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Central Council of Alameda Ex
; -presses Confidence in Rev. ..
C. R. Brown
Typographical Union Adds ln»
dorsenient, Electing Minis
ter Honorary Member
OAKLAND. Dec. 1. — The attack made
• upon Rev. Charles; R. Brown, retiring
. pastor of the. First Congregational
•.church, has brought forth formal ex
" pressions showing confidence in liim.
"• \u25a0, -One of the strongest indorsere of
the minister is tb<* central labor coiin
.. Hi of 'Aiamefla countj-, to which Brown
-has beena fraternal delegate for Bev
erel vea^s. and V-Jsy .ihf. j members of
whicb :. organization- he !;as been known
\u25a0'.{or many years:'. \u0084 '=\u25a0;•- .
A Tetter iCrogi'.ti^e'Jloinrcll. signed by,
\u25a0George McLauplilih--.as president and
A. W*. Sefton as.'sel-5-etary, w&s sent "to
.Rev, Mr. Brown 'y(?sterday after • the
.stories ffcinnectirig^ Ins name with that
>f M?e. George.Jf. Martin had been
published/ - This letter was prepared
...by "the council .iij a recognition "• of
\u25a0 • Brotvh'e, . great- service.; to ".the -com
, munity and is- tii i>crve as an intro
\u25a0duct'on'to eastern 'abor.. bodies and in
.'-d.or.ses : kim as a man fully worthy of
.; their -confidenee^ It- Avas' written in
.' yl'eTT-'of his' early :d« > partur'e from Oak
.": land..-'"-- .£« ' :'*j \u25a0 - -..,\u25a0-_. , .
./."The.. letter follows:
•-..-=\u25a0 To uil labor organizations, s:reet
v-VfKg: \u25a0.:\u25a0.•-\u25a0 \
..:\u25a0\u25a0•: \u25a0•.rt-"J"»ec.om(?s or.r pleasant duty to
'.•.-• 'commend, to the pood offices of all \u25a0
. '"•\u25a0 . t:nion ' nren anct organizations and
•.: •\u25a0\u25a0''•:• the -frie-nds of- "human advance- •
.-'\u25a0\u25a0• Xhe n't in' genera 1, Brother : Charles
\u25a0 • : R.:Broivn. D. D.
• .. "Brother Brown has been a dele
\u25a0-.. gate. -to tjiis oowncil for upward of
.-.":' "i wo Years. and during iliat time he
.-.has ever been ready to place at the,
.;• 'pornniand O f tiiis council, or any'
.\u25a0 -JaffiMate-d union, the dignity <»f his
\u25a0•.' p'oßHlon. the efficiency of a trained !
,-rriind. and the .sincerity" of a God->
:.r ; fearing; Christian jrentleman. " $\u25a0 '
'' We wcHlld add that on several
•(•c'aslons ; H" has been r-al!»d upon
• ;.to Chrow this influence and knowl-
S'4ftge in the. balance with ilie cv
' : :-pidi.ty -of rapital in favor of union
' ."'-ni -and i.?s idea-Is, and always has
\u25a0 . • proved thip- "good. and faithful' j=erv
\u25a0\u25a0•'.-•i.tor whose'diitr lias beer, well done.
'\u25a0'Agai owe. .commend him. and In
.'if-n' doing realize ail too well that
•'... .t,he .'-.Jos-i? sustained by th<» mov<>
'.'.•."•ntAflt Of^Alarneda county will be
'-. r^paici in tho benrfit • Brother
\u25a0 \ .-':Br.o.vv!» will. .I>e' p.h]t> to accomplish
: ; ih--.th*' larp^r field that destiny has
\u25a0 . •'ailfrj him to enter.
'•'•-• "By unaniriious. order of Central.
r ''Jlawir council of Ala meriß. county.
rm'vTKrts hoxor pastor
• \ .'Oak'la:i.l 1 ypograpfiical union No. . 3.6
.;rt-a"mprtinp last ni-g-«it at lieadquartcrs,
\~f'oT, Broadway, made Rev. Mr. Brown,
by unaniinoiis voir-.an honorary mem-
: 'l>er : of their body.. Secretary Sefton.
r'4f>lio'isalso a mersnber of the typograph
\u25a0'icsl union, said today that duringhis 26
\u25a0 years as a union' 'man this was the Eec
." .on*d time that any person liad been so
.honored. At another meeting" called for
c tonight this union again went on record
\u25a0as indorsing Re.*. Mr. Brown and show
ijigr°tjtraoEt faith in him, . •
- ; In- epeafcing of the clergyman today
. Sefton fcaJd: .
\u25a0 c - the long time that I.^iave
•-.-kiiDwn-Rev. Mr. Brown I have- come
to* love- him and revere him. Every
..member of • the-, council feels the
fame -way toward him.. He. has"'
"giv&ri us new . and high ideals to'
• follow and \u25a0r> have tried to do our
best^ "When .we Jearned that he was:"'
going; away we felt It as a personal."
loss. '.'As to the published story con
'him and Mrs. • Martin, "-we
P,lace ; no credence in if whatever.
W» " know the man and that is
enough. '
. \u25a0'• It Is- a rule of our organization
-to ta-ke no formal action on charges
'. \u25a0 «if thfs kind, alid for this reason we.
- ha.r« done nothing officially con
\u25a0 'cernlng tl>em; • But even if we did'
not have this rule* it is not lilcely'
. . . tiiat 'we would .have, taken any ac
tion for the- reason that there is no
need for* it. .. - *•
• r^This is not the first .time that/tl^e
E-KAmJner has made an uhwarrajiteii
\u25a0attack. 'The "building" trades unions
. .of San Francisco have instituted a
\u25a0.-'.:• quiet -boycott against the Examiner
." »n account of attacks si'mUar to this
\u25a0 onie .on-- Brown, and attacks as
. • gronTrdlePS. ••" " •
.- The' Oakland council has a feeling
against the Examiner because', no
•one' knows, who will be the next
msn to be attacked. There is a feel- .
' ingo of unrest because the men in
rharge of this paper are Jrrespon
.\u25a0 . pible-in. conscience and fairness. I
. :\u25a0 wish to repeat that the attack on' .
'.. <>'ur. friend is so absurd -that we take
no Block in it whatever. We are ig
v." '.goring: it- . " • • \u0084
\u25a0 >t"a meeting" of the board of public
\u25a0works .this morning City Engineer F. C.
Turner introduced a resolution express
:l Ing" fhe iiigh regard in which Rev. Mr.
•'• Br t own : "\vas held and .sorrow at his de
'pffrture.- .This resolution "was unani
-.".inpuElr passed. It roaxi?:
VThPTPRS. a most VllJtinjruisliiod 'rit!r.pn. Her.
'Cbtties K. Browrt.- i< *N>ut to lejtrp onr oity for
rnioibpn JV>l=V of rdntr, after 14 yr>ar« of most u«o-
c fofc's>fri"e to tbi« comniunltr. a «>prvi<"*>. marked
• "br uns^lfi'li verifier snfl' (intirinjr <>ffnrt lo Lelp
x'n<\ Ixtipfit our city and our r>eop]e. and bj an
1 rr.iiphten'od puMif* spirit: therefore, lw» it c
" BesolvoU. riiti. this l«>ard. ia behalf of tho poo
'P'fc °f tills 'rity. hereby ruirpssps. its r*>Krpt at
.iiis'-<l«>pjirturf "Jujd it* srnsr^ i<t the crcat loss cus
/iakifd thfr.Pt"rotn l\v ? tlii <-om in unity and by this
.;who\f> *L*t<\ and 'it' extends to Mr. Brown Its
sim~»yr t\ is'h»»p for bis future' welfare jn liig tipv*
.• id*fd. 'and i»f cr«tit«dp for his jiast «ro«t sorr
* i <"•**.* »n«|- assure* liiuf'that ho <-arri«>F with him
!!!«>• »e<>ud.. »;!'• affection and confidence of our
.•'r^ojtif. ' *- . - -\u25a0 -
, '- c In addition to these <ixprossions of
'..confideiK-e in t?":o -ministrr a number of
* churches' are taking steps to have the
.°.ma<jfer •j-onsi«ierod and formal resolu
tions df confidence passed.
- I>or. lA^-Tijp cnr-iipijiK of a rat trap resulted
in pninfiil injuty to Matt I'airisli. a profes
sional rut. cutclier. *thi» affrnoon. Parrlsh
«•£« »-«*ttinjr bin traps at bis home. 'lo.l7 Seventh
ar<*rmp. wben be lost control of a sprinp. The
" trnp stnjck him o*er left ej-*-. cuttinj: a
»Irt>i> Trhich laid open the flesh lo the
. Jvorie. '. J~<~:'
A^*^ *^ , • Ihe highest type .of happiness Is
& £"!alT^lC n T^T reached b y having chUdxen in the
%. Tt i-B vl^l home ; hut the coming of the littlo
\^_> W v ' ones is of ten attended -with /appre-
&— \u25a0 I . hension and dread. ' Mother's Friend
IN 'THE B~"~ {«R l^^S BH ** vtSQi "by the expectant; mother; in
PV3>^> JL Ly/ 1 a. ™ V P re P arat i° n °-f the ordeal, carries
her through the, crisis with /afety**
This great remedy assists nature *in all necessary physical changes of the sys-
tem, affords bodily comfort during t the period of waiting, and preserves tho
symmetry of form after baby comes. The penetrating and soothing qualities of
Mother's Friend allays nausea, prevents caking of tho breasts, and in every
tray contributes to strong, healthy."
•motherhdpd. Mother's Friend is k^f^^ *
sold at drug stores. Write for our $T\^WHzSl^ ITi
free book containing valuable infoz- ja^^y % uu P^vg^xJ^*-
oation f,or expectant mothers. ' t yy Q n " "W mm^
Miss Blanche Moore, who poses as Queen Louise.
Miss Etta Schrock, member of Little Workers.
Noted Women to Be Imperson=
ated by Children for West *
Oakland Home ...
'\u25a0\u25a0 -' 'J
OAKLAND. Dec. 'I.— Big dolls, little
dolls, belles, beaux and juPt ordinary
little folks* entered tho beauty contest
at the doll show which opened this
afternoon 'in Ebnll clubhouse under
the direction of the women of t the West
Oakland- home. ; The annual festival is
planned that' the 100 .little orphans in
the Campbell street institution may be !
properly housed and feJ» during tjie
coming season. The organization is a
pet. charity and draws its support frojn
:society and" the 'most conservative of
business circles.
A trio of the- most exclusive of* the
Piedmont matrons were Entrusted, with
the happy task of examining stitches,
frills and furbelows to deride which of
the 400 dells entered were, the be"st
dressed and best behaved among them.
Mrs. Willar-d Williamson, Mrs. Gran
ville • Abbott and Mrs. Mark Requa
spent the entire morning and had the
greatest difficulty in giving a decision,
but finally* agreed that the beautiful
dolls dressed. Jay the following were
entitled to wear the ribbons of honor:
First prize,. Mrs. Fred Lange. Miss
Elsa Balzer, Miss Hannah Rylan.l; sec
ond. Mrs. R. -B. Aver, 'Mrs. William
Frederickson. .Palmer millinery parlors;
third. Mrs. Kmil Lehnhardt. Mr.s. J. C.
Croris and Mrs. Fred E. Reed. ..
Besides the dolls. 'all sorts of holiday
novelties are displayed before ' the
guests who offer their' homage to the
dainty creatures of the doll* world.
Tire booths have a charming setting,
suggestive of the ' Christmastime ever
greens and red berries and rare colored
incandescents contributing toa^beau
tiful scene, s
The, program for tomorrow afternoon
holds much of interest for the visitors.
Children are to present living pictures
and fancy dances. Participating in the*
later will be Vivia Hunt- as "The Co
quette" and Marguerite Mau as "The
Spirit of the Woods." Portrait^ of
noted women of history will be de
picted Friday evening. Among those
presented will be:
Martha WasUincton Mrs. F. Homteanx
Quppn Victoria • • Mrs. C. J. Waterhouse
Cleopatra \u25a0 •'\u25a0 Miss Marion W'ilcox
Qupon Txmilm" . .Miss Blanch? Moore
Qoc^n Wilhelnjiiui Miss Mnrial Cartwrlsht
Popohontaß. Miss Sunny rlotnteaui
The dolls will be *«n exhibition* to
roorrow and Saturday afternoon and
ev.ening. A program. is arranged, for
each reception. The Little Workers,
an auxiliary of the older organization,
contributes largely to the carnivjfl,
among its most active members being
Miss Etta Schrock.
OAKLAND, Dec. 1. — The park com
mission accepted plans today of a con
crete ornamental boat landing to be
constructed at the lakeshore boulevard,
Elast Oakland, on Lake Merritt, oppo
site the end of East; Eighteenth street.
The landing- will cost $3,600. The de
*Flgn was made by }V. D. Reed, con
sulting architect of the commission. •
Child's Welfare League Will
Hold Annual Banquet
This Month
OAKLAND. Dec.* 1. — Invitations
were sent out today to 'the members of
the Child's welfare league and th* pub
lic officials of Oakland, Berkeley and
Alameda for the annual banquet of th.c
league to be held at Starr , King hall,
Fourteenth sind Castro streets.' Mon
day evening, December 19. Mrs. Eli
nor Carlisle, chairman of the (commit
tee*, on speakers., has- announced the
following incomplete list of speakers
and their subjects: - - , •
Judge Wj S. Well?. "The Juvenile
Court"; Judge Everett J. Brown, "An
Adult Reformatory"; District Attorney
W: H. Donohue, "Adult ProbdtiQn";
Probation Officer Christopher Ruess,
"Some Probatiprr Figures"; Senator J.
W. Stetson/ "The Child and the Sen
ate": A-ssemblyman C. C. .Yoyng, "The
Child and ' the , Assembly"; .Superin
tendent of Schools J. W. •McClymonds,
"The Schools and the Child" Labor
Law." - ' >-.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.
O. K. Cushing of San Francisco, first
president of the Juvenile court associa
tion of California arid flrst'president
of the; California playground : associai
tion, who framed, with Supreme Court
Judge Sloss, the first California juve
nile court law, will act as toastmaster.
Mrs. £. S. Chamberlain to chairman of
the committee on invitations.
ing This Sale. '"^^^^^J2TH AND' WASHINGTON STSJ^ Fourth.
-\u25a0\u25a0•: : '\u25a0. \u25a0 ", -\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0*- ?vf .OAKLAND
V; ; .OPENS AT 9:30"A. M;tODAY,
great many women are going to save a great deal* of money at 'this sale. ,
For twenty-two years we have never permitted any- advertisement to overstate the facts of
our store offerings. v - \ " - *
This is thoroughly recognized by the thousands of friends who make our store , theirj store.
If you are not yel f one with us, put .the following facts to the severest test— come to the store
and see for yourself. Alterations matle. at exact cost^- : ~ ,,. \u25a0";
Every Suit in the House Reduced 1
—some more than others, according to the more or less broken condition -of the respective lines.
Extra small and extra large sizes in the lot. - • r *
One lot, all good styles; mixtures and plain colors; One lot strictly tailored new models— mixtures/
values to $22.50— : ' . .V '\u25a0',' . fancy serges, tweeds, 'etc.;. values $25 to $30-^ '
Clearance Price $O^££ VGl^iarance Price -1 5
A 'selecti6nt'Sofei|s Veaspn's smartest suits — tweed?, ; -'' ? " '-' : " -'' "-'"'" "' " V- \u25a0\u25a0'" "'' \u25a0'' -\u25a0\u25a0'- '"\u25a0' ' - ':: " - "- "\u25a0
broadclbthV/sd^^l.'iliago.uals, etc: Values $35* to :\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0..:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0--•\u25a0\u25a0.--•"\u25a0,.•, ••,-:\u25a0•.. .'.\u25a0\u25a0,-\u25a0"'\u25a0 \u25a0••".,;.;\u25a0-.-... ",,.. v .... ~~.
§40 • \u25a0 ;.. .-.'V: rZ^/^ \u25a0_-^,"- i v ; ; tS:,.^%~ ?',:-: i :,- This extensive sale is simply giving the oppor-
; -\u25a0''. V-'-^r-V^'W'-C'- '\u25a0'•.'.' ' (EL S^toL. "'mm '"' ' : ' # tunity/ to - buy at January sale;: prices a month
Clearance^ PriCe .;K;- : '' ? "earlierthan usual.. \u25a0
M 1 Street and E veriin^^^^
• \u25a0 A selection of street dresses; and. pretty little daiic- A ; swell lot of afternoon and evening dresses;,
ing frocks; all colors, in \u25a0\u25a0woolens,-: silks and chiffons- striking effects in chiffons,' .'crepes, ' fine.: woolens;
"values; to $30— .- ..; -^ -V values $35 to $45— . ' ' '; -Jjlliil
Clearance Price * 1 Clearance Price - - 2§^
Twentieth Century Club Mem>
bers Devote? Articles to City's 0
Growth and Prosperity \
BERKELEY. Dec. I.— Sixteen pages
of bright and readable, articles were
: publish?* by the members'of the Twen
tieth Century club this afternoon as
the woman's .edition of a local paper,
and the .success of the publication was
the motif /or *a 'reception and rally at
the home of Mrs. Frank L. Naylor in
Durant avenue.' .
i The parlors of the Naylor home were
filled with more than 50 of those who
edited the newspaper.
Berkeley's progress educationally and
socially was the keynote of the
woman's edition. 4
The. enterprise "was conducted under
the general direction of Mrs. Henry
X. Baldwin, founder of the Twentieth
Century club, assisted by Mrs. Annie
Little Barry, president of the Alameda
District Federation of Women's clubs.
* 'Mrs. William Lawrence Jones was
editor in chief, and her staff was com
posed of: \u25a0\u25a0-• • ; t . t \u25a0. * •
Mrs. It. E. Fist LMiss o*m'a Darlos
May \Huil<?art \u25a0 • |
Mrs. G. A. Mattern was the advertis
ing manager, and Mrs. W. H. Brown
handled the financial end of the paper.
The paper- was divided into depart
ments, each with a competent head as
follows: •> . \u0084 *
Tbeatrlr&ls. Mrs. .Tulle B. Foster: woman's'
pajjp. Miss May. Hnddart;-o!illdren"& pace, Mrs.
Stpplien Kieffpr: soolety. Mrs. Arthur H. Cole;
tuu'sic. Mrs. Fr&l 111 Clark.* £ k
"A monk the contributors were:
Judge W. H. Waste. Superintendent of Schools
F. . F. Bunker, Charles Keeler, :uid the following
members of the club: Miss Rosemary Dobbins.
Miss Oma Davle*. Miss Au>y Hamlln. Mlsa Alyee
Oaten. Miss Estelle HaiTey Wood* Mrs. William
I.awrenpft Jones,-' Mrs. Ernest S. I'n?e, Mrs.
H: 11. Dobbins, Mrs. Georpe Tolson. Mrs. Kate
Smith. Mrs. C. A. Meek. Mrs. George Fredericks,
Mrs. Frank Soule ami .Mrs. George HalKht. ,
Mrs. *S. 1L Strite is the distributing
manager bf- f the women's edition. |
East* Bay Manufacturers to.
Banquet Tonight in Oakland
OAKLAND,' Dec. 'l.— Nearly. 400^ seats
ha^e been taken "for the banquet to
morrow evening at the Scottish Rite
cathedral, at which will gather the
leading manufacturers and producers
of the eastibay region. The purpose
of the banquet, arranged by the manu
facturers' and producers', committee of
the chamber of. commerce, is to bring
about co-operation among *the "whole
sale, manufacturing and transportation
interests of the county.
-H. C. Capwell will be the toastmas
ter. Mayor Frank K. Mott and repre
sentatives of itho chamber: of com
merce and of : the large business; in
terests will, speak.
The' speeches 'will include the fol
lowing:, i
'•Oakjaurl • Chanjher. <>t: Comipprcc." Walter \u25a0 S.
Maofc'ay: '"Our -Waterfront." • Mayor IVank XvK v
Mott; '•'Manufji'twrJ'r*' ami Pr«xltifers' Commit
tee,",- Charles \u25a0M. 'Wootl: " Industrial Kipansion
In Oakland."- Harmon BpH. counsel for, the San
\u25ba Francisco. Oakland and Sap Josa railway: "Ship
builders in Oakland -Harbor," John T- Scott of
Moore & Soott iron tforks: *"The . Railroad as a
Factor In the Development . of -Oakland," V. T..
Battotirs of the Southern Pacific; "Frocress and
Prosperity Committee." Kenneth MilUken; ''Re
lation of the Railroad "*: to "the Manufacturer."
J. R. Harden.- Atchison. Topeka and Santa F«
railroad cysteni: "Oakland as the Ideal Terminal
City." Cb«rles E. Snook, counsel of the Western
Pacific company: "East Bay - Shore Manufac
tories." Wells Prurjv. secretary -of the Berkeley
chamber of commerce; "Value pf Salesmanship
to Manufacturers," H. P. Brown; "The Part of
the Chamber of Commerce in the .Upbuilding of
Oakland." A. A. -Denlson. secretary of Oakland
chamber of commerce. \u25a0
The banquet committee is:
' % A. \u25a0H. Irvine. Ocrjre D. Waddelt. H. G. Ram
soy. George E. Randolph and Carl H. Renter.
I axMstetl by C.'M. Wood, chairman of the fiecu
| tlve {committee ami of : tlie manufacturers' and
I producers' committee: r. \u25a0 I). Parson. \u25a0 W. H. P.am-
I sey and John A. Fenton. \u25a0 •
OAKLAND. Dec. I.— Mrs. Al Watson
and Mrs. H. Rodgers, lS.year old brides
of Stockton; stepped from a* Southern
Pacific* inbound train at First street
and Broadway late . last night and rer
ceived injuries which sent them to the
receiving hospital. They were coming
to Oakland on a visit and did not wait
for the train to come to a ! full stop.
Both received numerous lacerations
and bruises.
Robert Macßride Marries Miss
* Annetta Hall at Fruitvale
' OAKLANp, Dec. I.— Clusters of red
berries and 'greens made the setting
for the 'pretty house ceremony. ~: : at
Which Robert Macßride claimed Miss
Annette Hkll as his bride this even
ing at "Pine, Crest," the family resi
dence in Fruitvale.. Only- a score of
the members of the immediate connec
tion were present' at. the simple serv
ive, which was read by, Father O'Con
jiell of Alameda. The .bride wore a
handsome robe of white chiffon cloth
over white satin, which was trimmed
in rose point*. Her veil was held in
place by a half wreath of orange blos
soms. The bridal bouquet was a
shower of bride roses and lilies of
the valley. -
Miss Marion Hall attended her sister
as maid or honor, the bridesmaids
being Miss Elizabeth Macßride. a sis
ter of the bridegroom, and Mrss Avis
Sherwood. 'Robert McDuffie assisted
Macßride as best man. After their
wedding tour the,young people will re
side in Berkeley.
; Macßride is, prominently known in
the college town: where he is estab
lished in business His bride is the
daughter of George William Hall and
a granddaughter of Mrs. Elizabeth
A few friends accepted the hospi
tality of Mrs. James Moffltt this after<»
noon at an .informal tea, at which she
received at her home in Piedmont.
\u25a0. • \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0• •'
Mrs. Henry Roy Senders will enter
tain a firldge tomorrow afternoon
\u25a0at Ijer home in Adams Point. Mrs.
Sanders * was formally Miss Lily Reed.
After her marriage she and her hus
band resided in Mill Valley for several
months, but have returned to* Oakland
to take possession of a new residence.
...» :• .- •
Miss Ed*na Orr will be the inspira
tion for two affairs of the coming
week. Wednesday . afternoon Mrs.
William de Fremery and Miss Evelyn
Hussey will share the pleasures of
hostess at a theater party followed by
tea in one of the downtown cafes. The
following day Miss Sue de Fremery
•will make Miss Orr the guest of honor
at a large reception at the family
home in Fairmont <avcnue. 4
\u25a0•\u25a0;\u25a0 * ' "\u25a0 • ' .'.•
Friday afternodn Mrs. Remi Chabot
will entertain % a group of matrons at
* • prettily appointed luncheon «at her
home in Linda' Vista.
v \u25a0 ;»" :' • •
Mr., and 'mVs. John Overbury are
planning to spend the winter in the,
bay olties. taking possession of an at
tractive home in Piedmont. The Over,
burys since their marriage a few years
ago have divided their time between
California, and Bu'lfrpg. Nev. Mrs.
Overbury was formerly- Miss tSmily
• •. *
."Mrs. cl S.' Chamberlain will entertain
a box party at the Ellen Terry per
formance tomorrow afternoon, having
as her guests Mrs. F. R. Chadwick,
Mrs. Hugh Hogan, Mrs. E. A. Whitaker, !
Mrs. Fraok. Shay, Mrs. J. S. Emery,
Mrs. H. L. Whitehead.
Mr. and Mrs. David McKay (Miss
Edith Holt), who since their marriage
of the summer have lived across the
bay, have -come to this side for the
winter and are cozily established in
Piedmont. Mrs. McKay . will be made
welcome by a wide circle of friends in
• • •
Mrs. Guy C. ' Earl and* her* two at*
daughters are sailing from
Genoa toda^- en 'route home after a
year's*. absence abroad. * They are f ex
pecting td reach their Oakland home
but a day or two before Christmas.
Miss Annie Brown, who has spent the
summer in Europe, is sailing on the
same steamer.
In honor of Count Axtel Facht
meVster, who is spending the winter in
Berkeley, Mrs. Eldridge Payson w^ll
entertain at a large reception and
musicale on Saturday evening. Count
Wachtmelster is a composer of consid
erable ability and has just completed a
sonata of much \u25a0'-merit.
Mrs. Robert Variel,
Whose Love Affair
Started on Campus
Wedding in San Rafael Seals
Romance of Undergrad* *
BERKELEY. Dec. I.— College friends
of Miss Grata D. Augustine and Rob
ert H. F. Variel. both graduates of the
University of California, have heard of
their marriage in • San , Rafael last
Tuesday. The wedding was solemnized
at the home of the bride. Rev. F. I*
Hosmer of this city performing the
ceremony in the presence of the close
friends and relatives of the young
Couple. . Mr. and Mrs. Variel will make
their home in "tfie southern part of the
• The marriage followed a romance
which began when Miss Augustindand
Variel were * undergraduates on the
campus several years ago. She is a
prominent sorority girl and he is -a
menjber of the Phi Delta Theta fra
ternity. •;,-;<' ,
Variel was best known at the uni
versity as a tennis player and was for
several years a member of the Inter
collegiate tennis team. Variel and his
bride were graduated "with * the class
of 1906.*
.NOTE — The announcement made yesterday that we were going
to raise' the price of lots in Grand Avenue Heights created a sensation.
This advance will be made within a few days. Many o/ the lots will be
marked up $500 and $600 apiece. We are justified in doing it, for
our prices are altogether too low. , .--. ' r _^,_
i lie d^iiLii ±y\.ury
—If you feel that you might be in*
terested in securing one of the Grand
. Avenue Heights lots by all means
call upon us at once. We are likely to
receive orders to advance prices at
any time the directors are called to*
gether. It is ah incorporated com*
pany.and we are only the selling
agents. v
— Could you expect anything — If possible, call at our office
different? * today or at the latest tomor-
— The stockholders of the row — come prepared to go out
Grand Avenue, Heights Co. »n tn e automobile and thor-
. have at last realized the value oughly inspect the property,
of their property. They see J* will take about an hour to
that their prices are* 1 too low, cover the ground completely.
'because there isn't anything after which the chauffeur will
else in the city to equal their drive you directly home or to
lots for less than $2,500 or any other destination you dc-
— "Why should we sell these ~ Th ere will be no obligations
lots for! $1,800 and $2,000 on your P art in taki "S advan-
when we can get $2,500 for ta^ c of this invitation. We
; them?" was the question they want >* otl to S E £ Grand Ave-
put to us. nue Heights, and if you DO
-There Owasn'l a single rea- decide K™^ we want >' ou
son :we could; give.. **£* W^M
,— Andi.as much as we regret- PRESENT prices will help
ted to see the advance (for the us to sell at the advance
lower the prices the easier 'it prices - for they will then bet-
; was tor us. to sell), the in- ter realize the true value of
crease has about been decided p roper ty
upon and is liable. to be an- T f . •;• . .
-,; - •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.-. -j- -\u0084 , - — in fact, most of cur ?ale>
nounced, without warning, at , . , ....
••-'•\u25a0. :'-- have been made t 1 •\u2666•• friends
any time. . f .
:.\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0 , . of former purchaser.
\u25a0—Therefore, if you want to
take advantage of this one K. MOTT CO.
last chance to buy a residen- Ir : cA >> , t t 7-
•t&l, .lot,- OVERLOOKING 1060 Broa dway, Oakland
LAKE iI£RRI#T at the ~ 0R ]
; ground floor price, BREED & BANCROFT
X£«rry ; upl: Oakland Bank of Savin?? Bnlldlnj
A direct descendant of Oliver^Crom
well. Sidney C Cromwell, mine owner
and New York clubman, was <prr.mtt
ted by Judge Graham to the state asy
lum for the insane at Stockton yester
day. . Prior to his examination b> the
commissioners Cromwell's conduct at
the Palace hotel, where he lived, be
crfme such as to cause his arrest and
incarceration In the receiving hospital.
Cromwell is 4^ years old. Another
brother is in an eastern asylum.
Saturday Dr. E. G. McConnell will bo
appointed guardian.
NEGHO IS SHOT— Oakland. Dec. I.— Shot in tho
rijrnt shonMer by Jess* Hill. R n«>Kr«>. la a
• naloun at I'ark av«»nue and HoUIs stre«t thin
m»rn!njr. R'>b*rt Hall made an Ineffectual ef
fort Ao capture his assailant, who flefl. The lr»
jurefl man was takea to the receiving hos
pital and the police were notified to search fop
MISS MAGNES VmtS— Oakland. Dec. 1 — M!s<»
Rosalind Magnes won hi the popuiartry ron
test. -which was one of the Interesting f-atrirp*
of the First Ilobrev.- congreeation's far that
closed last night. .
New Accidental DiscoTcry Ghcs
Startline: Jlesults — Puts VJesh on
Thin People and Rounds Out Ira-
perfect Figures.
Simple Prescription (Jifen.
• •*» "~ ~~~ » \u25a0-"\u25a0,•'
For women — and men. too, for that
matter — who can never appear styll?^
with anything: they wear, because of
abnormal thinness and angularity, ih!*
remarkable prescription is destined t>»
solve the problem. As a beauty taakfr
"for the figure it la simply wonderful
while It adds brightness to the eyes,
and* color to the cheeks and lips. If
requires no particular dieting:, but acts
as an aid to nature by its peculiar ac-
tion on the nerves and blood supply,
The blood and nerves distribute* over
the body all the nourishment or flesh
building elements obtained from th<v
food. The- trouble with thin people^
has always been that they do not ab-
sorb or retain enough of the, fleshy
matter to make them gain in weight
even to a normal extent; but this new
discovery of blending certain harmless
drugs is a revelation to science, and
hundreds have gained from 18 to 4>
pounds in a few weeks. There Is no
danger of becoming too fat. When
you get the right weight then stop
The general health and strength is
greatly improved in any one from th*
age of IS -to 60. \u25a0 Women soon g* % t
plump, with well rounded arms ant!
full bust, and men become straight,
strong looking and healthy.
In a half pint bottrfe get three ounces
of essence of pepsin and three ounces
syrup of rhubarb. Then add one oun^e
compound essence cardi»l, shake and
let stand two hours. Then add" ona
ounce tincture cadomene compound
(not cardamom). Take a teaspoon^n!
before and after meals, and weigh be-
fore beginning.

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