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These puzzles are for
Juniors from 10 to 16
years only and ARE
NOT for grownups.
Juniors must \u25a0*•" write
name, address, age and
school on postal bear
ing . their solutions ;
otherwise they "''.WILL
NOT \ be considered.
.Jt 1S more tnan Probable that rib^ one of the Juniors has as yet made a
tnjp; through the air from one point. to another j'however, if you have, all
le ».! ) , et .^r. Draw an; iin aginary;: word picture of an- ascent made by you
ln an airship;, tell of the .places you visfted; if. you were 'frightened or not.
Narrate -as -nearly as possible all: the incidents "of the. tour, and describe
your. home coming. .:' ; • s, : : ' :' -^,v, v ' : . '-•
-Nowadays aerial navigation is- being- more of than anything
£!? c .-'iV*'l.^!S:pre^ by
aeroplane father than. by steamer or train,;thereby;Teyolutionizing travel. 1
See-if^ydu can't step > ahead afewiyears,*and "write an interesting letter on
your; personal 'experiences in an airship. Contest ansAvers must be in by
.Wednesday. . , A .• v \u25a0 ; :\u25a0\u25a0...:;. \u25a0;•.'.,\u25a0•.\u25a0. - ( . \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 . ' \u25a0/. •;; : >iv <^
Any Junior may writea letter for: this section, on some topic of pub- .
lie ; interest. ;; Keep"*- track of the letters from week ; to week \u25a0 and do hot
takej subjects already, written on," unless you do: not agree; with some
•writer and wish to'answer in Tarctter ofvyourown. The letters may be
from '2oo to .400 "words, ; must, be; in by Wednesday of each week, and
must be on a subject ofpublic-interest. ' -
: y The letters : given, below 'were sent .in answer to the question, "What ;
did you ;_do ion halloween ?" '.which' was published in The \u25a0 Junior Call of'
November 6. The first four^are prifzejwiriners.' The.fact that your letter
has not drawn a prize does not necessarily condemn it. It may be inferior
to" thej prize winners 1 Jin orily one, little detail; and the following; week may
see you the.successful competitor,so don't give up hope. Keep on trying.
i \u2666-- — — — - — '\u25a0\u25a0"'\u25a0/' ." ' y " ' ; ' •\u2666 \u25a0
:;-. \u25a0 . ~ ALIiISOX SCIIOFIELD, . - " J /
123 -Third* Street. A, Seventh \u25a0 Grarie,
_ \u25a0 , ' Lincoln School. .\u25a0 Age 13 .Years
' "Halt! 'who'goe's there?" .'\u25a0 .:\u25a0'/
, "A member of ;the enchanted cabin."
-.< ''Advance^and 'give the 'countersign!"
"LK)ng.?irve. the' chief of spooks!" .•: • .
- The, above i conversatl6n ! ';t6ok place In
'the midst, of ay forest i'just; beyond the
limits of. a ; small village. .The. boys of
*,the . town' had formed- a ; halloween club,
, itlmt'niet In an 'old wood cutter's; shanty,,
' ;whleh'~the7boys 'called the; enchanted \u25a0
.'cabin. ,-Tiiey.Ayould have been perfectly
. happy had not several of . the ; boys* who
./vvere.refused • membership to the club
, tried to" spoil the fun. .
; This was, the .reason; a sentlnej had?
. beo/i posted' .without" , the cabin, who
'reffulred.all^comjrj to 'give the counter-'
, sign (before aJlowlnfir,thein..to. enter. ,",,. •
'.;y^.Wlth|h«'d; council was i being/ held Jand
. plotH y . made. ,to. scare , some , of the, vll-;
. .lagers. : ; "Al though- they were very, mis-,
,chlevous,;the boys always returned the .
/ gates [and. doorknobs they, removed;the
, dayiafter.halloween. •,•..\u25a0. : •. - ••' .,, y . %',•
';.-'» The, t 8eritiriei;; entered .and .reported
. -that .the .coast •. was clear.' „-., The. boys,,
robed In. sheetB and masks,. silently nled
out. of the cabin. They had not - gone.
..far -when ,thoy> heard a, yell,, and the
.rival club rushed from the, thicket that
grew to one side of-tho road. The boys
; of the, eochanted, cabin were surprised,
: but .equal .to the ' emergency,^...Quickly;
., throwlnifv off .their .sheets an«l • maBks,.
; the, two .clubs , rushed • at each . other.'l
, Qn« by: oho the rival club;went down,
.until the- boys of ' the. enchanted cabin
,were' vi<:torlous^
\u25a0'"What'aw you going to do with. ub?"
yelled theleader of the rival club. . .,
. ( "We are going. to Jet you go as soon
as you make up. your mind to let. us
- alone," a nHwercdt'ie chief spook. '
"Why. won't you let us- join?*' asked
. the leader, of the rlvai ciub. .
. "We will let' you join as soon as you
promise to tin decent and etop playing
mean tricks on, people," wan the reply,
"JLet us get up and we will."
•'Get off of them, boys." ."
That 'night both clubs had a good
time, and enmity no Jonger exists be
tween them.
\u25a0\u2666\u25a0 ... . .... — . .,.: .;.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'.\u25a0' \u25a0-; . ... • , .
LOWEEN ..;-'.\u25a0"
1834 T3«ldy Street, Snn Francisco, Com*
' lMcrclnl High j School,'; First i Year. ' >.'\u25a0
• . ; \u25a0;\u25a0*;.\u25a0; •\u25a0\u25a0'/AKc'il'J, Yearn. /;.. ;"-^..i.;j-'>'^V'
..,*. On Halloween' I did not go to a party!
\u25a0for at. home we had anice'time i.amon'g:
ourselves. - • '*< -^ •
I' was just getting over a bad sore
throat, consequently I could hot duck
"for apples. I was very' much disap
pointed at this,' but; I thought I 'would
• make the best of it ind enjoy myself '
in some other. .way.'l^ \ . ..;
, , I wont upstairs, and coilected all the
boxes in the house and cutfunny faces
.on them. Then,: I,, pasted., 'red .tissue
paper on the inside." When the candles
were placed* in -them the e^es, mouth
and nose? were colored a; brilliant , red. \u25a0
I./hung^ these,; up^ in \u25a0„ different places.
Best of *ali, was a big.suit^box^^This
I placed on the tiling beneath the man
tel.- Then "two* stood , on. -top of' the
mantel. '.before 'my mother' came
home I lit them "all. : .,, ...
"\u25a0After a while we.went Into the other
room to play, numerous, halloween.
''tricks and I proposed to blow' the can-j
dies out,' but my, mother' said that, we '
would be in and ' out so we might as
\well leave them alone. However, in the
'«i,xcitement they were Boon forgotten.
. When we were having a great deal of
1 fun my mother happened to glance into
the" next room and saw. it all lit up.'
We ran In and to our horrpr wo. be
held the suit-box and the other two \u25a0
faces that were on the mantel, on fire.
Vwo pictures were burnt off the wall
and I thought, for a time that it .'was
the end of our house. . The burning*
suit box was kicked Into the grate,
while' the. others were soon extin
guished. A few things on tlje, mantel
were burnfd up and one can still see
our badly scorched wall. My. mother
afterwards said that it was lucky we
were not burned, but.
After that, we had some ice cream
and cake to cool us off and so ended
my halloween adventure.
CATHERIK E M. PAI.M ER, \u25a0> *
705 Third Street, Petalmnn. : St. i.Vla
§! 'cent's Aondemj-, Seventh Grade.
. Aged 13 Years
On halloween I ; was asked \u25a0 to. a
party. One ; of the little, girls, who
was ;also invited, came to my house
and we; dressed up in ! sheets from tip
to, toe, even covering our faces • with
masks, as the invitation requested; then
we started • to \u25a0 the "haunted barn,"
where the party was to be given, which
was many blocks from; my home. ', •
When we reached: there we went into
,the house and took : off our '\u25a0\u25a0 "ghost
suits," ; after which we- went out to
the barn and met all the children.
When every one had; come we played
all kinds of halloween games and had
a fine time. About 10 o'clock each boy
took his partner" and we 'adjourned to
the dining room, where refreshments
were;served. '.'.'\u25a0' i '^;.' : :
There' was a large jardinier in the
center pf the table with 14 yellow rib
bons attached.^ Each person. pulled'one,
and there we found our fortune tied to
the ends. . ,
: We had a jolly time the supper
table, and : when finished - we went 7 to
,the parlor, where ,wa -played more
. games and enjoyed some music'
| 2233 Eunice Street, Fifth A Grnrir, Ox
ford School. Age 12 Yearn
; Now, 'Juniors, I am going to. tell you
what I did and saw on: halloween.
«Flrst, '. I went' to a surprise party given
to one -of my friends. There I had; my
fortune -told.' Many children -were .there
with funny faces of pumpkins, : ghosts
and other queer things. 'After\we had
taken off our masks we played' games,
every game imaginable. Then we went
out in the streets and " marched arpurid,
all "with our • masks "over' our "faces.-
Later we were callcdlnto trie house to
• ( have some refreshments;- \u25a0 After that
we were ready for. play. We then told
ghost stories and .. the one who told
thej best got a prize. VAfter 1 " that we
ducked for apples, 1 , played , "musical
chairs," danced and did" so many other
things that it would take me a great
while to toll you about theni. Oh, how
the time did pass...' Soon it was 11
o'clock'.' Then >h'at a bustling 'there
was. 'Every /child ran for .her. wraps.
Itsee/ned that" th'e time flitted by be
fore wel knew, it.' None of -us* were
ready to^go, but we' had' to thinkabout
school on 'theTmorrow." Now," Juniors,
you have heard about my.; ifalloweeh. '
2<tl 5 I^hkuuo, Street, Sim 1'runclnro. l*u
" HHe HrlKbtM School, A i:iglnh
Grade... Ase 12 Y«ar« «
This year, as you. all know; hallow
een fell on a cold, foggy night, but
despite .the. bad - weather \u25a0 groups . of
children could.be eeen standing;in dif
ferent places all over the block, But*
the passerby did not notice the groups
of children so much as the streams of
. light coming from the eyes, noses and
mouths of ,the mysterious looking
pumpkins held by- each child, the ma
jority being dressed in sheets or some
such costume of white. - But that in not
telling what 1 did on hajloween. I
I was a, member of one of these
mysterious groups. Dressed aa a ghost,
we paraded the streets, performing all
the halloween, tricks, such as sticking
pins in doorways, etc., and I can. but
hope that you enjoyed ypurself as
much as did I.
1915 Green Street, Snn Franclnco. Pn
clflc Heights School, B Fourth -
' Grade. Arc 10 Yearn
This halloween I had a fine time. I
dressed up as Mother Katzenjammcr
and had on a- mask which resembled
her face. Some ! hair from a mattress
was made into a wig. My costume con
sisted of a waist of bright green with
black dots and a, light blue skirt. By
the time I was stuffed with . pillows
no one could mistake my impersona
tion. My little friend next door was
dressed as the captain, but we wisely '
drew the[ line on having "the kids."
She wore a yachting suit and cap and
a mask covered her face. She was
also stuffed, but with papers Instead
,of pHlows. Well, my dear Juniors, we
surely did make a funny looking cou
ple,'"and if you could have watched us
going, up the street you would have
split your sides; laughing. ' We started
out arm in arm to make calls. First
we went to a lady's house,, rang the
belland were invited in. .She thought
us such a joke that she sent us to her
: friend next door, i The young girl who \u25a0
answeredthe bell was startled at first,
. but soon realized it was only a joke
*and invited us in,«where the children • -
were ducking for applev wlientney
. saw ; Mother. Katzen jammer and the
captain enter the "room 'alL ducking
was stopped for the time, \u25a0 and such
laughing you never heard in your life.
One of the little boys; cried when he >
saw us.-but we soon comforted him by
taking off our masks. He themthought
us as comical as did the rest." We
"Were given some candy, and joined the
guests in their games until it was time;
1034 Sherman Street, San Jose, CuU \u25a0
•Fre*hman Year, Snn; Jose High
-School; Arc 14 Years
I am sure many of us enjoyed our
selves "on,., halloween— at least ' I did.
A. "society, ' which I -have, just re
cently.'joined gave a party to all of its
"new riiembef's. We gathered at a girl's
home about 8 o'clock dressed in, sheets
and pillow^ cases, with fearsome masks.
. When most of us had arrived we had :
a guessing contest.! Those who guessed
the right or nearest number of ghosts
-, present received a ' prize. A- girl
guessed the right number and' received
, for a'prize a toy man. with a pumpkin
hoad. .We played games "and listened
to piano "and vocar solos.
/When all had arrived we sat together
. on the floor, the only -light being the
llgjjt from one, pumpkin; 'Some-of' the
girls told ! ghost . stories till' we were ; ho^ .'•\u25a0
frightened we made 'them' stop.'" When
fhey.liad" finished the stories,- we were
given plates ' to # eat ' from -"and also' a
' place card Inside of the plate. We were -
served' with salads, sandwiches,; cake,
nuts, "apples, candy and a lot of other
good things. ; " \u25a0' \u25a0> a "fjggM|
'The^/evonlnef passed swiftly and at
\u25a0 11' o'clock T started for home after
having spent a delightful evening. -
3235 Ilonu 8tr**t, Frultvllle C«I. Fruit
vllle School No. I, II Third Grade
On halloween. I had great fun. There
were seven -of ua girls and one boy
ventured out on the streets. A band of
boys caught ua and we were so fright
ened that when they let us go we ran
away as fast as we could.- Wo did not
Ktealgates or do anything like that, aa
we wouldn't want any one to Btcal any
thing of ours. 8o we didn't think It
right to do anything to others that wo
tliU not want them to do to us. I find
that we can have more fun If we don't
spoil others 1 fun. Don't you think so,
P. O. box C47, Tnlare, Col. High Fifth
Grade, Tul are Schoo\j>Ase 14 Years
On halloween, at'."*joout 6 pi m., I,
started for a friend's house, where there
was to be a party Mif six. When I
reached her home we fixed the candles
in our pumpkin jack o 1 lanterns and lit
them; then we each took a long, snow
\u25a0*white sheet and, wrapping it around us,
we ventured out inrtffcTe' street. . We
seated ourselves on lome pipes and
serenaded the ghostly moon. ~ After a
while we heard the sound of buggy
' 'wheels coming near, so we hid behind
the pipes till the buggy was opposite
us, when we all arose, with the glaring
faces turned. toward the road. . We ex
pected to hear. | horrified shrieks, but
instead^we heardsa.itwrry laugh, and a
lady's voice say, "Aren't those cute
little horrid things?" ; Then the buggy
vanished down the road. I don't like to
say who the joke was on.»
We didn't want to give, up, so we
thought we'd stay" out a while longer,
and just as we had composed ourselves
serenely 'we heard curdling yells and
i saw the awful forms of about a dozen
boys' tearing; down the road. I really
can't say ! whose; yells were the most
;. dreadful,:. the boys' or ours. Sunice it
to say that we got cut of those pipes,
and into the house in a most. ( unghostly
fashion. .Once : safe inside we had a
little supper, and shortly after 9 o'clock
departed for home, not alone, however,
>for not one of us was brave enough to
face those dark streets alone, so our
hostess had to' go nearly to our gate
with us. I had: had a nice time, but
must confess I was glad to be safe in
'my bed with 'mamma. I will close,
hoping.Alonzo had a nice time and will
have a still better one next year..
Santn Komi, Sonoma' County, II. F.'ll.
Itoutc 4, box 23. if Mark, West '
'\u25a0 School, IClRhth (Jrmlc. Arc
13 Yearn
Halloween came on Monday, but we
celebrated the Friday before at . our
school. On MondaysiSrfd all the days
of the week except Friday we are dis
missed at 4 o'clockfon Fridays we. get
out at 3, so we had "an extra hour. The
Hinailer children stayed outside while
the older ones fixed up and decorated
the schoolhouse. ": \u25a0 ' _
Wo pulled down rf7 curtains, dark
ened the room arid llglted the lanterns
and pumpkins,... which were placed
about in the corneri. The Chinese
lanterns were hung ibout , the .walls.
\u25a0\u25a0'., Then the llttje ones. came. in. ,. All the
babies of .the neighborhood that could
come were there... 'v ... - ., .
. Four of us girlei dresied . up, as witches
and^gavo candy, iriutj and cookle« to
theT little ones, i, Later we had recita
§tlons and told stories, after which we
ull went borne to euDPer.
\u25a0\ Cn A R IKS C. «?H UN J R. f
1817 Eddy Street. G«Uen Gat« School,
. « A Third <Jr»d«»' iK« 8 Year •
\u25a0 Halloween Is one pf the greatest
' celebrations the boy«;and girls have.
. On that jiight 10 bop dressed up In
i eSstume, wore maske and carried llan
terna. Wo tied ropee o\ Ue doors of
the cranky people. They uaially threw
pails of water on us, whlcb Me thought
great fun. j
After finishing our nHschiefwe went
i to the home of one of the b?y» and
had a party. "We ducked for apples,
and in tome of them was a coll. Then
i we had our fortunes told. After a good
uupper we went home, tired aid ready
for bed. I hope all the Juriors en
\ joyed their halloween as mich a* X
did mine.
Dcnlc'n, Soluno County, Cal. Publle
School, Fifth Grade. - A Be 12 Years
All my friends and I were busy pre
. paring for halloween. As it comes
bht o'liee a year, we had determined, to
make the most of it.
. Wehad been invited to a halloween
party and, as we all know how nice
these parties are, we could not afford
to miss it. Tl»e girls had planned to
call for me at 7:80 o'clock, so I bustled
\u25a0about arranging myself in a sheet
with a mask over my face. I was
ready oh time and .could hardly wait
for the girls;to come. ,,
, \u25a0 "When they did arrive we started off
very happily. On reaching bur des
tination we found "quite a large gath^ '.-:.•
etlrig. ' We allv went into the parlor
and around, | then we toiok oft >-
our sheets and "played games, sang
songs and told fortunes. | Telling for;
tunes .was the best.
There were a lot. of. cards placed on '•
a table. , We were each to take one of
these cards and then by turns read
aloud what was written on it. My
card read: "You will marry a wealthy
man' arid: be charitable." I think my
fortune was fine... : : .,
We went home about 1:30 o'clock,
and were very sleepy. We had qn
joyed ourselves greatly, and we are
now looking forward to next vhallow
een with much anticipation.
2046 Clareinont Avenue, Berkeley. Va
vuvllle Grammar School, Fifth
Grade Age 11' Yenrn
There are lots of things to do on
Halloween, but I played ghost. There
was another little girl that played with
me and we had lots of fun. Some chll- -
dren do harm on halloween, but I do
not think that is nice. I and the little
girl that played with. me dressed up in
sheets and pillow cases and we each
had a pumpkin face with a candle In
it to light our way. \ >
We were walking up the sidewalk
when it was , dark-find all of ' a sudden
a little, boy came^ around the corner,
with a pumpkin head, and when he saw
us he ran as fast as he could 1 run. I
think he was going to try to scare us,
\u25a0, .,\u25a0,.'*
KI.I.KN J. 1). llKDHlNG,
\ Ii-hhIo, Marln Count y, ]VleaNl<» , School,
Sixth , CSrarte, Age' 11 Yearn. ;
On halloween the girls at school
wanted to have a halloween party, but.
our teacher said "No."., '.
5 She then 'told us to come , to her place
and; dive for-. apples."-- So about six or
seven girls went to her home. • \u25a0:\u25a0, \u25a0\u25a0••\u25a0\u25a0
. She '\u25a0 had a' big tub of water and ap
ples''in* it.- We -dived and I got an
apple three • -different; times. . Then
teacher put an apple "on. a strjng -and
tied it to a nail., She tied* our hands .
behind us and we had to bite the apple.
I was lucky ( enougn to bite it a couple
of: times. > ...'.....
, sThat. night I went to bed> backward,
but fniliid to dream of anything worth
while. That is all I did.
lludfMu, Cttl. Sixth Grade. Aged 13
Halloween was coming and some girl
friends planned to have a halloween
party. They decorated the parlor, din
ing room and porch, and received their
guests. All drt-Bs«(i In sheets with
masks over their faces. The tables
were decorated in yellow and black.
The guests played games and told for
J.iUer refreshments were served. .They
all had ft cood time and went homo
1135 Walnut Street, ItcTUeley.
A friend invited me to a halloween
party on Monday/evening. I was
dressed as a clown with a peaked hat
and a black cat in front of it. I went
down the street, and there' met a party*
of children who were trying to scare ;
people. '' • .". . ' \u25a0 -
-One was dressed as a negro and an
other was- in a sheet and a pillow case,
which reminded me of a bear.- The '
other children were just plain children
with lanterns of all sorts.
>When I came to the house where the
party- was to be held, I was met at
\u25a0the door andled into a darkened room. •
The only light was furnished by lan
terns. There 'were live lanterns there
and my pumpkin made six. ; ' T '..N ;
{.'One of the guests had ar- ;•' '
rived.. He was dressed, in a sheet' and ;' t
pillow case as were also the' twosboys .
who were our hosts. One of . the girls
was dressed, as. a witch, with a long
nose and peaked hat. Another: of the .
boys was dressed as a devil.
When all had come, we. played games
and ducked for apples. After we had .
peeled. our apples we told stories and
at 10/ o'clock I started home with' my
lantern . lighted.
15 Monterey Street, Vnllejo. Lincoln
School, B Sixth Grade. Ace 11 .
Every evening except Sunday I de
liver a number of papers. Monday
evening there was a halloween party at
the Presbyterian church.' The majority
of the members .present" were' to : be
dressed in sheets and pillow-cases.
As I went along with my papers boys
tried to scare me with pumpkins, but
of course I knew that no harm was ,
comirigj to me. Before. I was through
delivering my papers it had got pretty v.
dark. Across the street several large
boys were singing, "Has Anybody. Here
Seen Kelly? 1 : I. laughed at them,' for
boys in Vallejo don't sing much and /
. this was' uncommon,: especially among
largo boys. , Everybody went home
happy that night.- ..,:..•
Chenery Street, A-. Fourth Grade. As"e
10 yenra '
. -Halloween night I was \u25a0 very • busy
dressing.-up for a party. My. father
told me to be home between 9:30 and
10 o'clock. 'Afterl- reached my hostess' -
home we all<. played games. One we
played \viur a blowing contest in which
we all tried- to* put 1 out . the light -of a
candle standing some 'distance . away. \u25a0\u25a0
After a .time- a man blew it out and
got- the- prize,: which was a very hand
some silver mug. The second game
was "Pin the Tall on tlio Donkey." I
got the booby prize,, which was a, lit
tle Japanese doll. Wo played many
games and had a lovely time. At 9:30
o'clock I was having: too gogd a time
to go home bo stayed until 10 o'i'lock. .
I did not stay longer for I had to obey
my parents. I ' hope that every other
Junior had us good a time as I did. .
Hymen' Store, San Slateo. i.hkuiiii
School, l.on Scvmih Grade,.
. Ace 13 Yearn .
This halloween I enjoyed myself more
than 1 ever did before. I went to a
masquerade, and I think it was about.,
the best one I ever attended. It was
npe fun to see the different ridiculous
costumes. ' gome, though, were very
pretty. There was a handsome prize
offered for the bent hobble skirt cos
tume, and the lady that cot it wore a
yellow dress. with a deep yellow band
around the bottom. Another funny cos
tume was worn by a girl dressed in
corn husks, to. represent a tamale./ The,
most .original character was a lady
dressed in autumn leaves. Some of the
dresses .were made^of paper, pennants,
election cards, the town papers and
flowers. Others had hobble skirts, bath
ing suits and some went ' as . cooks.
There were two or three* very stout la
dies dressed as 'schoolgirls.' They
Jumped rope and looked' too ;funny for
anything.' As I had. such a good time,
I am hoping- to go to the. mask ball
next year. This year I did not' go' in
mask, but next time I intend to [ dress
up in some very funny way so that no
one will know me.
A Dead City Buried ; in a Living
'/;,. '/ Forest C;f£^.i
, The - hungry horde of titled adven
turers- — heiress hunting and dollar de
\u25a0 manding— which .has swarmed -mpon
these golden- coasts of- recent years, '
has made many good Americans jeer
at the mere mention of a"foreign no
bleman." But for all. that there are
• hundreds of examphes among the scions
of well born. European families; where
the blood runs true— -where the .brain*
and brawn inherited : ; from the. far '-off
gallant founder of the family is put to
worthy, use. V
Most conspicuous, perhaps.x among .
these men of anclent'race who arc still
fired by^the noble lu^t to; do something,,
in the world is the duke of .'the
Abruzzi, whose feats as an explorer
will enshrine his' name in history long
after his hypothetical romance is for
gotten. But- he has many .kindred
spirits among "l'ancienne noblesse"
of Europe, \u25a0.•\u25a0\u25a0':.' '.-;. -'/.
'\u25a0-'\u25a0 In this category belongs the comte
de Perigny.; In the prime of life, hand
some, clever, learned and adventurous,
he finds his chief pleasure in devoting
\u25a0his time, his money, .his -intellect', and
his personal energies /to: the enrich
i ment': of the world's, knowledge. ; ,: '
Several years ago the count, in cross
ing Guatemala on; his return from a
first voyage of exploration in Mexico,
found the traces of -an. ancient Indian \
cityburied deep in the ;heart of a vir
gin ' forest like the castle, of the sleep
ing; beauty. ' '. .. : . :. , .;
Keenly Interested' as he was in this'
unexpected treasure trove.'.he had at
the. time; .'neither .'the -leisure nor the
funds -necessary , to- . the'"dlsinterment
fromits living tomb, of this monument
of an ancientTcivllization.: In" August;
of last year, however, he embarked, for
Guatemala, sent by. the Societe deGeo- ~
graphic upon a scientific; mission for
which a subnldy liad been granted :, by „'
tho minister of public Instruction. ';^
- -Arrived nt'Coban> the ; assistance of
the pr.eHidont*; of , Guatemala enabled
him I quickly- to> assemble a necessary. '
corps of r a -score of "Indians. •\u25a0'At; the
end of August, 190J>, his <>quipm<:iit was
ready and the <pii/rty began its laborious
march. of three Weeks on foot through
the vast forests which cover this part -
of Guatemala. ; ' \u25a0.\u25a0. \u25a0 .• \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u2666\u25a0• -\u25a0- \u25a0 '\u25a0' .
• In- a .recent number of 'La Monde ll
lustrie W. H«nri Steckel; klvw airln- •
tereßtliJK account of the heavy labors
and ultimate succests of this modern
adventurer. • ' \u0084
.'Nakcoun is in the province of Peteu,
which lies In the northern part .of
Guatemala, in the angle formed by the
limits -of Mexico and English lion-:,
duras. The town lies on the right 1 bank
of the nio Hondo, two and a half days' '
Journey from the town of lienque
Viejo, near tho frontier.
» All ' this region stronerly reHembles
Yucatan, of which, in fact, it forms a
physical purt. Its mighty forests are
commercially important from their
magnificent trees of 'pi no, mahogany,
ebony and other valuable woodß. *
1 For ajjf months Perigny and his men
worked unremittingly at the heroic
task of cutting down and uprooting
thousands of these splendid monarch*
of the forest, covering the space of a
square kilometer. More trying than
the labor itself were the conditions un-
I Winners of Puzzle Prizes |
Four very fine fountairi*pens will be
given away each week for correct an
swers to the puzzles. This does not
mean that every one answering the ,
puzzles gets a prize. But if you per
sist you will surely get one. If you do
not get it this week keep on trying.
Perhaps you will be successful .next
time. -The Junlor^follows,? the fairest
possible: method of awarding its prizes.
All answers must ibe 'spelled cor
rectly,--written neatly and sent in on
postal cards. .Those received in other
ways will nof'be considered;;,^; \u25a0
The correct . answers' to r the \u25a0• puzzles! 1
published in The'Junior Call of Novem- ';
ber 6 are as follows:.' " v *:?< V.'. 'S^;'**'
1, Pumpkin; 2, Quartet: 3,iMagriolia^
4, Skate; 5, Goldenrod; 6, Dogwood. 'i-"$.™-
The Juniors who'thls week answered r.i
the puzzles, correctly are i' '$'/;) " • v - '\S
,Itu<hWcntwortIi,* Anderson; : ;
Antlrcw ,S<,cvcu«on, 2946' v Claiemont :^
avenue, Bcrkeleyf . ' '
Louise Uorkeu, 228 -Page Street, San
, Francisco. ', ,'."\u25a0'-' .
GcorseV Dolnn,' 173 Hartford street}
San Francisco.- ; v "iv;:,- '<*{:<%'< \u25a0'."\u25a0'' '"'\u25a0:\u25a0/" \u25a0\u25a0&\u25a0
der which it had "to be done. The
treacherous climate, though' ; not ex- .
cessivelyUiot, has a' dangerous humid
ity, and is noted for its: sudderichanges-'
of temperature. : A- variation "of 30 de- •
grees centigrade: is, in fact, not un
common. : ;\: '*\u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0 .-,
-Moreover, mosquitoes are a terrible
plague; 'it rains constantly even in the
"dry season";the;food-is mediocre, and
drinkinglwater apt to be doubtful,, and
swamp; fever lies ever in wait for Eu-
. ropeans. . \ . \u25a0 V; \u25a0\u25a0'•\u25a0'' '\u25a0'\u25a0•V ' .\u25a0 ' ; '- ..". \u25a0\u25a0
Undaunted by these' dimculties - the •
count rose "daily t at dawn' and k worked
side by side with' his men.x A particu
larly; delicate task was ; thel disengage
ment, without injury to the ruins, »of :
the -great roots -of trees whose slow
growth .through silent centuries. ,had
split the solid c masonry. 5; ; . \u25a0 .
. Nakcoun* must have » been one , of , the
i capitals of the ancientMaya chiefs, 'it .
certainly existed in the. ninth century;
Its,. overthrow probably dates from the.
thirteenth v century,the epoch of ,the,in
vasion of Central America by'the Tol-'
tecs,', the vCachiquels, the Quiches and
the Zutugils. \u25a0: ' , .. :\u25a0 .
.. Its -characteristic feature is its peri~
feet regularity.- The citadel, which was;
its , heart— something like the "oppi
dum,*; has,^ indeed, the. form of < a rec- <-
tangle, nnd all the 'edifices, built out-'
Bide its ; Hounds ; ; aml called by M, de
Perigny. the temple of the king, the
little temple, the temple" of the hiero
• glyphs and- the house 'of the priests,
are built on' lines'- rigorously con- '
' structed 1 parallel "or at right angles'io'
' itsfour walls," oriented according to the
cardinal 1 points : of -the. 'compass. * The ' ;
western and southern parts of the cita
del seem 1 to have beeji~constructed with
an eye especially for defense, while the.
northern"; and \u25a0\u25a0,• eastern.', . "sides ' assume
communication- wfth s 'the temples /and
the rest of' the city. 1 f
The" tftmplos -are -very lofty, * being
about- 100^ feet high, while '.the'- temple .
' of the king reaches' a height of "more
than 100 feet. The temple of .the
priests exhibits a curious arrangement ,
of cells connected by u, corridor. J 11
the temple of the hieroglyph's M. da
Perlgny discovered a door Burmpanted
by a full arch, the first time this form
been discovered in this region at
, this epoch.
Of (lii! houaen clustered about the
tumples Bullicient vestiges remain to
permit the stiufy of the Maya urchitec.
ture, characterised by tho key of the
triangular vault. Very singular de-
Bigna ornament the interior, copies of
which were carefully made.
Finally an ubundunt harvest of relics
was found — arms, vases, urns and
utoneH covered with hieroglyphs, which
Bhould nerve us preHouu documents for
the study of that distant Afaya civili
zation. — New York Times.

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