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American Boy Scout Directors
to Sue Editor for Three
quarter Million
Publisher Tried to Get Entire
Organization Into His
Personal Control
[Special Dhpclch io The Cell]
XE^V YORK. Dec. 12.— At the head
quarters of the American Boy Scouts.
The Call's correspondent was informed
tonight that W. R. Hearst, who ap
peared before the district attorney last
weeic and lodged a complaint against
the directors of that semi-military or
ganization, would be sued by three of
the directors for libel General James
n Obeirne. C. P. Devare and James F.
-IcGrath will each ask damages in th<*
suru of $250,000. This was decided at
a meeting of the directors held tonight
s-t 233 Broadway.
The suits are now being prepared
and win reveal some inside workings
<v Hearsts political agents.
McGrath said tonight:
"Heam had been a member* of our
organization since May p. mo, but
pursuing his old absentee habit as* a
congressman, had attended but one
meeting. This was held at the Hotel
*\ aMorf Astoria November 23."
Hearst, through his counsel, Clarence
f he&rn - had prepared -a constitution
" d cyiaws which practically placed
t..e entire organization throughout the
Cnited States in Hearst's personal
control, whereby it could be used for
his own personal, political aggran
"A deliberate attempt was made by
Hearst, through his attorney. Shearii
to secure the signature of the secretary
to.a set of minutes, but had not been
prepared by the secretary at the Wal
dorf hotel meeting.
"After resigning in a huff at the Wal
r.orf meeting because the majority of
The board of directors refused to do
bis bidding. Hearst attempted to put
:nto the American boy scout office a
reporter fro mthe Evening Journal,
who. when thus employed, served as a
polit!cal organizer.
\u25a0Heai-st also arrogated to himself the
appointment of Shearn to act as coun
sel for the American Boy scouts with
out the consent of the board, and de
ppipte the fa^t that a majority of the
oirectors believed that much better
counsel could be secured at a lower
"Congressman T^evy Is playing Fido
to Hearst with The idea that Hearst
w!H g-ive him publicity as a United
States senator from N>-w- York.
"O'Reilly. Hearst's private secretary,
••ras with Levy at luncheon at the cafe
?ai*arin recently and Levy made a bid
for Hearst's support to Mr.. O'Reilly.
"Shearn, acting for Hearst, sum
rr.oned me to his office December 3, and
there threatened that if I did not ally
myself with Hearst, he (Shearn>. would
pet Hearst to break up the American
Boy scout movement in America,
'"v^e have received no letter of resig
nation from Admiral Dewey, as print T
ed in the Hearst newspapers."
Home of Political Organization
Partly Destroyed by Fire
JfBW YORK, Dec. 12. — Tammany
ha!l, the "wigwam" home of the famous
political organization known as the
Tammany society, was partly destroyed
by fire today. There was a fear of the
blaze communicating to nearby build
ings, including the old Academy of
Music, the Olympic music hall and the
Cer.tral hotel.
The flames, however, were confined
to the interior of Tammany hall itself.
Torrents of water were poured into the
hig structure and the greater % part of
the damage was caused by this* deluge.
Tanur.any hall stands in East Four
teenth street In the heart of the old
tirr.e theater district and one now
thickly dotted "with ancient buildings,
many of them of lnflammafcle char
George S. Myers Held to Have
Been of Unsound Mind
will of the late George S. MyeYs, the
St. Louis millionaire tobacco manufac
turer, was declared Invalid today by
Judge Foster. The court held that Mr.
Myers wa« of unsound mind when he
executed the instrument last April. The
contest over the will involved property
valued at $6,500,000, mostly in Kansas
City and St. Louis.
Septon R. Moutrey Borne to
Grave by Pioneers
BAN JOSE. Dec. 12.— The funeral of
Septon RHey Moutrey. »the last of the
party who in 1546 rescued Fome forty
members of the Dormer party when
they were starving at Dormer lake, in
£be Sierras, wa.« held this morning from
the family residence in St. Mary's
street. The pioneers were in charge,
and the interment was at Saratoga.
San Jose Tobacco Dealer Must
SAX JOSE. Dec 12.— T. C. Gullic. a
local tobacco dealer, was sentenced this
morning: in the police court to pay a
fine of $25 for having sold tobacco to
smell boys.
NEW YORK. Dec. 12. — When he was
told that he was about to die. aged
?alvatore Tollizzano, mortally wound
ded November . 30 by three revolver
bullets," today told the Hoboken police
lie had been shot for declining to pay
:rlbute to blackmailers. Shortly after
making his statement. the man died. A
"arrant charging murder has been
:ssued for a man supposed to be a life
long friend of the victim.
_ LISBON. Dec 12.— The court of ap
3^¥ss today recommended the proceed
n'Jf; against former Premier Franco
»nd others, charging him with issu
ng illegal r decrees and making im
jroper expenditures wliile in office, be
Schooner Plowing Through Heavy
Fog Goes Ashore on Goat Island
| Steamer Navarro, which rvenl ashore yesterday on Goat island, and Captain Hoffman, master of stranded coaster. \
Thick Weather Causes Much
Confusion to Mariners in
the Harbor
A ttrte fog. the thickest and longest
lived that has blanketed the bay in
many months, yesterday made naviga
tion about the harbor a game of hide
and peek. To such good purpose did
the mariners in charge of floating prop
erty use their ears and eyes that, al
though the air seemed filled with a bed
lam of bells and whistles, no serious
accident occurred. There were, many
close calls, and one steam schooner,
lost after entering the harbor, went
ashore under the cliff at the northweEt
end of Yerba Buena, where watching
the salvage operations afforded an aft
ernoon's entertainment' for the boys at
the naval training station.
The most serious accident was the
stranding of the steam schooner Xa
varro. The Navarro was from Crescent
City with a cargo of lumber, an/1 all the
wary from Point Arena its progress had
been through a. heavy fog." Captain C.
G. Hoffman, master of the coaster, had
been on the bridge all night and was
congratulating himself that his long
vigil was at an end when the steamer
hit Goat island. The fog had cleared
as the steamer entered the harbor, but
shut down thicker than ever after the
Navarro passed Alcatraz.
The next stop was Goat island. The
steamer was going slowly, and is
thought to have escaped serious dam
age. Its bow touched the steep hillside
and the spit of. land on the starboard
side was so close that a man falling
overboard would have been more likely
to break his neck on the rocks than get
drowned in the water. .
The Navarro went ashore at 9 o'clock
in the morning and. it was expected
would float at high tide -last" night.
Assistance was sent the "stranded
steamer and part 'of the cargo' taken
off in lighters. Captain Hoffman" said
that the fog was so thick that he Jost
his bearings and had to guess at the
amount of leeway he was making.
He guessed about 20 yards short and
went ashore.
The navy tug Vigilant contributed
two collisions to the day's excitement.
The first, off Goat island, was with the
ferry steamer Berkeley bound to the
city on its 7:30 o'clock a. m. trip. The
Berkeley was crowded with passengers
and when the Vigilant,^ head on.*
struck the ferry steamer's guard, thpre
was something •of a panic on The
Southern Pacific boat.
Captain Blaker, pilot of the Berke
ley, had heard the Vigilant's whistle
and Captain Lockyer of the Vigilant
was aware of the Berkeley's close
proximity but could not locate the
steamer with sufficient accuracy to
miss it. The Vigilant was making lit
tle headway and the damage was lim
ited to the big gash that the navy tug
cut in the ferry steamer's guard.
The Vigilant did more serious. dam
CUR CREDIT TERHS as foflows: j
I Accounts opea for men and \ro- I "
| opgy k vjaflijsGs TurraL xmas. |
*HE- SAN iM^^o«G|iii^pfiM^DE^MßEß^l3^M<);
age on its next trip from Goat Island
when it ran into the steamer Van
guard as the lattor was backing away
from Union street wharf. The Vigi
lant tore away 15 feet of the Van
guard's guard on the port quarter and
dented its own nose. V.
T he fog;, which was low and unusu
ally dense, interfered with navigation
until about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Up to that time the ferry steajners ran
on hourly schedules and vessels due
to go to sea postponed their departure.
Ole T. Olsen Says She Always
"Hoodooed"; His Luck
Prayers and poker in the one house
hold did not appeal to -Ole T. Olseh ifc
a seasonable or proper mixture, and
serious quarrels with his wife. Alma
Olsen, resulted. Ole was the poker
player and Alma deeply offended him
by bringing him bad luck- through her
prayers, as Tie claimed. _ ' '.- ' '.*
"Hp said T was. his hoodoo,", .testi
fied Mrs. Olsen 'in iJudgre Graham's
court yesterday in the trial; of her
suit for divmrce. "He got very angry
with me and said he never could win
at poker so long as I Wept praying.
I wa? !fis Jinx, he told me."
Mrs. Olsen stated that. she would hot
stop praying in order to assist her
hue-band win at poker, and he became
more violent against her. On one oc
casion he kicked her out of bed at
night, and . with her. child she waa
obliged to seek shelter with a neighbor.
Olsen' ' Is . a carpenter, earning $5 a
day*, but most of this he lost at the
poker table, -testified .the- wife, and
therefore was unable' to maintain -his
family. Judge" Graham granted. Mrs.
Olsen a divorce. - . . - "...
' It's well to mix a little self-suspicion
with polf-respect". -
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9x12 Axmlnstkr\^u^:'^2p-
; Arnew rug-will make the old'tfome look. like a- new^ home ' after Xhristmas. '\u25a0•\u25a0-'\u25a0\u25a0
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Christmas Terms
Come and See the Hundred* i^pf^PrdcticaVFurm^re^ifis,
Two Children Receive Nearly
All of Property Valued 1
at $2,200,000
;. Practically the 'entire ; CaliforniaVes
tate of D. O. Mills, appraised at $2,200, -
000, was ordered 'distributed yesterday
by Judge Graham to the -two children
of the decedent, Ogden Mills arid Mrs:
"Whitelaw Reid, wife of the ambassador
to (?r,eat Britain, i "- 1 ; \ ; >: ; \u25a0•; \u25a0 .;
-', .Ogde^. Mills; testified -it hat, there; are^
no- debts dUeJby\ tlie estate' or.'unsatis- 1 !
fied\.claims and thatrs4oo-,000 willediby
his father .".to, charity, ihad .been paid
from: the "New. Ybvk". portion'" of the' es
tate. ~. >.t~ : \u25a0-" '\u25a0-"[" [- y >: ;.\-:; :'-\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0.
- The property^, divided yesterday . be
tw'en the two'heirs includes $250,000 In
cash, mor? than; sl,ooo,ooo' worth of gilt
edged securities and- realty, in several
counties. Among the realty- is the Mill-,
brea ranch in San Mateo county and the
reside.nee there. ' , '•• . ':'•'. , .. .
- Corporal -James J.- Barry -.-of * the
Fifty-seventh company; coastTartillery
corps, attempted , to commit -suicide, at
the 'Prpsldio yesterday. '. morning, by
shooting /.himself;' through- thej 'mouth,
with, his rifle.- It is expected' that* he
will die. \u25a0 • ' "•- • 1 k'r'i s- \u25a0 \u25a0 - \ : : '
Manager L. Hi Bill Gives Sbnw
•; r-. Interesting^Facts About
f tKe FactiDfy^ JC
It is always, 'a pleasure to. meet a
\u25a0man';whoris- enthusiastic. This is- es
pecially : true -when, he 'has somethingr
to be enthusiastic over. \u25a0\u25a0 . This" applies
to'lManaVer- L.- : H.?'Bill,- of' the local
branch of Thomas' B. Jeff ery. company.
Bill in speaking of , the factory that
builds ; the' Rambler says: , - 7
. TVithathe; experience gained" and
r ample • capital accumulated • in' the
..manufacture ;of Rambler -bicycles, -
the Thomas ,B. -Jeff ery company
• • commenced the; manufacture 1 of
• '.Rambler automobiles in -\u25a0 1901 un
: der . -the- most;- favorable auspices.^ j
-->The. Rambler was of the earliest
.production of 'the 'American made
; automobile,', and from the. first .the
Thomas. 8., Jeffery: company made
-practically all the, "* component
'parts .of Rambler \u25a0 cars. c.Manufac
turing all the parts "of-' the -Ram
| rblerV f rom ; the raw, iinaterial, they gj
,' saved the, middleman's profl/. Con
... sequently they, could, and did, as
: - sume .an independent- position : in
V the' trade In the matter of prices
as well as policy- in marketing
their ' product. \u25a0---'.-:.
.From "the very \first a low "price
\u25a0•• was. set Jon I " Rambler cars, and -es
. ' pecial^".' lpw.~. prices', were , e&tab
f lished-for the -component parts of
the car : s0 ;as Mo .make, the' repair
bills, or upkeep, of' ;the -Rambler
•' automobile as low." as _possible,"and : •
.also -to <make<it possible to , keep
. Rambler cars in running order in- .
definitely. -/True, the first Ram- .
bier cars, i like all other automo
biles' of those days, were :more or
. less Imperfect, but, as the automo
bile was improved the Thomas B.
.Jeffery company invariably : ar
ranged as far as possible to apply .
- the improvements •on the old
•. models. ,
".As a result, we find single cylln
- der and two \u25a0 cylinder Rambler
cars running and. doing good work
. everywhere. \u25a0 In its broad term
.this can not be said of any other
. car. The Rambler factory has
brought its production up to
. 2.500; automobiles per . year, and
since 1901 has shipped and sold •
. over 20,000 automobiles. Supply
. ing all' these cars with parts as
needed, keeping on" hand a stock
of duplicate parts for: the oars
that are .in use, has" brought into
existence the largest automobile
factory in America.
The Rambler factory covers 21
acres of floor space,: and has over
1,000 pieces of the . most modern
machinery.* ' besides innumerable
special tools, jigs., dies, patterns,
etc. The Rambler factory Is>' recog
nized among the mechanical au
thorities of the country as a model
plant of economical and scientific
manufacture. Instead of . striving
for the production .of "the largest
number; of \u25a0 cars.' .the Hambler fac
tory • has used its capital and un
limited facilities for producing a
superior car, and by limiting its.
production to- 2,500 cars per annum
a uniform has . been made
poss-ible. Nothing is- done in- a
'. hurry. Every working day : In the
, year the Rambler factory in. run
ning :fullv. force, with.;, no* ;nlght
work, no double shifts, and- no lay
ing off of help: -A;position,-there
fore .in the- Rambler, factory. .ls de- ,
sirable, and consequently, chansres'
. in ; the ;working .forcetof the fac
tory, especially among men -hold
ing-positions of trust, are- of rare
occurrence, which. -. In turn.* has
developed the factory's -force into
\u25ba % the •most.-skilled.S mechanics'.
\u25a0', I 'Financlalb*.^ the^Thomas ;-B. Jef
,,-fery. company. w;'enjoy. an enviaWe
' reputation. '-"Dun- and v -Bradstreet
. give this, company* Us: highest, rat
ing. ' They- ; haye always been pre- .
'. pared ,to meet any, emergency, and •
. it is noteworthy to mention that
during the financial panic of ,1907 .
-not; a '.man-. in - : the. employ ; of- the
Thomas. B.: Jeffery company was
laid \u25a0 off. and every payday all the
' employes were paid' in full, and
.th» production^ of Rambler ... cars
- and parts continued .uninterrupt
' ' edy. "With ample capital. 10 years'
experience, withnhe finest equipped:
\u25a0 factory in the^world. having the
most skilled and. experienced work
men, and- wltfi an ambition to
. build absolutely the best; it must;
that- the Rambler of today
"^ 'Is. the, equal" (g.tjd In rmany respects
'the superior) >- of-, any." car Jin .the
"•» world." .'Mechanically.^;: we \u25a0\u25a0invite
5 • comparison, .and^'in<-"eJegance>- of • "
rr ' }. finish .and.' -beauty^.'of ;.• appearance
thelSil Ramblercar Is lncompar
•able;-- -.'••-" ••\u25a0\u25a0 ; ' .-•\u25a0-'\u25a0.\u25a0 '--\u25a0'''
Doctors Said He Would Die
A Friend's Advice Saves Lifa
I ' wiea to speak of . th« \u25a0 "wonderful
cUxe.-.that .1 have; received from /yoar
noted Swamp-Root, the "great 'kidney
and bladder i cure.; Last summer I was
taken ; .with • severe pains in \u25a0my . back
and sides.- I could not breathe without
difficulty arid : . was nearly wild with the
desire : to urinate. "Was compelled to
do, so. every 10 minutes with passage
of -j>ure blood with the' urine^ I tried
all the different. doctors from far and
near, but they said It was no use to
doctor, as I would die, anyway. I was
at the end of my^ope and was so mis-
erable with, pain and the thousrht that
I-must die that words can not tell how
I felt. One day a friend told me of
the wonderful help \u25a0- she had received
from Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root. She
gave me one of your pamphlets, which
I, read, and determined to try Swamp-
Root. After taking half a bottle I felt
better. Have now taken 10 bottles and
am : well as I ever was. thanks -to
Swamp-Root. I wish to- tell all suffer-
ing people that have kidney, liver or
bladder' trouble, 'that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root is the' best medicine on
the. market. ,: ... .
. All persons doubting this statement
can write to rrie and I will answer them
directly. . -
i Yours very- truly,,
- Rosalia, Wash.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 23d day of July. 1909.. ....
; VERNE" TOWXE. Notary Public.
;' Dr. .'Kilmer ;& Co., I
DlncbnintoD, . X. V. j
Prove What Swamp-Rooi Will Do for You
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co.. Blnsrham
ton, N. V., for a sample bottle. It will
convince any. one.. You will also receive
a booklet of valuable information, tell
ing all about the kidneys and bladder.
"When writing, be sure and mention
The San ', Francisco Dally Call. For
sale at all drug stores. Price 50c and $1.
Health and Beauty Secrets
V. J.: To keep the scalp clean, sweet
and healthful It Is necessary for many
to shampoo once a week regularly. If
your head Is Inclined to be oily or If
you encounter much flying dust, you
should shampoo weekly. Soaps make
the hair dry,., hard and brittle— and
cause streaks; don'fuse. them, no mat-
ter how delicately perfumed or attrac-
tively colored. You can "depend always
upon canthrox' thoroughly cleansing
your hair and Bcalp. removing all dan-
druff, oil and dust. It makes an abund-
ance of searching yet bland lather. Dis-
solve a teaspoonful of canthrox In a
cup of hot- water, pour a little on the
head at a time, rub as you would with
any shampoo: then rinse well. Your
hair will dry quickly and evenly, so
that It Is easy to do ' up, and it will b©
so light, bright and fluffy that it will
seem as if you have twice as much as
before your shampoo.
Mrs. X.: It is true your husband
took you "for better or for worse." but
I do not blame him 'for- urging you to
do something: for your falllne hair, for
a partly bald woman is about the most
unattractive sight I can imagine. You
can postpone the "for worse" many
years if you will. The hair responds
quickly to proper treatment. Use can-
throx for shampoolnfr and rub into the
scalp and hair 'roots twice a week a
quinine tonic, which you can make at
home at little cost as follows: G«t
from your drueplst one ounce of quln-
zoin. dissolve it .in one-half pint of al-
cohol, then add one-half pint of water,
and shake well. This inexpensive tonic
feeds the follicles and gives the hair
new . strength and life. It prevents
dandruff and itching scalp, and keeps
the hair clean, soft and silky. Quin-
zoln will not change the color of the
hair, but it will heighten the natural
color and jrivft it luster. It will stop
your hair falling out when you comb
It. and will tend to make it grow in
thick and long. \u25a0 .. .
Blanche !«.: To be. sure, you are
likely to get fatter during the winter
months unless you take proper steps
to prevent the accumulation of excess
flesh. In fact, you are even now en-
tirely too stout for one of your height.
Get from- your drug, store four ounces
of pamotisand dissolve It in 1H pints
of hot water. Then take a tablespoon-
ful .before each meal. This remedy is
harmless and a rapid flesh reducer that
will not make It necessary for you to
half starve yourself to keep from sret-
ting too fat $ — -
L. T.: No person's eyes will remain
clear and "bright under all conditions.
If yours are inclined to become dull,
expressionless, red and inflamed -when
exposed to sun. dust or "wind, you can
easily remove the trouble 'by dropping
one"or two drops of crystos eye tonio
In each eye. Make this tonic yourself.
J.ast'jret an ounce of .crystos from your
druggist and' dissolve it in a pint of
warm water. That is all there Is to
this 'simple remedy, but it is so good
The inside front cover of Col-
lier's for December 17th will show*
a handsome picture of a Garford
But, Jbtmousmes are not really
the point of— Never mind, we will
explain it in the Gbllier ad.
Send for Gr-8 Preliminary Circu-
lar explaining tvhywe are obliged
to make our cars die best.
ELYRIA, 0., U. S A.
(Licensed ; nnder Sdden Patent)
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J| Our seven great floors il
fare filled with offerings S,
that make the finest of |'•
g Christmas Gifts; fur- jr
« niture for the horns. II
I which will be appre-* f . . 1"
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delig h t e d with the K
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e little money at Fred-
i cricks*. >
f Investigate Our System \u25a0 .%*
cf Chzrgc Accountx
.+ ! ! -»
| -Want to Borrow Money? 1
that many have been abl« to dispense
with spectacles after using it for a
month or fwo.
B. V,".: Red hairs are no more dis-
figuring on a woman's face than hairs
of "Rny' other color. I 'think you are
too sensitive, but you can easily get
rid of that downy growth on your face
and forearms.' tf you wish. Get from
your druggist, one ounce of delatone.
make a paste by mixing a little of th»
powder with a little water, and apply
to the surface from which you wish to
remove the hairs, allow to remain two
or three minutes, then wipe- off the
paste and -wash thoroughly with warm
water. This treatment will not injure
the skin and can be repeated if the
hairs should return. Two or three ap-
plications will kill the hair follicles for
good. Your druggist will charge you a
dollar for one ounce «f delatone. but T
know of nothing else so good. Tf cer-
talnlv is much cheaper and less painful
than electrolysis.
Miss Patsy: You ask for some conv
plexion beautifler more refined than
powder. Try this: Dissolve four ounces
of spurmax In a half Dint of hot -water.
?dd two teaspoonfuls of . glycerire.
shake w»ll and let cool. Applv to th?
face, neck and forearms with 4 the palm
of the hand and rub gently tntil dry.
Spurmax face "wash cools, freshens and
whitens the skin, does not "shine" or
streak with perspiration, and "holds'*
all day. It prevents freckles, tan. 'red-
ness and roughness. You will be de-
Marht-d with Its delicate daintiness. T
know. \u25a0_
R. F. C: You can make a face cream
without grease that will remove Mack-
heads and cure opfen pores If you .will
get from your druggist one ounce of
almozoin. dissolve It in one-half pint
cold water, add two teaspoonfuls of
glycerine, stir well and let stand over
night. Massage with this almozofn
cream Jelly nfsrhtly and It will pravent
or arrest wrlnkle.s. and soften and- em-
bellish the skin, for it carries Into th«»
cuticle and pores the glow of health
and gives that transparency and satiny
feel so m,uc» desired. It quickly cor-
rects a greasy, coarse skin, effectually
braces It and stimulates it to healthy
action. \u25a0 .
Nancy:' You can not expect'to hav»
a smooth, rosy complexion as lonar as
your blood Is full of impurities from a
deranged liver, which causes thoje
usrly red pimples on your face. "What
you need Is a good, cleansine. system
tonic that will ourify your blood j»nd
enable you to cultivate cood looks. Get
an ounce of kardena from any Amg
store: dissolve it In one-half r>lnt alco-
hol, adding one-half cup susar. then
enough hot water to make, a full quart.
Take a tablespoonful before each meal
and In a short tlm© this good, old fash-
ioned "tonic will clear up your skin of
sallowness, give you a good appetite
and make you feel better and mere en-
ergetic. It will really. Improve yonr
looks a great deal and do you a world
of good. \u25a0 .

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