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TO COST $20,000
Steamer Is Damaged Below, the
Water Line and New Plates
• Are Needed
ITH an extra force
of men at work on
the battered bow of
the San Francisco-
Portland steamship
company's coaster
Beaver, which ran
down and sank the
Norwegian steamer
Selja off Point
Reyes last Tuesday
afternoon, it is ex
pected that the
steamer- will be
ready to sail De
cember 7 on its reg
ular scheduled trip.
After being placed
on the drydock it
was fqund that 20
of the' bow plates
oof the Beaver had been dented by the
force of the. collision. These plates 'are
being removed, straightened and faced.
It is possible that one or two new plates
will have to be put in below the water
line, where the rivet holes were ripped
oih. allowing water to come i<l. Wnile
tie. official figures have been given but
by the owners a.f> to the cost 'of repair
ing: the Beaver, it : is rumored in ship
ping circles that Close to $20,000 will
have to be spent 'to place the Beaver
In shape. \u25a0 '-\u25a0 ./.$
The Bear.* the sister s-hip°- of .the.
Beaver, which cut in=\tw*o a 56.00(1 barge
and Tammed a 25 c foot 'hole in. the
cra.ll near pier-40whilp docking 'Satur
£*y afternoon, sailed for the .north yes
terday on scheduJe c . having sustained
but slight damage:' 'A score or more of
the passengers .''.who bookea.. : for the
nortn on the- "Beaver waited .over and
sailed on th* ,Bear> yesterday.". If- the
Beaver is ready for sailing .December
7 but one trip* of- Its regular schedule
will have £>ceil missed^ •_;.;. ° .'*\u25a0\u25a0. \u25a0•-.< : - l .
SHserlar Sail* Tomorrow
The Pacific Mail company's ljner.Si
beria. Captain Adrian Zee'dgr, is due to
Fail from pier 42 at 1 o'clock tomor
row for Hongkong via Hoaolulu. and
Manila. The 'Liberia/w ill, carry 18.0
cabin .passengers aqd " 400' Asiatics in
the steerage.' Th* Siberia will carry a
full cargo oonsistfng r mostly of gov
ernment stoces '.cqnsfgned' to Manila.
Chief -St'e)\vir<4 Frank . Do'riahey, who
ha?= been "with the Siberia for' several
years past, • wilk not; sail .tomorrow,
having been relieved by \Y. , Holliday,
who is/one- of -the best known' stewards
in the port, -having been formerly on
the Koi;ea and more , recently- on the
Panama' run. . ..-.;'--.";•
Water Front \otci
•1 n<» stPampr governor arrived- 1 frem
Prattle yesterday evening with 31«
ras.«engers and; a general. ' cargo of
roast freight.., Slijghtly stormy weather
was reported by the officers of the
kteamer. V- \u0084„-. \u25a0
The, steamer J. J. Loggle, which ar
rived from Eureka yesterday with a
cargo of lumber, reported sighting the
tug Dauntless with the bark Amy Tur
ner in tow at : 10 o'clock .Saturday
morning. The: Amy Turner is loaded
with cement for. Astoria.
The torpedo' b'oatfc Preble Rnd • Fox
sailed for San Diego yesterday.
The lumber receipts for the day to
taled ;,4Tl,tiOO feet.
By United \\ ire I«W
; Suntla.v, November i 7.
STEAMER WHITTIEE— From Eurpfca for Tort
88n Kulk: Nor. it. S p. ta.. 5 mllf? north, of
Point R»-r/>t.; tnod<>rat«' wind; west
<-v\y t-v:p\l; hsrojijeter 3n.0«; temperature 60.
STEAMER. RE2OXDO— From Sag Francisco for
• San P«dro; nnt,w t , 2f!. sp. m .. B milf-s south of
Vision I'wnx: weat^r line and "calm; all well.
;TEAMER SIERRA— From Honolulu for San
Fraacfeco^ Nov. 2tC 8 |>. m.. Sis mllps from
llcfetrnp; frrpli «ioutjiwo*t wind: passing mist:
»I»«1!t; barometer Oti.li: temperature C 5; all
TVflt. • . \u25a0.:-•••» \u25a0« \u25a0
»TEAKER GOVERNOR— s> i>. m.. 41 tnttes Kwti
>if Bluuts re«-f: pc>tithir<'«-t wjn<l; m*derat? sea;
will arrive San Franglaob Nov. 2n, a. ni. " c
Items of Interest to Mariners
of the Pacific
IS? z-.'iF Dispatch to The Cell] '.
EUREKA. Nov. 2T>— The HumLoUlt bar V«?f
apain la aa- -tiply in<v«i tciay. r-en.«»vjm'ntly ho
Ytft-flt. of sipy <le»rription passt-d in or out. Thp
i-u-aiii'-r <i!y of Tnpefca was to tlnre departed for
San Fraßcioco, but Ist« tills evoniuc «a» stjll
in^iile the harhor.and will not make another at-
J"m|'t at orossing unril tomorrow mornjnjf. Out
bid'- th<*- i>ar waiting 'to cro*» Into the harbor
are 'tire lumber carrier* Al>*rdeen and- Aorelia.
Althouph tke y»-ar is not closed, a!l prerious
records for the numf>er of offshore' lunjber shlp
ii)«nts fo,f thi.» p<'-rt liavo tieen broken.- and It is
lw=!if>reil tu»t trtea tlic final reports are made
directly tmowiot the fir«.of tbe new year the
r.r»-vir,u.- raoocda Ju-jiumber of Kblptnent*. amounts
and values will |v> firoken by the year lslo.
T<r eereraJ roars the offt-hore Inthb/T market for
redwood lnistrf-r lifif beea Ptrengthenlnp wntil at
prevent it forms one i>t The ttiost Important
branches «.f rt> trade;- While of necessity ar
prfKen:. /inly partial " flgur^s can be oeoared, thp
k--oti\> tept show that 44 offshore cargoes bare
»Ir<a(iTci-io ar ed trora Hnicboldt bay.
In addition tor these, sir other vessels are. due
h*-re within tlie next three weeks to load and
th»i will doubtless clear t>efore the fir*t of the
new year. Figures show that there will have
hern not less ilien 50 offshore shipments during
in* year.'
Tli!« win break tli<» record for l»09 by five. 45
ve£:-<»ls having entered the port and cleared dur
inc that year, while in 19OS. the banner year
tliiis far hs f«r as values are concerned, there
were but 3S <-ffebore shipments.
"!ii 1910 the average shipment to -an offshore
port came to 910,713 feet of lumber, the total
amount shipped being 41.DN2.f144 feet." with a
voiuf. of $9.-,6.045.63. if the aTerage silpmeata
come as hipli duriij^: the preaeiit year, tue
amount of lumber shipped will surpass all pre-
Ti«u* records. to approximately 4fi.ooo.fiOO
feet of •lumber, while the value would be more
than $1,000,000.
<'f the cargoes Fhipprd this year,* the greater
Vttx have heen consljmwj to Australian i>orts,
••<* remainder eoinjr t<> the west coast of South
America, one fliip-.ncnt to the United Kingdom
*nd one to Calcutta. Ulau.l ports reeelved an
Knu«ual!y«Jar?e Quota of redwood this year.
FORTLAIfD. Nov. 27. — On scheduled time, tbe
steamer Uoanoke arrived tonight from Saa
Pedro and San Francisro with passengers 'and
i'j.rryinz ~7, »-abin passengers and 40 Oriental*
In the et'-crage. the steamer Breakwater arrived
iT.icbt from «'oofr Bay. In addition to con
tlderaWe general freight the Breakwater brought
mo tons ft coal.
From San Francisco, tbe steamer Tahoe ar
rlrrvj late. tonight.
Alfbotigb it left Astoria early thi.« morning.
it i<- not exjiected that the French bark Button
will arrive liere before tomorrow morning.
Falling off r>f trafffe between Portland and
The Dalle*. <lne to winter weather, will cause
tl-e meauiboat Hailey^<;atzert to tl» up for the
uintej- «-ar!y next month.
Predging" in the channel between Mar^hfield
Knd the <>oean, "for wbieh Ihe port of Coo* Bay
wi!l collect a tax of $.*s<lO.«iOo nnd the povern
njent hss appropriated $.V),«K^(, has been begun,
and it is expected that by tbe time the Panama
cnnal U completed Cook Bay will become a
t-eii port of imivjrtanee. j*ll«> drivers have been
set at work on tu<- «-onstniftion of tbe northern
extension of the Aiuoworth dock. It Is ex
peetefL that this new df»ek will lie <^>mpleted by
January I. and thereafter it i* planned to dock
the Breakwater, as well as the Los Angeles
Kienmer*.-iit the Alia* Will dock.
PORTLAKD. Nov. — Steamers
Rrr-akwatrT.- foe« Hay; Griden Oate. Tillamook;
Hoan'ike. San I'edro; Asuncion, Ban Francisco.
LOS AKGELES. Nov. 27. — Arrived — Curacao.
Guaynyip; flos«. San IHego: Francis H.
I.^ppeti. Colombia rlrer; Alert. Belllngbam; Al-
Columbia river.
Sailed— *'ur«r«<>* San Francisco; Santa Rosa,
S«n Francisco: Buckinan. Seattle; gan Pedro.
ASTORIA, Nov. 27.— The steamer Golden Gate
arrived this morning from Tlliamook with freight
and pascengers.
The Kte^ner Breakwater arrive<l this morning
from Coos bay with freight nud passenger*.
Private Wire— New York, Chte**o
\\>«tern Union Code
/Kiiln Office, Mill* Bide, Sjn Frnndseo
V Uranrh Office— Palfice Hotel^ (msilii
corridor), gas Franolscoi Hotel Alexan-
dria, U« Ancfl««) Cal. \u25a0
Corref>poßd*nt»— Harris, VI Inthrop Jt
Co, Xeir York, Chicago, London and
The steam schooner J. B. Stetson, with a cargo
of lumr.er for San Francisco, went to sea todsy.
The fteam schooner Tahoe arrired to* l "^'^™
San Frsnclsco with freight and passengers and
will lo*i lumber for a return. _ _
The i-teamer R/wnoke arrlred today from San
Francisco with freight and P»«»f n « e "^._ from
The r»a tank steamer Roma arrived today from
California with a cargo of crude oil for the
Union -ill company. J, ' . , . ***.- rf»
The steam schooner Qulnau t failed today f*
Grays Harbor, where she will load lumber for
Sa Tl,e Fr «e C ar- schooner Shn.-Ysk ««!«* t}J
afternoon from San Francisco to load lumber for
* Thia'evening two steam schoonersj |£* wg«*|*
to N» outside, an-1 while one is *»***?.. t?^*^!
Washlrsrton. the other U «» n « the lellowstone
or Westerner. Tney will not be able to come
in befrre morning.
SAN PEDRO, Nov. 27-ATh« Mexican
Caracss called this morning, bound from Gusr
tras for ftan Francis. After landing ptsiengers
and fright It proceeded. „ B
The steamer Santa
Di^o f«r San Francisco, rla f**™?*.***^
called today for passengers and freight and pro
3 steamer Frsnci* H. I-egget srriredi this
aftern-m [ from tbe Columbia rirer. «£r«°*
1.200.000 feet of lumber to be landed at Sixteen
b *Tb»r steamer Alert arrived from Belllngham
with f OO.OOO feet of lumber. J,.L- \u2666%,. m.
* The schooner Albena. 14 days out f rom the Co
rumblK river, anchored in the outer harbor to
night, with 97.-..000 feet of lumber on board.
Among the departures today were the learner
Bucknian for SeatUe. ria San Francisco, carry
c^ PP ee £ ;Te^rr"aVp»-left today for Eureka
direct to load a return cargo of lumber.
TACOMA. Not. 27.— Arrired— Steamer Hllo
nlan. from San Francisco. ..„.*..
Sailed— Steamer City of PueWa, sound ports,
Britisii steam/r.Strathtay, sound ports.
'SEATTLE, Not. 27.— Arrived— Steamer Prince
Rupert. Prince: Rupert; steamer Wellejley. San
Francisco: steamer St. Helens. San Francisco.
.Sall-d— Steamer Herm. Mexico; steamer Prince
Rupert. Portland canal; steamer Sado Varu, Ta
coma. \u25a0 .
Weather Report
+--. i >- : \u2666
United State? Department of AjTlcolture—
Weather Bnreatf. San Francisco. Not. 2i, 1910.
last Seasonal Normal
Stations— 24 hours. to date. to date.
•Eureka. ". 0.80 7.41 8.85
Red Bluff 0.10 3.51 5.28
Sscratnento ...: 0.00 0.64 3.28
Mt. Tamalpsis.:. 0.04 l.h| 3.89
Inderendenee 0.00 1.53 1.87
San Luis Obispo- 0.00 0.98 3.34
Los Angeles.../ 0.00 J^ HI
gan I>i«-go x 0-00 *- 98 lj2 °
•'\u25a0 • • ' If I Iff I
STATIONS %. fc £ STATIONS ;|j'f c
\u25a0 i: 1 ff I ~ a
i s \U \u25a0 32:
i...v- " :: /J:\ §• % ;:•' :\u25a0::; ' i * I
f ? : • j^ r - _
Boi»e " ia6124i0.00i Reno " |54124|0.00
Del M0nte... i64!37|0.00 Rweburg ••\u25a0f^l^
Euroka ...'56'4«!0.00 Sacramento. .|6o 40,0.00
Ha^taff •iS'WO.OO Salt Lake.... 44 22 0.00
Fresno . . . .'co!36 0.00 |9an Diego... «2)«^-°0
HeHna .. .|lB 2 0.00 IS.- Francisco. 60 46(0.00
HrcWuln .... 7565,0.5« fSan Jose.... 64|3|;0.CK>
In^-p°ndence 52 24;O.OO S. U Obispo. 60j36 0.00
Kalispcll ... 24 20 0.14 S. E. Farallon «L 0.00
Los Angele... 64 44 0.00 Spokane .... fjf 0 . 0 ,-**
Mo<lena 48 20 0.00 •Snmmit .. .. So 1« 0.00
Mt.Tamalpais'44 37 0.04 Tacoma 48 38 0.14
North Head.. 46 36 0.08 iTatooah }s||fs'S
PLocnix '64 400.^>0 i Twnopan <2 2» 0.00
Pocitrllo .I: 34 lrt!O.Of. I Walla Walla. 44 S2 0.02
Pt. Reyes Lt. 55;4&i0.00 Wlnnemucca. 46 &0.00
PorUand ... .142 38]0.52 Yama ii4|38,0.00
Red Bluff. fc . .148144(0. 10 * "
!56|&«!0.00 jKnoxrllle .. .iG4i46|0.04
\tlantlc City'4S;B2iO.OO IxmlSTllle .. .|60i4512.68
805t0n ...;/. : .t*2L36;0.00 Memphis ... ".64|0.20
Buffalo .... .1341. .',0.00 Montgomery- 74 . . 0.06
Ch«rleston . .iscMo. 04) Montreal •-•^iS^nrt
(hiaeo ..... i0~0.*2 Moorbead... 2*;300.00
Denver .. . .{34!»;o:<» iNew Orleans. 78 68 0.00
De^ Moines. . 38 38 0.00 jNew V«k. . . *£&fi™
Do.ige City.. 42 ! 30 0.00 North Platte. 40
Duluth ..... 32130 0.02 Oklahoma ... \u25a0"350.00
lJunlngo , . . . 3S 22 0.04 Plttsburg . . . 42 30 000
Ea«port ....!^!3O!O.3O Ros^" •••••. «* « g-gg
GalrMtm ... 75J70J0.30 [St. Lto« l »----ttlw'A"^
Grren Bay.. . .1«!84| 1.52 Pt. Paul §4 32)0.00
Hattexas . . . 52'42j0.00 -Tamja -;6 StVO.OO
Htvre 1*160.00 Toledo 34 32,0.00
Huron .. . SOjlfl'o.OO Washington.. 46 30 0.00
Ja"°onVnie..l7B.%6iO.OO Winnipeg .. . 24124|0.00
Kansas City . { . . i4o| '
The storm off the Washington coaat tnls
morning has recurred Into the Pacific^ ca»»* n 8
elcudy weather over the Pacific elope, with ram
from central California northward and snow In
northeastern Washington, western Mont *J",r
British Columbia and Alberta. The area of Ugh
r>re**ure drer the Rocky mountain region has
mrred southeastward and now oTerllea the plaloa
states, causing generally fair weather from the
R<*-ky mountains to the Misaouri riTer. The
st.)rm over Kansas yesterday has mwM east
ward and 1* now central In the Ohio ralley.
<>« using general rain or snow from Texas to the
lakes. Thunderstorms are reported "Of* Chi
cago. Louisville and ShreTeport. On the Atlantic
const gene^Uy fair weather prevails. The
temperature has risen over the Inter-mountain
region and fallen decidedly from the B«ky
mountains to the Mississippi riTer. Coodltloot
are favorable for cloudy weather in northern
California, with rain in the north portion and
fair weather in southern California Monday.
Forecast for the 30 hours endlnj at midnight
Mondar. November 28: -_ « r
For "San Francisco and Ticlnity— Cloudy Mon
y^'B. I a 3 a 3r WVrCkma,. Monday;
' *For n the Sacramento valley— Cloudy Monday
with rain in north portion; light south wind.
For the San Joaquin ralley— Fair Monday;
light northwest wind. -"f
For California south of Tehachapl— Fair Mon
dsy; light west wind. '
I • G. H. WILLSON, Local Forecaster.
\u25a0 .< ARRIVED
Saturday, NoTemb«r 26.
11 p. m., Jlmr W. 6. Porter. Holmes, 2 days
from Astoria; ballast to Associated transportation
company; up rirer direct.' \u25a0 \u25a0 " •
Sundar. November 2«.
12:W> a. in., stmr Falcon, Sehage. 7d houra
from Portland. Tla Astoria 554 bours; mer
chandise to Williams. Dlmond & Co. _
6 a. m.. «tmr Centralia. Erlckson, 6* houra
from Aberdeen; bound 6outh, put 1b for fuel.
11-20 a m.. ftrnr G. C. Lindauer. Sundmaß,
74 hours from Grays Harbor; 475,000 feet lum
ber to Wilson Brothers company.
11-20 a m.. strar Claremoot. Christensen, 57
hours from Willapa harbor: 700,000 feet lumber
to Hart-Wood lumber company. „_
12:50 p. m., iew MellTllle Dollar. Fosen. 42
hours from San Pedro; ballast to Robert Dollar
steamship company.
12 m.. Kr whip Blerrlt*. I*!ne, 174 day* from
Hambuug. ria Hobart 97 days; merchandise to
Meyer. Wilson & Co. • \u25a0
0-45 a m.. Mmr Wa«htenaw. Curtl*. 20 hours
from Port San Luis; 28.000 barrels oil to Union
oil company.
4-50 p. m., etrar Marerlck, McKelUr. 47 houra
from Astoria; ballast to Standard oil company.
r.:20 a. m., stmr ElUabeth, Olaen. 45 hours
from Bandon; passengers and merchandise to E.
T. h'ruse. , - '„
5-40 a. m.. iitmr Point Arena, Jaeobeon. 16
hours from Albion; 200,000 feet lumber to Albion
lumber company. * •.' - - . - *
5:45 a. m., stmr Mlssourian. Lyons, 6C houra
from Seattle; put In to nnlßh loading.
C:ls a. m.. »tmr Sea Foam. Henrlckson. 14
hours from Mendoclno. Tla Point Arena 11 houra;
200.< X» feet lumber to C, It. Higgins. -
G-2O a. m.. stmr Isthmian, Hall. 10h daya
from .Salina Crnt. via San Diego 38 hours; mer
chandise to Williams,* Dlmond & Co.
Sailings Every Thursday aad Saturday. ,
t» Brets«ne. .»•«. II La Lorralas. Deo. 16
La Bavoie....Dec. » I La Touraine.Dee. 22
These steamers carry one cltis (II) cabin
passengers only.
Cbieaco. . . . .Nov. £6 1 La Gaaeejns. D*c. 10
KiiC ar a ..... Dec. I*l Florid c . . ... . Dec. £4
FL'GAZI BROS.. Tscific Coast Managers,
630. Montgomery street. San Francisco. Cabin:
Offlce. GK-Marketjftxcet.
6:40 a. m.. stmr Oualaia. Martinson. 12 hours
from Salt point; bound for Port S"an Luis, put in
for fuel.
_7 a. ,m., atmr B»e, Wehman. 87 hours from
West sound; 700,000 feet lumbef, 60 tons plun
der to Charles Nelson company.- S
4 :1O a. \u25a0 ra.", «tmr Brooklyn, Matsen, 11 \u25a0 hours
from Delmar landing; 140,000 feet lumber. 1,700
P<Hits, 1,100 ties, 50 cords wood to H. Temple
man. - .. - - , »-,.'\u25a0•'
7:10 a. m.. stmr A tU*; Badger, 2* days from
A stof la; ballast to Standord oil company; up
river direct. -
* T:10 a. m.. barg«.J>3, Klrkwood. 2* days from
Astoria; ballast to Standard oil company, in tow
stmr Adas; up river direct..
8:15 0 .m.i »tmr Coronado. Stangeland. 72
hours -from Aberdeen; bound south, put in for
0:15 a. m., strar Arctic. Under. 15 hours from
Fort Bragg; 256,000 feet lumber to Union lumber
company. . < ; \u25a0
lo a. m., stmr laqus,' Self, 26 hours from Eu
reka; bound south, put in land passengers.
.\u25a0 „ > Sunday, Noteraber 27.
4:30 p. m.. stmr Hanalei, Hamma. San Pedro.
„S:ZO„ S:ZO *• m., stmr Grays Harbor, Anflndsen,
Grays Harbor. .
8:30 a. m., stmr Geo. W. Elder, Jessen, San
Pedro and San Diego.
10:15 a. m., stmr Gualala, Martinson, Port San
Luis, r \u25a0 .
JP-»-. stmr Rainier. Lundqulst. Portland.
11:40 a. m., stmr lao.ua. Self, San Pedro.
? Pj .m. m - " tmr Bear, Nopander. Portland. .
1:25 p. m,, sttnr Coronado, Stanjeland, San
San Pedro.. . . t •
2:15 p. m., stmr President, Cousins, Victoria
and Seattle. ....
11 :3O a. tn., U. S. stmr Fox, Bertholf , San
Pedro. - .
11:30 a. ta., V. S. stmr Preble, Swansea, San
1:30 p. m., stmr Centralia, Erlckson. San
POINT LOBO9. Not. 27, 10 p. ra.— Weather
clear; wind S; Telocity 16 miles an hour.
SAN PEDRO— Sailed Not. 26, 11 a. m.— Stmf
Olson A Mahony. for San Francisco. Nov. 27—
s *mr Santa Rosa, stmr Homer, stmr Curacao,
stmr Buckman, for San Francisco; stmr San Pe
dro, for Eureka: . \u25a0 , - .
ArriTed Nov. 26— Sehr Stimson, fro mSeattle;
rtmr Riverside, rrora Townsend: stmr Helen P.
Drew, from Greenwood. Nor. 27— Schr Alvenn,
from Astoria; schr Alert, from Rfllingham; stmr
Curacso, from Guaymas; Rtmr Francis H. lA>g
gett, from Astoria ; stmr Santa Rosa," from San
Diego. • - • - . •\u25a0
_ ASTORIA— Arrl Ted Not. 27. 10 s. m.— Stmr
Roma, from San Pedro; 7 a. m.. strar Roanoke,
hence Not. 25: n a. m., stmr Breakwater, from
Coos .bay; stmr Taboe, henc« Nor. 23; 3 p.m.,
stmr Bhna Yak. hence Nov. 24.-
SallM Not. 27, 10 a. ni.— «tmr J. B. Stetson,
for S»n Pedro; stmr Quinault, for Willapa har-
EAST SAN PEDBO^Arrlred Not. 27, 3 p. m.
Stmr Francis H. I^ggett, from Astoria.
PORT SAN LUlfl— ArrtT*d Not. 27, 11 a. m.—
Br stmr Oberon, hence Not. 26. \
.SEATTLE— Arrived Nor. 26, - R:3O p. m.—
Htmr Senator, from Skagway. Not. 27 — Stmr
Watson hence Not. 24; stmr Wellesley. hence
*\u25a0 . 23; stmr St - ""«ne, hence Not. 23.
Sailed Nor. 27, 10:30 a. m.— Br stmr Protesl
if tl "« for 1 : Nor stmr Herm, for Guavmas;
B V*2^ £ r . lnce R npe". 'or Prince Rupert. , -\u25a0
Passed in Not. 26, 7 p. m.*-Stmr
Hllonlan. - hence Nov. 24 for Seattle. Not. 2T,
7:30 a. m.— Stmr Wellesley,. hence Nor. 23 for
Seatt c; stmr St. Helens, hence Nov. 23 for
Seattle; 11:30 a. m,. schr Alice, hence Not. 14
for Anacortes; 3-f. m.. stmr Harold Dollar,
hence Nor. 23 for Seattle. •
Passed out Not. 27, 7a. m.— Jap stmr Mexico
X" ro ; ''om Seattle for Yokohama; Chll, ship
County of Llnllthgow. for Iqulque. .
r« «t AL^V < *?i rV ~ ta port Nor - 27— Chll ship
County of Linlitfcsrow, for Chile.
MUKILTEO— SaiIed Nov. 28— Stmr Charles
Nelson, for San Francisco
-SOUTH BENH— Sailed Not. 27, 7:30 a. m.—
Stmr Saginaw. for San Pedro.
hence IT NOT X "i" 2 ~' U"" m> ~ Stmr Rarmond '
»iSI!. BEX "i^ at ' llde ' barbound. Not. 27— Stmr
Aberdeen, hence Not. 25; barbound in side, stmrs
TArnlr i Dd o C tV T °P ek *. \u25a0'* Snn Francisco.
TfTu£fl^~? ii * UU £ i , St "- 27 ~ Chil ship County of
Llnlithgow. for Valparaiso. :
ABERDEKN-gailediNov. 27-Stmr STea, for
Pedro tt C ° : Btmr , eanta B « r bara, for San
FORT BRAGG— Sailed Nov. 27— Stmr James
S. nia-gins. for San Francisco.
POINT RETES 1 — Passed Not. 27, 4:50 -p. m.—
Rtmr Wasp, from Grays Harbor for Port San
Luis. \u25a0 \u25a0 / " - .... 1
CRESCENT— Paused In Nov. 27— Schr Andy
Mahony. from San P*dro for Townsend
KAHULUI— SaiIed Nor. 26-Stmr Santa Marls,
for Port San Luis. \u25a0\u25a0- *
, HONOLULU— An-ired Not. : 27— Schr Helen*,
from Tacoma; 8 a. m., stmr Manchuria, from
nt \u2666i? T< ?£J A T Arrl ~ e< ? NoT - 27-Russ ship
Blythswood. from SalaTerrv.
Sailed Nor. 27— Br stmr 'ilford. for Sydney.
GIBRALTAR— Arrived Not. 27— Stmr Berlin
from New York for Genoa. "
frA^L OV J LLE v~ A J >r^ (J^ OT - 27 -St»'" Csledonia,
frdtn New \ork for Glasgow. -
HAMBURG— ArriTed Not. 27— Stmr Slsak,
from Ran Francisco.
*P« T HAMPTON-_ArrtT«l Not. 26-Stmr Phil
adelphia, from New York.
Skiled Nor. 27— Rmr President Grant, for
New York. 1 / ,•\u25a0 \u25a0
QUEENSTOWN— SaiIed Nov. 27— Stmr Cam
pania, stmr Cedrlc, for New York *
HALIFAX— Arrlred v Not. 27— Stmr Uranum,
from Rotterrtsm. \
NEtt YORK-ArriTed Not. 27-Stmr Celtic,
from lirerpooi. • - , \u25a0./.
Storm wornings ordered from Point Reres
north to Eureka. • "
? r £j? T shlp Biarritz— Had succession of N W
and SW gales from Cape of Good Hope to Hobart
45 days, but snstainM no damage.
- Per stmr J. J. Loggle— Nov. 26. 10 a. m..
parted tug Dsuntlesß. with bsrk Amy Turner
in tow, hence Nov. 25' for Astoria.
Army Transports
The Logan will sail December 5 for Manila
Tha Buford is In port. \u25a0
The Thomas Is in porr.
The Crook is at Manila.
The Warren is at Manila. -
The Dlx left on November 15 for Honolulu.
The Sheridan left November 15 for Manila
The Sherman left Manila on Novemßer 15 for
San Francisco.
Plerf 3.... WashingtonlPier 17,... Union 1
Pl«r 5 JncktonlPler 19..;... ...Union 2
Pier 7........ PaciflclPler 21....;....- Filbert
Pier » Broadway liPier 2»: . . ; .Greenwich I
Pl»r 11... .Broadway 21Pier 23.... .Greenwich 2
£•« 13 VnlleJolPler 27 Lombard
Pier 15 ..... GreenjPier 51.. :. . Powell
Pier 4... Mission 2!Pier 2«........ ... Main
Ti«r « Howard llPter 24..... .... . Beale
Pl*r 8 Howard ; 2iPier 5«.. .. . . . . Fremont
Pier 10 Howard SjPler 8«. .. ... .v First
Pitr 12.. Folßpm 1 Pier 401
Pier 14 ;..Fol B om 2lPier 42 \P. Bf. S. SCo
Pier 16... HnrrigoniPler 44 I / '
Pier 20 Steuart Pier 54... Fourth
Pier 24. Spear)
From I Steamer f Date
Willapa Harb0r. . ...... Daisy Nov. 28
Puget Sound Ports...'.'. Governor ...... Not.' 28
Mcndocino & Pt. Arena Sea F0am... ... Nor. 28
Hilo .......-..'........ Enterprise ..... Nov. 2S
Grays Harb0r. ......... Santa Monica . . . Not 28
Humboldt ............ Cltr of f opeka . Not. 28
FASTIDIOUS || 31 111 ll I '1 1 1 .1 iflßl THE I
TRAVELERS [ tHJ^llAilif llßßffi VOYAGE
ARE II » I iMXriTinDTrT«ri^TTTBI of
I ENTHUSIASTIC | |\j \ j| |||tf i\j)H t| L H DELI GHT
London-Paris-- Hamburg Te~ gibrAlt^,|7vlgiers,
tKAisEKiK aug. v I c:,::De C ;io.i 2 L, NAPLES, GENOA
IPKES. GaANT.....:....r>ec. 17, 10«. m. R." Bj-^ewIT.OOO ton steamers, equipped with
•PENWSYXVANIA... .. .Dec. 22, Ilia. m. O all modern, safety .; appliances. \u25a0 Electric
fAKE&IKA ............ ..Jan. J,' ;il t^m, __ '• baths, ; "gymnasiuin." elevator, r etc ; "--.*\u25a0-=:\u25a0
tUnexceiled Rits-Carlton sla Carte Res- ." :»"* . \u0084. ,I,««™, T .^; , lc *
taorant. GymuaMum. Elec. Bathn.rElevatftr. R S.S, CINCINNATI... .Jan. 5, - 12/ K00N :
Palm Garden. "Second Cabin only. |Ham- J \u25a0»__ 8.. 5.: CLEVELAND. .:.....;.... v . j an ' 28
burg direct.; ; 1 ' ' B^ S. C1NC1NNAT1^:.; ..... ......Feb^^14
• BOOKI.VGg FOR: KILE SERVICE. V . rourlst DepartmentjVor IVips Every where
The- Orient.-Weatlndtesi.Souih America, Around^ the^^Wo^ld; JEtc. \u25a0
GRAND CKUISE TO THE " ; ißy] the Vsteamship^CLETELA^D; for!
O~" '\u25a0\u25a0 C>': I : :pl? -TSkJ : T* : Madeira, :-:'Spalh;Vltely;rGry6ce^Turkeyy
\u25a0 ' aTC '.'I -'iml^.L^i > 1 ; : - Egypt."Holy Land^etc?- Duration, 80
Leatinsr New Yorit ' days^Pßate from v $325; UP, ; Including
;-.• JANUARY 28, 1911 ,- • landing; and; embai^n^expensesl*;^:^
- " ; ..Write for ,. Detailcd'ltinerariej^ ;
HAMBURQ^AWERICAN LINE ' 1M 11 ili»SlS'o, X ( ?lS I " m 8
Mexican Ports .jCuracao- ....... Not. 28
Seattle & Tacoma... .. Ad. Sampson... Not. 28
San Pedr0. ............ Bnckman . ."..'. .. Nor. 2S
San Pedro A Way Ports Homer . . . .'. . . . Not. 28
Coos 8ay.... .:........ M. F. Plant... l Not. 2S
San Diego & Way Ports Santa . Rosa...-. . Nov. 28
Shanghai & M1ik1..... Winnebago .... Not. 29
Grays Harbor Santa Barbara.". Not. 29
Grays Harb0r. ......... Newburg .."..".. Not. 20
Honolulu ............. Sierra ...:..... Not. 20
Humboldt ..;.. SantjV Clara. ...(Dec. 1
Portland &. Astoria.... Bearer .'...... (Dec. 1
San Pedro Rose ' City. ..... Dec. 1
San Diego ft; San Pedro G. W. Elder:.. Dec. 1
San Pedro Hanslel ....... Dec. 2
New York tia. Ancon.. Mackinaw :.... Dec. .2
Puget Sound Ports..... City of \u25a0 Puebla. Dec. 2
San Diego & Way Ports Governor Dec. 2
Portland & Astoria.... I Nome City.- Dec. 2
Portland A: Astoria.". ..lßoanoke ...."... Dec. 3
Sal. Cruz rla S. Diego. I Virginian ..... Dec. 3
China & Japan '.'..:.':! Manchuria ....Dec. 4
Seattle^ Tacoma. .:..| Watson ........ Dec. 4
Date | Steamer I Destination | Sails |Pler
Not. 28 Porno ...."..... Point Arena, fl pm)':4"
Not. 28 J. S. Higglns.. f/>s Angeles. 10 ami .".4
Nor. 28GoTernor. ..... San .Diego.. 1 : 4pm 9
Nor. 2S Rose City...... Los Angeles. 9 am 40
Nor. 2S|Missourian .... Salina Crus.. 10 am 27
Nov. 2S|Santa Clara... Humboldt .. 10 am 1.1
Nov. 29 Hornet Puget Sound 5 pm 36
Nor. 2» Elizabeth ..... Coquille Rlt. 12 m 16
Not. 29 Santa Barbara. Los Angeles. 1 pm 51 -
Not. 29 City of Topeka. Humboldt .. 11 am -11
Nor. 29 Siberia .:...... Hongkong .. 1pm,42
Not. 30 Casco ... > ... . Portland : ... 5 pm . ...
Not. 80 Coos Bay/.. — San Pedro... 4 pm 11
Not. 30 Nann Smith... Coos Bay... 5 pm 19
Not. SO M." F. Plant. .. Coos j Bay. .-. 3, pm 8
Not. 30 Sea F0am. .... Point Arena. 4 pm .4
Nor. 30 Fifield /... Coquille Rlt. S pm 19 .
Nor. 30 Buckman .. Puget Sound .1 pm 10
Nov. 30 A<l. Sampson.. Los Angeles. 10 am 10
Not. 30 Aatee Ancon ..... 12 m 40
Dec. llDaisy Willapa;' liar .... ....
Dec. 2lNome Cttr. ... Los AEgeles. 4:30 p 27
Dec. 2|.Santa Monica.. Grays Harbr 4 pm 51
Dec. 2|Rose City...:. Portland ... 12 m. 40
Dec. 2IG. W. Elder.. Portland ... 10 ans 13
Dec. 3|lsthmian . Salina Cru«.. 10 atnf 27
Dec. I 2|Queen Puget Sound 2 pml 9
Dec. . 2lS«nta Rosa San Diego... 11 am t)
Dec. " SlHanalel Los Angeles. 3 pm 10
Dec. 3|Slerra Honolulu ... 11 am 21
Dec. Rlßnterprise .... Hilo ....... 12 m 38
Dec. 3|Gorernor ...'.. Puget, Sound 2pm 9
Dec. 3!Roanoke Los Anreles. 7 pm IS
Dec. SlNe.wburg Grays, Harm- 3pm 21
Dec. SJBee Puget Sound 1 pm 38
Dec. .3! Vanguard |Humboldt .. 3 pm] 19
- Destination | -Steamer | Date
Skagway & Way Ports.! Jefferson ......IDec. 2
Skagway & Way Ports. jHumboldt ...:.|Dec. 3
Sun, Moon \u25a0 and Tide
United States coast and geodetic surrey— Time
and heights of tides at Fort Point. For city
front (Mission street wharf) add \u25a025 minutes.
Run ri5e5........... 1 . \u0084.'. .;.... ,7:04
Sun sets.... ..:....;. ....,*;. .-. 4:52
Moon, rises.. ' '3:54 a. m.
New Moon .'...Dec. 1. at 1:02 p. m.
First quarter, m00n. .... .Dec. 9, at 10:50 a. m.
Full moon .Doe. 16, at 2:56 a. m.
Time ITime Time \u25a0 (Time
Not Ft I Ft Ft I Ft
L Wf 1H W| L W 1H W
aTjT p. m.
25..1 2:87| 2.1 6:071 5.6 3:42 0.8110:20 4.2
2<J..! 8:1S! 2.4 9:321 5.7 4:20 0.4 11:13 4.1
30.. 1 8:531 2.9 9:38-5.7 4:BS 0.0 .... .....
Dec. H W L W H W L W
1.. 0:06 4.1 4:28 3.2 10:27 5.7 5:28— 0.3
2.. 0:50 4.1 5:05 3.2 10:55 5.6 fi:05—0.5
3.. 1:48 4.1 5:40 3.3 11:17 6.6 6:42—0.5
4.. 2:85 4.2 6:18 3.4 11:41 0.5 7:19— 0.4
U, 8. Brnnch Hydroirraphlc Office
A branch of the United States hydrographie
office, located in the Merchants 1 Exchange, is
maintained in San Francisco \u25a0 for the benefit of
mariners, without regard to nationality an jl free
of expense. Navigators are cordially invited
to visit the offlce. where complete sets of charts
and sailing directions of the world are kept at
hand for comparison , and reference and the
latest Information can always- be obtained re
garding lights, dangers to navigation and- mat
ters of interest to ocean commerce. ' \u25a0
.. Lieutenant, U. S. N.. in charge.
Depth at mean low water, entrance to harbor.
PLACE [Ft. \ Date j .Remarks
3rays Harl 10' [Oct. 27IDepth gi Ten Is for south
~ I . \ ] channel.
Wlllspa BJ 27 |Sept. 3|. .........: ....
Colum. R.l 25 |Sept. 2A\. .....................
I (Bar buoy to right of
Nphalm -R 9 (July 10 pntranre. Channel \u25a0is
• I I * shifting north,
1 very narrow, 150 ft.
Tillmk 8.l 9 Uuly s|Chsnnel shiftpd 1 : mile
. ..( . -|. |. south in gale Nov. 2S.
Yaquliia B| 13^lS«-pt.~l2i
Slsulaw P>| 4U|Sept.'ll|
Umpgua R| 9 l&ept. 30j
Coos Hay.| IS |Qct. s [Can buoy No. 1 gone.
Coquille R l_S_ (Oct. 41Cbann»r'straighf7 '
Rogue Rjt| 2_ |S«>pt : 1 1 \u25a0_.
Klamth R\ 4 JOct. 3|Chnnnel southwest.
Hmbldt Bl 19 lSept.,l [Channel straight work
[ I \u25a0 I ing north.
S Pedro B| 20 ,10ct. 3 1 No change in channel.
S_Dl^go_B l_2f H !Not. I| No change in channel.
S Pablo Bl 24 I Aug. 20 Depth in dredged chau-
I I nel. ; ; • ;
Schedule Effective
P^pa ! November 1, 1910
.^£»>^ San Franclieo
L>ave I Via Bansalito | Arriva
7:45 a Petaluma. Santa Kona. Healds-
burfc. Cloverdale, Ukiah. WII-
\u25a0 lits, Sherwood. • . •Guernevllle,
•Monte ' Rio, 'Duncan Mills,
Rebastopol fI:3S p
B rllTa ••Sonoma, ••Glen E11en..'...... . f5:35 p
8:15 a Pt. Reyes, Camp Meeker, Caza-
dero ....; - .....;.. f6:35 p
18-45 a Petaluma. Santa Rosa. Healds- .:
burir. Cloverdale. Guerneville.l
Monte Bio. s Duncan Mi 115 . . . .. \t7:Vi p
10-45 alPetaluma. 5anta, R05a..... ...... 4:35 p
12:45 pi Pt. Reyes. Camp Meeker (leaves!
I from Cazader0)......... ...... |j7:osp
S-15 plPetslnma. Santa; Rosa. Healds-I
I bunr. Cloverdale, Tlklah. Guer-i
nevllle Monte Rio, Duncan! .
Mills, ; Pebastopnl .111:0.', a
4:45 p Sonoma. . Glen Ellen ...j 9:85 a
5:15 p Petaluma. Santn R05a ...... 1 8:3B a
Bausallto. Mill VaUey. San Rafael — Dally
everr 30 minutes from 6:45 a: m. until 8:43
a. m.; hourly until 2:45 p. m. (except the 2:43
p m. does not run to San Rafael on Sundays) .
then 8:15 p. ni and every 30 minutes until 6:43
p? m.. then 7:45. 9Mp.tn. and 12:01 a. m.
P Fairfax-Leave* tfcffMfftllal 8:15. ft4s.
»:45. 10:45, 11:45 a. m.. 12:45, 1:45, 2:45. 3:13,
8 : 45 4:15. 4:45. 6:15. 8:45. 6:15. 6:45, 7:45
0i45 p. m- tl2:01 a- m. , , : . .
San Quentin via Ban Rafael— B:4s a. na., 1:45
p. m.. t3:45 P.-W- \u25a0'\u25a0 - .. -_ .
Tibaron ; and Belvedere, via Sausalito— Week
days: 6:45. 7:45. 8:45, 19:30 a. m;.' 12:45. 3:15.
4:13, R:l5, 6:15 p. m., 1112:01 a,.ii.. Sundays-^
6:45 7:45, 8:45, J9:SO. J0:45. 11:45 a. m., 12:45,
1:45. 8:15, 4:15. 5:15. 6:15 p. m.. 12:01 a. m.
•Sundays arrive 7:35 p.m. . ••Sundays arrive
7:05 p. m. tExcept Sundays. only
only. fTiburon direct. IfThursdays
only.' \u25a0\u25a0'-\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 ':.;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;.\u25a0 , .
PaclOc transfer company's agents are autbor-
Ued to. check baggage s direct from renldence/
205?H0RSES AND _M)|LES-2f15
At Auction Dec. 3,1910.
B.r order of. B. T. ,MeCulloujrh. we will sell
20." head of horses Rnd mule* an follows: SO bead
of mares from 1.000 to 1.300 pounds in foal by
fine Jacks: 18 head of . weanlinjr colt*': 32 head
of 2 and ; 3 year old unbroken mules; 75 head of
broken mules from 3to ,7 years old. These mules
are ' especially fine, being bljr.- boned, gentle
raised, ont of good mares, and by the best Jacks
money I would buy. ; We feel Justified in saylnc
that there i* not another bnnch of mule 3 their
equal off<*red;for sale in the state.".
Sale takes, place at 10 a. m. .on December 3.
rain or shine, at the ' McCullonira ranch, two
miles east of Crows Landing. Intending purchas-
ers should a rrlre the day previous to the sale.
Automobiles will be provided; also free lunch.
Terms cash. ' -
' AV.H.. HORD,- -Auctioneer, '•
-r -704 Market St., S. »F.
47 Horses and Mares
TUESDAY, Nov. 29, 1910
AT 11 A. M..
By orrler of Frank de Young 'of Lakeville. 'Cal.,
and others, -we, will- sell .4". Horses arid Mares,
broke and unbroke, welshinz from 900 to 1.400
lbs. ' This stock connisft of Work Horses. Driv-
ing Horses and 1 10 roo<l . Saddle Horses. Also 3
>rood matched teams of blacks. Also Wastons.
Bußgies and Harness. Outside stock sold on
commission. ->s \u25a0...-. -
Horses can be seen "day before the sale..
Mission Sale Stable
430 Valencia St. near Fifteenth St.
. H. COHEN. Auctioneer,
iVw; Steamers leave from Broad-
/£^^~^BoV' way Wharvea (Piers 9 and
rVvBSSI \*A rates, inrlnfllns berth
I I V^LS^S I I * and meal?.
A ftArTra/ ' Special Round Trip Rates.
\\v \ yty ANGBLE9
'.^*— — **T 'SANTA BARBARA
Governor.; ........Nov. 28, 4 p. m.
Pre5ident.............. Dec. 8, ,4 p. m.
•Queen.. . .......Dec. 14, Jap. 1, -11 a. m.
City, of Puebla Dec. 19, .2 p. m.
Umattlla . ....Dec. 28, 2 p. m.
\u2666Santa R0ea......... .Dec. 2, 10. 23, 11 a. m.
' •Only steamer calling at Santa Barbara.
Connecting at Seattle for Sfcasrway. Dawson,
• -Fairbanks and all points on the Yukon. \u0084
President. : Nov. 27, 2 p. m. : Dec. 11. 11 a. m.
Puebla. ...Dec. 7," 11 a. m.; Dec. 24, 4 p. m.
Queen ...... Dec. 2, 2 p. m.; Dec. 20, 11 a. m.
Urnatllla ....................Dec. 16. 11 a. m.
Governor. .Jan. 3, 11 a. m.
Topeka, 1 Nov. 29, Dec. 4. 9, 14, 19/24, 11 «'. m.
SAN PEDRO. . : V \-
Curaca0. ............. '.7th of each month, 12 m.
ALASKA CRUISES 1011 Leave Senttle.
Spokane. .June-14. 28: July 12/ 28; Aug. 3; 9 p.W
Right reserved to .chance this schedule.
Ticket Offices— Palace Hotel. 633 Market St..
16 Market st. and Broadway Wharf.
Telephone Kearny 492.
OAKLAND— II2O Broadway. Tel. Oakland 3650.
CD. DUNANN. General Passenger Agent.
%S_^# Tehuantepec Route
I'.esular Fast Freight Service
\u25a0ailing from New York every six days,
making direct connection with Pacific
steamers sailing from Salina Cruz,
Mex., every six days for San Francisco.
YORK. Also to Mexican and all prin-
cipal European ports under thtough
rates and through bills of lading. Sail-
ings,fronTSan Francisco every 12 days.
' For rates and further particulars ap-
ply to DEARBORN & LAPHAM. Gen-
eral Agents. 8 Bridge street. New
General Agents, Pacific Coast. *
310 Sansome St.. San Francisco
Belllngham. Anacortes. Everett, Port Town-
send. Victoria. Vancouver and all Alaska
. ports. -
S. S. 8UCKMAN. . ...;... ..Nor. 30
S. - S. WAT50N. . ....:. p1T. ...... .Dee. 12
S. 8. ADMIRAL 5AMP50N... . ......N0v. 30
S. S. WAT50N... ....... ....Dec. 6
S. S. BUCKMAN ..Dec. 12
A!aska=Pacific Steamship Co.
General Agent'« offlce. Howard street
wharf No. S. Ticket office, 54 Market street
and «48 Market street. .
; Sailings from Howard street wharf No. H.
THE \u25a0' TRIP MOST COMPELLING and worth
while, excelling all others for grandeur, beauty
and pleasure. ' And this«.gplendld trip can be
made In two weeks, and a day by sailing on
S. S. SIERRA (10,000 tons displacement). The
Volcano, of .Kllauea— the largest in ; the-' world —
is tremendously active ju«t now and a few quick
dispatch trips have been arranged.- Never before
has it been possible to make this desirable trip
with such SPEED and comfort, and the price U
10w,:. f 110 flrst'class, to Honolulu and back, and
f4l for side .trip from; Honolulu .to Volcano, in-
cluding rail -and auto to Kilauea, hotel at Hilo,
also Volcano House.: ' ,No other trip compares
with this. Be sure to visit the Island and DO
IT NOW, "while : the :TOlcauo is active. S.S.
SIERRA sails. Dec. .3. Dec. 24, Jan. 14, Feb. 4.
Write or .wire .Oceanic S. S. Co., 673 Market
street. San Frßnciseo.
8. 8. Chiyo Maru (via Manila)
....'.:...'........ ......Tuesday, Dec. 20, 1910
S. 8. Tenyo Maru.. About Tuesday,-; Jan. 10, 1911
S. 8. Nippon Maru. About Saturday, Feb. 11, 1911
- Steamers , Fall •' from •• company's \u25a0 piers, Nos. 42. *>
44, near - foot' of Second street, at 1 p.- m.. for
Yokohama and Ilongkonj:. "calling at H<u»nlulu.
Kobe (Hiogo) and Nagasaki and Shanghai and
connecting at . Hongkong with steamers for
Manila,- Indln; etc. No cargo receivedl'on board
on day of sailing. Round trip tickets at reduced
rates. ' ' BBBBBNBagWl^i.titiWiitti
-—Tor freight and passage apply at offlce, 240
James Flood building. . . W. H. AVERY. .
..- - • - . ' Assistant General Manager. '*
New" Through P««*enscr "and Freight Service
, -i^<4. -Without Change. ""- -
S.S . MAITAI (3,338 tons) 5ai15 . . . : ... . . .Dee. 14
S. S. AOEANGI (4,263 tons) 5ai15: . . . . . . : Jan. 11
:- Sailings every 28 days; connection at Welling-
ton ' and - Auckland • for - New Zealand - ports - aad
Australia.-r: \u25a0 ":\u25a0 ' \u25a0..\u25a0' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0 < \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- - \u25a0 ; - \u25a0. \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0")
OCEANIC. S. S. CO.. General' Asents. 90 Clay st.
Ticket Of Hce. 673 Market st. -Tel. Kearny 1231.
HrtVni 111 IP'S. S. Sierra ;< 10,000 tons dis-
UUIIULiULU r placement) sails 11 a. m.. Dec.
,S, : 1010. J Special round, trip $110.. first class.
J MarlposaSalis'll a.:m.,'Dec.f2B. x - \u25a0 .
Special i. Tahiti \u25a0 round '\u25a0 trip :$135,~: $135,~ first '. class.
OCEANIC LINE. «73Mkt.; tel. Kearny 1231
limini 111 II :S.' S.-j Lurline (13,000 tons) • galls
HIINIIIIIIII noon. Dec. 7, for Honolulu and
\u25a0• S." S. ;: ° Wilhelmina ; (13,500 .tons) sails noon.
Dec" 2U' for * Honolulu ' and Hilo. i • Round > trip to
Honolulu*." firstclass. 'sllo and up. :
; , 20S Market st.
rrr™ ~ — ,-..•..'.\u25a0.',\u25a0\u25a0 r ;..; ...... .^..* ,——^M^m^^m~M~~~~~~~~~~~-~~, — —^ M^ m^^ m ~ M ~~~~~~~~~~~-~~
Grand Consignment Sale
\. ' " ; (By Catalogu«) S
Antique, Rare and Costly
; * To Be Sacrificed "bj Auction
Gbmmencing Today, Monday, November 28th
At 2 p.m. Daily
$30,000 Must Be Raised Before January Ist
To Close Out the Consignment All Reserve and Limit Removed
This gTand aggregation of Persia's most representative loom works, ern-
braclng rugs of all sizes and In all authentic weaves, consigned to u6, and now
is. thrown upon the market to be sold absolutely at your own price
Are you looking for antiques? Attend this sale. The collection is noted -
for its marvelous antiques.
Have you been looking for an opportunity to get a Keshan. a Srauk or a
Klrman for a srffall price? Attend this sale. The very cream of the choicest
Oriental rugs will be placed within your reach at your own price.
If you ever expect to own or to give a choice Oriental rug for an Xmas
present, this Is your opportunity..
When a collection of such great merit is offered at a forced sale under
most pressing conditions, backed with the guarantee of a firm .with 32 years'
standing and reputation, wisdom dictates that you be on the qul'K-ive.
In fact, if you were visiting every rug emporium in this country and In the>
Orient you would be unable to find any better rugs or buy any greater bargains
than this sale offers to you.
Established 1878 •
X. B. — Each and every rug in this collection is selected with great scrutiny
and care by Mr. Mihran, the acknowledged authority on rugs, and bears! our per-
sonal guarantee for genuineness and special merit.
£$$< .AT.. AUCTION jfes *£-_ AUCTION <? ATP V-^
MONDAY, Member 2S. 11 a. m.. at M«Va- 3® AUUIIUJN bi\ll±i JJ^
lencia st., we will sell a choice line of horses W. E. ANDERSON of Brentwood will sell all
and mares. Also Thursday, ; December 1, 11 llrestocfc. 4 mulea. 25 mares and horse* weighing
a. m.. 70 head of city worn horses and mares. 1.000 pound* to I.KOO pounds. TUESPAY. No- '
Harness and rigs of all kinds. rember 29. 11 a. m.. 227 Sth st. comer Alice.
. "—" — CLOUGH & BRODIE. Oakland. ODELL & FLESHER. Auctioneer*.
Leave •. . (foot of Market Street) Arrive Leave (Third and Towascd Streets) Arrro
Zl3a NDss. Tracr. Uthrop. Stociton. t5.10a Vaiencia Street. Oreaa i"V>w. 0DbB».
Lodi. Gait. Bk Grove. Sacramento.. Il.lBp Cemetenes. Badea. Saa 8r0n0... tS^oa
6.40 a Hayward. NQes. Saa Jose. 7.08 a 6.30» South Saa Fraaeisco. Saa Jose Gilroy.
7.00 a Richcaoad. Port Oosta. Beaicia, 6nison,l (Hoaister). Sargent. Ps^ro. ftatsoa-
Diioa. Sacrsm ento. Rosevae. Maryt- } 7iBp ville. Saate 0at.................. 7JO?
vflie Redding Duasmuir. J Io.3fia 7.10 a South Saa Fraacuco. Palo Alto, Saa
VoOt Htnira. VaeaviUe. Rnmsey. 7.2fcp Jose. Way Statioas...... 7.30 a
7.00 a Davis. WoodUnd (MarysviDe. Oro- 7.10 a Mayfidd. Los Altos. Los Gat 05....... t7.20p
ville). Williaais. Maxweli. Wilows. 8.-00 a fchore Lias Luaited— Paao P.obles
Hamiltoa.Coraiats. Red Bluff 7.28p HotSpnajs. Santa Barbara., Los
7.40 a Vallsjo, Napa. Calis tf-ija, Saats. Ross, „ „ Aafdes ............... B^>Ci
Uartinei i. «"8p BJ)5a The Coaster— Sa a Jose. Painro (Wat-
7.40a Avon, San Ramon, Uvennore 6.4fii sonyaie,. Santa Cruz), CastroTflle,
7.40 a iSilea. Plsasin ton. Uvennore. Tracy, (Del Monte, Moat erey. Pacific Grove).
Lftthroß.Stoclctoa Lodi. Sacramento. 7.28p » Sahaas. 3oledad Paso Robles Hot
- 7.40 a Tracy. Lot Bano«.* Herman. Fresno. 4iB» Spnn^ Saa Luis Obupo. M.-rf,
. aOOa Newark (Centerville). Saa Jose." Los "'• . (Lomppe). Saata Barbara, Ventura,
Gatos. Wright. Felton (Boulder Anwles... .......... 1!.45»
> Creek) Saata Cms - 8.48p BLloa MsySe!d, Los Altos. Los Gatos. Vnght.
; 8.204 Port Oosta, Martines, Byron. Tracy.,. \u0084v Glsawoodf Boulder Crtek), Santa Cms.
Stockton, Merced, Fresno, Goshen Watsoavule. Castr ovOle. Del ilonte.
Junction (Hanford. Armona), Vmlia. Monterey, Pacific Grove •••-.-,•• aCO *
Porterville Bakersfi eld 4.45p 9.00 a Saa Joac. Gnroy.Sa!bs% r'aso Robl?s
tt2oa Yoseaite Valler ni Merced. 4^Bp :..-. Hot Sprfass. San Luis Obisw —
9.03 a Naes.r3an.Jose). Livermore. Stockton Tres Puios— Watsons Hie, Saii|i
(*Miltoa). Valley Spring. lone. Sacra- - Cms. Del Monte. Monterey. Pacifia
raento . .. ...L... 4.25p Grove 4XOf
9.00 a Soaora, Tuolumne and Angels 4.28p 10.40 a South San Fnfaciico. Burliseasne, San
9.00 a Atlsatic Expresa— Sacramento, True- Mateo, Palo Alto, Saa Jose tS^C*
- — kee. Ojdeo. &it Lake City. Denver. |a4O , Ut Mto Mt)nta viats j^ q^^ . I tB>{s»
• Kansas City. Omaha. Chicago. B.2Ep ' „. » '• lv *
9.40 a Richmond. Port Costa, Martinea, - 1 1 -30 a Valencia Street. Ocean >«w, Cofcaa.
• Bay Point.. 1......- — .;/. — ..-.'.- 6.CBp CeneUriesL Baden. San Bruno. I3ap
1020 a Vallejo MareWand,- Napa.. .;.-.-..... 11.2 Ha 1 1.40 a South Saa Francisco, Saa Jose tB^lCa
10.20 a Los Angeles Passenger— Port; Costa, - . \u0084 De! Monts Express— San Jo», Gilroy,
Martinea, Byron. -Tracy,. Stockton, - Sargept (Watson ville. Santa Cruj),
Merced. Fresno. (Hanford. Coalings, "' Del Monts. Monterey. Pacific Grove.
VkUla.) BakersS eld. Los Angeles.... . 7^Bp (Salinas)..! IZ3Op
10.40 a S«a Francisco * Overland LimitedT- ; - 2-05» S»uth baa Francisco, Palo Alto. Saa
Denver,- Kansas City, St Louis.-: - _ Jose. Jj-fS*
Omaha, Chicago . . . . . . ; 8.28 i i2.00p b*» Altos, Monta \ ista, Los Gatos. . . t3.isj
1 1 20a Shasta Limited — Portland. Tacoma, 3.00? South Saa Francis co, Saa liateo. £a»
Seattle ...-..•....\u25a0..:...........' 9.18p Jose, Gilroy, Trea Pinos. Salinas...- 10.10 a
-IZOOr. Goldadd Pass.— Port Costa, Benieis. 3.00? Watsonvine, Santa Croi. CastroviDe,
Sacramento. Truckee, -Hasea, Wa- Del Monte, Mqnt«rey, PaeiSo Grove. 10.10 a
busks (Yeringtoa. Maaon). Mina, 3. 1 5p Saata Clara, "West San Jose. Lcs Gatos,
- Toaopah. Goldadd. Laws. Keder.... 7.48 a Wright. (Boulder Creek), fcanta Crux. lO3Ca
il2j»on Davis. Yolo. 'Williams, Colusa June- , 4.00» Sunset Express — Tucson. Ternm?.
tion. Willows 2Ma .El Paso. Houston. New Orleans,
. 12-OOn Marysvaie. Chico, Red Bluff 4.25p " Paso. RoMes Hot Srirgs, San Luis
1.23? Niles. Irnngton, Saa Jose 2-48p -. /v ObispOv' Saata Barbara and Lcs
1.40p San Leaadro. NBes, Centerville. ( 9CBa Angdea. * 10.86s
Newark. Saa Jose ...: • 7.45p 4JXJI Kansas Citr. St. Louis. Chicago '10.85s
ZOOp Newark. Baa Jose, Los Gatos. Wright. ? 4.20p South Saa Fran cisco. San Jots W.CCs
Felton (Boulder Creek), Santa Cms.. 9.88p t5.05p Burliagame. San Mateo. Palo Alto, *
2.40p San L«aadro, Niles. Saa J05e..:...... 9.28 a Saa Josa aad W»y Stations 9.45t
. 3.00p Benicb. Winters. Sacramento— Wood- f5.20? Redwood. Palo .*>o. Saa Jose. I.IJi
land, Knishts L3ndlnz. Tudor, Yuba +550p Los .Mtos. Monta Vista, Los Gates... |3.25»
City. MarysviDe 10.48 a t3.23p Burlia;»me. Saa Mateo. Saa J0»e.. . . . 3.25|
120p Port Costa (Stockton). Martines. t5.30p Loop— Valencia Street, Ocean View.
Byron, Modesto. Merced, Fresno.. 12.08p Cemeteries. South San Francisco.
3.45p Via Ssusalito. West N»pa. St. Helena, ft 23d Street. 3d and Townsesd . . . „ . . *«.4Ci
Calistoga . ........... 10.35 a 5.40 a Saa Bruao. San Mateo. Redwood. Palo f t? 25«
" 4JOOp VaUejo, Napa. Calistog* Santa Roo. '.-\u25a0• Alto. Saata Oara. San Jo«e \ 7.38 a
Martiaea. San Ramon J/ivermors... 958 a t5.40p Los Altos, Los Gatos J9.45*
4.00» Niles (Centerville. Newark). Liver- J 10.28 a tB.ODp MiUbrae, Saa Mateo, Palo Alto. May-
'\u25a0 more. Tracy. Stockton. Lodi \ 11.18? field. Los Altos. Los Gates taCCi
4.40p Saa Leaadro. Hayward. Niles, Pleas- t&osp 23d Street, Visitation. South Saa
anton, livermore, Tracy, Newman, \u25a0 Francweo. Valencia Street t7.18|
Kerman, Fresno lI.ISp R3op South Saa Fraa cisco. San Jose 6.43|
6.00? Vail r jo. Port Costa. Benicia. Sacra- aOOp The Lark— Paso FoWes Hot Springs.
mento. Lincoln. Marvsvffle. Oreville. 1 1.28 a Saata Barbara, Los Angrtea 9JCs
B.OOp Davis. Woodlaad, Yolo. Arbuckle, BJBSp Los AanJesPamengfr— Gilroy. Salinas,
<S Williams, Colusa Juaction. Willows.. 10.38p Paso RoMes Hot Springs. £aa Luis
5.03? RusseU." Saa Jose. Los Gatos :.... S^fca \u25a0 ; / Obispo. Saata Barbara and Lot
5.23b a™ Leandro. NBes. Saa Jose. 7.48 a &3CI
6.00? Owl Limited— Los Angeles aCBa Io.oop San Jose and Way Stations 720t
6.*U? Eastern Express— Ogden. Pueblo, Den- 1 1. 45p South Saa Fraaeisco. Palo Alto, Faa I 7.48|
\u25a0ver. Kansas City. St Louis, Chicajc. Jose \u25a0- »-.. itlQjOp
% Port Costa, Benicia. Sacramento, — — —
aMn.J mcit f %?°' Sl ? r HH S "i Ris! LOCAL FERRY TRAINS-VTa Oakland ?isr.
6.40 a Hayward, Niles and San Jose.- 6.48p •
27.03? Vallejo, Port Costa, Martinez, Bay To Oakland, Berkslsy. Btrryman. East Oakland an*
Pointand Way Stations }U.lBp Frultvals— Daily— From 1.00 ajn., and every twentj
7.40b Richmond. Port Costa. Marticei, minutes until 7.00 p.m. inclusive; thea 7.40. 8.20
Cornwffll, Byron. Tracy, Stockton ... l^4Bp 9.00. 9.40. 10.20. 11.00. IL4O pjn, 12:20 anc 1
a2O? Oregon Express— Davis, (Sacrscento). UOajn. -.^Hb
Willows. Redding. Ashland, Portland. .. - , -
\u25a0 Tacoma Seattle. Spokane 9.08 a T« Sather and MtVoss via Seven th St.— Daily— From
8.00? China and Janaa Fast Ma2— Ogden. . 6.00 ajn^ and every twrety minutes until l 7XO p.m.
Cheyenne. Denver. Kansas City. inclusive, thea 7.40. BJX. 9.00. ».10. 10.20. 11.0.
" Omaha. Chicago 2.48p aadlL4opjn. •
9009 Sufkee Be ßet' SaCTtmento !^ 100 to T. Stonshurtf-Danr Except S«nday-BLCO. 7.00. B.oo^
0.40s Bak«*seld McKittri^i \u25a0"MoaardL 9.00 a.m.. 2.20. iOa 4.C0. 5.00, 5.40 pjn. Sunday
'\u25a0 MorfafFeßow !..!?... ..^.T: 8.28 a only 9.00 1000 ajiu LCO. 2XO. m ICO. 5.00.
I 9.40p Richmoad. Port Costa. Tracy, Mo- 5.40 pjn.
desto, Merced. Fresno. Hanford, To Oakland Fktt SL. Fraltvata, Alamcda, via Htfushci
Coalinga, Vlsalla. Tu1are. ......... 8.28* —Daily— From tft.oo, 8.20 a.m. and every twentj
9.40p Hunter's Train— Saturaay only. Saa minutes until 8.20 ajn. inclusive; then 9.00. 9.20
Jose and Way Stations : t7.48p 10.00. 10.20. 11.00. 11.20 ajn^ 12 m.. 12.20 .1.00. 1.20
11.40? Portland Express— Saerameato, Marys- 1.20. 13.40 pjn. and every twwrj
. v2le,Red Bluff. Weed.(KUmath Falls). miautesantl 7 pjn. inrfurive; 7.40. 8.2 a 9.00. 9.40
AshUnd. Roseburg. Portland. Taco- 10.2 a 11.00 and 11.40 pjn.. 12.20 and 1.20 ajn.
ma. Seattle... I2£Bb Additional train to Oakland First St. 2.15 aja.
HETHERLAHD'SROUTE— From Pacific Strest Wharf. Ta W«rt Barkttey— Dajly Except Sunday— From 10(
Collinsville. Emmaton. Rio Virta. Weton. Ryde. Wak aja. and every twenty minutes until3.2oajn. iacl*
nnt Grove. Vorden, Courtland, Clarksburg. Sacramento. tive; thea 9.00 a.m. and every hot? until 4.Cop.m.
Ststmsr Ntvijo. leaves San Francisco S.-00 a. m. daily inclusive: thea 4.20 pjn. and every twenty minutet
except Sunday, stopping at points shown, arriving Sac- until 7.00 p.m. inclusive: then 7.40 pjn.. 8.2 a 9.00.
ramento 6:00 p.m. Leaves Sacramento 9:00 pjn. daily 9.40, 10.20. 11.00, 11.4 C p.m. and 12.29 aja. ,
Psoon.P 500 n . d m y(nOrtOP9enrOUle) ' trriTlnB T. W«! BarWey-Sundav, onry-From iCU ajn.
Steamer Modoe or Apache, leaves San Fraaeisco 1.00 *k a ™°- 7:40. 8:20, 9.00 ajn. nvdusJTe; then 9J2»l
p.m.Daay. except Sunday; arrive San Francisco IL3O J* *%ȣ *F 9 Tfa 7 sffius?ll&
v — -', : : — pjn. and LZ2O ajn.
OAKLAND HARBOR FERRY —From San- Franeltea, Jo Cortln— Da3y Except Sunday— From B.oo ajn. and
Mtrktt Strut Wharf— DaUy— Hourly from 6.00 every 20 minutes until 8.20 a.m. incrostre. then
ajn. to 9.00 pjn.. mdusive. • " 9.00. 10.00 a.nu 12.00 m^ 1.00. ZOO. iiX). 4.0 a 4.2 a
LOCAL FERRY TRAH.S-VU AU..U Pht. > \u25a0«£* °°'^ &< ° "° i
To Oakland and Atemsda— lB.lo. tt4s a.m, and then T « Cortln— Sundays only— From 100 aj&. then 9XO
10 and 45 minutes part the hour until 7.45 pjn.: then • Ja - 9 -2° *Jn. »ad erery twenty minutes until
. 8.80. 9.15. 10.00. 10.45, 1 1.80 pjn. and 12Ll5ajn. * 6.oo pan.
To Alanwda and Fruitvals via HortB»hos tamt.at abovt. Ta Stags, Richmond. PulLran— 6.oo as, s.4o pa sJop»i
.ft for Morniag. P for Afternoon. . . t Sunday exeepted; \u25a0 '
•'\u25a0;\u2666 Sunday only. '-. { Saturday and Sunday only. Union Transfer Co. authorised to cheek Baggag?
- . \u25a0. \u25a0. - - aSunday and Monday only. - - . direct from reudence.
\u25a0 — - * . • * \u25a0
MUIR WOODS -.^g^h^
Rmmd Trip from San Francisco. SIJO <T
tT.Snrrmtrts - Lt. Miir Wasto ' tr. Tswinii
WeekJiy Smday Weekday I Smitr Weekday Smday
. 5:45» 8:45 st 7:20^ tt:so« 7:20» 10:48*
1:45p 9:45 a 1:40p !12:50p 1:40s 11:40*
\u26664:45P 10:45t 2:«p "rl:sop 4:45p 1:40?
...;.. 11:45 i , 4:50p >. 2:50» * 3:00p 2:40p
...... 1:45 p..;... , ; 3:50 p...... 3:40»
-...:.. v. 2:45^ ;...:. 4:40 p...... \u25a0 4:40p
\u25a0 •Saturdays. \u25a0. Mt. Tamalpais oniyv
Tiritet" Offire* i gaasa l' to Ferry— TeL Kearav 4980
\l. i »** Ut ? ces 1 574 Market-TeL DouaUs 4407 \u0084 ,
General Office— MUl Valley. California. Td. MiD VaUey 81
Tmni if Fioiljiij" id "Hair In" vi i.'w«s ttn br tusH
F. S. Strattoa. Receiver. Depot 12th and Uissioa.
Leave San Francisco— • 9 a. ra.. 6:20 p. m.
Leavs Arista— 3:lo a. m.. 11:55, J3:25 p. m.
l«»ve TunlUs Glen— tl:3o. t2:00 p. ra.
•Stare for San Gregorio aad Pescadero.
All trains daily, except twsek days 01U7;
tßnndays oidy.
Ida7e tslalid NavyYu-dTVaileJoi Ji«afst^Helena
Boats leave 7:00. 0:45 a. m . 12-3073:20
6:00. aao p. in. Meals ala OuteT^^ '
Pock and office. North- ind r«ry BoildlaX

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