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QjJ — o
A|onzb!si Thanksgiving Message^
Thanksgiving Day '"will see me "shine;
' \Vhcn turkcj' is.thequestioii: '\u25a0.
Alonzo's appetite is fine, ',-\u25a0\u25a0; "'
, He. knbws s np indigestion. '• \u25a0 .
When you v ahcTl see.turk and sauce
We'll take a second plateful.': ;
Yum! .v YumJ.vThis'dinher'is' just boss.
So let us' aJUi be ; grateful./ v J :
Conquering the Deserts
The ".conquest of the deserts' of the
west Is a task far from completion"
But the conquest of the American des
erts. Is a conquest as glorious as' any
victories jof war. \ The • desert land
that has been*reclalmedis equal to the
territory gained as a result of some
wars,- and this conquest is as. praise
worthy as any naval, or military, vic
tory;-- It Is a war against nature. and
the elements, not against humanity.
In attempting the reclamation of the
deserts the United States government
undertook a greater task than it
realized -at the time. The "work has
progressed rapidly, yet the . burning
sands ,have not all been conquered. It
will be many years ere the crowning
consummation will be' realized. \u0084 \u25a0
But" we must remember that ""Rome
was not; built in a day," Neverthe
less'in a few years thousands of square
miles of -territory have, been reclaimed
in Utah, , in Arizona, , in Nevada, in
New Mexico . and in California. The
railroad •': has thrust . its steel, rails
through the heart of the cactus and
sagebrush country, towns have, sprung
up, mines have been opened and the
soil tilled for the raising of fruit, vegei
tables and grain.' \u25a0",
.The magnitude, of the task is. only to
be realized when we are able to com
prehend the vast area involved. "The
greater, part of Utah, Arizona, New
Mexico, Nevada and southern California
was. formerly desert land. Today more
than half of it hag been reclaimed and
the greatest of industries^r-agriculture
— Kcigns .supreme where "a few years
figo stretched the limitless wastes of
sand "dunes. .•<...' '. .' '"• . ;'
- Many, -people, claim that the reclama
tion of the.; deserts is an unnecessary
expenditure. Of course it is a large
item in the. expense of the government,
but 1 when the task is completed it will
be seen that the money has not been
wasted. Instead the nation will beneflt
materially by this work, and when the
land thus wrested from the power of
the desert king has all been cultivated
and towns have, been built above the
sands, then will the people ' of the
United States realize what the 'country
has done for them and admit that the
money was not spent in vain.
Some Good Books to Read
Dear Juniors: I would like to suggest
to you several books very Interesting,
but t;ood and wholesome. "Anne of
Green Gables," by Montgomery, is the
best book I have ever read, and all the
girls I have loaned it to have said so.
Then there are the "little Colonel Se
ries," "An Island Heroine," which is a
story of the revolutionary war;
"Jewel," by Clara I* Uurnham, and
"Margery Redford and^, Her Friends."
Junior Section The San Francisco Call.
There are. also' short story books which
are very interesting, 1 such as "The Man
Without a Country," by Edward Ever
ett Hale, and "The Nurnberg Stove," by
Oulda. Other beautiful books are
"Evangellne," by Longfellow, and
"Courtship of Miles Standlsh"; also "A
Christmas .Carol," "by- Dickens, ,-
Some, of these are old booksand ones
that many of you have read, but still
they are books that one can never
tire of. I have read them over' and
over and I still, enjoy them. Sincerely
s A Phenomenon, Indeed!
Four year old Elmer and his family
had just moved to the country, and
Alice in Wonderland hadn't anything
on Elmer in that land of green grass
and wonderful creatures.
One of the first . things to bid him
welcome was a friendly old hen wjth a
very new brood of "peep-peeps."
Now it happened that one day El
mer's father observed a cat, unattached
and lanky, casting what ho took to be
a hungry eye at those same chickens,
Looking ,around for a, harmless but
effective 'missile, he discovered a bag
of coup beans right at his hand, and
thereby hangs this tale.' For a short
time afterward little Elmer ran into
the house with his face crimson with
"O mamma!" he shouted. "Look at
these little eggs I found in the grass!
The peep-peeps laid them!"
And opening his hand, he disclosed a
half dozen boup beans.
Stilt In l.j U. HAI.I'II I'AUIi
When to the flowers so. beautiful the
Father gave a name,
Back camo a little blue eycd*one; all
timidly it came,
And, standing at the Father's feet and
, .'gazing in liiw face,
It said In low and trembling tones and
..with a modest gracei :
"Dear God, tho name thou gayest me I
\u25a0 cart^lesaly forgot.". •\u25a0 v • -
The Father kindly looked at him and
said, "Forget-me-not."
* Boys and Girls of 76
The little boys of '76— \u25a0 ' ' . :
They, did their chores and swam and
fished,' . " '
And hunted hares and whittled sticks,
•While all the time;they wished and
\u25a0 \ ... • .wished •' -y. . :• \u25a0 - •;\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0•- «. '
To hear a sudden summons come, r -
Each waiting day, each listening
• . night;
"We need the boys for' flag and drum,/
So send them to the fight." ;\u25a0 • '
The little girls of '7G—
They rocked their. dollies to and fro,
And taught the kittens pretty tricks,-:
. And heard their mothers talking low;
Then climbed the hay and peered from
: ".. out \u25a0 \u25a0 :\u25a0 •..'.;.:" •./' .'.
The stable loft's most lofty crack
v Ahd longed to raise a joyful shout: v
. "The mcinare marching back." .
Editor Junior Call. Dear Sir: I
write to thank you very much for the
pretty pen I received today. ,1 think It
is so nice, -and I thank you for It a'
: thousand times. May. you have success
In publishing* bur dour papor. Yours
sincerely, V RUTH HAMILTON.,
San Jose.. " . , \u25a0
. P. S. — Am writing witu my pen how.
. Editor Junior Call. Dear Sir: '„ I want
to thank you for the nice box of paints.
I am going to paint anofher picture
with them. Yours, \u25a0 . .
Vallejo. -, \u0084,; \u25a0. ;
Editor Junior Call. Dear Sir: I re
1 ceived' the pretty box of? paints, and
• thank you very, much for them. - 1 am
anxious, for Sunday to come, so that . l
' may use them. Your friend, •• \
'•- .• \u25a0 WASHINGTON. McGEE. '
San Francisco. • , ".. ".". \u25a0
\u25a0.Editor' Junior'. Call. Dear' Sir: I
thank The Call>very much, for the
present of the paint box. It gives' 'me
much pleasure. Yours' truly,
Oakland, Cal. ( . V . ; -
. Editor Junior Call.' Dear Sir: I re
ceived my fountaln'pen, and I am de-,
lighted with; it. Thanking you . many
: times for it, I am, yours respectfully, .
'\u0084.- > . FRANK E. - DRISCOLL.
\u25a0 San Francisco-.'..' '' " ' \u25a0 -
Dear Alonzo: ,1 want to think you
for the handsome fountain pen you
j sent'me..': I-think it was very generous.
~ of you; to give so valuable a prize. I
. will.tty never to write anything but
kind things with it I like The Junior
, Call, and I think you mufct, enjoys mak
ing little children so happy." Your.lit
•>: tie" friend, \u25a0' ;> .' 'MARY V. HOLMES. %
\u25a0:'\u25a0': Oakland, Cai. . .; . :•. / ..
Editor Junior Call. ' Dear Sir: ;I re
vs ceived my.: paint box last. Monday,' .for
which, I want to ; thank* you* 'I have
painted this Sunday's picture with the
new paints. Respectfully,
x San Francisco. * ' \
Editor Junior Call. Dear Sir: I just
, received the box of paints, for which
I owe yoU| many thanks. Yours-truly,
Napa, Cal.
7 Editor Junior Call. Dear Sir: I re
ceived the box of paints today, and
thank you many, many y tirnes for them..
I am very well pleased A and appreciate
.' your kindness in sending them. Youra
respectfully, (
San Pablo, Cal. '.'••
'Editor Junior Call. .Dear Sir: I thank
you very much for the^beautlful. foun
tain pen, which I received for solving
the puzzles. I know It will be of
great use to me, especially In school.
:-l Yours truly, < . ROSELLA GOGPJI*.
.. San* Francisco.
Editor Junior Call. Dear^Sir: I re
ceived-the fountain pen you sent me.
I thank you very much for. It. Yours
sincerely, y FIAMMA TRIPP.
' Elmhurst.^ \u25a0. . '

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