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'. " N
Bill by Louisiana
Congressman Provides for
J Government Aid
Calitbmian's Contrast Attitude
of) San Francisco in Raising
Money for Expenses
Rules Committee of 4he House
Agrees to Consider Kahn's
Proposal This Week
f Special D'upalch lo The Call]
WASHINGTON, Dec. 14.—Expo
sition matters -were on the
tnap in the house today. The
Kahn resolution, pending in the rules
committee, vas discussed by members
pro and con. Californians got busy
"«*ith their friends from other states,
and got a promise from the rules com
mittee for a hearing on the resolu
tion Friday.
It is expected that the committee
*i!l report a rule calling for a vote
m the Kahn, resolution January 12.
Members of the San Francisco dele
cation are disappointed, of course,
that they can not get a vote before
the holiday recess, but they admit that
'Ms xvas too much to expect in view
of the press of matters before the
--;\u25a0': .: \u25a0-.\u25a0 - - \u25a0
K. B. Hale, acting president of the
corporation .-will leave Friday night
for New York and thence for San
Francisco. Frank L. Brown and
Henry T. Pcott will leave for San
Francisco Friday night. Leon Sloss
end A. W. Scott Jr., with Secretary
Fwarey. trill remain here to look,
Fftpr California's interests. Hale will
return here aft«»r th«» holidays.
New Orleans Wants Cash
JCew Orleans took a step forward to
day by the introduction of Representa
tive Estopinal's bill providing for the
holding of the exposition at New Or
leans, creating a national commission,
p.nd making an appropriation nl f I.OCKK-,
000 for a srovernment exhibit. San
Franciscans lost no. time in acquaint
ing every member of the house and sen-
- tr that Pan Francisco did not ask for
. c '/ ii.OOG. or any other sum from the
''iF'npinal's bill was referred to the
rrnnmJttee on arts and expositions, of
•vimh Representative Rodenburg of
n?ncia is chairman. The Californians
Generally f^f-I that a majority of this
fommittee favors N'cw Orleans. The
Crescent City peo;>le are making every
effort to have an Parly hearing on
j:s?tnpSna!"s bill and it is possible that
a hearing will l>e ordered before the
The California ns will be on hand
whenever tho matter comes up. It is
probable, however, that the first test
vote will come on the report of the
rutfs committee on the Kahn resolTi-
Second Call on President
.loi-epli Scott' of I^os -Angeles and
Tat'ier McQuaido of San Francisco
i>;ade their rail upon the presi
•\-:>nt today and remained in conversa
tion with Taft for some time. A party
\u25a0onsisting of Mrs. Joseph R. Knowland,
:..\u25a0 Misses Gillett and Miss Lucy Cut
ler visited AnnapoHs today and were
escorted through the naval academy
grounds by Lieutenant Commander
||Wartsbaush. who Is well known in San
Francisco. Tomorrow afternoon, in the
grand ballroom of th<^ New Wiliard ho
. tc!. there will be a notable reception,
[ vhirh Is expected to inaugurate a social
session for all the CaUfornlans at the
rational capital.
Washington so^ty lia? been invited
to meet the women ol the California
exposition delegation, including the
Misses Gillott. Miss Cutler, Mrs. Frank
I*. Brown. Mrs. William W. Morrow,
Mrs. Leon J?Joss and Mrs. A. W. Scott Jr.
Fred B. LToyd. who ha^ been one of
the busiest workers around headquar
ters, was summoned hone today by
pressure of business. \
Reception at Wiliard \
Mayor Martin Bchrman cf New Or
leans visited the ' San Francisco head
quarters tonight in coinpanj- with H.
C. McCariny, Walter C. Mt.rphy and
Charles O'Connor. The partj- Teas given
p. taste. of California hospitality. No
Fo'oner was their presence known than
t!ie entire San Francisco contingent
gathered in the parlor to give tlie visit
ors a hearty welcome. They were
loaded up with California oranges, ral
?lns and grapefruit, to say nothing of
quantities of attractive San Francisco
Mayor Behrman and his companions
were escorted through the magnificent
display of California and San Fran
«isco photographs. They saw the splen
did photographs of reconstructed .San
Francisco' and gazed upon the majesty
of Yosemlle, Shasta and the Sierrai.r
They were cordially invited to give
up all their claims to the exposition
and come to California, and the party,
\3-Var an hour's good natured bantering,
if olee up in the best of spirits.
LOCKOUT ENDED— London. D«v. 14.— The boittr
n.Bkprt' lockout, affpotine BO.ono men it tb«
"nr.iV of rh* Shipbuilding Employer*' fedof
liUoo oiHlfrt t«Jn.r with -the «ec»«pt«m»e hy ,lLf*
tutu »t U** terms S - U!use hy tL * etn l' lo *" crs - : |:
The San Francisco Call.
Vivien Gould, Not
Yet Debutante, to
Marry Lord Decies
[Special Cable to The Call]
LONDON. Dec. 14. — Miss Vivien
Gould, second daughter of George
Gould, and who Is only 18 years
old, is to marry John Graham
Hope Horsley Beresfor.l, the fifth
Baron Dccies. otherwise known
as Lord Decies, aged 44. The
young woman has not made her
debut in society.
The formal announcement of ',
the engagement Is made in the .
Morning Post, which is considered i
the official organ of nobility and
artlstocratlc society. It Is be
lieved the wedding will take
place in England In the spring,
although no lime or place has
been announced.
John. Graham Hope Horsly
Beresford, Baron Decies. but re
cently acceded to the title
through the death of an older
brother. He" is the son of the
third baron and is 4 4 years of
age. He is lieutenant colonel of
the Seventh hussars and has a
brilliant war record, having won
the D. S. 0., or distinguished serv
ice order, for gallantry during
the campaign against the Mad
Mullah in Somaliland. The en
gagement to Miss Gould was re
ported several weeks ago, but has
only now been confirmed.
Roberta Buist de Janon Inherits Vast Wealth of Grand
father, Whose Death Is Hastened by Escapade
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 14. — Roberta
Buist de Janon, who caused a country
wide sensation a year ago, when she
was 17, by running off with a hotel
waiter, is today an heiress to millions
through the death of Tier grandfather.
Robert Buist. the millionaire seedman.
Birlst's fortune. is believed to reach
510.000.000. and the IS year- old •_ girl,
it Is said, will receive most 'of the
estate under, the will. §he is. In 'Cali
fornia In. charge of a governess.
Death was caused by an attack of
Success of Portuguese Uprising
Encourages Enemies of Ce=
lestial Manchu Dynasty
That the success of the revolution in
Portugal has served to encourage the
Young China party, which seeks to
overthrow the existing Manchu im
perial dynasty and substitute a repub
lic, is made evident by the activity
among the local adherents of the
Young: China party following the re
ceipt of a code message from Penang,
the headquarters of the party In the
Malay peninsula. :<»-;\u25a0
This message was from Dr. Sun Yet
Sen, the leader of the party, for whom
the Chinese government has offered a
reward of 750,000 yen alive, with an
other of 250.000 yen for his head.. It
warned the members of the Young
China party to be in readiness for the
general uprising, which it announced
would take place early next year or, if
conditions were not then propitious,
the following year, but it emphasized
the fact that it is bound to come.
Immediately after the' receipt of the
message, Jue Chockman, local secre
tary of the society, left o na tour of
tlf> state, accompanied by Tsue Jung
Yock. a Chinese orator and editor of
the dally paper. Young China. It is
their purpose to form organisations in
every city of the state where there are
Chinese opposed to 1 the Manchus.
The Young China representatives in
this city claim a membership of 2,000,
000 in China, 50.000 on the Pacific coast
and 1.500 in California. The Chinese
army and navy is said to be , honey
combed with members of the revolu
tionary party. \
Victim Allowed Damages "...for
Fright He Suffered
[Special Dupatch to The Call]
STOCKTON, Dec. 14— The jury in the
suit of Noah C. Crewdson against O. H.
Hunt, P. D. Llsenbee, Chester Baccl
galupi, Chester , Hatler and Sargent
Hatier brought in a verdict granting
the plaintiff $350 damages. Crewdson
alleged that he 'had;; 'suffered* great
fright because .of a practical -joke
played on him by the'-defendants.* He
asked for $5,020 damages.
GOLDENDALE, Wash., Dec. 1 4. —
Louis R. Glavis, principal -witness In
the Pinchot-Ballinger hearing, was ac
quitted yesterday of the charge of'set
ting forest fires In violation of the law.
The jury was out 20 minutes. The evi
dence showed that Glavis had nothing
to do \u25a0with a big forest -fire near. White
Salmon, alleged to have been caused by
a small fire started on his own land."
GERMAN PRINCE WELCoKEl^Boinbajr. 7 l)e«;
-"• 14. — Tbe ; German crown iprlnoe >\KrtirtA .here
-' todsy on the German'cnilser.Onelsonau. . The
:l party will »top.at the BOTernmpnt hotise.: This
J afternoon the prlnte pxehanjrrd visits : with! the'
• pnvernor. The- pooulace gave * tbe visitor a
frlemliy nx-i.t icr 3?*sflßSte
Will of Christian Science Leader
- Makes Many Bequests and
Remembers Needy
Codicils Increase Sums Given
and $100,000 Left in Trust
for Free Instruction
CONCORD. X.. H., Dec. 14.— "For the
purpose of more effectually- promoting
and extending the religion of Christian
Science, as taught by me," Sirs. Mary
Baker- G. Eddy in her will, filed here
today, makes the Mother. > church of
Boston her residuary leg4tee,' after
various other bequests are paid. Con
servative estimates, in advance of the
official appraisal wof the Eddy estate,
place Its value at $1,500,000."
Among these is one of $100,000 to the
Christian Science board of directors
to be held in trust for the purpose'of
providing free Instruction for "indigent
Christian Scientists." -. * , '. T{
In addition to the previous gifts to
Continued on l'niif 2, Colnnin O
pneumonia, but it is believed thali the
elopement of the girl hastened his end.
It was December 29 last that Miss de
Janon ran away with Frederick 'Cohen,
a waiter employed in the Bellevue-
Stratford hotel .in Philadelphia, v.'here
she and her grandfather, had an apart
ment. The elopement caused a sensa
tion, and "a search 'for" the" pair was
made, in all the big. cities- of the east.
Finally: the.couple were, caufrht in • a
Chlcag:o rooming house, where they
were living 1 as father and daughter. .
Girl Pupil's Charges Force Prin=
cipal Davis of Mill Valley
School to Resign
: • ;
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
MILL VALLEY, Dec. 14.—Dissatis
fied with the answer of Principal
Cornelius A. Davis of the Mill Valley
grammar school to the charge of kiss
ing and fondling one of hislS year old
pupils the school board has forced
Davis to resign from his position. J,
Disclosures by Harriet Searight, the
daughter of B. C. Searight, a .wholesale
dry goods agent of San Francisco, at a
secret • investigation, by the board re
sulted in charges being brought against
Davis. The child explained to the board
that her teacher asked her to remain
after school* and .that he caressed her.
The innocence of the child made the
testimony against Davis all the more
damaging In the eyes of the members
of the school board. School .Committee
man Clinton Folger stated yesterday
that for . th« good of the school it was
considered fittjng that .Davis V should
resign. \ f<p
Davis, who was graduated from the
state normal school and who was for
merly a teacher in the Mastick. school
of Alameda, was considered an-ex
emplary and efficient teacher. -He Is 28
years old. Davis^has disappeared* from
Mill Valley with his wife and ISimonths
old baby. , ... .
Many Villages Are Submerged
by Floods \u25a0:• •\u25a0;••-•
BARCELONA. Dec. 14.— Storms jare
flooding a large part, of the -country
and the situation is becoming desper
ate in the provinces of Malaga, Seville,
Valladolid, Badajoz, Zamora arid^Co
runha. Practically all crops 'have been
destroyed and the people are threatened
with famine.
Many villages -are submerged-'and
countless bridges have been V swept
away. .
T he British steamer Gravlna dragged
its anchor at* Corunna and was dashed
againsta jetty.. The Norwegian'; steam
er Tifll is ashore at Oratava, TenerifTe
Floods in Italy
ROME. Dec. 14.-^The flood ; situation
in northern, ltaly is critical., The-Tiber
Is 21 feet above normal.'
_. CHICAGO. Dec. il4.i 14.— -Furs and "gin
seng worth $2i;627 v were stolen ." ekriy
today from the store; of. S. Silbermarj
& Sons, the thieves carrying /the plun
der away in s a wagon, r The : loot con
sisted 0f. 4, 200 -mink skins, 100- weasel
skins and S3;pounds;"of /ginseng. ,;'
CAPTAIN: TRANSFERRED— Fan Piepi>, \u25a0 rice. '14^
;; Captain K.' : P.- Berthplf,jconnnsnd<?r: of :tho«-T-"
. eau»» ' rntter I Boar,: in * port her? ,- 1 will * leave'
; pmhably^neecmrHT; 17 f qi Oetroltt to : take com- ;
• .. uiauU'of'Uic cutter, MoirUl"; ". \u0084' ' \u25a0.**'s.'. r r- ~f
District Attorney Says Widespread
Use of Opium^ Cocaine and
Morphine Is Alarming
Ulntrlct. Attorney ot San Frnnclneo.
The developments oKthc last few days, following
the raid of the Palni house, by the detectives in "search .
of, the. gold bullion thieves and the exposure of the
operations of the. opium ring, confirm' the, evidence
tliis office "has" collected in connection with the 'open/
and widespread use of, opium, cocaine and morphine*
in this -city."' Our investigators have been working
months gathering': : evidence of the workings of the
opium" traffic, and,ivith'the expose of the. opium ring's
operations we will take,up the matter with the, grand
jury arid demand that' a 'thorough investigation be
"Strong influence has been working to deter us in
our prosecution of the "members of the bpmm ring. In
one case we arrested ' Charles Levy, a notorious opium
peddler, and secured his' conviction. At once Sheriff
Thomas Finn approached 'me. urging, that. Levy be,
paroled. Other persons came tojnie • for the same/
purpose." The last ; person- to come was ;an« attorney,'
and I told , him that -Levy would have to serve his
sentence. ; v-.: .-; " /
.' San Francisco's greatest evil is the open and wide
spread use of opium, cocaine and. morphine. It is a
menace to our city, and must "be stopped. . The extent
of drug addiction thatprevails is amazing. Carefully
compiled figures of the imiocent victims lured jto the
opium dens and enslaved^ by the drug habit, and of the
general operations. of .tliei opium smugglers and drug
venders., are in theppssession of this office. \u25a0 \u25a0 -
L want the public' to know that, the drug habit iii
this city is a scourge by; the. side of which the'tender
loin agitation jind- thcVG-hinatown bribery sink into
insignificance. It is.^the, problem, that is confronting
the admihistratioii today, ; and immediate action is
demanded. The drugs ' are everywhere to be found.
They are everywhere to > be bought. Even, the jails
and the. prisons, according to investigators employed
by: this :office, are. % not;, free from the entrance of
opiates' and their uses.':.- . •
Kill the opiimi traffic, in .this city and you will re
duce half -the' work^of this office^and of the city
courts. The major portion of the /crimes committed'
and with , which * .-thisioffi.ee has^ had dealings .can : be
traced, '"i(lircqt|j\ or inrlirectly, to the unrestricted' drug
traffic. \u25a0'Moritjis^ago- 1 set out to prevent the violations
of the law.' \~ *"~" ~ -\ "* /
\u25a0Our first 'findings' showed that' the .soldfcrs at the
Presidio were exposed to the inroads of scores of
regular "dope peddlers,", and that a great percentage
of the enlisted men were- given to the use of mor
A. L. Erlanger Declares That
Rumors of Consolidation
Are Without Fundation
[Special Dispatch to The Call] '\u25a0{*\u25a0(
• PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 14.— There
will be* no great consolidation of the
theatrical Interests of the country. Re
peated rumors of such an enterprise
were' dissipated today by A. L. Er
langer of Klaw & Erlanger, who said:
'.'There Is absolutely not a scintilla
of truth back of these rumors, not the
slightest basis of a foundation for
them. These statements or. rumors
probably have been ; caused by ; the fact
that for the interest of theatrical busi
ness, in , general we have lately; con
sented to furnish attractions booked
by us exclusively to the one night stand
managers./ J " . . .
"The theatrical syndicate naturally
wants to keep r the theatrical business
in as healthy »a condition as possible.
No interests except those, allied with
us have ever been mentioned in: the
arrangements ;that we have .entered
into .'\u25a0 with the one : night stands, but
you' may state positively that there
will be no consolidation. , In my humble
opinion there will" always be two, cir
cuits of theaters^
"So far as the interests of the syn
dicates are concerned, and thos^f of
Mr. Klaw and myself, this coidltion
Is entirely, satisfactory to us and we
could : not wish*' for; anything better."
Greetings and Words of En
couragement From Abroad
•, From Mrs.- Meredith's , mission^ in
London, ' Eng.,i Chief of Police Seymour
received, yesterday ;J.;000, letters' to be
distributed Christmas among the pris
oners in the; city prison and; county
'jails. . TlieV i Jea of i the • Christmas 'day,
letter from .the mission -Is unique. V
It Is the desire of the mission .work
ers: t hat. every .Knglish .speaking pris
oner in the world shall ; have on ciiristr
ma's day an individual" letter,' bearing
tidings: of? good -will, hope* and. en
couragement. The letters' are not' the
same;— -each 'one written 'by, some. mem-*,
ber of : the mission.' Each letter.is ad
dressed:; - , . - ;\u25a0'• '•• «. \- -\"
V } .''Christmas.' letterv^for ;£you. : From
Mrs. 'Meredith's mission.*',;,' * J ,
V The letters "will :? be,* distributed :
Christmas' day. 1 " *' '."" >rv ••,
District Attorney Charles M. Fickert |
phine and cocaine. Then I had a number of dis
tributing" points for the drugs raided. The traffic
operates without " .
• Not only are the drug 'fiends themselves able to
find places where the opiates can be bought, but these
haunts have become so notorious -as to be known, to
persons in/every walk of life that may be curious. to
visit and try the'use of the drugs. Houses are estab
lished'throughout the downtown section, where busi
nessmen and employes of stores. and offices' can sat
isfy their .drug craving. Women, and' even girls, I
am told, -visit the places.- .
It is lnyiintention'to ask the grand jury to probe
the matter itoV the A complete exposure of
this vile, traffic^ 1 which is debasing hundreds of the
city's youth,, is -necessary to -open the; eyes of. the
people' to ; the -actual .state of affahs. The police
; authoritiesunust have, all thg facts placed'before them
by the grand jury, with. the recommendation that a
sweeping crusade be- conducted to clean the evil away.
"\u25a0 -•.
Chinese Chamber of Commerce
Demands Discipline for Im
perial Minister
Discipline for Chang Ying. Tang, im
perial Chinese minister at Washington,
on account oU his reputed indifference
to immigrants at the port of San ; Fran
cisco, has been demanded of the Pc-
king government by the Chinese cham
ber of commerce \of San Francisco.'
Minister Chang's secretary, Toung Quan,'
Is also in the back of the books'wlth
the Chinese chamber of " commerce, and
It Is also desired that he .be
plined. .'. The chamber of commerce is
in earnest about the minister," and. if
It can not get. his scalp it wants three
peacock 'feathers and a .'mandarin but
ton. \u25a0 \u25a0.'...._ ':.' ."."-.'
The Chinese chamber of , commerce,
has been dissatisfied for>everal. months
over the lassitude with which it is'.sald
Minister Chang viewed s the tribulations
of his countrymen- at , this port. . , The
feeling was brought to ; a ' crisis -when
the \u25a0 minister refused to assist Dr. ;Kwan
H.l King, /a _' physician ; brought * here.' to
investigate the health regulations \u25a0• of
the immigration" station. \ Doctor: Kwan ;
went :from ..here, to Washlngton.r.wlth
credentials from the Six Companies and
the ; Chinese consul general,' arid sought'
to" interest the , minister- in presenting
to vthe state department .aj -protest
against : 'the ' treatment ; received' by- Lem
Shee, son of a ChJoese- merchant de
tained here, i * ''' '\u25a0 ..;-> \u25a0\u25a0-•''\u25a0 > .
• ; It is reported -that, the minister re
fused to present the protest.. . Dr. Kwan
H. King secured the services of: Ormsby.
; a Washington . lawyer, arid
through him reached the president with"
his''petitiqri; ; '.-';
'?-.- If cured- of a tropical disease,' Lem
Shee is to 'be allowed to . Land 1 here. -
Xjoldsborough Is- Towing WaX
Craft to Port;. ;;:
-."LOS ANGELES, I Dec. 14.— A wireless'
message from' Point " Arguello, Inter
cepted here', today, Estates that, the?de
stroyer,-Paul Jones becarneidisabled off
that point today \u25a0 and is - inj. tow of r^the
destrqyer . Goldeborough. The Paul
Jones was -on its 'way <\u25a0 to 4 San*: Pedro
from SanV Francisco in company', with
ithei^GrOldsborough -'\u25a0 and .the '.Rowan.'
Noth lng; ls' known; regarding ithe nature
of -the^ ; veßsei's r dlsabiementr^"V : :." 'f : " *";! ">
Throat Pricked With Dagger for
Her Refusal to Give Up
After an hour of torture at the hands
of-a masked burglar, Mrs. Rene Fabu
let,- proprietor of a rooming house at
1906 Sutter street, was -released last
night by. her ' janitor, Albert Tusch,
who was' immediately arrested, as an
accomplice in the holdup. V Yesterday
she-sold her Interest in the rooming
house for $90.; which the burglar de
manded, as well- as jewelry, which she
was accustomed to- wear. He obtained
$25 and a -diamond brooch.
V When she protested that she had no
more, money the burglar - carried her
upstairs, beat her . unmercifully -with
a -home made blackjack, tied ,her to a
bed Jandj for half .an hour held. -back
her]head and pricked her throat with a
dagger, threatening 'instant " death if
she' didn't -i tell -'where -her money- was.
He; finally left, promising to send some
one. in 10 minutes to release her.. Tusch,
the-- janitor,- appeared ;in 10 minutes,
rushed off Lto ' inforrh her ; husband and
then! ran for the police. -As he" entered
therooming'house with two patrolmen
he .was arrested.
Fabiilet is the wife \of Gaston
Fabulet, a FUlmore. street jeweler. :She
was badly beaten and was taken* to the
French ."hospital. ~ ' •
\u25a0i ?^ .b. b ? rg J a , r . Tv *as ; recognized-^ by -Mrs.
Fabulet .as a man whom \u25a0 Tusch had
recommended as a janitor a few days
ago. JHe was, familiar with" the house
and, it -is v believed, 'was : a pal. of the
janitor,, who knew >that Mrs.; Fabulet
had just received $9o! :
Steamer and '. Launch .Collide in
Thick Weather
r^SEATTLE, Dec. : 14.— The steamer
Kltaap,and;the 'launch 3 Colombia were
sunk "in.- the harbor today, " involving
the] steel . steamship Indianapolis^ Au
brejr P. ' V enen. 18 years old; a passen
ger on ahe Columbia,' lost-his life. The
first-accident occurred just as the Kit
,s, sa P« l? fth^r. berth on her evening trip
to Paulsbo. ; The launch Columbia ap
peared in .the fog directly tin her path!
Before theKitsap -'could be stopped the'
Columbia- was run /down. .Venen was
drowned. The Kitsap . again put oul
into the "stream, when" the steel steam
ship. Indianapolis poked- her; sharp
prow; into ; the side of the Kitsap's
wooden hull. : '•*. •\u25a0" \u25a0-":- ~ ' ' : ' ".
JZg&EWAYr— Highest temperature, 56 J
f night, 48.
TORECAST FOR TOD A V— Cloudy; loto
jog in the morning; rain at night; moderate
east mind.
- ' .
District Attorney's Office
Traces Traffic in Drugs to
Many Sections of
the City
Sheriff Finn Active in Behalf of
Law Violators and the Po
lice Appear to Be
THE opium ring of San Francisco
\u25a0will be investigated by the grand
jury. District Attorney Charlea
M. Fickert, acting on the confession of
"Little Tex" (J. T. Woodson). the
opium fiend under arrest for disposing
of the gold bullion stolen from the
steamer Humboldt. will take action tc
stamp out the opium traffic, which h«
brands as the greatest evil of the city.
The story of the opium smugglers'
operations, printed exclusively in Th«
Call yesterday, is confirmed by the re
ports of investigators in the employ ol
th edistrict attorney's office, who have
been delving for three months into the
nse of drugs and the subject of their
disposition. . .-,,*,
Disclosures Promised
Startling disclosures are promised.
City officials are involved In what is
said to be a general scheme to protec
tion of the drug traffic. The name of
Sheriff Thomas Finn is drawn directly
Into the operation of the opium rig
by the reports In the district attorney"?
District Attorney Fickert says Sheriff
Finn approached him with the request
that he parole men jailed for selling
opium. Secret* service detectives whe
watched the inmates of the Palm house,
opium den and rendezvous of the smr
glers operated by Mrs. Ca*'
(Mother) SMeGee state pn*-", <>!y tfta
Little Tex was freqn"*r- vi
the Melrose house ai I •:•• <n af
727 Howard street, ow. •_ by TooFlnn,'
brother of the sheriff.
Grand Jury to Act
I. Goldman, foreman c* the rra*
jury, when appraised of the • ' r -«<1
use of opium, said he woi. . investi
gate the matter, and that he would
confer with Fickert and ask that the
Inquiry be made. Fickert, however, had
already taken steps to bring about th*
grand jury inquiry, and the evidence
in the case is being prepared by As
sistant District Attorney Lane.
The Palm house, run by "Mother"
McGee, is established as the headquar
ters of the opium traffic. From this
central point a ring of opium fiends
hold a monopoly on the disposition ft
the drug. Branch distributing point*
in all sections of the city receive their
supply from the Palm house.
Thieves Among Smugglers
In many respects the ring is the
most remarkable in the history of
criminal aggregations In this state.
There is no doubt that the men who
stole the $57,500 worth of gold bullion
from the Humboldt are connected with
the gang of opium smugglers. \u25a0 Big
Tex (G. M. "Woodson) was given charge
of a branch opium joint at 2114 Point
Lobos avenue. He and Little Tex, his
brother, engaged in selling the filings
of gold from the bullion.
Information came into the bands ol
the police last night, that a house in
Tehama street, within a few doors of
Sixth street, had been occupied by four
men who were almost dally visited by
Mrs. E.L. Smith, or Margaret Henry,
the. woman arrested .with E. L. Smith
for complicity in the theft of the gold
Visited "Mother" McGee
Smith is a confirmed morphine user,
and has been associated with the Wood
son brothers for years. On previous
"occasions when -he visited this city he
went to the 1 house kept by "Mother"
McGee, and. he was known to all the
old frequenters of the resort.
\u25a0": Smith, the Henry woman and the .two
Woodsons appeared in Judge Cabanlss"
court yesterday on the writ of habea.t
corpus issued the previous evening on
petition of their attorney, Benjamin
Bloch. Immediate hearing was demand
ed by. Bloch. Assistant District Attor
neyßrennan asked a continuance until
Friday for time \u25a0to familiarize himself
with ''the facts. B.loch demurred, but
the court continued the hearing uhtf^
this mornJnsr.' . Ball wa<i Hxed lo tht
iutn Of J25.U00.

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