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Musical Extravaganza to Be
Presented at Central Theater
for Victims of Fire
Mount St Joseph's Asylum to
Benefit by Efforts of the
Young Thespians
Tickets are being sold rapidly and
?eats are being reserved in most en
<H.uraging numbers for the perform
ances of "The Gay Collegian," which
will be given Thursday, Friday and
Saturday evenings at the Central The
ater. Rehearsals are going on smooth
ly and everything points to one of the
lnost successful affairs of the winter.
The clever musical extravaganza, of
which Nat Schmulowitz wrote the book
an.l John Doane Hartigan the music,
\u25a0>vas criprinally presented by the senior
class of the University of California at
thp Greek theater last May under the
r.ame of "The Chasers." Since then it
has b^en rewritten largely and It has
a laugh in every other line at least,
berides many lively tunes.
Fred Carlyle of the University of
O&liforr.ia has trained the dancers and
actors and they will give a perform
r.ni-<* wei! worth seeing.
Apart from the amusement to be
derived from "The Gay Collegian," the
audiences will have a double pleasure
because Mount St. Joseph's orphan asy
lum •will receive the proceeds, and no
institution could be more worthy.
When the orphanage in South San
Francisco was burned lart October the
sisters of charity and about 400 or
p'.ians were made homeless and bereft
of a.l their belongings. Much money is
needed for their relief and this is one
of the ways for the great public to
Tickets and reserved seats are to be
hs.d at Sherman, Clay & Co.'s, and as
the time is short an early application
is recommended. The patronesses of
the affair are:
Mrs. Eleanor Martin Mrs. Florence Porter
Mr>\ Mary A. Tobin Fingtrt
llrr. A:»j.an<Vr Locgh- Mr 6. Clinton Jones
borough I Mrs. California Newton
v.r>. lame? Kin? Strelf tMrs. Prentis* Obb Hale
Mr*. 3. M. Dtrfseol! |Mrs. Edwar<3 L. Baldwin
Mrs." Andrew Carrigan jMrs. Clarence Martin
Mre. .Tssrifs C. Crawford Mann
Mrs. Lsnsinp Keilogg ' Miss Agnes Tobin
Sakima tribe No. 210. Improved Or
rtor of Red Men. elected the follcnvingr
::Hmed ks ohiefs at its last council:
F. S. Ra';hins. sachem: L/mjli 1 Tutors, senior
wipaniow: James A. Mitphoil.- Junior sajcdVlor*';
Mf.rtin 1.. Hauiet 1 . r'ro?>hc»: H. A. <Hto and W.
yon Dahltu. tru?t*o; Oiarl«-s Jlariin Tropj^
u:ann. moflirfn« man.
The members of Wendlgoes council
No. 70. Degree of Pocahontas, Jm
provej Order of Red Men, have chosen
the following named as chiefs for the
1.:.i MilUr. IV,c«h<iats*: AnnJ« OateUl, W«
r-M«ii : r. Ji:!l»«k. Ponrhatm: Clara \'<vd.
inajHwtet*: Ev» Wolff. piaTiitt; Anna Smith.
snuji**-: !»r. Oharlf« Martin Tr«ppm«aß. meflU
- J > * . - \u25a0 \u25a0 , " \u25a0\u25a0
A disagreement about advertising arose with a "Weekly" Jour- Plain common sense shows the better way 1s to stop- food that ;,;\u25a0 Or should the child be at once carted off to a liospftal anal cut?
naL evidently has not been digested. . We have known of many cases wherein the approaching signs
Following it, an attack on us appeared in their editorial columns, Then, when food" is ; required, use an easily digested food. Grape of appendicitis Have disappeared by the suggestion being followed,
sneering at the claims we made, particularly regarding Appendicitis. Nuts or any other if you know it -to be predigested (partly digested No one better appreciates the value of a skilful physician when
before taking)* ' • a person is in the awful throes of acute appendicitis, but "an x)unce
We replied through the regular papers and the "weekly" thought of prevention is worth a poundof cure." _i_ u
.... t . t . . \u0084. _„ _, r„. ... , We brought to Court analytical chemists from New York, Chi-
we hit back rather too hard and thereupon sued for libel. and Mishawaka, Ind., who swore to the analysis of Grape-Nuts ig P"* °* ™ — *"l« -en nowaday, gj
The advertisement the "weekly" attacked us about claimed that barley had becn This trial demonstrated Grape-Nuts food is pure beyond qra-
in many cases of appendicitis an operation could be avoided by dis- transformed into sugar, the kind of sugar produced in the human ; tion.
continuing indigestible food, washing out the bowels and taking a . , \u25a0\u25a0:,. . . t £ JX _
& • - s body by digesting starch (the large part of food). It is partly predigested. ~
predigested food Grape-Nuts. ,
Some of the State chemists brought on by the "weekly" said Appendicitis generally has rise from undigested food.
Observe we said MANY cases, not all. _ __ \u0084 , \u0084 , « j. \u0084,» * ». *. it - '
Grape-Nuts could not be called a "predigested" food, because not all _ . . >• . _.
„,,,,,,,,, e , . , F r & It is not always necessary to operate. ; %
Wouldn't that knowledge be a comfort to those who fear a sur- o£ it was digested outside the body.
geon's knife as they fear death? . £ SSS&S' , \ ;«':\u25a0 It is best to stop all food. /
The other chemists said anjr food which had been partly or half
The "weekly" writer said that was a lie. digested outside the body was commonly known as "pretested." - When ready to begin feeding use a predigested food.
We replied that he was ignorant of the facts. Splitting hairs about the meaning of a word. It is palatable and strong Nourishment. *
He was put on the stan* and compelled to admit he was not a It is sufficien , that if only on e-half of the food is \ . X^T^^
Dr. and had no medical knowledge of appendicitis and never investi- it is easier on weakened stomach and bowels than food in which no contain the clements nature requircs to Slist am the body. May
gated to find out if the testimonial letters to our Co. were genuine. /part is predigested. . we be permitted to suggest a breakfast of fruit, Grape-Nuts and
A famous surgeon testified that when an operation was required To show the facts we introduce Dr. Thos. Darlington, former \u25a0•> cream, two soft boiled eggs, and some hot toast and. cocoa, milk or
Grape-Nuts would not obviate it True. chief of the N. Y. JBoard of Health, Dr. Ralph W. Webster, chief of Postum.
We never claimed that when an operation was required Grape- the Chicago Laboratories, and Dr. B. Sachs, N. Y. The question of whether Grape-Nuts does or does not-contain
T£ \u25a0 .._; . , *• I* -a -j^ « - the elements which nature requires for the nourishment of the- brain,
nuts would prevent it. If we were a little severe in our denunciation of a writer, self- \u25a0. . .„ , \u0084 ,
nu "* . l — \u0084 . also of its punty, will be treated in later newspaper articles.
_, . .. c , , . . r , . . ' - . . . confessed ignorant about appendicitis and its cause, it is possible the
The surgeon testified bacteria [germs] helpeu to bring on an _ ff , p Good fa . rtant and Us fiffect Qn bod .^^
, , . . . \u0084 . , f , c 4.1 public will excuse us, in view of the fact that our head, Mr. CW.
attack and bacteria was grown by undigested food frequently; \u25a0 r * portant.
fl Post, has made a lifetime study of food, food digestion and effects,
We claimed and proved by other famous experts that undigested j xti '%\u25a0 » » « au '~, e-^i? VtT jj i
r J * & and the conelusions are -indorsed by many of the best medical an- ((^r 9 *% 99 \u25a0-
food was largely responsible for appendicitis. . thodties of the day. 1 Here S & KGdSOII
We showed by expert testimony that many cases are healed Is £t possible that we are at fault for suggesting, as a Father '
without a knife, but by stopping the use of food which did not digest, and Mother might, to one of the family "..who announced a pain in the
and when food was required again it was helpful to use a predigested side'i/'Stop using, the food, greasy, meats, gravies, mince ; pie, cheese,; . f\ <\' % f% g
food which did not overtax the weakened organs of digestion. too^much starchy food, &<L, Aci. which has "not been digested, then - F OStIHH 1^6^631 <Lf © M Iwi^ • 5
. When a pain in the right side appears it is not always necessary when again ready for food use Grape-Nuts because it is easy of
to be rushed off to a hospital and, at the risk of death, be cut digestion?** . ; - . .: n ) \u25a0 , Battle Creek, Mich*
"The Gay Collegian" Staged
For the Benefit of Orphans
Tteo pretty girls from the German dance in "The Cay Collegian." From
left to right — Miss Florence Simons and Miss Eline Baily.
City Postal Inspector James O'Con
nell received a summons yesterday to
join his chief, Harry Hall, in the con
ference being held at "Washington, T>.
C, to discuss the establishment of
postal savings banks on this coast. In
spector W. I. Madeira is filling the
positions of both Hall and O'Connell
during their absence.
lish, It. <J<Htl and Ouy H. Elder, who w«e
srrc«t*d prvpral days «t« for etealing three
horses from KrM Je^jnes, 1P49 Pacific ave
nue and soiling (he animal* to a former near
San Joes. wi»r<* cbarf.'6d with jrran.l larceny
yesterday. They will he giTnn prelimioary,
ii««rln« In tbr police court this morning.
THE SAN \u25a0\u25a0Tn^^C{lS(X),/CAIJj,V/TVEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1910.
A musicale was given at the meeting
of the California club yesterday after
noon under the auspices of Mrs. Henry
Eickhoff, chairman of the music com
mittee. The opening number was
"Elsa's Dream," by Wagner, sung by
Mrs. Paul Freygang, soprano. Franz
Meyer played a cello solo, "Roverie,"
by Dunkler. Mrs. Henry Alferitz #aye
a monologue. Ellas Hecht played a
liute solo, "Suite," by Edward German,
and Mrs. Preygansr sang a "Spring;
Song" by Oscar Well,
Francisco, a weryaat, was arrested yeß>erdaf
end charged with robbing the room at Hanrjro
Chlcfino, a seryaot, at SBOO Clay utreat, Mast
of the stolen property was foaad 1b the
prisoner's possession.
Granted Handsome Allowance,
Mrs. Anna Donahoe Comes
to Relief of Wife
Mrs. Anna Meloy Donahoe, widow of
Michael Donahoe, a wealthy oil oper
ator, was yesterday granted by Judge
Graham an allowance of $3,000 a month
from her late husband's estate. But
she did not keep her good fortune all
"to herself. The plight of a deserted
woman with three, young children was
brought to the attention of the widow
by Judge Graham, and Mrs. Donahoe
generously donated $250 to relieve the
needs of Mrs. Sarah Hacker of 451
First street.
When Mrs. Donahoe had been grant
ed $3,000 a month from her late hus
band's estate — she asked for only
$2,500, but the court added an extra
3500 — Judge Graham had Reporter Roy
Gallagher read to her the statement of
Mrs. Hacker. No suggestion was made
to Mrs. Donahoe that she assist, the
destitute family and no suggestion was
needed. She at once turned to her at
torney, Sydney Van Wyck, and directed
him to arrange for the payment of $250
to Mrs. Hacker. The money will, be
turned over in monthly installments.
The Donahoe fortune exceeds $500,
000. The will leaves it to Mrs. Don.a
hoe and her four children.
Presidio Lodge Installs New
Officers and .Has Banquet
At the last meeting of Presidio lodge
No. 354, Free and Accepted Masons, in
King Solomon's hall, the officers for
the ensuing term we^e installed by
the retiring worshipful master, assisted
by Past Master R. E. Greer as master
of ceremonies. The new officers are:
A. E. §>chaumann. wcrghlptul master: H. K.
McKevltt, senior w.irdea; O. M. Cheney, Junior
warden; Andrew Jackson Vlning, treasurer; B.
Li. Hesseltlno, secretary; Herman Locks, chap
lain,; W. J. Weitzenberg, senior deacon; J. B,
WuerschlnK. junior deacon ; Horace Woodward,
marshal; J. B. Batterfleld, senior steward; J.
H. Wellman. Junior stewards Frank G. Watson.
The Installation wag followed by a
banquet. J. B. Glennle, the retiring
master, was given a jewel of his rank
and a set of table silver ware as a
token of fraternal regard.
Mrs. Kate Tatley of 19% Twenty
eighth street, janitreas at the Xiyoeam
theater, 3850 Mission atreet, reported
to the police yesterday that her life
had been threatened by en unknown
man armed with a razor, who con
cealed himself In tha theater &nd ©af
fronted her b & shs opened the door*
for her memlsff work. Mra, Tfttley
struck the stranger nerosi th« ftica
with a short lenafth. of rubber hose,
whleh she uees fee heat eareetiSi The
man reeled bael* frem the blffw and
afra, Tatley fled ta the 1 ptreat, where
she called for help, Her assailant
Action Brought to Prevent the
Trust Company From
Selling Securities
Arthur Crane yesterday brought suit
against the Union trust company to
enjoin it from selling the property of
the Sierra Nevada water and power
company in satisfaction of a mortgage,
pursuant to a judgment obtained in the
superior court of Calaveras county. The
Union trust companj* holds a mortgage
over the properties of the corporation
to secure an outstanding bond issue of
1,275 bonds of $1,000 each. Crane
charges that the bonds were fraudu
lently issued and distributed and were
Improperly taken out of the treasury
of the water company, that no con
sideration was given for them, and
that the trust. company took tbem with
full knowledge of the fraud. \u25a0
The of the water company
show, Crane asserts, that in September,
1905, properties of. the corporation
worth not more than $15,000 were pur
chased for $5,000,000 in stock of the
corporation, and a bonus of " $1,100,000
of the bonds was attempted to be added
to the stock payment. This fraudulent
transaction, Crane states," did not con
stitute an issue of the bonds.
Judge Seawell signed an order di
recting the trust company to show
cause this morning why it should not
be enjoined from selling 1 , buying or in
any way dealing with the bonds. ;-:
Chauffeur Demands Fare Which
Women Should Have Paid
The appealing voices of four gaudily
dressed sirens landed Dorsey W. Cashel,
a Montana cattleman, behind prison
bars yesterday morning on the
charge of defrauding a taxlcab
driver. Cashel explained to the court
that four women ran to him and
stated they were being- followed by a
man. They hailed a taxicab and asked
the cattleman to aocompany them as a
protector. Greatly flattered by the
compliment Cashel consented. They
drove twice to the beach and back.
Cashel fell asleep. When he awak
ened his companions had fled. The
chauffeur demanded $20 for the ride.
Cashel's arrest followed his refusal to
pay. The case against him was dis
missed. '^. '\u25a0>.",-
Miss A. Stafford of 212 Presidio ave
nue reported to th« police yesterday
the loss of $17.50 and several valuable
articles when her home wai robbed on
Monday nlffht. Other btrraflaTles Te
ported w»ra an foUow»j Harry. Mo-
Alpino, »195 Bu«h street, $37; O. "W.
Jackson, Juliet srartmenta, articles
va,luad at 533: Snll-aa L.ußke, S9l Fifth
street, ?lft*, Fmtt & Tlerney'n saloon at
Mason and Bills streets, a cash register
valaed at $800,
Native Daughters
To Assist Men at
Their Annual Ball
Floor manager and tt»o members
of the reception committee isho mill
officiate at Hesperian parlor's
laborer, was fatally Injured yesterday morn-
Ing by falling from the top of a pile driver
at Sixth and Bluxome streets. In addition
to ft badly fractured skull, Le« sustained a
broken arm and leg and aerioua Internal In
juries. Bo whs removed to the central emer
gency 'hospital.
Linda Rosa Women to Aid ia
Making Annual Affair a
Success ; uj£ ]
Hesperian parlor, Katlve Sons ©f X3m
Golden "West, will give its Initial dance
Thursday n-lght, December IS, In
Puckett's hall. 152 Church street.
Members of Linda Rosa parlor, Kattv*
Daughters of the Golden "West, •will
assist in conducting the affair.
Linda Rosa, with a membership of
125, is one of the new parlors for
women, while the Hesperian, for men.
is the third largest In San Francisco.
Proceeds from the dance will go to
ward replenishing the social funds of
both parlors.
Fred A. Senk. marshal of Hesperian
parlor, will be floor manager, assisted
by Miss Agnes Alexander, president of
Linda Rosa parlor. A subcommittee
consists of L. R. Daggett. E. B. Nor
man, R. Vlnal. Miss Etta McCarron.
Edna Wrixson and Helen Doyle. Levy's
orchestra will furnish dance music.
On the reception committee are:
H. Brown I Miss M. Carroll
A. Rentschler MU» Uly Dunn
E. J. Allen [Miss Badie Graham
; 3. J. Therton Miss Christine McCarthy
F. Schelfler (Miss Amanda Sooaaa
T. McDonnell Mls» Ethel Sehultie
H. Bradley Miss Winifred Byrne
Ninety-one Creditors of Market
Street Bank Get Books
Ninety-one of the depositors tn
the Market Street bank, who, after
the Institution became Insolvent, ex
changed their bankbooks for bonds la
the Market Street securities company,
will get their books back under a de
cision rendered yesterday by Jud&er
Sturtevant. This will entitle them to a
dividend of 50 cents on the dollar from
the money remaining with the receiver
of the bank, Louis H. Mooser. The ac
counts in qnestlon are mostly small
ones, $1,602 being: the highest. Other
depositors occupying 1 the same position
as these 91 will be entitled to receive
back their bankbooks on proving their
claims before Judge Sturtevant.
Blow Delivered While Victim
Is Going fbr Police
\u25a0William Jones, asred 92, who lives at
879 Bryant street, coinpialned. to the
police yesterday that he had been
knocked senseless durinar the early
hours of the morals]? by a man who
drugged and robbed htm of $20 several
days agu. Jones met tive man an Sev
enth street near Polsom and recosniz-
Ins him as the fellow who had robbed
him, hurried to find a policeman. The
stranger followed the old man, erad. as
he tried to run into a bolldteff ta es
cape the robber struck Jonea over th»
head with a heavy dtfb and left Tilm
lylnsr on the sidewalk.

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