the
game has been ampler proved by the
ability of the teams that he has sent
upon the field. But it is not merely
the ability of the man to Instill knowl
edge Into a team that makes a coach
successful. There is something else
that is necessary to whip the squad
into shape. It is that "something else"
that Schaeffer possesses, and it goes
far and beyond the team. It permeates
through the whole campus at Berkeley
and every student at California is filled
with a fighting spirit that can be
directly traced to Sehaeffer. It is known i
as the "Schaeffer spirit." It was the
same thing at Stanford under the Lana
gan regime, and now the blue and gold
adherents thoroughly appreciate what
was meant by the "Lanagan spirit.**
Schaeffer was assistant coach to the
late Doctor Taylor In 190S, and the next
year was made head coach. In the
summer of 1908 Schaeffer was sent to
Australia to study Rugby in that coun
try, and so' successfully did he absorb
the game that his team that year de
feated the cardinal for the first time
in several years. TMs summer, when
the All America team went to Australia,
Schaeffer accompanied the team as
coach, and his work with the California
squad this year needs no further com
ment than to point to the brilliant vic
tory achieved by the team last Satur
day over the Stanford fifteen.
BERLIN", Nov. 17. — D. Janowski and
Emanuel Lask^r began the fourth
game of the match of eight games up
for the chess championship hers today.
How to Cure Your
1 Stomach Trouble
People who have stomach disor- Electra-Vita is the beat and most
ders are never In good health. They successful body battery made. It
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chinery of the bod*- la^F failed,
works in harmony, but X iiP*3 • • •
put the -stomach out of ~ f Mr. Jam»s Denohue.
commission and the L/V*-/l ISIBA Howard st.. Pan
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to smash. You know A. \ ! / /\. week's application of
that, if you are a suf- J\ \ 1 A- / / 1 Electra-Vlta did -more
ferer from weak stom- f \ x ?J A s \ tor m * than all th»
ach or dyspepsia. / i H \Jf f VI \ drugs I took in 15 years.
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digest, it ferments r==j±=3 -^A A- I V stomach trouble
on.s. which are nb- gSSgSw^ Xvx^rTf^OS y^^^i^l bility and have
sorbed into the f^g§H^ x X/77/i\\vW '4S^S« derived t h
blood. Then the ffiffl^g^^^^S^LLli^T :: a great^at ani^unt
organs dependent 5^~ i >^'^^^^«S of beneSt frora
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Entries Closed Yesterday and
Full Program of Games Is
Entries closed yesterday afternoon
for the Olympic club's annual handball
tournament of doubles.' Th» games will
be in charge of Nick J. Prenderga»t, in
door commissioner of the club, and the
flr3t games will be played on the club
courts next Sunday. The full list of
entries and preliminary matches are as
First class — Al Hampton and w". A. Xfagnlre.
Joe Condon and J. Lydon. Al Krlta and Paul Fay.
Second class — Fred Sherry ami M. A. Martin.
Clarence dough and F. M. Uoodrlcb, Frank Foran
and Joe Covert. Fritz Wigner and A. Mahoney.
Dr. G. M. Converse and A. B. Mroilder.
Third class — Milton Kapp «nrt Ueorgw Birdwll.
Wesitphal and Russ. Poctnr P..ieicalut>i and N. J.
Frendergast. MeKenzie ami Breen. George Ivan
covleh ami Jack Settle. Clarenc- Far and O'Con
nor. Collins and Carroll. C. Miller and t.. Goodetl.
Harry Cosgriff ami F. Roherts. J. P. Olynn and
W. R. Lanalere. Messer and Al Bullion. Beanla
ley and LeUerman.
Fourth class^ — Cerlghinrt and H<vner Rirnw»*>.
George Oxnard and C. M. McNaughton. Ferrari
ami Atkinson. Holts and Bcrness. Sloan nni(
FriedmaD. Otto Wallrlsrh and Ash. Henry Miller
and (5. Pawson. Walter Pomerey and L. tiabi
rino. 1,. Stewart and M. Pfaff. J. Stewart ami
Tom Johnson.
10:30 a. m. — Sloan ami Friedman rersns <»*hi
rino and Pomerov: Ferrari and Atkinson versus
Holtz ami Burnes*. -
11:30 a. m. — Clarence Fny and O'Connor ***.
SCS C. Miller ami I* Goo«leU: Nut Me**er ami -f.
P. Glynn versus Al Bullion and Larzelere.
12:30 p. m.— George Oxnanl ami •;. M. Jlr-
Nanghton versus Wallflsch an<t Ash: Clarem-**
Clnngh and F. M. Goodrich versus F. Foran ami
1 :"0 p. m. — MeKeniie and Breen versnst .lark
Settle and G. Ivancovicn: Mahoney and Wasner
versus Converse and Moulder.
2:30 p. m. — Westpbal and Ross versus Beards
ley and Lederman.
7:30 p. m.— J. Stewart and T. Johnston m*u*
U. Stewart ami M. Pfaff.
8:3O p. m. — N. J. Premlergast amt Poctor Baci
galnpi versus F. Roberta and Harry CoaffrifT.
o:3f> p. m.— Homer Rippon and Cerej»hlm> v<»r
sm» H. C. Miller and G. Dawson: Genrgc Blrd
, sail and M. Rapp versus Collies and Carroll.
The official referees and scorers for
the tournament have been announced
as follows: Al Hampton. N*. J. Prender
gast. J. J. Condon. Nat Hewstoa, Dr.
L. D. Bacigalupi. T. J. Lydon. Phil
Wand. Bob McArthur and Charles
Hurry Kr.ime, the sr^ithpa-ar pitcher of the
world's champion Athletics, will soon take up
his duties with a well known local autniuobH'*
concern. Krause intends to join the Athletlis
again next spring.

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