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"We Can Stick a Bit Ourselves," They Say,
But the Coppers Only Smile
Two days before the great diamond battle finds' the police and fire
department nines on edge and waiting for the umpire to tell them to
"play ball." Several weeks of hard, consistent practice has put all the
players on edge, so the losing team can not come out with that time honored
cry of "lack of condition" as an excuse. According to all the authorities,
the team that play? the better ball will be returned the winner, and it looks
like an even break between them.
The betting: on the outcome of the contest has been ver}' spirited during
the last few days. The price is even money and take your choice. Con
fidence reigns supreme on both sides. The fire laddies have been more active
all season than the coppers, but it is
the general opinion among the know
ing ones that the ivielders of the club
src in hopes of "slipping one over" and
of taking' th«* firemen and the crowd
by surprise at the last minute.
Captain Charley Birdsall of the
polir<» nine is very well satisfied with
the condition of his men. His lineup
js all pet now with the. exception of
first base. "Baby" Esola. is carded to
play there, but as his salary arm has
b*en a bit to the bad of late, it is
barely possible that Birdsall will put
a substitute in the "Baby's" place at
th» last minute. However. Esola is
one of the best hitters on the coast
end this is liable to carry him through.
The firemen believe that they will
have a big' advantage In knowing all
about the curves and shoots of Pitz
patrick. As all the fans will remem
ber, t~itz used to be a fireman before
h<? cast his lot with the police force.
He pitched many a winning game for
the red shirted brigade In the old
days, but the flre laddies believe that
they have his number and that they
will be able to give his offerings a
Dawson in Finals of
Stanford Tennis
— By defeating F.. M. Douglass, '13, H.
IV. Dawson. 14, earned the right to
play H. S. Morgan. *12, for the class
championship of the university. Al
though the match was won In straight
se ts. 6—3.6 — 3. 6—o.6 — 0. it •was a hard contest
throughout. Many of the jrames went
to doure. but Dawson managed to win
• r>y greater steadiness at critical mo
Morgan, who is the present holder
of the title, will have to extend him
eelf to defeat the freshman champion
"Saturday morning' on the Encina
PThe annual handicap tennis singles
tournament for. the possession of the
Theile trophy will begin on Thanks
giving day. This will be the last op
portunity to see the local cracks In
action. Each player will be given, a
sufficient handicap to place him on an
equal footing with the best players.
K. I*. Murray is the present holder of
the Theile cup, which is a perpetual
trophy entrusted to the winner of the
tournament and Is In his possession
for the period of one year.
NORFOLK. Va.. Nor. 17. — Hoffman, in the
rrilr race at .TamestowTi today, ran the bert race
r>f the meerinp. H« won by a length In the track
record time «f 1:33 4-5. Farcrltes were fairly
njcces^ful. three of tbcm winning. Results:
Firt-t race, wren furlongs— Patrick S. 2 to 1.
won: .^uperrisor. 1. second; Trustee. 4 to
I. third. Time, 1:27 2-5.
Second race, six furlonjrs — Horlcon. 11 \u25a0to 5.
»r<-.p; Flying Squirrel. 3 to 1. second; O Em, 5
m 1. tblrd. Time. 1:14.'
Third ra<-e. hurdles, oce and threeKjuarler
miles — Judjre Cronin. 8 to I«. won; Shore. 4 to
3. second ; Prince. *>\u25a0 to 5. thfrd. Time. 3:31.
Fourth race, one mile and a furlong— My Gal.
W- f* 1. won; Bang. R tt> 1. second; Hammon
I l'*«s. -*'J to 1, third. Time. 1 :f«5 1-5.
} Fifth race, six furlongs— Kins Avondale. 3to
* I, won; Montcalm. 2 to 1. se<<jnd;*Fond Heart.
I 4 to 1. third. Time. 1:H.
ISivth ra<-r. one mil^ — nnffman. « t<* 5. won;
I>!«'1wr«"-«1. « t« 1. ceoond; Suj>erstlti'jii 5s to o.
tliiri. Time, 1:03 4-5.
good time on Sunday afternoon.
There Is no question that Fitz
is a good pitcher. In fact, he was good
enough to hold his job with the Sacra
mento and San Francisco clubs in the
Coast league. He still retains most
of his old time speed and he Is very
liable to prove a surprise to the fire
men when they go against him.
Everything is in readiness for the
game. Mayor McCarthy is practicing
daily an£ expects to put the first ball
right over the plate. The police and
fire commissioners, together with
Chiefs Seymour and Murphy, will be
there to lead the rival rooters, and if
all goes well on Sunday afternoon it
will be the livest day that Recreafion
park has ever kaown.
Tim (Harrington, who Is looking out
for the affairs of the firemen, an
nounces that he has secured the pea
nut and program concessions for the
day. - All the money derived from this
source will be turned . over with the
gate receipts to the Sullivan fund and
it is expected that between $4,000 and
55,000 will be derived from the game.
Washington Invites the
Cardinals North
[Special Diipatrh lo The Call]
From the University of "Washington
comes the proposal' to the Stanford
executive committee that Stanford send
a crew to the northern university next
May to take, part in a week's regatta.
California Is also to be invited. '
The regatta is to have one week as
signed to" it in order that the contest
ants may be sure of fair weather. In
past contests,- when the events had to
be pulled off in one day, there has been
much difficulty. in getting the boats over
the course on account of the rough
weather.- ._...»
It is very probable that Stanford .will
agree to the proposition.. and that both
varsity and freshman eights will be
sent north. The course for the varsity
crew is three miles, for the freshman
bunch one and one-half miles.
IjATONIA, Ky.. Not. • 17.— Jack -Atkln. run
nlni? to bis best form, won: the Omnium stake
at Latonia by three leDjrths from Helmet, with
Star Charter a length btck in third place. Jack
Atkin was off in the lead '• and : was never
beaded. Result*: .. _
Flrt-t race. 'fire and a half furloncF— Beatrice,
straight, $45.50, xvon: Going Some. 122.70 pjace,
second; Dottle -B, J3.10 show, third. Time,
Second rare. Mx 'furlongs— Aspirin, straight
SS.BO. won: Bat MaFtereon, plar-e $3J0.- second;
Coveadon, show $3a.80. third. Time, 1:14. "-
Third race, fjandican. one mile 'and. a ' fur
long — Milton B, straight fS.3O. vron; Tom ; Biz
bee. <pla re $9. second; Leamance, show 52.50,
third. Time. 1:53. • r ,
Fourth race, the Omnium stake/Mr furlones —
Jack Atkin. straight $4.40. won; " Helmet, place
$5.40. p<M«ond: Star. Charter, .show-. 55.90, third.
Time. 1:12 2-3.
. Fifth" race, one' mile "and : 70 ; y*rdf-^-Queen
Marguerite,: $34.50, straicht, , wnn: Brn^TroTato,
pfa'e $12. second; Glucose, $4.60 shrcn*,"' third.
Time,;l:44; •. .... I- .., „ /\u25a0.: , -
Sixth t«cp. .-one and : three-sixteenth _m»lefc—
Banburj-.,SI.VH» Btralctit.' won :> The Earl, *<*..1O
l>lm-e. second ; . I'roitctllp...-. J7.GO fchow, third.
OH Eli Men Invoke
Goddess of Victory
\EW HAVE.V. Conn., Xov. 17.
With a band playing *Ynle airs
and Ktudents following, " the
Era ml march upon the fields
wliere< Saturday's game trill he
plnyed warn made by the under
graduate* of Yale thin afternoon.
This conformed to a custom and
alloired the ntiidcntn to see the
»crub tc«3i break training.
The varwity and wcrub player*
(lanced around a bonfire and the
castaway equipment wan burned
as an offering- to the Kodtlens of
victory. Yale confidence has
risen with the close of active
Tlie Harvard wqund enme down
from Fannlnprion this noon and
after lunch at the Yule dining
hall went. to Yale field for signal
practice and to get accustomed
to the llshtc and *hadbws cast
by the stand*.
Tin* men are in excellent phy
sical condition, all the injured
having fnly recovered. Ted
Krothlnjrhnm. who was detained
in Cambridge by a slight Illness,
will take part in the slg-nal prac
tice tomorrow.
Minturn and Cheda Get Four
Star Sweaters for Quad
ruple Service
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
The executive committee last evening
granted the varsity. S to 161 men and
oight others received the German let
ter, which Is given the substitutes.. -L.
Minturn '09 and G. E. Cheda '10 were
granted the privilege of wearing the
four star sweater which is only given
to men who have four times played on
Stanford varsity teams. Those who
won the block S are L. Minturn '09, G.
B. Cheda '10, K. L.. Dole "11,. F. C. Brown
•11, B. E;.Erb-'I2";W. Smith *12, A. L.
Sun Jell "12, J. T. Arrell "12, S. L. Mitch
ell '13, J. H..Thoburn '13, A. Frank '13,
E. C. Baumgartner '13, E. P. Geissler
'14, P. F. Harrigan '14, F.W. Reeves
j '14. and C. E. Olmstead '14. The follow
ing received the German emblem: H.
L. Horton 'OR, : J. W. Fitting .'lo, . E. C.
Woodcock '11, J.rF. Partridge '12, A.
Sanborn .'l2, T. Sanborn '12, G. D. "Wors
vvick '13 and L. Cass "13.
*\u25a0'.-. "* • ,
Representatives from the. various
fraternities and clubs last-evening •ar
raigned a schedule and divided the.or
ganization InUTten Rughy teams. This
series of games is intended to bring
out men .who woulJ not otherwise. play
Rugby, and -it is hoped that some latent
material for next year's varsity may
be found. . . . ". :
The first games will be played Satur
day morning: The teams and schedules \u25a0
follow: - - . \u25a0 . . ;
Team I— felta Kappa Kpsilon and Phi Delta
Tbfta. ' «, \u25a0: . -, sts t
Team 2 — Tbe«lnn and Beta Theta'rj.
\u25a0 Team ."3— Delta Upsilon and Delta Tau Pelta
Team 4— Zcta Pel, Pbl Gamma Delta and Dell
monfeos. - ' . \u25a0 •\u25a0•\u25a0\u0084 ;.\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0
Team s— Phl.Kappa^rsl, Theta Delta Chi and
Sfpma Nil. .
- Team rr — CblPsi.. Delta Chi andKsppa Signja i
Team 7— Sigma Cbl, SipmaAlpha Epsilon and
Kappa. Alpha. : . : , .. ..-. ...
- Team B—Eneina8 — Enema symnaslum.- ...
"Team B — Coyote club.
; Team 10— Breakers club.
The Tollpwingrschedule has been an
nounced for the preliminary round: »'f
. • Saturday, at 11,' team 1 :ts
team ft. • " . : ' . ; ...
'Saturday, November 1!>. at ' 1:00, \u25a0 team ' 2v«
team ;10. . . "'
.Saturday. .November \u25a0\u25a0 10, at 4, trnra .ti vs?
team S. . :.
. Mf>n<!ay, November ; 21, , at ' 4 :1.">, ' team -S * vs.
team i*. - : ' . :,'-\u25a0•\u25a0: ,'-\u25a0•\u25a0 '.\u25a0 . j
.; Tncsilsr, ' November . »-\ . at. 4:15. team" i vs:
tcaiu.V. , . : • • "..'\u25a0.]
Oakland College Rules Favorite
• Over Mission Town Rival
for Rugby Game
The two Catholic colleges, St. Mary's
and Santa Clara, whose football teams
are to meet on the football field on
Saturday, are on edge for the occasion.
At both colleges yesterday the excite
ment had grown until the students were
nothing but a bundle of nerves, and
there was nothing else spoken' of but
tho coining game. / -
Both teams yesterday put in their
final practices. For the most part Santa
Clara indulged In light work, such -as
passing and kicking. St. Mary's. had a
regular practice game, besides going
In for heavy scrum work. Coach
Faulkner put" his men through all the
work he could, and the team was prac
ticing until it was impossible to see the
ball, owing to darkness. The St. Mary's
team also tried out a system of signals
that will be used in the game Satur
day, and they worked to the full satis
faction of the coach. '
Last night at both colleges large and
enthusiastic i-allies were held. Bon
fires were kindled on the respective
fields, and the opposing college .was
burned in effigy. Speeches were made
by the coaches, captains and " other
notables at each place, and college
spirit. ran High.'
No ! practice, will be held at .either
college" today.. The St. Mary's team
will be taken to the theater, in : the
afternoon to try as-far as possible to
get the men's minds off the game, p
St. Mary's is easily the favorite for
the' game in the, betting. The; Santa
Clara team, however, is a strong aggre
gation, and the St. Mary's men are not
underrating the ability of their oppo
nents. They are prepared for any sur
prises that may be sprung at the last
minute. - •
\u25a0 The Santa Clara team has the weight
advantage in the back division, and the
men composing the back field are ad
mittedly, a strong bunch, particularly
on the offensivjs. The. weight; will not
be as much advantage to . them .in the
back field as, it would be forward.and
It is in this part of .the game that "St.
Mary's has the better of-..it. ; . . \u25a0
The cripples of each team, while not
thoroughly recovered,/ are 'so far ;\u25a0 ad
vanced that they will be able, to take
the field tomorrow. ' Hughes, Simpson
and \Roth are all on the road to .re
covery, , and Fieberling, who has -been
lame for some time, was out; in. uni
form again yesterday, though -;his in
jured foot gave him more'trouble; than
the other men experienced. Tramutolo
is all right, and was out for practice at
Santa Clara yesterday afternoon. \u25a0 v
1 -.Should the weather be rainy and un
favorable. on.Saturday it is not known
what action will be taken in regard to
the- game. If conditions are; threaten
ing today the Santa Clara f and , St.
Mary's management will conferJon: the
subject, and the decision will 'be an
nounced Saturday.- •
Century' Footballers to
Play Soldiers
_The r Century.athletic.club of Oakland
will "meet", the .Army I hospital football
team 1 " on next Sunday afternoon : at the
Presidioy athletic ..grounds. The ;sol
dier boys are being coached by a .for
mer-member of the}' "West 'Point* team
now stationed at the Presidio,: and as
all hisv players have had ; . considerable
experience in the, past 'they ,y ; should
,give their.: younger; and; lighter'oppo
nents a good rub for. the honors.- The
contest'wiir be called. at 2:30. -..;, , ::•:.
"The teams wiiriine-up as follows:"'
•\u25a0\u25a0Army.* *\u25a0 - r Positions^: = \u25a0./\u25a0* y . Century. >\
Connelly \ ...... . . . .".Center: . ..... ... David Moir
Kelly ... • ..... ...Rißht guard.. . . .;- . ; . AVllben
Bremen .. ...... . . .Lefrpiard: .; ;; . ** .j. Moo re
' Harris .:;... .....Right tack1e........ Hampton
Waters .......:.:• l^fttacklP.. ...... B. Bruzzone
Fitzgerald...". . . \u25a0\u25a0.::; niieht end; .. . .-. .-; M.Bruzzone
Newsome "... '• ".Left end: .:. . .;...\u25a0.-.: Stewart
Woods ............. .Quarter. ..... .-.. ; . y,~; Moir
Kilmurraj-*;. . ..... .Right 1ia1f . . . : ; . . . . . ; ; .-, Kiser
Kgler . .... ... .... -'-.Lef t half . ;-. ..... ..... 1n0 ,, u
, lirbe- \u25a0......'.....•\u25a0.'•• •t"" 11 ••••'•.".*..;....." Burna
Odds Stay at Evens With Plenty
of Takers on Both
The coming contest between Battling
Nelson and Owen Moran at Blot's arena
a week from tomorrow afternoon gives
promise of being one. of the liveliest
betting affairs that the ring has known
since the sad event at Reno. Already
Betting Commissioner Tom Corbett has
announced the price at even money.and
the; admirers of each, man have . been
eagerly snapping it up. It looks good
to both sides and. thus far, nobody
has been asking for odds> From indica
tions, there will be no odds.
.The interest which this affair has
been attracting is nothing short of
wonderful. It clearly indicates how
much the people or San. Francisco think
of the boxing game. Anybody who be
lieves that the sport is dead here must
wake up and try all over again. It's
just as good as it was when they
pected to see Jeffries and Johnson clash
for the . heavy weight .championship of
the world at Eighth and. Market streets.
\u25a0 In the event that; the .'Nelson-Moran
affair- proves be trie -big ~ success
which it figures to . prove, then j the
game will be back again, and to stay.
All the San Francisco- fans want is
action from high, class-performers who
will: give them what they, pay their
good money for. ,Ot course, they won't
stand for Jimmy Carrblls and Sammy
Kellers as main eventersiat top "prices,
but give them . Nelsons and 'Mora-ns; or
men of such standing, and they, 'are
satisfied. . The Nelson-La Grave bout
last month -proved- this * "conclusively..
If Nelson • is as -far In as the. Moran
admirers believe him to be, then this
will be the last contest of < Importance
for the one time' king- of all thelight
weights:' In the belief that -.Nelson, is
gone,- the men who -like Moran are
plunging on .the Britisher. They look
for him , to carry j the battle~to; Nelson,
lead all the way - and possibly \ score a
knockout.' '\u25a0 : - " ..
But Ihe Dane's admirers are sanguine
of success. • They say that -the last
affair with- La Grave does not count
for,, anything. "\ Nelson .was not properly
trained; that night. >' He ; . was fooled,' and
badly fooled, for" he j expected that he
was taking on a mark instead of a
good, tough, willing boy,, who met him
at his own game and kept on golng'all
the time. ; ' r . .-.
If Nelson works as conscientiously
for the next week as he has during.the
last four days, he will be in condition
to do himself justice against the Brit
ish lightweight.'. But; he can not afford
to "lay off.' His ' experience 'withvLa
Grave should have taught him a "lesson
in this, line, a lesson to carry- '-.him'
through the remainder of his ; boxing
days. - ; ' i \u25a0
The Battler has just .one idea, ln.his
head. He wants to "win back that
lightweight crown. . But lor.this notion,
he would not have \u25a0 signed |up to meet
Moran -a iweek from tomorrow- after
noon. He' would give. alllhe = has lin ,the
world ,to' stand over prostrate form
of the man who -relieved him -of -his
hard-earned title over ! in"Richmond : last
February.; .. : * :T
'. / It 7 goes ' without v saying, that- Nelson
will never get 'the- desired chance \u25a0' to
take on" "Wolgast and \ win' back his title
unless ; hie can- get Iby 'Moran: to ! the sat
isfaction -of the -fans >\u25a0 and : : ( the
This is -the. stumbling block in the
tler's path back,: to the -championship
goal.: It's the winner of. the next affair
who w«l be- matched with ; the ; new
wearer *of. the : crowni . :'[' i,^:'.; ,/ v
.: Moran \u25a0 did not ; have .•. • many fond
dreams'about'a meeting :.with the light
weight* champ .till 'they signed; him ;for
Nelson.; "; Now- -he i is -jus t^as-anxlous^as
is^the' Dane Hoi get^on ;with>;"Wolgast.
'As:'af,matter of i:fact,- Moran ' neyeri was
seriously. considered -in*- this line till the
present match .was made two' weeks ago
by'Jim'Coffroth. r , . ''':-.
"i If is very likely Jth'at moving pictures
will be "taken; of /the ;>: Nelson-Moran
bout..':C i offibth^arid i Nelson"th>ldsa Jong
conference ;over .the^project -last night
Stanford Now Tied
With Notre Dame
SPOKANE, Xor. IT The facul
ty committee !of the Washington
state college at Pullman has
wired the western college con
ference authorities that Jack
»Ison was ineligible to compete
in the conference track meet at
I'rhana last Jane. If this Is con
sidered, .Stanford university and
Xntre Dame will be tied for first
place In the meet, each ' havinff
made 18 points.
The Washington state college
faculty committee states that
Nelson competed two years for
the University of Colorado and
two years more for Washington
state eollejce before the confer
ence games. .
. Aelson won first In the 100 and
220 yard dashes at Urbana. Was
son of _Vo tre Dame finished
second to the westerner In the
century, while Richard* of Wt»
connln was second In tbe furloug.
This Hire Xotre Dame two more
points, hut does not affect I. eland
Stanford's standing.
and both seem anxious to get into the
•\u25a0• ' •
,If One Round Jack Hogan hopes to
continue in the boxing business in San
Francisco ho will have to say farewell
to the four. round game and blossom out
as a full fledged professional. Chief of
Police Seymour already has written the
name of Hogan In his blacklist book
so far as the four round gam© goes.
Now.Hosan may as well take this hint.
This means that the four round sport
is practically crushed. There is no
chance. for the promoters to make any
money out of it unless they put on big
cards, and as' soon as one of the boys
advances to the state where he gets
good money he is classed with the.pro
fessionals. ,„ , - . .
' • \u25a0 • \u25a0 ' • '
.".Sam Fitzpatrick is doing the best -he
can to get a match for his boy.Antone
la Grave, but he seems to be out of
luck. Sam is willing to send La Grave
in against Hogan at 133 pounds three
hours before the contest, or he will
also, take a. chance against Packy Me-
Farland at 135 .pounds. .The truth is
that he showed up a little too well, for
now a lot of them are ready to sidestep
any advances. he may make. La Grave
and McFarland would furnish an at
traction that would bring the fans -for
miles . around. Now It's up to Packy
to take on the local boy or remain out
of the limelight.
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Classy Greyhounds To
Run at Ingleside
While the field which starts in the
Open stake at Ingleside courslnsc
park on Sunday is small, it has plen
,ty of class, and some good sport
should result. Tom Finn. Peralta Boy
and a number of other speed marvels
are entered.
The drawing was held last night and
resulted as follows:
Opea stake — Camel m. May S. Ladr J C ts.
Dorando. Uttle Wedsewood vs. P. J. Cronin.
, Georgetown ts. Mlss» Luxor, Tom Finn ts Peralta
1 Boy. Scamp ts. TMdx Blae. Turkey** Best ts.
• Miss Hudson. Myrtle ts. The Limit.
Cured in 5 Days
IT. Gv Martin. 31. D.
Th» Lmdtnt Sptclallrt. |
TUKE in flTe a ajs. .No »eTere operation. Xo
detention from ooenpatioa.
I am: the oaly specialist ta Saa Franc:sor>
\u25a0who does not advertise a fictitious name and
photograph. I publish, my true pborotrraph.
correct name, personally conduct my office. I
am th» longest , established, most successful
and reliable, v medical credentials and pr««*
records proT«. I mai» this statement so that
yon will know yon commit a celebrated ' spe-
.clalist who sees and. treats patients person-
ally. I possess skill and experience acquired
In such a way that no other can share and
should not be. classed, with medical cnmpani<>*.
It is on wise ami expenslTe to embrace the
statements of medfeal companies. It is im-
possible for a medical company to attend col-
lege. Companies haTe no diploma* or license
to practice \u25a0 medlclna in California or any
other state. . Medical . compani en usually are
1 named after a doctor. A portrait who** per-
sonality and identity are indefinite tg se-
lected and published as the legitimats spe-
cialist of . the office. Hired substitutes, ordi-
nary doctors -with questionable ability. jriT*
consultation?, examinations and treatment.
That disorder commonly known a» "weak-
ness" has for years and generations bafSed
the efforts of physicians, yet to this rery day
a majority of doctors, specialists not es-
cepted. are attempting to orercome It by
methods that haTe been In constant use and
haTe always failed for half century. They
dose the system with powerful stimulants and
tonics, calculated to restore nerrou* force or
strength." that Is not and nerer has been lack-
ing, with a result that .tb« functions are
temporarily excited, to the posittre detriment
of the patient. Weakness — we will call it
such for crvnTenience Just now — in onl7 a
sympton resultins from a chronically swollen
and inflamed prostate gland, and is carable by
local treatment only. Either ear iy dissipation
or some Improperly treated contracted disea.se
!s responsible for the inSammatton In moat
instances.' though accident, injury, strain,
etc.. may produce the same, result. I perma-
nently cure these cases of prematureneas. loss
of power, etc., without the glTlas of a
single internal dose, which demonstrates the
' absolute accuracy of my understanding and
treatement of this disorder. In years I hare
not met with a single failure, and I hare
entire confidence la my ability to cure all-
cases that curse to me for treatment. I am
equally certain that no treatment other than
that which I haTe perfected can completely
and . permanently restore' strength and Ttgor.
• . I also cure Contracted Disease, Chronic
Losses, Spermatorrhoea. Contagious Blood
Poison* and all Complications from these aU-
My adTlce and consultation free. to ta»
afflicted, whether treatment is taken or not.
I am always g lad to explain my methods and
giTe friendly adTlce to all who call.. lf yoa
can not come to see me. write today. Hours,
9 a.m. to 9 p. ta. Sundays, 9 to 1 only.
San Francisco, Cal.
'Sjtgß&fen MEN AHDWGHSB.
<^K»g^rsx3 s SS3| Ui»Bij?€S£orun«atar*l
/£sn|ri> 1 1» » 4»ru vJ di»ch»rgei.lna*ma»ation»,
teteSf G*vxz\*ti \a lrrtutiom or uictndoos
*%S»jf n»« ia irfeur'. "• of taucom SMmbnas*.
in Tr*n** Cmuc'cii. P»ial a »g, » a <! EOUajtria.
tfTfuLTKEEViMStTHniXiIW. e?at or poi»onsas.
trtH^ CI.iIIXJUTWEgSa SoM by Drarxiats.
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