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iij^ntV- ha'S:,^t : irre<i~ t \>p. 'fl>eV.)-iornet s', who
li'ayf -yti;e.c'iv: .It.uzzi-ii-jrc'i'ti- -!a n'>Vr:i£ry, • ' f nl '"
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foiint\- p.iM\ "-rivi.is']- '''»>'. been
ihrrfitr-^,, X ;i.r' ?- «ith T.'-ts'A-ngbles
.^.rrinitin-i ih;o-c'i i . !< .ipportion
-lrnt To- ii,i'f> t'"J !•- y^strs They. r had
a^tiy-^tlininjtHi^^.^RH.tvJ;^ 0 ;co.nsress-;'
:^*""3^iipunV}^ipnX : •>.h« I »J*e^i"."u^_'; \u25a0fl.ieir.
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'': .Jf^rv'nijvTi'^i-'lh.s;'. Of ~x. \u25a0stsftfe: >-.;<•
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:\u25a0 \u25a0Tn;ij*>f/:.w.a : s''. tji-ke-ri "oo : lVJ'-.a-s "-"an'. jeytd4n.de;
.; '/ht ; : .1O;. p; -..-I tj'^HfitSfi sV'e f/?t;h^ -.1 JssV A'n g-e'lje^
;.v ir-ro w^"./;:.;S'crt5 r e'.-;^x p>'c.t;e«V...t lie • 1 egisJa tiire
';. '^ \u25a0 :jji!\-e ;-r.s'ftr*-: tjj a«'\;ija..« s i.n^
- '\u25a0' J:l\? -^Tf f'H?; \u25a0 "\u25a0^'•mßiit-t^e-^;s^Ke.TiV^' •
':. ,':'wSb s' v /ppr.U I ? : X' : Vv-. : '\^V,i?'-h'oi^fi'pf/p'r'e'de'^V. ! ..-a;n :^- =
.' .':^wirh»u-t''-iCh^.-ii9v7fc«^s">i: jconterit.-o!f/'-.:.J;-lie;
:• V ; \u25a0ifiK'jKt-'nfvr: : V.terV. '**- fi.U:t'^l rp,7:?eißC,tion ; «<£•[*'
: . \u25a0'• jif >is \u25a0JAh'&^l-e-s .^T.b:« nfy l'"'^^n-,-jC - oV,li.e"a4;^iifte
' r isip n at'f - jcVm.m fi'\ v S : ';w"n.. Jrea-pj! j»"f J ioniiie nrt,"
VXt^'at; ' i-p -.1 <>.;} sa">v ; ..th r : ; '^"? ir-£J.ipn ; : « f.". v a .-'iitis'.
:V-"jift^pjVsV<io+^ni(>v/Ti??nyi: - P -;Rrfepa're.:rfli'e: r.'e-.
'•>' stTXpV?-f J. .to.Si i'.v-i-h i : - ,;.'i : j ) 1 1 .* •'i sj/n 0.t. : ~ : £a)i ci 1 •;\u25a0.s 0
« feji.t*> Tl v poTi'tica-liy «B<ttlterwU?
: : ; Vlf>^sider/.J:tV;a§">^ j'iijj
: '^oK^jixrft^.^t^tri -,-t/r "•? : ?! t v;|ftpj?\ti£an <
-' : . n - s.'Jc p'rrif n kl "t .o; ji. -£> •";.• ..-: .-vA • : .X ';--. -' : :- . ;*5 ' S
j r fl /Jin; .a -I'l:-'-? /jitn-f-;^ it^-mu^i :..hef-';^sia' ';tl]g[*t- :
f; .y "h^re: ; ' r/hi : .i.^.>.e JIiVo. _: valldV^^'fxna'r-obJec-,
';f«]y^'l>ak'^H?tV^e^&r&^tfhjanip.s.oji. c
; .^.'H^r':;K'r i nV.^: : .ra:'i-.RV k \u25a0ftaJTisValtHi's' -a.nd
;Vit^^K^^^' 3^^^^^. 1 -^ 3 ,' Ari
;.o^les'f.ii^Wilrji;V i< ?^i^ i H..,NiifiiU^r! s Toidgiit
y \^S lpkoXnpv{q^';\-f<~.%l\^ \^riATii two years
! |''^^6V.;"^ji'p ; w»rff[/u^bfe'-]tp,J,iase.' ! - their fOp->
; \u25a0^vjwsttr.oij 1 "; : iiei;tir<i iri-,.;'ihW; lower
: : /::n;oysX-- : -''^h'.ornEsqifc :wa> j a. -ciean '•'assern -
• ..?>" y^n an \u25a0•Sn<J. : -lT§ liaß.':b6eji ls 4 = c ? p a-"n :.spna
vc'tbr;^^^^> ' •!?*••= •'''•\u25a0.•" c-'-V^'T^j'^.v 1 "\ : ;*:*-^-
• fi 'v /\
c : r fn4s. "t« belieyV-ttrat-Thomp-
X !f=.aa.wiH. \u25a0.^eli'b'e-J'-at.eJy pro 'about doing up
; s¥h.f». Vest:' 6f-ti;e -.state lor; Jtfefev benefit of
\u25a0.y/l.josVA'n^e-l.eSi.'.-Tbe objection to Thomp
;.?:f fl&.-:}afs-.-.«hai):m"anc. o.f the r«apportion
'\u25a0 ,:_j^fTjt:^corfii&ii<pee.'. is. ftas»6d. <ti the con
l.^.t'SiQ'&Q ithat .xTo'Lo^l'Angeles; Sart Frati
" -vr/ iVlame'da .cownty 'ma|i. 'should
; ; "l.*eA<i,'_t:itat Itqnrmittee. : Dos' Atigeles. is
.\^an.k]r'-'j'n, v tli'e-- opf n . to make a/des
.;:^»*-rnjfp".ii'Kht for; all "It can get. I A'"i.os
.r-^.nirVi^s =.*ounts/clrjiifma*i Will 'he slib
•'\lrii'-r> v }. ". to trercQiiiious home, pressure
;.>-EHi'iJ>"lys\. failure • ?o- yield will.. subject
. ..!4".K? ; °.th< 1 .chjirge of .disloyalty, to his
;\u25a0 .fi'wh'-jieopie..:".. •".'•-.• •\u25a0.\u25a0".'..
\u25a0]': "tlje/Jtowi that would go «p
. 'firc&ia ; :fsOfz Anpß»-lj?s'lf 'it were suggested
V;. l!Va.i : -a--Sarr.Frkn<'isc6 senator was slated
'.; -\u25a0t : o:: : "h*^cf." Xhe oommittfe charged witli
.; "TeSpportioning ; the -'.state. San Fran
.; iii^c/f'ii&Ti not a. citizen in or out of the
;'iegi£Jaiure fttif.l .Los ' Angeh-s would
• trust.iri.that.place:-" San. Francisco and
.-Wanif^i^. -icouri.tus.' T&ay : .get some-con
•.'^OilaLUlJn'-Jput of the- belief, that of "all
t;^. Los. An£ele^<:dese^attop Thompson
:.:wpuld be least offensive in. that place.
utten of Kyrolta;' or Birdsall of
'.• -PJa<?er, Hv<mi.3.> "have besn: generally sat
•\u25a0 fsf^-ctor-y- \u25a0i:hoi«i*s for the chairmanship
tlie'i* reapporlfonraont oommittee.
Their districts .are far enough from the
\u25a0; Wg t-ities t«» protect them a^aJiist any
> f h'arges of bia.-? other than such charge's
• -.as might grow out of chalking of dis
trict lines for ; tjiemsejve«. Those
\ charges, local In effeci. are inevitable.
Cbtteh flcw'for>ig same and his
•v.'^m* 4 is r «n the t-oriforence »Uate for
v «'ljairin;in'of the finance comrnitttw. the
„,""« " biff bet in the', *»enato, and the
• . Mace that l>y courtesy has \u25a0 alway?
•.-..hern Wt ' to the J^t^rrni nation of the
•" poyjernqr- Th*» chairipah of the finance
. -•icouiniitteo can do much to embarrass or
..•std vantage the governor. The gover-
• it nor's 'id^pemierifce upon the co-opera
. t ion <>"f-. the senate finance and assembly
-. .\\*says and means <bmmlttee is so
I' marked that .they have been called tiie
.' jrovt-rnor's . «-ommitli?es, and the chief
.fTcecptive.' .has be*>n allowed "hot
?'»lone ,to " n'ajne their <!jairmfn, but
•;.io" ; deto.rminfc their membership. The
;. selection of a chairman of the finance
;..-f-omm!ltPeis the selection of the gov
;'/<ppnor> right . ha :rd man In the senate.
.•.lf-3ohn'*;qn is agreed with the confer
\ •eSace''-*!ate. h<» has picked in Cutten an
" iW botlii capable and aggressive, and
.-.\u25a0\u25a0 who, a^.a first' termer'in the senate
; >joyt*d- A litrge" degree of Gillett's enn-
[\u25a0'.'• Ed' -.Tyrrell of -A lambda county^ wlto
*;' ; wiH'*entcr the senate distinguished as
•Mayor Mott's private socretary : and
'-\u25a0\u25a0'" conqueror of prairk LeavittJ ptit m v*
:.-:bid frfr-'Oatten'e old place at the head
'•.Jot' t.ly -< ! ommittee on r^ba tiles and l»ank—
:.ingj. H«r friends .say that be considers
••••thie.fnStter closed. Asa matter of pass
\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0Tnjz>interest it may be remembereJ by
• ..\u25a0jLJibse whb had tho" "jnsjrie" of the last
v:>poate "«rsanizati«in that Leayltt sot
\u25a0the. l chairmanslup of the banks andj
V-b'arikJnpr committee for' CuUcn after a
' ; : desperate ft^ht to break the slate 'orri
C;-\vhJHi the place had -.been programmed;'
;.;c.t..«v<;iem- Bates. •= - ".'\u25a0>
•-.'•: -One of the leaks from tli*» Santa Bar
•'..;.>T>a'ra* ro'nferenw srives "liirk" Welch the
•V \iia?r/i>aifiskip <»f the committee oncoai'-
navig^tioji. vice I^eroy A.
:--.'-TCrig4u-;ofc 'San Die^-o. Wrisrjjt may
.. : ..'sVan t d. w-ell enpugli with the new or
-.-.^anization" to succeed VA Strotiridge as
.•'.!-chair.m'an,of the r fommittee t oti cngross
•\u25a0 lwertf and -enrollmept. *
:iSj«ial: iSj«ial Dupsich to The Call]
•'• '. \u25a0$VIl/DSOR. '"Dec. l ; -«^An. attempt *wa^
''-•S^Lde: early this 'morning to rob the
•pbstofflce here. Th«> fjob was 4 badly
. *un^led'an^ nothing was secured, the
. .burglars apparently having: been scared
- ,a'vfay. Clara E. Simmons, post
:.' Kiastep, found tools which had. been
•. "Reared from a" nearby blacksmith shop. ',
The corr>^i/n«tion of tlie safe was blown,:
•' off. . . - \u25a0 ;. i
Grove L Johnson,
;;:Who Has Resigned
\u0084 jFrorn the Assembly
Defeated at Recent Election and
,:: \u0084 Would Have Retired
\u25a0• SACRAMENTO^ Dec. I.—Assembly
man .Grove L. Johnson, representing the
Seventeenth assembly district in Sac
ramento county, resigned the office to
day. He sent in his resignation to
Governor Gillett and the governor ac
cepted it. His term would have ex
pired on 0 January I.
|.:-'",T.he veteran assemblyman is confined
i;'aV;h!s home, being slightly indisposed,
\u25a0and .when called up on the telephone
:.Mf=," Johnson answered. She said that
ith/enefwas no reason given for his res
\u25a0j^natign, and that Johnson did not de
\u25a0^i'r'e .to discuss the matter.
.;.. Johnson was defeated for renomina
| •tfohlat the primary election by Charles
•RfSsfv and later at the general election
3ve was defeated again by Ross. John
;;son was the nominee of the Prohibition
.Jsts, having received one vote at the
/•primary on the Prohibition ticket.
His Esthetic Sense So Offended
. . \ He Arrested Dancer
Madame Pavlowa. the Russian dan
.seuse who wa« carried away by the
American "turkey trot," As seen on the
Barbary coast, does not hold the same
views as Policeman P. B. Mahoney.
: ' But Pavlowa is an artist when it
comes to dancing, while Policeman Ma
•honey's art is confined chiefly to cov
.erinp.his beat at regular intervals and
•swinging a night stick where it will do
the .'-most good. Mahnncy's disagree
merit with the views of Pavlowa oc
curred late Wednesday night when he
arrested Eugene 11. Wesser during a
dance at Eighteenth and Castro streets.
Wesser was before Acting Judge Ber
nard Flood yesterday for disturbing the
peace. >
"It was .something scandalous, your
honor." declared Mahoney. Every one
was dancing . perfectly proper except
this young man. * I . first noticed him
doing: the 'vralk'back,' then I saw Wes
ser start the 'turkey trot.' It almost
made me blush, judge, and I've been on
the force for years. I signaled him to
'cult it out.' but he paid no attention.
It got so bad that many of the other
dancers left the floor *to watch him.
Then I arrested him."
Judge Flood permitted the man to go
with a mild reprimand.
Charged With Stealing From
Tannery and Killing Cattle
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
VAL.I-.K.TO. Dec. I.— Daniel McFadden
and William Schaeffer, the two ,San
Francisco young men arrested in San
Francisco for the theft of a large num
ber of hides from .the Santa Rosa-
Vallejo tannery east of this city and
the ruthless slaying of cattle in Splano,
Xapa ami Sonoma counties, managed
to secure their liberty for a few mo
ments yesterday. "
Louis Ferrari, formerly assistant dis
trict attorney of San Francisco, . who
represented them at the arraignment at
Fairfield yesterday, asked that they be
released on habeas corpus, but this was
refused. Jte then asked tor the dis
missal of the cases, alleging^ that the
complaints were not Specific enough.
This was granted.
The men were promptly rearrested
by Sheriff McDonald and brought to, the
city jail, here and new- complaints
sworn out against them. • « « ;
Mrs. Magdalena Eichoff Called
by Death After Long Illness
(Special D'.rpalch to The Call] • , ,
STOCKTON,' Dec. l! — Magdelena
Eichoff. mother" of " Fred 11. Johnson,
chief deputy county, clerk, died yester
day, at .the Jidme of _ her -son, ,' Joseph
Johnson, 522 East Sppora street, after"
an illness of several weeks. *-Mrs. Ei-
Hioff ltad been a resident of ijan Joa
.'iuin county for man^ years. She leaves
the following sons and daughters**
Fred 11., HerrasTin antl Joseph Johnson ami
Mn». A. H. Kinc-aiii. Mr*. UinK Bodpson.* Mrs.
Barbara Soxlon. Mrc. Helen Murphy Mrs.
Mary Harris of Redding. » * *
1/ Natural - ,O ;
Alkaline Water m-
A delightful table m!smk
> water with highly , wwwBB
medicinal qualities
Ask your ' Physician
Owned ty end bottled
tinder the direct control !g£zs&3!-:g';
of tie French Govtrnment P^jilpP
Not Genuine 4 '^^ffl
without the word 4
Simple Ceremony Marks Be
ginning of Eighth Term as
Mexico's President
— - \u25a0\u25a0./ .
\u25a0 .:•:•• \u25a0' \u25a0 : • • \u25a0',: J \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0
m MEXICO CITY, Dec. I.— President
Porfirio Diaz tonight Issued to the As-
iociated Press the following message
iddressed to all nations on the occasion
if his inauguration for the eighth time
s chief executive of Mexico:
• "It is very gratifying to me, to say
chat my heart Is full of faith in the
>rogress of a people, who, like Ithe
Mexican, has known' how. to conquer
>y its own efforts, a place among the
>vers of toil, after having proved its
-alor in war in patriotic defense of
country. 1 am also glad today -more
than ever J can declare that Mexico
belongs definitely to a group of nations
of assured stability, because against
the firm guarantee of peace which :we
possess no influence tending toward its
dissolution can now, or ever, prevail. B[
"4s to the relations between Mexico
and the United States and other friend
ly nations, never have they been more
cordial, as was indicated in a convinc
ing^manner during the celebration of
the' centennial of Mexico's independ
Peaceably, and seemingly as a happy
termination of the turmoil through
which the nation has just passed, the
ceremonies attending the taking of the
oath of fealty by Diaz and Ramon Cor
ral, recently re-elected to the presi
dency-*and the vice presidency, respect
ively.cwere held without incident today.
There will be no change in the per
sonnel of the cabinet. In accordance
with custom, each offthe ministers sub
mitted his resignation to the chief ex
ecutive through the minister of foreign
relations. Each was asked, however, to
retain his portfolio.
Following is the cabinet as reap
of forelßn relations — Enrique C. Creel.
Minister of Justice — Justino Fernandez.
Minister at public Instruction and arts — Justo
Sierra. . - '
Minister of fomento— Olejrario Molina. ..
Minister of communications and public works —
eandro Fernandez.
Minister of war and marine — General Manuel
Gonzales Cosio.
The inauguration ceremonies oc
curred in the temporary quarters of
the chamber of deputies in the palace.
The hall was undecorated, plain and
A feature of the inauguration was
the f distribution among the poor of
thousands of dollars' worth of food and
blankets by the Circle of Friends of
President Diaz.
Rebels Rout Government Force
EL PASO. Tex., Dec. 1. — The follow
ing dispatch, dated yesterday, was re
ceived this morning from the, Asso
ciated Press staff correspondent at Chi
huahua city:
"A serious clash at Padernalles, 50
miles west of here, took place yesterday
between 150 government troops and a>
somewhat larger body of insurgents.
The soldiers are said to have been fired
upon from roofs and 'windows while
marching through the streets of tho
"Passengers arriivng by train tonight
declare that those of the government
forces who were not killed or wounded
,were taken prisoners. These \u25a0 rumors
jare also current among the soldiers at
; -the barracks, but Gerferal Plata, in
command of the military zone, stated
that his report showed nine government
soldiers killed and that 27 insurgents
were slain." . • •
Thomas Miller, an El* Paso mining
man, writes from Sonora that armed
bands of men may be seen in the hills
of. that state, and it is thought that
there is an organized movement among
the \u25a0 anti-government sympathizers in
that region.
Many Americans are bringing their
families out.
Passengers arriving here this morn
ing direct from Madera, Chihuahua, on
the first train that has come out of
there since November 22 declare that
every town along the line of the Chi
huahua and Pacific railroad between
Chihuahua and Madera except one is
held by insurgents, and that there has
been considerable fighting in the moun
tains and many wounded federal troops
have been brought into the towns.
Insurrectos Hold Many Towns
,DOUGLAS, Ariz., Dec. 1. — R. S. Gar
ate, a mining prospector, experienced
in Mexico since 18S2, arrived here last
night from- the country northwest of
Chihuahua, reported in the hands of the
rebel leader Madero. Garate says the
rebels are holding more than 200 miles
of territory, extending from the dam
at Chubiscar, which controls the Chi
huahua water supply to. the Sonora bor
der. . i
The rebel stronghold in this district
is Pinos Altos, .where Madero's main
body of men is supposed to be. Sub
ordinates of the rebel leader, command-
Ing flying squadrons, are reported
spreading out and taking in the towns
and cities. The headquarters of one
group is at Guerrero City. *
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Commuter Brings Action Over
Charges Between City and
Tiburon Landing
Formal complaint against the in
crease by the Northwestern Pacific
railroad in the fare between this city
and /Tiburon and Belvedere was filed
with" the railroad commission yester
day morning by Charles Paff, a resident
of Belvedere.
Paff alleses in his- complaint that
prior to"October, this year, the North
western Pacific ran boats' directly be
tween San Francisco and Tiburon and
that they have taken, off these direct
boats and compelled passengers for Ti
buron or Belvedere to.' go to Sausalito
and thence to Tiburon, necessitating a
transfer at Sausalito. He further al
leges that the monthly commutation
tickets now cost $4 instead of $3; that
single fare round trip tickets are sold :
at 40 cents instead, of 25 cents, as
formerly, ' and • that ".a single one way
fare is 25 cents instead of 15 cents. He
asks that the former rates be restored
and that the company be ordered to
again place the direct boats in opera
tion. .- S-: '\u25a0'-'-\u25a0- \u25a0 .'- ' \u25a0
, The increase in the fare between this
city and Tiburon and Belvedere was
made several weeks ago.;
J. J. Geary, general freight and pas
senger agent* of the road, said yester
day that the^company had been Com
pelled to discontinue the direct boats
because of small travel by that 1 route
and because of such,little freight going
that way. The citizens of Belvedere
and Tiburon asked for better service,
and were told they could have it if they
would stand an increase in the fares.
This they agreed to, according to Geary,
but since the increases have gone into
effect' several have become dissatisfied,
and yesterday's complaint is the result.
Pastor at St. Vincent's, Vallejo,
Taken to Stockton
[Special Dispatch lo The Call]
VALLEJO, Dec. I.— Rev. Father O. P.*
Doogan, who has been pastor of Sti
Vincent's church of this city for 40
years and who is one of the* best
known of the Dominican fathers on
the Pacific coast, Js seriously ill at St.
Joseph's hospital, Stockton. He was
taken there a few day ago when a
cold developed alarming .symptoms.
A few months afo Father Doogan
was taken seriously ill while celebrat
ing mass and collapsed at the altar.
He went to San Diego to regain his
On account of his advanced years
his condition has caused much alarm
among his parishioners, but reports
from the hospital say that he has
passed the danger point.
Claim Officials Have Not Lived
Up to Anti-Election Pledges
[Special Dhpaich lo The Call]
VALLEJO, Dec. 1.-r-Petit lons for the
recalling" of City T/ustee^ George A.
Tripp and William Herbert, which were
circulated for some time on Mare
island, but which were subsequently
stopped by order of -the civil service
commission under- the ruling that gov
ernment ." mechanics or employes can
not meddle In politics, are being cir
culated on {his side of.ttie bay. ;
The recall is being backed by the
Vallejo trades and labor council, which
declares that it has secured a large
number of signatures and will soon be
ready to .present it to the trustees.
The men are to be recalled because
they have failed to abide by their
promises before election.
Decision of* the Butte County
Superior Court Affirmed
SACRAMENTO, Dec. I.— A decision
handed down by the third district court
of appeal this afternoon affirms the
judgment of the Butte county superior
court in the case of Edward G. Porter,
plaintiff and appellant, versus Edward
Anderson, John B. Carter and Martha
Elizabeth Anderson, respondents." The
original suit was brought. in' December,
1909, on a contract for the exchange of
real estate by .Porter and' Anderson.
Subsequently Anderson sold v some of
the land which he had obtained from
Porter at a good profit and then Porter
sought to have the de^ed set aside. The
decision went against Porter in the
superior court.
Officers Are Elected at Fresno
Conference and This City
Is Favored V
7 FRESNQ, Dec. I.— San Francisco was
selected without opposition as the meet
ing place of the tenth annual conven
tion of the county assessors of the
state in'l9ll at this afternoon's session
of that body in Fresno. The following
officers were elected:
President. M. D. Lask, Shasta county:
vice president. Clarence E. Jarvjs, Ama
dor county; treasurer. G. W. Murray,
Kings county: secretary, Thomas' M.
Robinson, Alameda county.
\u25a0 A state law for. compulsory attend
ance at the convention by all assessors,
their expenses to be. paid by the re
spective counties, was favored by the
A. resolution was adopted asking for
the remedying of present- laws to en
force the payment of premiums of
bonds fon. county officials by the various
counties. '; . , . . ,
The asssessors voted unanimously to
be guided b*y the broad terms of con
stitutional amendment No. 11, adopted
at the last . election, providing, for the
exemption from taxation of mortgages.
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Lfekt Biscuits tkai melt m your moutk
M * \u25a0 Lard is the most commonly used cooking fat/ yet, \u25a0iH r
gj according to well-known authorities, not 10% of the food J
3 cooked with lard digests naturally and easily; "° ' jr l^ /^gj
H ' the other 90%, instead of nourishing the C^>
|| body, merely I clogs sAe^ ; .PT \\ / mft\
wi ' * v \u25a0• • * 1 1 1 • <fc * -^ w ''" > 7^! ' Tv */U ?1w nu \'~\
ffl . Cottolene is as pure, nutritious and whole- x\NJSHS)Hi7 fl
M some as olive oil, 1 and makes food which any stomach
II can digesjt. \u25a0s It is "more economical than lard because *^^t^ fc^fij
fl^ Cottolene shortens J^our food; lengthens your life. 2 §P!
Sah Rafael Will Be Scene of
Enthusiastic Gathering
of Citizens
[Spezul Dispatch to The Call]
SAX RAFAEL. Dec. 1. — At R o'clock
tomorrow, nlsrht President George Han
sen of the Marin promotion league will
call to order the most enthusiastic
mass meetliig ever held on this side of
the bay.
State Senator Martlnelli will make
the general address and Colonel E. S.
Clprico, secretary of the league, will
add a number of practical suggestions.
Plans for Improved transportation be T
tween San. Rafael. San Anselmo, Ross^
Kentfield, Larkspur, Corte Madera,
Mill Valley, Sausalito, Belvedere,
Tiburon and other neighboring towns
will be presented and committees ap
pointed to further such plans into im
mediate execution. All present will be
asked to sign the booster's pledge and
secure the enrollment of their friends.
Extensive advertising will be carried
on in the east and west. Funds will
be raised by subscription, but no lar"ge
amounts will be accepted. The league
does not wish to be controlled by the
wealthy class.
Toii naturally feel secure. Vhen'you
know that the medicine you are about
to take Is absolutely pure and contains
n» harmful or habit producing: dru^s.
Such a medicine Is Dr. , Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the great Kidney, Liver
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. The same standard of purity, strensrth
and excellence 1» maintained In every,
bottle of Swamp-Root.
Swamp-Root Is scientifically con\-
pounded from vegetable herbs.
It Is not a stimulant and Is taken In
teaspoonful doses.
It Is not recommended for every-
It is nature's ftreat helper In reliev-
ing and overcoming kidney, liver ami
bladder troubles.
A sworn statement of purtty Is with
every bottle of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-
( . If you need a medicine, you shouM
have the best.' . ;
If you are already convinced that
Swamp-Root is what you need, you
will find It on sale at all drus scores
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one dollar.
i| Sampls Bottle of Swamp-Root Frca by Man _
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co.. Btnsnam-
ton X V.. for a sample bottle, free by
mail—it will convince any one. You
will also receive a booklet of valuable
Information, telllnar all about the kid-
neys. When writing be sure to men-
tion The San Francisco Dally Call.

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